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Blogosphere 1.0 in Full Panic Mode

Ever since McCain announced Sarah Palin as his pick for Vice President, the Obama bloggers have been screeching, tearing their hair, and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Harry Reid called Palin “shrill.” If thinks her speech was shrill, what would he make of the goings on at The Daily Cheeto, TPM, and MyDD?

Suddenly, the Obamacans are waking up to the stark reality that they have nominated an unelectable candidate. He might have had a chance, but he was either too stupid or too arrogant to nominate Hillary Clinton as his Vice President. With her on the ticket, he probably would have won the election handily; but instead he chose gaffe-o-matic blabbermouth Joe Biden. Biden, who couldn’t even win the primary in his tiny home state of Delaware.

Over at TPM, that guy who kidnapped Josh Marshall writes (under the heading “Primal Scream):

The TPM email bag this morning is chock of emails saying, in so many words, is it time to panic? I’m actually not taking much summary license here. Most of the emails I’m talking about actually ends with some form of that sentence.

Marshall dismisses the latest USA Today/Gallup Poll as an “outlier” (keep telling yourself that, Josh), but he’s still nervous about the Obama campaign’s apparent inability to fight back effectively:

I continue to see a campaign in which the McCain camp has a consistent and aggressive message. They’re constantly on the attack and largely defining the debate. The Obama campaign is largely reactive, parrying the attacks — sometimes rapid response, sometimes slower response, but defined largely by response….what I see is a campaign that is for some reason either unwilling or unable to take the initiative in the national messaging war. It’s all reactive. And, yeah, that worries me.

At the Daily Cheeto, a new purge is taking place. Anyone who doubts the messiah must be ostracized or pushed off the site. These people are no better than pumas, according Al Giordano (“The Field”) gives the many weak kneed Obama-doubters a piece of his mind (I won’t provide a link, but the diary is still on the rec list).

To the Chicken Littles – those attention-seeking armchairmen, wanna-be campaign managers, and increasingly boring sub-group of Johnny-and-Janey-One-Notes that have begun to join the PUMAs in this year’s absurdity index – I’m hereby officially filing for divorce…

No more holding your hands and wiping your tears. From here to November 4, any more response I have to you will be, if at all, to counter and mock you for your sabotage of the best shot to win the White House so far in this century.

You’ve become an embarrassment to our side, the loose lips that sink ships, the willful spreaders of panic and despair, mere props and morale boosters for the real enemies that have been winding you up…

Later on, he really lets them have it–warning that they will be on the outside looking in if they don’t STFU about their doubts and fears.

…at this point, if you’re among those that can’t get your shit together, have no sense of message discipline, or just want your misery to have company, consider yourself quarantined.

You won’t get a word in edgewise on my Internet home, and as a member of this community if I bother with you at all I’ll be mocking and countering your self-indulgent bullshit here as often as I want along with many, many others who, in recent days, seem, like me, ready to part company with, marginalize and isolate the weak links in this chain.

Feel lonely in your panic now? Keep it up. You don’t know yet how much more lonely you could make yourselves still… as lonely as a PUMA.

Oooooh! Al’s a real tough guy!

Al also provides some interesting information for anyone who would like to be clued in to the latest Obama talking points and messages to the media:

The Obama campaign sends out an average of 10 to 20 email attacks and counterattacks a day to every reporter in the country (if you’re not on the Obama campaign “daily reporters” email list, write to Hari Sevugan hsevugan@barackobama.com or Bill Burton bburton@barackobama.com or Tommy Veitor tveitor@barackobama.com or Nick Shapiro nshapiro@barackobama.com and sign yourself up).

Gee Al, don’t you know that loose lips sink ships?

At Open Left, Chris Bowers is worried because Obama is running well behind Congressional Democratic candidates, while past Democratic presidential nominees outperformed downticket candidates. In addition, Obama is performing well below the generic Democratic candidate versus generic Republican.

Sorry, Chris, but we did try to warn you.

Oh, and it looks like Mommy Hillary isn’t going to come to the rescue either. At The New Republic, Howard Wolfson writes that Hillary is not going to attack Sarah Palin, as the Obamabots are screaming for her to do:

It’s not in Hillary Clinton’s interest, and its certainly not in the interest of Barack Obama and the Democratic party.

You may not remember, but Hillary Clinton is at her best staying positive and contrasting with her opponents on issues. She has already been stumping for Senator Obama leading up to the convention and will be stumping for him as much as Senator Obama wants her to between now and the election.

Secondly, and most importantly, Democrats are running against John McCain, not Sarah Palin. Running against Gov. Palin instead of Senator McCain would be a mistake — ultimately voters will make their assessments based on the strength and weaknesses of the top of the tickets. If anything, Democrats should be talking about McCain-Bush, not McCain-Palin. Every day we are focused on Palin is a day we are not amplifying the Obama campaign’s message that Senator McCain simply represents four more years of President Bush.

Pay attention Barack. You are running for *President* against John McCain, not VP against Sarah Palin. I know you just love beating up on women, but your obsession with Palin is starting to make you look pretty ridiculous. Hillary isn’t going to rescue you. You’re going to have to win this one all by yourself. This is what you wanted, remember? You eliminated all the competition from fellow Democrats. But you aren’t going to be able to drive McCain and Palin out of the race. This time you’re actually going to have to win a contested election, and you’ll have to do it without the pumas. Good luck with that.

This is an open thread.

183 Responses

  1. Cheetos were among my favorite snacks before they got associated with a certain execrable blog.

  2. Bostonboomer, I am so glad you wrote this!!! they are losing their minds

    Gee Al, don’t you know that loose lips sink ships?


  3. BB, now you know why I love you.

  4. “You’ve become an embarrassment to our side”


  5. the ny times has an article out now too that says the money’s not rolling in like they said it would:

    Pushing a fund-raiser later this month, a finance staff member sent a sharply worded note last week to Illinois members of its national finance committee, calling their recent efforts “extremely anemic.”

    At a convention-week meeting in Denver of the campaign’s top fund-raisers, buttons with the image of a money tree were distributed to those who had already contributed the maximum $2,300 to the general election, a subtle reminder to those who had failed to ante up.

    The signs of concern have become evident in recent weeks as early fund-raising totals have suggested that Mr. Obama’s decision to bypass public financing may not necessarily afford him the commanding financing advantage over Senator John McCain that many had originally predicted.

    I’m sure that doesn’t help the PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. UpstateNY,

    I love you too.

  7. I like this…

    ….If Obama had done the smart thing; he would have picked Sen. Hillary Clinton for vice president. If he had, he would have united his party for sure and energized his base.
    He just couldn’t do it and maybe thought he didn’t need to do it. He was wrong. …..

    By Ed Rollins
    CNN Contributor

    Yes indeed more bad judgment from Obama on who he surrounds himself with

  8. Gary,

    I hadn’t seen that yet. I’m not surprised though. It’s got to be hard to work up enthusiasm for giving big bucks to a candidate who looks like a deer in the headlights. That’s what they used to say about Dan Quayle, isn’t it?

  9. bboomer, who is Al Giordano? is he some bigwig over at the cheetoh?

  10. Here’s anothe paragraph from Chris Bowers’ post:

    Now, I know that pointing out anything wrong with the Obama campaign means that I am a panicking chicken little who needs to be quarantined from the level headed political professionals, but it is hard to see these numbers and not think that there is something very wrong in the presidential campaign. Democratic presidential nominees have outperformed Democratic congressional candidates for the past four electoral cycles. Usually, they are less than 1% ahead, but this time around we are nowhere near that result

  11. Gary,

    I don’t know much about him, but BTD writes about him a lot. He has a blog called The Field, and I guess he’s a major league Obama cult member.

  12. I wonder how many people are aware of the convention fraud?

    A Republican
    friend of mine tuned in just to see what was happening with Hillary. She picked
    up that someone was really, really wrong with the roll call.

  13. I really get fed up with the trashing of Biden, probably the most qualified person in the country after Al Gore to be president. if the original poster really believes Hillary Clinton could save that ticket, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell him or her.

    The problem is Obama. Obama NEVER had a chance, understand? That is why the media, the GOP, and corporate America wanted him. It was manipulation of the voting public on a grand scale.

  14. Charles,

    In all the diaries at the Cheeto, the recommendations are to attack McCain and Palin. No one ever suggests that Obama should reach out to voters positively and tell them why he wants their votes or what he will do for them.

  15. I disagree susannunes, I think Hillary would have sealed the deal.

  16. Amazing thread at TL about the new numbers. Commenters are actually saying it like it is.

  17. The problem isn’t whether Joe Biden is a good man. It’s weather he’s electable. He isn’t and he never was.

  18. Susan,

    I would be willing to vote for Biden as a presidential candidate, but he couldn’t get any votes in the primaries. He couldn’t even win his home state. So I don’t see him adding much to the ticket. Hillary would bring several states with her. She could probably carry Arkansas, West Va., maybe KY and TN. She would definitely bring FL, PA, and maybe OH.

  19. BBoomer, excellent post and thank you for this. It is great to see the “deck chairs getting rearranged.”

  20. Who was it who indicated it was Michelle’s dislike of the Clintons that stopped
    Obama from asking HIllary? I guess she didn’t want to share any of the attention. She told her New Yorker profile that she’d like to “scratch his [Bill Clinton’s] eyes out….Just kidding!”

    Now if the selected Democratic nominee doesn’t win big time in a year when
    any Dem should win handily, heads will roll, as they used to say kingdoms by the sea.

    What should really be of concern is that the inconvenient facts of Obama’s past
    haven’t been featured to the larger American public. I swear that Obama looks
    frightened. He is way out of his league.

  21. Giordano.. AFAIK is an old hand, field organizer, worked very hard for Kerry in 04 (and caught a lot of flak from the hugely pro-Dean blogosphere at the time) – his predictions for much of what would happen in the 04 primaries were quite accurate. So.. he’s a professional and seems to take the view that the raison d’etre of the Cheeto site is to elect Obama, point. And that’s why he orders them around like he does. He doesn’t treat it as the place for a free exchange of ideas and probably considers a lot of the chatter there a waste of time, which again.. well, that’s quite accurate isn’t it?

  22. JohninCA, on September 8th, 2008 at 11:47 pm Said:
    Cheetos were among my favorite snacks before they got associated with a certain execrable blog.

    Carmen says that Cheesy Poofs are the next best thing.

  23. I wonder if there will be a deluge of pissed off under-the-bus chicken littles descending upon this site?

  24. Juan Cole of the Salon says: Sept. 9, 2008 “John McCain announced that he was running for president to confront the “transcendent challenge” of the 21st century, “radical Islamic extremism,” contrasting it with “stability, tolerance and democracy.” But the values of his handpicked running mate, Sarah Palin, more resemble those of Muslim fundamentalists than they do those of the Founding Fathers. On censorship, the teaching of creationism in schools, reproductive rights, attributing government policy to God’s will and climate change, Palin agrees with Hamas and Saudi Arabia rather than supporting tolerance and democratic precepts. What is the difference between Palin and a Muslim fundamentalist? Lipstick. ”

    They just keep getting worse with their dumping on Sarah…

  25. Check out this panicky post at Huffpo:

    We’re Gonna Frickin’ Lose this Thing.


  26. In other words I don’t agree with Giordano but to hazard a guess about his perspective – he wants to win the election and he has a job to do. He’s not just a blog bloviator. AFAIK he also was key in launching the Narco News site/Narcosphere, about the drug war in Latin America.


    Anyway that’s what I know.

  27. ugsome: I am loving that TL thread. Today, they’re saying OB should have picked Hillary as his running mate. Next month they’ll be saying we should have picked Hillary as our nominee.


  28. ericka, they have gone insane. Completely nucking futs.

  29. If Biden had been electable then he would have done better in the primaries. He didn’t. Only one person did really well in the primaries, and the DNC decided that we couldn’t have her.

    Can we have Hillary back, now?

    Hillary spoke just up the road tonight, and the local news coverage showed that she kept her word and didn’t get into Palin at all, even with heckling from male members of the audience. When the media asked about Palin’s ability to be VP, she side-stepped it and replied that it was a good thing, and about time that the Reps. had put a woman on the ticket.

    I have to think that, underneath it all, she is enjoying this more than a little.

  30. the best shot to win the White House so far in this century

    Mother o’ God, these people really believe this sh!t. I woudl ask what they’ve been drinking, but we already know.

    Looking forward to popping myself one big old VAT of popcorn on the evening of November 4. My only question is whether I’ll be able to get through even a single bowl before it’s all over.

    If you feel like it, stop by and visit my new blog,/a>.

  31. This DK diary, “White People, Can We Talk?” is also quite astonishing.

    Ironic that the same thing can be said of women. And once again women are asked to be good girls, give up time, money and votes for someone else, and wait their eventual turn.

    I also add that convincing large numbers of people that only r%cists stand between Obama and the White House, and insulting other segments of the population with this assertion, is going to have very ugly social consequences. They are playing with fire.

    I find this equally reprehensible:

    “Let us swing the door ajar and invite the elephant into the room. One big reason Barack Obama is locked in a tight race, rather than easily outdistancing his opponent, is because he is black.

    That factor [r@ce] is rarely discussed in polite political conversation. People tend to dance around it, talking instead about Obama’s perceived inexperience, or his youth, or his perceived airs, or his liberal voting record. And r%cist sentiment rarely shows up in the polls, because a lot of people don’t want to share their baser instincts with the pollsters; they’ll save that instead for the privacy of the voting booth.”


    This article flat-out states that those with legitimate qualms about Senator Obama are closet racists. That is utterly irresponsible.

  32. Mother, governor, moose shooter

    Jeez, he is such a dick.

  33. Whether is “if” not as is in a cloudy day.

  34. Charles,

    This is interesting from the NYT story:

    David Plouffe, the Obama campaign manager, said the majority of the Obama campaign’s donors during the primary had yet to write checks for the general election. When they do, he said, it will be the equivalent of the large injection of cash the McCain campaign is receiving from the government — about $70 million or $80 million.

    Seems as if some of the primary donors are holding back. Hmmmm…..

  35. What is the difference between Palin and a Muslim fundamentalist? Lipstick.

    OLD STRATEGY. Attack her by all means fair or foul.

    NEW STRATEGY. Borrow from her one-liners…

  36. If McCain wins the GE, I think he will offer a cabinet position to Hillary.

  37. 61 and his koolaid crowd are seething that Hill is not bashing Sarah.

  38. There was at least one blog that suggested that it was time that Obama dumped Biden and replaced him with Hillary.

    I’ve been wondering if they’d try a desperation move of that sort myself.

  39. No surprise, is it, that the thread on TL is BTD’s. As for the panicky FluffBO eruption, it does my heart good.

  40. hey susan, biden is a hothead with a hard on for the credit card companies. So is obama. biden is no more qualified than any other marginally functional money grubber to be president. his moral center is questionable to put it mildly.

  41. “White People, Can We Talk?”

    Yes, what blogosphere 1.0 really needs is a place for white people to talk!

  42. Can we dump Obama and run Hillary?

  43. Charles,

    I read your post. If Obama’s fundraising dries up, he’s going to be in big trouble, since he told donors not to give to organizations like Move on, and the DNC isn’t raising much. Murphy’s prediction that he will be dead by the end of September may prove to be very precient.

  44. Fine, I’ll go check TL.

  45. “Please people, have another drink of koolaid while you fill out your checks to me, the One. And, uh, um, make them out to cash, just in case…”

  46. Frickin-A, bostonboomer! That was righteous. It seems a bunch of us are feeling a little quickening today. I posted a late night rant too. I also joined a new feminist group called The New Agenda (http://thenewagenda.net/). As hard as this year has been, I’ve some hope, at last. And movement.

  47. OK, I get what the diarist is saying with that post. I hear some of what she’s saying but I find it infuriating that some folks continue to assume that the real reason anyone could have for not voting Obama is rac!sm. If that is your basic underlying premise convincing undecideds is going to be very, very tough.

  48. #
    susannunes, on September 8th, 2008 at 11:57 pm Said:

    I really get fed up with the trashing of Biden, probably the most qualified person in the country after Al Gore to be president. if the original poster really believes Hillary Clinton could save that ticket, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell him or her.

    The problem is Obama. Obama NEVER had a chance, understand? That is why the media, the GOP, and corporate America wanted him. It was manipulation of the voting public on a grand scale.
    Susannunes – you’ve got a good point about Obama, but as far as Biden vs. Hillary, I don’t think so. Is that bridge you have to sell, the one called Bridge to Nowhere – the one that Biden voted for?

  49. The comments on Crooks and Liars over Obama’s interview with Keith – a pleasure to behold. “He needs to spit it out”. ‘He’s bringing a wet noodle to a knife fight”. “Why can’t he just say the word liar.”

    And they seem to have just realized the guy can’t answer a question without stammering and uhhing and you knowing. Olbermann should have him on every night .

  50. Jmac,

    they are just now realizing this?!?! lol!~

  51. Uh oh. New story on per diems being taken by the Palin family:


    I’m sure the Bots will think this is going to give Barky an opportunity. But I don’t actually think it’s serious enough to warrant the breathless tone happening on WashPost, personally.

  52. The Big Zero is using snide comments in describing Palin as ‘an up and comer’ and ‘moose shooter’. That arrogant tone sound familiar?

    I never thought I’d live to see the day that ‘progressives’ would so diss a professional woman (then again, they haven’t exactly been kind to Condi Rice either).

  53. How can anyone say a PUMA is lonely…I”m feeling I”m a part of quite a crowd!

    Great article!

  54. “I learned long ago that one thing that one can not do in the US is to disparage hunters and the tradition of hunting. Big big big mistake.”

    Tienes toda la razon.

  55. Have you all seen the articles about Obama’s cash problem?

    Reading several articles tonight noting that Obama’s campaign cash MAY be drying up.


    For Obama, a new sense of urgency to raise money


    The Obama ship is taking on water. He’s dropping in the polls. The donors may not be so willing to write those checks now.

    With all his 300+ advisors, and God knows what else, no doubt he has a fast burn rate when it comes to campaign cash.

  56. dg: they STILL look at the voter as having a problem, not obama. Big mistake! He needs to be asking for the votes and saying what he will do in office besides hope he can figure it out when he gets there.

  57. Charles – I am hearing downticket Dems not doing very well, especially with their money sucked away by BO – they will turn on him as he throws away half billion dollars and continues to lose.

    They’ll be the ones sticking the knives in in January, when they all realize how much better the Party could have done had the reins not been handed to Barky.

    It’ll almost. Almost. Be worth watching this train wreck unfold, just to see the entire Barky universe get its comeuppance.

  58. Enjoyed the BTD thread. Now to TM

  59. That will really suck if the downticket Dems suffer because of Obama. Looks like we have work to do. I’m not letting them have both the WH & the Congress.

  60. “I am hearing downticket Dems not doing very well, especially with their money sucked away by BO – they will turn on him as he throws away half billion dollars and continues to lose”

    Combine that with the Palin coattails and voila….

  61. I have very high hopes for the Progressive Blogosphere 2.0. It’s full of very smart people. Just check out this post from semidi:

    From the Department of “If Only You’d Listened to Us During the Primaries”

    Both Digby and Chris Bowers are disheartened — and actually surprised — that McCain (depending on which polls you look at) is tied with or ahead of Obama after the conventions. Digby and Bowers are also upset that Obama isn’t playing hardball with McCain (a problem he didn’t have with Clinton, by the way).

    I feel the need to point out that if the Dem ticket had been Clinton-Obama, McCain-Palin would not be doing so well (or perhaps I should say that the Democratic presidential campaign wouldn’t be doing so poorly) and we would have had twelve — if not sixteen — years of Democratic White House administrations. Twelve to sixteen years would have been enough to undo the damage done by the Bush Junta (even with the Democrats’ kowtowing here and there to the GOP) and set in motion a 21st century “New Deal” whose inertia would have been too great a for Republican president launched into the Oval Office due to restless voters to overcome.

    Hell, even Clinton-”Insert Name” would be fairing better.

    When those of us who were Clinton supporters pointed out during the primaries that Obama was more conservative than Clinton — a powerhouse at the DLC — we were scoffed at.

    When we noted that Obama’s razor-thin resume would be a problem for many voters, we were treated with scorn.

    When we railed against the sexism and misogyny aimed at Clinton by the Establishment Media, too many members of the so-called progressive blogosphere, and the Democratic Party leadership, we were told that she asked for it and that she deserved it.

    When we celebrated the fact that Clinton kept winning key Electoral College states despite being outspent by Obama and when she beat him in the popular vote, we were vilified.

    Forgive me for being less than sympathetic to the “Why hast thou forsaken me, Obama?” lamentations; we told you people time and time and TIME again that he was less than an ideal candidate, and got fuck-all for our troubles.

    You had your chance to pick a better candidate, and you blew it. You should have listened to us during the primaries.

    Watching all the wailing from the Progressive Blogosphere 0.5(thnaks Charles), I really want to remind them what we kept saying during the primaries. If only someone had listened…

  62. Alaska is an expensive state, isn’t it? Both for cost of living, and in particular travel for officials, they’d have to fly most everywhere. Here’s an interesting line –

    Gov. Palin has spent far less on her personal travel than her predecessor: $93,000 on airfare in 2007, compared with $463,000 spent the year before by her predecessor, Frank Murkowski.

  63. excellent post by semidi…thanks for sharing it MABlue.

  64. That’s the spirit, Sophie! Split government. I’m in agreement.

    I forgot to mention that I had to laugh at this:

    for your sabotage of the best shot to win the White House so far in this century.

    Way to set the bar. There’s only been one other presidential election this century.

  65. Yeah. Which is why I don’t think there’s a lot to this per diem story. Particularly airfare; it’s not like you can simply drive to Anchorage from Juneau in an afternoon.

    The food per diem, though….not such a great idea, if’n you ask me.

  66. Actually, what I am hearing is that most voters are not veiwing the top of the ticket as having anything to do with the rest of the ticket. People understand the difference between their local concerns with those of the national… : ) meow…..

  67. How many of the new Obama voters are going to vote down-ticket? Many of them came on board because of a personality; it had nothing to do with supporting the party. Some of them are going to mark top of ticket and go home. And if they live in a state where you can vote all dem by punching one item, I think a lot of them will want to actually see Obama’s name and vote for him personally.

  68. Charles, Totally agree.

    I personally can’t hunt, but traditional hunting I’ve come around to over the years as I learned more. And I’m at the point where I understand. Now trophy, canned hunting . . . don’t get me started!

    What’s really funny, is part of Palin’s appeal is her abilities. Hunting fishing, just being able to be equal in a man’s world and be self sufficient. She can hang with the NG and shoot with them also. When Obama disses her “moose shooting”, he’s dissin’ much more than that. He’s dissin’ so many different qualities people identify with. And of course, didn’t McCain or someone refer to her as “pistol packin'” in a positive way along with her moose dressin’ in the field skills? It’s kinda funny how Republican men are just tickled pink by the ‘little lady’, lol!~

    Obama keeps saying McCain is outta touch. Methinks Obama needs a mirror.

  69. This PUMA isn’t lonely.

    Regarding the HuffPo piece: NOW they are pissed off with the media! Now that it isn’t benefitting THEM.

    Carry on. Great thread.

  70. I have been seeing some fears or maybe ever fear-mongering about “we better vote Dem top to bottom, or else we will lose the bottom in spite of the top.” Gets me dizzy just typing it… No 61, period….

  71. In April Ed Morrissey of HOT AIR wrote

    In short, Obama has run as something he clearly is not, at least not so far. He wants people to believe that he can change the game, but in the three short years he has served in national office, he has done nothing to suggest that. John McCain actually has a track record of working across party divisions and trying to reach solutions on controversial issues; Barack Obama prefers to reserve his “political capital”. All Obama has done is talk about change, and that talk has begun to wear thin, especially as people take a closer look at him and his political associations.
    In a way, Obama is the Jon Stewart candidate. He sits on the edge of politics, making “wry and sardonic” comments about what other people do without doing anything himself. No wonder younger voters love him; he gets to be ironic while taking no responsibility for anything. And when people press him for action, he’d prefer to eat his waffle in peace until he can find a way to act as a commentator rather than as a real agent for change.
    And what excuse has he given for that? Obama doesn’t want to become part of the Beltway culture. That sounds good, but did he run for the Senate so he could not participate in the legislative process? He could have stayed in Illinois to do that.
    Unfortunately for Obama and the Democrats who have carried him so close to the finish line, that “fierce urgency of now” is nothing more than a soundbite for a legislator who doesn’t legislate, an agent of change who hasn’t changed anything, and the beacon of hope who hasn’t felt an urgency to take any action in the “now” for the past three years. He’s been eating his waffle and hanging out with people who don’t like America or Americans much. That qualifies him to work the next Daily Show spin-off, not run the country

    Nothing has changed from the “agent of no spare change” since then. Morrissey could have written it yesterday ..especially after the ” mother ,governor and moose shooter ” comment .
    Every time I think bo cannot possibly get worse he does ….. sometimes I think bo is subconsiously trying to self destruct so he doesnt have to do the work that a presidency would require , but then he could blame “America” for not electing and remain the whining victim . So be it .. i would rather have him the whining victim than the ineffective tyrant president / emporer
    Caligula comes to mind……..

  72. (O’s kids in $20,000 per year private school…apiece…

    I still can’t believe the MSM isn’t pimping that)

  73. Correct, as you have to fly between Anchorage and Juneau, and she goes by coach, which I think is very cool. She could have chosen to fly first class all the time or could have kept that fancy jet. She said no to both. Good for her!

  74. Charles, I don’t know what I am talking about half of the time and the other half I am often wrong.

    Having said that…by all means.


  75. But Caligula was born into it, kind of like a Bush…

    Claws out! Hisssssss! : )

  76. Al said:

    …for your sabotage of the best shot to win the White House so far in this century.

    Being that this century is 8 years old…I dunno.

    But Al, the BEST shot we had was with HRC, not the Jr. senator from Illinois who has not been in office for one term and has no experience.

    What was it “Rev.” Wright said about chickens and coming home to roost?

  77. Annabel, you & I were thinking same thing @ same time but you had faster fingers! LOL!

  78. I’m really happy about the way things are going. The polls are up for McCain-Palin, the nutroots are aflame, and WA and OR are in play. Maybe even CA.

    The purge going on in the leftist blogosphere is a good thing because the idiots will be left talking to themselves and preaching to the choir. Let ’em isolate themselves because it’ll be self-defeating.

    The DNC and the Dem leadership need to be crushed. That’d be good for the party in the long run and for Hillary.

  79. Democrats are in a hole now because McCain and Palin actually have records to defend. You can show what they did wrong or where they failed and the can parry by pointing to their successes or even give an explanation to what you view as a failure. In short these are people who have actually DONE something.

    Obama and his supporters are trying to create some accomplishment and extoll some leadership skills and virtues based literally on NOTHING.

  80. Well, and I suspect they know they’re going to lose even more voters if they come after Palin like they went after the Clintons. Hoist by own petards, and in spades…

  81. Oh lord! 61 is opening a campain post here in AZ… I think he is hoping it gets attacked to he can cry, “racists!”

  82. MABlue,

    Red Sox beat Tampa Bay. They are only 1/2 game back! We have to extend the baseball season, because the football season is already over in Boston.

    Thanks for the link to Semidi. Amazing how many of us warned the Obamanuts, but they just wouldn’t listen. Now we are supposed to bail them out? No thanks.

  83. Alice: “This PUMA isn’t lonely.” heh, I saw that. Fools!

    nycstray: I don’t hunt/fish either, but all my brothers in law (and some of my sister in law) do hunt and or fish. My mother in law (just turned 86) keeps a gun next to her broom by the kitchen sink, ‘just in case’ They love the Palin woman. oy.

  84. Some letter-to-ed writer at the NY Times wrote that “Joseph R. Biden Jr. is many things, but boring is not one of them.”

    He obviously has never sat in a meeting with Joe Biden or watched him drone on on C-Span. One-liners he may have, but blow-hard he also is.

  85. Charles,

    Obama really can’t help himself. He is a true woman-hater. He mocked Hillary too. He doesn’t get that some Americans are actually decent people and don’t like that hearing the stuff he is peddling.

  86. Eleanor A,

    One has to wonder what Obama is spending on himself and family. Is he paying for it? Or is his “grassroots campaign”?

    I don’t see her claims as all that outrageous. It’s pretty much standard in business and as one who freelances a lot, I write the stuff off lol!~ I wonder what others (hello congress!) spend in the way of per diem?

  87. MAblue..well said! Palin fought and got rid of corrupt pols – Obama ENDORSED them. Obama voted 133 times”present” so as not to have a controversial voting record. McCains donated MILLIONS to medical relief around the world and years of time and energy. Obamas donated $22,500 to Rev. Wrights Church. Wow!!! Obama is a Machievillian opportunist. I can’t believe people are supporting him. HE HAS DONE NOTHING but ingritiate himself into corrupt Chicago Politics and drank from the slimy trough. This empty suit needs to step down.

  88. MA Blue, good point (records to defend).

  89. Thirteen minutes and Twenty seconds – ha ha. Like your site, Charles. I have it as a bookmark, but for some reason I wasn’t getting updated posts. I redid it yesterday and it seems to be fixed.

  90. You know what? I just realized than in less than five hours I will need to walk my dog…yikes.

    Buenas noches.

  91. BB:

    That’s exactly how I see. Why should we, the people were right all along, who took all kind of abuse come out and bail these “smarty pants” out?

    vastleft over at corrente had a brilliant idea after reading Patti Davis’ open letter to Hillary and the repeated call for her to save Obama from Palin:

    Why Want The Stoopid Bitch Campaign For Obama More? courtesy of the people who gave us WWTSBQ (Why Won’t The Stoopid Bitch Quit?)

  92. lol!~

    I just flipped on CNN, and they are trying to figure out this Palin thing. They may want to add some more women to the discussion. And a few regular folks. lol!~ Toobin is clueless. Oh man, talk about an echo chamber in regards to women.

    Now they are going to go into her church background because they did it with Obama and McCain (really? McCain?!). Hmmm, what about Biden?

  93. MABlue,

    Vastleft still doesn’t like Obama? I’d better go over there and read. I’ve been discouraged by Corrente lately. I had almost forgotten about Digby, it’s been so long since I read her.

    OK, I have to get to bed. Night all!

  94. Completely agree with you, Charles. The big problem for Dems is that Obama actually BELIEVES he is right – in the typical narcissistic style – and is therefore incapable of changing positions. Hillary got grief for some of her changed positions but I, myself, think it is the mark of a great leader – one who can listen and ADAPT.

  95. I’m not that familiar with Al Giordano other than remembering that James Wolcott was always shilling for Giordano’s blog during the primaries, attesting to the all-knowing wisdom of Al Giordano. I went over there once at Wolcott’s urging and quickly backed out of the place. He just seemed to me to be a sexist who saw what he wanted to see.

  96. Charles,

    Perhaps Obama doesn’t *hate* women, per se, but he has contempt for us. That is obvious. To me that’s misogyny. It’s unconscious, but he lashes out at women all the time. He really has serious mother issues, IMHO.

  97. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: If you’re voting for JM/SP, send a fax or email, or snail mail if you must, that you are PUMA, you expect results, and you won’t accept mysogeny or sexism. You supported Hillary, and crossed party lines, but that won’t happen in 2012. You do not support extreme right tactics, that you support moderate positions, or even liberal positions.

  98. Charles,

    And the guys at corrente don’t really need that. Many of them are pretty witty.

  99. It’s nice to be on the winning side. No, we didn’t win the primary, but we had some good battles, didn’t we? No, we won’t win the election this year, but we’ve survived to fight another day. It feels good to be a winner. It feels good to be a PUMA.

  100. Who were these “male hecklers” at Clinton’s event? The same blogosphere assholes who’ve been harassing her all along, except this time going after palin as well?

  101. If Rev. Wright had spent a little time on “Pride comes before the fall,” and if BZero’s ears were working that Sunday since they didn’t seem to work at all when it came to Rev. Wright’s sermons, he might have had a chance.

    Honestly, I believe he thought he could do it on his own. His pride told him he didn’t need Hillary.

    This doesn’t follow in Proverbs, but it would fit, “How’d that work for ya BZero?”

  102. My husband told me CNN trashed Palin tonight. Painted her as a right wing kook cause she prays for guidance. Anyone see it? Really, really gets tiring…..

  103. No, I disagree. He hates women. Closet case is my guess.

  104. I agree with Charles — there’s 20 million penecostals who will vote as a block when attacked. So far Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger are pretty much on their own.

  105. That Obama mock “Mother, Governor, Moose Shooter” is now a headline to a story on ABC News.

    He still thinks he’s in the primaries and playing to the same audience. His little cute by half comments won’t play well on the national stage.

  106. It’s a very wonderful and sick thing to be 2 months out from the GE, watching the Republicans creep up in the polls, watching my (now former) fellow Democrats go into freakout panic mode, and to not be depressed about it.

    Separate thought: I have a slightly different take on this quote:

    of the best shot to win the White House so far in this century.

    Because, know what? Even if he meant to say ‘the last 100 years’ instead of ‘this century’ (doofus), that’s not Barack Obama. The best shot to actually win the White House in the last 100 years would be the guy who actually won the White House.

  107. I know few if any of you care, but the Raiders really suck.

    I I say that with the love of a life-time fan.

    Okay, I was about 7 when I first became a fan, but 41 years is pretty close to life-time.

    They suck

  108. myiq: yep it was pretty ugly!

  109. myiq, you’re talking to someone who’s been a Jets fan since the age of seven, which was the year Joe Namath guaranteed victory in Super Bowl III.

    If nothing else, I think that gives me the whining rights…

  110. John:

    Your team won yesterday

  111. I heart Howard Wolfson. There a couple sly jabs in his piece.

  112. Raiders were awful. Sorry about that..

    I’m still getting over the shock from yesterday. ESPN power rankings prior to the start of the season –

    1. New England – The Patriots had better hope Tom Brady stays healthy. They’ve looked lost without him.

    uh oh. Of course, 3 of the other top 5 teams actually lost in opening week.

  113. BTW, “Mother, Governor, Moose Shooter” is something they (meaning McCain/Palin supporters) should consider printing on a t-shirt.

  114. Damn, I’ve been offline for hours, and look what I missed:

    White women have moved from 50-42 percent in Obama’s favor before the conventions to 53-41 percent for McCain now, a 20-point shift in the margin that’s one of the single biggest post-convention changes in voter preferences. The other, also to McCain’s advantage, is in the battleground Midwest, where he’s moved from a 19-point deficit to a 7-point edge.

    Whenever I have to step away from my intertoobs portal, all the fun stuff happens

  115. Good teams win even when the lose a key player.

    They win games, but not necessarily playoff games.

    But several back-up QB’s have come off the bench to lead their team to the SB – including Jim Plunkett in 1980

  116. They should also consider doing an ad with both that and the “Annie Oakley” comments. Somehow, unnecessary sneering doesn’t seem to play as well from Democrats as Republicans.

  117. Then what happens? The original QB gets his job back, or he’s out?

  118. Every single day, Obamanation seems determined to prove they can go even lower than the day before.

    In the polls, ethically, stategically

  119. It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? Their constant ability to top themselves when you think it’s got to be impossible.

  120. Well, Brady came off the bench himself of course.. also Chicago got all the way to the big game with Rex Grossman. I feel bad for the guy & the whole franchise really, first the AFC title game to Indy in 06, then last season, and now this. I’m curious myself to see how Belichick does without Brady.

    It’s bizarro NFL already. Wonder what the rankings look like going into week 2.

  121. Seriously:

    It depends, but most coaches won’t bench a QB who’s winning.

    Back in the 90’s, Kansas City thought they had the second coming of Joe Montana when they traded for Elvis Grbac. They were about .500 at midseason when he got hurt.

    Rich Gannon came off the bench and led KC to the playoffs, and in the 1st playoff game they started Grbac.

    They lost.

    KC decided they didn’t need Gannon since they had Grbac, and traded him to the Riaders.

    As the Raider QB, he led the league in passing and took them to the SB (where he had the worst game of his life)

    St. Louis traded for Trent Green but he got hurt in the 1st game, so they brought Kurt Warner off the bench. Warner had never played in a NFL game before that (he was an Arena League QB)

    Warner led St.L to a Super Bowl win while piling up points.

    StL kept Warner and traded Green

  122. Seriously – I guess it all depends on how the original QB plays when/if he can play again & how the backup did (and who knows how many backups will play this season). It really bums me out seeing some of the great stars who end up as backups for a few years or just playing mediocre football until retirement. I guess Brett Favre is incredibly lucky in that respect.

  123. Freeda Cathcart, the former president of the National Organization for Women Roanoke Chapter, wrote a delusional and incoherent op-ed which begins “Barack Obama proved his ability to lead a divided nation by uniting a divided Democratic Party.”

  124. The Pats have the advantage of having played for several years with the same basic offensive unit and playbook. That means a new QB will be working with experienced guys,

    Nobody on the Raiders knows his ass from his elbow

  125. Al Giordano (”The Field”) reminds me of our Communist Cadre growing up – I am not kidding you. They literally told us what to think or do and never deviate from the way the Central Committee has planned for us. I would be scared of anyone with this type of thinking being part of the future power structure in the US. I don’t want to go back to the days where FEAR ruled our lives to a point you will never say anything or have any opinion that is different.

  126. myiq, true that, I can’t imagine them keeping Brady on the bench assuming he’s back next year, but anything can happen, maybe they can win with Cassel..

    At this point I wish I could fast forward the entire 08 season and have it be 09 preseason right now.

  127. That ‘shrill’ (Harry Reid’s sexist adjective) speech of Palin’s demolished Obama & his campaign. May she make many more.

    I supported HRC. Now I say: patriotic hero for President, kickass reformer for VP and humanitarian for First Lady.

  128. I think Favre made a good move.

    It will reenergize him for a year or two, then he can retire.

    Lots of aging stars do better when they play their last couple years with a new team.

    But If I was him I would have looked for a with a dome or that doesn’t play on frozen tundra

  129. heh, Raiders were sad. Not only that but the stupid personal fouls and penalties and.. I could swear by the 3rd quarter the defense wasn’t even trying that hard, just sloppy all around

  130. waiting:

    At this point, I am not voting for President/VP or I am voting 3rd party.

    There is nothing that anyone could say or do that would convince me to vote for Obama. He DQ’d himself by playing the race card and by caucus/delegate fraud. That ship has sailed and sunk

    There is nothing John McCain or Sarah Palin could say or do to convince me to vote for them.

    Obama and/or his supporters however, could piss me off enough that I would vote for McC/P

    That’s where I am

  131. I would say that the Raiders can only get better, but they are like Obamanation – they can always get worse.

  132. Night!

  133. Damn…I hope the Pats win, but we’ve still got people who are upset about Bledsoe. I don’t think we could take it if it came down to a decision between Matt the SB Champ and Brady. 🙂

  134. By the way the Obots I think have been encouraged not to watch anymore news/opinion (all the same to them) shows – my wife did not want to watch any shows today except the O interview and Rachel Madow (premiere show). I gave in on the O interview but said no way on the other – could not handle two hours of blabbering. On another note I was at a friends baby christening yesterday and everyone was talking about how silly Palin’s choice was. Since everyone except my wife knows I am against O one of the guests asked me my opinion and I killed the whole conversation by saying “I am glad she has put the fear of god into O’s campaign” – loved the silence! 🙂

  135. Did these morons that selected backtrack ever sit him down and explain the facts of life to him.
    Backtrack you need them , they don’t need you.
    Isn’t that what handlers are supposed to do.
    I don’t think there is anyone left that he did not insult.
    No wonder dems don’t get anything done.
    They don’t have a clue.
    Not that I want him any where near the white house.

    Also if it is not the Phila Eagles it does not count in football ///////



  136. Check out No Quarter.
    There is a post there about nigerian money for obama being seized.
    It was reported in the British press.
    His money trouble may be bigger than we know.



  137. Thanks for all the links above! Very interesting reading!

    I can’t vote for Obama because:

    1. To little experience to be on the top of the ticket.
    2. To few previous accomplishments. What has he actually done besides write two books?
    3. Doesn’t seem to have a backbone. Changes positions on a regular basis (FISA, campaign finance, drilling, etc.)
    4. I feel like he’s spent his whole life running for offices and very little time actually doing things once he gets the positions he’s running for.
    5. I like straight answers I can easily understand.

    I’ve got more. These are just the reasons that come to me off the top of my head. The things I find wrong with Obama can’t be fixed in six months and, even though Biden is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency, Obama would be there from Day One.

    The Dems should have picked Hillary. It’s not my fault they chose the second best candidate.

  138. Thanks for this – Bostonboomer! A real treat!
    meanwhile, a new poll – WaPo/ABC finds the candidates tied and a 20 points shift in women support – can you hear us now?

  139. As our Clinton-Obama ’08 ticket is riding a 15-point advantage over poor old McCain, I thought I’d share this crazy dream I had last night.

    I dreamt Obama stole the nomination by stacking the caucuses, and then DID NOT offer the VP to Hillary, but to some old guy. Ridiculous, I know! Then, in my dream, McCain brought out some fascistic Wonder Woman Barbie Doll terminatress as his VP, some Allesandro Mussolini type who gave such rivetting demagoguery speeches that the whole country swung behind McCain, and the Democrats got totally trounced!

    I know, that’s a crazy dream, but what an image it poised. Anyway, we don’t need to worry, the Rethuglicans don’t have any dolly bird like that, I checked all 48 states.

  140. I just saw this headline on Yahoo:

    “Biden: Palin will have to defend ‘extreme’ views on climate change”

    Umm, yeah. She’ll have to defend it. And since she seems like a straight talker, the defense is really simple.

    She held those “extreme views” as a lawmaker in Alaska because she was representing the people of Alaska and what they want. She can change them now, if she is working for the whole USA — or she can keep them if that is what she really thinks.

    Good politicians represent their constituents views on things. (If every Democratic superdelegate with an elected office had actually voted for the people their constituents voted for, I think Hillary would have been our nominee. That’s just something to keep in mind.)

    On top of all that, women reserve the right to change their mind whenever they want to for any or no reason at all. 😉

  141. I don’t believe in global warming caused by green house gases. I think it is a scam like most scientists do. Back in the good ol’ 70’s they thought polution from carbon gases was causing GLOBAL COOLING. Look it up in wikepedia. I think global warming is caused by the sun. I believe in cleaning up the enviroment because it is the right thing to do and it is more healthy for us.

  142. Most people in Europe don’t believe in global warming caused by green house gases. It is a US thing.

  143. […] at the Confluence, Bostonboomer gives us a taste of the blogosphere panic – not a pretty sight To the Chicken Littles – those […]

  144. Willy Nilly: +1

    (glad I wasn’t drinking coffee!)

  145. oh boy-the obama spheere is in total melt down-I can go out with my Obamabot buddies tonight and eat my steak in peace.

    what everyone forgot is 36 million democrats voted in the primary-caucus selection process this represents less than 1/2 of the democrats and I bet the ones that did not vote in the primaries will not vote for Bullwinkle in the general election.

    It isnt just going to be the PUMA’s that are going to be a November Suprize it is going to be these voters that deliver the knock out punch.

    Unlike us Primary Puma’s I do not believe these Democrats are as tourtured as we/I are/am about Voting Republican.

    I bet they are being under represented in the polls.

    well off to work Fuzzybeargville

  146. Great post! My only quibble is please don’t bash Biden too much. He’s not the right choice for VP, and obviously he doesn’t hold a candle to Hillary. And he’s not a progressive.

    But at least I know he’s a Democrat and a liberal, I know his record, he’s been there forever, he hasn’t enriched himself at taxpayer expense, and he’s never gotten a crook to help him buy a mansion. It’s Obama that really poisons the ticket.

  147. I saw some poll, maybe CBS that said Obama had begun to win over some Hillary supporters, that now only 20% said they would not vote for him, down from 29%. Even if I believe that number, that still means 3,600,000 voters. And since her support was very large in the big electoral states, guess where the voters are? The stupidity of the DNC never fails to amaze me. I actually don’t believe race is the factor will cause Obama to lose. I think it is all those things people say they don’t like, like his inexperience, his inexperience, his inexperience…and that arrogant, misogynistic thing he has going on.

  148. votermom, Biden has things that I don’t like about him (the credit card connections, his treament of Anita Hill), but he has been a solid Dem team player for years. He was brave enough to point out Obama’s complete lack of experience in the debates. He did not trash Hill during the primaries, or help Bambi do so.

    Joe would never be my pick for prez, and was a politically stupid pick for Bambi’s VP, but If Biden had won the primary, I wold have had no problem voting for him and fully getting behind him.

    But it was a REALLY stupid move to pick him for BO’s VP.

  149. Obama’s troubles are because he is so egocentric that he actually doesn’t realize that when he gives a statement like the one he made last night about our Fannie-Freddie bail out with taxpayer money and says both political parties are responsible; he says “they” even though he is PART of that “They” and has been since 2006. A real leader would have recognized his part in that failure to prevent what happened.

    He can’t claim immunity for remaining silent just because he was out “electioneering”; his job was to represent his constitutes who elected him in Illinois; not neglect it while he interviewed for a promotion.

    And this is going to be one of the biggest money issues the next president deals with and if you don’t think so, research Reagan’s S&L scandal that took up a great deal of Clinton’s presidency before it was finally resolved at a cost of 1.4 trillion tax dollars.

    The tax burden coming our way is going to result in more hard times that neither Obama or McCain can prevent but I’d prefer someone with experience balancing a budget, not someone who “borrows” from criminals like Rezko to finance a lifestyle he can’t afford because that’s how we got in this Fannie-Freddie mess to begin with. And in spite of all his criticism of Palin she doesn’t own a multi-million dollar mansion and has had to balance a deficit budget for Alaska.

    Just another reason why it is so important to choose carefully on substance not vainglory.

  150. “Obama is running well behind Congressional Democratic candidates, while past Democratic presidential nominees outperformed downticket candidates.”

    I’m dense: Does this mean that we’re pretty certain to have a strong Dem majority in Congress? Because that’s extremely important, especially to counter McCain’s more nutty rightwing moves (e.g. “fixing” Social Security; of course Obama wants to do that too!).

  151. Good morning.

    So all this will pass too. New polls will show everything is all right. Ds will kick ass.

    It was fun (in a sad kind of way) for a while, though.

  152. Obama was alway toast once he went for Biden, but Hilary would have been such a dishonest choice.

    The Clintons are poison!

    4 more years of the Republican Party under McCain & Palin will be an interesting trip, under Obama and the democrats it would have been scary!

  153. Hey there, State O’ Disbelief! Thank you for missing me! 🙂

    Yep, I’m still here and am still a part of the PUMA Movement!

    I’ve been simply laying in the fallow for the past few days, getting myself ready for whatever wave should come next!

    The most recent thing that I’ve been excited about has been the initiative I’ve been working on with Heidi Li Feldman… to get Hillary elected as Senate Majority Leader in November:


    Also, I’ve decided to write my personal account of PUMA thus far… which I’ll take to my old stomping grounds at (prepare yourself) The Huffington Post… to see what kind of trouble I can stir up there. Stay tuned, as I’m sure I’ll need your support in battling the Obamans!

    Thanks again, S.o.D.!


  154. Richard Calhoun, on September 9th, 2008 at 9:41 am Said:

    The Clintons are so poisonous, Bill won TWO TERMS. Gosh. Hillary’s so darned dangerous, she’s won 2 terms in the US Senate, and has high favorability ratings.

    What the heck are you talking about “poison”?

  155. Open thread open thread!

    I finished the annual report at work except for — *dromroll* — the cover. Of course.

    I ate a HUGE amount of food on Snday and so had almost nothing yesterday.

    Calcium chews REALLY help with PMS — it’s almost nonexistent lately.

    I need to do some work travel to San Diego next week. SF the week after the week after that.

    Being a vegetarian would be a shoe-in for me if it weren’t for sushi.

  156. September 9, 2008
    McCain Now Winning Majority of Independents

    Majority of independents now prefer him over Obama, 52% to 37%.

    15 points!!


    Also, HUGE crowd in Ohio today for McCain-Palin rally!

    Keep Standing Up America!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

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  158. Haha.

    re: OpenLeft, all they have to do to win the election is look at my 215 comments there. Oh wait, they had to nominate Clinton. This was before I was banned waaay back in February.

  159. For being right about EVERYTHING.

  160. Quick comment — at #107, nycstray said:

    I just flipped on CNN, and they are trying to figure out this Palin
    thing. They may want to add some more women to the discussion.

    I just wanted to make sure this got pointed out as a prime example of how having ANY WOMAN IN POWER HELPS ALL WOMEN. We’ll see a lot more female faces on the serious anchor shows instead of Kitty-Amber Hairspray fawning over some paunchy middle-aged guy who could be her father.

  161. New buzzword of the campaign…”sabotage”.

    You can see it coming. Obama loses in November and the cries of “sabotage” by PUMAS ring out immediately.

    If they had half a brain they’d understand that they are the ones who sabotaged their own campaign.

    I have a question for all of you. We keep hearing about how much money Barack Obama has and what a massive advertising campaign he’s running. I live in a swing state (Iowa) and we have seen five times as many McCain ads as Obama ads. Where is all that advertising money going? Are those of you in swing states seeing those Obama ads?

  162. It’s time to PANIC! Yee-haw!

  163. From the TL post linked above by ugsome:

    “The other, also to McCain’s advantage, is in the battleground Midwest, where he’s moved from a 19-point deficit to a 7-point edge.”

    At the risk of repeating myself, I will. If voters in Iowa had known about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright before the caucuses we would not be in this mess. Obama would have lost far more voters than he could have bussed in from Illinois.

  164. Let’s face the facts, Americans want extraordinary people leading this nation:

    McCain graduated bottom of his class from West Point, and Sarah Palin transferred between 6 universities just to get her bachelor’s. I am astounded by the sheer ignorance Republicans and Right wing radio nuts have towards the credibility of John McCain and his dog, pony show.

    As for Palin pandering the Hillary vote, these two women are like night and day. My faith in the American public will diminish if McCain/Palin end up winning this election soley based on the personality card…

  165. I must’ ve missed something. Can someone please explain the reference to “61”?



    Wow! Where did all those chickens come from?

  166. jmduran, yes, lets do face facts

    You point out McCains grades, where are Obama’s?

    McCain was elected by his party, Obama was selected by the party leadership.

    Obama accused Hillary’s supporters of racism, mccain did not.

    you see where i’m going? take you’re tired, misleading, rovian propaganda elsewhere, mkay???

  167. McCain’s GRADES?! He’s 70 fucking years old! You may be forgiven for not having realized this yet since I highly doubt that your testicles have dropped at this point, but there comes a time in a person’s life when your grades don’t matter. After you’ve been out of college for FIFTY YEARS, it’s your actual accomplishments that matter more.

    This is a tough adjustment for a lot of people to make — that there will come a time in your life when no one will give a shit what your SAT scores were. If you aren’t lucky and peaked a little early in life, that will be “no one but you.” I advise you to start looking ahead to getting shti done instead of crowing about your grades, because your bosses won’t be putting letters of any kind on top of your work once you get out of school.

  168. NYC stray

    In fact it is of extreme importance for the Native Americans in Alaska. I watched that same debate on CSpan and the question was posed by a Native American.

    Palin kept reiterating that those dependent on subsistance hunting had first rights that were already covered in the current constitution.

    I did not miss it when she said that a new constitutional amendement focused on these right would be divisive for Alanskans. Perhaps her popularity has that as a foundation, trying to solve problems without dividing the people.

  169. anyone see the comments at Wolfson’s blog.. ?


    wolfson write’s a reasoned argument that the campaign is about McCain not Palin (!) so it’s not in anyone’s interest, let alone hillary’s to go “after” Palin. . . and many just can.not stop the CDS.. even as they “discuss” how Hillary should do this or that for O’man.. irony is a metal object…

  170. […] Blogosphere 1.0 in Full Panic Mode […]

  171. janis, loved your reply for McCain’s grades, so so true, you have the right perspective on real life!

  172. jmduran – Naval officers graduate from the Naval Academy, not West Point. John McCain was a Navy pilot.

  173. Hillary won’t go after Palin but concentrate against McCain. Whatever, it all won’t help too much: http://preeedict.blogspot.com/2008/08/nostradamus-obama-mccain-and-mabus.html

  174. I read that diary you cited (Al Giordano) and my jaw dropped. What a nasty, belligerent bully. So anyone who recognizes the painful truth and dares to express it on kos will incur the wrath of this nutcase? Sounds like a great place to hang out! I’ve predicted all along that some of Obama’s supporters seeemed unstable and would probably go off the deep end when his campaign tanked. It’s starting.

  175. h-town dem,

    That kind of behavior is widespread at DK. The bots drove thousands of us off the blog, and thank goodness, Riverdaughter started The Confluence.

  176. Wow, good stuff on this thread:

    Boston boomer:

    “No one ever suggests that Obama should reach out to voters positively and tell them why he wants their votes or what he will do for them.”

    Exactly right- You can’t win an election running on why the other person should not get votes…there has to be a reason to vote FOR you.


    “If McCain wins the GE, I think he will offer a cabinet position to Hillary.”

    Was thinking the same thing today. McCain and Hillary appear to like and respect one another, and it would not be too hard to see her in the cabinet- especially given McCain’s maverick nature. Also, this prospect might help keep Hillary from working to hard for the empty suit.


    Righteous smackdown of duran. I’m still trying to catch my breath….wow.

  177. Oh, my goodness.

    This is beyond words:


    C’mon, he’s trying to lose now, isn’t he?

  178. never will understand the point of this post. basically you say that obama picked a bad vp and mccain picked a good one, so mccain should win. never talked about his views and why u support them. real question is why do u like mccain and why dont u like obama

  179. The truth is simple. Michelle O (not be be confused with Jackie O) hates HRC. You could see it in her face when HRC was talking at the convention. There is no way that she would let Obama pick her. Her anger and hatred of HRC is behind the reason why the DNC will not win the presidency. Although , the weak Obama is equal in blame because he could not override her. They can spend the rest of their days lamenting this fact.

  180. Fellow PUMAs – lets not make the same mistakes that the rabid Dems did – when bos supporters begin to desert him, lets find a way to bring them into the fold –

    Christian women morally corrupted by Steinem are redeemed by Palin. This ongoing struggle in the Holy Cultural War, Christians against Neo-Marxists, exemplifies the eternal struggle between good and evil. Because the sacrilegious sacrificial killing of over 40 million children by their Christian mothers was politically instigated by Steinem, she is now condemned to burn at the stake.

  182. Jeugenen slyly wrote:
    Christian women morally corrupted by Steinem are redeemed by Palin. This ongoing struggle in the Holy Cultural War, Christians against Neo-Marxists, exemplifies the eternal struggle between good and evil. Because the sacrilegious sacrificial killing of over 40 million children by their Christian mothers was politically instigated by Steinem, she is now condemned to burn at the stake.
    Why hello, Jeugenen. You sound quite a bit DIFFERENT from the other commenters. And need I say, expressing, very POORLY and in a manner designed to establish DIVISION, a very EXTREME viewpoint.

    Had fun poisoning the well, Jeugenen?

  183. […] Michael Kinsley of Time Magazine has written quite the angry tirade about Sarah Palin. Apparently Bostonboomer’s report on the meltdown of PB 1.0 is spilling over to the mainstream media. They are in full panic mode and […]

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