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Sarah Spoke: New Thread


Did she hit her target?

508 Responses

  1. OMG!

    Unless they give us Hillary back, you just witnessed the next Vice President of the United States!

  2. She’ll do. The only thing I fi=ound a little distracting is she scrunches her nose when she speaks for effect sometimes. Otherwise I think she did good.

  3. If her target was Teh Precious’ royal jewels, she hit it over and over and over.

    I have never seen somebody look sweet and charming while beating the shit out of a guy.

  4. Well, she slam-dunked the biased media and BO in one fell swoop.

  5. I think she hit a grand slam, I’m in a house with six women voters who are all Hillary supporters but I have to tell you we really liked Sarah. I think she was very real and fresh.

    McCain/Palin 08

    Country before party!!

  6. CWaltz: I noticed the nose scrunching thing too. This was certainly a larger crowd than she’s ever addressed before, and she didn’t do that in her campaign appearances, so I think it was due to the size of the venue and an attempt to project.

    Obama response, typical Burton: well delivered, but her speechwriter sounds exactly like George Bush…McCain voted 90% of the time with Bush (another talking point that is a distortion–all Senate votes are unanimous), same divisiveness etc.

    So, Obama can be snide and derisive, but that’s not divisive? I CANNOT STAND his campaign spokespeople! They always have the same snotty tone.

  7. fantastic speech! She REALLY is a good speaker! “authored 2 memoirs but no significant law”

  8. She did exactly what she needed to do, and it seemed to me that she was speaking directly to the Party base: small towns, fiscal responsibility, patriotism, elitism, hard work and sacrifice.

  9. Cambell Brown on CNN says Palin was speaking to Hillary voters.

    She is getting excellent reviews on CNN

  10. Out. Of. The. Park.

  11. She hit a homerun!! Look out Obama/Biden…..Sarah’s gunnin’ for ya!

    Excellent speech!

  12. Sarah did a good job.

    I cried. I didn’t really how truly upset I was about Hillary until Sarah started speaking. My mother told me a long time ago that life isn’t fair, but DAMN! Hillary took all that sh*t, and another woman comes on the scene in the last 12 minutes of the movie and reaps all the rewards.

    DAMN! I’m taking this so personally. My hatred for Obama and the democratic party is now complete. I can’t even blog about this sh*t. Damn.

  13. I was surprised by how many jabs she took at Obama, really snide at times (some great one liners), and I thought: they are really going to come after her now. They better prep her hard core for a foreign policy debate with Biden.

  14. Notice that McCain was wearing an orange tie. Hmmmm….

  15. Iloved that she took ownership of her family proudly after the mus that has been slung. She repeated almost everything we’ve felt about the Obama since he began campaigning. It will be hard for America to resist her. She is a proud American and not very bitter, except toward Washington and the media. Thanks for the media hit she doled out: “I’m not going to Washington for you, I’m going for the American people”. Too bad for Brazille and Pelosi and Dean and Ried. We’ll hear from the Cheeto crowd tommorrow, nobody else will be listening.

  16. Oh yes. She did incredibly well, the big BO and Biden must be very nervous right now..

  17. They are unusually quiet at Balloon Juice

    They’re probably hiding in the closet with both hands protecting their junk, waiting for the scary woman to go away

  18. I’m a-tellin’ ya, the Republicans have been grooming her. Vetting my ass. I’ll betcha they hand-picled her in 2004 and trained her rigorously. Bristol Palin was the only unknown and teenagers are incredibly fertile. The GOP doesn’t fuck around. Once again, the DNC took for granted that the country was ready to throw the bums out. Once again they miscalculated. It’s hard to believe I’m a Democrat sometimes. (Ok, technically, I’m unaffiliated)

  19. I think Republicans tricked us again.

    We blacks are at home in the Dem party but let’s face it, Republicans gave us the current black SCOTUS.

    Hispanics are mostly at home in the Dem Party but Republicans gave us the 1st Hispanic AG

    Republicans gave us the 1st black Sec of State, 1 black National Security advisor

    We Dems have thw majority of women in our ranks, the smartest and most accomplished, heck the smartest person to run for POTUS in this cycle was a woman but now watch:
    Republicans WILL have the first VPOTUS.

    Nice going Dems, you got punk’d.

  20. Beautiful! We finally have a politician with the courage to speak up against Miranda rights!

    It’s about time!

  21. David Gergen compares Sarah Palin to Ann Richards. That sounds about right to me.

  22. Wolfson: Biden better bring his A game to the debate. She stuck the knife into Obama with a smile. Very effective, very very good. That picture of her on the stage with her family, cradling her baby, was priceless. You can’t buy that kind of advertising….I don’t agree with any of her policies, but in terms of stagecraft, she was very good.

  23. Was John McCain wearing PUMA orange? You know I always thought the “orange “references were to KOS…I didn’t know it meant PUMA.
    Well. from one puman being to another, I found her delightfully imperfect and natural.
    This is my first republican convention (and hopefully my last).
    And has Juan Williams been snorting Kool Aid powder?
    Finally, as a mother of a child with a disability, I appreciated the acknowledgement.


  24. myiq: LOL! Their “junk”! I didn’t even know that term existed until I saw Juno.

  25. If he is comparing her to Ann Richards, that is excellent praise.

  26. I like Sarah and she’s a great speaker. I have to say though her stands on issues is far from me. Besides the abortion issues, she’s against stem cell research, she pro-drilling in ANWR (sp?), etc. . . She doesn’t believe climate change is manmade (despite all the studies).

    She’s a conservative Republican, so I don’t think I will vote for her. But I do like her and I’m glad she’s on the ticket.

  27. I liked her. Snarky for barky…..she said everything Hillary wanted to say but couldn’t lol. She was real. I can just see that vein popping out of barkys neck lol.

  28. Krauthamer said they didn’t just throw red meat out there – they slaughtered a small cow on stage during Sarah’s speech.

    Or, should they say a couple of jackass donkeys?

  29. Ok guys I have a problem: Love the Lady, not so much the audience. (Haha!)

    A little sad thought about Hillary, It should have been her and us there. God do I hate the dem party right now. (still do not like the reps though). I am without a party. Just fellows PUMAS around.

  30. One of my side highlights during Sarah’s speech was watching her youngest daughter cuddle and kiss the baby. Didn’t you just LOVE it when she licked her hand and used it to comb down Track’s hair? It melted my heart. That is an American family!

  31. DAMN! I don’t have access to a television so I’m gonna have to watch later but from all accounts I’m assuming she did a great job. I don’t agree with Palin on the issues but I’m happy for her especially after this rough week. The Democrats are going after her because they know they are in deep trouble.

  32. She opened a can of whoopass on the media too, basically telling them to fuck off.

    There’s a good chance they will respond by groveling. They love to be abused, especially by Republicans

  33. Charles Krauthammer: as a woman, she had to show her toughness, and she was excellent, and she did it with a smile…she appeals to the base AND the center. Her small town story was reaching out to the Reagan Democrats, not for reasons of gender, but because they are socially conservative. She did an extraordinary job.

    But…her lack of history in terms of CIC, which matches Obama’s, undermines the entire Republican message of BO’s inexperience, and there’s no way to cure it. (He wrote a piece about that this week).

    I think that she is the VP candidate, and it hurts him much more.

  34. I think she did a great job. I like her. She’s no Hillary, but I like her. She’s gutsy and went right after Obama and the media sh!ts. I say good for her.

  35. Her youngest daughter is absolutely precious. Did you see her anxious to stand up and wave to the crowd? And then with the baby…

  36. No matter who wins in November, we’ll be seeing lots more of Sarah Palin in the future

    Too bad she’s a Republican

  37. i thought she hit a home run. i realy like when she whent after the pied piper & the media

  38. I noticed today that Hillary is totally silent. She CANNOT be honest right now. The Obama camp wants her to slam Palin, and after what she has been through, she will never do it–on a personal level. As usual, she will make it about policy and the direction of the country. I’m sure she loved some of those zingers toward BO though!

  39. Oh Voter – I noticed the youngest daughter grooming her little brother’s hair, too. Sweet!

  40. wow! Palin was fantastic!

    time to trot out my “ooooooooooooo, barracuda” gear!


    the “styrofoam greek columns” quip was brilliant!

  41. He says one thing in Scranton and another thing in San Francisco.

    Wasn’t it wonderful, and almost shocking, to see someone FINALLY TELL THE TRUTH?!

  42. She NAILED IT!!!
    Great Job Sarah!
    That was an “orange” tie McCain was wearing; could it be to “us”??!!
    Just so happened Hillary had an “orange” suit on last week that , ALSO seemed, “out-of-place”!

  43. the “styrofoam greek columns” quip was brilliant!

    That was my favorite!

  44. FrenchNail, I’m without a party, too.

    I’m glad Sarah throw the zingers at BO. It just makes me sad that I have no one to support.

  45. John – a flying leap. Senator Clinton, like President Bill Clinton, will continue to rise and shine no matter how many times someone tries to extinguish their light. Ain’t happenin’.

    Btw, on my favorite lines: “The difference between a hockey mom and a bulldog? Lipstick.:” LOL!

  46. These guys weren’t in a stadium with Greek columns but Gov Palin and her family provided great imagery.

    In addition, you can’t help but be moved each time you actually see that McCain can’t raise his hands above his shoulders. It’s something different if you just know it .

  47. I liked it when she equated foreign policy with NOT being a community that “needs to be organized” pointing out his naive approach.

  48. Palin said everything about Barack that should have been said in the primaries. I am convinced McCain will get elected.

  49. Hillary can give speeches, but Palin will probably ignore Hillary while continuing to praise her.

    Hillary isn’t running anymore. Obama and Biden are.

  50. she was fantastic. after all the hysterical and despicable abuse of the past 5 days, she came out smiling and clearly on top.

    the oborg is doomed. 🙂

  51. I am without a party. Just fellows PUMAS around.

    LOL! I know the feeling!

  52. If this were the WWE, that speech was the equivalent of taking Obama and Biden and throwing them clear over the ropes.

  53. What shorterm memories some of these pundits possess. Gov. Palin was going after BO’s “qualifications” the same way she’s been grilled, raked over and scritined since she was selected as McCain’s running mate. She gave as much as she got, and then some.

  54. John,

    Hillary is not worried about Sarah. Are you serious? Did Axelrod send you over here?

  55. Spare us John. Dame Hillary is no shrinking violet and she’ll have plenty to do in the Senate. Keeping crazy McCain in line along with the frickin spineless Democratic majority.


    Spot on!!!


  57. This roll call vote actually is breaking my heart.

  58. She more than held her own. She stepped on a couple of her own lines, but they’ll still read well in the press. Overall, the Republicans did a much better job slamming Obie tonight than the Dems did with their “McSame” slams last week.

  59. felizarte, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:39 pm Said:
    Palin said everything about Barack that should have been said in the primaries. I am convinced McCain will get elected.

    But had Hillary gone after Barack in similar fashion she would’ve been labeled “r*cist” and — oh, wait. Nevermind.

  60. I like the idea of Hillary being the Senate Majority Leader—it’s a very powerful position.

  61. Me too, KB. I can’t stand it that the Republicans actually follow their own rules instead of Nancy rules.

  62. I had no doubts before the speech that Sarah would be a “barracuda.” She delivered a great speech. After barely getting through Giuliani (which was nauseating but I kept thinkin he was almost through and I was fixing dinner), I found myself saying “thank God I’m not a Republican.” Sarah is definitely a conservative!! I could never vote for that ticket or be one.

    I also cannot vote for Obama and throughout Sarah’s thunderous and long applause, I was sad; so sad becuz this should have been Hillary. So, I am not a Democrat, either. The princess treatment that Sarah got/gets only makes me realize the strength and tenacity of Hillary Rodham Clinton! She’ll be back!!!

    Yes, I, too, noticed the orange tie that mcCain had on. Some of the media in their afterwards comments said that the speeches tonight were directed towards the 18 million Hillary voters.

  63. Loved it !!! I couldn’t even eat my popcorn !!! It’s over — she just brought home the bitter gun totting folks, reached out to a lot of women, and parents with special need babies and she kicked his ASS.

    I think myiq2xu said it best — which will now be the secret weapon —

    I have never seen somebody look sweet and charming while beating the shit out of a guy

  64. Besides the abortion issues, she’s against stem cell research, she pro-drilling in ANWR (sp?), etc. . . She doesn’t believe climate change is manmade (despite all the studies).

    Florence: where did you get your information? Some of it sounds like MoveOn.org distortions that they have been passing around. I work in the green industry, and she did NOT say she doesn’t believe climate change is manmade. She said the evidence is not conclusive re: human impact on climate change, and that is true–we do not know a direct relationship scientifically. Also, if you hear her talk about drilling responsibly in AK, with environmental sensitivity, it sounds like she really knows her environment and how to protect it. There is so much misinformation flying around about her right now. Let’s wait and hear it from her directly. They are taking a lot of her statements completely out of context right now.

  65. Climate change isn’t all manmade. Water vapor is the largest greenhouse gas and humans have absolutely nothing to do with it. Which isn’t to say that means we should ignore CO2. I daresay the child of a science teacher is more than likely able to weigh scientific evidence.

  66. “Michelle? Is that scary mean woman still on television? I don’t like her, she reminds me of a younger Hillary

  67. I have never seen somebody look sweet and charming while beating the shit out of a guy

    LOL!That’s perfect.

  68. Anderson Cooper: She smiles as she’s driving in the knife, and you don’t even know it’s happening.

  69. I made the mistake of going over to TalkLeft. Thank goodness Jeralyn has lost so many visitors. Hardly any comments there. She had the nerve to call Sarah Palin a “hick”. Aren’t the Democrats in enough trouble trying to get white working class voters and Southerners? When will the Democrats learn that calling Republicans “hicks” actually helps them win elections.

  70. She has great comedic timing and she looks like Tina Fey. Anyone else think that?

  71. John you sound dumb. Hillary is plenty charming. I daresay if she weren’t she wouldn’t have received more votes than Obamakins(who had to have Nancy and Howie rig the vote).

  72. Great speech. They’re going to win. Too bad it’s not Hillary.

  73. ooo, Donna — Hillary supporters support Obama.

    Oh, and Sarah gave a speech that was written by someone else.

  74. RD, I find John’s anti-Hillary bias truly offensive. Please take a look. I don’t think he belongs on this site.

  75. John,

    I don’t agree with you at all. That’s all I have to say to you.

  76. grayslady,

    I think John is a T-R-O-L-L.

  77. FIF, Thomas Friedman has a piece in the NY Times today on this issue (climate chnage). I work on this issue–the evidence is all there that global warming is happening and that it is manmade. We need to act quickly or small islands in the tropics will be under water.

    As for stem cell research: it been in a number of places. McCain is pro-stem cell research, but Sarah isn’t.

    Sarah is a conservative Republican. That’s one of the reason why McCain picked her–to solidify the base.

    That said I still like her. I just can’t vote for her.

  78. (giggle) @ KatieB.

  79. BB–I agree re troll.

  80. Sara Palin looks a bit like Barbara Feldon–Agent 99!

  81. A hick? I was born in North Dakota, and grew up in Kansas and Indiana. I guess I’m probably a hick to Jerelyn too. I guess I’ll survive….

  82. John, are you kidding? We can appreciate that Sarah did a good job, but Hillary is light years ahead in terms of brilliance, experience and power. You will not get a good response if you start dissing HRC here. We are very raw and extremely protective.

    Tonight, my father started making cracks during her speech, and told me to…here it comes: “Just get over Hillary.” My head almost popped off. Did they all get an insult manual with the same lines or something? Then, “I’M FOR THE PARTY.”

    Me: “So, you’d rather elect a corrupt politician?”

    He thinks the Republicans are going to further bankrupt the nation, giving all the revenues to the wealthy. I don’t know what will happen with the economy, but I don’t trust Obama with it either.

  83. THIS Hillary supporter doesn’t support Obama. Donna made darn sure of that.

  84. Palin would not have been nearly as compelling if Hillary was the nominee. Nor would have Guiliani been as good. They both would have blown it out their asses about bigger govt, socialized medicine, tax and spend liberals – all old, worn out arguments, used successfully against Dems in the past. It would not have worked this time. Obama gives the Reps so much to target and Hillary would have made a much better case against the Repubs at the Dem convention.

  85. Some observation from the Corner.

    Not Just Olbermann [Stephen Spruiell]
    These MSNBCers are visibly depressed.

    Andrea Mitchell is glumly interviewing a beaming Rudy Giuliani. By contrast, when Mitchell was reporting from Invesco, she gleefully recounted the Democratic delegates’ reaction to Obama’s best lines: “Whooee! Whooee!” she said into the camera.

    Kicking it back to Keith after the Rudy interview, a crestfallen Mitchell said, “The war has begun.” Indeed.

    MessNBC had put everything into an Obama victory. If that doesn’t happen, this network may go down.

  86. Phoenix: yes! Very astute observation.

    I think her husband resembles Ed Norton, the actor.

  87. A year ago the GOP was depressed and facing a rebuilding period while the public forgot about George Bush

    They were covertly helping Obama only because they wanted to stop Hillary and put a weak Democrat in the White House hoping they could regain the Presidency in 2012.

    Other than that, they were going through the motions, not really expecting McCain could win.

    That all changed after tonight.

  88. “I have never seen somebody look sweet and charming while beating the shit out of a guy.”

    Wasn’t it hilarious? So sweet, so endearing, so mart and capable–so mess with me and I’ll rip your b—– off. .lol

  89. John said: HIllary is 60 . . . I’m just curious; does that mean she won’t be as effective when she’s older? Or, as pretty when she’s older? I mean the ripe old age of 64, say? Just what does it mean? Plenty of the men that are Presidents and Congressmen are in the 60’s and above. Just curious.

  90. I don’t understand why Andrea M. is so in the tank for BO, being married to Greenspan.

  91. and the people in Scanton, PA liked Hillary drinking at a pub…wait till they see this….the woman didn’t even flinch.

  92. fif, I still feel raw about Hillary, too. I’m still not over it.

  93. Please get this John guy out. He’s a sh**faced troll who’s going to be slaughtered by me if he stays on..

  94. Fif,

    Sarah is a worthy adversary for Hill. That said in addition to being bright, charming and a fighter, Hillary is actually right on far more issues then Sarah IMO. There isn’t a contest had Hillary been on the ticket. Unfortunately the dumba$$es at the DNC made sure that didn’t happen. I guess I’ll vote for Sarah, wait for McCain to finish demolishing the GOP brand by ignoring infrastructure needs to lower taxes and pray the Democrats grow a pair sometime during the interim.

  95. fif,

    Check out this photo of Barbara Feldon:

  96. And yes, from the last thread:

    f***, I can’t stop crying. This could’ve been Hillary. That could’ve been us screaming with pride.

    A thousand curses on you, Obama. May your hearth be iced forever. May your tongue turn into a cobra’s tail. May the ink in your pen become drier than solid carbon dioxide. May your genetalia lose its nitric oxide. May you never win an election or a gamble or a game in your entire worthless life.

  97. John is a troll. Our safe home has been invaded.

  98. Tina Fey is very attractive, but right now she wishes she looked like Sarah Palin

  99. John’s a bot who’s trying to convince us if we don’t get on the Misogyny Train, HRC is done. Sorry son, but if Obama wins, she’s done and she can’t run again without getting rid of of the party hacks who torpedoed her this time, anyway.

  100. Greenspan and Banana Republic Barack have lots in common. They are both shameless and in the tank for corporate America.

  101. Jeralyn called her a hick? I thought that during the speech: that the elitists and spoiled Obots would think she was a small town hick. Guess what? That is EXACTLY what is going to win her the swing states. They, pathetically, still do not understand that, and keep heaping on the insults. I would almost feel sorry for their obtuseness if I didn’t remember how horrible they have been.

  102. fif,

    I really sympathize. I just got back from a 10-day visit with my parents. Usually we all agree on politics. My mom voted for Hillary in the Indiana primary, but now she’s going to vote for Obama. No matter how much I tell her about him, she and my dad are both convinced that McCain is the devil incarnate. They listen to NPR and watch PBS, and they are brainwashed, unfortunately. Luckily, Obama will not carry Indiana, so they won’t be responsible if he privatizes social security and starts WWIII.

  103. Sarah Palin knocked the cover off the ball. I’m impressed and encouraged. Couldn’t help but think about Hillary though. What could have been. Well, who knows — when the Berg lawsuit hits the fan . . . .

    You gotta give it to the Repubs tonight — they solidified their base. “The Media Elite . . . .” Tweety was about to squirm out of his chair and start kicking and screaming on the floor. A soccer mom with lipstick — their new pit bull attack dog.

    Forget Donna. Can’t stand to even see her on TV. Gotta hit the mute button fast.

  104. John, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:27 pm Said:
    Hillary who? McCain has mentioned only serving 4 years. Then it will be Palin. I can’t believe how impressive she is.

    Folks, this is the new troll line.

  105. Sarah Palin. I like her….a lot. Her policies are totally antithetical to mine.

    Her talent is her ability to turn the knife while looking beautiful and smiling.

    Her other talent is that she is plain spoken. Just says it like it is….love the family.

    Now…the structure of the speech to me was boilerplate. Pedestrian. Now that the speechwriters know Palin, I think the next speeches will be better tailored to her.

    Her delivery was excellent and she was at home at the stage.

    Enough of John Mc Cain and the torture. There is no one that does not know the story.

    I will contribute $$ to the history of having a woman on the ticket, but not likely to vote Republican.

    But I am still totally pissed at the Democrats. What a bunch of fools.

    Hillary still is the best !

  106. Bostonboomer,

    That’s exactly what I’m going through with my mom. We got in a fight a couple of days ago about politics (same fight as you.)

  107. Sarah is a worthy adversary for Hill.

    I don’t see that–not yet. I think Hillary would completely dominate in a debate. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is breathtaking.

  108. OK, let’s see some PUMA YouTube genius come up with a Palin-as-Agent 99 video. Here’s a start:

  109. Good night, fellow PUMAs. Sweet dreams.

  110. grayslady: I’m so sorry our uninvited guest bothered you. I have asked our security people to escort him to the spam filter. Would you like another drink?

  111. I just got off the phone with my friend who is a devout Republican and who is privy to info via someone who worked for Rudy’s campaign. Maybe someone already posted this but I haven’t seen it. Apparently, Palin was Rudy’s pick and he really pushed hard for her, but no one thought McCain would have the balls to actually pick her. I thought she did a great job.

  112. RD, I agree with grayslady about John

  113. I see the DNC reporting BO for all of his illegal dealings. I still believe we will have Hillary!


  114. Thank you, RD. John was getting my nerves.

  115. BB: Yea, my father’s line was: “McCain is a good man, but he’s a REPUBLICAN. They only care about the wealthy.”

    He doesn’t want to hear about BO either. If we give them real information, it creates too much cognitive dissonance, because they have nowhere to go. It just infuriates me when I am patronized with the “get over Hillary” line. As if I’m a heartbroken 15 yr. old. I am heartbroken about Hillary, but it is about so much more than that–a simple issue like democracy.

  116. Good night Florence!

  117. If Hillary had lost fair and square, we would have been heartbroken, and we would have “gotten over it.”


  118. Sorry, OT, but OMG, Jeralyn over at TL has completely lost it. Check out her latest thread: a hit piece about a National Enquirer story claiming Palin had an affair with one of her husband’s friends. A story denied by the McCain campaign. And to think I once had a high opinion of Jeralyn (last week, was it?). Jeebus…

  119. Gordan in Kansas @ 12 a.m. (is it that late already?) – I’m with you – still wondering if there could be some miracle, like revelations from the Berg lawsuit that could force Barry to resign, and have the DNC beg Hillary to assume the top of the ticket. Sadly, it would be up to the DNC to do that.

    Greta Van Sustern just noted Obama authored to autobiographies, but no major legislation. God bless her husband, who switched from raising $ for Hillary to $ for McCain (he could switch back if HRC stepped in).

  120. fif

    I’m not buying the “dumb hick” line Jeralyn is selling. I would put money on Sarah Palin being quite knowledgeable and capable o running with the big girls(and boys).

    Then again I live with the proverbial “dumb hick’ and the guy absolutely smokes me when it comes to knowledge. That said, he doesn’t advertise that intelligence. He likes it when people underestimate him. He finds it amusing.

  121. I couldn’t figure out what John was doing–he kept contradicting himself. Concern troll, I guess.

  122. I say Hillary and Sarah work nicely together and we will evolve enough to have a Hillary/Sarah 2012 Ticket!

  123. fif,

    Thank goodness my parents didn’t say “get over it.” My mom really wanted Hillary to win and she still feels that way. But, as you said, the cognitive dissonance is too much for her to deal with.

  124. I’m hoping that the Dem party, now running scared, will finally trot out the breakfast roll call vote (their secret weapon) and declare Hillary the true nominee.

  125. Edwardian, I agree, Hillary couldn’t, given the circumstances in the democratic party. I still think that Hillary has a good chance in 2012, even if she runs against Sarah. By then, the war in Iraq will be over; the euphoria will be gone by the third year of the McCain adm. and the economy will still be a mess. And the Clinton campaign (just like in 1992) will be based on “the economy, stupid.”

  126. Hillary is still the best and is light years ahead of Paline. But think of it this way. If Hillary was our nominee, the Palin would not have had the material to work with that gave us such good belly laughs. Hillary would have been unstoppable.

  127. I loved her speech! I thought it was pointed without being sarcastic, humorous, subtle and still specific. I especially liked the line, something about the Presidency not being a “Journey of self-discovery.” A direct stealth hit on all that is O.

    And the thing that blew me away was Guiliani – “How dare they ask this woman if she can do her job and be a mother? How dare they? They wouldn’t ask that of a man.”

    The GOP is standing up and defending her. Not like those democratic Jackasses.

  128. It’s just a darn shame Sarah Palin is a republican. She did well tonight…she did what McCain and the Republican Party needed her to do and that was make Obama seem rather ridiculous.

    Mountain Sage

  129. If Obamanation and the Obama-loving media think they can sell people on the idea that Sarah Palin is an unqualified right-wing extremist, they are insane.

    If they were depending on superior speechifying, they fucked up.

    Sarah Palin is a formidible politcian

    That is not an endorsement of her policy positions, just an assessment of her abilities

  130. Andrea is still pushing the pro-Choice. These people just don’t get it and just can’t sell it. If they cared about pro-choice, they would have taken the cure for CDS.


  131. RD, I sent you an email…

  132. CWaltz: exactly, that’s the point. Elitists think you have to go to Harvard to be smart. Small town Americans and people who come from all kinds of different backgrounds have talents, skills and intelligence of their own. The dismissiveness and condescension is so alienating, and because they are in their bubble, they do not realize it works against their goal of winning. They can’t help themselves–they really think they are superior human beings because they have money and went to prep school.

    BTW: I went to prep school and an Ivy League school, but I come from a small town, and my mom’s relatives were coal miner’s in Western PA, so I have an interesting perspective on both worlds. I like the coalminers much better…

  133. Bret Baeir loves Sarah!

  134. RD-LOL! Thanks, I could use a drink after his drivel.

  135. Carol, is wish that were true, but a lot of women in this country can, and are, manipulated by the pro-choice issue.

  136. Warning! Warning!

    Everybody get a flak jacket, go in cover!

    The Obama campaign just came out with a brutal, vicious response to Sarah Palin’s speech. It’s forceful. Just read while you’re protecting yourself:

    The speech that Gov. Palin gave was well delivered, but it was written by George Bush’s speechwriter and sounds exactly like the same divisive, partisan attacks we’ve heard from George Bush for the last eight years.

    If Gov. Palin and John McCain want to define ‘change’ as voting with George Bush 90 percent of the time, that’s their choice, but we don’t think the American people are ready to take a 10 percent chance on change.

    Wow! Was that a pathetic little fart or what? Did Jesse Jackson sr actually go ahead a cut Obama’s nuts off?

    That’s the only way to explain this response.

  137. Harry Reid just described Palin’s speech as “shrill.”

    Oh no he didn’t!

  138. Carol, there’s a thought. Even if they didn’t it might be nice to watch a debate between the two. It might not evolve into a contest about who has the most testosterone anyways. I think Sarah and Hill would get on great when it comes to special needs kiddos. There is a start. Children might actually have a shot at being more than a pretty picture on the campaign trail if women were in charge.

  139. Remember – we as PUMAS celebrate all strong women. We can love Hillary, and we can love Sarah!


  140. Harry Reid just called SP’s speech “shrill”.

    Ladies and gentlemen? Let the games begin.

  141. Laura Ingraham just said an Obama fundraiser friend of hers just told her that “snide might work over there tonight, but people are not going to buy that snide approach.”

    Greta & Laura disagreed, and said they thought she was sharp and funny, and it didn’t come off as snide.

  142. Harry Reid is such a whimp.

    And, wasn’t Hillary’s laugh also “shrill?” Dog whistle people.

  143. The women of CNN are not happy about Harry Reid using the word “shrill…”

  144. I’d like to “shrill” Harry Reid.

  145. I really don’t think anyone has to hold their noses this year.

    The Republicans are going to make sure that everyone understands EXACTLY how weak a candidate Obama is. There won’t be any secrets by November 4th.

  146. BTW – Did you notice that Palin either co-opted or debunked every meme of the Obama campaign?

    And she did it without bashing a single voter in either party.

    If the Obots thought they had heard the last of bittergate,” they were wrong.

  147. I’ll bet Hillary would get a lot more done, even with health care, with McCain/Palin then Obama.

  148. Hillary will have a line to Prez. McCain.

  149. WHERE has Henry Reid been? Was he at last week’s convention? I never saw him….

  150. Juan Williams: I think she can throw a punch, and was surprised as a newcomer on the political stage how much power she has against Obama. She was an expert, like a knife fighter, at cutting and slicing Obama. I think that was pretty effective stuff. She performed like a champ. What I’ve heard from Dems around the country is: what happens when she goes off script.

    LOL! And when BO goes off script/teleprompter?!! I think we’ve seen that uhhh, ummm, ummmm mess.

  151. I bet Hillary and Palin would get a LOT done together–they are both very practical, tough women.

  152. NH and Regency – Ditto with Hillary faring better under McCain than Obama. John will be grateful for many of her supporters voting for their ticket.

  153. Shrill??? Dayum. They just never learn, do they?

  154. It is in retaliation for the word ‘shrill’ that the writer has ventured to call Mr. Lang vociferous. Perhaps it would have been better to call him hackneyed, which would have been closer to the mark, and which is certainly a much more offensive word. The question is–and it is propounded with a modulation so soft that Cordelia herself might envy it–why are women ‘shrill’ when they ask for education? Why are they ‘shrill’ when they secure it? Why, when men demand liberty, are they heroes; and why are women supposed to be ridiculous when they do the same thing?

    Elia W. Peattie, “A. Lang–Misogynist,” Woman’s Journal, December 28, 1901.

  155. The women of CNN are not happy about Harry Reid using the word “shrill…”

    Well that’s good to hear at least. What did they say? A crack in the sexism wall perhaps?

  156. Can’t stand Pelosi and Reid.

  157. Is Harry up for re-election?

    These people are going down. What was the line about Nancy?

  158. Its gonna be close. Too bad McCain has limited committe work in Congress and no social programs he authored. The work on behalf of native Americans is good but I wish he had more.

  159. Wolf wanted to clarify whether the “shrill” remark was about Palin’s speech — or Rudy’s. Campbell looked at him like he’s a moron and said it’s pretty clearly a term used against women….

  160. I read an article earlier that quoted the former Repub gov that she beat in the primaries… he said it is easy to underestimate her.

    Myiq2xu, best summation ever:

    “I have never seen somebody look sweet and charming while beating the shit out of a guy.”

    I lmao many times tonight. She put in the zingers and delivered them well.

    Now the pundits want to know how she handles herself without a prepared speech! What a bunch of maroons.

  161. myiq: I think they’re just getting started. Pissing off voters is bound to come up in McCain’s speech tomorrow night.
    Do Democrats enjoy losing elections?

  162. Even the women who weren’t for Hillary are sick of this shit.

  163. MABlue,

    That’s really pathetic. She sounded nothing like George Bush and I’ll bet Obama voted with McCain 90% of the time. What a bunch of losers they are!

  164. “I couldn’t figure out what John was doing–he kept contradicting himself. Concern troll, I guess.”

    It’s the new troll talking point–oh noes, we have to stop this woman before she takes away HRC’s chance to be the first female President! A Vote for Obama is Really a Vote for HRC in 2016, or, you know, Sometime!

    myiq, it’s kind of pathetic that since speechifying is pretty much Obama’s only discernable talent, he’s not even that good at it compared to everyone elae. You’ve got HRC and now Palin pretty much leaving him in the dust. If I were him, I’d maybe consider trying to develop some other ability.

  165. Another real zinger tonight, I thought, was Giuliani advising BO to “ask McCain” – in reference to the number of times Barack has piggybacked onto McCain’s responses/calls to action (ie Georgian crisis). Not to mention pointing out, in prime time, how many times Obama has voted “present”. That was pretty brutal.

  166. Holy FucK! Ron Paul got his votes from Alabama. Whodathunkit?

  167. What idiots. The are trying to influence public perceptions, but they are inept and making things worse for themselves.

    Anybody in their right mind who watched that speech had to be impressed, even if they are a die-hard Obama supporter.

    So if some independent or undecided voter watched that speech, was impressed, and then hears the Obama campaign refer to it as “shrill” they will likely believe their own lying eyes and ears and Obama loses credibility.

    The Obamanation response is a dumb tactic, shows that they lack class, and once again reminds us that they are misogynists.

  168. McCain is a funny guy. I think we can expect more belly laughs tomorrow.

    I looked forward to McCains and Palin’s speech this week, but I only listened to the Clintons last week. Obama’s voice makes me want to p&ke

  169. Donna Brazile disagrees with the other CNN women- she says that Reid’s use of the word shrill was appropriate…

  170. It seems like everyone is really impressed with her ability to get up on that stage, with the pressure she was under, and deliver such a polished and effective speech.

    Obama’s response is so lame. Anytime anyone criticizes him, it’s always “divisive,” “old politics” etc. Of course, he can

    They just showed the styrofoam Greek Columns back to Hollywood line again. I laughed out loud when I heard that. (Also, when he’s done parting the waters and healing the planet…)

  171. Grand slam. Out of the Park.
    I am a life long Democrat. I strongly supported Hillary and watched as my Party chose a male Jr. Senator with less experience over her. I was crushed. I was going to write Hillary’s name in. But now- after listening to Sarah’s speech- even though I am Pro-choice–I am going to vote for the ticket that Sarah is on. She won me over. Big time. I connected with her– and am so tired of politics as usual and feel that the Chosen One is more of the same–she seems like a breath of fresh cold Alaska air…

  172. She was brilliant! But I have mixed emotions.

    I’m so happy to see her hit it out of the park, but sad that she isn’t on my team. The wonderful reaction she received from the crowd brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy and tears of pain. It’s so sad to see the Republican Party, the “bad” guys that I’ve always fought against, embrace Sarah Palin in a way that the Democratic Party refused to embrace Hillary Clinton.

    I’m not wavering. I’ll vote McCain/Palin if Virginia is close. But I don’t think it will be. It looks like Palin just sealed the deal and I’ll be able to vote for McKinney.

  173. Can someone PLEASE make Donna Brazile go away? I’m shocked, shocked that she doesn’t mind the word shrill. She also said the pregnant daughter was fair game. I will be happy when I never hear that woman’s name again.

  174. Chris Matthews said, “She is a torpedo aimed directly at the ship of Barack and Michelle Obama. That’s what she is. She’s an alternative to them.

  175. I think Sarah Palin is a natural. The speech was very well delivered and the body language went perfectly along with what she was actually saying.

    I think the Republicans indeed have a new star.

  176. I loved watching Sarah tonight—proud and relieved. The mention of “special needs children” was importantly novel….
    True, as someone above noted, the nose scrunch (which hadn’t been present in her speech Friday) has go to go; but she looked and sounded fantastic!, gutsy great, fun to watch, bravely prepared to criticize Obama. (Hairdo needs minor work to make it more professional and contemporary, but that’s minor).

    Before listening to them (e.g., the Dems) assign her the standard Replications positions, I think people should look at her earlier debates (e.g., for governor)—I don’t think she’d want to foist her personal choice again choice on others.

  177. I thought the reference to Obama’s 300 foreign policy advisors was pretty funny too.

  178. A Very Short Comment about Sarah Palin’s Speech…

    Anyone who can erase the stench of Guiliani must be damned good …

  179. Everyone’s acting surprised at how “harsh” Palin’s speech was. They EVISCERATED her over the last two days. Did they think she would whimper and cry and say “thank you, I think I’ll step down from the ticket”??

  180. You know what’s funny, i didn’t even watch BO’s speech last week. Just Hill and Bill’s, and yet I watched Palin tonight. I have NEVER watched any part of any repub convention.

  181. It IS a darn shame Palin’s a Repug, (that cognitive dissonance thing)but if she was a Democrat-then she wouldn’t even be PICKED as VP- and her own party would ABUSE her. Remember that in November.

  182. Chris Matthews said, “She is a torpedo aimed directly at the ship of Barack and Michelle Obama. That’s what she is. She’s an alternative to them. This is not an alternative to Hillary, this is a cultural alternative to Obama and his proposed First Lady. A very direct cultural shot.”

    My response: NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!

  183. The “elite” media is ensuring the GOP base gets fired up and ready to go come election day. Perhaps Barack should tell his ‘chums’ that they’re doing him no real favors.

  184. Hillary is still my girl but I am crazy about Sarah. She hit him hard and with such humor. I thought she was awesome and I can’t wait to see the bounce they get from her. She makes it easy to vote for McCain.

  185. katiebird, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:42 pm Said:

    This roll call vote actually is breaking my heart.

    That really got me all teary..


  186. PS: You know, for me it’s also- and I will be honest- for me it’s about getting a woman to lead the country. After a parade of men leading this nation–I think a woman has a different view and a different way of leading and connecting and understanding. I wish it would have been Hillary. But will go for Sarah for now. How utterly stupid of Obama not to beg Hillary to be his VP. This shows such ego and no vision on his part….
    Take that Howard Dean, Kennedy Dynasty, Biden, Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc.!

  187. The Obots are going nuts on the blogs – she must have hit a home run.

    I was very very impressed !!!

  188. Campbell looked at him like he’s a moron and said it’s pretty clearly a term used against women….

    Campbell Brown actually said something that was pro-woman?!

  189. indigo, on September 4th, 2008 at 12:28 am Said:
    Everyone’s acting surprised at how “harsh” Palin’s speech was. They EVISCERATED her over the last two days. Did they think she would whimper and cry and say “thank you, I think I’ll step down from the ticket”??

    Exactly what I’ve been saying, Indigo. And I think, tonight, Gov. Palin demonstrated she could give it as well as she can take it. And then some.

  190. Center dot, no cracking. She hit it, all right.

  191. Riverdaughter way upthread:

    That thought crossed my mind earlier tonight when I watched some local Alaskan news pieces. It seemed like something about her transformed at or around the time of the Vogue interview (Dec / Jan). I am not sure about 2004…

  192. I have discovered C-Span. I can watch the Convention without being forced to listen to those idiots on CNN. It is much more peaceful and enjoyable.

  193. Harry Reid said Palin was “shrill”!!!

    JFC, when the hell are they going to stop shooting themselves in the foot. They seem incapable of learning.

  194. Harsh?

    She was warm and funny as she effortlessly eviscerated Teh Precious

  195. Campbell kept trying to nudge Gloria into admitting that “shrill” is unequivocally sexist. Gloria grunted once near the beginning, but kept her mouth tightly shut after that.

  196. Everyone’s acting surprised at how “harsh” Palin’s speech was.

    If she wasn’t “harsh” they would have said it proves she is too weak.

  197. oops. sorry. I am late to the Reid news.

  198. Larry King just made Robert Gibbs (BZero’s spokesperson) listen to several body blows from Palin’s speech — he looks like a sick chicken with a broken egg inside. For those who don’t know, a chicken in that condition is on a death watch.

  199. Wow, I’m listening to the replay of Giuiani’s speech. Obama is dead meat. I would give anything to see his reaction to these insults.

  200. It appears tonight the Republicans put before the voters an effective case in distinguishing McCain’s action in service from Obama’s glossy “change” rhetoric.

  201. this is actually a poll on msnbc site:

    Live Vote
    Was VP pick Sarah Palin’s speech effective in introducing herself and boosting John McCain’s campaign?

    Yes. Her speech proves she is ready for an all-out fight.

    No. She spent too much time trying to mock Obama.

    It remains to be seen what she can do on the campaign trail without a teleprompter and speech writer.


    someone get a screenshot quick, this is one for the books.

    Vote to see results

  202. “Donna Brazile disagrees with the other CNN women- she says that Reid’s use of the word shrill was appropriate…”

    No! I’m stunned. I think the other cnn people were trying to distract Donna from jumping onto the floor and trying to strip several states of their votes.

  203. She rocked it out of the park.

    Is that a mixed metaphor? Whatever. Lipstick this, Barky.

    So, I’m not down with Juan Williams stabbing-thrusting-spearing imagery. Something creepy going on there. Was he the guy who was making the outraged argument about the media’s demeaning phallic symbolism by showing shots of that extremely vertical German monument (can’t remember the name of it now)?

  204. If McCain could get decent coverage by the networks Obama would definately be toast. But if the networks continue to ignore McCain and give glowing accounts of Obama at every turn, I’m not sure the American people will see threw his BS.

  205. I saw that as well, MABlue;

    “In addition, you can’t help but be moved each time you actually see that McCain can’t raise his hands above his shoulders. It’s something different if you just know it.”

    He was so excited to be on stage with Palin and her family. He acknowledged each family member, including the baby as he came on stage. He was so warm and precious.

  206. For ppl wondering if she’s been lined up longer then what they are reporting- I was on the Palin for VP blog for a long long time. Last Thursday night, that blog got the official McCain camp leak (a mysterious “Drew”- I’m assuming he was official, everything he has said turned out to be true) According to him, McCain and Palin have met several times and Palin was at the top of the list the whole time.
    That’s pretty much unprovable speculation though, so take it as that

  207. No Valhalla. he’s been asking where is the beef about BO since Super Tuesday.

  208. It’s just so surreal hearing someone on actual television (Palin, Guiliani etc.) say all this stuff about Obama that I’ve always thought but hadn’t ever heard the mainstream media say. Like: wow, it’s not all in my head! I’m not crazy!

  209. Seriously said: No! I’m stunned. I think the other cnn people were trying to distract Donna from jumping onto the floor and trying to strip several states of their votes”

    LOL very funny.

  210. Sarah was magnificent … ans she is just getting started….

    She made me nostalgic for Hillary who is my Heroine, but i have to give Sarah credit and I have seen tape of her doing a more casual interview. She speaks extemporaneously as easily as she did that speech . She is like Hillary in that she has facts at her fingertips ; because she ACTUALLY does her job
    bo and jb are in over their head . she is an energy expert . They dont have enough time to catch up with her . They will be the ones playing catch-up and losing .
    The difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom LIPSTICK !! is a tried and true slogan of hers she has used it many times , but I love it anyway …

    but but can we have Hillary back ??

  211. Edwardian,

    I think they thought McCain would drop her, because that’s what Obama would have done. She would be under the bus in no time flat. He’s gutless and doesn’t realize that some people don’t wimp out all the time like he does.

  212. tpt/ny, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:37 pm Said:

    She NAILED IT!!!
    Great Job Sarah!
    That was an “orange” tie McCain was wearing; could it be to “us”??!!
    Just so happened Hillary had an “orange” suit on last week that , ALSO seemed, “out-of-place”!


    All those towels being thrown around sure looked orange, but they were probably red, but even I kept asking myself are those “orange”?

  213. Hey Conflucians

    I love this woman not because of her beliefs but because she is taking on everything I despise. I’m a kid from the farm. She spoke to me.

  214. Wasserman said it was a tirade of attacks!

  215. “So, I’m not down with Juan Williams stabbing-thrusting-spearing imagery. Something creepy going on there. Was he the guy who was making the outraged argument about the media’s demeaning phallic symbolism by showing shots of that extremely vertical German monument (can’t remember the name of it now)?”

    No. I believe you’re referring to NY Times columnist Bob Herbert.

  216. Obama just lost. America just won. I’m crying for me, for Hillary, and for Democracy….


    Hillary 2012 and 2016!!

    I hope Hillary and Bill laughed all night long…

  217. Taggles, here are the results thus far:

    Live Vote
    Was VP pick Sarah Palin’s speech effective in introducing herself and boosting John McCain’s campaign? * 36812 responses
    Yes. Her speech proves she is ready for an all-out fight.
    No. She spent too much time trying to mock Obama.
    It remains to be seen what she can do on the campaign trail without a teleprompter and speech writer.
    Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

  218. Debbie WS is on Larry King making herself look bab by pushing Obama talking points

    Every LK guest commenting on Palin’s speech is a woman

    They aren’t helping Obama

  219. I think this woman will become the media darling. She survived the onslaught. She stared them down and has earned their grudging respect. Watch out Barack you have SERIOUS competition.

    How can McCain compare tomorrow?

  220. Sarah Palin did a fabulous job and hit it out of the park! Wow! That was a thrilling speech. I may have to go to McCain’s inauguration Jan 20. 😉

  221. Just think how many people will watch the Palin vs Biden. I’ll bet it will be the most watched debate in history.

  222. Palin’s press secretary just said that when Sarah won the Governorship, she defeated the incumbent Governor who had been a (State?) Senator for 22 years. I think she’ll do ok against Biden. I do think they are going to try to make her look stupid re: foreign policy. She will need good prep.

  223. Juan “white women are a problem we all know that *laughing hysterically* while we all watched? THAT Juan Williams.

    Can’t trust him at all. Another phallic worshipper cloaked as a so called pundit.

  224. Who in the world besides political junkies is watching LK Live at 12 43am. All those small town voters are in bed now.

  225. Harry Reid is yesterday’s news. He needs to enjoy his time. He lied to us. He said he personally saw the proof to go to Iraq and now says Bush lied. I personally looked Harry Reid in the eye when he said he personally reviewed the documentation to support invading Iraq, now he says it was all a lie.

    Sorry, I’m not buying Dean’s talking points like Harry is – Reid personally told me we had good reason and I voted for him, now he says there’s no proof. Tell me again how you personally reviewed the documents and support this war? Either you reviewed them, supported this war, and are now lying, or you lied when you said you reviewed them because you were too lazy to bother and just bought the rhetoric.

    Either way, Harry, you need to go. You lied one way or the other.

  226. What courage. After facing a week like this. Unruffled bravado. Now THAT’S some ovaries!

    I embarassed myself by crying during her speech. Too many layers of emotion to sift through right now.

  227. I’ve been prowling most of the evening and then returning here to keep up.

    It seems the Obama cultists are now using the line that they love Hillary and Palin is Hillary’s competition. Expect to hear more of this in the immediate aftermath of Palin’s speech. I feel strongly that this must be countered by PUMAs. Once again, they are attempting to pit women against women – as if they ever really knew what women are about in the first place.

  228. MSNBC is reporting that Palin’s teleprompter had a technical error during the speech…

  229. It’s not even 10pm out west

  230. Goodnight PUMA family. Sweet dreams tonight-I think BO is sunk.

  231. Amazing speech. She wiped the floor with Oblahblah. And watching LK, man they’re pathetic. They’re trying to counter and belittle, but they look really shell shocked. And my favorite of all, that piece of sh*t Stephanie Miller said they were mean. That had me laughing on the floor.

  232. Wasserman said it was a tirade of attacks!

    Oooohhh…poor Bawack!! These people have been so soft-pedaled for so long, they do not know how to fight! Remember how whiny they got when Hillary became the least bit aggressive? He grew more exhausted and addled by the day. By Nov. 4th, he’s going to be babbling in a corner somewhere…”hope,” “change,” “hope,” “change.”

  233. Sarah will do great in the debates against Biden. He’ll speak nuance and she’ll speak English.

  234. Actually, I don’t think Juan Williams cares for Obama. At least that is my impression.

  235. Mean?Attacks?

    What do they think Kim Jong Il is going to do, kiss his feet? They are so clueless.

  236. Oh right on the time. I saw her get her notes out. I wonder if thats when the prompter failed. Those years as a news reader sure came in handy for her. She is doing what needs to be done to destroy Barack and Michelle Obama.

  237. Juan Williams didn’t say that. Bill Krystal said that.

  238. I also think Biden will look bombastic next to her plain speak. If he tries to get aggressive, he will look like a bully. It’s going to be great theater, no doubt. At least we know she can give good snark.

  239. Fif: EXACTLY!!!!

  240. masslib and edwardian — thanks!

    It’s so hard to keep all these pundits with phalluses on the brain straight.

  241. Biden is arrogant as hell. He’ll try to patronize her, and she’ll eviscerate him. Note to Joe: Don’t call her pretty, good looking, drop dead gorgeous, unfortunately intelligent, sweetie, shrill, fiesty, PMS–ing, menopausal…okay I’m just going to send you the handbook with a complete list.

  242. MSNBC is reporting that Palin’s teleprompter had a technical error during the speech…

    I didn’t see her miss a beat. Obama would have been stumbling and stuttering all over the place.

  243. ” Media darling ” i am not certain of , but she is one of those genuine people that PEOPLE LOVE …. she is going to be Llke Princess Diana on a smaller scale ….loved by many …..

    the obotts need to send someone out for adult depends…. soon

    PS I LOVED the comment about writing two memoirs but no major law

    How true is that ! Even if she didnt write it ; you could tell she loved delivering it !

  244. C.N.N. slamming her using Hillary surrogates to say she never mentioned the economy and that it was “astounding” and an Obama bot saying “when things aren’t going well that’s what you do, you blame the media” as IF to say, the media are not out of control at all, it’s only if you are having a problem you “blame” the poor fair minded dears.

    Christ on a cracker!! How much more ridiculous can they make their non arguments. That’s right…there’s no misogyny unfairly being used against female candidates…they just “blame” everything on that as their “excuse” that speaker just proved how far away from their own so called principles they really are. It’s too much to ask of them to call the hate filled media out for their misogyny, they have to make any stand against it illegitimate again.

    God, I’m sick of this…if it were any other injustice they’d be shouting from the rafters. Just NOT if it’s against a woman because she’s a woman.

    Now I’ve got Palin’s back even more. And I’m sorry I turned to C.N.N. for five seconds in six months. I shoulda known better.

  245. Seriously, I hope she brings up Anita Hill in her debate with Biden! lol!

  246. Alice Paul, love your name.

  247. I can’t believe they are citicizing Palin for not focusing on issues. Um….what issues has Obama been specific about? Oh yeah…hope change hope change hope change….

  248. Why does Obama make women fight for him?

    Is Bawack scared of a GIRL?

    Or is it beneath him to have to respond to a woman?

  249. Thanks Phoenix, you know what’s most odd about using it? Most ALL the Obamabots attacking me online have NO CLUE who she was!

  250. How stupid can the be? After what Hill just went through, you’d think they would lnow better than to defend the media.

  251. fif, MessNBC is a 24/7 “technical error”.

  252. Fortunately you’re in good company here.

  253. “What do they think Kim Jong Il is going to do, kiss his feet? They are so clueless.”

    LOL He’s a classic bully, likes to get down and dirty but is thin skinned as they come. We’ll function well as a nation if the President has to curl up in the fetal position and whine for a year over every perceived instance of insufficient worship.

  254. Of course Reid thinks the speech was “harsh” because a woman is not allowed to be pointed & assertive (which is how it would be described if a man had delivered it) — we are supposed to smile nicely, bring the men martinis and tell them how strong they are.

  255. Another thing we haven’t mentioned: Bristol and her handsome young fiance, holding hands, proudly, embraced by their family and the Party.

  256. I really do like her. I’ve liked her for months. Her speech was fabulous, exactly what I expected.
    I am definitely supporting McCain/Palin. He’s not my favorite choice, but I sure like the women he surrounds himself with. Paying his campaign staff an equitable wage helps, too.

    He promised to appoint more women to his cabinet. Boy did he deliver, and he hasn’t even been elected yet.

    As a voter, I like to be heard and responded to. As Hillary said, you aren’t invisable to me. McCain has listened to people and he has responded. I may not agree with him on many issues, but I agree with him on integrity and authenticity.

  257. fif, I could debate Biden on foreign policy and I’ve only been involved for 2 years. But I served in the Army, I’ve lost friends as far back as Lebanon to terrorists in 1983, I absolutely oppose raising taxes, but I have a mother who could desperately use better funding. If I thought my taxes would go toward something beneficial, to the people who needed it, instead of government beurocracy (??), I’d gladly pay more taxes.

  258. myiq,

    Yes, poor Bawak is a-scared. He’s so scared, he gonna cwy.

  259. bostonboomer, on September 4th, 2008 at 12:48 am Said:
    Actually, I don’t think Juan Williams cares for Obama. At least that is my impression.

    BB: That’s been my impression as well.

  260. Did y’all see Cindy McCain with the Palin kids? It’s very apparent that the McCains and the Palins really like each other.

    So, Susan Estrich was on Greta — I usually think Susan’s right on. But tonight she’s saying that the McCain campaign’s going to suffer because they’re setting up the comparison between Obama’s experience and Palin’s. She was getting a bit pushy about it.

    I think it’s exactly the opposite — Obama automatically loses if the comparison is him to the #2 spot. It just reminds people how upside down the Democratic ticket is.

  261. I think oil and energy policy and taxes are issues, no?

  262. Okay, so I was on my way to bed but (surprise surprise) I’m still glued to the TV….lol.

    BTW, did you guys see that MSNBC is reporting that Sara’s teleprompter went out a few times and she had to ad-lib some of the speech? Man, I couldn’t tell at all.

  263. We’ll function well as a nation if the President has to curl up in the fetal position and whine for a year over every perceived instance of insufficient worship.

    Especially compared to McCain, who “looked evil in the eye” as she said tonight. I thought that was a very poetic tribute to John, that he has learned humility and wisdom from that experience. I read his bio, and he admits he was an arrogant, cocky, obnoxious young man. The war experience revealed to him what his grandfather and father meant by principle and honor. That is why, despite his policies, I would trust this man more than BO.

  264. That’s funny, Alice Paul, I was just thinking your name alone is reason enough for them to hate you.

    However, if they don’t know who she is, I’d imagine that the “Alice” part is enough.

  265. PS — to those who liked McCain’s greeting of the family on stage — I hope you saw (or can see) McCain greeting of them earlier today when he flew in — his family was there too and he went down the line kissing all the females, shaking hands with the men, etc. but when he got to Bristol & her fiance he stopped and talked to them for a while — very warm and sweet — my mom actually got a little teary when she saw it. I don’t agree with McCain on most everything, but he is a good man (and, in fact, he is basically “liberal” for a Republican, which is why most of them hate him, so he can’t be that bad).

  266. Valhalla, I agree with you. And if the public had to choose between Sarah or Barack….they would choose Sarah.

  267. PUMA HAPPY!

    Nite, Nite.

  268. It’s so unpleasant listening to women like Stephanie Miller sneer about Sarah Palin. It feels like I’m listening to collaborators. I wish they would just be quiet. They are just damaging themselves.

  269. #
    edwardian, on September 4th, 2008 at 12:32 am Said:

    indigo, on September 4th, 2008 at 12:28 am Said:
    Everyone’s acting surprised at how “harsh” Palin’s speech was. They EVISCERATED her over the last two days. Did they think she would whimper and cry and say “thank you, I think I’ll step down from the ticket”??

    Exactly what I’ve been saying, Indigo. And I think, tonight, Gov. Palin demonstrated she could give it as well as she can take it. And then some.


    I think that’s what the talking heads will resent the most. In carrying BO’s water, they expected her to crawl away into the corner. And in reality, she didn’t give a $*%&, came out swinging, and refused to validate their tear-down operation. In short, she took their power away. It was very interesting.

  270. Alice Paul was rolling over in her grave, god bless her…once again it’s the DEMOCRATS we’re up against. What hell did they ever, ever do for us anyway?

    I must have been out of my mind trusting them and working my butt off for them all those years. No more.

    Loved the “you aren’t invisible to me” Hillary line because she knows we sure as hell have been invisible to our own party for all this time.

    Palin can take them on. She has the backing of her own party, unlike Hillary they will stand WITH her.

    What a twist of fate this all is. Alice? Are you seeing all this? I have such a new found respect for all those women endured now…so much more. They didn’t back down though and we can’t either.

    Obama and the DNC are traitors and liars. Pretend “liberals” with a shit agenda.

    Palin got some fantastic hits in there and well deserved too. FINALLY the great one is being called out on his crap and it’s a woman doing it!

  271. Keith Obamanation on MessNBC just said,”There was a certain elitism about Palin’s speech especially about community organizers. There certainly will be a backlash there.”

    Oh, the community organizer vote — how could we miss their importance all these years.

  272. She kinda sounded like a puma to me…

  273. Valhalla: I saw Estrich too, and had the exact same reaction. Usually I agree with her, but I thought her perception was really off tonight. She thought the whole Convention was going to be dominated by doubts re: Palin’s experience, and that was the only take away. Hardly. She just established herself as a force to be reckoned with, and made McCain look he has good judgment, despite the criticism. Also, why are people still comparing the #1 on the ticket with the #2? it only highlights Obama’s inadequacy.

    Can’t you just hear him (BO) on the campaign trail tomorrow, mocking her in the way he used to put Hillary down when he wasn’t with her. Their entire campaign will be: Mac/Palin are Bush #3.

  274. Heh, Alice Paul, that is indeed a great name. I should switch my handle — there are three alice’s now, I believe!

  275. Prolix, on September 4th, 2008 at 1:00 am Said:

    Keith Obamanation on MessNBC just said,”There was a certain elitism about Palin’s speech especially about community organizers. There certainly will be a backlash there.”


    Oh fer GOD’S SAKE.

  276. Hatshepsut1988, I so do not give a FLYING FUCK for her nose or her fucking hair, okay?

  277. Prolix:

    That comment from KO really shows that he does take his material from Dailykooks and other “progressive” blogs. They started that nonsense after the speech.

  278. OK, folks. It’s 1 a.m again and I am still glued to this keyboard. Have to work in the a.m. This was fun. And the game just got a whole lot more interesting!

    “night Conflucians–excellent company, as always.

  279. Keith Obamanation and Chris Matthews and Donna Brazille, etc.–all look like deer blinded by car headlights–and driving that car is Sarah…

  280. Prolix,

    LOL! The community organizer vote will swing this election!

  281. The historical Alice Paul was known for her strategy of “holding the party in power responsible” for enacting woman suffrage–and punishing whichever party had the opportunity but failed to do the right thing for women. Not one to be taken for granted, Alice Paul.

  282. Out of the park!

    After Sarah campaigns in OH, PA, VA, OR, WA, NV and CO, she will bring back the social value voters into the Republican fold. According to Gallup she’s already brought back 2 percent of the women voters that had migrated to Obama, but it was a wash because Obama gained some male voters.

  283. Night, fif. I’m glad I don’t have to get up in the AM.

  284. She kinda sounded like a puma to me…

    Country before Party!

  285. If she changes her position on drilling in ANWR, I will vote for the ticket she is on. Otherwise, it’s third party for me.

  286. Can you imagine Barack trying to brush Sarah off his shoulder?????

  287. I’m still excited. It was so fun to watch her say everything (well a lot of) what I wanted to say.

    And have the feeling the rest will be out there soon.

  288. MABLue,

    That is sad. Obamaman gets his talking points from the Cheeto place. I mean that is really really sad. And David Shuster gets his from that Christina freak. MessNBC is right.

  289. Tomorrow’s BZero’s campaign event, picture it:

    JZ playing in the background, unrelenting dust bunnies on his shoulders being beaten to a pulp while both cheeks break out in elephantine itches and his middle finger is brought to blood while scratching them.

    Tag line for the day, “BZero has bled for his country.”

  290. Does anyone here know a community organizer or has everyone here ever done that?

  291. See DNC ~ all of the rescue workers that came to Sarah Palin’s aid this week? That is what you should have been doing for Hillary for the 18 + months she campaigned.
    You suck, DNC. And, that is about the nicest thing I can say. That is what my mama taught me, DB – to always say nice things.

  292. My wife, a Green Party member who voted for Gore, was reduced to tears as she watched and listed to Gov. Palin speak.

  293. KO is a total moron but please, please God(dess) let him be right this time — let Obama defend his “community organizer” cred — that will be the icing on the cake of his sham “qualifications” for President of the United States of America — contrasting a community organizer against a Mayor & Governor. KO will fall for it, but the rest of the country will not.

  294. Ben, same thought and you beat me to it.

  295. “The community organizer vote” LOL!!!

    He didn’t even really initiate the agenda for those projects at all. He STOLE a lot of Alice Palmers ideas and then screwed them up. There’s a park in Chicago he got sort of cleaned up and it’s right back to being a drug dealer hang out today…what progress!

    I’ll be damned if I will let that sham steal Hillary’s entire platform and then ask for praise for having put it in place. Good god. He criticized her using republican talking points on health care. Never gonna forgive that one.

    The Cheeto people are working up their counter “attacks” now which of course, wont’ be called “attacks” that accusation is reserved only for those who stand up to them.

    Her “nose” and her “hair” wtf, is the only thing to say to that.

    But Obama wants to discuss issues now!! What about that hair do he sports? What about that southern baptist preacher voice? Don’t like having him targeted or talked about that way? pffffffffffft!

  296. Sarah Palin is a gift from heaven to the PUMAS.

  297. So Bawack gave Hillary the finger … he brushed her off his shoulder.

    Do ya think he’ll just come out and moon her tomorrow?

  298. I am PUMA and I won’t vote for her unless she changes her position on ANWR. I do not see how one can be pro-life but not protect the futures of one’s children.

  299. We should give a prize to the first person who can say that he actually KNOWS a community organizer and/or can document that he or she actually WAS a community organizer OR BETTER YET was ever organized by one.

    Tick tock.

  300. Alice Paul,

    I’ve noticed Obama has really put on an affected speaking style lately. It’s not even close to authentic. He has no idea how much mockery the right wing is going to direct at him. I’d almost feel sorry for him if he weren’t such an arrogant jerk.

  301. “There was a certain elitism about Palin’s speech”

    Overpaid, clueless bloviators with ivy league J school degrees, our nation’s most precious resource. Making fun of them is like making fun of the hands that built this country.

  302. britgirls,

    With that skinny ass? Not much of a moon.

  303. Well, she’s the gov of alaska. But drilling in ANWAR was taken out of the GOP platform this year, and McCain remains as always against it.

  304. Phoenix, THAT Alice Paul worked with my great grandmother in the sufferage movement. It’s been a LONG haul holding ANY party responsible and we STILL had to endure what they did to Hillary Clinton.

    I know though that Alice would never have backed down to these sham dems.

    She would have held them accountable and never stopped till they were. “Alice was relentless” they wouldn’t have liked her either…she didn’t give a damn about that.

    Palin apparently doesn’t care much either for their “attacks”

    Thank god Hillary set the stage for this. And she’ll be there in 2012. So will I!

  305. BB: he has no idea what he is up against with republicans. did you see how they circled the wagons around Sarah today? That is how a party wins! I don’t even want to think what the Ds would do in a similar situation.

  306. I am a community organizer and, like I’ve said before, I am absolutely certain that DOESN’T qualify me for POTUS! What a ridiculous farce!

    Besides, Obama wasn’t even that good at community organizing…..(snort)!

  307. Ben, “community organizers” do all sorts of theing, but in the world of politics, escpecially Cook county politicians, it means voter drives for the Daley machine.

  308. Who said Rightwingers didn’t have humor? This is one commenter over at La Althouse:

    From now on, when a Democrat says “But what if McCain drops dead on his first day in office?!?!?!” I’m going to say “dude — don’t tease me like that.”

  309. I noticed the teleprompter problem about 2/3s of the way through but only because Sarah started turning pages in the speech notebook. I counted 3 page turns. However, she did not drop any lines which is truly impressive.

    Imagine Obama with the same problem. He would just walk off stage until the tech problem was resolved.

  310. We’re through the looking glass again when Dem response (Debbie Wasserman-Schulz) is to say that we want more than great speeches, we need substance. Ha! What a joke. If that’s what they really wanted they would have NOMINATED HILLARY.

    Jamal Simmons yet another Dem to point out that someone wrote the speech for her. What a dick move, sorry, but it is. Practically none of those people on stage last week wrote their own speeches and he knows better.

  311. Ben,

    We know what the Dems would do. They did it to Hillary. Even the women Dem “leaders” made little effort to defend her.

  312. bb, did you catch Newsweek? He’s doing a JFK pose, with downcast eyes and touching his face. It’s unbelievable. Actors reenact old Marily Monroe shots in VF, politicians avoid opportunities to be mocked!

  313. dg,

    OMG, did DWS really say that? Could these people be any more clueless? That’s almost as bad as Harry Reid using the word “shrill” against a woman.

  314. Good night, PUMAs. Back to the prowls, then to bed.

    Peace be with you wherever you are.

  315. Seriously,

    No, I didn’t see that. Is the photo on line?

  316. “Jamal Simmons yet another Dem to point out that someone wrote the speech for her.”

    And last time I checked, she invented neither word processing, typewriters, papyrus, or writing in blood. To say nothing of agriculture. Take that, B—-!

  317. If debbie and the other pundits on LK don’t stop that rapid blinking and deer in headlights stuff, I’m going to start feeling sorry for them. LOL.

  318. Night Leela.

  319. Every single guest on Larry King is an Obama supporter.

  320. I can quote about five lines from Sarah Palin’s speech. Does anyone here remember one thing Joe Biden said?

  321. cbn,

    He had all Repubs on during the Obama convention.

  322. Not sure, bb. I got it today, so it may have just come out.

  323. Watching LK. The funniest part is when they show clips of Rudy911 or Palin or others, you can see the pundits in small windows while the clip is running. Just the expressions on their faces is worth the price of admission. Revenge is indeed sweet.

  324. Hannity is on Fox right now. It’s more entertaining than Larry King.

  325. Sarah is locked and loaded and firing away. Loved Wolfson’s honest admiration and praise. Fox commentators full of praise and admiration. I was so hopeful for her and scared too. She did not hit it out of the park—it is off the planet. Everyone gives the Obama camp kudos for running a brilliant campaign but I thought tonight and their whole reaction to this vp pick make them look like idiots. They tried to paint Palin as a hick and a whacko and her family as nutso. They set the bar so that if she walked out there and did not blow bubble gum she would probably have won some points. Instead she comes out with poise, smarts, wonderful, warm body language; her eye interaction with her family was just beautiful and she was intelligent, charming, witty and landed her cuts on Obama with precision and charm. I think Hillary will say if she says anything about what Wolfson said.

  326. Katherine, can’t remember anything from his speech, but I remember him saying that he stood by his statement that BZero wasn’t ready to be President.

    Does that count?

  327. Sad, we all saw this slaughter coming the day the SD’s dragged Oblahblah’s sorry empty suit ass across the finish line. Pathetic.

  328. Larry King is the twit who asked Olivia Harrison if she loved the fact that “Something” was written for her when it was written for George’s FIRST wife and not her at all.

    Now he has on all Obie ONE Kanoodle’s supporters. He’s become a parody of himself and so has Obama AND his supporters. We’re all in the MTV version of Dante’s inferno.

  329. Seriously,

    I’ll check it out tomorrow when I go to the grocery store. Obama is no JFK, that’s for sure. The comparison makes me sick. JFK had 12 years in Congress and was a war hero in WWII before he ran at age 42. Obama has done ziltch.

  330. MABlue–LOL!

  331. Donna Brazile looked as if her face would crack trying to keep her rage under wraps.

  332. Oh, a guy from Iowa is calling into LK defending Sarah. Debbie is talking down to the guy and patronizing him. Stellar. These dems sure are tone deaf aren’t they.

  333. Somewhere Hillary is having a glass of wine and some sinfully chocolate cake, thinking, “I fucking told you so.”

  334. It was project runway night, so I was half-drunk on beer when we switched over to watch her. I was hooting and hollering all over the place. My drunk-blogging take: http://annabellep.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/drunk-blogging-sarah-palins-acceptance-speech/

  335. “From now on, when a Democrat says “But what if McCain drops dead on his first day in office?!?!?!” I’m going to say “dude — don’t tease me like that.”

    LMAO! Kudo’s to that comment. “dude”

  336. Here is how I think Hillary spent her evening.
    1) She watched Sarah’s speech and thought the Palin family was adorable. Hillary really enjoyed the way Sarah bitch slapped Obama and wished she could have done some of that.
    2) Hillary dropped Sarah a personal note congratulating her on her selection as VP and wished her and her family a safe journey ahead.
    3) Hillary made a list of 3 or 4 policy items that she thinks Sarah will want to work on with her.
    4) Hillary slipped into her orange pjs, said a pray for the nation and turned out the light.

  337. Wow, on LK, he admitted 100% of the calls they’re getting are in favor of Sarah. And while that’s happening, more calls are praising her. And the dems are trying to put her family down. It’s getting to be sad to see this train wreck.

  338. I’ve been trying to think up a phrase to describe that speech.

    Palin has a unique ability to be warm, charming, and utterly ruthless all at the same time. She is obviously a smart and classy lady

    She threw (and landed) some of the hardest punches I’ve ever seen direct from a candidate, but seemed sweet and funny while she was doing it.

    What Sarah Palin did to Barack Obama was a lady-like ass-kicking

  339. Regency, OH! to have been in the room with Hillary tonight!

  340. On a lighter note .. did you all see this ..?? .. LoL ..;))

  341. Good point Alice Paul, nice answer. If someone says that to me, I’ll say, wow, then we’d finally get a woman president, and perhaps we’d get one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had wouldn’t we. LOL

  342. bostonboomer:

    Dems are NOT gonna succeed in savaging her like they did with Hillary. Rep protect their own, especially their women when they are under attack.

    Just for the fun of it, tune into any RW talkshow host for 5 min. Their pushback is fierce.

    Remember that in 2000, we were almost successful in rightfully portraying George Bush as the complete imbecile he is, but then Reps went to work. As a result, he won twice. Dems in the same circumstances will start to smear their own nominee to the press.

    People used to wonder if Gore’s and Kerry’s staffers actually hated them because they were leaking so much unflaterring material to the press, such as Naomi Wolf’s salary to turn Gore into an “alpha male”.

  343. Katherine:

    Joe who?

  344. Regency,

    I love that image of Hillary. I’m going to hold that in mind.

  345. They keep coming back with vetting, vetting, vetting. Who the f* cares about internal party procedures. What does that matter, who cares, why do you care. If stuff comes out, it comes out. Something tells me she can handle what ever crap they come up with. Of course she’s not perfect and there will be some inconsistencies. Who could be mayor and governor and deal with a bunch of good old boys and shake things up without having to make a few twists and turns. Oh revenge is certainly sweet isn’t it.

  346. LMAOOO again! “And take this shit home!” lol! Thanks for the great laugh!

  347. Meanwhile over on TL run by the pod previously known as JM, they’re making fun of down babies. I’m suspecting she’s been paid to make an echo chamber from hell.

  348. MABlue,

    I know. While I was on the road the last two days, I listened to right wing talk. They are defending her to the hilt! The Dems are toast, and they deserve it. Of course we are the ones who will suffer, but it will be worth it if we get Hillary next time.

  349. I cannot wait for the dems to flounder around trying to attack this woman while saying SHE is attacking them…it’s so not going to fly with the republicans and they can hand it right back to them on a platter.

    The dems would not defend Hillary and they would not let her defend herself without calling it an “attack” on the whiner. He could use the worst hatred I ever saw and if she responded at ALL it was an “attack”

    Something tells me Sarah Palin is not buying into that and her base will back her all the way.

    This REALLY makes the dems look like the backward repressives they have been this entire election. Go Palin!

  350. YaH ..!! .. Alice Paul .. said

    “What a twist of fate this all is. Alice? Are you seeing all this? I have such a new found respect for all those women endured now…so much more. They didn’t back down though and we can’t either.

    Obama and the DNC are traitors and liars. Pretend “liberals” with a shit agenda.

    Palin got some fantastic hits in there and well deserved too. FINALLY the great one is being called out on his crap and it’s a woman doing it!”

    Exxxactly .. !!!

    ty Alice Paul .. ;)) –

  351. Meanwhile, the dems are saying pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (with the styrofoam pillars). Don’t ask for any medical records, school records, hell, pretty much any records. Hmm, if they have nothing to hide, let’s see them. LOL

  352. Yeah, and the reason Obama was able to get away with savaging Hilllary, is because he knew she was too party-loyal to give him the smackdown he deserved. The Dems have been wallowing in filth, and now they get called on it and they start crying. Not gonna fly.

  353. It’s like, you opened the door, then you walked through it, and whoops, seems they were waiting there to drop a two ton anvil on you. Moral: don’t try to out Rove Rove.

  354. They are making fun of downs babies? For god’s sakes, even I didn’t think they would go there. I was MOST impressed by her promise to help out families with special needs kids.

    My own son has an autism disorder, and through a bunch of killing myself, research and hard, hard work with NO HELP he STILL made straight A’s all through school. I loved Palin saying she would pay attention to this issue because nobody else has. Hillary had a plan to fund autism research, then Obie claimed AFTER he won to have thought of it. He won’t do a damned thing. PALIN WILL! She gets it and knows what the lives of those kids CAN contribute. I was chuffed by her commitment.

    Now the “liberals” are again showing what the dems are REALLY made of. God this whole thing is so bizarre and sickening. But do take heart when they are doing all this. The hatred, is recorded for history to see forever. They cannot hide it.

  355. If the GOP strategy and the selection of Palin was all planned, the Democrats may never win another election

    If it was all just coincidence, then John MCain is the luckiest man alive.

    Palin is gonna be a superstar in the media for a while, taking all the attention from Teh Precious (expect some ginned up fauxrage tommorrow)

    Sarah is an outstanding public speaker. If the Dems attack her, they will look mean and shrill. If Palin responds, they will look even worse.

    The Democrats should send recruiters up to Alaska to see if they have any more like Palin up there.

  356. Wow. I think I feel like Anglachel right now. I can’t believe the position the Democrats have put many of us in right now. I’m so torn between staying home or voting McCain as the ultimate protest against the DNC. I hate even having to consider voting for a Republican. Their policies are just BAD for America. But the Democrats have shown that they don’t have the courage to truly change things in Washington. They choose a sham candidate with little experience or goals except to be the first black president. But I decided a long time ago that I could never vote for Obama because he is an illegitimate candidate who took away Hillary’s moment to win the White House outright, bring back the Reagan Democrats from the Republicans and truly change things for the better. While I disagree with the conservative viewpoints of McCain and Palin, I also believe that if I am going to protest the DNC’s actions, voting for McCain is a more aggressive stance than just staying home. I hate, hate, hate this election and I can’t wait for it to end.

  357. myiq,

    I’m looking forward to the whining and crying. I will enjoy gloating too.

  358. This is my inaugural post…if it weren’t for all of you I’d still be alone and fumbling in the cold dark emptiness that was once the Democratic party. I love this public servant and admire her conviction while abhorring her politics – and my former party just doesn’t get it…

    If I heed the Rep call and vote country, I vote Dem but if I “do the right thing” and put party first I vote McCain/Palin because my party needs to learn that they can never, ever smash the Dem party principles into 18,000,000 little pieces and get away with it

  359. Crappity. I missed the speech due to some previous plans tonight. Sounds like it was a doozy!

    This is breaking my heart, too. I like Palin, but I can’t vote for someone who thinks global warming is – forgive me – a fairy tale.

    If she moderates some of these issues just a bit, though, I think she’s going to pick up swarms of HRC voters.

  360. “Besides the abortion issues, she’s against stem cell research, she pro-drilling in ANWR (sp?), etc. . . She doesn’t believe climate change is manmade (despite all the studies).”

    I just had lunch with a scientist researching hydrogen fusion who doesn’t believe we’re causing the climate change either, so who knows. Something like 80% of Americans think we should be drilling more somewhere and fetal cells are an easy, but not the sole, source of stem cells.

    The point is, I don’t think any of these will hurt her with their target voters as long as she articulates her positions in a way that appeals to a broader national demographic. I mean they’re obviously not going after the Move-On types anyway.

    And I’m not that bothered because someone that pragmatic, once released from dare I say the provincial bounds of a state like Alaska will no doubt broaden her views on many things. Or at least realize where her personal beliefs run afoul of the majority of Americans.

    Plus, the look on Rachel Maddow’s face after her speech was enough to make me a big fan.

  361. “They are making fun of downs babies? For god’s sakes, even I didn’t think they would go there.”

    Well, you know, not many people with DS graduate from Harvard, and that’s what matters.

    myiq–quit it! Of course it was planned, but we’re not going to nominate a politically inept, substance free candidate next time around.

  362. Eleanor A – “I can’t vote for someone who thinks global warming is – forgive me – a fairy tale”.

    You need to do some research. That is not accurate.

  363. Maybe after this election, we could lure Sarah Palin over from the dark side.

    Imagine her and Hillary together on the same ticket,

  364. newindyincal, I think McCain did what he needed to do to energize the conservative base and Palin will bring in the evangelicals and social conservatives he needs to win this election. I don’t believe McCain or his wife Cindy are as conservative as Palin but that was the reason why they felt the need to choose her as his running mate.
    McCain just needs a huge turnout among evangelicals and I think he will get that along with white suburban women. I am wondering how many former HRC supporters actually turnout to vote for McCain. He can still win as long as a significant portion of HRC supporters stay home or vote for him.

  365. “I just had lunch with a scientist researching hydrogen fusion who doesn’t believe we’re causing the climate change either, so who knows.”

    You know, I believe we’re causing the climate change, but a lot of politicians are trying to use climate change as an excuse to switch to Nuclear Power. Like Obama and many of his allies, for example. That’s not my idea of progress.

  366. newindyincal: I agree with all of that. And especially agree about the look on rachel and others faces. revenge is sweet.

    I’ve decided to vote for mccain/palin for two reasons. One is to fix the dem party. The other interestingly enough is actually to help the repub party move into the present times, which I think palin could do for them, despite still being wrong on a number of issues.

  367. Just in case anyone missed the speech I have it in 4 videos on my blog.

    Good night!

    Mountain Sage

  368. It’s unfortunate that Palin is so conservative. I think she truly is a conservative who is from small town Alaska. In a perfect world a Clinton/Palin ticket would be amazing but unfortunately they are on polar ends in terms of politics.

  369. I have been lurking on your site for a bit, and have enjoyed reading your posting was ready to turn in for the night until I came upon this video, Mccains mother and daughter being subjected to an assult by the Huffingto Post watch

  370. It remains to be seen what she can do on the campaign trail without a teleprompter and speech writer.

    We just saw what she can do on the campaign trail without a teleprompter and speech writer.

    Why am I surprised, they’re watching MSNBC.

  371. “Imagine her and Hillary together on the same ticket”


  372. JohninCA: actually we just saw a bit of what she can do without a teleprompter. Apparently MSLSD is reporting that the telepromper failed part of the way through her speech.

  373. DV, the scenario is contingent on luring her from the Dark Side. 🙂

  374. Obambi vs. Godzilla

  375. The lady “liberal” talk show host and Ed Schultz, sexist pig extraordinaire, do the Dems no favors appearing on Larry King and arguing that because of Palin’s daughter, her views on teen pregnancy issues and right to choose are now fair game. How foolish. Her views ARE fair game, but it is completely counterproductive to argue that RIGHT NOW they are fair game because of a family issue that is nobody’s business!

    Also, if they pull this off it seems that McCain is pretty genius if he can manage to make two conservative Republican candidates from the party that’s been screwing up the country for the past eight years, seem like they’re the ones who can change things and move the country in a new direction. (Was it here that someone observed that many conservatives think they were right to vote for Bush, but Bush let them down by mostly not being conservative?) I certainly don’t expect the “more of the same” argument can really hold water too long, can it?

  376. Cindy looked very pretty in green. Green energy anyone ? Yes Please, and thank you very very much !!!!

  377. Jeralyn Merritt suggested the baby was drugged because she hadn’t seen it cry ALL DAY (anyone know how she could have even seen little Trig ALL DAY). The commenters are suggesting the out of ordinary names Sarah has given her children is a sign she isn’t qualified to run the country.

    They pretend they are justified because McCain could drop dead any second from skin cancer (never mind it’s in remission) and they are worried she is really running for President.

    They are SOO SCARED!!! Loving Sarah Palin for this!!!

    Jeralyn even put up a post saying the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is saying she had an affair. The woman has completely lost it. All these years building a reputation for that blog, and it’s going to get flushed before she finishes crapping all over Gov Palin.

  378. The pundits thought ‘ Hottest VP from the Coolest State ‘ was offensive. I think it’s a compliment. What do others think ?

  379. Margaret Thatcher was an iron fist in a velvet glove.

    Sarah Palin is a titanium stiletto baked in an apple pie.

  380. this is beyond the pale to verbally assult the mother and daughter by the huffington post, please watch

  381. GrapeApe, honestly, they’re just evil. It’s like watching people with purple heart bandaids at the RNC 4 years ago. We have become what we despised.

    John-the-troll was floating the NE talking point before, and the Republicans will hit right back with larry Sinclair. They never learn.

  382. “Sarah Palin is a titanium stiletto baked in an apple pie.”


  383. It was my birthday today. I have been given the greatest gift I’ve had in the last 24 years–an out-of-the-park homerun speech by a woman who’s going to serve in the White House–and not be either married to or serving coffee to the President! Holy Cannoli! BO and Biden–get ready. This pitbull of a woman means business, and you’d better have some steel cups for those balls of yours. Say goodnight, Gracie!

  384. The media and Obama bloggers have no clue that they are being played like a fiddle.

    Rove is pushing their buttons, and getting more reactions than he dreamed possible.

    The McCain campaign made a point of mentioning that Sarah’s speech was written before she was selected.

    So, without a hint of irony or self awarenenss, the Obama campaign puts out a statement mentioning she didn’t right it, and the media and Oblogs yap about the topic.

    Guys? Here’s a hint: “Just words”

    Then MSNBC took the bait on the Teleprompter “malfunction”

  385. Oops!

    She didn’t write it either

  386. Well she might not have written it, but by God she sure did deliver it! I’m stunned. She stepped up big-time. The DNC must be shitting 2-ton bricks right now.

  387. ROTFLMAOPIMP!!! KO thinks there was “elitism” in her speech? OMFG, get the man some serious meds, because he is BUGGIN’!!

  388. McCain and the Republican campaign are starting to remind me of the fluke victory in the theme song from F Troop.

  389. Does “hoist upon his own petard” pertain to this? It does now! God this is just surreal. I’m cheering for a Republican candidate. I fell through the dimension hole under the bed in that episode of “Twilight Zone”.

  390. It’s amazing how stupid they think the American people are. Like we don’t know that politicians have teams of speechwriters to, um, write the speeches?

    If you can’t give us credit for being sentient, at least give us credit for watching The West Wing, willya?

  391. Keith Olbermann used to be about 100 pounds heavier and had a uni-brow when he was a local on KABC news in LA. He’s a pud. Maybe they’ll send him back to the minors……

  392. irlandese, all I can picture is Bill and Hill collapsing in each other’s arms in helpless laughter when Rudy Freakin’ Giuliani said that bit about “would they ever say that to a man?” We’re completely through the looking glass.

  393. That is precisely what I said on another blog post this evening!! They have that snarky smile going on right now. They’re gonna sleep like babies tonight. Oh how I am enjoying this!

  394. Happy birthday Irlandese.

  395. I feel I have witnessed the birth of the most impressive national politician since
    Jack Kennedy.

    Congratulations, Sarah Palin! You said what Hillary wanted to say about
    her opponent, but would have been attacked had she been so truthful about Their Precious. Heck, she was attacked and misconstrued whenever possible.
    You go, girl!

  396. Thanks, Prolix! What a day! I’m a happy human this evening!

  397. HaHaHahahaha .. From SUGAR .. .!!

    Here’s a little Phil Collins singing “In the Air Tonight” because there is definitely something in the air after that speech but it ain’t the scent of pineapple juice. –SUGAR


  398. They aren’t fooling anybody. The DNC et al is in serious trouble. I’m going to bust a gut laughing when this “geezer” and “teaser” hand them their hat in November and wave good-bye to their sorry asses.

  399. I’d have loved to see Chris Matthews and colleagues watching this event with that moose in the headlights look…

  400. Hey, Happy Birthday.

  401. Pelosi is wishing that PAC of hers had enough money to buy a one-way ticket to Bolivia or some uninhabited jungle right now. She’s going to have Cindy Sheehan hand her her hat, too.

  402. Thanks, Seriously. I still have about 20 minutes left in my day here in Oregon. This day has been fantastic. I’m feeling satisfied right now.

  403. I can’t wait for Election night. I hope they have metal detectors at MSNBC. I don’t want to see hostage taking or a mass suicide or anything.

  404. I saw someone say: I’m voting for “Lady and the Gramps”

  405. That’s awesome! I’m glad you had a great day.

    Cindy! Cin-dy!

  406. LOL! Isn’t that what happens when you ingest massive doses of Kool-Aid? Wasn’t that the point of avoiding it? Mass suicides, indeed! I’m still grinning ear to ear.

  407. Alaska’s state motto is, “North to the future,” perhaps BZero can walk across Lake Michigan to Canada and continue that conversation that didn’t happen about NAFTA.

  408. Obot husband comes in after evening out. Told him I watched Palin’s speech.

    “Bad news. Barack’s got a big problem.”

    “Oh, we’ll send out Hillary then.”

    “Hillary doesn’t owe Barack shit.”

  409. Spammy the moderator needed company down by the filter — he isn’t good company. Help!

  410. Just go through and put breaks in any words you think might be the problem, the mods are probably in bed.

  411. Ugsome–No.She.Doesn’t.

  412. Okay–it’s past midnite here and the birthday is officially over. My carriage had now turned back into a pumpkin. I’m going to bed so… goodnight, everybody!

  413. Formal Introduction – I am an African with a wife who totally supports Obama to a point I can’t discuss anything critical about him without her getting offended/angry. As most people I thought Obama and Hillary running for the Higher Position was great – a true reflection why everyone looks up to the US (the Europeans talk a lot with barely any action).

    I grew up reading/learning about politics all my life and passed my teenage years under a Communist regime so I do have a very wide perspective about international relations and politics. I was also a lefty in college – here in the US, I am a moderate now. Even though I don’t hate Bush as most people on left leaning blogs do I was turned of by the robotic following of his ardent supporters (Hannity types). When I saw the same ugly head rearing again for Obama that became a total turnoff. When a leader becomes very sensitive about criticism related to his/her experience that tells me what kind of administration they will have. I also noticed Hillary took much more beating than he did and handled it well while he cried foul all the time. At least Bush ignores the media but this guy is all about the media – propped up and shoved down our throat. I will also be honest with you he is very naive about world leaders/dictators who hate the West. This hate has been bubbling for years people – Bush just made it come up to the surface. He can’t even make up his mind on how to approach Iran. Talk to them, bilateral, unilateral, not a threat one day, the biggest threat another day – and this country is about to go nuke. I am really considering McCain. Enough for one night – good night PUMAs.

  414. Not impressed. More of the McCain Same.

    I am insulted that McCain thinks she is a replacement for Hillary. THAT is sexist and offensive.

  415. DUers are true to form

    “Why does a mother bring her 4months old baby to a place like the convention? Isn’t it way too loud for a baby? I think it was totally uncalled for and bad judgement on her side.

    “To her, that baby is the same as her Chihuahua is to Paris Hilton…merely an accessory.”


  416. Who said he thinks that? I’ve seen that talking point a lot tonight – women should be insulted. I’m not actually insulted by anyone asking for my vote. I am insulted however by people telling me what I should think and how I should feel. I just don’t see how women should be insulted by the other party presenting their case and asking for their vote.

  417. Just what I want.. a female vp who does not believe in global warming.. god can’t we find more women like her to worship… how about big oil.. yup we need more of that too… Yah the Republican’s the party of women’s rights.. just not the women of the third world who are denied birth control by this administration…. of course Sarah will change all that won’t she… ?? Of she doesn’t believe in family planning.. unless you are planning to have a family.. I don’t support BO but I am not a fool.. which is more than I can say about what PUMA has evolved into..
    I suggest you so called liberal women read the swill that is coming out of you and get sick of yourselves.. as i have. Signing off and now not supporting any of you or BO..

  418. TT, what’s the most insulting is the hated Obama exploited against Hillary and all women to “win” while claiming to be the “new hope” Hope for whom? Certainly not women who fought long hard battles and had to watch as every media pundit fawned and heaped on the hatred.

    She’s no Hillary but, she’s not Obama either. Given his actions that will have to do. Obama and the DNC chose the path. Now I’ll walk right down it to the voting polls to stop their caucus fraud and bogus scripted roll calls. No more.

  419. On another note the reason I love this country is because any of us could rise to the occasion and perform and that goes to both Obama and Shara (virtual unknowns few years ago) but the media has to treat the unknown with the the known (Hillary) equally and on their record. Sadly cable news is all about commentary and not real reporting anymore and looks like most Americans want their news that way – as they can’t tell one from the other – a very sad day indeed. Olberman compares himself with Edward R. Murrow giving the impression he is a real newsman. Same goes for the others – I saw most of their color especially this week. Laughable.

  420. *yawn* Trolls are out in force, and very very pissy, so I know they are scared.

    It’s all over but the voting, folks. Swing state voters are gonna love Sarah Palin, and McCain has refound his maverick roots.

  421. Who kidnapped Jeralyn? If you noticed, Armando posted in the Enquirer thread specifically disassociating himself from it. I suggest if he eventually bails out of there (he’s done it before from the Cheeto blog) we invite him to the Confluence. Not that he will tell us what we want to hear, of course, but it’d be nice if he’d drop by. Speaking of familiar faces (so to speak) on the blogs, where’s RonK been lately?

  422. Is it my imagination, \?
    i did not hear any aaahhh s or uummms thru out the speech.
    I like her a lot.
    I think if Hilary is senate majority leader, she and Sarah could do great things for this country. for the next four years.
    Both believe they are in office to serve the people.
    In 2012 with Hillary as president the good things could continue if she has Sarah in her cabinet.



  423. No fool here. I don’t agree with Palin on much of anything. Doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate her calling out BO on the his BS.

  424. dg, but why would he pick a dirty girl if not to replace another dirty girl? What, just because she seems to have a huge following in hs own party and is obviously an incredible political asset? Talk sense!

    Hi, AfricanAgainstO.

  425. Oh, BTW? KO compared Palin to Delores Umbridge from the Harry Potter books.

    MSNBC, send Keith to therapy, please! Suzy Kolber will pay for it!

  426. “how about big oil.. yup we need more of that too”

    Glad you think so, ask your l’il buddy O how he voted on Cheney’s energy bill.

  427. Hi Seriously

    Thanks ladies for welcoming me!

    Have a good night. Just want to let you know not every black person/African American is for Obama. I have seen a lot of eloquent politicians/dictators in Africa that don’t deliver anything – I am not biting. I will take a record (Hillary or McCain) over eloquence any day. I will see the debate and decide who to vote for.

  428. I feel much better! I just got my usual money-begging letter from Howard Dean. My reply:

    Sorry, Howie – you and Pelosi and Brazile made your bed with an utterly inadequate candidate, now lie in it.

    This FDR and Clinton Dem is voting McCain/Palin. If you wanted my vote in November, you should have counted it last week. I am already donating to them, thanks.

    Oh, and Sarah Barracuda ate your Boy King’s lunch tonight. Middle America and the swing states are going to love her.

    Oh, and please do send Hilllary out to campaign – every time you do, you just painfully remind the voters once again how stupid the Dems were to muscle her out.

    Love and kisses, sweetie,

    One of THOSE women

  429. Dee – You’re not a fool? Really? Because you sound like one! You really think we believe you’re not an Obamabot? And by the way, feminism is about equal rights for all women, not just the ones who share your thinking.

  430. “One of THOSE women” That’s my favorite line. 🙂

  431. Her views are revolting, a summary of all the things the rest of the world hates about America – and probably what a majority of Americans like about themselves (which means she really will boost the vote of the militarist freaks, the numbskull fundies and the human rights haters – only “good” people should have rights!) but what’s not to like when a woman stands up and demonstrates that she’s at least as good as a man. Shame on the DNC for leaving the goal wide open for this. They deserve to get thrashed.

  432. # dee, on September 4th, 2008 at 3:24 am Said:

    Just what I want.. a female vp who does not believe in global warming.. god can’t we find more women like her to worship… how about big oil.. yup we need more of that too… Yah the Republican’s the party of women’s rights.. just not the women of the third world who are denied birth control by this administration…. of course Sarah will change all that won’t she… ?? Of she doesn’t believe in family planning.. unless you are planning to have a family.. I don’t support BO but I am not a fool.. which is more than I can say about what PUMA has evolved into..
    I suggest you so called liberal women read the swill that is coming out of you and get sick of yourselves.. as i have. Signing off and now not supporting any of you or BO..

    Oh Dee, do you promise? Really, really and truly?

  433. Here’s to you PUMAS sisters and brothers and here’s to you tonight Mz. Palin.

    Hillary 2012! For all the RIGHT reasons. Good night all. Tomorrow my son comes home after six months away teaching in rural China, and I also got to hear Palin stick it to Obama. It’s been a good day!

    Feminists UNITE!

  434. Talking Points Update

    OLD TALKING POINTS. McCain blew it. Begin Palin candidacy death watch.

    NEW TALKING POINTS. Tougher to deliver with a straight face, but as below.

    (Palin’s speech) “worked wonders – for the Dems.”

    “In the past several hours, Dems I’ve spoken with and who’ve flooded my inbox are energized. A woman friend and Democrat who had not worked for Obama’s campaign: ‘I am volunteering tomorrow.’” (fivethirtyeight.com).

  435. “Worked wonders for the dems” lmafao.

    Drunken sailors dancing on a sinking ship.

  436. LOL “As I watched, i discovered the Democrats were right all along. I hate me and all of my kind. I felt bad for getting the best marks in school and making the boys behind me feel inferior for losing to a girl. I thanked the school administtators who prevented me from making the speech. I know my place now. god Bless America.:

  437. administrators

  438. Briar, you really think she talked about what the MAJORITY of Americans like about themselves? Wow. If it;s a majority of Americans, then Obama is in deep doodoo, dontcha think?

  439. Hey Mountain Sage!

    Thanks for the links to Palin’s speech. Now I can agree with everyone here: she hit it out of the park! If only someone had been able to say all this before Hillary was cheated out of the nomination.

    The DNC and Barack will reap what they have sewn.

  440. Obama getting the shit beat out of him by a girl is karma.

    Enjoying it is schadenfreude

    Watching it is too much fun

  441. Doesn’t anybody recognize satire when they see it any more? I just posted this parody on the Obama campaign elsewhere and got taken for an Obama supporter…

    Memo to Hillary Clinton:

    Iron our shirts; pick up a pizza for us; fix a drink for Joe Biden (he has a tough debate coming up); and above all DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PALIN CHARACTER!

  442. Did you watch Larry King? He picks certain sound bites and doesn’t show everything. He is very sexist.

  443. In a perfect storm of stupidity, misogyny and arrogance, Obamanation has created a political Twilight Zone where the GOP Presidential candidate is positioned to run as a reformer, outsider and champion of women

  444. Interesting observation:

    I watched two taped version – FOX and CNN, and noticed something very interesting:

    Fox was doing cutaways to a diversity of people – to AA’s in the audience, Asian, Latino, etc.

    CNN was only cutting away to mostly white people in the audience, a few AA shots, but rarely.

    I can see where this is subliminally going with race-baiting.

  445. myiq, yep. All because the DNC cabal decided they were more concerned with their little personal fiefdom, ousting the Clinton Dems, and having their own hand-picked potentate than with this country.

  446. What I like about Palin is that she’s self-made. There’s no question she got where she is by herself. No President husband getting her a Senate seat, and calling in IOUs for delegates. No sympathy votes because of a cheating husband or campaign tears. No inheriting a campaign machine. It’s just a much better example of a woman being able to get there on her own.

  447. WMCB, to be honest, the people (like 99% white guys) standing behind the CNN panel at the DNC looked like “kegger in the frat! Let’s go out on the street and throw stuff at people!” plus they were acting like 2 year olds trying to get on camera. The people CNN was showing at the RNC were all white guys too, but at least they didn’t look like frat boys, it was a noticeable improvement.

  448. *sighs* Can we have some smarter Obots, please?

  449. I think the Obots are getting bitter.

  450. Well, bitter is fine, and go ahead and get religion, but please, no guns. You won’t be able to figure out which end the bullet comes out of.

  451. The “New Dems” do have a bad tendency to shoot themselves in the foot, don’t they? Shoulda stuck with a good old FDR Liberal, and they wouldn’t have these problems. Base a whole campaign on “fresh and new” and you’re kinda screwed when something newer and fresher captures the public’s imagination.

    Oh well, live by the changiness, die by the changiness

  452. I think the Obots are bitter to clinging to their lattes and balls because they cannot consieve a president without a danglie between their legs-they dont like people who dont look like them.


  453. WMBC-fresh and new like one of thoose pinetree in car airfresheners-what happens after 2 monnth of one of those in your car?

    you toss it in the trash can-sorry obama last night @ 1126EDT to about Midnight “You Got Served”!

    I am sure Keith Obermann is polishing off the last of his meds on this one!


  454. “Shoulda stuck with a good old FDR Liberal, and they wouldn’t have these problems.”

    But FDR brought a new set of problems. Let’s see, there was Frances Perkins, Hallie Flanagan, Eleanor, the disgusting non-wealthy people Eleanor disgraced herself by hanging with, those women who thought they were too good to be locked into sweatshops…the whole thing was kind of a nightmare.

  455. KO is scared of Palin–she reminds him of Delores Umbridge.

  456. KO is scared of Palin – she reminds him of his mommy.

  457. As someone said earlier, she stomped him with “titanium stilletos wrapped in apple pie”

  458. A women in the White House would be great – very inspiring to our daughters. Especially if we can tell them with a straight face that they can do it too – without riding the coat-tails of a powerful man. Palin would set that example.

  459. Well, yeah, that’s obvious, but he actually said she reminded him of Delores Umbridge, the sadistic cat lady.

  460. Pat is a very pitiful little obot who has been leg-lifting in old threads all night. Someone take it for a walkie, please.

  461. Pretty much anything not 25, 4 drinks in, and gushing over him reminds KO of a sadistic cat lady.

  462. I’d freaking love to have been in the heads of the guests on the show when he said it, too. “Please don’t hurt me, Keith” would I guess pretty much sum it up.

  463. “Somewhere Hillary is having a glass of wine and some sinfully chocolate cake, thinking, “I fucking told you so.”

    Best. Comment. Ever.

  464. So many are so angry unless you totally agree, so I just say my opinion. Hillary is smart and capable, but her story just isn’t that inspiring for young women. I appreciate her service in the Senate, but I like women in the public spotlight who actually made it on their own. If she hadn’t had married Bill then maybe she would have ‘gotten there’ on her own, but that’s speculation. I’d also speculate that if Bill had married any of many very smart women I’ve known, he could have made them a Senator also.

  465. It may well be your opinion, Pat, but you see, when your opinion is sexist garbage it needs to be called what it is. And it’s sexist garbage.

  466. Perhaps Senator McCain did get it right after all in his choice of
    Governor Sarah Pallin as his Vice President.
    She is no Hillary Clinton, but her performance last night will help clear the obstacles for Hillary to return in 2012 as President.
    Pumas should be reassured that this dynamic and intelligent
    woman will be a great “ally” to the Puma cause.

    Good fortune, Senex, Ireland

  467. Shorter Clinton aides: Yes, we want on board for 2012. LOL

  468. WMCB – It is sexism to be sure that a woman can achieve the Presidency on her own merit and want that to happen? Is there a dictionary of redefined words that goes along with blogging here?

  469. Don’t worry, though, Patty Solis-Doyle. Your friendship with Axlerod means that while your erstwhile friends the Clinton aides are busy in 2012, you can be the next ‘Pat,’ doing paid blogging for Bobby Casey’s campaign. Yay, karma!

  470. Bobby’s slogan will be, “I’m even less qualified than Obama, and he won 3 whole states! Vote Casey! My kids told me they’re ‘thinking about it’ and I consider that a good sign!”

  471. Pat, 7:05 am Said:

    ” I’d also speculate that if Bill had married any of many very smart women I’ve known, he could have made them a Senator also.”

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention to Hillary Clinton’s campaign or accomplishments. One needs to be more than smart to have achieved the stature of a Hillary Clinton.

  472. sorry all but have noticed the trolls have a new game…
    here is their new taunt:

    “Sarah Palin wheres combat boots!”

    Oh my yes she does-and she used them last night to stomp all over you weak pathetic candidate.

    Appears last night Obama was rubbing the back of his head and complaining of a sharp pain-he was rushed to a hospital and it was discocered a stilleto heel(a 5 inch sharpie) was imbedded in his brain!

    Oh No BO wont Go to the White house-seems the obama love train was de-railed by a sweet Hockey Mom form Alaska who lifted an I-beam all by herself and hefted on the track-many injuries were reported!

    I am sitting back and lovining it bats on the Palin Bounce….


  473. Or we could keep talking to the troll and encourage him to hang around and get paid more. lol Okay, I surrender. lol

  474. purplefinn – Hillary is smart and accomplished, many women are. Many women work to start rape crisis centers, shelters, with much less support. And of course I paid attention to her campaign: the way she mismanaged that ( in my opinion ) is not a compelling reason to support her!

  475. Seriously, got it.

  476. sorry any bets on the Palin Bounce?


    Oh I think she won the guys (str8) back!

  477. Oh don’t let me stop you, purplefinn. I have a bad habit of engaging with trolls myself. It’s just that usually if you talk to them, they go away. This one is chatty, which indicates he’s probably getting paid by the line.

  478. Did anyone notice that Mark Shields (PBS) did Obama’s set up for him last night. The one where Obama gets to be the “wronged” person thus, having other people stand up and defend him?

    Mark (with a very sad and dejected face) noted that in a couple of areas Palin was “belittling” Obama. Poor Obama, poor Obama.

    She called him out on national TV in her own words without surrogates or a bought and paid for MSM. She took responsibility. Now that’s refreshing!

    She compared her mayoral experience to his community organizing (maybe it’s time for Obama to delineate exactly what he did and who benefited) and it was a laugh line!

    Poor Obama, he thought Hillary was too hard on him.

    Please all Obama supporters, stand up for your man. That mean ol Sarah Barracuda used Obama’s actual record to trash him. Truth to inflated ego!

    Title for Obama’s next speech “I Had a Dream.”

  479. One thing that I have noticed in the coverage of Palin’s speech.

    Where the hell are all the Obama spokespeople screaming from the rafters how racist she is? Why isn’t JJ Jr’s big face on TV, getting all sanctimonious that she DARED call him out for inexperience, and call his personal story a bunch of fluff, the dirty racist! She said much worse than Bill or Hill ever did, but not ONE PEEP about racism now.

    Why is that, I wonder? Could it be because that cynical tool got trumped up in the primaries when they knew they could use it, but concerns about “racism” are now under the bus since they don’t need that to prop him up anymore, and it might backfire?

    Funny how all that righteous moral outrage (that they claimed had nothing, NOTHING to do with winning an election) just “poof!” disappeared when they don’t need it to stir up any AA’s, or guilt any more Liberal white folks.

  480. Has anyone found a community organizer yet?

  481. Hillary won her Senate seat on her own.

  482. Good morning.

    Wife and I thought P did well.

    Damn you P, why did you have to be “likable (sp?) enough”. If I end up voting for the first viable female VP it will be all your fault. Damn you, I tell you.

    Am I the only one who finds P hot in the shooting video? (shhh. don’t tell wife).

  483. I am a straight woman, Upstate, and yes, I can recognize that she is hot in that video.

    BTW, RD has a NEW THREAD UP!


  484. Ya know, I think Palin really set herself up well by going after the media. They can’t possibly attack her and shill for BO without repercussions now.

    Most of the pundits in the tank for him really looked contstipated last nite and this a.m.

    Fleet enema, KO????

  485. Finally we have a politician willing to speak out against the 4th and 5th Amendments!

  486. Hockey Mom. Slapshot. On Goal. Puckish Humor…..someone stop me…

    I’m still laughing at how she delivered the goods.

    As someone far more knowledgeable said: “Junk, meet boot.” Except in this case it was a stiletto.

  487. Palin: wrong woman, wrong message

    Sarah Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Hillary Clinton. She is Phyllis Schlafly, only younger.

    By Gloria Steinem
    September 4, 2008


    Here’s the good news: Women have become so politically powerful that even the anti-feminist right wing — the folks with a headlock on the Republican Party — are trying to appease the gender gap with a first-ever female vice president. We owe this to women — and to many men too — who have picketed, gone on hunger strikes or confronted violence at the polls so women can vote. We owe it to Shirley Chisholm, who first took the “white-male-only” sign off the White House, and to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who hung in there through ridicule and misogyny to win 18 million votes.

    But here is even better news: It won’t work. This isn’t the first time a boss has picked an unqualified woman just because she agrees with him and opposes everything most other women want and need. Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It’s about making life more fair for women everywhere. It’s not about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. It’s about baking a new pie.

    Selecting Sarah Palin, who was touted all summer by Rush Limbaugh, is no way to attract most women, including die-hard Clinton supporters. Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Clinton. Her down-home, divisive and deceptive speech did nothing to cosmeticize a Republican convention that has more than twice as many male delegates as female, a presidential candidate who is owned and operated by the right wing and a platform that opposes pretty much everything Clinton’s candidacy stood for — and that Barack Obama’s still does. To vote in protest for McCain/Palin would be like saying, “Somebody stole my shoes, so I’ll amputate my legs.”

    This is not to beat up on Palin. I defend her right to be wrong, even on issues that matter most to me. I regret that people say she can’t do the job because she has children in need of care, especially if they wouldn’t say the same about a father. I get no pleasure from imagining her in the spotlight on national and foreign policy issues about which she has zero background, with one month to learn to compete with Sen. Joe Biden’s 37 years’ experience.

    Palin has been honest about what she doesn’t know. When asked last month about the vice presidency, she said, “I still can’t answer that question until someone answers for me: What is it exactly that the VP does every day?” When asked about Iraq, she said, “I haven’t really focused much on the war in Iraq.”

    She was elected governor largely because the incumbent was unpopular, and she’s won over Alaskans mostly by using unprecedented oil wealth to give a $1,200 rebate to every resident. Now she is being praised by McCain’s campaign as a tax cutter, despite the fact that Alaska has no state income or sales tax. Perhaps McCain has opposed affirmative action for so long that he doesn’t know it’s about inviting more people to meet standards, not lowering them. Or perhaps McCain is following the Bush administration habit, as in the Justice Department, of putting a job candidate’s views on “God, guns and gays” ahead of competence. The difference is that McCain is filling a job one 72-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency.

    So let’s be clear: The culprit is John McCain. He may have chosen Palin out of change-envy, or a belief that women can’t tell the difference between form and content, but the main motive was to please right-wing ideologues; the same ones who nixed anyone who is now or ever has been a supporter of reproductive freedom. If that were not the case, McCain could have chosen a woman who knows what a vice president does and who has thought about Iraq; someone like Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison or Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine. McCain could have taken a baby step away from right-wing patriarchs who determine his actions, right down to opposing the Violence Against Women Act.

    Palin’s value to those patriarchs is clear: She opposes just about every issue that women support by a majority or plurality. She believes that creationism should be taught in public schools but disbelieves global warming; she opposes gun control but supports government control of women’s wombs; she opposes stem cell research but approves “abstinence-only” programs, which increase unwanted births, sexually transmitted diseases and abortions; she tried to use taxpayers’ millions for a state program to shoot wolves from the air but didn’t spend enough money to fix a state school system with the lowest high-school graduation rate in the nation; she runs with a candidate who opposes the Fair Pay Act but supports $500 million in subsidies for a natural gas pipeline across Alaska; she supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, though even McCain has opted for the lesser evil of offshore drilling. She is Phyllis Schlafly, only younger.

    I don’t doubt her sincerity. As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Assn., she doesn’t just support killing animals from helicopters, she does it herself. She doesn’t just talk about increasing the use of fossil fuels but puts a coal-burning power plant in her own small town. She doesn’t just echo McCain’s pledge to criminalize abortion by overturning Roe vs. Wade, she says that if one of her daughters were impregnated by rape or incest, she should bear the child. She not only opposes reproductive freedom as a human right but implies that it dictates abortion, without saying that it also protects the right to have a child.

    So far, the major new McCain supporter that Palin has attracted is James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Of course, for Dobson, “women are merely waiting for their husbands to assume leadership,” so he may be voting for Palin’s husband.

    Being a hope-a-holic, however, I can see two long-term bipartisan gains from this contest.

    Republicans may learn they can’t appeal to right-wing patriarchs and most women at the same time. A loss in November could cause the centrist majority of Republicans to take back their party, which was the first to support the Equal Rights Amendment and should be the last to want to invite government into the wombs of women.

    And American women, who suffer more because of having two full-time jobs than from any other single injustice, finally have support on a national stage from male leaders who know that women can’t be equal outside the home until men are equal in it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are campaigning on their belief that men should be, can be and want to be at home for their children.

    This could be huge.

    Gloria Steinem is an author, feminist organizer and co-founder of the Women’s Media Center. She supported Hillary Clinton and is now supporting Barack Obama.

  488. Not to be pedantic but everyone shares a chromosome with Palin. Even men have one X chromosome. Women share TWO chromosomes with her.

    No amount of spinning is going to change the fact that actions speak louder than words. And the DNC and Obama have made it abundantly clear how little they think of women candidates and women voters.

  489. reo77, If I’m forced to hold my nose and vote for McCain, just like I held my nose and voted for Kerry, it will be because Obama reminds me of our current President. And 8 years has been enough. (4 years was more than enough IMO!)

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping Virginia isn’t close and that I can vote for McKinney. But, if I have to do the unthinkable and vote Republican, I just keep telling myself that if McCain was good enough for Biden on 2004, then he’s good enough for me in 2008.

  490. But do the RNC really think much higher of women/women voters when they are consciously nominating a troglodyte to help them attract their most reactionary voters?

    How is that helping women?

  491. In the interest of disclosure, let me add that despite being an American-born citizen, I come from a South Asian background

    Now, Mr. Limbaugh’s other choice for VP was Louisiana’s new rock star Republican governor, 37 year old, Indian-American Bobby Jindal

    If Jindal had been the VP pick (he turned it down reportedly) – a part of me would feel a tinge of collective prode, I cannot lie: look, a minority from my own background has made it onto the national stage of American democracy so far! What a long way we’ve come, etc.

    But that joy would be very short-lived, for I disagree with him on almost every single policy issue, especially his regressive form of Christianity which prevents the use of birth control and counters voters’ reproductive freedoms, also in cases of rape. The shared ethnicity would not trump all else, it’s only a single factor.

    I would have to vote against him – despite admiring him and feeling conflicted.

    I’m just hopeful that some of the women here who are (rightfully so) disgusted with Obama/DNC, would rather vote for a 3rd party or independent candidate, rather than voting for McCain – which would be against their OWN interests, as politically conscious and progressive women

  492. pride, not prode 🙂

    gxm – I used to admire McCain in 2000. But that was 4 years before he sold out and started campaigning for Bush after the Rep machine had even launched a whisper campaign against him during the 00 primaries, saying he had fathered a “black baby” (his adopted Bangladeshi daughter!)

    For him to go out there on behalf of his arch-rival who had said such nasty things about him, simply with an eye on the presidency later down the line, makes me feel like he lost whatever modicum of integrity he once initially had

  493. I don’t agree with the idea that keeping your head high during a negative attack shows a lack of integrity. So I don’t share your view of McCain. All I know is that it’s Obama who reminds me of GW. So if I’m forced to pick between Obama and McCain, then I’ll pick McCain. Hopefully it won’t come to that and I can vote for McKinney. She is, after all, the only candidate who actually voted against the war.

  494. Mods note the troll: reo77.

    I am an independent (though admittedly conservative-leaning) man, so take what I am about to say with a grain of salt, but NOW and Gloria Steinem failing to stand up for what they have preached for so long makes them less credible to me. Conservative women exist, and they should be defended against sexism as much as any other women, regardless of their politics. Fight Palin on the issues, but stand up against the smears. Sadly, my 4th wave feminist girlfriend just said that she is not surprised by this. After explaining how shocked I was that the Democrats were the ones smearing a woman, as I’ve always seen them as the more inclusive and socially progressive party (which I generally agree with), she pointed me to this site and others explaining what happened to Hillary. I had no idea about all the things I’ve read the past few days about the DNC primary (I usually just watch CNN). She has been consistently against Obama since the beginning and I never really understood it. My eyes have been opened these past few days.

    I may not agree with all the opinions on this site, but I am glad to see that this sort of site exists, and that attention is being brought to the treatment of Sarah Palin, even if many of the ‘leaders’ of the feminist movement are doing nothing. Unfortuantely, I expect that the sexists in the Republican party will come out when the time comes (probably Hillary in ’12). I am proud that the Republicans have a good chance of putting the first woman in the VP position, and I, for one, will speak out against sexism in the Republican party when the time comes (and we know it will).

    BTW, did people hear about all the teleprompter and hard copy issues Sarah Palin had last night? I never noticed. What an amazing speaker! Again, take this with a grain of salt, but she is a much better speaker that Obama and connected with me much more. I would love to see what happens to Obama in one of his “magnifi-fabulo-tastic” speeches if the teleprompter went haywire.

    Sorry for the long rant. I’m probably going to get schooled now, and I won’t keep pushing my views on this website, but felt compelled to say something on the double standard I thought I would never see among some women. Today I’m wearing the “This is what a feminist looks like” shirt my girlfriend bought me. 🙂

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  496. I’m on my way out to Walgreen’s to buy 8-10 tubes of lipstick.

    Every time I get a fundraising letter from the DNC or Obama, I’m going to return with no money, but a brand new tube of lipstick.

    It gives me great pleasure to see them crumble.



  498. McCain is a smart man. He is going to win in November in a LANDSLIDE.

  499. Wow, I’m a guest here from the other side (you know, conservative) and a male, and have to say I’m impressed with the passion and the knowledge on this site. Also, by and large with the evenhanded discussion of Sarah’s performance. Well done.

    After Ms. Palin’s speech yesterday, I now have what I think is a slight understanding of where all your passion for Hillary comes from.

    What I mean by that – for the first time since I’ve voted (and that’s a looooong time), somebody stood up on a stage and talked the way I want a politician to talk, about the things I think are important- and for once I felt like there might at long last be someone out there who “gets it”.

    Now I am not the biggest fan of Hillary, but it’s my suspicion that a lot of the reason you are all so staunch in your support of her is for about the same reason.

    All I can say is I’m really, REALLY glad the DNC put forward the empty suit instead of the Pants Suit.

    Hillary would have been formidable- in fact, it would have been extremely difficult (and yeah, yeah- you say impossible) to beat her.

    Jugears? Not so much.

    Anyway- the ‘Cuda rules.

  500. Gov. Palin and I may not see eye to eye on all the issues – but she is clearly a genuine and sincere public servant – and what a breath of fresh air!
    I think she is amazing!
    McCain has proven that he is truely a representative of the people. He heard what we were saying, he understood the injustice that HRC (and by extension, all women) suffered at the hands of the bullying media, obamatrons and the “Democratic” party. It made me see McCain in a whole new way.
    What a contrast to the arrogant, self-serving POS that is BO.
    Notice how BO is now so suddenly concerned about women and sexism? – Like we believe him. dick.

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  502. The USA chant is a good ” mind game” as it plays to the Rev. Wrights remarks about GD America and the Ayer’s relationship. There is no doubt that McCain is a patriot, but is Obama? I don’t doubt that he is, but there are some that will think about it differently. It is one of those things that lays in the back of your mind and you really do not know its there. Its almost like that orange tie. It has people talking about it and some are taking it as a pandering to us Clinton supporters. If it is, great! God knows we need some.

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