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Feminism is About Babies Too

Since McCain announced his VP pick, Sarah Palin, the left wing attack dogs have been trying their hardest to smear her with anything they can dig up or dream up.  I do not agree with a lot of the issues Palin supports, but these attacks are giving me deja vu of what Hillary went through this spring. 

First, there was the bizarre rumor that Palin’s new baby was actually her daughter’s.  They postulated that Palin wore a costume that made her appear to be with child, and that her boarding a plane after her water broke was absolutely the proof that the child could not be hers.  That rumor, however, was quickly discarded when Palin disclosed that her 17 her old child Bristol was actually 5 months pregnant herself.  This news gave way to a new set of attacks, namely that Palin is a bad parent and hypocrite because of her Christian views and support of abstinence education.  The narrative the Obamans are trying to sell is that Bristol would not have gotten pregnant if her parents had been more liberal and advocated contraception.

These attacks would be bad enough, but an even more insidious one emerging from the cess pool of the Obama fan base is that Palin is a bad person simply for having too many children of her own.  She has five.  They criticize her for having a child over the age of 40, and argue that she could not effectively carry out her duties as VP because of her domestic responsibilities.

Wait, what decade are we in again?  What century?  When did Democrats start telling women that they cannot have children and careers at the same time?  Isn’t this one of the most regressive stances to take as far as women’s rights are concerned?  Doesn’t freedom of choice include the choice to have a child not just terminate a pregnancy?

My sister is fifteen years younger than I am.  We are a very liberal family and my mother was adamant that my sister get birth control as soon as she turned fifteen.  My sister wasn’t able to get the contraceptive implant because she had an allergic reaction to it.  Therefore, she did like so many women do, she took the pill.

The summer before she was set to attend her Freshman year at UNC she went on a Senior cruise and chose to go off the pill.  She got pregnant by her high school sweetheart then, and in doing so altered the course of her life.  When she told me about it, I was initially sad because I knew more than she realized the extra burden she had put on herself and the things she would miss, like the freedom of going away to college.  However, we all wanted her to keep the baby, but my mom let her know that if she wanted an abortion, we would support her decision.

She had the baby, and with the support of her family, she graduated from UNC with honors.  Last year she got married and is now living in Iwakuni Japan where her husband is stationed with the marine corp.  My niece is a genius I believe.  She has been on the computer since age three.  She is not yet six and reading at a third grade level, and now she is starting to speak Japanese.

I tell this story because I used to believe the liberal line that if you taught your children about sex and gave them contraception you could avoid teen pregnancy.  I still believe that it is important to offer those things.  I am definitely not a strict abstinence only advocate, but I believe we must take into account that there is choice involved.  My sister chose to get pregnant.  A lot of teens do.  It seems to me that nature tells us to get busy reproducing at that age, and a lot of kids heed the call.  What dawned on me recently, however, is that even beyond the abortion issue, having children is a feminist issue.

Obama recently remarked that he didn’t want his daughters lives “to be ruined” by teen pregnancy.  To me, this statement says a lot about his views on career women and their options.  He seems to believe that it is mutally exclusive to be a successful woman and have a baby at a young age.  His supporters are now even making the arguments that the number of children a woman has should determine whether or not she is qualified to hold office.  Sally Quinn asks whether or not Palin could answer the 3AM phone call, if one of her babies were sick.

Women, this is sexism at its height.  These were the arguments put to women in the fifties that their place was in the home and that a career could never be reconciled with having kids.  Thankfully, we have moved beyond those early days.  The family leave act made it easier to take time off from work to take care of children, and many men have stepped up to share the task of keeping care of them.  Hillary wrote, “It Takes a Village”, and that is exactly the answer to this dilemma.  When we share the responsibility for our children, women have more freedom to offer other sides of themselves.  Forcing women to choose between careers and children will forever keep them as second class citizens,  because women will continue to give birth to children.  It is nature.  We cannot change this fact.  What we can do is create a world that welcomes women with children into the work force, one that supports the choice to have a child, not one that punishes it.

In their attempt to tear down Sarah Palin the Obamans are showing how sexist they are.  They argue that she is unfit for VP because of her children.  Are there still women out there who believe Obama will stand up for women’s issues after seeing the way he trashes the most creative act a human being can perform?  How can these women still support him after seeing how he uses the most regressive of attitudes toward women in order to score political points?  I hope women who disregarded the sexist attacks on Clinton because of CDS, will now recognize the sexism being hurled at Palin and lay it squarely at the feet of those pushing it, Obama campaign, the DNC, and their media enablers. 

Women, wake up!

211 Responses

  1. The misogyny of the left is as bad as the misogyny of the right. That’s one of the real messages from this election season. And what a depressing message it is.

  2. I, too, have been appalled by the leftist attacks on Gov. Palin. To suggest that Gov. Palin should not run as VP because she has 5 children is ridiculous. I have ridiculed those who have attacked her and they certainly aren’t true liberals or progressives.

    As for the abstinence only teaching…..I don’t understand anyone supporting that teaching. It has been proven over and over again to be a failure. It’s not just unwanted pregnancies that are at stake, it’s also STD’s including AIDs. STD’s in girls and young women are on the rise and not addressing that issue is, in my opinion, neglectful. But of course, Sarah Palin alone isn’t responsible for abstinence only faith based programs. Obama himself is in favor of enlarging the faith based programs.

    Mountain Sage

  3. “This Hurts: Governor Sarah Palin and Sexism From the Left ” http://alegrescorner.soapblox.net/

    Did TM and TL actually remove The Confluence and Anglachel’s Journal from their respective blogrolls?

  4. If I’m not mistaken, Nancy Pelosi also has 5 children.

  5. Kay Bailey is taking up for Hillary and sexism. Remember the true description is misogyny not sexism.

  6. These are attacks from the ‘new’ democratic party…this is what Obama has created, and I am not apart of it…

  7. First he TRASHED Alice Palmer, Then he TRASHED Hillary, Now Palin. Obama hate for women is displayed in all his actions, from refusing to talk or go and see his dying mother. Letting his grandmother live in the SLUMS of Hawaii. Ladies if you don’t bond together and let your voices be heard this will continue to happen. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or NBC will not air you’re outrage, my suggestion is you send thousands of emails to FOX NEWS letting them know you’re a (Democrat, Independent and Republican )women and you reject what Obama and the DNC party is doing to Sarah Palin. Don’t stay silent, because silence means consent.

  8. Thank you. It has appeared that in the last few days that “choice” applied only to having an abortion and nothing else. I don’t think the Democratic party,as it stands now, has a clue how galvanized the Republican base is becoming

  9. Saw a comment last night on TL that BTD had left. Does anybody know if that is true? TL has become consumed with the Palin stuff-to the point of derangement.

  10. When did Democrats become so disrespectful of people’s personal lives, their personal decisions and personal problems? And if Palin were a man there is no way the media attacks would be this vicious. In fact there’d probably be an element of empathy for the man whose “little girl” got pregnant out of wedlock.
    Where’s my Democratic Party? I want to be a member of a Party that does the right thing

  11. Yes, BTD announced his departure. He’s thoroughly disgusted at the treatment of Palin by some left blogs.

  12. My concern is that a 17 year old would be getting married, not that she is pregnant. But these are the choices of the individuals involved. It is none of my business nor should it be anyone else’s.

  13. My personal view is that their is nothing more important than family and human relationships. It is why we do everything we do. When people start trying to make having children a bad thing, I think they are going against nature. I believe we need to educate women on how to avoid prenancy if they want that, and to keep abortion legal so people can control their bodies, but I also think that we should create a culture that nutures and supports families, so they can both work and raise children and also express their individuality.

  14. Mawm – I can’t pick out my favorite part of your post because I love every single word. You hit the nail on the head and broke the hammer and board too!

    As a single mother who works, there are times you have to adjust your schedule, shift gears to accomodate situations, I ALWAYS make sure that my PUMA cub is set with her care and at the same time, carry out my duties and resposibilities as seamless as possible.

    What kind of stupid question is “who’s going to take care of the baby if the baby is sick?” As a career mom, that is always planned ahead of time with caregivers and a willing spouse.

    Every time I hear another so-called “LIBERAL” bloviate against Palin’s kids or her seemed “inability” to balance her VP duties and motherhood makes me want to pull that lever even more for her vs voting for McCain.

    Brilliant and moving post, Mawm – thank you!

  15. I thought BTD was taking an indefinite break, not quitting completely. BTD is the one Obama blogger I like, and I respect him more for signaling his disgust at the sexism.

    Jeralyn, otoh, is falling into the trap of battling misogyny only against women whose policies she agrees with.

  16. McCain ad going up will be Palin vs. Obama’s experience.

    I love it. Kick booty!

  17. The biggest disappointment for me is from N.O.W. That they would sit back and happily let these misogynistic attacks go without fight or comment is AMAZING.

    I’m an African American female and I’m telling you, what NOW is doing is akin to the NAACP choosing to ignore racist attacks to an African American Republican. That would NEVER happen. African American groups defend their own against racism in the media regardless of party affiliation. Why can’t our feminist groups do the same? Women need to work together to ensure fair play for all women….. then once that is achieved we can choose our sides and continue on.

    Geez…..someone inside the DNC just stole the woman’s social security number. Stole it. What’s next? And is no feminist going to speak out against this insanity?

  18. mawm – I totally agree with you. Well said.

    Men have ambivalent feelings about women’s ability to bear children.

    Some men curse DNA forensics. Paternity testing makes it impossible to deny that you are a child’s father. I read (in horror and fascination) a blog where guys were complaining about having to pay child support.

    Women having babies = good, if he keeps them at home.

    Women having babies = bad, if child support or parenting is required from the father.

    And then we have:
    Women having babies = unfair to men, because they don’t have the ability to bear children. That statement was a big one with SNAGs. (Senisitive New Age Guys)

    I am 56. The sexism in the 1960’s left was unbelievable. Lefties are more scared of women than you think.

  19. Kristol is saying it was the first time Palin read from teleprompter. These people are idiots. Her first job out of college was a sports broadcaster.


  20. BTD said he was taking a week off because he doesn’t like the direction TL has taken. I hope he returns because his posts are very thought-provoking. I imagine that he won’t unless Jeralyn can get a grip on her Palin-hating. Today, she has released her commentors to run wild on Palin’s personal life. Maybe she will get her fill and TL can return to issues-based posts. Not counting on it, though.

    I am so grateful RD has made this place for us.

  21. The sexism against Palin just makes me ill.

    Good for the McCain camp for hitting back hard and getting their response coordianated. I think they blindisded by the hate that would be spewed at this woman.

    All these years, they wanted us to believe that Hillary was hated only because she was Hillary Clinton and not because she was a woman who dared to have ambition. Sarah Palin has shown us once and for all that it wasn’t just about that women, but it is about powerful women in general.

    I don’t agree with her politics, she may not get my vote, but I will defend her and any woman against these vicious attacks. I am proud of WomenCount Pac for not falling into the same trap as groups like NOW and Emily’s List who will only defend and point out sexism against women who agree with their political beliefs. Misogyny is misogyny directed at a liberal or conservative woman and it MUST be stopped. NOW and Emily’s List lose credibility when they only speak out against sexism in certain conditions and for certain women. Shame on them.

  22. votermom-I agree. BTD was ok about his support of Obama, not deranged. Maybe he will start his own blog.

  23. Also – the only time I became pregnant was with my daughter – and I can assure you that being pregnant made me more pro-choice than ever before.

    But sexist freaks will blame the woman no matter what. If she takes the pill, she’s a sl*t. if she doesn’t take the pill, she’s irresponsible. If she gets pregnant, she ruined her life, and if she gets an abortion, she’s a baby killer. If she’s abstinent/celibate, she’s a prude, and if she’s not – again, she’s a sl*t.

    Women – do you and don’t listen to anybody!

  24. sm77 – Sing out sister!

  25. Carol, interesting that Kristol said that, he has actually been fair to Palin and a bit of a Palin cheerleader. He may be trying to lower expectations for her.

  26. Great work you guys are doing and I too am fed up! Please read my latest post and if you agree write about it and help spread the word ( not about my blog but the nedia.) Thanks guys!

    Mainstream media in the United States has always tried to dictate how we should think and sway us to believe that their word is the last. Now, they have pushed a lot of us over the edge!

    It seems that every mainstream media outlet in this country is on the Obama payroll; they’ve leaned so far left that they are about to tip over and we have the power to make them fall…or at least hurt.

    If you are like me and many others I know you are sick of this belittlement of our intellect and ready to hit back! Read the rest of my post here… http://dlennis.wordpress.com/

  27. Who’s the idiot that said this?
    They criticize her for having a child over the age of 40, and argue that she could not effectively carry out her duties as VP because of her domestic responsibilities.

    I’m Palin’s age, i gave birth at 44 a beatiful baby girl. I sometimes think that Palins baby could have been mine. I knew the risk and still took it. there’s risk in anything in life. crossing the road is a risk. I’m back at work and ready to go at 45!

    This morning i heard someone call Palin a young woman!! I so wish that was true but unfortunately she is not a young woman and calling her that reeks of sexism!

    Make them stop please, i cannot take this anymore
    it seems like feminism only matters if the woman is a democrat and is not applying for another man’s job!!

  28. There is now avid speculation that Palin might (should) be withdrawn from the ticket and replaced by someone else (“the Eagleton effect”). The detractors are not content to hate her: they fantasize about her removal.

    To me this sounds much too much like the calls for Hillary to step down towards the end of the primary (an attack narrative eventually traced back to the Obama campaign). I am reminded of a very specific strain in the trillions of anti-Hillary comments posted on blogs and websites everywhere, which expressed over and over again, with astonishing consistency, the desire that she would “go away.” Why won’t this woman go away? Please, please, Hillary, go away. And, best of all: why can’t someone *make* her/this/it go away?

    In other words, the sexist haters of Palin and Hillary aren’t content to simply hate (or even maim and kill), they want something that is, in some ways, more far-reaching and devastating: the complete invisibility of women. Non-existence. An enforced status of nothingness.

    I’m reading King Lear as well as psychoanalytic theory at the moment, so perhaps that’s influencing me somewhat. But I do remember noticing all those go-away comments, and thinking: there are some serious psychological anxieties being worked out here…

  29. Over at NQ, they quote Rod Lurie, producer of Commander in Chief, saying:

    “Picking a woman is an absolute strategic idea from McCain’s point of view. He’s not talking about governing right now. The idea of this woman [Sarah Palin] actually facing down Putin and negotiating with Medvedev is idiotic,”

    Coming from a man, it is an obvious coverup for many men’s own feelings of inadequacy, facing an intelligent, attractive, tough woman in a position of authority. I would worry more about Putin facing up to Palin.

  30. I love this post. mawm, you should write more often 🙂

  31. Gary, great post. I am bumping my comment (truncated) from the previous thread over here:

    If McCain/Palin win, I think that it will be good for America to see a working mom in the 2nd most high profile job of the country. That is a secondary barrier that needs to be broken.

    I am currently a stay-at-home mom, but when my first child was 3 wks old, I had to go back to work, part-time. I remember two comments from women: “Well, if’s really that important to you….” and “Wow, it looks like you bit off more than you can chew.” I believe that women have to stand up for all women’s right to make choices: to have a career or not, to be a Dem or Republican, etc.

  32. another thing, some people (mainly women) were criticizing palin because she accepted the VP position even though that would throw her daughter into the limelight.

    I say go for it Sarah, if it was my daughter i would say dear, you made a mistake but I’m not going to curtail my aspirations and refuse the best job offer in my life because of your mistake. you have two choices you go and hide in Alaska, or you stay with me front center and proud. I’m glad her daughter took the second option!

  33. This pile of stink that the Democrats are selling is absurd. That the media has run with it and is spreading this manure joyfully is loathsome. This is nothing but misogyny. What has become very evident is that the “news” has become the propoganda wing of the Democratic Party. This development is extremely harmful to our Country. The sexist and misogynist harvest promoted by the Democrats will reap harm on women for generations.

  34. Sorry, “Mawm, great post.” You both are great. Glad to have you back from your Excellent Adventure.

  35. another question, since when the VP position needs to have foreign policy experience?? How much foreign policy experience did John edwards have???

  36. Mawm – Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for this post.

    And Palin does believe in birth control. She belongs to the liberal pro-life group, Feminists For Life.

    She does not believe a woman should have to choose between a career and children. A woman should have as much reproductive choice as she wants, including the choice to be sexually active without becoming pregnant.

  37. indigo : I agree with you, 100% They want “an enforced state of nonexistence.”

    Obama has given permission for his followers to follow his leadership. He hates women.

    The other day, I read a comment that called “snark” white man’s humor.

  38. I would put my money on Palin anyday over Putin

  39. Anyone ‘out there’ taking part in this bashing or sitting silently by is enabling the power consolidation of men in this country. And doesn’t it just speak to the insecurity of these men (not all, certainly) that they must keep us ‘bare-foot and pregnant.’

  40. Yes, and I hope that includes gay and lesbian families who are currently not even legally recognized in most states.

    The misogyny is regarding Palin is overwhelming. I disagree with Palin on almost everything, and yet I hope she does well tonight. I think the Republicans set a trap and the Dems have walked right into it. Who the hell is controlling the Dem party these days?

    As for BTD, I cannot blame him for taking time away from TL. Jeralyn has lost all perspective. One minute Biden is a “dealbreaker” the next minute she’s acting like a Cheeto Warrior (talk about borderline). I think we’re going to remember this election year for the rest of our lives, girls and boys.

  41. So we’re back to WWTSBQ? Let’s elect her instead.

  42. Wonderfully written post, Mawm. I agree with Gary – you should write more often!

  43. kc – I agree.

    But also, they appear to think babies are ‘punishment.’ How dare Barack Obama say something so hateful? Was Michelle punished with his two beautiful daughters? Was he?

    The Obamas, and their followers, seem to be possessed by hatred and disdain. Michelle cannot even pretend to hide it. Barack can put a shiny happy face on for a while, but he always comes back to those feelings eventually.

  44. Palin would not look into Putin’s eyes and see his soul. Palin would listen to what Putin says to her and fine tune her b*llsh!t filter.

  45. The most amazing part of all of this is that the Repubs are rising up to defend her to the MSM instead of pretending that they didn;t notice like the Dems did. The even more amazing thing is that the Democratic Party lives and dies with the woman;s vote.

  46. The Obama campaign is scared and it shows.

  47. Re: McCain’s new ad comparing Palin and Obama’s experience, I would LOVE for there to be a voiceover at the very end:

    “Oh, and by the way: She’s our second string. He’s their starter.”

  48. madamab – Yes, Obama was punished.

    You know baby, I love you but I just don’t think I’m into this “Daddy” thing. I need my space, baby.

  49. Thanks so much for this post. I can relate to people commenting on how many children other people should have. I had my four in the years when zero population growth was all the rage, and had strangers in supermarkets become inquisitors about how many children I was bringing into the world. I can also relate to how conservative values keep women isolated from the outside world, making them the keepers of their daughter’s maidenheads and generally responsible for every word and deed of their offspring. What blows my mind is the men and women of the left who buy into the same mindset. When Mort Sahl said a woman’s place was in the stove, he was being ironic. Ironically, these leftist Neanderthals are becoming One with the repressive forces of the right. This is Unity we could all have been spared.

  50. MrMike – Yup. They are in total disarray.

    The Republicans expected this and are thrilled that the Obamans have shown their misogyny so nakedly. They will take FULL advantage tonight.

    Unless McCain and Palin crash and burn this evening, I expect the election to be over by tomorrow. There is no way Obama and Old White Guy can beat this ticket.

  51. Okay, Mawm, promise to read thepost after class. I’m sure it great!

    Random fact: My suitmate’s best friend is Joe Biden’s nephew.

  52. mawm-Great post! The Dems want women’s votes so they portray themselves as the protectors of women’s rights. But when it comes down to it, they offer nothing but some empty phrases in the platform. They talk the talk but never walk the walk. The men still hold traditional men’s beliefs and even the women just want to keep what they have and not challenge the men. That other women would abandon Hillary was the unkindest cut of all. Now the Dems are wilding Palin with their moral judgments of her and it may cost them the election. Serves them right.

  53. Arabella – LOL!

    Yup, Obama is That Guy. We’re old enough to recognize him.

  54. It has been annouced on Thursday that Obama will appear on O’Reilly show….that might indeed be a game changer…..I hope Bill O’Reilly really gives him hell…..I love Sarah Palin and am pulling for her speech tonite…I don’t agree with her issues, but I love that she is just a regular gal and my rejection of sexism is so strong I will vote for her in November!!!

  55. WMCB:

    Obama is a non-starter

  56. All eyes are going to be on her and I really am afraid that she will crash, which I believe would end MCCain’s campaign…I am rooting for her, though!

  57. myiq – So THAT’s his problem!


  58. JJ – She will not crash. They would not have picked her if she couldn’t handle it.

    They are a lot smarter than the Obama/DNC Conglomerate. After all, they are about to pull out a win this year. Ask me if I thought that was even possible in January? HELL NO!!!!

  59. Although I don’t agree with her on the issues, I hope Palin toughs it out. If she folds now, the sexists’ will feel like they were right.
    Someone on one of the cables said this am that the vp was a good job for someone with a large family–in that it is a job that can mean alot or alittle (constitutionally, a little). Good point.

  60. Any doubt here that the media has a double standard so glaring it makes one want to vomit? Chris Wallace just said on the news:

    What can this speech tonight really say, she’ll read it off a TELEPROMPER and it was written by speech writers, so really what does it say about her?

    Oh. My. God. The hypocrisy, it buuuuurns.

  61. athyrio – OMG, what will the Cheeto Boiz do?????

    I would love to see them worm out of that one after they crucified Hillary for it – and she KICKED Bill-Os azz out into the stratosphere.

  62. madamab

    I want to here for you, baby. I want to meet all your needs. The baby, she’s beautiful. How could she not be, she looks just like you! But it’s like a new element has come into our relationship and I don’t uh uh. It’s like not working. Not because of the baby, though. Because I need space to express myself.

  63. WMCB – and Obama? King Teleprompter of the Masses?


  64. Disenfranchising Women’s Votes/Ending Women’s Suffrage One Way Or Another And This Is Why Too Many Women Will Not Only Allow It But Will Support It
    Checkout the video http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  65. No worries. She won’t crash.

  66. Great post Mawm!

  67. Also, I don’t feel like these newbie Dems are real Dems. That is another reason I feel no allegiance to them. My youngest daughter got into it last night about this. She, a Hillary supporter, feels that we must support the Dems. I told her that they were not Dems-and we are not lemmings. She will come around-if I don’t push her too hard. Will let her save face and find it on her own-she’s a smart girl and very independent, but has some Obot friends that are pulling on her. But, as soon as they push too hard-she will let them have it. I’ve seen it repeatedly—-so I told her that we will agree to disagree.

  68. sm77, but the man can read a speech written by others, (and incidentally a retread speech from another politician in MA). He can read it off a teleprompter, and he is DE SHIZNIT! OMG!! What an INSPIRING LEADER!!

    But the woman, well, she’s a bimbo just parroting what she was handed.

  69. Arabella – See, baby, it’s not you, it’s me. I just need a little time, a little space. I swear I’m coming back. Just give me a chance.

    What do you mean, you don’t WANT me to come back?

  70. Mawm,

    Thank you for this. I agree with you. Reproductive choice includes the right to decide to have a baby. I’m just sickened by what Democrats are doing to this woman and her daughter. They are the ones at fault, and I will be very disappointed if McCain or Palin backs down on this.

  71. I really think any intelligent, beautiful woman makes those guys all want to cross their legs. They are scared. Women should unite and put a stop to this misogyny now. I hope that Hillary does not make any appearance on behalf of the party unless the misogyny stops.

  72. WMCB –

    Seems to me, the only candidate who didn’t read off a teleprompter was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    I guess Chris must have supported her wholeheartedly, then, right?

    [cricket cricket cricket]

  73. This has been a remarkable campaign season. To see many Dems turn into leftwing freepers has been quite shocking. For example, Jeralyn, has lost her mind over at TalkLeft and is offering up all sorts of dubious rationales for her increasingly deranged behavior toward Palin.

  74. I’ve been a feminist for most probably longer than most of you have been alive. I’ve been a part of every fight for women’s equality.

    I didn’t do all that to find Sarah Palin on a presidential ticket. Hillary Clinton — who I supported — was an intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate woman. This woman, is from all reports, intelligent — but short on compassion and thoughtfulness.

    It’s not the five children I find appalling. It’s the fact that one of them is 4 months old and has Down syndrome, a condition requiring extra care — and yet she CHOSE to run for VP now. she could have run later — but she CHOSE to run now. How will that affect her son?

    It’s not the fact that her teen daughter is pregnant. It’s the fact, that she CHOSE to run for VP now, knowing her daughter would be subjected to the glare of the media. What kind of mother does that? An extremely ambitious one who has little compassion for her own children — so what will she do for yours?

    I find her position on the issues in direct opposition to equality for women. This woman wants to take us back to pre-choice days. For those of you who did not live then — it was a horrible time. Rich women left the country to get abortions, while young woman and the poor, were left to be butchered in back rooms. Women died.

    Her church teaches that wives should be subservient to their husbands.

    She believes health care should be left up to you and you alone.

    Sarah Palling teaches abstinence and wants to force that teaching on your children and grandchildren.

    And in world where I would prefer that my grandchildren not carry guns — she glorifies them.

    If any woman votes for Sarah Palin simply because she is a woman — that woman is either not aware of women’s suffrage or doesn’t care.

    Sarah Pallin was a PTA hockey. mom. She was Mayor of her tiny town for several years. She served on a state commission for less than a year before she quit. Then she ran for governor, running on a platform which touted the bridge to nowhere. After she won, she may have used her power (24 phone calls by either her office or herself) to call a Commissioner in charge of the State Troopers to force the firing of her former brother-in-law. When she didn’t get her way, she fired the commissioner. Yes, she may have made decisions while Governor — but what were they? What kind of important did they have for the country?

    She is divisive.

    We are a country at the crossroads. We have many serious problems facing us. Health Care. A mortgage crisis. Social Security Crisis. A recession. An energy crisis. A war no one wanted. A mideast situation that could blow up at any moment. Jobs flowing out of our country. People out of work who never thought they would be. The Chinese. The Russians. The Saudis.

    If we, as country, we must address these issues as a united people.

    she is divisive and is not ready to be vice president, let alone president.

    Go ahead — call me a sexist. I dare you.

    G. Mimms

  75. I wish every woman in this country would stop at once–boycott all work-home and office until this crap ended. This country would shut down.

  76. As so many beat the drum of “inadequate vetting,” I find it laughable. McCain’s folks didn’t just fall off a turnip truck especially Steve Schultz who has almost single-handedly crafted the message, “Is BZero ready,” and “Country First.”

    For every slam directed at Gov. Palin, votes are coming aboard for the ticket. I have to think that astute political operatives are marveling at the choice that changed the election. Stealing the change mantra even with what traditionalists would consider a flawed choice was the goal and that has been done.

    Americans for months have not been picking up what BZero has been laying down — higher taxes, an ostrich energy policy, tepid healthcare policy, negotiating with bullies and an inability to define what “hopey changey” really means.

    Sarah will knock it out of the park tonight and with that home run they will win the election going away.

  77. madamab, I hear Sarah is great on her feet.

    I would so love for her to stand up at the convention and say:

    “I have heard certain people in the media disparaging me because I am going to read a speech from a teleprompter. Well, that’s laughably unfair, but okay, I’m up for it.”

    *turns to the techs* “Guys, shut off the telprompter. Go ahead, shut it off.”

    *turns to the audience with a smile* “Now, my fellow Americans, let me tell you who I am and what I have done…”

  78. G mimms, you are a sexist. how’s that? that 4 month old baby also has a father. I’m sure he’s every bit as capable of taking care of their baby.

  79. All I can say is: Hillary for President ’08.

  80. G. Mimms–just because you say her church believes that women should be subservient to men doesn’t mean that she does otherwise she wouldn’t have a stay at home husband as caretaker. And she wouldn’t be in charge of men at work. Plus, wasn’t obama the prime example (supposedly) of not believing everything his church said.

    Take that supposed argument of yours on the road.

  81. kc, I wish the women in the MEDIA would do it.

    Can you imagine what would happen if every single female employee of MSNBC, from janitorial to editors to cafeteria to camera techs to journalists called in and said,

    “Oh, I won’t be in to work today. I understand your position is that issues with my children are much more important than my job, so I’ll do my duty. Thanks.”

    The fucking network would shut down.

  82. g mimms – Which feminist author influenced you the most?

  83. G Mimms – you’re an O-bot.

    I see NOTHING wrong with her firing a commissioner who did not fire a police man who beat his wife and tasered her 11 year old kid.

    I have issues with some of her stances – of course I do. But Roe v Wade’s been standing strong with 5 Republican presidents and SUPER conservative SCOTUSes throughout 40 years.

    I have a problem with a candidate – who calls himself a Democract – who won based on voter fraud. Gimme a Republican who won fair & square ANYDAY versus a VOTE STEALER.

    Democracy is MUCH more important than my LadyParts, because without Democracy, our rights will not survive one day under an illegitimate candidate.

  84. g. mimms who do you think you’re kidding? But this part was especially amusing:

    “It’s not the five children I find appalling. It’s the fact that one of them is 4 months old and has Down syndrome, a condition requiring extra care — and yet she CHOSE to run for VP now. she could have run later — but she CHOSE to run now. How will that affect her son?”

    Yeah, she could run for VP anytime she CHOSES? Very funny.

  85. My mom had 5 children. Is she evil too? Honestly, I wonder if I will ever be able to vote for another Democrat. I don’t know what I’m going to do in November yet, but I’m going to find some way to vote against each and every one of these sexist vote stealers that I can. I’ll be damned if I’m going to stay home and not vote at all.

  86. If I knew of a trooper or any other law enforcement official who had 1) tasered an 11 year old 2) consumed alcohol on the job and 3) threatened to kill his wife’s parents and that trooper wasn’t fired, you’re damn straight I would have heads roll.

  87. g mimms – I’m 56. How old are you?

  88. Ah, trollie flop sweat. The stench is particularly rank with terror today.

  89. Go ahead — call me a sexist. I dare you.

    OK – you are a sexist.

  90. and g mimms sweetie, you sound more like a troll spouting talking points than a feminist…take a hike

  91. madamab – In a way I’m happy. I’ve been waiting for the “fake old lady” troll.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to install my new printer and deal with a fallen tree.

  92. What church does Palin belong to? Does this Obot even know that or what their beliefs are? I’m sick to death of this crap. I think I need some air.

  93. BB – Is McKinney on your ballot? I’m doing that and voting straight D down-ticket.

  94. Now they are trying to say it is the media attacking Gov Palin not backtrack’s campaign.
    Since he started eliminating women since Alice Palmer, why can’t I believe that?

    When my oldest daughter was a baby I was criticized for working.
    When I got pregnant again and lost the baby, the same people complained that I did not go back to work right away.
    You can not please people and unless they are paying your bills do not pay any attention to them.
    Live your life your way.



  95. Arabella – You missed Fluffy Bunny, who pretended to be old and confused about typing into the “little box”, and Granny Voter.

    These people are simply mentally ill.

  96. g mimms, kiss my ass. You spew co-dependence and call it feminism. You don’t give a shit about women unless they are LIBERAL women.

    Me, I am pro-woman, period.

  97. Bottom line:

    If George Bush was considered qualified enough to be president, Palin, who’s smarter and her own person, is more than qualified to be vice-president.

    Those who are in Palin attack mode or listen happily to the criticisms are definite Obama supporters who don’t need any more convincing. But it’s been a huge turn-off for the rest of us and certainly isn’t winning converts to the Obama cause.

    What a disgusting, infuriating, and disappointing election season this has turned out to be. Hillary, of course, remains above the fray and gutter tactics employed by her “fellow” democrats. Nice to know that we backed the right person in the first place.

    So there is a silver lining. 🙂

  98. bostonboomer, on September 3rd, 2008 at 12:15 pm Said:
    My mom had 5 children. Is she evil too? Honestly, I wonder if I will ever be able to vote for another Democrat. I don’t know what I’m going to do in November yet, but I’m going to find some way to vote against each and every one of these sexist vote stealers that I can. I’ll be damned if I’m going to stay home and not vote at all.

    That’s why we have to burn the sucker down up until FDR & Roosevelt’s footprint. Then from there – we rebuild.

  99. Someone said that she hadn’t been to Berlin. Yeah she went to Germany and visited the troops.

    Remove the media.

  100. Great post. Like your sister, I got pregnant as a teenager, just a few weeks out of high school. I wound up marrying my high school sweetheart and having the baby, even though marriage and family were never part of my dreams for myself. Forty years later, I’m still married to the same great guy and my daughter, and now her daughter, are the lights of my life. Life doesn’t always recognize or go along with our dreams, and sometimes, the hand that we are dealt actually turns out to be the winning combination. An unwanted pregnancy doesn’t necessarily ruin your life. It just gives you a new set of challenges to work through.

  101. Madamab,

    I’m aware of McKinney. I don’t know if she’s on my ballot or not yet. I may even vote for McCain if it’s close in MA. But I’m not voting for any downticket Dems who attacked Hillary, sorry. Hell will freeze over before I vote for Kerry and I’ve now learned that my rep, Ed Markey voted for Obama, so he won’t get my vote. I’ll vote for O’Reilly in the primary, but he isn’t going to win.

  102. Sarah Palin has been on the radar as a possible VP for months. I know i was talking about her to friends back when Hillary dropped out. As for Pat Johnson, I don’t know what came over you today, but should a woman give up the opportunity to be the first female vice president of the united states because her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. That’s a real permanent solution to what is not really a problem. Whether she’s running for VP or not the girl is still going to be pregnant. After November 5, the girl will still be pregnant and if Mom wins she will be well provided for and if mom loses she will be back where she was in Alaska. But trying to force that type of Hobson’s or Sophie’s choice on Governor Palin is just silly, wrongheaded, and quite Victorian in thinking.

  103. WMCB–great idea. MSNBC women should throw down the gauntlet—-esp. Mika the parrot. Think I’ll send a few an email to that effect. But, lets not hold our breath. It would be so great though to see courage for once.

  104. g mimms – Before the era of pantyhose, what kind of undergarments did women wear?

  105. all this disinformation is terrible…Palin is OK with birth control and belongs to a group that applauds it too…She is also ok with teaching science in the schools (here dad was a science teacher) and has said that teaching creationism is ok as long as it is alongside the regular science..she is just a regular gal and even vetoed a bill that would have banned state gay benefits as she considered it unconstitutional…She is a very moderate republican IMO

  106. SM,

    I’m with you. Burn it down!!!!

  107. g. mimms–Seems to me that Sarah Palin is “divisive” only because you choose to call her so. If you were truly a long-time feminist, as I am, you would remember the saying we used to have about measuring our success: When an unqualified woman raises no more eyebrows than an unqualified man in competing for a position, then we have achieved equality.

    Personally, I don’t know enough yet about Sarah Palin to know whether she is qualified or unqualified. However, I do know that Obama is eminently unqualified to be President, especially compared with Hillary Clinton. As a self-proclaimed feminist, were you actively opposing the Democratic party’s sexist treatment of Hillary? Did you write to Pat Leahy when he called for Hillary to drop out even while she continued to win primary after primary? Just askin’.

  108. G. Mimms supported HIllary? Why haven’t we seen her/him here before then? Go to hell, G. Mimms. I’ve had it with these Obots. I guess I need to take a break.

  109. g mimms – How much did a sanitary napkin cost in the Modess vending machine in the girls room? What else was provided from that machine?

  110. Hmm. good post. But having a baby is the “most creative act a woman can perform”? A bit sexist there, you know.

  111. Carol – I thought Bots were supposed to be able to use Teh Google!

    BTW – Here are some pics of Governor Palin visiting Alaskan troops in Kuwait. Most impressive.

    Something tells me McCain will be plastering the swing states with these photos.

  112. BB: Palin was a Roman Catholic, now Assembly of God Church something or other. Wiki has it.

  113. angelasmith, he said the most creative act a human being can perform, not specifically a woman.

  114. Arabella Trefoil, on September 3rd, 2008 at 11:24 am Said:

    I am 56. The sexism in the 1960’s left was unbelievable. Lefties are more scared of women than you think.

    Arabella, I was there and that’s so true.
    This campaign season has been so painful. Partly because of the stirred up memories and, partly, because it put a spotlight on the lack of progress when it comes to women in politics.
    I’ve never given birth, but I hope that the pains and pangs of this time result in a new life for Feminist ideals.
    It happened in the sixties; maybe lightening will strike again.

  115. whoops! apologies.. I correct myself at 12:23.
    you didn’t say that. you said most creative act a human can perform.


  116. angelasmith – I can see your point, but mawm was making a point. On the other hand, I’d love to see Obama face up to a pregnancy, labor and delivery. Motherhood is not for wimps.

    Also, giving birth is long, painful and potentially life threatening. Here’s the thing: when you are giving birth, your body is engine designed to push that baby out. Through a ridiculously small orifice. And you can’t at that point decide you are going to get up and walk away because you just can’t stand it.

    And they wonder why women are strong.

  117. angelasmith…i’m sure a lot of parents (mothers and fathers) would say that about their children. I hope mine would..

  118. Women Count pac

    http://app.icontact.com/icp/sub/…sub/survey/ take

    Stamping out sexism is about shifting the culture. It will be good for America to watch Sarah Palin on the campaign trail – bouncing from parenting to politics. That’s how most women function – multi-tasking, leaning on friends and family, and waking up each morning and doing it all again…….We will defend Sarah Palin against misogynist smears not because we like her or support her, but because that’s how feminism works.

    I salute WomenCountPac…feminism is about defending ALL WOMEN…regardless of party affiliation and or religious beliefs. THANK YOU FOR BEING AMONG THE FIRST TO CALL IT WHAT IT IS…SEXISM.
    Woman Count Pac

    If you are a woman I strongly urge you to join!

  119. gmimms,

    The decision is hers to make, not yours. It’s called choice. SHE gets to decide what’s best for her family. Not a bunch of know it all outsiders who THINK they know everything there is to know about her family and the dynamics of it.

    Personally, I may disagree with Sarah Palin on alot of issues but at the end of the day I respect her more than I respect the farce the Democratic Party has attempted to foist upon me. If the DNC had any respect for me and people like me they’d quit while they were ahead. They had their chance at my vote and chose to do everything in their power to make the message clear it wasn’t important to them. All they are doing at this point is ensuring I(and my spouse) will be voting for McCain/Palin.


    sorry about the link (failed).

  121. Sweetiesue – I totally agree!

  122. Princess Jen – WOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!

    You …. you….. (a la Robert De Nero in Analyze This)

    YOU…. got a gift!

    I love your videos!

  123. I just wandered over to FDL and am sorry I did. Christie has a post entitled “leave Sarah Springer aloooooooone.” This sentence from her was jaw dropping for me.

    “Because nothing says “martyr” quite like a ratty beehive hair-do and badly waxed eyebrows raised in pique.”

    I can only shake my head at this election season.

  124. JJ:

    Why are you proud of womencount.org? They have BEEN SILENT on this issue so for?

  125. The comments to Sally Quinn’s latest diatribe are awesome. I posted.

  126. Can’t vote for Sarah Palin because her views are totally antithetical to liberalism. On the other hand (does this sound like Fiddler on the Roof?), how can I vote to reward the party whose principles, whatever were left, that is, were entirely dissipated in the napalming of Hillary. So, I guess I’ll sit this one out, and perhaps a few after that, until the Democratic party I remember somewhat hazily returns to its roots.

    As for Palin and her qualifications, Bill Clinton was so right when he said of Obama, of course he’s qualified, being born in the USA and meeting the age requirement. The same applies to Palin. There are no experience requirements and as George Bush proved there are no intelligence requirements. I don’t know how liberals (progressives) could vote for McCain or Palin unless they wanted creationism taught the kiddies, an end to choice, and so on.

    Opting out is the Hobson’s choice we unfortunately face here, and this is very, very sad. The TV media people brought this on when they created an impression of Hillary that was as faked up as the lies about Gore and Kerry, lies which many of them, like Chris Matthews still repeat on TV. And the Hillary advisors who offered poor guidance for the big bucks she spent didn’t help her overcome the sexism and lies that created an entirely untrue picture of her while, at the same time, beatifying B.O.

    Meanwhile, I opt to opt out.

  127. g mimms – You’ve had enough time to google. Answer my questions.

  128. angelasmith, on September 3rd, 2008 at 12:23 pm Said:
    Hmm. good post. But having a baby is the “most creative act a woman can perform”? A bit sexist there, you know.

    Yeah! Tell THAT to Georgia O’Keefe or Frida Kahlo.

  129. WigWag said:
    “The misogyny of the left is as bad as the misogyny of the right”

    One thing is clear in the election: The misogyny of the left is significantly worse than the misogyny of the right. Repub men and women are excited about Palin.

  130. Ms Marple
    My oldest daughter was born in 1959.
    A woman came up to me on the street when I was pregnant and started telling me what a bad time it was to have a baby.
    When I asked her “when was a good time:
    1800s civil war, poverty, westward migration.
    1900s WW1, probition crime, depression, WW11, Korean war, cold war.
    She looked at me in shock, shut up and walked away.
    I don’t think she ever did that again.



  131. The one positive thing that will ring true about Hillary’s Historic Campaign is that it has woken us women UP. We no longer buy what they are selling us and just believe, we are looking closer and examining the political scape.

    So, Hillary in my humble opinion is the most world recognized feminist of our times and she will continue to impact society. They haven’t silenced her and like she said:KEEP GOING…

    Hillary we are, you gave us great leadership and we won’t let you down…

  132. yes, the attacks on Palin are repugnant and silly. There is reason to find fault with Palin’s politics. For anyone to attack her because of her reproductive choices is simply wrong.

    By the way, I wonder how many children is the allowable number for a candidate to have? –silliness.

    I am pro choice down to my shoe strings. And that MEANS pro choice.

    But my only little personal side note is that I don’t like the argument that having children is the “highest calling” (not quoting anyone here) or that it is the greatest thing anyone can do. Or the most creative.
    Pro choice means pro choice.

    For those who wish to have children– go for it. Love them and you will be blessed.

    For those who choose not to have children– go for it.
    Love whatever you choose to do and you will be blessed.

    (getting off soapbox)

  133. At least her party is actually standing up for her! Sigh… why DNC, why!?

  134. There are a number of ways that a political party’s “base” can be enrgized and motivated.

    The party’s leaders and candidates can give inspiring speeches and put on a convention filled with symbolism and pageantry

    Two human emotions that are exremely powerful motivators are anger and hate.

    The GOP has been keeping a lower than normal profile this year, That’s partly due to the fact that they don’t really like Bush very much these days.

    But it’s also partly due to the fact that going into this election, pretty much all the experts (the real ones, not the talking head type) said the Republicans had two chances, “slim” and “none”

    When McCain picked Gov Palin as his VP canidate he gave his party hope.

    Then Obamanation went yapping after Gov. Paling and her family like a pack of angry chihuahuas with no priniciples or self restraint.

    So now the GOP base is getting angry, and unlike the Democratic party the Republicans protect their own.

    And, as a Rovian two-fer, The Democrats will have to like with the realization that they did it tothemselves.

  135. Cut mawm a break. I never gave birth to a baby, but I’m creative as hell.

    I’m the oldest of nine. I have memories of my mother’s pregnancies and labors that still haunt me. Plus, during the bad old days of the 1960’s I saw things you don’t want to know about.

    Mawm, I loved every word of your post.

    And I really, really hate this fr@cking tree trying to invade my living room. And I hate the printer too.

  136. I don’t know if it’s been edited, but the post says this:

    the most creative act a human being can perform

  137. My head is reeling. I had no idea I was in the woman-haters party.

  138. KB: Thats the “He Man Woman Hers Club”

  139. KB – Both parties hate women, but one party is smart enough to overcome its hatred in order to win elections.

    Unfortunately, it’s not our party.

  140. abstinence is 100% effective. it is a choice. i never had sex as a teenager. nature doesnt tell you to do anything. birth control at 15? i was watching mary-kate and ashley and collecting beenie babies then. the kind of kids that would be taking birth control in high school my mom wouldnt even let me hang out with. LET ALONE BE GIVING IT TO ME!! this is just my personal oppinion, we all have ours. your neice sounds adorable too ❤

  141. What is it with the dem party and the women hating?

  142. Bottle babies?

  143. (hanging head)

    I should have said, proud-woman-hater club.

  144. SOD – Mitt Romney had a lot of kids too. No one said that he had too many to be President!

  145. “Picking a woman is an absolute strategic idea from McCain’s point of view. He’s not talking about governing right now. The idea of this woman [Sarah Palin] actually facing down Putin and negotiating with Medvedev is idiotic,”

    Do they know that as governor she has had to negotiate energy contracts with the Canadians and others? Did facing down the Republican Party Chair and the Attorney General not require fortitude and courage? What has Obama done to display ANY of these qualities? This is a joke. GO SARAH! I am rooting for her tonight. I hope she has a fantastic speech. After all this degrading commentary, she will look even better when she presents herself as a woman of intelligence, conviction, and poise.

  146. Is the women hating in the dem party due to the notion of a conception of scarce resources?

    Like Brazile saying that LGBT rights weren’t civil rights?
    (Dean attributing that to her)

    Is it the old, “I got mine so back off?”


  147. I was born in 1952. Women were raised to find husbands and become mothers – that was the best thing a woman could do.

    My parents were beat-niks/artsy fartsy types. None of us ever felt that pressure. In fact, my mother always told us “Never have to rely on a man for money. Earn your own.” She also said “They say you can have it all. You can’t unless you can pay the bills.”

    It galls me that young women of my neices’ age think that they have the option of being a full time mother because they afford to pay people to help them. This sort of young woman does not understand reality.

    I shake my head at the young women who support Obama. They don’t get it.

  148. SOD

    When G-Dub looks reasonable and intelligent in comparison to you, stop whatever it is you’re doing a check into a mental hospital

  149. angelasmith, I stand by that statement. I guess it is part of my cosmology that I believe people are more valuable than any material or abstract creation we may invent. I don’t think of the statement as sexist because both a man and woman are needed to create the life.

  150. It almost feels Oedpial in nature, this women hating thing in the dem party. Really bizarre. It seems to have this weird sexual twist running through it.

    Old chauvenism there– of course– like stupid Biden remarks. But something more toxic it seems is there, as well.

  151. Make no mistake about what this election is about and what its consequences are for women. McCain has given us the opportunity to end forever the question of whether Americans will elect a women to the highest elected offices. If McCain is defeated they will say it was because his VP was a woman, just like they did when Ferraro ran. No one will want to put a women on the ticket, including Hillary.

  152. It’s a good thing Bristol has her family to help her out:

    “Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee who revealed Monday that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, earlier this year used her line-item veto to slash funding for a state program benefiting teen mothers in need of a place to live.”

  153. And I will NOT be creating any children, but I do like to paint pictures.

  154. Don’t Watch O’Reilly Thursday Night During His Regular Time Slot!

    Everyone: just watch the rerun three hours later as he panders to the Obama distraction and competes with the RNC convention/John McCain speech for ratings.

  155. this Sarah Palin’s is a bad mother because she works and is ambitious is getting to me.
    I thought i could not vote for McCain but having so called democrats and feminists criticizing a working mother because she is not home taking care of her baby is getting to me

    I may just vote for McCain who knows what i can do in front of the voting maching being the emotional young woman that I am!!!

  156. g mimms–
    I think the “She’s divisive” meme has been used to great effect over years to give Hillary a major handicap in starting her campaign. But now that we’ve seen that in person she is not divisive, and BO/BS is. That old meme isn’t going to work on Sarah.
    Really, take your pre-WWII anti women attitudes and– go to the nearest university feminist studies division, please. Take bandages.

  157. Hey nobomo, not sure what you mean – I got an email from Womencount one day this week asking its members to hold the media accountable for its treatment of Palin. As far as earlier in the primary cycle, they hadn’t been formed yet – the group grew out of outrage over Hillary’s sexist treatment this year.

    Excerpt from the email:

    It started Friday afternoon with John Roberts on CNN, and then in a slow build over the weekend it became clear what the leading sexist charge would be against Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin: Is it appropriate for her to accept the vice presidential nomination given the magnitude of her current family responsibilities?

    The question came not just from members of the media but also from voters around the country who wrote in to news organizations and on blogs. The obvious retort is whether anyone would ask the same question of the father of a four-month-old with Down Syndrome and a pregnant teenager. We think not.


    The message? Sarah Palin: bad mother.

    On that count we have no doubt these accusations would never be made about a man. In that sense, Sally Quinn is right – and that’s why things have got to change. The very notion that Sarah Palin should not have accepted this nomination because she is a mother with demanding challenges underscores just how far we have to go.

    WomenCount has promised that we would jump on these examples of sexism. Here’s where YOU come in. Tell the media to back off, and we’ll forward your messages to the right places.

    On the BTD thing: I hope he starts his own blog, too. I think he recognizes the Party is really split, and insisting everyone line up behind The Precious is not the way to fix it.

  158. When I heard what Obamanation was doing, I didn’t need to think about it or ask anyone for advice,

    I knew immediately it was wrong.

    Morally and ethical WRONG, and a stupid strategy as well

    Rove has Obamanation so psyched out, they are ratfucking themselves.

  159. New post up.

  160. Thanks Mawm and welcome home. In the anti-abortion movement, most of the leaders are men and many of the female followers are content to allow them to frame the debate and give it their stamp of approval because they have ovaries. Regarding Governor Palin, the same seems to be true on the “progressive” side. Reproductive freedom is simply a pawn in the drive toward rampant and open misogyny regardless of party and, supposed, left or right orientation.

    It’s not easy being truly pro-choice because the choice is not exclusively ours. It belongs to each individual who has the possibilty of becoming pregnant. There are few things more heartbreaking than being in the room with a 14 year old and her mother, who was around 30, as they were discussing the child’s decision to carry to term. The child had decided and I, the abortion provider, firmly stood with her while her mother had very real visions of her own future as the caretaker of two children. That is what being pro-choice means. I may not agree with the choice but I support the person who makes it. While I felt for the mother of the pregnant teen and her real feelings of helplessness, I will not judge another person’s decision and I certainly won’t stand by while others do so.

    Attacking the governor for her personal life instead of confronting her on real issue concerns is not only sexist, it’s lazy. Disqualifying her for being a woman, because that is what is being done, negates the need to educate oneself on real policy differences that could be resolved if addressed. Such behavior is not in the best interests of this country, not to mention the interests of all who believe in fairness and equality.

  161. myleftnut4hillary: I don’t know how liberals (progressives) could vote for McCain or Palin unless they wanted creationism taught the kiddies, an end to choice, and so on.

    Don’t jump to conclusions based on the talking points that have been circulating by Move On.org. The quotes I have seen by Palin suggest that she is a Federalist. She is a conservative–focused on small government and fiscal responsibility. It seems she does not impose her value system on her legislative agenda. We will learn more about this through the debates and her own statements. I am willing to listen. I do not know how I will vote yet, but I DO know that I will NEVER support the corruption, fraud, and bullying that I have witnessed this year from Obama, his campaign, the DNC, and the media. It is reprehensible, and they must be accountable. That is why I am willing to listen to McCain/Palin–the ultimate protest vote.

  162. Don’t Watch O’Reilly Thursday Night During His Regular Time Slot!

    OF COURSE! I was wondering why Obama agreed to go on FOX. They were whining because McCain was going to announce his VP on the day of Obama’s speech, so McCain waited. Now, he picks Thursday night for his interview. Every day he does something new to make me detest him more.

  163. Jennifer: If you came here to Palin bash–get lost. We’re not interested, and sick and tired of the Dem/Obots tactics of character assassination (a la George Bush/Rove) to win elections.

    It’s my body, my vote, GET OVER IT.

  164. mawminc, I already corrected myself in misquoting you. Your comment was not sexist. And I wish to make it clear I respect your feelings. But for so long it has been touted as a woman’s function, purpose, etc., to have children– that sentiment has burned into our culture. I don’t believe that a general rule can be stated that having a child is the greatest act of creativity that a person is capable of. I’m not denigrating the act of birth, nor the value of people. I’m simply saying that
    if we apply a value system to personal choices (and being creative ranks high in my value system), then it is burdensome to grant “most creative” to someone who chooses to have a child and, by implication,
    “less creative” to an artist, a spiritualist, a healer.

  165. angelasmith, rereading my statement, I can understand how you thought I was saying “highest calling”. I was not. I’m sorry if my writing wasn’t clear. I am not trying to denigrate woman who choose not to have a child. I will not have a child but I don’t believe it makes me a lesser person. I was just trying to say that creating a life, I believe, is not something that should be looked on as a negative, but instead should be seen as a high act of creation like creating a work of art. Maybe I shouldn;t have called it “the highest”.

  166. I find it interesting that liberals can’t imagine the father giving the youngest child the special care a Down’s Syndrome child needs. What’s up with that?

    Mountain Sage

  167. You know, I’m actually beginningto see Palin as a ROLE MODEL which is very odd coming from A California Green Dem, but—-I like her way with ……..

    well, maybe we could all learn wilderness skills from her!
    now that we know what kind of s*ts men are in the Dems.




  168. fif, you should always read comments before responding to them.
    I’ve never suggested that anyone should vote for Obambi.

    I think everyone should examine Palin’s record, on issues such as the veto I linked to, I don’t care about her personal life.

  169. I will boycott O’Reilly, no problem ;).

    The left and trolls here and elsewhere will try to paint Palin as more extremist then she really is. Remember when men and women get into a postion of national leadership, when their hearts are pure, they vote or decide not based on their own prejudices and bias’ but what is best for all the people. Palin said its is not up to the governor to decide abortion rights.

  170. stephanie sweetie, nobody’s listening, cuz nobody gives a damn what you think. now run along

  171. seriously–this whole election has brought my 13yr feminism self right back to the fore — maybe even get a damn divorice, learn to be like Palin and buy a little spread out New Mexico Way…….
    live like Georgia O’Keefe and take lovers by the score, but never get married again EVER!


    O’Keefe left Steiglitz for the same reasons I have.
    He was stifling, just like the Dems are in this election.

  172. katiebird…..I agree. I also find myself disgusted that I’ve been a huge supporter of this wonderful democratic woman-hating party. Who knew? I feel politically homeless.

  173. Jennifer: “you should always read comments before responding to them.”

    This is more like an attack than discussion. Please tone it down in the future. You can clarify what you said without the insults.

  174. Doesn’t Nancy Pelosi have five children?

  175. I was old enough to vote for Geraldine Ferraro, but did not because the news said the ticket wasn’t going to win anyway. I was in college and working 3 jobs to pay for it, so I didn’t take the time to vote that year.

    8 years later I was a single mother working for the US Air Force as a civilian. I was the sole bread earner for my daughter, and received no maternity leave. My daughter was in day care when she was 5 weeks old. I had no choice because the federal government does not offer maternity leave. You have to use annual leave hours you acrue while working. It was lucky I didn’t take a lot of time off, or I wouldn’t of had 5 weeks saved.

    Sometimes I wonder if Geraldine had become the VP, would some womens issues have been addressed such as the lack of maternity leave for government civil servants?

    Why is the central issue of womens rights wrapped up in a womans right to choose? Most women have rights issues after having children.

    How many times have women been denied promotions because of their families? How many women could have advanced faster if they had childcare provided for free like Europe? How many women had to give up careers to take care of ailing family members?

    Imagine a world where child care is free. Where men are held equally responsible for the care of children. Would women have equal pay right now if not for the focus on pro-choice issues in womens rights?

    Have women doomed their equality in the US because of their focus on keeping pro-choice the only womens right choice in womens issues?

  176. A couple points: Why is it OK for the Kennedys to knock out how many children? Because alcoholism and substance abuse run in the family, you’d think they’d stop.
    And I think Bill Kristol said the telprompter thing with admiration.
    Finally, this women hating is getting me sick! I hope the conservatives realize now that the hatred directed at Hillary Clinton wasn’t because of her particular brand of ruthlessness and craven behavior. Now they have one of their own getting ground up in the media meat grinder.
    I’m not sure if I’m angriest at Eleanor Clift or Andrew Sullivan. Probably Clift, because I expect more from a sister. And Sullivan is one of those rare gay men who finds women messy and irrelevant. In his world they’d be invisible.
    What has this woman done to deserve this hatred?

  177. I’m really astonished at the grief Palin is getting for supposedly chosing to have a baby at age 44. First of all, she has never said it was her choice to conceive at that age. This is just an assumption the ignorant boy bloggers are making. Second, they don’t seem to know that the only two methods of birth control 100% effective are total abstinence or sterilization. Women do occassionally have babies while on the pill. I also come from a family with 5 kids. My youngest brother was born when I was 18 and my mother in her 40’s. He was a total shock to my parents, but once the shock wore off they were thrilled. I suspect the same thing happened to the Palins. I don’t know this for sure, but I kinda have my doubts that Sarah Palin suddenly decided to have another child while she was governor.

    The number of assumptions and misinformation flying around about someone’s personal choices is just unbelievable! The morons just can’t help themselves. Fortunately, it is losing the Fraud more votes by the day.

  178. I am RN and work in OB/GYN. Our patients demographic are educated in their late 20’s mid 40’s and few late 40’s. Infact, we had several mom over 50y/o deliver twins.

  179. I am AA, veteran, RN and former military brat. I grew up in Alaska.Yes, P-DID there are black people in Alaska. I am 100% behind the McCain/Palin ticket.
    I am a Clinton/s supporter not Dem radical left supporter.

  180. Did Ed Schultz call Palin a bimbo…

    I didn’t hear the enitre segment…

    this is ridiculous…

    Would the Democratic Party behave this way if Hillary were the nominee?

  181. wow, mawminc! this is masterful! this survivor of the 50’s & 60’s morality is crying at her computer. I was on those picket lines at the state capitol for abortion rights and find it sooooo very interesting that at this juncture of history the issues have evolved into spiritual ones of human decency and the understanding that when Hillary, Bill and Palin are attacked, we ALL are attacked.

  182. I had to stop following Obot spouse on twitter because of shit like this.

    “I’m glad GOP told me about left wing conspiracy about Preg-gate. The more I see the more I see coverup. Video evidence is curious. ”

    “It’s so cute. Mommy & daughter pregnant at the same time. We all know contraception is abortion.”

    Take it to therapy, not the voting both, you self-congratulatory hypocritical fratboy.

  183. CSpan aired Obama talking to a group of middle aged women, and taking questions.

    He said that rich people with lots of houses get to deduct their mortgage interest on all those homes, but not americans with one home. WTF?

    Then he told all those slightly overweight middle aged women lined up along the front line, that if we legislate to reduce obesity, health care premiums would go down.

    Wonderful new world we are in. Legislated diet programs should be a big hit.

  184. For anyone STILL questioning Sarah Palin’s credentials:

    “Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It’s on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

    As governor of Alaska, Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden’s.

    She’s also the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security’s counterterrorism plans.

    Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country’s defense. Given Alaska’s proximity to Russia, she may have security clearances we don’t even know about.

    According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets.

    She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.”

    Taken from savagepolitics.com – there’s a wonderful piece about Joe “credit card” Biden there too.

  185. Those democrat women who said nothing when Hillary Clinton was subjected to misogynist because they disapproved of her policies or for other reasons are responsible for this. They showed that a woman could be attacked because she is a woman, for no other reason, and she would not be defended. “My enemy’s enemy” thinking has always got us into trouble (see bin Laden) and no more so than now when anti Clinton feminists were silent during the spring. Well, now the attack dogs have tasted female blood and they like it. Palin and her 17 year old daughter are merely the next two. All women will suffer in the future when, whatever their ability and qualifications, they will still be judged wanting because of their biology. Feminism has failed, and it has failed because feminists just were not good enough.

  186. An astute commentator on one newspaper site said the whole Palin preganacy thing woud never have come out if she had been a democrat.

    As this commenter put it, “Sarah Palin would have aborted her Down’s Syndrome child and Bristol Palin’s preganacy would have been aborted too. The Democrats think it’s much better to protect their image, social status and income than protect human life.” And I would add to that – to take some responsibility for their actions.

  187. Thank you for this Mawn. My family is very, very liberal too. We also have 5 kids in our family (I’m the third). My mother had my oldest brother when she was 17. She was very open about her struggles and talking to us about sex and protection. Still, my older sister her son when she was 19. My younger brother had his son when he was 18. Things happen. Probably more than some so called liberals would like to believe. It saddens me to see what the Democratic party has become.

  188. “Obama recently remarked that he didn’t want his daughters lives “to be ruined” by teen pregnancy. To me, this statement says a lot about his views on career women and their options. He seems to believe that it is mutally exclusive to be a successful woman and have a baby at a young age.”

    It is one thing to decry the sexism directed at Palin, but I think this statement is reaching. I wouldn’t want my daughter’s life ruined by teen pregnancy either. Just because you can still make your life OK doesn’t mean it is a good thing. In defending Palin, can we dispense with pretending that there is nothing wrong with teens having babies?

  189. lillianjane, it happens. Like I wrote in my post. My mom did everything she could to make sure my sister did not get pregnant, but she still did. I also believe that we are fighting nature by trying to get young people to postpone pregnancy. That doesn’t mean that I think we should encourage kids to get pregnant. My beef with saying it will ruin your life is that it shouldn;t have to. My sister finished her degree and is starting a career. In fact, she may be in better place than women who have kids at a later age. The difference to me is that my sister had a supportive network of family. I would hope that the world would create such a network for women so that if they do choose (consiously or unconciously) to get pregnant that no one would ever say “you ruined your life”, because they would have many options still open to them.

  190. I don’t know how I feel about “taking responsibility” or whatever that means. If Palin or her daughter wanted to abort and had, then I see nothing whatsoever wrong with that. Their lives, their uteruses, their choice. PERIOD.

    But like I said elsewhere, at least she’s not the pro-“life” type who turns pro-choice real fast, but only in her case, when the amnio comes back with an abnormality. She said pro-“life,” and she walked to walk, at least. And now her husband going to set up and do his part, which is more than any of those fauxgressive Obot girlies are demanding of the shits they’re dating, I can tell you that.

    At least Palin’s consistent, and she’s pro-contraception, which is a major step to the left for the Republican party.

    I said it elsewhere: This country has moved too far to the right. We all know it.

    Obama is a massive slide to the right for the Democrats.

    McCain and Palin are a moderate slide to the left for the Republicans.

    Which of these choices will result in a net leftward motion for the country? Think REAL HARD people …

  191. Bristol Palin’s baby daddy is ‘psyched’ to be father, says his pal (Photo’s Included)

    The cold-country hockey jock who knocked up the 17-year-old daughter of Sen. John McCain’s running mate is “psyched” to be a baby daddy, his pals said.

    A day after 18-year-old Levi Johnston was revealed as the future father of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s grandchild, his closest friends touted him as a standup dude.

    “Of course he is psyched to be a father,” said Blake Weiland, 18. “I mean he loves the idea of being a father and raising a child.”

  192. My mother had 4 children and when she was pregnant with my younger brother tests showe that he would probably suffer sever brain damage (they suspected it was from a dental x-ray early in her pregnancy). The doctor recommended she abort. As a catholic she felt she couldn’t . My brother was born 100% healthy, and my mother remains a supporter of a woman’s right to choose to this day. People are not monoliths, they are complicated….

  193. Sarah is a brilliant choice by the Republican party. Proof? Last night Obama issued a statement comparing his credentials to hers:

  194. A right to choose is a right to CHOOSE. She isn’t obligated to have an abortion just because in theory it’s legal. Of course, getting one isn’t easy b/c somehow the people who are screaming about the importance of reproductive rights didn’t see fit to protect them with legislation to fund clinics, or to prevent “abstinence only” policies. If Roe does get overturned (not that I think it will), then it just means men will have to get mandatory vasectomies for the good of all women. They want to help us, right?

  195. kjmontana @ 3:35,

    If you still here, just who was the “astute commentator” who insinuated all Democratic women abort Down Syndrome children? Have you been listening to Rush again?

  196. This is a great post mawm – welcome back to you and gary!

  197. Did anyone else notice that The Confluence has been deleted from the TL links? I had to google Riverdaughter to get here. Always appreciated her prolific and often v. funny writings on dkos and knew then she had it in her to set up her own site with success.

    TalkLeft was such an oasis during the primaries after experiencing places like dkos et al. But obviously even TL is changing … from one day to the next it looks like. And lots of really smart female posters have already left. IMO a real loss for the blog. Feels like the site is in a state of limbo right now.

    re Palin
    Due to serious family problems in the last week I heard almost nothing about Palin. Didn’t learn about a pregnant daughter until I came back to TL a couple days ago.

    fwiw The GOP speakers should take this opportunity and promote contraception esp. for teens who do seem to get pregant now and then even if some folks think abstinence will prevent it 😉 Well, just kidding. One can dream.

    Since I know v. little about Palin I will be listening to her speech with unbiased ears 😉 So far I haven’t seen a second of the GOP convention. I will tape the McCain and Palin speeches and thats it for me then.

    greetings 🙂

  198. Sadly, it’s the GOP most righteous about “family values” and Abstinence programs but no sex education and no choice if you’re raped. Let them see stand on the stage and tell America it’s nobody’s business when they want to make it theirs.

    Plus, Sarah Palin tried to ban books from the Wasilla library and fire the librarian. It’s a good example of her world-view.

  199. Oh, btw.
    sorry about all those beautiful yellow smilies in my post …

    didn’t know they would show up like that …. sorry
    I will try hard to avoid posting them from now on.

  200. christian, that story about the banned books is bogus. Check out the last thread for the link to the debunking.

    and did you know that Obama wants to restrict abortion in the third trimestre? He has said that “feeling blue” is not a good excuse for having one.

  201. Kathy, they jsut figured that as long as they left reproductive rights hanging by a thread, they could count on the women’s vote. It was a totally strategic, conscious decision on their part to let abortion rights be eroded.

    I remember feeling so smug when other liberals would make the observation that the Republicans would never actualyl do away with abortion, because it energized their base. Man, did I ever have to eat some crow. Turns out the Dems were doing the same thing — they were never going to actually ensure safe, legal abortion, because as long as it balanced in a pin, they could abuse, shit on, degrade, and ignore women all they wanted and still count on our support.

    So they thought. They are in for a surprise.

    Palin’s a step to the left for the Republican party — anti-choice, but pro-contraception. Where you stand matters less than in what direction you’re moving. I vote to reward leftward motion.

  202. So, if Palin is a bad mother for having young children and serving in public office, does that mean Obama is an absent father for doing the same?

  203. Of course not, silly! He’s a man!

    I like the idea that Palin’s husband has said he’s step up to do the child-care heavy lifting, as a devoted parent should, to support his wife’s career. I have to wonder how many of the Democratic Obot-girls are eating themselves up inside in jealousy over it.

  204. GAgal, on September 3rd, 2008 at 5:20 pm Said:
    kjmontana @ 3:35,

    If you still here, just who was the “astute commentator” who insinuated all Democratic women abort Down Syndrome children? Have you been listening to Rush again?

    No, sorry. I don’t listen to Rush. EVER.

    It was a written comment on an article on the Washington Post site. I don’t have the exact quote, but the writer did NOT “insinuate all democratic women abort Down’s Syndrome children.” He said Sarah Palin could have chosen to, but didn’t.

  205. kjmontana,

    Oh good. I thought it was the pundit who wrote the article and wanted to know who would say that. Thanks.

  206. fif, you should always read comments before responding to them.
    I’ve never suggested that anyone should vote for Obambi.

    I think everyone should examine Palin’s record, on issues such as the veto I linked to, I don’t care about her personal life.

    Jennifer: if you should get back to this thread, this is what I found about the article you posted from WAPO re: Palin slashing funding for pregnant teens. Tip: Do NOT trust anything that WAPO prints this election cycle. They are completely in the tank for BO.

    If this is all of the story that voters see, most Democrats — and most independents — will be appalled that she vetoed aid for teenage mothers who come from poverty or have been shunned by their families.

    The thing is: This is not the whole story. But it took far more digging than it should have to get to the TRUE story. This turns out to be a highly disturbing lesson in how poorly the Washington Post and other major newspapers report what they consider “factual news” these days.

    First, the Washington Post story fails to mention that this is a Catholic charity.

    That means that the service already receives a large portion of its funding from both the Catholic church and many private donors. (I didn’t check, but I’ll bet that volunteers for the charity hold annual fundraising drives to solicit private donations.)

    Furthermore, the Washington Post story fails to mention that the cut was due to a threefold increase in state funding of the program in 2006.

    A blogger I don’t know — 24AHead.com — did the work in his aptly named story, “Paul Kane/WaPo’s reporting skills are on par with DailyKos (Sarah Palin veto).”

    From the lower portion of that post:

    [N]otably, Kane [the Washington Post reporter] didn’t contact the campaign for an explanation. Perhaps she believes that private rather than state monies should be used? Perhaps, if that’s the reason, her beliefs are correct; did Kane endeavor to find out whether that could be correct? Perhaps she thought it would discourage teen pregnancies? Perhaps she doesn’t come with the set of assumptions Kane obviously has that there must be a state program for everything? Perhaps she has evidence that Covenant House misspends money? Perhaps there are other programs available? All those possibilities Kane does not even broach.

    UPDATE: It’s even worse than I suspected. According to their site (covenanthouseak.org/involved.htm), “Approximately 90% of our funding comes from the generous donations of friends like you”. And, according to this state document (PDF link), they were only to get $155,000 in 2007. It’s not clear whether that was their only source of state funding, and their executive director wasn’t available.

    UPDATE 2: The $3.9 million was part of a grant for a facilities expansion; see this PDF (you might need to change the extension to “PDF” after downloading).

  207. Found this at another site, which I could read as saying she’s quietly pro-choice — i.e., don’t try to change the laws or the court and respect each others beliefs:

    She is a member of “Feminists For Life” which is a pro-life, pro-contraception group. She wants to make adoption easier, promote abstinence, and advocates the use of contraception. (A view not completely different from even Hillary Clinton if we are going to be honest.) She has never introduced, proposed or supported an anti-choice piece of legislation. When asked about these issues, she always refers to how difficult and “personal” these decisions are.

  208. “Let them see stand on the stage and tell America it’s nobody’s business when they want to make it theirs.”

    This is a good point, Christian, but I still think we need to act on OUR ethics, not theirs.

    mawm I don’t think you addressed my point. I know it happens–I’m not recently arrived from planet Zorkon. But there is a difference between saying “don’t condemn someone for it” and “it’s perfectly OK and even nature’s dictate.”

    And the point should certainly be made that abstinence only sex ed doesn’t seem to have worked in the Palin household, so perhaps she should rethink her position.

  209. This is just not a baby. This is a baby with Downs. This baby will need BOTH parents, and it will need access to them 100% of the time. My autistic son is high functioning, and he did not take 1/100th of the work a Downs baby takes to raise. They CHOSE to have this baby, and she is now putting her career first. That’s Ego. It doesn’t matter whether Dad takes on the baby-raising or not. This guy worked on a fishing boat. I can’t imagine that he’s going to be up on code, IEPs, and educational law…..

    When you choose to have a child, especially a special needs child, you choose to put that child first. She’s an ass. I feel for the baby. Tonight I watched her face the baby toward the audience on stage and all I could think was “What a Pig.”

  210. I’m from COUGAR, or Calling Out Ur Gripes As Racism. Is gender your only issue, or do you just lack a broader ethical barometer to stick with a stance on issues?

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