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The Lions Share- Tonight on NO WE WON’T radio

Hey, gang! Why don’t we get together and put on a SHOW? Tonight, we kick off the first official segment of the Lions Share on NO WE WON’T/PUMA Radio at 8:00PM EST. Darragh, Sheri and I are now on the same station. Here’s the line up”

Sundays at 9:00PM EST- NO WE WON’T with Sheri Tag

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10PM: Conflucians Say

Wednesday at 8:00pm EST: The Lions Share with Sheri Tag

Saturday at 9:00PM EST: Murphy and Friends.

Drop in and say “Hi!” as we discuss politics as only we know how by, er, winging it.

190 Responses

  1. I’m watching Gov. Palin tonight and sending out a prayer for her and her family.

  2. I love the idea… but tonight I willbe watching Governor Palin but it is a GREAT IDEA 😉

  3. I will be watching Palin’s speech, but I hope the show goes great!

  4. What time is Palin’s speech?

  5. I’ll be watching Sarah tonight but later, you’ve got me.

  6. Could I make a small suggestion…

    Each time the various participants begin to speak could they please self identify. I get confused.

  7. Obama once again shows what a no class act he is by injecting himself on the national stage with O’Reilly on the same night that McCain accepts his nomination.

    Counter that with McCain’s congratulatory video to Obama for his historic nomination.

  8. I’ll update the sidebar with this information.

    I think it’s great. Are you on now?

  9. 6:00 Mountain time .. I am on the west coast so .. I now sure if that is 8:00 or 7:00 .. my time ..

    that is what I heard or read somewhere ..

  10. Join Larry Johnson for a Post-Sarah Chat on BlogTalkRadio! »..

    “We need YOU to watch her speech — take notes! Listen to the post-speech gabfest on all the networks, and tell Larry Johnson what you hear!

    We’ll start up the show at 11:00 p.m. ET and we may go until 12:30 a.m. ET! ”


    link was too long .. so.

  11. Charles, have you seen the Obama ad, Don’t know much about History?

  12. Steve Corbett’s on now so there’s plenty going on right now.

  13. New troll meme (from No Quarter)

    Comment by innocent bystander | 2008-09-03 18:27:00

    How do the tactics now being brought to bear against Palin differ from the tactics that have long been employed to try to bring down Barack Obama?

    Nobody wanted to stick to the issues. Now we’ve got the sort of campaign everyone seemed to want.

    Another new troll species for my life list.

  14. I am very interested in Palin’s speach.

    I just heard O’Reilly say that the reason Mc picked Palin was to attract women voters.

    Am I living on another planet because most women I know believe vehemently in a woman’s right to choose…whatever the choice. Many if us had planned to vote McCain as a protest but now find that Palin’s positions are just too extreme…..she says she will fight for eevery life, is against stem cell research, approve aerial hunting…ugh!!!!

    No doubt, Palin will help Mc with evangelicals and conservatives, but I think it is hurting him with clinton voters.

  15. Oh right…I was just dying for a campaign about “biography”. Ginne a break.

  16. Not this one, angry.

  17. sally quinn is on o’reilly saying that women should stay home and take care of their kids….this is what “women for obama” want? jesus christ..

  18. There are a series of ads out today. They are all there. Not to mention Ferraro’s interview on GMA this morning. She just about calls herself a PUMA.

    I love Gerry, but I wish she would clarify in her interviews that PUMA is NOT just a protest to the sexism in the campaign, but has many different dimensions. Most notably, we object to the fraud, corruption and violation of fundamental democratic principles such as Fair Reflection. She always focuses the entire PUMA agenda around sexism when she refers to us. But, love her.

  19. I wish Sally Quinn would just STF, seriously. She also hated Hillary and after HRC’s suspension speech, she wrote this incredibly patronizing article suggesting that Hillary should go on a retreat, perhaps to a monastery, and reexamine herself. What gives this woman the right to think she is the ultimate authority on how we should all live our lives? And why do papers and TV give her a forum?

  20. angry artist: I don’t think we’re the reason McCain picked Palin. I think we’d be the bonus, but not the reason. Palin shores up the Repug base in a way McCain hasn’t been able to. She gets the religious folks, the gun folks, and the oil folks. Next, she injects some excitement into this because of her age and good looks. Then she gets the Clinton men (you know, the small town guys clinging to their guns and bibles). And finally, she may get us.

    The thing about a protest vote is that it’s just that: a protest vote. Those PUMAs who will vote Repug this time are not expecting to like the candidates, just to give the boot to the one they don’t like.

  21. I heard FOX talking about Palin’s speech tonight, revealing certain quotes. She is coming out strong, slamming Obama for patronizing small town Alaska and the elite DC media. “I have news for them, I am not going to DC to gain their approval, I am going to DC to serve the American people.” Woo hoo! This is going to be good.

  22. hey if anyone is interested truthisgold is actually at the Palin speech and asked if I would provide a link to her blog. I guess she will be live-blogging or running commentary… her link is


  23. Great idea! I’ve been having the best time watching the obamabots underestimate Sarah and trash her. I think they’re going to be in for a rude awakening. Shhh, don’t tell the obamabots though. I think they’re too young to handle that, let them nap.

  24. sally quinn has needed a pie in her face for years.

    I was involved, deepyly involved, in the fight to pass the ERA and I never heard of sally quinn in real time. For the past 15 years every time she is introduced on my tv she is called a leading feminists.

    She is a ratfucker and has never ever been a feminist. As far as I know she was given the title so she could constantly trash Bill Clinton.

  25. Sally Quinn wants women stay home and take care of kids, eh? Don’t make me laugh.

    Why listen to her? If you had a question on seating plans for a dinner party and you absolutely had to get the right answer, ask Sally. Otherwise, leave her out of your life.

    She wrote a book on how to entertain that included advice like ‘greet your guest with his favorite alcoholic beverage’ and ‘serve lots of salty hors -d’ouevres’ (so that people will drink more.

    She’s a DC society hostess. Who cares what she thinks?

  26. VAcardinal, she can also do all the swinging and serious fighting and leave McCain to be the man above the fray, all magnanimous.

    And if Obama swings back, he loses ground with women voters. Tough shit, I say. He should lose ground with women voters. He has no business whatsoever expecting ANYONE with tits to so much as piss on him if he’s on fire much less vote for him.

  27. VAcardinal: I agree. They have had several days to paint her as a token, bimbo, self-centered monster. So now, millions are going to tune in, and be very surprised to find an intelligent, strong, charismatic woman with strong convictions.

  28. He has no business whatsoever expecting ANYONE with tits to so much as piss on him if he’s on fire much less vote for him.

    LOL! Great line.

  29. Dee – Leading feminist, my eye. Sally Quinn never got over the fact that Hillary didn’t come to her on bended knees to learn how to “entertain in DC properly” right after Bill was sworn in.

  30. For those that want to support Hillary’s causes

    Senator Clinton Announces Legislation to Address Soaring Cost of Home Heating Oil

    Clinton Stresses Need to Provide Relief to New York Families

    WATERTOWN, NY – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced that she is introducing new legislation to address the soaring cost of home heating oil.

  31. Anyone has a link to that article on Sally Queen in Salon? Can’t find it

  32. Well, I see why Carly Fiorino didn’t make the real short list. If you’re not listening, don’t.

  33. Cinie: ROFLMAO!!! I was just thinking that myself! (Well—something very similar!)

  34. Off topic.

    Drudge in 1998 is KOS in 2008.

    How it works – Overnight you think up a lie. Post it in the am. By noon it is on CNN, MSNBC and FOX as they just rip it and read it. By 7:00 pm the lie is repeated on ABC, CBS and NBC as they rip and read.
    By 7:15pm the lie can not be pulled back. That evening the major newspapers drop it into tomorrow’s papers.

    The cable stations, networks and papers love this practice. It saves them money on research and reporters.

    The nutroots are worse but at least they don’t have any ethical or legal obligations to do otherwise.

  35. OFF TOPIC,,,,The Last Hurrah is on TCM right now…
    With Spencer Tracy

    It’s about a political boss seeking re-election as mayor…

  36. Cinie and Sophie – ditto.

  37. I was surfing tv awhile ago and saw Tweety and Pat Buchanan talking. Pat was laughing and asked Chris if he was going to be fair after the speech and say it sent a tingle up his leg. Tweety was not amused.

  38. Two comments.

    1. I am really uncomfortable reading people say over and over again that so and so needs to “STFU”. We should be able to counter their arguments, ridicule them and tune them out. No need to boss anyone around.

    2. If any women want to give Sally Quinn the finger, this male wouldn’t mind staying home with the kids while the female life partner pays the bills.

  39. OMG Janis — you are cracking me up — I can’t decide what is the best line of the night:

    “He has no business whatsoever expecting ANYONE with tits to so much as piss on him if he’s on fire much less vote for him.”
    “For them feminism is a hobby for their books & pink gel vibrator.”

  40. Hey, National Enquirer now has a story about Palin having an affair. Edwards story, was right, Monica story was right …

  41. Ok, but ya know, NE has had tons of stories about Obama cheating. Not every story is accurate.

  42. National Enquirer also had the Obama/Larry Sinclair story John — they are probably right about that one too, huh?

  43. No wonder Obamanation is in a tizzy!

    Teh Precious looked in the mirror and asked “Who’s the fairest one of all?”

    The mirror showed him a picture of Sarah Palin and told him

    “Dude, you are soooo 15 minutes ago

    Sarah should avoid eating apples until after the election

  44. I have the convention on with the sound off. They have an AA man with an unfortunate necktie on the podium talking about energy. He seems to be chanting “Drill baby Drill.”

    At least, that;s what the closed captions say.

    Go look at the tie against the background.

  45. Ha! Ok, I guess I deserved that!

  46. Bright blue shirt.
    Wide yellow and black diagoanally striped neck tie
    Orangey red background on podium screen.

    Drill baby Drill
    Disco Inferno
    Drill baby drill

    Oh, now Mittens is up.

  47. Well well well. Speaking of the books and vibrators gals, a NOW spokesperson had this to say when asked about Palin:

    A spokeswoman for the National Organization for Women, noting Palin’s opposition to abortion rights and support of other parts of the social conservative agenda, told Politico, “She’s more a conservative man than she is a woman on women’s issues. Very disappointing.”

    NOW disgusts me. They called Palin a man? How very sexist of them. And trotted out the old choice scare card. A spokesperson for a “feminist” group not only had not ONE peep to say about the misogyny, but basically outright said that a pro-life woman is not even a real woman. No, her struggles and achievements don’t count, or merit defending.

    BOTH sides use choice as a political tool to bludgeon women, and have for decades. NOW is chief among them.

    So I am finally stepping outside that abuse and saying to both: “You know what? PUT UP OR SHUT UP. You Repubs want to outlaw abortion? Then BRING IT ON MOFOS and let’s throw down in the streets. You Dems want to stand up for women? Then STAND THE FUCK UP ALREADY and make it safe.”

    I cancel my NOW membership tomorrow, after giving them an earful on the phone.

    I am NOT playing this game anymore. Stop the Kabuki dance.

  48. People are all entitled to their opinions, but I’m sure we can all agree on this … a white man with as little experience as Obama or Palin would never be considered for President or VP. That’s just a plain old indisputable fact.

  49. When the media is done “vetting” Sarah Palin, will they start on Obama finally?

  50. Hi, Mittens! (waving)

    Mittens is wearing a conservative blue suit, and ice-cream white shit and a bright blue necktie with a small pattern.

    (Contact Deseret Beehive Industries for more info)

    He is in full Vitalis mode although his stylist has softened the look by feathering the sides a bit.

  51. The guy in the tie – Micheal Steele, former Lt. Gov of Virginia.

  52. Unlike TEh Precious, Sarah Palin got where she is by winning elections – real ones, where she had tough competition and all the votes were counted.

  53. Charles, they did that with Bush. They had no remorse for their part in pushing him and his war on this country.

  54. Mittens wants to save children from pornography, promiscuity and drugs.

    He is ranting about raising a generation of “government dependency.” You tell ’em. Mittens.

    I rant back “And if the family lives in Utah they have to work even harder because they have to tithe 10% to the Mormon church!”

    Mittens rudely ignores me.

  55. Hey, National Enquirer now has a story about Palin having an affair. Edwards story, was right, Monica story was right …

    Oh hi “John,” just stopping in to spread some smears? The McCain camp already responded, you’re way behind. They slammed it as an outright lie. When was she having the affair, when she was pregnant with the alien 3-headed baby you have probably concocted?


  56. I can’t get the radio to work

  57. Can I just say, Mitt Romney gives me the creeps.

  58. TelePrompTer placement is soooo important. Obama’s is always slightly above his eyeline so that he seems to be speaking from on high. Romney’s is at proper height, but somehow that takes something away from his air of authority.

  59. Man o man o schevitz. I can see why he didn’t get picked as VP.

  60. Mittens needs to go home, get barefoot, and mind his kids. Mittens needs to go change some diapers, and tend to packing those lunches. All those men up there do.

  61. Hello?

  62. fif – Got my smackdown already and admitted I deserved it thank you!

  63. Fif:

    Romney didn’t build some huge empire. He was handed Bain and a pile of capital. He’s a salesman by trade. That’s it. Doesn’t matter whether you’re selling cars or selling equity placements. He’s creepy because he’s a salesman — plain and simple.

  64. Do I have to create an account or something to get out of moderation?

  65. John, you are wrong. Kaine was widely touted as a GREAT pick for Obama. He has about the same experience as Palin. Gov. for two years.

  66. I think John’s mom had an affair with her brother. (the guy John calls “Uncle Dad”

  67. alan colmes just referred to Palin’s speech as a “coming out party”….

  68. WMCB: Was that a new quote by NOW (ie: since the media onslaught happened)? I just asked earlier today if NOW or Gloria Steinem or any other (liberal) feminists had spoken up.

    If that is a new response they are the worst kind of hypocrites. If they will not defend ALL women, regardless of Party affiliation, they are dead to me.

  69. alan is just jealous that he looks like shit in his deb gown.

  70. It seems I’m the only one here in moderation. Does that mean I can see everybody’s comments but they can’t see mine? Can anybody hear me?

  71. fif, it was on politico in a compilation of comments from various leaders today.

  72. Helloooooo…

  73. What’s being done to Palin is nothing new; it’s the equivalent of calling Michael Steele an Oreo. It’s the old slash and burn applied with greater intensity for a presidential election. We’d see it if Janice Rogers Brown were nominated to the Supreme Court.

    With the thugs now setting the Democratic party line, women and black people don’t count when they’re the “wrong” sort of woman or black.

  74. I CANNOT STAND Alan Colmes. He’s like a needy, nerdy, whiny, ‘please love me’ Obama sycophant. “But…but….but…” Did you see him desperately trying to get in his BO talking points to discredit Palin on earmarks and Big Oil? Rove laughed at him dismissively and turned away.

  75. Palin can’t be less qualified than Obama.

    He searched and searched trying desperately to find someone less qualified than himself to be his VP nominee.

    There wasn’t anybody

  76. OMG LOOK

    It’s a LOLPUMA.

  77. I got a call from the Denver Post for an interview after Gov Palin’s speech — they told me she’d be speaking at 7:37 PST —-

    the leaks from Fox has Gov Palin kicking Barrys butt all over the stage tonight,

    RD – pass the popcorn !!!

  78. I guess this is a private site or something? I can’t find anywhere to create an account.

  79. WMCB: as I said, dead to me. Not another dime.

  80. If anybody else can see my comments, will you please respond? If not, I guess I’ll give up. Is anybody watching the convention? Ritt Momney just got done.

  81. WMCB – You made a good point, Mayor of Richmond Virginia, Lt. Govenor then Govenor of Virginia is comparable. But making the list is quite a bit different from being selected, right? And the actual pick, Biden, has 35 years in the Senate. Brings up a good question though, what’s the ‘lightest weight’ white male candidate in the modern era? Bill Clinton, Jack Kennedy?

  82. Oh well…

  83. Right back atcha Charles. Sorry for the occasional #$*@…sometimes the anger and frustration make us furiously inarticulate and only certain words come screaming to the surface.

  84. I’m sure Sarah Palin has boots with fur, but does she have the jeans?

  85. I think John’s mom had an affair with her brother. (the guy John calls “Uncle Dad”


  86. They’re talking about the “elites”. Elites schmelites. All the top people on both side have advanced degrees and make tons of money.

  87. Huckabee is up. I have no idea what to expect from him. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak, just keep hearing he is so “likable” and his values come from the Middle Ages.

  88. Here’s Huckabee. He does seem like more of a decent guy than the rest of them. Hucka bucka buck a bee. I don’t think we could have a president named Huckabee. Just doesn’t sound right.

  89. Huckabee is a good guy

  90. Lightest white male candidate! You rac-

    Oh, “‘lightest weight‘ white male candidate.”

    never mind

  91. Will someone tell me where to create an account so I can be in the conversation?

  92. I hate Huckabee’s politics, but he was on the Colbert show and damn if I didn’t find the guy funny and likeable.

  93. Problem is, John, you are comparing the Dems starter to the Repubs second-stringer.

    Going around bragging that “my starter is just as good as your second-stringer” is laughable.

    McCain did not pick a long-time experienced Washington hand because he didn’t NEED one to prop up a record of accomplishing absolutely ZERO, as Obama did.

  94. Yes, he’s just a decent fellow.

  95. Arabella – good one!

  96. Huckabee: the presidency is not a symbolic job.

    “Barack Obama’s Excellent Adventure to Europe” LOL!

  97. Pleeeeeeease, can I participate in the conversation? Is there someone I need to email to get approval?

  98. Huckabee is slick. He praised Obama’s (bless his heart) historic nomination. It says great things about America!

    Then he says “but being president is not a symbolic job.”

    Ooo. burn,

  99. So far I’ve seen Romney and Huckabee is speaking now. These guys are both terrible speakers. They stink.

  100. Hello all! I never log in at night but tonight I decided what the heck (thats for you Charles)

  101. I just saw a woman in the audience wearing a really big NOBAMA button!

  102. Nothing historic about Palin or Hillary.

  103. Is there a technical problem, maybe? I’m using the new Google browser, “Chrome”. Everything else seems to work OK.

  104. Kennedy was a very smart guy, actually. Cold warrior, tax cutter, named a Supreme Court justice who voted with pro-lifers. His rhetoric was magnificent, and he certainly would not have needed a teleprompter.

    I almost feel like November 23, 1963 was the day America was assassinated.

  105. Good point NH, they always seem to skip over that don’t they?

  106. WMCB – No, I’m not comparing Palin and Obama … but I agree with your point. Obama and Palin are arguably close in experience, but Palin is running for VP, correct. My point is, why were either of these 2 people even under consideration? Neither is close to ready for this kind of responsibility. Personally, I think Hillary was about VP caliber (at this point) based on experience, but you can certainly make a case that she could be President. It’s like we all said … ok, gotta have a non-white male this time, experience is secondary. IMHO.

  107. Predictable reaction to Palin’s speech:

    ZOMG! Did you see what all those other people said?

  108. Okay enough of Huckabee

  109. Ouch!

    Palin got more votes running for Mayor of Wasillah, AK that Joe Biden got running for president of the US!!

    Woo hoo. Great line.

  110. Leave it to Romney and Huckabee to remind me that I detest Republicans.

  111. Abortion is the hook they use to control both parties.

    Nice line from Huckabee: Palin got more votes for mayor then Biden did for President.

  112. Now Huckabee is talking about his home town where the three heroes were “Jesus, Elvis and FDR. Not necessarily in that order” The crowd chuckles.

    Now Huckabee is attacking big gubment. The crowd fans itself with posters.

    Now he praises Sarah! Everyone jumps up and applauds. Tired of hearing Huckabee’s home-town homilies, no doubt.

  113. Hey John how are Obama and Palin close in experience?

  114. John, it is also about money. Obama brought in bucket loads of money and Nancy saw $$$$$ for Congress.

  115. I detest Huckabee. He’s an ass.

  116. (katiebird is officially undecided but, in any case she is NOT a Republican)

    Love the Sarah Palin Countdown timer….

  117. fif –

    lol… Damn. That was funny. Sorry Joe… 😉

  118. This whole convention has pretty much been a zinger-fest. Not too deep with policy or specifics. And like Guiliani who’s every sentence was a noun, a verb, and “9 11”, McCain’s every sentence and everybody else’s is a noun, a verb and P.O.W. This is really starting to dishonor his service. They should stop pimping his service. How about his legislative accomplishments or some policy specifics? Hmmm?

  119. SophieL – Yeah, I’m glad I’m watching this. It’s sobering me up.

  120. OK, well I guess this is a private thing. I should get back to work anyway. You really should put some instructions for creating an account so people can join the forum

  121. Yes, John, please tell me how the lives of the people of Illinois Obama was elected to serve have been improved since his time in the Senate. Be specific. What has he done in his role as Senator?

  122. Huckabee telling a story about a psycho teacher who took all ot the desks out of her class room and wouldn’t let the kids have desks.

  123. There really are some pretty decent Repubs too bad they weren’t invited. LOL

  124. NH – Palin and Obama are both lightweights, first of all. That said, ones was a mayor for a number of years of a town of 7000. Then 20 months as a governor. The other a number of years in the state legislature, then a few years in the Senate. Both extremely bright, talented, driven people that might have been ready for ‘the big time’ in about a decade.

  125. The nice thing about Huckabee is that he is not on the ticket. Yay!

  126. Am I in a Doctor’s waiting room? I feel like I just read a story from Reader’s Digest.

  127. Huckabee is causing me lots of eye-rolling…

  128. The kids couldn’t have desks until they told the psycho teacher how they’d earned them.

  129. No. It’s the Republican Convention

  130. I am not asking about time in office John, I am asking what they DID while in office. Palin beats Obama hands down in that department.

  131. John, Obama is a lightweight Palin is not. You really should try to think instead of just accepting the talking points you are told.

  132. WMCB – You repeatedly keep trying to put me in the Obama camp when I repeatedly say that he is NOT READY for the Presidency. I want people to stop looking at the color of skin and plumbing and stop the reverse discrimination and choose candidates based on experience and proven ability, not ‘bright’ people that show a lot of promise!!!

  133. why isn’t the fact that Biden has made a career out of running for president (since 1988) and never even made beyond a 2nd tier candidate?

  134. After imprisoning the children in the classroom for days without desks, the psycho teachers raises the ghosts of Civil War Soldiers, WWI dough boys and WWII veterans. They give the kids the desks.

    And that’s the rest of the story.

  135. Governor of HI speaking about Palin. She’s also a woman.

    Proven leadership skills and strong moral character.

    This woman is really dull too. She-is-speaking-in-a-very-staccato-way.

  136. Arabella lol! You are clearly not a conservative Republican.

  137. John,

    I don’t know any author here at The Confluence talking about skin or plumbing. And none (that I know of) have openly endorsed anyone for president.

    Our commentors bounce a lot of ideas around but, the election isn’t for months. We’ve got a lot of time to make up our minds.

  138. What’s wrong with Obama’s plumbing? Has he seen a doctor?

  139. I guess they’ve stopped trying to attract the Hillary voters for awhile.

  140. katiebird – Right! No plumbing preference here!

  141. I think this Governor just graduated from a Community College Speaking Seminar.

  142. Governer Lingle (sp?) introducing Sarah.

  143. John, I am not interested in talking about the plight of the poor embattled white male and “reverse discrimination” with you in a year when I have been repeatedly told my gender is garbage and unworthy of even being treated like a human being.

    Cry me a river for the poor white male.

  144. Arabella:

    The people who subscibe to Reader’s Digest eat that stuff up with a spoon.

    Do you know how many people subscribe to Reader’s Digest?

  145. John: One step to far there Johnnie boy. I believe the people here ARE talking about EXPERIENCE. Geesh!

  146. “plumbing”?

  147. Lindle is terrible speaker. These folks are reading from the teleprompter. An eight year could do a better job.

  148. Who does John think we should vote for? Nader?

  149. (blinking)

    John? A recurring theme of this election cycle is the “historic candidacies” of Hillary and Barack. Are we supposed to be so untouched by popular culture that we don’t discuss how we feel about the reasons that those candidacies are “historic” after all this time?

    I’m a site administrator here and I think it’s more my responsibility to direct the tone of the conversation here than it is yours.

    So, at this point, I think we’ve got nothing left to say to each other.

    Thanks for the interest.

  150. “Sarah is a leader and a winner.”

    Words, no matter how eloquently deliver, will never substitute for the real decisions of a Governor that produces real results.

  151. Listening to Reverend Huckabee reminds me that the modern Republican Party’s ideas are 180 degrees from my own when it comes to governance.
    Totally different philosophies and the country is split straight down the middle.
    The problem is that the Republicans have demonized Liberal philosophy while, we on the left, have begged to differ with Conservatism.
    So, can’t vote for McCain because of his philosophy; can’t vote for Obama because of the chicanery.

  152. Hellooooooo?

  153. WMCB – I appreciate the honesty … no pretense of choosing a candidate based on ability only, gender is a factor for you. Of course, your vote, your choice. But that is sexism.

  154. Nice job hitting back on the experience argument, but they could do it harder.

  155. hi sweetie – So vote downticket dems.

  156. myiq – No idea. kbird made the comment about Readers’ Digest. I read it 45 years ago to find articles about the tragedy of teen pregnancy and Humor in Uniform. Haven’t read it sinde.

    alice – John won’t say what he means about the color of Obama’s plumbing. I think he’s being coy with us.

  157. The experience argument is just a ruse its all about sexism.

  158. Ohh. Now she’s getting tough.

    “I think it’s funny that these people from the other Party criticize her experience, when they have ZERO executive experience.”

  159. “#
    myiq2xu, on September 3rd, 2008 at 9:47 pm Said:


    The people who subscibe to Reader’s Digest eat that stuff up with a spoon.

    Do you know how many people subscribe to Reader’s Digest?”

    10+ million?

  160. Cindy in her shamrock green patting the baby

  161. SOD – LOL!!!

  162. SOD – right on Alaska!!!

  163. The democrats lost this election.
    Gov Palin has not even spoken yet but listen to the Gov of Hawaii.
    If only a few demcrats had the spine to stand up for the best we could have won.



  164. Here’s the difference between the parties right now:

    Republicans give speeches that disturb or even scare us. Democrats give speeches that reassure and give us hope.

    Then they all get together and do what the GOP wants

  165. I will vote downticket if I vote.
    I’ll bet Ted Strickland would have been on Hillary’s short list for VP and he’s been governor of Ohio for two years, but would the Media en masse have screeched about his lack of experience?
    We all know the answer.

  166. Excuse me should read democrats or dimocrats talk your pick

  167. myiq2xu, on September 3rd, 2008 at 9:57 pm Said:
    Here’s the difference between the parties right now:

    Republicans give speeches that disturb or even scare us. Democrats give speeches that reassure and give us hope.

    Then they all get together and do what the GOP wants
    Meet you all after the speech.

  168. helen, I heard that MSNBC did not show this female governor’s speech. They only showed the male speakers.

  169. Speech post up

    new post

  170. sorry on blog talk radio charles that commmercial so reminds me of the Johnson commercial of the girl in the field picking flowers andthe bomb going off in the background-

    Powerful it aired only once and it cost Goldwater the election-


  171. myiq2xu – Spot on.

  172. (nodding)

    What MyIQ2xu says….

  173. Fuzzy – What Commercial?

  174. Okay, did I miss something? I thought Governor Palin was going to speak at ten o’clock. Here’s Rudy Ghouliani? I’ll opt out till Palin.

  175. Too bad we’re already got it wrong, Rudy.

  176. fif, on September 3rd, 2008 at 9:35 pm Said:

    Palin got more votes running for Mayor of Wasillah, AK that Joe Biden got running for president of the US!!

    Woo hoo. Great line.
    It was a great line and it sure got my attention but it’s totally false. Sorry, I’m just so tired of misinformation.

  177. New post,

    New post,

    New post

  178. I stopped watching msnbc months ago.
    weak men who are afraid of women annoy me.
    they are usually all talk and no action.



  179. Gloria Steinem did speak up for Hillary. She’s one of the greats.

  180. “People are all entitled to their opinions, but I’m sure we can all agree on this … a white man with as little experience as Obama or Palin would never be considered for President or VP. That’s just a plain old indisputable fact.”

    I don’t agree with that at all. First off, obama’s race has nothing to do with it. The Democratic Establishment closed ranks behind him because they wanted to stop Clinton, period. We’ve had plenty of white male doofuses as candidates, if he were a white man they would have acted exactly the same way, gotten behind him to try and stop her. Second, for all of the doofuses we;’ve had as Presidential candidates, that goes double for VP candidates. Have you ever heard of Dan Quayle? Not to say that Palin is a doofus, but honestly the way they;re acting you’d think we live in Plato’s Republic with the Number 2 who’s stuck in a thankless job consistently the best and brightest of us all.

  181. gloria steinmen got right behind obama

    only Geraldine is a true friend and lets add Lady Rothschild

  182. … a white man with as little experience as Obama or Palin would never be considered for President or VP.

    What do you think we’ve had for the past eight years?

  183. Go Sarah!

  184. they’re chanting his name! LOL

  185. the Alaska delegation are waving orange flags. A big shout out to Hillary!

  186. ha! good point.

  187. I must say, the McCains and Palins make an impressive visual when gathered together.

  188. Santa Vaca! that was a speech-oh and what a sense of Humor-

    Palin I like her but I dont know why?

    Boy makes me think gee why isn’t Hillary our Nominee?


  189. “sally quinn is on o’reilly saying that women should stay home and take care of their kids…”

    Then what the hell is the hypocrite doing on O’Reilly?
    Shopuldn’t she be home??

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