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Not even an ounce of a post-convention “bounce” – does that qualify as a post-bounce?

Conflucians: What was Obama thinking when this photo was taken? Give us your take in the comments section. (Photo from STJ memorial service)


Good Golly Post-Electable Post-Bounces!  David Axelrod and anatomically sensitive Obots will have an OMFG-meltdown once they read this headline from Politico’s David Paul Kuhn: 

Obama’s bounce smaller than others

Barack Obama’s post-Democratic National Convention bounce in the polls appears to be slightly smaller than the norm of past conventions, and it’s gradually depreciating.

Oooh, nuanced SHRINKAGE!  (h/t MadamaB)

Obama’s 3-point bounce exceeds that of John F. Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004 who did not rise in the polls following his convention. But Obama’s bounce is less than a third of what Al Gore received in 2000 and Bill Clinton received in 1992. Even Bob Dole, following the 1996 Republican convention, received a 4-point bounce in the polls, 1 point more than Obama.

BOB DOLE?  You mean Mr. Spokesperson for that “blue pill,” gasp!  “Shrinkage” + “Bob Dole”  mention in the same article = Eugene Robinson and Bob Herbert “phallic symbolism” conniption in 5,4,3,2… – well in the meantime while ‘Gene and Bob have their post-electable post-bounce post-growth meltdown, let’s keep reading: 

But any Obama bounce, if it is sustained, could be said to be a victory for Democrats. In the days since Obama gave his address, the news cycles have been captured by the unveiling of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, the opening of the Republican convention and the threat posed by Hurricane Gustav.

Isn’t a “sustained bounce” against the laws of physics?  Of course Politico’s not implying that Obama’s post-electable post-bounce is flopping in the wind.  The article does say that “any Obama bounce, if it is sustained, could be said to be a victory.”   If it’s SUSTAINED?  Not even the Magic Blue Pill can help the Post-Electable Democrats.  Back to the trounced “bounce”:

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll and a Zogby Interactive flash poll, both completed over the weekend, have found the presidential race is in a dead heat. According to both polls, Obama attained no statistically significant convention bounce.

Et tu, Zogby and Brazile-supporting CNN?   Not even a eensy-weensy statistically significant convention bounce?  Not even a “sustained” bounce?   Not even after the most best-est historical-est speech in the galaxy? 

I’m post-surprised.

226 Responses

  1. Ha, ha, ha —- he’s getting exactly what he deserves —

    In case you have not see this yet — check it out – around minute 3:20 Michael Steele lets ’em have it !!


    Great post here — love it !!!

  2. BTW – the photo — Obama is thinking “oh, shit, I just can’t do this any more. I am tired … where does Hillary get all her energy? And why, WHY do they always look better than me? “

  3. SimoFish -hi!

    Your NPR link doesn’t work – could you try it again?

  4. Thank you, SM. I needed a laugh this afternoon and you sure came through. HA! I think the shrinkage comment. You are the best.

  5. PUMA-SF! My wonderful pal! How are you & PUMA-Rose doing?

  6. I forget. Is the opposite of a bounce a flop?

  7. Puma SF — where have you been !!!! Good to see you over here swimming in the water at RD’s

  8. Not surprising. The longer the American People get to know Obama the less his empty hope and change message resonates.

  9. Incoming at 5:55 pm.

  10. Thanks for putting up the defense shield.

  11. Simofish – I’ll listen to the link in a few – got a loose “concern troll” around.

  12. The extend to which the MSM will go to bat for Obama is simply astonishing. Has there ever been an all out ferocious assault on a VP nominee as there have been on Sarah Palin? I’m actually shocked to realize that she has been the VP nominee for all but 4 days, yes 4 days. In this time they have dug into her life more than they have done with Obama’s life in 2 years.

    As for what Obama’s thinking: “This should be the Kennedys and not these country bumpkins”

  13. Obama NOT:

    Not sure where you are coming from. Are you issuing your own commentary that we bore you somehow? Have you concluded in your own way that we are nothing more than a bunch of “silly gossips” with nothing to offer but a lot of huffing and puffing and meaningless posts? And what is it exactly you would prefer us to do?

    Are we not living up to your sense of “fun”? Do our questions and answers bore you? Tell us how we can “pep” these threads up for you because I can assure you we will make every effort to march right up to your sense of entertainment.

    If you spend as much time here, scrolling through “gossip”, perhaps you would be better served thinking up ways to save your country from the next 4 year of disaster that awaits. Perhaps you have some very good suggestions for keeping us from the brink of even further disaster by offering concrete reasons for the state of our future.

    I am sure you can best serve elsewhere since we “gossips” so utterly bore you to death. Meanwhile, this is not Broadway and you are not Frank Rich. Hope this helps.

  14. Darn its steak night with the Obots and no bounce darn they will not be happy at all and to think I told them so!


  15. It’s pretty bad when your bump is not as big as Kerry’s.

  16. Good ones SimoFish & MAblue!

    MABlue: Look at the article, “any Obama bounce, if it is sustained, could be said to be a victory.” Well no sh*t, Sherlock! But the “bounce” didn’t happen! And they STILL imply that it’s kinda-sorta-could happen. But not even O-Zogby & CNN polls can back that up.

    And why is Obama sitting when everyone is standing?

  17. Obama NOT was a troll. Once he went into the spam filter, he let his true colors be shown.

    I think it is interesting that the new style of Obama troll is to start out pretending they don;t like Obama. I’m going to take that as progress.

  18. SM: In the presence of royalty, one must be invited by the monarch to sit.

  19. The photo — He’s thinking

    Why isn’t this about ME ? Why do we have to sing praises on someone who didn’t even campaign for me? How can I turn this back into being all about me? Only if someone would tell me how……

  20. Dee, on September 2nd, 2008 at 5:54 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I forget. Is the opposite of a bounce a flop?

    Without a doubt. But this article calls it “slightly smaller.”

  21. I must be losing my touch or else my sensibilities are on hold when I am no longer able to identify a freaken’ troll!

  22. I would be incredibly happy if all those poll numbers were reverses. Apparently, Ras and Gal have him reaching 50%. Frankly, I’m certain these attacks on Palin are affecting McCain’s numbers in some way. I think there is a significant possibility of a popular vote win and an electoral college defeat for Obama. In 2006 in Ohio the Ds swept every state office except state auditor. What was different about that race? Sadly, the only difference is that it was an AA on the ticket for the Dems.

  23. Pat: Oops! I forgot. So true. My mom thinks he has gout or some rabid athlete’s foot.

    SIMOfish: And that’s precisely what happened. He turned the STJ memorial into a campaign stop. Disgusting.

  24. Mawm: Thank you for the safety net!

  25. That photo shows a man in over his head. But he just couldn’t wait 8 years, could he?

  26. ben carlson, on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:11 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I would be incredibly happy if all those poll numbers were reverses. Apparently, Ras and Gal have him reaching 50%. Frankly, I’m certain these attacks on Palin are affecting McCain’s numbers in some way. I think there is a significant possibility of a popular vote win and an electoral college defeat for Obama. In 2006 in Ohio the Ds swept every state office except state auditor. What was different about that race? Sadly, the only difference is that it was an AA on the ticket for the Dems.

    Popular vote win is a bit of a gamble. FL is a big state with big pop vote & electoral votes – but Obama will not win here. I’d like to see what the numbers are after the first debate on Sept. 26.

  27. Pat Johnson, on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:11 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I must be losing my touch or else my sensibilities are on hold when I am no longer able to identify a freaken’ troll!

    Time for a Cosmo!

  28. Hi sm77, my daughter lives in Florida (Panama City) and said she’s been surprised at the amount of Obama bumper stickers she’s seen. She is an Independent Hillary-turned-McCain voter. She says she thinks we’re the silent majority. I hope she’s right!

  29. you know, i hardly watch cable news networks anymore except for fox – are the MSM covering the P Diddy video? – because all he does is make fun of Alaskans and Palin and that she governs a state with no foreign policy, no blackpeople.

    I think that video making the rounds would get people to see what an idiotic, arrogant attitude his supporters have – and P Diddy was named one of Obama’s Get out the Vote chairs.

  30. From inside the Mind of Barak Obama-

    I probably wont win in November 2008 but for the love of Goo-I cannot afford to be embarrassed-Axelfraud spend money in New Jersey, Mass, Michigan, Maryland, MInnesota, Pennsylvannia, stop repeat stop spending in Virginia,Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and New Mexico. I cannot get fewer electorial votes than Kerry!

    Remember it is all about Obama and how I feel everybody should feel about me-Barak Obama.

    Also how will everybody feel about Obama and national disasters? How can I make people feel about Obama like they felt ablout Hillary Clinton.

    Attention: “The Surgeon General has determined that hanging around inside the mind of Barak Obama is Hazzardous to your health! Risks include but are not limited to blathering out inane talking points, staling other peoples ideas and claming they are your own, taking credit for things you never supported, forgetting about bad chioices you have made also lactose intolerance and uncontrollable immidiate strong bowel movements.”

    Oops we better leave now-


  31. SimoFish, on September 2nd, 2008 at 5:51 pm Said:
    BTW – the photo — Obama is thinking “oh, shit, I just can’t do this any more. I am tired … where does Hillary get all her energy? And why, WHY do they always look better than me? “

    Because they just ARE better. He’s tired because he is a fake.

    Madamab – nuanced shrinkage – LOL!

  32. Ben,

    I’ll take the Electoral College defeat, all that matters is his loss. What is your take on Ohio? I don’t think he’ll win there. Re: polls, they have always tipped towards Obama but he ends up coming short when the votes come in, hopefully that pattern will continue. But even if they are correct, after the 4.5 million dollar extravaganza a 6-8 pt bump is modest. How was Kerry around this time? With a UNITED Dem party?

  33. epicurious, on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:24 pm Said:
    you know, i hardly watch cable news networks anymore except for fox – are the MSM covering the P Diddy video? – because all he does is make fun of Alaskans and Palin and that she governs a state with no foreign policy, no blackpeople.

    I think that video making the rounds would get people to see what an idiotic, arrogant attitude his supporters have – and P Diddy was named one of Obama’s Get out the Vote chairs.

    Are we talking about the same P. Diddy who’s been ranting on and on about surging fuel prices affecting his ability to fly via private jet. Now he’s reduced to boarding commercial — first class, mind you — with us common folk? SHOCK! HORROR! When do we start the telethon?

  34. Does anyone really believe these numbers? I think because Obama’s bump came as a result of Hillary and Bill’s speech and then started to fall he got a little help? Flash polls show even, I smell a rat.

  35. SM: We are doing well, thank you and hope you, Puma Cub and Grandma Puma are doing fine as well. It’s a new day but I have to tell you I am still pissed about Hillary. I am pissed for Rose and for health care and for education. This country had a chance to elect the one of the greatest leaders ever but it was stolen from us.

    I’m plotting against Nine Percent Nancy but I don’t think Sheehan has a chance but I’m going to if it my all and see what I can do.

  36. gxm, on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:23 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Hi sm77, my daughter lives in Florida (Panama City) and said she’s been surprised at the amount of Obama bumper stickers she’s seen. She is an Independent Hillary-turned-McCain voter. She says she thinks we’re the silent majority. I hope she’s right!

    Panama City is the Panhandle – that’s another world over there. I’m in Tampa. And she is right. Many of us are Stealth Pumas.

  37. Obama: I Have More Executive Experience Than Palin(uh hmm uh uh hmm NOPE)
    Speaking on a cable news channel Monday night, the Democratic presidential nominee said he is better prepared to handle a disaster like Hurricane Gustav because of his pursuit of the White House.

    “Well, my understanding is that Governor Palin’s town of Wasilla has, I think, 50 employees. We’ve got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. You know, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. So I think that our ability to manage large systems and to execute I think has been made clear over the last couple of years,” Obama said.

    John McCain’s spokesman called the suggestion “laughable.
    Here’s why continue reading http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  38. Yeah….TL says there are 5 polls that give obama a bounce and that put him over 50%…..I guess if you search long enough you can find someone to come up with something you like….The only 50% poll I saw for him included leaners….you know kind of like adding in SD’s to make it look like you have enough pledged delegates….:)

  39. I am still pissed about Hillary


  40. Fuzzy: LOL!!! GET OUT – quick!!!

    PUMA-SF: I’m pissed too. Fight all you can against 9% Nancy!

    Edge: OMG. That’s crazy!

  41. Everyone Obama cant debate himself out of a paper bag (I hope) I do not think he will do as well as Kerry did in the Debates with GW and people in the end still chose the weaker of the to minds in 2004!

    No teleprompter no easy questions Obama will have to take the first Question….I am sure McCain will insist on this. I hope every debate is run by FOX News and the Moderators are Pat Buchannon, Bill O’Rielly, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs and just for fun Miss Katie who is steamed at BO for not debating Hillary with her as the moderator.

    As part of the format each Moderator will be given 3 minutes to gush over John Mccain and 30 seconds to complement BO.


  42. edwardian, on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:30 pm Said:

    Yes, that P. Diddy –

    Rush Limbaugh played the audio this morning – and I’m sure that pissed off his audience.

  43. Fred: Obama walked into a huge trap, his only fulltime job is running for office and spending money that gives ZERO results.

  44. 48, on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:31 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Does anyone really believe these numbers? I think because Obama’s bump came as a result of Hillary and Bill’s speech and then started to fall he got a little help? Flash polls show even, I smell a rat.

    That’s precisely what the article states – there is no bounce.

  45. SimoFish: I know I’ve been out of touch. I miss you, Buddy. Let’s talk soon.

  46. the trap is already sprung … they have made fun of Sarah Palin being a “small town mayor” .. gee I wonder how many small towns there are in the good ole USA

  47. I received snail mail from the Obama campaign which tells me they are hurting. This is the most expensive type of soliciting you can do. I am going to stick a NOBAMA PUMA sticker in the envelope !!

  48. I heard through the grapevine (I don’t watch that filthy channel) that John McCain can’d his appearance on Larry King live due to the rant Campbell Brown went on yesterday regarding Gov. Palin.

    Yes, Campbell you sure are a model citizen to represent women all around the world……why don’t you just STFU !

  49. That article is from yesterday, and today’s Gallup & Rasmussen has him up to 6-8%. I was surprised, because I thought the Palin announcement would have neutralized any bounce even more. I am not a poll expert like some of you, so maybe someone else can analyze the details of the polls and dates etc.

  50. Photo caption – Barack’s thinking, “When will they stop clapping, sit down, and end this thing! I just want to go eat my waffles!”

    Hey, Puma-SF – I’m in SF too. Nice to know there’s another PUMA in ObamaCountry!

  51. Around the country American’s from all walks of life are finding Obama to be a Flatuent Gasbag-incapable of raising the level debate in this country.

    His insistence that personal attacks are not part of his campaign are laughable and in polite company not discusssed with a straight face.

    Americans trust Barak Obama slightly less than than weather forcasters.

    Obama’s in ability to “pull ahead of Mccain in any statistical way has made many Americans feel that has president he would be as effective as a garden gnome.

    Several weeks ago in a special Q and A Focus Session 75 women name Hellen felt Obama probably could not tell the difference between an Microwave Oven and a Mig 29 Jet.

    All is not well accross the USA, Americans are waking up to the fact that Obama is about prepaired to lead America as Pia Zadora is ready to give an Oscar winning Performance in remake of “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”

    More nonsense to feed to the trolls-


  52. Wonder how many people in here Stephanie sent text messages to right before she died about the call from my campaign threatening her not to speak out about Hillary not releasing her votes, else we have someone lined up to challenge her in her upcoming election……

  53. What the hell is Campbell Brown’s problem? What great accomplishments does she have that gives her the arrogance to tear down a Governor of Alaska?

  54. Mara Liasson was the only one acting like a professional on Fox. Juan Williams has drunk the kook ade. What burns me is when they say the Obama campaign has stopped talking about this. Quite easy for them to do that when the media will do their dirty work. I think Stephanoplous said the same thing. They wont attack Palin. They will let the media do it.

  55. Levi Johnston Bristol Palin fiance to join Palin family at convention.

    The boy’s mother, Sherry Johnston, said there had been no pressure put on her son to marry 17-year-old Bristol Palin and the two teens had made plans to wed before it was known she was pregnant.
    “This is just a bonus,” Johnston said.

  56. If those polls are right we’ll just have to neutralize his bounce, won’t we? No problem. God knows they did it to Hillary.

  57. mystic4hillpuma: Cool, I only know one other SF Puma. Do you want to help oust Nine Percent Nancy with me? I’ve got lots of Sheehan campaign material. They need visibility so we could just walk around and see if we can get stores to put the posters in their windows.

  58. SimoFish: Yeah, I agree with you about the mailings. I’m doing what Ricki does and stuffing them with tons of paper and sending back. Also, I heard the same about McCain canceling his interivew due to the disgusting coverage of Palin.

  59. Regency – There is no bounce! Obama’s polling lower than BOB DOLE after his convention!

  60. SM: see my post above. That article is from yesterday. Today shows a bigger bounce.

  61. Palin Sexism Watch, for your dining and dancing pleasure…


    GOP won’t just let her swing in the breeze like the chickenshit Dems did Sen Clinton.

  62. michael P Varvel, on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:50 pm Said: Edit Comment

    All is not well accross the USA, Americans are waking up to the fact that Obama is about prepaired to lead America as Pia Zadora is ready to give an Oscar winning Performance in remake of “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”


  63. fif – I’ll look into it – thanks!

  64. It would be hard for Sarah to maintain the bump because once she was announced she quickly stepped out of the limelight. She wasn’t visible, did no interviews, did nothing to re-introduce herself.

    All I can think is that this was part of the strategy. Introduce her, let the media do their predictable trash and burn, and then come out strong when the public pretty much wrote her off for dead.

    I cannot believe how many jealous women are out their, like Campbell, who cannot handle the idea of an attractive and accomplished woman. It makes people like her look so shallow.

  65. fif – also remember, past trends show that Dems should be polling at least double-digits above after the convention. Even if he’s at 6-8 today – the average has him beneath BOB DOLE.

  66. fif….C. Brown’s accomplishments: Got the boot from MSNBC….married that idiot Dan Senor from the bush admin…manages to keep her false teeth in her mouth (look false to me anyway)….that is all!

    Per Politico….Anita Dunn, now working for the obama campaign, was working for Tony Knowles who was running against Palin for Gov. of AK….Palin trounced him….my guess is they already know there isn’t really anything they can go after Palin on….there was something like a 60+ page report on Palin….just saying

  67. 48 – Palin will do her speech at the convention I think tomorrow. So we’ll see what happens then.

  68. About half of the bounce is not from the convention but from the nonstop buffeting of Sarah. To be candid (and I speak as an independent), even the convention bounce was probably due to the Clinton speeches.

    I frankly am shocked that any Americans at this point would be willing to reward the O-meisters.

  69. Caption:

    I wish they hadn’t canceled “Good Times”….I’d still be working and wouldn’t have to do this….DYN-O-MITE 🙂

  70. Anybody else watching the Republican convention? Nothing good so far, just pan shots across a sea of old while male faces. The convention hall seems pretty empty, too.


    “Uhhhhh…am I , uhhhhhhh, supposed to, uhhhhh stand, uhhhhhh, again???”

  72. Looks like a meeting of the caucasian grandpa club.

  73. sidra: The Repub convention changed gears after hurricane Gustav hit the Southern States. It’s just going to be more protocol – action starts tomorrow with Palin, then McCain on Thursday.

  74. LOL sidra! I don’t know about grandpa club…looks more like a convention of aged albinos!

  75. Yeah, I’m not sure why they’re bothering to spend so much time on the Repubs if they aren’t even going to put up speakers. It’s prime time for crying out loud.

    What a waste of time. At least Scrubs is on.

  76. I’m watching an interesting Republican panel on CSPAN about “Women & the Republican Party.” There are several women Reps on the panel and Mike Murphy, Repub consultant. They have been talking about the positives and negatives of the choice, and both women reps say they are getting tremendous feedback from their communities, excitement about her. These two women are from Ohio and Michigan too.

  77. Michigan woman Rep. Candace Miller said that “Obama choked. I don’t agree with HRC’s politics, but SHE EARNED THAT VP SPOT. My God, what else could she have done? John McCain stepped in and recognized that opportunity. He is not afraid to have a strong woman on the ticket. I really think Obama choked.”

    BTW: she’s from the 10th district which is a moderate/independent district and is regularly studied as a bellweather for national elections. She is convinced Palin is going to play very well there.

  78. fif, what’s up with those polls? I thought the Palin pick was timed to step on Obama’s convention bounce. Did Obama get a bounce from Palin??? Given the timing, I would expect McCain to have drawn even again by now.

  79. Puma SF — I will cross the waters and help you with 9% or as I like to call her Botox !! Will send you a private e-mail.

  80. Listen to the scoundrels. After the despicable lies about Palin they come right in, Dean-like, with the talking points about white Republicans.

    Please, come over from the dark side while you can still be reached. Your humanity… is a terrible thing to waste.

  81. one other thing — Can you imagine the time Campbell brown spends in front of the makeup mirror instead of with her babies…WHAT is the Matter with her? What a hypocrite?

  82. Womynspace – there is no bounce! If you spread out the week, and take an average – they are in a dead tie. NO BOUNCE.

  83. [Edited for fair use and to add Link to the New York Post article, katiebird]

    You know the name Carly Fiorina. Fortune crowned her America’s top businesswoman. She not only has great credits, she also has perfect makeup, good clothes and a great handbag. This nifty-looking blonde was VP of AT&T, launched Lucent (then civilization’s most successful IPO) and went on to become chairwoman/CEO of Hewlett Packard until the board stuck a shiv in her Chanel.

    A McCain adviser, she and I had a little talk. Carly said: “With my title as Sen. McCain’s ‘victory chairman,’ I have my own skybox at the convention. Such a skybox is usually filled with the party faithful. However, instead of all devoted Republicans, what you will meet in my individual skybox is many Democrats.”

    I stared at her. She was telling me something but, not being overly bright, I just wasn’t sure what.

    “And at this moment,” added Carly, “Nobody – but you – knows this.”

    For some reason – lack of time, lack of a proper spot to get together quickly, lack of I don’t exactly know what – this hastily put-together meeting was in a small car. A moving car. She had a driver. It was Carly, a staffer, me in the middle scrunched up tight with pad and pencil, jammed into the back seat. Driving around the streets.

    “Look, in terms of Democratic women, there’s an intensity of feeling that the party passed them over. I’ve not been politically active before. Never had an affiliation before. Didn’t even know the key issues. But John McCain asked me to reach out because I can talk about economy and I can talk about women’s issues, so I got involved.

    “I’m meeting with these women everywhere – Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Scranton, Penn., where Joe Biden’s so big. Every important swing state, every place where Hillary ran big. Not New York because we may not win New York.

  84. The photo – what makes you think he’s thinking?

    I’m telling you, I’m not unconvinced that he doesn’t have neurological problems. The stammering, stuttering, forgetfulness, sitting with a vacant look. Early onset Alzheimer’s?

  85. Obama supporters are bragging that 40 million watched the DNC convention.

    How many will tune in to see the mysterious Palin and Palin’s daughter? People who don’t care about politics and have never voted before just might be dropping by.

  86. New polls this afternoon…announced even on fox …show Obama reacing 50% for the first time and show him up by 8 points.

    This is very distressing. I think it is because Mc went far right to Palin instead of a more moderate choice. Many Clinton supporters have now decided they can not back Palin because of her stands on the issues and I think this is why BO is up.

    the repubs seem thrilled with her choice. Money is pouring in, but I think it is a mistake.

  87. Here’s Campbell – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohkdj1Gw9Ac

    I am glad John McCain is taking a stance.

  88. SimoFish: Thank you so much. Botox may have it sewn up but I’d like to do what we can to put her knickers in a knot.

  89. Beverly Leslie: “Abortion is a scare tactic. The Democratic Party has used Roe v. Wade to hold women hostage. There are many issues concerning women that must also be addressed – security, education, health care. We have to help them get over this hurdle.”


  90. ANGRY ARTIST: 49% OBAMA – 48% McCAIN.

    It;s a POLL HAKA – don’t believe the HYPE!

    Reaching 50% is 49%!!!!!!

  91. SimoFish: Thanks for that NPR link. I loved Steele’s comment that the DNC allowed Obama to leapfrog over Hillary and that a white male with Obama’s “experience” couldn’t have done that.

  92. angry artist — I disagree. I think she’s the right choice and I also think there are a lot of sleepers out there who will come out on election day and vote McCain.

    My team is dispersed across the United States. I live in CA and my boss lives in FL. An example – 1/2 my team voted for Hillary in the primaries and some were republicans. Every single one of my team members have told me they will vote for Obama.

    1/3 of my e-mail list after the primaries decided not to vote for Obama and since that time my list has grown.

    Polls only matter the day of the election. I think you’ll see Obama getting his butt kicked.

    I remember the media telling me on Super Tuesday that Obama was going to win CA or it would be very close. Hillary won by 10 points.

  93. I think the only bounce O’s campaign will see is if they have Obama Girl run down the beach in a bikini top.

  94. State of Disbelief, I heard that from my business partner today, that BO has more experience than Palin because he’s been running for office for two years. I had to scream at him in the restaurant, that’s not experience, I was that mad. Are these BO’s talking points?

    Also today, walking on 18th & I St, we ran into two enthusiastic people wearing blue DNC shirts and BO buttons, with clipboards. When I asked them what they were doing, they said they were collecting pledges for $$ for BO. I asked one of them why, if their candidate needs funds, did he break his pledge to accept federal matching funds in the general election. This fellow had NO IDEA what I was talking about.. He did say that BO was going to “bring all people together.” I asked him (nicely) what meant and he just repeated that he was all needed to get together, all the people and we needed….wait for it…. “change.” The young woman he was with then explained to me that he was “new” and she was training him, since she was the block captain or something. We chatted for a few minutes and I told her she needed to get off 18th & I Streets and get themselves down one block to K Street where the big bucks are. – because that is where the lobbyists are. She said, yeah, she’d been trying to get placed on K Street but her office had told her she had to be on I ( Eye) Street.. Too bad.
    Sweet people. Absolutely clueless.

  95. I just heard Bill Snieder on Wolff say that Obama’s 8% bounce was offset by McCain’s 6% bounce from bringing in evangelicals, so O only got a 2% bounce. (or close enough)

    Again, we all know national polls don’t matter. Ohio and Pennsylvania matter.

  96. Happy Anniversary everyone! Today marks the 8 month anniversary of saying,



  97. Caption: My gut hurts…what does it all mean?

  98. SimoFish: Campbell Brown gets really whiny.

    Oh, kjmontana, thank you for the LAUGH!

  99. This is very possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

    O.M.G. SM, You ROCK!!!!


  100. Carly Fiorina just kicked Bo’s booty.

  101. Because of Campbell Brown’s repulsive interview or as I like to call it “whiney bs” – McCain’s camp will not hold an interview with Larry King tonight.

    Good for McCain!

  102. Caption: If I give them the evil eye long enough will they disappear?

  103. Nancy’s been at 4% for a while now. It is now probably closer to 2%.

  104. Are we going to see big dems in Carly’s box tonight? The thought just gives me tingles all over.

  105. Thanks Charles, I just got back from reading those very posts of yours — they’re very helpful.

    Also, I just sent you an email.

  106. Charles
    What I see in what you said is that after Mc’s VP pick, many Clinton dems decided they just couldn’t go that route.

    I know I was all ready to vote a McCain / Romney ticket. I know several people , like me, who were there for the picking but are now unsure if they can pull the lever for McCain.

    There were so many Clinton folks out there available to Mccain. I think many are lost, unless things change.

  107. fif – Regarding Campbell Brown’s bio. If I recall correctly her father is a convicted felon.

    I know Obama asked us not to talk about the children or the families but I don’t think it applies to shills and hacks.

  108. Carol, on September 2nd, 2008 at 7:38 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Happy Anniversary everyone! Today marks the 8 month anniversary of saying,



    Happy WTF anniversary!

    MadamaB: I read that sentence and your blog title just popped into my head. I burst out in hearty LOLs at your posts too – as you already know. Comic relief is needed in these sad troubling times.

    Charles: Hi! Thank you for those polls – if you take all the polls and average them out – they are at a dead tie. No “bounce.”

  109. Caption:

    “Why are they clapping for them???

  110. Obama likes to say virtuous things in public and then send out the wolves. That’s what’s happening right now to Palin. I suspect that it’s hurting McCain at the moment. McCain and Palin will need to shift the “inexperienced and unqualified” label back to Obama where it belongs. The Republic convention should help them hammer that point home. We hope.

  111. Jmac, on September 2nd, 2008 at 7:42 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Caption: If I give them the evil eye long enough will they disappear?


    His eyes look either evil eye-ish or he’s on a Nyquil binge.

  112. I feel for you… sounds as fun as a pair of jehovas witnesses at a Bar Mitzvah yeaaahhhaaa

  113. fif and SM — that poll was released Sunday nite at 8:pm

  114. I came to the conclusion on the way home that I’m worried for Sarah Palin’s safety. I don’t say that lightly, but very carefully. This rabid obsession with her femaleness, her body, her reproductive organs, her daughter’s reproductive organs, you name it, has crossed the line into creepy, dysfunctional territory.

    The worst was that “how can she do that to her daughter” article. Palin is responsible for, it seems, entire swaths of American culture being deranged. It’s all *her* fault.

    I sometimes worried for HRC too, more so because of the “left” then the “right” by the end. What I see in the corporate media and at big blogs are a sort of escalating stalker mode. The true tragedy to the primary season, for my heart, was not even that HRC was not the nominee, it was that the unhinged BO fans felt they were vindicated. And, in the eyes of the big money media, they were vindicated. That kind of approval, that kind of lack of accountability, will only escalate their behavior. No one has called them on their scorched earth derangement and the Pelosis, the Braziles, the Dowds and Sullivans and Matthewses and the Olbermanns, those at Kos and DU and Americablog, all of them, can kick it up a notch. And oh, blameless BO wipes his hands of it.

    I’m starting to wonder how far they’re all going to go.

  115. angry artist–huh? Most of the Clinton supporters I know could never, ever have voted for Romney on the ticket. That would have been an absolute dealbreaker. And most Clinton supporters aren’t going to vote for Mccain no matter what, they’re much more likely to vote Green or sit it out. McCain wasn’t thinking he could pick off Clinton supporters. He was trying to fire up his base (remember the original argument against Clinton, that she was unacceptable because she’d bring out the Republican base? Well, trust me, no one’s going to bring out base better than a combo of Sarah and Obama), and further demoralize Independents and Democrats by showing the Dems once again at their flailing, misogynist worse.

    Mission accomplished.

  116. sod, I am not worried either. I have seen this pattern toooo many times. Just after the convention, the Dems ALWAYS look on top of the world, jubilant in their unbeatable-ness, no WAY they are going to lose. It is actually much closer now than it has been in past elections I’ve been involved in.

  117. Okay, this is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages!

  118. angry artist….they had to factor in leaners to get obama over 50%….

    And here is an interesting article:


  119. We are not being asked to vote for the best and the brightest but the worse or worst. I worry for my country.

  120. The Picture

    Perched there, he does look like the sinister pretentious little Chicago thug we all know him to be. Undeserving, unworthy, little puppet who gamed the system knowing the fix was in – and very proud of himself. The Clintons masking the pain and injustice of having their faces rubbed in the stolen nomination they worked and sacrificed so hard for. He seems to be smirking at them.

    I guess what gripes me the most is that the little hustler got this far without paying any dues. No record of excellence, no years of public service, no resume, no demonstrated ability to deliver, no nothing. A President of the United States of America should be a shining example of hard work and excellence to inspire a nation.

    This bar has been lowered by the DNC to Third World Banana Republic status.

    The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Rule of Law.

  121. “Are these BO’s talking points?”

    Yup. He’s gained invaluable executive experience in the years he’s been ducking doing what he was elected to do and running for President instead. Being repeated everywhere.

  122. Alice – I hear you! It’s very freaky to see the so called “progressives” so REGRESSIVE when it comes to women in power.

    England, Israel, Argentina, et al nations who’ve had successful female leaders must be LOL at the “dumb Americans.”

    It’s shameful.

  123. OMG—have you seen this video about that woman (Palin) being from Alaska!


  124. Andrea just used the “mayor” reference again. That must be the talking point. “Never acknowledge she is a Governor.”

    These people are sick.


  125. Thomas: I guess what gripes me the most is that the little hustler got this far without paying any dues. No record of excellence, no years of public service, no resume, no demonstrated ability to deliver, no nothing. A President of the United States of America should be a shining example of hard work and excellence to inspire a nation.”

    Precisely why we are mad as hell, and not taking it anymore. Thank you for your words!

  126. The journey is the destination, I guess.

  127. (giggling)

    In my best Beavis’n’Butthead voice: She (Rep. Jo Ann Davidson – OH) said “Sarah Pawlenty “. (snort)

  128. seriously

    A lot of people I know remember Romney as a moderate in MA….healthcare for all, etc and don’t really believe he is that conservative. We are talking ablout republicans here,,,,,so there are really very few that any of us like….we just hoped that McCain would reach toward the middle.

    I am still open minded about Palin. I read that she vetoed a ban on gay rights. I hope that ‘s true. As long as she is not intent on pushing her extreme positions on the country, I must say I also like what I see .

  129. Carol – WTF!!!! SARAH PALIN IS THE GOVERNOR of the largest state in the US!!! With 2 friggin countries bordering her on either side!


  130. O’Reilly is taking Wolfson out. Wolfson needs to have some backbone and stop the lying ass talking points.

  131. In that photo, Obama looks as if he’s dying for:
    a) a ciggie
    b) a nap
    c) a chicken wing stolen from somebody’s plate.
    d) one or more of the above
    e) none of the above, he just felt like sitting down, OK?

  132. sm77 – I know, but for some reason BO’s don’t seem to own a map.

  133. Good evening everyone. Well my second day back at home. Had to work today so it kind of kept my mind off everything. I was so mentally exhausted when I got home, I just couldn’t function. I had the flight home from hell. All barney supporters, and me with my puma shirt, bracelets. with blisters on my feet, my head pounding, sunburnt, and exhaution, I really was NOT

  134. To my knowledge, Obama still has not convened a single meeting of the foreign affairs subcommittee on Afghanistan. And now he’s got Biden, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, out on the playground with him. Running for office sure beats keeping the office running.

  135. Very well put Thomas. Only I would suggest that Bush was the one that lowered the bar so far. He was the nepotism candidate, and pillaged the Constitution. Obama is the beneficiary of the last 8 years of disgust.

  136. pplvette85 – were you coming from Denver?

  137. Justsaynotobo: Nope – hasn’t held 1 meeting in 2 years. And we are supposed to trust this guy with nukes? I DON’T THINK SO.

  138. sorry hit wrong button!

    I was really Not in the mood. I was minding my own business, trying to get some relaxation, and she busts out with “can you believe McCain he just picked Palin because she is a woman. She has no experience”. I just let her have it loud and clear.
    No experience….hello lady…she is the governor of her state. She has been a Mayor…..what part of no experience does that consist of? She has more experience in her big fkn toe than barney has had his entire life! I must have said it very loud, because I heard this ohhhhh coming from the crowd. The flight attendant came over and asked if there was a problem. I said yes….stupidity! Everyone shut up and I didn’t hear another word the whole flight!

  139. Luntz on Fox re: Palin and independents: they are not enthusiastic about her background (ie: experience), but respond very strongly to being a mother of 5, her record of taking on corruption, and being a reformer/maverick.

    “Tomorrow night, I think more people will tune in to watch her speech.”

  140. Read this Media and then, oh yeah,




  141. SM- yes, I was coming from Denver back to Indiana via Chicago Airport….YUK!

  142. prplvette85, on September 2nd, 2008 at 8:25 pm Said:

    WOO HOO!! WAY TO GO!! I love it.

  143. Prplvette85 – YOU ARE AWESOME!

  144. Luntz: Whoever wins the accountability argument is going to win this election.

    The surge in young voters makes all the polling models very hard to read.

    The 12% that won’t make up their minds until the last minute are impossible to analyze–so

    If you are attacking Palin, you are attacking all mothers and anyone who has ever stood up to power.

    Whenever the media goes after someone, the public takes the OTHER view, because they don’t like the media ganging up on someone.

  145. Sm 77 – Nukes are no longer necessary. Everything can be solved now via face to face meetings with the Great Uniter.

  146. On PBS right now they are talking about Sarah Palin’s daugher and her privacy. I am feeling bad about this kid marrying that guy – do you think she’ s being pressured to do this?

  147. angry…do not be dismayed.

  148. I’m actually feeling better today. This crap that they’re throwing at Palin is the best they can do?

    On the surface, I’m an over-educated preppie. Natural Bambi constituent, right? Nothing in common with a hick like Sarah, right? Wrong. My step-granddaughter was an unwed teenaged mother.

    Beware Bambi, the Palin’s situation hits home with a lot of us.

  149. Congress’s approval rating is 9%

  150. c) a chicken wing stolen from somebody’s plate.

    Arabella, LOL!

    How did your job hunting go today?

  151. msindy: Levi Johnson (the young man)’s parents spoke today, and he is going to the Convention. The mother said they planned to wed before she got pregnant and are very excited.

  152. fif & sm thanks, but I think something has happened to me since Denver. I always have been outspoken, but I think I have transformed into a no patience for any b.s. outright beatch!! Maybe I need debriefing or something lol…..I don’t want to talk to anyone, I dont want anyone around, I just want to blog and be left alone….


  153. prplvette – If they tell you should go to Rehab tell them NO,NO,NO !!!

    Keep the fight alive. You are an infantry veteran! We may have lost a battle – but the war’s not over yet!

  154. Campbell Brown has no shame, she is a disgrace to her profession. I wonder what her e-mail looks like.

  155. Thanks, fif, that makes me feel better, I didn’t want her to feel pressured because of all this political stuff.

  156. I know every Republican comes with problems, angry artist, but a lot of people see also Romney as even more conservative than McCain (for one reason, he seems to have picked up a lot more support among conservatives than McCain recently). He would have picked Romney in part for the same reason he picked Palin, to shore up support where he’s weak, among conservatives, and also to raise money. Anyone he picked would have been a potential deal breaker for a lot of Dems, from Huckabee to Lieberman, but that’s not where he’s aiming.

  157. Who is talking now, she looks like she’s right out of the sixties. Reminds me of That Girl… That’s what I like about Palin, she doesn’t look like a Republican woman!!!

  158. fif – I got my home office set up and ordered a printer.

    Started getting my prospect lists organized and sent out personal notes to some folks.

    Biggest problem now – I hate fracking Vista. I spent a day learning how to use it.

    What is the best tool/program for setting up a simple address book? Thoughts?

    Also, I still can’t get the frigging wifi to work.

    I have to go out and by a wireless phone because I don’t have a phone in my home office and I hate talking on cell phones.

    All and all, productive da

  159. prplvette85: It sounds like you’re just exhausted. You must have expended a tremendous amount of emotional and physical energy out there. Time to pamper yourself, let your energy build, and you’ll be ready to deal with the world again. I know the feeling. This has been a brutal election cycle. Thank you for going to Denver–you did it for those of us who couldn’t get there.

  160. day

    hate this new laptop

  161. Hi folks…just got through reading the comments. This has got to be the best blog on the whole Internet. Thanks for the post SM…I needed it.

  162. Megyn Kelly, a woman analyst on Fox is talking about the double standard for women in politics, and boy is she p*ssed! It’s great!

  163. fif, US Weekly, also known as “OBAMA IS TEH AWESOME!!!!!!” has a big article up about how the kid’s myspace says he doesn’t want kids. They really have no shame. *shakes head*

  164. O’Reilly blasted the Daily Kos for their insinuation that Gov. Palin’s daughter, Bristol, bore her Down’s Syndrome son. He asked Howard Wolfson if Hillary ran in 2012, would he still bring Hillary to The Daily Kos Convention. Howard said he would – to show Hillary can meet with people who don’t agree with her. O’Reilly couldn’t believe he would, and thereby condone The Daily Kos behavior.

    In light of that comment, do you feel Hillary should replace Howard as her spokesman in 2012? (Of course, Howard works for Fox now, not Hillary).

    Riverdaughter, you and “Billo”, as KO says, may agree on something…

  165. I saw a funny (ironic, not ha ha) line in Barrons today: This election is between a man who should have won 8 years ago and a man who should win 8 years from now.

  166. I hate to tell you this, but the average bounce post convention is 6 points. Obama received an 8 point bounce. The biggest on record is Bill Clinton who took a 15 point bounce.

    You might not like it, but it is slightly larger than average.

  167. In my experience, having been a political junkie through so many elections, the Dems tend to be premature.

    They often do a lot of attacking, a lot of mud-throwing, and get some benefit from it, but they do it too early. The Dems always seem to peak too soon, every time.

    The Repubs sit back and let it roll, then unleash their barrage of crap right about the time the swayers are deciding in late Sept/Oct.

    The Dems are almost always still playing echo chamber with themselves in the general, trying to win the theoretical argument, make voters who are already theirs feel good. They put on a nice show for all their egghead sycophants and the Georgetown Social Club to coo over. Repubs just go for the votes, and reel them in late. They do not play to the political junkies or intelligentsia – they play directly to Joe Sixpack shopping at Walmart in the closing days of the campaign.

    It is one of the things that has always frustrated me as a Democrat, because I would always be banging my head wondering why my party didn’t GET IT. But this year, I am hoping he Dems stay true to form.

  168. I get sooo irritated with these snobs that say Palin has no foreign policy experience. Palin is commander-in-chief of Alaska’s Coast Guard. Last I checked during the month’s she’s had this title the aggressive bordering country of Russia has not tried to attack to get their territory back. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

  169. Scribe: It may have been above average, but it had a life span of 1/2 a newscycle.

  170. I’m surprised he doesn’t send them out in white flowing gowns.

  171. Anyone watching the RNC ?

  172. fif….here’s the pic of him eating someone else’s chicken wings…

  173. Nocturnal Warrior on blogtalkradio in seven mins.

  174. Oh, the world is going to end…I’m agreeing with Newt Gingrich. Kill me now before the apocalypse….

  175. The only thing more disgusting than the wings is the black liberation audio that’s going around.

  176. Give her a chance to win people over.

  177. I’m waiting for someone …anyone…to publisixe O’s ties to Abunima and his links to Palestinian terrorism.

    Google Aaron Klein “Obama raised funds for Palestinian causes” for more info.

  178. I honestly like her.

  179. Psst: NOW WHY IN HELL did you do that to me!

    Goodness gracious get him a bag of oats and a lump of sugar! Mr. Ed called, he wants his teeth back.

  180. oh lord, Dick Morris is talking about “the deep sexism” that is causing the media to attack Palin, and they would never do it to a man.

    He thinks this is going to be a “huge win for McCain.” His pick is going to help people to understand who HE is: he is battling corruption, insiders in DC, etc.

  181. sayitisntso: I’m watching. I think I’m going to need to change my name I’m becoming so estranged from my former liberal self…of course, my principles haven’t changed, the only place I can try to find some semblance of truth comes from unlikely sources these days…

  182. Scribe: that’s not true. Read SM’s post. It’s a very low average. BTW: Kerry was ahead 20 points at this time in the election. I don’t remember a President Kerry do you?

  183. Dinner is always depressing I cannnot wait till this election season is over. I realize my friends are in the tank for Obama its the “post-gay” thing to be. Always support the Democrat gays dont vote Republican its like J*ws voting for Hitler (offensive to me but who cares it scores points for the o-bots.)

    I don’t start the conversation but the all get pissed at me for not going along and claim I am a tratior to the party for not supporting him. It is there assumption that I am voting McCain. They really Hate Palin too. THen its all my fault when I come back with facts.

    I am blessed that I am going to be gone for the next few weeks and not have to attend. I finally told them I am tired of being disappointed on election day.

    Finally I said I refuse to co-operate with the DNC and Obama for America. It is real sad I dont start this someone always baits me. I cant wait for November 5th!



  184. Whoops! I’m stuck in moderation…hopefully got a post coming up soon about reforming the DNC for 2012…

    Hello you lovely PUMAs!!

  185. (((((((fuzzy)))))))

  186. Scribe….Clinton got a 16 pt bounce….obama maybe got an 8 pt bounce, that was offset by McCain’s 6 pt bounce. You just need to do the math…

  187. fif. You are of course right. GWB the walking, babbling rap sheet of high crimes and misdemeanors has earned himself the status of a true, big-time war criminal by ignorance, stupidity and laziness. Granted immunity by the same fine lady who aided and abetted the forces lined up against Senator Clinton who was the best able to reverse the damage.

    Something very wrong and dangerous filled the vacuum when we weren’t looking in 2000 and 2007 from both extremes. In the absence of a responsible Fourth Estate, Just Say No Deal and PUMA are a great start.

  188. sm77-There’s some creepy shiz up at 6:50.

  189. Excuse for a minute I need to rant and rave.
    I just saw alan coombs on fox asked dick morris if Sarah Palin was properly vetted.
    That candy assed wimp did not have the b—-s to stand up to chicago thugs who think a minister saying God Damn America is ok and he asked if the governor was properly vetted.
    These so called faux new democrats do not know the meaning of common decency.
    They are sickening.

  190. sm77…….Why’d I do it you ask?

    Misery loves company :)~

  191. I was so mad I hit submit before I was finished.
    When did the new democrats find out about Wright,Ayers, Dorhn, the annenberg project, Resko frank davis?
    How vetted was he.
    All his mentors Hate America but these candy assed wimps think that is fine.



  192. Helen: Rudy G just reamed Colmes. Relax. The four horsemen are closer.

  193. fif – Obama stole that chicken wing from somebody’s plate.

  194. Rudy G. on FOX pointing out how ridiculous it is that the press is picking over every detail of Palin personal life, but he has never ONCE heard the press going into the details of Obama’s relationship with Ayers, the board they sat on, etc.

  195. Also – have we discussed the Brazile-hit-by-pepper-spray incident??


    What I wanna know is – what the hell was she doing at the GOP Convention?? She said she was walking *around* the protesters…my guess is she was gonna go get a cup of joe with her buddy Karl…

    God. The mere thought of that woman makes steam come out of my ears! I just can’t believe ANYone would allow her to be spokesperson for ANYthing, much less the national Dem Committee.


  196. I saw that chicken wing story earlier on NOQ. Who IS this guy. The woman said she came back to her seat and he was sitting there eating THEIR APPETIZERS? Well, doesn’t the whole revolve around BO?

  197. Resume debate. Colmes tries to point out “community organizer” on Obama resume. Rudy looks at him like nuts and says, What is that? What the heck does a community organizer even do?

    Colmes tries to change subject, says well BO has other things on his resume. Didn’t name one, though.

  198. Jon Voight’s on…isn’t he a PUMA?

  199. RD has new thread up!


  200. Jon Voight is not a PUMA. He is a nutty x-celebrity.

  201. NEW POST!!!

    Bring this party up!

  202. GWB the walking, babbling rap sheet of high crimes and misdemeanors

    LOL. Thomas where have you been? Are you new to the Confluence, I don’t recognize your name. A great new voice–welcome!

  203. fif – Obama and Biden just made a campaign stop and crashed someone’s party. Biden headed straight for the bar.

    A lady had just gotten up from her seat at one of the tables. Obama sat down and started eating her food.

    I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams, conflucians.

  204. Good night Arabella!

  205. I am loving Hannity — he says perhaps the Dems should have vetted the top of their ticket !!!! Instead of worrying about if Palin was vetted properly.

  206. What polls are we all looking at? Obama’s doing pretty well for such a close race. McCain needs a major bump to come even again

    RCP Average 08/29 – 09/01 — +6.4
    Gallup Tracking 08/30 – 09/01 +8
    Rasmussen Tracking 08/30 – 09/01 +6
    Hotline/FD 08/29 – 08/31 +9
    CNN 08/29 – 08/31 +1
    CBS News 08/29 – 08/31 +8

  207. Don’t hold back!

  208. SophieL-

    I think I saw the four horsemen on the ridge….

  209. sm77: Got here late, but before I read any further, heres my Labor Day gift to you (belated) re: 8:13.


    Even my poor little Haiti and my poor old Ireland, but not my USA!

  210. fif – Megan Kelley at first said she didn’t see any sexism in the media. I emailed her the famous video with KO and all of them.

    She changed her tune soon after.

  211. sm77, today new polls have Obama above 50% for the first time. So he did get a bounce, it just came late. I think the bounce had more to do with people’s questions about Palin than any sudden liking for Obama. So looks like the Obama/DNC smears against Palin and her family may be working. Kinda sad, really.

  212. Those polls are bogus. If you read how they sampled people, Democrats were are sampled by as much as %12.

  213. over sampled, I mean

  214. “What we need is not more party unity. What we need is more national unity!”

  215. AND….they had to include leaners to get obambi over 50%….get real folks

  216. Photo caption: “Hey, that pantsuit isn’t bad! Cute little a$$ … oh geez, when did everybody stand up?!”

    Anyway, back to the point which was … uh … dang, right on the tip of my tongue … oh yeah! I may differ on several issues with Sarah Palin, but I’m voting for the McCain/Palin ticket this year. I could vote for Obama/Biden, but where I think his platform is now will probably have moved off-point in either direction by next week. I’m too old to be chasing down any candidate and trying to pin him down on what he actually believes the issues to be. Besides, Obama’s never going to tell us what he believes in … until it’s too late for everyone to cancel their votes.

  217. These are common signs of dementia (not everyone who has dementia will have all of these signs – http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/seniors/mental-health/662.printerview.html):

    * Recent memory loss. All of us forget things for a while and then remember them later. People with dementia often forget things, but they never remember them. They might ask you the same question over and over, each time forgetting that you’ve already given them the answer. They won’t even remember that they already asked the question.
    * Difficulty performing familiar tasks. People who have dementia might cook a meal but forget to serve it. They might even forget that they cooked it.
    * Problems with language. People who have dementia may forget simple words or use the wrong words. This makes it hard to understand what they want.
    * Time and place disorientation. People who have dementia may get lost on their own street. They may forget how they got to a certain place and how to get back home.
    * Poor judgment. Even a person who doesn’t have dementia might get distracted. But people who have dementia can forget simple things, like forgetting to put on a coat before going out in cold weather.
    * Problems with abstract thinking. Anybody might have trouble balancing a checkbook, but people who have dementia may forget what the numbers are and what has to be done with them.
    * Misplacing things. People who have dementia may put things in the wrong places. They might put an iron in the freezer or a wristwatch in the sugar bowl. Then they can’t find these things later.
    * Changes in mood. Everyone is moody at times, but people with dementia may have fast mood swings, going from calm to tears to anger in a few minutes.
    * Personality changes. People who have dementia may have drastic changes in personality. They might become irritable, suspicious or fearful.
    * Loss of initiative. People who have dementia may become passive. They might not want to go places or see other people.

    OB certainly seems to want to go places and see other people, but, seriously, how many of the other descriptions fit him?

    Does the US want a demented President? LOL

  218. Hey Eggplant, I thought you were posting that information for Mc Cain. Not following your OB logic beyond a possible chuckle. But thanks for the list, I’m going to keep it on the fridge for myself. Now the trick is to try to remember to review it.

  219. JohnboyNNJ, on September 3rd, 2008 at 8:50 am Said:

    “Hey Eggplant, I thought you were posting that information for Mc Cain. Not following your OB logic beyond a possible chuckle.”

    Take a very close look at OB as he walks and talks. Look closely at him as he tries to answer questions in an unfamiliar setting, or is caught off-guard. Then ask does he exhibit any or all of the following:

    * Recent memory loss.
    * Difficulty performing familiar tasks.
    * Problems with language.
    * Time and place disorientation.
    * Poor judgment.
    * Problems with abstract thinking.

    Glad I gave you a chuckle.

  220. Obama was thinking:

    “This is great..The two people who despise me more than anyoine are pretending they like me. Everyone knows they hate me. I am so pathetic. But I have to clap. This sucks.”

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