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Latenight: Repurposing a song

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what keeps me going in this election season.  My house is a mess, my car desperately needs to be cleaned and every waking minute I am immersed in a giant game not of my making.  I see the players clearly in a vast landscape and recognize the butterflies that ripple the air and cause the players to adjust their next moves.  It’s a monkey on my back.  I need to unwind.

So, I’m headed to Joe’s.  That’s where the smell cool air meets metal barstools at a long gleaming bar.  Joe threw the smokers out years ago so the atmosphere is clear.  My friends and I find a small table in the shadows and release the stick ramroded into our spines.  There has to be release.

There is a new band on the small stage tonight.  A singer with sweet lips and soulful eyes and a song about looking for a life saver.  I’ve heard this song before.  It was a long time ago and when I heard it, I was just a young adult and it was already old.  Someone played it for me and got the desired response.  And it has been my song ever since, the song that I have carried with me since my coming of age, always a cerain beat and a strum, lurking in the back of my mind, as I walked along roads of my own.

But tonight, I hear a new meaning in the song.  Because all my life, there was also a little blue pilot flame that burned.  I knew it was always there but I didn’t know for what purpose.  And then, suddenly, this year, that little blue pilot uncurled into a long flickering tongue of flame.  It took me a long time to find my destination and I’m no longer just playing to keep myself amused.  We are here to take hands and lead each other through the absurdity of this year’s rabbit hole and pull us through.  We will pull through.

Set’em up, Joe.  I’m here with my friends and it doesn’t get any better than this.

158 Responses

  1. I can feel the melancholy coming through from both the song and the essay tonight.

  2. My DD is going nuts with this new poll! Here’s my favorite rationalization for the big gap with likely voters:
    “A Likely Voter has to be over 26, however, keep that in mind.”

  3. I just saw a picture of Ricky Martin and his twins. They all look precious and happy!

    You go guy.

  4. mmm, I love Joe’s boxed Merlot…

    And the nice thing about this bar is that Joe always picks up my tab.

  5. good night my fellow Bitter Hillary Dead Enders.

  6. Joe’s bar…did Biden already take a second job?

  7. Seriously (from the last thread) said:

    Obama saying on George S. Mccain never talks about his faith?

    One of the things I’ve never forgiven Jimmy Carter for is bringing is so-called faith into the Presidential campaign. And if I’d had ANY idea that it would be an issue that would stick I wouldn’t have let my sister, b, talk me into it.

    In fact, the FOURTH reason I might vote for McCain is as penance for that vote.

  8. What Pat said.

    GN ben.

  9. Well, it’s not like we didn’t warn them. The sad part is that nobody wins. But this too shall pass.
    Hold tight.

  10. Beautiful post, RD. You have such a way of capturing both the emotional and intellectual sides of what we’re grappling with this year. The balance is what brings me back time and time again. Well, that and the fantastic music.

  11. “The sad part is that nobody wins”

    Party leadership will be replaced. New leadership, new possibilities.

  12. I come here only for Rico knowing full well it “never can be”.

  13. heh, Pat. Thanks for the smile.

  14. without you Howard “screech,” none of this would be possible, and we will not forget or forgive you…..

  15. or better yet, Mr. Dean, with that oh so shrill voice, get out and stay gone….

  16. Hillary cracked the glass ceiling, and Sarah Palin gives women a chance to smash through:

    Sexist Extraordinaire Keith Olbermann is no longer covering election news as a direct anchor!


  17. katiebird – Obama was not talking about what McCain had to say (or not say) about his (McCain’s) own faith. Obama was talking about the fact that McCain did not call out Obama on “his (Obama’s) muslim faith”.

    IOWs – Obama self-identified as muslim.

  18. UpstateNY, that’s what worries me. I’m afraid that the Obots will try to keep control of the party levers and we won’t be able to get them out.

  19. I am watching “Failure to Launch” and just saw waaaaay more of Terry Brafshaw than I ever wanted to

  20. LMAO@ Myiq! That is a rather startling scene, isn’t it?

    I read some of your comments on TalkLeft today, btw. You were very fair.

  21. Yeah, sorry, that was my misunderstanding. I thought “his faith” referred to McCain, ie, Obama was calling out Mccain for not being religious. I was wrong.

  22. The sad part is that nobody wins”

    “Party leadership will be replaced. New leadership, new possibilities.”

    To me, it’s like we’ve been battling newly discovered cancer . I feel exhausted by the chemo, but it’s making way for fresh cells.

    In my gut (and I feel strong in this..), there is promise in that fresh start. I will say it again–I will be very suprised if McCain pokes us in the eye with his administration. We are a formidable voting block, and he wants to have us and keep us.

    There is promise in fresh leadership, and possibility.

  23. Today was the first time in close to a week that none of my comments at Jeralyn’s House of Crazy got deleted.

  24. myiq, what did you do wrong?

  25. myiq: I give you credit for your perseverance. I just toddle over there to see what new restrictions and guidelines have been invented since the last post.

  26. *****BREAKING NEWS *****

    Official Statement From the Obama Campaign

    “Funny how things change, isn’t it? Haha! I guess we finally lost the rhythm. Ahahaha!”

    “The Thrill Is Gone”


    McCain-Palin ‘08
    Hillary ‘12

  27. MyIQ, really? Wow.

    Is anything “good” going on there now?

  28. He was rational, Joanie.

  29. Sorry to be a troll but I have to ask a question.

    How on earth did Obama manage to beat Hillary?

    I just saw on cnn that they are printing t shirts in response to Palin’s community organizer shots. The t shirts say “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor”.

    I can see it now throughout the bible belt. Sarah walks out, holds up that t shirt, and seals the vote of all those people who are clinging to their guns and religion.

  30. Speaking of which, I’ve been toying with an idea for a Palin Before Party t-shirt. Is that as funny and as awesome as I think it is?

  31. Annabelle, I was making a crack that myiq must have failed today with his talent for pissing off Jeralyn

  32. Typical:

    He didn’t beat her


  33. No Seriously. I doubt it will happen that way.

    Reform of the primaries process and leadership will result in the marginalization of this “movement” within the DP. (at least temporarily).

    Also the “progressive” blogosphere will, hopefully learn from the experience.

  34. Obama only “beat” Hillary by employing his Chicago style political playbook. And the last thing we want is another politician taking on the role of “the Messiah”.

  35. I just saw on cnn that they are printing t shirts in response to Palin’s community organizer shots. The t shirts say “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor”.

    This is a joke, right?

  36. I just saw on cnn that they are printing t shirts in response to Palin’s community organizer shots. The t shirts say “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor”.

    Oh, wow. That’s going to go over big. How about some shirts that say, “You’re not Jesus, Barack!”

  37. Keep in Mind

    McCain is a man of honor and dances with the one who brought him!

    McCain/Palin 2009

  38. No, katie, sadly it is not a joke. The idea came from a post that Kos did, making that very same comparison, I believe.

    These people are sick.

  39. Serena just won the US Open!

  40. WHO is selling that t-shirt: dKos or Obama? Either way, are they mad?

  41. The entire process has been a joke, why stop there?

  42. I hope everyone read the New York Times story today about Sarah Palin. It clears up some of the baby “coverup” questions.

    I would post the link but I am old and don’t really know how. I will figure it out one of these days.

  43. katiebird:

    That line was actual Obamanation, but I didn’t know they were going for the t-shirt too.

  44. Go serena!

  45. Hello, girlfriend. I ran a political website, the Adam Clymer Fan Club, in 2000, so you have my deepest sympathies. I know about weird cyberattacks and election derangement syndrome and understanding the parties in Jungian archetypal terms.

    I wish I were in New Jersey so I could share a drink with you. As it is, I am here in suburban LA with my bottle of California wine and my dog, wondering which way the world is turning. I don’t know, but I do know that at the age of 45 I have had my fill of liberal misogynists and am preparing to retire from the man-pleasing scene. (You conservative men, stop salivating.)

    Have I told you all I’m a former neighbor of Senator Obama? I lived a half block from him. We shared the same polling place. In 2004, I had to elbow my way past media to vote for him because he and his family were there at the same time.

    What a god damned shame. He could’ve been a fine Senator, and then a fine President once he’d understood the lay of the land. Something between that fine day in 2004 and today went horribly wrong. And it has to do with women. It is never okay to jettison the quiet workhorses of your party.

    I am in Obama’s age cohort. I have been a Democrat since I addressed and stuffed envelopes for George McGovern at age nine. I have been around the block a few times. I have a degree in computer science, speak three languages, lived in France and Hungary (under Communism). I am arguably more qualified in foreign affairs than Obama or Palin. But I am not an egomaniac. All i want to do is enjoy my life, make a living, smell the flowers and do the grunt work to get good candidates elected.

    For this I got called a c*nt and got told to get out of the party. I was told that sexism was no longer an issue even while a former First Lady and sitting Senator was called a C*NT at the same time we were being lectured that even thinking of voting against Obama was r@cist.

    I am NOT accepting it. We get there together or not at all.

    I want a free society with oppotunities for everyone. I understand I can’t accept everyone’s point of view. What I want is legal, social and economic barriers removed. The day a black lesbian is President is the day our work is finished.

    Yours drunkenly,


  46. Riverdaughter, Can you post an email address for people
    to write to you about what happened at the Convention?
    A few delegates from California will be reporting to our
    Diehards meeting next week.

    This is THE most important political story of the decade.
    The takeover of the Democratic Party by the Deaniacs & Chicago
    Machine (is Fitzpatrick getting close?), Pelosi’s PAC (funded by Soros) buying of the supers, the gaming of the caucuses, and the corrupt
    convention. Since when does a major candidate have to “negotiate”
    to get on the ballot.


  47. Jeralyn just laid down another rule: “Anyone caught using the word “and” in their postings will be excommunicated from this site! I am dead serious about this.”

  48. No joke, I just saw it.

    I’m not very religous but my wife is. She said, so does he mean he is Jesus or that Sarah killed Jesus.

  49. The media LOOOOOVES Obama and ran endless hit pieces on Hillary while never holding Obama to account, or vetting him at all.. the so called “liberal” blogs smeared Hillary every chance they got, and pushed that stuff into the mainstream media. scorched earth.

    His supporters give him lots of money and so did much of the Dem establishment.. the notion that all the power players in the Dem party were on Hillary’s side is completely untrue..

    Race card..

    Bad strategy from Hillary’s campaign not expecting Obama to run up big numbers of delegates in the red-state caucuses..

    Democratic superdelegates abdicating their responsibility to vote for the most electable candidate, and continuing to jump on the Obama bandwagon even as he lost Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Indiana, and West Virginia and Kentucky had record turnouts to vote against Obama by 30-40 point margins..

  50. How about: “I’m a community organizer. Don’t let my life be in vain. Vote Obama.”

  51. You guys didn’t hear about the Obama/Jesus, Palin/Pilate comparison yet?

    I covered it here:

    They’re just trying to milk the “attacking a community organizer!” canard all they want.

    And it’s so deliciously ironic that it comes from the same subset of smears that say “RELIGION = BAD!” In their sophomoric minds, creating a religious parallel that is pro-Obama is okay.

    While by the same token they denigrate people of faith.

    It’s so over-reaching I can’t handle it. They even have a lot of “flair” with this slogan on Facebook. It won’t stick; it’s just preaching to their own choir.

  52. Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor”.

    Unfortunately for Ds, Rs are better at this than we are… oy

  53. Charles: No, I was being facetious.

  54. Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor

    But everything would have been fine without Bill Richardson!

  55. CB: You can send me your account at theconfluence08 at yahoo dot com. I will cross reference your account with Michele Thomas and Lynette Long for archival purposes.

  56. “Community organizers died for your sins”

  57. LMMFAO@ Pat Johnson. It could happen, that’s the scary part!

    That was an awesome story ugsome. Gping to check out TPM now.

  58. Charles:

    Maybe somebody should remind the guys at TPM that Obama generally UNDERPERFORMS the polls. That will make them soil themselves.

  59. Oh, seems that some of the early capitulators (Hillary delegates
    who switched for Obama) are more concerned about their
    future in the Democratic Party than honoring those who voted
    for them. Others were threatened with union/teaching credentials,funding,

    Is is possible to find out who vote for what candidate? I want
    to make sure that those Hillary delegates in my local districts
    are not given a chance to defect to the Chicago strong-armers
    ever again.

  60. Jesus had the good sense not to run for Emporer.

  61. “You guys didn’t hear about the Obama/Jesus, Palin/Pilate comparison yet?”

    They’re so far gone at his point that I hink they’re actually going to be shocked when the great outraged community organizer backlash vote mysteriously has….other priorities. Uh, I hear that Whole Foods all over the country are slashing prices on arugala that day. Maybe the lines just got too long.

  62. Maybe the polls is not the only place Obama underperforms.

    That would explain why MO always looks so unhappy

  63. “Community organizers died for your sins”

    LOL People would pay for that!

  64. Seriously:

    We quit paying much attention to the angry chihuahuas of Obamanation months ago.

  65. Unhappy doesn’t even begin to describe MO, MyIQ. The best thing about the Democratic Convention was that as it went on, someone told her to hold her hands over her face as she clapped. What a relief that was.

  66. Hey guys, it is already tomorrow. See you in a few hours.

  67. Isn’t a community organizer just a paid political activist? What’s the big deal?

    Its just a job – usually a part time job.

    To quote from an article entitled “Obama’s Narrator” about David Axelrod published in The New York Times magazine section on April 1, 2007. Referring to the community organizer aspect of Obama’s bio Axelrod said – “You know, we had’t thought that was an important part of his bio…”

  68. Goodnight, Upstate!

  69. In MO’s defense, some people have a face that just looks angry or sad all the time, and doesn’t accurately reflect the owners feelings.

    Whenever she isn’t smiling, she looks pissed.

  70. Oh, the Jesus/Pilate thing was on Kos, but Donna Brazile also allueded to it:

    There’s some on the Internet now that Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor. And perhaps they should understand the role of a community organizer, do help people in distress.

    Now tell me that the Obama campagn and Brazile and Kos and the whole cabal are all acting independently and unaware of one another? Please. Kos is Obama’s man, bought and paid for – his own little smear machine.

  71. “You know, we had’t thought that was an important part of his bio…”

    Then they realized he hadn’t actually done anything else….

  72. myiq2xu, on September 8th, 2008 at 12:03 am Said:

    “Community organizers died for your sins”

    Is that aimed at CROSS-over voters?

  73. Jesus was a community activist. There’s a difference between a community activist and a community organizer. It’s called a paycheck.

    And with that, I’m out. Much love to all of y’all. Goodnight.

  74. Seems to me, the Obama people who are printing those T-shirts are hitting a triple for McCain: wasting time they could be using to phone bank or canvass, wasting money they could donate to the campaign, and giving voters a negative impression of their candidate.

  75. Whatever the Republicans have been paying Donna, she deserves a raise.

  76. Maybe I’ll get a t-shirt that says “But Jesus actually did stuff”.

  77. G’night, annabelle, sweet dreams!

  78. uhm…doesn’t the governor kill the community organizer?
    are they sure they want to go with that particular comparison?

  79. I want to see Obama trot out all the Democratic governors so they can explain how much they have in common with Pontius Pilate.

  80. It’s a monkey on my back. I need to unwind.

    I unwound tonight by listening to a tiny, beautiful little man with a great big nose voice remind me of the days of my youth, when things could only get better because they were busy sucking oh so very hard.

    Reagan was president. It bit.

    The Republican party may finally — FINALLY — have finished its three-decade long binge. I hope so, and I’m prepared to have it go back to its old tricks the second we turn our backs.

    Let’s not forget that we have TWO parties to rehabilitate. The Dems need their skulls rung like church bells, and the Repubs need to be put on a VERY short leash and watched like a hawk.

    Have a good week, everybody …

  81. Nite Nite. I have to lay down so that I can get up to watch Joe in the Morning. It should be great with the polls and the punished punks KO and Tweety!

  82. state – don’t waste your money on an expert.

    “Jerk, Liar, Don’t Question Me, ……………………..”

  83. (waving) Good night, Charles.

  84. So Bill is going to meet Obama for lunch. No doubt Obama wants help and advice. I hope Bill tells him its too late there is nothing that can be done. Except for those who already drank the koolade, Obama is not going to gain any voters on issues or smears. He will start loosing the independants and undecides as we move toward the election.

    Unless McCain/Palin do something really dumb.

    It is truly amazing how many people (Dems) have corrupted their own brand to support teh Precious. They will never get it back.

  85. Seriously, on September 7th, 2008 at 11:53 pm Said:
    I just saw on cnn that they are printing t shirts in response to Palin’s community organizer shots. The t shirts say “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor”.

    So, Obama is just like Jesus?

    Good grief! I hear him talk about his faith; he uses all the code words like “saved, etc. But to me, a person of true faith would not talk the way he has been. It is taking Someone’s name in vain; misusing; an attempt to deceive those who hold their faith dear. Really, really bad.

  86. Sorry if you’ve already seen this but Olberman and Matthews have been taken down:


  87. Latest USA Today/Gallup has McCain at 54% and Obama 44% with likely voters.

  88. Bill isn’t going to get involved in this train wreck. He’s going to say, I’ll remember every smear against my wife forever, motherf——, then he’ll come out and tell the reporters how much he loves Obama, then he’ll go on his merry way.

  89. Following is a letter I will be mailing tomorrow.

    Dear Mr. Cooper:
    As a resident of the state of North Carolina I respectfully request that you, as our Attorney General, require the Democratic State or National Committee to reimburse the taxpayers of our state for all monies spent on holding a presidential primary. Obviously the results of said primary were irrelevant and without meaning as delegates did not cast votes in the manner allocated. The primary was an unnecessary expense and perhaps a fraudulent activity.

    I cannot think of any reason why I should be required to help pay for such activity.


    N.C. Taxpayer

  90. “Obama seems to hold his hand out, with palm facing out -as if to say “stop” whenever he’s trying to defend himself in a one-on-one debate”

    It’s a sign of weakness. The thought of this guy sitting across from Putin is why I am actually scared of him in the white house. Wasn’t thrilled with the idea of another Clinton white house but I wasn’t scared either.

    For further proof of how weak the guy is just watch how he interacts on the O’Reilly interview this week. If he capitulates so easily to a blow hard talk show host what do you think Putin will do when he sizes up Obama. Anything he wants would be my guess.

    I’ll stop trolling now. Interesting site.

  91. Daily Kos is really scary you guys. This is the from the top of the rec list:

    First as an African American woman let me say thank you to all of Barack’s white supporters, who supported him when most of the African American community didn’t because we just didn’t believe he had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Iowa, a state that is 97% white, sent Barack on his path to the White House and that is something that I will never forget. I hope that other black people remember that too.

    I’ve found throughout my short life that few white people fully understand the extent to which all black people even, brilliant, successful and beautiful black people like the Obamas, are still subject to racism. This used to frustrate me, but then I thought about how separate black and white people often live. Some whites are well aware because they have black friends, black spouses or lovers. Or black people who are in their lives in some real intimate way that has allowed them to see the difference in treatment first hand. But for those of you who are not racist, but don’t have black people you are close to, you are finding that many people you know don’t want to vote for a black man for president and are using any excuse not to do so even though they know it’s in their own best interests to vote for the Democratic Nominee. Many of you, especially people under 30 are getting aquainted with how race plays out in modern America, more covert then overt. You are shocked and hurt. I undderstand, but you better get over it and fast.

    So if your anecdotal experience is that some people you know are moving to McCain who you though were available to Obama, don’t be alarmed because they were never available to Obama they just didn’t want to tell you why. Palin has given them cover for their decision, but please know that the decision was made already. Palin is a good excuse because she is a woman, but when they got into the voting both, alone with their racism, they were not going to vote for Obama. Ever.

    What the fuck is that?

  92. Dear American Public:

    I regret to inform you that Obama is not my son the Messiah, although he is indeed one of my many children.

    A shout out to all my beloved daughters.


  93. Just visited D.U. – They are in total melt down. One post is even asking if it is time for Axelrod to be replaced.

  94. Gary:

    Whoever wrote that is a rac*st

    Seriously. How does she know what all those white people think?

  95. Left alone in the voting booth with Obama’s sexism, I will be pulling the lever for McCain.


  96. Dee:

    Their brains melted down a long time ago

  97. “Do I tell her that there are still men out there who will try to hold her back, who will call her names and will tell her that she is “less than?” ”

    The events of this week ought to make it clear that the essay should be edited to read “…still men and women out there …”

  98. D.U. = Dumb & Ugly

  99. My house is a mess, my car desperately needs to be cleaned and every waking minute I am immersed in a giant game not of my making.

    LOL! You are definitely not alone RD. I was thinking about it tonight when I got home and wanted to get online. This has become such a warm, intimate group of friends. The external world has become so distorted and surreal, we had to come here to make sure we were not the crazy ones. It’s been even worse as the pressure on us has increased, so we hold tight to each others’ hands and “keep going!” If you hear the dogs barking…

    At least your house is a mess because you are doing something worthy by creating this informed, comforting, and inspiring refuge for us all. What’s my excuse?!

    ‘nite brave ones…

  100. DU: Democratic Underground

    Dumocratic Underbelly

  101. I wish i knew I could never bring myself to vote for a Black man before I busted my ass trying to get Deval Patrick elected. I’m not saying i didn’t enjoy calling an entire town’s voting list about 6 times because no one else could help me, or getting screamed at and hung up on every other call because of all the Republicans here, but I’m sure I could have found better things to do with those thousand hours.

  102. No, don’t replace Axelrod… Must keep all the scumbags together to make the clean-up easier… : D

  103. SOD: It’s all right. I have stuff to do but I invariably find myself here most evenings. Time to invest in extra-curriculars.

  104. Dee, thanks for the report…also, LOVE your letter to your state attorney!

    It should be a PUMA prowl!!!

  105. stateof – D.U. = Democratic Underground.

    It has been around for a long time. I always assumed that the owner was actually an independent, not a democrat. It turned totally Obama long before the primary was over. After Hillary stopped her campaign anyone who stayed and posted had to support Obama.

    One day in response to the constant assertion that all PUMAs were Republicans I posted my personal (long) history of Democratic Party support. I made no statement about Hillary or Obama. I was “alerted” on and received a private message from Skinner (the owner) that I would be tombstoned unless I signed the loyalty oath that he provided. I didn’t sign. I didn’t care. They are all rabid children.

  106. They won’t replace anyone because in their minds, they aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s just us stupid, racist, bitter voters who can’t get it right.

    The thing they will never forgive Sarah Palin for is not the fact that she’s a woman. It’s the fact that she dared to say that the Emperor has no clothes.

  107. Seriously wrote: “I wish i knew I could never bring myself to vote for a Black man before I busted my ass . . .”

    And I wish I had known I could never bring myself to care about black people when I worked as a polling monitor in a black neighborhood in inner city Houston in 2004, helping voters of both parties there, who were being illegally “challenged” at the polls by white thugs-in-waiting, helping them to cast provisional ballots there, and explaining to them what to do after, even though my candidate, Kerry, had no chance in hell of winning Texas or anything else that day.

  108. stxabuela: Exacto. Abrazos. Magda

  109. and just in case, if 61 wants to have Hill as VP, we still have to say no…. it is all or nothing, she should be on top of the ticket, then we will vote for 61, when he admits he is number 2….

    claws out….. roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. I love it that there is no loyalty oath here. I don’t think RD supports voting for McCain, but she allows those of us who have made that decision to post here.

    For that, she gets my loyalty. Much more powerful than demanding it.

    Listening, obots?

  111. Here it is:

    The moderators have sent you the following message:

    You have recently expressed your support and ‘membership’ of the PUMA movement, and ended a post “Party Unity My Ass” – apparently your own view. Here at Democratic Underground we expect our members to support the Democratic nominee for president. Those who persist in spreading division risk losing their posting privileges. Please read this thread started by Skinner for more information: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=132&topic_id=6344459&mesg_id=6344459 The DU Moderators

    In order to continue participating on our message board, you must agree to follow the rules by clicking this link:

    I acknowledge receipt of this notification and I agree to follow the rules.

    Democratic Underground

    Note: At that time I had never visited the PUMA site. I was/am just seirously angry at the Party.

  112. *shakes head* I have yet to hear any Obot come up with ONE rational reason for voting for Obama, and yet somehow the only reason to NOT vote for him is racism?

    If he’s such a great candidate that everybody would be supporting him if not for racism, then why can’t they come up with one thing in his favor?

  113. The day a black lesbian is President is the day our work is finished.

    Yours drunkenly,


    Geez, ugsome…Donna’s running?

  114. Hillary will NOT take veep at this late date even if it’s offered. The ticket is sunk and there is no way to save it. Sarah Palin was the September surprise. At least one of them.

  115. Still4Hill: No,I’m running!

    Okay, not a lesbian but close enough for now.

  116. AS I just said, if NOBAMA comes pleading for Hill to be his VP, we must not go that way… Hill is the top of the ticket or not at all… If he goes to number two, with Hill on top, then they shall have my vote…. HISSSSSSSSSS

  117. I’m not convinced Hillary could save it even from the top. THey’d just keep attacking the party for making bad decisions. It would kill her faster than any other scandal would.

  118. Reg: hahahaha
    I wonder if I don’t “get” the Obama charisma because he’s “metrosexual? I dunno I find metrosexual creepy.

  119. Regency, you really don’t think she’d take it? She’s party loyal to the core. i think she’d take it to try and save the party even though they don’t deserve it, her political career would be over and if she managed to get Obama elected, he’d take every opportunity to humiliate her in public all teh time.

  120. Loyalty oaths. Purges. Lies. Defamation. Censorship.

    Obama’s rabid young supporters remind me of Putin’s rabid young supporters.

    They remind me of Idi Amin’s rabid young supporters.

    They remind me of Chairman Mao’s rabid young supporters.

    They do not remind me of the young people of the 1960’s Civil Rights movement.

    They do not remind me of the young people of a shining Prague Spring.

    They do not remind me of the young man who stood in front of a tank in Tiannenmen Square.

    They do not remind me of America. Or Americans.

    And yet I know they are.

    How sad.

  121. Typical Republican, on September 7th, 2008 at 11:49 pm Said:

    Sorry to be a troll but I have to ask a question.

    How on earth did Obama manage to beat Hillary?


    Mysogyny – it’s a new word in my vocabulary to be honest with you. I always thought it was sexism, but on these blogs I’ve learned there’s an actual difference between the two words.

  122. I don’t know – if they needed her, she might agree, but I see this ticket falling apart somehow and madamab’s play coming true.
    No to all of the above. Let them stew in their moose juice.

  123. Still4Hill, he’s like a cross between Bush and Romney. Smarmy game shw host meets used car salesman. If you don’t think they’re hot, then you wouldn’t find Obama appealing either.

  124. Magdalena –
    + to list : remind me of Jim Jones & The People’s Temple

  125. I would just hate to see her as #2 to 61, it would break my heart…. I still think if she was #1, she could do it, but it would have to be soon to make it work….

    Hill 2008 or else m/p

  126. I don’t think we have to worry because Mr. Mommy Issues would never, ever offer, but I think she’d take it.

  127. Not that I’m keeping score or anything, but what happened to:

    50 state strategy, fundagelicals flocking, red states turning blue, Hillary voters coming home, being kool, undecideds being overwhelmed by cheering Berliners, the “surge” being a non-issue, suburbanites putting issues aside and voting with urbans, traditional swing states not swinging this time, campaign “energy,” being ahead by double digits by Labor Day — is there any prognosticated strategy of the BZero campaign that has the least bit chance of being true?

    Edsel has always been the NYT crossword answer for “huge strategic blunder” — could it be replaced with Obama? Still 5 letters and more vowels.

  128. Seriously: She wouldn’t take it because she and Bill KNOW t here’s no saving this trainwreck. No sense in taking the history and the future of the Party down with the moron.

  129. ericka – You’re right. Time is short. As #1, I think she could pull it out of the fire.

    No way #2 – I’ll write a note that she has pink-eye and can’t and sign it Dorothy Rodham.

  130. I don’t think he will offer and I don’t think she would take it.
    Could there possibly be a dumber move than dumping a VP?
    Not going to happen.

  131. So I was wondering if there are any body language experts out there.

  132. I agree Seriously, Obama isn’t man enough to turn to a woman and admit he made a mistake.

    Even if he did, the Democratic Party would look unfit to lead the country. McCain/Palin would have a field day.

    And even if he did, Hillary would have to turn to him and say, Sweetie, let me help you out again, and explain to you why that isn’t going to work, now.

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

  133. Edsel has always been the NYT crossword answer for “huge strategic blunder” — could it be replaced with Obama? Still 5 letters and more vowels.

    Answer – Ford and Dole
    Question: Name a lemon and a pineapple.

  134. Not that I’m keeping score or anything, but what happened to: 50 state strategy, fundagelicals flocking, red states turning blue …

    Some candidates will say and do anything to get elected..

  135. Community Organizers = Amway Representatives

  136. I know Regency, but they’ve known that all along. She’s still out there despite how she’s been treated. Loyal to the core! I think Bill will tell Obama to ^%$# off, but not Hillary.

  137. I love the idea of thinking up t-shirt slogans.

    “I was a community organizer until my mother forced me to give up my newspaper route.”

  138. I’m not convinced by the polls. I think it’s a dead heat. I don’t believe women will just vote for a woman. Some will, but many will still vote party lines and never look at the issues or facts. I know far too many on both sides of the ticket who didn’t even bother with their caucus or primary.

  139. Gracie, how about this:

    Alaska, a state with city parks bigger than Delaware.

  140. Gracie has a great idea! We should have a tee shirt slogan contest.

    (not that I’d be any good at that, but I’d love reading them)

  141. New post up

  142. Really! T-shirt slogans might be fun to write.

    “Community Organizers: You either are or aren’t one.”

  143. Republican: I am keeping my head through this by remembering Margaret Thatcher.

    I would never vote for someone just because she was a woman. And that was so far from why I was behind Hillary. She has it all – the fact that she’s a woman was just the icing on the cake.

  144. Gracie – I love that last one!

  145. Go Gracie! Hill or no deal! Number One or no fun…..

  146. Dee… what is D.U.??

    Carol….just send me an invoice for your services. I’m a satisfied customer. 😎

  147. Isn’t Vermont smaller than Alaska, population-wise? I can’t think of a slogan to encompass how Gov. Dean is a hero while Gov. Palin is a wannabe.

  148. It will be lonely for sure.

  149. Thanks regency….how’s college?

  150. How bout : Dean sucks ……

  151. stxabuela

    clap…………….clap………………clap…………….clap……..clap….clap….clap..clap..clap clap ….roaring applause.

  152. Yes, my daughter is weighing 17 different clubs….she’s chatting with me now on skype.

  153. Dee….
    loyalty oath????

  154. Republican Woman,

    Obama didn’t beat Hillary. The democratic and republican misogynistic establishments with the help of the corporate media beat Hillary. Obama was only one of many tools they used to accomplish it. The misogyny media boyz were another tool. Now that Obama and the democratic party misogyny has been revealed and they have royally alianated the female domocratic base, the Palin pick gives the republicans the opportunity to look like the party that embraces gender equality, at least with regard to fair treatment.

    Furthermore, their opportunity to defend Palin from the sexist attacks further makes their case, especially when not even the dem women came to Hillary’s defense.

  155. This was beautiful RD—- Ol’ Jackson. And what he’s pulling now, and who we are, and what he did once to Daryl Hannah. PUMAS like us? We NEVER FORGET.

    Your beautiful blue flame is the same one I thought it was. You and I. remember the first lipgloss? The first make-up, our firends at Brooks age? You would have been one of my best friends — back there you had NY — my best friend at 19 was named Cheryl and she was from New Jersey! We danced out of the 70’s to Disco, didn’t we. We watched The Partridge Family –at 8 years of age we had those sleepovers — out here we had Hollywood Glam, and Ziggy Stardust –Boys in High School were gay.

    You guys had CBGB’s — our gen?

    We know EXACTLY who we are, and we are the most FAB bunch of people around aren’t we?

    RD & Co. I once worked with a Vietnam Vet — It took him three years to tell me how he felt when his navy boat pulled into San Fran under the Golden Gate Bridge and the rads up there dumped garbage all over those guys in their Dress Whites.

    Now, I’m watching that same group of ol’ guys try and do it again, with McC and you know what?

    If you think any PUMA is going to vote in a corporate fu*ktard shill like those 2 –dead wrong.

    For me, after hearing that client, after this last 8 years of war?

    This one is for McC.

    God help them if they f*ck with Sarah — she may not share our values all the way — but, I think that little Hockey Mom is going to be so much stronger than Hillary — Hillary was graceful and kind, and look what they did.


    This one?
    McC & Palin. No looking back.

    Like Klownhaus says — rip it apart and rebuild from scratch.

    Have to.


    when the pilot lights inside us all IGNITE ensemble!

  156. well, obama and the idiot dems really scare me…and they had better not be walking outside during a stormy night. they may get struck with lightning!!! He and they are likening him to Jesus and that is a mockery of God…if he says that he is a believer then he should put a stop to the comparisons…but the truth is finally out- he must not believe- he cannot possible read his Good Book or he would know that he is in grave danger mocking God.
    Sarah Palin and McCain have my vote and i have no doubt that they have more interest in our nation than anyone that has been in office or run for office in the past 16 years-both republican and democrat..
    have anyone ever noticed that the democratic party is represented by an ass?

  157. and yes…Jesus was a community leader- he was a servant to mankind…and he did things!!! He was eventually put to death by other “community leaders” too…beware of Obama!!! Dont know if anyone knows this but…if a Muslim leaves he faith for another religion, his/her family will disown them and consider them no more- notice that he has been visiting with his family in Africa? they sure are happy when he comes to visit!!! have they too left the faith or is it possible that he never did, only attends church for appearance reasons for political gain????

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