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Thursday: Sit it out or mess with the DNC’s head?

I know what I choose.

Let me just say that to me, the path forward is clear: support true, progressive downticket Democrats.  You really can’t go wrong if you do that.  No matter who ends up in power, both the idiots in charge (Pelosi, Reid)) and the White House would have to deal with a more liberal, more partisan Congress.  If you think McCain/Palin are going to strip you of your right to choose, having more Linda Stenders in Congress would be a very good thing for you.  If you are onboard for universal heathcare, you will like Ed O’Reilly in the Senate.

Does it ultimately matter who is at the top of the ticket?  Well, I’m not going to go as far as Anglachel and tell you that the Republicans this year are evil incarnate.  No matter what you think of Republicans, this crop of them are not like the Bushies.  I don’t care what Anglachel says, McCain isn’t *that* bad.  Yes, we disagree on a lot of things and John McCain is not a moderate.  But he will bring some unexpected changes to the executive branch, of that I have no doubt.   That’s not an endorsement. But if we let it happen on purpose, we’re not all going to die, die, die!  I have no doubt that McCain can handle a crisis, calmly, cooly.

We knew that the Democrats screwed up again and Sarah Palin made us realize just how much material the Republicans have to work with.  The sarcasm and ridicule directed last night at our side was well deserved.  The progressive blogosphere 1.0 (PB 1.0) has lost all perspective.  Jeralyn Merrit at talkleft is spinning furiously to make Palin look bad.  Josh Marshall is Palin 24/7.  Kos is allowing the lunatics to run the asylum.  To them, there is nothing worse than a Republican.  (Or is that, nothing worse than a woman vying getting in the way of some man’s ambition?  Faux-feminism raises its ugly head)  PB1.0 is attempting to dehumanize these people just as the Republicans made an artform of dehumanizing them.  But who is the audience for these attacks?  Other Obamaphiles?  Such efforts would be wasted on them.  They’re already onboard.  So, one can only assume they are intended for us.  But we’ve been watching the generation of propaganda and oppo research from the other side for years now.  The reason we held out for Hillary for so long is because we are rather impervious to perception managment and manipulation.  What makes PB 1.0 think we’re going to suddenly check our brains at the door and fall for this stuff now?

I know!  How about treating us like sentient beings instead of brainless harpies with vaginas.  What a novel concept.  That way, PB 1.0 could stop writing ridiculous diatribes about Palin that only serve to discredit themselves in our eyes.  Instead, they could start writing the post-election circular firing squad diaries they’re all famous for whenever the Democrats lose.  No time like the present.

McCain gives his speech tonight and throughout this convention, we have seen a slow build up to winning us over.  The memes are clear: Palin is a “breath of fresh air”; McCain is a maverick who goes his own way.  We have a glimpse of how they are going to pull us to them in Fred Thompson’s speech.  He praised John McCain for his rebelliousness, independence.  He’s a regular James Dean.  That was aimed at US, guys.  Republicans in general don’t like rebels.  That’s why we call them conservatives and why McCain had such a devil of a time winning them over.  The only reason they’re pushing the rebellion theme is to snag us away from the Dems.

Expect to hear more mockery tonight, maybe even from McCain himself, though he will probably take more of a high road than Palin did.  Will the issue of the delegate count come up?  How Hillary was screwed by her own party?  Hypocrisy from the hypocrits?  Be on your guard because it will look very convincing and Republicans are masters at playing on your emotions.  But like I said, the Democrats have given them plenty of material to work with.

Don’t make up your mind yet.  There’s a lot of sucking up both parties have to do between now and November 4.  You’ve got a lot of power.  Put it to good use, give the Democrats fits.  Work for Ed O’Reilly and put Kerry out of our misery.  It’s a great short term goal that will have the DNC scared silly.  Bwahahahahahahahhhhhh!

165 Responses

  1. Cutting and pasting from the previous thread (I know, shameless)

    “Good morning.

    Wife and I thought P did well.

    Damn you P, why did you have to be “likable (sp?) enough”. If I end up voting for the first viable female VP it will be all your fault. Damn you, I tell you.

    Am I the only one who finds P hot in the shooting video? (shhh. don’t tell wife).”

  2. That was one of my favorite songs when I was in junior high school! I played that 45rpm record over and over till I wore it out. I just loved those girl groups.

    Seriously, RD, the Repubs realize there are millions of us pumas and they are hoping they can pick off enough of us to win in November. I think they’re going to win, but the only way I’ll vote McCain/Palin is if it looks very close in MA. I’ll wait till election day to make up my mind. For now, it’s really interesting to watch both sides with an open mind, unclouded by partisanship.

  3. Hi BB.

    Same here (things would have to get really bad in NY for me to have to resort to the voting “nuclear option”).

  4. BB: LOL! I had a record like that. My sister and I found an old 45 in a ravine near our house in San Pedro, CA when were were wee bairns. It was Devil Woman by Marty Robbins . Played that sucker to death.

  5. “Let me just say that to me, the path forward is clear: support true, progressive downticket Democrats.”
    On board, riverdaughter

    “How about treating us like sentient beings instead of brainless harpies with vaginas.”
    Best line, riverdaughter. You shine!

  6. OT but this is too funny.

    Here is David Soufflé’s latest e-mail to donors, defending the honor of “community organizers” and of course asking for money.

    I wasn’t planning on sending you something tonight. But if you saw what I saw from the Republican convention, you know that it demands a response.

    I saw John McCain’s attack squad of negative, cynical politicians. They lied about Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and they attacked you for being a part of this campaign.

    But worst of all — and this deserves to be noted — they insulted the very idea that ordinary people have a role to play in our political process…

    Both Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin specifically mocked Barack’s experience as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago more than two decades ago, where he worked with people who had lost jobs and been left behind when the local steel plants closed.

    Let’s clarify something for them right now.

    Community organizing is how ordinary people respond to out-of-touch politicians and their failed policies…

    Throughout our history, ordinary people have made good on America’s promise by organizing for change from the bottom up. Community organizing is the foundation of the civil rights movement, the women’s suffrage movement, labor rights, and the 40-hour workweek. And it’s happening today in church basements and community centers and living rooms across America.

    Meanwhile, we still haven’t gotten a single idea during the entire Republican convention about the economy and how to lift a middle class so harmed by the Bush-McCain policies.

    It’s now clear that John McCain’s campaign has decided that desperate lies and personal attacks — on Barack Obama and on you — are the only way they can earn a third term for the Bush policies that McCain has supported more than 90 percent of the time.

    But you can send a crystal clear message.

    I sit on the board of a Boys & Girls Club where we deal with “difficult” kids, does that actually qualify as “community organizer”? If so, I’m gonna send them a check to defend “our” honor.

  7. Me, I am going to do it – but then, if you push me far enough, I am very coldly ruthless when I need to be. Everyone can’t be that way, I know.

  8. MABlue, still waiting for O***a to delineate what he did as a community organizer and who benefited. I want witnesses too.

  9. RD,

    I’m older than you. I had a stack of 45s several feet high. I used to buy them and sneak them into the house, because my parents hated rock ‘n roll and thought it would rot my brain. I still have hundreds of lp records down in my basement, but my 45s are long gone, sadly. Those things were indistructable.

  10. WMCB: Suit yourself. But once you’ve made a decision, they’ll stop sucking up to you. And remember, the REAL sucking up hasn’t even begun yet.

  11. UpstateNY,

    I really don’t think Obama will carry MA. But if it looks like he could pull it off, I will activate the nuclear option and vote Repub as a protest. I hope I don’t have to do it, but it will be easier with a woman on the ticket–epecially a woman with a talent for snark.

  12. PUMA is the ultimate ‘community organization’. We are not going to stop until we organize Pelosi, Brazile, O and the rest out of our Democratic community.

  13. Notice that e mail never specifies what Obama himself did as a “community organizer.”

  14. MABlue,

    Too bad he didn’t specify what “desperate lies” he’s talking about. I didn’t hear any lies in that speech–just funny putdowns of a puffed up, arrogant, narcissistic man.

  15. Here in VT, I’m writing in Hillary, who I believe in. It was a sad spectacle last night when I watched Palin eviscerate Obama and know that for once, the Republicans were using the truth. I want my Party back and I am working for down ticket progressive Dems.

  16. MABlue, I cracked up when I got that email. So RIGHTEOUS in their insistence that Palin was an insult to “the little guy who gets involved in politics”.

    I mean, please. She is the quintessential little guy who got involved. Obama is getting smacked upside the head with a truer and more authentic version of his own narrative.

  17. Tsk, tsk. Harry Reid will call you “shrill.”

    How dare you demand to be treated like an actual person?

  18. bostonboomer, agreed. She spoke truth to inflated ego IMO.

  19. Well RD, I always reserve the right to change my mind until my vote is cast, so don’t PISS ME OFF, McCain and Palin, because I am just not in the mood.

  20. purplefinn,

    I have no doubt the Repubs would use lies if need be. Trouble is, Obama has given them so much good material, they don’t need to make anything up.

  21. Turned to MSMBO this morning- luv the look on Mika’s face-
    she looks like she ate a bad clam. John Harwood was offended for community organizers, his wife living in Georgetown one of them. Jay Carney having a tantrum because the media needs to vet her- (Yes, let’s talk about vetting, Jay- the kind Obama got?) A McCain spokeswoman(Nicole Wallace) gave him a smack down and asked who the hell is he? Sarah needs to answer to the American people – not Time magazine. These guys don’t have a clue. Sarah didn’t have to win THEM over- they are just talking to themselves in their little bubble and don’t realize what happened last night.
    Andrea and Todd are beside themselves. And Mika- I haven’t seen her stupid mug since march- she is so constipated. This is going to be so much fun!
    Hillary had her hands tied, couldn’t hurt precious and had to keep protecting her flank- from the unbelievable betrayals in her own party. Not Sarah, she’s unleashed,
    surrounded by loyalty.
    And what about that roll call huh? Say what you will about the RNC; they honored their voter’s wishes. They have a LEGITIMATE nominee.
    I am happy the DNC is getting theirs, but a little sad Hillary bears the scars for Sarah’s rise

  22. I don’t know who I will vote for, I just know who I will not vote for. Where is Pat?

  23. When they did the roll call, my heart dropped. That was how it was supposed to be last week. The voice of the voters was heard.

  24. The democrats who have acted like battering husbands this election season don’t realize how badly they fucked up with all their sexist but shit and smearing of the Clintons.

  25. TheRealKim, mine too. 😦

  26. Water cooler conversation – people were impressed with Palin across the board, including people leaning towards Obama. At least two of six are taking a second look at McCain as a result of Palin…

  27. WMCB women are known for their ability to change their mind at the drop of a hat. That is change we can believe in.

  28. KendallJ,

    I don’t think they’ll ever wake up to what they did either. They will just blame us when their precious loses.

  29. BB: Back when I was married, I was blamed for everything and anything that happened. They want to blame me for this, fine, hell I will love it.

  30. JJ, Wow!

    She had me with her pinpoint attacks. She pressed a button when she talked about good will. I have been referring to the current office holder as President ill will. Good will is what we’re so lacking now.

    However, the crowd’s chanting “drill, drill, drill” and her complicity, don’t resonate. Nor does victory in Iraq. We lost that one before we started.

  31. She was definitely very impressive. And despite my disagreements, I just LOVE that “get-yer-stinkin’-cronyism-outta-my-face” groove that she has going on.

  32. Funny how I don’t respond to the sexism and character assassinations of yet another woman. Revenge is sweet. I’m pulling the lever for McCain/Palin. Bwahahahaha.

  33. BB: Know what? Fuck ’em. When the DNC chose to install him, it lost my respect. It’s just like them to blame the voters for a catastrophic loss in what should be a slam dunk year.

  34. I just hate that I have lost yet another friend. But I will not listen to an attack on another woman. I do not give a rat’s ass who she is, if you want to talk about Pelosi then respond with her approval rating; but the next time I hear a character assassination that ends with a woman being called a bitch, be prepared.

  35. WOW – I sure missed a great night on the Confluence!

    I went to take a cat nap at 9pm – to wake up at 10 for Sarah’s speech and woke up today at 6 am.

    I just saw the speech – SHE KILLED IT. Of course, she’s not Hillary Clinton and never will be, but I was definitely impressed.

    She obliterated Obama – and the strategy of ridiculing his grandiose verbose nothingness is WORKING.

    DNC made their bed – LIE IT IN! Good thing we’re not in it with them. Karma is a BEEYOTCH and her name is Sarah Palin.

  36. My view is that if they are dumb enough to blame Hillary and us, instead of recognizing what a big mistake they made and helping her rebuild what Bambi trashed, then the Dem party is truly dead to many of us, and will be in the wilderness for a loooooong time to come.

  37. Exactly RD, this was the year we couldn’t lose and what the hell did we do, select an unelectable candidate.

  38. Well things don’t have to get really bad over here before I cast my protest vote. I’ve almost made up my mind. Damn, we sound desperate….like we’re married to an abusive spouse waiting on them to “eventually” do the right thing… sorry, that was harsh, but that’s how I actually feel. And I’m just not the type of gal to sit and take it. My gut belief is that (in all things) people will only change when there are CONCEQUENCES to their actions. The DNC can kiss my butt. They need to change their ways, show me real evidence that my vote counts – that women count, and then maybe we can talk about NEXT election – Hillary 2012 ! ! !

    Dems downticket 08. (Keeping it sane)

  39. One of my favorite parts of Palin’s speech was when she dissed the media. If she would have added a “dirt off your shoulder” gesture I would have died laughing.

    I’m curious to see how the media reacts. G-Dub’s theory was that the lap dog media will lick the boot that kicks them.

  40. I’m also voting down-ticket dems – but going topless on the Nov. Ticket.

    I will know what to do in Novermber – but right now I’m definitely not for Obama.

  41. MYIQ: I loved that part too – she ka-powed them.

  42. Hypocrisy thy name is Mike- Mike Barnacle is trying to distance himself from the ideology of the media – Hey Mike, good thing there’s video of you kneeling before the Obama throne. Hillary was everyone’s 1st wife waiting outside of court -remember?

  43. WMCB: Of course they’re going to blame Hillary and us. The Precious does not know how to take responsibility nor do the current party bosses.

    Obama could get my vote if he stands before a crowd in Invesco field and says, “Hillary was right. I am unelectable. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I cheated an outstanding American for my own ego. I concede my campaign to Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

  44. I worry about 2012 now. The American electorate just love to vote for someone that could be their buddy. Look at the ones who voted for Bush because he was the type they would love to have a beer with, same with Obama, his supporters want a chardonnay with some arugula on the side with him. Sarah Palin is young, cocky and beautiful. Hillary is more than all I have seen on those stages times three, but she is older, she is on target always, professional and my choice. But will voters want to have a beer with Sarah? God damn DNC.

  45. I am positive that I will vote McCain/Palin.The Dems need to learn a big lesson.They have allowed the radical left to take over our Party! Allowing Nobama to win will only make our country less safe and let Pelosi,Reid etal to run wild! They need to respect women and the base of the Dem party

  46. sm: I love it: “going topless”

  47. Yes, bostonboomer….they will blame us when Obama loses and it wil be because we are racist rubes.

  48. Yes, I expect to vote for down-ticket Dems. But for the top — I honestly don’t think the usual issues are as relevant at that level this year. Why? I think to put in the White House a team that has blatantly ignored basic democratic values of fair voting threatens our democracy. Although I disagree with McCain and Palin on most issues, we agree on one: the importance of preserving our basic democratic value of fair voting. I trust them to fight to preserve it. I expect Obama to use the system to his benefit- whether or not it’s the will of the people.

  49. Well, I have been a long-time community organizer who didn’t see it as a smack because I know I didn’t have the ultimate responsibility -if they didn’t see that they’re dumber than I thought.
    Palin was like so many of the women I’ve known who got things done – that resonates with people. She made BO look like the weenie he is – taking credit for things he never did.
    An attorney colleague of mine here in NJ responded to my question about write ins for Hill here in NJ: “a vote for Hillary will be a vote for Hillary” adding that she thought it would help McCain/Palin however.
    Of course my husband added last night “wouldn’t it be interesting if Hill got enough write ins to come in at least second with Obama totally bombing out.

  50. http://www.carpetride.wordpress.com

    so many fabulous truths spoken last night.

    bo’s camp focused on being insulted by the community organizing zinger—but they’re forgetting that they first insulted her by downplaying and dismissing her role as a mayor and then as a governor.

    wasn’t their first attack of her: “she’s mayor of a town of 9000”
    completely ignoring that she’s now governor
    and sending the message that being a mayor means nothing

    all i can say is..it feels good not to be shackled by the democratic party. and that the alternative this year is looking better and better.

  51. Just like all PUMAs aren’t Vegans, all PUMAs don’t have Vaginas. Just a voice from the minority. Palin may have taken BO to the woodshed last night. She’s no Hillary. but she is a breath of freah air.

  52. Well they can blame me, cause there is nothing in hell that would let me vote for a obama. As a black person I am offended that this was the best they could find. I have serious problems with Obama allowing black people to freeze to death or die from heat exhaustion, and live in filth cause he and michelle wanted a new house. It’s one thing when a white person does it, cause you expect that and it is another thing when a black person does it to you. Palin was 100% right there is nothing Obama has not done to further obama, and people dont change. If was willing to indulge in cronyism in Chicago, he will repeat it in washington. i also do not trust the way he has manipulated our media, or the way delegates were treated in Colorado. People might say oh you are paranoid, but the truth is if you allow people to get away with intimidation tactics such as what happened in Denver what’s next? eight long years we have lived underneath a president who did not win. I refuse to do it again. Hillary Clinton earned that nomination, and the bullied the hell out of her until she gave it up.

    truthfully john mccain nominated Palin for two reason, one is that she is his kick a$$ soul mate. and two, he did it for hillary, he wanted to show America that hillary clinton and her backers were exaggerating, sarah Palin is a litmus. and what she has show is that the party we belong to is just as full of self righteous jerks as the Republican party. And she also has taught people what real Republican women are made out of, and if obama and friends are wise they will heed the warning they were give. they will not sit back with arms folded and tell palin and her supporters to get over it. what they will do is rip MSM from stem to sternum. i’m not saying i will change parties permanently, but I was impressed with what i saw not only from Palin but from Republicans as well. I loath Newt, but all i could do was clap when i saw the way he ripped into that reporter about her experience. I will vote for democrats again when they remember what democracy means. Until that time, I’m independent. McCain/Palin ’08 Obama can kiss my a$$.

  53. TL is having a long discussion on how ‘shrill’ Palin is. Reid was the first to brand her speaking style as offensive, no sexism , of course, just the facts. If nothing else, this election is going to open the eyes of a lot of people, men and women, about how far our society has to come to achieve gender equality.

  54. We can teach them a lesson without actually voting for McCain/Palin – don’t give your vote away the way my Governor did with our NJ votes.

  55. I hope they blame us. That will give us power. With that power we can clean up the Dem party.

  56. “To them, there is nothing worse than a Republican. (Or is that, nothing worse than a woman vying getting in the way of some man’s ambition? ”

    The foaming at the mouth vitriol towards a woman who isn’t even at the top of the ticket has revealed the truth behind the Hillary attacks all along. It wasn’t that “I just won’t vote for *that* woman” it really is “I won’t vote for a woman”.

    McCain is at the top of the ticket and he hasn’t been attacked with anything even close to the anger that has been hurled at Palin. Their hatred of women in positions of power is now obvious. Obama’s loudest supporters have mommy issues.

  57. she also got a great dig into michelle when she said “i’ve always been proud of my country”

    she managed to get them all last nite in one speech.

    i hope the entire bo camp had a sleepless, tossin and turnin nite.

  58. KGirl…. as another AA on here, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you.

  59. kgirl, well said.

  60. BO’s first swing at her, was to say she was a good mother and an up and comer.

  61. Kgirl-I disagree with one thing, it is not okay for anyone to let anyone freeze.

  62. Write-ins have won elections – hmmmm

  63. My Obamabot friend, Mike, has been bombarding me with attack e-mails on Palin because “it’s obvious she wasn’t vetted well.”

    I’ve decided respond to every single attack on Palin with a smackdown on Obama. It’s about bloody time HE was vetted.

    I knew the GOP would do it … Guiliani and Palin are simply the warm up.

    Here’s my e-mail response to Mike for your enjoyment:

    Okay, I’ll respond one at a time as you’ve given me a ton to read. There’s only so much swill I can swim in before having to come up for air.

    So, the photoshopped image of a gun-toting, American-flag clad, bikini-wearing Palin. It came into your inbox and you just gleefully forwarded it out. You can imagine how this image has been bounced around and sneered at.

    It’s a low blow.

    Kind of reminds me of that time that Hillary circulated that photo of Obama in Somali dress. What a fucking BITCH. She was obviously trying to paint Barack as a Muslim.


    Drudge Report ran a story with the following headline “CLINTON STAFFERS CIRCULATE ‘DRESSED’ OBAMA.” The alleged “circulation” amounted, on close reading, to what Drudge’s dispatch said was an e-mail from one unnamed Clinton “staffer” to another idly wondering what the coverage might have been if the picture had been of Clinton. Possible e-mail chatter about an inoffensive picture as spun by the Drudge Report would not normally be deemed newsworthy, even in these degraded times.

    How did the Obama campaign react to this?

    “It’s exactly the kind of divisive politics that turns away Americans of all parties and diminishes respect for America in the world,” said Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe, who also described the non-story as “the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election” and “part of a disturbing pattern.” Although he never explicitly spelled out the contours of this pattern, he was clearly alluding to race baiting. Later in the day, Obama himself jumped in, repeating the nasty, slippery charge that the Clinton campaign “was trying to circulate this [picture] as a negative” and calling it a political trick of the sort “you start seeing at the end of campaigns.”

    Just one example of the shameful race-baiting that Obama’s campaign successfully employed throughout the campaign.

    Welcome to Chicago, Mike. New home of the DNC.


  64. Oh, I’m sorry. I used the word race and have ended up in the troll dungeon.

    Someone please fish me out!

  65. kgirl – on the money!

  66. NH, on September 4th, 2008 at 9:27 am Said:
    I hope they blame us. That will give us power. With that power we can clean up the Dem party.


  67. My my my, Obamanation is in a tizzy this morning, Teh Precious must be really upset that he’s not America’s sweetheart anymore.

    Sorry Barry, you were last season’s winner. Now give one last wave and get off the stage.

    I predict Obamanation will try something to get attention tommorrow morning, if not sooner.

  68. Sorry Joanelle-
    I’m voting McCain/Palin. I won’t follow Brazille’s wish/ marching orders to stay home and note vote. A depressed base swings it over to Obama. That is what they want and were counting on. I want my vote to COUNT in GE.
    They don’t need us. We are only 60 hags with nowhere to go

  69. Real Kim and RD,

    I’ll gladly take the blame for his loss, but I’ll call it taking credit.

  70. doing my bills this morning

    no less that 7 envelops from Barry and other Democratic operatives

    I have written NO! on Barry’s face and GONE PUMA across the contribution piece, neatly put it in that PREPAID POSTAGE envelope and will be shortly putting it on the mail box

    DEAL WITH THE CAUCUS FRAUD is also across the envelope

    you think they’ll take me off the list?

  71. For the 84 year old woman in South Dakota and her “BFF’s” who were desolate when the AP falsely reported that Hillary had conceded before they got to vote for “the next face on Mount Rushmore” in the primary, I will vote for Sarah Palin.

  72. I agree Denise W, they want us to stay home or leave the top of the ticket blank. The numbers are in the Dems favor. They don’t think they need us. They believe they can replace our votes if we stay home.

    Their only fear is that we vote Rep.

  73. Denise W.,

    Judging by the hits we are getting on our little blog in the past week, either those 60 hags have been clicking nonstop, or {gasp!} there could be more than 60 of us. Be afraid, Bawack, be very afraid.

  74. TL has become a joke. Jeralyn is now mainlining kool aide. Let’s see surely “shrill” has no sexists associations to it? It is only to emit high a pitched tone or sound. So now unless a woman has a deep voice, she is shrill? Dems are so very out of touch. Obviously this primary has taught them nothing.

  75. It seems the repugs are trying to leave the neo- con era and return to their roots a bit….but will Cheney let them ? I remember Hill said they will not give the white house up willinging .

    Palin is there because Hill was there. I’m hoping the DNC will not sit on Hill’s chest in 2012 because Palin will be there and even they will know they need Hill ( we tried to tell them! ) I don’t believe losing will gut the DNC to the decree we would like it to. If losing caused Dems to lose jobs, the people there now wouldn’t be there!

    So while Hill paved the way for Palin, perhaps Palin will save a spot for Hill down the road. Because Hill is our only answer to Palin.

    It should have been Hillary. I’ll never forgive this crop of Dem elites .

  76. I posted a viral email that you can find on a dozen other sites.

    [edited by the site administrator because we don’t have to waste our time reading it here]

  77. No Linda they will continue to send. After all, we are pliable females and will fall in line, remember?

  78. FLVoter, on September 4th, 2008 at 9:40 am Said:
    …… Let’s see surely “shrill” has no sexists associations to it?….

    I was thinking that. That is classic, put down woman 101. What’s next? calling Palin a harpie?

    I sometimes blame the excellent show, Mad Men on AMC for making early 60’s sexism ” cool ” again .
    I can’t even watch it….brings back too many bad memories…lol!

  79. BS AngryArtist

    You got that off the internet: http://www.andrys.com/palin-kilkenny.html

    name and email address deleted my a**

  80. My problem is in VA there are never any progressives to vote for. It is too purple here for a real Dem to ever win. Webb, Kaine, Warner-all centrist, bi-partisan, blah, blah, blah. The Dems don’t even bother to run anyone against Cantor in my district. I hope by November it won’t be as close as it is now so I can figure out how to vote. At this point, I have no idea.

  81. I was thinking it read like a prepared text.

  82. I am in Ohio and I will absolutely vote for McCain/Palin. There is no amount of sucking up that could change who Obama is (and isn’t) and I do not want that man as my president. In addition I cannot in any way reward the DNC for their looting of the party. No way, no how.

    No matter the issues, putting a woman in the WH is huge for women and will do more to advance women’s causes more than any other single thing can, even if this particular woman does not share the same perspective as liberal women do.

  83. Sarah is a fighter, a strong, complex woman who has lived her life according to her values. Whether you decide to vote for her or not is a personal matter, I have nothing to say about that. It IS a hard choice this year between a rock (Obama) and a hard place (McCain). However, as women, we cannot stand idly by when this candidate is the butt of sexist attacks. I used to believe that the Democrats were the party of women, and that they represented our interests. I don’t believe that anymore. Some of the most vicious attacks are coming out of the Dems themselves, they got a lot of practice against Hillary. Women are the party of women. It’s time for us to stand up, and show the world you can’t dismiss women as a political force any more. We’re not a bunch of sweeties.

  84. I support democracy, I support counting the damn votes, I support transparency in elections. I absolutely believe people own their own vote and have a right to select who they feel is best. Anyone who still just cannot stomach the two parties 8 weeks from now, please keep in mind Cynthia McKinney. The Green party only needs 6% of the vote to be granted major third party status.

    That said, personally I am 100% behind McCain/Palin. Not in that regretful, voting for the lesser of evils kind of way, but now with total enthusiasm.

    The Dem party, my party of nearly 30 years, has now lost the moral high ground to the party of George Bush. I find that astounding. I didn’t even think it was possible. But as difficult as it is for me to wrap my brain around that fact, I know in my heart of hearts it is the truth.

  85. I was checking the web for some local Ohio reaction to Palin’s speech and found this gem of a description from a Toledo tv news website:

    “[Palin described the] Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as two-faced, inexperienced and intoxicated by the sound of his own voice.”

    What a perfect summary of Palin’s remarks about “The One.”

  86. SM!!!!!

    I wondered what happened to you last night. I missed you. Have a great day.

  87. Fitz

    I did receive it as an email from my cousin. I will now email her and ask if she got it off the internet and not from a friend as it appeared.

  88. angry artist, on September 4th, 2008 at 9:42 am

    That is interesting. Thanks for posting it …so this email seems to be saying she and Obama are pretty much on a par with each other. What they said kind of reminded me of Barry’s career too …. . ruthlessness with those they no longer need , graping pork ,and
    letting others do the work to name a few.

    As riverdaughter says, vote down ticket Dems

  89. angry artist-bs or not, that is too long. You should post as a link not paste it here and take up so much space.

  90. Paper doll, everything sent in an email isn’t true. Gods know that shti I read about Hillary…

  91. Regency, on September 4th, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Oh I know Regency, I’m not agreeing it’s true. I’m saying even if it was….so what? Barry ain’t no better! lol!

  92. From A Conservative Blog;

    The RNC Displayed PUMA Colors

    The Orange Revolution
    Did anyone notice all the orange in the crowd at the Republican Convention? Some Democrats did.

    Comment by Zeke 2008-09-04 00:12:23

    Any one know what the Orange cloths were? A number of women were waving Orange polyester fabric around and unless they were from the “Sovereign State of Tennessee” I would like to buy a vowel…

    Comment by WMCB | 2008-09-04 00:23:54

    Orange is the color of PUMA. Hillary wore it for her speech last week. The entire Alaskan delegation decided to wave Orange as a shout out to PUMAs.

    And John McCain wore an orange tie.
    read more: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  93. Re: angry artist, on September 4th, 2008 at 9:42 am

    I have seen this “email” before on the so-called “Progressive” sites with a different intro.

    It is not authentic and is just another backdoor way of criticizing her without sounding too partisan and ugly.

  94. As I posted on another site:

    This election strikes me as the perfect opportunity for a truly progressive third party to make inroads into the domain of the two-party stranglehold.

    With millions of disaffected voters in the Democratic party and a not-insignificant number of moderate R’s fed up with their own party, I can’t see that there would be a better time for it. PUMA’s should see this, too.

    Voting for the R, even as a protest, is a non-starter (at least for me.) Carpe diem and all that. Take the chance while it presents itself.

    Although I’ve long said the Democratic Party is, realistically, the only vehicle we have to achieve progressive goals, the OFB have blown the engine and flattened all the tires. I can see now the (party) FKD is not going to take us where we want to go. Maybe it’s time to take a new, maybe greener, model out for a test drive. Plenty of people are primed and ready for it, I’d say.

  95. angry artist, on September 4th, 2008 at 9:42 am

    I saw that everywhere yesterday, and it turned up in my inbox a few times in email.
    It’s one of the many smears gone viral and we know where ti really came from..

    Morning, Reg!

  96. To those who don’t want Obama, don’t want McCain, need I remind you that one of those two is going to win with or without your vote?

    Leaving the top of the ticket blank is a little like voting present. Didn’t we all criticize Obama for that, called him essentially gutless?

    My advice: Get in touch with yourselves, figure out wich of the horrible outcomes you want, and vote accordingly.

  97. I think Sarah may owe more to Obama than Hillary…after all, it was Obam who lowered the bar for an acceptable level of experience and Obama who made this race about anything but the issues.

  98. Character supercedes ideology in this election. The American public wants something beyond the strait-jackets of party and political divisions. Surprisingly, the Repubs have picked up on that message. Rudy Guiliani…vanguard of feminism? Am I dreaming? The dems are the ones stuck in a place of divisiveness and need to grow up.

    I’m satisfied that McCain and Palin know how to negotiate through disagreements as opposed to the juvenile gang bang mentality of the Democrats. I’m glad my vote for McCain-Palin has moved from reactive to pro-active.

  99. SophieL: Yep, if Obama had picked Hillary, I don’t think McCain would have picked Sarah. It would have seemed more gimicky, tokenish. See you a woman and raise you a woman!

    I’m sure McCain was dancing with glee when they didn’t pick Hillary….in his fused vertebra kind of way.

  100. Time to get the straight dope on Palin and Religion…so we can make our choice with facts, not rumor….

    Reposted with permission

    OK, So Let’s Talk Religion…Palin and God by THC


  101. I don’t care what Anglachel says, McCain isn’t *that* bad.

    If you believe that, you need to do some homework. He will make Bush look like Adlai Stevenson. Regardless of who you’re going to vote for, you shouldn’t make irresponsible statements like that.

  102. I’m probably going to go with the nuclear option for the one and only time in my life. The idea of McCain/Palin scares me less than Obama, the DNC and the netroots getting away with what they did this year.

    But I woke up this morning with that horrid “drill now! drill now!” in my head, as well as the image of fat white people in cowboy hats with rhinestones and I gotta tell ya…I hope we never have to live through another year like this again.

  103. Bush looks nothing like Adlai Stevenson.

    Stevenson was taller, and Bush’s eas stick out farther.

  104. Good morning, Catarina!

  105. I can see one result of Sarah Palin’s nomination already.

    The trolls are much less offensive and insulting.

    (they are still offensive and insulting, but much less than normal)

  106. They are concerned and offering alternatives now

  107. Orange is the color of PUMA. Hillary wore it for her speech last week. The entire Alaskan delegation decided to wave Orange as a shout out to PUMAs.

    And John McCain wore an orange tie.

    Can that be true? Where did the orange originate? I remember someone wrote something about PUMAs in Denver donning orange, and is there any significance to the color choice?

  108. I don’t care what Anglachel says, McCain isn’t *that* bad

    I agree. He certainly isn’t as bad as Obama. Still….how did we not end up with Hillary?

  109. desert dawg: never seen your name before. Don’t come on here and call Riverdaughter irresponsible.

  110. Angry Artist: This is the same letter I have seen on various other websites, so did your friends borrow it?

  111. Mornin’ all, I did not listen to the speech much, I did see the beautiful family. I lost it because of the roll call – thinking what Hill should have had.

    BTD is back with a thread regarding Palin’s speech. No comments yet. I am wondering if he will delete and censor like JM. Ha, BTD will not enjoy an echo chamber IMO.

  112. I’m sure McCain was dancing with glee when they didn’t pick Hillary….in his fused vertebra kind of way.

    That is disgusting. The man is crippled because of torture.

  113. SophieL, And it was Obama who “said” no women need apply.

  114. You know, the women’s movement was built by community organizers….

  115. I’m not leaving anything to chance. I refuse to vote for Obama, but that’s only half of a vote, really. By voting for McCain, I’ll be able to say that I did everything I possibly could to keep Obama out of office.

    I know some people don’t like that option…hell, I don’t either. But I can talk about it or I can do something. I think sitting it out is exactly what they hope we will all do.

  116. Rudy Guiliani…vanguard of feminism? Am I dreaming?

    I know, wasn’t that funny? I was glad he made such a direct statement about her being a mother and working though. “Have they EVER asked a man that question?!”

  117. “Can that be true?”

    Yes. Most people believe Hillary chose to wear orange as a shout out to PUMAS, a way of saying, I am with you in spirit even though I have to perform like a trained monkey for the DNC. James Carville also wore PUMA sneakers. It was subtle but it was there.

    Cindy McCain also wore orange the first day. There is definitely an effort to attract PUMAS. If nothing else, at least McCain acknowledges that they are an important voting block unlike Obama and company who spurns them.

    Maybe the orange is symbolic too, to say to KOS, PUMAS are the real democrats in this party.

  118. As much as I love Sarah Palin and how she’s brought the fight to the Dems, I’m not sold on voting for someone who’s anti abortion, pro drilling, pro war, pro gun, etc. Sure, much of those don’t matter except for the drilling and the war but I don’t want to be responsible for unraveling the fabric of our country any further. I love Sarah but I’ll have to be convinced further that she will not do more damage than good.

    My path is still writing in Hillary.

  119. It’s so true about voting for one or the other. Look back to 2000 when so many good people voted for Ralph Nader and took votes away from Al Gore. We all know how that turned out – Gore won fair and square, but because Florida messed up (no offense to any Floridians, it wasn’t the voter’s fault!) the Bushies were able to have their king crowned by our SC.

    This election is even more important, and as an Independent who has always voted Dem and didn’t even register to vote until Bill’s re-election, I am going for McCain/Palin – for the simple reason that this was the Dem’s election to lose, and lose it they did by their words and actions!

    Everyone has to vote their conscience and we do need to pay attention over the next 8 weeks. If you’re on the fence, want to go topless or vote third/fourth/fifth party, it’s your choice, but I dont’ want to hear any whining if they crown their king as a result.

  120. You know, the women’s movement was built by community organizers….

    Can you believe these trolls?! They are really trying to be creative this morning! Seems Sarah really confused the talking points. Maybe they have gotten a new set from Axelrove yet.

  121. Organizer, to repeat myself “still waiting for O***a to delineate what he did as a community organizer and who benefited. I want witnesses too.”

    Besides, no one here has said that community organizing is a bad thing. It was one of Obama’s assertions that I found initially attractive. Details, Barack, please.

  122. Angry Artist, et.al. so what of that tirade is real and what is not? Inquiring minds want to know.

  123. We are organizers of a sort, but we are not running for President.

  124. As RD said earlier – we have over a month to watch these folks stumble or glide over each other – and who knows one or more might not even make it to Nov. 4 – stranger things have happened – I for one intend to pay close attention – but I’d have to have a gun to my head to vote for BO

  125. The most effective voting bloc is the one that actually votes.

  126. While I do not think that a Republican victory is a desirable outcome, I do not passively accept what the Democratic Party, and many of its supporters, did this primary season and is doing now.

    Personally I go I have never voted Republican and have yet to have a race where I would choose to do such. However, while I will vote Democratic down ticket, I will most likely vote Third Party at the top (assuming my state is polling for its usually Dem victory.)

    Since 2000 many of us have been focused on electoral reform (with only tepid response by the Party as a whole), but now I’m equally focused on the party candidate selection reform.

    I don’t buy the whole they are a private organization so they can do what they want. If a temp agency keeps sending me bad candidates guess what its time to get them to change how they select them or FIRE them!

  127. Sarah wasn’t dissing community organizers, she was pointing out that Obama, the presidential candidate, has no more experience than he has.

    They have to keep driving the experience issue home. If all they can say is he has Biden as a backup, why would the same not be true of Sarah IF she found herself as CIC? Would could she not surround herself with the best and the brightest. I think she or McCain has to make that point at some time. Answer that question head on.

  128. Note: Orange is also the color worn by protesters in the Ukraine who objected to what they considered vote-rigging and election fraud in that country’s 2005 election.

  129. Have you seen Stienem’s article on RealClear Politics this AM? Headline:
    Palin: wrong woman, wrong message
    Sarah Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Hillary Clinton. She is Phyllis Schlafly, only younger
    “Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It’s about making life more fair for women everywhere. It’s not about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. It’s about baking a new pie. ”
    She points out has Rush touted Palin all summer – interesting piece.

    Angry Artist also has a cousin who saw Hillary at a fundraiser, claimed she was not very nice, she made people wait, people left because they paid 250.00 to see her and she just spoke for a few minutes, blah, blah, blah…

  131. Steinem is irrelevant. Where was she when Hillary was getting trashed? Why did she jump on the Obama train? She made me sick.

  132. I just had my own one woman focus group.

    A very good friend of mine, a pharmD mother of 2 and a Dem just stopped by to chat with me a little. She asked how Sarah Palin did and I said she did great. She asked me to get her the speech.

    – 10 min into the speech, she said “oh my God we’re doomed”

    – Halfway into the speech she became fascinated by the speaker and her story, asking me to go back because she missed something Palin said

    – Towards the end she called the speech “inspiring”, even if she disagrees vehemently with the usual boilerplate Rep crap Palin was presenting as policies. She enjoyed every zinger and was impressed how well such a newbie could deliver such an important speech with so much

    After the speech, she told me she’s voting for the ticket just because of Palin.

    This is a highly educated woman, born a raised in Chicago, who has been living in Belmont MA for a decade.

    Can you imagine what’s going on in OH, MO, PA?

  133. 48, Many PUMAS chose the color orange for a very specific reason – the Orange Revolution of the Ukraine in 2004.

    It was a rigged, stolen election where the winner didn’t actually “win”. The people rose up and non-violently protested, shutting down all govt services. PUMAS wee wearing orange in Denver for that reason.

  134. As of this moment tepidly supporting McCain Palin. I agree with the individual who thinks they want us to stay home. My vote officially counts as twofold when I vote for Mccain because it is one vote that Kerry got that Obama doesn’t and counts towards McCain. With my swing state status I am going to send a message to the DNC to not mess with me.

  135. RD —– PALIN is FAB. She is STRONG. I thought Hillary was strong, but Palin? OMG.

    I liked her. She’s like a small town girl made good? But, she has a heart. I really believe it.

    And McC? He’s fab.

    THEY ARE GOING TO GET RID OF THE PELOSIS AND THE KERRYS and all the other crap. I know it. I wish I was helping them.

    And you know I’ve been a Dem all my life but I am ENRAGED about what the DEMS did to Hillary and those are FEMALE DEMS — from my State, because my state got them all in—-out here it isn’t like the SOUTH.

    The best part of all this? The more they try and hurt Palin, the more I will go after them. She may not hold my values but she is a sister, and she’s going there.

    Alaska is full of little towns, like all the broken little towns all over America. What she said? She’s right. She is for the little people — she’s not going to hurt the ones that need help most, and boy, she went after O’s jugular. FAB! —– we need to watch her. I want you to RD. I really mean that. McC isn’t BUSHco.

    BUSHco will be GONE soon leaving the most F*CKED mess we have ever seen. It’s going to take a type like Palin to put it in order.
    And I trust McC. I do. He is playing his cards close to his vest.
    He has spent his whole life as a reformer. He is going to be Teddy Roosevelt. If I were a Pelosi and a Kerry I’d look out. Their days are numbered. Watching it is going to be FAB——especially the part where Cindy Sheehan strips Pelosi.

  136. “the image of fat white people in cowboy hats with rhinestones”


  137. PS: RD! the TRAFFIC GF! Look at you!


    this is a newspaper!

    hugs PUMAS!


  138. myiq,

    Adlai Stevenson was bald too. And he was intelligent.

  139. I was just seeing a few footage excerpts of Biden’s responses to Palin’s speech, and reading a few of his appearances earlier this week..

    Does anyone else get the sense that he really doesn’t want to be on the ticket, is just going through the motions?

  140. WMCB, when I saw Biden on GMA this morning my first thought was that he looked hungover.

  141. WMCB – I think Biden will withdraw from the race. He seems very troubled and unhappy.

  142. Arabella @11:28 – LOL

  143. Biden will drop out, or be dropped.

    Obama probably wants to tap Oprah, and his staff is starting to go crazy. Or maybe Obama wants Trigger.

    Hey, guys – when you signed up to work for Caligula, you knew what he was. So Obama wants to put a horse on the ticket with him? Deal with it.

  144. Joan: I’m in the same boat. We’ve got some great folks on city and county councils here in 80% blue c’ville. So there’s that. But yes, the dems we do have are moderate. But then again, so are the Clintons. For me, I’m pulling the lever for Palin to shake up both parties.

    Did you notice, old fart crusty republican men are yelling that sexism isn’t fair. Sea change. I hope anyway.

  145. Let’s have an entry with a poll… how long before Biden drops out!!! 🙂

  146. Angry Artist sure has a lot of cousins. Real clever there Angry Artist. Gosh I’m so dizzy after reading that letter, I think I’m having a vision. Ah, it’s the ONE, he’s calling to me. The light is shinning down. I see it, I see it. Oh my. He, he, he’s, oh, no never mind, that’s just his head blowing up.

  147. If Biden drops out, I just pray that HRC isn’t pressured into filling his slot just to save The Chosen’s butt.

    Please Hillary — if asked, go Ted Strictland on them!

  148. Hillary paved this road for Sarah Palin. If it weren’t for Hill, I’m betting Sarah wouldn’t have even been nominated. Also, the media is proceeding very cautiously after what they did to “that other woman.”

    I’m not one bit worried about Hillary’s run in 2012. I don’t think the “party” is going to do this again and I am hoping that Brazille, Pelosi and Reid will be gone by then.

    As far as Biden, a couple of nights ago, Jay Leno ran a clip of the One and Biden talking to some other man. Leno made of point of telling audience that the clip was untouched. Biden was talking, talking, talking and had his arm on Obama’s shoulders. The gist here is that BO wasn’t looking happy at all – a very odd look on his face “like, why is Biden talking when I am the star?” There might be trouble in paradise between these two.

  149. Insightanalytical – Thank YOU .. well done .. THC ..!

    Let’s Talk Religion…Palin and God by THC


  150. Kerry, Pelosi, Reid all have to go.

    My mind is made up.

    Either they give us Hillary back or they will learn to say the words Vice President Sarah Palin and President John McCain 2008

    Dump Obama 2008

    :PUMA HAKA 👿

  151. Thank you, thank you! My mind is made up. For me it has always been Hillary or McCain and Palin just means I can do it with a smile on my face.

    I’m going to listen to that song all day.

  152. 48, Steinem was one of the voices who DID jump in and say some of what we’d all been thinkinG: “Why is it that Hillary wasn’t the frontrunner, and Obama — a neophyte with absolutely no experience whatsoever — was being shoved past her?”

    Google an article she wrote called “Women Are Never The Frontrunners.” She may have gone to the other side lately, but she did ask a lot of stuff out loud, and she got slammed for it. Props to her for that, seriously.

  153. It’s easier if you live in a absolute blue or red state. My state is blue so I get to make a statement. It won’t make a difference but watching the media? shove it. The Dems? shove it. Some sites? shove it. JM over at TL said she felt she was watching the Beverly Hillbillies and flat out called Palin a ‘hick’ the elitism of the Dem party is really getting to me.

    Also, with regards to Biden dropping out.. he won’t. Of course, he’s unhappy. The O camp is tightly controlled which is the opposite of ‘out of control’ Joe and it has to be hard to sell someone who has no experience when you have worked in politics for so long. It’s like training your replacement when you are being downsized.

  154. Don’t make up your mind yet. There’s a lot of sucking up both parties have to do between now and November 4. You’ve got a lot of power. Put it to good use, give the Democrats fits.

    right on, sister

  155. myiq…. you said you thought O would do something to get attention… he’s going on Fox (O’Reilly) tonight to try and get attention during the Repub convention.


    Of course, it was an abomination when Clinton did it, but it is ‘brave’ when Obama does it.

  156. Karen, not to mention that the press was adamant about McCain better not say or do anything the night of BO’s speech. Lots of chatter about “traditionally”, the one party keeps quiet on the night of the acceptance speech, it is “their” night. Of course, that only applies the other way around.

  157. John McCain is like the kindly, wise old uncle, who understands your rage and pain as he’s experienced the extremes of both in his life, and with that gentle knowing smile he oh so slowly, is drawing you towards him…..He’s more then happy to surrender the spotlight to Sara, standing aside and beaming at her as if she were his own…

  158. PUMAs, writing in Hillary or “going topless” will not further your cause–and I say this as a conservative Republican. We may not agree on much else, but I think we can agree that Obama must be defeated. If he wins, one of two things will happen: Either Obama will be an impotent Jimmy Carter and the Republicans will sweep in 2012–maybe with Palin as the new Reagan–or Obama will be effective enough to be re-elected. I’m betting on the former. In either case, Hillary Clinton is history.

    Look, I made this mistake in ’92. Clinton was so far ahead in California that I voted for Perot in protest. No one cared, believe me. It was just a wasted vote. And I did not feel better afterward.

    Sure, McCain can be somewhat of a snake. He’s a politician! But he can handle the job (which is more than you can say of BO) and putting Sarah Palin in Washington will be Oh So Great!!! Rambo meets Legally Blonde as President of the Senate. Hollywood could never have scripted this. Mother of five takes on Robert Byrd, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and the oldest of the Old Boys Club. Palin Rules!

    McCain/Palin ’08!

  159. Watching the MSM attack Palin and the RNC response has been very interesting. They joined together and defended her. Loudly.

    When the MSM attacked Hillary the DNC was in some cases deaf and in others piled on the attack.

    What a difference the support at the top makes.

  160. The DNC did not defend Hillary because Dean, Pelosi and the Obamacrats want Hillary (and Bill) out. It’s all about control of the party. Hillary had too much power

  161. How can I vote for down-ticket Dems when not one of them came out to defend Hillary?

  162. Hey, just to be up front, I’d heard of this site, thought I’d check it out, even though I’m a conservative.

    I would venture a question and hope to get some good feedback from the other side.

    I think Senator Obama is not suited for president, at all. And, even if Senator Clinton were offered to run as the VP, I think she should turn it down, even though I think it would be an unbeatable combination.

    Here’s my reasoning: I think Senator Obama, if he becomes president, will damage the Democrat brand. I think he is no more than a one term president. If Hillary is VP, you’ve got “guilt by association” when she runs in 2012.

    If you think my point is valid let me know, as I’d appreciate the feedback.

    Even though I’m conservative, I’m also a political junkie and would thoroughly enjoy the political theater of Palin vs. Clinton in 2012.

    Which is what I think we’ll see in 2012.

  163. gee, mr. obama, the repubs just beat you and guess what it was a woman. what goes around comes around! lady karma wears a pantsuit.

  164. i am not giving the dnc one dime, nickel or penny. they didn’t defend hillary. i am waiting for her to tell mr. obama that she is busy working for fellow democrats but she’ll have 15 minutes next week just for him.

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