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    • I knew Republicans wouldn’t care
      Why would they? Hypocrisy is no big deal. Owning the libs is what counts! NEWS: Sources inside @HerschelWalker #GASEN campaign confirm to @dcexaminer: The Georgia Republican had "record-breaking" fundraising day after @thedailybeast story broke: Walker raised $182K, inclu $50K during his @seanhannity interview on @FoxNews — David M. Drucker (@David […]
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    • Rationality Is A Process, Not A Conclusion (Nuclear Weapons Edition)
      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Conflucians Say- Tonight at 10PM EST

I know you all will be glued to your TV’s, waiting for McCain to speak the magic words {{snort!}}  But if you’ve got a DVR, set it and join us at 10PM EST at Conflucians Say.  We’re now a part of NO WE WON’T/PUMA Radio along with Sheri T and Darragh Murphy.  (Gotta stick together)  On tonight’s show, we’ll recap Palin’s speech, talk about how close the delegate count *really* was and take your calls about any damn thing you want to talk about related to politics.

See you there!

Oo! Oo!  Almost forgot!  You can catch Our View with Patsy and Sugar tonight at 9PM EST (that’s NOW!) on NQR.  Highly recommended.

Update: Guys, check out what just arrived in my inbox.  Poor widdle Barack Obama is getting beaten up by a pitbull with lipstick.  Tsk-Tsk:

Riverdaughter (not my real name) —

Why would the Republicans spend a whole night of their convention attacking ordinary people?

With the nation watching, the Republicans mocked, dismissed, and actually laughed out loud at Americans who engage in community service and organizing. [editorial comment from Seriously:“Women are fair game, just don’t for the love of god, ridicule the community organizers! Anything but that!”]

Our convention was different. We gave the stage to everyday Americans who hunger for change and stepped up to make phone calls, knock on doors, and raise money in small amounts in their communities…

What you didn’t hear from the Republicans at their convention is a single new idea about how to make the healthcare system work, get our economy moving for the middle class, or improve education.

Just attacks — on me, and on you.

But what the McCain attack squad doesn’t understand is that people like you — who devote part of their busy lives to organizing and building their communities — have the power to change this country.

With your help, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Barack Obama

Yes, we *do* have the power to change this country.  And the first place we’re going to start is with holding the DNC accountable for the disgrace that was the Democratic National Convention.  But, Jeez, Louise, whining is SOOO unattractive in a presidential candidate.  She was mean to you?  Suck it up, Barack.  Snark is the least of your problems when you’re dealing with two wars, Russian invasions, tanking stock markets, hurricanes, and PUMAs.

Better toughen up.  The Republicans are just playing with their food right now.

351 Responses

  1. Will be there!

  2. Nup, I have no DVR. Does that make me an economic looser?

  3. Upstate – me either.


  4. I you like TV, it might be worth the investment, you can get a unit for free with rebates and then pay like $10 a month.

  5. Really, Seriously? A friend of mine says it’s the best toy evah.


  6. Yeah, it’s great. if they’re not offering rebates now, just wait until it gets a few weeks closer to the holidays. I paid $0 and got the top of teh line model they had at the time.

  7. From the fab Donna Darko:

    Clinton wins Clinton-Palin 2012 matchup
    September 3, 2008 · Comments Off
    Rasmussen already started the Clinton-Palin 2012 Presidential matchup. Now you’re talking.

    Clinton wins 52-41%.

    Hillary Clinton will be our first woman President.


  8. Those of you w/o DVRs are excused. We need your eyes and ears in real time.

  9. RD – LOL!

    With the nation watching, the Republicans mocked, dismissed, and actually laughed out loud at Americans who engage in community service and organizing.

    Our convention was different. We gave the stage to everyday Americans who hunger for change and stepped up to make phone calls, knock on doors, and raise money in small amounts in their communities…

    OMG!!!! OMG!!!

    Everyday Americans like Michelle Obama?


    You know who’s an everyday American?

    Sarah Palin.

    Suck it, Obama.

  10. madamab: it will change the way you watch TV. In fact, I’ve found that I watch a lot less of it. It’s great for storing up good movies for rainy afternoons and scheduling shows you can not miss like Heroes or Divine Design.
    Highly recommended and worth every penny.

  11. …and Obama spent the first moment after Gov. Palin was choosen for the VP spot dissing Mayor’s of small towns.

  12. RD – Very cool! You’re all convincing me! I’m paying like a billion dollars for cable anyway – what’s another $10/month?

  13. I Will Remember – And no, the Republicans did not diss all Americans who participate in community organizing.

    They just dissed Obama, who seems to think it’s a qualification for the job of President of the United States!

  14. Riverdaughter…mawm just read that email to me. I laughed out loud. I told mawm, they weren’t laughing at US you dummy, they were laughing at YOU, barack obama, because you ARE laughable. His ego is out of this world. He thinks he IS us…..

  15. madamab: I got 2 DVRs with my satellite package. One of the DVRs is a dual so I could put a TV in my basement and Brooke could record off of the DVR upstairs. I have DiSH. The DVR package is sweet.

  16. Hey everyone, its really hard to watch the Republican convention, though…they really have some hardcore wingnuts. That congress woman from Oklahoma just on now was a really doozy. Both parties need purging, really bad.

  17. gary: Jocularity! Jocularity all around! He sends us an email about how Sarah Palin made fun of us and we turn around and use it to make fun of him. Does it get any better than this? I’m having a blast!

  18. I heard today on NPR that the Democratic delegates were 10% Hispanic, 20% Black, slightly more than 50% women.

    Republican delegates were 1.5 % Black (down from a high of 7% in 2004) and 2/3 male.


  19. Who said that? hello, they’ve been mocking people in small towns, the PTA, beauty contestants, moms, hockey, kids, for days now! oh, and the Bots have been mocking people with DS. what, you have to be a community organizer to be considered a human being now? “Women are fair game, just don’t for the love of god, ridicule the community organizers! Anything but that!”

  20. RD – Better to laugh than cry…and even better than that, get even.


  21. Oh Gawd, it’s Bot Pat.

    Someone needs to block this troll.

  22. has his strategy boiled down to “I have experience to be president because I have been running for president for 3 years”?

  23. “Does it get any better than this? I’m having a blast!”

    You know…you are a “community organizer” of sorts…perhaps you of all people could understand O’s plea? You are so heartless…..

  24. Gary – apparently, and also whining. We love electing whiners to the White House.

  25. Anybody watching the interview.

  26. Pat, were the R delegates sub-human?

  27. Regency – Can’t. Only one TV and hubby is watching Redskins vs. Giants. LOL!

    Not that I’d watch it anyway. Don’t know who annoys me more, O’Reilly or Obama!

  28. Americans who engage in community service and organizing.

    it gets ridiculous when they try to use this sloganeering in an attempt to make a serious argument. What the hell does that mean. Can someone tell me more specific he did beyond “organizing the community”? I mean specifics…is it just me or does it hurt your brain when you read a sentence like that?

  29. Plaxico Burres is coming through. Gonna have to see how my man does. Better that than anything to do with the news.

  30. it was on tv here…my eyes just glaze over automatically when he begins to speak. I thought it was pretty boring actually.

  31. Well Pat, with that 50% looks like you’ll be looking for a new party. A second poll shows few of the 50% birthed themselves on deserted islands and crawled/swam to civilization using only femurs ripped from their own bodies to help them. Parasites!

  32. signed on the radio last night – couldn’t hear a thing – read the posts.

    We just went to Fios – less than half the price and a lot more service – phone, much faster internet and better TV picture – and yes DVR all in one package.

  33. madamab – hbots and obots. Anyone that thinks that any politician walks on water is fooling themselves. Breaking glass ceilings is great, I’m all for it … but there definitely is a cult of personality around Hillary in the same way that there is around Obama.

  34. Saw Obama on O’Reilly. Bill was somewhat restrained I think (I don’t know him well to tell, really). It was a teaser, not the whole thing, which will be aired in its “lively” (Bill’s word) entirety next week. Mainly they talked about Aghanistan and Pakistan; BO stressed the need to exhaust all non-military options. Bill O’Reilly (hey, they have the same initials!!) called him out on the John-McCain-won’t-even-follow-Osama-to-his-cave thing — for which Obama didn’t really have a good answer.

  35. Really imagine an hr person looking at your resume

    1995-Present– I organized. Somewhere in South Chicago. Responsibilities included organizing the community and providing services.

  36. just don’t for the love of god, ridicule the community organizers! Anything but that!”

    Obama’s campaign is turning into Monty Python skit:

    Please, dear god no, the Republicans have hit us with…..the COMFY CHAIR!!!

  37. Seriously – you’re killing me!


    Joanelle – Wow. Now THAT sounds good!

  38. A Clinton-Palin race– forgive the barrage of sports metaphors, but wouldn’t that be the thrilla in Manila.

  39. Hey, where is Michelle hiding? Anyone seen her? Is she scared?

  40. It says community service *and* organizing. Maybe he served the community by moving elsewhere, then organized his shoe collection.

  41. Message to Obama pod people: It’s over. You lost. Get over it.

    Hee hee, just trying it out for size.

  42. My community has been organized all my life.

    We even have maps for visitors that show where everything is

  43. Listened to a group of young folks today who are genuinely scared that if McCain gets in we will not only have four more years of Bushbusiness but may be worse for our troops.
    These were not obamabots but kids who were for Hillary and clearly are confused and really scared of the future.
    Wonder how many more there are out there.

  44. WMCB – They can’t decide whether they want arguments or insults!!! And then halfway through the next debate, Obama’s eyes will glaze over and he’ll start repeating:

    “The Larch. The Larch.”


  45. 1995-Present– I organized. Somewhere in South Chicago. Responsibilities included organizing the community and providing services.

    Also: “I made THEIR lives … the cause of MY LIFE (See what I did there? Repetition with a variation. Pretty cool, huh? And you’ll see MORE of that funky rhetorical hocus-pocus when you hire me…).”

  46. I don’t care what anybody says, I’m in it for Clinton/Palin 2012. Yeah, yeah, country first. Then Clinton/Palin.

  47. VAcardinal–LOL

  48. I have just been laughing my butt off at that email, where Obama tries to claim that by showing herself clearly to be the quintessential “little guy who went into politics to do good”, she is ridiculing………….the little guy.

    The Audacity of blowing cherry-flavored hookah smoke up my ass, is what that is.

  49. For my sister and brother PUMA’s.

    Now there was a time when they used to say
    That behind every – great man.
    There had to be a – great woman.
    But in these times of change you know
    That its no longer true.
    So were comin out of the kitchen
    cause theres somethin we forgot to say to you (we say)

    Sisters are doin it for themselves.
    Standin on their own two feet.
    And ringin on their own bells.
    Sisters are doin it for themselves.

    Now this is a song to celebrate
    The conscious liberation of the female state!
    Mothers – daughters and their daughters too.
    Woman to woman
    Were singin with you.
    The inferior sex got a new exterior
    We got doctors, lawyers, politicians too.
    Everybody – take a look around.
    Can you see – can you see – can you see
    Theres a woman right next to you.

  50. O’reilly declares that Obama is not a wimp. it was a guy to guy kind of thing, you know? He looked into his eyes and everything..

  51. GCH: Did he see his soul?

  52. O, but don’t he protesteth too much?

    As in, did someone hit a nerve? And set off a defensive misinterpretation to be enjoyed by the intertubes?

    It would be nice if the back and forth could get out of the sandbox issues— he started it, no she did, no he did. Alas.

    He started it by demeaning her role as the mayor of a small town and ignoring her status of governor of a large (land mass) state with a small population.

    She came back with a snide but well-deserved reference to his vaunted experience as a community organizer. She was not putting down community organizing, per se, she was putting down his arrogant dismissal of her status and roles.

    To pretend otherwise and go off on this defensive tangent is disingenuous at best. Not a ploy that helps me to have confidence in the big o campaign.

  53. Yeah, SweetSue!!!

    Gary – Did he call Obama Oooty-Oot?

  54. no soul, just that he’s no girly man I gues…

  55. Joanelle: I’d be interested in FiOS but in spite of the fact that I live in central NJ, corporate headquarters of the telecomms I can’t get a damn cell signal in my office and my street will probably be the last one in the county to get FiOS fiber. I live and work in a dead zone. I love satellite and the DSL is adequate for my needs.

  56. lindsey graham is creepy

  57. O’reilly declares that Obama is not a wimp.

    I haven’t been able to figure O’Reilly out this election season. He is very ambivalent about being a right wing basher like Rush. He pulls his punches. He’s no Sarah Palin.

  58. A month or so ago O’Reilly started to go soft on Obama. I don’t think it was because he likes him, but O’Reilly seems like a guy whose careful about who/what/where is buttering his bread. O’Reilly wants to protect his postion/show and his money. So if Obama wins, OReilly won’t have hurt himselt. He is a hypocrite just the same as he accuses others.

  59. Anyone who has not yet read Alegre’s post, “18 Million Silenced”, I strongly recommend reading it. Delegates describe what really happened in Denver. We need to remember why we’re PUMAs: the votes of an entire nation were stolen. This diary remains the best reminder of shattered democracy.

  60. Just for the record: Pat is not me. I think I just broke my baby toe answering the phone anyway. So no, “Pat” is NOT me.

  61. Yes, Gary, he is. He used to be my senator in SC – him and Dim JeMint. Even my Repub sister thinks he’s a pod person.

  62. The Audacity of blowing cherry-flavored hookah smoke up my ass, is
    what that is.

    *bursts out laughing*

  63. pat!! are you OK?

  64. From previous thread…

    Janis, on September 4th, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    No, I do understand why women have to care about choice. What I don’t like is that after thirty flippin’ years it is still trotted out as a threat. I do believe, unfortunately, that it is the only reason some women rallied behind Obama when for every other reason they wanted to walk away. I think it is the reason why the Obama camp felt that they could treat Hillary and her supporters like shit, and I resent every women who allowed that to happen. I have no respect for a Hillary supporter who caved on this issue.

    I know it may sound harsh but I look at it as allowing themselves to be manipulated, falling into the trap that was set for them.

    Oh, and O’Reilly is wrong if he thinks Obama is not a wimp. I think we all have witnessed that on numerous occasions. Maybe BO got a little thrill being with the other BO.

  65. “Just for the record: Pat is not me. I think I just broke my baby toe answering the phone anyway. So no, “Pat” is NOT me.”


  66. Watching these speeches, I would go into politics if I didn’t have so many skeletons in my closet. (I’ve been quite the rebellious, experimental type–sorry I wasn’t able to participate in BB’s thread earlier). How hard can it be? Lie a lot, shake a lot of hands, and anybody can give a better speech than most of these people. They are awful. If I throw in a little preacher lilt, I could give the BEST SPEECH EVAH!

  67. pat are you okay?

  68. Berg Lawsuit: DNC and Obama got served today …


    Yes, I know. Troll, bot … thought folks might be interested though.

  69. Pat, we know….she is your evil twin (I got one of those a while ago, s/he was UpstateCNY or something like that).

  70. 48, we definitely agree then — we HAVE been guilty of thinking that if we make them like us, they’ll give us what we need. For 30 years. *sigh*

    The hell with give. It’s long past time to get up and take.

  71. PJ! Say it isn’t so!

  72. Seriously: My baby toe is aching like you would not believe. But, and this is where it gets even better, I had O’Reilly on waiting for The One to come on, when the phone rang. When I got up to answer it my foot hit the coffee table. So I spent the entire time hopping around the den. Missed the big interview. Kharma anyone?

  73. The Sarah Palin Bio video is on, narrated by Angelina Jolie’s dad, John Voight.

  74. fif, me too, but in a different way. . Send me to the Red States, put me on a stump, and let me *snatch some fool bald-headed.

    *If you are familiar with the term “snatch him/her baldheaded”, you are likely from a red state.

  75. New Pat, most people here think the whole citizen bs is one of the last reasons we won’t vote for Obama. you’re not fooling anyone you know? we’re like the puma playing with its prey before dismissing you to the spam filter 🙂

  76. I saw that video earlier….can they make one of me too? I am so amazing.

  77. Yup, Janis and 48. No more threats. I’m the one that’s threatening them now.

    Give me my rights. Give me my ERA. Support female candidates. Otherwise, shut the f*ck up and don’t expect my vote.

  78. Ook. Sorry. Put some ice on it.

  79. $10 million raised by McCain/Palin since last night. Why are they still raising money? I thought he was taking Federal Money starting tonight?

    For the record, I love Hillary and Palin – in that order!

  80. What you didn’t hear from the Republicans at their convention is a single new idea about how to make the healthcare system work, get our economy moving for the middle class, or improve education.

    I guess they were too busy taking a roll call vote.

  81. PJ – What Seriously said. Take it easy and have Eddy peel you a grape or two.

  82. Deep Thoughts With the Trolls. anyone who has any left over fortune cookie fortunes under the couch cuhshions can play along.

  83. Carol, but, but, TM said….

  84. cushions

  85. Pat J–elevated your foot, too!! ASAP

  86. Good Pat, please take care of your feet. Had you not badmouthed O this would not have happened, you know that, right? Seriously, please take care.

  87. Snap Sophie!

  88. So what if they put down community organizing? How many people even know what it is? I asked numerous Obama supporters to describe it during the primary and they couldn’t or referred me to a website. And what was the goal? What did he accomplish? I think the only thing that he did in three years of community orgainzing is get some asbestos removed from buildings.

  89. Sophie!

  90. Sophie L: AWESOME

    Did you see last night that too nice ladies called the Roll of states. When was the last time the Speaker of the House called the states? The Rs weren’t trying to cover up anything. Nancy was up there to intimidate. Yeah, this is just dawning on me.

  91. Seriously: “hello, they’ve been mocking people in small towns, the PTA, beauty contestants, moms, hockey, kids, for days now! oh, and the Bots have been mocking people with DS.”

    Those aren’t ordinary people. Ordinary people make $250K per year and live in ritzy neighborhoods or suburbs of LA, NYC, SF, and Chicago. The people you’re referring to are bitter deadenders in Obama world.

  92. I think “Pat” suggested that we Hillary supporters were “cultish”.

    No Pat, not at all. Unlike the Obamabot worshippers most here have done our homework. Some of us were with her from the beginning, others found their way. We believe in strong leadership, someone who has studied the questions AND knows the answers, a candidate who can think on their feet and give a speech sans notes, one who laid out a vision and offered policies as well. So no, we are not cultists but we stay informed, keep up with the topics, view things from a lens of stability.

    Because we saw what was happening to the one candidate who offered herself in our place, spoke both to and for us, we remained loyal. However, for the record, we would feel as strongly about any male candidate who came this close and got sidelined by unlawful tactics. We believe in democracy and counting the votes.

    If you see this as being cultish, then you need to go back and take a refresher course in civics along with a course in ethics. Thanks for playing.

  93. Sophie, LOL!

    What I don’t see from Obama as I look at his record, is a single thing he has DONE to make the healthcare system work, get our economy moving for the middle class, or improve education.

    Not even in Illinois, whom he was elected to serve.

  94. At work today, we asked the same question, “what is a community organizer?” and/or “does anyone know one?” Big resounding, I don’t know and NO.

  95. How cute…all the guys on CNN have matching outfits…

  96. I dont own a DVR, I am a bitter deadender, I knew it.

  97. Barack was soooo petulant when he came out and defended “those folks” who community organize. Damn, Sarah knows how to get under his skin. You know why? Because she’s taken on machine politicians like him and WON.

  98. Carol, I think that is Obama/Biden who raised 10 million. The RNC, according to the Washington Post only got 1 million or something.

  99. bostonboomer, I actually had a troll sniff at me yesterday that Palin’s speech didn’t matter, because the only people it would appeal to were the majority of Americans, who are stupid, and redneck, and haters.

    Teh stoopid, it burns.

  100. mad – Eddy is back in Texas. He came back the shell of a broken man after Pat dissed our Hillary. His nose was bloody and his eyes were blood shot from crying.

    He said he would make sure Palin won PA if they don’t give us Hillary back!


  101. JJ, that would make sense and would explain TM comments.

  102. Obama has nothing. Sarah can hold up those pieces of legislation with her name on it and ram it right under his stuck up nose. He knows it, she knows it, we know it.

  103. Whether one likes O’Reilly or not, he was among the first to cover the George Soros angle.

    Since we are witnessing a quasi-takeover of the Democratic party by the Soros/MoveOn faction, I think it’s fair to admit that O’Reilly was on to something.

  104. SophieL – Are they orange?

  105. they are saying that SHE is the elitist for talking down to the media and to him. I think that was in ploofies email that came before the one’s.

  106. Listening to the COP convention…they need to stop using “maverick”…please…

    Do Rs cringe listening to Ds as I do listening to Rs?

  107. Carol – LOL!

    You two really seem to treat Eddy quite badly. Maybe it’s time to let Regency play with him for a while.


  108. madamab: I did not “diss” Hillary per se. I just said I was sick to death of the whole bunch of them! Eddy unfortunately has not quite “recovered”, found an opening, and escaped. And I almost had him back up to his normal weight. He will be back.
    PA has a good chance of going red this year.

  109. madamab: Not orange. dark suits, predominantly pinstripe and everyone with a gray/silver tie.

  110. COP Convention? I am tired, obviously

  111. Before I broke my toe, I was chit chatting with my next door neighbor whose hubby is involved with Dem politics in my city. She loves Sarah!!! Thinks she may even vote for her but the funny thing was she said, “don’t tell Norm”. Norm being the hubby. Cute,

  112. Upstate: Crotchety Old party?

  113. Souffle thinks Sarah Palin, Mooseburger Mama, is elitist?

    I think we need to get these Obamans a dictionary and spot them about 50 IQ points. They’d still be dumber than dirt, but at least they’d be able to read and understand simple English words.

  114. Cindy Lou Who!

  115. COP=Crap On Pelosi?

  116. Sophie, you got it first. darn…

  117. now go to gopconvention.com and watch Cindy’s video.

  118. They did a poll of Emily’s List members, which by all rights should be VERY pro-Obama.

    52% O, 41% McCain

    Obama has a woman problem. Of course they spun it as “US women turned off by Obama.”

  119. creepy…

  120. Cindy graduated from my son’s alma mater University fo Southern California. She is a Trojan!

  121. Sarah is the elitist? That’s the best they have! Somebody save these people from themselves.

  122. Are we talking about Cindy McCain?

    I have to say, that green was not too flattering last night.

    She would have looked better in PUMA orange.


  123. Cindy is up next.

  124. I never knew how much she has done in 20 years. Impressive.

  125. wow! Cindy McCain is more qualified to be Prez than BZero.

  126. […] Riverdaughter posts a letter from the Obama campaign […]

  127. I am quite impressed as well. Love her smile.

  128. Cindy is in a blue/green silk chantung suit.

  129. Maybe I’m just partial to green but I thought she looked incredible in that color. And the style was marvelous.

    I LUV Cindy McCain. There’s something about Cindy.

  130. Wow – that video on Cindy was incredible. I had no idea! What a remarkable woman!

  131. My wife just pointed out that Sarah Palin and Barack Obama had similar circumstances in their respective communities: entrenched corruption. Palin successfully cleaned up her backyard, while Obama’s is still corrupt.

  132. Cindy of Troy!

    *The Iliad is rotting my brain.

  133. Wow, the McCain and Palin kids have two basketball teams, with subs as well.

  134. I’m in tears after that video.

  135. Cindy is McCain’s secret weapon, I think. She seems to have a very big heart and a very big brain to go along with her very big bucks.

    A formidable woman indeed.


  136. i think it’s so funny how she came home one day with the baby and Mccain asks, ‘Who’s this?”

  137. Wow. That video (shaking head)

    Too bad she hates government.

  138. Hope I look as good at 95 as McCain’s mother. Hell, I wish I looked that good now!

  139. Cindy announced today that she is Pro-Choice.

    She is a remarkable woman.

    These women, Cindy and Sarah put MO to shame.

  140. Can I have Cindy for FLOTUS?

  141. Pat J: ROFL~!

  142. regency: It will keep you out of trouble.

  143. Tearjerker Warning at Alegre’s place:

    Yes, Hillary, We Were In This For You

  144. Not to trivialize, but stuff like this is an indicator:

    Sarah is taking off with American women.


    What Women Want — Palin’s Glasses (Opticians Report Surge In Requests For Palin’s Frames)

    SAN DIEGO — Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is not just rocking the political world — she’s creating quite a frenzy for opticians with her signature frames.

    Reports coming in across the country say that eyewear companies haven’t seen interest in a pair of glasses like this in years. According to USA Today, the U.S. distributor of the frames keeps getting calls from dealers who want to stock the exact shape and style Gov. Palin is wearing.

  145. I have a feeling that living with John may not be the easiest life.

  146. Do women really wonder what kind of father we guys will make? Yikes.

  147. Okay, Cindy just lost me. If the Federal Government just gets out of our way?
    Ask the former residents of NOLA how well that works.

  148. WMCB: The Jackie Kennedy phenomenon. Remember the pillbox hats and the gloves?

  149. Cindy has a marvelous husband. Give me a break. His steadfast devotion to honor.

    My God, go ask his first wife how he treated her/

  150. Upstate: Only women who want to have babies.

  151. Pat J: I’ll happily get into trouble with Cindy, and Sarah, and Hillary and Bill…and Terry Mac and Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschile and some other people.

  152. Upstate: You are the exception to the rule.

  153. She doesn’t hate local or state government. She said the FED government get out of the way. Remember she has had to put up with the DC Repubs and Dems disrespecting her husband for about 30 years–DC can be a very hateful place (I live here).

  154. Couldn’t Cindy-she’s obviously a very good woman-say that the Federal Government can partner for good?

  155. regency: Study, study, study!

  156. Cindy has such a great story — listen to them go wild over Gov Palin

  157. Pat, being married to a short-tempered old Navy Commander myself, I can attest that it’s not. But he is an amazing man, and I adore him.

  158. uh, not really, upstate. maybe republicans do.

  159. Carol: Where’d my friend Cindy announce her “Pro-choice” leaning?

  160. did she say mother of five or motherfuc%$#

  161. I’m in love with 3 women – Hillary, Sarah and Cindy.

    Their kids are beautiful also.

  162. Pat do you have your foot up?

  163. Carol: I was in love first.

  164. I don’t know, Seriously, watching mister play with his kids had a huge impact on the way I felt about him. And I’ve never been a Republican.

  165. Seriously; Propped on the printer.

  166. My Dad was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross too. And we kids only found out when my grandmother told me. Dad wouldn’t talk about it at all.

  167. Where is my Hillary?

    I hope they don’t go pimping her out this week to save Obama’s butt AGAIN. He sure can’t close the deal, can he.


  168. Regency & Carol: I was in love first. From the moment she said, “I didn’t spend my life baking cookies” I know that was the woman I wanted to bake cookies for.

  169. katiebird; ♥

  170. wow Katiebird — I put my hand on my heart for your dad. I have such respect for our military – especially those who went to war.

  171. I’m grateful to the Republican Convention for reminding me why I can’t vote for either slate.

  172. Need to read a bedtime story (I use my laptop to find them). Hoepfully son will be sleeping soon so I can see the maverick in chief.

  173. Hillary’s going campaigning for Downticket dems in New York next week i think it is

  174. SophieL: From the moment I looked at those technicolor pantsuits and thought, “Damn she’s fine” I was in love. Then she started talking and I was smitten.

  175. fif, on September 4th, 2008 at 9:05 pm Said:
    O’reilly declares that Obama is not a wimp.

    Bill is confused. Just because Obama is ruthless and a bully, doesn’t mean he isn’t a wimp.

  176. 2008 Cindy – first lady

    2008 Michelle – back to Illinois.

    2012 – President Hillary Clinton

  177. Was that your first meeting, though, katiebird?

  178. Regency: I think you were about 2 years old when I first was smitten.

  179. SimoFish: Ditto

  180. Just got home from spending some hours with friends.

    A prominent Rightwinger told me that the DNC revived the Republican party because with Hillary, there’s no Palin who is pretty much the future of the party and McCain’s meal to the WH.

    He said he really spent days praying for Dems not to have Hillary on the ticket in any way, shape or form.

  181. Is “none of the above” an option in November?

  182. SophieL: That may be but I was already in love with her husband then. It just took me a while to see her own inherent charm.

  183. MABlue: I can believe it.

  184. I respect Cindy but her speech is not very good and wayyy toooo longggg.

  185. I like Cindy.

  186. SimoFish, on September 4th, 2008 at 9:51 pm Said:
    2008 Cindy – first lady

    2008 Michelle – back to Illinois.

    2012 – President Hillary Clinton


    America is worth fighting for! Country First!

    Keep going PUMAS!

    We have the Obamathugs on the run!

  187. Actually Regency, it was my umm adoration for Hillary that allowed me to vote for Bill (I was a Jerry Brown fan in those days).

  188. NH — she’s not a great speaker — but so much better to look at than Michelle.

    I love Cindy’s smile — not really paying much attention to what she’s saying – sad to say. She’s pretty.

    Michelle — not pretty !!

  189. Thanks everyone. He was really principled about not talking about his experience. During the Viet Nam time he was VERY much against the war. And he took a lot of sh!t from people about it without ever telling them about his past.

    Which I think is almost as brave as his war experience.

    I’m not nearly so principled. When my mother-in-law sneered at my parents for not allowing us to watch movies with guns (when we were kids), I didn’t miss a beat in telling her about dad’s metals. Boy did it shut her up.

  190. SophieL: Were you the one holding up that sign that said, “I’ll vote for anyone smart enough to marry Hillary”?

    From the media you’d think this woman was hideous but I’ve found pictures of her from the 90s that are GORGEOUS. It’s like be still my heart. One of them is my deskktop wallpaper actually.

  191. I like Cindy, but she is not a good speechmaker. Very gracious, but boring. They should have shortened it.

  192. Ciny has a certain strength along with a ton of grace. Michelle is full of anger and carries a chip on her shoulder.

  193. Simo: Michelle could be pretty if she wasn’t filled with so much hatred towards Hillary. She has a very unattractive chip on her shoulder (channeling Katherine Hepburn)

  194. BO and MO will be in that used mini-van heading back to Chicago. I can hardly wait.

  195. God, I am so not one of these Repugs!!!

  196. Sophie: I actually saw a pretty picture of Michelle but I can’t stand the woman so the positive halo didn’t last.

  197. SophieL — she has 2 HUGE chips on her shoulder — she’s ANGRY. Do we have a therapist in the house?

    Color Purple “you sure is ugly”

  198. Pat Johnson, I hear that.


    The Obama campaign is out of toilet paper.

    Hmm…I wonder why that is?

    Sounds like Obama is running low on M.O.M.



    Go Johnny Go!

    John and Sarah ’08

  200. Regency, if you’re talking about Hillary–she’s still gorgeous.

  201. Couldn’t they have at least “hired” some minorities and sprinkled them throughout the auditorium. I think I saw one.

  202. Cindy has walked the walk. She is someone that deserves a lot of respect. She could have just lived a life of riches but she has worked to make things better for the less fortunate. Isn’t that really our ideal leader. Someone who actually produces results.

  203. Piper Palin for Prez! Even up in the stands with her mom–she is so busy organizing and seemingly bossing folks around…I just love her.

  204. Oh Cr@p, Brazile is back. Go away…you’re ruining my quiet enjoyment of the RNC.

  205. Isn’t it fun to be the bad guy/girl?
    Meechille face froze while she was kicking and screaming when Sarah was speaking.
    She won’t be out for awhile.
    Whiners are so annoying. Even my kids knew better than to whine if they really wanted something.
    To 2012 and a Clinton presidency. By then maybe the idiot dems will get the message and back the best.



  206. I don’t think there are 24 people there under the age of 50!

  207. SweeetSue: Who you telling? I drool over her to this day. Then again I always have loved older women. I love Stockard Channing and actually had a mini-birthday party when she turned 60 a few years back. Have you seen Mary McDonnell? Redhead, actress, temptress, and Hillary supporter who played a female president on tv. 55 I believe.

  208. And these people lack rhythym as well! Holy moly!

  209. That was really brave. I know some soldiers who got treated badly for being against the war even though everyone knew they were vets. if they hadn’t known about some of tehir experiences the treatment would be ten times worse.

  210. Heh, that’s a lot of people I know. I’m black and my rhythm is lacking.

  211. they are smart – 70% of the voting block look like those folks on the floor

  212. His mom is a pistol!

  213. I think Cindy saying that the Federal Government has to get out of our way three days after Gustav made landfall was lamentable.
    Sorry for harping but I’m a New Deal Democrat.

  214. I was impressed with Cindy. She has been doing that work for years, but I had only heard a little about it.

  215. Names people call him (giggle)

  216. She looks like Barbara Billingsly

  217. katiebird: Now that you mention it, yes, she does.

  218. I think Cindy saying that the Federal Government has to get out of our way three days after Gustav made landfall was lamentable.
    Sorry for harping but I’m a New Deal Democrat.

    And that’s a huge reason, I’m uncommitted. Sure that I won’t vote for Obama. But totally up in the air other than that.

  219. His mother said she never asked him about his time as a POW “It never came up”, and they never spoke about it. I think there is a clear case of narcissium there.

  220. Damn he is good looking!

  221. SweetSue: You are so right!

  222. Wow. Just went out for a cigarette and find that someone just stole my McCain yard sign within the past 30 minutes. So much for free speech.

  223. Was he ever a “community organizer”?

  224. Regency, glad to hear it. I always say that Hillary is beautiful and sixty.
    When someone says to me-and it’s coming-Gee, you must have been really pretty”, I will say “what makes you say that?”
    Then, he’ll answer “because you’re pretty, now” and I’ll say, “why didn’t you just say that in the first place?”

    Beauty is only skin deep but cheekbones are forever.

  225. I really hope John McCain nails this.

  226. lol SweetSue, my grandmother turns 90 tomorrow and is as beautiful as ever. Cheekbones ARE forever.

  227. Wow. BIG poopie by the bot. He has digestive issues, obviously.

  228. Dude, I think a bot just got my AIM address. It’s interesting so far.

  229. concerned, if you have a problem with someone, take it up with them. We don’t know, okay?

  230. I just hope to God he does not start each sentence with “my friends”. I will go nuts!

  231. concerned: it’s not about censorship…it’s about irrelevance.

  232. dear concerned — be careful who’s writing the “facts”

  233. Pat Johnson, my friend, don’t go nuts !!!!!

  234. I would have avoided a green background; we didn’t need to be reminded of that “green monster” speech in New Orleans.

  235. Is that Code Pink again?

  236. OOHHH looky – a nut job just got loose

  237. I’m pretty impressed that he allowed the protesters inside.

  238. I am liking his speech

    After we win the election we will reach out to our fellow patriots and say, lets change this government.

    Code Pink has shown up !!

  239. He handled it, BO would have been going uh, uh, uh, uh.

  240. Okay, I’m officially smitten!

  241. It should have been our Hillary.

  242. Call in on Conflucians Say – 347-539-5420

  243. Who said it last night ? —-

    Gov Palin is a pop star and Obama is so last year !!!

    They LOVE HER !!! I think it’s over — Obama is burnt toast

  244. Pat J: It most certainly should have been Hillary. The DNC is stooooopid.

  245. I gotta say, this is the most photogenic bunch of kids I have ever seen.

  246. The first Hillary reference; the sit down line.

  247. Well, that ‘ground noise and static’ line is about as good as one can hope for in terms of McCain one liners.

  248. “She doesn’t let anyone tell her to sit down”…Hurray!! He admires that about her! The DC crowd will wet their pants.

  249. Piper has a tear in her eye. I don’t know if it’s because they told her to sit down or she was over-taken by the moment!

  250. “Change is coming” ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

  251. John, hate to tell you, but the Repugs carry most of this burden.

  252. Piper is a potential “star” in the making.

  253. I like the way it took the change line from BO.

  254. okay, who am i supposed to be afraid of, again/ we caged protestors, they let them inside.

  255. If I have to listen to McCain or Obama for four years, I’ll volunteer for a lobotomy.
    The only bright spot would be that if McCain wins, he’ll be flanked by two powerful women.
    Still, no can do.

  256. SweetSue: Start now with Jello and soup. I am right behind you.

  257. Pat J: Yes! Piper Palin for President in 2048!

  258. YOU know the Obama camp is shitting their pants — have been since Friday.

    Love what John said — I will VETO every pork belly spending bill and you will KNOW who they are !!!!!

  259. Strange this year, not having a dog in the race. I can look at both parties objectively and realize they both suck. Sad year for me.

  260. Chelsea for President and Viper for VP

  261. But John, what do you propose to do? Specify something!

  262. Simo: They are Tom Delay.

  263. Bill said vote candidate Y!

  264. Pat Johnson, there’s a special pre-lobotomy diet?

  265. Clinton/Palin 2036!

  266. SophieL: You speak the truth.

  267. SophieL — go get the popcorn — I will make the Pink Puma’s and we’ll sit back and laugh. They might have poisoned our dog — but our dog will heal and come back in 2012. The DEM dog will be beaten on Nov 4th and taken out to the pasture.

  268. SweetSue: We can drink it with a straw. No muss, no fuss.

  269. Pat Johnson, count me in. I could stand to lose a few.

  270. Is this the Repug Convention or is the Dem Convention still going on? Because this speech is as bad as those we suffered through last week.

  271. I have a confession to make. I used to love Bob Dole for his sense of humor and one liners. He got in trouble for a few of those and had to cut that out, but a politician who can make you laugh (and talk about himself in the third person with a straight face) is priceless.

  272. Haven’t seen any Bushes anywhere….Whew!

  273. Is it me, or was this crowd a lot more enthusiastic for Palin than they are for the standard bearer?

  274. John, try December 2000.

  275. We don’t need a “super star” in McCain. We don’t need a comedian in McCain. We need an honorable person that will represent this country honorably and let us see Piper occassionally.

  276. “God-given potential”

    Is that Hillary?

  277. Pat J — I like this speech — I think he’s doing a great job — well, for John McCain — he’s missing the styrofoam pillars, granted — but I like the pork belly spending —

    John McCain hasn’t taken 1 penny for AZ

    While we know Obama loves the pork for the racists churches.

    Go read this article –


  278. This is utterly booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg!

  279. Regency: It is.

  280. Pat J: That’s why we write comments while they’re talking

  281. MA code word.

  282. Yeah better behave or Piper will have to go back to Alaska.

  283. Just to give you an idea: I prefer the pain in my little toe than listening to this.

  284. A vote for McCain keeps Piper in the lower 48!

  285. But Hillary’s health care would have worked. You both suck on that one.

  286. There’s little doubt that McCain is an honorable man, but his policies are-in my opinion-wrong, wrong. wrong.

  287. Pat – you look like you need a cocktail so you can get through this. Can I pour you an ice cold Tequila?

    Anyone else? I only have the good stuff.

  288. Message: All you rich Repugs are going to get richer!

  289. SweetSue: He’s a Republican. What do you expect?

  290. Patrone?

  291. Don Julio?

  292. Hillary will get Universal Health Care for us. That is the deal she made with John.

  293. SimoFish: Yes, and extra ice cubes please. I dip my piggy while I am contemplating banging my head on the wall. It is called multitasking.

  294. SweetSue — keep repeating – Hillary 2012, Hillary 2012, Hillary 2012

  295. But we’ll need community organizers for that, John.

  296. Don Eduardo

  297. If John loses and Piper has to go back to Alaska, the Terrorists will have won!

  298. Do we know how any of this is to get funded? My bank account does not look too healthy right now if they expect to raid it.

  299. Carol: lol

  300. Well, he just lost the teacher’s union…oh yeah…they never get the teacher’s union.

  301. Hi all – got here late and it took me awhile to scroll through. How many people here are going through Hillary withdrawal?

    We either all need Betty Ford clinic (if they have a cure for Hilladdiction) , or Hillary needs to come out and let us rinse our eyes on her.

    I’m listening to McCain -looking a little. Cindy is a force to be reckoned with – not to be taken lightly, I see.

    But I am so sick of watching guys (no offense guys here) in dark suits. I don’t want to be voting for or looking at more guys in dark suits.

    Gimme our gorgeous golden girl in the pretty color pantsuits !!
    Gimme Hillary back – I’m gonna barf listening to all this CRAP!

  302. So — 3 shots coming up — Don Eduardo is about $70 a bottle — I keep it in the freezer.

    Pat – your toe can’t have Don — sorry.

  303. “No child left behind, only bad teachers”.

  304. “We’ll find new jobs for bad teachers.”

  305. Pat — did he say that or did you say it? I was reading Still4hill —

  306. Drill, drill, drill. If we use it all up and there’s no more left, can we talk about alternative sources then?

  307. All those “bad teachers” better get ready to drill, drill, drill.

  308. Piper will be weeding out the bad teachers!

  309. Shit – it’s not the wells – it’s the refineries, stupid!! And all the NIMBY people. (I live in NJ – we have refineries).

  310. SimoFish: Me, I am getting bored.

  311. Pat J: Is he sending bad teachers to dental school?

  312. Carol: Stop, I am laughing over here and my piggy hurts!

  313. We need to model ourselves after Brazil — hell, in the 70’s when the oil crisis hit they came up with a plan, executed it brilliantly and now are independent.

    WHY CAN’T WE DO THAT !!!!!


  314. The Republican Party is soulless, the Democratic-my-Party is rudderless. Oh God.
    Color me hopeless.

  315. SophieL: With a little “hope” and “change”.

  316. I’m in CT. We have insurance and hedge funds. A cleaner kind of gas.

  317. Everyone has to be Hillary to be electable. How is that fair?

  318. Still4Hill: This blog is in constant state of Hillary withdrawal.

  319. We didn’t invade anybody?

  320. Pat Johnson, are you icing?

  321. Can we please have Hillary back now?

  322. I know my piggy hurts.

  323. Pat – I KNOW – I think I know what heroin cold turkey feels like.

  324. SweetSue: I have a pack on it.

  325. Pat J: Tape it to it’s neighbor toe.

  326. Can I have Bill and Hillary back?

  327. C’mon John…you’re only the protest vote, if that much….start bringing this puppy to a close already.

  328. Eddy, Hillary and Piper are going to campaign for Sarah in PA.

  329. McCain’s voice is having a soporific effect on my cats – I mean pumas. I think he is hypnotizing them.

  330. Pat used all of her tape on Eddy. And her neighbor refuses the offer.

  331. Carol: **&&^&^^&%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )()((*&&!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  332. Wow – that was a slap! (((yawn)))

  333. [New Thread]

  334. Good one, John!

  335. I have about 500 photo’s of Hillary I took over the last year and about 200 of Bill and 100 of Chelsea.

    Nov 5th – Hillary HQ for Oakland, CA is my house !!!

  336. Hillary?!!

  337. That girl was crying – gawd!

  338. Now, BO is going to try to file charges with Child Protective Services for Piper having to sit through this speech.

  339. When someone says to you, “I like nerdy women” and you say, “So do I” what does that tell you?

  340. Come on–There are some really crappy teachers. Read piece by Kevin Carey (New DEM) ” How the Dems Lost Education Reform,” in American Prospect:http://www.prospect.org/cs/articles?article=how_the_dems_lost_on_education

  341. Eddy could say the same.

  342. Another slam! Yay!!!

  343. 2 months from today it will all come to fruition.

    God Bless America!

    It better be Chelsea or Piper on that podium with their Mothers in January.

  344. They are on their feet now!

  345. Oh damn. John and Cindy didn’t do a fist bump. I was so looking forward to that photo op.

  346. Piper is a Sarah clone.

  347. I wish they would cover that baby’s ears.

    There’s our Piper!

  348. If he wins, it will be Sarah who carries him over the finish line.

  349. Just a couple of thoughts to end the day. First, if Palin gives the heave=ho by the Obots and the DNC it will be another twenty years before we see a woman in position to take higher office. After what they did to Hillary, and the debt and enmity she ended up with, a woman without the extra millions, or the amazing resume, not to mention the guts, just isn’t going to try.So Palin is a key to keeping the door open for future generations of women to even attempt for President, including Hillary in 2012.

    Also, I amvoting McCain, and it is for issues. Really basic issues, like compassion, fairness, honestly, integrity. Things like that, because without those, the rest of it just matter a whole bunch.

    Last thought for the day. why on earth would we trust a misogynist to protect women’s rights? Or trust a pair of misogynists, one of whom knows he is and doesn’t give a rat’s a–, the other is to busy with his comb over to even realize he is. Why would we trust a lier and a cheat on any position, no matter how good it sounds? BO has beencaught lying and flipping so often there is no telling what, if anything, he really believes in. And, why would we think that our reputation in the world can be repaired by a man who had no problem disenfranchising two states, and appropriating delegates, just to get nominated? No matter what the hippies in Germany were shouting at him, I”m gonna bet that the leaders of other countries can see exactly what he is, and what makes him tick.

    Just thought s at the end of the day. But the idea that I don’t care about issues has really started to bug me, I have been getting the same tripe from friends two or three times a day, and I am a bit insulted that they don’t think I am capable of doing my own research and remembering what I hear and see for more than a few days. Momma didn’t raise no fools.

  350. Has anyone considered what O will do to Senator Clinton should he win? My guess is worse than Lieberman. What will Senator O’s cabinet look like? Will he offer a position to Hillary? I doubt it. Since Senator McCain has promised that his cabinet will be representative of both Dems and Republicans, there may be a spot for her there. McCain and Hillary are good friends; and he respects her. He knows what occurred here; he knows how the party turned on her, and how the party chose O. My hope is he will once again think outside the box and put her on his cabinet. He’s a wise man. He’s had O’s number for a long time.

  351. Happy birthday, madamab. You are a Virgo and a virago and I mean that as high praise.

    Your dad is in my prayers. TIA’s are very scary. The good news is that he can get treatment to prevent a stroke. He will live a long and happy life.

    Just got back from my mom’s. Holy heck – what a monsoon. I hope my Conflcucian friends are safe and sound. Gotta dry off.

    Your Talaxian friend,


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