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      Water. As I’ve said for many years. The world is facing an imminent water crisis, with demand expected to outstrip the supply of fresh water by 40 percent by the end of this decade, experts have said on the eve of a crucial UN water summit. I’ll use the US as an example, though this going to effect almost all countries, some much worse than others, and it wi […]
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Scratching Post Happy Hour Friday – The DNC can’t say we didn’t warn them

It’s an after work Friday Happy Hour at the Scratching Post!  2 for 1 specials on well drinks and a FREE Long Island Iced Teas for everyone in honor of Universal PUMA High Priestess Supreme, Ms. Harriet Christian, a true Working Class Hero.  If you can, please buy a Pink PUMA for Hillary so she doesn’t have to be clean up janitor lady for the Obama Campaign mess here, and can concentrate her time in helping Down Tickets Democrats and fulfill her honorable role s a Senator of NY.

Harriet appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show from the Republican National Convention.  O-bot troll prophylactic: some of us PUMAs aren’t following the Republican ticket as Harriet has freely chosen to do, but because the 2008 DNC decided to commit voter fraud and ruthless sexist propaganda to oust the popular vote winner, this is what happens:

Remember Harriet, lifelong Democrat and diner waitress who campaigned tirelessly for Hillary Clinton?  here’s a reminder:

As a proud feminist Latina with Afro-Carribean roots, I do not feel that what Harriet Christan said was in any way r*cist.  She told the truth as she lived it and saw it in person at the RBC meeting.  Our Infantry Co-Commanders and PUMAmobile Denver trekkers GaryChapelHill and Mawm also witnessed the hijack and voter fraud on May 31st 2008.  Our PUMA Delegates witnessed firsthand reports from the “Hotel Roll Call vote” from the 2008 DNC and how 18 million votes were thrown under the proverbial Obama bus.  No more.

So Harriet, even though I probably won’t vote for either of the major parties this November, I salute you today for being that Working Class Hero, like John Lennon sang of in this song.  Raise those killer Long Islands for Harriet and to all those Working Class Heros that aren’t down with their vote being thrown in the trash for the sake of “party unity.”

¡Que viva los PUMAs! (Long Live PUMAs!)

325 Responses

  1. have u seen this?

    McCain Attracts Record TV Audience, Tops Obama, Palin (Update3)
    CBS, ABC, NBC and the Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo broadcast McCain’s speech. It was carried on cable by MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. In addition to those, Obama’s address at Denver’s Invesco field also aired on Black Entertainment Television and TV One, channels primarily geared to black audiences. Those networks didn’t air McCain’s speech.

    the corpmedia made a huge issue over BO getting 40 million viewers which turned out to be 38 million; palin is now said to have had more viewers than BO. and now mccain turns out to have trumped both.

    will the corpmedia give mccain’s numbers the same attention they gave to BO’s numbers?

    are BET and TV one saying no republicans are AA? why shouldn’t they have carried mccain’s speech?

  2. sm77 – several hurricanes headed your way.

    Mawm and Gary and Regency – new Monk and Psych tonight.

  3. Love Harriett Christian and Sarah Palin have a hard time being a gay man voting republican-help me on this Mawm and Garychapelhill-

    May have to protest and vote McKinney or Nader!

    As Lou Dobbs said -I have no horse in this race!


  4. carol, we have a hanna coming towards us. expecting flooding and high winds….

  5. fuzzy, I’m with you. I’m not sure what i’m going to do. but I will not let them force me to stay home. I will vote.

  6. I’ll definitely raise my glass and say a toast to Ms. Harriet Christian.

    I usually tout myself as an African American, but truthfully I am (as sm77 calls it) Afro-Caribbean, but I’ve been a transplanted New Yorker for 18 years and basically it’s easier to just say I’m AA….. and for what it’s worth I totally agreed with Harriet Christian’s comments, and in no way found them to be racist.

    As we say in the Caribbean: who vex loss (translated: who ever has a problem with that can kiss my beautiful big apple bottom).

    Three cheers to Harriet Christian! You go girl. 😉

  7. I am very lucky I am in Florida a true Red State-not a battle ground state in anyones eyes except Obama’s and the DNC-oh and KO and Tweety say so too!

    Obama has as much chance winning Florida as I have waking up tomorrow and dating Paris Hilton.


  8. the high winds gary are just obama flapping his jaw!


  9. Just received this in my inbox:

    Clinton set to strike McCain, not Palin

    “She’s not the answer when it comes to winning conservative women —
    she never was — and we’re not going to be anybody’s attack dog against
    Sarah Palin,” said a Clinton insider.

    Precious should focus on McCain…that Palin looks like she could
    do some damage to this ego. Also, beware of shifting to ageism
    as your next rationale for being media promoted above your
    pay grade, won’t fly in Florida, and old folks beat the Obama girl
    demographic in turning out to vote. Also, just like Patrick Deval
    highly disappointed Mass. voters with Axelrod’s original Hope+Change (TM) campaign, Obama can’t appear less than a super-hero, that
    would shatter youthful idealism.

    My niece’s college roomie had tears in her eyes as Obama channeled
    a Hillary stump speech blended with a Bill State of the Union.
    At my house, we were just bored. With Bill, one knew that
    some of the laundry list would materialize since he is the consummate
    effective politician (and in it to serve, not for the influence peddlers).

    My parrot was very agitated. He punctuated the speech with
    “Oh, shoot, oh, shoot, OH, SHOOT!”

  10. Gary – Hanna is going to be a Tropical Storm – no major worries for you & PUMAMobile. By the time it gets to ChapelHill, make sure you have batteries & food & BOOZE just in case power goes out.

    Carol – I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU – been through several of these – worst was a Cat 3 in Puerto Rico Hurrican Georges, been through the rest of the FL storms, thank you & we’ll keep an update on IKE. My little bungalow will hold out!

    I don’t like the name of a hurricane that beat on Tina Turner BTW.

  11. This lawsuit:


    has traction in that it alleges that Obama was born in Kenya and because his father wasn’t American and his mother was only 18, he doesn’t qualify as a natural born citizen. Only his “online” birth certificate is available, verified by Factcheck (connected to Annenberg, so not exactly credible). A couple hospitals in Honolulu have been mentioned as birthplaces, but no records. Looks like his mother returned to Honolulu when he was about 4 days old and registered him then.

    The MSM is lazy, scared, or both — don’t want public to realize that no one properly vetted Obama.

    And where’s the record he ever registered for Selective Service?? Not registering doesn’t disqualify him for president, but he should have — unless he wasn’t a citizen.

  12. Fuzzy – as you know we Floridians all know – this will be McCain country.

    Do what you want – I like Darragh Murphy’s “N.O.T. suggestion, Nothing On Top”

    I’ll go topless for the top ticket, but support the Dems running in FL. Even though they sold my vote for “party unity” – MY ASS!!!!

  13. My friends love it when I say Obama and Michelle eate live kittens in front of their girls to toughen them up. Michelle has that give me a puppy and I will drown him just to be mean look on her face-what did sugar and spice call it?


  14. Forgot to add. I liked McCain’s speech. I believe him. He
    is also walking the walk in taking public financing. Precious is
    going to have to sell more influence to line his coffers. McCain
    can meet more people.

  15. Fuzzy, don’t waste your vote.

    My brother is gay and one of the Log Cabin Republicans. He is pretty disgusted with the homophobes (on both sides, actually) but recognizes that we need to keep the evangelicals in the tent. About a third of the party supports civil unions. I think that is a good compromise as it confers rights without upsetting the evangelicals–too much anyway. Personally I support gay marriage. I think gays have a right to be as miserable as the rest of us! 🙂 (Joke! Joke! Sorry, Honey!) 🙂

    I think this issue will be gone in a generation.

  16. CB: Terry MacAuliffe said that Hillary was booked solid until after the elections to help Down ticket Dems.

    This is another DNC Obama Chicago BS move to help move some of us over.

    Don’t believe the hype.

  17. well all be back soon gonna soak / ellivate my foot


  19. Fuzzy: SCOOP MOUTH!!!


    Sugar totally defined it – that pouched up angry pout. that scoops up at the bottom lip when she’s tense/angry.

    And I must say, Michelle Obama is a very beautiful woman.

    But her inner f*cked up energy is too transparent. She doesn’t have a good “poker face.”

  20. No wonder Obama is screaming “please, please Hillary, help me!”

    Obama Suddenly Riled
    Sen. Barack Obama ditched his normal languid cool today, punching back at Gov. Sarah Palin as he spoke with reporters in York, Pa, hotly defending his work as a community organizer. He said he assumes Palin “wants to be treated same way guys want to be treated, which means their records are under scrutinty. I’ve been through this for 19 months. She’s been through it, what four days?”

    Obama’s hackles were clearly raised by Palin’s dismissal of his community organizing –a response to his earlier dismissal of her record as a small-town mayor. “Why would that kind of work be ridiculed?” Obama said. “Who are they fighting for?” The idea that community organizing is not relevant to the presidency, he said, just shows why Republicans “are out of touch and don’t get it.”

    The Obama campaign was clearly on the defensive today, acknowledging how appealing Palin came across, and sending out surrogates hitting their talking points that Republicans have spent their time on attacks rather than substance.
    Nice going DNC. With Hillary in any form of the ticket, there’s no Palin. Without the misogyny you guys threw at Hillary in addition to the one you gleefully allowed, Palin would not have received so much sympathy from the public, especially women.

  21. Dave my brother feels the same way brought it up at dinner at carabas when mom was in town last -she cant make the leap though-very quiet dinner after he said that he followed up his support for Universal Healthcare -even more {{{crickets}}} around the table.


  22. Having been born and raised in Chicago, I know what “community organizing” means. It generally means organizing dead folks on election day…

  23. The strength of Pumas is that your choice is your own, not one foisted on you by the party-line or the media. Personally, I am concerned about the safety of the country and world leaders know that McCain is for no sh*t. BO will throw the country under the bus just as he did his party, for his own gain.

    But I also believe this whole event helped people to re-examine their own ideologies, and to outgrow the pigeon-holes of their own political parties. The Dems seem more ex-clusive than the Repubs these days. We’re experiencing growing pains and they are —- painful!

  24. noepiphany, BET execs may be a little worrid what sorts of death threats will come their way if they dare to broadcast anything other than the One True Messiah.

  25. SM, i’m not a big fan of the NOT strategy. I have never left a ballot blank. I will not let them silence me. I WILL vote, I just don’t know for who yet. I might decide when I’m in the booth. I can guarantee it will NOT be Obama.

    Dave, some of us don’t want to wait a generation 🙂

  26. What does anyone think about a boycott for Oprah 🙂
    Anyone have any thoughts on that ?? I have not watched her for years myself …

  27. Obama’s community organizing sure helped get rid of the slums in his state senate district.

  28. MABlue, rhetorical question here:

    Question, why is Obama responding back to a VP candidate when HIS VP should be doing that job?

  29. SM thanks alot for got about scoop mouth-maybe Michelle could see nancy’s “doctor” about it heh heh heh…I know nancy nazi gave Michelle his number.

    A botox treatment would surely give her a “poker face”


  30. Actually, there isn’t anything Hillary could do that would move me
    to put a check next to Rezko’s #2 Chicago politician although I’d have to consider whether I could support her in the
    future if she assumed the role of Bambi’s pit bull in lipstick.

    Early in the primary, back when I thought the Democratic
    Party would sponsor a fair nomination, I learned enough about
    Barry to have grave concerns. Having wasted all of my time
    and money for a pretend nomination, I don’t plan to reward
    Nancy P. Maybe Soros’s money can stuff her PAC and buy the
    supers, but it can’t buy my vote.

    Those crooks should have
    not allowed any opposition. Just pick Bambi outright. Bambi + indolent media and
    NoBush is their plan.

    And Bambi has done absolutely nothing that would make me want him anywhere
    near the White House and a lot that has been quite disgusting.
    Trashing the Clintons being my number 1 complaint.

  31. and civil unions is bullshit. we already realized seperate but equal doesn’t work. fuck the evangelicals. excuse my french 🙂

  32. garychapelhill, on September 5th, 2008 at 7:15 pm Said: Edit Comment
    SM, i’m not a big fan of the NOT strategy. I have never left a ballot blank. I will not let them silence me. I WILL vote, I just don’t know for who yet. I might decide when I’m in the booth. I can guarantee it will NOT be Obama.

    Dave, some of us don’t want to wait a generation

    Agree all the way! It depends on the state you live in – I think. I know for a fact the FL will go Red. Whatever you think will work in SC, do it, work it, run it.

  33. bo is once again is whining and carrying out his strategy …
    hitting first by making fun of Sarah having been a Mayor .. and then crying when she hits back …This time everyone will remember he hit first , and if they dont Sarah will remind them ….

  34. The more time goes on, the more that happens, the more comfortable I am with the idea of voting McCain/Palin.

    Obot hubbie has been salivating to KO’s bell for months now. It is weird to hear (and read on twitter) his zombie talking points exactly as if he were a Rush dittohead. Little does he know I’m one step ahead of him.

    He believes the talking point that Palin wasn’t vetted. Does he not realize that Republicans do nothing haphazardly? If we noticed Barack had a problem with women, they most assuredly did too. Palin has already been an enormous stumbling block for Obama.

    Quote of the day:
    The biggest difference, as I see it, between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama:
    One of them is little more than an elegant, attractive, dare I say sexy piece of eye candy.
    The other one kills her own food.

  35. Gary, like I said, I reward leftward movement, and I think that for the next four years, the investment of scaring the small intestines out of the DNC will be worth the payoff we’ll get later.

    That plus the fact that I honestly do sit convinced that McCain and Palin will end the war (just with as much confetti and self-contragulation as possible) makes it easier for me to vote for them. I don’t think they’re evil, they’re considerably to the left of where the party’s been for the past 15 years (shit, they’re to the left of Ronald fucking REAGAN on some things), and it will put the fear of Kali in the DNC.

    In 2012, I think we can get them to piss down their legs by lifting our eyebrows. That’s too worth it.

  36. “Love Harriett Christian and Sarah Palin have a hard time being a gay man voting republican-help me on this Mawm and Garychapelhill-”

    There’s an organization called Log Cabin Republicans.

  37. michael P Varvel, on September 5th, 2008 at 7:16 pm Said: Edit Comment
    SM thanks alot for got about scoop mouth-maybe Michelle could see nancy’s “doctor” about it heh heh heh…I know nancy nazi gave Michelle his number.

    A botox treatment would surely give her a “poker face”


    Fuzzy, I heard Sugar’s show – she thinks or has proof that – Michelle had lip reduction surgery. Now – I think Michelle is really physically gorgeous. But Michelle needs to freeze down that pout if she wants to keep TV time. (LOL!)

  38. Of course civil unions are bullshit — but they are a step closer to where you want to be. TAKE THAT STEP. Take ANY step that moves you in the direction you want to be going. You rarely to mever will cover ALL the ground you want to cover in one leap. Take the baby steps; they add up. How do you think we wound up so far to the right?

    Baby steps, patience, and relentlessness. It works every time.

  39. I think Michelle’s had work done on her lips and her nose.

  40. Gary, I understand and I encourage your activism.

    Increasingly, people are learning that gays are *born* that way and that is what changes their opinions. Things have certainly improved over the last 20-30 years. I was friends with a gay activist when I was at MIT years ago (we were both in the symphony) and he nearly got himself killed on several occasions. Thankfully we don’t see too much of that happening anymore.

  41. janis I have to disagree. that was the same argument they were trying to make when ENDA (employment non-discrimination act) was up in congress. some gays wanted to throw the T from LGBT under the bus to get it passed (most notably americablog’s asshole aravosis and his lap poodle pam) The theory was we would “come back for them later”. I say hell no to that. equality for all or nothing. somethings are worth taking a stand for.

  42. Republican Woman, I have to nix the idea of joining the Log Cabin Republicans. To most liberal queers, that organization is a fifth column; we have very little trust or respect for them. They seem to us like the women who cringe and shake at the DNC and show them the backs of their necks hoping they’ll get a crumb now and then.

    I’d simply say that you don’t have to LIKE the Republican ticket this year to vote for it strategically. I’ve given my own reasons already, why I’m willing and ready and even eager to vote for the ticket despite being a pro-choice atheist feminist:

    1) They represent moderate leftward movement for their party. Obama represents MASSIVE rightward movement for the Democrats. If we want the country to move to the left, we reward leftward movement. Period.

    2) I do think they will end the war. They just need a ticker-tape parade and balloon drop in the process, which I’m happy to let them have if it means the stupid thing will come to an end.

    3) It will scare the piss right out of the DNC and the Democratic party. They will never take us for granted again.

    Those things taken together — that we will, in one stroke, reward leftward momentum, punish corruption, scare the DNC snotless, and likely end the war by voting McCain/Palin is enough to make me quite content to do so.

  43. SwanSpirit: Precisely what I said to MAblue, why is the Top of the Ticket Obama, responding to the VP candidate?

  44. Gary, this isn’t throwing people under the bus. No one is being left behind by doing this, which is what tossing out the T amounted to.

    This is movement toward what you want, period. NO ONE is being dropped or rendered unnecessary or inconsequential or told to wait their turn. NO ONE.

  45. Gary, we’re not saying abandon your principles. But Janis is right on about playing chess. Push the pawns until you get to checkmate. You won’t do it in one move.

  46. amen charles!

  47. Also Gary, remember: this is leftward movement. Reward leftward movement.

    And, as I said above, there is a HUGE difference between everyone moving fractionally toward a goal together and splitting a gruop apart by moving one segment closer to the goal and telling the other to wait their turn.

  48. McCain: ” I’m not running for president because I think I’m blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save our country in its hour of need.”
    Okay, I didn’t “cry my eyelashes off”, but I believed him. Pretty different sense of entitlement from the OB one.
    But the bottom line is what Janis said a few threads ago. This has got to be a chess game—the Dems have taken my vote for granted forever…but not anymore. I’ll probably be the only person in DC who votes McCain/Palin–but at least the Dems will know that they can’t dismiss my voice/vote.

  49. Gary: I AGREE!!! John Aravosis is an elite gay who won’t stand up for his bretheren, and that includes T folks. One of my best friends is a T and I would never sell my friend out. It’s all or nothing.

  50. Or answer me this: which people are being asymmetrically “left behind” by starting with civil unions and then pushing hard and relentlessly for full marriage rights?

    It’s not just a matter of not getting everything you want in one go — if you can’t point to one group of people who are being left behind, then just DO IT. It gets everyone fractionally closer. It doesn’t create intra-group fracture lines. It moves EVERYONE forward the same amount.

    If you aren’t pointing to any one sub-group and saying, “You wait your turn while we surge ahead,” then just DO IT.

  51. Gary, I was shocked to hear Aravosis vitriolic arguments against T inclusion. He struck me as a hateful and selfish person. That seemed to be reinforced by his primary behavior.

  52. SM77, Gary, and Charles — who, precisely is being “sold out” by moving from civil unions to full marriage rights? Which letter has been dropped?

  53. Janis, I think we’re having two different arguments. I was saying that I don’t want to settle for civil unions. I have not ruled out voting for mccain. I think that voting for president brings a whole lot of other issues into play. things like my economic well-being, national security, etc, and I very well may end up deciding that that vote is in my self-interest for the reasons you describe.

  54. thanks SM, I can’t stand that little bastard

  55. gqmartinez–I think aravosis used to be a republican (surprise surprise!!)

  56. sm77, on September 5th, 2008 at 7:16 pm Said:
    MABlue, rhetorical question here:
    Question, why is Obama responding back to a VP candidate when HIS VP should be doing that job?

    Obama and his supporters thought they could credibly claim that Obama was qualified to be POTUS and Palin wasn’t.

    Having a nominee try to compare resumes with the VP of the opposing ticket is never a good thing, especially when the nominee is somebody who’s really not qualified.

  57. The point fo bo is not that community organisers are ineffective … lots of them have been infinitely more effective than he was he was not even good at that .. the point is that is ALL he has to offer as any job he ever did , and even at that point he was not in charge or effective. his “job in the Illinois legislature was 55 days per year he voted present 130 times and hijacked other peoples legislation , and he cannot produce his record from the Illinois legislature Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills.

    “I took all the beatings and insults and endured all the racist comments over the years from nasty Republican committee chairmen,” State Senator Rickey Hendon, the original sponsor of landmark racial profiling and videotaped confession legislation yanked away by Jones and given to Obama, complained to me at the time. “Barack didn’t have to endure any of it, yet, in the end, he got all the credit.

    “I don’t consider it bill jacking,” Hendon told me. “But no one wants to carry the ball 99 yards all the way to the one-yard line, and then give it to the halfback who gets all the credit and the stats in the record book.”
    That is from TODD SPIVAKS FEB 2008 piece BARAK OBAMA And Me well worh reading inits entirely here


    and in the Seante after being elected , so much of his time has been spent campaigning he continually makes statements saying “when i was a senator” as if he is not still holding that office …
    even the statement that he has run a “brilliant campaign” now rings hollow in Sarahs short wake … he has has more money … more media two networks almost entirely in the tank for him …not to mention magazines and newspapers …. and he had to had to STEAL delegates from his opposing candidate in his own party and be selected by committee not by popular vote ..and he is still tied with John and Sarah …how is this “brilliant??

    THE DNC is the Delusional National Committed[ to a mental institution ]
    that puts the “committed

  58. Janis – Transvestite/Transsexuals. This is a clinically and biologically proven human situation. The LGBT umbrella MUST be respected for all, IMHO.

    No human being living in the US should be second/third class citizens, EVER.


  60. Gary, I just don’t see the equivalency between dropping an entire group of people off of any advances entirely, and moving everyone forward equally, just less far forward than you’d want. One is unacceptable, the other is annoying, but a reasonable thing to do provided you keep pushing like a 4 year old who wants a pokemon, or whatever the hot toy is this year.

  61. all of us are being sold out janis. When I talk about my “spouse” at work but can’t use the word “husband’ because he’s actually my “civil union mate” that makes my relationship second class. and you can say I can call it whatever I want, but its not the same. it devalues the status of my relationship no matter if in every other aspect it is the same.

  62. I know damned well it’s not the same, Gary. Don’t patronize me.

    This conversation is OVER.

  63. I KNOW WHAT THE DAMNED T MEANS — I was asking Gary who, by nailing down civil unions first and then moving for full marriage rights — was being left behind. I know what the goddamned T stands for. CHRIST.

  64. In the face of overwhelmingly powerful adversaries, there is no greater advice than that of George Kennan. He crafted the cold war containment policy–which was ultimately successful in defeating the Soviet nuclear threat. I think you political activists could learn something from this famous article:


  65. whoops sorry for the typos I get too carried away .. but you get the idea 🙂

  66. MAblue: Palin runs circles around Obama in terms of experience. And she’s a girl. And a governor who holds in her power US energy independence from foreign energy sources.

    That’s the Hillary karma he has to pay.

  67. I’m not patronizing you, I thought we were having a discussion. Sorry if you felt that way. I guess we have two different perspectives on the matter. I don’t think they are that different actually. Can we agree to disagree on that matter?

  68. Janis – WE ARE on the same team.

  69. Jeebus, why can’t we have civil debate in here?

  70. sm77…. She has not yet unleashed her energy expertise … that will be the clincher and Sarah willbe on GRETA tomorrow and Sunday for AN HOUR woohooo

  71. Janis: I LOVE YOU! Get used to it.

  72. Sorry if this gets posted twice. Am having browser problems…

    You political activists who face overwhelmingly powerful opponents should take a lesson from George Kennan. Incremental, steady opposing pressure for 50 years defeated the Soviet Union without firing a shot:


  73. Hmm. My posts must be getting censored because they contain URLs. Read George Kennan’s famous “X Article” for a tutorial on how to deal with overwhelmingly powerful political opponents.

    Google “George Kennan X Article” for the pointer.

  74. My nerves are shot. I guess I picked the wrong year to quit smoking….

  75. SwanSpirit: I’m looking forward to that!

    Like Harriet said in the video, Palin has been on the vetting team’s agenda MONTHS ago.

    Not just because she’s a WOMAN, but because her state provides near-immediate relief to the energy crisis in the US and around the globe.

    Now, is this a Repub move – to dril, drill, drill as they’ve wanted to since 1990s the Alaskan National Forests? Probably. But I prefer the natural gas vs. Petroleum move – FOR NOW.

    I loved and still stand by Hillary’s energy plan, GEOTHERMAL technology, wind and solar plans.

    If Germany can do it, why can’t we?

  76. dave, if you format the url it won’t get caught in the spam filter.

  77. (small voice) Well, I didn’t know what T meant. Thanks for telling me. I was to embarassed to ask.

  78. (peeks around corner)

    hi everyone… wassup????

  79. Good evening indigogrrl.


  80. no – just built kinda boyish.

  81. good comment charles. Love the “whole food elves” LOL!!! I also have a funny last name. So that’s not what scares me about Obama either…

  82. teeheehee!

  83. that reminds me, I have a picture of the PUMAmobile in front of a statue of the Jolly Green Giant from some small town called Blue Earth Minnesota. I’ll have to put it up in a post, the keebler elves are in the foreground 🙂

  84. OOH indigogrrl you’re baaaaad!!!! heh heh

  85. why are the keebler elves hanging out with the jolly green giant?

    (sounds like the beginning of a joke!)

  86. I think he does all the farming for them, and they make the food. kind of a symbiotic relationship..

  87. there was no Sprout though 😦

  88. gch “OOH indigogrrl you’re baaaaad!!!! heh heh”

    I’m entitled I get called “sir” alot!

  89. where’d everybody go?????????????????

  90. Charles, that was an excellent post on your blog.

  91. indigogrrl: refills.

  92. Personally, the solution I would love most on the whole gay marriage issue is simple, but will never come to pass.

    Declare ALL life partnerships civil unions. Hetero or straight, they should ALL be civil unions as far as the government is concerned. What business is it of the government’s whether any social contract is “blessed” or “holy” or not?

    Every partnershio should be a civil union, period. Whether or not it is a “marriage” is entirely up to whatever church you belong to. “Holy Matrimony” is the job of churches.

    Get government out of the marriage blessing business entirely, for EVERYONE, gay or straight.

  93. Are you smarter than a fifth grader is on TV now!! And Janis is in time-out. 🙂

  94. No offense but that declare all marriages a cvil union is a cop out. The simple answer is marriage equality. Real change takes time. We have marriage eqaulity in MA and CA. Eventually out of state couples who marry here will go to the courts and those states will inevitibly have to recogniz those marriages and we will eventually(probably with ten years) have marriage equality.

  95. Oh boy…Floridian PUMAS, start gassing up those generators, get the crackers and squirt cheese and bottled water.

    Mr. Ike looks like he wants to visit you all. :frown:

  96. well I screwed that up! try this 😥

  97. masslib, we may just have to agree to disagree on that. I want full and total equality as well. I just think that the government deciding what is and is not a “holy union” is bunk from the get-go. Not their job.

    Charles, GREAT article/comment

  98. Daily Show spoof on The One Accepting the Nomination! Fun!

    I found the link via Hillbuzz.


  99. Wow, I go away for a few hours and things really happen.

    Would someone politely tell BO that his opponent is McCain? And that he already chose a VP who can rebut Palin?

    By the way what happened to Biden – is he hiding with Michelle?

  100. BTW, masslib, I am fully aware that my view is never gonna happen, so will vote for and fully back gay marriage every chance I get. It’s just a nit I have that if the govt kept their nose out of “blessing” anything, it would not even be an issue.

  101. How dare does Obama ask Hillary to fight his battles? He wants to have his cake and eat it too. She wasn’t worth to be a VP but now she is doing VP’s job? It’s a fairy-tale.

  102. maybe more

  103. Sally Quinn is apologizing and retracting her statement against Palin. She said she is actually quite extraordinary.

  104. And Sally Quinn’s retraction will show up in what???section Z on page 103???

  105. The problem with gay marriage is the following:

    The government can officate and validate the marriage, but some religions won’t.

    Is this a governmental fight?

    Is it a religious fight?

    I agree that two people that love each other to the point that they are willing to spend the rest of their lives together SHOULD be together, no matter what, and that their government should legally recognize and faithfully defend that right.

    Religion? That another story. Some will, some won’t – and that’s their right to do so AS LONG AS they do not interfere with the government’s duty to protect and defend the gay couple’s right.

  106. Viva!
    I got here late and haven’t read the thread – don’t pressure me right now – my sister had to put her dog down today, so I am doubly down. My poor sister.

    Harriet is a waitress? She should be teaching civics. Maybe she’s a waitress because she makes more in tips that she can teaching? I knew a Ph.D. who tended bar at the Blue Note for that reason. Made more in a weekend that all week teaching. Gonna go catch up with the thread.

  107. Marriage is a contract. If you want to take all judaeo christian philosophy out of our legal sysytem there won’t be anything left.

  108. ….but nobody ever taught me how to use it!!

    (edited for YOUR pleasure!!!)

  109. You are right on that, masslib. That’s why I said initially that I know my scenario will never happen. It’s a “perfect world, if I were making the laws from scratch” opinion.

  110. I guess i just don’t see anything perfect about it. I think marriage equality is far more desired.

  111. Oh, please do edit this guy with something particularly special, mods!

  112. Props to masslib’s diary:

    “Obama also didn’t pick the most experienced woman… ” at


    Check it out and give her some luvvvv. Somebody had to say it.

  113. Should have been upthread comment (refers to the video):

    Did anybody hear Harriet’s son tell the interviewers:

    “My mother gets a little exercised.” Right at the end.

    Obama used that word abut Hillary once – it’s a demeaning word and I always hear it used against women – not men.
    Like our anger is not legitimate. Even Harriet’s own son….

  114. Still4Hill: Yes, Harriet earns her living as a diner waitress.


  115. I’m coming in late here, but I think everyone should have marriage rights. Civil unions are a cop out and will never end up being fair. It’s separate but equal. I agree with Masslib that it will inevitably happen.

  116. He said he assumes Palin “wants to be treated same way guys want to be treated, which means their records are under scrutinty. I’ve been through this for 19 months. She’s been through it, what four days?”

    Is this a joke? He thinks he’s been grilled by the media and opposition for 19 months? He is suuuuuuch a wimp. Imagine what he is going to look/sound like 2 months from now?

  117. Gary,

    How is your weather right now? Supposedly Mass is going to get Hanna this weekend. We are supposed to start getting heavy rain and wind after midnight tonight.

  118. Cal: Agree with MassLib to a certain point – Palin is the Governor for the state that has the MOST resources in the union. This is no coincidence.

  119. Still4Hill,

    I’ve never thought of “getting exercised” as a demeaning term. It just means “worked up.”

  120. BB its raining and a little windy. We’re not expecting much, just a lot of rain, maybe some power outage. I think its supposed to be windiest after midnight, 20-30mph, some higher gusts.

  121. I love Harriet. She had the guts to say what very few others would. I’m glad she won’t be sitting at home on election day.

  122. Part II:

    Obama’s hackles were clearly raised by Palin’s dismissal of his community organizing –a response to his earlier dismissal of her record as a small-town mayor. “Why would that kind of work be ridiculed?” Obama said. “Who are they fighting for?” The idea that community organizing is not relevant to the presidency, he said, just shows why Republicans “are out of touch and don’t get it.”

    Is he just lying or does he really not see the contradiction here? He can ridicule her being a small town mayor and that doesn’t insult people from small towns, but if she criticizes his qualifications to be president based on community organizing, that is just, “Oh! So infuriating!”

  123. “I agree with Masslib that it will inevitably happen.” And some gooper will probably steal that issue from the Dems like they stole sexism and misogyny from them this election cycle. At least, that’s what one of my gay friends predicted today.

  124. sm77: “This is no coincidence.” I agree.

  125. That’s good, Gary. Our prediction is for a serious storm. I guess I’d better turn on the TV briefly and see what’s happening. I just hope one of my trees doesn’t fall on the house. A lot of branches have been coming down this summer.

  126. boston: Did you ever hear a woman use it? I only hear men use it and only when they want to excuse or minimize the reason for the anger. I am watching that word. It’s my project.

  127. BTW: I have listened carefully to McCain’s statements re: gay issues. He is against marriage, but in the interview I heard recently, he made a point of saying, “I am a Federalist–this is a state issue.” I took that to mean: I’m am not interfering. He did the same thing in his speech last night with his emphasis on bipartisanship. He cannot come out and say, “I am going to govern as a moderate!” or he would completely lose the base and lose the election, but the message seemed very clear to me. I also liked what he had to say about peace/diplomacy (because they love to paint him as a crazy warmonger) and education. I don’t feel confident about his understanding of the economy though. Let’s face it: we’re between a Barack and a hard place.

  128. thanks Charles–high praise coming from you. 🙂

  129. fif (and all) :

    Beneath a colleague’s sig on an email today:

    “Jesus was a community organizer.
    Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

    It ended a rant about the COs being dissed.

  130. boaton: download weatherbug – you get updates while you are here with us.

  131. Gary and Mawm and all others on the East Coast. Stay safe and dry.

    Time for Monk and Psych.

  132. Gary–you were in Blue Earth? Some of my peeps roam those acres of ethanol! I know exactly the spot of which you speak..the JGG.

  133. Still: someone earlier said that originated from Markos at DKos.

    They sound so desperate.

    Isn’t it interesting that this has turned into a contest between Palin & Obama? It’s great, because she can go after him, and he will never get the chance to debate her directly.

  134. sorry – I meant boston – lousy typing. We have flood watches.

  135. Still4Hill,

    I will research the word a little more. You could be right. I’ll get back to you on it.

    I used to have Weatherbug, but it drive me nuts. I have so many other ways to check the weather…

  136. fif,

    If Obama had to debate Palin, he would definitely call in sick. What a wimp.

  137. fif: Then he cries and hides behind the skirts and pastel pantsuits.

    I want the Alaskan 1st Dude to wipe up the floor with him. Then I want the Big Puma, Bill, to wring him out.

    Oh my fantasies…..

  138. wakonda–you’ll get a kick out of the picture.

    fif-I was thinking that last night too. just the fact that he wasn’t force to say that “marriage is between one man and one woman”. remember in 04, Bush went out there and said all of those things. “marriage is man woman” “life begins at conception”, “Jesus is my inspiration”. McCain didn’t or wouldn’t jump through the evangelical hoops. hell I haven’t seen dobson or falwell or anyone on TV in months.

  139. boston – call in sick LOL!!! YES!

  140. “SwanSpirit”
    Great scoop!
    This morning on Morning Joe the Obama cronies (not Joe)
    were insisting to Rick Davies that “ALL THE OTHERS” are doing Sunday shows, why not her!
    That’s why it’s on Sunday Night!

  141. oops, I meant robertson….guess we won’t be seeing much of ol’ jerry anymore…

  142. Dobson says that, with Palin on the ticket, he’s comin’ round now to votin’ Republican.

  143. Still4Hill,

    Here’s the definition I found:

    To absorb the attentions of, especially by worry or anxiety.
    To stir to anger or alarm; upset: an injustice that exercised the whole community.

    You could be right, though, that it is intended as a put down. If BO said it about Hillary, I’m sure he meant it that way.

  144. gary – McCain was putting as much daylight as he could between Bush-Cheney and himself as he could without getting lynched on the convention floor. I will not/ cannot vote for him, but if he wins, it will not be 4 more years of B-C.

  145. boston – He did. I have my linguistics students on a lookout for it. That’s how I picked it up right away on that video. You can take almost any word and skew the connotation if you try.

  146. Campbell Brown just had a love fest for herself about how her interview about Palin (before the election speech) was fair and objective. She thanked everyone for all of the supportive letters.
    This is one in which she asked, “how could a mother put her teenage daughter through all of ‘this’ –and—she has five children and a new born–can she really BE VP??? All PUMAs write to CNN and tell them Campbell needs a vacation!

  147. Obama campaign? What Obama campaign?

    I love all the attention that is being directed towards Palin. You can tell the media and the Obama campaign were caught flatfooted.

    Well, that’s just too bad.

  148. The media is always looking for the “new Star”. Obama is yesterday’s news…now Palin has all of the juice. What a foolish way to run a country.

    No wonder why we get the president we deserve and not the one we need.

  149. Gracie7 – hahahahaha – He thinks he can do everything from his Blackberry.
    “Girls – go down to Florida – NOW!”

  150. Has anyone noticed, or is it just me and wishful thinking, but hasn’t Obama once more been diminished by a woman? The coverage is 24/7 on Sarah, both good and bad, and he seems to have evaporated somewhat.

    Everyone come to MA where you can be as miserable as the rest of us in a marriage!

  151. bb: Are you ready down there for a big wet weekend?

  152. Still4Hill,

    I think he’s a wuss. I’m afraid that Palin comes across as more masculine than he does. Maybe she should challenge him to bowl?

    I’m tired of this election already. I wish it was November.

  153. Pat – Thanks for the invitation.

    Right – the incredible shrinking man. I don’t know how this ticket can last . What a joke!

  154. Obama’s old news! Palin is the new rockstar!

    Seriously, you have to really admire McCain and what he did to shake up this race. If he uses that kind of strategy in diplomacy, this country is going to be doing just fine!

  155. Pat,

    I’m ready. My flowers need rain.

  156. The creation was supposed to take only 6 days. This election feels somewhere along about 450 years!

  157. Two faced Sally Quinn has done a reverse. I wonder why?

  158. there’s something weird about that Mudflats blog that had that letter. it out of nowhere becomes like the biggest blog on wordpress. very slick, very professional, and all of a sudden it s huge. and it just happens to be from an alaskan writer who conveniently has all this dish on palin. seems a little planned to me, and its blogroll consists of dailykos and crooks and liars. as far as i can tell its been around for no more than a month or so. hmmmmmm

  159. G7: Same with Hillary – the talking heads were saying she was “the macho one.”

    These women are not really masculine at all. I think they are both as feminine as it gets. The pundits just don’t “get” them.

  160. I’m curious about this whole “gay” issue. Not because I’m ignorant, my 1st husband was gay. We met in the Army, quickly became good friends, and when rumors started flying about him, we got married. That was 1983, long before “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” It was very gestapo’ish if you were suspected, but marriage put a stop every time.

    However, I know Ds that are just as hateful as Rs toward GLTB. It’s been a long time and I know a whole whopping 3 now, all Rs (one’s even running for State Assembly), so I guess I don’t understand the whole party affiliation. I’m guessing it’s more of a community thing vs. party thing. Maybe I’m fortunate to live in a place where just about anything goes and more people choose to live and let live than those who butt in. Do I have blinders on because I think it’s no big deal and I just don’t affiliate with people who are intolerant?

  161. Gerri Ferraro on Fox.

  162. Everybody is talking about Palin, all the time. Stolen thunder and all that…

    I’ve decided I’m leaving Alternate Universe: Where We’d Be If Suffragettes Had Been Disaffected Clinton Supporters up all weekend. I need the break, and it doesn’t need to get buried. It’s already at 350 hits and I just posted it at about noon today. That’s more traffic than I usually get in a day.

    Anyway, so maybe I’ll have time to comment here more! And listen to PUMA radio!

  163. Pat Johnson, on September 5th, 2008 at 9:17 pm Said:
    The creation was supposed to take only 6 days. This election feels somewhere along about 450 years!


    tell me about 😦

  164. Pat: “Has anyone noticed, or is it just me and wishful thinking, but hasn’t Obama once more been diminished by a woman?” Oh yes, and I’m lovin’ every minute of it. If he hadn’t crapped on Hillary, he wouldn’t be in this predicament.

    Karma and all that… 😉

  165. The only other person I’ve heard of that claimed Community Organizer as a job title was Abby Hoffman. I find it interesting that instead of trying to tie the two men together, the Republicans took the approach of , “What the heck is that? Is it even a real job?”

  166. Hoffman ended up on trial before JUDGE Hoffman in Chicago. For actions at the Democratic National Convention in 1968.

    (And Lincoln’s secretary was Kennedy and Kennedy’s secretary was Lincoln).

    Are there any Judge Obamas in Chicago – oh please, God.

  167. OK – here’s the scorecard in my lifetime ….

    Lyndon Johnson got Medicare passed . He’s the last Democratic who did something for the peoiple at large

    the Republicans got a medicare drug bill-deeply flawed-but still got it passed

    So the score is 1 to 1 (btw, where’s my Equal Rights Amendment?)

    I won’t vote Dem again until they do right by Hillary

    OR until they do something for the people

  168. I have 4 children, one of whom is gay. I love them equally but he is very special to me just the same. To think that someone, anyone, would not appreciate my child simply because he is who he is sickens me. It is as much of an affront to say we dislike a person based on their skin color. It makes little or no sense.

    I despise intolerance. I have also walked away from my own church because they qualify being gay as a “sin”. To deny a person their natural born rights because of religious intolerance, and make no mistake this is where it all begins, is the greater sin since we are also denying nature.

    Having said that, I believe if a couple wants to declare their relationship there should be no prohibition. As much as I get angry at some of the things related to my state (John Kerry in particular) ours was the first to recognize this right.

    I have donated to the MA LBGT community because they have had to bear an unfortunate burden of only being who they are. It is a disgrace and should never be tolerated. And by the way, before my son came out I felt just as strongly.

  169. I would like to note these Obama ads running on the radio in northern Virginia, it’s one of those stations with nice oldies that gets played in stores (which is why I heard it).

    Starts with Barack saying he approves this message. Then, very ominous music and a woman’s voice saying what this election is really about is a woman’s right to choose, and Roe v Wade, John McCain would outlaw abortion and put women’s health at risk, then a clip from Meet the Press in which Russert (?) asks if McCain would support a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.. and I guess McCain says he would, though his answer is so quiet you can’t really hear it. Very grim and scary. Which candidate is trying to scare voters again? Really there is not one positive word about Obama in the ad, it’s all McCain = Scary. I suppose he thinks this is the way to get women’s votes.

  170. Declare ALL life partnerships civil unions. Hetero or straight, they should ALL be civil unions as far as the government is concerned. What business is it of the government’s whether any social contract is “blessed” or “holy” or not?

    WMCB: Didn’t you see BO’s response at Saddleback? He supports civil unions, but opposes gay marriage, because “with a man and a woman, God is in the mix.”

    I was so f*cking offended by that! So, “God” whatever that is to someone, is not “in the mix” if you love a same-sex partner? it is not as holy or sacred? That told me everything I need to know about how he feels about homosexuals. He gives these “tells” on many issues: women, abortion, religion, class, patriotism, governing etc. He knows how to pretend he cares, and many people are fooled, but if you are watching and listening carefully, you can see that it is not just false, but dangerously lacking in empathy and understanding.

  171. Two faced Sally Quinn has done a reverse. I wonder why?

    She was afraid that her servants would spit in her soup.

  172. garychapelhill, on September 5th, 2008 at 7:17 pm Said:

    and civil unions is bullshit. we already realized seperate but equal doesn’t work. fuck the evangelicals. excuse my french 🙂


    On this one I’m Libertarian. I truly believe government has absolutely no business in marriage. Marriage is between you, your partner, and your God. Why should I be taxed (license fee) for a religious ceremony? For that matter, why should my tax payment be determined by whether I’m married or single? Government uses marriage as a means of categorizing individual choice.

  173. Arabella: lol

  174. Fif, I think you have a libertarian streak as well : )

  175. fif: I agree – it’s really about civil rights. The religious part should be a decision of the congregations.

  176. Ferraro bites the dust and drinks the kool aide.

    Another hugh disappointment.

  177. If we just kept “God” out of politics it would be such a “blessing”. And I am quite sure he/she would appreciate it as well. More problems arise from inserting “God” into the equation that you would think we would have learned by now.

  178. Bonita: She is backing Obama?

  179. Still4Hill,

    Yes, Hillary was called macho. It’s that “strong woman” thing that confuses people. 😉

    Of course, next to Barack, even Richardson looked masculine.

    I imagine both Hillary and Sarah know how to bowl. It was quite surprising that Obama didn’t know how.

  180. Sally is a flag in the wind, I sense a shift! I have never heard her say she was wrong before. Interesting

  181. Just heard that Oprah is going to have Sarah Palin on her show…AFTER the election. WTF?

  182. fif, I agree 100%. he really is a chameleon.

  183. The word must be out: Obama wants his female surrogates to “play nice” with Sarah since the overkill must have created a backlash.

  184. Oprah, another phony bag of wind.

  185. Actually, Gracie, Hillary bowled on Ellen’s show and gutter-balled it, but she might have been nervous. Also it wasn’t a real bowling alley.

    OTOH – I can’t believe Gerri caved – but she did.

  186. Pat, they won’t be able to keep it up. being nasty just comes naturally to them now..

  187. What did Ferraro say?

  188. Oprah will she won’t she have Palin on? That’s the Fox question. Did she ever have Hillary on? I don’t watch her, but I don’t think she did.

  189. Pat: She said it tonight on Hannity. She said since BO added Biden to the ticket her concerns about foreign policy experience were lessened. I’m so disappointed.

  190. Caught a glimpse of Sarah earlier giving a speech in MI. She sure captivated the crowd. Oh well, Backtrack, you just became yesterday’s news. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  191. Sophie – That adding Joe Biden to the ticket “did it” for her (not in those words – I have a “gist” memory).

  192. Sally Quinn’s DC friends told her “You know, dear, it’s just not the thing to be saying right now.”

    Once the people on her guest lists got snippy with her, she backed down.

    Plus, the gardeners were giving her a funny look as they clipped the hedges.

  193. There are fewer and fewer heroines left. We are all on our own. Good thing for PUMA or we would be out in left field.

  194. Arabella: I just visualized what you have said. Laughing my butt off!

  195. Pat J: Amen.

  196. Arabella: What Pat said.

  197. Hannity is exploding over the treatment of Palin – did he do that for Hill?

  198. Pat: Two-faced Sally

    Is that sung to the tune of “Mustang Sally?”

  199. fif: Thanks. I am now going to have that song roaming in my head all night.

  200. Axelrod coming up on Fox. When this battle is over, Kevin Kline will play him in the movie version.

  201. Still4Hill: I wouldn’t have expected him to but those charges that she pretended to be carrying her daughter’s baby were beyond vicious. Hillary was pilloried but that accusation was way, way over the top.

  202. Pat & fif: earworm.

  203. Many people in the DC establishment will begin to change their tunes the more they realize McCain can win the election. Moreover, the Rightwing noise machine is very good at hitting back and beating those people into respecting them.

    Can you imagine what will happen to MSNBC should McCain win?

  204. Me ? Now I have When This Battle is Over in my head. Who will wear the crown?

  205. MABlue: Then I would have received an early Christmas present. Watching that channel dissolve would be its own reward. KO, Tweetie, Andrea, the whole horrid group. Leave Joe S and Pat B. And I really cannot believe I am asking to save the right wingers. Sheesshh!!

  206. MaBlue – Change their tunes – we can’t change the tunes in our heads!

    But I hope if McCain wins they fire Rachel – annoying & crazy lately.

  207. I guess it was to much to believe the “country over party line.” In the end, Democratic stallwarts, maintain ing the party line.

    I want my card back that I sent to Ferraro.

  208. Alan Colmes either has an ironbound contract, is married into the Murdoch family, or has something on the corporate heads at Fox since he adds absolutely nothing to the program.

  209. If heterosexual marriage were illegal, I’d be a multimillionaire today. 🙂

    I think it is hilarious that Biden is surrendering before the debate even happens! What a wuss!

  210. Is Chris really running against Spector? (sp?)

  211. Rachel is probably the biggest disappointment of all. The woman is brilliant but she has flipped out.

  212. Dave: How so?

  213. This was on the National Review blog:

    Cheney Should Have Run [Ramesh Ponnuru]
    Former Republican congressman Vin Weber made an interesting point at a Humphrey Institute panel during the convention: Republicans would be in better shape now if Dick Cheney had run for president. Whoever the eventual nominee was would have cleanly separated himself from the Bush administration and shown himself to be his own man by beating Cheney.

  214. Thanks, Pat – my question too.


  215. Chris is planning a run for the Senate in 2009 from PA. He is guaranteed a win when pigs fly!

  216. I can’t believe Ferraro. This man accused her of being a racist. i would never, ever give my vote to someone who did that to me.

  217. If Cheney had been the nominee I would have gotten roaring drunk on November 4th and voted Obama. Cheney is a hateful, mean spirited, evil person.

  218. Cheney runs: Guy with heart pacemaker runs against guy who need brain pacemaker.

    I LIKE it!

  219. Does anyone have a link to the Ferraro story. I just saw her on TV not 1 week ago and she said she hadn’t decided.

  220. Obama’s campaign is in total panic over Palin.

    BTW, I was thinking about all those stories that they had plenty of background on Pawlenty, Ridge, Kaine, etc, but ZERO info on Palin.

    And I started wondering why. Because she has been mentioned as a possibility for months and months now. Heck, I went and googled her and searched for myself almost a month ago, because her name kept popping up.

    So WHY, if she was being considered, did Axelgrease not research her, when he researched the others?

    I’ll tell you why. Can’t prove it, but I think they could not wrap their heads around the idea that JayMac would pick a woman. I think they dismissed her out of hand, didn’t bother to research her, because they hold women in such low esteem that they were blinded to it by their own sexism. She flew right under the radar, because their radar is permanently set on PENIS.

  221. hear hear Masslib

  222. #
    Republican Woman, on September 5th, 2008 at 9:35 pm Said:

    Fif, I think you have a libertarian streak as well : )

    You know Republican Woman, I think you might be right! 🙂

  223. masslib- Why dya suppose she did that? Really, I suspect very hardball tactics behind the Obama scene – gang-related.

    Course I’m a conspiracy nut and still think Jim Garrison was onto something (whatever you think of him).

  224. garychapelhill, on September 5th, 2008 at 7:51 pm Said:

    My nerves are shot. I guess I picked the wrong year to quit smoking….

    I quit almost 2 years ago, sadly, I started back the day of our State Convention.

  225. Greta: breaking news about Palin re: WHY Oprah won’t have Palin on her show, including new information about Palin.

    Current Mayor of Wasilla, Dianne Keller, AK talking about Sarah, confirming that she is experienced enough, in her opinion, to be VP. She also says that Palin has done a really good job of reaching across the aisle in AK as Governor to do a good job.

  226. NH: Go to the hannity site and watch the video. I don’t have a link. Saw it myself and was just crushed.

  227. PUMAs at the RNC interviewed

    Betty Jean and Robin…..YOU GO GALS….TELL ’em. 🙂

  228. wmcb: I think they dismissed her out of hand, didn’t bother to research her, because they hold women in such low esteem that they were blinded to it by their own sexism. She flew right under the radar, because their radar is permanently set on PENIS.

    When I write Hillary in for Pres., can I put you as VP?

  229. Scuse me, I stuck Kaine in there by accident. Brain fart with names.

  230. She flew right under the radar, because their radar is permanently set on PENIS.

    LOL! North, East, South, West, Penis

  231. WMCB I think they were prepared. that’s what I was talking abou thtat blog mudflats. they had that thing set and ready to pump out the rumors. within a week they’ve had the fake pregnancy, two bogus testimonial letters, and I’ve even seen posts about her “affair” and trooper story. And its only been 6 days. don’t believe the big lie. they were 100% prepared, its just not working.

  232. “You are doing the Thelma and Luise thing”…BRAKES…RV…to Twin Cities….

    Betty Jean and Robin you tell ’em!

    “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”….Wooo HOOOOO!

  233. Still4Hill, on September 5th, 2008 at 8:33 pm Said:
    I got here late and haven’t read the thread – don’t pressure me right now – my sister had to put her dog down today, so I am doubly down. My poor sister.

    Big hugs to you and your sister! My little boy cat went to live with God (sorry, no offense to anyone) a couple of weeks ago and I’m so sorry for your loss.

    CB, on September 5th, 2008 at 8:19 pm Said:
    Daily Show spoof on The One Accepting the Nomination! Fun!

    I especially liked the CNN/FOX/WHOEVER part of the video where it says in their crawl that HIllary won NJ.

    Sorry I’m late to the party – it just takes freakin’ forever to read through everyones comments! But it’s always informative and lots of fun. Sort of like being around the family during holidays and listenting to the squabbles.

  234. They probably thought something like:

    “Yeah, her name is being floated to make the wimminz feel better that one of them was considered, but we know THAT ain’t happening, so let’s dig up what we can find on the real contenders – Pawlenty, etc…”

  235. Then again, gary may be right. What the hell do I know? I’m sitting here eating Froot Loops listening to my dog snore. 🙂

  236. Is N.O.T (Nothing on Top) a choice that is being suggested to leave the Pres selection blank on the ballot?

  237. phlamingo: Thank you – on two counts about my sister’s loss and about the ticker on NJ – I am in NJ and my primary vote was shredded.

    Sorry about your cat. It’s so hard….I have cats. They are all puma cubs.

  238. WMCB LOL!!! I love froot loops. and my dog his zonked out here with me too!

  239. I think the polls are going to turn around in the next couple of weeks and Obama is going to start struggling.

    I’m a Democrat and I voted for Hillary but I’ll be damned if I let the DNC ignore my vote and pick a candidate for me. My protest vote will probably be for McCain.

  240. Gary, froot loops are the best. I think it’s a childhood thing. You have to get the real ones, because the cheap brands don’t get that “slightly waxy taste” thing going on with the milk.

  241. I can’t believe Ferraro. This man accused her of being a racist. i would never, ever give my vote to someone who did that to me.

    Oh Gerry…just when I think there’s no heart left to break. How could she ever support him after what the did to Hillary AND to her?

  242. Woo-Hoo – Roller Derby on Psych!

    Ya gotta give us poor folks here in Illinois a break. It’s not so much that bills were taken away from the rightful folks, although I’m sure that happened, but that most of the dems here just gave away their credit to him.

    I’m sorry to say I drank the kool-aid in 2004 – but you have to remember that there weren’t any other choices at the time since the dems put up a weak showing and the GOP imploded that year. Thank God I woke up right afterwards and puked it all back up. Never again will I believe anyone based on pretty words – even if they really sound like they mean them at the time.

    Also, you know that state and Chicago politics is a family business, literally. The Cook county pres has a major stroke a week before the primary & the party insiders made sure he still won. then a few months, and declining health later – poof! – his son is installed and now they have the highest county tax in the country.

    Our illustrious state senate/congress (who can keep track?) leader announces his retirement after getting his much-need payraise voted down and announces his son – with the same name – will be replacing him on the ballot. And then says to the press that there’s nothing wrong with passing down the family business to his kid.

    The other state leader adopts his new wife’s adult daughter and installs her as our state’s attorney general and is now wrangling to have her be our next governor.

    Please take pity on us poor fools who continue to live in this state.

  243. NH: That is correct. N.O.T. is the modus operandi for the time being unless something changes dramatically. I *could* for Obama this year, but first he and Dean would have to resign.

  244. I really like Greta. She pushes for real answers without being obnoxious.

    Does Oprah expect anyone to believe her lame excuse that she doesn’t want to get involved in politics? Excuuuuse me?

    Go to http://www.gretawire.com

    Is Oprah being honest about why she doesn’t want Palin on her show? Yes or no.

  245. I prefer Lucky Charms – they’re Magically delicious!

  246. BTW, we encourage people to vote their consciences. That means different things to different people but the one thing they have in common is NOBAMA.

  247. Yuh know – listening to BJ and Robin (Thelma and Louise hahaha – but not gonna go over the Grand Canyon) – I think we should try to have a puma convention. There is not a single inarticulate PUMA that I have heard. We’re a strong group.

    Let’s organize:

  248. phred, I like the charms too. Kid cereals are one of my guilty pleasures. But NEVER eat that Kaboom stuff. Did you know you will poop multicolors if you eat that? No lie.

  249. WM, you are so right about the froot loops. I liked apple jacks too for that very same “waxy” quality.

  250. I LOVED cookie crisp. the milk afterwards was the best . do they still make those?

  251. Still: I think we should have a PUMA convention too. It will be fun to see everyone in person and be around like-minded people–what a relief.

  252. Still4Hill, I don’t know about writing me in as VP. I might be a little too free and outspoken for that political job. I mean, Jesus, here I am talking about multi-colored poops for the whole world to hear.

    But thanks for the thought. 🙂

  253. I’m not sure what Kaboom is, but thanks for the warning. 🙂

    My next favorite is Count Chocula. Then it just devolves into those good-for-you cereals like Cheerios, Grape-nuts, etc. Must be the hazard of trying to be a grown-up!

  254. fif:

    Thanks – I thought the conversation was deteriorating into cereal box lit.

    Isn’t this an after-hours bar? I thought it was.

    Here I can easily substitute “Hillary” for the name you’ll all recognize:

  255. Pat Johnson, on September 5th, 2008 at 9:31 pm Said:

    I have 4 children, one of whom is gay. I love them equally but he is very special to me just the same. To think that someone, anyone, would not appreciate my child simply because he is who he is sickens me. It is as much of an affront to say we dislike a person based on their skin color. It makes little or no sense.


    I was with my ex when he came “out of the closet.” They were German immigrants and he was terrified to tell them. I had a very good relationship with them, but I have to admit, that is a day I’ll never forget. A few months after the fireworks, they sent me a plane ticket and asked if I would please come and visit, without their son being there. They refused to talk to him. I almost declined. On the first day, I was grilled relentlessly about our sham marriage – they were angry that we would deceive them. I explained that I truly loved their son for the man he was and that I was skeptical, based on my experiences growing up, that I would ever “fall in love” with a man, it wasn’t exactly a sham, but rape kind of puts trust of “sex” and real relationships aside. That he wanted what they considered a “normal” relationship, but it just wasn’t him. I explained about the Army investigation, about the hypocrisy, about so many things – I watched his father cry and I cried with him. It was a very contentious, emotional, few days. When I left, he was at least willing to talk to his son. In the end, he accepted our divorce (after we were out of the Army, and yes, divorce was an issue in and of itself), and they had a good relationship.

    I do not understand the parent who can turn their back on their child. Being angry temporarily, confused, yes, but not disowning, and I know a lot of that happens.

  256. LOL. Check out the Greta results re: Oprah’s honesty about Palin interview. Do you believe she is being honest about her decision not to have her on the show until after the election?

    Yes: 3%
    No: 97%

    They think we’re so stupid.

  257. wmcb: Anytime, love.

  258. Kaboom is a really cheap cereal (but lots of vitamins) that is an approved choice if you are on the WIC program. I was poor once when my kids were small, so became familiar with Kaboom. It’s nasty.

  259. Where’s that poster called Phantom of the Oprah? I want that opinion..

  260. Scrolling Scrolling LOTS of comments since I left for work, and I’m determined to see them all!

    Folks, my earnest pitch:

    Please please do all that you can to make sure BO is not elected. The numbers have to go as strongly for McCain as possible, I, for one, am grateful that they are not the worst case scenario Republicans and have appreciated (most of) the language coming from the pair. We have to insure defeat, and we have to register humiliating numbers.

    Please vote Mccain/Palin. We all know your reasons. We’re not Republicans here. We won’t tell. We wan’t to make mincemeat out of that mouse. Period.

    End of plea.

  261. joaniebone, I’m in. You can count on it.

  262. Wow, that’s quite a story RW. Glad you survived it and how compassionate of you to try to help his family come around to accepting him.

    Couldn’t agree more, Joannie!

    Goodnight, folks!

  263. Joanie – have a drink – listen to the music – I’m the DJ.

    Been a hard week. The ticket is not stable, so don’t think about how to vote – yet.

  264. been there for a while now Joaniebone….

  265. What happens if Berg’s lawsuit is successful and proves that he’s not constiutionally eligible to serve?

  266. Thanks still4hill. I mean it. But I don’t need to relax. I am really pretty relaxed, and at peace with what needs to be done.

    And I don’t expect to convince everyone, though I hope to.

    (sipping my scotch..) What makes you think the ticket is not stable?

  267. WMCB your insights are spot ON !!! it is Stunning to me how they can miss half the country , but I guess when you are above it all for so long you really dont see it … I know they didnt see Sarah coming because they really didnt think that Mccain wuold take such a big risk and choose a WOMAN . She was off their radar .. so they assumed she was off his too .. Like the abusive boyfriend who comes home to find tghe house empty the furniture gone and not even a note saying good bye., and he just cant figure it out …I love “axelgrease” hehehe can i borrow it ??

  268. SHEEIT!! On Fox news – we’re buying less gas so now the gov’t. is low on taxes from us not paying as much gas.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But BOGUS. As the price rises, the tax $$ rise with the price, no?

  269. I’m in California so my vote will primarily be a protest vote — though I think there is a chance that California might be closer than the Dems think.

    I’m not seeing many TV commercials here, from any of the candidates.

  270. Jeannine Pirro on Fox – had the nerve to run against Hill for Senate.
    Take a lesson, Caroline <>

  271. Damn – meant (Jackie voice) and put fouled html in there.

  272. NPR ran a segment today about Sarah Palin being a Pentecostal.

  273. G7 – I think CA is a swing state – really! You have a Repub governor. NJ is defined as a swing state because of a history of electing Repub govs. That’s what RD found out The Day of the Bogus Roll Call.

  274. Sophie – She “gets the spirit”?

  275. Anybody near Charleston? Get safe. Here comes Hanna.

  276. News on the NYT: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to be placed under Federal control.

    That’s HUGE news.

  277. Just wanted to thank you for highlighting Harriet Christian. She’s the Rosa Parks of the anti-Obama movement. She is gutsy, defiant and truthful.

  278. Sophie – I read the first paragraph – worse than Dubya – scary. I don’t trust anybody who claims to have God on speed dial.

  279. Flamingo: This is what is coming our way with the merger of the DNC and Obama for Amerika. The reference to “bills taken away” refers to Emil Jones, Jr.’s strong-arming Dems to pass on their own legislation to Obama after the Dems resumed power.

    The previous Gov. Ryan was imprisoned for corruption (and Rezko’s #1 man, the current Dem Gov. Blag is in Fitzgerald’s crosshairs). Emil Jones, Jr. was now speaker and wanted to make a “bro” a “U.S. Senator.” That paid off handily in earmarks to his district (the media can’t seem to find this out).

    I’d like to know who revealed the sealed divorce papers of BO’s Dem and Republican opponents so he could run, once again, unopposed. At least Palin doesn’t believe in this kind of “election” (sadly what passes as the Democratic Party does).

  280. Cripes! Gracie.

  281. I’ve met other Dems here in CA that just won’t vote for Obama so I know I’m not alone.

  282. Gracie7, on September 5th, 2008 at 10:47 pm Said:

    I’m in California so my vote will primarily be a protest vote — though I think there is a chance that California might be closer than the Dems think.

    I’m not seeing many TV commercials here, from any of the candidates.

    I was just thinking I’ve discovered the problem of why retail sales are down so much, they can’t air any commercials! I’d say 9/10 commercials in Nevada (swing state) are political. In the 30 minutes I’ve seen 4 McCain, 8 BO (equal gas, and The Same), 2 local. I have to say though, the BO commercials are quite entertaining.

  283. Damn! If the feds are stepping in on Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, this shit is deeper and more precarious than they are saying.

  284. From the NYT: “Under a conservatorship, the common and preferred shares of Fannie and Freddie would be reduced to little or nothing, and any losses on mortgages they own or guarantee could be paid by taxpayers.”

    This is bad news. This will be a trillion dollar bailout. Not only that, I understand a lot of the shareholders are groups like pension funds.

  285. Annie Em: She’s a patriot. I can see her under the Liberty Tree in Boston.

  286. Gracie – Probably mine. But why should I retire? I’m older than Hillary – I don’t see her ready to fold 2012. – And we’re both still hot.

  287. The metals market has been sinking for the last month so I figured something was in the works. They always buck up the dollar before they announce something nasty like this. The dollar will get hammered on Monday and the metals will go up again.

  288. Gracie – Are you a financial analyst? I just don’t get this stuff. That’s what I don’t want SSec privatized. I’d have no idea what to do.

  289. Eating Grape Nuts is like eating couch stuffing. Awful!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. CB – I don’t remember all the scuttlebutt from 4 years ago about Ryan, but I vaguely remember it being his republican opponents, not the opposition who released the sex club records. The state gop was already starting to implode at the time due to the Ryan scandal and he should have known better than to run with that in his background! Now they have an ice cream king trying to buy his way into any office that will take him.

    I don’t remember Barry having so many opponents in his own primary that he didn’t get that nomination on his own. It was between the primaries and the GE when he gave that famous speech at the DNC that pretty much handed him the win. Well, that and the fact that the best the gop could put up against him after Ryan dropped out was Alan Keyes, who was imported just for the election.

    Emil Jones did strong-arm a lot of folks into giving him credit at the time, but it’s just nauseating the way every IL dem is handing him credit for everything now and retroactively.

  291. No, I’m not a financial analyst. I just realized, about 4 years ago, that the situation with the economy and everyone buying/selling houses with “no money” was not sustainable. I started reading everything I could on money, credit, derivatives, metals, bonds, and everything else — trying to educate myself. I eventually ended up believing that we may have destroyed our money (dollar bills) with all the stuff the government has done in the past 40 years.

    The USA has too much debt. Not just household debt but government debt too.

  292. and it’s phlamingo with a ph, not an f – let’s have some respect for how we want to be listed.

    sorry, off my soapbox now!

  293. Janice, thanks for responding BTW. I had a conversation with one of their leaders several months ago, he said they’re trying to make a difference, but without numbers, they’re still a very small voice. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

    In watching Iron Jawed Angels, it seems that movements begin with a small voice, with a bone being thrown, and then someone comes along and says enough is enough, it’s time to get radical. It was almost 50 years from Susan B. Anthony looking to states’ rights to Alice Paul saying not working, time to step it up a notch.

    If you are correct, I hope they don’t wait 50 years to step it up a notch.

  294. I agree totally about marriage and the role of government. You should get a civil license for union and fulfill the basic requirements for that (blood test, age, whatever) and that entitles you to government conferred legal rights. A “marriage” should be solely a church decision and if a church wants to provide marriage to gltb—good for them—but “marriage” should just be a religious event and a religious marriage should not entitle you to governmental legal rights—just religious rights and standing in the church. Legal rights should be conferred by government and they should be entirely without prejudice—two consenting, of age adults. I also don’t think governments have any business telling religions what should constitute a ” marriage”. So you could have a union and a marriage; a union only or a marriage only. That recognizes the separation of church and state, period.

  295. Who gave the keynote speech this year? Just last week and I forget. Seems they give the spotlight to the next to be hyped – it crossed my mind last week, but I can’t remember who.

    ((over 50 + can’t remember sh*t))

  296. Yep, I know quite a few lifelong Dems in CA who are not voting Obama, such
    as myself. There are also a lot of Republicans in the State. What we haven’t seen is much unfavorable coverage of Obama. If that happens,
    he will slide fast.

    Sorry that Gerry lets herself be called a racist by Axelrod and then
    caves. Who knows if she will actually pull the lever for Bama at
    the top of the ticket. Is she going to be devoting her free time to
    raising money for her, or would her time be better spent helping
    Hillary retire he debt. New York is pretty much a giveaway to any
    Dem at the TOT, isn’t it? Also, if Gerry didn’t spout the right message,
    the media would blow up in her face. I am tending to come across neutral in the face of BO supporters, and say that I’m not voting TOT
    (not true) and that I’m waiting for November 5 (true). This is going
    to be a long, long campaign season, and I don’t even watch TV.

    I know one male Hillary supporter who is voting for Obama instead
    of Nader because he thinks McCain is reckless in picking Palin.
    It seems that Palin supports the people she represents, not just
    her own mirror image. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have such a high
    approval rating. We have a varied country, and most are more
    conservative than where I live (S.F. Bay Area), and I”m always
    surprised how many conservatives there are even here.

  297. Jangles: What you said.

  298. Still4Hill:

    Thanks for THAT link. Irish folk musicians from the Plough & Stars in Philly played at the cocktail hour during my daughter’s wedding last year.

    And you can never get enough treason in this day and age.

  299. phlamingo,

    Coincidentally, Obama’s Democratic challenger had a sex
    scandal that was revealed in his sealed divorce papers. Then when Precious faced Republican opposition, the L.A. Times published
    his sealed divorce papers.

    Something it does seem that Obama was brought to us by God,
    as Nancy P. claims. He has a lot of “luck.”

  300. Bill Maher quizzing Jeff Toobin about is that really her baby? He is so stupid. Reading too much Kos. Toobin doesn’t want to discuss it but Bill won’t quit. It doesn’t occur to him that she can’t be 5 mos. pregnant now and have given birth 4 mos. ago.
    He did do New Rules-RNC Edition which was very funny. Tucker Carlson(I think-so many Repubs I can’t keep them straight) says”You can’t question a candidates age until you quit electing Robert Byrd.” Mike Huckabee says”New Rule-Joe Biden has to tell us what’s the deal with his hair?” Ron Paul says”Stop trying to make me a Democrat-ain’t gonna happen.” Etc. You should catch it if you get HBO.

  301. Annie Em – I’m the DJ tonight (self-appointed).

    You: “And you can never get enough treason in this day and age.”

    SOME call it treason.

  302. Still4Hill: Mark Warner

  303. Joan: I quit Bill last week when he and the panel just peed in their pants over Obama. Sickening. And I used to be a fan.

  304. Joan – Thanks – I am not sure I can stomach another Maher show – and the NY TImes doesn’t give a weekly TV guide anymore – I need incisive reviews.

    Sorry to say, he’s from my stat.

  305. state (I meant) lousy typing

  306. Annie Em: I can still do an Irish step to “The Irish Washerwoman”. Why I brought that up I will never know.

  307. Thanks Pat – he’s the one to watch, then.

  308. CB – no offense, but his democratic primary opponent had a domestic abuse scandal, not a sex scandal. That particular credit goes to the winner of the republican primary, Jack Ryan. That particular battle hadn’t really started when his sealed divorce papers were released and he had to drop out. So no real opposition from that point on because once they put Keyes in as their nominee it was all over months before the actual election.

    I do agree with you that he’s had a lot of “luck.” That apparently started a couple of decades ago – so he really should thank his guardian angels.

  309. Pat,
    It’s because there’s so much cleaning up and laundry to do, especially the stinky socks…

    To quote Still for Hill: SOME call it treason.

  310. Didn’t you see BO’s response at Saddleback? He supports civil unions, but opposes gay marriage, because “with a man and a woman, God is in the mix.”

    eewww, that’s actually creepy. makes me want to dump my husband and find a same sex partner just so we can have a little privacy in the relationship. what a bizarre thing for a supposed ‘liberal’ to say

  311. I think I’m done for the night – too many work problems today, and me on “vacation”

    Everyone over on the East coast by TS Hanna please stay safe. And everyone watching out for H Ike, please take shelter if needed.

    Peace out

  312. phlamingo:
    so he really should thank his guardian angels.

    GA’s were the PR version of the Black Panthers. I had some associations with both.

    Yesterday I posted this:

    People might get itchy about the source but if you scroll down, the video is there with old Percy Sutton explaining how a former BP now muslim requested a letter of recommendation for Obama to Harvard.

    Look – I don’t really know this source either, But I know percy Sutton – that”s him. Listen to what he says.

  313. Yeah, I know Bill Maher has really gone downhill. Used to be my favorite show. Michael Steele-who I really like-is on and he’s not taking any crap. Kerry Washington is on-she is totally in love with O. She said you don’t know how McCain would be as prez but with O, you can just go to BO.com, and you will know exactly what he will do! OMG.

  314. Pat-I can do th Irish Washerwoman too!

    Riverdance – LOOKOUT!

  315. #
    Gracie7, on September 5th, 2008 at 11:00 pm Said:

    From the NYT: “Under a conservatorship, the common and preferred shares of Fannie and Freddie would be reduced to little or nothing, and any losses on mortgages they own or guarantee could be paid by taxpayers.”

    This is bad news. This will be a trillion dollar bailout. Not only that, I understand a lot of the shareholders are groups like pension funds.


    Maybe this is the dumb question of the year, but this post is in complete agreement with how I feel. Government bailout whether it be corporate or individual to me is not always the answer.

    Since I’m now very confused because I no longer can define what is a democrat, what is a republican.

    Maybe a new thread can be started because most of you consider yourselves democrats, but you’re talking in terms of what I thought a Republican is. What in your opinion is a democrat, and what is a Republican?

  316. Pat, Still, I can do the Drunken Irish Hydration — you are never thirsty, but you do have bruises after a particularly good display of skills.

  317. Annie Em & Pat:

    Irish Washerwoman + stinky socks= forgot I had a load of wash sitting waiting to go in the dryer since the Easter Rising.

    Whew! Had another load to do, too.

  318. Prolix – that’s what happened when I tumbled down the stairs to put the wash in the dryer. Am using ice packs.

  319. Republican Woman,

    I’m a moderate Democrat. I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I only believe in bailouts that make sense — and bailing out Fannie and Freddie doesn’t make sense.

  320. ********SMOKING GUN*********



  321. Sorry to leave you all hanging. I’m on my third marriage and I live in a community property state. 🙂

  322. Harriet Christian speaks for me, she speaks for America, and I hope to HELL that she speaks for GOD….

    She should win the NOBEL peace prize…right up there with Gore.

    I can’t sleep until he loses, and if he wins I will never sleep again….

  323. To lull you to sleep (or wake you – we’re good at that)

    For Pat and Annie Em:

    Did …you… ever go into an Irishman’s house?
    Where water is scarce and whiskey is plenty,
    A three-legged chair and a table to match it
    A stick in the door…instead of a latch!

    Dance on, girls. I LOVE it!!

  324. Thank you Gracie7, I’ve posted before I’m the same way.

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