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Tuesday: The Way

Ahh, now come the investigations.  Who knew what when?  Adam Nagourney of the NYTimes is on it.  Apparently, Sarah Palin came right out of the blue.  Funny, *we’ve* known she was on the event horizon for several months now.  She’s been vetted enough.  Did anyone know about Bristol Palin’s situation before yesterday?   Probably.  It’s hard to keep it a secret at 5 months.  Three?  Maybe.  But five is when things start to pop.  But what does Bristol’s situation have to do with being VP?  Nada.  It’s a private, family matter. ( In contrast, Time is oddly sanguine about the whole Bristol Palin thing. It’s apparently NOT news in Wasilla, Alaska, not that it’s anyone’s business anyway. H/T BernieO)

Troopergate?  Probably not a big deal.  Not like taking bribes or putting additions on your house with campaign contributions.

No, it looks like Palin’s nomination has caught the Democrats completely off guard.  And now they’re looking for some way to neutralize her.  Push her off the ticket.  I think Anglachel is right.  it will just make evangelicals rally behind her:

What too many on the Left see as Palin’s weaknesses will not, repeat, NOT be seen that way by her base. For example, there is an article today in the NYT by Kit Seelye about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. The headline screams “Palin’s Teen Daughter Is Pregnant; New G.O.P. Tumult,” but the text of the article shows one Republican after another saying some variation on “Stuff like that happens. I wish the family the best.” No tumult at all. Kind of like the Pope approving of Madonna’s song “Papa Don’t Preach.” Also, absolutely do not under any circumstances breathe that Gov. Palin should have to produce medical records related to her reproductive history. Quite aside from that being a HIPAA violation, it is what the Republicans want the power to do, so do not damage your own privacy interests…

To continue to go after Palin as an individual is to put yourself onto Republican turf, engaging in a politics of personal take-down. This is where the Republicans want to fight because it distracts from their policies and practices. Anything you say or do can be turned into a smear – just ask Hillary. This is why both the Clintons in their convention addresses and in their campaign speeches do not bother to talk about the individuals (except to praise them as people), but return over and over to the political acts of the Republican Party that have brought the country to the brink of ruin since 2001.

The Democrats have mistaken winning at all costs for some kind of policy.  We didn’t like that $^*) when the Republicans did it and we like it even less now that Democrats are playing that game.  Sooner or later, you have to start governing and it becomes increasingly more difficult once you start down the path of personal destruction.  It becomes a habit.  Just think of all the people they’re going to have to work with if they win.  Lots of reps and senators and executive branch people who are going to be mistrustful and backstabbing, a government full of intrigue and spite.  Will anything get done?

And what about us?  Suddenly stuck in the middle, shunned by our own party, courted cautiously by the other, holding the power of 18 million voices.  What is the way for us?  It seems clear to me. We do what we’ve always done.  We stick to our principles.  Don’t sink to the level of the gutter.  Hold both parties accountable.  Protect our margins in Congress.  Don’t reward bad behavior.  There is no need to make a decision about who is on top yet.  Let the bad guys hang themselves first.  Anglachel again:

My grim opinion is that the window of opportunity to repair this rift has passed. The party is now stuck with a divided and angry base. The party must be under no illusion about why this has happened: The DNC and the Obama campaign denigrated and dismissed the preferred candidate of more than half the party, using misogyny and false accusations of racism and giving the CDS-afflicted media carte blanche to act out its worst impulses. When the candidate refused to be intimidated out of the race, the smears were aimed at her supporters. These smears continue to this day. These two lines of attack, one aimed at the voters, the other attributed to them, have inflicted damage that the Obamacan faction will not take responsibility for, let alone move to fix.

It doesn’t really matter how much the Adam Nagourney’s of the world throw themselves behind Obama. *WE* aren’t onboard this year because the Democrats have lost their way.

149 Responses

  1. Time has an article entitled “The pregnancy was no secret.” McCain says he knew, too.


  2. Sick. Jeralyn has a poll up, when will Sarah drop out? Sound familiar? I’d just the press to tell me when the heck Obama has had a full-time job?

  3. I have come to terms with what I believe my vote will be this November. If nothing else the behavior toward Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol have cemented it for me. Not only will Barack Obama not get my vote, John McCain(read the adult) will be getting my vote to do my very best to make certain that this type of behavior is not something that gets repeated.

    On the upside of not being overly invested. My husband, children and I had a beautiful time this weekend sluicing in NC. We even found a gem quality sapphire.

  4. Seems to me that the personal attacks from Obama only set the stage for the GOP. Apparently, Obama’s internal polling is spitting out some really bad numbers. They always revert to primary mode when their back is against the wall.

  5. Nagourney, Boumillier – all the W cheerleaders are now behind Jr.jr.
    And that scares me the most on many levels.
    One of which is – who is pulling their strings and why? Who decided that the MSM is no longer a RNC wholly owned subsidiary but need to go to The One? And for what price?

  6. “Liberals Just STOP-IT”!
    Sarah’s been “vetted” more than their SELECTED “ONE” Obama!
    Did anyone hear his INSANE interview with Anderson Cooper
    last night??!!
    He actually REFERENCED running HIS campaign for PRESIDENT as “real life experience” LOL!!!
    1st- It’s Axelrod’s experience not his (Oooops make room under the bus)
    2nd-He compared her MAYOR experience to himself NOT her
    Gov. experience.
    3rd-Who EVER gets to use the experience of “LOOKING” for a job on their RESUME”!
    4th-Even as mayor of a “small-town”, (small-town America, back under the bus), SHE had the experience of having to get i “right the 1st time”, because PEOPLE WERE COUNTING ON HER!!
    **Finally HE TOOK CREDIT FOR THE GUSTAV GOVERNMENT SUCCESS!! It was HIS LEGISLATION PASSED IN THE SENATE THAT PUT IN PLACE MUCH OF WHAT WE’RE SEEING WORK!! Or something like that. Besides that just like the “Dodd” thing months ago( I forgot what he stole from him/I forget EVERYTHING about Dodd)
    I think that was HILLARY’S legislation that was put forth.
    PLEASE…PLEASE.. let’s use this opportunity to EXPOSE how LITTLE he THE NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT has been VETTED!!
    “Let’s start with the BIRTH CERTIFICATE LAWSUIT”!!

  7. I’ve been saying for months that Obama is the most divisive candidate in my lifetime. He has divided the Democratic Party to the point of ruin, by alienating the base. He started by making false charges of racism. He has let his base say and do anything for months, with no moderation, no consequences. The thuggish behaviour has really gotten out of control.

    He has to lose in November if there is any hope for the future of the Democratic Party. Can’t imagine what his supporters will do when he loses, since we know they are out of control now. These are dangerous times.

  8. If anyone is watching Morning Joe, would you mind telling us about it. I am interested to see if the media’s hatred of Palin will encourage Joe to rally around her.

    Fox and Friends this morning was good to Palin. They were very matter of fact about the family situation and the woman anchor said that after she got over her shock yesterday she realized that everybody’s family has problems. She was very empathetic about it, as were the male anchors…I was surprised because I felt like some of the Fox anchors were even being kind of hard on her and sensational about it.

    CNN was HORRENDOUS yesterday, that network and their Obama-love bias is just sickening.

  9. In 2004, I read an opinion column, I think by Steve Chapman but not sure, which states he had never previously voted Democratic. He opined that Kerry would be an ordinary liberal president who would do ordinary liberal stuff that could be corrected within a year of two of his leaving office. Bush, however, had already evidenced such monumental problems that it would take several generations to correct, losing valuable time for our nation.

    Like that author, I feel that McCain may do some things that I don’t like, but that an Obama presidency would take many years to correct. I really fear Obama, and I am terrified of his supporters and connections. I have never seen a candidate treat people so badly; I cannot fathom the arrogance and corruption of his presidency. At this point, I won’t give him any more chances, no matter what.

    In the immortal words of Han Solo, ” I got a bad feeling about this.” He was always right, too.

  10. RD, what exactly are the points of programmatic agreement, or even just non-antagonism, between you and Palin?

  11. masslib@ 7:47 – WTF has happened to Jeralyn? Palin drop-out poll??? Cheetos have a similar poll, put up by one of their male fp’ers, calling it Palin death watch.

    A conservative pundit recently pointed out that it seems many who call themselves feminists are only concerned about the sexist treatment of women as long as they aren’t conservative women. I think Jeralyn has proved that point.

  12. Guys, I have to mention this periodically: stay away from the media. Even print media is tricky. But broadcast media is deadly. It goes in your ear before you have a chance to filter out the propaganda. After you’ve been away from it for a few months, the perception management crap is really quite jarring. Trust me on this. You won’t be able to listen to it for more than a few minutes before you will detect every subliminal word in the arsenal.
    Plus, your blood pressure will drop if you stop listening. You’re getting too angry because you know it’s lies but you can’t quite put your finger on HOW you know it’s lies. After you opt out, you can watch dispassionately on the few occassions that you actually have to. Save the news for big events like natural disasters, wars and product recalls. The rest is just garbage.
    One final note: the media is not your friend. Even Fox News. Fox has an agenda. That agenda is not in keeping with Democratic values. They’re nice now because they are trying to lure you to the dark side. Proceed with caution.

  13. I guess it never occurred to those geniuses that attacking women and teenaged girls might upset people when Hillary Clinton isn’t the target.

    When they went after Hillary they upset us, but we’re not people, we’re ratf*ckers and paranoid shrieking holdouts

  14. Just heard McCain spokesperson on Morning Joe, Nicole something, rebutting the criticism of Palin’s lack of foreign policy experience. She said “Has she held any policy hearings on Afghanistan? No. But neither has Barack Obama and that was one of his responsibilities.” (As close as I can remember.)

    McCain’s campaign is right on target.

  15. I watch television news when there is a big breaking story, but as soon as they quit reporting and started bloviating, I change the channel.

    Other than that, television is cable programs like Burn Notice, old movies, Comedy Central (no more TDS or CR until November 5) and CMT

    Oh, and Raider games

  16. When is the last time a man was deemed unfit for political office by the MSM because of his parenting skills with his teenagers? Uh huh, I thought so.

  17. Riverdaughter,

    You are absolutely right about sensing all of the biases, and I am well aware that Fox news is no friend (they were just as bad as all the rest trumping up the Clintons are going to kill Obama’s thunder in Denver, etc). I haven’t watched cable news for a long time, but I am VERY concerned about the sexism being thrown at Palin. I would never vote for her and I disagree with her politics, so I feel somewhat detached from this and I can watch the media without getting overly emotional about it. But I do think it is important for people who can stand to watch it to report back so that people can take action decrying the sexism that is directed at her. I don’t care if she is a Democrat or Republican, she deserves to be treated with respect, and with the same respect that a man of her professional position and stature would be given, and she has not gotten that from the media or from the Obama campaign.

  18. One reason I know that Sarah Palin is a good pick is that, every bot I know is hysterical over it. One said the pick is “irrersponsible”. I wonder why they’re so upset? If they are so sure their candidate is going to win, why should the opposing candidate’s veep pick a problem at all? What are they all whining about? I would think, if the opposing party made a weak pick, the bots would be happy, but they seem to be very upset.

  19. Re: FOX News

    My favorite analogy is the USSR during WWII.

    They were allies helping us defeat a common enemy, but they were not our friends.

    As soon as Germany was defeated, they quit being allies too

  20. Thank you Riverdaughter. I find myself in a really strange place these days. I’ve always thought of myself as a independent thinker who was willing to criticize the policies and actions of both political parties even though I’ve been a Democrat for my whole life.

    But now it is as if I’ve awakened to a different consciousness–a different world. I wasn’t seeing the world clearly before. ItI can now see how both parties distort reality to advance their own causes. It’s not just the Republicans. The Democrats do it too. Republicans can be kind, caring, well-meaning people too.

    Now that I’ve been lectured over and over again that I’m going against my own interests as a woman by not voting for Obama, I see how insulting it is for Democrats to say that about working people who vote for Republicans.

    I really hope we can stick together and start a new party that respects the needs of ordinary working people of every race, ethnicity, and gender instead of talking down to them. I’ve had it with both parties. I’m stll not sure how I will vote, but I’m glad I’m seeing the world more clearly because of this nightmare of an election.

  21. Thanks BernieO, Nicole is good, she softly pushes back against the MSM, but they really need someone who is aggressive as Ken Mellman was out there pushing back because the media are eating her alive. Will it cause a sympathy backlash? I don’t know. I think it did with Hillary partially because she was a known quantity – people KNEW she wasn’t crazy and horrible the way the media was making her out to be. Since Sarah Palin is not well known, it is much easier for the media to defend her. I know I did not realize how much media bias there was until they began attacking Hillary. I KNEW Hillary wasn’t what they made her out to be, so I was able to see the bias. But if I was not so distrustful of the media and I knew nothing about Palin, I might believe them.

  22. Rich in PA: She may be a Republican but she and her family are human beings. Her 17 year old daughter is not a major player in this. To go after her is beyond reprehensible. It makes Democrats look really bad.
    My main beef this year is with Democrats, not Republicans. We know what Republicans are up to, although McCain/Palin are not of the criminal, neo-con Bushie breed. They’re still not my ideological pals but if they win this year, I’m not going to get upset, as long as Congress remains in the hands of Democrats, preferably progressives.
    I am watching the Democratic Party degenerate and it is really horrible to watch. This was MY PARTY. I’ve never seen anything so hellbent on self destruction in my life. You’ve been away from this site for awhile and probably frolicking in the cesspool. From where we are, which is kinda cut off from all that, you can’t imagine how bad it looks. The Dean Democrats have taken over the party and become some kind of unstoppable force of destruction.
    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is about Palin for me, although, I am amused at how she has brought out some rabidly misogynistic behavior in the Obama contingent. It’s nice to get it all out in the open even if it does look like a bunch of maggots crawled out of the Obamasphere.
    But I am not going to jump on Palin. Not because I think she’s God’s gift to politics but because there’s no THERE there. Everything that has come to light so far is minor or personal. I’m sitting here watching Kos and Jeralyn making mountains out of molehills and besides the fact that some of this stuff is extremely hurtful to the parties involved, it’s small potatoes. That’s all they’ve got? She tried to get a trooper fired because he had done some things that merited firing? And???
    Every politician makes little mistakes at first. It doesn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

  23. Governor Vilask of Iowa told F&F this AM “we” will vote for
    Obama on the ISSUES….LOL!
    I sent them a bunch of stuff from http://www.lynettelong.com web-site including the “red-phone” ad with my own comments.

    SOooooooooooooooooo SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Here’s something else to keep in mind about the media:

    It is owned and controlled by the filthy rich, most of whom are GOP

    All those reporters and bloviating gasbags are paid to report the stories and express the opinions they are told to, they have little or no free will.

    It isn’t news, is propaganda mixed with entertainment

    Those talking heads are educated and informed. Many of them went to Ivy League level schools, and they have all the info we have available and much more.

    So they get in front of the cameras and say stupid ignorant stuff, and don’t get fired.

    They aren’t reporting, they are actors reading their lines.

  26. Thing is, I’m a mom of two daughters and a moderate ex-Democrat who is unwaveringly pro-choice. But in the same situation as Sarah Palin, I would have reacted the very same way. If my daughter were 17 and pregnant and had decided to have and keep the child, I would do everything in my power to support her and help her make the kind of life she needed to raise her child. I’m not really understanding what the big deal is? Pro-choice, anti-choice… moms are moms and if the issue is that a mom of young children shouldn’t be among the top two leaders of this country, then that same standard should apply to the men.

  27. How do they DO it? The Obama campaign, I mean. There HAVE to be psychoactive drugs involved.

    Adam Nagourney is the same guy who, not too long ago, saw his artice being trashed in his competitor’s websites and with reporters and bloggers by the Obama campaign who’d issued a f@$#ing EIGHT-point rebuttal. Adam’d reacted strongly then, saying “I’ve never had an experience like this, with this campaign or others. I thought they crossed the line. If you have a problem with a story I write, call me first. I’m a big boy. I can handle it. But they never called. They attacked me like I’m a political opponent.”, etc.

    Now this??

  28. Here’s my latest post. It’s about the BabyGate stoopidity and how it compares to all the fauxrages about Hillary.

    I’ll cross-post it here later if nobody else has anything ready


  29. I realize that I am going to irk some of my fellow PUMAs when I say this … but here I go. I feel that the way things are now, Obama will win the GE with a small to medium margin. The reason for this is that we the disaffected Clinton democrats are spread out all over the country – not concentrated enough to change the results of one or two states. In addition, unlike Gore or Kerry, Obama’s GOTV mechanism is very good – as good as those of the Republicans.

    McCain does not stand for anything I believe in and in normal circumstances I would not even think of supporting him. But I do feel that if Obama won this GE, even with a narrow margin, the marginalization of the old coalition in the democratic party will be complete. Women have been treated cheaply, taken for granted and the democratic establishment would have gotten away with it. For that reason alone I want Obama to lose this GE and I want a Democrat dominated house and senate to keep McCain in check.

    If McCain can win OH, PA and FL – yes all three, that will for sure get him to WH. Now is the time for PUMA to consolidate and organize itself and start a true grassroots campaign to turn these states. Word of mouth is powerful. And there are tons of people there who are not political junkies – they are not aware of a whole lot of information that every one of us here has heard and discussed 200 times.

    These people may not react well to outright Obama-bashing but they might react to gentle arguments. There is plenty of time – two months. It would be good to get moving, have action points, talking points. PUMAs let’s get talking to our friends and neighbors. Leave the committed Obama supporters alone and work the fringes and the soft support. And let’s keep our anger in check.

    I wanted to wear Hillary 08 shirts and pins this fall. I do not want to sit back doing nothing just because that will not happen.

  30. The attack on Palin is reminding me of the attacks on the Clintons for their time and service in Arkansas.

    It’s the same kind of snobbish, petty, elitist sneering at local officials and ordinary people in America.

  31. S:

    Between now and November I plan to personally contact every registered voter in my state and persuade them not to vote for Obama.

    That’s a lot of doors to knock on!

  32. It doesn’t really matter how much the Adam Nagourney’s of the world throw themselves behind Obama. *WE* aren’t onboard this year because the Democrats have lost their way.

    Obama can buy the media, buy the caucus thugs who harassed voters, buy off every wanna-be-an-MSM-darling blogger, but he nor his campaign can our vote.

    The more they push the more we resist.

    Now that they are in the General Election, they are losing their minds. And I’m LOVING every minute of it.

  33. Plural, I totally agree with you. That is the other aspect of this that has really bothered me – its not just bashing a woman unfairly, and often with strong gender bias (for example, the suggestion that she is a bad mother for leaving her special needs baby at home while running for VP), it is also a bias against people who don’t come from so-called big and important places like Chicago. That was actually the first thing my dad noticed. He came from a small town and was eventually given the opportunity to show his stuff in a bigger place, and he excelled. He was really taken aback when the Obama campaign released that statement about her being the mayor of a town of 9,000. It’s like first of all, that GOVERNOR OF ALASKA to you, second of all, should people who come from smaller places never be given opportunities? It’s silly.Obama can can attack her for her policies, which are bad, he can attack her for her lack of experience, if he is willing to look stupid given that he has just as little experience, but saying she is nothing more than a small-town mayor, and saying it with disdain, is elitist and wrong.

  34. MYIQ: I don’t have anything lined up – maybe I’ll have something later on this afternoon/evening, but you can definitely go for it after RD’s post gets some more time.

  35. S. I can tell you right now that Obama has all but lost PA. The disaffection for Obama there is widespread. Palin sewed up the evangelical vote for McCain last week. This latest round of Palin bashing is going to drive them further into McCain’s camp.
    Besides, we know of at least one official group that is working on the swing state project. The Dean Democrats have no idea how truly pissed off people are. But they are about to find out.

  36. I am going to join S in this one.

    I worry about the assumption that Obama is unelectable (even though that is my strong guess) keeping people from doing everything they can to insure his defeat.

    The bottom line is that we all have to decide which one we can stand to be president. If that person ISN’T BO, then, IMO, be prepared to do what it takes. Even swallowing the bitter pill of filling in the oval next to “R” for president.

  37. S: Rest assured, Obama will not win Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida. Count on it. Just wait this week for the polls to come out to register the Palin VP announcement.

  38. Riverdaughter,

    I hope you are right!!!! Does anyone have the latest polls? I just fear that CNN and MSNBC have this one rigged for Obama.

    What’s the spread in PA.?

  39. S & Joaniebone, remember, the Republican machine hasn’t even gone full speed – it’s barely getting started.

    Their first move was the Palin VP announcement. They are having their convention now. After the party’s over and after the convention – put on the flak jackets.

  40. Did Obamanation ever consider that in conservative circles, especially the sex*st ones, they are very protective of their own and get real hostile when their wimmenfolk are attacked.

    Hell, Harry Truman wanted to punch a critic in the nose for giving his daughter a bad review.

    The over the top bashing of Palin & Co could energize and rally the base of the GOP

    They ain’t making no friends among PUMAs neither

  41. Obama, whatever he is himself (and I have no idea what that is), has been coopted by the DC insider Democrats and the Congressional leadership, and is their tool — witness that dreadful pic of Obama and Biden with Nancy Pelosi that someone put up here last night.

    They have turned their backs on ordinary voters and seem to want nothing more than a closed insider party. They mouth the Clintons’ words because they think that will get them votes, but I have no idea what they really want to do should they gain control of both the presidency and Congress.

    And their disregard — even contempt — for ordinary people and their lives makes me deeply distrust their motives and agenda.

  42. The general consensus among rank and file Republicans isn’t that conservatism failed, it’s that George Bush isn’t really a conservative.

    They are pissed about the national debt, torture, Katrina, corruption, and lawbreaking.

    McCain/Palin is a reform ticket in their eyes, not 4 more years of Bush.

  43. remember in november that there are some other races that are equally important to support: namely those who are running against pelosi and kerry.

  44. I am with Joanie, I think he would be unelectable in any other year, or even if the media would accurately report on him,he would not be able to get elected (and surely would not have won the primary). But the free pass he has gotten, combined with the media love, combined with the PDS that is out in full force in the media will help him along. If Palin doesn’t give McCain a huge uptick in the state polling numbers soon, I think this goes to Obama…

  45. I never thought I would see the day that the Democratic party and the leftist blogs would try to hound a woman off a national ticket by calling her “just a beauty queen”, slut-shaming, and the bad-mommy argument.

    It DOES. NOT. GET. any more sexist than that. That is the pinnacle of sexism.

    They disgust me. And the media frenzy makes me more determined than ever to keep BO out of the whitehouse, because I cannpt forget how badly they wanted Bush in there. They want Obama in there even worse than they wanted Bush. Why? See, I keep asking myself…….why?

    If the corporate media is so opposed to McCain/Palin, this says to me that regardless of their ideology, they are the real deal. They are not in anyone’s pocket, and their agenda (even if I disagree with some of it) is not hooked up with or beholden to the powers-that-be.

  46. The sight of Democrats attacking a candidate because her daughter is pregnant is totally mind-boggling.

  47. …. Don’t reward bad behavior. There is no need to make a decision about who is on top yet. Let the bad guys hang themselves first.

    I agree with you, no need to make a quick decision.

    I’ll tell you though,the republicans were smart in not even mentioning Palin’s name in the blogs while Obama still could have picked Hillary for VP. It was too low a position for Hillary (which it is), yet when Palin was picked for VP all of a sudden, ‘she’s breaking the glass ceiling!’.

  48. Myiq: Well said, indeed. This is McCain’s time in the Republican Party, simply because he is the antithesis of Bush. I know many conservatives who are as angry with Bush as liberals he; they believe he betrayed them.

  49. S said”

    “These people may not react well to outright Obama-bashing but they might react to gentle arguments. There is plenty of time – two months. It would be good to get moving, have action points, talking points. PUMAs let’s get talking to our friends and neighbors. Leave the committed Obama supporters alone and work the fringes and the soft support. And let’s keep our anger in check. ”

    Bravo, S. Bravo. I would also point out along the anger line that in courting the soft support who are put off by vitriolic anger and seemingly wild assertions, to not point out certain PUMA sites for reading to convince them.

  50. I am absolutely astounded at the vile, low, despicable criticism and disgusting inuendo being hurled at Palin and her family from CNN and MSNBC, and from various Obama spokespeople (including most of the progressive blogasphere). It is repulsive. Have they learned nothing from the Hillary fiasco?

    Obama’s “magnanamous” statement about families’ being off-limits has such a hollow ring to it. How many times are we going to hear his supporters and spokespeople do all the dirty work and then, after the seeds have been planted, have him publically disavow the statements. It reminds me of all of the calls for Hillary to quit the primary race from every corner of the Obama nation, and then eventually Obama himself said, I don’t think she should quit. Does he really think we are buying this crap anymore?

    As Riverdaughter so aptly put it: “a bunch of maggots crawled out of the Obamasphere” when they got caught off-guard by the Palin pick. Their tactics are going to blow up in their faces!

    I believe (at this point) that I can live with voting for McCain and Palin, but they are not my ideal candidates. I WILL NOT, however, stand still for another strong and capable woman being crushed by the powers that be who are threatened by her very existence. They are making a huge mistake!

  51. How can you vet against a real sick rumor? Who would have thought a woman’s baby would be the source of so much vile? These liberal Democrat posers have stepped over the line. A vote for Obama is a vote for misogyny. May the votes of American women this November be the roar heard ‘round the world.

  52. I don’t care about Palin’s daughter, this is a private family matter and it has become a huge issue in the press when a very young girl gets pregnant, (Britney’s sister and now the Palin daughter). These things happen, the most important thing is how the family handles it and supports the daughter’s decision. For the Democratic party to attempt to anhilate McCain’s choice for something like this just reeks. Isn’t the Democratic Party supposed to be pro-choice? Isn’t that the right to chose either way. The first email I got this morning was from a pro-Hillary site stating that the big orange cheeto was the web site that forced the issue out into the open. The bloggers were claiming the youngest Palin child was Bristol Palin’s child and not her mother’s child. What in the hell has happened to the democrats that I knew and loved? The Daily Kos is responsible for forcing this issue out into the open. They should be ashamed, because this type thing is making me ashamed to be a democrat.

  53. Whew just had a morning politics talk by the watercooler. Latest conventional ‘wisdom’ was trotted out. viz. What was McCain thinking to pick someone so inexperienced, without even an Ivy league background – what has she done in her life that could possibly compare with being editor of the HLR. And then – oh this choice won’t get any Hilary voters, the very idea is insulting.

    I couldn’t disagree more, but want to get into it with them less. It’s hard to work right next door to a Obot, though not a hateful Obot, more the elitist kind.

    I’m actually excited to vote McCain/Palin and rate her experience far more highly than BO’s. Law school was a long time ago and just not impressive. I’m in danger of rearguing the recent conversation here.

    It’s going to be a long autumn.

  54. I see many people going over to McCain, esp. now that he has chosen Palin, and while I won’t engage in trying to talk anyone out of it (WE OWN OUR VOTES), it concerns me that the liberal principles which brought many of us here in the first place are getting displaced. The Democratic Party continues to appall me. As I work through this very difficult time, in which I have learned a lot, I see my choice to sit out or vote liberal third party is the way for me to go. I want to punish the DNC for what it has done. Since they abandoned Gore I have been angry at the spineless poltical machine, but now…my anger runs deep.

    I don’t want Obama to win. If that means 4 years of McCain/Palin, I can live with it.

    Personal attacks on Palin just reinforce that the DNC is sinking.

    What will emerge? I hope a new party.

  55. In West Virginia the annual Labor Day Rally was a bust.

    UMW workers, Democrats rally in Racine
    By Davin White, Staff writer
    RACINE, W.Va. – While some politicians, union leaders and others in the audience had plenty of praise for Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and his chances in the Nov. 4 election, some were lukewarm about the presidential candidate…

    “To be honest with you, neither one of them should be president,” Harold Buzzard, a union miner, said of both Obama and the Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain…

    Larry Lyon, the chairman of the Republican Party in Boone County, joked that he came out to see what “the enemy” had to say.

    “This is one of the smallest crowds I’ve ever seen at one of these Labor Day meets,” Lyon said.

    Lyon, who cited a couple of different polls, anticipates a possible 20 percent margin of victory for McCain in West Virginia…



  56. …and as far as the misogyny is concerned with Palin, don’t worry about it. Hillary took the brunt and the worst of it, so the public isn’t listening anymore.

  57. This is the very thing that causes young women to chose abortion, being called every name in the book for doing something most of did when we were that age, we just were a hair more careful or honestly –didn’t get caught by getting pregnant.

  58. Plural, you hit it exactly. This is a class issue for most of the Obama supporters and the press. You can feel them condescending when they are discussing this family’s children. It is more of the “we have to tell the little people how to live”.

  59. Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman to give keynote address tonight.

    Latest polls show that Obama’s bounce has gone flat.

    What’s Obama and the Obamabots and DNC elites LEFT to do?

    Attack a 17 year old girl and her mother at all costs.

    America is watching the charade that has become the Democratic Party in 2008 and we don’t have to take it anymore!

    We will remember the stabb in the back of Hillary Clinton. We will remember the sexism. We will remember the empty suit that is Obama. We will remember all of it!

    And we will teach those good ol’ boys and gals (Obama, Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, et al.) a lesson they will never forget by voting for Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

    It is time for America, especially Democrats and Independents, to stand up and push back against the DNC elites that are trying to shove Barack Obama down our collective throat. Enough is enough!


    In November, we will make our votes COUNT!

    In Ohio, we will make our votes count!

    Strike One!

    In PA, we will make our votes count!

    Strike Two!

    In FL, we will make our votes count!

    Strike Three. Obama is OUT!

    And we will keep going to 2012!

    Obama, you are old news, as are your politics of the past that we see on a daily basis from your supporters. Enough is enough!

    No Way! No How! NOBAMA!

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  60. The Direction of This Blog in the Wake of the Democratic Party’s Fiasco

    I’ve put up a brief rundown on where I’m going with my blog…nothing earthshaking, doing what I’m doing now, but with an eye to “The New Agenda” as well as where I stand on voting in November. Nothing earthshaking there either…

    Also, a re-link to my post yesterday, with a comment about how the McCain campaign appears to be able to differentiate between campaign vs. campaign supporters and their comments. Very interesting…

    What’s Wrong with This Story?–WSJ: Obama Says Palin’s Family is “Off Limits”

  61. As a black man, I never thought I would be saying this:

    But sexism, atleast in the MSM and the world of politics, is much greater than racism…

    I can’t believe the things that are being said (about Palin) and were said about Hillary, while Obama gets a free pass…

    I don’t know if this is a singular case or what, but it is shameless…

  62. Got a lot of work this morning, talk to you guys later.

  63. I am really disgusted. The Dem’s and the effing press are acting as though John McCain is running with a Hooters waitress. This is blatant misogyny.

    To Rich’s point, she raised taxes on the oil companies and AK is swimming in new found wealth as a result, she’s pro-union and from a union household, she opposes school vouchers, and oh yeah, she believes one ought to hold full-time employment before running for even VP.

  64. Just found this commentary and wanted to share it:

    Does Governor Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy provide the opening Democrats need? It’s too early to say, but my guess is no. In fact, if anything, this storyline is likely to help the McCain/Palin ticket.

    First, it will drive the ratings for Palin’s speech tomorrow night through the roof. I’ve been predicting that the tune-in for her speech would be second only to Obama’s “Night at the Parthenon” show. If the McCain campaign leaks word that Palin’s going to address her daughter’s pregnancy, she may surpass him.

    Second, this story will appeal to the women voters Palin was always put on the ticket to target – not the hard-core Hillary Lefties, but the swing, suburban moms. Palin is never going to be popular with New York Times [NYT] feminists. Palin’s appeal is with working women who’ve had encounters with low-level sexism but, instead of whining about it, got back to work making happy, successful lives.

    Her daughter’s pregnancy highlights another part of Palin’s appeal. Her normalcy. Here’s a woman who has run a business, raised a family, who is sending a son off to Iraq, who has another son with a disability, and now has to help her teenage daughter face motherhood. These are experiences that millions of American moms have shared, can relate to and understand.

    Sarah Palin is as accessible as Obama is exotic. Her life story is simultaneously exciting and mundane. All the way from Alaska, she comes to America as The Girl Next Door.

    The Obama campaign and the mainstream media that have crowned him their king, are in full desperation mode now. They will continue to go negative at every chance hey get. That is not change. That is just more of the same (old politics)!

    John McCain and Sarah Palin are authentic! Authenticity is the antithesis of what Barack Obama represents. Obama and those that support him are running scared.

    Obama can give a lofty speech, John McCain and Sarah Palin can connect with people and people trust them. They do not trust Obama.

    Country First!

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  65. Not that I support the ticket, but she isn’t exactly Dick Cheney and I won’t pretend she’s the anti-christ just because she has an R next to her name.

  66. Everyone should rent “The Contender” and watch it…

  67. OhVoter: No, they haven’t learned anything from the Hillary fiasco because they “won” and it’s not a fiasco to them. This is all they care about. They don’t need to win big, they don’t need to win pretty, they just need to gain power in DC. Sound familiar?

    They attack Palin because it energizes their base. We are no longer the base. Their base is the passionate young males and their compliant females, the entire AA community, people who like to think of themselves as elites, the loyal Democrat, and a few Indies. It is no accident they insult the fomer Dem base, that only acts to their creds with this select group of Obama supporters.

    This is the spouse that called you every name in the book, cheated, and absolutely doesn’t want you back or care crap about you any more. But s/he still expects you to come along for the Christmas party at the CEO’s house one last time because losing the job hurts you both. After the party, you get thrown to the curb and can find you own damn way home.

  68. masslib: I went over to Talk Left to see Jeralyn’s “When Will the B*tch Quit” thread. BTD is sick of all of this too. He says he isn’t comfortable writing about the election right now and will see how he feels next week. Who knew the day would come when BTD had more sense than Jeralyn, a former Clinton supporter? This election has turned my world upside down.

  69. But s/he still expects you to come along for the Christmas party at the CEO’s house one last time because losing the job hurts you both.

    great analogy parentofed.

  70. riverdaughter…can you please fish my puma site out of the spam filter and allow it to post?

    I agree, there seems to be a dichotomy between 3 entities, the (Rs) (Ds) and the (?) of which one opinion seems to supersede all others in the media and the opinion holding sway is always in favor of Obama.

    BTW..I’m working on that Indian Totem..

  71. Here’s a good article on “the issue” of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Unlike most of the mainstream media aka blind sexist hacks for Obama, this Time reporter gets it:


    Sarah Palin is not going to let the mainstream wackos silence her voice. She is going to stand up to them and we will stand with her.

    CNN and MSNBC are a joke! Just like The One they continue to try and hold up with each news cycle.

    Can’t wait to see McCain and Palin take on some of the corruption that has crowned Obama King.


    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  72. ellurian, I don’t see anything in the filter by you. Are you sure it was posted?

  73. I don’t know who is behind Obama, but I do believe he was hand selected by the Elitists who believe they ‘Run/Own” this country. These people did not select Hillary nor did they select McCain. I don’t think that 2 weeks ago any of these idiots thought that McCain could win. Now with Palin selected they know McCain can, and they are sending their attack dogs in the Media after Palin.

    I don’t think it will work, but everyone needs to be on the alert for massive voter fraud.

    I am going to reevaluate my preconceived notions about Republicans. I am under no illusions. I started voting in 1972 for Democrats. But time changes things and people. Maybe I need to take another look. Maybe the Democratic Party has already absorbed all the things I hate about the Republican Party. In an interview with McCain he saud he wanted to be President but not at the price of his integrity. That statement would never even occur to Obama.

  74. IronMan: Surely that has to be the only reasonable Time political article this year. A long-time subscriber, I spent 5 months this year waiting for Time to do a fair and neutral article on the Dem primary, and all I found was the most disgusting hogwash on why we should vote Obama & despise the Clintons. They are totally in the tank for Obama. I cancelled and Time is dead to me now.

  75. There’s no doubt that Obama and the bots knew about Palin’s daughter and used that absurd line of thinking to call Gov Palin out.

    Vote Nader.

  76. The networks are owned and controlled by mainly liberals, not Republicans. Where do you think all of Obama’s money is coming from. Republicans are scorned if they are in Hollywood. You can complain about Fox News, but it is the most fair and balanced. It was the only network that stuck up for Hillary Clinton during the primaries.
    The banking system is mainly controlled by liberals, not Rebublicans. Look where the finacial institutions are, Chicago and New York, and which party wants to help them.
    The Hedge Funds and Commodies markets are controlled by liberals like Soros and his pals. What do you think caused the rapid, unjustified rise of oil prices? They wanted to slow the economy to benefit their canidate.
    A lot of people place their vote based on reproductive rights. They are being held hostage by their party. It should be a state issue like gay marriage since states vary so much on the issue. If it was, then people could vote on important isses and not reproductive issues.
    I’m a union democrat. I could care less about pro-choice or pro-life. Whatever happened to voting on real issues that mattered for the country?
    I think gun control is an important issue. We have the right to bear arms so that we the people control the government, not the government controlling the people like it was in England at the time. They had gun control. I know a lot of people don’t think that is an issue, but I do.
    Obama scares me because of how he and some of his organizations want to take a lot of freedoms from us.

  77. Hmmm, so I wonder when one of those media muckrakers will finally realize that the big story is the manipulation within the DNC – how they fixed the primary outcomes – yes, most were complicit, but there’s got to be someone out there looking for an explosive story. The average Joe doesn’t have a clue what’s been going on.

  78. I think any woman who has not decided to vote for Obama should take a hard look at what is happening to the political discourse in this country and who we should blame as the source of the sexism and smears.

    African Americans stood by their candidate because of his race. They swallowed the lies being fed to them by the media and their candidate that the Clintons were r_a_c_i_s_t_s. Some Obamabots of all r_a_ces jumped on the bandwagon of hate even when they knew the accusations were false in order to help their candidate beat the best qualified candidate running on the Democratic side.

    My question is this. When will women rally behind women candidates when they are subjected to sexism and false attacks? What will it take for women to see what happened to Hillary Clinton and her family and what is currently happening to Sarah Palin and her family? We also need to hold other women accountable. Women like Jeralyn and Taylor Marsh who are using the same type of vile against Palin that the Obamabots used against Hillary in the primaries.

    Every woman who sees what I see in this election should not even have the ability to vote for Obama. I don’t care about the person’s race, sex, or political affiliation. We have GOT to put an end to this and if that means voting for McCain to get the message across than so be it.

    I hope more women in this country start to see the light and either vote for McCain or stay home in November.

  79. Obama can give a lofty speech, John McCain and Sarah Palin can connect with people and people trust them. They do not trust Obama.

    I have been saying for awhile. This election is going to come down to one theme for working class Americans: TRUST. Who do you trust?

    Obama does not win that argument. No one knows who he is or what he really stands for–and it will stay that way because he is so controlling and secretive. The Republicans will drive this home in the next 2 months. I personally don’t trust him at all.

    As far as Bristol and the once again vile misogyny being hurled at her and Sarah, I am confident it will backfire. People are TIRED of it. Now the Republican women will see even more clearly what we were talking about re: Hillary. If the evangelical base is ok with Bristol’s pregnancy, it is a non-issue, and it only makes the Dems look malicious and desperate. I could not be any more disgusted with the “Democratic” Party.

    Lastly, this has all been spewed against her, including the “Bimbo” accusations, before most Americans have met this intelligent, genuine, and strong woman. They are going to look like idiots when she begins to present herself on a larger scale.

    Off to work–g’day Conflucians.

  80. Morning all! Another great post, RD. I am laughing my head off at the accusations that Sarah Palin, a wholesome American hockey mom of 5, was not vetted.

    But Barack Obama, of Rezko, Wright and Ayers, was fully vetted.

    Do they have any idea how completely moronic they sound?

  81. But Barack Obama, of Rezko, Wright and Ayers, was fully vetted.

    Hilarious! MadamaB — I can’t stop laughing!!!

    This is the best election ever!

  82. KB – 😉

    I’ve got a new play, too! I’ll wait till MYIQ posts first, though. 🙂

  83. “The networks are owned and controlled by mainly liberals, not Republicans. ”

    This is a silly remark. The media are heavily in the tank for the Republicans, especially McCain, although the Palin deal makes it sound like there aren’t.

    The media has deliberately NOT vetted Obama in order to benefit Republicans.

    Re the Palin rumors, I wouldn’t be surprised if it originated with GOP operatives in order to lay a trap for the progressive bloggers and thus hurt Obama in the process.

  84. Great comment on another blog:

    “For some reason, co-dependency is being held up as a beautiful achievement for women in the Democratic party.”

  85. Oh, and by the way, the Kossacks are lying again. Governor Pallin is NOT against birth control. From the Time article RD linked:

    Sarah Palin is a longterm member of a group called Feminists for Life, which is not opposed to birth control. So you probably can’t tag her for consigning young people to unwanted pregnancies.

    Stoopid Cheetos.

  86. One thing to keep in mind in the current poll numbers is the party affiliation of those polled.

    Most of the pollsters, Ras, Gallup, etc.) are sampling about 45% Democrats, 35% Republicans, and the remaining 20% as “unaffiliated”.

    So keep that in mind when poll numbers are released as the sampling is skewed in Obama’s favor.

    Perhaps the pollsters believe the turnout of the Republicans in November will be very low? I don’t see that happening. I think the turnout will be large. And many of the Independents or unaffiliated in the poll , I would think, tend to be more conservative than liberal.

    Speaking of experience, wasn’t the moveon crowd in 2004 all for Howard Dean for PRESIDENT? Hmmm..yes I think they were.

    Howard Dean was a Governor with a penis.

    I guess the latter makes a difference to the leftwing nut jobs that support Obama today.

  87. well, here we go… time to resurrect the acronym, “WWTSBQ?”

    could it get any more transparent?

  88. IronMan – I think before McCain chose Palin, the Republican turnout could have been suppressed due to the evangelical/conservative base not being enthusiastic about him.

    Now, they are totally motivated to do their devastating GOTV, as they did in 2004. They are over the moon about Governor Sarah. McCain has raised more than $10 million since announcing her.

    It’s all over but the shouting for O’Biden.

  89. susannunes, that was a joke, right?

  90. DRI – it took cojones for you to say that about sexism vs. racism in the election. It has been my personal experience that even AA women do not want to give credit to that opinion, and I’ve been told that I only think that because I’m a white woman.

  91. “The Democrats have mistaken winning at all costs for some kind of policy.” river daughter

    Well said. It’s chi-town politics on steroids . It might sort of work there, thanks to the grunt level civil servants actually governing . But right now we have two criminal gangs called GOP and DEM, vining for the cash cow , of super power war wherever you, want, endless no bid contracts for friends, global drugs rings, and the biggest money laundering operation on the planet.

    Giving a shit about UHC ain’t on the list .

    What tips my vote is May 31st and the roll call.
    I can’t support the open, almost joyous , theft of votes

  92. DRI, I think both problems (racism and sexism) are still problems in society at large. In everyday life, they are likely about equal.

    But I do agree with you that when it comes to high-level politics, the sexism is much more virulent and widely spread, and acceptable.

  93. delurking for a moment to respond to Disenfranchized
    Women have been their own worst enemy throughout history. A lot of women see what is happening, and are disgusted beyond belief – those women are like you and I. Then we have the MTV generation, women who grew up on Celebrity news, women who are more interested in who Jennifer Aniston is dating, women who spend billions on nonsensical beauty products, women who actually believe that anything bad that happens to them is because they are bad. Women who do not understand that women are more than 50% of the population, and that what they do, what they spend, where they go….makes a difference.
    Until we can get through the celebrity silliness and get to those women….women can kiss political power goodbye.
    Stephannie TJ was unique, as HRC is unique. Nancy P is not.
    At my age, I’ve been waiting over thirty years to finally see a woman come to power. If that woman is Sarah Palin, so be it. It should have been Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the rabid Obama followers (which include women who just luvvvvv him) made that impossible. Now, we women with sense and all the men who are also sensible, have a chance to ensure that Obama never reaches the seat of power that he does not have the credentials for nor does he deserve.
    Our vote is our own.
    Back to lurking.


  94. Well it’s all over for Palin – breaking story from Washington Post:

    By Paul Kane

    updated 2 hours, 15 minutes ago
    ST. PAUL, Minn. – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin employed a lobbying firm to secure almost $27 million in federal earmarks for a town of 6,700 residents while she was its mayor, according to an analysis by an independent government watchdog group.

    There was $500,000 for a youth shelter, $1.9 million for a transportation hub, $900,000 for sewer repairs, and $15 million for a rail project — all intended to benefit Palin’s town, Wasilla, located about 45 miles north of Anchorage.

    This women should be flogged. Oh yeah, she already is being flogged.


  95. I heard an unconfirmed rumor over at Balloon Juice that Sarah Palin has boobs! Two of ’em even.

    Swear to koresh, that’s what they said!

    And there is a very strong possiblity that she may possess a va-gina too!

  96. Carol – She is definitely not presidential material. Otherwise, she would have used that money to buy an expensive house with a criminal slumlord.



  97. damatt, on September 2nd, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Obama’s money is coming from Wall St. Hardly a liberal bastion. One of his jobs upon taking office would be to steal social security for Wall st.
    The Press wanted Bush 2 and the War , where is the liberalism there?

    IMO Obama is not a liberal or anything like it . He plays one on TV .

  98. I think that JohhnyMac and Sarah are sitting quiet, letting this bashing paint her as something horrible to all those people who never heard of her (which is most of the country). The media is so stupid, they are painting a ridiculous caricature of “bimbo redneck know-nothing”. People get curious (human nature) and millions tune in to her convention speech.

    Then she knocks it out of the park, and all those people sit back and think, “Wow. This lady is nothing like those idjits on teevee were saying. What morons! Why do they hate on this nice lady?”


  99. Annetoo – Obama, a liberal?! Do people still think that? Even after the FISA vote?

    Wow. The propaganda is just amazing, isn’t it?

  100. Carol – the first line of your post scared me there for a second.

    My my, how terrible to do an earmarks for the benefit of your community (omg! So uncool?) and not use it to secure your spouse a $200k raise on their ‘which is what?’ job description.

    I don’t have a source for the following, as my H just sent it to me as a clip in an email:

    A nervous young McCain staffer took it upon himself to explain to Palin the facts of life in a national campaign, the intense scrutiny she’d be under from the media, the viciousness of the assault that she’d be facing, etc.:
    Palin: “Thanks for the warning. By the way, do you know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a Pit Bull?”
    McCain aide: “No, Governor.”
    Palin: “A hockey mom wears lipstick.”

  101. IronMan, may I say that identifying sexism out loud isn’t “whining.” Remember that second-wave feminism was the product of those suburban moms’ moms.

  102. I’ll say it AGAIN &AGAIN VET OBAMA!!
    His wife’s RAISE AFTER HE GOT TO THE SENATE & THEN GOT A $ 1,000,000 earmark for her employer hospital!
    Vet Him WHERE’S HIS Birth Certificate.

  103. MYIQ – Do you want to post? I can put up my play later – it’s in the same vein.

  104. mrhzrh: Then you should have supported Hillary.

  105. mrhzrh, Ever hear of “paragraphs”?

  106. Now Obamabots are pretending to be foreignors.

    Wow, they are really desperate.

  107. Next thing they will break is she really wanted money for the oil spill and an nuclear waste cleanup!

    That B*tch!

  108. mrhzrh, is either a liar(probably), or a foreigner working in the US.

    OrgName: The Dow Chemical Company
    Address: 2020 DOW Center
    City: Midland
    StateProv: MI
    PostalCode: 48674
    Country: US

    It is at DOW right now. Maybe DOW should know about their employees habits of insulting AMericans.

  109. Carol – I know!

    I mean, this woman sold the gubernatorial jet on EBay to save money. Trying to make her seem like a typical corrupt Republican ain’t gonna work.

  110. “Rest assured, Obama will not win Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida. Count on it.”

    I am at work right now. Just sneaking this in. I will read thru’ all the posts in the evening from home. For now this pleases me in a grim sort of way.

    “Rest assured, Obama will not win Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida. Count on it.”

    Thanks SM77 – I would like to count on it. By all calculations, Obama will need at least one of the three to make it to the WH.

  111. I haven’t read the book on how to win friends and influence people, but… I have this feeling that calling them stupid isn’t the way to do it.

  112. She fired the chefs also. Her husband cooks.

  113. She is definitely not presidential material. Otherwise, she would have used that money to buy an expensive house with a criminal slumlord.


    This election is teaching me two things.
    1) I used to be on the Dems side but I found out they are not on my side. (I think only the Greens are, maybe.)
    2) I’m at heart a tribal person and that tribe is the tribe of women. When any woman is the target of sexist attacks it hurts me, personally.

  114. Disenfranchised, most of the black women I know are crushed by Hill’s defeat -they cannot support BO. Are not AA women – women too? They felt it as a huge loss as they knew of Hill’s positions

  115. Carol – Of course, the Obamas are so low-maintenance and down-to-earth….LOL

  116. madamab, besides selling the jet and flying commercial, she also, in the governor’s mansion, got rid of the cooks, saying her family were perfectly capable of cooking for themselves. She also got rid of the driver, driving herself around like a normal person. She found them new jobs, BTW, didn’t just fire them.

    Geez, what a corrupt earmark and perk whore!

  117. masslib: “I won’t pretend she’s the anti-christ just because she has an R next to her name.” You’ve been knocking ’em out o’ the park the last few days, woman!

  118. Hilarious. They’re going to try & link her to Ted Stevens, just because she’s a Republican from Alaska. They’re too dumb to realize she is a political enemy of Stevens.

    I’m surprised they don’t say she’s Bush-lite, since Bush has a Republican Mommy with t*ts, too.

  119. “Sarah Palin is an exemplary moral role model. Just look how high the values run through her children.”

    Direct quote from a troll on another site.

    MoveOn, dot bastards.

  120. Think the pollsters are working hard to help Bambi out? Take a look at the breakdown of WHO they are polling:

    CBS poll yesterday was 26% Rep, 39% Dem and 35% Indie and had Obama up 8%

    Same with Rassmussen, i mean look at this

    For September, the targets are 39.7% Democrat, 32.1% Republican, and 28.2% unaffiliated (see party trends and analysis). For the month of August, the targets were 40.6% Democrat, 31.6% Republican, and 27.8% unaffiliated.

    They are polling 10% more democrats than Republicans, that is not an equal balance. They are trying hard to fluff Obama’s numbers.

  121. Feminists pointing out inequity in relationships and the job site is not whining. It’s speaking truth to Power.
    And liberals own the Media??? Liberals like the CEO of GE and Rupert Murdoch?
    I’m PUMA all the way but we’ve picked up some strange bedfellows along the way.
    What susanunes, ugsome and Annetwo say!

  122. parentofed, Palin’s parents are not even Repubs, neither are her husband or her son.

  123. WMCB – CBS Poll was 13% more Dem! Yet, Obama was only up 8. That means 5% of those Dems polled were cancelled out somehow.


  124. The media is not conservative or liberal. It is corporate. Right now, Obama is the darling of corporate America, so he is getting the good press.

  125. Anyone ever heard of pollsters or pundits with pregnant children being urged to step down?

  126. We’ve come to the point that whomever the Media annoints-and don’t they make it obvious-is the worst possible choice and rational people should look elsewhere.
    They clearly wanted Bush and they want Obama.
    Red flag.

  127. SweetieSue, it is ridiculous to say Liberals own the media, but I don’t think Republicans do either.

    The powers that high up the food chain do not have an ideology other than money. They have been allied with Bush, because he served their purpose, and now they are allying with Obama. They will become “progressives” just as easily as they became “republicans” and they care about neither. They don’t push a rebublican agenda, they don’t push a democratic agenda, they push what keeps them in power. They are ideologically amoral.

    If you stop looking at the smokescreen of their supposed ideology, and look at who they back, it becomes pretty clear.

  128. JohninCA: When I think of all those weekends & evenings I gave up to attend MoveOn parties and call people across the US, I could just kick myself. I even called for that loser Casey.

    MoveOn, dead to me now.

  129. They clearly wanted Bush and they want Obama.
    Red flag.

    Yup. One could almost vote based on whomever the media is trying to tear down, and be reasonably sure you are making a decent choice.

  130. It’s ridiculous to say BO hasn’t been vetted to help the Repubs.

  131. When the Bush daughters were acting out with the fake IDs, that family asked for privacy on a family matter. Except for some late-night jokes, it wasn’t seen as a moratorium on Laura’s or even George’s parenting skills. Of course, the media was in the tank for GW back then.

    And yes, it’s all about M-O-N-E-Y.

  132. New Post up, folks! 🙂

  133. SweetieSue!, on September 2nd, 2008 at 11:38 am


    What media wants = bad to the infinite power

  134. “The Democrats have mistaken winning at all costs for some kind of policy.” RD

    I thinks it’s the “If you can’t beat ’em, ………..” policy.

  135. Part of the rationale for the ratio of Dems, Rep, and Indys is the expected turnout and registered voters. Although I have no doubt that the polls favor Obama (remember he always did worse than the polls in the primary), they claim they are capturing the numbers % wise. But they are not figuring on all those Rep who re-registered as Dems to hurt hillary.

  136. NH, on September 2nd, 2008 at 12:15 pm Said:

    …..But they are not figuring on all those Rep who re-registered as Dems to hurt hillary.

    Indeed. I think Milt Romney dropped out when he did to free up the GOP voters to vote against Hill . Before that GOP voters were being spilt up three ways . Milt . John and Hill. Afterwards they were free to vote McCain in and help vote Hill out .

  137. From what I read in her history, she is just what this country needs.
    Someone with a real life.
    Someone with common sense, when is the last time you heard of a politician with real common sense?
    She has had to live on a budget and make it work .
    She has made decisions that altered lives.
    She will understand what most Americans face every day.
    I am sorry the faux new democratic party was so stupid to by pass the best for the worst.
    I am glad the republicans had the sense to pick Sarah Palin.
    I just like her.



  138. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of that song as it relates to the obots. I was inclined to do a little video clip to that song but never tackled it.

    Great song. Perfect for our times.

  139. It is sad to witness the Democratic party members resort to the tactics that they denounce and deplore in the Republican party: attacks on the person and not issues/policy. When you become the enemy, you have lost the war. The attacks on Palin and her family bring the so called progressives into the gutter where they belong.

    I am now a believer that we need to start a new party

  140. i keep thinking about animal farm when i look at the pathetic mess the dems have created. i am glad to hear btd is taking time off. jeralyn? i hope she gets a chance to rethink some of this. she knows better.

  141. Obots are soooooo stupid. How many more news cycles do you think it will take before they realize that all ANYONE has been doing is talking about the opposition? It’s been the “all Palin, all the time” channel now for 72 hours. They lost an entire WEEKEND that is suppose to be devoted to LABOR to arguing about who had which baby.

    Can we please have Hillary back now?

  142. It’s really starting to suck how much this has become about defending McCain / Palin and turning votes in his direction. I thought it was reasonably clear that not voting for Drama Obama is NOT the same as voting McCain. That voting in Hillary (for those who have the opportunity) or even blank is a MESSAGE, whereas voting McCain will not only conceal our numbers among all the Repuglican votes, but also vote into office a pair of degenerate, anti-sex-ed, anti-gay crooks. What the hell is the point of calling Troopergate ‘probably’ nothing instead of assuming that it might actually be an issue? That Obama is definitely not getting our vote is not the same as defending possible misuse of power.

    BLANK or HILLARY vote this November. That way, we’ll actually get noticed. NOT McCain and his anti-woman policies. Palin is a GIMMICK, nothing else.

  143. riverdaughter: thank you for the wonderful post; it’s been a spiral downwards for me but you managed to lift my sprits a bit today.

    “It doesn’t really matter how much the Adam Nagourney’s of the world throw themselves behind Obama. *WE* aren’t onboard this year because the Democrats have lost their way.”

    dam– right!!

  144. As women (and like minded men) we should ask ourselves, do we only stand up for some women that look like us and agree with us on all the issues or do we stand up for ALL women so that ALL of our voices are heard and our experiences shared.

    IMHO, the Obamedia attack on Palin will back fire. It’s the same thing they did to Hillary. I believe that some Hillary supporters will join with other like-minded folks to circle the wagons and ensure Palin isn’t torn to pieces and that there is some semblance of fair treatment.

  145. This is great RD, and yes — we be the principled end o’ the Democratic pool.

    The thing raising my ire is all of a sudden you have all these media men deciding that Palin simply CAN’T be a mom, a grandma and VP!

    want to bet?

    A couple of years ago my old best friend’s (since Jr. High) daughter at 16 was in the same shape as Palin’s.
    Because? College first? A little experience of life first?
    a little birth control first? Yikes…..

    My friend is now the happy grandmother of two twin girls and her daughter married the boy! So, it appears to be a trend among young girls — but I know one thing — being PUMAS as we are…our little Brook has a mom who is going to see that she goes to college!



    good thing PUMAS know all that we do — in fact we just might be the smartest chunk of the tail end Baby Boom there ever was!

    hugs all round you fabsters!

  146. grlpatriot@2:11 – yeah, I don’t get this mentality that only supports women if they have a (D) next to their names. Either you’re against the mistreatment of all women or you’re not.

    I couldn’t possibly be any further removed from Palin in ideology, but damnit, I am damn sure going to help circle the wagons around her. Otherwise, it makes me a hypocrite and a situational moralist.

    And I won’t be silent, no matter how many times Jeralyn deletes my comments.

  147. I am Hillary supporter and you guys make me sick – you guys never understood Hillary or what she stands for with your constant bickering. Do you really think she is going to win in 12. Think about if for a second , the folks that are supporting Obama are 18 million as well and they will do the same thing if he loses the GE in 08 to Hillary in 12. So she will lose the GE to McCain in 12!! ha ah ah


  148. Personally, I have no intentions of writing in Hillary or Not Voting or going with a 3rd Party.I thought this was all about punishing the Dem Party aka Howard Dean ,Pelosi & Reid and the Media for blatantly dissing Hillary and stealing the party for Nobama! We DO NOT live in the middle ages and won’t have our birthcontrol pills or abortions taken away from us.Pandoras Box has been opened and you can’t shut it.I refused to be held hostage by my Uterus for the Dems anymore.The only way they can be punished is to help McCain get elected!! So I shall be voting the McCain/Palin ticket this year and then to show the world …anyone attending a McPalin Rally should hold high their “Hillary Clinton Supporter for McCain” Banner!! I will be in Texas proudly holding mine up high to show the whole world.Obama will destroy our country.I don’t know about your City’s Caucus this year but the one in Houston was horrible..The Black Obama Supporters were rude to us.I have always considered myself a moderate Dem..Reagan Democrate and personally feel the Dem Party has been hijacked by the radical leftist of our party..They are destroying our Party and until our Party straightens up I shall change to Independent and continue voting Republican.When Hillary released her Delegates and those states didn’t pledge as they should it sealed the deal for me!!

  149. “But now it is as if I’ve awakened to a different consciousness–a different world. I wasn’t seeing the world clearly before. ItI can now see how both parties distort reality to advance their own causes. It’s not just the Republicans. The Democrats do it too. Republicans can be kind, caring, well-meaning people too. ”

    Well BostonBoomer, welcome to the world of the typical republican. If McCain wins because reasonable moderate people vote for him in mass you would see a reduction in the influence of the extreme right within the republican party. In response the Democrats would have no choice but to stop catering to the extreme left. Imagine two parties that actually work for the majority of the people instead of the minority on the fringe of either side. Probably won’t happen but sure would be nice. The irony would be that by losing Obama would be responsible for changing the tone in washington.

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