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Sarah Speaks: Live Blog

What will she say?

PS:  Rudy Giuliani and Simon Bar Sinister- separated at birth?

838 Responses

  1. Arghh, more Republicans trying to dance. Elaine, is that you?

  2. Hopefully she will make an effort to speak to Hillary Clinton supporters!

  3. I see the Texas delegation, I assume. LOL!

  4. For the first time in my life, I’m proud to be an American.

  5. Rudy is up. I can’t watch this.

  6. Rudy – the all-time champion vetter (Bernie Kerick)

  7. Ruh-Roh, it’s Simon Bar Sinister.

  8. I don’t want my daughter punished with a baby.

  9. Why does the news media always say that Rudy is a good speaker? He’s a terrible speaker and he’s an idiot!

  10. Rudy is good as attack dog. Rudy sucks at trying to be personable.

  11. Adolph Guiliani – everybody smile. That’s an order!

  12. And Rudy is the biggest sexist of them all. Doesn’t any one remember how he treated Donna Hanover (his second wife)?

  13. Rudy is up against a creepy brown and yellow background that looks like waves, ot the walls of a cave. He looks like he was dressed and made up by an undertaker.

  14. Rudy is a crazed freak. Can’t stand him. Sound is on mute.

  15. This resume thing is easy but good. and should be said again and again.

  16. Men. Idiot – I’d hire your senator – uhh – the cute blonde?

  17. did he say Voodoo?

  18. He has met every crie this. He hath pathed every test. He thacrifified for hith country.

  19. Yeah, Rudy sucks. Simple as that. I liked the Huckster, though. Disagreed with almost everything he said, but liked him.

  20. sophie – did he? I do voodoo.

  21. I want Rudy to do his speech in drag. Imagine him that way, and it is more tolerable.

  22. Arabella: I wonder if the folks in the front row get spit-shower towels.

  23. Arabella – LOL!!!!

  24. he sounds like daffy duck.

  25. Does the POW thing have to be mentioned in every single speech. Can’t we have just one speech where the POW thing isn’t mentioned. The Democrats were boring, these guys are as boring or worse.

  26. If I wasn’t burned out right now, I would go lurk at a kool-aid site just to contrast and campare their reactions to ours.

    But I already know what I’ll see. If I drank a shot of tequila every time an Obot said something sex*st I would pass out before the halfway point of the speech

  27. Still4: I think it was “few do”

  28. They put all the women in front where they get sprayed.

  29. The Community Organizer thing!!


  30. WMCB: Lord, maybe I need to study up on my video-editing so I can put him in drag.

  31. LOL Crowd chanting ZERO again

  32. Go Rudy!!

  33. My sound is on mute, but he did make some kind of satanic sign with his fingers that looked like a “V.”

  34. Sophie – He speaks like English is not his native language

  35. The woman who was just on creeped me out.

    OMG I can’t believe they just started chanting “USA, USA, USA”, how old are these people…

  36. I’m sorry, I’ve laughed at least 5 times for this speech. I can’t believe it.

  37. I really hate Rudy, but he’s in full prosecutorial mode and he is good.

  38. KB: Me too…The 4 horsemen are here!!

  39. Arabella – you have sharp eyes. HE’s doing that Obama down-finger gesture.

  40. Is Rudy introducing Governor Palin or what? I can’t stand to listen to him.

  41. Rudy (the creepy bastard) hammering the present votes. Can’t make a decision.

  42. Obama delegates=morons
    Republican delegates=morons

  43. SweetieSue, He’s shredding Barack. And Very Funny.

  44. Rudy is kicking butt! (He was my Mom’s first choice.)

  45. I practice Voodoo

    Don’t be dissing my religion.

    Unless you want zombies chasing you

  46. Man – he is spitting mad – should have been a puma.

  47. Wow, Rudy’s cleaning BO’s clock. I barely could tear myself away from Venus and Serena and was waiting to hear from y’all when Sarah started. He’s yucky, but at least someone is saying it. God, why Rudy? He’s hitting it home, though. Oh, yuck.

  48. Nada!! Barack O’Nada

  49. Put the sound on mute Sweetie Sue.

  50. Yeah, WigWag, it looks like our county is in the shitter.

  51. myiq – Me too – voudouisant.

  52. Weird, weird Rudy speech. Really going after Barack but it kind of reminded of the rocky horror picture show with all the crazy hooting and hollering.

  53. I can’t stand Obama. Hillary can’t convince me to vote for him, Bill can’t convice me to vote for him. The only person in American who might be able to convince me to vote for Obama is Rudy.

    I just want to be for whatever this moron is against.

  54. LMAO! “We agree with Joe Biden..”

  55. The way the whole place erupted in laughter when they said “Community Organizer” — (smile)

  56. We agree with Hillary!

  57. Rudy – 3/10 Speech Writer 9/10

  58. Every four years the Democratic Party pulls Roe v Wade from under the covers and waves it in the faces of Democratic women to ensure we stay in line and vote the party ticket. No one mentions that in 6 of the last 8 years the Republicans have had control of both the executive and legislative branches of the government, and Roe v Wade is still standing. No one mentions how many Republican women are pro-choice.
    I have always been proud to be a Democratic woman, this year not so much so with the horrific sexism so acceptable to many in my party. And now that they have hauled out the Roe v Wade flag once again, I am further insulted. This year I will be sure to vote with my brain and not my uterus.

  59. SweetieSue!, yep!

  60. I think that 3 am ad is now stuff of legend.

  61. What was the audience yelling when Guilliani said Obama was a community organizer? I ‘m listening in another room.

  62. OK, now I’m liking this better, they are getting on Obama’s case… let’s have more of that and less of the evil lefty and sacred sperm lines…

  63. Rudy Giuliani will NEVER be POTUS. He is just hideous looking. I’ve seen more attractive gargoyles.

  64. Republicans are not holding back . Can’t stand Rudy but he is

    kicking Barky’s butt. Finally, someone calling out the zero.

  65. Hope is not a strategy.

  66. ooh, he says he agrees with Hillary Clinton and with Joe Biden….

    I LOVED how he hammered Obama on the ‘present’ v votes….

    ‘”change” is not a destination, “hope” is not a strategy’

  67. NH, they keep yelling ZERO – Obama’s accomplishments.

  68. CNN just showed Huckabee. He looks like he is falling asleep

  69. Oh lord, the latest in the Palin drama will continue. The Wall Street Journal, according to Mark Halperin at the page, got emails from her to the guy who was suppose to fire the trooper who was also her relative…see thepage.time.com…let the media pillory her all over again.

  70. I’m enjoying imagining how Obama is reacting to this.

  71. Every sperm is sacred.
    Every sperm is great.
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate.

  72. Lady Boomer – Hope is smoke and mirrors – from Obama. But Bill used hope and it was concrete.

  73. Is it just me, or is it a much more rowdy and disorganized crowd than the Bush conventions?

  74. Oh No…it’s the dentist’s convention…drill, baby, drill.

  75. Drill baby, drill??? Oh my…

  76. Had Rudy run against Hillary when she ran for Senate in New York, she would have kicked his butt!

  77. John – very cute.

  78. LOL, true dat, WigWag

  79. I bet the televison ratings go through the roof when Palin walks on stage, and drop back to just the political junkies like us as soon as she finishes.

  80. The repub do use natl security alot. They told a story about a marien last night that died when he threw himself on a grenade that made me cry.

  81. Jesus, these people are morons.
    I have no political home. Color me depressed.

  82. Rudy weird me out. As I watch this, I am sure I am not a republican.

  83. Drill baby drill!

    Look, I’ll vote for down ticket Dems, but not for Obama.

    I’m glad the the Republicans are exposing Obama’s flaws.

    Ah, shaddup Rudy. I’m muting him now. Islamic Terrorism …..

  84. You know he had to mention 9/11. It’s the best thing that ever happened to this creep!

  85. wigwag – he started to – then he came down with prostate cancer.

  86. Oh this WOULD have to go late. School started yesterday and I have to get my daughter up at 5:30 am!

  87. Where’s Palin?

  88. These lines didn’t work in the primaries Rudy, drop ’em.

    You were actually doing OK, you Nosferatu looking creep.

  89. Yep, people have heard Palin once, and she is going to bring the house down for sure. Standing ovation.

  90. JJ, I am still a registered Dem, and will remain one.

    I am allying with the USSR and Uncle Joe Stalin to defeat the greater threat.

  91. Standing ovation before she speaks. I love it.

  92. “Hope is not a strategy,” said Rudy.
    I guess it worked for the DNC. At least till now.

  93. Rudy looks like a defrocked priest.

  94. The sun must be rising somwhere in the world. Get back in your coffin, Rudy.

  95. Tell it Rudy! Obama Barack-tracks all the time!

  96. I guess I should be grateful to the Republican Convention for reminding me why I never vote for their candidates.

  97. Rudy slamming O on his wish washy record. FISA VOTE!

  98. Rudy, don’t you know any stories from the Readers’ Digest? I’d rather hear that.

  99. sagesgram, a whole lot of Republican women are pro-choice. The ones I know are into money.

    Thank goodness they stopped the “drill baby drill” thing…

  100. “If I were Joe Biden, I’d want to get that VP thing in writing” LOL!

  101. here’s some entertainment for you —

    from the JSND – PUMA party in Denver

  102. wcmb: I am allying with the USSR and Uncle Joe Stalin to defeat the greater threat.

    That would be the Obama campaign. Like old Joe.

  103. That is true about Jerusalem. BO also said the parties should work it out themselves. Uh, good one. They don’t need help.

    Ah ha, home run about the VP in writing. Is there more room under the bus?

  104. Arabella Trefoil, LOL.

  105. We are all Georgians!! Joe Stalin was a Georgian.

  106. 🙂 “If I were Joe Biden, I’d want to get that VP thing in writing”….

    I know, I know, this is Rudy Giuliani. But it’s SUCH a relief to hear someone call out Obama’s flip-flops.

  107. If McCain is elected I hope he won’t make Rudy Secretary of Defense. We’d be on Def Con 1 every time he had gas.

  108. LMAO! Next time call John McCain!

  109. Oh man, I really wish Rudy would just go away. I know this is red meat for the Republicans, but he goes on and on.

    His last bit about calling John McCain is good though.

    I hope he will just introduce Palin so we can be on with it!

  110. I’m a NYer and there are many reasons to not like Rudy. But he did clean up the city nicely. It was something like a war-zone before him. It’s a bit less clean under Bloomberg. Of course, Rudy did it in a slightly fascist way, but we all enjoyed the benefits anyway. And say what you will of his exploitation of 9/11, but on the days and weeks following the attack he was a great leader for our city.

    How he treated Donna Hanover was disgraceful, informing her that they were getting divorced on television. Then again, Minnie Driver found out she wasn’t dating Matt Damon anymore after he told Oprah he was single… I think the least they could have done was send out an e-mail.

  111. “Rudy looks like a defrocked priest.”


  112. I want Lieberman back on the stage.

  113. The future — Clinton vs Palin 2012

  114. JJ:

    The only people who think “Troopergate” matters were already supporting Obama.

    Even the worst version of the story makes her look like a someone who will fight to protect her family, and the fact that the Democrats are pimping the story makes them look like they don’t care about victims

  115. “none of his 300 advisors told him that Russia has a veto in the UN SC.”

    good points. Delivery could’ve been SOO much better. I wish Hillary was still competing with Barack, she and Bill wud’ve kicked butt.

  116. Are they trying to push Palin out of prime time?

  117. We’d be on Def Con 1 every time he had gas.

    What happened to the color codes?

  118. Lieberman made an appeal to people who never voted Repub. They like us, they really like us.

  119. Whooo Hooo—-Hit on the clingy thingie!!

  120. Ok, Rudy tell a joke

    A Christian, a Jew and Barack Obama are in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. Barack Obama says, “This joke isn’t going to work because there’s no Muslim in this boat.”


  121. “Maybe they cling to religion there!”


  122. LOL! Sorry Obama feels Palins small town isn;t cosmopolitan enough…maybe they cling to religion to much….

  123. Oh, I get it. He’s the attack dog that she can’t be.
    But, Jesus, get the hook already.

  124. “The only people who think “Troopergate” matters were already supporting Obama.” Exactly! What’s the bf deal, I don’t get it.

  125. Rudy is a good attack dog. It suits his personality and nobody likes him much anyway

  126. sod, it’s disconcerting, isn’t it? lol

  127. Cindy’s holding the baby. Oh look, Obama troglodytes, teh baby can be raised in teh WH by a stay at home mom like nature intended. Hallelullia.

  128. Ladyboomer — you got that right !!!! Lieberman gave a smart speech

  129. I was told by a reporter that she’d be on @ 10:30pm. I think she will be, which is many times more reliable than “our party” was able to produce for their winning candidate, Hillary, former first lady, sitting Senator — after they demoted the vote into daytime instead of primetime and tried to do same with Bill. Changed the delegate vote times and deadlines by the minute. Oh, sorry, time to move on.

  130. Cindy is holding the baby!!!!

  131. I’ve never seen Rudy so animated. He’s hammering the sexist crap now. BO is so sunk.

  132. Some one mentioned Donna Brazile and Karl Rove in one of the other threads, saying that we need remember who she spoke with. She may have spoken with him, but she is an adult who can tell right from wrong. The choice to lead the Democratic party to this divide was entirely hers and her responsibility.

    Did she listen to Rove or did she just get advice on what she was planning to do anyway. The Dems did exactly what they have criticized the republicans for doing – this makes them hypocritical.

    Savage Politics had been very clever in checking URL’s with McCains name in combination with other names. The combination with Palin has been around a long time meaning that he has been considering her irrespective of what has been going on with Hillary. I noted that he has many more women involved in his campaign than Obama, strong, proven leaders like Meg Whitman.

    Having lived in Germany where women from many parties have served in high positions, I noted that positive change occurred for the good of the people irregardless of the party these women were affiliated with. In general women brough more efficiency, more equitability and family, worker, and women friendly changes to Germany.

  133. OMG!! Rudy’s a Feminist!

  134. exactly, myiq. Rudy doesn’t harm any nice sweet image of himself by doing this, so he’s a perfect attack dog.

  135. OMG, Rudy is being a feminist?!

    This is hilarious.

  136. Good for Rudy going after the sexism. Good for him. Not a lot good I can say about Rudy, but good for the Republicans in general for saying NO to the sexism.

  137. Dr. Laura is ticked off at Palin for not being a “stay at home mom”.

  138. Ah Christ, I thought he was winding down.

  139. SophieL, and here I thought he was just a serial husband. 😉

  140. YES!

    What a relief to hear the truth about Obama on TV for once!

    Can’t stand Rudy but he’s not running for president – Thank God- Everything he’s saying about Obama and the media is the truth though-

  141. Is this the Gong show? Hit It! NOW!

  142. Right there at the RNC Rudy just stood up to the sexism — yep, I don’t like him, but that is a heck of a lot more then what any Dem. leader did for Hillary.
    The GOP gets my vote this year, for the first time in 21 years.

  143. “a vegan that inspires the world”…? Oh, beacon.

  144. Now Rudy is going on too long.

  145. Finally!! I get to drink! Do you guys realize this is the FIRST time I’ve heard one of them mention the “shining city on the hill” in this whole convention?

  146. Mercifully, he’s done. Lets hope he crawls back into his hole and doesn’t get a job in the McCain administration.

    There is only one phrase to describe Rudy,

    He’s a piece of sh*t!

  147. Cal – I believe he had two mistresses at once at one time.

  148. I am officially in the twilight zone.

  149. “Rudy has GOT to mention the 57 states…. or maybe they left that piece of meat for Sarah”

    Unfortunately, people who don’t know about that already will think it’s a joke, and a mean one.

  150. Palin’s up!

  151. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Sarah!

  152. Oooooh, here she is!

  153. Boy was that tedious!

  154. My heart is beating so fast for her. I am really rooting for her. She does not deserve to be treated the way she has been treated.

  155. She’s not even wearing red. Say she ain’t courtin’ us, too.

  156. Here she is !!!!! Give it up for Gov Palin — come on — knock it out of the PARK


  157. They’re gonna cheer for her whole 40 minutes…

  158. LB – Changed the delegate vote times and deadlines by the minute.
    Not to mention changing the vote.

  159. JEEZ I won’t have a friend left when this crap is over.

  160. I wish they had put her in a brighter color

  161. Where can I go to find the popular vote totals on all the dem candidates?

  162. It’s official – She’s a pop star

    Sorry Barack, but you were last season’s winner here on American Idol.

  163. She reminds me of the schoolteacher president, Laura Roslin, On Battlestar Galactica.

  164. That poor boy Levi…I hope he has plenty of Xanax.

  165. Listen to this applause!


  166. She’s trying to separate herself from Hillary. Hillary was the rainbow President. Not Sarah Palin.

  167. She does look nervous.

  168. WMCB: Laura! I love her. You’re right, she is Sarah Palin, but more liberal. Mary MacDonnell supported Hillary.

  169. Unlike Obama, McCain won’t be fuming at the idea of someone outshing him at this convention

  170. The Real Kim — You have friends left? How’d you manage that?

  171. Yeah, JohhnyMac is going to throw this one off the ticket. Dream on, media boyz

  172. Anybody got a live stream?

  173. Regency, yes, not in politics, but in her person, she reminds me.

  174. oh, she’s on. anyone else think she looks a little nervous?
    “accept your nomination…..VP of the US”
    i’m about to start bawling again.

  175. Does this feel weird o what? The Repubs just did what the Dem’s were supposed to do this year. Weird.

  176. Lady Boomer I did until about five minutes ago

  177. Oh dear. She just stuck it to Obama right out of the gate.

  178. She’s gotta be nervous…big crowd…even Laura Bush was nervous.

  179. I know she’s not really my cup of tea, true, but I have a good feeling seeing a woman up there after so long. I can’t deny that feeling. Women have waited a long time, it’s outrageous how long.

  180. LOL —

  181. Do Republican women look happy or what? This must be a dream come true for them.

  182. Yup, she’s a bulldog with lipstick, all right.

    McCain made the right choice.

  183. *sad* I love her so much. So pretty.

  184. Hmm, provocative, where’s she going with this “for every thing, turn, turn, turn, there is a season.” Ah, Bible quotin’

  185. It’s Track!

  186. Why do people say “troops” instead of “soldier”?

  187. Please dont say ‘eye-Raq’. it’s ‘eraak’

    god, i hope she doesnt go ‘nucular’ again.

  188. The Dems really blew it this time. Really fricken’ blew it.

  189. SweetieSue! – That should have been us at the Democratic Convention.


  190. I love that verse. Ecclesiastes, right?

  191. I’ll tell you one thing. She is a better speaker than Biden.

  192. Reg – She’s all yours. I’ll keep Hillary.

  193. Oh, that kid just stole the show

  194. The women in the audience look so happy!

  195. katiebird, being married to a navy man, he is NOT a soldier, he is a sailor. It’s generic for all branches of service.

  196. Bristol, Willow and Piper. They give them unusual names in Alaska.

  197. They’re an adorable couple.

  198. Future lady Pres kid just stood up.

  199. KB- “soldier” is usually just Army. “Troops” covers USMC, Navy, and USAF

  200. Nucular: I think it’s a Republican thing. So easy to fix. New-clear. New-clear, Repiteme!

  201. OMG OMG OMG – didcha get Piper standing up??? All the confusion, the blushing. I LOVE that kid.

  202. I’m not even gonna look, but Jeralyn must be going unglued right now

  203. Still4Hill: No. Cease and desist. Mine.

    Trig is so cute. I love how Cindy looks at the baby.

  204. OMG, she said EYEraq. Christiane Amanpour corrects people when they do that.

    It feels so wrong that after all the work we have done for the Democrats all these years, it’s the Republicans with the woman on stage.

    I just keep thinking how it should have been Hillary…

  205. Still4: Hill’s mine! (Let’s not get into a Pat-n-Carol Eddie thing now).

  206. wow. she emphasized the daughters this time

    they’re certainly listening in

  207. I meant that little girl looked like a future President, the way she commanded the energy.

  208. That should have been us at the Democratic Convention.

    Yeah …

  209. ah, I knew it had to be something. I’m glad I asked. I should have known. That makes sense.

  210. Todd looks like a trophy husband

  211. That was a nice touch.

    To the families of special needs childrens all across this county, I pledge you will have a friend and advocate in the White House.

    That’s great!

  212. Special needs families – she is making me cry…

  213. Bill Clinton – actually he started the mainstreaming, Sarah, really.

  214. As the sibling of a special needs person, she hitting a home run with me.

  215. What’s with the orange flags…they can’t all be PUMAs (could they?)

  216. Oh, shit – Alegre just cried, and so did I. (My eldest daughter has cerebral palsy.)

  217. United Steel Workers Union. good

  218. I love the names of her kids. jeez, I wish my mom had named me Willow. I almost got nailed with Paige or Susannah.

  219. Her husband is hot

  220. Is she using a teleprompter?

  221. He’s cute.

  222. I like the part about special needs children having and advocate-she’s likeable.
    And her husband–purrrr.

  223. She’s like a Republican Marge Gunderson. I like it.

  224. I can’t get the CNN feed to work for me. I’m furious …

  225. Damn, she looks and sounds like America Personified.

  226. “He’s still my guy.”

  227. 🙂 she’s introducing her family as if we were all in her living room.

    I like this better than Michelle’s ‘oh, i’m a mother, i’m a wife’. Sarah’s treating her family as individuals.

  228. I love the name Susannnah.

  229. Her family is almost all Democrats…they must feel like they’re in bizarro world too…

  230. She’s not going to introduce the cousins is she?

  231. I want that blouse.

  232. Arabella – Ya think? You betcha!

  233. Oh, SNAP she just slapped down bittergate and nasty Michelle.

  234. madamab: we’re all in bizarro world

  235. This is a direct hit against the guns n bible clinging statement. Ka-pow-ee.

  236. Okay riverdaughter, from now on we call you Willow!

  237. She just nailed Michelle Obama.

  238. She’s funny – good joke.

  239. She will eat Joe Biden’s lunch when they debate.

    She’ll drink his milkshake too

  240. I think she just might be knocking it out of the park. This is an excellent speech. It is better than Biden’s.

  241. OMG, she did the hockey mom joke! Wow, she’s really at ease.

  242. Woo-hoo! She told the lipstick joke!

    OMG, that Piper is AMAZINGLY cute. Wow. Such presence.

  243. Anyone else think Sarah’s mom looks as spunky, with her short dark hair and confident expression? Oooh, she’s from a family of strong women. I like how confident, NORMAL her family looks….

  244. It’s coming…..

  245. wait for it….


  247. Go, Sarah! I like her.

  248. Damn, she looks and sounds like America Personified.


  249. She is mocking Obama, good for her!

  250. Ka-POW!!

    Take that, wussy Obama.

  251. Slayed them with that community organizer line.

  252. Tweety must be peeing in his pants right now.

  253. OMG — Hillary may have been too sedate. It’s too bad no biggies in the Party had her back.

  254. she’s comparing herself to the o-man

  255. YES!!!!

  256. Oh man, she’s likeable! Holy, no, snap, she brought up the community organizing!

  257. It’s the bitter thing again! yeah!

  258. This is the speech I’ve been waiting for.

  259. OOOOOOH – Bittergate!


  261. AAHHHHHHH…Reg, I will throw down for her! DAMN! Go get ’em Sarah!!!!

  262. SHe is blasting O

  263. KB -right on target.

  264. East Coast West Coast Gang War

  265. GO SARAH!!!!!! Oh, shit! oh, SNAP!!!

  266. Here it comes….another one

  267. Now she’s killing them with elitism.

    This might be one of the best speeches ever.

  268. Smackdown? She sure will be doing a few political body slams tonight.

  269. Snap…Scranton/ San francisco!

  270. She’s REALLY charming.

  271. the campaigns gonna be about gender? about time

  272. She just told the media to f**k themselves. Good for her.

    I hope we will hear alot more of that!

  273. They are hammering him with that impressive community organizer resume he has.

  274. Hello, I’m Alaska. And I’d like you to meet my Governor…

  275. It’s funny, she reminds me of the woman who did “That’s Pat” on SNL. Julia somebody.

  276. YES!!!

    I love this woman.

  277. Wow. She’s good.

  278. She’s on a roll.

  279. So, McSame ain’t so daft after all. Good choice. At least she can dish it. Let’s hope she’s not ultra ultra. If so, the Dems earned her. Sigh, I love you, Hillary.

  280. DU thread: “This woman is the best they have?..”

    “This woman?” They can’t help themselves, can they?

  281. Palin Power!

  282. I loved the community organizer thing!
    She is SUPER!

  283. she’s beginning to enjoy herself, you can tell. the crowd loves her.
    This lady takes pride in being a fighter.

    Did she just praise Truman?? Or did I misunderstand?

  284. The bloviating gasbags just got pwned

  285. Sweetie Sue — Julia Sweeney

  286. LB -Hillary’s style is different. I like Hillary’s substance and style.
    But Sarah is “likable” too.

    Arabella is right – she’s Marge.

  287. This is like a seventh inning grand slam for the home team in a close game.

  288. What did she say about Michelle? I missed that…

    C’mon Sarah, keep bashing Obama, that was over too fast.

  289. So, Kos, still think McCain is going to throw her out?

    Obamasphere, you’ve been punked.

  290. Servant’s Heart.

    That means everything to me.

  291. I wonder if this is getting good ratings.

  292. Wow Sarah Bara Cuda!

  293. Obamasphere, you’ve been punked.

    BY A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. ugsome, on September 3rd, 2008 at 10:46 pm Said:
    DU thread: “This woman is the best they have?..”

    Yes, absolutely. I mean who the heck are these people fooling? Pawlenty or Romney would be btter than this? Come on…

  295. Janis,

    Try the GOP stream:


  296. She reminds me of Marge from Fargo!

  297. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.
    There’s no place like Nome.

  298. L“This woman is the best they have?”

    Yep — looks like they picked right.

  299. “So I guess that’s Barack Obama in the wood chipper”

  300. Oh boy. Oh BOY.

    She sold the d*mn jet on E-Bay!!!

    Obama is TOAST!!!

  301. I love listening to her.
    I wish I cold see the look on MO’s face

  302. Oh man…that jet/ebay thing. Good politics. Hat tip to this one.

  303. Arabella – LOL!!!!

  304. #
    Janis, on September 3rd, 2008 at 10:48 pm Said:

    Obamasphere, you’ve been punked.

    BY A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hee. She’s really knocking it out of the ballpark.

  305. (blinking)

    SOD, yes — I like the speech. I want to see more. and McCain too.

  306. You do have to admit, there are an awful lot of white guys in the audience wearing cowboy hats. That can’t be good.

  307. I love her accent. Unexpectedly compelling.

  308. SNL may have an opening for a new impersonator. It looks like we’ll have a vice president that even Darryl Hammond can’t imitate.

  309. No, but Tina Fey could make guest appearances.

  310. She talks like a Minnesotan.

  311. I’ll vote for her

    If they get rid of that old white guy she’s running with.

  312. hahahaha Arabella.

  313. WigWag – Um, they’re still Republicans.

  314. Tina Fey for Sarah Palin!

  315. Wow, the press pulled the bar so low, she’s going to look even better after this speech.

  316. WigWag, whatcha got against cowboy hats?

  317. Okay, she knows more about Russia than Obama.

    Dear Gawd in Heaven.

  318. Jesus, she’s good. And the seven year old daughter is killing me.
    Can I vote for Sarah for Veep and leave the top blank? Nah, that would probably count for McCain.

  319. And truth to the rumor Biden just threw himself into the Delaware?

  320. i’m confused if i want her to talk policy or not. i’m usually a policy wank but i know i’ll gag if she talks republican policy……

  321. Charles, I asked Jeralyn to delete my account this afternoon and she did within minutes.

    So, I’m gone from there.

  322. I vote for Marge Gunderson!

  323. Oh dear. Drill drill drill. Bull SH*T.

  324. I think there’s really an achievement gap. She’s way ahead of Obama, just like I still have a lot to do to catch up with Max Planck.

  325. Energy and foreign policy in one. She named countries.

  326. How many votes did Biden get total?

  327. Exactly, LadyBoomer.
    She looks like Tina Fey, but she sure sounds like Julia Sweeney.

  328. Arabella Trefoil, on September 3rd, 2008 at 10:49 pm Said:
    “So I guess that’s Barack Obama in the wood chipper”

    OMG – I just spit out my diet coke! LOL!

    Funny funny!

  329. she has just put BOTH Precious and Bidne to shame with her knowledge and her poise.

    Go Sarah . . . . .

  330. The RealKim: 9500

  331. Don’t forget our Missile Defense system resides in Alaska. She has security clearances of higher levels.

  332. if Sarah says she cant handle work + home,
    i’m offering to adopt Piper.

  333. Well, at least her energy policy sounds okay….um…

    Oh good, back to attacking Obama!

  334. Regency — you can bet, Tina Fey’s on it.

  335. I’m sure she’s got top people briefing her and writing her speeches and statements

    The media wankfest against her gives her the excuse to avoid interviews where she could be ambused and tripped up

  336. These women look so so so happy.

  337. 2 memoirs but not a single major reform!

  338. Two memoirs but not a single law.


  339. Ouch!

  340. LayBoomer said:
    Energy and foreign policy in one. She named countries.


  341. Oooo, more snaps, no laws passed. Low blow to BO.

  342. TRK – I think around 25,000

  343. OOO! Barracuda!

  344. by this time, I don’t care who breaks that glass ceiling first. I want it smashed (besides H could still be first prez)

  345. the man can write 2 memoirs but not a single law!!

  346. Dramatic speeches before devoted followers! LOfrickenL! Two memoirs, but no laws. Heh.

  347. I can live without the militarism.

  348. Palin aced it. Barack’s accomplishments could fit on a post-it note.
    She is historic.

  349. HA!! Obama – meet pwn.

    “This is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single legislative accomplishment”

  350. Ouch again damn

  351. Oh no!

    She’s bitchslapping BO.

  352. Wave to all the political operatives on The Confluence tonight. From the Republican side, we have all the oppo research guys. From the Democrats, we have all the guys who are now in search of a toilet.
    Hi, guys! Having fun? Pass the popcorn and the beer.

  353. The Greek columns!! She dissed the Greek columns!!

  354. I know, myiq (nodding)

  355. Obama Roast, part 2…

    Styrofoam Greek columns!!!!!!!!!

    She is hitting this out of the park!

  356. I miss Tina Fey.

  357. I just screamed out loud! Styrofoam Greek Columns!!!


  358. Oh, crap, she MOCKED THE MIGHTY TEMPLE!!!!

  359. I don’t care who wrote her speech. I love her delivery.

  360. She is serving it up to Obama! Styrofoam Greek columns! LOL

  361. The Greek columns! She remembered Temple Boy’s Greek columns!

  362. Cloud of rhetoric has passed and stadium lights go out…

    If Obama and this woman went one on one, she’d kick his butt!

  363. Whoa – the sky will open!

  364. Yeah that was a bitch slap

  365. Ha! The stryofoam greek columns! Oh man…

  366. lol… Lawwwd! Styrofoam Columns!!!! Knocked out the park.

  367. Ooooooh!

    She just whacked Teh Precious in the jewels 3-4 times, smiling while she did it.

    She IS a pit bull

    A very cute pit bull

  368. “haul styrofoam Greek columns back to a studio lot”

  369. I’m amazed the netwroks haven’t cut her mike for calling Obama on his bs, as refreshing as it is.

  370. Uh…terraists should be read their rights. Gotta disagree with you there Sarah.

  371. Oh my, she’s co-opting lot’s of Hill stuff.

  372. Oh ick. I didn’t like that part about the civil rights.

  373. The Democratic party self-immolated.

  374. Now that the gloves are off, I wonder what Joe and BO will do?

  375. Man, I hate her politics but she’s good.
    Underestimate her at your peril.

  376. Agree with you there, ugsome.

  377. That last part I heartily disagree with, but she’s not afraid to take it to Obama. When will she get labeled a you know what?

  378. Oooo, BaraCUda!

  379. Anyone who thinks Republican tax policy is better than Democratic tax policy is simply dumb.

  380. I pity Joe Biden

    He better wear a cup when they debate, or she’ll whack his balls too

  381. Only one criticism– she seems to have a real problem pronouncing uh and you know.

  382. OMG Teh Obama will raise your taxes!!!! FEAR HIM!!!!

    She’s going after the swing states now.

  383. The stuff about small towns was amazing. She just took their criticism of her small town mayorship and shoved it down their throats.

  384. wigwam — be fair that is the TX delegation — cowboy hats are required.

  385. Swing-state shout out
    West Virginia

  386. With respect to Michael Dukakis:
    Both parties are going to cut your civil rights, only the Dems are not going to tell you they will.

  387. Bet she mentions the number of states?

  388. I love Hillary but she is tough. Why didn’t we get to hear Hillary do an acceptance speech. Crap this is bittersweet. Another bitch slap

  389. The Democrats have exactly two people who could take this woman on. One is named Hillary and the other is named Bill. Too bad they’re not around any more.

  390. Slogan time – good one.

  391. The Seal! She hit the Seal!

  392. She just called Obama an opportunist. This is unbelievable. Can she also replace Chris Matthews?

  393. Oh, she hits the POSSUM SEAL!

  394. Wow, she is really good. LOLOL the fake presidential seal.

  395. After this speech, all the polls and the prediction markets of Sarah doing an Eagelton will die so bad…..

  396. I think both McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden will raise my taxes. They both suck on economic policy.

    Sigh. I want Hillary back.


  397. self-designed presidential seals! LOL – she might as well have Obama turning on a spit!

  398. Memo to BO:

    And if the real thing don’t do the trick
    You better make up something quick
    You’re gonna burn, burn, burn down to the wick


  399. Nice! Nice play on words. “Use his career to promote change”.

  400. That last line about change would have really referred to Hill.

  401. O.K. That was too funny!

  402. She hitting all the slams that you never hear about in MSM. I’m shocked they aren’t cutting off the mike. The guys at MSNBC must be foaming at the mouth.

  403. So do you think Obama is screaming and yelling right now, or is he crying because he just got beat up by a girl?

  404. She hit Reid damn

  405. masslib: Spot on!

  406. wigwag – you got that right!

    (Now I’m typing like Marge – I am so susceptible to accents).

  407. madamab… we all want Hill back. If only….

  408. Sarah Bara


    Underestimate her at your own peril, Daily Kos

  409. can you just imagine KO and Tweety about now?!?!?!

  410. a big High Five to all of you. Sarah Palin was chosen because of you.

  411. Cool, after Ried, do Pelosi, please

  412. She will need to be careful in a debate. There’s a bit of smugness in her delivery that could be offputting. Her delivery works well in front of Repubs, but she’ll need to appear as “the people’s representative” when she goes opposite Biden.

  413. Love her!

    The dems have fucked up.

  414. THIS is why I’ve always said that Obama is unelectable.

    The Republicans were never going to let Obama get away with the stuff we did.

    And THIS is why I don’t think anyone has to vote for anyone they don’t want to vote for. This election isn’t going to be close by the time these guys are done.

    (passing the bag) Popcorn, anyone?

  415. If she is smart she will mention Hillary voters.

  416. SOD – I know. I don’t like it when anyone does it.

    I’ll tell ya one thing, she has no problem slapping those weak-*ss Dems upside the haid.

  417. “The American Presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery”

  418. zing

  419. She doesn’t look nervous anymore.

    She’s enjoying herself, and running up the score

  420. I’m sorry, but I may have to post this speech. It will be the first time in history I’ve promoted a Republican. I don’t believe in Hell, but Yom Kippur is coming up, and I can wipe the slate clean in a month when it does. God, forgive me, but she’s writing it for us.

  421. Oh, GOD she is good! And was the “afraid of a fight” reference a slap at the sham primary and rollcall?

  422. Ha! Personal discovery!

  423. madamab – me too. I want Hillary.

  424. Oh, man…Not supposed to be a journay of personal discovery. Man, oh, man.

  425. Ouch again! If this were a prizefight, she knocked them out.

  426. WigWag, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:00 pm Said:
    The Democrats have exactly two people who could take this woman on. One is named Hillary and the other is named Bill. Too bad they’re not around any more.

    Indeed. Hillary blazed this trail this election cycle , but Palin will get to walk it and I’ll never forgive the DNC.

  427. This speech is fine!!!

    Her delivery is magnificent, even the stuff I disagree with doesn’t sound so bad.

    “The American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery.”


  428. One shot at the MSM…one shot at the scarlett johanssen crowd…


    ‘the presidency is not a journey of self-discovery’

  430. of the 3 men running for office, there is only one who has fought for you!

    Take that Precious !

  431. Biden got 5 deferments.

  432. WMCB… you’re right. She is good. Very good. I’m impressed.

  433. Aw, that was cute.

    That kid held a sign that said “Student For McCain.”

    Cause there’s only one! LOL

  434. grayslady, I’ve heard she’s impressive in debates too. Haven’t seen it myself, though.

  435. I wish she would take on Nancy Pelosi too.

  436. SORRY — this bitter middle aged women thinks that Gov. Palin is kicking her “opponents” ass all over the stage.

    She is nailing this. I was a bit nervous earlier but she has knocked this out of the park.

    Our next Vice President – Sarah Palin.

  437. Holy crap.

    I wonder what Chris Matthews’ leg is doing right now.

  438. Her hair is being criticized over at TM.

  439. Lady Boomer NYC, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:03 pm Said:
    I’m sorry, but I may have to post this speech. It will be the first time in history I’ve promoted a Republican. I don’t believe in Hell, but Yom Kippur is coming up, and I can wipe the slate clean in a month when it does. God, forgive me, but she’s writing it for us.


  440. Compassion from having been powerless. Hmmm, good line.

  441. It is so about time someone said these things about B.O. and the Junta to a national audience.

  442. alice: I don’t care about Chris—my leg is tingling!

  443. she’s every inch a Republican, but I kinda like her anyway…

  444. I’m telling you something, this choice of Palin was in the works for MONTHS. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Who else could have generated this much excitement?

  445. While Obamanation is trying to use Rove’s playbook, Palin is using Hillary’s

  446. Biden’s may need a few drinks before that debate.

  447. Did we mention McCain was tortured as a POW? Because you may not have known that.


  448. Charles, Your stats would go out the roof if you did — go for it!

  449. myiq; Bingo!

  450. So, tonight was supposed to be: get to know ya, and can she be Pres if something bad happens. Well?

  451. Going second has its benefits but the DNC gave them SO much material to work with.

  452. Hype – we invented that style in NJ in 1965 – I haven’t seen it again till now, but today two students walked into the building together with her “up” style – honestly – not since I can remember.

  453. The GOP should cancel the rest of their convention

    They can’t top this

  454. Ladyboomer — you crack me up !!!!

  455. Great speech. Let’s see if the shmucks in the press trash it.

  456. Chanting his name again…

  457. That was absolutely incredible. The whole world was watching and she KILLED IT.

    Way to go, Sarah!

  458. That was a good speech and I like her delivery. She was not afraid.

  459. She is kicking Obama’s campaign schtick all over the map. Greek columns, “someone who has REALLY fought for you”, small town digs…She’s fucking the Demz UP!

  460. Okay here comes the MSM bashing.

  461. The Draft Sarah Palin Blog has been up since February 2007. 2007!!!

  462. Wow!

    What a first outing!

  463. Broke-Jaw says she delivered it like an old-pro. She seemed to love every second of it.

  464. Look at how excited Cindy McCain is!!

  465. good line

  466. Ok she just finished. I think this woman has been significantly underestimated. She kicked some A$$ and now onstage with her family.

  467. I’m not sure how this plays on TV, but this speech is quite a bit more of an attack piece than I expected. After an introduction that was almost too pleasant and familiar, Palin has been pouring it on, both with policy but with no shortage of plain ridicule. Perhaps she’s saying it in a disarming way on TV, but on radio it risks sounding mean-spirited. I suppose that being the attack dog is the traditional VP role, but I was expecting something a little more welcoming to Democrats and independents, especially after her introductory speech last week, when she talked about Hillary Clinton.

    What does everyone else think?

  468. While Obamanation is trying to use Rove’s playbook, Palin is using Hillary’s
    Be afraid BO – be very afraid.

    BTW – what a sweet baby!

  469. The baby is awake. What a cutie.

  470. That little Piper is absolutely precious. The whole family is amazing.

  471. I love the complete lack of jealousy — The pride of everyone McCain & Palin.


  472. Oh my heck, that youngest daughter is too cute for words.

  473. That baby is precious.

  474. I don’t watch MSNBC but if anyone is, can you tell me is Chris Matthews crossing his legs or is something else happening down there?

  475. this was an amazing presentation.
    I only wish it were Hillary.
    But since it isn’t, then I hope we get to see Sarah step into that White House as Veep.

  476. wow…toooo funny!

  477. Well they’ve got their rock star too now.

  478. Orange- I think after what the Press has done to her and her family this weekend, she’s entitled to fight back. You never mess with the mama bear.

  479. Oh, I didn’t know Johnny was going to be there. Silly me. I hope he can take it. You’re right myiq — how to top that?

  480. SOD – He should have gotten out in February!

    OMG – McCain is wearing PUMA orange!!!

  481. That cheering isn’t some planned adulation of the cultists.

    She just rocked the whole GOP

  482. sod, i second that

  483. I guess TM had to figure out something to criticize and trivial was the only way to go.

  484. McCain looks like a fookin genius now.

  485. “Dont you think we made the right choice?” McCain says

  486. McCain is wearing an orange tie!!!

  487. McCain does look old enough to be her father.

  488. When’s Obama going to drop Joe Biden from the ticket?

  489. Now, this is exciting!

  490. Obama is toast..my girl friend is crying her eyes out and I suspect a lot off Hillary supporters are doing the same.

  491. SOD -slam-dunk for them –

    You’re right. Get him out – idiots the DNC.

  492. madamab — OMG Puma Orange — you’re right!

  493. Does anyone know what the orange theme is for?

  494. That was YUMMY. The speech, i mean.

    Only one thing – she should try using a slightlylower register, and consciously try to not come across as smug.

    apart from that, this one’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T for the job she needs to do.
    I’m actually glad she didn’t say Hillary voters.,….that would’ve played out as petty.

  495. This is quite moving.

  496. Oh My God! She’s too good. I’m afraid we may be looking at the first woman President of the United States.

  497. McCain;s tie is PUMA ORANGE

  498. Praise the lord, she didn’t say anything about being against reproductive rights. Thank you Sarah for sparing us that.

    I’m gonna post this, too.

  499. Sarah owes a debt to Hillary. All women do. Hillary forged the way.

    Democrats, go ahead and dis women. Go ahead and pile on with your sexism. Once again the republicans have eaten your lunch.

  500. Those of us who are willing should do a PUMA pounce on anyone in the MSM who starts attacking her on non-issues going forward.

  501. SHV – I am too. This could have been us. We could have been part of this historic moment.

  502. Hey…no insults about Hillary! 👿

  503. Good reviews from Wolf and Anderson.

  504. Fantastic! The temple, the possum seal, everything – she called him on all. What the media hasn’t done she did!

    No one will be gagging and holding her back like they did with Hillary. Hillary wasn’t allowed to hurt precious- but barracuda will mop the floor with him! and the RNC will have her back!

  505. OMG Sarah Palin was unbelievable! Her voice was so sweet! I’m just worried, though, with all of those kids…I hope Todd is up to the job! And that looker Bristol is dating! Beau Biden should step aside! Didn’t he just look so at ease with himself?

  506. Cue the chattering classes: “Girls are oooky. That act smart to make me feel bad.”

  507. Orange: Are you a GOP or DNC operative? We craft out answers accordingly.
    Mean spirited? Um, this is presidential politics. You have to expect some rough sex.
    Not sadism like they did with Hillary. But some judicious biting is to be expected.

  508. LOL!

  509. Jesus!!!

    Obama’s a limp d*i*c*k after this.

    I laughed I cried. I cringed. But I laughed WAY more. She slaughtered him, and raised (Mc) Cain.

  510. the other pols look like they’re thinking, “you pulled it out, you sob”, but in a good way (for them)

  511. Robert Nelson, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:12 pm Said:
    Oh My God! She’s too good. I’m afraid we may be looking at the first woman President of the United States.

    I think you’re right. I really do.

  512. Cindy looks beautiful. I want Sarah’s blouse.

  513. Oh – McCain’s not going to speak now?

    Good choice. LOL

  514. SophieL — Exactly, the numbers, I heard about those damn numbers about Hillary since Feb. grrrr. Orange pantsuit Hillary wore last Tues, WomenCount colors, where she spoke in the afternoon.

  515. Chris Matthews said she is a torpedo aimed directly at the ship of Obama and Michelle.

  516. She really is FEARLESS. A pitbull with lipstick allright.

    Better than a pig with lipstick–eh, Mawm?

  517. I think Obama will be requesting a redo on his Greatest Speech EVAH

  518. Is it me or is green an awful color on Cindy?

  519. HRC will be the first woman president of the USA. Sarah will be the first woman VP.

  520. And same orange for New Democrats and NOT Party (nothing on top) colors.

  521. As a 53 year old women I can tell you that the crap from the Repub and the Dems is the same ole, same ole truly.

  522. “It’s the map, not the math. Drop out, Obama!”

  523. WigWam — that is an awful color on anyone, but Cindy looks better then most in it, imo.

  524. I can tell Chris likes her speech, but no word of a “tingle” yet.

  525. obama was love at first sight for a lot of us in 04. Is it love or just an infatuation?

  526. Shay–certainly she’s entitled to. I was just wondering about how it looked.

    But one thing’s for sure–she wasn’t kidding about the pit bull thing.

  527. madamab,on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:13 pm Said:
    SHV – I am too. This could have been us. We could have been part of this historic moment.

    It makes me very very sad. Hillary forged the way. I think she really did. I am excited to see another women’s voice, but I am disappointed that it isn’t someone from “our team.”

  528. Cindy looked fantastic!

  529. Santa Vaca! that was a speech-oh and what a sense of Humor-

    Palin I like her but I dont know why?

    Boy makes me think gee why isn’t Hillary our Nominee?


  530. Angie, I hope you’re right about HRC, but I really think that Palin hit it out of the park. She’d beat Hillary if she ran in 2012. She is THAT good!

  531. KO – thought it was about Hillary? And thinks Sarah is Tracy Flick? (Hillary is Tracy Flick).

  532. It took some balls to wear that orange tie.

  533. Orange, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:09 pm Said:

    I’m not sure how this plays on TV, but this speech is quite a bit more of an attack piece than I expected.


    LOL. You’re funny. She scared ya, huh?

  534. The Dems are all loosening their ties and girdles now, thinking oh what have we done?

  535. madamab: That’s it. That’s the line we keep e-mailing to the Obama campaign. So, for the good of the country, drop out of the race.

  536. Biden will go on the attack against McCain. I have a feeling nobody will be paying attention to either one of them.

  537. I just turned on MSNBC for the first time in MONTHS.

    KO is sh*tting himself.
    He called her speech “condescending” !

    Well, he ought to know condescending….
    I think KO’s jealous of her delivery.

  538. taw46, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:16 pm Said:
    I can tell Chris likes her speech, but no word of a “tingle” yet.

    I predict tweety will eventually begin to smear her much the same way he did HRC. I think he has a real problem with women.

  539. Nah. As much as I am developing an extreme girl crush on Sarah, HRC will take her down.

  540. She writes her speeches too; she’s said to have written most of that.

  541. Hmmm, If Hillary was hoping for a McCain win so she can run in 2012 … wonder if she’s got second thoughts now. Palin gets 4 years in as VP and she is going to be a political tsunami.

  542. Palin would NOT beat Hillary.

  543. Hype:
    but I am disappointed that it isn’t someone from “our team.”
    I’m disappointed it isn’t Hillary.

    I want Hillary back!

  544. Even IF I end up voting for them, I will never like country western music.

  545. I love how two idiot commentators on FOX brings up that she didn’t write the speech herself — finally Brit Hume called them on it — although he is an idiot too.
    I still can’t believe that I now watch FOX.

  546. leslie, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:17 pm Said:
    I just turned on MSNBC for the first time in MONTHS.

    KO is sh*tting himself.
    He called her speech “condescending” !

    Well, he ought to know condescending….
    I think KO’s jealous of her delivery.

    LOL.. Pot.. kettle. If you look up the word “condescending” in the dictionary, KO’s picture there.

  547. Seriously–No one does it better than Hillary, unless it’s Bill. Hillary is amazing in her ability to rise to whatever the challenge is.

  548. The orange is a shout out to us Hill people. Come on, now.

    Wonder what hill thought of the speech.

    Oh, and to the idiot who worried Palin sounded too tought, y’all said the same effing thing about Hill. Guess what? Women like tought. hell, everyone wants a tough President. Who the hell ever heard of electing someone weak?

  549. *sigh* It hurt to see all those women applauding when my own party stood by and let one of the greatest public servants we’ve ever had be publicly flayed, and even peeled a few rashers themselves.

    I don’t like all of Palin’s politics. I could name you everything she said that was off-kilter or incorrect. But I am TIRED OF BEING TOLD TO LICK ENVELOPES FOR NO MONEY AND BEND OVER EVERY FOUR YEARS.

    McCain/Palin it is. I am so fucking angry right now. I am beyond angry. I am just around the moon at the moment — I want Obama gone I want him humiliated. I want him selling pencils on a streetcorner someplace.

  550. Obama and biden to fight sarah palin on the symbolic front-

    Obama to visit a home for uwed mothers and let them know that his healthcare plan will not cover them but is better than what we have now!

    Biden to adopt a 3 legged Dog!

    Is this the best we have?

    Mawm was channeled when she said what is the diff between a hockey mom and a pitbull…Lipstick!


  551. grayslady – except healthcare reform …. or running a campaign.

  552. No, I think Hillary could take her in 2012. But she is going to be VP this year, and HILLARY did it. McCain had a lot of reasons for picking her, but our Hill made it possible for him to do it,

  553. Leslie – I heard KO say that – couldn’t believe it.

  554. Uh oh…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9……

  555. I think Chris Matthews had his tingle somewhere else.

  556. Still4Hill, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:18 pm Said:
    but I am disappointed that it isn’t someone from “our team.”
    I’m disappointed it isn’t Hillary.

    I want Hillary back!

    Me too. It should be Hillary basking in the admiration of her party. She earned every bit of it. It should be her.

  557. Sarah has everything it takes. She has so much more executive experience than Hillary! McCain is going to step down and give her the reins, I think. She’ll be unbeatable!

  558. Ouch…Oh snap.

  559. I’m wearing my hair like Sarah tomorrow 🙂

  560. Charles – That Gravel op-ed is great. He is such a good liberal Democrat. He really got to the heart of the matter, didn’t he?

    It’s the corporate corruption, stupid.

  561. Palin has the Bill charm as well as smarts. I think Hillary is done.

  562. I am certainly not a fan of Obama but Palin’s speech and body language disgusted me so much that I will now vote for Obama. To think that that idealogue along with madman McCain would be running this country is enough to scare me. Sara Palin is no HRC. I’m sure that Hillary will be able to take care of her in short order.

  563. Careful folks. The trolls want us to believe Hill is somehow hurt by a Palin VP. Don’t think so. Hillary smoked Obama. She’d have smoked McCain and she’ll smoke Palin.

  564. joaniebone — LOL — ROFLMAO

  565. Pumeister: Now I think you’re full of it friend.She’s got more executive experience than everyone running.

  566. There’s more than an oratorical blowout at stake. Palin is a fighter who can take on both parties. If she stays true to that record, she will represent a Tsunami.

  567. Hype – sniff! (tears falling)

  568. Hillary who?

  569. Wow…it’s good to hear that.

  570. Oh get over yourself Jeanne.

  571. I think you’re right, John. Hillary may even retire. I don’t think she could hope to match the youth and freshness of Sarah.

  572. When will we get a press release from Obama about Palin’s speach?

  573. Rudy G is up

  574. WMCB: Indeed. Hillary did make this possible for Sarah.

  575. Gives us Hillary back or you just looked at the next Vice President of the United States.

  576. Keith looks MISERABLE !!


  577. Jeanne Walls? Are you on some special kinda crack? Or maybe…. kool aid?

  578. MSNBC is really, really jealous!

  579. N. O’Donnell: “sarcastic”

  580. OK, Pumeister is a stinky troll.

  581. Hillary will probably do a Kennedy, semi-retire to the Senate and get lots done there.

  582. He called her speech “condescending”

    My favorite part was where she said “as if we didn’t already know that.” Nice shot at the constant condescention of Obama and the Bots.

  583. Masslib: But Palin has it all! I love HRC, but I think Palin will come around on the issues. She doesn’t seem like a right wing ideologue. She’ll run as a centrist and win in a landslide.

  584. MSNBC just called her speech sarcastic. Really, have they not heard BO and MO!

  585. I just glanced at Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and he looks like he’s about to croak! lol…

  586. Now that the republicans also knocked Hillary out of the race, yes they can reach out to her supporters.

  587. Madamb, that’s not fair. I hated the DNC and the media for what it did to Hillary, but I see somethin in Palin I’ve never seen before. Mark my words…she’s the one.

  588. All right, night all! See you in the morning. 🙂

  589. Oh dear!!

  590. Carol: MSNBC is sh!tting in their pants. They promised this election to Obama and now they can’t deliver.

  591. Oh and in another plus for Sarah, utter loon Peggy noonan, the MoDo of the GOP, loathes her and was caught dissing her on mike.

  592. cbn: Not so fast!

  593. Breaking: Study finds proof that Dems have rare gene causing them to self-destruct.

  594. Palin is NO centrist.

  595. Carol, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:24 pm Said:
    MSNBC just called her speech sarcastic. Really, have they not heard BO and MO!

    ….and KO !

  596. Piper is soooooooooooo cute! A little princess in waiting!

  597. Hillary is not there because of the DNC- Because of Howard the coward, Brazille and that selfish, putrid Nancy. The Dems get what they deserve. They had the best and beat her up humiliated her and and tossed her away. If Hillary had been our nominee McCain would have never chosen Sarah and victory would have been ours. There is no Democratic Party now- Only Obamacrats
    McCain /Palin 08! Hillary 12!

  598. Hey, masslib, whose writings I’ve admired on quite a few websites now–I hope you weren’t calling me an idiot.

    Like a lot of people here, I’m a staunch liberal and Hillary supporter who’s torn about this election after what happened to Hillary in the primaries.

    Don’t worry (alice, too). The thing I liked most about Hillary (besides her tremendous intelligence) was that she’s as tough as nails. I like that Palin, far from being frightened of the tawdry media spectacle of the last few days, took it as an affront and is fighting back. All I was doing was wondering whether it felt like good electoral strategy to independents and disaffected Democrats.

  599. Seriously – which channel Peggy Noonan


  601. Guiliani is sticking up for our Hillary!

  602. LMAO! Ohhh, please add #27 to the concern troll talking point list: “But Sarah is so good, if she gets in, she hurts Hillary in 2012!”

    Puhleeze. Watch – Axelrove is crapping his pants, and sending out his minions as fast as he can with that one. We’ll hear a lot of that. I predict.

  603. Regency: Not yet, but she will be, I think. Maybe even to the left of Hillary! They need to rally the base, but in four years I imagine that she will be a very different candidate.

  604. Rudy – Obama got half the party if that>

  605. LAdy Boomer NYC @11:26

    You are waaaay toooo funny!!

  606. Amy Holmes had to get her dig into Hillary.

  607. There is such a thing as expecting too much, Pumaeister.

  608. The MSNBC commenters are in their elitist bubble. Every damn blue-collar voter in America just fell in love with Sarah Palin, whether they are voting for her or not.

  609. Well, Palin’s hair and her voice and the fact that her daugher’s bf was chewing gum are being criticized over at TM.

    This shit just doesn’t change. The right did it to HRC back in the 90s. Then the left picked up the misogyny torch this election cycle. Her hair. Her voice. The way she walks or talks. They are criticizing her the same way they did Hillary.

  610. I have to read up through the comments, but I watched with my parents and my aunt and uncle, and they were “undecided” – they were leaning McCain, but they are centrists who all supported Hillary, and they like Biden, and got worried about Palin…well, she won them ALL over. My dad was laughing, hooting, and hollering, and thought it was fantastic. He turned to me and said that woman can handle Putin.

    I think she did herself a world of good.

  611. OK…here comes Sarah.

    sarah! sarah! sarah! sarah!

  612. Carol – I know – even Rudy sees how lopsided and out of whack the Dems are.

  613. WMCB, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:28 pm Said:
    The MSNBC commenters are in their elitist bubble. Every damn blue-collar voter in America just fell in love with Sarah Palin, whether they are voting for her or not.

    The Fox commenters just said to the Obama surrogate: “You got problems.”

  614. Howard Wolfson likes Sarah, loved the speech.

  615. Regency: What, are you supporting Hussein Obama? Come on, she’s brilliant. She does what she needs to do politically, but she’s going to be our 45th prez! Mark my words…

  616. CNN is calling her a pitbull with lipstick.

  617. Palin is a right wing idelogue but she was flat out terrific and will be a formidable opponent.

  618. palin pandemonium

  619. Howard Wolfson — in for the Dems — had to put back on track to stop praising her for the political theater and impact and be reminded by his interviewer to criticize her for his policies. Fox still.

  620. Wow, the Republicans are having a roll call vote!

    What’s that all about?

  621. And I do love seeing Keith Olbermann look like he was punched in the gut, don’t you?

  622. Pumeister: Stop yourself before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

  623. Who???

  624. Obama now has 99 problems plus a *bitch* making that an even hundred.

    Sarah really hit it out of the park. I am already looking forward to the debate when she will have to deliver sans a teleprompter. Obama always fails in debates, for some reason I think Sarah will kick ass.

    I bet Joe Biden is having a little liquid refreshment to calm his nerves right now.

  625. Pumeister, you need better acting lessons. Really. You’re tearing up the scenery.

  626. If she raised $10million the last couple of days, I bet she does it again tonight!

  627. Obama now has 99 problems plus a *bitch* making that an even hundred.


  628. Hype – I know – The guys get criticized for what they say/do. The women for how they look.

    Personally, I think Hillary is beautiful. Sarah’s attractive. Soem of these guys should BE so lucky. NOT!

  629. Rachael Maddow: You sound so post-relevant.

  630. regency??

  631. Regency, if we want a woman to be president in the next decade she’s our only hope. We’ve already seen that our own party will go out of its way to deny the nomination to a woman, going so far as to select a lesser qualified candidate and doom us all. So we should try to give Palin some breathing room so she can become a progressive Republican when she runs (and wins!) in 2012.

  632. Roll call – wonder how this one will go.

  633. f***, I can’t stop crying. This could’ve been Hillary. That could’ve been us screaming with pride.

    A thousand curses on you, Obama. May your hearth be iced forever. May your tongue turn into a cobra’s tail. May the ink in your pen become drier than solid carbon dioxide. May your genetalia lose its nitric oxide. May you never win an election or a gamble or a game in your entire worthless life.

  634. Cindy has a great smile

  635. Poor -Pat Buchanan – he doesn’t know where her accent comes from – she was born and raised in Alaska.

  636. Still4Hill: Hillary is gorgeous. Sarah is pretty but she uglies herself up.

    Pumeister: Palin is NOT a progressive. She’s has 44 years to become one and she hasn’t. I don’t know what you’re looking for but it’s not coming.

  637. I know, Chevalier, I know. 😦

    I am beyond words.

  638. Maybe you’re right, Regency….but I just want her to win so badly! She’s so great as a person. And it seems like she could become a little more palatable if given time.

  639. Pumeister: Palin is NOT a progressive.

    She is compared to people like Mitt Romney. Seriously. Just by being pro-contraception, she’s a slide to the left for that party.

    Besides, I want to put the fear of God (that’s Sekhmet for those of you wondering) into the Dems. I want them to know that I will vote for the Repubs if they don’t start putting some muscle where their mouths are on women’s issues.

  640. good night

  641. 48……LOL ! ! ! True that.

    Man, I’m so glad I stayed up for this. I want to see Obama try and take this woman to task. Unlike our girl Hil, Sarah has the benefit of having her entire party behind her. Stoopid democrats.

  642. Yes, the concerned trolls will come out now. Axelrod will pay time and half for them to spew:
    “Oh if she wins there will be no chance for Hillary” puleeze- spare me. Hillary supporters will never abandon her. Just like Hillary supporters couldn’t roll over so easy and give it up to that sexist phony.

  643. Only one thing to be said: Hillary who?

  644. Chevalier: I think you speak for most, if not all of us here. I personally will never forgive the Democratic Party for ripping us off like this.

  645. Sarah is a natural! She could be Reagan in heels with just a tiny bit more experience. I especially liked when she attacked Obama because it was always done with humor. Wonderful speech and I thought the delivery was marvelous.

  646. My mother just called to say some commentator on CBS said Palin is only the 2nd charismatic political speaker he’s ever heard and the first one was Bill CLinton !


  647. Sophie – LOL!

  648. Only one thing to be said: Hillary who?

    Nice try.

  649. John, you’re the only one saying it.

  650. KO can stick a mooseburger in it. His career is about to nosedive.

  651. Yes, the Republicans are having a roll call, how democratic. The world is truly upside down

  652. I think Palin v. Hillary in 2012 would completely change the political conversation in this country. I think only good can come from it.

  653. Frankly, I started to worry about… what the hell do we do when we have to run against her in an election where I actually like the Dem candidate.

  654. Take a hike John, Your precious LOST!

  655. She could be Reagan in heels with just a tiny bit more experience.

    Note: compare her to REAGAN, yeah! Remind those fizzy ladies that we’ve got them by their uteruses and will doom them to septic deaths if they don’t forget how their girl was humiliated and shredded in public and GET BEHIND OBAMA!!!!!!!

    Dumbass bitches …

  656. John & Sarah ’08
    Hillary and Ted ’12 & ’16
    Sarah and ? ’20

  657. Donna Brazile can stick a mooseburger in her flapping jaws, too.

  658. I think Palin v. Hillary in 2012 would completely change the political conversation in this country. I think only good can come from it.


    *stunned face*

    That’s … that’s really good.

  659. I’m with you Janis — the Dem party needs to learn that they can’t take my vote for granted — I’m voting for McCain to protect my rights as a woman in the long run — the Dems will have to start putting their money where their mouths are with women’s issues if they want my vote in the future. Some think this is “harsh” or “cutting off my nose to spite my face” but they are wrong — I watched the Dems sit by silently at the sexist dogpile on Hillary (and many Dems joined in) — if they will allow that to happen to her they proved they don’t give a good g-d d-mn about me. Time for them to learn I do have someplace else to go and I’m not afraid to go there.

  660. Sophie: Do you think Hillary will run again? I sometimes wonder. She’s a fighter, but she might not want to go through all of that again.

  661. I loved the parts where she slams Obama, Biden and Reid.

    Good speech. A little more warmth like her saying that if they are elected “specidal needs’ parents would have an advocate in the white house. She and McCain need to do more than talk energy and terrorists.

    But I sure like her.

  662. SophieL, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:32 pm Said:

    Rachael Maddow: You sound so post-relevant.

    Nice. I need to remember that one.

  663. Did Donna get pepper sprayed?

  664. she did the lipstick joke..

  665. Wow. A roll call- a true representation of the voters. How sad for us.That the Republicans were the 1st to have a woman VP.

  666. S4Hill: She did by Obama supporters.

  667. OK Moderators, how in the world do you do it? I just posted to Torture 2 threads ago, and you already have close to 700 posts here (and this post wasn’t uploaded yet). You must be very, very busy.

  668. Wolf Blitzer talking about the women’s vote and if BO had chosen Hillary. Oy, Campbell Brown is beside herself. Now she’s getting a tingle, speaking as a woman. Isn’t that nice? She was so mean to Hillary, over and over again. Oh, Brazile up after the break. What’d her momma say now?

  669. Angie, the party will NEVER do a thing for us if they think we have only death as an alternative.

    If they think they have our votes locked up, we get nothing. Loyalty is NOT rewarded in this system, but vacillation is.

    I’m vacillating. I wanted Hillary. I wanted to be one of those women cheering for a woman candidate, and by fucking god, I will be this November.

  670. here comes the big smackdown!

  671. Is Campbell Brown working a little too hard to redeem herself?

  672. Pumeister: I can’t believe that Hillary is done. I think she has lots more in her.

  673. John, have a mooseburger, as well I am going to help get this woman in office, and make the DNC and Obama EAT their HUMILIATING defeat.

    Then we start planning for Hillary to run in 2012 against Sarah. It will be a blast. Hillary is the best candidate of my lifetime, if only her own party hadn’t tied her hands and gagged her for the entire primary.

  674. Reg – Actually, I’m suspicious – swanspirit isn’t around tonight.

  675. DeniseW: The election is still close! You need to go volunteer to make it happen!

    I’m doing phone banks this weekend. What’re you doing to help McCain/PALIN win this one???

  676. Oh Snap!

  677. I think Palin v. Hillary in 2012 would completely change the political conversation in this country. I think only good can come from it.


  678. Denise, I always said the first woman executive would be a Republican. I assumed it was because Those Conservatives Meanies wouldn’t tolerate a woman liberal. I had no idea that liberals wouldn’t tolerate a woman liberal.

    I am still so angry and saddened and brokenhearted right now. Next paycheck, McCain/Palin gets a C-note.

  679. Do not forget that Campbell Brown is married to one of George Bush’s senior advisors-Dan Senor.

  680. wcmb:if only her own party hadn’t tied her hands and gagged her for the entire primary.
    Not to mention beating up on her. The bastards!

  681. LibOne – Campbell = keep working it, babe. Redemption will be a long road. (read: I don’t believe or trust a word she says.)

  682. Go Sarah….

  683. DNC- It was the map not the math- stupid!

  684. Ewwwww!!!

  685. The McCain campaign was really, really smart to pull Sarah off stage after Friday. I thought she needed to be out defending herself the past few days but this was better because everyone tuned in to get their first real look at her.

    Love her Canadian accent.

    Piper is a natural politician. Love her attitude.

  686. I am somewhat worried because I might think the Dems need serious change and are going down the wrong track.. but I don’t actually WANT another Reagan running the country four or eight years from now. All it took Obama was a lot of great speeches to get where he is, after all.

    Also, they keep using that line about McCain would rather lose an election than losing a war, with all its implications (and I don’t like Obama one bit but, that’s low. Utterly shameless. That’s the GOP for you.

  687. This is the end of this story.

  688. Her line “with a servant’s heart…”

  689. did you see rasmussen?


    Woman President: Clinton vs. Palin 52% to 41%
    Wednesday, September 03, 2008

    Voters by a substantial majority think a woman is likely to be elected president of the United States in the next 10 years, and nearly half (48%) think Hillary Clinton is at least somewhat likely to be the one.

    But not if men have their way. In a head-to-head match-up, they prefer Sarah Palin over Clinton 49% to 45% according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Women prefer the former first lady over Palin 57% to 35%.

    Voters overall give Clinton the nod 52% to 41%

  690. You know I have no problems voting for McCain/Palin. I really do think they will strive to serve with integrity and a ‘servants heart’. I really do think they will govern for the whole country and they know that the whole country does not follow some of their social issues like choice. I really think they would be decent stewards until 2012 when Hillary can take the WH.

  691. Palin is mint.

    She went after Barack and the noxious media, while charming the country at the same time. BO tried to be historic; Palin is historic. If she upset the msnbc thugs, that’s an extra-added bonus.

  692. As I have said before, I can hardly wait for BO and MO and the kiddies driving home to Chicago in their used Chevy minivan. No airplane, No Secret Service, No Cocktail Parties, No White House, No Future, No Obama.

    Hillary or McCain -2008 – DNC – you decide!


  693. katiebird….{{hugs}}

  694. dg: Well, the Democrats control congress, so it will be OK. We can focus on 2012…unless Sarah decides to run, then I think it is over. But that is just me tonight after seeing how great she was.

  695. Very funny, Pumeister and John. Got nothing better to do than mess with us? Or are you getting paid for this.

  696. campskunk: Wow! excellent news.

  697. Ugh, Donna Brazille! Nasty Donna said “The bar was so low, she cleared the bar.”

  698. Sophie: I can’t believe that Hillary is done. I think she has lots more in her.
    I think Hillary is out there regrouping. Sarah may be smart, but Hillary is brilliant. The only thing Sarah seems better at than Hill is to get down and dirty. Hillary never attacked that way.

    Personally, I think if she refuses to fight that way, she wins. She’s a true lady.

  699. Did you see the look on Donna Brazille’s face when she was asked if Hillary should have been vp? She looked like she could barely contain her anger.

  700. Donna says we’re onboard for Barack Obama, so does Roland Martin. He says Barack and Joe are going to fight back on community organizers. Yeah, good qualifications to fight back on, boys.

  701. Carol Said:
    I can hardly wait for BO and MO and the kiddies driving home to Chicago in their used Chevy minivan. No airplane, No Secret Service, No Cocktail Parties, No White House, No Future, No Obama.


  702. Earlier Chris Matthews was complaining about the McCain campaign blaming the press for being on the side of the liberals, then I turned to watch C-span for the rest. I tuned back into seeing msnbc again because of comments above, and they are still “Whining”. Boy, remember what they said about Hillary’s “whining”; my how the worm turns when they get just a little bit of what they dish out!

    Palin was just great, except for the Repub policies; then, no deal! I am going to vote a split ticket; however, McCain on top, then straight Dem on the bottom. I just need to be defiant about having my vote stolen. I wish a lot of Pumas would do that and let people know that there is no longer a Democrat party, only a Chicago machine branch left of the original party, that likes to select the candidates themselves. I would just love to see that sh%t-eating grin wiped off the face of Nancy Peloser, wouldn’t you?

  703. I’m stunned – but probably not as stunned as Barky is right about now. She was absolutely magnificent. There’s just no other word for it. It should’ve been Hillary giving the acceptance speech this year, dammit.

  704. Oh, snap. Anderson Cooper said the Dems weren’t called out on who wrote their speeches, but Sarah was.

  705. I hope donna B chokes on her mooseburger.

    Now Carl Bernstein is talking about “What if something should happen to John McCain between now and the election?

    Is Palin ready to step up?

    What a trashmouth.

  706. Oh Janis, so sad, but true:

    “Denise, I always said the first woman executive would be a Republican. I assumed it was because Those Conservatives Meanies wouldn’t tolerate a woman liberal. I had no idea that liberals wouldn’t tolerate a woman liberal.”

  707. LB – Shoot – I never know what channel to watch – I missed Brazile on that question! Shoot!

  708. campskunk- Palin vs Clinton poll — Wow, Palin was that close BEFORE the speech???

    And Palin beats Clinton before the speech with men … Palin over Clinton 49% to 45%.

  709. Donna and Roland are so fricken’ clueless. They don’t know us at all. We have 60 some-odd days to work ourselves up to voting for them.

  710. There are more women than men.

  711. Pumeister,

    I’ll be canvassing neighborhoods for McCain. I signed up in June- called them yesterday to find out where to report when the Palin frenzy began. I swore I was NOT going to let a competent qualified woman be savaged again. I’m volunteering in PA – I have relatives there.

  712. Hillary never attacked that way.

    She couldn’t — primaries are always white-glove. Someone forgot to tell that stinking pile of shit Barky.

  713. WOW! I bet she knows how many states there are

  714. Okay, time to turn “Game On” off.

  715. Someone take John out!

  716. Leslie: She’s run plenty of things, Wasilla and Alaska. Alaska is the biggest state! Of COURSE she’s ready. John McCain would never choose anyone who wasn’t. BO would be a disaster. At least Sarah knows how to handle the big boys.

  717. “After 20 years and 5 kids, he’s still my guy.”

  718. Denise: Great! All I can really do in Cali is phone bank, this state is no toss up. Good luck!

  719. Oh snap AGAIN!

  720. Carol @11:54

    i’m with you!

  721. They are comparing her to Ronald Reagan.

    Nice try.

  722. I LOVE HER!

  723. Janis: Don’t you mean Axelrove?

    I feel sorry for BO…he’s gonna have his head served up on a plate and go back to DC with less seniority than poor ol’ Kerry.

  724. John, let us make this COMPLTELY clear. Your concern trolling that Palin is going to hurt Hillary’s future chances are laughable to us.

    I would be ECSTATIC to have two women run in 2012. I would be THRILLED.

    Hillary herself would think it was the greatest thing EVAH.

    Go have a mani and a pedi and a latte. Have a mooseburger. Ruminate on the fact that the sleeping giantess has awoken, and she is a force to be reckoned with, on both sides of the aisle..

  725. I feel sorry for BO.

    I don’t. Not after that stinking little fuck flipped Hillary off with a street finger. I want him humiliated, permanently.

  726. John is a Hillary stalker and can’t accept that she’s not in the race. Let her rest John. She’ll be back stronger than ever but you really need to MOVE ON (in more ways than one).

  727. WMCB: I think it depends on how the next four years go. If McCain and Palin are successful, and McCain steps down and gives her a year at the helm, she might very well hurt his chances. I hope that she moves a little to the left.

  728. WHAT???? CNN Candy Crowley is a moron. She is saying that they were playing up Sarah’s D.S. baby at the end. Oh, and she said that most people may not like the speech because she was a woman attacking a man.

  729. KO just said Palin’s like Tracy Flick or some awful woman out of Harry Potter-Delores somebody.
    God, does he have a problem with women or what?
    Several commentators called Palin out for being sarcastic. Trouble is she can say those things with the same kind of twinkle that Reagan had.
    My hat’s off to her but she does worry me.

  730. Yeah…Mr. FISA

  731. Let him have it, wcmb.

  732. Oh Snap!

  733. Anderson, Obama’s going to treat her the same way he treated Hillary – with misogyny and disrespect.

  734. Palin vs Hillary in 2012……..Now that’s really gonna be something…….

  735. Rudy was brilliant!! You can hate him all you want yet he has presence and a great comic quality. The media and the left love to trash him, but only New Yorkers who lived before and after Rudy know what he did for the city after that pig Kock raped it.

  736. Sarah :the Pistol” Palin

  737. What is Rachel Maddow saying? It seems like she’d be all for Palin, if you know what I mean.

  738. LibOne… Exactly!

  739. kapow!!

  740. Perhaps, now we’ll find out how liberal the media bosses are after the Repubs go after KO and CM and all of “those people” for going after Sarah. Maybe, they’ll get them off the air. So far, today is a knock out day for Republican women. Hillary must be sad right now, because she wants the policies she stands for to be implemented.

  741. she said that most people may not like the speech because she was a woman attacking a man.
    molly – lol – and I know it wasn’t meant as a joke, but I’m in tears laughing.

  742. Angie,

    What they did to Hillary was horrible. I never expected her to get favorable treatment, I knew she could handle it whatever came her way. I expected all Dems to get beat up.
    I didn’t know they would prop up an unqualified ego maniac. What blew me away was the savagery from her own party. The betrayals, everyday that strong, powerful woman woke up to a new slap in the face, a kick in teeth. A drumbeat to be a good girl and leave and yet she kept racking up victories. Unbelievable

  743. I hope that she moves a little to the left.

    Compared to her party, she has. I reward leftward movement — with my vote.

  744. Hillary vs Palin…. boy, that would be fabulous… imagine! a real discussion of actual issues and ways to approach them…

    (seriously, Pumeister, run along – we are not nearly that naive)

  745. LMAO! Roland Martin is pissy. I think he has gas. Says community organizers are feeling insulted.


  746. What a loss. 😦

  747. Pumeister:
    What is Rachel Maddow saying? It seems like she’d be all for Palin, if you know what I mean.

    That’s why I couldn’t understand her venom toward Hillary. WTF???

    Now in Donna’s case I might understand – she probably got close enough to deserve a slap.

  748. OldCoastie: What? Just because I think Palin might be prez I should “move along”? That’s pretty intolerant.

  749. … community organizers are feeling insulted.

    Not the ones with tits.

  750. Janis…. you’re on fire tonight. lol…

    Stil4Hill… girl, you’re laughing and I’m cussing. That woman can bite me.

  751. It’s an election about characters not character, our Hillary would never have fit in this cartoon either. She’s probably better off waiting them out another four.

    Great performance, great jabs, no substance. A perkier, prettier Guilliani. Easier to take the trash talk from a looker.

  752. Still4Hill: She received her marching orders. Money talks.

  753. {{Sigh}}

  754. Their family screams “AMERICAN DREAM

  755. ROFLMBAO!

  756. I have to admit I really did enjoy listening to her take all those shots at Obama that I’ve been wanting to take for months.

  757. Yes! We need to e-mail them every day and post it on every news site’s comments: Obama should drop out. The math is against him.

  758. MSNBC-Please Stand By-our commentator Chris Mathews is in the bathroom cleaning up a urinary accident and selling Buicks to the porecline god!

    This should have been our year! I really miss Hillary!

    In a New York Apartment a former President and a Senator from New York (also former 1st lady) get into bed say their prayers kiss each other tenderly good night and got to sleep with the clearest of consciences.

    In Chicago a senators wife cleans up a pile of sh*t off the floor her senator husband left…then she digs into her purse and pulls the number out that Nancy gave her and nervously dials the surgeon that promised he can fix her scoop mouth.

    In Delaware a man cracks opens his 4th bottle of 18 yr Glinlivet special reserve and downs it hoping it erases his memory or he dies of a duidenial ulser.

    I her bedroom a speaker of the house picks up her pink princess phone and hurls it at her vanity mirror upsetting a large bottle of channel # 5 and a quart sized container of Oil of Olay.

    In Vermont a Dr is sitting behind his desk in a warroom setting and crying as a strategy mape behind him shows 41 states flashing Republican Red

    On a jet flying to an important meeting with Karl Rove an DNC Super-delegate and RBC member pull a barf bag out from the flap in front of her and wonders “Did I back another loser?”


  759. yes, what they did to Hillary was unbelievable.

    I am still enraged by the treatment Hillary received. This is why I needed Sarah Palin to be as good and as pitbullish as she was.

    I hope she and McCain kick BO to the curb and back again 10 times over! And then send him packing back to the mansion he bought with the assistance from a convicted thief.
    Maybe he’ll have heat in the winter.. Unlike the people who lived in the buildings Rezko owned and slum land-lorded. I don’t care what happens to BO in the future.

  760. Janis…. you’re on fire tonight. lol…

    I’m pissed and I’ve been poking around on YouTube for David Daniels and old Journey. I’m in a mood.

  761. molly – but it’s so stupid you have to laugh – really! I mean what are they gonna do next? Make Obama a bubble boy so no one can beat up on him – especially some little woman?

  762. Cindy has a beautiful smile!

  763. Leslie, it felt SO GOOD to see a woman finally taking that dumb bastid’s fool head off …

  764. WCMB — OMG — you’re right!!

  765. Just has Hillary made Palin possible in 08 , Palin 2012 would make Hill possible in 2012. Other wise you know the DNC would stop her again .But with Palin running , they will need Hill and even know it.

    Don’t tell me the Dems will lose so bad, those in the DNC be fired. I’ll believe it when I see it. If losing got Dems fired, none of those people would be there now!!

    Hillary 2012…brought to you by Palin 2012
    which was brought to you by Hillary 08

  766. I her bedroom a speaker of the house picks up her pink princess phone and hurls it at her vanity mirror upsetting a large bottle of channel # 5 and a quart sized container of Oil of Olay.

    I love you like I love other things I love.

  767. leslie:
    I am still enraged by the treatment Hillary received. This is why I needed Sarah Palin to be as good and as pitbullish as she was.
    And that’s why I want Hillary back! I want her back with all us pumas behind her growling and spitting at the attack dogs.

  768. Campbell talking about Harry Reid using the word “shrill.” Interesting that the media is pointing out sexist language towards a republican but never said a thing when it was directed towards Hillary.

  769. It seems like she’d be all for Palin, if you know what I mean.

    Pumeister – do you really think lesbians are somehow going to make their presidential decisions based on who they find attractive? that’s as crappy as all the stuff that has been tossed at Hillary or Palin… I realize you are joking but it is truly uncalled for.

  770. Hillaryis44 has a great (and amusing) take on the fact that HILLARY MADE THIS POSSIBLE. She took the beating, and Palin gets the benefit. But that is often the way in crashing through barriers. HILLARY DID THIS. She battered that ceiling until it was weak enough. SHE IS MY SHERO.

    It can now be reported.

    Following months of investigation by intrepid Big Pink investigators in collaboration with Big Media and Big Blog busybodies the real story of what went on behind the Hillary Clinton campaign can now be told.

    As many know, Hillary Clinton was the “woman” candidate “ready on Day 1″ with 35 years of experience. After a race in which the unqualified Barack Obama race-baited, and gay-bashed, and woman hated, the unDemocratic Party selected Barack Obama as its nominee. The unDemocratic Party stopped at nothing in order to block Hillary Clinton, including disenfranchising the voters of Florida and Michigan.

    But that is all old news.

    The shocker rocking the political world is that throughout the primary campaign Hillary Clinton was pregnant. It was only recently, after the unDemocratic convention in Denver that Hillary finally gave birth. The gestation period lasted more than 44 years.

    The shocker on top of this shock is that Hillary’s baby is non other than the Governor of Alaska, now the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. We will provide photographic proof of this amazing conception as soon as kooky Big Blogs post the shocking photos.

    Clinton campaign staffers expressed shock that Hillary had been pregnant all the time. “She wasn’t showing,” stated media guru Mandy Grunwald, “None of us knew. We’re shocked.”

    “It looked as if she had gained a little weight, but most of us thought it was due to lack of exercise and sleep and the greasy campaign food” explained shocked campaign internet guru Peter Daou. Anonymous sources at the campaign were said to be equally shocked.

    The shock extended to the highest level of the campaign. A young woman with curly hair and a name similar to a New York resident hotel as well as a neighborhood in London was shocked. “I’m shocked” shouted the young lady. “No one knew. It is simply a shock.”

    Republicans are equally shocked. The thought that Hillary Clinton is the mother of their Vice Presidential nominee shocked the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Republican Presidential candidate John McCain declared he was told Hillary Clinton was Sarah Palin’s mother, during the vetting process. “I am aware that without Hillary Clinton, there would be no Sarah Palin” stated the maverick reform Republican. Rick Davis and Steve Schmidt of the McCain campaign stated they were aware of the shocking news before Sarah Palin’s convention speech.

    “The first clue was how good she looked in pantsuits” enthused mop top Davis.

    The campaign shocker did not faze the confident newly born Sarah Palin, target of many news investigations and Big Blog rumors. “Hi, Mom, thanks for everything” was the VP nominee’s sole comment.

  771. I genuflect in honor of Hillary!!

  772. Still4Hill @12:14


  773. fuzzy – I love your prayers.

  774. Still4Hill…. LMAO @ Bubble Boy Barak.

    Ladies (and gents)…. goodnight.
    What else can I say? Today was a good day. 😉

  775. #
    Carol, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:31 pm Said:

    Wow, the Republicans are having a roll call vote!

    What’s that all about?


    There are Ron Paul delegates at the convention. Nevada has 4 of them. Not by choice of our State Party, but the RNC mandated they be allowed. Don’t ask. They’ll be happy if it’s 2000 to 4, but they will get their voice apparently.

  776. yes??? and ????

  777. Oh and I almost forgot:

    Accross America 18 million PUMA-Hillacrats go to bed again wondering what might have been? why was our girl not giving that speech in the stadium in fron of 100,000 adoring supporters? THey to go to sleep with the clearest of consciences knowing the comming embarrassment is not of their making…

    good night my friends


  778. You are correct. Hillary is my hero too. My husband has always been in love with Hillary, thinks she is a strong woman and he loves strong women (i.e, he is a mama’s boy and he did marry an older woman LOL). But seriously, he thinks she is the most powerful woman in the world and he absolutely supports her. I don’t disagree with him.


    “WMCB, on September 4th, 2008 at 12:16 am Said:

    Hillaryis44 has a great (and amusing) take on the fact that HILLARY MADE THIS POSSIBLE. She took the beating, and Palin gets the benefit. But that is often the way in crashing through barriers. HILLARY DID THIS. She battered that ceiling until it was weak enough. SHE IS MY SHERO.”

  779. “In a New York Apartment a former President and a Senator from New York (also former 1st lady) get into bed say their prayers kiss each other tenderly good night and got to sleep with the clearest of consciences.”

    Um, fuzzy, I have a hard time thinking that’s how it goes with the BIG PUMA.

  780. THey to go to sleep with the clearest of consciences knowing the comming embarrassment is not of their making…

    Sure it is. It’ll be my making when I vote for McCain this November. O:-)

    Palin vs. Clinton, 2012. I want it like I want oxygen, as much as I want to see Obambi eaten by rabid Yorkshire terriers.

  781. We won’t abandon Hill!

  782. Rachel’s on a Jews for Jesus flare. What?

  783. Now Donna Brazille is weighing in on sexist language!!! I can’t take it.

  784. Harry Reid thinks Plain was “shrill”.

    Which party has the sexist pigs, again?

  785. I am so glad to see everyone so upbeat and kiddy.

    Play on.

  786. Buchanan is saying McCain ought to take her with him to all the swing states because they’ll love her.

    Now Rachel Maddow (who sold her soul to MSNBC) is commenting about a guest speaker in Palin’s home church spoke out against Israel while Palin sat in the church… (she focused on this on her radio show earlier today.) She – Maddow – tried to use this against Palin. that Palin just sat through that negative sermon given by a guest speaker.
    That’s what you get when aperson sells her soul to get a program on MSNBC. Pure hateful rhetoric. This speaker wasn’t someone Palin knew for 20 years. This was a GUEST SPEAKER.

    Jeebus! Maddow pisses me off.

    And that was before Palin ever spoke.

    KO is on and I won’t quote him any more. He’s an a$$hat

  787. rachel-donna-rachel-donna- SLAP! I need a TV bank! I keep missing something whatever I do.

  788. I got the feeling when McCain got up on the stage with her, he was really rather tickled with his choice… I think she surprised even him.

  789. Donna can kiss my hockey puck. She deserves to go down in infamy as one of the masterminds behind killing the Democratic party. I hope she is chased by mangy dogs in the street for the rest of her crappy life.

    I hope she is, in the hereafter, condemned to eternal conjugal bliss with toe-sucker Dicky Morris.

    But – we raise the old FDR coalition ike a phoenix in 2012.

  790. So the spin on CNN is that Sarah may have raised the bar too high for McCain’s speech tomorrow because (wait for it, wait for it) “He is no Governor of Alaska”.

  791. Dee…sorry I just broke the spell…..

    and now…..

    Back to upbeat and giddy.

  792. Still4Hill I thought it was sweet that I picture Bill and Hillary in bed together happy at last to be left alone and with the council of only each other knowing they are loved by all the people who matter in their lives…


  793. WMCB – I am really quite uncertain how Donna even has a job any more (or got hired this year in the first place)

  794. MSNBO is talking in an echo chamber. They are just talking among themselves, and don’t see what regular American voters just saw. The only people who watch MSNBO are obots.
    They still don’t get it. It would be sad if only I didn’t have so much fun seeing their constipated faces. Karma is a Bitch and she headed your way!

  795. You are right. Hillary DID do this. If her own party cheated her out of her time *for now* she made it possible for the republicans to pick Palin NOW. Had she not run, they never would have done this exactly this way.

    I’m still p.o.’d that the republicans get this “first” when I know in my heart the women who came before and fought for this needed and deserved Hillary’s platform and message and utter brilliance.

    I followed Hillary’s career since I lived in Little Rock and the hounded her to hell and gone because she wanted education reform and was so uppity as to not take Bill’s name. She finally took it to shut them up and so “henceforth I will be known as Hillary Rodham Clinton IF we can now focus on the important issues here I am trying to deal with.” I’ll never, ever forget that night because I was a young woman then and she turned my head totally around. I then got to see her put in initiatives that are STILL successful and working in that state today. That’s why they voted so over whelming for her in a red state to this very day they love her. She PROVED herself true to her word.

    So Palin, hats off to you. Republicans, damnit…hats off to you too. However, I have to say it…for me anyway. She’s no Hillary Clinton. But I WILL vote against Obama and for the only party who isn’t afraid of a smart, strong successful woman. And most especially because at least her party spoke up when they tried to trash her for being a “mother AND a successful career woman.” to hell with them all and gone.

    Congratulations Palin!!

  796. wmcb – I wish I were good with flash or whatever – or that those jibjab guys would do one where Hillary hits Donna over the head (for once – instead of poor Bill). And there should be a part about Nancy and Howard in it , too,,, and BO & MO….

  797. John McCain was on his last legs in the Republican primary and fought back small town by small town, without any interference from the RNC, despite not always being the Republican party’s favorite son because of his bi-partisanshipin the Senate,
    Our DNC had an agenda and totally gamed the primaries.
    Our nominee had the opportunity to recognize Hillary Clinton by getting down on his knees to beg her to run with him if necessary, to unite a party, to recognize the most qualified women ever in the history of our party, and he blew it big time.
    John McCain took a big gamble to ask an unknown woman, albeit from what I saw tonight a darn daunting one, to be his vice-president. I know of the deep and abiding respect that John McCain and Hillary Clinton have for each other. I prefer to think that Sarah Palin is to John McCain in some small way a salute to Hillary and women like me who suppport her. Political choice, yes. I won’t deny that, but tonight , the most red, white and blue night of all for a poltical party, John Mccain wore an orange tie.

  798. A real real roal call where they counted the votes as cast! how post-partisan is that?


    Obama is a gutless coward-I equate him with Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

  799. sage! I too noticed the orange tie! 😀

  800. sagesgram, that was perfect. No, Palin is no Hillary – not by miles and miles. But tonight felt like a little bit of a victory for our Hill.

  801. fuzzy – It WAS sweet, but, well – I shouldn’t go there. Nice little bedtime story.

  802. I think I will start telling my neices and nephews that every time a person votes Obama/Biden a kitten and puppy die!

    Please some one give me a barf bag!


  803. Obama is a gutless coward-I equate him with Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.
    Still reminds me of Henri Christophe.

  804. Now the NE is going to run a hit piece about her having an affair with some random guy. They’re pulling an Edwards again. They think voters are fools.

  805. I need to get up for work in a few hours….
    So It’s time to turn in. At least I can do that with a smile.

    Thank you Sarah Palin…

  806. Still4hill their consciences should be clear they gave the party every chance to turn from its self distructive ways…..and tomorrow big dawg and big Puma will get up and start the plan for the victory in 2012-remember they are surrounded by all the people who matter and love them!


  807. michael @ 12:41 -LMAO

  808. oops…I meant to say g’night all.

  809. Sarah’s teleprompter wasn’t working.

  810. oh and michelle cleaning up after Pampers has a great image to contrast that with!

    Of course I could have Donna running up to the cockpit and putting her private plane into a nose dive…that lets her off easy.

    I want Donna Nancy and Dean to suffer for their transgressions in this life not the next!


  811. Everyone is saying that Sarah was not very ladylike beating up on BO like that. This is hysterical……

  812. me too – up @ 6

    Night everybody – thanks for the bedtime story fuzzy. I think of it as a prayer – except for the part you excised about the former President and the Senator.

    See y’all tomorrow.

  813. I am waiting for them to call her “one tuff broad” they are not very newsperson like beating up on Hillary!

    Carol my barf bag please!

  814. Do you guys think a new Axlerod talking point will be that this woman is so good Hillary would never have a chance against her in 2012? I don’t, because if we give it to BO now, he’ll be in for 8 years. How old will Hillary be then? i don’t think anyone with basic 3rd grade math skills will buy this one. But I don’t know…..

  815. Sarah is not going down over some rumor, trust me. People are going to rally behind this woman, and personal attacks are only going to piss them off.

    She stood up there tonight and ripped the facade off of Obama’s fake “personal narrative”, and shone like the average patriotic American hockey mom she is. The contrast was unmistakable. Her story is not manufactured, and suddenly people see the real thing instead of the cheap copy they’ve been looking at.

    I’m telling you, voters are going to love her, whether they agree with her or not. Obama is about to get a taste of not being the beloved.

  816. Sarah was good but, no matter their talking points against Hillary. she would clean their clock for them, even against Palin.

    A dem woman as brilliant as Hillary against Palin, they won’t use that argument because it’s clear as sunshine that Hillary is the far superior intellect…she can knock a speech out of the park and debate better than anyone I ever saw. Ask Hillary an off the cuff tough question and she never needs a script to give a detailed response…even winning over her critics or silencing the questioner.

    Palin is a smart woman but, she’s no Hillary Clinton on the issues or in any other way politically. The difference is that Palin is smart, tough and doesnt’ have her own party working against her.

  817. What I like about Palin is that she’s self-made. There’s no question she got where she is by herself. No President husband getting her a Senate seat, and calling in IOUs for delegates. No sympathy votes because of a cheating husband or campaign tears. No inheriting a campaign machine. It’s just a much better example of a woman being able to get there on her own.

  818. “There’s no question she got where she is by herself.”

    Well, actually you guys predictably seem to have a lot of questions, have you forgotten one of he TPs for the day is “Palin: McCain’s f— buddy”?

    Seriously, Dave, this just gets lamer. John was lame, pumeister even lamer, and Pat? Yeah, you’re not going up, if that’s what you’re thinking. You might want to send in the A-Team or at least ask Rove for help before both Obama and Bush officially become less sad than you.

  819. The Hillary story just isn’t as inspiring to the daughters of America. “Look honey, you can be anything you want to be. If you marry a very powerful, influential man”.

  820. Pat, you are like my dog. He’s a skinny little scaredy thing who can’t face down another dog, but feels the need to go pee on top of whereever the other dogs have been.

    Trolls who sneak back and post in old dead threads are pretty much leg-lifters and teddy-bear humpers.

  821. pumeister, I’m sorry, I meant Pat, just take your porn into the bathtub. The neighbors get freaked out by the sound of slapping followed by screams of “I’ll mess you up b—–” but the cops know you’re only ever talking to your plastic girlfriend, so if you just let the water drown you out, it’s all good. Dave has to pay you because it’s A for effort even with F for execution, so don’t worry, you’re off the clock now.

  822. Pat, that is utter nonsense and Obamatron talk. I have followed Hillary’s career from well before she was ever a
    Senator and I can tell you she got where she was through HER own hard work. SHE inspired me before I ever knew Bill would be president. I supposed it’s fine to give the O’ one credit for being a “community organizer” while dismissing everything Hillary did in her life INCLUDING HER first community organizing which began in Obama’s backyard at the age of only fourteen.

    If you don’t know about the things she has done then it’s sexist *again* of you to say she got where she was because of Bill and it shows you know nothing of her at all. NOTHING.

    I guess education reform, her speech in Beijing, her pro bono work for abused women and children and on and on well before being a Senator mean nothing to you but, some of us waited a long time for HER to run for president. Not someone else. Hillary and for very good reason.

    Go educate yourself and please take some sort of class in what misogyny is. Saying a woman like Hillary got where she was because of Bill is as low as you can go.But then I don’t expect some of you to care about sticky little things to do with her resume like FACTS!

  823. You keep thinking Obama doesnt have a chance? You guys are hilarious!!! Have you seen the poles? He’s still leading after last night. I give Palin credit, she went after him pretty good. And why do you PUMAS think Hillary would back her? Just because she’s a woman? Hillary’s platform is more important than just voting for another woman. If you were really are in Hillary’s corner, you would be backing what she’s about, not vote for anyone who wears a pants suit. And by the way, Oprah was at the DNC. They showed her numerous times, so as usual you guys continue to make up stuff. They showed her cheering her candiate on to victory. So sad. And just so that you know, I am not trying to change your minds about who you support. It’s gonna be a close race till the end. Dont get it twisted. CNN just said Obamas leading in 2 states polls, but you know what screw the poles. Palin will not be the deciding factor. Interesting thing though, they are saying the college student vote is going to play a huge role in this campaign and you all know Obama has a hold on that demographic. See you at the finish line COUGARS!!!!

  824. David, The Confluence has not endorsed any candidate in this election.

  825. Katiebird, many people on this blog are throwing their hat in with the Republicans just because Hillary lost. I dont care about endorsements. I care about voters using their right to vote seriously. We arent voting for prom queen or King. We are voting for the future of our children. And both Hillary and Obama supporters MUST understand that. I believe in Hillarys platform. Thats why I’m NOT voting Republican.

  826. David – Good for you. You own your vote.

    So do we.


  827. Republicans are fanactics. They will back whoever is on their ticket. If Bo Bo the clown was on the ballot, they would back him 100%. That’s not a knock on Palin even though i not agree with her platform at all.
    She is no Hillary Clinton.

  828. I know you own your vote. Thats what i said,

  829. David,

    The Confluence gets between 25,000 and 50,000 hits a day. And our posts get hundreds of comments from many visitors.

    The authors of posts can’t control the decisions of the readers. And we wouldn’t dare try.

    But, The Confluence and it’s authors (led by the wonderful Riverdaughter) are uncommitted. We are all firmly against the election of Barack Obama. But beyond that we’ve made no decisions either individually or as a group.

    We’re still thinking about it. We’re considering our options. We’re keeping our eyes open.

    When you brag that you’re not voting for a Republican you’re not impressing us. You own your vote. Do what you want. We will too.

  830. David – No, it wasn’t. You are condemning us for supposedly voting a way which you consider to be wrong.

    Katiebird already told you you were wrong. But like most Obamans, you don’t listen.

  831. The majority of the commenters here are loosers. This issues Hillary stood for mean nothing to you… only the vengeful loss of Barak Obama means anything at this point. Pitiful.

  832. When was the last time a sitting president and a sitting vp both had children in the military and deployed?

    If the hapless dems can keep their majorities in congress, mccain/palin will do just fine.


  833. Maybe she’ll say:

    I cheated on my husband.

  834. Wow. You are some seriously SICK women. You all DESERVE exactly what you will get if you elect McCain. Say good bye to Roe v Wade, equal pay for equal work, and the economy? Fuggedaboudit! Sarah? Are you KIDDING ME? She’s a BIMBO. A broadcast journalism major. A WANNABE WEATHER BIMBO. Home schooling advocate, darling of the Religious Right – THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF HILLARY CLINTON. Well, hell hath no fury like a woman SCORNED. Ya’ll will cut off your NOSES to spite Obama. LMAO!

  835. You are all firmly against the election of Barack Obama. Why? Because he took on Hillary and whipped her fair & square? You guys KILL ME. You wanted to be taken seriously and treated as equals in the political arena, but when you LOSE you go off crying like a bunch of emotional old women! Get over it! Hillary LOST. She didn’t stand a chance in the general election ANYWAY; too polarizing, too many people JUST DON’T LIKE HER.

  836. Shut up Ghostface. Sexist pig.

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