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The DNC’s never seen a bad guy/gal like this…well, except in 1972 and 1980

Conflucian commenter “NH” said the following which resonates with my PUMA consciousness:

I hope they blame us. That will give us power. With that power we can clean up the Dem party.

You said it, NH!  Then instantly, I thought of legendary movie anti-hero Tony Montana in Scarface who in this scene, defines this point even further (language NSFW):

Please oh PLEASE blame us for Obama’s catastrophic loss in November.  Get one of those “styrofoam Greek columns” and take a swing at Hillary Clinton supporters who are not falling line with the DNC, simply because we will not support a candidate who engaged in voter fraud and sexism to grab his candidacy. 

Please blame us for every stammering guttural “uhhhh” Obama burps out while trying to remember his script lines, since he never wrote a law, never championed a liberal cause or have any major career accomplishments other than running for office.  Blame us for Obama’s failure to connect with average everyday middle and lower income voters, because the more we get to know him, the more we notice how empty his suit is.  Please blame us for not being as stupid to swallow the lofty and ironic rhetoric of “Hope” and “Change” – since half of the only piece of land Obama governed is still a dilapidated slum while his Chicago Boiz run to the bank with millions of government subsidies.  Please blame us for not believing Obama will protect reproductive rights, especially since his campaign, his acolytes and nefarious fauxgressive blogger crew continuously spew venom against female candidates and the women who support them.  Your “Plan A” of fractioning the Democratic voter base by “hoping” to replace us with western states’ votes just got pwned by McCain’s VP pick, not just because Palin is a woman, but because she happens to be the governor of the largest state in the Union that holds a vital portion of the U.S.’ energy independence from foreign oil.  The McCain/Palin ticket reformed and united a once fractured Repubulican Party. 

Since the “western states” strategy is out the window thanks to a “western state” Republican VP pick,  what’s the Plan B, Obamabots?  Certainly it’s not that old worn out “Roe v. Wade” card that gets waved every election season and still stands after 5 Republican presidents and conservative SCOTUS’ later.  Wait a minute, is it just me or did I just hear a big collective “uhhhh” sound?  

Whether the O camp has a “Plan B” or not, the 2008 DNC is no longer the party that protects women’s rights, but oppresses them.  2008 DNC is no longer the party that upholds voter rights, but supresses them.  2008 DNC is no longer the party that ensures Democracy, but manipulates it to their candidate choice’s advantage.   So what difference is there between the 2008 DNC and the 2008 Republican party?  One mascot is a donkey and the other an elephant?  One likes blue, the other red?  Oh I got one!  The Republicans actually nominated a candidate who won the majority of votes within their party and the VP candidate, a woman, is embraced by her party with loving arms and that party is fighting back against the hateful sexist onslaught which pervasively fuels the Obama campaign. 

But yeah baby, bring on the blame game!  In fact, those guilty of not voting for Obama this fall may even go down in history books as “Clinton Democrats.”   My 10-year old PUMA cub will study about us in her government & civics high school class and compare us to the villainous 2000 Nader voters or the heinous 1980 Reagan Democrats – but none were more treacherous than the big and bad “Democrats who voted for Nixon” in the 1972 election against McGovern.  Because as we witnessed in the 2008 Democratic primaries as Lady Boomer NYC wonderfully points outs here, the DNC did not listen to its voter base and pressed onto us a candidate that was not chosen by the majority of Democratic voters.  A little history lesson for the O-bots (from Wikipedia):

1972 Primaries popular vote results[1].

Now, let’s compare the popular vote versus the delegate vote tally in the 1972 DNC convention again, from Wikipedia):

The tally:

Doesn’t that look familiar to you?  McGovern didn’t win the popular vote and got all those delegates?  Sounds just like a 2008 Democratic Nominee that we all know and will not vote for this November. 

Since the 1972 DNC didn’t count the votes at the convention, the Democratic voter base made sure their votes counted in the November election:  


After the catastrophic loss in 1972, the DNC retooled itself.  Superdelegates were formed to override or veto the DNC pledged delegate vote tallies.  But all this retooling and fiddling with delegate counts is moot when you ignore the popular vote count and your voter base.  What will it take for the DNC to learn that Democrats lose elections whenever they don’t listen to their voter base?  I don’t know about 1972, as I was only 1 year old, but I can attest that PUMA wasn’t around then.  Just because Hillary Clinton finally released her delegates on Wednesday August 27th, does not mean that our commitment to democracy and gender equality should falter.  

When the DNC counts our votes, fights for our liberal values and nominates the candidate that was truly chosen by the majority of its voter base, the DNC wins the support of the Big Tent and we rally in unisom for our party’s candidate.  Simple as that.  But history does have a tendency to repeat itself and so does the DNC.  

So please, DNC and O-bots, MSM media, historians and armchair/laptop pundits, blame me and my villainous cabal, the Clinton/FDR Democrats which some consider themselves as PUMAs, please blame us as the entity responsible for not supporting a party and a candidate that abandoned two major democratic and liberal principles:  voter rights and gender equality.  I triple dog dare you!  

¡Que viva los PUMAs! (Long live PUMAs!)

210 Responses

  1. (applause)

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!! Wow, what a post. Historical perspective AND kick*ss attitude all at once.

    I love this place.

  3. The creation of “superdelegates” was just a way for the Dems to repeat what happened with McGovern — a way for them to enshrine a guaranteed ability to fuck up in the rules, so they wouldn’t have to bend them again to get a fool in. It sort of worked … they still had to bend the rules, but the supers allowed them to do what they did in 1972. It’s insanity; The GE is winner-take-all. They can’t win because they keep picking guys who can win with the wrong rule book. They keep sending chess players to a roller derby.

    your post has also reminded me of something that I’ve been considering, though — this preposterous charge, constantly repeated, that Hillary’s primary campaign was a tota shambles, a complete disaster, and that Obama out maneuvered her with his “brilliant” scorched-earth attack campaign.

    That attack campaign is what’s dooming him now, you stupid fucking Obots. There is a reason that primaries are historically softball — and must be. If you come out guns blazing in the primaries, you lose the general. More to the point, your party loses the general. A scorched-earth PRIMARY campaign leaves half the dead bodies on the field wearing your uniform.

    Obama’s campaign was “brilliant?” Hillary “didn’t fight back hard enough?” Okay, let’s accept that. Obama fought like a cornered weasel against Hillary Clinton. Where does ti get him and his party now? The bots were always guilty of forgetting that there were two elections to be won. They sunk everything they had into the primary, and forgot about the general. Their candidate came out in full-on attack mode against his own party members, while playing softball with the other guys, expressing admiration for them, practically fellating Reagan’s dead body. Did he forget who wore what uniform? Did his brainless, koolaid-addled, foamy-mouthed followers?

    Hillary’s campaign didn’t hit back hard because, if she had, she would have been in precisely the position that Obama’s in now … with the other side going after her gunz blazing, and half her own voters abandoning her. She lost, but there is a reason that primary campaigns are waged the way she waged them. Unfortunately, she was up against a stupid, out-of-control neophyte who decided that he was going to win the less important election at the cost of the most important one by deliberately immolating half his party.

    And THAT’S what the bots call a “brilliant” campaign?! His balls are gonna hang off that “brilliant” campaign, stupid!

  4. Janis – is that the WONDERFULLY ARTISITC Janis who did the great Denver group ads and whose Conflucian Comments I adore?

    MadamaB & Eleanor – thank you!

  5. The conservatives (e.g. Rush, specifically) on the radio are incredibly open about it today. They’re saying that if Obama had picked Hillary, then McCain would’ve picked Lieberman.

  6. I’m still pissed about this. And those frothing, psychotic attack dogs lauded him for being “hard hitting.”


    The Republicans NEVER forget who wears what uniform. They slap one another around in the primaries, but it is nothing compared to the full-on time-on-target carpet bombing they reserve for the other party.

    The Democrats defeat one another. They have always attacked one another harder than the other side — ALWAYS. This time, they prided themselves on it, telling themselves that it’s the way the game is played, and that that sort of behavior “is what won it for the Republicans, so we have to start fighting that way!”

    No, you dumbasses. You have to start FIGHTING THE OTHER GUYS THAT WAY, not your own goddamned people.

    CHRIST! How fucking STUPID could yallz BE?!

  7. 1972 was the very first election I could vote in….somehow fitting I think.

    It’s funny how they blame the very same people they labeled as inconsequential just weeks ago.

    The Dems SO screwed up when they dissed Hillary.

    Mountain Sage

  8. Janis – Welcome back!!! Hooboy!

    The bots only think it was brilliant because they no longer have to stare at Hillary’s “cankles.” That’s as far as their teeny brains go.

    I said for months at TL that there was no way Obama would change his primary strategy going into the GE. He is a one-trick Unity Pony. I also said the strategy would backfire on McCain because McCain can take the gloves off and attack Obama in ways Hillary could not. Well, look what Sarah did to Obama last night!! Holeee scheisse.

    Now I know how Cassandra must have felt. I’m sure many of you were in the same boat…

  9. sm77, yeah, it’s me … thanks for the kind words about the ads, for all the good it did us.

    I HATE the Democratic party at this point. I truly do.

  10. 51% believe that the media is trying to hurt Palin:

    Also to be noted is that “thirty-nine percent (39%) also believe the GOP vice presidential nominee has better experience to be president of the United States than Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.”

    “…the potential problem for Democrats is that Obama, the junior U.S. senator from Illinois and a former state legislator, is the party’s standard-bearer, while Palin, an ex-mayor and now governor of Alaska, is number two on her party’s ticket.”

    Damn right it’s a problem for Obama. Now the Republicans can run on experience pointing out the fact that Palin is nearly as experienced as Obama but Obama is actually running for president. Affirmative action is going to be washed down the drain because of Obama’s decision to run this year instead of waiting until he actually had enough experience.

    And his minions are still stupid enough to attack Palin on experience? These people are idiots. If Obama loses it will be their fault and not ours.

  11. SM: fantastic post. I moved to the States in 1990, so I only know the Bush/Clinton/Bush years.


    You absolutely give the BEST comments and get me totally fired up! I’m attaching a link to my favorite rant of the year (so far). Think you might appreciate it.


  12. Janis –

    The Republicans NEVER forget who wears what uniform. They slap one another around in the primaries, but it is nothing compared to the full-on time-on-target carpet bombing they reserve for the other party.

    If Bush hadn’t forgotten that rule and gained the nomination by push-polling in the 2000 election, I’ll bet McCain would not be a viable candidate this year. A lot of McCain fans were outraged by Bush’s betrayal of the 11th Commandment. McCain is now able to claim the “real Republican” mantle back from Bush.

  13. I can haz yur party plz?!?

    (edited for the amusement of yours truly)

  14. I thought the ads were wonderful.

  15. Janis – PLEASE don’t be a stranger. Your comments here, as well as many other wonderful Conflucians, are a living breathing part of our PUMA conscioussness. And the ads, BRILLIANT! I hope to see more of your work!

  16. I always wanted to be the “bad” girl.
    They have so much more fun.
    While we are changing the face of this election , are we not having fun.
    I am.
    I got to find out that there are more people out there that think like me.
    Watching the faces of the so called “party leaders” while they try to claim everything in great in the campaign and we are all united is a blast.
    Payback is a b—h.



  17. Palin’s more experiences than Obama. When she said she actually had to get stuff done, she was right. Governors always transition to the WH more easily — one chief executive spot to another.

    I’m voting for her now because I want Clinton vs. Palin in 2012, and I want to put the fear of god (Sekhmet, of course — the one that fries people to a crisp) into the Democrats, so that they know without a shadow of ANY doubt that they either give us a Clinton in 2012 or their sad, pathetic, loser asses will never see the inside of the WH again.

    I respect Gloria Steinem a very great deal, but she’s WAY off base. We cannot afford to rpetend that this is about only this one election and picking the one we like best. We have to start becoming aware of the larger issues, having more than a four-year strategy.

    First, get McCain and Palin in. They’ll run Palin in `12. We run Clinton. From there, things get better.

    This MUST be the only driving force that moves us. McCain/Palin now, downticket Dems now. Palin vs. Clinton in `12. PERIOD. That must be ALL that motivates us — none of thise bullshit getting distracted by blogging about our thongs or shoe selections and calling it feminism. NO MORE of that shit. We roll up our sleeves and get to fucking WORK. Drop the lipgloss, girleez. We got shit to do.

  18. MadamaB: YUP! McCain & Palin shook the Bush skeleton out of the closet and put it in the trash. It’s a cleaner, leaner ticket now.

  19. The thing is Obama has never seen himself as a Dem or part of any team, but Obama. This is the problem with supporting someone whose whole political experience and mind set has been about himself. Since he never had to actually govern, he doesn’t give a hoot about the Dem brand or the Dem future beyond where it intersects with him …. He is totally opposite of Hillary who sees the politics totally in terms of a team….and rightly knows that will win the White House. The Dem elite don’t care about getting into the White House…they care only about who they keep out

  20. Janis: This is why Will Bower & Heidi Li Feldman are conducting a “Draft Hillary as Senate Majority Leader” movement post-Denver, to counter-off the impending McCain/Palin presidency, CONTROL the DNC from within and further her 2012 candidacy.

  21. Oh believe you me…we will be blamed…big time. Oh the guilt, the angst, the horror.

  22. *sigh* How many times have I had this sort of conversation with a kid?

    You can’t do it that way, sweetie

    Leave me alone! I know what I’m doing!

    No, really, I’m telling you, I have done this lots and lots and lots of times before, and you are going to mess this up.

    NO! I can do this! You don’t know anything! You just want to control me! I hate you!

    Of course, the big difference in this case is that I did not birth any of these little pissy-assed juvenile hateful strutting psycho-wankers. Their being fooking stoopid is no skin off my nose.

    So when they have crashed the car and burned my house down and the flames are licking at THEIR precious feet, I feel no obligation to welcome them back to my bosom and help them fix it. Oh no indeedy I don’t.

    I don’t owe them shit.

  23. Nice, great article and info. Wow, so the DNC did this before. They sort of learned from that for a while, but have reverted to their old party boss, corrupt ways. What’s funny is these behaviors look like they are what a majority party does. That is, internal politics and corruption are more important than winning the white house because they run everything else. It’s like they don’t want one faction of the party to win and gain too much power. The circular firing squad approach. Well, time to punish them again. Sigh.

  24. Janis – hmmm – women scorned, uh, oh – yes they forgot that you can win the battle but lose the war if you’re not careful.
    You’re right -they are a bunch of wing nuts without one brain between any of them – as my son always tells me – “women are strategic – men are tactical – that’s why women always know what’s really going on.”

  25. It’s vital that the DNC finally experience the full consequences of their folly ….we, the Dem base , have mopped up after them for too long

  26. A star for the scarface reference. After I vote i’m gonna walk out saying “make room for the bad guy!”

  27. So here’s the lesson. When Nov. 5th rolls around, and the knuckle draggers of the dem party look around perplexed, and ask what happened, how did they beat us this year of all years. The answer is, of course, say it with me, they picked a woman.

  28. After I vote i’m gonna walk out saying “make room for the bad guy!”

    LOL! I may need a PUMA logo shirt that says “make room for the bad guy” to wear to the polls!

  29. With the new voter registrations, same day registration/vote and the voter fraud put in place by the Obama campaign this GE will be like no other. The only way Obama will be defeated is if McCain’s base comes out in mass and there are a significant number of Dems crossover.
    Given that many of us will vote Dem down ticket this is frightening.

  30. Ya’ll didn’t by chance happen to hear Rudy G. saying to Andrea Mitchell that BO was dragged over the finish line. That Hillary won the popular vote and should have been the nominee, did you? He said it.

    Yep, it’s just getting started.

  31. Janis, on September 4th, 2008 at 2:11 pm Said:

    Excellent, excellent comment!!

  32. jjsmoof, on September 4th, 2008 at 2:39 pm Said: Edit Comment
    A star for the scarface reference. After I vote i’m gonna walk out saying “make room for the bad guy!”


    I swear – that is how I’m going to do as well!

    Agree with WMCB – that needs to be on a PUMA t-shirt.

  33. A strange thing is starting to happen to me. I am starting to look at Obama, and I am feeling really sorry for him. He looks so lost, and out of his depth. I don’t know why I am feeling this way, because I still loathe him, and won’t vote for him, but I am seeing him as thoroughly pathetic now.

  34. Bambi keeps trotting out female supporters all OVER the news, harping on how Palin is bad for women, and “women won’t vote on gender”.

    Yep, they are scared. Bad.

  35. A month or so ago, someone here (can’t remember who to give them credit) said “When Obama loses, I don’t intend to take the blame, I intend to take the CREDIT!!”

  36. I found this on AOL thought it was interesting for us younger people.


    02:36 PMSep 04 2008

    For all the questions about Palin, I still am absolutely amazed by the pass the media has given Obama! Most significant is how the media ignores his long time association with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. While many voters are too young to remember who these folks even are, in the late sixties and early seventies, their pictures were on the wall of every post office in America. That’s what happens when you are on the FBI “most wanted” list. These two anarchists (domestic terrorists) were on the lam for about ten years. Once caught, the Carter Justice dept messed up the case against them and they were released on a technicality. They were never found not guilty, nor acquitted! They continue to be totally unrepentant about their bombings of federal buildings and police stations, including one where people were killed! Obama has a long history of association with this couple. While that doesn’t make him either an anarchist or a traitor, it may define the direction of his politics and w…

  37. mawn, he is human. I have even felt sorry for Bush at times, while loathing him at the same time.

  38. Reg: I didn’t see that – but the machine is definitely revving little by little – and the ironic thing is that they are actually telling the truth.

  39. as a Co-Chair of the Committee to Draft Hillary Clinton President 2012(CDHC4P2012) I would like to say I told you so Obama Bots-

    39% of the people believe Palin more experienced at the bottom of her ticket than Obama at the top of his (note I did not say ours-Ours was Hillary/Rendell) poor bots I see McCain with at least 40 of the 50 (not 57 states).

    makes me want to smile


  40. Reg – I saw that yesterday.

    Hillary or McCain 2009 – DNC dump his ass!

  41. Great post, SM77!!! you nailed it. Blame us, put our name on that doodoo. Let history recall the “Clinton Democrats.”

  42. Tonight’s convention coverage should be fun. If it’s the slugfest last night was, I’m watching. McCain speaks. I hope the beat up Obambi so that Dean & Co. can see what they’ve done.

    It’s not too late to put Hillary on the ticket…at the top.

  43. Mawm, you’re so right. I’ve caught myself feeling the exact same way. But it’s not just now, I started feeling bad for him from the April ABC debate, at the same time they were still kicking us around and brushing us off their shoulders.
    I feel I can see myself, all the times I’ve failed, all the times I’ve miscalculated, or hurt someone even when I had the best of intentions. Except that this is going to happen to Obama in broad daylight, in front of a fawning fan base, his meteroric rise and dramatic fall all taking less than a couple of years.

    I think I have a severe case of the Stockholm Syndrome.

  44. mawm,

    I have a hunch that Hillary knew Sen. Obama was going to be pilloried eventually and she felt for him. She knows his fall is going to be ugly. His ego/personality is extremely fragile and, alas, manipulable which is why the corrupt DNC elite chose him.

    The Republicans will not be so compassionate.

  45. Elixir – it’s not too late – but they won’t do it.

    “Blame us, put our name on that doodoo. ” LOL!

  46. Sierra Hotel to Janis—–you nailed it. I’m still high after last night. All the things we have been saying about Obama she layed out for the world.

  47. Mawm: Please just substitute that picture of him with his nose in the air flicking Hillary off his skinny padded shoulder. Then insert the words, “you are likable enough Hillary” and play it to the tune of “ra*cist. Believe me, your sympathy will dissipate faster than any smile on Michelle’s frozen face. Don’t fall into the sympathy trap. This guy deserves a well deserved slap upside his head.

    Had they listened to reason, there would be a powerful winning ticket this time round: Clinton/Obama. Instead we are possibly looking at 4 more years of the same with more religion tossed into the mix to lead most of us into taking on Amy Winehouse’s lifestyle. He is not to be pitied!

  48. Fuzzy – I LOVE IT – CDHC4P2012!

  49. I don’t feel sorry for the little dipshit. He reminds me of every ex-husband I have ever had and they were all arrogant, narcissistic pinheads.

  50. I think my sympathy comes from the fact that I genuinely do believe that he has REAL issues with both his mom and his dad. Serious ones.

    It doesn’t give him an excuse to act out his own problems in a way so massively hurtful to so many people, but I still feel sorry for someone who has been twisted that badly.

  51. Mawm: You bleeding heart Liberal, you! (LOL!)

  52. UpstateNY, on September 4th, 2008 at 2:32 pm Said:
    ……Oh the guilt, the angst, the horror.


    Or the glee, the assuagement, the honor.
    Can’t wait.

  53. PAT: “Believe me, your sympathy will dissipate faster than any smile on Michelle’s frozen face.”

    LOL! Permanent “scoop-mouth” is not the look.

  54. mawminc
    I can’t for the life of me feel sorry for B0. Not after his deliberate cruelty launched on only at the women opposing him, but also at Hillary’s delegates and us. I am holding him directly responsible for all the B0bots’ excesses. He created the environment for them and did nothing to stop it. As Brazile said it when attacking a 17 years old “fair game”

  55. Maybe in addition to the shirt, I will make a rude gesture and shout loudly as I approach the booth:


  56. We have suffered through 8 years with a president who also had “Daddy” issues. Few have had upbringings that could be completely described as idyllic. I have no desire to see this play acted out once more.

    I’d rather watch a play created by madamab then move on than to suffer through another spell of identity theft.

  57. 37 million households tuned into Palin last night. WOW !!

  58. Wave my ballot around….. “Say hello to my little frien!”

  59. Sarah is the new rock star in this election.

  60. WMCB: As I go into the voting booth: “Who do I trust? Me, that’s who.”

  61. You know, he can win this thing.

    Don’t waste your sympathy.

  62. What’s hilarious is that so many people are voting for the bottom of the Republican ticket v. the top of the Dem. ticket.

  63. How can you feel sorry for him? He played the game, he knew it was a gamble and if no one caught him, he won the biggest prize in the land. Well we caught him and now he will lose.

  64. sm77, LOL! On election day, networks will be reporting the strange and unexplained phenomenon of voters over the country doing bizarre Scarface impressions as they arrive at the polls….

  65. The ONLY thing that can save the DNC at this point is if Hillary comes back on TOP of the ticket, Obama is relegated to VP or kicked off completely (the latter suits me far better).

  66. “Rock stars” and “icons” should never be running for Commander in Chief. I want a leader, dammit, not someone who polls high simply because they they turn the world on with their smile. Give me Hillary!!!!!!!!

  67. Regency, on September 4th, 2008 at 3:12 pm Said: Edit Comment
    What’s hilarious is that so many people are voting for the bottom of the Republican ticket v. the top of the Dem. ticket.

    Not that I wanted this outcome, but had Hillary been the VP, that would be the case for Dems as well.

  68. DNC to HRC: “Ummm, Hillary, we have a problem. Can we talk?”

    HRC to DNC: “Ummm, no. And when did this become a “we”?

  69. WMCB: LOL!

  70. WMCB: LOL!

  71. The audience total is out for Palin’s speech last night. (37.2 million). Obama’s speech barely outdrew her. (38.4) Of course, O is running for President and Palin ‘only’ VP, so her numbers are more impressive. Let me see if I can dig up Biden’s.

  72. mawminc, bullies often have tragic stories and issues, and abusers can seem pathetic when they feel weakened, but as soon as he feels strong again, the hubris will be obvious again.

  73. sm77 – Yup. Honestly, had Obama been smart enough and humble enough to pick Hillary as VP, I would have voted for him, because that would have meant he had the ability to look past himself and see what was good for the country.

    But I knew he wouldn’t do it. He just doesn’t have it in him. These types of men never do.

    I agree with mawm though. I’m a Virgo too and my heart is too soft for my own good. 😉

    Doesn’t mean I won’t be laughing at The One on Election Day. I have a Scorpio rising. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  74. (Loves Janis)
    (Loves you all)

    Last week in Denver I kept having a lyric float through my head…I think you know the one:


    So I Photoshopped up a little somethin’ somethin’.

    Won’t get fooled again!

  75. madamaB: As a Scorp, schadenfraude is one of our lovelier attributes.

  76. OMG, Obama campaign is on the news outlets with uncomfortable- sounding women who are so very very VERY insistent that Democratic women can find NOTHING to relate to or admire in Palin. Hockey mom? Stony silence. Working mother? Glare. Self-made politician, mayor? No! CHOICE CHOICE CHOICE! Nothing in common. Nope.

    Zero Zip Nada, I tell you! No No NO! You wimminz have NOTHING IN COMMON!! STFU and ride the train!!!! (Please please please Bambi tell me I did good, I tried, I tried so hard to tell them…)

  77. Pat J: Lol.

  78. Eleanor, may I post that here on this thread with a H/T to you?

  79. According to Fox, McCain will make his acceptance speech in the format of a Town Hall Meeting but sans questions. He is not comfortable in front of a podium and will have others sitting on the stage with behind him. (Lieberman, Graham, Palin, I’m guessing.) He had better hope to nail this one as well since he is the one at the top of the ticket. Not that it matters to me, but if he hopes to steer this ship homeward, he better come better equipped than just pointing at Palin for backup.

    Axelrod will be taking notes and won’t bother to wait 24 hours to attack. McCain has the base, he still needs the undecideds.

  80. Ouch, it appears that 37 million watched Palin. Only 3 million shy of his preciousness. Obama is soooo yesterday.

  81. I was over at the DU for a bit. All those Hillary Haters are demanding that Hillary come out and bitch slap Sarah.

    What a bunch of crybabies.

  82. SM: So true. I loves the “I Told Ya Sos.”

  83. VA: Only 1 million shy.

  84. I love PUMAs. Will y’all be watching O’BZero’s interview with Bill O’Loudmouth’s this evening? If so, I need to get my work schedule changed to “listen” in to your wit and wisdom. (Otherwise, I can’t stand O’Loudmouth and would never watch either of them.)

  85. Dee: Like she owes this lying sack of dung anything. How laughable: they tore her down, minimized her effect, derided her positions, now they demand she use her “influence” to ride this unity pony to victory. The schizophrenia coming out of that quarter is breathtaking. “You are meaningless, I need you.”

    The world as we have known it has gone stark raving mad!

  86. Summarizing this election and the DNC’s choice: elite party bosses living in a bubble, meet america.

  87. mawm, take a look at him talking about Palin today. I think you might feel differently. He didn’t brush her off his shoulders, but he might as well have.

  88. This post brought back some memories for me – I was 16 during the ’72 primaries, and editor of my high school paper in Tallahassee, FL. Since this was the first national election in which 18 year-olds could vote(and a lot of our seniors were 18), I assigned myself and a friend of mine to cover the Democratic candidates (all of whom had to appear in Tallahassee to register for the Florida primary). I met all of them: Jackson, Chisolm, Wilbur Mills, Muskie, McGovern, and HHH. Even Wallace (shortly before he was shot). Most of them wouldn’t give us the time of day – except for Muskie and Humphrey. Muskie answered a few questions from us – but after we tailed Humphrey to a TV interview, one of his advance men came up to us and said, “The senator was wondering if you’d like to come back to the hotel with us and have a chat.” He gave us a good 30 minute exclusive interview. He talked about the war, he talked about civil rights, he talked (briefly) about being LBJ’s VP. I think he was a little surprised that we knew about his 1948 civil rights speech at the convention, or that the Peace Corps was originally his idea. Two things really stood out from that evening: 1) he took us seriously and respected our intelligence, and 2) he did not say a single negative thing about any of his opponents.

    I ended up volunteering for him 😉

    For what it’s worth, I find the comparison of Obama to McGovern really unfair…to McGovern. He may have been an ineffectual candidate, but he had the courage of his convictions and was a truly dedicated public servant. At least I knew what he stood for.
    And, although he never mentioned it during the campaign, he was a war hero (he flew multiple, very dangerous daylight bombing missions during WWII and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross). By the time he ran for President in ’72, he had served two full terms in the House, had been Director of President Kennedy’s Food for Peace program, and had been in the Senate for a decade. He was nothing like Obama. Or rather, Obama’s nothing like him.

  89. I am not watching Obama do shit, unless it is step down.

  90. HA!

    ONE freaking day, and Palin is pulling Independents:

    There is a positive change in how independents anticipate voting in the Presidential election after viewing Palin’s speech, with a 9% increase among independents indicating that they will probably or definitely vote for the McCain/Palin ticket after watching the speech.

    Palin’s speech proved to be equally effective in swaying votes for both men and women. Among the independents who watched her speech, respondents who report that they will “probably” or “definitely” vote for McCain increased by 10% across both genders, around 38% of female independents and 36% of their male counterparts.


  91. The difference with the O’Reilly interview is that I think even he liked and respected Hillary. I don’t believe for one minute he likes or respects The One. And she stood toe to toe with Bill which I think he kind of liked. Whereas Mr. Ah and Umm could very easily fall into Bill’s little traps.

  92. Eleanor A – That’s great! Lovin’ it and lovin’ you! 🙂

    propertius – I’m sure Bill Clinton would agree with you.

    Our Bill with George

  93. Pat ~
    I think you mean the borderline personality disorder coming out of that quarter is breathtaking.”

    I am loving reading today.

    This morning on “Morning Joe”, Scarborough asked the same kind of question of Mika. Who quietly agreed that the top of the Republican ticket was stronger than the top of the Democrats’ ticket r/t foreign affairs.

    I say the R ticket is stronger nearly everywhere because of everything Janis said at the top of this thread.

  94. Eleanor A: lol

  95. I remember 1972, I was only 13, but it was right after my cousin died in Vietnam. I became a dem that year because of the war. Other than 1992 and 1996 that was the only year that my family ever voted democrat. Of course this year, they were fired up over Hillary, but now they are back to their old tricks, voting McCain and I am apalled that I may join them.

  96. Look at that head of hair on Big Dawg!!!!!! regency will go nuts! Somebody have the water bucket handy please.

  97. I remember 1972, I was only 13, but it was right after my cousin d.i.e.d in Vietnam. I became a dem that year because of the war. Other than 1992 and 1996 that was the only year that my family ever voted democrat. Of course this year, they were fired up over Hillary, but now they are back to their old tricks, voting McCain and I am apalled that I may join them.

  98. I tried to post something twice and I am still in MODERATION!! Please get one of the posts out.

  99. never mind it is out.

  100. PJ – Regency isn’t the only one who loves Big Dawg. However, since I am a happily married woman, I keep my PUMA paws off her boo.


  101. Summarizing this election and the DNC’s choice: elite party bosses living in a bubble, meet america.

    Excellent summarization in one easy sentence!

  102. OMG love that pic!

  103. madamab: I never heard you mention that before as being in the same league as our regency! Should I organize a bucket brigade for all those who feel likewise?

  104. Madamab: That’s very wise of you.

    *mauls Big Dawg* Yikes I love that hair but I’m taking clippers to those sideburns. Sexy is as sexy does but he is not Super Fly.

  105. Given O’Reilly’s penchant for loofah sponges, he might very well find a new use for them while interviewing BZero this evening — colorectal exams. We can only hope.

  106. Well, it was 1972.

  107. Prolix, lol!

  108. prolix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Plural, I know that, but you know I’m not a big fan of friction burn.

  110. Hiya Pat and all, great to see ya.

  111. The Ayres connection is very much on O’Reilly’s mind. He mentions it every chance he has. Perhaps someone, even O’Reilly of all people, will actually put BO’s feet to the fire.

    Then tomorrow night KO can once again name O’Reilly as the “Worst Person in the World” for even posturing a question at His Highness.

  112. regency: Head out to the library now!!!

  113. Pat J: I’m about tot ake a nap then do some homework. I have to do math and then write a paper on the Iliad.

  114. Pat,
    Speaking of KO’s “worst person in the World”,
    When can we expect to see Sarah Palin on there?

    I really thought that KO would fling poo last night after The Speech. lol

  115. Jeralyn’s mental breakdown continues. Now she’s quoting Steinem to justify her opposition to Palin

  116. oh f***.

    * wiping drool off my face *

    Oh, hey Hillary!! {waving to my gal}

  117. Someone says Bambi is losing his cookies in a presser right now. Asking him about community organizing and sexism. He is getting VERY pissy and showing his ass, they say.

    Not sure what channel.

  118. Dee: Exactly what Obot spouse said in response to Palin. “We’ll send in Hillary.” “Hillary doesn’t owe Barack shit.”

    TheRealKim: thank you for reminding me why I left Obot spouse and am breaking up with current boyfriend.

  119. I remember ’72 well – I was 30 and a voter -the story of how Nixon insured that McGovern would be the nominee is classic and this group used the same tactics to insure BO.

  120. Chevalier: Back away from my Big Dawg. NOW.

  121. Y’all must have some kind of blow up dolls or somethin’ there, because Big Dawg is happy as a clam right here with me.

  122. regency: As long as you are busy. And you may want to take Chevalier along with you. She seems a somewhat over the top about Big Dawg as well.

  123. Regency’s asleep by now, isn’t she?


  124. Ehem, still awake and still keeping Big D entertained.

  125. regency: Let me direct you to the posting at 3:50pm by WMCB. Not to stir up any trouble, but you may very well have a fight on your hands.

  126. uh-oh.

    I usually mek eyez at him in secret….but today, it is too much. My heart won’t be stopped….

    if i help you will your iilad paper, will you let me ogle at bill?

  127. Pat J: I saw it. I think it’s sad when delusions of grandeurr impair one’s perception of reality. Bill hasn’t left my side for months. In fact he carried my lunch upstairs for me. He is nothing if not a well-trained dawg.

  128. Food for thought:

    Alaska is not the Bible Belt. They are individualists, but not weirdos.

    You DO NOT get a 80 to 90% approval rating in Alaska if you are some batshit crazy wild-eyed religious zealot, as they are trying to paint her.

  129. I’m surprised the Dems haven’t yet thrown the Keating Five Scandal of ’87 at McCain yet – maybe thery are all too young to know about it????

  130. Aw, Jeralyn deleted my comment

    I said Steinem sounded shrill, but that she was likable enough

  131. Chevalier: You may ogle but you may not grope.

  132. ugsome: no problem. I have already lost a boyfriend and three friends over this “so-called” election.

  133. WMCB, I saw him on MSNBC. He was arrogant and pissy. Reminded me very much of the time that he brushed Hillary off his shoulders after he felt humiliated in the debate.

  134. OK, I’m back to full on hate of Obama. No more sympathy for the devil. He’s a complete liar. Just read some of the reactions to the speech. What a sour puss.

  135. Hee hee hee. PUMA FIGHT OVER BIG DAWG!!

    Seriously, the man has massive sex appeal. A gay friend of mine saw him at Barbra’s last concert in Madison Square Garden, and he said it was like a light was shining around Bill. He said he was made almost speechless by Bill’s charisma.


  136. Aw c’mon, Regency. I’m likeable enough, y’know.

    And I swear, I won’t keep him long. Just long enough.

  137. I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but last night MessNBC, after it was apparent that Palin was field dressing the DNC’s moose, showed several shots of the teleprompters and the script appearing on them. They held the shots longer than normal. It was a cheap trick to remind the audience that there was a script, but totally in keeping with their infantile blogger boyz mentality.

  138. Just for the record: regency has always had first dibs on BD and has for the last 6 months. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Or something like that. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have had to throw water on her.

  139. myiq – LOL!!! No You Didn’t!!!

    Our poor Jeralyn has completely lost her sense of humor. Sorry, J Dear, you lie down with Obama, you get up with fleas.

  140. Joanelle,
    It’s too complicated for the Obot brain. They did focus groups about it, but realized it just left them confused, and confused isn’t something they want in an Obama supporter. Obats are supposed to be totally certain of everything.

  141. mawm, the fact that he will not give her one INCH of graciousness over her fab speech, but his minions just keep parroting that it was “well-delivered” in that dismissive way, goes to show you that they are SCARED of this woman.

  142. MyIq: LOL

  143. Madamab: I love it! Bill attracts dogs, well other dogs.

    Chevalier: You’re more than likable. You’re downright loveable. That said, you canNOT have my mantoy. I like to keep his energized, not spent. Long enough tends to be too long for me.

  144. …..
    18 Million Cracks


    Hillary they missed the boat, they could have written history but chose to ignore 18 Million Voters…

  145. prolix: I watched on C-Span. This way I don’t have to listen to the crapola commentary and trick camera angles trying to make a stupid point. MSNBC is totally without a soul.

  146. 37 million watched Palin’s speech

  147. Prolix –

    I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but last night MessNBC, after it was apparent that Palin was field dressing the DNC’s moose,

    Mein Gott in Himmel, you are hilarious!!!

  148. Big Dawg comes to my house ’cause he likes sweet tea, and y’all don’t know how to make it right. And after all, the man works up such a powerful thirst….

  149. Prolix, on September 4th, 2008 at 3:56 pm Said:

    …”Palin was field dressing the DNC’s moose”



  150. WMCB: He sure does work up a thirst, that’s why I keep the canteen you send him home with right next to the bed. I’m always glad to poor him a glass to keep him cool. Hold it right against his red cheeks.

  151. Thank God Mawm has snapped out of the trance! No pity or sympathy for that disgrace named Obama. Surprised he did not call her “Sweetie” just to reinforce the mysogyny.

  152. I just heard on Fox that Todd Palin was a little late for last night’s event cuz he was waiting for Trig to fill his diaper, so Todd could change him before going to the speech. Real men change diapers! Or will the MSM use this as another slash against Sarah’s motherhood credentials??

  153. Pat, you are smarter than I, but I use MessNBC as my vega-vita-vitamins to remind myself why I’m jumping ship this time around.

  154. Check it out on Fox. Fred Thompson and Trent Lott both in orange neckties. Orange is not an accidental color.

  155. 5 million MORE women tuned in to Palin’s speech than Obama’s.

  156. Pat – but possession and squatter’s rights are for private property. I’m all for Bill being a public good – like a breath of fresh air.

  157. prolix: Priceless!!!

  158. Yes, ty.

  159. Bill was a public service, now he’s gone to the private sector. It’s a Clinton Global Initiative: To keep the women’s happy.

    I’m telling you that ORANGE is a Hillary shout-out.

    That, or UNICEF.

  160. They look fairly ridiculous harping on the “she did an Ok job of reading the teleprompter” meme, since it came out that the teleprompter broke.

  161. What is with the “orange”? I don’t follow fashion, but is it this year’s color or something? They could not all possibly be sending a message could they?

  162. Dammit,man. Now here’s ol’ Tom DeLay in an orange tie. There must not be sn orange tie left in the twin cities.

  163. Bio video on Palin. They were going to play it last night, but it got bumped for Rudy’s speech. They may (may) play it tonight:

  164. Said this last night, but it seems more appropriate today, Margaret Thatcher was an iron fist in a velvet glove, but Sarah Palin is a titanium stiletto baked in an apple pie.

  165. Robin – Looking ridiculous never stopped them before! Greek columns, anyone?

    BTW – new post up. 🙂

  166. Pat J: Hillary wore it first. Then Cindy. Now pretty much everybody. I call it as a Hillary shout-out.

  167. Pat, I’;m assuming that yes, it’s a message. John McCain wore one last night, I’m thinkin’ it’s a PUMA lure.

  168. Tom DeLay is wearing an orange tie?

    That must be a shoutout to the jumpsuit he will soon be wearing.


  169. Funny that a lot of those orange ties are people Hill has worked well with in the Senate, and who have publicly expressed respect for her (yes, even the loathsome Graham says he likes and respects her.)

  170. Love that field dressing line. I’m using that everywhere I can…. LOL

  171. OMG!! It’s the ambiguously gay duo (from SNL), Biden and Obama. Obama is robin of course.

  172. This entire election was about Hillary. Now it’s about Sarah. It’s the year of women. 2012 will REALLY be the year of women.

  173. VA: I love those sketches. I randomly think of them all the time.

  174. sm77 – well done! You’ve nailed it exactly, and with pictures for the O people who have trouble with words, nice.

    Janis – you’re my hero(ine), right on target.

    I think the Dems have jumped the shark this time, the pathetic, hysterical ravings emanating from the Obolsheviks make it pretty clear they’re in full panic mode now. It’ll be satisfying/gutchurning to watch them crash and burn in November.
    My only consolation is that we can then throw the bums out and reconstitute a true, liberal, democratic Democratic party that has some principles, some backbone and some programs that actually benefit us all.

  175. From the articles I’ve seen, Obamamedia think that it enhances their reporting if they can find the least attractive photo of Sarah Palin to go with their stories.

    Bad angle, mid-blink, etc.

    Just like they did to you-know-who

  176. Interesting stat.

    Palins speech carried on only 6 channels while BO’s was carried on 10 and she still attracted almost as many viewers as him.

  177. Obama’s army of followers is formed into geek columns

  178. “Governors always transition to the WH more easily — one chief executive spot to another.”

    During the Dean-Kerry flamefest in that year’s primary (full admission: I was a Deaniac), tone of the arguments the Dean supporters yelled over and over that Dean was a better choice than Kerry because he was a governor and historically governors have always beaten Senators in the GE.

    The other thing the ‘bots forget, or perhaps didn’t live through, is that primary fights among the party’s voters have always been vicious and have always ended in peace and “unity.” The Dean-Kerry factions kissed and made up and so did the earlier ones. It has ALWAYS been a given.

    The fact that THIS time they have to keep screaming about “Unity” just shows that they are desperate to hide the difference this time around; they KNOW it’s not supposed to be this way. Deaniacs were just as heartbroken when he withdrew (full disclosure: I CRIED!), Edwards supporters were devastated when he withdrew, Kucinich supporters recognized he was a long shot, but in all these cases the supporters also knew that it was a fair fight, fairly won and fairly lost. In none of these cases did the candidate’s supporters feel robbed and cheated.

    This year the viciousness of the Obots, however, far surpassed anything I’ve seen in any election–and I’ve been a political junkie since the election we had to choose between the guy who invented the wheel and the one who invented fire. Their scorched-earth tactics and their cheating meant the magical, inevitable “unity” could not happen. But it’s their fault, not ours. That’s the part they don’t get. Those who forget history and all that jazz…

    p.s. I am no longer a Deaniac, of course. All that promise, wasted.

  179. myiq – LOL!

    Come upstairs to the new post – I’ve given you a “narrative” shout-out. 🙂

  180. Apologies for the long post. Just venting…

  181. Mawm, Chevalier,

    Please don’t feel sorry. He and his are poisonous snakes. Do. Not. Hesitate. Do not waiver.
    Just go over the horror of the past 18 months. The abuse, the tearing apart of a competent qualified woman. for crying out loud, you bought an RV to fight this!- what of what happened with the roll call? That is what they expected all along- that we would go back like meek sheep.
    I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. In my line of work I come across cocky, arrogant nasty vicious thugs, when they get caught they cry rivers, and look at you like oh woe is me.When I started out I fell for it a few times and it always came back to bite me. I learned people like that are masters at deception and exploit others, kindness is taken as weakness. Use this as your mantra: Actions have consequences –

  182. I am surprised at just how scared a lot of Obama supporters are of the Republican ticket. I read the blogs of several people who happen to be Obama supporters, and today they are despairing over the future of our country. Even they must not have much faith in their candidate of choice, if Palin’s speech has scared them into thinking so negatively! On the one hand, it’s amusing. On the other hand, it’s sad: they *could* have had a strong candidate who would *not* gut the rights they believe will be gutted by a McCain/Palin White House, but they chose the one with little more than pretty words to offer them.

    Though I know they will blame us, the truth is they can only blame themselves, if the McCain/Palin ticket wins in November.

  183. I am old enough to remember 1972 well. The same thing happened to the Democrats that happened in this year. The anti-war (Vietnam then) far left rigged the game and got McGovern nominated. The front-runner before the primaries was Ed Muskie, but he got knocked out by the Manchester Union Leader when he burst into tears after they attacked his wife. Humphrey was politically very much like Hillary Clinton–left wing but associated with the war because he was Lyndon Johnson’s VP. Unlike 2008, the Republicans were in a strong position in 1972 and it was obvious that Nixon would be re-elected in a landslide.

    The superdelegates were created to prevent a replay of 1972. Unfortunately, they lacked the courage to do their job and fell in line behind Pelosi and Dean out of fear of retribution from the Obamacrats.

    If you want your party back, their faction going to have to lose and Hillary is going to have to rally her troops to reassert control.

  184. . Janis, on September 4th, 2008 at 2:27 pm Said:

    “That must be ALL that motivates us — none of thise bullshit getting distracted by blogging about our thongs”

    TRUST me, Janis….I NEVER blogged about my thong!


  185. Long time lurker from Delaware. And please, don’t blame me for our, sorry, MBNA’s US Senator. I wasn’t planning on voting for him even BEFORE he was Zero’s VP pick. Just wanted to say that I love this site and never thought I’d be cheering for McCain knowing he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in July to win here.

    OT, WHO is this Janice and where the hell has she been hiding? Every comment from her screams righteous outrage!!! A sage is what she is.

  186. I just made a post on South Texas Chisme (“Still not voting for Obama”, http://stxc.blogspot.com/) concerning an article by Newsweek’s Andrew Romano (“The Palen Pick at 34,000 Feet”, http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/stumper/archive/2008/08/29/palin-on-the-plane.aspx). Sen. McCain will be able pummel Sen. Obama on the experience issue every time it’s brought up against Gov. Palin. As an added bonus, every time the Hillary Dems see Gov. Palin, and every time two-time reject Sen. Biden sticks his foot in his mouth, they’ll be reminded of what could have been and be pissed off all over again. This scab is going to be picked at for a long time.

  187. I’m no sage. I’m just PISSED OFF. I’m SICK of the fact that, because I was born into a body capable of generating other bodies, that my one and only experience on this Earth is as the world’s most despicable, permanent piece of shit. I’ve had it. Had it entirely.

    Believe me, I’m no sage.

  188. Like 1972 the Republicans rigged the Democratic primaries so as to get the person they wanted.

    The only difference is this time it was entirely legal.

    I am amazed people STILL don’t see the obvious manipulation by the GOP and the media to get the candidate they want.

    The manipulation is continuing.

  189. omg, watch Hardball, Pat and Tweety going at it. Pat said Chris talked about women/Hillary and had to apologize and that MSNBC should not be known as misogynist network.

  190. susannunes – I’m not so sure how legal it was this time – if there are any real reporters left in the world and they were to start digging I’m sure they would find some interesting deals and threats were made to get what they wanted.

  191. Yikes! I had to go out for a while and missed some comments – sm77, you bet your boots you can use my graphic on whatever you like. I’ll try to find an email addy for you so I can tell you that as well.

    Lemme know if you need any others…I’m pretty handy on the ole Photoshop 😉

  192. coming soon to a theater near you,
    Obamabots and the Temple of Doom!

  193. Listening for a while to the warmups to Palin last night, I had to turn the channel and never went back to hear her. It seems the Democrats are to blame for the evils of the past 8 years, and the solution is to elect a Republican and finish off the middle class. Even more depressing is when I remember that the man who, four years ago, said he was “from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” has engineered the nomination of a “Post-Partisan” instead of a Democrat I’m glad most of you are thrilled with the convention. Me, I’m just glad football season starts for real tonight.

  194. Eleanor A my email is sm_puma@yahoo.com

    I just copied & pasted your graphic – we already have a new post up – but will use and hap tip you when I use it!

  195. Read somewhere today that 5 million more women watched Sarah (19.5 million) last night than watched Hillary. Might have something to do with number of networks that carried Hillary but that is amazing.

  196. I came home to another great post by SM!!!! Thanks SM. It’s so funny to see all those names from 1972. That was the first year I could vote. And this year will be a repeat of that result. BO will win IL.

  197. I couldn’t watch it either although I started to try. I am sorry, but the republicans are weird. When they were singing America the Beautiful..many were up waving their hands like it was a gospel revival hour. I was waiting for them to fall out being slain in the spirit.

    I would have gone with MccCain if he did have Olympia Snowe as VP, but not with Palin. Her world view is just a bit too radical to the right. fringe. Since she belongs to Assembly of God church, I would need to see her world view regarding Dispensationalism. She may believe it is her job to bring about Armageddon .

  198. How refreshing to find you all expressing, precisely what I have been feeling!

  199. O.K., I’ll be glad to blame you and the other justsaynodeal activists when McCain wins. I’ll be glad to blame you when he continues this war for years in a quest for the victory which Sarah Palin says we have in sight. Sure, it’s right around the corner…..And I’ll blame you when they start drafting our young people on this quest since our armed services are being burned out with multiple deployments. And I’ll blame you if one of my children dies fighting in this war because McCain won’t quit until he’s won and this war is not winnable by nondiplomatic means. I’ll blame you and I hope you’ll feel really proud of yourselves.

  200. Someone at work told me today that they were going to get a Ken doll suit and put it on e-bay (empty of course) and call it an “Obama Action figure”

    McCain/Palin 2008

  201. Hello, Everyone!

    I love visiting with all of you nightly. Thank you all for your inspiration, your loyalty, your humor, and your commitment! The anger is also energizing!

    Yes, as someone said, Obama is all about “Obama.” Someone should redo the song “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” to say “I Am Obama, Hear Me Bore,” because he is boring me. I am tired of hearing his name said 100 times during each news slot. I am tired of seeing him pop up on every cite on my computer. I am tired of hearing his “soaring (empty) rhetoric.” He must think “How can I say this as memorably as JFK so I will make the history books for children to read about….ME???”

    The man is as phony as his Greek (or Roman?) columns in his acceptance speech. Even the pundits had a difficult time containing their sniggers! Did the narcissist think he was Nero or Caligula? Did that image comfort me? Hell, no. However, it did communicate volumes about his psyche….not a pleasant read.

    In short, I am tired of having this man rammed down my throat by the media and the DNC. He wants to be a 7-course meal, but he is living on the wrong continent. Americans don’t usually consume so many calories at one sitting!

    So, thank you for sharing my anger, my pain, and my disillusionment with the DNC. Thank you for making me laugh and sometimes cry. Thank you for the community which you have built and fostered….because “It takes a Village,” and I think we have built one. Don’t ever let it die. Let’s go on together, which ever path we choose, to defeat Obama, to refrom the DNC, and to reclaim the integrity and honor of the electorate….’WE, THE PEOPLE.”

  202. You are not just a little bit afraid of Palin being so close to the presidency? Please don’t fall prey to the Republican spin machine. Yes, she is a good public speaker. But think about what she stands for. She is pro-life and against gun control. She does not support a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape or incest. She thinks that climate change is not the fault of humankind.

    I don’t mind the fact that she has very little experience. I think the most important quality for an executive leader is good judgment. She has continuously shown that she lacks judgment, in the management of the Troopergate scandal, on the bridge/road to nowhere (which she then lied about), and in choosing not to support sex education in schools.

    It’s time to rise above resentments and bitterness and think of how to move forward for the good of the country. Write in Hillary if you choose (especially if you vote in, say, California or New York), but please don’t vote McCain-Palin.

  203. A vote for McCain/Palin will ensure a purging of the Pod Dems, and the rise of HRC in 2012.

  204. I thought the spineless wimps were all the willfully ignorant neo-cons. I was not aware we that the sore-loser democrats had teamed up. Where do I sign up? I mean, I’m a sore loser too.

    Let’s see, I phone banked for Obama and thought I would have been bummed if Hillary had won, I still would have voted for her because we cannot afford McCain.

    Me blame you for the problems that would be caused by another 4 years of Republican administration? No need. You will be able to see it for yourself and state boldly to your children, “you see that! I stood up for my beliefs! I lost and I still kept my head high and kicked them where it hurt so they could see how I felt!”

    LOL! What a bunch of pathetic cry-babies.

  205. I was going to sit this one out, I still have an “I miss Clinton” sticker on my car. Then McCaine chose Palin. She is scary, She says she’s a Hockey mom, well
    I’ve been a hockey dad for a dozen years now and I’ve seen a lot of her kind of Hockey mom, they’re the ones who cheer when their son slashes the opposing teams best player, and then curses the ref for calling the foul. The idea thea she would be a heartbeat away from the most powerful job on earth, scares me so much that I might even give money to Obama now. I probably won’t , but I will now bury my disappointment in the nomination process and actively try to get Obama elected. After all, He might nominate Hillary to the first opening on the Supreme Court, and that would do more good for the USA than if she were President.

  206. John, you forgot to add “What about the children!!, won’t somebody PLEASE think about the children?!??” /snark….

  207. I’m a Conservative Republican (non-Religious) who did not support Hillary. But I was shocked at Big Media, who once seemed to so delight in her—who then as a mob, turned on her like Brutus’ Romans and stabbed her with as many knives as they could get their hands on—in favor of some guy without a resume, with tawdry connections, bad choices, a hinky history, a pathetic legislative record—any of which would have killed the national ambitions of any other politician on the continent before it even got started.

    I still can’t believe the complete silence of the Media on all the questionable issues that swirl around Obie and Mrs. Obie to this day…

    They turned on Hillary like a pack of wild dingos. Not for issues or policies…but just because they had found their little Messiah, and were intent on ruining anyone who displayed the slightest threat to his inevitable coronation.

    It was sickening.

    And they are continuing the same scorched earth attacks on Sarah Palin. They’ve re-sharpened their knives for her. The difference for her is that she won’t be taken by surprise. She won’t have their support snatched from under her—just when she needs it most—because she’ll never have it.

    One good thing about being a Conservative: Big Media never romances you…so it can never break your heart.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine the bitter shock and surprised disappointment Hillary (and her supporters) must have felt when she was precipitously abandoned; suddenly and cruelly, by Big Media.

    At once, without warning, she went from darling to pariah.

    What the bastards didn’t count on is that by doing that, they made some of us notice that compared to Obie, Hillary looked pretty good.

    During the primaries, I actually had a horse in the Dem race. Many of us Republicans thought, “if we have to have a Democrat, please, let it be Hillary” rather than the empty suit Anointed One…formed in the corrupt Chicago machine, who is all about “ME”…and not about the country…or even, apparently, his own Party.

    Reading all your comments, and feeling a great surge of excitement about OUR new woman, Sarah Palin, and only having known her for a few days, and seeing in her the possible future of the GOP, and hoping that she might be the first woman president, and for the first time believing such a thing is actually possible…I can only imagine how it must feel to have supported Hillary all these years with that same feeling, and with some real belief that THIS IS OUR YEAR, only to have those hopes and dreams dashed by this interloper and imitation of a decent Liberal, and his caustic, unhappy wife—with the unbridled aid of an out-of-control media.

    But…what I don’t know is what HE did…

    You see, the Media is in the tank for him. They don’t report with any kind of depth, anything that makes Obie look bad, so we don’t really know what you guys know.

    Where can I read up on YOUR story?

    Sorry about the long post. I just think we have a lot more in common that might appear on the surface. Even if we don’t always back the same horse, at least we all believe the contest should be FAIR.

    And as a Conservative, I’m painfully aware that it generally isn’t. And I see that you’ve been hit in the head with that brick too.

    And honestly, as a woman, I’m pretty excited about electing our first female president…and would be totally thrilled to have a Palin/Clinton ’12.

    What a year THAT would be!

  208. Palin has my utmost respect. I think she is highly intelligent, full of common sense, and I feel she will keep her legislative actions geared toward making America fairer and stronger with a centrist slant. I do not agree with her on all the issues, but I am not afraid of differing viewpoints. I can hold my own and continue to have the energy to campaign for what I feel is right. I have been a life long Democrat, until May 31, 2008. Now I am an independent voter and I will gladly vote for McCain and Palin. I trust them to maintain a centrist platform, and not be swayed to either polar end of any scale, something that has been missing from politics for at least 8 years, and something that has diminished the American middle class nearly to ruin. Socialism is not America, and the SPP is not America. I feel Sarah Palin is eminently qualified to be our VP pick, with eye on the future of the Presidency.

  209. I find it impossible to believe that a “life long democrat” could consider Sarah Palin Centrist. She is to the right of George Bush, She was chosen specifically because she wasn’t centrist. You want a centrist Republican woman? try Christine Whitman, even Kay Hutchinson is more centrist than Sarah Palin. i was actually going to sit this out because I thought McCaine was at least semi reasonable. then he chose her. Now I’m backing Obama all the way.

  210. I find it impossible to believe that after 9-11, anyone would put Obama in any place of power, with his radical extremist attitude. As for his promises, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Yes, I swing democratic, but not this year. He has to many bad connections, the free world is in big trouble, if he wins.

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