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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    William on Jeopardy!
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The Lions Share on PUMA United Radio- PURrrrrr

Join Sheri, Darragh and me tonight on the Lions Share where we’ll talk about lipstick in pigs, Jesus as Community Organizer vs Pontius Pilate as governor and a whole lot more.  Tonight at 8:00PM EST.

458 Responses

  1. Paul Begala just compared Sarah to a monkey and McCain to an organ grinder…

  2. And don’t forget to ask Darragh about the raciset, woman-demeaning piece of lesbian pastie porno she posted on her site today.

    Take that, President Obama!

  3. We sure have a lot of sick people with access to microphones in this country.

  4. That would be “racist,” of course.

  5. Sorry – the above comment was intended for John.

  6. May they all get what the deserve….

    Claws Out!!!!

  7. Oh what the hell. The Democrats are now purposefully jumping off a cliff. This has to be a strategy. Whose? i don’t know but they need to be fired.

  8. I’ll stand corrected if need be, but what I heard him say was: ‘why shoot the monkey when you can shoot the organ grinder?’. Typical Begala, except after the lipstick comment I can’t believe that even he would say that.

  9. What’s the matter OTH, sensitive to these types of republican displays? Sounds like your mad at Darragh. She didn’t create the art she just posted if for the sake of discussion.

    OT – Anyone hear anything about Biden? Where is he? Is he on the trail because I haven’t heard a peep about him.

    Finally, any word on the meeting betwn BC and BO?

  10. I’ll drop in between innings. 😉

    Please let people know that nominations are open for the Tweetys. Come to Alegre’s or http://www.Partizane.com to make your nomination for Excellence in Misogyny.

  11. Elixir: He’s the third biggest topic of the day.

    And Bill campaigns in FL for BO starting 9/29 – yes a month before the GE, Big Dawg has to come save the day in a state we will most certainly lose.

  12. As governor of Iudaea, Pilate would have small auxiliary forces of locally recruited soldiers stationed regularly in Caesarea and Jerusalem, such as the Antonia Fortress, and temporarily anywhere else that might require a military presence. The total number of soldiers at his disposal numbered in the range of 3000.[7]

  13. Here’s what Biden’s been up to. He’s been stumping in NH and suggests that Hillary might have been a better VP pick. Interesting reading. It’s not too late to change the game here.


  14. Biden was at some rally where they started busting on Hill. He then said that she was more qualified than he was… What a Hoot! First decent thing he ever did…

  15. Elixir: We’ve been watching Biden all day. It’s one gaffe after another with him. Between him, BO himself, Boxer, and the Fowlers, the Party is committing hari-kari.

  16. The Presidential election was too close to call. Neither the Republican candidate nor the Democratic candidate had enough votes to win. There was much talk about ballot recounting, court challenges, etc., but a week-long ice fishing competition seemed the sportsmanlike way to settle things. The candidate that caught the most fish at the end of the week would win the election.

    Therefore, it was decided that there should be an ice fishing contest between the two candidates to determine the winner.

    After much back and forth discussion, it was decided that the contest take place on a remote frozen lake in northern Minnesota .

    There were to be no observers present, and both men were to be sent out separately on this isolated lake and return at 5 P.M. with t heir catch for counting and verification by a team of neutral parties. At the end of the first day, John McCain returned to the starting line and he had ten fish.

    Soon, Obama returned and had no fish. Well, everyone assumed he was just having another ‘bad hair’ day or something and hopefully, he would catch up the next day.

    At the end of the 2nd day John McCain came in with 20 fish and Obama came in again with none.

    That evening, Harry Reid got together secretly with Obama and said, ‘Obama, I think John McCain is a low-life, cheatin’ son-of-a-gun. I want you to go out tomorrow and don’t even bother with fishing. Just spy on him and see just how he is cheating.’

    The next night (after John McCain returns with 50 fish), Reid said to Obama, ‘Well, tell me, how is John McCain cheating?’

    Obama replied, ‘Harry, you’re not going to believe this, but he’s cutting holes in the ice.’

    Experience Counts

    (Hi, I found this joke on a comment in NoQuarter)

  17. NEW YORK – Barack Obama revealed Wednesday that former President Clinton, once the presidential nominee’s nemesis, will campaign for him during the weeks leading up to Election Day.

    “There’s nobody smarter in politics,” Obama said on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman,” scheduled to air Wednesday night.
    Obama slammed him on the economy, he slammed him for losing seats after his first two years, he gave his wife the finger, and now, and now!!!!!!!!!

  18. Is anyone listening to the show? I’m not getting anything.

  19. And Bill’s coming in for the Hail Mary Passss–that fails. No one can say Big Dawg didn’t come to the rescue. You can’t say someone sucks for 18 months then suddenly remember that they’re brilliant. Barack is full of it and when they campaign about him, so are the Clintons.

  20. Bill is such a suck-ass, he didn’t ask or probe worth a crap…. He has a man-crush on 61….

  21. And the Bill I mean is the O’Reilly type, and Bill Clinton, if he is going to campain for the Scum, 61, then he fits the description too.

  22. *eyebrow* Bill hardly crushes on the man who called him a racist. Or the man who disrespected his wife. Frankly, Bill just doesn’t strike me as the man-crushing type. He likes asses and breasts. He’s certainly got the hands for it.

  23. Regency, on September 10th, 2008 at 8:10 pm Said:
    And Bill’s coming in for the Hail Mary Passss–that fails. No one can say Big Dawg didn’t come to the rescue. You can’t say someone sucks for 18 months then suddenly remember that they’re brilliant. Barack is full of it and when they campaign about him, so are the Clintons.

    The Clintons are waiting out the clock.

  24. *eyebrow* Bill hardly crushes on the man who called him a rcist. Or the man who disrespected his wife. Frankly, Bill just doesn’t strike me as the man-crushing type. He likes asses and breasts. He’s certainly got the hands for it.

  25. I’m sorry, but I’ve been watching fox news because i can’t handle cnn or msnbc, and they’ve been talking about whether the lipstick thing is sexist. so far a total of 7 MEN have discussed it.. no women. what the hell…

  26. Jmac, on September 10th, 2008 at 8:06 pm Said:
    Obama slammed him on the economy, he slammed him for losing seats after his first two years, he gave his wife the finger, and now, and now!!!!!!!!!


    And he provided McPeak with a podium – literally – to compare him to McCarthy. Most egregious.

  27. Well, I’m in because my little blue piece of toast with the stick legs and crown seems to have lipstick on it. (or maybe it’s a tongue).

  28. I really don’t see what is in this for the Clintons–either of them. If BO continues to self-destruct and piss off every woman in America, how do the Clintons come out looking like anything other than accomplices–especially if Obama wins. Can someone explain this to me?

    If I were in HRC’s shoes, I’d “come down with the flu” and take a long rest in Aruba or somewhere.

  29. Does anyone know how to change those little pics by our posts?

  30. Testing for the little box things..

  31. Yes. You can go to http://www.gravatar.com and create an account. (Serves me right for reading the WordPress HTML source…)

  32. gary: Reminds me of the FSU Seminole controversy a few years back, when some Native Americans asked to change the mascot. Jeb Bush was indignant, as were most sports figures & anchors. I remember turning on the news & everyone [remember Lou Dobbs esp] had panels opining, and all they had was a bunch of white men saying there wasn’t anything disrespectful about the mascot.

    I thought, well, a**holes, what gives you all the right to decide? Just like 100 years ago.

  33. Perfect… that would be me..

  34. if you go to my account and edit profile, you can change it there.

  35. poe, exactly. and what do you think the conclusison is?? he didn’t really mean anything by it, yeah right!!!

  36. mine is my puppy, Macho 🙂

  37. Dibs on the puma.

  38. well, I’m crazy about my square yellow box gravatar, so far this year I’ve been called dumb, rac*st, hillbilly, hick, stubborn, old, hag, unimportant, poor, low-information, overly sensitive, sore loser, Vichy French wh*re – I sure would hate to add shallow to the list.

  39. whoops, that should be I’m not crazy about my …gravatar. It’s hard to keep up with all the slurs.

  40. I am disappointed in Hillary. The pig comment was typical Obama sexism. I can not believe she defended that comment.

  41. Ugh. Obama is so desperate that he is sending Hillary AND Bill out to campaign for him. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080910/ap_on_el_pr/obama_letterman
    He thought he could win without the Clintons, without Hillary as his running mate. Now the Obamabots are counting on the Clintons to win. Glad to see that wing of the party groveling and desperate after 10 months of arrogance.

  42. Dave, I think they are pretty significantly convinced that he’s not going to win. They’re gambling, and I think it’ll pay off for them. They’re building capital, and figuring that everyone knows how unwilling they are. I’m not paying attention to their words at this point, anyway.

    Like I’ve said before, for me, the decision’s been made. This is a strategic election, more so than at any other time in my life. We put the fear of God into the Democrats as women, or we sideline ourselves for the rest of our lives. Period.

  43. Regency – I know that you and I disagree about the Clintons. I say that they are thinking long term and trying to salvage the mess. They know Obama can’t win. They’re going through the motions.

    Hillary and McCain have a colleagial (sp?) realtionship. They can work together to get our country back on track.

    I thinks it’s hilarious for Obama to say that he’s going to offer Bill Clinton a post in his pretend-cabinet. If Obama set himself on fire outside Bill’s Harlem office, Bill would not get up to look out the window,

    Well, my man is home. I gotta make dinner.

    See you later!

  44. I have yet to hear on any “news” channel anything that approximates the truth regarding the lipstick comment … they cannot figure it out or they are being deliberaterly obtuse….

    here a few “old sayings” for bo to use when visiting Russia

    I am sure he will mean nothing by them , or not be aware if he is insulting anyone …

    Bears need fleas. They give them something to take vengence upon during long nights. I don’t kill for pleasure; I kill for food. Except I find food a pleasure. There are some problems destined to cause a bear indigestion.

    How fast can a bear climb a tree? Slower than he can fall out of one.
    The best way to get dinner out of a bear is with a crowbar

    Bears are not for Christmas. Mostly because they are asleep and therefore boring.

    Bears should only be allowed to swim in the summer, so they can be hung out to dry and freshen up after. And you thought wet dog was bad!

    conclusion : it is ok to insult half the population of your own country and call it silly for anyone to take offense , and be thought obtuse;

    than be thought deliberate … while no one dare suggest that you might be incapable of dialogue with someone from another country without risking insulting them .

  45. I understand the whys, but I really don’t want the Clintons to do this.

  46. Same. Mostly because it feels like they are being ritually humiliated …

  47. Well, Janis, I’d like to see a little of that fear in the Republicans, too.

    One thing that I find somewhat disconcerting is that the PUMA phenomenon is being characterized as a 20 point shift among “white women.” I think those women are mostly PUMAs, whether they know it or not. I realize that the PUMAs are not united behind McCain, but if we saw orange ribbons on the women at the McCain rallys and “PUMAs for McCain/Palin” signs on TV, I think both parties would start to get it. Right now I’m not sure how much attention the real reason for the shift is getting.

  48. Janis – Don’t worry. Bill spits on his hand before he shakes Obama’s.

    Made sandwiches for dinner. Easiest thing.

  49. Arabella: Looks like we agree. I don’t know what you mean. Maybe you’re talking about someone else.

    Look, Hillary said it was not intended as an affront. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t one and that doesn’t mean it wasn’t sexist. A one sentence rebuttal. Either she didn’t want to touch it any farther or she didn’t think there was anything more to say.

  50. I think I hate because the people who despise the Clintons now [many Obots, the media] will still despise them, no matter how hard they try. They haven’t given her any credit for anything she’s done, they just think she needs to rein in us stoopids.

  51. Dave – You can accomplish anything you want to accomplish as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.

  52. Oh, I luvs me some Macho!!! Gary’s kind of Macho (pichu puppyness)

  53. sharon 🙂 he’s my baby…just 8 months old…he’s actually about 3 times bigger now than when I took that photo….

  54. Don’t diss Bill guys. He’s got to try to help Obama. The problem is that ultimately people are going to have to vote for Obama. I imagine Bill showing up will initially help Obama like it did at the Dem convention however, it will only last a few days. People will leave the rally with Clinton euphoric and wanting to vote for Obama. But then reality will set in a few days later and they’ll be back to not voting for Obama.

  55. JohninCA, on September 10th, 2008 at 7:57 pm Said:

    I’ll stand corrected if need be, but what I heard him say was: ‘why shoot the monkey when you can shoot the organ grinder?’. Typical Begala, except after the lipstick comment I can’t believe that even he would say that.


    WTH? Who ARE these people?

  56. I don’t think anything can help him now, that’s why he’s willing to go out on the campaign trail now…

  57. I’d like to see you get some of the credit. That way 1) you will have a voice in the McCain administration and 2) there will be a massive house-cleaning at the DNC.

    Perhaps the campaigns are not that stupid and they really do understand what is happening. I believe McCain does, anyway. The Obots do to the point that they are begging Hillary to bail them out, but their candidate is their biggest problem. And someone has to tell the troops to stop, just stop attacking Palin and get back on message.

  58. gary – cute, cute, cute.

    Ga6th – yep.

  59. Well, Janis, I’d like to see a little of that fear in the
    Republicans, too.

    Ab. So. Lutely. 🙂

  60. Ga6th – yep. (On don’t diss Bill)

    And nope. (On people “having” to vote for Obama.)

    Nobody “has” to vote for anybody. Thank goodness for the secret ballot.

    Obama is not qualified to be CIC. And he has not won my vote. And he and his crew are ripping the copper roof off the Democratic party and tearing the lighting fixtures out of the walls.

  61. All I know is I will never vote for 61 for Prez even if the unthinkable happens. That bridge burned up and fell.

  62. I just got a “Save democacy” letter from a woman I don’t like at all and haven’t spoken to in a year. This letter repeats every untrue smear about Palin and urges people to send their comments to a website about what a disaster Palin would be for the free world. Palin is a little too conservative for me but what they said about her is just LIES. And they have the audaciy to repeat that she is not qualified to be VP. Like Barky IS qualified to be President?!!. I know this woman who sent this is fairly unengaged in the political process. If she got such a letter by God she’s going to believe it’s true. I am so mad I could spit nails!!. I just ned to figure out if I should write back or just ignore it. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

  63. I think the Bushbots were so scary adn so absolutely destructive that we forgot, or conveniently ignored, the fact that TWO parties were in need of repair. The Repubs went way the hell too far, and got burned, and they backed off. The Dems … not yet. They’re in the process of getting burned.

    So many things took everyone by surprise …

  64. Fear? I think in long term situations it works better if one appeals to less base emotions.

    When the dust settles and we have scrubbed the graffitti off the walls of our house, and filled several dumpsters with debris, we will have a government to run.

    Thank goodness for people like Hillary. She is not going anywhere.

  65. Biden:

    “Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America,” Biden said. “Let’s get that straight. She’s a truly close personal friend; she is qualified to be president of the United States of America. She’s easily qualified to be vice president of the United States of America and quite frankly it might have been a better pick than me, but she is first-rate.”

  66. Every time either Bill or Hillary speak at a rally, they stand there and extol the virtues of a finely tuned Mercedes. They go on and on about the smooth transition, the handling on corners. They stand up there and make people get excited about the Mercedes that they obviously ARE, and exemplify.

    Then they turn and point to a broken-down primer-covered Chevy up on blocks, with duct tape holding the window on, and say, “Now there it is! Go buy it.”

    And they walk away.

    People are not idiots, and neither are Bill and Hill. “It’s the CONTRAST, stupid.”

  67. Jeepers, Dave. You sound like a creepy boss I used to have. I’d help him out by binding presentations, or something trivial.

    He’d say “I’d like to see you get some of the credit.” For what? I was doing my job to help the company from going under.

  68. I get what you are saying, Dave. Not so much for THIS election, but for the future, it needs to be known who exactly swung this election, because the next time around those are the people who will be courted and listened to.

  69. Whatever happened to Jeralyn?

    This is the title of her latest post: “Sarah Palin : Polarizer in Chief”

    When was that title taken away from Hillary Clinton? I protest!

  70. I’m not a big fan of Mercedes, but what WMCB said was right on. That was exactly how I felt when I listened to Hillary speak during the convention.

  71. Jeralyn is Salonrific.

  72. Steve, one of the things I like about McCain is that he gets venom from both the right and the left. Actually, it’s one of the things I like about Hillary as well.

  73. Dora, feel free to insert BMW or Saab or whatever your preference. 🙂

  74. Trooper admits he Tasered Palin nephew

  75. Yes WMCB, you are correct. And Mc gets my vote no matter what….

  76. Holy Batman

    Missouri: McCain 50, Obama 45

    Virginia: McCain 50, Obama 46

  77. Missori, r*cist
    Virginia, r*cist

  78. Missouri, heh, I used to live there, I should know how to spell it….

  79. where are carol and pat, Eddy is going to be on hannity

  80. uh oh, Jeralyn has left the rality based community

    “The media is going to dig and dig. I hope they find something. I hope she withdraws from the ticket sooner than later.

    Her novelty has worn off. She’s becoming a joke, soon to be a cliche.”

    I think Jeralyn is becoming a joke, soon to be a cliche.

  81. when I heard my Republican jogging partner call McCain a liberal, I joked I’d take a second look. Little did I know…

  82. I know lots of Republicans who don’t want to vote for McCain. You’d be surprised.

  83. I’m so excited! I just got my first solicitation EVER from the DNC for a donation . Now I get the chance to send it back with a PUMA logo on it. I’m going to write, “We are the ones you weren’t expecting” on the envelope.

  84. Hungry. I want sushi. And a margarita.

  85. Janis: Sushi and a margarita sounds really good. I’m have a rose wine right now after having Farfalle Alla Boscaiola (pasta, peas, mushrooms, prosciutto, and vodka sauce) at a nice Italian restaurant in my neighborhood.

  86. Charles!

    {{{air kisses}}}

    I’ve been waiting for you to show up.

  87. A commenter from OpenLeft.com about Senator Obama:

    Like every winning Presidential campaign since time immemorial, they were hailed as brilliant, ground-breaking, etc., etc. when they beat Clinton. And of course they did some very good things, organizationally.
    But the bottom line was that they took a charismatic candidate, overwhelmingly favored by the media, against a media-detested candidate whom they outspent nearly 2-1, and just hung on by the skin of their teeth. In fact, they might not have hung on at all but for pressure exerted by Party elders in the April-June time frame.

    This campaign has never known how to seize the initiative. If you looked at their daily press releases throughout the spring, they were constantly all about picking on some little thing Clinton had said. It scored then, because the media wanted to blow up attacks against Clinton, but they’re doing the same thing now and it just isn’t resonating.

    Even Obama’s Convention speech was just a clever pastiche of a million and one defenses against every attack ever made on him. You could take almost any paragraph out of that speech at random and I could tell you what attack it was meant to parry.

    Obama is still the favorite, but by now he is only a narrow favorite. If his team doesn’t find a way to grab the initiative between now and November, he will probably lose, and the only reason I use the word “probably” is because it is possible the Republican team will spectacularly implode.

    by: Trickster @ Wed Sep 10, 2008 at 16:28:53 PM CDT

    I don’t know how this guy still has an account there. He’s much too sensible for those folks.

  88. “I hope they find something. I hope she withdraws from the ticket sooner than later. ”

    Didn’t she listen? “Hope” is not a strategy.

  89. Hey. I was actually on the treadmill, I had to start back exercising or go ahead and light up the oven and jump in.

    I saw Eddy. He’s staying out. He knows BO is going down and doesn’t want to get hit.

    I also went out for lunch and took a nap.


  90. Gary – fix my haka. Thanks.

  91. Jeralyn has gone bonkers. They’d drop MCCAIN from this ticket before they’d drop Palin at this point.

  92. I wish I felt as confident as you folks. I sure want Obama to lose. But there are more registered Democrats than Republicans, and Obama is registering more everyday. Apparantly there are quite a few AA that have never registered. And these blitz attacks against Palin were made against Hillary. So how did that come out?

    These polls don’t give a slam dunk to McCain, we need to find a way to reach people since the MSM is going to continue to perpetuate the fraud against the public.

    If Hillary or Bill convinces even 1 person to vote for Obama, shame on them.

  93. Yeah, Palin couldn’t possibly have influence or power in her party, after all, she’s just a mere woman and that is just a step above trained monkey. Do these men know how offensive they sound? Do they want me to volunteer for McCain. Right now, I’m content to sit on the couch until election day(when I will vote McCain Palin) but if they don’t quit the crap I will campaign against their sorry backsides.

  94. Please the only one getting dropped–unlikely but most likely of the bunch–is Biden and I think he’d be more than glad to go at this point.

  95. NH, I saw a report today of a FOX poll that actually polled the newly registered voters. It was almost evenly split.

    The Republicans have been quietly going about the registering business as well, they just haven’t made a big hoopla about it.

  96. I think Biden has finally been admitted to the inner circle and realizes there wasn’t a plan beyond stealing the nomination. He’s risking his own senate career at this point.

  97. Again shades of what they did to Hillary … tell her to drop out insist she drop out tell people she must etc etc not going to work ….THIS TIME

  98. Biden wishes he’d never accepted. Hillary doesn’t want it–her words. Who’s left, Judas?

  99. CindyTX, my theory is that Biden is under orders to make nice to the Hillary voters by praising her every chance he gets. I think that’s all this is.

  100. WMCB
    The question that remains is whether or not the Republicans will be registering dead people. Chicago has that one down.


  101. gary,

    I guess Patty Davis and Gloria were too busy to do TV kabuki.

  102. WMCB, thanks thats sure good news.

    Can you tell I’m nervious?

  103. This is pretty disturbing.

  104. I’m nervous and I can’t spell when I blog. What’s with that?

  105. WMCB: yeah, it has to be Biden, because the words “be nice to Hillary” just aren’t in the Obama vocabulary – think his face would freeze up.

  106. WMCB, that could very well be it too.

  107. Love your gravatar, swanspirit.

  108. omg…yes Jeralyn has lost her mind. Ya think she’s talking about US here?

    She has become so polarizing a figure that she’s now a threat. The radical right is so excited that it might get a chance to direct the pick of our next Supreme Court justices, it cannot contain its glee. The rest of the country is terrified (except for a small number of women who think the race should still be about Hillary and sexism.)

    yeah the rest of the country is terrified, that’s why they’re flocking to the Republican ticket in droves. The will of us bitter Hillary deadenders is what is keeping her in the VP position…she is definitely mainlining the kool aid….

  109. Biden is just phoning it in. He’s tired of the whole thing.

  110. Wonder if Biden is just sousing it up in the hopes that he’ll get kicked off the ticket?

    I know this is purely speculative, but I also wonder if Biden got ticked off at all the kissy-poo & tongue Obama gave to Jill Biden?

  111. PofEd: I guess Mrs. Biden used that PhD for something.

  112. Obama Brags President Clinton to hit campaign trail for him

    “There’s nobody smarter in politics,” Obama said on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman,” scheduled to air Wednesday night. “And he is going to be campaigning for us over the next eight weeks, which I’m thrilled by.

  113. Are there eight weeks left? Bill doesn’t start till the 29th. That’s maybe five if he goes at it everyday.

  114. I think I hear Bill having chest pains for the next 8 weeks coming down the rabbit hole!

  115. Please let Bill bring up candidate X and Y again….please. What’s Barky going to do, have his mic turned off?

  116. NH – Don’t worry about Obama’s voter restration drive. Unless he can get Ancestry.com to give him access to their database, he can’t possibly register enough dead people.

    Plus, the Republicans won’t let him get away with vote fraud. Takes a thief to catch a thief, right.

  117. Next thing we hear, they will be “pimping Chelsea” for him.

  118. Thank you Arabella its a neon swan .. I love neon …. dont ask me why ….probably bad for you …. I love your flower Trefoil .. i even tried to grow some in my garden ….

  119. Bill is not bringing up Candidate X and Y again. He’s going to be good because he has to be. And hopefully he’ll stay healthy. I don’t want him campaigning himself into an early grave for Jimmy Carter with a tan. It’s just not worth the cost of the funeral.

  120. LOL Regency

    Obama math I guess. In Obama geography there are 58 states. In Obama government presidents serve 10 years. It stands to reason that what is a traditional 5 weeks for us “low information” folks is 8 weeks in obama math.

  121. Sarah is about to land in Fairbanks. They are going wild. Over 40k are waiting for her. She is over an hour late.



  122. Chelsea’s back at school. She’s not doing jack squat.

  123. The feeling I got from watching the Biden tape was that he sees the campaign going down fast and he wants the Clintons to forgive him. He’s going to have to work with Hillary after all.

  124. “The crowd would be bigger if the Moose Season had not just started!”

    This is really fun. I’m having a good time for the first time in a long time.


  125. Sorry folks, but the Bill Clinton candidate X, Y thing probably refers to voting for the Dem over, say, Nader.

  126. Hillary is going to be the frakking Helen of Troy in the Senate with the Republicans and Democrats fighting over her. Yes, even the Republicans. Everyone KNOWS she’s inevitable this time and they will be kissing her toes to get her onboard in time to campaign starting in 2011.

  127. gary – fix my is for if!

    I can’t hit the correct keys.


  128. over 40,000 ???


  129. It doesn’t matter what Bill meant. It’s how everyone took it.

  130. Sarah Palin will be President. She will be. That’s just facts. But it will be after Hillary.

  131. It’s five weeks more than Obama deserves. Shame on Bill and Hillary for blessing this fraud. Bill and Hillary continuing down this road goes against all they stood for, or at least what I thought they stood for. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m beginning to think they are no better than Obama, and that’s saying something….

  132. Riverdaughter, you asked for another poem,
    so I’m dedicating this one to you…

    The Ballad of Sarah Palin

    A Chicago pol with an exquisite face,
    And much older guy of the Caucasian race,
    American history were trying to make
    And our two highest offices take.

    One might have thought history was on their side,
    Watching the other team in the polls slide,
    Victory seemed very nigh to their hands
    But the matter no longer so stands.

    A hero, patriot, and bit of a rogue
    A gal who could be on the cover of Vogue,
    The other side’s ticket turned out to be
    And the pundits exploded with glee.

    Quarterback Sarah soon took the ball,
    She read the defense and she made the call,
    With pulchritude and oratorical art
    Her opponents were soon picked apart.

    If you never hunted or field dressed a moose,
    You’d be well advised not to be so obtuse
    As to compare one who can to a pig–
    And a hole for yourself so to dig.

    Wisdom of that sort her enemies lacked,
    Furiously they regrouped and attacked,
    With desperation they made a last stand,
    And a hellish assault was so planned.

    They couldn’t get Quarterback Sarah to yield,
    Methodically she moved down the field,
    With time running out and the crowd in a roar
    She sneaked in untouched for the score.

    If you’re a strong man you will hardly resent
    Our very first female Vice President,
    Her two minute drill has just won the big game
    And in history will go her name.

  133. If it had been about Nader/Obama, he wouldn’t have said something like: “of course, it has nothing to do with this election”

  134. Janis,

    I agree that the Clintons are gambling in an effort to build capital, but they run the risk of loosing credability.

    It hurts to see them humiliated, particularly given the election rigging. I don’t know how they can shill for this guy after the DNC and party rigged the primary election against Hillary. That has to be a horse pill to swallow. I can’t imagime that they don’t have an end game.

  135. Charles – it was insane this afternoon when Carol Fowler ran her mouth off. We can talk about issues, or we can talk about liptstick on pigs, but Carol just cost Obama a huge chunk of votes.

  136. Carol, which channel?

    Charles, I had a MOJOR blowup today about that disgusting statement by Fowler. I’d better never meet that woman, because I will spit in her face, no lie.

  137. You know one thing that truly touched me that Sarah said .. when she said

    with a servants heart

    Now look for you know who to try and steal that ….

  138. Fox – Greta. They said she is due in at about 15 after.

  139. According to plenty of experts the Clintons have no credibility to lose. For them it’s just another day in the neighborhood. She risks losing more by going back on her word than in doing what she said she would. She may not want to run again so she may not care whether we still think she’s a worthy candidate anymore. Bill has no reason to care at all given he’s already had his two terms.

    Has anyone considered that maybe they’ve fought the battle they can win and they just no longer care? They want to continue to be effective in the ways they already are and leave it at that. Maybe they just don’t care at this point.

  140. swanspirit – I like that also. I think it represents McCain and her nicely.

  141. lets see what else do we need we need a new fake nostradumbass quatrain letting people know bo is the antichrist


    actually Nostradumbass was a fraud like bo .. he sold a cure for the plague that he KNEW didnt work to the peasants

    ok I will try and behave .. maybe…

  142. Reg – read my lipstick –

    President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009 or 2012


  143. Folks, Bill and Hillary have no choice at the moment. They’ve taken enough abuse from the Obamabots, the media, and their own Party. Let’s not jump on the hate bandwagon because they are putting up a brave front and campaigning for Obama. If Hillary wants a political future in the Democratic Party, she needs to spend the next 2 months acting like she is 100% behind Obama no questions asked. Bill and Hillary are only human. Of course they don’t like Obama or Dean or Richardson or any of the traitors who sold them out in the primaries. This is the life of a politician. They know that Obama is in trouble and that he has a good chance of losing. They are doing what is expected of them in order to pave a way for Hillary in 2012 or even Chelsea if she chooses to run for political office someday. We all need to look ahead and not beat up on the Clintons because they ARE doing the most politically smart thing right now by campaigning for Obama. I’m sure Bill will come out with the truth about the smears, race-baiting, and sexism next year. Be patient.

  144. Regency, even Biden thinks he is the most likely of the bunch to be dropped….lol.

    [url=”http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2008/09/10/wednesday-funnies-biden-says-hillary-better-vp-pick-him”]Biden’s Blunder – Hil Would Have Been Better[/url]

    (hopefully the link works…)

  145. Regency – The Clintons care a lot. As I’ve said, they are thinking “apres le deluge.”

    I’m watching Jurassic Fight Club on the History Channel. Great show.

    Those allosaurs were some serious fighters. I want to beam Obama back to Utah during the age of the allosaurs.

  146. Thanks, Charles. I love my little brolly too.

  147. Well, I guess it’s always good to know she doesn’t care whether her most loyal supporters think she’s worthy or not. Whew, that’s a relief

  148. Arabella … isnt that where he came from???

  149. Carol: Hey I want it, but I read all the time about the Clintons losing their credibility and how disappointed everyone is in the Clintons. I mean, really, I’m sure they spend their nights thinking of how disillusioned their supporters are. Not.

    I want Hillary. I’m willing to work for it. It is the goal of my next 4 years but I’m going to point out what I feel is absurdity when I see it.

  150. You know with the way things are shaping up, this is looking strangely prophetic:

  151. sod, back off. Big Dawg is MINE.

  152. WMCB: You really don’t wanna get into this one with me.

  153. Hi all – got here late. Didn’t see that anyone commented that McCain used the same lipstick on a pig comment about Hillary’s healthcare plan last year. Campbell Brown showed the clip – he did say it. I don’t remember anybody jumping in and calling it sexist.

  154. (Looking up from my book)



    Must I remind you of the Site Rules about starting fights in the comments?

  155. moves away from in between Regency and WCMB doesn’t want to get squished

  156. swanspirit – There was a lot of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere during thje Jurassic period . Obama would have use it all up and killed all life forms.

    And you and I wouldn’t be here.

    Oooo. Now it’s raptors. Cretaceous period.

  157. No, Denise, I don’t think she would care as long as doing what she did allowed her to keep helping as many people as humanly possible. If she won’t be President–and I’m not convinced that’s the case–so be it. She’s going to be the best damned Senator there is. You may not like what she has to do to keep getting things done but if you don’t have to vote for her, she can’t worry about it. There are people who do vote for her that need her. That’s who she’ll concern herself with.

  158. Dying to see what my avatar is…testing.

  159. SOD: Hillary is NOT my mommy! I want! I want! I want! And I want it all!

  160. SOD, they should have her come on SNL and do the news bit as tina fey 🙂

  161. What is that thing? A sad mosquito?

  162. Chelsea is getting her Masters in public health at Columbia University. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s planning to be the one someday who gets us Universal Health Care since her mother was sidelined by Obama.

    I think school is a great way for Chelsea to avoid any political obligations or media attention. Getting a degree at Columbia is like a vacation for her. She can be a student and focus on her studies instead of the insanity going on in this election.

  163. I have dumped Harold Ford Jr since he now does double speak for msnbc sigggh . what could have been …

  164. SOD: Okay. I can bow to Hillary. Wonder if he’ll have any stamina left when she’s done. I mean Bill’s a wonder to be around but y’know he isn’t famous for his comforting presence.

  165. DeV – sidelined by Obama does not sound like a terminal condition to me. Hillary is nowhere near finished.

    Obama OTOH is sputtering to a coughing halt.

  166. Regency – Well said. Hillary will always chose the path that helps humanity the most. She slowed Obama down enough to stop the momentum.

    She is, and always will be a political force to be reckoned with.

  167. What a terrible, no good week Obama is having!

    His VP makes news because he asked a man in wheelchair and declared that Hillary would have been a better choice.

    Jeralyn has been dutifully pushing the the Thomas Eagleton analogy because she thought it would diminish Palin, but it seems more and more like the analogy may end up applying to Joe Biden?

    Can anybody say “esprit d’escalier”?

  168. NH, for the record, I think this is going to be a nail-biter down to the finish. I could see it coming down to one state, a Florida or an Ohio. Also, the big money media will game the system for BO in the end.

    So, I’m not confident, though I do honestly feel a shift in mood since the Palin announcement. However, I do think it will be a fight. BO (aka Bush 2.0) might actually have to do some hard work!

  169. OMG Geraldine Ferraro is calling BO out on accusing the clinton’s of being racist, and saying the same thing is happening now with the lipstick thing. says republcians won’t hold back like the clinton’s did. basically that Obama wasn’t being sexist, just stupid. greta now bringing up the “sweetie” and “likeable enough”.

  170. Gerri is on w/ Greta

  171. Gerry F. on Greta!

    First on Fowler: people are stunned by Palin and don’t know how to react, both by the Republicans and by the Dem Party. It’s a difficult start for Fowler to be in, because she has always supported women candidates. I have no idea what she is thinking, but that is not typical of Carol Fowler.

    Re: Obama/lipstick: During the campaign I was very angry, because I felt HRC had been treated in a very sexist way. In situations where things could be interpreted as racist (eg: Pres. Johnson & SC Jackson comment by Bill), the media DID. We are seeing the same thing happening now. People are very uncomfortable with racism and sexism, but with Palin in the race, we now have a second opportunity to talk about sexism. In this instance, it is going to be Republicans vs. Dems (unlike primaries), and no one is going to remain silence. Is there racism and sexism in the US–yes. Should it be in politics, no.
    I don’t think he meant anything against Palin. [C’mon Gerry!]

    Greta brought up “likeable enough” and calling reporter “sweetie” so she cringed when she heard it.

    Greta says some of the worst offenders against HIllary were WOMEN in the media. How do we know if BO is sexist or just made a stupid joke. Gerry: I don’t believe he is sexist or made a stupid joke. I think everyone has to be very careful. Women are not asking for “special rights” they are asking for equal rights–to be treated equally.

    WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR GERRY?! How can ANYONE think that was not intentional?!

  172. Go Gerri – I love her – she’s our senior stateswoman – Hillary’s Godmother.

  173. Paul needs to stay out of this election and I think he will. He’s not endorsing McCain or Barr. I doubt he’d agree to be Barr’s running mate.

  174. SOD: I would feel more comfortable if you got OUT of my Big Dawg’s presence!

  175. McCain has Ohio in the bag.

  176. I’m not over confident, but I’m not scared either.

    Constant vigilance!

  177. sorry for typos, I was trying to get everything in.

  178. Geraldine, you go, girl! It’s about time.

  179. I wanna go shopping with Gerry!

  180. But Gerry gave BO a total pass.

  181. He has Missouri, VA, Ohio in the bag.

  182. See? Obama tried to grind Gerri under his heel and she floated to the top.
    He has no gravitas. No grits. Tole ya – he’s messed up sexually somehow.

  183. How do you know about internal polling in PA?

  184. SOD: In this election, apparently not!

    But really, I’m willing to share. I will take him Tues, Friday, Wednedays, Mondays, and Thursdays, and you can have him on Saturday mornings! Sound fair?

  185. Well Regency,

    I admire your passion, but for some of us, this stopped being about Hillary some time ago. It’s about voter fraud, sexism, disrespect, not only towards Hillary but for her supporters, and overall injustice, among many other issues. I don’t feel the blind loyalty towards her that I feel towards the principals I thought she stood for. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so. But I’m feeling pretty let down by her and Bill’s actions. I guess it’s the disappointment of seeing they are politicians just like Obama and Michelle. I really thought more of them and I’m pretty sure other supporters are disappointed also. But hey, I could be wrong and if not, like you said, she doesn’t care. A few votes here or there are nothing to her.

  186. Gary, I didn’t get that at all. She said the MEDIA was labeling it racism, not Obama. She also completely dismissed his lipstick comments as innocent, using the “it’s a common saying” talking point. I was disappointed, though she made some good points about sexism in general. I am so tired of this guy making the most blatant swipes and then denying it, and everyone agrees, as if we didn’t just witness it.

  187. My avatar is my son, Nicky, wearing his standard-issue tinfoil hat.


  188. Ferraro is true to feminism. No surprise. I hope Gloria and Patti are paying attention.

  189. WCMB:


  190. SOD, I like the sound of your words. I hate, hate, hate to think what a BO victory will vindicate. Honestly, that’s where I’ve ended up — I can’t stand the thought of his scorched earth tactics winning out.

  191. It’s all about voter fraud and sexism — that’s what it’s all about for me.

    Hillary 2012 !! Down the DNC — I believe that PUMA’s will demand and get the resignation of Dean, Brazille, Folwers, etc on Nov 6th.

  192. kb – & all – where’s Pat tonight – Charlie’s post and the particle accelerator reminded me that I liked “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown (of The Da Vinci Code). When I started it, I thought that thing was fiction – but you soon realize it’s real and he seemed to know a lot about it.

    Scary experiment.

  193. ten points is a landslide.

  194. hey — how do I change my avatar??

  195. I LOVE GERRI.. she wont back down !!

    ps Regency did you check your email??

  196. Charles, how do you know about these polls? Campaigning is Wisconsin is not a good sign. Just ask John Kerry?

  197. You weren’t paying attention to what I said at all. I said, very clearly I thought, that Hillary will do what allows her to continue helping people. That includes you. That doesn’t mean she needs your admiration or even your respect to do it. She will go about her day knowing she has done well. Yes, she is a politician and so is Bill. I’m very sorry for all those that are surprised to realize that. They will do whatever is necessary to stay viable, even if that means letting some folks down. If that means enough people wouldn’t vote for herfor President again, she just wouldn’t run. She will continue to make a difference regardless and will be glad to.

    By the way, she and Bill are nothing like Barack or Michelle Obama and frankly it’s pretty insulting of you to insinuate that they are, but that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. You’re right this is about more than Hillary. That means it’s no longer Hillary’s job to be the champion of these issues. Somebody else will have to stand up. Maybe it’ll be you. But it isn’t about Hillary anymore so her mic’s off.

  198. Is Capt. Howdy the chap Regan met on the ouija board in the Exorcist?
    I feel my sofa shaking.

  199. Denise W –

    Please do not sully Hillary and Bill by saying they are just like Obama and Michelle. That’s like saying peacocks are the same as slugs.

    The only similarity is that Hillary and Bill are Democrats, and Obama claims to be a Democrat. Michelle is nothing in the Democratic Party at all – not a politician but a politician’s wife.

    Until a valid third party comes into existence, Bill and Hill will be professional Democrats, and as such, have to do what they have to do to keep their jobs.

    I don’t think we need to insult them because of it.

  200. Charles, I’m so sorry! I missed his name at the bottom of the post! But now I know where it is I’ll watch it more closely.

  201. Charles – it may also come down to a(nother) re-count.

  202. Coincidentally, my mom and I were up late discussing the election and she said she thought it would be a 10-point loss too.

  203. Denise: go to NoQuarter and search for Ani’s post this week about Hillary’s role. I completely agree with what she said. First, she pledged to campaign for him. If she refuses, she is labeled a liar (again). So she is carefully sticking to her emphasis on Dem principles. She has made promises to millions of people to fight for health care, education etc. She cannot be effective legislatively if she does not have colleagues who will cooperate. Is she supposed to commit political suicide to make a flamboyant point in the middle of a volatile election? Hasn’t she given enough for one election cycle. She’s a human being, for God’s sake, not Joan of Arc (as much as she resembles her at times). She also has downticket Dems who worked their asses off for her, and they are depending on her help raising money, getting support for their legislation etc. Judging her every move from an external, micro-vantage point is very simplistic and politically naive. What is she supposed to do–throw away 40 years of work and hurl herself into the flames? Hillary is both a visionary and a pragmatist. She has work to do–that is her focus.

    p.s. anyone who wants to continue to judge Hillary is going to have hear from me. She’s given so much–give her a break.


  205. Factcheck.org

    Never Endorsed Pat Buchanan – She worked for Steve Forbes for Alaska

    Never asked any books to be banned. The list that is circulating has Harry Potter Books and others that were not even published at the time.

    Was asked about “creationism in school” – she said it students wanted to debate it, it was fine with her.

    They said Alaskans don’t like to discuss social issues in their state.

    She is allowed by law to bill for overnights at her residence.

    She flies coach and requests her staff and state employees do so also. Some do, Some don’t.

    Kids can fly to events she goes to as family events regarding her position as Governor. She has never used or charged the state for personal travel.


  206. Think Obama will end up fighting really hard to keep the John Kerry map. He will have to seriously compete in WI and WA. He’ll probably switch IA but let’s see the reaction when McCain gets there to campaign.

    I see with sadness how KY, WV and AR are no longer considered in play, 3 States Hillary would have carried easily.

    I thought we had Superdelegates to take stuff like that into consideration before handing the nomination to a candidate. Maybe the whole SD nonsense should be abolished, along with caucuses.

  207. I think we can anticipate more attacks from bo & co on Sarah as the polls show more of the swing and she continues to increase her popularity …

  208. WMCB, on September 10th, 2008 at 8:59 pm Said:
    Every time either Bill or Hillary speak at a rally, they stand there and extol the virtues of a finely tuned Mercedes. They go on and on about the smooth transition, the handling on corners. They stand up there and make people get excited about the Mercedes that they obviously ARE, and exemplify.

    Then they turn and point to a broken-down primer-covered Chevy up on blocks, with duct tape holding the window on, and say, “Now there it is! Go buy it.”

    And they walk away.

    People are not idiots, and neither are Bill and Hill. “It’s the CONTRAST, stupid.”

    ROTFLMBO! Thank you for speaking truth to power and leaving me in stitches, all in one fell swoop.

  209. Denise W. – Hillary is a formidable leader. I am happy that she is my Senator. “This” (if you mean PUMA) is about changing the system. It’s not about personalities at all.

    I am committed to fight to save the Democratic Party so that this never, ever happens again. When an arsonist is on the loose in the house, and it’s already on fire, you put the fire out first. Then you find the arsonist. Then you find out how the pyromaniac for past all the smoke alarms and security systems.

    Then you clean the house, restore it, and make sure no arsonist is going to get in again.

    I want our house back. I’m not going to blame the fire fighters for containing damage in favor or catching the arsonist. Hillary is trying to save the house.

  210. she did say three airplanes. jeez….it hasn’t been that long…of course there were FOUR airplanes…..

  211. Still4 Hill?? what about 3 planes?? I cant watch tv while i am on the puter they are on two different floos in my home …….

  212. JohninCA: I love it. I don’t know how you do it. 😉

  213. Denise,

    I think Clinton does care about what we think of her, but she’s gambling. She has no chioce and our loyalty is part of that gamble. This is probably why she won’t go after Sarah Palin. She has values, our values, and she knows that attacking Palin at this point would not undermine us women and her in the long run. She’s too smart to get in the mud with this woman.

    Hillary will stick to the issues that she cares about and that are important to the country.

  214. MABlue – There’s always Utah and Kansas. Don’t worry – he’ll sweep those caucuses, just like he did in the primaries!!!

  215. oops floors LOL

  216. Swanni: You know that some of the news stations stream online so you may be able to do both. I stream sometimes because I don’t yet have tv in my dorm.

  217. MABlue, No Democrat has won the White House without winning West Virginia since 1916.

    Charles, and I’d say that losing every single county in the primary is a bad start for Obama’s chances there.

  218. Aw, then I guess Obama will learn what it means to WIN the popular vote but lose the election.

  219. She forgot the plane that went down in Shanksville! God – those people were heroes and saved either the White House or the Capitol (with everybody IN IT!!

  220. Yeah, SOD, I’m with you. I’m not seeing that he even has the ghost of a whisper of a chance of getting the popular vote.

    My Obamabot brother, who lives in San Francisco, bastion of ObamaNation, thinks McCain is going to win. And we’ve hardly talked at all about politics this year!

  221. swanspirit – I knew you meant floors

  222. S4Hill: I actually would not get mad at that. Even I had to look that last plane up. Not because I forgot it but because I honestly didn’t know where it had gone down. I noticed often that when speaking of 9/11 people forget about that plane that went down in Penn. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt when I can.

  223. madamab – Even his own supporters see that he and his crew have no idea what to do in the GE (as Hillary warned) – LOSERS!

  224. Ohh ok I figured it out THANK SO MUCH Smoochies

  225. Reg – Those people saved us from a huge calamity – was Hillary in the capitol that day? I don’t know – that plane could have polished off the bulk of the legislative branch.

  226. Reg – and anyway -at the moment nobody is paying you to sit in front of a camera, look beautiful, and report the news – it’s her job.

  227. I feel like a bug.

  228. You people in NY don’t listen to KO’s latest rant regarding Rudy at the Convention. You will take up sticks and head out to meet him “head on” outside the studio.

    He is a fucking pig with no lipstick.

  229. Still4Hill – Yeah, my brother is a good guy and we are able to talk about politics without getting all crazy. Thank Gawd!

    He did say something hilarious, though. He said that Obama choosing Biden instead of Hillary showed he was thinking long-term, thinking beyond winning the election.

    I mean, don’t these people get it? It’s a zero sum game. If you are a one-term Senator from Illinois, and you run the most self-aggrandizing, nasty, divisive campaign ever, and you coronate yourself in a stadium in a Greek temple, and you don’t win after every press outlet and fauxgressive blogger has been fellating you for 18 months, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING FUTURE IN THIS COUNTRY.


  230. katiebird:

    WV is not even in play. Obama is probably not gonna show up there.

    Can you guys imagine that we now have the Republican Party out there defending “working women”? Nice going Democrats, you have a party run by morons.

  231. Constant vigilance.

  232. Still4Hill, “cute as a bug”

  233. Hey…maybe we’ll wake up one morning only to read on the front page that they got in a bar fight over Jill.
    now THAT would be funny

  234. S4Hill: Hillary was in NYC that day. Remember that’s when she thought something had happened to Chelsea. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be remembered I’m saying that because that particular crash isn’t identifiable with a particular landmark like the Twin Towers or the Pentagon. The media made those two places infamous, but that field in Penn simply wasn’t “newsworthy” for lack of a more humane term.

  235. I really wish I could be a mouse in the corner…It must be some show…

  236. Obama is riffing on other people without permission again…I guess he’s learning from Biden

    On Tuesday, for the third time in four days, Obama borrowed a lengthy bubble quote from Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles. He did not acknowledge the origin of the quote the first time he used it and credited the cartoon only after the Post contacted the Obama campaign to ask about the first use.

  237. Who messed up the 4 planes??????????/

  238. Cute as a bug in a rug 🙂

  239. Arabella, Constant Vigilance is tough here in Kansas. It’s not a swing state. So, there’s not much I can do. Well, except move to Missouri for the rest of the year but, my budget won’t stretch to that.

  240. Madamab – LMAO – if I didn’t I would cry . It’s really become some keystone cops comedy.

  241. We should expect polls to tighten up more. I”m just not certain how the media is going to roll with this. They seemed to turn slightly on Obama today.

    How do I change my icon?

  242. I think Obama will definitely win the following states:

    New York

    That’s it.

  243. kb – And evidently a bug with muscles. But no heavy lifting for Obama.

  244. Regency,

    I think he’s starting to campaign.

  245. Oh my Carol…I just blessed myself over that one. Dear Lord protect Big Dawg!

  246. Madamab: KS & HI?

  247. My son was already in Qatar on 9-11.. no one knew where it was then

  248. He is a fucking pig with no lipstick.

    Carol, LOL!

  249. katiebird – You should be constantly vigilant any way. You can’t be too safe.

  250. madamab – I think California can be a swing state – Republican Gov.

  251. Regency – Kansas?


    MAYBE Hawaii. But doesn’t his typical white grandma live there?

    I don’t even think SHE is going to vote for him.

  252. Sarah will be her in 11 minutes. Fox is cutting in when it happens. CNN has it on.

  253. Bill is on channel 4 NY.

  254. thanks sadstate — you’re the best !!!

  255. I love the ad that says he “during his time in the State Senate and the US Senate, he wrote 2 books, but not one piece of legislation…at least we know what interests him”

  256. Still4Hill – Yes, but I don’t think so this time. Ah-nuld is none too popular there.

    Time to go to sleep. Good night, all!

  257. Those who think Palin will show up at the debate and just vomit on the stage should watch this interview

    Please listen to the female caller in the 3rd clip closely. Incredible how prescient she was, considering that the interview was in February.

  258. I’m waiting for charles to start playing around with maps. I tried using the 270 to win site, but I got frustrated. Looks like a cool gadget,

  259. SOD -I think NY voters might vote against him (not for McCain) out of spite. What Hillary did in the primaries she did long ago in NY. They know she’s one of them. Who would sit by and let her get thrown around like that? Not upstate NY I bet.

  260. O’Reilly WTF? “Obama is not a bomb thrower, he doesn’t actually like confrontation.”

    Why is O’Reilly suddenly kisses BO’s butt all the time now?

  261. Nite Nite. Going to go to get comfortable for Sarah’s speech.

  262. Did you see his gaffe from yesterday? “Stand Up Chuck”

  263. MABlue – No Palin won’t throw up – but anybody want to bet on Biden?

  264. SOD – I agree. Obama will lose New York. It will surprise everyone.

  265. Wow Regency…that would mean 16 years of female presidents.

  266. Hominid Views went from giving McCain an 19.4% chance on Monday to a 30% chance on Tuesday of winning.

    The polls shifted that quickly….

  267. fif – It’s true . He doesn’t like confrontation – and somebody tonight said he “needs a vacation.” WTF?? How many vacations do you guys get a year?

    And while he’s resting Hill is supposed to campaign, right?


  268. Because bo played up to HIS EGO’ Really
    its a boy game ….

  269. SOD – It’s on the way….the BIG BANG???

    I think it’s about the berg suit. Does anybody remember the passport file breach in March? I had forgotten about that.

  270. It sounds like there may be some trouble in paradise to me.

  271. Arabella Trefoil,

    I agree with your point about party/process reform so the dems cannot rig another election. But this is where the Clintons credibility comes into question when they shills for Obama.

    It makes them look like they no longer care about the election fraud and voter rights, and have gotten on board with this sham that robbed the voters, not just Senator Clinton. I guess that putting their cedibility on the line is what they are gambling.

    I love Senator Clinton and I to am a New Yorker. I know the good she does for our state as well as the country. The only saving grace to this election nightmare is that we here in New York get to keep her to ourselves.

  272. He created a wedge.

  273. kaite – The more people see of Obama, the less they like him. The more they hear statement’s like Mrs. Fowlers, the more they get scared of Obama.

  274. swanspirit-Not all a boys game so much. Hillary practically seduced him.

  275. Maybe Biden is in on the “strategies” against Palin and finds them indigestible.

  276. S4Hill: Who’d Hill seduce?

  277. Kendall – NY doesn’t get to keep her to themselves – we all have a piece of her now – and I can almost see Chappaqua from my hallway window if it’s really clear and I squint.

  278. Disenfranchised…

    I’m sure Bill will come out with the truth about the smears, race-baiting, and sexism next year. Be patient.

    And I’ll be first in line at the book signing. (Sigh– I LOVE Big Dawg)

  279. One possible electoral map is on Real Clear Politics, giving McCain 265 votes without tossups. However, he just pulled ahead in NM today, so a pickup there gives him 270. I think he has a strong chance of flipping MA and PA as well.


  280. Reg – I thought I gave you homework to do about Warren G. Harding.

  281. Charles, I just sent you an email.

  282. still4hill,

    Not KendallJ either!!!

  283. S4Hill: Well, Bill is helping me research. Did you know that he and Hill are human calculators?

  284. Regency,

    I did pay attention to what you said. I answered you.

    Madamab- you’re right, I should not have compared Hillary and Bill to Michelle and Obama. They are so much, much, more than Michelle and O will ever be. I guess that is why
    I’m upset, Hillary and Bill deserve better and have been badly served by their party. So I was wrong to even have them in the same sentence as M&O.

    Fif, Kendal & Arabella- You guys are right also. I can’t even imagine what Hillary has been thru. Without question she a formidable, strong, inspiring woman whose long range plans and intentions I’m sure are for the best. That is why she inspires such devotion and is such a star.

  285. Still4Hill you are right .. its just OReallys ego all by itself …. it blows up like a balloon

  286. Not KendallJ what? What did I miss?

  287. mablue — Those who think Palin will show up at the debate and just vomit on the stage should watch this interview ……..not working for me —

  288. What picture?

  289. Swanspirit – And she played him like a Gibson.

  290. What would be cool would be for Sarah to do a walk-on on Saturday night live.

  291. WMCB and Reg….We can share! Hillary said so.

  292. Charles – Those levees – that picture – was Obama’s chance to go down there and look presidential and he blew it with his cheesy email.

  293. SOD – I wish I had a joint.

  294. Charles, McCain and Palin have genuine chemistry together. They are more than the sum of their parts.

    That does not happen often on a ticket, and when it does, it’s political gold. They are smart to keep doing joint appearances.

  295. Regency..I know, but unfortunately SHE has first dibs and so I respectfully asked for permission. I bow to her…

  296. YES SHE DID LOLOLOLOL bo is not quite in her league but then he never was … she has been in the major league for along time and he has never graduated from little league

    O’Reilly is the jerk to whom we are referring Regency

  297. Gary — that would be funny too!

  298. SNL is GREAT publicity. She should do it mid October

  299. Still 4 Hill.. your bug looks buzzed …;)

  300. Reg: I don’t know…I feel VERY comfortable in his presence. 😉

  301. Oh my…where are all of the crowds???

  302. Heidi Li said a while ago the what would sink Obama is his thin ear.
    Check this out from The Corner:

    Getting Out of Hole, Step One: Stop Digging [Stephen Spruiell]

    Obama, on Letterman:
    Keep in mind that, technically had I meant it this way –- she would be the lipstick!

    Jennifer Rubin:
    This is supposed to help him, suggesting that rather than an animal it is just a decorative accessory which pops to mind when he thinks of his opponent’s running mate? Someone, anyone with a modicum of common sense, needs to sit him and Joe Biden down and tell them to stop. Just stop. It’s too painful to watch.


  303. Palin has arrived home in AK, and there’s a crowd chanting her name. They love her there.

  304. still4hill,

    You can count on me to keep voting for her on behalf of New York and the rest of the country. I’m hoping we all have another two shots to vote for again in 2012, first in the primary and then the general.

  305. Swanspirit: She did it with her eyes – she melted him. She looked right into his little beating heart like his 4th grade teacher.

    Reg – don’t worry – she would never have sent this one over the wall. She one right past his befuddled head,

  306. hit one – I meant past his head.

  307. it’s ok, Denise. I’m a little touchy when it comes to HRC. I have been defending her for months, and I have become quite the…pit bull.

  308. Charles – and we all know how that one ended. I’m just sayin’.

  309. Palin is being welcomed like a hero

  310. alice…not to worry. Your manicure will be safe and sound.

  311. Palin off plane in AK. If she had Hill’s Dem principles I would be in love too. She’s really cute. Unfortunately, she has that whole evangelical thing going on for my taste.

  312. KendallJ – Keep at it – for all of us. Gotta keep her.

  313. NO matter what bo does or says just cant get his new kid on the block shine newness back LOL and it is making him very unhappy and his sniping will just make it worse …. and we get to watch there IS JUSTICE

  314. But Reg…I was in love with him before you were out of Pampers!! Doesn’t seniority mean anything??? 🙂

  315. Internal polling is looking really bad I think.

  316. @fif

    I think we are all a bit touchy. It has been a nightmarish experience for many of us. But sometimes I just have to step back and realize my frustration it’s nothing to what HRC has been thru.

  317. Charles, nobody is doing anything to him. He is doing himself in all by his lonesome. Your record – and all of these blogs, are records of history. The most complete ever. How could it not be.

  318. fif, I’m right there with you.

  319. Palin’s talking — she landed !

  320. Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville just on. I hate this date!

  321. Palin is so happy to be home, you can tell. She can speak very spontaneously without script, unlike uh uh ummm what’s that other guy’s name?

  322. 1st dude is really cute.

  323. Katiebird…

    I’ve been talking about the supercollider for days. Someone on this blog who is a physicist said “don’t worry.”

    Well, I guess if it destroys the world, there won’t be anything to worry about.

  324. fif – LOLOLOL LMAO – uh ummmm

    (the funniest part is that if he came up with a really good $10 word after that it would be worth the wait, but he doesn’t.

    He does “uh ummmmm and..uh”

  325. Reg…it’s a deal. That’s about all I can handle anyhow.


  326. LMAO! “Alaska – where the men are men, and the women win the Iditarod.”

  327. Goodness. I guess that’s a flag pin? It’s huge! No doubt!

  328. Simo — you have to have a wordpress account (go to http://www.wordpress.com)

    You can change your picture in your profile.

  329. Oh, I screwed up on the pic and erased myself…

  330. Denise: that’s why she amazes me. How does she just keep going, with a smile on her face? Her strength and commitment is unfathomable. They have millions–she could be livin’ large, drinking cosmos and reading good books, but she is a true public servant. That’s why I get so upset when she is cast as an evil, ruthless, selfish, calculating power monger. It’s the opposite of what I see and believe her to be. Even people she has worked for and trusted for years turned on her. No matter how strong she is, that has to hurt.

  331. They need to give Sarah some new talking points

  332. Just to chime in with the wise furried Pumas who have already said this, but vigilance is paramount for the next 55 days.

    Something has bothered me for about two months now and it has been reinforced since then by several of the other Ratatouille extras who squeak for BZero and Axelrove.

    They have consistently said that this election will break late like the 1980 election. Voters who aren’t on the BZero bandwagon by now aren’t going to be clamoring to come aboard so I fear a late Axelrove slimy, dirty trick. They will play high stakes if they aren’t going to win and the Marianna Trench is just a beginning on how low they will go.

    Just saying…

  333. I may not agree with her politics, but it’s hard not to like Palin.

  334. Katiebird


    Instead of “NO” it should say “NOT YET”

  335. Woohoo I am watching this she is really an excellent speaker .

    …bye bye bo and biden …dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out ….

  336. two states here – not sure if this’ll work. Gravatar didn’t like my name, so I’m using the nickname my Russian grandma gave me when I was a toddler.

  337. Idaho – Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous

  338. fif&denise: Campbell Brown showed the clip where the moderator (I forget which) asked her why Obama was doing so well and she said very graciously that he’s likable. The moderator said something about her not being likable and she said, “Well that hurts my feelings.” “But I’ll try to get over it.”

    In that moment, my heart broke for her – she was smiling and sweet, and I do think that hurts, but she keeps going with a smile. That’s why I hope somebody shows her once in awhile what we write. I will never abandon her. How can anybody not love her?

  339. Also Charles, while I don’t subscribe to the “I want to drink a beer with the President” school of voting. I DO think that people have to like something about the candidate they vote for. Democrats (and I’ve been as guilty of this as anyone) seem to think that’s superfluous.

    For me, Kerry was absolutely the last straw. I’m NOT voting or working for candidates I don’t like anymore.

    America doesn’t elect them. And why should I waste my money.

    I spit on that.

  340. myiq – LOL!

  341. I’m remember that S4Hill. “That hurts my feelings but I’ll try to go on.”

  342. Palin was talking about using responsible development to tap AK’s natural energy resources. Then, she ad libbed: “I feel like I’m preachin’ to the choir here–you all know all this!” That’s why she is good. She can naturally throw in a line like that and the crowd loves it. The Big Dawg does that too, and people can relate.

  343. I am watching Palin’s big homecoming, and I have to say, this is her best rally yet. She is alone and not speaking from any notes, she is passionate, she is hitting on different policy issues, taxes, energy independence…she is clearly a lot less nervous than she has been in other places. She is fun and passionate, and very easy going…

    I am impressed, very impressed.

  344. The GOP is doing a great job marketing Palin. She’s rockstar.

  345. katiebird:

    I’m only voting for candidates that shamelessly pander to me

  346. Okay, sick of news, had to switch to Eddie Izzard on BBC. I luuurv Eddie.

  347. Nite nite all I am gone to bed sweetest dreams all

  348. Obama’s on Letterman now.

    Letterman put his son’s stuffed cat (named orange) up on the stage behind them.

  349. Night, Swannie.

  350. Prolix – That’s a mighty frightful thought. There we are again: a Nixon tactic. Dirty tricks, you think?

  351. nite swanspirit

  352. I will never abandon her. How can anybody not love her?

    I’m right there with you Still. I once heard her talking about how people always ask her how she keeps going. She said, “I wake up and put my armor on and get out there.” It struck me as very telling and sad. Many say she is not “authentic.” People do not understand that she is (a) from the midwest, and admits to be reserved and private in public, and (b) she has been viciously hammered for years. She wouldn’t survive if she didn’t put on a protective shield. It breaks my heart too, because I feel that she is so good at heart. And for her OWN PARTY to betray her was just too much.

  353. MyIQ, (giggle) I want some pandering too.

    (gagging on this Obama thing) HEY, Mister! Let’s turn this off. But, he won’t ….

  354. “katiebird, on September 10th, 2008 at 11:52 pm Said:

    Obama’s on Letterman now. ”

    We need a report…I can’t stand to even watch a YouTube that has Obama in it.

  355. I like this disclaimer at the end of Jeralyn’s latest guffaw-inducing piece of tripe

    (Big Tent Democrat disassociates himself from this post.)

  356. You know, someone who “doesn’t like confrontation,” and obviously doesn’t handle it well, is probably not a good choice for POTUS.

    Time to vote:

    What would Obama have done during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    a) make a joke
    b) look for Hillary to do something about it
    c) brush his shoulder and look around to see if anyone saw him doing it, then smile
    d) talk about swiftboating; be confounded that actual real, boats are involved; then resort to b), above
    e) wait for the media to save the day
    f) copy a cartoonist’s balloon about the Bay of Pigs; add a riff about putting lipstick on the Bay; call Hillary to ask what the Bay of Pigs was, and which of the 57 states it is in; then resort to e), above
    g) tell Biden to say missiles are nice
    h) offer to tour the USSR, with his own scenery

  357. She has to be jet lagged beyond belief. You could just see a bit of exhaustion there. That’s probably why she cut her speech short. She probably just wants to sleep in her own bed. Obama is know match for her and Gergen is just beside himself.

  358. BTD is soon to be history at TL.

  359. fif: AMEN!!

    They should be ashamed of themselves. Shirley Chisholm would have put all of them in their places. She needed a strong older AA woman who had been out there like that. Shirley would have given them all detention and would have suspended Pelosi.

    But she has Bill and I know he wraps her up when it gets tough.

  360. Letterman asked him if he would have chosen Biden if McCain had picked Palin earlier. Obama said that no, he chose the person he most wanted to help him govern.

    Letterman says that he’s going to ask Obama about the 9/11 attacks after the break: “What you would have done if you’d been president. What you would do if it happened again” And something else.

    Obama nodded seriously.

    I might have to hide out in the back of the house for this…

  361. Which post was that? Jeralyn’s on a role these days.

    Has everyone read the totally awesome post at alegre’s corner by Marica Pappas? If not, please read it.

  362. Dennis Miller is saying they picked the wrong person and he remembers when O’Reilly interviewed her and she is formidable. He said that Hillary should have been top and O VP. He said OB has not – what? I don’t type that fast – power? Force?

    WOW, Dennis – I didn’t see that agreement coming!

  363. Katie, I should email you an interview my friend did with Obama today in Virginia. You see another side of him. My friend said he was disdainful, glum, and unfriendly.

  364. It’s not pretty.

  365. ugh…dennis miller. Has it really come to this for all of us?? I’m actually reached my saturation point with Rush and Hannity.

  366. “What would Obama have done during the Cuban Missile Crisis?”

    That is a scary thought. A person, like Obama, with NPD, who knows. Hopefully he would do what JFK did, agree with the Russian demand to remove the Jupiter IRBMs from Turkey and then lie about it.

    With Russia and Putin flexing their muscle, we may see a similar crisis during the next four years.

  367. Oh, Ben do!! — I’ve been poking around thinking about a new post.


  368. Katie: I’m a long time listener and a first time caller and wanted to say ‘You’re a great American.” Blech!

  369. katie, about Letterman’s stuffed orange cat: I wonder if his wife is a PUMA, and put him up to it? Or someone on his staff?

    Wouldn’t that be sweet.

    I’m trying to picture Dave as a PUMA, but having a hard time.

  370. Magdalena:

    i) Sent a whining email to Krushchev: Stop TOUCHING me! Stop LOOKING at me.
    j)instead of speaking to the nation, texting everybody from his cell phone number database: RUN 4 the HILLZ!!

  371. Stll4Hill: LOL!!!!!!!

  372. I glanced over the comments on the latest Jeralyn garbage. There are 200+ comments on the thread but BTD didn’t author a single one.

    Too bad because TL used to be a good blog, in spite of TChris.

  373. those polls were in WaPo

  374. Obama keeps touching people during interviews.

    He just talked about a trip he took as a child: Disneyland, Grand Canyon and Field Museum in Chicago. Sounds like his life was one long struggle.

  375. Wow, Charles. And here I was joking about the CMCrisis.

  376. Magdalena, I wonder that too.

  377. The Berg suit is a red herring…IMO

  378. but the passport breach is relevant

  379. ben: “My friend said he was disdainful, glum, and unfriendly.”

    More Nixon. If this guy does win, he going to set up the same kind of White House with a bunker mentality, an enemies list, and an attack plan for stealing the 1012 election.

  380. Is the cat there during the interview?

    Obama’s people HAVE to know about PUMAs/cats/the color orange.

    I hope they’re in a rage. And it doesn’t even have to be faux.

  381. Katie: That link is on my work computer. I will get it to you tomorrow at some point. It’s actually fascinating to watch. My friend really sticks it to him.

  382. remember the picture that came out during the primaries???

  383. Katie: I was imitating a typical caller on Hannity.

  384. Attention extended Letterman family: if any of you are here posting and/or lurking, thank you.

  385. check this out. Isn’t pride the worst of the seven deadly sins?

  386. My take on how Average Joe or Jane BagODonuts will see Palin’s speech tonight:

    Palin did well in that speech. A lot of it was familiar, but she finds a way to mix it up. She comes across as really passionate about taking the reforms done in Alaska and doing it nationally. It’s the sincerity factor. It’s the “normalness” factor. It’s the “look at what we did, imagine how much more we could do” thing. She has a record for a jumping off point for her sunny optimism and call for change.

    Obama keeps talking about how broken our government is. Palin touches that, too, but only briefly. Her focus seems to be on accomplishing something, looking forward, whereas his focus is on….I dunno….. proving himself right? About all that is wrong with America? He’s forward-looking, but in a backward-looking negative way, if that makes sense. He has no concrete jumping off point for positive change, unlike Palin. It’s hard to put your finger on, but he comes across more depressing and lecturing than not.

  387. Oh dear. I can’t deal with Dennis Miller. I guess I just found my limit.

  388. I believe Letterman himself thought of the puma- she probably seduced him too when she was there. I think Hillary is good at melting guys who are not threatened by smart women.

  389. How many people have to say that the Democrats picked the wrong person before the Democrats admit that they picked the wrong person?

  390. “He has no concrete jumping off point for positive change, unlike Palin.”

    Exactly, wcmb, and it’s because he’s never effected change. She has.

    You can feel the honesty with her.

  391. Now is when all the finger-pointing will start.

  392. Russia sent two long range bombers to Venezuela today. They are holding joint military exercises in the Caribbean. Nicaragua recognized South Ossetia and Abkahzia. Bolivia expelled the US Ambassador today.

    Charles, I think the election will come down to “who do you trust” and when I think of the election with THAT in mind, I can’t imagine Obama inspiring that amount of trust. There’s too much at stake to have someone with soooo little experience.

    Why doesn’t anyone ever confront him about that?

  393. I was afraid to hear Miller too, but he called it. Said the Dems messed up not putting Hillary on top of the ticket! Also said Obama will self-destruct and disappear. (gist – I have a gist memory).

  394. Found it:

    Obama petulant and the reporter is on Linda Douglass’ stopwatch:


  395. Their campaign announced that most of their appearances will be joint — no doubt!

  396. ben: me too. I have been listening to Rush (which I have NEVER done) and Hannity on the radio in the car, because I wanted to hear SOMEONE criticize BO, but Rush really is still a “Big Fat Idiot.” He has no credibility, and is so in love with himself. He goes on and on about the smears against Palin, and “liberals never attack one of their own.” Where has he been? Did he not see them attack HRC relentlessly–and he chimed in regularly? Then, he usually makes a sexist comment himself (like calling Dem women Obama supporters “nags.” National Association of Girls, ha ha ha). I feel dirty afterwards and don’t get much information from it either. Hannity is more like a barking dog. Bark, bark, bark about everything, and talks over everyone. Today I heard him say he went to Falwell’s Liberty University. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just very narrow in his thinking.

  397. Please watch that video: he gets really upset when confronted about his vote against the surge.

  398. Reg: “How many people have to say that the Democrats picked the wrong person before the Democrats admit that they picked the wrong person?”

    They all have their fingers in their ears and are singing LALALALALALALALA

  399. They just don’t speak for me. That’s why i listen to the nighlty blog radio.

  400. Cripes – Larry King has Ariana H. I am going to have to put my fingers in my EYES and my toes in my ears.

  401. Regency, we are thinking of all of you in Texas. My family is there.

    I don’t like Ike.
    Nobama, either.

  402. Obama is so dull, I stopped listening. Bleh.

  403. The thing is: the Palin phenomenon will wear off just as the BO phenom has. That’s what phenomeno’s are–they are illusory. Right now, people don’t really know much about Palin and haven’t heard her much either, so they can project all of their fantasies on her pretty exterior image. That will only last so long, because eventually, she will be forced to define herself more clearly (as Obama has avoided doing for months), and if she does, she will inevitably alienate some demographic. Hopefully, the wave will carry them through Nov. 4th.

  404. Hillary gets the last laugh this election, Except for the whole not getting to sit in her damned Office for 4 years part.

  405. Those crowds…

    In Lee’s Summit, MO a couple of days ago people started waiting at 10pm the night before!!

    I’m going to buy some camping gear in case they come back!

  406. Hi all…just caught Sarah’s landing too and she is so upbeat…she makes Obama look even more angry and depressing…I think she is our Karma in his downfall…

  407. I have to say I am enjoying the sexism smear of Obama after what he and the media did to the Clintons.

    I do think he’s sexist and so is the Dem Party, unlike the Clintons who are not racist.

  408. KB: I know, I still don’t understand what he fuss is about. I find him dull too, and can’t focus on what he is saying. (And add to that the repulsion I feel due to his hypocrisy and unethical behavior and I can’t even look at him.) I’m wondering how I’m going to watch the debates, because it’s so hard for me to listen to him at all, but I don’t want to miss that face off either.

  409. Magda (you don’t mind being called that do you?): thank you. We’re keeping an eye out and a folded hands up. Not much of a prayer myself but I’m learning. Don’t like Ike either,

  410. “Still4Hill, on September 11th, 2008 at 12:17 am Said:

    I was afraid to hear Miller too, but he called it.”

    Who is Dennis Miller..I stopped watching TV news >7 months ago.

  411. It’s a weird season when the Repub ticket looks like optimism and hope and the Dem ticket makes me feel like I’m wearing a hairshirt.

  412. Still: toes in your ears? You must be very flexible.

  413. SHV: Dennis Miller, former comedian turned political pundit. Former liberal turned Republican (or is it more like Libertarian? Can’t recall). He hated Hillary but he’s supposedly come to respect her. Now he says she should be the Prez nominee.

    Where was this crap three months ago when it mattered!

  414. TL News Bulletin: Jeralyn has officially jumped the shark. Her latest post features Matt Damon as Oracle/Advisor/Elder Statesman on why one should vote for The One (cue video). Un. Flipping. Believable.

  415. Dennis Miller used to be a stand up comedian, but morphed into a political commentator. Don’t ask–it’s the infotainment era.

  416. Hairshirt, Magdalena? Ew!

    Bet Howie has a hairshirt.

  417. nite all!

  418. Whoops, make that Matt Damon on Why Palin Is A She Demon.

  419. That Matt Damon piece was on HuffPo too. Paula Abeles sent an email out about it (but with snark). George Clooney is offering BO advice on the Middle East, and now Matt Damon is going to offer his sage advice. I’m sure Ben Affleck is not far behind. More infotainment folks.

  420. Regency, re:Miller:

    And people care what this person thinks???

  421. I don’t think Obama has time to stop the Sarah wave before Nov. 5th. She may peak, then crash and burn at some point, but I just don’t see it happening before Nov 5th.

    I predict a little dip, then another surge just before the election. “Rock star” politicos usually have to go through a few of those cycles before they bottom out. Timing is everything with that sort of “personality appeal”, and Obama’s wave is waning, hers is rising.

    He’s out of time, barring a truly huge mistake on McCain or Palin;s part.

  422. I think the Palin phenomenon can last. She’s charming enough and smart enough. Frankly she only has to be wonky enough to slay Biden in a debate ONCE. She can do that. Biden’s toast and Hillary is INEVITABLE for the next go round. And yeah we mean it this time.

  423. Kat5, on September 11th, 2008 at 12:28 am Said:

    TL News Bulletin: Jeralyn has officially jumped the shark. Her latest post features Matt Damon as Oracle/Advisor/Elder Statesman on why one should vote for The One (cue video). Un. Flipping. Believable.

    LOL. I’m not even going to give her site a hit by going over there to check it out. Thanks for the update though.

  424. Reg, I lived in Houston for a long time, went to Rice. The city floods at the drop of a hat. I always made a point of living in a raised house. But it’s the wind that scared/scares me.

    If need be I know you’ll be quick and smart, just like your posts!


  425. #
    S, on September 11th, 2008 at 12:25 am Said:

    Hi all…just caught Sarah’s landing too and she is so upbeat…she makes Obama look even more angry and depressing…I think she is our Karma in his downfall…

    Oh, there is another S in this forum? Aren’t our names unique?
    Hi S! (waving)

  426. fif: Ariana makes me curl into a scorpion-like posture. I guess I am on the warpath against everybody who attacked Hillary. Ariana thinks so hot.

  427. Charles: OH I know. That’s why they beat up on Hillary too. They didn’t want to run against her but now that she’s safely put away they can talk about how strong she was all along. No one paying attention can miss the strategy there.

    SHV: THey pay him the big bucks to flap his gums. Then again, they pay Alan Colmes too so that doesn’t say much for their judgment.

  428. thinks she’s so hot – I’m tired.

  429. Does anyone else think that celebrities like Damon and Clooney giving Obama advice and helping him campaign might backfire? Many Americans are annoyed by celebrities who think they know anything beyond looking good for the camera and memorizing a movie script. Most obviously don’t identify with them and it makes Obama look more and more like an empty suit celebrity than a serious politician. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Ben Affleck and the entire cast of Oceans 11 comes out in support of Obama next. Hilarious.

  430. Magda: thanks! Luckily my area, where I’m going if he comes in hard, doesn’t flood easily. Hasn’t really flooded since Allison hit and I live on a bayou! Hope for the best, expect the worst, check your insurance.

  431. Charles, I think the election will come down to “who do you trust”

    KB: I’ve been saying that to my sister for the past month. I even emailed the McCain camp (as if they care what I think!), and told them the campaign theme should be: WHO DO YOU TRUST? Obama will never win that argument, because no one really knows who he is, plus his inexperience, and the ineffable discomfort with his lack of self. If the 527’s bring up his shadowy associates, it’s over.

  432. Reg: The Dems should have been smart enough to see through that strategy. They always attack the one who’s the biggest threat. If the SDs can’t see that and act on it, then there’s no point in having SDs.

  433. pat the doggie’s head for me, Charles.

  434. Nite Charles. I’m off to bed too. We’ll have to see what new gaffes and denials the Obama campaign has in store for us tomorrow!

  435. Charles: Either treat Palin as a real person or they lose the election.

    Then they’ll lose the election. They’ve all already shown that they’d rather win the argument than the election. Thank you, Rachel Maddow, for making it exceedingly clear to those of us with differing goals like Executive dominance ever agian,

  436. Bingo, Charles. The only hope they have of beating Palin is to beat her as she really is. This business of trying to create a caricature to then beat is not going to work – at all.

    She’s just too damn normal.

  437. “That’s why hyperbole won’t work with Palin because at the end of the day she is rather average. But average with keen political skills.”

    I agree, Charles. Every time people shriek as though she’s evil incarnate she shows up looking like someone I might sit next to while waiting in a doctor’s office. It just doesn’t compute. It doesn’t work with her. I find it fascinating. It makes the Dems look “shrill.”

  438. DeV: I’m not a President, but O play one…..

    Right – celebs, even when they run and win, don’t look serious: Sonny Bono for ex.

  439. Then again, they pay Alan Colmes too so that doesn’t say much for their judgment.”

    I never watched the show but I figured it was a sham like pro-wrestling and Colmes was the designated loser…After the Palin comments, Colmes is an utterly revolting human being; down in the gutter with Mrs. Fowler.

  440. I predict that tomorrow Obama will refer to Palin as a b—– and then say, hey what’s the problem? She said she was a pitbull, and she’d be a FEMALE pitbull, get it????

  441. Oh, there is another S in this forum? Aren’t our names unique?
    Hi S! (waving)


    yes, Hi S…I saw you up thread…took me by surprise…

    I used to see many of the posters here at some other places most of us have fled…Hi MaBlue…

    nice to see so many other familiar posters and kindred spirits here…

  442. Seriously, on September 11th, 2008 at 12:45 am Said:

    I predict that tomorrow Obama will refer to Palin as a b—– and then say, hey what’s the problem? She said she was a pitbull, and she’d be a FEMALE pitbull, get it????

    My prediction…Obama..Open mike..the “C” word and then hearing all of the ‘bots explain that.

  443. SHV: If he uses the “c” word he is toast.

  444. yes, Hi S…I saw you up thread…took me by surprise…

    I’m ok with it, so long as you are a Hill-gal or Hill-guy 🙂

  445. Seriously and SHV, he won’t do it, he’ll have rappers do it, pretend to be offended, then say, “I’m just messin’ with ya’ll, man,” and invite them to play at one of his campaign stops.

    But hey, go ahead, rappers. I dare you. Watch the Repugs replay the lyric over and over, then try to call them r*cist for doing so. They won’t give a flip.

    Go on. Call Palin a bitch, the way you did Hillary. Make my day.

  446. I posted an Open Thread…

  447. ‘Nite, all. Let’s live to fight another day.

  448. Magda: Right. When it’s planned he lets the gangstas do it, but if it’s an open mike, it would be an accident. Sooner or later he is gonna make a big mistake.

    Seriously, I do hope he does it tomorrow. The sooner the better.

  449. nite Magda/ Scarlett.

  450. Oh, I think he’ll do it himself. He’s reached the point where he thinks he can get away with anything.

  451. Think I should log off – tired and big meeting in the a.m.

    Nite all!

  452. ” I really wouldn’t be surprised if Ben Affleck and the entire cast of Oceans 11 comes out in support of Obama next. Hilarious.”

    That’s the new slogan! “Obama–Are You Out or Are You In?”

  453. S, on September 11th, 2008 at 12:50 am Said:
    yes, Hi S…I saw you up thread…took me by surprise…

    I’m ok with it, so long as you are a Hill-gal or Hill-guy


    Hi S…I am definitely a Hill and Bill loyalist…however in deference to you and to eliminate confusion I will use my other poster name when I come by…my other poster name (when they require more than one letter) is angeltour…

    I see many familiar posters here – Hi to disenfranchisedvoter, WMCB, MaBlue and others…

  454. I’m a little distressed to see some Hillary bashing here upthread.Please , not here !

    What is she to do? She is damned if she does not campaign for The One and damned if she does.
    She will always be my hero because she just continues persevering with so much tenacity and grace even when everyone seems to have it in for her.I’m praying for 2012…

  455. It will take a major mistake fpr McCain to lose. Two important factors running for him at this time. He is ahead in the polls. Every single poll has given him a lead, from one point to ten points. The second factor is the “Bradley effect. The number here is from between five and fifteen points. I want to remind people that the objective was to reform thre Democratic party and removing the present leadreship and to rebuilt it into a true Democratic institution. . It will have to start by defeating Obama, its candidate, so just because we vote for McCain does not make us Republicans. It appears that some need additional support, so just remind yourself of that farce they called a roll call vote. If that alone does not make you vote for McCain ,nothing will.

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