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Murphy and Friends: Gloooooria, G-L-O-R-I-A

Yes, indeed, kiddies, looks like Murphy has scored a big get.  Gloria Allred will be a guest on NO-WE WON’T tonight.  If you want to know what happened during the roll call vote from the inside of the Pepsi Center, set your cat channels for Murphy and Friends on NO WE WON’T/PUMA radio at 9:00PM EST tonight.

203 Responses

  1. Gloria Allred never met a microphone she wasn’t in love with.

    Gloria Allred? I’m not impressed. She’s a phony.

  2. Hi Wig Wag!

    but Gloria Allred was a California delegate for Hillary Clinton.

    She also appeared in a protest in a count the votes protest in Denver.

    This is a FRIEND to our cause, a loud hellacious one just like us!

  3. Gloria Allred can speak VOLUMES about sexism and politics SPECIFICALLY as it relates to Hillary and the DONC….

    She is a powerful successful woman and she kicks ass. GOTTA LOVE HER….

  4. I don’t know, WigWag. Gloria definitely stepped up for Hillary and against sexism. I used to think the same as you but she impressed me during the Convention week.

  5. I am loving this whole week. Barky is standing around aghast while all his hope tea gets dumped in the harbor by a bunch of rowdy wimminz. And now the hockey moms across the aisle are fired up and helping out.

    LMAO! Knitting needles at 4 o’clock, Harry Reid! Incoming! DUCK!

  6. Is it a one or two hour show tonight?

    Mountain Sage

  7. Great news! I was just looking around for something to listen to on the radio. Thanks, RD.

  8. RD-Any chance of getting rid of that outdated No We Won’t from Denver graphic? It always catches my eye when I visit but I’m alway disappointed it’s old news. Also, you should delete TL from your blogroll since they deleted you. 2 can play that game, right? You are not sufficiently reverential to The Ticket(or reverential at all) to suit Jeralyn.
    Thanks for the heads up on Murphy’s show.

  9. Hi Joan, thanks for the reminder about the graphic. I’ve removed it.

  10. Off-thread, but while we’re waiting, madamab inspired me. Here’s a little play for your entertainment.
    A Halloween Story: A Play in One Act

    Setting: Wassilla , Alaska. The town is blanketed with snow. It is Friday, October 30, the day before Halloween. Little Sarah and Obie, 4th graders, are trudging through the snow in the dim morning light on their way to school.

    Scene 1

    Obie: What’re you gonna be for Halloween?
    Sarah: I’m gonna be a barracuda. What’re you gonna be?
    Obie: I’m gonna be President of the USA!
    Sarah: Which one? Harding?
    Obie: ME! I’m gonna be ME as President of the USA!
    Sarah: What kind of stupid costume is that? That’s not a costume! Nobody’s gonna give you candy for that!
    Obie: Oh yeah? We’ll see!

    Scene 2

    (trudge….trudge…trudge…school up ahead: Warren G. Harding Elementary School named for the first AA President of the USA)

    Sarah: You know what my Dad says? He says when it’s cold like this, if you stick your tongue on the flagpole, it’ll freeze there and stick!
    Obie: Nah!
    Sarah: Yah!
    Obie: Nah!
    Sarah: Oh YAH! You betcha!
    Obie: (walking to the flag pole as they enter the school yard)
    Watch! (puts tongue on flag pole as a crowd of kids gathers)
    Bell rings
    Sarah: Gotta go!
    Obie: Don’t leave! THTUCK!!
    Sarah: But the BELL RANG!! (runs toward the school)
    Obie: (screams and cries)

    Scene 3

    (Inside the classroom, the beautiful, blonde 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Clinton takes attendance. All the children love Mrs. Clinton. They can’t wait to be in 4th grade. She is stunning in an orange pantsuit for the last day of school before Halloween.)

    Mrs. Clinton: Hmmmmm. Obie’s not here. Has anybody seen Obie?
    Sarah: (Points toward the school yard where Obie is crying, arms wildly flailing stuck to the flagpole)
    Mrs. Clinton: (smiles) He’d better calm down or he’ll poke is eye out.


  11. I cannot download that video – maybe we’re making it crash? But I found this one and once again am pissed off enough to cry:

  12. Watching “Sarah Palin: An American Woman” on Fox…..but I’ll try and get in both.

  13. Delurking because you folks make me feel better, and best of all, make me laugh.
    WMCB, your comment
    Knitting needles at 4 o’clock, Harry Reid! Incoming! DUCK!
    Oh lordy lordy. But then I read Still4Hill’s halloween play, and I laughed again. Thank you all.
    BTW, Madamab, Happy birthday – we share the day, although I think my year predates yours – and best wishes and healing thoughts to your father.

    Thanks again to all commenters. You make my day. Back to lurkerdom.

  14. Watching her documentary on Fox now…I am excited to vote her in and to kick Obama back to the communties that he organized.

  15. Gerry Ferraro is featured very prominently in this Palin bio on Fox. She really says nice things, about Palin’s example for working women, and how much it would mean to little girls…

    Methinks Gerry is a wise old fox. Methinks she endorsed Bambi knowing this was coming out.

  16. Hmm…Gloria Allred. I’m not sure how I feel about this. (Would calling her a “media whore” be considered sexist? I’d easily apply that term to a man, too.) I guess it’s good to have a high-profile PUMA (is she PUMA?) On the other hand, I’ve spent years hating her love of the almighty camera and microphone. But as long as she starts using her big mouth for a good cause – I’m willing to give her another chance.

  17. I can’t hear the broadcast, anyone else having problems.

  18. So is Allred showing up to tell people to line up behind The Anointed One?

  19. hello-laura, you’ve posted the same thing under three different names. that’s pretty obnoxious. time for you to go.

  20. Anyone listening to NWW? I can’t get the broadcast!!!

  21. I don’t know who Gloria Allred is but I don’t know why she agreed to talk on PUMA radio when she is “1000% behind Obama”. I think like Lanny, she is trying to get a few more PUMAs to get behind Obama. Not going to work. That ship has sailed.

  22. Where’s WMCB? I’m sitting here “clutching my uterus in fear.”

    Gloria … give it a rest!

  23. Getting it now?

  24. Okay, Allred is an Obamabot. She didn’t answer Murphy’s question asking her how she would defend Obama and Biden’s support of Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court. All she said was that she knows Obama is pro-choice and wouldn’t appoint people like Roberts and Alito. Huh? If they supported them what makes you think that Obama wouldn’t cave in to the right wing agenda like he did with FISA? If he doesn’t care about privacy rights, I sure as hell don’t believe that he cares more about women’s privacy rights over their reproductive organs.

  25. Yeah, she said we must vote for BO because of scary SCOTUS

    blah, blah

  26. Gloria has lost it! I guess “celebrity lawyer” has gone to her head. I turned it off. 😦

  27. Listening to her, I realize how well informed we are on all this. No new info has come up yet.

  28. Damn, I was watching TV and missed the SCARY SCOTUS! Booga Booga Booga!!!

    Nope. Not askeered.

  29. I had to turn it off too. Same old propaganda. 😦

  30. Ugh! She says we had TWO wonderful candidates, Obama and Hillary?


  31. How was the Sarah Palin doc on Fox? Anyone see it?

  32. Jeralyn’s latest post may give a clue to her recent derangement.

    It might be payola, not kool-aid that’s responsible. She’s bragging about writing a piece for Salon about guess who?

  33. We “must” vote for him??? Really? Last time I checked I didn’t have to vote any way I didn’t want to. *YAWN* on the SCOTUS scare too. *neeeeeeeeeext*

    What is so hard about actually getting the point here with these people. I even got a little irritated with Gerry Ferarro on t.v. the other day because she was soooo smiley about moving on.

    I’m saying to myself the whole time she is talking “Look! It’s about caucus fraud, subverting the true will of the voters, intimidation, misogyny and bullying towards fellow democrats. No, I won’t just move on and act as if this is a “she lost fair and square” situation. It isn’t.

    If you minus out the fact that we had Hillary as a candidate and say this all went on without the misogyny but, still with the same b.s. cheating, I would still be standing up to it for heaven’s sakes. What I do not understand is why so many democrats are willing to just let it slide.

    It means you vote won’t count next time obots. Don’t you get that at ALL? Nevermind that a large number of you seem to think using hatred of one group towards women is okay…but, this party that so many of you just recently joined has been turned into the most UN democratic machine in my memory. Congratulations. I can only hope you wake up a few years from now and realize what dupes you were in this plan to subvert the will of the American voter.

    You sure aren’t getting it now. I however, AM and Ms. Allred, and yes, Mz Ferraro too you can paste a smile on and say who we MUST vote for but, it’s not gonna change the crime and I’m not helping anyone put a criminal in office as POTUS.

  34. McCain Camp Accuses Obama of Cynical Attempt to Play Victim
    See, the Repubs won’t hold back. Good! WHINER WHINER WHINER with your poor persecuted race card bullcrap!

    McCain Camp Accuses Obama of Cynical Attempt to Play Victim

    September 06, 2008 8:04 PM

    “Barack Obama’s suggestion that the McCain campaign is somehow trying to paint him with ‘Muslim connections’ is false, and a cynical attempt to play the victim,” Rick Davis, Sen. John McCain’s campaign manager, said today. “We’ve seen Barack Obama use these tactics before — and they’re just as offensive and wrong as they were the last time.”


  35. wow, Gloria just said ‘someone’ at the convention said something about McCain and Palin……weird since Palin was named as a candidate the day after the convention ended. Gloria has a false memory 🙂

  36. John McCain is not the same as Bush. He’s definitely going to use his veto power to deny pork spending.

    I remember reading Alan Greenspan’s book, and he was aghast at Bush for letting the feeding frenzy go on in the Repub majority congress. He said they deserved to lose their majority.

  37. myiq2xu: UGH. I haven’t been to TalkLeft in a few days. I am not surprised at all. Jeralyn and Taylor Marsh and all the others who had no problem backing Obama/Biden are more concerned with advancing their careers than reporting the truth. That is why I’d rather visit sites like The Confluence or Anglachel’s Journal where bloggers remain anonymous or have little interest in becoming a media whore for MSNBC or CNN. That way we can get no holds bar truth rather than pandering or plain lies and bullsh*t in order to get backstage passes to the convention and invitations to media whore events.

  38. brittgirl, the special was really good.

    Alice Paul, Gerry didn’t say at any time that we must all vote for BO. Listen carefully. She said that Biden gives him enough foreign policy chops – which is kind of a back-handed slap at Bambi’s lack of the same.

    Watch the Fox special on Palin – Gerry is VERY prominent in it. I think ol’ Gerry pulled a fast one on the DNC, and can smile and say, “What? I publicly endorsed, didn’t I?” if they complain.

  39. #
    WMCB, on September 6th, 2008 at 9:25 pm Said:

    Damn, I was watching TV and missed the SCARY SCOTUS! Booga Booga Booga!!!

    Nope. Not askeered.

    I really don’t think Barak is rowing with all of his oars in the water. The flip on FISA, supporting John Barrow in GA, depresswed women having abortions, alowing gays to have rights, etc and when his loyal ‘bots say WTF, “why are you moving right” his response is “I haven’t moved anywhere, you haven’t been listening to me”. He behaves like a teenage boy with “oppositional personality disorder”. Sure as sh*t, if he has a chance to nominate for SCOTUS, it would be someone like his buddy Doug Kmiec. And Obama would say, “You weren’t listening, we can’t have wimminz have abortions just because they are feeling depressed.”

  40. WMCB: Thanks for the link to the ABC News post. I absolutely agree with McCain’s camp and I’m glad they are calling him out on using the r_a_c_e & ethnicity card again. He could pull it with Hillary but the McCain campaign is going to make sure that he never gets away with race baiting again. Everyone needs to read that post. Obama needs to stop talking about people attacking him because he’s black or Muslim. WHATEVER. McCain’s campaign has attacked Obama on other things (inexperience, celebrity status, etc.) but they have not used r_a_c_i_sm or religion (so far) to attack Obama.

  41. Ugh. I had to turn the radio show off. We’re more informed than Allred is. She is just repeating the same talking points that are being promoted by BO and the media. She even praised the Gloria Steinem article in the LA Times that I found to be really offensive. Same paste and cut distortions about what Palin has said and done. Does anyone do any damn research anymore (except us)? I think there is an epidemic of intellectual laziness. Why bother investigating if you can just repeat what someone sent to your in-box (with no verification)? Scarey, scarey McCain. How about scarey, scarey BO?

    Gloria was talking about the anti-democratic practices at the Convention, and then goes on to praise Obama as a wonderful candidate.

  42. Kiki-What I heard was John McCain more of the same-I didn’t hear Palin.

  43. Can’t you understand what Gloria is saying?

  44. Hey Charles:

    Here is a sister piece to Nick Cohen’s editorial you mentioned at BTF, it’s from Asia Times Online:

    How Obama lost the election

    Check out this ending:

    By all rights, the Democrats should win this election. They will lose, I predict, because of the flawed character of their candidate.


  45. Gloria does not change my mind, I am not voting for BO. This was a fradulent process and I will not reward the Dems.

  46. Gloria says a protest vote (writing in Hillary or staying home) is just like voting for McCain. That is bullsh*t. If people want to vote for McCain they can vote for McCain. And if Democrats want to stay home, they shouldn’t be blamed if Obama loses the election. BULLSH*T. It is Obama’s fault if he can’t convince enough people to vote for him.

  47. Joan, maybe I heard wrong? aacckk, maybe I have the false memory!

  48. Gloria … my vote for McCain will be a vote AGAINST Obama! Got it?


  49. Charles, did you see the commenter who replied to something Lambert said by brushing him off with the assumption that he’s voting for McCain? What dolts Obots are. Have they never had to hold their noses while they vote?

  50. BYE BYE GLORIA. She is using the abortion card. That’s all Obama and his Bots can use: racism and abortion. I’m sick of it.

  51. Gloria is whacked out of her skulled. Sorry!

    I’m simply not voting for BO. If McCain appoints Rightwingers to the SCOTUS, it must be up to the Dems in the Senate to stop them.

    People like should give that “Back-alley-abortion” claptrap.

    No we won’t!

  52. geez Gloria………..bye

  53. Roe v. Wade, must vote Obama, Roe v. Wade, mccain/palin the devil, must vote Obama, blah blah blah blah

    Gloria must be mainlining the kool-aide. I turned it off too.

  54. Gloria is gone, if you want to go back to the show.

  55. Kiki, it’s not you, Gloria was talking too fast and spouting gibberish.

  56. Jeez… although that was rather stimulating trying to listen to the sound and type comments at the same time… Gloria was a big disappointment. My sound kept going in and out but, from what I heard, Gloria seemed rather heinous in her conjecture as to why Hillary bowed out.
    And then the talking points straight from camp Bo when the caller Amy brought up several good questions about Obama.
    Gloria’s just a big old bot.

  57. how come we had Bush/Cheney, a republican congress and a right wing supreme court for years (6 years?) and we still have Roe v Wade?

  58. Hmmm. I need a little help here. I am assembling a few links for my mother to give her a brief introduction to caucus fraud and convention shenanigans. There are a lot of posts scattered around the blogosphere about it. Which posts/sites are the best, briefest, most credible introduction to the topic?

    I must meet Mr. Obot Ugsome and beautiful child for dinner. I will be back to do some more research. I welcome links and suggestions.

  59. Don’t blame me if McCain/Palin win, Iiiiiiiiiii voted for Hillary.

  60. ugsome: Go to Anglachel’s Journal (she’s under the blogroll). Anglachel has written extensively on Obama’s dirty campaign since December of last year. All of her posts are worth reading. You will probably find stuff there on caucus fraud, race baiting, and sexism – all of which Obama used to win the nomination. Good luck.

  61. kiki;

    It’s even better. Out of the 9 SCOTUS we have, I think only 2 were appointed by a Dem POTUS (the evil Bill Clinton). The other 7 were Rep appointees who were confirmed by cowardly Dems. Most appellate court judges were appointed by Rep POTUS.

    Can you guys imagine that Scalia was confirmed unanimously? Yup, I think it was 98-0 and suddenly the SCOTUS has to scare me into voting for Obama?


  62. ugsome, I think these vids from We Will Not Be Silenced 2008 are great for letting people know what happened.


  63. I keep wondering which Supreme the obats are going to help into early retirement. Which Supreme is going down in the next years. Any of them sick (besides sick in the head like Scalia and Thomas)? Any of them nearing teetering over and falling down?

  64. Everyone here could become an obamabot tonight and it still wouldn’t matter. Obama is doomed. I just want the loss to be as big as possible to let the DNC and all its money backers know that we saw what they did and we won’t take it.

  65. I have to say I haven’t been keeping up with the posting here at the Confluence this past week ’cause of work and such but I note a definite tone that concerns me. We’re all entitled to our opinions and mine is that I will write in HRC in November but I will never vote for McCain. I love the energy Gov. Palin brings to the repub ticket but there’s no way I’m buying into her stance on many issues including reproductive rights, energy, the war in Iraq, to name a few.

    Sure I fell in love with her delivery, honesty and newness but most importantly how she has caused Obama so much trouble. There’s no disguising her positions and I won’t vote for them.

  66. angelasmith, apparently the Obots have FutureVision, as they also say McCain is about to drop dead at any minute, leaving Sarah to run the country all by herself.

  67. exactly MAB. and Gloria was saying she might as well give up her law practice if a republican is elected???

    through how many republican administrations has she practiced law?

  68. Charles, at Talk Left in the comments. It was a reply to your “tizzy” comment. Lambert said something mild and someone slammed back with, “Oh you’re voting for McCain.”

    Which I think is highly unlikely.

  69. Yeah, what Angelasmith said. Who are the Supremes that are drawing their last breaths? Remember when Gore was supposedly going to win Florida in ’00 and whatsherface was pissed because she would have to stay on for another four years – oh crap, what’s her name? YOu know who I mean..blonde hair. Anyway, she didn’t.

  70. I always enjoy the stuff I see at Asia Times. But, I never think to go there without a link. Should I bookmark it?

  71. I”m with taw46, I will not reward corrupt behavior. I’ll be voting for McCain/Palin in November.

  72. I can’t even see the comments @ TL. I still can’t figure out if it’s my computer or if my account has been closed. I think it must be my computer.

  73. Charles,

    You didn’t link to the TL thread were they take Obama to task on his race card. I linked to the story yesterday, although most “lefty” blogs skipped it.

  74. elixir: I completely understand your position and I do not attack anyone who is against Obama but would rather stay home or write in Hillary or vote for a third party candidate than vote for McCain. But I will also understand anyone here who chooses to vote for McCain. I personally encourage anyone who lives in a swing state to vote for McCain if their goal is to see Obama lose. The important thing is that we all stick together in our common goal to reform the Democratic Party after Obama loses the election in November. I am not leaving the Democratic Party and I don’t think most of the people here want to leave the Democratic Party. We just need to get rid of the people currently in power and that means voting for another candidate whether they are Republican, Green, Libertarian, Independent, or staying at home.

  75. elixir, just log-out and you can see the comments again. At TL

  76. elixir, do you mean Sandra Day O’Connor?

  77. you know what’s weird? the first female supreme court justice was appointed by a republican……and probably the first female vice president will be a republican.

  78. Sandra Day O’Connor

  79. Charles, thanks!

  80. Outing McCain voters is TL’s mission these days. Even if you’re not one, someone will accuse you anyway. It has gotten so nasty over there.

  81. I still think that my comment at the top of this thread is right. Gloria Allred is a phony.

  82. Petition for Howard Dean to Resign as DNC Chair:


  83. madamab, don’t know if you will read this, but congrats on your father’s recovery. HB to you!

  84. AP just had a piece asking if it’s the McCain-Palin ticket or vice-versa. For a veep candidate, she’s really dominating this campaign.

  85. It might be payola, not kool-aid that’s responsible.

    I noticed after Denver that Jeralyn changed and soon after went on an absurd anti-Palin jihad. It was strange and sudden to see her posting garbage about the National Enquirer, the trooper story (implying guilt – what’s that about?), declaring Palin’s family off-limits and then officially on-limits, etc.

    Have TL commenters exiled themselves to another blog? Which one?

  86. Talk about sexist. Maureen Dowd’s column in the Sunday NY Times just appeared in the on-line edition of the paper. Here are the first two paragraphs. Maureen Dowd is a sexist monster. She needs to be stopped!

    “You know what I’m thinking, because you’re thinking it, too.

    If Barack Obama had chosen Hillary Clinton as his running mate, we would now be looking forward to the greatest night in the history of American politics: the Oct. 2 vice presidential debate between Ma Barker and Sarah Barracuda.”

  87. Yup Sandra Day O’Connor first woman Supreme. And a Repub put up by a Repub. Thing is once on the court, Sandra shifted to the middle. This is a phenom that has made conserv repubs stamp their little feet in anger. Many conservs put onthe court have shifted to the middle– perhaps it’s the fact that it’s an appointment for life and that puts them out of partisan
    arm-turning. Or perhaps it is because some of them
    (not scalia- puke head) take their position seriously and strive to uphold the constitution as opposed to their party’s ideology. (you have to forget about the 2000 election fiasco to see any validity in my point—oh well)

  88. How likely is that the SCOTUS would overturn their own decision? I’ve tried to research but haven’t had much luck. To overturn Roe, a new case would have to be brought, they would have to accept it for review and they would have to find new reasons to overturn their previous decision. So they would have to rule that we don’t have a right to privacy? Is that likely? It seems unlikely to me. Any SCOTUS experts here?

  89. Gloria was a horrid BO shill.

  90. AP just had a piece asking if it’s the McCain-Palin ticket or vice-versa. For a veep candidate, she’s really dominating this campaign.

    That’s because the wing-nut left and Obama decided to MAKE it about her. The experience argument and her personal life were blown up to try and force her out of the race. It backfired. Now, Obama is debating Palin 24/7.

    WigWag: why torture yourself with Dowd. I completely ignore the likes of Dowd, Andrew Sullivan, Frank Rich, Bob Herbert, CNN, Matthews, Keith O etc. I know what they are going to say before the subject even arises, and I don’t take poison in if I can help it.

  91. WigWag, I think you nailed Gloria.

    and it seems like there was a time, way back in history, long ago and far away, perhaps in a previous life, that I enjoyed Maureen Dowd’s columns. am I confusing her with someone else?

  92. “#
    angelasmith, on September 6th, 2008 at 10:08 pm Said:

    I keep wondering which Supreme the obats are going to help into early retirement. Which Supreme is going down in the next years. Any of them sick (besides sick in the head like Scalia and Thomas)? Any of them nearing teetering over and falling down?”

    John Paul Stevens is the most likely..he is 88 and has heart trouble.

  93. Charles, hasn’t Zogby been inflating Obama’s numbers all year? I think his brother was an Obama delegate from California. Zogby’s been a joke for a while.

  94. for years I’ve had a little crush on Zogby.

    this election season is changing everything! low information must be bliss

  95. I tried to post that she was an Obama supporter earlier, and included a video link, but my post got “moderated” and wasn’t put up.

    It was the truth, as you now see. I give up trying to post here, no one is interested in the truth, or in real analytical thought or debate. You are all just brainwashed and ignorant to the facts right in front of you.

  96. dg-I think TL commentors have scattered. There aren’t many blogs with TL’s set-up that most would want to go to(Kos, for example). Some are here and I’ve seen some at Corrente(though it’s hard to be approved to comment there). I wish I knew where they went because I’d follow them-there were some good ones!

  97. “Have TL commenters exiled themselves to another blog? Which one?”

    I moved over here. I was hoping to see more TL posters here, and though I see a few, I’m wondering what happened to some of the others.

  98. Hey guys, join me tonight.

    For the first time Harriet Christian will be interview on “My Two Cents Radio”. The interview and discussion will focus on DNC Convention, McCain’s VP, RBC meeting, Obama/Biden, Roe v.Wade, and so much more

    Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET!!! call-in number 347-202-0443


  99. Do we have a link for the Zogby poll with McCain +4?

    I believe Mac will be ahead when they publish the surveys taken entirely after the convention.

  100. Dowd had a brief period where she bashed Bush, which was enjoyable. But mostly, she bashes Dems. I stopped reading her when she went crazy on Gore. She is a deeply disturbed person.

  101. the people i work with – I don’t even think they know this is an election year. and they seem much happier and less stressed than me.

    except during an American Idol season, where they all get really freaked out for a while. but then they move on…..

    I’m not knocking them, honestly, because they are nice people. they just have less than no interest in politics. that’s so hard for me to understand.

  102. Thanks, disenfranchised – i signed the petition. I love Care2 – my Senator write to me about every one I sign, too.

  103. elixir: Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on the court, appointed by Reagan. She is from Arizona and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if McCain didn’t look for judges like her. We could do a lot worse.

  104. Someone at the Guardian is wondering if the media blew it for Obama – I say not them – but love the premise anyway

  105. Wig Wam- You a SOOOO right on!!! I lived in So. Cal., Gloria is a media hound. She LOVES to hear herself talk and she takes on high profile cases for the fame. Now, in saying that, she has done quit a lot for women, but thats all I’m giving her.
    Also, if McCain was so concerned about adding right wing Judges , why did he vote yes on Ruth Bader Ginsburg? I do not think it is really a part of his agenda. If you go back pre 2000, he was moderate and I think that is how he will be if he gets in. But, lets work on those down ticket Dems, we don’t want him to have too much power… LOL

  106. Gracie7–It’s possible that some TL posters are using different screen names. I had a different screen name at TL, although I didn’t post there after Hillary dropped out.

  107. fif, you’re right, I shouldn’t torture myself. But Dowd is influential. It is inconceivable that a columnist for a newspaper as important as the New York Times would have a column that described two male candidates that way. It makes me realize that things are getting worse not better. Sexism is back and it’s stronger than ever. And I am angy that it is abetted by young women, who think they have all the rights in the world, but don’t understand where those rights came from.

    kiki, I don’t know if you ever liked reading Maureen Dowd, but she has always hated both Clintons and her columns have been nasty and unfair for years. She is literally deranged.

  108. “So they would have to rule that we don’t have a right to privacy? Is that likely? It seems unlikely to me. Any SCOTUS experts here?”

    No expert..but IIRC Justice Ginsberg was opposed by some abortion rights groups because she had made statements that “privacy” was a weak foundation to base abortion rights. IIRC she felt that “Due process and equal protection” was a stronger argument.

    As far a reversing..Brown v Board reversed Plessy v Ferguson…If you are interested in the topic of SCOTUS reversals…I would look a cases before FDR and after -1935 especially related to wadge and work place issues. (IANAL)*g*

  109. Souter- one of the more liberal judges was appointed by Bush 1. There isn’t any guarantee that a justice appointed by either side will rule as the idealogues wish.

  110. Thanks, Charles. Yep– if there were a sitcom about polling, it would be called Everybody Hates Zogby’s. But I sense that McCain really has pulled ahead for real.

  111. CWaltz – That really is the lesson about these appointments. I hear people freaking about this issue, and it is not worth the rise in blood pressure.

  112. grayslady,

    My name was slightly different over there. Someone else already had my name here when I signed up.

  113. SHV–I agree with Justice Ginsburg re due process and equal protection v. privacy. What the repubs have been trying to do is chip away at R v. W via modifications: parental notification, waiting periods, etc. The real problem, however, is the physical obstruction and harassment of abortion clinics by anti-choice groups.

  114. Charles, I have been really enjoying your blog. That UK Guardian piece was excellent.

  115. concerned what is there to debate-

    Issues? Funny, during the primary I was told they weren’t important. Charecter? One of the candidates allowed the DNC to rig the election in his favor and had his surrogates lie and smear. As far as I’m concerned I see no reason to debate. I’m done with Banana Republic and infantile behavior(which rules me out of voting Barack Obama).

  116. Hello guys. I just hang up on Nowewont radio. Too many people wanted in tonite…. Anyway, Thanks to the caller from LA. She spoke just for me.

    But let me put in in writing.

    NODEAL. If Gloria is afraid of a world where Mccain nominated thousand of judges and administrators, I am even more afraid of a world where Obama and the DNC would be able to do the same unchecked. I SAW what they did with the party in 4 years, NOWAY I can let them do it with the country. !!!!!!

    When it is all said and done, what is left in the Oval Office is a man. And the mesure of a man is best evaluated by his past actions and his associations (spouse included). And from that point of view, there is no contest. I trust Mccain principles and judgment. His ideas might not be mine, but I do not question his principles and his core love and respect for our country and its people.

    I do not question Obama’s either. I am beyond that. He has proven to me over and over he is not trustworthy and he does not respect a large portion of our population. (Are women over 51% of the general population? 🙂 I rest my case)

    And to answer Gloria on the point of running for office: Yes, I am more and more contemplating doint it. But, honestly if the DNC can silence her, why would I go there. To end up being one of their “whores” they would send barking at the republicain woman candidates? HELL NO.

    The DNC need to be reformed and purged. It is only going to happen if they loose on top in November.


  117. grayslady, my daughter lives in Florida. she recently went to a clinic to get birth control pills and was accosted by right-to-lifers. she actually can’t remember if they physically touched her, but knows that they were verbally kind of vicious. and she was just there for an exam and prescription. she said if she had been there for an abortion and had been feeling vulnerable, it would have been almost unbearable.

  118. kiki–Those are the stories I’ve read about. The anti-choice groups set up these faux-“pregnancy counseling” shops just down the street from abortion clinics. They pretend that they are offering women a “choice”, when, in fact, all they provide is resource information for those who can be persuaded to give birth. I understand that they have people who stand outside the clinic while it’s open trying to harass women (and the men who are with them!) as they walk up the sidewalk to the entry door.

  119. “grayslady, on September 6th, 2008 at 10:53 pm Said”

    I agree..there is no MD in SD and I think one MD in MS who will do abortions.

    Again for reversals…look at SCOTUS cases of the activist Repub. courts from 1880’s to 1936 and then Dem courts after 1936. In the early 1900’s “Lochner v New York” was one of the defining cases and post ’36 “West Coast Hotel Co v Parrish” and then a host of others.

  120. Sorry for the repost but it’s worth.

    I beseech ye, Conflucians, run and go read this piece for it’s incredibly brilliant and spot on:

    How Obama lost the election.

    I’m terrible at excerpting well written article but I’ll to fish out some nuggets.

    On the size of Obama’s balls and the consequences thereof:

    Obama will spend the rest of his life wondering why he rejected the obvious road to victory, that is, choosing Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential nominee. However reluctantly, Clinton would have had to accept. McCain’s choice of vice presidential candidate made obvious after the fact what the party professionals felt in their fingertips at the stadium extravaganza yesterday: rejecting Clinton in favor of the colorless, unpopular, tangle-tongued Washington perennial Joe Biden was a statement of weakness. McCain’s selection was a statement of strength. America’s voters will forgive many things in a politician, including sexual misconduct, but they will not forgive weakness.

    That is why McCain will win in November, and by a landslide, barring some unforeseen event. Obama is the most talented and persuasive politician of his generation, the intellectual superior of all his competitors, but a fatally insecure personality. American voters are not intellectual, but they are shrewd, like animals. They can smell insecurity, and the convention stank of it. Obama’s prospective defeat is entirely of its own making. No one is more surprised than Republican strategists, who were convinced just weeks ago that a weakening economy ensured a Democratic victory.

    The reason Obama didn’t chose Hillary:

    Why didn’t Obama choose Hillary? The most credible explanation came from veteran columnist Robert Novak May 10, who reports that Michelle Obama vetoed Hillary’s candidacy. “The Democratic front-runner’s wife did not comment on other rival candidates for the party’s nomination, but she has been sniping at Clinton since last summer. According to Obama sources, those public utterances do not reveal the extent of her hostility,” Novak wrote. If that is true, then Obama succumbed to the character weakness I described in a February 26 profile of (Obama’s women reveal his secret). His peculiar dependency on an assertive and often rancorous spouse, I argued, made him vulnerable, and predicted that Obama “will destroy himself before he destroys the country”.

    Here is his little profile of Obama:

    In my February 26 profile, I called Obama “the political equivalent of a sociopath”, without any derogatory intent. A sociopath seeks the empathy of all around him while empathizing with no one. Obama has an almost magical ability to gain the confidence of those around him. Perhaps it was the adaptation of a bright and sensitive young boy who was abandoned by three parents – his Kenyan father Barack Obama Sr, who left his pregnant young bride; his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetero; and by his mother, Ann Dunham, who sent 10-year-old Obama to live with her parents while she pursued her career as an anthropologist.

    The piece is spectacular. Everybody MUSS read it.

  121. Charles,

    I notice you have a lot of economic blogs in your blogroll on your website. Did you read what McCain and Obama had to say about Fannie and Freddie today?

  122. The state polls and electoral map are what matter, that’s true; but they just don’t publish daily tracking polls in the states, so we poll junkies look at the national results…

  123. Charles,

    I have been amazed at how quickly McCain is closing the gap in the states that were toss up. He’s still behind but I wouldn’t be surprised if he broke 270 before the election.

  124. Charles

    What’s your blog’s name?

  125. MoDo was fun when she spent all her time bashing Bush. But since she’s been spending all her time bashing Hillary for the past 16 months she’s just become MoDoBo-re.

    Republicans gave us the first female Supreme Court justice and the first black Supreme Court justice. Okay, so Clarence Thomas turned out to be a cretin (thanks Jo Biden for letting him get through!), but let’s not forget that in some very important ways Republicans have been a hell of a lot more progressive than Democrats. They also gave us the first black Secretary of State, the first black female Secretary of State. And now quite possibly the first female VP. Democrats have a lot of catching up to do.

  126. what kills me is these ‘pro-life’ people don’t give a shit about kids once they’re born. they are more pro-fetus than pro-child. once they’re born, they can live on the street or starve for all they care.

    also, can you call yourself pro-life and be for the death penalty and for war?

  127. I wonder if the attempt to classify BC pills as an abortion may be an attempt by the right to do some damage to places like planned parenthood. Hmmmmmmmm

  128. CWaltz,

    Click on Charles name wherever he posts a comment.

  129. Thanks, SHV.

    Charles- Great news about Capt. Howdy! I registered with WordPress for your site but the password they gave me was so long and weird that I haven’t worked up the energy to use it yet. It has lots of 1”s,L’s.I that look alike to me. It is the most complicated password I’ve ever received and my eyesight is not the best.

  130. Kiki

    I think that is only true of some of them. I would hate to lump someone like Cindy McCain as uncaring of children just because I disagree with her on abortion.

    The biggest problem is that the conservative philosophy is harmful to children because it is a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” philosophy and children don’t have that luxury, they pretty much are stuck with the choices others make on their behalf.

  131. Thanks MA Blue 🙂

  132. McCain by four in latest Zogby…



    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  133. Joan, can you just cut and paste it? that’s what I do with all weird assigned passwords, and then I change them 🙂

  134. Charles

    How do you feel about the fact that oil companies already have leases where they aren’t drilling. Pelosi got it right(Yuck, I hate saying that because I loathe her). The oil companies should not get anymore land to drill on until they start utilizing what they already have.

  135. thanks CWaltz. I’ve been impressed by Cindy McCain and really would not lump her in there. also, she is not as militantly pro-life as her husband’s running mate.

  136. Joan at 10:33 (i think) looking for instances where SCOTUS reversed itself.

    Lawrence v. Texas I believe reversed Bowers v. Hardwick. Just a couple of years ago.

    Bowers found that a georgia statute criminalizing consensual sodomy was constitutional.

    Lawrence found that sodomy laws are unconstitutional.

  137. elixir, on September 6th, 2008 at 10:11 pm Said:
    I have to say I haven’t been keeping up with the posting here at the Confluence this past week ’cause of work and such but I note a definite tone that concerns me. We’re all entitled to our opinions and mine is that I will write in HRC in November but I will never vote for McCain. I love the energy Gov. Palin brings to the repub ticket but there’s no way I’m buying into her stance on many issues including reproductive rights, energy, the war in Iraq, to name a few.
    Sure I fell in love with her delivery, honesty and newness but most importantly how she has caused Obama so much trouble. There’s no disguising her positions and I won’t vote for them.

    I agree! By the way, there’s been a bunch of articles saying Obama should have picked Hillary.

  138. My prediction, for whatever it is worth, is that Rs will provide the US withe the first female VP and eventually also with the first female POTUS.

  139. Absolutely. I was pleasantly surprised to see she is pro sex ed and Cindy believes in exceptions for rape and incest as well as health. I wonder how Sarah Palin feels about the KS law that allows rapists parental rights? It is totally icky that you’d allow a rapist control for 18 years over his victim(which is basically what you’d do if you forced the victim to give birth).

  140. Fine, I will go read it….;)

  141. Thanks, Kiki! Good idea. I am brain-dead sometimes.

  142. kiki, I would not describe Palin as “militant”. I have yet to see her take any action whatsoever to attempt to limit choice, and the group she belongs to, “Feminists for Life”, are opposed to scare tactics and blaming women.

    They do a lot of work lobbying for more support structures for women and children, so that perhaps some women might be more inclined to feel ABLE to keep a pregnancy.

    I still disagree, but I would not lump Palin in with screamers and those blocking clinics. Not her style.

  143. Obama’s VP pick was his last chance to prove he could get ego and country in the right order. If he put the country first and his ego second and delivered a Hillary VP I *might* have voted for him despite the primary shenanigans. He didn’t though and he cemented my impression that his ego is far too fragile and requires far too much stroking. He also strikes me as very trojan horse like. I can’t help thinking that he is an empty vessel someone is filling. I kinda feel sorry for him. That said, pity, is no reason to vote someone into the highest office.

  144. The nation is in love with Sarah because she appears fresh and new. But if the ticket does prevail, and if she begins to insert her own religious views into decision making, then her chances in 2012 may be negligible.

    Keep in mind that both campaigns have pledged to allow the faith based office to remain as part of the WH and the little darlings who opposed Hillary just for being Hillary are going to start screaming bloody murder if their liberal rights become more abused. People can take just so much of the “religious”crapola being used as a political instrument and a lot can happen in four years.

    I think it is a fatal error to suggest that Sarah may be a shoe in come 2012. The flavor of the month can turn sour just as quickly. Just ask Barack.

  145. “Obama is the most talented and persuasive politician of his generation, the intellectual superior of all his competitors, but a fatally insecure personality.”

    Intellectual superior? We have no way to make that determination. Grades, test scores, writings and published papers??? No one who know him from any school that he attended is talking. I think he has above average intelligence but is lazy and cuts corners. He could also be as dumb as a box of rocks..there is no data to say..

    One thing is certain, Hilliary is a lot smarter and she has done her home-work her whole life.

  146. Say what you will about McCain but a Rightwing nutball he ain’t. This guy is a proven pragmatic dealmaker. McCain-Feingold anyone?

    He has worked with the likes of Kennedy and other Leftwingers in the Senate and he has a very good relationship with Hillary. Considering that and his wife’s moderate stand on many issue, McCain WILL NOT go on a crusade to overturn Roe v Wade, he would want to run thin smoothly because he’ll face a (albeit nutless) Democratic majority in both Houses.

  147. Good to know, let’s hope she is able to sell this to her party on a national level. I’m always nervous about the GOP because traditionally they have basically sold off the country and its constituents down the river to the highest bidder. It seems Sarah is an oddity in her own party.

  148. The problem, as I see it, is that Obama does not deserve to be at the top of the ticket. Period. Most of our discussions take place around that simple fact alone. Hillary as VP would only serve as yet another “styrofoam pillar” in propping him up.

  149. MABLUE

    The only thing that breaks my heart is that McCain will cut social spending. There is no way that he won’t. The party wouldn’t stand for it and he has to do something to the deficit. I feel for the kiddos that are going to suffer as the result.

    There isn’t any guarantee that Obama will spend us into economic prosperity either though and his love of the market makes me just as nervous. The market and its speculators have done some damage.

  150. I think the best route to take regarding Sarah is a “wait and see”. We have witnessed her rise in politics through the prism of the Alaskan political terrain. So far she has yet to sit for a q and a session on her own. We may think we know her but that has yet to be played out. McCain I think we can say, from observing a 25 year history that he goes off the reservation every so often. This can also apply to Obama whose paper trail is almost invisible.

  151. I would have trusted that styrofoam pillow. I believe Hillary loves the country enough to do what needs to be done even if she doesn’t get credit for it. I in no way shape or form would believe she would be an Obama “yes” man. She would have challenged him and made him live up to his potential if for no other reason than to ensure she got her chance.

  152. CWaltz:

    You may have an argument there, but the Obama economic team is led by what we would consider Rightwing economists, none of them even has the shade of progressive economists like Krugman or Mark Thoma.

  153. MABlue, thanks so much for that link. It is well-reasoned and spot on.

  154. Read what Spengler wrote. Agreed with some points, not with others. Overall quite intersting. thanks to all who provided the link.

  155. Thanks for the suggestions. I am patiently working on flipping my mother’s vote. My brother cheerfully drinks whatever flavor of kool-aid is being served up each election and she needs to hear the other side.

  156. LMAO! Other pro-Hillary blogs are having the same growing pains we are, with some posters getting uneasy and snippy at others for too much pro-McCain/Palin rah rah-ing. This person expressed it well when thus challenged on cheering for the other side:

    Let me bluntly share my current position…I want O-liar destroyed, obliterated , and fucking nuked to high heaven. I want that slimy son of a bitch to be forced to eat his own ass with a spork.

    If I’m celebrating my ass off every time McCain (and especially The Baracuda!) nails that lying, arrogant , Chicago Combine sack of shit to the wall , LEAVE ME BE!! This has been a long long time coming, and I have EVERY intention of enjoying it right here

  157. WMCB, that’s good to know. thanks. I do happen to believe people are entitled to their opinions, whether they’re the same as mine or not.

    my big problem is always people who feel the need to impose their beliefs on others

  158. I know this is a bit off thread. But I couldn’t get back until now. While the Glorias (Alred and Steinem) are bowing to the BO and are either dismissing or trashing Sarah, there are some feminist issues that could use their voices. But I guess that being a women’s-right advocate isn’t as glamorous. Maybe someone could ask Hillary to talk to about this and ignore the Obama request— Read below-
    “And at least five women’s-rights advocates have gone missing. One, Solmaz Igdar, was abducted on her way home in Tehran, her family says.
    The Khomeinist propaganda machine seeks to portray the women’s movement as part of a plot by “Zionists and Crusaders” to undermine Islam. In recent days, government media have published claims linking Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner who has spoken in support of the women’s movement, to the Bahai faith, a religion banned by the regime. This is a deadly threat: To abandon Islam for another faith carries a
    death sentence.
    “Free people everywhere should speak out in support of Iranian women,” says Tehran feminist Haydeh Karimi. “The proposed law is the thin end of a wedge. Ahmadinejad wants women out of universities and public life. He thinks he can curb mass unemployment by forcing women out of work, giving their jobs to men.”

  159. concerned, on September 6th, 2008 at 10:39 pm Said:

    “You are all just brainwashed and ignorant to the facts right in front of you.”

    I think your name was the tip off, concerned (troll).

  160. I read that oil drilled on public lands is underreported and the govt. doesn’t do the auditing it should. So that is lost revenue so the more public lands drilled, the more we are cheated. Also, where will the new oil from the new drilling be refined? We don’t have sufficient refining capabilities so new refineries will be built where? New drilling sites and new refineries will be an environmental nightmare as well as impacting our quality of life. At this point, both parties will do it because the public demands it so it will happen no matter who wins. : (

  161. Pat: Wait and see is a good stance towards Sarah.

    I will always be grateful to her for popping the Obama balloon last Wednesday, but I will reserve a political assessment of her until I learn more.

  162. I think this blog shares the same beliefs and attitudes of those expressed by that blogger. Anti Obama and the DNC all the way. Any other consideration is secondary.

  163. WMCB at 11:40

    man, that person you quote sums it up just right!

  164. Mablue

    I know. Goolsbee is so in the tank for “free market” it isn’t funny. I still remember that half wit criticizing Hillary because she wanted a stimulus plan that did some government spending in addition to the stimulus checks. I almost wish I could take the time to ask him how that check thing went? Here we are looking at a second stimulus package that- guess what?- would do what Hillary wanted to do to begin with- D’oh.

    That said, I do think a President Obama would sign SCHIP expansion, I’m almost positive that McCain wouldn’t. Sad.

  165. kiki: ‘my big problem is always people who feel the need to impose their beliefs on others’

    Like, for example, every liberal man I’ve dealt with in my entire life. It seems my stunted ladybrain wants forming, despite its being sharp enough to get a computer science degree, learn three languages and make a good living.

  166. Here is the NY Post article that I pulled the quote from–sorry for lack of attribution.

  167. oy, i’ll vote for anyone who’ll send me a stimulus check every month. every week and i’ll vote for them twice!

    damn, somebody buy MY vote!

  168. WMCB@11:40

    Where was that posted?

    That was great, just about sums it up for me too. Thanks

  169. Obama may be bright enough, this could be said for a lot of people, but he is lazy and ambitious. He will get what he wants by any means but working for it is not on his agenda. His past history is illustrative of his knowing and schmoozing the right people to further his career. As far as we know, he has never exhibited the desire to put his shoulder to the wheel and make a name for himself on his own but has relied on his contacts to make that happen.

    Add the lazy quality into the mix, and you have a man who will disabuse integrity since it will not require the hard work. A bit of a dangerous combination.

  170. WMCB, on September 6th, 2008 at 11:40 pm Said:
    Let me bluntly share my current position…I want O-liar destroyed, obliterated , and fucking nuked to high heaven. I want that slimy son of a bitch to be forced to eat his own ass with a spork.

    If I’m celebrating my ass off every time McCain (and especially The Baracuda!) nails that lying, arrogant , Chicago Combine sack of shit to the wall , LEAVE ME BE!! This has been a long long time coming, and I have EVERY intention of enjoying it right here

    ROFLMAO. That comment is hilarious but it is true. We had to endure so much during the primaries. It’s like a victim of a crime who gets satisfaction watching his or her perpetrators get their just punishment.

  171. WMCB-Ha! Where do they allow that kind of language? Wow.

    I am trying to keep my anger directed at the DNC who forced us into this situation. It’s on them that we have to even consider voting for a Repub! I hope they all go down in flames. That is the only outcome that can make me feel any better about what they did to Hillary.

  172. ugsome, so-clled ‘liberal’ men could be the worst!

    I’m stereotyping, but still………just stuff I’ve learned from livin’

  173. Charles,

    I agree with your analysis of Obama. You can easily see Hillary or Bill working in or running a think tank, unlike Obama. He has no interest in policy depth whatsoever.

    Generals who have briefed Hillary on military affairs all said they had a lot of fun because they themselves always had to show up well prepared.

  174. kiki, don’t get me wrong. If asked, she is likely going to say it would be good if abortion were legally abolished,

    BUT the group she is a part of differs in their focus, for lack of a better word. They approach it from the other end – that if enough were done to support women, paid leave, etc, it would become unnecessary, and it is not fair to blame women or make them criminals.

    It seems to be a group for women who because of their very deeply held beliefs that a fetus IS a full human life, have a problem utttering the words “It’;s okay to abort.” But they are not haters, and are trying and struggling to find a way to reconcile their belief with the obvious truth that women are the ones caught in the middle with this thing.

    They are still anti-choice in theory. But they don’t do a lot of lobbying or pushing for criminalization or restrictions. I have a deeply Catholic friend who is a member.

  175. WMCB 11:40

    My sentiments exactly. Sarah walked into a bar full of bullies, strode up to their smirking ringleader and smashed a beer bottle over his head. He doesn’t seem so tough now that he’s blinded and howling in pain. I don’t have to be a Republican to appreciate that.

  176. RiverDaughter,

    I just listened in on the radio show with Gloria Allred.

    I think that she knows the truama of illegal abortion, but she has to realize that, if the democratic party leadership thought that Roe v. Wade was so important or that that it was in real danger, they never would have rigged the election against Senator Clinton. It was very clear that Senator Clinton was the strongest general election candidate. Taking a risk on the weaker candidate evidences either that Roe is not really in danger or that the democratic leadership themselves have no real commitment to preserving it..

    They banked everything on Obama and know they want to fear monger us women after screwing over our candidate and throwing away our votes for her. It’s so abusive and degrading.

    If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, the issue would go back to the states. Places like Mass., CA and N.Y. would continue to have safe legal abortion. Places like Kantucky and Tennesse won’t, but as was pointed out during the radio show, there is no availability of legal abortions in these places anyway.

    The democrats take women voters for granted. They haven’t accomplished anything for us since Roe v. Wade. I can’t think of one significant advancement for women since Roe. And, some of the justices including its author, Justice Blackman, were republican appointees. Furthermore, others who continue to maintain Roe were also republican appointees, such as Stevens and O’conner.

    So, if we vote down ticket dems who will fight to keep McCain in check on appointing far right anti -choice judges, I don’t think Roe will be overturned. If we let the democrats keep us enslaved to Roe, they will never do anything more accept continue to act like misogynistic abusers. They will continue to block women from obtaining proportional political representation and opportunity. Equal treatment will be off the table and in your face misogyny will be the status quo in a Obama administration. They will continue to rig elections and shit on democratic voters. Remember, they disenfranchized THEIR OWN VOTERS. THESE THUGS HAVE TO GO!!!!



  177. kiki: you bet. I got 40+ years of bitter personal family experience standing behind my assertion.

  178. Charles, I do not believe that an O presidency would be a disaster nor as transcendental as some profess. More likely it would be a mixed bag. The same for a Mc presidency.

  179. I don’t think Ron Paul is runnig. He has always pledged to reform the Republican Party from inside.

    Moreover, he has to get on the ballot in every State he wants to run in and many are now beyond the deadline.

  180. kiki

    Would you do so if you knew your kids were eventually going to have to pay that money back or do without? Stimulus money isn’t a free munch, eventually the catering bill will come due.

  181. Charles: Where did you hear about Ron Paul running? McCain would certainly lose if that happened. I doubt Paul will do it this time around though. The Republican Party would kill him before they allow him to run this year.

  182. That sounds like a No Quarter comment. They’re pretty boisterous over there. I’m curious if that is so.

  183. The comment I posted was from Hillaryis44.com

  184. I don’t know if RP will run or not but annecdotally I have to tell that today I happened to see one of his signs in somebody’s yard and it called my attention.

  185. What saddens me is that we would not for a minute be considering the “charms” of a Sarah Palin or the “moderation” of a John McCain if Hillary Rodham Clinton were the candidate. As it is, we seem to be looking for some reason or gesture to qualify looking at the other side in order to cast our vote.

    This is the crime that has been perpetrated by the DNC, the MSM, and the Obama campaign. This is what they have to live with and what we must agonize over. I seriously doubt this is what they had in mind when they started out to “steal” this thing from the voters. Another fine mess you have gotten us into, Stanley!

  186. Thanks for the link Charles, interesting.

    Pat, true.

  187. One thing that has really bothered me about Obama is that he seems so indecisive.

    We need a president who can make decisions. Obama strikes me as someone who is so afraid of making a mistake, he can’t make up his mind. And once he finally makes up his mind and discovers that some people don’t like what he decided, he backtracks and dances around with the issue again. It’s just mind-boggling that he does this on almost everything.

  188. Anecdotal, but telling nonetheless. For the past seven weeks, I’ve been back home tending to family issues. My mother lives in an assisted living facility and during this period I’ve been visiting everyday (I’m man candy for the 90+ set, but that’s another story). I’ve taken to visiting with all the residents during their lunch and dinner hours.

    Thursday, after Palin’s speech, to a person everyone was raving about her. Before Thursday not a word about politics. Not a mention of BZero and his “Mile High Sermon.” Mind you I never brought up the subject, it was always mentioned to me. I have to give it to John Sidney with his pick, she has touched a cord that no amount of press bad-mouthing is going to tarnish lest it be illicit moose sex or something.

  189. aacckk, CWaltz, I was kiddiing! you know, pay me for my vote…….if it came to that, I would give the payment to my kid anyway (hang on to this, you’ll have to pay it back) as I actually did with the weird rebate thing this year

    I was joking about how elections have become such a bought and sold commodity, but not really at our level –

  190. Charles, Paul might hurt Obama as much as McCain. I found a surprising number of young Ron Paul zealots who jumped on the Obama train.

    Some of Paul’s supporters are genuine ideological libertarians, but many are just young punks looking to be contrarian and part of a “movement”. Those are in Obama’s camp now.

  191. I have to ask. How epicly sad is it that Planned Parenthood is hiring escorts for their patients because this is the time of year when the pro-lifers lose their shit and starts harasssing people during their demonstrations?

    I’m applying for that job in the hope of protecting those women from the “Morality” Police. They don’t deserve that. Some of them aren’t even there for abortions. They’re going to get their birth control prescriptions or to have well-woman exams. They’re leading their lives and being assaulted for it.

    I’d be more moved if somebody would renounce that sort of behavior. That isn’t peaceable assembly. That’s harassment by overwhelming numbers. How can we claim to be for Women’s Rights and say nothing of this kind of behavior? That’s not safe, reliable access. That’s sitting on our hands and humming to ourselves with the lights off.

  192. Kiki

    My snark meter is in the shop 😉

    My apologies, I shoulda known better.

  193. MABlue… I know this is kinda late, but thanks for posting that article from Asia Times. Wow! I have already forwarded it to quite a few other (unofficial) PUMA friends.

  194. State deadlines for ballot access began tolling on Friday so depending upon the state, time is running out to get on ballots.

  195. Regency

    A Dem Congress has been complicent. They did nothing to address the harassment that occurs at those clinics. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a dozen or so odd D’s equaly responsible for giving right to life zealots immunity from being labeled as terrarists, even as they engage in bullyting tactics that are terrorist in nature.

  196. This is not a Repug or Dem issue: it is an issue regarding women and the right to handle their lives as they see fit. Bringing an unwanted child into the world is the worst burden on both mother and child. Inserting religious doctrine into the decision making is wrong. You may not opt out for an abortion for yourself due to your beliefs, but don’t impose them on mine. These protesters are pitiful.

  197. Ditto regarding this assertion: “Obama is the most talented and persuasive politician of his generation, the intellectual superior of all his competitors, but a fatally insecure personality.”

    To me, he comes across as a hollow man. One whose ambition far surpasses
    his accomplishments. He learned how to speak from joining Trinity (his
    accent and cadences aren’t from Hawaii now). He has some 20-something
    speech writers who possess the sweeping generalizations of youthful idealism. Heck, Castro’s mantra was change. But in BO’s case, his campaign
    was the rerun of Axelrod’s Hope+Change(TM) for Deval Patrick. I did
    appreciate hearing and seeing Gov. Patrick on TV. He has is a much better speaker
    and comes across as a more solid and warm person.

    Too bad that he
    wasn’t able to come up to the expectations set by Axelrod’s ad campaign. That
    is what not having the qualifications means. Most people do work in businesses (profit or non-profit) of some sort and can imagine interviewing
    a peer for a job (and have been interviewed). It is nice that Mr. Obama has
    some bestselling memoirs at such a young age, but his State Senate record is paltry (unless he really did do Gov. Blag’s bidding and change the composition of the hospital board for those who donated money to his campaign). How did he manage to hit the wrong button and vote against what he thought he was voting for multiple times? Also, taking the legislative work of others and passing it off as
    his own shows no character, nor good judgment. Hillary turned off Sally Quinn and her ilk because she refused to have her name placed on social events that would use the position of First Lady to gain credibility. She
    said that she could never put her name on something that she hadn’t contributed to! (Hillary had to be told it was just a formality, but she is not
    someone to take credit for others’ work.

    Nope, Hillary and Bill are vastly superior to Obama in terms of political
    talent and overall brilliance. I think the fact that Obama knows he doesn’t approximate the
    Clintons is one reason he attempted to “destroy” them. Both make an insecure politician (way out of his pay grade) look inferior. Had BO the judgment to stay a term in the Senate and learn its ins and outs, or, if he had to overreach, aim for VP (not sure who would have chosen him), then we could see if he has anything to offer

    I expect him to be a mediocre president, but hope he never gets close to
    the White House. He doesn’t have the character, judgement, or moral
    compass to be a good president. A person of character wouldn’t have allowed the gamed caucuses or the rigged Convention. This candidate reminds me so much of Bush, although Bush just divided the country, not
    his own party.

  198. We need a term for the type of people that follow movements no matter what that means. For example, there are so many republicans (even raygun ones) that followed him and now follow Obama. And as mentioned above, some following the Paul movement switching over to the Obama movement. It seems to be about some strange worship or something. Creepy.

  199. “Republicans gave us the first female Supreme Court justice and the first black Supreme Court justice.”

    Thurgood Marshall was appointed by Lyndon Johnson.

  200. Can anyone tell me what democratic president other than Clinton has put women in high positions?

    Other than Clinton, it always seems to be the republicans who are the first ones to put women in positions of power.

  201. George Bush put in Rice

  202. Let me bluntly share my current position…I want O-liar destroyed, obliterated , and fucking nuked to high heaven. I want that slimy son of a bitch to be forced to eat his own ass with a spork.

    If I’m celebrating my ass off every time McCain (and especially The Baracuda!) nails that lying, arrogant , Chicago Combine sack of shit to the wall , LEAVE ME BE!! This has been a long long time coming, and I have EVERY intention of enjoying it right here

    ROCK ON!! Love it!

    I’m guessing that person didn’t waste his time texting The One?

    McCain-Palin ’08

    Keep Going! All the way to Washington for America!

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