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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Barack Obama Just Can’t Stop Himself

I said it back in April, and I’ll say it again: Obama just can’t stop himself …..

But, this time: He’s getting called on it:

Obama hides behind actions and words that have double meaning. But, as the mother of a trouble-boy I know what he’s doing. He can take cover by pretending he was talking about McCain’s policies. But, we – like his audience – can see through that feeble ruse.


For more on this see:

Charles Lemos’s, New McCain Ad Attacks Obama on Sexism
MyIQ2xu’s, I’m Calling Bullshit!
Lambert’s, They just can’t help themselves, can they?

232 Responses

  1. 16 seconds and the finger is out!

  2. Obama has a form of tourettes

  3. I said on last thread, you can’t have it both ways. you can’t accuse Hillary of plotting Obama’s assassination because she mentioned RFK and then say that Obama was just speaking “off the cuff” using a common turn of phrase.

  4. Look at the audience. That comment is old and tired. It is not funny. The audience is laughing and cheering. They know what he was saying.

  5. Carol, did he say something about it this morning?

  6. The audience knew exactly what he was saying. Why would they be so merry otherwise?

  7. He’s going to in a minute. He is over 20 minutes late to his speech.

  8. My reply to the latest moneybegging letter:

    Oh I’m so sorry, but I’ll be unable to help out the top of the Democratic ticket this year, as all my excess funds are currently tied up in Lipstick futures.

    Love and Kisses

    one of 18 million sweeties

  9. Carol, keep us informed. Can’t watch fox right now

  10. Carol, what channel?

  11. I hope McCain pushes back and not let him get away with the “oh it’s just a term”- He needs to show how the crowd got it and how Obama feed off of it. The same with the brush off and finger gesture after Hillary mopped the floor with him the previous day in the debate. The crowd was hooting and stomping, laughing at his crude vulgar ways. They have to show his pattern of resorting to sexist remarks and gestures when frazzled

  12. Fox – it should be live on the internet. Go to cnn.com or fox.

  13. overheard playing in the background at Obama campaign headquarters . . .

    (no not really)

  14. Don’t know if this has been discussed on this site, so apologies if I’m re-running stuff, but this is really, REALLY distressing:


    Apologies from someone from the right- I thought y’all were just sour graping, but this is just stupefyingly bad. Guess the Wizard of Uhs did learn something in Chicago.

    Again, truly- sorry about what happened to y’all.

  15. If we are wrong for assuming what he meant, then his own supporters assumed it as well.. They laughed and cheered like he was a comic on a roll.

  16. “Oh I’m so sorry, but I’ll be unable to help out the top of the Democratic ticket this year, as all my excess funds are currently tied up in Lipstick futures.”

    That right there? Top shelf comedy. Well done.

  17. rightish, what happened was appalling. They are trying to cover it up as “sour grapes” (like we haven’t had a candidate we loved lose before – puhleeze) but anyone watching that video can understand why we are so furious with the party.

  18. Is he going to give us a grand, unifying, life-changing lecture (I mean speech) on SEXISM? Telling us how WE just don’t understand?

    Very funny. I look forward to hearing his response ’cause you KNOW (in his mind) it ain’t his fault.

  19. WMCB, on September 10th, 2008 at 10:25 am Said:

    If we are wrong for assuming what he meant, then his own supporters assumed it as well.. They laughed and cheered like he was a comic on a roll.

    WMCB, they laughed and cheered like they were watching Rev. Wright on a rant.

    This kind of stuff has no place in the pulpit or on the stump.

  20. Does anyone have the link to the full you-tube thing? I’d like to post a version with the whole thing, Stinky fish AND cheers too.

  21. those of us who slogged through HRCs campaign with the Precious KNOW EXACTLY what he was saying…just like his little Obots knew

    I told the Obots… you are in for a rude awakening because the GOP is not going to tie their candidates hands behind their backs and stick knives in them at every opportunity.

    it’s been a pleasure watching that inept, vacuous bag of crap implode

  22. Obama wants a “code of conduct” for members of Congress!!


  23. Linda, it ain’t over yet. Obama will be in jail before this is all over.

  24. And to save face it will be the Dems who send him there.

  25. NOT apologising!!

  26. OBAMA: Palin is a pig and Mccain is an old fish. Is that what he said?

  27. OO, this is a mistake. We heard it with our own lying ears.

  28. He’s talking all this nonesense, but the issue of his character needs to be addressed.

  29. Katiebird:

    I can’t get the video on Fox. What did he say?

  30. Thanks for the lecture Obama. By the way,



  31. wmcb- to paraphrase what someone on one of those videos said, it’s one thing to get beat fair and square through the democratic process.

    But to get beat by cheapjack Chicago style fraud and bullying? Not so much.

    Now I have to go look at what got done at the DNC convention with the roll call- this is like watching a bank robbery in broad daylight, in slow motion, and the robbers ain’t wearing masks.

    Wow, just wow.

    This dude is beyond awful. He’s trashed a party, now he’s going for a country. This is Sinclair Lewis (It Can’t Happen Here) territory.

  32. Palin will be on in a minute!

  33. “Oh it would just be foolish for him to call her a pig!”

    Really, how about shooting Hillary the finger!

    PUNDITS – Shut the FUCK UP!

  34. He said that it was a brew-ha-ha created by the McCain camp and just another example of Swift-boating.

  35. a rightish visitor, welcome to our world. Obama with the help of the DNC took millions of tax payer money to put on elections and then they either altered or threw out the results totally. In Michigan, they gave Obama ALL the uncommitted votes, all the write in votes, even though they refused to open them up and see if people had actually written in Obama, and the final straw was they gave Obama 4 delegates from voters that went to Clinton.

    So much for the “Democracy” in the Democratic party. Several groups are going to sue the DNC to get the states’ money back.

  36. KB, I didn;t hear what he said but if he is calling it just a brew-ha-ha then he is calling everyone who heard it and knew what he meant hysterical.

    They still haven;t realized that he sexism card and his race-baiting card are useless now. He still wants to try and play them.

  37. I think he said “flap” — I can’t remember, something dismissive.

  38. I can’t find the whole youtube with the stinky-fish bit. Does anyone have a link?

  39. Thanks, katiebird.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the McCain team keeping him on defense (such a time waster!). Reminds me of all the times that Obama’s people dropped all those false “she’s conceding” story lines about Hillary’s campaign. Kept her away from discussing the issues.

    Payback’s a bitch! (that is just a common phrase … I meant nothing by it … tee hee!)

  40. katie – I think it is on foxnews.com

  41. Payback is a hysterical pig with lipstick in a boat that’s sinking.

  42. Just in from another PUMA group.

    If you receive requests from the DNC or Obama campaign, send them your lipsticks! 🙂

  43. a rightish visitor, on September 10th, 2008 at 10:25 am Said:

    Don’t know if this has been discussed on this site, so apologies if I’m re-running stuff, but this is really, REALLY distressing:


    This has been discussed but the media is still swooning over Obama and we have begun to think they are pod people. Maybe we should report our media/journalists missing…because this story sure hasn’t been covered.

  44. I posted this on that last thread but it goes with this discussion too.
    At No Quarter two different commenter posted these.

    this was posted by tminu@ 03:19

    These are things that should not be forgotten about backtrack.



  45. Garychapelhill said:

    “I said on last thread, you can’t have it both ways. you can’t accuse Hillary of plotting Obama’s assassination because she mentioned RFK and then say that Obama was just speaking “off the cuff” using a common turn of phrase.”

    I agree completely, Gary.

    Likewise, if one says Hillary’s RFK assassination comment was taken way out of context (which I believe) by Obamatons and the MSM, you cannot take O’s comment out of context and make it about Palin (as the MSM, McCainiacs, and others would have us believe).

    You can’t have it both ways.

  46. McCain about to issue ad about the 30 + people on the ground in Alaska to find something out about Palin.

  47. Nah, keep your lipstick. Just write your message on the outside of the envelope IN lipstick.

    Y’know, like “No money for the FRAUD.”

    Or just PUMA!

  48. Peter?

    Did Hillary say her comment to a room full of fans who all ROARED approval in a knowing way?

    No. She did not. Because the RFK thing wasn’t directed at Obama in any way.

    Obama on the other hand acts like a trouble boy in Middle school. Everything he does has “cover” with a double meaning.

    But, I’ve LIVED with trouble-boys. I understand their code. Just like Obama’s approving audience.

  49. I just watched the ad and wow! Just wow!

    Republicans really play bare knuckles politics.

    That ad is brutal.

  50. Well that was fast.

    McCain already put up a ad on this.


  51. peter, you’re using bad logic my man. I’m not the one asking for it both ways. Obama and his minions are saying this about the McCain campaign. they never had a dog in the fight about the RFK nonsense. so what’s your point?

  52. katiebird, on September 10th, 2008 at 10:39 am Said:

    Obama wants a “code of conduct” for members of Congress!!


    LOL. How about a dress code? No spine, no service?

  53. Obama’s ‘sexist’ jibe at Palin: ‘You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig’

    Foreign press coverage of Obama’s comments.

  54. BTW I just caught the comment from Obama talking about Hillary during periodical times when she’s down. I can’t believe that noone said anything about that or bothered to educate him on the meaning of menopause.

    Hell he could have used that argument for Michelle’s “proud moment”

    “well uh um uh…she was uh hum…well let’s just say uh um that we had to make a late night trip to the Rite-Aid.”

  55. Someone who is savy about computers (definitely not me) should make a montage (sp?) video of Obama’s sexist comments about Hillary and add these about Palin to it. There is a pattern here and it needs to come out. There is something almost pathological about Obama.

  56. Pattern needs to be seen

  57. It was completely calculated by Nobama. He used the pig with lipstick to attack Palin and the old fish to attach Mccain. That is what they should show. Without the other, it can be interpreted in different ways. With the Old Fish, it can be only interpreted one way!!!

  58. ..don’t know if anyone posted this up (sorry if its a re-run):

    “Indeed earlier in the day, Missouri Rep. Russ Carnahan, appearing at a speech by Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, said that Palin is “someone with zero experience in national government, zero experience in foreign affairs. There’s no way you can dress up that record, even with a lot of lipstick.””
    -FOX “Obama Accuses McCain of “Swift Boat Politics”

    I think there’s a pattern, eh?

  59. In fact, a video of this pattern needs to be sent to the RNC—at least they have the money to get it out.

  60. I read at boston.com (website of the Boston Globe) that Obama’s campaign has formed a new anti-Palin group called “Alaska Mythbusters” to go after Sarah Palin exclusively.

    Today is their first conference call with reporters. The group is led by former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles and Mayor Bob Weinstein of Ketchikan, home to the infamous Bridge to Nowhere.

  61. Mawm, on September 10th, 2008 at 10:39 am Said:
    Linda, it ain’t over yet. Obama will be in jail before this is all over.

    Mawm, from your lips to God’s ears.

  62. Very soon.. he’s going to ask Hillary to go out there to save him, isn’t he.

  63. As a teacher, obama reminds me of the kid who likes to call someone a “bitch” and then when he is called out says “what?, it just means female dog” or some nonsense.

  64. Watched him address the lipstick remark. All he did was spout the usual bs.

  65. DG: He already asked and Hillary said no.

    I agree, by the way, that somebody should do a BSoSexyist montage starting with Hillary jabs and ending with Sarah jabs. He can’t help himself.

    Hillary’s likeable enough Barack, you’re just not.

  66. If his “you know what’s” are in a Hillary nutcracker I am more than delighted! For once this Bozo is under scrutiny for his inappropriate comments instead of everybody else. I don’t care what his intent was originally, if he has to keep “explaining” what he meant to say, and is then portrayed in a negative light, let me quote the infamous Dick Cheney: “so?”.

    You play with fire long enough you are bound to get burnt. It’s a no win situation for him. I couldn’t be happier.

  67. dg

    I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when that convo takes place, especially after this incident.

    Barry: Hillary, uh um uh would you uh help me out here?

    Hillary: I’m sorry Senator, but this is eerily reminescent of some of the stuff you pulled on me.

    Barry: Damn, you must be on the rag. That’s what I get for asking a typical white person.

  68. I think this reply from Hot Air says is all:

    Come on people. You really think Obama was calling Palin a pig? Come on. This is nuts.
    SoulGlo on September 10, 2008 at 10:07 AM

    So let me get this straight, Obama is TOO smart to call Sarah a pig but not smart enough to realize how bad this comment is going to sound to anyone?

    I think THAT’S nuts!

    Marsh on September 10, 2008 at 10:29 AM

  69. Thanks, jvsp, for noting Biden’s lipstick comment. That and his remark yesterday about Palin as VP being a step backward for women are disgustingly sexist. Is it stupidity or self-sabotage?

  70. WMCB—–hope you don’t mind-but I love your ‘lipstick futures’ comment and I’m gonna use it the next time I get a call or letter from the boys. It’s priceless!!

  71. Yep, just like when he flipped Hillary off and said he was just scratching his face. This guy is a punk.

  72. “In a knowing way?”

    I do not claim to know what is in people’s minds as they say or do things.

    “Trouble-boy” I went to the DSM IV online and and could not find it. Is their some other term or medical term for this syndrome?

    For all the talk of misogyny out in the world and the MSM (and rightfully so), one does not have to go far to find its counterpart, misandry.

  73. Peter,

    You have just stepped over my line for conversation on this blog. If you want to play games with words do it someplace else. You aren’t welcome here any more.

  74. This is just another stunning example of Backtrack speaking off the cuff. He is unable to censor himself by way of a teleprompter. Do I think this was aimed at Sarah Palin on a personal level? No. But for someone so admired for his supposed “oratorical skills,” this is just an example of his speaking without a prepared speech.

    He is supremely unprepared. Very little time in the Senate to hone those skills. He has never had to really “debate” in the true sense of the word and when the race narrowed down between just he and Hillary his usual response was generally, “what she said”.

    Again, I would like to thank the DNC for this travesty. Did not need to happen.

  75. Fox mentions the McCain ad response but they did not play it. The discussion about this seems to be giving O the benefit of the doubt but also said is that the voters are the ones who are going to decide whether or not O’s remarks were targeted or just a slip. I wish the McCain camp would play the response ad nationwide and we could see what is the impact. Nothing a presidential candidate says is an accident and anyone who doesn’t know this is naive. I think the McCain response but it in bold relief and that is why Obama himself responded to it and did not apologize for any unintended take-away but set it up as Republicans making up a controversy and doing swift-boat campaigning. I think this may turn out to be a pretty big deal for the O.

  76. jules,

    “Is it stupidity or self-sabotage?”

    How about unbridled arrogance of the “ubermensch”?

  77. This is just another stunning example of Backtrack speaking off the cuff.

    Pat, exactly. He’s a diplomatic nightmare.
    Worst. Candidate. Ever.

  78. it doesn’t matter who thinks what. BO and company just lost two more days to damage control….

  79. Here’s the thing about the lipstick comment, whether he meant it or not:

    One can’t imagine that it added a single undecided voter to his column.

    One can imagine how many it pushed away from that column.

    And now he wants a code of conduct.

    Senator, before you emerged on the scene, we actually had a fairly well-behaved Democratic Party.

    Thank you for injecting Rapper Manners into our public discourse.

    Perhaps you should turn off your iPod and actually think about how women, and other human beings, feel.

    I, a lifeling Democrat, will be casting my vote in bright red lipstick. And it will read:


    Strange You Can Believe In

  80. “Trouble-boy” I went to the DSM IV online and and could not find it. Is their some other term or medical term for this syndrome?

    Try ODD..

  81. Lambert wrote:

    People, clue stick:

    1. “Lipstick on a pig” is a cliche. Of course others have used it in the past.

    2. However, Obama used the cliche right after Palin made a joke about “putting lipstick” “on a pit bull” in front of 37 million people, and he used the cliche in front of a politically engaged audience that would very likely have seen that same speech. In that context, to many, and to me, it looked like a clear riposte. “Words matter.”

    The idea that this could have been inadvertent is completely preposterous. And it doesn’t even matter–the damage is done. Good job Barky.

    I’m beginning to wonder if the “Obama wants out” theory isn’t true. If this is not unconscious sabotage of his own candidacy, I don’t know what is. Maybe he realizes he is in WAY over his head, and doesn’t want the job after all.

  82. Read a suggestion from some other site that women should show up at his rallies with lipstick in one hand and a tire gauge in the other.

    My suggestion, since tire gauges might cost money, is simply ot hold up lipstick in one hand, and give him the finger with the other.

  83. Ok, I think I must concede I was wrong. Obama was talking about Palin with the lipstick on a pig and old fish comments. You can bet with McCains ad that they saw the finger go out. I tried it, and really you have to purposely lift the middle figner on that gesture. What an a@@hole.


  84. Ok, I think I must concede I was wrong. Obama was talking about Palin with the lipstick on a pig and old fish comments. You can bet with McCain’s ad that they saw the finger go out. I tried it, and really you have to purposely lift the middle figner on that gesture. What an a@@hole.

  85. On the democratic party blogs

    August 30th


  86. I just listened to Senator Obama “appologize ” for his lipstick remark. He was petulant, pissed off, and down right angry that WE would call him a sexist. Why did he say such a thing? BECAUSE HE HAS AN EGO THE SIZE OF CHICAGO AND HE THOUGHT HE COULD BE CUTE AND GET AWAY WITH IT. HE THOUGHT IT WOULD APPEAL TO THE GUYS.
    Well, he might have gotten away with it. EXCEPT for his complete lack of support for Hillary when she was being attacked in the most disgusting ways,( IT WAS WORKING FOR HIM THEN) And for the fact that he passed on the most effective VP anyone could have chosen in favor of the non threatening and completely useless Joe Who.
    So, rather that an appology we were treated to a lecture that it is WE who are being a distraction That it is WE who are not serious and WE need to get on board with the Golden One. News Flash Obama. Not happening.

  87. They have assembled en masse in Alaska attempting to dig up anything controversial regarding Palin. Why are they not doing the same in Chicago?

    So far they have interviewed people who went to Kindergarten with her yet we have not seen one person from his days at Columbia, Harvard, “community organizing”, etc., be interviewed for any serious evaluation. Something is terribly out of kilter with this campaign and I only hope that we do not have to wait until November 5th to discover what lies in store with an Obama presidency. Some may think that this will never happen but they have managed to steal and manipulate every other hurdle so it does not require a leap in imagination to see these same tactics employed in November. All those “new voters” out there have me a little nervous.

  88. For all the talk of misogyny out in the world and the MSM (and rightfully so), one does not have to go far to find its counterpart, misandry.

    LOL! You are the perfect Obot: But it’s about ME! IIIIII AM THE REAL VICTIM! Poor ME ME ME!

  89. Fox is playing the song Political Piggies by the Beatles

  90. And what about Michelle doing the “brush off the shoulder” on the same day??? that was what obama did when he gave Hillary the finger. these people are rotten to the core and have no idea about sportsmanship or treating others with dignity and respect. and then they turn around and DEMAND that type of respect from everyone. And if you DON’T show them respect they malign you by calling you a racist. They are really morally bankrupt.

  91. Obama is used to getting a free pass by the Press, and now he isn’t getting it so much.

    To Hillary, you were ripped off.

  92. When my sister heard his comments she said that the fish comment was worse because it is a centuries old comment referring to women in a sexually derogatory way.

    Yes. I am old enough to remember hearing it used that way. Very low and crude. About as bad as it gets.

  93. Don’t kid yourselves, he and the Dem Party want to win. They just went about it the wrong way. Poor Backtrack, they assured him it was his for the taking. Trumped again!

  94. We should all send him tubes of lipstick.

  95. pumaalliance, i like your idea. i have a ton of lipstick that i never wear so i’ll have plenty to spare for obama and the dnc. 😀

  96. fif, I agree, Peter Anderson’s “misandry” comment is hilariously Obamatic, I about fell on the floor.

    Let’s see, he calls a woman a pig, I, a woman, call him on it, and that makes me:

    A manhater.

    Take the iPods out of your ears, Tone Deaf Obamacans:

    Women Matter
    Women Voters Matter
    Women Voters Listen
    Women Voters Hear

    McCain/Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  97. SHV

    What Is Narcissistic PD?

    The DSM-IV-TR, a manual that psychologists use to diagnose NPD and other mental disorders, defines NPD is a type of psychological personality disorder primarily characterized by:

    need for admiration
    lack of empathy
    Additional characteristics the DSM associates with the pathologically narcissistic include:

    extreme self-absorption
    intolerance of others’ perspectives
    insensitivity to others’ needs
    indifference to the effect of their own egocentric behavior

    Sound familiar?

    [ http://personalitydisorders.suite101.com/article.cfm/narcissism_and_psychopathy ]

  98. I’m sorry to have to comment and then leave , but I just can’t help myself….

    I’m at work and glanced at another site (not PUMA) where they are saying that McCain “made this shit up” !! I am shaking my head and wondering where these people are coming from …
    It just blows me away that the D’s are behaving as badly as they are. And that Obama continually skates – even when the media reports his nastiness.

  99. Whether Obama meant it or not, the damage is already done. This is the kind of thing people remember. They won’t remember Obama’s education speech this week, but they’ll remember the ‘pig with lipstick ‘incident.

  100. And now he wants a code of conduct.

    He wants a code of conduct? How about starting with himself and his thug Obot army. I caught a clip of the O’Reilly interview and he was defending the Cheetoheads, saying it’s just their opinion like on Fox. O’Reilly countered by saying Fox is not hateful, like some of the bloggers, and obama laughed, suggesting they are the same. Either he is oblivious to the unprecedented ugliness of the online world or he is lying. Either way, he is so thin skinned, he cannot tolerate any criticism.

    Re: the comment about a conduct code: again with the naivete. Does he think Kim Jong Il or a tribal warlord is going go give a sh*t about his self-serving code of conduct? Get the hook!

  101. I know this may not be the place but I can’t get on to camille424’s blog. What happened? and how to I get back on?

  102. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the 9/11 attack. Today in metro NY the weather is just like it was on that day – crystal air, blue skies with skudding clouds.

    This morning I saw an air plane cutting through the clouds to land at a local airport. My heart stopped for a moment.

    And Obama talks about the wrongs that have been done to him personally.

  103. I wonder if KO won’t be issuing a “special comment” tonight about how poor Obama is being “played” by the media? I can just hear it now: “You sirs are making mountains out of pig manure!”

  104. The hoopla about what’s he’s said and what he does and does not mean can all be boiled down to the fact that he is unprofessional.

  105. I am so mad today that I could spit nails. If the media keeps playing WORM for him—-I will spend the rest of my life (short now with blood pressure through the roof) writing them daily and encouraging boycotts. Well, that was a stupid comment by me—we do that now and it hasn’t done any good. I think we have to go to their advertisers–takes longer but it may be the only way. Need to check out -tvnewser.com-for latest ratings.

  106. Obama and the DNC figured they could outmanuever the Clinton campaign. What they failed to keep focused was on the RNC and Rove. We all know how far below the belt that side is willing to go but they blocked it out. Now Hillary has been up against and vetted by the RNC so it would never have come as a surprise. Every word she uttered would have been crafted keeping that in mind.

    Not this idiot. He has given them plenty on a platter to attack and they fail see they are up against “champions” in this sort of sleaze. This would never be happening with Hillary. The Clinton’s and the RNC equal a level playing field. Obama and the RNC? Easy pickings.

  107. Jeebus, I am mad. As my sister said (Lucy on this blog’s comments) ‘they have totally underestimated the grudge holding of Irish women.’ I am so proud–finally, got my sister to comment here last night. She is so literate and smart and does editing for a living. Not to mention that we talk about this stuff every day.

  108. jules,
    thanks! In reading the post I would laugh if it weren’t so true.

  109. When I told my neighbor that “No, I wouldn’t be helping her with on the Obama campaign this year”, I thought she would cry. Before She walked away she said, “But it’s so close!” My response was that he didn’t seem to value my vote before today, and now he can’t close the dal without my help? I then said, as I say to all my family who are in the tank for Precious, “If he can’t win Illinois without my single vote, then he has bigger problems than he knows”.

  110. dal= deal

  111. Sexism matters to a lot of people, and the Republicans were not deaf and blind to what went on during the Democratic primaries and convention. Whether running Sarah Palin is political opportunism or not, the Democratic leadership and Obama’s campaign were caught flat-footed and deserve all the misery they will doubtless have the leisure to enjoy. McCain doesn’t need to suck up the insults and abuse and feminists whether “deserving” of the name or not are not going to put up with this crud any longer. If Obama were really this brilliant guy, he would have known his lipstick and fish remarks were crude and rude and defenseless. So, is he a clueless smart guy or an idiot with delusions of grandeur? I hope someone in marketing gives us a lipstick shade called “Palin Pink”. Got my debit card ready for that.

  112. Because the DVR was on pause, I’m getting to watch Obama’s statement on fox. He looks very impatient right now

  113. kc, don’t make yourself sick. Every time Obama opens his mouth he loses more votes. People are interested in the presidential race now that Palin is in the picture.

    The “common folk” are paying attention to this stuff. Americans love Sarah – the identify with her. Her son is going to be deployed tomorrow. Let’s see if Obama calls Palin’s son’s deployment on 9/11 “a cheap political stunt.”

    The GOP is waiting for him to trip up tomorrow. The the Ayers ads start.

    In other words, Obama is committing hara kari.

  114. You all must understand I hate G.W. Bush with a passion before I say the following:

    When he trotted out his “axis of evil” line, it was stupid, but he didn’t start saying he didn’t mean it.

    When he talked about a “mushroom cloud” it was stupid and a lie, but he didn’t say he didn’t mean it.

    He did not announce that he expected other speakers to change their conduct because of the atrocities and absurdities in his speeches.

    G.W. Bush did not deserve to run this country for eight years.

    Obama deserves it even less.

    America, I must ask you: How low can we go?

  115. You know, if this was just one comment, I would not think anything of it. But Obama has a PATTERN of sexist behavior. He made SO many sexist comments about Hillary during the primary that never got any attention – periodically feeling down? Come on now…sure, he could say that he didn’t mean anything by it and it isn’t obvious enough that Hillary’s team could go after him, but would he EVER refer to a man that way? And that is just one of many comments he made towards Hillary, and he is using the same demeaning tactic against Palin. It is not about this one comment, but about a PATTERN of behavior. This is the same as his associations with people of questionable character, such as Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, and Ayers. It is not about his association with any one of those people – that could easily be brushed off as guilt by association, but it is about a PATTERN of relationships with people who have openly said very negative things about the United States of America.

    The media wants us to believe that these things don’t mean anything, and I would agree if they were isolated incidents, but there is nothing isolated about his comments or his associations. NO one will take him to task over this.

    But the McCain campaign should be careful, because it seems the media is taking Obama’s side, as usual.

    The McCain campaign should have their excellent video people put together a video clip that has 1) all of Obama’s sexist comments towards Hillary, 2) all of Obamas AND Biden’s sexist comments towards Palin (can’t dress the record up with lipstick, lipstick on a pig, Palin being a step back for women).

    As for Biden’s comment about Palin being a step back for women, this PISSED me off. Remember when the Obama campaign made the same argument about Hillary and got Tim Kaine’s wife on the phone to say essentially that Obama is more of a man than Hillary, or when Craig Robinson said that Hillary would make him ashamed to be a woman.

    Enough is ENOUGH.

  116. Ms. Marple, @ 12:03 pm
    I hope someone in marketing gives us a lipstick shade called “Palin Pink”. Got my debit card ready for that.


  117. He’s sweating

  118. Obama may as well hang a sign off his skinny ass reading: “Right here guys!” The “fun” for the RNC and McCain campaign has just begun to warm up.

  119. Magdalena: We haven’t begun to see the bottom yet.

  120. Do you think that it is a coincidence that he is surrounded by women during his speech

  121. Mawm: Ah,no.

  122. The group is led by former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles and Mayor Bob Weinstein of Ketchikan, home to the infamous Bridge to Nowhere.

    Would that be the same former governor who she defeated for the job?

    Hmmm. I’m sure he’s reliable.

  123. Obama has a problem with Lipstick


  124. kc –

    Jeebus, I am mad. As my sister said (Lucy on this blog’s comments) ‘they have totally underestimated the grudge holding of Irish women.’

    I’m only have Irish, but I agree! I had some great aunts in Holyoke who were in a race to out-live one another out of spite. And they lived to be quite old. Great Aunt Nell won the contest.

  125. Those women are ridiculous. Now is the time to stand up and be counted and even, for political considerations, they do not agree, standing alongside of him only confirms that it is “okay” with them. Morons.

  126. He should be sweating !
    I’m sweating just thinking this a$$hat might be in the White House – as a resident. He doesn’t deserve it. He disdains and dismisses half the people he is “hoping” to work for. ..or Maybe he doesn’t realizing he is interviewing for a JOB when he is out there denegrating women.

    I have no intention of hiring him.
    No way, No how, Nobama

  127. Arabella: Holyoke is in my backyard!

  128. lisadawn, thank you. I’ve long thought he simply lacks the professionalism to hold any kind of real job. I would never hire the man to do anything, blue or white collar. His manners wouldn’t get him past the door of most firms I am familiar with.

    And this was the man who was supposedly going to change our image around the world.

    The USA: Bringing you underqualification every four years, like clockwork.

    Me: Bring back the Clintons. Please.

  129. How to dress for butt-kicking: Palin Pink lipstick and Puma-orange Pantsuit.

  130. Pat Johnson – My dad grew up in Indian Orchard, MA.

  131. In yesterday’s MN primary, the Democratic candidate for Senate, a TV celebrity who also wrote pornography for Playboy, lost 30% of the Dem voters to a last-minute female candidate with no experience, who challenged him on his “satire” and other issues.

    If this is happening in a swing state less than 2 months before the general election, watch out DNC.

  132. I’ve been reading at this site for a while. I always enjoy the comments, but more than that I appreciate the integrity with which they are thoughtfully typed out. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m to the right of center, but I do believe that Hillary Clinton got a raw deal. I was shocked that BO didn’t choose her, and to be quite frank, I think he sealed his loss with his choice of Biden…Biden who just yesterday told a man in a wheelchair to stand up.

    Having said that, I don’t think BO was directly referring to Sarah Palin with the lipstick comment. At least not at first — but I do think he realized it midway given his pause when the crowd began cheering, and he gleefully finished his jab. More than anything I think it was a case of the subconscious meets stupid and thoughtless; nevertheless, he will pay for it, and rightly so.

    A more massive meltdown couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

  133. Hello, supernova.

  134. Clarification: “the Democratic endorsed candidate for Senate.” The female challenger was also a Dem, but not endorsed by the party.

  135. supernova: explosive

    obama: dying star

  136. Magdalena, on September 10th, 2008 at 12:17 pm Said:
    supernova: explosive

    obama: dying star



  137. kc, feel free to steal my “investing in Lipstick futures” line. Have at it!

    I had to run out briefly for a family/staffing meeting with my handicapped daughter’s job-training program, so missed his response.

    I take it that the great and wondrous Barky put his nose in the air, drew himself up in disdainful umbrage, and decried the nasty state of politics again before he lectured us all that he never did what we keep seeing him do?

  138. Piper said BO had better play nice or he is going into time out!

  139. Whether he meant it or not it doesn’t matter. This is what was done to Bill Clinton re- the Fairytale comment or Hillary about the LBJ/MLK or RBK comments. How many times did they cry racism? Karma has finally caught up with Obama:smile:

  140. From No Quarter

    Comment by Firefly | 2008-09-10 11:18:48

    Fox just showed the NEW McCain ad – about obama dumping 30 lawyers into Alaska to dig up dirt and DESTROY Sarah Palin.

    The ad shows a pack of wolves (obama lawyers) prowling in the woods – powerful – and especially powerful if you remember the old republican prowling wolves ads (I hope I’m remembering this right) where the wolves were supposed to represent the threat of terrorism and how America couldn’t trust the democrats to protect her.

    They are not wasting time.

  141. Here’s Bo’s politics of hope:

    Hoping he can find some dirt on Sarah!

    Desperation is not pretty!

    This is not the Lipstick Ad!


  142. He is a Chauvist Pig!!!!! He thinks he’s a comedian or something. It won’t be so funny when he’s sent right back to his empty senate seat on November 5, wondering “what in hell do I do with myself now? be a Senator? How boring is that!”

  143. BO fell for it. Guess what doesn’t get discussed while Brack defends himself against charges of sexism? The economy. God, the DNC is filled with bumblers.

  144. He’s like a bad warm-up comic. He needs to retire his act. Who the heck wants to vote for that mess? He is so far off message, he’ll be lucky to not come in third behind McKinney. On second thought, keep it up, O. This could get really good.

  145. Barky is calling the lipstick piggy issue a “phony outrage.” I guess he should know all about that; he did it to Hillary all the time.

  146. I wonder how Nancy Pelosi feels right now. This woman did everything to make sure Obama “won”. Even at the convention she was still working.

  147. Thanks for the link, carol! See my post @ 12:25.

    Now that I’ve seen the ad, I can say the firefly gives an accurate description.

  148. Commenters on the trad media stories about Obama’s “explanation” of the lipstick comment aren’t buying it.

  149. Pelosi doesn’t care. She’s got hers and that is all that matters to her.

  150. Carol, on September 10th, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Good catch, Carol. Loved the footage of the pack of wolves while they were talking about Obama’s lawyers.

  151. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, thanks for the ideas. I will be writing my “VOTE” signs in lipstick!

  152. I take it that the great and wondrous Barky put his nose in the air, drew himself up in disdainful umbrage, and decried the nasty state of politics again before he lectured us all that he never did what we keep seeing him do?

    LOL! Perfect.

  153. McCain is playing him like a snare drum. It takes McCain’s people what seems like moments to get an ad out every time Obama does something stupid, and lately that seems to happen hourly.

    On another note and maybe OT, but I just got an email from a former friend and Obot about the NC poll showing Obama dropping 20 points in NC. Of course, he blamed it on r@cism. I am so sick and tired of hearing that crap. Is it not possible to just not like the guy? Do these people not realize that if he fails, and it is looking increasingly like he will fail, that this could bounce back in an ugly way. If it is believed that he only failed because of r@cism, that will set this country back years in r@ce relations, not to mention could start off Donna’s predictions, but for a different reason.

  154. How to dress for butt-kicking: Palin Pink lipstick and Puma-orange Pantsuit.

    Another good line. PUMAs are rockin this morning!

  155. supernova-Who is this Biden you refer to? ; )

  156. I keep watching that ad. It is so great. At about 25 seconds there is a frame with Obama photo and the words “As he drops in the polls” and the words slide down to the bottom of the screen.

  157. I’m sure Pelosi and the rest are still in their bubble going “LaLaLaLaLa-We can’t hear you”.

  158. Yowza. That McCain ad about the lawyers is intense. I think these are the best political ads I’ve ever seen. They are modern, concise and brutal.

    Poor Bambi. Time to go back to your Rezko-funded mansion.

  159. Democrats.org (official DNC blog) had a blog on August 30th, comparing Palin to a pig, complete with insulting photo. Tell me again how it was not meant toward Palin? This was an “inside joke” since at LEAST the 30th.


  160. lyn5

    His problem is that half the people in his own party don’t believe him. What comes around goes around. Personally, after smears of racism, I find it entertaining to see him defending himself against charges of sexism. I guess if people who didn’t vote for him in the primary don’t get the benefit, then it seems fair that he shouldn’t either.

    Way to go team DNC you’ve just set real racism and sexism charges back with this kabuki theater that you and the GOP insist upon. Know what could have avoided this? If you had placed Hillary on the ticket as VP. D’oh.

  161. I think the best thing about McCain’s ads is that they aren’t traditional “attack ads.” They aren’t really attacking BO’s character, etc. — more his policies, the views (such as those about women) that would directly affect his decisions. Honestly, I think that’s one reason they’re so effective.

    Joan, I think Biden is scared to death of Palin. LOL. I honestly hope she rattles him during the Oct. debates (and believe she will), because when she does his true misogyny will shine like a beacon in the night to the as yet unreached indie voters.

  162. Kim Roland Martin is calling everyone who doesn’t support Obama a racist on CNN.

    I can’t remember his name, but he made it clear that he is going all around the Rust Belt state looking his white union brothers and sisters in the eye and essentially shaming them into supporting Sen. Barack Obama for president.

    No, he’s not saying vote for the black man for president because he’s black.

    He said he’s telling them that it’s shameful that as Democrats, they agree with him on various political issues, but because of his skin color, they are refusing to cast ballots for him.

    “We have gone to our black brothers and sisters for years to support our [white] candidates, and it’s wrong for us to stand here and not support one of their own, even though we’re Democrats,” he barked.

    There is nothing more in-your-face than to hear someone speak truthfully to the inherent racism that is at play in this election.

    this sounds an awful lot like that mango diary on Kos, they’re trying to convince us that the only reason we SHOULD vote for him is because he’s black, and if we don’t we’re racist. well, roland, as carol said so aptly


  163. he knew exactly what he was saying.

    When my sister heard his comments she said that the fish comment was worse because it is a centuries old comment referring to women in a sexually derogatory way. Took me awhile to get that one, but she explained it and she may be right. Either that or referring to McCain as old was on purpose. Obama just can’t stand not being the center of attention–upstaged by Palin. Well, he’s definitely the center now!

  164. I just had a thought: I wish Hillary had McCain’s campaign staff. I don’t know if it would have worked because of the DNC backlash anyway, but I like the thought of this kind of counterattack for all the blows she took.

  165. Joan, I think Biden is scared to death of Palin. LOL. I honestly hope she rattles him during the Oct. debates

    I watched a lengthy CSPAN interview with Palin in February and she is really good. Very detailed, calm & relaxed, genuine, and knowledgeable. She is able to think and answer spontaneously on a wide variety of topics. She will do just fine. Biden should be worried.

  166. supernova: I’m not sure I agree about the ads. I think they actually focus on his weak character, and issues of trust. They are also original–not the traditional, boring political ads: He said this, I said that. The imagery and even the unexpected tinkling, innocent music they often use is disarming and effective.

  167. Gary, I think I remember seeing that on a previous blog. Do they not realize that blaming his loss on racism could be a very dangerous ploy, that could backfire in a huge way? Are they thinking that we will be shamed into voting for a candidate whose only experience is in running for office?

  168. Did he also, do the finger again. Look at the video carefully. Obama is sooooo cool.

  169. fif-I read that Palin’s debate strategy should be to cede all her time to him. Just let him bury himself.
    I’ve never seen less excitement and interest in a VP candidate. He is the forgotten man.

  170. I think Biden is intentionally laying low. He doesn’t want his own career to crash and burn alongside Obama’s. 🙂

  171. Gary-I know you’ll want to tune in to Roland’s election special this Saturday on CNN. So much for “no bias, no bull”.

  172. Oh, man, McCain is good and that is a fucking great ad. He is so pathetic.

  173. ..must say that one thing that is worrisome is O’s meeting with Bill. What is Bill going to advise other than seppuku? Doesn’t O have enough advisors as it is?

  174. yeah, Roland, what Carol & Gary said.
    twitching little toad-why does he still have a job?
    He sprays other panelists with saliva, for christ’s sake.

  175. There have been qualified AA candidates before — supremely qualified ones. Unfortunately, they all were handicapped by their lack of penises.

  176. Good stuff on this topic from Uppity:

    lipstick on pig was both scripted and plagiarised-and definitely not an aside…

  177. “Gary”
    Roland was the “plant” after NH to put forth the; “Bradley”
    effect thing. I wish someone could connect him to Obama.
    They all just think we’re stupid!

  178. Something just occurred to me — the elephant in the middle of the room on this campaign has been, for MONTHS, Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn America.”

    What day is tomorrow?

    I had originalyl concluded to myself that McCain wouldn’t pick a woman VP because it would be “too obvious,” and I was wrong.

    Would it also be “too obvious” to run an ad using the Wright footage tomorrow?

    It may be one of the strangest quirks of fate that the anniversary of that day falls, frmo now on, smack dab in the middle of presidential general election campaigns …

  179. FROM AUG. 30…It was DEFINATELY Obamobot code

    Proof positive that what you can get away with in a primary will not be allowed in a GE. This pretty much makes it clear that Obama was talking in code to his supporters.


    ELECTION 2008
    Official Democrat website: Palin pick ‘lipstick on a pig’
    Posting with photograph of dolled-up swine made before Obama’s controversial remarks

    Posted: September 10, 2008
    10:24 am Eastern

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2008 WorldNetDaily

    Image posted on Democratic National Committee website

    The official website of the Democratic Party has a blog posting entitled, “McCain’s Selection of Palin is Lipstick on a Pig,” illustrated by an altered photograph of a pig with makeup, designer glasses and pearls.

    “Palin is a red herring, lipstick on the Republican pig to distract Americans from the real issue that under the leadership of the Republicans the last 8 years, our country is falling apart,” writes the blogger, Elizabeth Berry, a self-described 49-year-old “progressive” from Texas.

    The posting was published 11 days ago, well before Sen. Barack Obama drew sharp criticism yesterday when he jabbed at Palin and Sen. John McCain’s idea of “change” by stating, ‘You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.'”

    Obama was speaking at a campaign event in Virginia.


  181. I am enjoying the tables being turned–even if it is unfair. The Obamabots were so quick to cry “racism” during the primary–I wonder why they haven’t gone there with McCain? Maybe because Obama was competing with Hillary for the AA vote and now they figure their plaintive cries of “racism” would do more harm than good. It was a poisonous, horrible weapon to use falsely against a fellow Democrat and that’s all it was–a weapon.

  182. wow, Janis.

    The Mac camp is sure to run some sort of ad-will they go that far?
    I wonder what the response would be.

  183. fif, on September 10th, 2008 at 12:52 pm Said:
    supernova: I’m not sure I agree about the ads. I think they actually focus on his weak character, and issues of trust. They are also original–not the traditional, boring political ads: He said this, I said that. The imagery and even the unexpected tinkling, innocent music they often use is disarming and effective.

    I guess I’m thinking about his trope of change — if you expose the cracks from the foundation up, with sexism at his base (not picking Hillary, picking on Palin), then I think it relevant to more than his character and weaknesses. In that way, his change is from its very base, simply more of the same — it highlights his sexism and McCain’s progressivism in one fell swoop, IIMHO.

  184. Kittens… oh, he’s tried… over and over again

  185. Damn it, this election is just infuriating. I wanted to vote for a woman or an AA, anything, but the tired old windbags we have previously had. BO excited me with that speech so long ago, and Hillary, her brilliance and knowledge are inspring in and of themselves. This election was going to be different and we would win. The troops would come home, we would get healthcare, we would start working on the environment AND LOOK AT US NOW!

    This is not Barky’s fault, they gave it to him. Here, you wanna be President, we will take care of it and you can rule the free world. Like candy to a baby. The DNC did this and I cannot believe it has come to this.

    (shaking my head in dismay)

  186. Re: 9/11

    I think McCain is waiting for Obama to fumble tomorrow and then release the Ayres etc. ads.

    Say Obama makes an “off the cuff” remark about Sarah’s son being deployed to Iraq tomorrow. “A political stunt …”

    Soon as Obama makes the first gaffe tomorrow –

  187. RealKim

    so you think the “broker” who accepts stolen goods isn’t liable?

    Believe me, Barry mapped out the details of the heist with Brazile and HD… his campaign also executed their part via caucus fraud and the DNC via their talking heads and a corrupted RBC sealed the deal

    Barry was an inept candidate at best. If there was anybody trying to sell a pig with lipstick… it was HD, Braile, Pelosi and George Soros

    it cost us the WH. There needs to be a house cleaning in the Democratic Party starting Nov 5th

  188. A shoe in….to the DNC….is getting your ass kicked. And a shoe is left behind.

  189. McCain is cleverly using Obama’s attacks on Sarah against him. He’s softening him up so that he’ll go over the edge on 9/11.

    Then it’s full bore attack ads on Obama’s terrorist connections.

    Timing is all.

  190. State:

    Look at one of the comments on the You Tube video of Joe telling the guy in the wheelchair to stand up:

    This is a total Michael Scott moment. Joe really should get a guest spot on the Office for this one.


  191. No shoe left behind.

  192. 2012 : Will it be the mother-of-all historical moments…?

    Will it really be 2 women (Clinton and Palin) who will be the main contenders???


  193. Behind ????

  194. carpetride, I sure hope so. I want it like I want nothing else in the world. I want it like I want oxygen.

  195. “He said Mrs Palin was ‘interesting’, drawing boos at mention of her name. Perhaps realising the risk in attacking her, he said: “Look, she’s new, she hasn’t been on the scene, she’s got five kids. And my hat goes off to anybody whose looking after five. I’ve got two and they tire Michelle and me out.” Taken from Daily Mail in UK.

    If he’s so tired raising two kids, how are he and Michelle going to handle running the country? BUT, I’d like to point out that a) Obama is running against McCain; and more importantly, b) Two of Sarah’s kids are grown-ups (nearly) – one is going to Iraq, the other is pregnant and getting married. So, that’s down to 3 kids that she and Todd have to handle at home. Not five such as homework, friends, taking to sports events, and the other multitude of things to do.

  196. Obama also, did his cute, finger trick, again. Check out the video.

  197. I’m so glad the McCain camp is calling him out on this because if he gets away with this he’ll do it again and again and again until it is accepted by the mainstream media and the Obamabots like it was with Hillary Clinton. The Democrats didn’t have the balls to call out Obama for his sexism against Hillary Clinton. No one was there to stand up for her (besides us) and Obama got away with it again and again and again. He needs to be punished and he needs to be taught how to effectively and respectfully go after an opponent without using smears and underlying sexism. But then again he knows nothing about the actual issues so this is what he knows how to do best.

  198. I don’t want them to run an ad like that tomorrow. I generally try to just clear my mind on 9/11 and not think about it, just spare a thought for everyone who died.

    I just don’t know — it seems so obvious, and so CRASS. And Americans are really hypersensitive to crassness when it comes to 9/11.

    I think McCain will probably run a very positive, uplifting sort of ad, actually. But it’ll leave the door open for Obama to make some snarky comment, and then McCain’s proxies can do the talk news show circuit flogging the hell out of Wright and Ayers.

  199. i saw on the daily kos they took a poll about the ‘lipstick kerfluffle’ (their words)….3/4 of the votes say what bambi said ‘is a perfectly fine for him to have said’….

    wow. and i live on the same planet with these folks….

  200. And Todd stepped up and said he’d do the childrearing while his wife was working as VP. I wonder how many of my self-described “progressive,” “feminist” female friends on the husband-hunt are dying with jealousy over that one?

    We say over and over that it’s important for men to take a hand in raising their kids, and here a Republican man is the one to step up and do it.

  201. here we go again….Rep. Cohen compares Obama to Jesus, Palin to Pilate

    Speaking on the House floor, Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen sought to defend recent attacks over Obama’s stint as a community organizer by picking up a recent blogger refrain, that “Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus.”…

    But what does Rep. Cohen feel about having gubernatorial experience on the resume, as Sarah Palin does?

    “Pontius Pilate was a governor,” Cohen said

    I don’t get this one, are they trying to say Palin wants to kill Obama??? and isn’t Rep. Cohen Jewish? that’ just makes it even weirder….

  202. To have asshole Jeremiah Wright screaming on 9/11 might be a bit much for most folks, myself included.

    Can’t imagine the Mac camp will just let it slide though.
    I’m betting the Wright ad runs on 9/12!

  203. Janis – I agree with you. I lost co-workers and friends that day. Two of my co-workers were in one of the planes.

    As I said earlier, the weather in Metro NY today is exactly as it was on the day of the attacks.

    My husband had a job in the city today. Before he left he looked out the window and said “I’ll never look at a September like this in the same way.”

  204. New post up!!!

  205. catarina – Yeah, they’ll wait til later in the week. My point is, they have Obama whipped up into a frenzy. Obama is just setting himself up to be attacked.

    Obama is tired as it is. If he makes any misstep – any – at all tomorrow, he is finished as a candidate. With or without attack ads.

  206. Janis @ 1:33, yep. Todd Palin is walking the walk that half these liberal latte-boys are too good to do. Good on him.


    I just spoke with McCains Press office and gave the guy the link…I am probably one of many.

    It riles me to think that he’s lied yet again to the people, and that this was available for his use since 8/30.

  208. Arabella
    re: Obama finished tomorrow
    please be right!!
    I have important things to do, like start my Todd Palin fan club page

  209. “Will it really be 2 women (Clinton and Palin) who will be the main contenders???”

    If I had to put money on it today, that’s where it’d be.

    And if they’re the two best candidates, rock on.

  210. Nah, God, we bitter old lipstick-wearing hags plan to hang around to watch the most unqualified candidate of our lifetime implode from here to November.

    We have popcorn, and are planning a big slumber party with s’mores. Only the wimminz and the really cool guys are invited, no cheeto addicts like yourself.

  211. Linda, on September 10th, 2008 at 1:11 pm Said:
    FROM AUG. 30…It was DEFINATELY Obamobot code

    Proof positive that what you can get away with in a primary will not be allowed in a GE. This pretty much makes it clear that Obama was talking in code to his supporters.



    Ah, okay, THIS was the photo I saw posted on Democratic Underground (for those of you who don’t know the site, they make DK look classy). Complete with the pearls. Pearls. Get it? Pearls before swine? Ha! Ha! Ha! What clever wags!

    I also heard BBC do an astonishingly biased spot on this. Just a press release from BO, that kind of thing. I was actually a bit taken aback by how blatant it was. We got it. BBC wants BO as American president. We got it!

  212. vahana, get some new talking points, most of those are really stale, and have already been discussed.

    Shoo, bot. Run along to the cheeto blog and peddle your hopium there. Your candidate’s pants are down around his ankles, and he does not look good nekkid.

  213. At least he’s young and virile…

  214. Yeah, but he already shot his wad on all the Clinton-hate, and has NUTHIN’ to bring to Palin. Poor baby.

  215. I haven’t read all comments, do I don’t know if anybody has already said this,
    The YouTube link is no longer available.
    (of course we have all seen it, just if You want to update this)

  216. In all your time on YouTube have you not seen both McCain and Thompson use the EXACT same phrase about Hillary?

  217. @confused
    But they didn’t say it after Gouvenor Palin made her Hockey mom remark.
    The connection was obvious.
    btw. we don’t argue with trolls. Have to celebrate the latest polls.

  218. Hi all.
    I received the following from Philip J Berg last night:

    “Hi Mr. Wells,

    If Senator Obama is unable to prove his citizenship, which we feel he is unable to do, he will not be able to serve as president. In a case such as this, if this is learned before the presidential election, then according to the National Chairperson of the Democratic National Committe will confer with the Democratic leadership of the United States Congress and the Democratic Governors Association, whom will report to the Democratic National Committee which is authorized to fill the vacancy, the names of the candidate picks.

    If Senator Obama were to be elected as President, he would be removed and the Vice President would take the President’s position.

    If Senator Obama is indicted prior to taking his oath, I believe, and of course this would be a first, but I believe it would still go to Biden.

    Just to update you a bit, I just filed a Motion for Expedited Discovery, Extensive Discovery, Deposition of Senator Obama and Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC. This may get things moving a bit.

    In addition, Senator Obama and the DNC must have their Answer to the complaint filed by September 24, 2008. The FEC has until October 21, 2008.

    Make sure to check for updates on our website at obamacrimes.com“

    I have another post with an explanation from Jeff Schreiber

  219. If Joe Biden becomes Pres. or candidate by default I think I’m moving to another country. Having him in charge is like putting a monkey in the operating room to do brain surgery. Bad enough Obama is even a possibility but this is more than we should have to take.

  220. Obama meant what he said, he even wiped his forehead with his hand, in doing so was saying to himself well here I go! If the American people vote him in as president they are stupid! The blacks should know that if Obama wins it will set civil rights back 50 or 60 years!

  221. Exactly. That “forehead” move was a dead giveaway. He knew what he was doing. It just turned out to be bad judgment. Shouldn’t be a surprise…

  222. oh and this guy has an interesting thought:http://leftonlanier.wordpress.com/2008/09/10/what-if/

    “What if he’d said – I wasn’t referring to Governor Palin, but she has described herself as a pitbull. The whole McCain campaign is acting very delicate when it comes to their VP nominee. She can’t be a pitbull, and also be so easily offended by an imaginary slight. I don’t think the American People should place their trust into a Republican ticket that is so easily misled into believing an insult that wasn’t delivered, and so easily offended by that imaginary insult.”

  223. barry is supposed to be going to spend the day with bill to get advice on what he should do about his mess. maybe he will get down on his knees and apologize for saying he used the race card on him.

  224. i agree, the put lipstick on a pig comment combined with “wrap an OLD fish in paper and call it change but it still STINKS or something like that – it is either inferring the fish is the barracuda or using the word old to demean mccain either way, i clearly understood it was an insult to palin and maybe palin/mccain.

    then the commentators bending over backwards to make excuses for him, that he would never intentionally insult someone. they obviously don’t know him very well.

    His audience clearly understood what he was saying and then the tip off was that he paused midway through it to get the greatest laughter and applause. when he did that, he obviously showed his intent. If millions of people understood it as an insult, he must be an idiot himself not to know it. Either way he is a MORON.

    I saw some women on fox news today saying they are starting a BOYCOTT OPRAH CAMPAIGN. I am happy to see that is finally happening and i want to encourage everyone to support it. Now that is out there, the will announce how effective it is and we can see our strength.

  225. Now here’s Sarah Palin HERSELF talking about CLINTON stating Clinton getting upset over sexist, harsh media coverage is a WHINE. So Clinton is a whiner, but it’s ok if the McCain Campaign hides Palin away til the media apologizes?? Are you paying attention at all??

  226. PetraPuma – if that’s what you really think then break down the comment he made in the context he put it in. It would make Sarah Palin the lipstick and McCain and his policies the pig. Just as she said the only diff between a hockey mom and a pitbull is lipstick. Get it?

  227. Petra Puma – or Sarah Palin is the fresh coat of lipstick on the tired, awful, policies of the Bush administration (i.e. the pig). The policies that are wrecking our economy, trashing our judicial system and sending our sons/daughters/brothers/sisters off to die in a senseless war. McCain is more of the same – even if he brings in Palin – he will do nothing to change what the Bush Admin has already done to this country.

  228. John McCain said earlier this year in regards to Senator Clinton’s healthcare policy, “There are many things that concern me about [her healthcare policy]. I think they put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.” Dick Cheney used the same expression in a speech referring to John Kerry. This is not a sexist phrase towards Palin, it’s just an old expression used commonly by politicians.

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