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Friday Fast: Fundraiser

Today, we dust off an oldie but goody.  To you new readers, last spring we fasted on Friday and sent our lunch money to Hillary for her campaign.  She still has a debt to her vendors left over from the primaries and for all we know, that is what keeps her indentured to Obama.  His fundraisers were *supposed* to help her pay it off.  I suspect they held back so they could continue to get her to carry their water on the campaign trail for Obama.  I don’t know about you but I think it’s time for Obama to carry his own damn water.

So, here’s what we’re going to do:

Save your breakfast, lunch and dinner money and send it to Hillary here:

You don’t have to send a lot of money.  Your $10 in combination with someone elses yuppy foodstamp times thousands can go a long way towards paying down the primary debt.

Now, if you are so inclined and you have extra money to burn, you could also make a contribution to Feeding America, (formerly known as America’s Second Harvest), which is battling the war against food insecurity in this country.  Gas prices are still pretty high and millions of families in this country have really hard decisions to make about how they spend their money.  Think about throwing in an extra $10 to help a family get through the week.  You can contribute here.

Finally, if you still have a few cents, send them to Murphy at PUMAPac.  She’ll turn them into flyers, stickers, movies and get the word out to other disaffected Democrats that they are not alone and People United Mean Action.  Contribute to PUMAPac Here.

Let’s turn these little raindrops into a mighty flood.

For your reading pleasure:

  • Anglachel writes two new beauties.  In Audacity Deficit, she asks how it is that this presidential contest has come down to a battle between Obama and Palin? Er, the DNC took the bait?  Just a guess.  In Why Your Party Loses, she shows that Democrats don’t stick up for their own and that gets us every damn time.  Parties with a history of stupidity and inability to learn from their mistakes deserve Darwin Awards.
  • Alegre has the post of the year.  18 Million Voices Silenced has some harrowing tales from the Hillary delegates who were harrassed at the convention.  Every primary voter needs to read and understand what happened here.  It is disgraceful.  Here’s an example:

    PENNSYLVANIA: An elderly weeping delegate who wanted to vote for Hillary was consoled by several fellow delegates who said they were all sent to Denver by their friends and neighbors to vote for Hillary but, “no-one seemed to care”.

     Your party at work.  Sickening.  When it comes to a discussion of the content of Barack Obama’s character, Martin Luther King must be rolling in his grave.

  • Finally, Heidi Li’s Potpourri has moved.  We are updating our links.  Her newest post, Looking Past The Heat of the Moment is about looking at the broad political landscape from where we stand now.

105 Responses

  1. “She still has a debt to her vendors left over from the primaries and for all we know, that is what keeps her indentured to Obama.”

    No, she is not indentured to O. She is part of the D machine, that is all.

  2. I can cough up 10.00, I’ll mail it this am.

  3. I am thinking she is not indentured either. She seems to have her own strategy- a head-scratcher at times. But in any case, she certainly can use the money for her vendors who need to be paid.

    And yes, PUMAPAC! We need to keep this ball rolling. The real work is ahead.

  4. Got this email this morning, seems they are all coming out with guns blazing against Mrs. Palin, she has scared the crap out of all of them.

    Speaking about Sarah Palin:

    Quite frankly, speaking as a community organizer, she pissed me off. And she pissed off progressives across California and the country.

    How do we push back against Palin, John McCain and the rabid right-wing Rove Republicans trying to hold our country — and our state — hostage? Well, first we need to get out the facts refuting Palin’s lies to our friends, family and neighbors.

    Markos Moulitsas, founder of Daily Kos and author of “Taking on the System: Rules for Radical Change in a Digital Era,” has something to say about it. And so might you.

    So, DK is going to get that woman, okay looks like the fight is on and everyone is going after her, except Obama.

  5. Did any of you get the invite for the Hillary/Hiro fundraiser in NYC on the 22nd? If it’s legit (for her, not for Bambi), I’d like to go. Anyone else?

    We had a flat on the Mass Pike yesterday outside Worcester. They had the RNC convention on Fox in the waiting room at the repair shop. I said “I hope McCain wins”. The group agreed. It helped reinforce my belief that there are a lot of closet NObama’s out there, even in Mass. Et vous?

  6. Guys, I think money might have something to do with it. That debt is not insignificant and although she may have her own strategy, you don’t see Richardson or Dodd putting herself out there like Hillary. I’m willing to entertain the notion that he made her a promise to help her pay off her debt if she campaigned for him. There have been various reports about his donors not coming through for her.

  7. Kim: are those MM words?

  8. two states: I’d like to go but I don’t think I got an invitation.

  9. I would only add one comment to this :

    “she shows that Democrats don’t stick up for their own and that gets us every damn time.”

    Democrats had no problem sticking up for Obama and throwing Hillary under the bus. I think we should look to the corruption of the Dem party for the true culprit here. Democrats seem to say “Whats in it for me” to everything.

  10. This is about the stupidest race I have ever seen play out before our very eyes! The One has chosen a supposed expert on foreign affairs to prop up his lack of legitimacy in this area of policy. Then the Repugs choose a woman to balance the ticket and poke the Dems in the eye at the same time. So then Obama pleads with the one female candidate who “has it all” to come out and bolster him again with the female voters since he lacks legitimacy there as well.

    Someone please tell me why in the world Barack Obama is the presidential nominee????? My head is about to explode! For what purpose are we being urged to vote for this nimrod if everybody and his freaken brother is expected to carry his bones over homeplate?

  11. RD – would love to meet you! If you send me an e-mail, I’ll forward the invite to you.

    Over and out from the Sheraton Newton. Viva PUMA’s!

  12. I love that our Hill is so classy and prefers to take the high road.

    But sometimes I wish, she were not so. The blogger boyz gave Palin hell for four days and she just got on the stage at RNC and publicly spanked their messiah. Now all those frat boyz and their messiah will think twice before messing with her again. There is a reason why all the female surrogates are being sent out to rebut her. There will be no shoulder brush off this time around.

    If Hill had been this ruthless, the DNC and the messiah would not dare take her for granted the way they did. It is not just the top tier of the DNC. Many of the other dems that she had campaigned for and raised money for defected to Obama during the primaries. Nobody will dare do that sh!t to the Barracuda.

  13. “This is about the stupidest race I have ever seen play out before our very eyes!”

    You think?

    I had to google nimrod….I am assuming you mean he is a dipstick a la Edmer Fudd, instead of a “mighty one in the earth”…definitions follow

    “The American Heritage Dictionary offers two distinct definitions of a nimrod — either a hunter, or a person regarded as silly or foolish. The dictionary goes on to explain that the second meaning probably originated with the cartoon character Bugs Bunny. The wily Bugs used the term in its original sense to refer to dithering hunter Elmer Fudd, whom he called a “poor little Nimrod.” Over time, however, the “hunter” meaning got dropped, and the “dithering” connotation stuck.

    Nimrod was in fact a Biblical figure — the great-grandson of Noah. He was a haughty king who declared himself a “mighty one in the earth,” founded the great city of Babylon, and presided over the construction of the mythical Tower of Babel.”

  14. No, the email came from Eden James of the Courage Campaign.

    But the DK is upset and the email further states that they will hosting a special conversation with Markos
    to hear the facts on Palin’s speech. If you are interested in asking a question the info is below:

    Please join us on Wednesday, Sept. 10, from 6-7 p.m. PT for a special “Courage Campaign Conversation” with Markos Moulitsas. Click here to RSVP, get a signed copy of Markos’s book, and check out our fact-check links on Palin’s speech:


  15. “two states”
    My friend got an invite/it’s for HER debt.
    The lowest price is $75 maybe the NYC area PUMA’s can all meet there??!!

  16. Hillary does stick up for her own. That’s what she is doing when she campaigns.

    Does anyone know whose campaign she is helping in Florida? She had a lot of good supporters there.

    The debt needs to be paid off because it is owed to vendors who are small businesspersons, and the last thing a candidate wants to do is stiff those they worked with in a campaign. Hillary’s father was a small businessman; she understands what that life is like.

  17. if Hillary has to go out and counter Palin for him, I hope Hil make BO pay and pay…

    seems like he should have made a little more effort to help her pay off her campaign debt….

  18. edge, that was precious.

  19. Biden gives me hives.

  20. Upstate: You are so cute! And that description of the word “nimrod” is perfect! Using it as a perjorative, I had no idea it fit so well.

  21. BTD is back….yeah!?

  22. The Dems couldn’t have picked two more arrogant unelectable guys in Obama and Biden. The DNC is in for a big hurt.

  23. Does Barry do anything besides give the same dang speech?? Isn’t it time for another vacation?

  24. BTD and Jeralyn were outted today, by Hillary’s Voice. Full names given. Feelings are running very high.

  25. If You Don’t Take Care of Women in Your Party (and Don’t Respect Those in the Other Party), How Can You Be Trusted with Issues Affecting Women–Or Anything Else, For That Matter? (It’s the Loss of Credibility, Stupid!)


    In Honor of this effort for Hillary….

    There is a great line from The Best Man (Gore Vidal) that ends the piece….sums up the situation PERFECTLY…..

  26. I heard that the expenses Hillary incurs to go to these support O rallies she has to pay herself. BO does not contribute. Has anyone heard something different?

  27. Thanks Kim for the CCampaign info.

  28. I don’t approve of outing.

  29. masslib: Neither do I. There is something sinister about it that makes my skin crawl. And both sides are guilty of this so no one gets off the hook.

  30. A response to the aggrieved “community organizers”.



    Let’s get the party going to our Hillary’s Debt!

  31. BTD and Jeralyn were outted today, by Hillary’s Voice. Full names given. Feelings are running very high.

    Can you give a link, not sure what you mean here.

  32. I believe in outing.

    You should have the courage to step up and identify yourself if you want to spend your time spewing hate and lies.


  33. I think you can get Jeralyns and BTD full name right on the TL site. How were they outed?

  34. Oh dear, Carol, you ARE the devil.

  35. I got an em from a friend, touting all of the following as wondrous things Obama has done, and stating it proves that Palin is a liar.

    *Obama Helped Pass The 2007 Ethics Reform Law, Which Curbed The Influence Of Lobbyists And Was Described As The “Most Sweeping Since Watergate.”
    *Obama Passed Illinois State Gift Ban Act “Heralded As the MostSweeping Good-Government Legislation in Decades.” Illinois Ethics Bill Most Far Reaching Since Watergate,Product Of Bipartisan Work. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote ofObama’s bill, “The ethics restrictions would be the most far-reaching since the Watergate-era campaign financial disclosure law.
    *Obama And Lugar Passed Law Boosting U.S. Efforts To Keep WMDs AndOther Dangerous Weapons Out Of The Hands Of Terrorists. In 2006,Obama and Lugar introduced The Cooperative Proliferation DetectionAct.
    *Obama and Coburn Passed A Bill Creating A “Google-like” Database ForThe Public To Search Details About Federal Funding Awards.
    Obama Passed Law Ensuring That Wounded Veterans Recovering In Military Hospitals Do Not Have To Pay For Their Meals Or Phone Calls To FamilyMembers.
    *Obama Proposals Providing Improvements In Health Care For RecoveringSoldiers Were Passed Into Law, Including Requirements For Post-Deployment Mental Health Screenings And National Study On The Needs OfIraq War Veterans. H.R. 976, passed by the Senate on August 2, 2007. The bill also adopts other Obama-McCaskill legislation, the HERO Act.
    *Obama Worked With Republicans To Pass Legislation, Which Became Law, Improving And Increasing Services For Homeless Veterans. Obama’s SAVE Act (S. 1180) and Homesfor Heroes Act (S. 3475).
    *Obama Passed Bipartisan Legislation That Expanded Health Care CoverageTo 154,000 Residents, Including 70,000 Children.
    *Obama Passed A Bill Creating $100 Million Earned Income Tax Credit AsA Member Of The Minority Party In The Illinois Senate.
    *Obama Passed Near-Unanimous Death Penalty Overhaul Package.

  36. Hilary is having a fundraiser to pay down the debt in Boston too, 9/19.

    Hillary is also doing this for the downticket Dems who worked hard for her. If BO goes down, it will hurt their elections too. I think there are many levels to what we are seeing play out.

  37. BTD was outed years ago when he was Armando at DK. His full name is on the front page of Talk Left. Jerelyn blogs under her real name. She has been a prominent television commentator under that name going back to the OJ trial. Neither one of them could have been “outed” by anyone recentlly.

  38. UpstateNY – Thank you.


  39. OK, so these are my grocery options, SuperWalmart or Aldi….ummmh……can H raise some funds for me?

  40. Anytime Carol.

  41. I heard that the expenses Hillary incurs to go to these support O rallies she has to pay herself.

    NH: there’s no way that is true. She is not spending her own money to create rallies for him. I seriously doubt that.

  42. I’m reposting the WaPo link I put on the previous thread

    It says that Hillary’s trip to FL was planned weeks ago and is not a response to Palin. Hillary will talk about issues.

    two Clinton advisers said she will continue to focus on issues, such as the economy, not Palin. If she does make remarks that touch on Palin, they will be designed to state a larger point about McCain, not to burrow down into a debate over sexism, an aide said.

  43. Kim: thanks, now that I “know”, I am so volunteering/voting for O.

    Bye, bye cruel Confluence (I actually need to go shopping but will be back).

  44. Upstate: Oh no, these are the issues that Kos is stating proves Palin is a liar. I looked a few of them up and on some Obama was a co-sponsor and on some he isn’t even listed as being involved. They are going apeshit over her speech and are circulating this list.

  45. BB: I didn’t know that, sorry.

  46. There is furious backpedaling now from the B0 campaign. Their surrogates in the media are all saying : US?name one who was sexist? we want a list! (Tweety and KO!) Who are those Obama/Biden democrats you speak of?

  47. edgeoforever,

    They are stupid. I heard (with my own lying ears) Obama refer to Palin as The Mayor of Wasilly. So it started right at the top.

  48. […] to votermom at confluence for making me feel better about this – NYT was obviously lying as […]

  49. katiebird, Obama is full of it.

    The first words out of his mouth regarding the selection of a VERY successful sitting GOVERNOR as female VP were what amounts to:

    “*snort* McCain picked some podunk small town mayor”

    Sexist pig.

  50. Hi Kim,

    No need to be sorry. I just look at TL, and I noticed Jerelyn seems pleased that she has driven a bunch of Hillary supporters off her site. Jerelyn defended Scott Peterson after he murdered his pregnant wife too and she took the defense side in the OJ case. I think she’s used to defending creeps who hate women, so switching over to BO in the blink of an eye doesn’t phase her. I’m not saying this to be mean, I really believe it. She is a very committed defense attorney and plays the devil’s advocate every day in her work.

  51. I think that Hillary is biding her time this election. She is showing that she is a “team player.” Yet I wonder if she is positioning herself in case a major scandal comes out about the precious and he drops out. She may need to be ready. She does have Chicago connections and is originally from Park Ridge, which is a suburb to the northwest of Chicago.

    Since I received some back pay, I will be making a contribution to pay off the debt, Puma pac and
    Denver group this weekend.

  52. Mar – Yes.

  53. For those of you who know how to find the truth about legislative accomplishments, I would love to see a factual analysis of that “list” they are circulating. The last I heard, the only laws Obama passed was aid to the Congo, and the naming of a post office. I would love to see how they are padding his resume and stretching the truth on this.

    And isn’t that the ethics bill that only requires that lobbyists and Congressman cannot sit down for a meal, but can stand and discuss issues?

    Who’s the one with a history of lying? Opinnochio

  54. I’m probably way behind the curve on this but have you all seen the ebay auction selling the DNC?


    The Q&A’s are very funny.

  55. An Obot friend of mine in LA sent me an email and she wants to “discuss Palin’s speech, before she goes on a rant.” They are furious! I think it’s hilarious, and it just goes to show how the media has spent the past 18 months kissing his a*s. When Hillary dared to even question his policies or record, there was a firestorm of outrage from his campaign, the supporters, the media, AND the Party. Remember, that’s when Kennedy came out against her because of the “tone” of the campaign. Now, whether I agree with McCain & Palin’s policies or not, it is delicious to watch someone FINALLY TELL THE TRUTH about this narcissistic, immature, arrogant, spineless, unprincipled hypocrite. They have no restraints due to Party complications and can let it rip, and I laughed and laughed. And we all know Barry doesn’t like to be mocked!

  56. Rasmussen has “beginning” of McCain’s bounce:


    They’re back up to dead even.

    I predict McCain’s approval will exceed Obama’s over this weekend.

  57. So, the poster that everyone here has liked over time was on the defense team of Scott Peterson? and OJ?

    I am going to have to reconsider my relationships on this site.

    Eddy is outraged!

  58. Hillary included running to O’s aide after being treated the way women have been treated shows that it is all about power.

    dt: you just crossed a line. Don’t come here lecturing us as if you know Hillary’s motives. As she clearly enunciated in her suspension speech: “I was fighting before the lights and cameras were on, and I will continue to fight for the things that are important to you–health care, education, the environment, equality.” She cannot do that effectively without being in a position of power.

    You sound like quite a know it all. I’d love to see you debate Hillary on health care: AS IF she doesn’t know what she’s talking about in that arena after 35 years of research and advocacy. BTW: my father has been a doctor for 55 years, and he wholeheartedly supports her plans. I think he probably has some perspective on this too.

  59. Carol: *&**&^*^&%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &*^&&%^$#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Charles I DIDN’T KNOW. okay?

  61. Pat – this is from Eddy and me &)(*^%$#$%#)(&(&&%^$##%$&&*&_)(*_(&^&^$^%#&#*^&)_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&^($$%#$%$_*+(+_(*^^$%$$!$#%&(*)*(%^%#^%$&_(^%#$%()&&$^%^)(&%^$^)(*)*%^$%


  62. That ebay auction is hilarious!

  63. George Stephanopolous is going to give BO the entire hour on ABC This Week. Time to rally support for Pampers! Lots of WORM time there.

  64. Please be nice, I quit smoking again today.

  65. Pat & Carol, are we going to have to hose you two down?

  66. dt, on September 5th, 2008 at 10:23 am Said:

    1)Health care costs are GOING UP, ALREADY causing companies to a)lose profits, or b)not provide insurance to their employees, leading to failure

    2)I’m not buying the scare tactic

    3)I’m already voting Republican this time, so skip the underwear in a bunch sky is falling routine.

  67. TheRealKim, on September 5th, 2008 at 10:39 am Said:

    I won’t say ‘good luck’, but I will say may the force be with you!

  68. dt–It’s clear you don’t understand either economics or social welfare programs. Most corporations are currently paying NO taxes–get it? The corporations aren’t hurting due to taxes. If they’re in trouble it’s due to huge bonuses and pension plans for top executives and complete lack of attention to the products and consumer service that customers really want.

    As for health care, if you’re going to make comments about waiting for care by a doctor, be prepared to back up your statements with facts. By the way, do you know what the wait time is in this country to see a physician? For non-emergencies, you’d better make your appointment months in advance.

    Sorry, but nothing you say can make Republican policies look good, because they aren’t.

  69. grayslady, on September 5th, 2008 at 10:40 am Said:


    What’s more, good health is not a privilege; it’s a fundamental human right. Equal access, period.

  70. fif: She stole Eddy back again!

  71. dt, we are not Republicans here. Period. Some of us have found things to admire in John McCain or Sarah Palin, because we are fair people who will give credit where credit is due.

    Some of us are glad, in a year when we simply cannot vote for the utterly unqualified, illegitimate, unrustworthy Dem “nominee”, that the Republicans have actually put up a pair of candidates that are not the worst of the bunch, and may accomplish a good thing or two if elected (such as corruption reform.)

    But DO NOT mistake that for a wholesale buying of Republican ideals or ideas. We are PROUD Democrats here, who think that the policies of a Hillary Clinton, coupled with her spine and character, would have been the best thing to ever happen to this country in a long long while.

    Do not mistake those two things for one instant. Learn the difference.

  72. WMCB: Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. two states@9:03a
    When you say over on a radio It means answer please.
    When you say out on a radio it means the end of a conversation.
    When you say over and out, you are saying you can talk but I am not listening.
    I had to learn that as a train dispatcher .



  74. So, the poster that everyone here has liked over time was on the defense team of Scott Peterson? and OJ?

    I’m taking a short break from my job, which is finding another job. Who are you talking about?

    therealkim – good luck on kicking the nicotine addiction. You will succeed!

  75. grayslady, on September 5th, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Thank you . PUMA may for them, but it’s due to the wrongness of the Dems, not the rightness of the GOP. GOP , don’t get greedy okay? the votes you pick up should be more than enough!

  76. OT — RD, have you seen this post at NQ. Looks like Corbett is going full assult on The One in PA. Have you been on Corbett’s show lately? If not, it might be a good time so you can talk about the convention and the sham roll call.

  77. the realkim@10:39a
    Good luck with the no smoking.
    If it helps try straws or coffee stirrers.
    80% of smoking is something to do with your hands.
    I had to quit in 2001 for health reasons and this helped.



  78. Kim – patch up. My son did and it is the best way.

  79. Arabella:

    bostonboomer, on September 5th, 2008 at 10:14 am Said:
    Hi Kim,

    No need to be sorry. I just look at TL, and I noticed Jerelyn seems pleased that she has driven a bunch of Hillary supporters off her site. Jerelyn defended Scott Peterson after he murdered his pregnant wife too and she took the defense side in the OJ case. I think she’s used to defending creeps who hate women, so switching over to BO in the blink of an eye doesn’t phase her. I’m not saying this to be mean, I really believe it. She is a very committed defense attorney and plays the devil’s advocate every day in her work.

  80. Yes, kim. Use the patch. It works.

    OK, tea break over. Back to pounding the phones.

    The job hunt is ON!


  81. Carol: Holy heck.

  82. I found this quote at NQ. It is sooo true.

    “The reason we are in so much trouble in this country is not because George Bush is a Republican, but because he is a lousy leader, an arrogant, petulant man who thinks God whispers in his ear. A man lacking in humility. Barack has this is common with our current President. Obama is not someone who will stand up for women’s rights, or anyone other than himself.”

    A true leader, one for all Americans, can come from either party. But it is true that the R party doesn’t always talk about helping the poor, but sometimes they do it outside the cameras.

  83. Pelosi has been a big disappointment to me, because while in control of congress she hasn’t pushed for any reform in health care. What is the point of having the helm if you are just going to go along.

    They should do another t-shirt drive to raise funds. Some of us are maxed out. I still can’t bring myself to consider voting for Obama after the brutal primary and all the voting issues. I may just write her in…I have written in Mickey Mouse before in protest when there wasn’t a true choice.

  84. A comment on the cost of health care. I am an HR Director in an international organization. We have manufacturing facilites on all continents ( no, not Antarctica) and 18 countries.

    The US facilities pay way and above any other country for employee health care. Currently it is about $750 per employee per month. When we do a comparison of labor costing, this always hurts our US facilities and makes them much less competitive in this venue. There are other benefits, ie increased vacation time, maternity leave, that other countries have that we do not, but at the end of the day it hurts us.

    I remember doing a cost analysis on the effect on my company of Hillary’s proposal when she attempted to pass health care under Bill’s administration. As normally the only Democrat and woman within my business unit, I often bear the brunt of any and all liberal ideas that come down the pike. So I am always prepared. I don’t now remember the numbers, but it would have been a cost savings for the company even with the tax.

    It will surely cost us money to have the health care we want, but in doing so if we can make US facilities more competitive, therefore keep more jobs, it is a win/win.

  85. I’m sending my lunch money to Sarah Palin, thank you!

  86. Rumor has it that HC’s brother recently met with McCain…Something is going on behind the scenes…..I see the orange tie as his acknowledgement that he needs the PUMAs…Nice to be wanted huh??..McCain has worked with TeddyK & others across the isle..I have little doubt that HC would have much more imput in a McCain administration then she’d have in Obama’s….

  87. If Hillary can back down the corrupt Obama bandwagon, I would definitely consider sending more money her way. I really want another contest t-shirt so I have one for the future, but her support of Obama is turning me off big time. Why aren’t her surrogates pointing out how Obama stood by as the sexist media took Hillary down.

    I already dislike Pelosi, Obama, and the DNC. I know Hillary has a gun to her head right now but she owes Obama nothing and should not submit herself as a pawn by attacking Palin when it’s not her job to get Obama elected.

  88. Maybe people should check on what HIllary is actually doing before they jump to bash her.

  89. pat, obviously you’re too stupid to figure it out, but you’ve been banned. as for your allegation. I did not say she wasn’t real, I said if she is, she’s a shill, and the letter is propaganda. I stand by that. now GO AWAY!! 🙂

  90. and that’s for “pat”, not pat johnson, we love her 🙂

  91. Gosh, I’ve been a community organizer more than half my lifetime and I found nothing offensive in what they said.
    I sent money to Hill yesterday – it was stretch but I figured if we’re going to keep her in this mix she needs it more than I do – P&J sandwiches next week –
    RD – how about something similar to what they are doing in NYC here in NJ for HIll?

  92. I think Hillary going out there against Palin will hurt her. She gained respect from many Dems, Indys, and Reps during her brave, strong run. Palin is VERY popular now; any attack on her directly or indirectly will backfire on the woman doing the attack. Already female Dems going out there are losing credibility and respect. She should take the high road and coolly go on about her duties in the Senate and helping down ticket Dems.
    Not that many deserve it- so many stabbed her in the back when she needed them most.
    Those expecting her to fight for Obama never supported or respected her and NEVER will. She has already campaign for him and her convention debasement should be enough. I love Hillary and will support her so will hold off to see what she does, but like someone said she is walking on thin ice. I expect nothing but strength and dignity from her and that includes knowing when enough is enough and STANDING up to her being used. She more than anyone knows what occurred, her continued subjugation to Obama and the DNC goes against her fighter message and diminishes her. I’ve said it before, let Judas, Dodd Biden, drooling Claire and Sebelious carry the puppet now.

  93. Ok, I sent in my $10 for Hillary’s debt relief. How many others did?

  94. PS: Mar –

    Factcheck.org has a complete comparison of bills and legislation by both Obama and Hillary. And an explanation of how the truth was stretched by both sides. Sponsoring a bill is not the same as authoring one, and they go into detail on the differences, and yes, the only two bills Obama authored were the renaming of a post office, and to preserve democracy in the Congo. Be nice to preserve it here first.

  95. This is just another way for those little weenies to get their jollies: Hill against Sarah

    However Hill should know what other women are feeling about BO using her as his “henchman”

    No invite 😦

  96. Ringing the bell…STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

    Read this:

    Comment to comment by TheRealKim, on September 5th, 2008 at 9:39 am Said:

    I got an em from a friend, touting all of the following as wondrous things Obama has done, and stating it proves that Palin is a liar.
    Here is the best compiliation of Oboma’s acievement record I’ve found. It was compiled by Matt Gonzalez, a former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, progressive, liberal.

    With this in hand you can dispute every thing they say that is a lie. Give it to all your friends, especially those that are on the fence. And let me know if you are as excited as I am about this article. Thanks.


  97. Contribution Details

    September 05, 2008 4:43 PM


  98. It’s so hard to decide: I did mine for PUMAPAC and for HILLLARY’S debt.

    Riverdaughter, how do you know she is still in so much debt, and why is NO ONE telling US???

  99. Hi Carol – Thanks. Lesson learned. Serves me right for trying to be clever (we have a time limit here for the hotel lobby’s computer). So I’ll just skulk back to the room now 🙂

    Serena won – yay! Have a great weekend, y’all.

  100. […] even running an article today about how Obama was “supposed to pay” for Hillary’s debt. Um, when was this decided? I know Hillary asked him to, but why should she? She didn’t have […]

  101. WorkinStiff: We do not subscribe to the theory of “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?” If McCain wants our vote, he’s going to have to work for it and treat us with respect.

  102. Hey Riverdaughter – just saw this!

    Thanks for posting my vid!!


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