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McCain Speech: Live blog

John McCain has been waiting eight long years for this moment.  Which was more torture?  The Hanoi Hilton or watching the Bushies destroy his party’s brand?  We shall see…

John McCain in Town Hall Mode

John McCain in Town Hall Mode

412 Responses

  1. Done reading “the white snake”….now watching the video.

  2. Wow, that’s a good question.

  3. OK, this cannot be a coincidence that he is wearing an orange tie AGAIN!

  4. OMFG the orange tie. Please tell me he doesn’t suck too badly?

  5. ORANGE!!!!!!!!

    dirty green background, though

  6. Are they chantign USA?

  7. I need to get some orange yarn and make a scarf. With little kittycat footprints in it. And PUMA on the edge.


  8. Oh btw who was that lady being dragged out yesterday as Sarah was speaking? No one mentioned her again…..

  9. Ugh. I think JMac wanted to choke out the “Thanks Bush” stuff right away and get it over with. He hates him

  10. Oh my, Mc better shape up his speech. Can we just vote Palin?

  11. Upstate:

    Yup! And these USA chants are disturbing, maybe the jingoistic gene got removed from my DNA.

  12. ew. i dont like his smirking smile. Palin was SO good….please John don’t destroy it all.

  13. I guess they don’t realize that there are a LOT of undecided voters out here that don’t speak Republican. I don’t get the chants either. Mister says it comes from the Olympic Chants. But, it’s still creepy.

  14. If I vote R (big IF here) I will be voting Palin, not Mc.

  15. there’s a guy with a banner that says “john mccain votes against vets” – seems to be in a balcony. they keep showing him on msnbc

  16. As a patriotic American, I find the childish USA chants deeply embarrassing.

  17. his mom is GOOD. she’s SO spry….at 96. Hillary at 64 will be great & not a day too old.

  18. I wish I could vote for just Cindy, not John or Sarah

  19. They need to change the background. I know it is grass but upclose it looks like Mc is emerging from alien goo.

  20. He honors Senator Obama [but he’s really a Him-bo like Paris Hilton…]

  21. oh my a plant.

  22. UpstateNY, on September 4th, 2008 at 10:22 pm Said:
    They need to change the background. I know it is grass but upclose it looks like Mc is emerging from alien goo.


  23. wth just happened?

  24. Another anti-war protester causing a ruckus. “Don’t be diverted by the brown noise and the static.”

    Brown noise? Brownshirts?

  25. holy F. He BLEW it :-(((((

    He should’ve addressed her, said ‘let’s be polite with her, listen to what she has to say’

  26. this USA stuff is annoying

  27. Call in on Conflucians Say – 347-539-5420

  28. They really need to stop the USA chanting–it’s rude, because it keeps interrupting him.

  29. no, fif, ground noise and static. Pilot terms.

  30. First Roll Call Votes, now a protester? Really? Which convention is this, anyway?

  31. Can we just bypass the guysin this race and vote for Hillary/Palin?

  32. I think he said “don’t be diverted by the ground noise & static” — don’t know what that means.
    But I disagree with Chevalier about listening to her — this isn’t a town hall, this is an acceptance of the nomination.

  33. oh no. McCain doesnt have much presence of mind after all…………………..

  34. No, Chevalier he shouldn’t have. Not in that setting. Political suicude. The woman didn’t want to talk, she wanted to scream. Press would have a field day. Thats reality of politics.

  35. fif — they are chanting USA to “drown out” the protestors.

  36. angie, they were chanting USA when he first came in the stage…..ME NOT LIKE.

  37. agree angie – not that he shouldve taken questions, but he shouldve put her down more politely, not as crudely as ‘static and ground noise’. that came off as obnoxious.

    to me, at least. i cud be wrong.

  38. wow, Sarah is the new “One” – that could work out for them because it takes a couple of months for “The One” stuff to get really old

  39. nooooo, not the maverick…..

  40. Could McCain be a worst public speaker than Lieberman?

    I think it’s a close call.

  41. Guys, you may not like, but over half the country loves it.

  42. Defines Maverick:

    I don’t work for a Party
    I don’t work for a special interest
    I don’t work for myself

    That was well-delivered.

  43. Now he is doing better.

  44. Ooo….JMac says will know the names of the earmarkers

  45. …sigh….I kina like John & Sarah. I wish I agreed with them on anything.

  46. kiki:

    Sarah is secure. The GE is in less than 9 weeks. She can hide as well as Obama can, although the DC media establishment will chase her “tho the gates of hell”.

  47. Yes WMBC, and many love O too.

  48. I don’t actually want every political speech to be a Full-Blown-Show.

  49. Chevalier — I don’t know how to take the “ground noise and static” thing either to tell the truth — it came off light hearted & if it is a pilot term like WMCB says (and I have no reason to doubt her) it probably is a light hearted way as saying “nevermind the interruptions (i.e. no need to chant), lets just go on”

  50. “She can hide as well as Obama can”


  51. MABlue, the media really has to watch it – they’re looking like bullies and that will backfire.

    somehow it didn’t backfire when they did it to Hillary

  52. I agree KB. I think we’ve had more than enough “spectacle” from O to last us a lifetime.

  53. Cindy said she’s “pro-life” in a recent interview, but unlike Sarah, she believes in the exception for rape & incest. As usual they didn’t ask about health or life of the mother. As if any of them would watch while their daughter or wife went through hell and/or died. I wish they’d all stop lying.

  54. kiki — I know what you mean — I really like them as people too (and it doesn’t help that I loath, loath, loath Obama & Biden)

  55. Mc started weak but he is doing better.

  56. damn, he sounds like Hill talking about all these people…..these are probably actually her people

  57. Their lives should matter to the people we elect to office…

    and they matter to me. [He said this right into the camera, and it sounded sincere.]

  58. kiki: I noticed that too–he used Hill’s tactic of telling stories of people on the trail.

  59. I am starting to enjoy his low keyness. uh, oh, he said the O word.

  60. This is good – he says we (the politicians) have lost their trust.

  61. fif — that is the thing with McCain — he often sounds very sincere to me — I don’t know if I’m being fooled or not — but to me, Obama never sounds sincere.

  62. McCain and Obama are giving large parts of Hillary’s speech without any fuckin’ attribution.

  63. he’s doing really well with these anecdotes….very Clinton-esque.

    AAAH. ‘Oil companies’……’we lost their trust’ .

    i see how he’s so popular. he’s speaking TO the republicans, in front of thousands of republicans, and calling them out on their B.S.

    I could grow to LIKE this guy.

  64. “god given potential.

    Another HRC line.

  65. MABlue — that is because Hillary was the best man for the job & they both know it.

  66. fif, this will sound awful but my first thought was maybe Hill sold him (or lent him) the rights to her peeps

  67. He came as close as he could, politically, to saying I am sorry for 8 years of that asshole and his cronies.

  68. kiki — lol — sold him her peeps

  69. angie: I don’t trust a thing Obama says–it sounds hollow. That’s why I don’t understand all the fuss about his speeches. Copycat platitudes.

  70. troll at 10:37, please.

  71. alaska — STFU — he said “ground noise” — go crawl back in your hole and don’t start the r@cist sh!t here. We are too smart for that and aren’t insulted when morons call us r@cists

  72. let_alaska_susseed

    OH PLEASE!!! Take the racist slurs elsewhere. It’s a PILOT term.

  73. what WMCB said.

  74. fif — I agree 100% — when I see his poll #s I always think “who the h3ll are these idiots who are falling for him?”

  75. kiki: the orange theme is rather strange don’t you think? Is it a shout out to PUMAs?

  76. “A bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor”

    Yeah what if you don’t even HAVE A DOCTOR?

  77. hey Upstate, how’s the house? are you all settled in?

  78. good – he’s focusing VERY strongly on the economy.


  79. “#
    MABlue, on September 4th, 2008 at 10:31 pm Said:


    Sarah is secure. The GE is in less than 9 weeks. She can hide as well as Obama can, although the DC media establishment will chase her “tho the gates of hell”.”

    The Sarah-cuda will not be running and hiding from anyone…I think she is looking forward to doing her job on the ticket as the primary attack dog. Obama is going to be in a world of hurt beginning next week.

  80. angie; all God’s sheeple

  81. fif — lol — you hit the nail on the head.

  82. “A bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor” is such a terrible thing, McCain? You mean like when the president, congress, and supreme court decide what a woman can and cannot do with her own body?

  83. what’s orange?

  84. kiki, we are working at it. We have finally moved in, but it still looks a little bit like the Adam’s family mansion…

  85. that teleprompter has failed twice. what, the republicans dont have good IT staff?

  86. SHV:

    You’re absolutely right. She seems to have lotta fun mocking him. I think Obama did a huge mistake by comparing her tenure as mayor to his campaign and to question her experience. That discussion is going to follow him to election day.

  87. I just looked upthread and saw that it’s his tie. on my tv it looks gold.

  88. oooo, upstate, I love haunted mansions! what fun

  89. Now focusing on education…job training. People want this kind of detail. Smart.

    You know, it’s strange, but after all the phony “eloquence,” it’s kind of refreshing that he is not a natural speaker. He’s just talking, and making mistakes, but it’s human. Who cares about all that “preachifying.”

    BTW: I don’t think I could wear one of those big blue elephants on my head.

  90. Yup, my computer screen displays it gold too (small pattern)….maybe his tanga?

  91. He’s wrong about the nuclear energy thing and BO. BO DOES want more nuclear energy–he has all those ties to Exelon, his major contributor.

    The tie looks goldish/orange.

  92. it looks gold on tv, with like a cross hatch pattern

  93. Tanga? LOL!

  94. watching both conventions makes me think there are differences between the groups of people who support each party – not so much between the politicians though.

  95. I live near a nuclear power plant…no more, please.

  96. fif: I come from a nuclear family. I am not willing to rule it out. It’s got to be supersafe with rigorous standards but I could be convinced. I never say never.

  97. well, he’s doing better than I thought he would… but, ug – still oh-so-very-republican.

  98. yup, and it looks like a double-windsor.

    forgive my ignorance, is that supposed to mean something?

  99. He just said “my friends” by I notice he is not saying it as much. It was becoming too repetitive.

  100. I don’t ruleout much of anything, even drilling. It’s all in who is doing it, and HOW it is done.

  101. “I hate war.” That is REALLY SMART!

    He is saying that his experience and understanding will PREVENT war. THAT is something I am VERY HAPPY to hear him say.

  102. I like that he said ‘i hate war’.


  103. if I was married to gorgeous multi-millionaire Cindy McCain I’d kick back and have some fun. the fact that he wants a harder job makes me wonder about him.

  104. “it is believed to be an infrasound frequency that debilitates a person by making them defecate involuntarily.”

    Holy cr*p!!!

  105. fif — But you are forgetting — for all of BO’s ties to Excelon, he hasn’t ever admitted that he wants more nuclear power in public (at least to my knowledge)

  106. My mom teared up at the “I hate war” spiel.

  107. You know what? When he says he knows how terrible war is, and does not want it – I believe him. That came from somewhere very deep inside.

    I still think his stance is too hawkish, but I do not believe he is slavering to go to war.

  108. I like that he and Palin are really pushing the “public servant” aspect…

  109. He said ‘ground noise.’

  110. “I never say never.”

    you maverick, you.

    uh, oh, he used the O word.

  111. I thought I read just recently that he made a public statement about using nuclear, finally admitting it.

  112. Oh no!

    McCain is taking change and bipartisanship away from BO. What is left to the poor guy? Community organizer? Oh Palin took care of that one.

  113. Would somebody kindly explain to me how putting a woman on the ticket is “an obvious pander” to women but putting men and only men on the ticket for 200+ years isn’t a pander to men?

  114. MABlue, you are baaaaad. heh.

  115. Nick –gimme a break — the “brown note” is from a South Park episode — FOX news is punking you, or they are being punked.

  116. He’s making a good pitch for bipartisanship. “Let’s share the credit.”

    I will put Dems & Republicans in my administration. Promises transparency. [They all promise that…]

  117. Girl with the green eyeshadow needs a stylist stat.

  118. WMCB: re: slavering to go to war. That’s a HUGE departure from the Bushies, who all helped themselves to deferments and plum assignments to stay out of Vietnam.

  119. ugsome, you ask too many questions….look over there.

  120. John McCain has never been hailed as a great orator, can you guess? I think he’s better on the stump, at the town hall meetings venue, from what little I saw of him since he got the nomination. Is that a negative to us because he doesn’t have the “great gift of oratory” as Obama does?
    I think his tie tonight is gold, not orange.

  121. Someone in the room wrote that the teleprompter is screwing up again.

  122. I think this quiet, speaking to the people thing is actually reaching people–am I wrong?

    “I was blessed by misfortune.”

  123. This speech is about as electrifying as any one of those from the Dem convention. not

  124. McCain has a HISTORY of working across the aisle, not just words

  125. Didn’t Hillary wear Orange last week? On TV it looks yellow – but my girlfriend tells me I have problem with my colors

  126. fif — you are not wrong. I agree.

  127. It looks like the McCain/Palin ticket is going to follow the traditional P/VP roles.

    Palin gave an effective speech to the Republican faithful. McCain is making the pitch to independents and Democrats, and after a slow start, doing quite a good job of it.

    Here comes the POW part… Let’s see how he handles it.

  128. ok, I’m going to admit something here – every time the camera shows someone who looks halfway cool – and I don’t mean good-looking as defined by society necessarily, just cool – my first thought is “what is she (or he) doing at the republican convention?

    is that biased? I feel like it’s based on content of character, sort of

  129. Talking about his arrogance and selfishness as a young man. “I did it for myself, for my own pleasure.”

    When he got shot down, “I didn’t feel so tough anymore.”

    “I couldn’t even feed myself…” I was beginning to learn the limits of my selfish independence.

    This part is really personal and very real. He’s on a roll now.

  130. The tie looks gold on my tv too.

  131. How many out here would pick up on the orange as a shout out to PUMAs? To be honest, I didn’t know orange was the quasi-official PUMA color until it was mentioned in the comments here.

  132. “A new standard for transparency and accountability.” Good. I like what he’s saying and the way he’s saying in some ways. Dare I hope he’d actually make a decent president. Not nearly as good as Hillary would have been. But far better than Obama.

  133. well if the telepompter screws up…

  134. John McCain:

    “I want schools to answer to parents and students.”


    McCain is hitting all the issues and doing much better than I expected. he is connecting directly to America without the BS rhetoric that Obama tries to shove down our throats.

    McCain is taking the high road. Speakig about reform and bipartisanship. And working for us, the American people.

    Americans WANT this from a President.

    I love the speech.

    It. Is. Brilliant.

    Country First defines John McCain.

    Me First = Barack Obama

    John and Sarah ’08

  135. The thing about McCain is that I do believe him. I do believe he genuinely wants to do good for the country. Bush didn’t – he didn’t give a fuck.

    Too bad some of his ideas are crap, because I think he will give it his best shot.

  136. Simo – it was orange and it was on purpose. There were 4 suits – one was red – (nono) one powder blue one aqua – both faded into the background – and the orange popped – so she wore that.

    She had other colors that would have popped.

  137. Upstate: Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

  138. I am with you 100% ugsome…

  139. I think the White male vote is gone for BO. They’ll compete on the women’s vote.

  140. “I wasn’t my own man anymore–I was my country’s.”

    I read his bio, and he just told that story/theme beautifully. That will touch people.

  141. Uh oh!


  142. Oh snap!

  143. So his orange tie is saying ‘”Hillary voters — vote for me”

  144. God Bless John McCain.

    McCain is authentic. Obama is not.


    “I wasn’t my own man anymore. I was my country’s.”

    “I will fight for her as long as I draw breath so help me God.”


    Crowd is chanting USA-USA-USA!

  145. Hmmm…I like him. He is sincere. I really like that he is low key about it, not coming across as the “celebrity.” And as he is telling his POW story it is difficult not to be inspired.

    And this last statement about fighting for his country as long as he draws breath so help me goo actually took my breath away. It was as sincere a thing as I have ever seen any politician say.

  146. “My country saved me, and I will fight for her as long as I draw breath so help me God.”

    [After sticking it to BO for thinking he’s God’s gift to the US]

  147. Oh, he did WELL with the “I am not the country’s saviour, my country saved me.”

  148. Become a teacher –

  149. Yes, Ironman, he’s hitting on all the issues and giving a great speech if you are a die hard Republican.
    Otherwise, not so much.

  150. He’s not on an ego trip – like sOme peOple we knOw.

  151. Any man who was a prisoner of war (or any women – not just our country) I have the greatest respect for. The holocaust, the war, Rwanda, Darfur —- people who have struggled at the hands of others and survived — bring tears to my eyes and pain to my heart.

  152. “I think he’s better on the stump, at the town hall meetings venue, from what little I saw of him since he got the nomination. Is that a negative to us because he doesn’t have the “great gift of oratory” as Obama does?
    I think his tie tonight is gold, not orange.”

    I agree with this. I WISH WISH WISH that Obama had followed through on his original agrrement to join McCaoin on those co-townhalls that McCain invited him to.
    And I I think the tie is gold too. Thats probably as close as he could get to orange on a night like this. Only women look Presidential dressed in orange on a big speech night

  153. IMO — and I know I am biased here because I hate BO — but I don’t think Obama’s nom. speech holds a candle to this one.

  154. WMCB – I agree completely.

    I have talked to my dad a lot about drilling because he feels very strongly about drilling – he thinks it is unacceptable that we send so much money to foreign governments…I have heard both sides and I see both sides, but I don’t feel like I know enough about this particular issue to take a hardline stance, yet.

  155. Hello, Mr. President! This how they win elections.

  156. America, John McCain is The One. Obama is done

    “Fight with me. Fight for what’s right for our country!”

    John McCain is on a roll now!




    I am loving me some John McCain!!



    Great ending.

  158. Nothing is inevitable here. We nevr give up. We never hide from history – we make history.

    GREAT ending.

  159. My brother is a Vietnam vet and said something to me the other night that actually made sense. He will vote for McCain and is so upset that the label “war monger” is so often applied to him by the Dems. He said to me that a person who has gone to war and seen its horrors is much less likely to begin war recklessly and without much personal agonizing over the decision than one whose perspecrtive is that of an observer, whose knowledge of war is from history books and the stories of others.

  160. fight fight fight. Good god the man is mad as a hatter. Or just plain mad. I respect his personal narrative – but it makes him the subject for a film not a president.

  161. “Raising McCain,” baby!

  162. I heard a lot of emphasis on bipartisanship and reform. I did not hear a lot of right wing code words.

  163. That crack at Obama sounded a little off-key after the very touching and moving part about his POW experience, which was masterfully delivered.

    But this is a terrific speech overall. And that’s the thing about McCain. You do believe him.

    These “U-S-A!” chants are annoying–a little juvenile, a little simplistic, a fair bit divisive. And way too repetitive.

    The speech could have ended nicely after “cause greater than yourself.” He’s not as good at the exhortations that came afterwards as others.

    Very good job overall.

  164. mac – Sarah will NEVER be Hillary – read Gloria Steinem in today’s LA Times:

  165. SimoFish, I can relate to the color problem. I wear tights almost all the time, it’s just my thing, and as I age, I cannot tell navy blue from black. it’s embarrassing when I get to work in a black dress and shoes and someone tells me I’m wearing navy tights, or vice versa. or worse, a blue shoe and a black shoe.
    I’ve started going out in the back yard and holding tights up to the sun, and I still get it wrong, and don’t notice until I get under the flourescent lights at work.

    wow, McCain just said something really dramatic but my mind was on tights. did I miss something good?

  166. kiki – LOL

  167. That is a great ending.

    I always respond to a call for public service. I just wish he thought it included health care. He’s on medicare, isn’t he?

  168. Hello Mr. President and Mrs. Vice President!!

    John and Sarah ’08




  169. Look — most of his ideas are crap — BUT the man has served his country his entire adult life — 22 years Navy, the rest in the Senate — he wants to serve his country one last time now & he will do it to the best of his abilities and I think for the right reasons. That is how his speech made me feel at least.

  170. SHV,McCain sucked it up for party loyalty for 8 yrs, same as Hill is doing now with the noxious BO

    He did his best at the end there to say that the Bush years are over.

  171. So he blended in ‘fight’ and ‘work together’ nicely. i liked, but yesterday was a million times better.

    mccain needs palin to win.

    and I love that he does – he needs a woman to win!!

  172. Here comes the trolls. Never heard from you before Nick–but thanks for showing up to try and fool us. Obviously, you do not know how smart PUMAs are. We can smell a troll a mile away.

    Now you’re going to start the Mac “is crazy” meme? You know who started that back in 2000. “W”–I hope you are proud of yourself. YOU have become Bush. Good for you. Now go.

  173. Where are the balloons?

  174. OK — I thought this speech was better than Obama’s —

    It should be Hillary vs McCain.

    Obama STOLE the nomination.

  175. WMCB – You’re right – he can’t say it directly.

  176. From here, it’s a gold tie.
    What I noticed, I mostly have the sound off, is that he has a particular sort of disarming smile at certain points, often when saying something deadly serious about his time in Vietnam for instance. It’s interesting, seems to keep it from being overwrought, gives the impression he is able to laugh at himself. Just an observation, partly from hearing some Dems give speeches where they seem unable to laugh at themselves.. The Clintons definitely can 🙂

    The audience seems to like it.

  177. What the hell happened there? All of a sudden, he came to life.

  178. What is the music they’re playing now, right after “Raising McCain”? It sounds vaguely symphonic, like part of a grand scene in a movie score.

  179. katiebird, I ‘m right there with you. Good man, good biography, lousy ideas.

  180. Oh damn.

    John and Cindy didn’t do a fist bump. I was so looking forward to that photo op.


  181. Simo – He should be in prison for that.

  182. I don’t need a good “speaker.” Like Hillary, I think McCain is a doer. That’s why they get along. They are more interested in actually producing results, and their records attest to that, whether you agree with the record or not. Obama–WHAT has he done BESIDES talk?

  183. They’re playing “Baracuda” by “Heart” for Sarah at the convention now – cool!

  184. Carol LOL!

  185. I like his mom. Strong.

  186. Playing “Sarrah-cuda” again.

  187. They’re playing “Barracuda.” That’s pretty sharp.

  188. Barracuda at the Republican convention??? 🙂

  189. Love John!

    John and Sarah ’08!

  190. still4hill — I am so pissed at Gloria — I admire her years of work and I had a long discussion with a friend of mine today. I wish Gloria would have followed Geraldine and Lady Lynn Rothchild’s lead. Instead she got right behind Obama.

    I blame Obama for the race baiting, for his church mocking Hillary — I WILL NEVER forgive HIM or the DNC. That’s the straw for me.

  191. They’re playing Barracuda. Usually Democrats do rock, Republicans do country and western.

  192. And, unlike us Dems, didn’t worry whether or not balloons were eco-friendly. I taught environmental conservation, and never knew to worry about balloons…

  193. kiki, navy goes well with black, as long as you have the right shade of navy!

  194. Orange, it’s BARRACUDA by Heart.

  195. Hillary vs. McCain would have been so great.

  196. JohninCA – Excuse my spelling – it’s late, I’ve had a long day, and am on auto-pilot.

  197. Orange tie yesterday, yellow, PUMA colored tie today! That’s how you ask for votes!

  198. Did McCain overplayed POW more that Obama overplayed “Community organizer”?

    Just askin’ Keith?

  199. “My friends” the speech was OK, not great. I am going to bed….Buenas noches.

  200. I have to say: I don’t speak Republican. They think very differently than me.

    But, I’m flirting with the idea of voting on Trust and some form of like (not the form that means I want a beer with someone)

    I’ve been so let down on Issues voting. I’ve done it my entire life. And we still don’t have Health Care for Everyone. Or anything else I’ve ever cared about.

    (I’m undecided and having never voted for a Republican, I’m very unlikely to do it. I’m just thinking)

  201. What a contrast, McCain wades into the crowd while Barack disappeared behind the styrofoam pillars.

  202. I am not ok with Palin. I am less not ok with McCain. But he has caved in to the Talibangelicals.

    Deal breaker for me.

  203. Pat, wow — that’s really sweet.

  204. One of the highlights came during the latter portion of McCain’s speech. Talking about his imprisonment in Hanoi and how it transformed his personal outlook. How he thought himself a bigshot and eventually realized he, too, could be broken. And it was then that he realized that he wasn’t his own man. He was his country’s man. Wow.

  205. Whoever posted that Heart’s “Barracuda” would be perfect for the convention. I’m sure I was among many who e-mailed McCain to play it tonight and they did. PUMAs rock!!!!!

  206. I think we just saw the winning ticket.

    Nice going DNC. Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  207. omg, between them, these candidates have 12 kids

  208. No Blood for Hubris,

    My deal-breaker happened months ago.

  209. I would hope neither the dems or the repubs win. but I guess one of them will

  210. Love watching Andrea Mitchell in “Attack Of the Killer Baloons.”

  211. What kiki said.

  212. Simo – Well – I guess some people really did what Hillary said to do. I can’t. I only want Hillary. And there is nothing Obama does that will ever shake me.

  213. katiebird: I know I am not one of them and I have the luxury of waiting until November. I will have to force myself but, so be it. Message needs to be sent.

  214. When was the last time Republicans were so happy? Maybe in 200.

    I think their largest stumbling block in this election was Hillary Clinton and the DNC took care of that for them.

  215. I think he has a better chance of working with Hillary in the congress than Obama does. Hill and he spent some time together throwing back shots in the day. Obama only shot her from a distance.

  216. I think John did what he needed to do tonight, though he is no great speaker.

    This is the messgae he gave:

    I love this country with all my heart. Never doubt that – I don’t. I will do my best. The last 8 yrs sucked, and I don’t like him any more than you do. I’ll do better. I will listen to others. I’m here to serve, not hand out favors to rich friends. You deserve more from your public servants. Women rock, and I am comfortable with that. I will defend this country like a papabear. I am not in any hurry to start any wars. I’m old. I’m not fresh. But I’m reliable.

    There is something sort of nice about that. Hillary would have revolutionized this country. But I think I can be okay with Gramps as caretaker for 4 yrs.

  217. kiki – I don’t know – in 1968 Jesse Jackson started a write-in campaign in August. I wonder what would have happened if he had had the internet.

  218. Btw, those protesters? Classy. (snark)

  219. McCain is a fighter. Sarah is a fighter.

    They will fight for America!

    Obama and his thugs fight for themselves.

    The REAL reform ticket that will fight for us is McCain- Palin!

    “Education is the Civil Rights issue of this century.”

    YES! YES! YES!

    McCain is prepared to lead and protect America. Obama is not.

    The Republican National Convention was more like a Convention for America!

    John McCain is his own man. he has a record of change and reform.

    McCain spoke about the kitchen table issues in America. He gets it! Loved McCain’s straight talk and no BS.

    What energy tonight! WOW!

    John and Sarah ’08!

  220. If George had not stolen the election from McCain and Gore, we would never have been in these wars.

    I feel sick.

  221. katiebird, for me, it’s not just issues, it’s the whole philosophy of governance. The Conservatives are just wrong but, it’s true, Democrats not named Clinton haven’t delievered much lately.

  222. Obama is sending Hillary out & other dem surrogates to be the Attack dog to Gov. Palin..

    Obama to Dispatch Female Surrogates

    “ST. PAUL — Senator Barack Obama will increasingly lean on prominent Democratic women to undercut Gov. Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain, dispatching Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to Florida on Monday and creating a rapid-response team to deploy female surrogates to battleground states, Obama advisers said on Thursday.

    Mrs. Clinton’s campaign event in Florida, her first for Mr. Obama since the Democratic convention last month, will include a forceful response to the searing attacks and fresh burst of energy that Ms. Palin injected into the race with her convention speech on Wednesday night, Obama aides said.

    With the McCain-Palin team courting undecided female voters, including some who backed Mrs. Clinton in the Democratic primaries, Obama aides say they are counting on not only Mrs. Clinton but also Democratic female governors to criticize their Alaskan counterpart, Ms. Palin — and, by extension, Mr. McCain — including Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas.”

    much more to the article

  223. Don’t be mad at me, but isn’t Palin’s husband sweet? I bet his votes will cancel out much of Michelle votes.

  224. I wonder why all my friends/colleagues formerly for Hillary are so terrified of McCain. To me Obama is the scary one. They don’t seeit.

    Then again, they never lived in a banana republic.

  225. 1st Dude is cute. Kids are cute especially Piper and Trig.

  226. I like McCain’s message of “serve your neighbor” but how come that brings the house down..yet Giuliani and Palin mocked Obama last night for doing the very same thing?

    By the way I posted this comment before and it was deleted.

  227. I might start to like her more than HC, she has the ability to be tough and sweet all at the same time.

    No one will EVER take Hillary’s place. Not in my heart.

  228. Obama aides say they are counting on not only Mrs. Clinton but also Democratic female governors to criticize their Alaskan counterpart, Ms. Palin — and, by extension, Mr. McCain — including Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas.

    Please Hillary, don’t go there, please, please, please.

  229. John McCain may not be the most gifted speaker in this kind of setting, but I am not voting for a President to give a speech, I’m voting for a President to give us some straight talk that I can trust!

    John and Sarah ’08

  230. Nite Nite.

  231. Katieb? Is that a toe in the water?

    I can’t put a “John and Sarah” sticker on my car, but I will be voting for them. I was waivering, but no more. The thing is, the president that raises the middle class and tries to get back our great society will not only be beloved, but will be forever known as a GREAT president.

    For all the suffering going on now, the flip side is that it can be turned around. Who wouldn’t want to preside over the HEALING of our country?? John and Sarah ain’t stupid. They know what healing looks like.

    It’s bizarre that our ticket was so bad that to define themselves through opposition, the Republicans are talking liberal and feminist–at least some of the time.


  232. re:mac – If HRC is in McCain’s administration doesn’t that void her 2012 chances? I don’t like that idea.

  233. I love Piper. Piper Palin. She’s irresistible.

  234. Our PUMA mission tomorrow, email Hillary not to do it.

  235. I feel like my choice is writing in Cynthia McKinney or voting for Ralph Nader. they won’t win, but I don’t live in a swing state anyway. I won’t affect the outcome.

    but this is the year voters in FL and MI found out their votes don’t mean much either.

    ain’t democracy great?

  236. If Hillary goes there—

  237. Still: Absolutely not. It will give her a high profile and more legitimate high-level experience. Hillary 2012!

  238. Mr apologies, didn’t mean to correct any spelling, Liberty Belle; I just hadn’t seen you mention the song.

    For a second I thought they were going to play La Bamba

  239. The Dems should hang their heads in shame for what they did.

  240. Carol: I’m email now! It’s never to early to take action.

  241. No, still4hill, she could run.

    I would LOVE to have her chair a bi-partisan healthcare committee. It would not give us HER plan, of course, but maybe she could help tweak McCain’s. I may just lobby Gramps HARD to do that.

  242. I once admired John McCain a lot, starting with his run in the 2000 primaries. Whether it was calling out Falwell and Robertson, apologizing for pandering on the Confederate flag, pushing through McCain-Feingold, voting against the Bush tax cuts, or standing up for the Dixie Chicks, he was one of the few Republicans I could like. Don’t forget how a lot of Democrats wanted him to be Kerry’s running mate.

    Obviously a lot has changed since 2004. I guess he realized he had to make peace with the Republican rank-and-file if he ever wanted to win the nomination. But what would President McCain be like? The GOP base is enthusiastic now, partly because of Palin. But I hope–given his talk of choosing Lieberman or Ridge, and the speech he gave tonight–that President McCain would be the one we saw from 2000-2004.

  243. ok, i think “mackaye” above is something weird.

  244. lol, ok, I’ll vote for a Cindy McCain/Piper Palin ticket, but not their relatives 🙂

  245. I gonna (finally) email Hillary and explain why I WAS in it for her. I have to come clean. There isn’t anybody like her. She needs to understand that. I know Bill doesn’t “do” webby stuff, but maybe he can explain things to her. She’s so altruistic, she doesn’t see that SHE’s a symbol (not Obama) as well as a doer.

  246. Obama aides say they are counting on not only Mrs. Clinton but also Democratic female governors to criticize their Alaskan counterpart, Ms. Palin — and, by extension, Mr. McCain — including Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas.

    That is so typical of Axelrod. Send out others to do Obama’s dirty work. I detest him. Don’t worry. Hillary will know how to do it honorably. She will do it exactly the way she gave her Convention speech. She will focus on democratic principles and “the wrong direction” theme. She will NOT go after Palin’s character etc.

  247. causing trouble, joanie?

  248. Good night all.
    Pat Johnson, take two aspirin-or analgesic of choice(snort)-and keep your foot elevated until bedtime. Good luck!

  249. It’s pretty embarrassing watching Republicans in cowboy hats trying to dance to I Am Everyday People. Still, I’ll take that over Pelosi’s Love Train.

  250. Wolfson is saying McCain did not do a bit of reaching out to independents. I don’t agree with that at all. He emphasized bipartisanship. He said the government broke our trust. He emphasized peace. I heard those differences. He couldn’t alienate the base sitting in the seats right in front of him. Wolfson is supposed to be an analyst, but he is still shilling for the Dems. That’s fine, but he is not being honest about the speech.

  251. Hubby bought a new toy a couple weeks ago. I watched the speech on his spanking new 52″ high-def screen, and that tie was O-R-A-N-G-E.

    Weird pattern though.

  252. fif @ 11:28 – That’s so depressing…..He’s always shoving work off on her – and then he takes a day off.

  253. IronMan: You wouldn’t be a Republican by any chance would you?
    Just askin

  254. GQ!!!

    NOt too much time for trouble this week-my brain hurts with all the new info. Easing into long hours.

    Nice to see you 🙂

  255. Nick, surely you gest. You haven’t really wandered into a PUMA den and do not know it.

  256. mac? BO is the worst thing that could happen to the USA!

  257. luv sarah, on September 4th, 2008 at 11:29 pm Said:
    the dems have been in control of congress…they have had plenty of opportunity to make “changes.” but what have they done? isn’t it possible THEY are the reason for our current bad economic situation.

    No. The Democrats have controlled Congress for less than two years. Republicans were in charge of Congress for six years of Bush’s illegitimate Presidency.

  258. One of Hillary’s brothers made a trip to visit and consult with John McCain as of last week. He took a lot of flack for it.

  259. Thank you, riverdaughter.

  260. Pat – Right – Tony, in Scranton.

  261. SOD: You are coming through loud and clear!

  262. I don’t know, folks. The AZ state flag has a big copper star in the center and McCain’s tie is probably referencing that.

  263. “It’s pretty embarrassing watching Republicans in cowboy hats trying to dance…’

    What’s up with that? IT’s true. Always cringeworthy, though it’s not the cowboy hat part…. (LOVE my cowboy hat)

  264. McCain shrewdly took Republicans to task for their own corruption and blunders. Triangulation.

  265. SOD -I know – I feel it running down the nerves in my arms like I wanna PUNCH somebody!

    Give us Hillary back! Withdraw that loser before he LOSES!

  266. Started the new job, eh, joanie?

  267. Has anyone seen or heard from Harold Ickes since the end of the campaign.

  268. All JMC has to do is echo Hillary’s pantsuit color in order to make a statement. He doesn’t necessarily have to know about PUMA orange per se.

  269. 48, he’s still sticking it out with Hillary.

  270. MABlue – CRAP! I shouldn’t have wished for her to come out and play. I take it back.

  271. just got here — was on radio chat — jeff toobin cnn is trashing mc

  272. I am taking my toe off to bed along with a handful of Excedrin PM.

  273. hillary, gosh i wish she could take a two month vacation, starting NOW

  274. SOD: How did he appear? Friendly, snotty, indifferent? He is ewwwwwww!

  275. Sadly, the wee boys needs mommy Hillary to clean up after them. She’s not going to do it though. She’s going to go after their policies. She’s going to say they are wrong on the issues. She’s not going to brush them off her shoulders or give them the subtle finger. She’s going to be amazing, wonkish, and Presidential. She will make everyone ache for her.

  276. Article from MB:

    “creating a rapid-response team to deploy female surrogates to battleground states”

    I’m gonna be sick! What a wimp!

  277. luv sarah: Are you kidding? Get real.

  278. luv sarah: So true! The Bush administration took a surplus and turned it into pus! The shame of those Clintons! Poor Bush, not his fault.

    You have got to be kidding. Your facts are as empty as your head.

  279. RD, I feel the same way about nuclear. I know how those plants work, right down to the crunchy, nasty mathematics. (The doctoral stuff, not the shit they give in your intro classes.) They are excellent and very green when they work well. I fear that the govt will never be able to build them as safely as they need to be, but I also know that an awful lot of hippie types haven’t the slightest idea how they work and regard anyone who actually does as instantly suspect. I’ve heard left wingers say that they set off nuclear bombs in the plant to power the thing! Try telling them otherwise!

    They have NO IDEA how the things work. And a lot of people on the other side don’t, either.

    I’m just not sure about nuclear. Well-run and safely operated, the plants can be PERFECTION for the environment and meet almost all of our power needs, far more cleanly than any fossil fuel. I’ve lived near one for decades now, the San Onofre plant, right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. California’s nuclear reliance is a major reason why the plug-in hybrids that the green crowd loves so much are an environmentally desirable option here. Not a peep out of the thing — it works fine. I’m glad it’s there.

    I’m really sick of people who haven’t a clue how stuff works making political decisions on it. I feel the same way about jackasses who haven’t an idea what the word “assault rifle” even means or who are scared to learn about guns from anyplace other than Handgun Control Inc. for fear the ooky gun knowledge will take over their brains and make them blow away innocents at a shopping mall.

    *sigh* I guess I’m just sick of ignorance.

  280. Not the most inspiring speech I ever heard. However, parts of it did work for me. The beginning and the end held my attention but when McCain starts talking about jobs he is out of his element. However, I do think he would be a much more interesting president than Obama. I think he would always make the right decisions and not always the political decisions. I’m happy he is just glad it is over. We can’t elect a president on his or her ability to give a speech. Frankly, though, I think he told us what he is about and where he would take America. Unfortunately, I think some people may have gone for a bowl of cereal a few times.

  281. Gee, luv sarah, no I haven’t . You mean the Clinton budget surplus that Bush squandered in an immoral war of his choosing to show up his Daddy?

  282. I’m convinced the Republicans will win the presidency.

    The DNC has committed the greatest act of campaign malpractice since Watergate. There are countries where you can get shot for doing a lot less.

  283. SOD: Funny!

  284. Reg – I am aching for her right now.

  285. Great. Invasion of the Obamagirls. *yawn*

  286. I’ll take the U-S-A chant over the O-BA-MA chant any time. I find it so revealing that McCain supporters chant for the US, while the Obamabots chant Obama’s name. A telling point I think.

    fif, I absolutely agree with you. Piper Palin is adorable!

  287. Still4Hill: Join the processional my friend. She’s leading it.

  288. Guess luv sarah and IronMan believed those Obamaites that said we PUMAs were Republicans.

  289. SOD: Or maybe his daughter.

  290. Strategy of not, it’s refreshing to hear John McCain say that he is flawed, and that his Republican Party is flawed. He made a good case that he has moved beyond self-aggrandizement toward finding true “generativity” in public service. He sounds sincere to me and that goes a long way. Sarah is all bulldog and lipstick. I think she will get the job of sticking it to the Dems without a lot of mercy or “generativity.” Overall, I feel somewhat more comfortable with what will probably be my vote for McCain in November.

  291. Hey, RD, a little OT, but where is your family from in central PA? My late dad was from Jersey Shore, my mom from Lock Haven. I’m from eastern PA now. How do you think the PA voters are going to see this MCCain/Palin ticket? At my workplace today, the talk was all Sarah, all positive.

  292. I think that is the point of the USA chants!

  293. god, are the obots now pretending to be republican trolls? how original….

  294. SweetSue – have you considered the possibility that the current administration is dealing with the problems that the previous 8 year administration set forth? meaning that the policies set forth in the Clinton years took effect during the Bush years, and that’s what has caused our problems. basically, Bush inherited the problems the Clinton administration started?

    OMG!! Luv Sarah–you just jumped the shark. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING?!! Have you been living under a rock?????? Moderator, I think it is officially time for Luv Sarah to go with that ridiculous comment. I don’t even know where to begin to counter that it is so utterly preposterous. The Bush years are CLINTON’S FAULT?!! I think I’m having a seizure.

  295. http://carpetride.wordpress.com/

    my reply to Gloria Steinem…

  296. Resident scientists, how do you dispose of what our Republican friends sometimes call nukular waste?

  297. We have to keep in mind that John McCain is 70 yrs old and has thirsted after the presidency for many years. He wants this bad! Not much time left to make this dream come true.

  298. Greta is wearing and orange jacket. Just sayin’

  299. He’s not slavering to go to war. He wants out — anyone with two brains cells wants out. He wants out in a face-saving way. That’s why they keep pushing the word “victory.”

    They’re going to “do something,” note a change, declare “victory,” and GET THE HELL OUT.

    I don’t care if they want a face-saving way to do it. If it gets the troops home, they can carpet Iraq with chocolate kisses, declare “victory,” and get out.

  300. What is with all this Orange?

  301. SOD -“nose in the air”

    Always – doesn’t he know by now that people notice that?
    Answering my own question: He does . he doesn’t give a sh*t what we think.

  302. Why send Clinton out to counter Palin?
    I thought the sole purpose of these primaries was to purge the Clintons and thier supporters from the Democratic party.

    Didn’t the head Kook of the Dailykooks write that many times?

  303. fif, they are obots pretending to be republicans…you know make people think that this is a republican hangout. not very smart though….but then they never were too good in that dept…..I mean I doubt they’re making more than minimum wage. being an obot troll is about one step up from donating plasma for cash…

  304. The MSM is desperately digging for something on Sarah P, but overlooking the latest on the lawsuit against Obama/DNC.

    From yesterday (9/3):

    Philip Berg, the well-known Philadelphia attorney and former Deputy Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania who two weeks ago sued Illinois senator and Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama in federal court challenging the constitutionality of his White House bid, was at the courthouse this morning to file a Praecipe for Reissuance of Summons.

    While the original summons was accepted ten days ago by the U.S. Attorney’s office on behalf of the Federal Election Commission, also a named defendant in Berg’s suit, proper service never reached the Democratic National Committee or Barack Obama’s agent for service. Today’s procedure will ensure that proper service is made, but the reasons behind the procedural hiccup remain a mystery to everyone involved.

    “For whatever reason, Sen. Obama never received the summons,” said Berg over the telephone this afternoon. “The court mailed everything out on August 22nd.”

    This time, rather than relying solely upon the court to mail the summonses following the filing of the complaint, the papers were faxed to a court service company in Washington, D.C. While on the phone, Berg received a call on the other line and confirmed that the papers were indeed in D.C. and would be served, at the latest, by tomorrow.

    Still, he said, the information about the suit is out there. It was picked up by the Washington Times and by the [Norristown, PA] Times-Herald and has spread across the Internet like a wildfire. His own Web site, the ever so objectively-named ObamaCrimes.com, has received more than 5 million hits. Mainstream media exposure has been understandably slow, he said, and when I asked whether he thought the deafening silence on the part of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and more could be a sign that this information was perhaps at the heart of the GOP’s “October Surprise,” his answer was simple.

    “It could be. If so, it looks like I jumped the gun,” he said, reminding me that part of his motivation for filing suit when he did was to avoid the catastrophe for the Democratic Party which would inevitably occur should the GOP bring it up closer to Election Day.

    “I filed this case because of the constitutional and party implications, but I am concerned about [Barack Obama],” he said, before adding that he is still 99.99 percent certain that his allegations in the lawsuit are true. “As every day goes by without a response, I think we’re on target. Obama has a well-oiled machine that responds to everything else immediately. When McCain put out a video, they have a response video out within hours. No comment from Obama leads me to believe that I’m correct.””

    Philip J Berg’s site:


  305. Well-run and safely operated, the plants can be PERFECTION for the environment and meet almost all of our power needs, far more cleanly than any fossil fuel.

    This may be true if we find a way to get rid of waste. There is research into disposing of nuclear waste, but from what I understand it’s only at a “storage” phase. We need to get rid of the waste permanently. Of course, the cold fusion processes seem much better on the waste department.

  306. His speech isn’t going to change too much. However, it did make Obama look quite small by comparison. His campaign knew he would give an average speech tonight. The message was quite clear that this campaign is about America not about McCain. That’s part of the message they want out there. And the Obama campaign will fall right into their traps.

  307. 48 -Greta is no longer a STEALTH PUMA – not since her hubby joined up.

  308. Hillary is the DNC’s savior. Except not.

    She just makes us miss her.

  309. Janis, I feel the same way. I have reservations about nuclear, but no OMFG NO!! hysteria.

    I feel the same about drilling and ANWR, as well. It all depends on HOW it is done, what technology is used, what restrictions and protections and real oversight there would be. And whether you are doing it as realistic shorter-term PART of a genuine overall energy policy, or an just an excuse to delay doing anything like wind or geothermal.

    If we discussed it reasonably, I might still disagree, in the end. But I think ethical people who think it could be done right ought to at least be heard and be able to explain so we can think about it.

  310. luv sarah – if you had a brain you would be dangerous.

  311. gq… texting bro’s contact now…..

  312. garychapelhill, don’t you think it’s possible that tonight’s trolls are, in fact, Republicans pretending to be PUMAs and rather badly, too?
    We are in danger of being manipulated by both sides.
    Just my two cents.

  313. The Orange Tie:……Perhaps McCain, screwed by the bushies in 2000 is sympathetic to HC, screwed by the obamanauts in 08?…..I find it very intriguing that one of HC’s brothers recently met with Gramps…and Gramps took great pains tonight to make it clear that he will seek the counsul of Dems & independents….Now let’s see if HC really attacks McClain/Palin or just goes thru the motions…….

  314. fif, on September 4th, 2008 at 11:44 pm ……. meaning that the policies set forth in the Clinton years took effect during the Bush years, and that’s what has caused our problems. basically, Bush inherited the problems the Clinton administration started?….

    LOLOLOL!! Oh you mean the budget surplus Bill left behind ?? Who remembers the debate about what we were going to do with the budget surplus Bill left… Bush took care of that problem for sure

  315. sweetsue, I doubt it, what’s their motivation? they are not pretending to be pumas. I’m sure there are a few repubs around now and then, but trust me, these guys are obots….

  316. Last week when I saw the “from the back” shot of Obama &
    Biden it looked like “more of the same”! Two mens with their
    wives “by their sides”.
    Contrast that with tonight; & McCain & Palin…WOW..!
    I thought he was GREAT!
    A measured grown-up with a “clear” sense of self.
    These idiots news casters just want to be entertained!

  317. I think somebody is coming off of one of these tickets somehow – these are not the tickets.

  318. luv sarah, on September 4th, 2008 at 11:51 pm Said:
    ……. i’m signing off, but i would love to see sarah palin and cindy mccain in a playboy spread. that would be HOT! Cougars and PUMAs

    Well we heard from the keg trolls for sure

  319. luv, you’re not even good at it, you need some remdial troll training. that reminds me, i just saw the movie troll on tv last night. that movie is a trip

  320. Well, thank god she gave us permission. However would we have gotten rid of her ramblings otherwise.

  321. I cannot support Obama but the thought of supporting McCain/Palin makes me want to vomit. They stand for everything I find revolting about the republicans. What good is having a woman the doesn’t believe in our issues. Until this election I never understood why republicans have such contempt for the men in our party. Now I know. Our men are b*tches. They watched silently while Obama and the media savaged Hillary now they want my vote. My hatred of my party does not allow me to find peace with the republicans.

  322. Pat Johnson, on September 4th, 2008 at 11:13 pm Said:
    “What a contrast, McCain wades into the crowd while Barack disappeared behind the styrofoam pillars.”

    That’s cause O and Joe were rushing off to do their touchy-feely (creepy) 60 minutes interview. If you haven’t seen it, Biden claimed he knew O was going to get the nomination last August…. because O “grabbed the lightening. He just reached up and grabbed the lightening.” Biden also said in his very first debate he was “arrogant, didn’t think I needed to prepare” and quoted someone without attribution….. SOUND FAMILIAR????

  323. Rove: Defining event – like Obama having to rescind.

  324. being an obot troll is about one step up from donating plasma for cash…

    LOL Gary. Good to have you guys back on the blog regularly. We missed you when you were Grand Adventurers, criss-crossing the country in the Might Pumamobile.

    Do you feel ok after a difficult work day?

  325. how could anyone justify voting for Obama over McCain? The man has earned the right to lead. He chose to serve his country and paid dearly. Reminds me of how they passed up Hillary after all her service to our country for do nothing Obama. The question is not whats wrong with our politicians it’s what wrong with our people. How do you reward a mother fucker who has done nothing, but attend a hate the man church, befriend every creep that hates America, and committed the largest election theft in America’s history? you make him President. The American people voting or considering voting for Obama are demented

  326. Night SOD.

  327. kjm: O “grabbed the lightening. He just reached up and grabbed the lightening.”

    That can only be done by someone born of a black man from Kenya and a white man from Kansas.

  328. McPalin doesn’t make me nauseous at all. Maybe I take my own venom as a Scorpio far too seriously, but there is nothing I can’t do even if I don’t particularly care, too.

    I’m a Clinton Democrat, not the new Breed. That’s where I stand. The new Breed is inferior and MUST be eradicated. That is something I can do.

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  329. The motivation seems to be to get us to absolutely vow to vote for McCain and be enthused about it, even though, for most of us, it would be the first time punching a ballot for a Republican.
    I could be wrong.

  330. I like the USA chants. I think it’s far better than chanting Obama or John McCain. John McCain loves his country, he doesn’t want people chanting his name, he wants people supporting our country.

  331. we’re glad to be home. 🙂

    actually it was typical return home, everything went wrong. lol. We got home around midnight and went straight to bed. we both had to work the next day, but when I tried to start my car it was totally dead, to make things worse they were paving our street so they couldn’t tow the car. Now we’re nervously watching Hanna and Ike…Our home is on the coast, and Hanna at least seems to be headed right that way..

  332. Here’s the video again. I am still in tears from laughing.

  333. wesaypopnotsoda: if you are for real, many PUMAs will either vote third party or leave the top of the ticket blank and vote downticket Dems. That’s an alternative option.

  334. I don’t know about finding peace with Repubs.

    Here’s what I know:

    I do not under any circumstances want Obama to be POTUS.

    The end result of that is that I have to accept McCain as POTUS instead.

    He is doing/saying what he should to make that easier for me.

    I am looking on the bright side and choosing to hope that he may be better than any of us expected. And truly, what does he have to lose by trying?

  335. I was a fan of bill too. I voted for him. I know that somewhat doesn’t make me a HRC supporter but her husband was great. I see that same thing with this ticket and sarah is just the icing.

  336. I really do love this site.

  337. The truly correct decision is to vote for neither party ticket. Voting for one or the other condones what was done by the media and the GOP, and ultimately by the DNC.

    We really need a “none of the above” which would be binding.

  338. Oh, mac, if you don’t see – As Bill does and has said since 1992 – how much more Hillary has to offer, you are not at the same level of dedication the rest of us are.

    She is no ordinary candidate.

  339. SweetSue, on September 5th, 2008 at 12:00 am Said:

    good point

  340. I could never vote none of the above or vote for someone who has no chance of winning(third party). I would never want to help BO period. My vote is for Sarah. Mccain has made it ok for me, he has reached out enough that I am ok with the vote.

  341. Who’s Greta married to?

  342. None of the above doesn’t defeat Barack. None of the above will not be elected President.

    Unfortunately–fortunately?–the RBC is not in chage of the General Election, they will not allot the votes based on the people that might have voted, however much they might like to.

  343. I think hillary has loads to offer, thats why I also support mccain. I know mccain will work with hillary and give us back HRC.

    sarah 08

  344. Resident scientists, how do you dispose of what our Republican friends sometimes call nukular waste?

    Do what anyone does, idiot. Bury it. Safely — not in leaky barrels under poor neighborhoods. Or shoot it into space. The universe does not share our prejudice towards radioactivity.

  345. Rush thinks Obama’s team is talking about dumping Biden and putting Hillary on.

    These tickets are not stable yet. Someone is coming off – and not at the GOP.

  346. New post

  347. It’s too late for Hillary. People would really feel bitter because she should be at the top not the bottom. She’s more qualified than he is and you know the GOP would hit back with that so hard. At this date, that ticket is dead in the water. Talk about your panders.

  348. Of course, the cold fusion processes seem much better on the waste department.

    Yeah, mostly because it doesn’t work.

  349. Still4Hill, on September 5th, 2008 at 12:06 am

    If I starting thinking of Hill, I’m gonna cry. As you say,
    She is no ordinary candidate. I will never forgive this DNC cabal.

  350. Seriously; She’s married to this guy on the cover of JSND:


  351. Janis, why say “idiot”?

  352. I can;t believe Hillary would allow Obama to use her.
    She is now going on the campaign trail to help him win the women vote. He is scared to death of “Sarah”

    Hopes Sarah kicks him Nov 4th

    Hillary will be back next election

  353. ok, Rush just phoned in on Greta, and yuck. How does he live with himself? He thought McCain’s speech was very successful, but then she asked him about the media treatment of Palin. He said, it was disgusting, and that “the Democrats cannot win on ideas, so they resort to this level of character attack to destroy someone.”

    Do I even need to comment on that? Did he sleep through the ’90’s. Does he have any playback of his own shows?

    He did say “the bloom is off the rose with O,” and “with his Messiah complex, and inability to be criticized, he is going to have a very difficult time with this fight…this is going to be fun now.”

    I agree with that last part.

  354. susannunes,

    The thing is, one or the other will be prez. I will do everything in my power to insure it isn’t BO.

  355. Reg: “hey will not allot the votes based on the people that might have voted”

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  356. I am very real. I just cannot find any joy in this election. In past elections I may have not been overjoyed with our candidate (Kerry) but I was happy to vote for a Dem. I believed in our causes. Now I feel like my brother watched me get battered then and he and the batterer turned around asked me for lunch money.

  357. I am watching a clip of Todd Palin speaking. He is adorable. Very genuine and sweet. “When my wife starts talking about corruption and reform, it’s best just to get out of the way.”

  358. fif: Did you hear Rush say he thinks Biden is coming off the ticket?

  359. Joanie, because that “okay you resident scientists” crack was a crack, and once someone’s gotten snide to me, I don’t feel the need to be less than snide back.

  360. joaniebone: I agree with you 100%. We need to destroy the DNC and the Dems who contributed to the vile treatment of Hillary Clinton, and if we don’t do it now, when will we have a chance again? The rebirth of the respectable, democratic Democratic Party will begin after John McCain is President, and Hillary Clinton will be its symbol and its salvation.

  361. biden will have a fake injury and need a replacement(HRC). now that would be the ultimate insult, that would be beyond sexism. If that ticket then loses it will hurt HRC in the long run. Not wise for HRC or obama.

    sarah 08

  362. I just heard that greta and husband are supporting mccain/palin.

  363. McCain seems sincere in what he is saying. He really went against the republican party as a whole.

    I am going to vote for him simply because I can’t even consider voting for O.

    The dems act as if women should stay home, or get a job that keeps you out of the way

  364. If PUMAs Lov?? .. They stand for the same failed policies.. anti women, anti humanity.

  365. Regency … we are total agreement I see no other way ..

  366. luv sarah, on September 4th, 2008 at 11:29 pm Said:
    the dems have been in control of congress…they have had plenty of opportunity to make “changes.” but what have they done? isn’t it possible THEY are the reason for our current bad economic situation.

    Luv Sarah, I have been a Republican since the day I turned 18 and things don’t happen overnight. Have the dem’s done anything in the last 2 years? No. However, as a Republican who has ranted against my own party, repeatedly, our leaders screwed up and that is why they got voted out. They took on the mantra of spend, spend, spend on earmarks, on special interest groups, they caved to lobbyists. They gave Haliburton a no bid contract, some even supported torture (John McCain did not), they tried to shove judicial candidates that weren’t qualified and became enraged when the band of 13? headed by John McCain refused to support this. They created the Patriot Act which is an atrocity to our Constitutional rights. While I fully support a capitalistic society, I do not support big oil’s multi-billion dollar profits while the average consumer is praying they have enough gas to get to work; I do not support giving incentives to corporations to move our jobs to foreign countries – do you know how frustrating it is when my internet cable goes out and I get a foreign voice on the phone? ICE refuses to pick up violent criminals being released from prison who are here illegally, yet they spend a million investigating and harassing the honor roll student who has earned a full scholarship to college because he believed in the American dream and didn’t know he was illegal until he was arrested – deporting a criminal is free BTW, many police departments (including mine) report them 30 days in advance of being released.

    I believe John McCain and Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and if they blow it, I’m done with the Republican party, which will be sad. I sit on the EBoard of our county Republican Party, I chair the Women for McCain in my County, I am an officer of a Republican Women’s club, I have met John McCain, Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, I have our Governor’s wife cell phone number in my rolodex and I am willing to walk away from it all because I am thoroughly disgusted with the last 8 years. My one and only thing that I appreciate is that we have not been attacked since 9/11. But then again, Constitutional rights have been violated to protect me and my family. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

  367. I was trying to get my kids to sleep so I missed a lot of McCain’s speech tonight. Did Obama congratulate him like McCain did on his speech night? I thought I read that he planned to do so, but I didn’t see anything,…

  368. Dear Pumas:
    Thanks for being here. I am not sure how I would have gotten thru this election cycle without y’all. Janis, I appreciate your energy, analysis, and rage. Pat J elevate your foot. Good night…

  369. wesay: we all feel that way. Speaking for myself, I really grieved for Hillary, and it was mixed with rage. With the sudden coalescing of PUMA, I have been focused on that, and defeating BO. The frustration and anger are focused on that goal, and I think I have just pushed the grief and loss into a place of denial. I just cannot look at it right now, because it is devastating to think we lost the best candidate of my lifetime. Someone that I deeply believe in, who was brutalized and betrayed right in front of us–hard working, dedicated public servant. Betrayed by her/our own Party no less. We’re all managing the transition in our own way. The only consolation is that I know Hillary will continue to do great things in whatever form.

  370. Night PureC. I too am hitting the hay. This election is really messing with my sleep patterns.

    Onward we go PUMAs. This is quite a wild ride–thankfully we have each other.

  371. New thread upstairs.

  372. Still: yes, Rush did say he thinks that Obama will have to replace Biden, and they will come up with some fake excuse for his exit. Of course, Rush says a lot of things, it doesn’t necessary mean it’s true.

  373. Janis,

    Isn’t e-mail/blogging dangerous? I didn’t read it as snide, and don’t blame you if you did. It’s really hard to tell tone sometimes.

  374. I doubt Obama would take Biden off the ticket. If he did he will just choose another man.

  375. What a crappy year this has been. 😦

  376. hi Pat…how are you this evening?

  377. I guess we’re just a bunch of bitter knitters.

  378. Pat…I did check the bar though.

  379. It’s like a bad dream.

  380. yep Still4Hill….dontcha know, we have no where else to go.

  381. ben carlson, on September 4th, 2008 at 11:47 pm Said:
    “The message was quite clear that this campaign is about America not about McCain. That’s part of the message they want out there. And the Obama campaign will fall right into their traps.”

    Here’s what I think people will remember.

    The dems had O’s greek temple, Oprah with The One’s name in diamonds on her sunglasses, the big blue devo-hat stage, an audience full of celebrities, the concerts, the fireworks – this stuff will appeal to the 18-30 year olds who OMG!! dig this stuff because it’s so kewl. They will vote O – if they remember to vote.

    The repubs had Cindy McCain holding Sarah Palin’s baby, Piper Palin stroking her baby brother’s head, Sarah Palin and her gorgeous family, John McCain’s mother still feisty at 96, an audience full of veterans, John McCain himself using plain words talking about service and love of country, balloons and confetti. Who is this going to connect to? Women. Families. Seniors. Those in the Military. The just plain folk who make up MOST of this country.

    Obama is Cool Whip. McCain’s the homemade apple pie.

  382. Regarding McCain’s speech (and admitting that I haven’t watched it on Youtube yet): I met John in person about 10 years ago and he came across that very same way in person. He wasn’t particularly animated but he listened to what we were saying (I was in Phoenix for a military medicine conference) with full consideration and genuinely seemed to care about us.

    Just sayin’.

  383. Alter on KO’s just said that we wouldn’t be seeing her much in the next week until after they “probably would have some pagentry send off of her son to Iraq.”

    I really wish that God would decide that it is time for these morons to go meet their destiny in Hell!


  384. OK friends….nite all!

  385. I trust Hillary, I trust John McCain. I don’t trust Obama. He has lied too many times and looked the other way too many times.

    I don’t think either Hillary or John McCain turn a blind eye to dishonesty very often, and that they both believe you serve your country to fix it from within.

    Neither Hillary nor McCain can give the hollywood punch to their speeches, but they come across as meaning what they say.

  386. Well, this Democrat is FIRED UP AND READY TO GO for John McCain and Sarah Palin!

    “If you find faults with our country, make it a better one. If you’re disappointed with the mistakes of government, join its ranks and work to correct them. Enlist in our Armed Forces. Become a teacher. Enter the ministry. Run for public office. Feed a hungry child. Teach an illiterate adult to read. Comfort the afflicted. Defend the rights of the oppressed. Our country will be the better, and you will be the happier. Because nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself.

    I’m going to fight for my cause every day as your President. I’m going to fight to make sure every American has every reason to thank God, as I thank Him: that I’m an American, a proud citizen of the greatest country on earth, and with hard work, strong faith and a little courage, great things are always within our reach. Fight with me. Fight with me.

    Fight for what’s right for our country.

    Fight for the ideals and character of a free people.

    Fight for our children’s future.

    Fight for justice and opportunity for all.

    Stand up to defend our country from its enemies.

    Stand up for each other; for beautiful, blessed, bountiful America.

    Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight. Nothing is inevitable here. We’re Americans, and we never give up. We never quit. We never hide from history. We make history.”

    John Mccain And Sarah Palin
    Mr. President and Madam Vice President
    That is the kind of change we can believe in!!

  387. All of you sound as bad as Obamabots. Give McCain a break. He’s earned his respect and honor. The “community organizer” from Chicaga has earned nothing but a swift kick in the a@@ and a resounding defeat in November from us all.

  388. I was shocked today to hear a CNN commentator state that the chef in the white house was going to have to learn to cook Moose stew. I think he was jumping ahead a bit, but it sure sounded good to hear from someone on CNN.

  389. I cry every time i hear McCain talk about his experience as a POW in Vietnam. I was an anti-war protester in San Francisco back then. Our troops were disrespected, mistreated, attacked, verbally abused, etc.. when they returned home. People met the buses and trains bringing them back to scream at them. What do teenagers really know – both us and them. What they experienced back then wasn’t right. No hero’s’welcome for them.

    Being in medicine and of that age, I know very few vietnam vets who can even talk about it. Some never got over that war but their treatment when they returned home made the suffering worse.

    I know MC is proud that he served his country. I know he doesn’t like to talk about it. He is encouraged to talk about it and told it is necessary but he doesn’t get much pleasure in doing it. As usual, he does what he thinks needs to be done whatever the cost to himself.

    I hate it when people make fun of his walk and wave. Many don’t know how badly beaten and tortured he was as a POW. So many bones broken and never treated. Afterwards. he could not lift his arms – so no good wave – and limps when he walks.

    That is why so many people my age think making fun of his time as a POW is off limits. The way the Vietnam war vets were treated is why are troops get supported now. The shameful way our country acted back then has not been forgotten.

    So disagree with any issue but personal attacks about his time as a POW is not right.

  390. (sorry, it is late so a couple of typos).

    Show Biz Tonight making fun of Palin. Media sucks. Trying to use the celebrity attack against her now. They fail to mention that much of the attention is a result of media making sexist attacks.

    The Obamabots are sending women out to make the sexist remarks this time. Trying a new strategy after the backlash when they did it to Hillary. They actually think we will accept it if women are doing it. Makes me sick! I want to boycott the worst offenders – CNN, MSNBC & OPRAH too!! Loss of viewers is the only leverage that works. Especially if their was a boycott of all their advertisers. Wish someone more important than me would start something like that.

  391. Look women, we need to wake up. The groups that are suppose to be for womens rights so no concern when the woman being attacked is a republian. If you are for womens rights than it should be for all women and not just the liberal ones.

    I guess in the end I am kinda sad that Hillary appears to be more about party than I realized. I voted for her in the primaries because I thought she really cared about women, but she only cares about women if they share her every opinion.

  392. The thing is, Hillary and John McCain genuinely like and respect each other.They have both said as much. Think about McCain as President and Hillary running the show in Congress. I think they will work together well. We may be surprised at the progress this country is able to make to repair the damage done by Bush and Cheney. McCain hates Bush,he hates Cheney,he hates what the Republicans have done busting the budget and getting us into this quagmire in Iraq. I watched the hearings when McCain challenged Bush’s policies and called the leadership inept. He used the phrase “wack a mole” describing the commander’s on the ground strategy. He didn’t get us into this war, yet, we are there and we must fix it just as Colin Powell said,”you break it, you must fix it”. We owe it to the people of Iraq now. We really can’t just pull out, for our safety and the world’s safety, we must leave a standing government behind there when we leave. Has anyone read about the soldiers re-enlistment numbers? They are staggering. Those guys and gals are over there doing the heavy lifting and not viewing the situation through a political/media lense. What will Obama do? We have no idea since he’s changed his views so often. McCain tells us he gonna finish the job. We have to or our standing in the world will be worse than it is now. At least it will not be Bush and Cheney commanding. The contractor’s money stream will be cut off and we will make progress and be outta there with our pride intact. Remember, we only have Bush and Cheney to blame and the Democrats refused to take them on. So why should I support them now. Hillary can take charge in Congress and lead the way, thats where the real work is supposed to get done. Elect her some support in Congress and throw the bums who turned against her and failed to do their jobs out!

  393. I feel McCain will work for the people, and work with all sides to get it done. He has shown that he and his wife cares about others. They did not have to adopt the child but they did because she needed a home. Cindy and McCain seems to be real and not just a bunch of words written by some speech writer.

  394. With all the Glitz and Glam of the upcoming political election, Republicans and Democrats alike are distracted and not paying much attention to the undercurrents. Bush and the US Attorney General have 3 agendas before leaving office;

    1) Pass Legislation to Declare a new ‘Global War’ so they can find oil, drill holes and kill people worldwide -even in the US- to continue with the war profiteering.

    2) Destroy the Writ of Habeus Corpus. The Writ of Habeus Corpus is what protects citizens from being thrown in jail by gov’t unlawfully and being held indefinately. In essence it is the right to a hearing on lawful imprisonment, or more broadly, the supervision of law enforcement by the judiciary. By doing so, either political party can enact Martial Law.

    3) Legislation to Enact Martial Law: In 1878, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval (i.e. Martial Law). The Military Commissions Act of 2006 possibly rescinds some of these limits by suspending habeas corpus. However,Bush will attempt to destroy Habeau Corpus completely.

    Why? Enacting Martial Law is what Hitler did before the Holocaust. And the Bush family and the Republican party has always been deeply linked to the Nazi Party. His family attempted to assasinate FDR in 1934 and overthrow our Gov’t and implement a Nazi regime. They were found guilty, along with the Remington Family, JP Morgan Chase and Dupont.

    No matter who you vote for- they both have an evil agenda. FYI: The Act of 1871 made D.C a seperate city state, just like Rome/Vatican and London. King James created the 1783 Treaty with the US, identifying the King of England as the Prince of the US. The original 13th Amendment of the US states- ratified in 1810 states that our President is subservient to the King of England and the Crown. In the war of 1812, the British burned down the White House, the Library / Archives and our original Constitution. D.C. reports to England and the Crown, not the people of the United States. We are just another colony, ruled by the queen. The President merely runs the ” United States, Inc.”


  395. this is a good read and a window into th ekind of people Mcain and Obama are.


    John McCain and Sarah Palin body slammed Obama’s “bounce” into the ground.

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  396. Rasmussen released the new polling numbers this morning- 3 day tracking poll:

    Obama 46 %
    Mccain 45 %

    Obama is a desperate candidate now.

    Look for Obama to tryu to use women to go after Palin. Pathetic! Obama doesn’t give a crap about women. If you watched what he and the Obamabots and the mainstream media did to Hillary, you will know this is the truth.

  397. Lilly, on September 5th, 2008 at 3:59 am Said:

    Obam’s tactics are pathetic! America, stand up and fight for our country!


  398. Lilly, on September 5th, 2008 at 3:59 am Said:

    I agree Lilly!

    Obama’s tactics are pathetic! America, stand up and fight for our country!


  399. I believe that Hillary does like and respect McCain and in return, he will reach out to her. I believe he would support and work with her better than nobama would. If he wins, nobama will dump her as soon as he sits his butt down at the desk of the oval office. I bet he is squirming with regret that he did not pick her or better yet – allow her to pick him.

    When I see him speak now, he looks nervous, desperate and on the run – he has lost his sparkle and some of his media robots are becoming afraid that they backed the wrong mare.

    I see the media back pedaling a little bit now because of the big backlash against them for their sexist tactics. America is really starting to see the light. Polls for McCain/ Palin are starting to surge and Palin almost leads nobama over who is more qualified to be president and that’s only after a couple of days. Well, the media likes to back a winner and MSNBC is practically on their knees and begging for Sarah Palin to be on their various shows. When their begging doesn’t work, they quickly resort to threats.

    You can see how desperate Obama has become now. ,He rushed over to do an interview on fox news last night. Either he was trying to get the attention away from the McCain/ speech or looking for supporters there. Unfortunatley, neither of those tactics will work. So sorry, he was yesterday’s news and will soon become irrelevant. HAHA, good job PUMAS!!!

    I hear Reverend Wright is about to pop his head out of his millionaire mansion built by the church in an area that is 97% white to try and put some extra cash in his $10,000,000 bank account taken from the poor people of his church. He wants to take from the rich and give to the poor so he should start with the man in the mirror. Maybe this will hammer the final nail in Nobama’s coffin.

    In addition to defeating Obama, my next hope is that we will lead a charge to get Pelosi, Reid and Richardson out of office. These were the main traitors who abandoned Hillary and led the charge to pressure others to jump ship too. I guess they were either afraid or jealous of her. l will never forgive what they did and hope we can show our strength to get them out too. Hopefully this will serve two purposes. Not only getting them out but clearing the way for Hillary and her loyal crew to come in and take over. People are fickle there in DC and will run back to Hillary’s side because she will be the leader after Nobama loses.

  400. McCain, Palin Speak to Thousands in Wisconsin


    HUGE enthusiastic crowd greets John McCain and Sarah Palin in small town Wisconsin! Love it!

    Stand Up and Fight for America!

    McCain-palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  401. Lilly,

    I will stand with you and fight for that cause!

    Obama, and his band of cheerleaders-Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Brazile, et al., need to be booted out of our Democratic Party. Enough is enough!


    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  402. need to start a new thread – women unite to oust obama and his merry followers!

  403. ironman
    saw obama hardly getting a cheer in PA while crowd screaming for mccain/palin in WI. i am gleeful!!!

  404. i want to start a list going with the email addresses of the people on tv who are making sexist comments about palin or making sarcastic remarks about her qualifications. .Then we can bombard them with complaints. We can start with Eleanor Clift at newsweek webeditors@newsweek.com. Anyone else?

  405. So because Clinton didn’t make it, McCain is a viable choice? How are his values, Palin’s values, and the GOP’s values even close to what Hilary’s values?

    Party Unity My Ass??? Don’ you man

    Were Already Voting McCain Anyhow?

    WAVMA anybody?

  406. i am extremely frustrated with the democratic women who are allowing themselves to be used by obama for the sole purpose of attacking Palin because the men are afraid to do it themselves. How desperate!. The obama camp saw the sexist remarks backfiring even though they had women and the in the tank media making the sexist remarks this time. Can’t be a VP candidate because she is a mother?? How much lower can they sink?.

    Now they are drafting women – including Hillary – to hit the campaign trail and try to ruin this woman. Hillary is forced into a corner and forced to cooperate or lose the democratic party forever more. The others think they will garner favor with the next president.. Don’t these women know they will be ruining their reputations and when they do, they will dropped like a hot potato by obama and the in the tank media. Just remember how fast his 20 year spiritual mentor was kickd to the curb when he got bad publicity…

    Now the in the tank tv commentators have conspired to ruin her. Originally they tried to beg for her to come on the programs for the express purpose of trying to discredit her. Then they turned to intimidation by saying the public wouldn’t believe the media was sexist and they loved the media. If she did not appear there, she ruin her career. This media has given more time to the story that the plan she placed on ebay didn’t sell there and she ended up selling it privately – avoiding the story that she would pass it up in the first place than they have to Obama going to a racist church for 20 years or hanging out with terrorists – it took a year or more for them to even mention those issues.

    EXCUSE ME! they have a lot of nerve. Did they forget that Obama dodged fox news and stuck to interviews with media in the tank for him? You can see how scared he is by finally running over to do an interview with bill o’reilly. Did you see the panic in his face as he tried to think up answers to the questions? As far as i can find, this was the first time he was questioned about his lack of experience and nefarious associates.

    So as a member of the public, i want to say loud and clear – I am a member of the public and don’t believe anything the obama news media has to say anymore. I hope she doesn’t go on any the MSNBC programs.

  407. “LOLOLOL!! Oh you mean the budget surplus Bill left behind ?? Who remembers the debate about what we were going to do with the budget surplus Bill left… Bush took care of that problem for sure”

    I remember it. I was furious that the government was taking more than it needed from the people. I was even more furious that Bush thought it was his money to spend. You can stop with the Bush sucks mantra, the Bush days will soon be gone and most republicans are happy about that too. Bush does not represent the republican party. He represents what happens when someone gets a strangle hold on the party by any means neccessary. Remember he swift boated McCain before he swift boated Kerry. I thought the Bush days were going to be over in ’04 and I would have tolerated Hillary for at least four years. Instead, she didn’t run and you Dems picked the most boring candidate possible in Kerry. (WTF was that all about btw?)

    Obama kool aide drinkers fall for his change message but all he represents is the Dems version of Bush style politics. Two years ago I was resigned to living under another round of Clinton in the white house. I wasn’t looking forward to it but I wasn’t scared of it either. Obama scares me!

    You just saw the republicans try to rebuild themselves from their own ashes by nominating McCain (a moderate) and Sarah Palin (a social conservative with a mean populist streak). On the other side you have a continuation of power by any means neccesary approach to politics.

    This election isn’t about the issues. We’ll never agree on those and neither side is ever going to get everything it wants. On issues we are a 50/50 country and that’s not going to change. It’s about how we function as a society.

  408. First off I must warn you I’m a male conservative Republican. Ground noise and static = meaningless noise over radios.
    Traditionaly the Presidential Candidate plays Good Cop and the VP does bad cop attack dog stuff. So you will be seeing a lot of Palin between now and Nov. putting the Moose bite on Obama and Biden because she has shown she can do it so well. From what we are learning she does the small meeting stump thing well.
    On our side we cheered when Obama picked Biden instead of Hillary. What a political dumb ass. Don’t they have internal polling? Biden might get them 3 electoral votes at the cost of two of the swing states.
    I’m hoping for a Palin/Jindal ticket someday. If Obama and Biden blow it big time it may be the end of the George Soros-Moveon.org wing of the party.
    Then it will be Hillary/new face vs. Palin/Jindal in 2012 or 2020. Of course God will probably pull my voter registration by 2020 unless I die in Cook County.

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