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Strike a blow against the DNC: Support Ed O’Reilly in MA

Robert B asked me in the last thread what we should be doing as Democrats this fall.  There are two things to think about here.  1.) How do we let the DNC know that we mean business and 2.) How do we make sure that progressives maintain power and influence?

Here’s my answer:The parties have put us between a rock and a hard place. It is my personal opinion that John McCain is going to win. He sewed it up when he picked Palin and solidified his evangelical base. I don’t consider myself to be any authority figure but here’s my best shot at delivering guidance: Support downticket Democrats, except for the high profile idiots who sold us out. That is, find a downticket Dem who would be a new face in Congress and work your ass off for that person. Support all of the Dems in fact except for people like John Kerry. For the September 16 primary in Massachusetts, pull out all of the stops for Ed O’Reilly. Even if Ed doesn’t win, we want a showing that will give Kerry the willies. If you protect your numbers in Congress, and they will need extra help now that the evangelical base is mobilized, you will increase the number of progressives to the point where McCain/Palin will have to negotiate and can’t ram anything through.
Then, when you are confident that you’ve done everything you can to promote a solidly blue Congress, vote your conscience for the top of the ticket. If you don’t like the concept of two Republican parties in the country, make sure that one party incarnation doesn’t survive election day. (and by that I mean the party, not individuals)

If you haven’t had a chance, read this post by Anglachel that lays out the repercussions of a Palin VP nomination.  Whoever selected her did it with pinpoint accuracy.  Now, not only is the top of the ticket in flux, there are dozens of downticket Dems who may become collateral damage.  Man-o-man, the Dean Democrats really screwed the pooch when they staked everything on Obama.  They shouldn’t be allowed to practice politics without a license.

So, if you want to send a message to the DNC, a taste of things to come in November, send money and support to Ed O’Reilly in Massachusetts who is hoping to upset John Kerry in the primary coming up on Sept.16.  Think of him as the Ned Lamont of 2008.  Lamont’s primary run changed the narrative on the Iraq War and helped us take control of congress in 2008.  We *can* do this.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the voters of Massachusetts are ready to start yet another revolution.  Let’s give them a hand.

Update:  If you are interested in helping other Democratic candidates, here are some who need it:

Red to Blue Congressional races.

Actblue Page for Current Members of Congress who are on the frontlines.

Here is the congressional races map:

In the Senate:

Check out the map of the races here.

293 Responses

  1. Great idea. Mark me down for $100. If we all chip in this way, it will really have an impact.

  2. I will send him the donation I had earmarked for Stephaine Tubbs Jones.
    Has O’Reilly submitted his DNA? Man, does he look like a Skakel/Kennedy.

  3. Man-o-man, the Dean Democrats really screwed the pooch when they staked everything on Obama. They shouldn’t be allowed to practice politics without a license.

    Thanks for the best summary of this election cycle, Riverdaughter.

  4. I signed up months ago to support him when Kerry was all OBAMA is everything and his state went for her…still he refused to back her thinking he was going to be his prom dance for the GE…

    Yes, sign up and make them work 3 times as hard just like our gal. He outspent her 3 to 1 and she still won. Don’t ever forget that she was THE BEST CANDIDATE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE A WOMAN!

  5. Absolutely the down-ticket dems are in trouble; Obama is political poison.

    If Hillary had been the nominee, Ed Rendell would be plastered all over the news channels here in the Delaware Valley, but I’m not seeing that on behalf of O. Ed is not camera shy and I doubt that it’s because Pat and Carol have been keeping him so busy lately, despite their Confluence reports. This party is in serious trouble.

    Palin’s humanity and working class values are in direct contrast to the plastic jesus of the democratic ticket.

    Although I am cynical about politicians, I am starting to view McCain as a John XXIII figure who can lead and clean house at the same time.

  6. Yes, I think everyone who is a regular at the Confluence should try to donate at least $10 if not more to Ed O’Reilly’s campaign. PUMA Pac should also ask their members to donate. I would love to see Dean, Kerry, and Pelosi gone after we send Obama back to Chicago.

  7. I supported Lamont too, I hope he comes back and gives it a go again. He is real impressive and he knows the business side hands down. Lamont is the real deal…he works off his speeches by memory and he is on the job when it comes to Health Care for all.

  8. Amen! Ed O’Reilly rocks!

    Very down to earth, working class Democrat.

    Firefighter turned lawyer. Embraces all of Hillary’s causes, that’s why he’s fighting Kerry who has not helped the working class people in Massachusetts.

    Can’t get better than that!

  9. Do we really want to go down this path of gutter politics? Reminder: Barack Obama’s Mother was an unwed teenager pregnant by a married man.

  10. SOD: Did he actually say that? “punished with a baby”???

  11. count us out: No, we do not. We have made a statement of support for Bristol Palin. There’s nothing more to be said.

  12. RD – where can we get a list of down ticket dems that need help like O’reilly?

    IMHO – it would make a good showing of PUMAs for a list to be published AND then a spike in corresponding contributions.

  13. Just look at how funny Obama looked saying McCain had been there for 26 years with Biden (Mr. Sixth longest serving senator) of 36 years in the background and we still don’t have ‘UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE’!

    Change my foot!

  14. Still4Hill: I think he made that statement at a faith forum a couple of months ago. He’s just thinking it now.

  15. Still4Hill: Yes he did. It was at an attempt to flip-flop out of a “pro-life” statement he made, then he said that idiotic statement.

  16. I made a donation to his campaign yesterday after Heidi Li posted about him at her blog. Let’s do all we can to kick loser Kerry’s butt!

  17. IndigoGrrl: Hey PUMA Colonel in the Rebel Alliance!

    I think Actblue has a page, but I’d do a search for Just Say No Deal or PUMA first.

  18. IndigoGrrl, on September 1st, 2008 at 3:43 pm Said:

    RD – where can we get a list of down ticket dems that need help like O’reilly?
    Good point! we need a PUMA list…yup…we do!

  19. SOD: Whoa – CAUGHT ON TAPE!! Ya gotta luv this technology!

  20. It would be great to do a page on him and then place the link to the ActBlue page… Good going.

  21. Woman Voter, on September 1st, 2008 at 3:43 pm Said:
    Just look at how funny Obama looked saying McCain had been there for 26 years with Biden (Mr. Sixth longest serving senator) of 36 years in the background and we still don’t have ‘UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE’!

    Change my foot!

    He just doesn’t even think when he opens his mouth.

  22. Can you get him on as a guest on talkradio…and do a plug for him and we can hear him live?

  23. Though my youngest sister was out of her teens when she got pregnant, she and her boyfriend never married and my most beloved niece is technically a bastard. I rejoice that the designation has lost its stigma. I could happily whap with my cane the heads of the Blogger (almost typed Booger) Boyz who want to bring those days back for their disgusting slimes.

    Hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her cubs sometimes works with aunts, too.

  24. This is truly a different perspective on the way the BO campaign shoots photos of their crowds.


    You go Sarah. McCain you are one smart and appealing man.

    Hillary or McCain 2009 – you decide DNC.


  25. I am deeply saddened by what is occurring today regarding the Palin family. The response is dirty and ugly to the plight of this young girl in the face of non existent empathy.

    Any parent raising teens faces the most harrowing times of their lives since we know without question what one impulsive mishap can lead to: a life of uncertainty, confusion and guilt. A shortening of the dreams and aspirations we placed onto them from the moment they found refuge in our arms and hearts.

    The delight that is being displayed toward this family who have already faced one daunting decision surrounding the birth of a handicapped child, the loss of another to the streets of combat in Iraq, and now the public outing of a 17 year old girl who has found herself the subject of derision and ridicule, is unpalatable.

    The last few days have found the blogosphere the pundits collaborating in a dance of destruction as a means to rig the electorate in favor of another candidate whose background begs scrutiny. In order to avoid going down that lonesome road they prefer the power of personal destruction be raised as an argument.

    That being said, I must admit to the judgment of John McCain in selecting a candidate whose very life story may give rise to this destruction. I know it is supposedly off limits. I recognize all too well that sexism should not be a part of any political structure. Yet it does and we have witnessed this all too well for the past 18 months.

    Perhaps he deserves the praise for taking a chance, breaking the bonds, boldly setting forth. But my disappointment is that he opened his campaign up to the viciousness that now is blossoming and this may lead to an Obama victory. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

  26. more than just a list — a coordinated effort of all the sites/blogs that define themselves as PUMA …so the jerks KNOW where the $$s are coming from….

  27. sm77:” He just doesn’t even think when he opens his mouth.”

    Which is amazing considering how long it takes him to stammer out anything spontaneous. Bad brain/mouth coordination.

  28. Woman Voter – Sheri Tag had him on about a month agao. I spoke with him on the phone and he was AWESOME.

  29. Carol, on September 1st, 2008 at 3:49 pm Said:

    This is truly a different perspective on the way the BO campaign shoots photos of their crowds.


    You go Sarah. McCain you are one smart and appealing man.

    Hillary or McCain 2009 – you decide DNC.


    Down ticket worries are coming up if they don’t back off on the misogyny play book…it will be too gloomy in November. I will vote for my progressive Dems…but will write them to complain, and they will know why we are mad as HILL!

  30. Thanks for the reminder. I just sent out a text to my phone list for everyone up here to go to the polls on the 16th and vote against Kerry. O’Reilly is a bit too left wing on some issues for me but I like and respect him, which is a lot more than I can say about Kerry. Besides, I support marriage equality and O’Reilly does too. Kerry either does or does not, depending which side of his mouth he’s speaking out of.

    John Kerry betrayed us. He is supposed to represent us, yet he went against our wishes and backed Barack Obama because he was bitter that the Clintons didn’t campaign more for him in 2004 (sorry John, Bill was busy recovering from cardiac bypass surgery, and not even Bill Clinton could make you an inspiring person anyway).

    Look at it this way. Kerry never goes to work. He is always on vacation and rarely even goes to Washington to vote on important issues. So let’s give him an extended vacation and get someone in there who wants to do the job.

  31. Pat: Have you been seeing MSNBC again? You know the rules, Pat! If anything, this will make him more weak. Look how long it took for Obama to respond while his minions came out full force destroying any chance with women voters.

    I say let them keep talking, cuz we’ll keep walking.

  32. sm77,

    Can we get him on again with Sherie…Oh, please…

    Lets tell ’em that we are tired of the same Ole promises and we still don’t have Universal Health Care…the wealthiest country and the only Western country not to have it? So, who is getting the $money$? WHO?

  33. I can’t believe I’ve been waiting eight years for this clusterf*ck

  34. I don’t think that I can vote for him, but I have to admit that old Johnny Mac is looking more and more like Barry Goldwater (in his later, mellower years) than Ronnie Raygun.

  35. Pat: Let them hang themselves. They are showing us who they really are.

  36. I am very concerned about the downticket effect. I personally am voting straight D because I think McCain will have some very bad impulses that will need to be checked by Congress. Extending Bush tax cuts, keeping the war going, not doing enough on the enrivonment…I’m not looking forward to it.

    However, the disgusting behavior of the Obamazoids this year will have a lot of folks voting R, I fear.

  37. Woman Voter – Go to the No We Won’t site – look for the next show & call in and let Sheri Tag know.

  38. WV: “mad as HILL!”

    Madder than Hill. Mad about Hill.

  39. madamab – Not to mention privatization of Social Security.

  40. As I am new to all of this, I have only recently looked at the sites everyone is referring to regarding the vile nature of their postings and comments.

    Did they used to just comment on political issues and just recently turn to their nasty vicious unsubstantiated personal attacks? Or, was everyone on the same side at the time and it didn’t matter? I am appalled at what I have seen and can’t image that they did not show their hand until just recently.


  41. madamab, on September 1st, 2008 at 3:57 pm Said:
    I am very concerned about the downticket effect. I personally am voting straight D because I think McCain will have some very bad impulses that will need to be checked by Congress. Extending Bush tax cuts, keeping the war going, not doing enough on the enrivonment…I’m not looking forward to it.

    However, the disgusting behavior of the Obamazoids this year will have a lot of folks voting R, I fear.

    I agree – the Neo-Obamacrat is just as scary as a Neo-Con Bushite.

    BUT if we fight and remain the loud and hellacious group that we are, we may make some progress there.

  42. myiq – WORD.

    Jaysus Christmas. How could they do this to us?!!!!!

  43. Privatization of SS is now an Obama plank.

  44. sm77: You are right – we have to make noise. They do know we’re here. And contrary to what Obama said in February, he’s not going to “get” us.

  45. Oooh! Awesome update, RD – everyone take a look at the top of the page!!! Woo-hoo!

    Just bookmarked it.

  46. Reg – seriously? Since when?

  47. Although it hasn’t really been an issue in this campaign, I’m wondering how the Democratic party and the fauxgressive blogosphere would react if an openly gay man like Barney Frank were in Hillary’s position?

    I’m guessing we would see rampant homophobia and gay-bashing.

    BTW – I didn’t include lesbians because we already know that anyone with a vag*na is SOL

  48. madamab – Thanks.

  49. “Hill No! We won’t BO!”

  50. I have made contributions to Ed O’Reilly knowing he is up against a pretty powerful machine with the Kerry contingent in MA. My hope is that he makes enough of a showing that sets Mr. Kerry’s teeth on edge. For the first time in a long time John Kerry has been “forced” into making campaign appearances. O’Reilly has lured the snake from his nest.

  51. Pat – He could win – look at Hillary despite all that didn’t she take MA? I could be wrong.

  52. Charles – Congratulations! 🙂

    And well-deserved.

  53. Still4Hill: It’s been a while since I’ve watched one of his stumps but he used to talk abou the “Social Security crisis” and how it would have to be shored up by one means or another. Aka “privitization” without the new-fangled word for it. He may have changed his views since then though.

  54. A gay candidate would face an even tougher uphill battle I am afraid. As much as we trumpet our vote revolving around the issues, we more or less vote the person. A gay man or woman would be crucified in the atmosphere circulating around us today.

  55. Charles: Well done! Your brilliance and analysis is another welcome and sought after oasis.

  56. PJ – You are so right. It’s the legacy of Lee Atwater and his protege, KKKarl Rove. Unfortunately, the Dems are now embracing it.

    So much for “liberal” values, eh?

  57. Charles – Congrats!!

    Reg – One scary idea for me. – the soc.sec.

  58. Obama certainly cannot be labeled as a “liberal”. His lurch to the right has denied any chance of that. His is a “vote getter” stance. Say, do, promise anything to get that vote. Values are no longer applicable.

    Harry Truman said it best: the buck stops here. Only now it can be added that not only does the buck stop here, it goes immediately into a fund to promote otherwise unattractive candidates and the agendas they seek to hide.

    The philosophies of “do no harm, live and let live, and all for the common good” have now become a thing of the past. We harm, we butt in, and the common good is only what pleases our corporate donors.

    This party needs a shampoo!

  59. This party needs a shampoo!

    More like a de-lousing, Pat.

  60. Thanks for posting the map and reminding about all those races. I’m here in Virginia’s 5th district, the fighting 5th (as Colbert would say). We need to topple Goode. What a dweeb he is.

  61. I looked at the KY site to support down-ticket Dems, something I support with reservations. For example, Hillary owned KY from the start, yet Lt Gov Mongiardo & US Reps Yarmuth & Chandler pushed very hard for Obama early & made ads telling us to overcome our biases, race is a factor, etc. None of them gave any reason to support Obama, except it’s historic, yada yada.

    Only Yarmuth is up for re-election, he seems progressive, and his Louisville area has a sizable AA population. Kos & the left blogs just loved him, and happy danced when he won. But, I’m left thinking that his progressive stance doesn’t include women’s rights, and I hate the way these 3 keep trying to force us to support Obama or be branded racist. There were also reports that these 3, Chandler in particular, pushed KY Clinton delegates very hard to switch the entire time they were in Denver. This just made all 3 men dead to me.

    I don’t like this kind of crap, and am not sure I want anymore of this progressive movement….

  62. Ya gotta love Joe Cannon:

    “I’ve never seen such ugliness. I am that close to advising the PUMAs to vote not only for McCain but for every downticket Republican. The Democratic party does not deserve any power until the consummately emetic Markos Moulitsas and his crew of disgusting prog-monsters have been kicked out.”

    I want my party back!


  63. I’m in!

  64. sm77

    “loud and hellacious” . Love the guidelines you’ve established. As I Puma, I’ll try and live up to that.

  65. Larry Johnson threatened to kick Andy Sullivan’s ass. So did Joe Cannon.

    Anybody know where the line is forming? I want to help too.

  66. And don’t forget that John “Change” Kerry also did everything he could to keep O’Reilly off the ballot.

  67. Carol, the DU got pretty damn bad when it came to Hillary. I checked yesterday to see what they were saying about Palin and it is absolutely vile in some threads. Very disheartening.

  68. And, Charles, you have been bookmarked on my computer for a while now. I like your analysis.

  69. Here’s one problem with the DSCC site: it only gives you the Democratic candidates running for reelection. It says nothing of any Democrat who challenges them in the primary. If you look at John Kerry – there is no mention of Ed O’Reilly anywhere; at least not that I found. So DSCC is taking sides against Democrats who are challenging the already-sitting politicians. This is not a site/organization I’ll be supporting. They don’t want us supporting someone like Ed O’Reilly.

  70. Larry, Andy, myiq2xu – please leave it to me. I would love to meet these guys in a dark alley and let’s see who comes out. I guarantee you won’t find me lying around the next morning with a “chicken”.

    Who is advertising with these morans? I will make my opinion known starting tomorrow!


  71. You know, if Obama hadn’t run such a horrible campaign against Hillary, I doubt I’d even recognize what he’s doing now. That’s how much I wanted a Democrat this year.

    Now every time he pulls out his tired smears against Governor Palin, we will just say, “Been there, done that,” and tune out.

    Sarah owes Hillary a massive debt of gratitude.

  72. or morons!

  73. Andrew Sullivan is just plain irrelevant. His crush on Obama was cringe inducing since it rivaled a love letter at times with his “over the moon” gushers in the beginning of the primaries. He has now crept to the lowest form of a human being.

    Slandering disguised as commentary. In my neighborhood he would have been shunned as just another gossip monger bent on destroying reputations. He is a prime jerk!

  74. please, please, please consider contributing to Daniel Johnson in NC’s 10th district. He is facing that little closet case weasel Patrick McHenry. McHenry is one of those self-loathing homosexuals who likes to work through his issues by fucking over the rest of us. Johnson is from western NC which was very much Hill country. here’s his link:


    Also Heath Shuler may be a conservative dem, but he stood up for Hillary to the end. show him some love here:


  75. pat, andy sullivan is a self absorbed asshole. talk about a self loathing homosexual…

  76. Cavoto has been interviewing the actor Jon Voight and it was so weird. He was breaking ground for discussing Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers based on Ayers past as a radical and current position in Education. He mentioned that the Annenberg papers have been released and wondered what we’ll learn from them.

    He was talking like he had certain points to make and moved pretty swiftly to get them into the conversation.

  77. McCain raises $47 million in August

    Too bad he is going to public financing.

  78. “You know, if Obama hadn’t run such a horrible campaign against Hillary, I doubt I’d even recognize what he’s doing now. That’s how much I wanted a Democrat this year”

    If Obama hadn’t run such a horrible campaign against Hillary, the Democratic Establishment never would have supported him in the first place. He couldn’t have gotten the nomination without running that campaign, and he can’t win the general because he ran that campaign.

  79. gary: He also converted to Catholicism. He is an embarassment all around. I think I saw somewhere, maybe on Bill Mahar awhile back, that he married his partner. One reason I stepped away from the church is their stand on homosexuality so I am a bit confused as to why he converted on the one hand, and then married on the other. A dichotomy at work here. But I could have easily gotten my facts screwed up. However, lately I have seen him spewing spirituality and God all over the place. Idiot!

  80. Katiebird – this is Angelina’s dad? So he’s not such an ass after all!

    You know Angelina is not on the Love train – which is why I love her more!

  81. It is now day 4 of the feces-flinging wankfest over Sarah Palin.

    True to form, Teh Precious is now piously telling everyone he doesn’t approve.

    He should have been on this within 30 minutes of the first post.

    How many times have we seen this pattern?

  82. Jon Voight is another major asshole! He supported Rudy Giuliani in the primaries and appeared really, really scary while he was extolling his run. Don’t be confused: Voight is a nutjob.

  83. MYIQ: He lets his Orks do the mud-slinging then Sauron comes out. Ugh.

  84. sm77, Don’t get too excited, Jon Voight is kind of crazy. He’s not supporting Obama, but he’s a hardcore Republican. I’ve read interviews with him, and he seems to have a few problems.

  85. Pat – if you say so, then it is.

    You are more in tune to the celeb news than I am right now.

  86. Angelina does not speak to her father. He’s an ass.

  87. Actors are not role models. They are role-players.

  88. Time Warner Cable is advertising on MyDD.

    I will be calling them tomorrow to complain.

    Sales and Customer Service phone lines are open:
    Mon – Fri 8:00am – 9:00pm
    Sat – Sun 8:00am – 8:00pm


  89. myiq, he conspicuously announced he’ll fire anyone who spreads rumors about palin, thus drawing attention to the rumors.

    What a guy.

  90. SM: I don’t read perezhilton.com for nothing!!!!!! And if anyone is interested, Amy Winehouse failed to appear at her last concert. This makes about 50 in a row! Why anyone would continue to book her is beyond comprehension. They book her, she books, then they sue. A typical cycle.

    This is my perezhilton.com update for the day.

  91. Charles, right on! Now my own congressman, David Price….wish we could find a primary challenger for him…He is the one downticket dem I will vote against. He has been a rabid kool aid drinker from the get go.

  92. Every smear against Hillary and Bill during the primaries was allowed to continue unchecked by Obama until it had run its course and was starting to create a backlash.

    Then Obama would make an announcement tepidly denouncing it.

    But during the ABC debate George S. said the Obama campaign was pushing the stories and Obama admitted it.

  93. Seriously:

    Will he fire kos and Sully?

  94. Pat:

    Amy is the kind of person that gives heroin a bad name

  95. oh, so what is he going to do with the blog-hooligans that he doesn’t employ. How about remove his ads from their pages.

  96. Got a feeling that if Obama started firing anyone for speaking ill of Palin the only one standing at the end will be Sean Hannity. And if this doesn’t portend hell on earth I don’t know what does.

  97. SOD:

    I have a BA and a JD and I have been a political junkie since my teens, and punks younger than my kids want to call me a “low-information” voter.

  98. LOL Obama feels so comfortable among know-nothing bullies, hey, Sully for Secretary of State, kos for Attorney General!

  99. Seriously: Don’t laugh. They must be in this for something!

  100. Didn’t G-Dub promise to fire anyone involved with outing Valerie Plame?

    Obama is using the Rove playbook, isn’t he?

  101. I’ve always known that Voight was a nut — I’m not making a case for him but as MyIQ said,

    Actors are not role models. They are role-players.

    And in this interview he was playing a guy who had certain talking points to deliver. And he delivered them in a clear, calm way that opened the dialog for someone else.

  102. uneducated =/= stupid

  103. And if you follow the Rove maxim, should Obama get in he will simply tell his minions to do whatever it takes and at the end of 8 years they will all be pardoned anyway. Just like Rove with Libby. By December 31st his debt will be wiped clean by Bush.

  104. KB:

    I’ve watched too many actors and celebrites on game shows to pay any attention to their opinions.

    Lots of them are like Joey on Friends

  105. Fuzzybear is safely home from his little trip from Jax-where my slightl ripped Hillary for pres sticker earned me a McCain 08 sticker on my windshield-Ha HA-Puma power is being courted-I am living proof!


  106. Pat, I’m not laughing. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if the troll who’s always like “die Clinton c—–” is at the top of the short list for Secretary of Defense.

  107. Still4Hill re: Privatizing SS.

    Do you not remember that Obama started the generational war back in the first quarter of 2007. He stated that the “Boomers need to get over themselves. They need to turn the page. They need to stop fighting the wars of the 60s”. Then he continually repeated rightwing talking points about SS already being bankrupt. Its how he got his “youth” brigade.

    In June of 2007 I met a young Obama supporter. Among other things he told me that the baby boomers had already completely drained the national treasury. When I informed him that not a single boomer had drawn a penny of SS he called me a liar. When I asked him where he got his information he told me from the Obama campaign. He then told me that he was an Obama fellow or something like that and that I was stupid.

    Every “progressive” Obama supporter I have talked to personally is for privatizing SS. In short, they hate their parents and their grandparents for messing up the world and they want to punish them.

  108. This is PRICELESS:

    “But, I won’t be silenced from discussing reasons to oppose her and the Republican party.”

    Guess who?

  109. Biden?

  110. Jeralyn

  111. The obvious choice?

  112. Trolls are frightened-I was called “dangerous” by some folks this weekend for saying I was a PUMA!

    Dangerous was the nicest think I was called!

    I said I had moved beyond 2008-already accepted defeat for the Obama/Biden Ticket….I was working for 2012!

    I told them that the Hillacrat women had waited 88 years for ERA and are more patient than the Obots. THat PUMA has a bigger picture than the short term Obats.


    Gustav and Hanna then Comes Ike and Josephine

  113. *rolls eyes* Don’t let those brownshirts silence you, Jeralyn.

  114. “Only uneducated women will vote for Palin.”

    Andrea, clutch your diplomas, hold tight and hang on for a really big surprise:

    On November 4th, me (PhD), and millions of women, “educated” and “uneducated,” like me, will vote McCain/Palin.

    And on November 5th, little girls across this country will awaken and go to school and learn something new:

    That they are just as good as the little boys.

    It is the change I’ve been waiting for.

  115. Don’t be constrained by simple human decency, either.

  116. I (with my MD after my name) will vote for McCain/Palin if California is polling close in November. Otherwise, it’s likely a third party or nothing.

    Loving the down-ticket ideas here, though.

  117. I was at a Pool Party I rained all day-someone said that Obama was up by 9 pts Told him hogwash-got him angry when IO said media is in the tank for Obama. Had the nerve to tell me that KO and Chris Mathews were pro-Hillary in the primary.

    Jack Cafferty was also a big Hillary Supporter too Obambi would have done much better if the MSM was not so enamored of the Clintons!

    I am still ROFLMAO on that.


  118. Jeralyn’s statement begs the questtion:

    Who was trying to silence her?

  119. Fuzzy:

    Was the pool filled with kool-aid?

    Or LSD?

  120. Pat Alice Seriously and everyone else,did I miss something Pro hillary in the Primaries? I am sure I never heard KO say “Hillary would be the best choice for Democratic Nominee” I also did not hear anything like that from CTweety or Jack!

    Please tell me I am not loosing my mind!


  121. Hope you all will consider my guy in NY-13, Steve Harrison, who Hillary supported in 2006. http://www.bluespotblog.com/2008/08/harrison-mcmahon-on-upclose.html

  122. Palin has hired attorney for TrooperGate for herself and her staff.

    Good. Let’s let it come out what a creep this guy was and no one moved to take a gun and a police car away from him.


  123. I am hesitant to vote down ticket Dems because an Obama Pres with a Dem Congress would be a nightmare. I am not convinced Obama will not win, especially with all the new voter registrations and the new Ohio voter practice. So, I’m not sure what I will do.

  124. Dee – No I did not remember that anti-boomer sentiment. Thanks for the refresher. At that time, I was not paying a lot of attention to him because I didn’t think he had a chance.

    OTOH: in Fall of 1999, I was walking to class when two young radio journalists approached me ans asked some quesitons about the 2000 election. At the time I laughed off George W. Bush.

    So much for my psychic ability. Another parallel between Bush and Obama – early in the race they looked too immature and lightweight to get the nominaiton.

    They still do.

  125. Probably filled with the tears of MO and BO hear they are just as mind warping!

    I guess the Dems are beginning to realize that thay are not going to bring it home with out the PUMAS!

    Donna darling dont get to settled in in Chicago-or in that cushy DNC office-November 5th is going to bring in some nasty changes!

    Dr Dean even extraordinary measures could save this ticket in November!


    Finally I will be rid of Obama

  126. I’ve got loads of campaign material for Cindy Sheehan if anyone is interested in helping me take down Nine Percent Nancy.

  127. I just read a previous thread they have no shame at all. The MSM Obats going after a 17 year old girl!

    Do they hate women that much Myiq2xu? pat? carol? why pick on a 17 yr old child who has so much to worry about that unnecessary media attention will add to the pressure! I hope America is turned off by this!

    I hope they show their indignation at the unnessary exposing of a private matter by voting NO on Obama/Biden! What abunch of sleaze bags. I hope the mother goddess sends them to the darkest of places and never lets them out!


  128. Obama-Bots suck- they have no right at all to hurt a 17 year old girl for political gain-that just sucks terribly!


    I guess this allows other media to go after Obamas daughters too!


  129. Yuh know – I don’t wanna be a Cassandra here, but this ticket is not yet certified by the RNC – Palin could end up “Eagletonned”.

    I don’t know if McCain can drive this through (now that I see them beginning to convene).

  130. There are Ed O’Reilly lawn signs out all over town. I can’t wait to vote for him instead of Kerry.

    Biden inserted foot-in-mouth yet again today. He said this:
    “but today is not the moment for me to campaign. Today is the moment for me as a United States senator running for president to put aside the national politics and focus on what’s happening down there” in the Gulf Coast.

    Someone should remind him he’s running for VP.

  131. They can’t get Wolfe to shut his fucking mouth. They have all told him too except Donna.

  132. How about a viral word-of-mouth campaign? And may be some GOTV effort for Ed O’ Reilly? Does he have phone banking infrastructure?

  133. A leevee is breaking. Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Shoot, people – levee break inPlacquemines – anybody near there OUT!

  135. Laura Bush is speaking.

  136. Wolfe is an idiot! Does he really think Laura Bush would prefer he switch to her while a levee is breaking? What a jerk!

  137. SweetieSue!, on September 1st, 2008 at 3:18 pm Said:
    Has O’Reilly submitted his DNA? Man, does he look like a Skakel/Kennedy.

    I thought the same thing! I was like, is he a Kennedy when I saw that picture.

  138. “Sarah owes Hillary a massive debt of gratitude.”

    I think she also owes what you are doing with PUMA a massive debt of gratitude as well, as do we Republican women.

    Thank you!

  139. Are you watching that ticker?

    “Obama says he can activate an email list of a couple of million people to help.”

  140. Barry “Blackberry” Obama – nuthin’ but keys.

  141. Omg, then Obama should activate the gd list already. Stop genuflecting, dumbass, do it!

  142. Trolls have learned snark?

  143. Reg – THIS is his “presidential” audition – and he used “we” not “I” – he can’t even do it alone – needs his techie.

  144. The sad a disgusting thing about Obama’s statement re: Sarah Palin was that he even had to make it.

  145. Carol where is the levee breaking?


  146. Jeralyn presented a compelling case for voting for BO with her interviews of Smeal and Spillar. It’s not like the women’s groups endorse the D ticket every 4 years like clockwork regardless of who’s on it. It was odd that they forgot to mention the sexism aimed at Hillary, though.

  147. Levee in Placquemines Parish breaking.

  148. OMG – Cindy looks Beautiful!

  149. I sent O”reilly money and convinced a B0bot I know in Mass to vote for him.
    meanwhile, Bo is throwing the Cheeto fabricated rumors under the bus

  150. Ok got a request tfm Barky to donate through his site to the Red Cross is he trying to look like a Hreo safe miles away from danger?

    Taking advantage of a natural disaster what a sh*thead!


  151. McCain beat Obama to the punch – has a relief website for the hurricane.

  152. Michael – I got 2 of those from him today – his 1st presidential act.

  153. Typical Obama – he’s always telling us what he CAN do, he’s always telling us what he WILL do, but nobody can say what he HAS done.

  154. POE – I know – and today was his BIG CHANCE – he could have gone down there and done something – but he has no imagination.

  155. Heard that McCain asked that all negative remarks be stricken from speeches at their convention so as not to be divisive during this difficult time. Thought that was decent of him.

  156. He needs to be in a debate with Hillary where she’s asked: What would you do if NOLA had another hurricane?

    That’s the only way he ever had any ideas. – HERS!!

  157. Placquemines Parish? that I think is south of New Orleans-


    Weather channel is reporting thaat levees are holding around NOLA and that the have been topped-New orleans has pumping abillity to remove 1 inch of rainfall per hour so they cn probab;ly handle this because pumping stations in NOLA have UPPS systems to operate even if power is out!

  158. myiq2xu, on September 1st, 2008 at 4:55 pm Said:
    It is now day 4 of the feces-flinging wankfest over Sarah Palin.
    True to form, Teh Precious is now piously telling everyone he doesn’t approve.
    He should have been on this within 30 minutes of the first post.
    How many times have we seen this pattern?

    It was the same pattern in the Kenyan Presidential election last year. First he supports Odinga and then, well after the riots start, he records a lame radio message to appeal to the rioters to stop the massacre.

  159. Right, Fuzzy – south. Donna Brazile is from down there – says those levees are the old ones – not reinforced after Katrina.

  160. I am at work right now. Will this thread still be live three hours from now?

  161. PofEd: Because he has done nothing.

  162. Baton Rouge is getting hammered right now.

  163. There’s an Ike coming after Hannah

  164. Reg – I might have to come to stay at your house. They are predicting it is headed up here by Wednesday.

  165. Many parties cancelled and money going to charities.

  166. Brenda Leigh Johnson on tonight.

  167. I’m looking at that levee – it’s private – they’re sandbagging it. Where’s Obama the Superhero?

  168. RiverDaughter said on September 1, 2008: “Man-o-man, the Dean Democrats really screwed the pooch when they staked everything on Obama. They shouldn’t be allowed to practice politics without a license.”
    Right on the money again! I’m in NJ and can muster many and will help raise funds – just give us direction.

  169. Carol: I’m watching the Closer tonight — w00t!

    And I have no idea where you’re sleeping but it’s worth a try.

  170. Remember rain is reported in inches an in of rainfal is not a “standing inch” it is an inch of absorbtion of eater into the ground basedon a standard I had a raingage catcher that basically held a foot of “standing rainfall” that translates into about 5 inches of absorbtion rainfall.


  171. Just saw a FOX report, and the water is already starting to subside, and it sounds like things are really under control in New Orleans. Not sure about outlying areas.

    Other updates:

    McCain raised $47 million in August!

    It seems like the Bristol Palin story, mercifully, is going to go quietly. Brit Hume mentioned the “left wing blog smear” re: Sarah’s eldest child and a supposed cover up. BO did the right thing by saying families and children of candidate’s are off-limits, Hume cited responses from key evangelical leaders–Dobson, Bauer & someone else, and they all said it “is a private matter and the family is handling it appropriately.” Bauer even said he thinks it may help Sarah, because they are embracing the child.

    I’m relieved. I thought this was going to go to a a horrible, ugly level of character assassination. It seems that there is some decency left in this campaign season.

  172. The silliness continues. TChris has a post at TL bashing the GOP for having parties at their convention that is a long way from NOLA

    TalkLeft sucks at spin, they should stick to objective reporting.

    When you try too hard to spin every piece of information, you lose credibility

  173. Michael – you said “remember” – well I never knew that about rainfall! Lesson in meteorology!

  174. Laura Bush just spoke briefly at the Convention along with Cindy McCain. The focus was completely on hurricane logistics and relief. I have completely avoided the Bushs for, oh, pretty much the past 8 years, so I haven’t heard her speak much. As I watched her, glued to the teleprompter, I thought: “She ain’t no Hillary…”

    Hillary has become a star upon which all others are measured, and fall short!

  175. fif:

    It’s disgusting that he had to make that statement in the first place, and it should have been made three days ago.

  176. my typing really sucks-sorry

    Obama the savior I know if he had godown to the levees of Luisiana and stood on the and stretched out his mighty hand the seas would have stilled and the rains subsided and the wind would have bowed down it a mild cooling breeze!

    So much for Obambi being the American messiah sent to us by Pelosi’s god!


  177. fif: No she ain’t no Hillary – Hillary is one in three hundred million – or MORE. There isn’t anyone else in this country like her.

  178. Thank you for the appreciation Republican Woman–we don’t get much of that from other folks around here! 🙂

  179. “The silliness continues. TChris has a post at TL bashing the GOP for having parties at their convention that is a long way from NOLA”

    MyIQ, don’t you think that when they aren’t conducting Convention Business they should be at Church praying like the rest of us?

    I mean, didn’t we all cancel our picnics today?

  180. cnn can’t seem to stop talking about Palin’s daughter’s baby…

    good grief!

  181. I didn’t cancel mine, but we are skipping the potato salad

  182. OC – That’s Wolfe – he can’t get off the topic.

  183. You didn’t (gasp)

  184. Still: it’s so true, and becomes more obvious as she continues to face new challenges and become stronger in her role as a national leader, independent of Bill. Her innate brilliance, depth of knowledge and conviction, superhuman strength and vitality, compassion, and other assorted wonderful qualities (humor, versatility, attractiveness etc.) combine to make her uber-exceptional.

    Can you tell I’m a fan ((blushing))?

  185. myiq – LOL – sorry. The disaster is sad but I needed a laugh.

  186. fif: “Can you tell I’m a fan ((blushing))?”

    Ahhhhh. She is so worth the attention.

  187. I want to punch Taylor Marsh in the face. Sorry, but I knew she was going to attack Palin’s daughter for her pregnancy. This is not the time to call someone a hypocrite. Yes, I think that our country needs to provide abstinence only education along with education on how to keep oneself safe from STDs and pregnancy if the decision is made to have sex. But to attack the first female VP candidate in the Republican Party for being “too ambitious” and “selfish” is beyond the pale. Aren’t working women ALWAYS blamed when their children make mistakes? Their daughter is going through enough public scrutiny. Some people have no shame.

  188. I got a request for cash from Obama for Amerika and the DNC please we need to report good $$$ or all is lost…blah blah blah -I forgot to give to Obama/DNC darn! I am so selfish not thinking about the needs of the one.

    Obama is a tool about waiting 3 day to come out against the attacking of a candidates children! He was watching the polls to see if he could get away with the teenage mother bashing!

    When he saw it was not playing well then he comes out if only to prevent it from sticking to him! He waited 3 days I thought a messiah could raise himself from the dead in three days! He could not prevent the public raping of a 17 year old girl in 3 days- hell he is worse than a tool-he is a jacka$$.

    Again it is all about him.


  189. OldCoastie: are you surprised? CNN has become a complete joke. I refuse to watch it anymore. I wanted to get some hurricane coverage today, and I passed by it, took one look at Donna B. and shut the TV off. FOX, again I am surprised by the need to go to FOX for more reasonable coverage, handled it with dignity and brevity. CNN should be ashamed–how is it in ANY way relevant?!

  190. fif: it wasn’t a question of decency. Polling is showing that the Palin attack is turning off Hillary supporters, Republican women, and Indys. Worse, it is helping McCain/Palin to energize their base.

    If the polls showed a bounce for Obama, or negatives for McCain, the attacks would still be fever-pitch. Just wait. They can’t keep their misogynistic mouths shut.

  191. But to attack the first female VP candidate in the Republican Party for being “too ambitious” and “selfish” is beyond the pale.

    I used to be a regular at TM. I am ashamed of supporting her now. What has happened to her? And isn’t it amazing that these people cannot see the incredible irony of their criticism of Palin?

    She’s inexperienced.
    She’s too ambitious.
    She’s selfish.

    OMG–who do those judgments resemble??

  192. fif – I KNOW!! I can’t believe I’ve been watching Fox.. I do like Greta – always did. But I never thought I’d be watching Fox.

  193. parentofed: sigh…my bleeding heart still hopes, like Ann Frank said in the deepest darkness, that deep down people are basically good…I should know better.

  194. Wolfe: You saw Obama “clearly passionate….”

    AHEM! WTF??

  195. Cindy was brief and to the point , All they need is an ACTIONS NOT WORDS slogan and they are good to go !!! I will be watching the Closer too … tonight I never miss it .
    I happened to catch a bit of Donna The Swill on CNN and apparently even tho her boo bo ( hmm BUBOE in medical terminology is a giant boil ) has declared “family members off limits” Donna feels this particualr family member is fair game she was drooling with anticipation and had a gleam in her eye …what a vampire .
    She needs to go …out of any position of power

  196. teehee.

  197. and CNN viewers tend to be that

  198. Bye now….nothing more for me to do.

  199. Still: WHERE else can we go? I have sworn off: the NY Times, Newsweek, NPR, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS. I feel like I live in a cabin. I get my news here, and cautiously venture into Lou Dobbs, Greta, and some Hannity (occasionally). I can’t stand Alan Colmes though, so I have to mute it when he speaks. I realized this a.m. that in 2 months this will be decided! I’ve been in this frenzied bubble for months now. Of course, there will still be lots of work to be done after Nov. 4th. Must start the Hillary for President campaign all over again!! Oh lord.

  200. Hi all – I’m a little leery of the ActBlue frontline list. I suggest that we tie this list to behavior in the primaries.
    In CT, Lamont and 3 of the 4 Dem congresspeople campaigned vigorously for Bambi in the primary. Dodd stayed neutral till afterwards. Joe Courtney stayed neutral till late May. So Courtney (CT02) si, Murphy (CT05) no.

  201. swanspirit: …what a vampire .

    I have a silver crucifix – do you have a stake?

  202. Wolfe is in love. He and Tweety will have to fight it out over their beloved.

  203. I have a stake and I can bring sunshine too woohoooo now …. who has Buffy on speedial ???

  204. fif: “I realized this a.m. that in 2 months this will be decided!”

    Oh ye of little faith – this could go on through December!
    Change you can re-count on!

  205. fif – Wolfe and Tweety AND Michael Moore in love with OB – pass the bucket.

    I’m in love with Hillary.

  206. swan – Right! Buffy – that’s who we need. And a lot of garlic.

  207. Political roundup November 5th 2008

    Lou dobbs-Donna are you alright? you look like you ait a bad clam?

    Donna B. -I am stunned with the results I demand a recount!

    Lou Dobbs-Donna your candidate lost 399 to 199 in the electoral college and the poplular vote was McCaine 68 million to 50 million…wouldnt that be pointless?(note 18 million difference)

    Donna B- Lou this aint 2000 we are gonna play by the Rulz here and Rulz are Rulz! I demand we take this to the supreme court!

    Lou Dobbs-Errrr-ok Donna whatever you say! Mr Carville what is your analysis of this election…oh and nice new tennis shoes there?

    Mr Carville- yeah these are PUMA’s I am wearing them in honor of those 18 million voices the Party has ignored over the last 6 months…guess we better take them seriously now…

    (Donna B interupts)

    Donna B-James you know them Puma’s came home and there were only about 200 of them anyway! The reason we lost is nopt because of the PUMA’s it was r*cism and voter fraud on a grand scale…

    Lou Dobbs(interupts) Donna would you just shut up and to use the words Obama used 6 months ago “Why dont Get Over it” you lost!

    (donna b beginns to babble about the one and being a SD and a member of the RBC)

    Off camera Lou Gives high sign to cut Donna’s Mic-

    Lou Dobbs-well once Ms Brazile get over her nervous breakdown we will dig deeper into this huge loss with a true political mind James Carville…

    Fades to commercial

    the end

    sorry Madamab I could not resist


  208. Back in December and early january, when I didn’t know as much about Obama as I do now, I thought he would be a good choice for VP because he needed more experience.

    I think Sarah Palin is too inexperienced to be President.

    But she isn’t running for President, McCain is.

    And despite what the Obama supporters keep saying, I don’t reasonably expect McCain to drop dead between his inauguration and the Super Bowl.

    Palin is not “Dan Quayle with t*ts”

    Quayle was inexperienced AND stupid.

  209. Privatization of SS is an excuse to get their hands on the money … I would think AARP would deeply disapprove This needs to get out more ………

  210. One reason I do not want to see Obama win is that I don’t want to watch the GOP and the media beat the waffles out of him for the next four years.

    It will be like the worst parts of the nineties, without Bill and Hillary.

  211. swanspirit: “Privatization of SS is an excuse to get their hands on the money …”

    Ooooooooo you just said a mouthful!

  212. myiq: I’d kinda like to see him get beaten up by them – revenge is sweet.

  213. Myiq: I think the reason they keep saying that Dan Quayle in a dress or Dan Quayle with t*ts is because they just get off on that picture. Don’t you?

  214. I am no Madamab but I thought it was funny!


  215. Not sure if this has already been posted:

    The MA primary for Kerry v. O’Reilly is September 16th. As a resident I will remind everyone – mark your calendars Massholes!

  216. S4H:

    I don’t want to have to wait another decade for a good Democrat to occupy the White House.

    After Nixon the Democrats should have controlled Washington for 12 years at least.

  217. One reason I do not want to see Obama win is that I don’t want to watch the GOP and the media beat the waffles out of him for the next four years.

    But myiq: they won’t. The media that is. Many people have said the media would turn on him after the Convention, but I’m not seeing it. I also have another general question. RD & others seem certain that McCain will win. With the polls going back and forth with a small differential, explain to me again why this is a “certain” loss? (ie: please make me feel safe in knowing that a BO presidency is NOT going to be a reality).

  218. Remember that Guilani is the only one ever actually photographed in Drag!

    Geat pic of it in the Dont mess with Hill video @ hillaryclintonspeaksforme.com

    please leave brittany err Dan Quayle alone!


  219. I’m in love with Hillary.

    Still: me too…

  220. that is a winning theme for McCain:

    Why does the media so want Obama to win? McCain doesn’t have to answer that, he just has to get people to wonder about it, too, just like we wonder.

  221. Okay I read this on another blog:

    Can anyone here confirm the Donna Brazile on CNN said it was fair game to attack Palin’s daughter?

  222. myiq – OK . I can get with that – I left the country during Nixon and didn’t come back until Reagan was almost done . Missed those years.

    I’m telling ya people this is gonna end in a re-count – we’re looking at Christmas – so the SCOTUS can get away for the holiday.

  223. LOL fuzzy! I plan to tape anything with Donna B on it after the election. I want a record of her crestfallen, bitter face.

    I hope to god the party will get rid of her after her wise and sound council losing us two elections in a row.

  224. Don’t leave out, Cindy Sheehan For Congress to replace Pelosi with someone who will listen to her constituents

  225. when BO wants to stop a story, there’s a press release out within an hour and the corpmedia dutifully report it prominently.

    this vile kos/sullivan garbage went on for at least 3 days before BO responded.

    besides, it’s too late, cos the story has been picked up all over the world. today on australia’s sydney morning herald homepage, you get:

    Is Sarah Palin’s baby really hers?

    on AOL today, you get:

    Is Sarah Palin’s baby really hers?

    yet both these stories are written after the ‘rumour’ has been completely debunked and in fact the stories report palin’s daughter is pregnant, etc!!

    the story has appeared in india and who knows where else, yet the corpmedia wouldn’t touch the Edwards affair, when Edwards was damaging HRC’s campaign; the corpmedia won’t cover larry sinclair’s allegations, even tho the Biden family are up to their necks in sinclair’s false arrest in DC.

    then we have ABC:

    ABC News: Palin Pregnancy Rocks Political World
    Obama Declares Republican Running Mate’s Family ‘Off Limits’
    ABC’s Teddy Davis and Steven Portnoy contributed to this report.

    now tell me how this story “rocks” the political world?

    how come all these writers at ABC, yet BO gets the subheadline, making him look clean?

    it is impossible to convey to americans how seriously the corpmedia worldwide is in the tank for BO. even after mccain announced palin as VP, murdoch’s sky news continued to carry a news ticker on BO’s greek temple appearance, with no news ticker on palin.

    CNN International ran news tickers “McCain picks unknown” followed immediately by “McCain pick under probe”. Palin’s name and gender did not get mentioned in either.

    unless you can visibly challenge the corpmedia and demand fair treatment for both candidates, or unless you can find a polling company willing to do real polls of the american voters (which i believe would show McCain well in the lead), you better believe the corpmedia’s chosen one will win, one way or another, in november.

  226. wcmb – You won’t see Donna after Obama loses – she’ll enter a convent and spend the rest of her life flagellating herself.

    NEWSFLASH: Obama w/ Anderson Cooper tonight to talk about the hurricane!! OMG!! Do I have blank tape???

  227. SOD – But – Gore WON the election.

    And Mike – The Cindy Sheehan vs. Nancy Pelosi race is something we all have to publicize – and send support to Cindy. Out with Nancy.

  228. SOD – Now I have myself laughing – very dangerous – sign of mental disturbance .

  229. fif, he is going to lose because historically, Democrats get an early lead then lose it completely when they start seriously campaigning on a national level.

    Kerry had a 20% lead this time 2004. The Republicans always hold their cards very close to their chest, then hit the Dem hard in the waning weeks of the contest, which is when your average voter really truly decides.

    He is going to lose because the people voting are much more like McCain and Palin than they are like him, or Biden. Dems frequently have a hard time “getting” that everyone in the country is not like them. Love them or hate them, Republicans “get” the common man better, as far as campaigning goes.

    And he is going to lose because the women of the Republican party are gearing up to GOTV, something that did not really happen for Bush in 2004 – R women voters were way down, which is one way Kerry came close.

    All of that does not even take into account PUMA. Even a small percentage of Hill’s 18 million defecting will help sink Obama.

  230. fif:

    Who owns the media?

    Hint: It ain’t the Democrats

  231. #
    parentofed, on September 1st, 2008 at 6:57 pm Said:

    that is a winning theme for McCain:

    Why does the media so want Obama to win? McCain doesn’t have to answer that, he just has to get people to wonder about it, too, just like we wonder.


    That is an excellent question indeed.

  232. Bonita, on September 1st, 2008 at 6:58 pm Said:
    Okay I read this on another blog:

    Can anyone here confirm the Donna Brazile on CNN said it was fair game to attack Palin’s daughter?

    I saw it . she said something to the effect ( paraphrasing here ) that since she was a public figure and had spoken out about birth control and abortion she and her family were “fair game”

    it was sickening … and even the other CNN syncophants were at a loss for words for a moment , there was actually a moment of embarrassed silence and then wolfie changed the subject ….

  233. swanspirit:

    That would not be surprising. Who knew the “Progressive” movement would be reduced to sniffing some little girl’s panties and be proud of it?


  234. I’m in love with Hillary.

    Still: me too…

    Fif: Me three.

  235. I have never bashed Donna Brazile! I only told the truth about her.

    Donna I hope you do not join the 5.5% of the nation that is unemployed after this election.

    Sorry cant say that with a str8 face! Donna hope you spend alot of time at the employment office…


  236. Yes Donna said that. She said because of Sarah’s views on the subject it was fair game.

    She’s a pig.

  237. me four ever

    in love with Hillary

  238. Donna B should be replaced with James Carville because he will tell the truth and stop mooning over the One!


  239. I love Carville – he’s one of the few who worked for Bill who didn’t turn –
    I’m counting Deedee Myers in that because of her hubby’s article, and of course Big Donna (her prison name).

  240. I think that we should have CNN force Donna to take calls from PUMA for an hour and a half on her personal life….she is a public figure and has made a statement that public figures personal lives are “fair game”

    She is on record saying that “AA are offended when you equate gay rights with civil rights” that makes her personal life open and “fair game.”

    CNN should fire her!


  241. I will be back shortly I am gion to a prison name site hehehehehe

  242. I am starting to think John McCain may have made a huge mistake…why? The media obviously hates Sarah Palin and they hate that they were not in the know about her selection. That being said, there is a huge difference between how she is treated by Fox and CNN. During the Wolf Blitzer segment, it seemed like Wolf was almost seething with hatred when Bill Bennett called him out on using Bristol’s situation to make political points about abstinence only education…I have never seem him so defensive before. And then they did an interview with the Republican woman from McCain’s campaign (really pretty, incredibly smart blond woman who revealed she had 4 kids of her own, one about to turn 21 – she is in GREAT shape!) and they were just about biting her head off about when they were going to get to interview McCain because nobody knows who Sarah Palin is. She handled them well and assured them that just because the liberal washington media doesn’t know who sarah palin is doesn’t make her a nobody. But in any case, I was really struck by their anger and viciousness towards this woman. I think the media will do all they can to take Sarah Palin down, and McCain with her…

  243. Swanspirit, I was taken aback when Donna Brazile said that, as well, though she said that, but then she also said it was private, which was a contradiction. But I didn’t think any of them looked taken aback except Bill Bennett, they all seemed to agree with her! When Bill Bennett told Wolf that he thought the CNN piece about abstinence only education was horrible and inappropriate – CNN should not be playing politics with this girl’s life – Wolf because so defensive and bit Bill’s head off! I was disgusted!

  244. ok I put Donna Brazilenutes name intoe a Prison B*tch name generator and got

    Soap Jockey

    that was fun hehehe

  245. Okay, Donna Brazile is a disgusting vindictive sack of purulent decay.

    I hope she rots. I hope she gets a permanent yeast infection, halitosis, peridontitis, and scabies. I hope she is pursued by stinking blowflies hovering over her nasty still-breathing carcass til the end of her days.

  246. With all due respect to Sarah, she is no Dan Quayle. More classic Quayle quotes…

    “I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy — but that could change.”

    “I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix.”

    “My friends, no matter how rough the road may be, we can and we will, never, never surrender to what is right.”

    “I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.”

  247. there is also the Progressive Patriots Fund, headed by Russ Feingold. here is a link to an interview by Mother Jones after the FISA debacle.

    He does seem to get the erosion of separation of powers issue. he does not believe that going for an all out power grab just because you are the party on top is the right thing to do.

    his group hasn’t taken on misogyny as a campaign strategy, either as an issue to fight against or use as a tool against conservatives. but this may be an opportunity to get them to take it on as an overarching issue.

    He may be too enamored of the Omovement, but so far The Fund hasn’t gone much further in their endorsement than the Clintons. Their fundraising is grass roots and they do seem to listen to their supporters. I will probably use them as a outlet for supporting my issues this campaign cycle.

  248. I don’t think so. If the media tries to destroy Palin, it’s going to embolden Hill’s supporters. They will relate to the misogyny.

  249. michael:
    “I think that we should have CNN force Donna to take calls from PUMA for an hour and a half on her personal life….”

    Such as “Why do you hate Hillary?”

    That’s MY big question (although I have an idea).

  250. Middle America is going to be pissed if they try to tear Palin down. Watch.

  251. swanspirit : ROTFLMAO!!

  252. fuzzy – I like your play. I can hardly wait.

  253. Supporting downticket candidates is really important. Check out http://www.democratunity.com. Please join my Facebook Group. There are many downticket candidates that are in need of help. Write on my wall that you want to help

    Cynthia Pooler

  254. I think Sarah Palin is so new to most of us, that it will take time to get to know her …I think the “media” will have some predictable reponses , and some not so predictable because this is really NEW not just another guy running for office .
    I, for one, already like her , altho I do not agree with her views on everything I think it is important to the world , to the USA, and especialy to all women that there is a woman with intelligence and courage running for one of the highest offices .
    One of the biggest mistakes of the primary was underestimating Hillary ,and her impact on the hopes of every woman all over the world.
    Over 50% of the population of this country are women , and while not all women know how to own their power as yet, with role models like Hillary and Sarah , we all are learning , together.

  255. fif said “It seems like the Bristol Palin story, mercifully, is going to go quietly. Brit Hume mentioned the “left wing blog smear” re: Sarah’s eldest child and a supposed cover up. BO did the right thing by saying families and children of candidate’s are off-limits, ”

    I believe BO is protecting himself here. Yes, this is the right thing to do, but he said ‘family’ and not just children for when the 527’s release the material agains MO. I believe there is stuff out there that is going to make MO look bad.

  256. She’s the most HATE filled person (brazilla). She should take her own advise and stop the hate.

    I want her off the air now!

  257. Donna B Q and A on CNN-

    Mine would be: Why are you such a flatulent gasbag for Obama? How long have you internalized your homophobia and selfhatered? finally I ask you are you a practicing Lesbian or are you good enough to be a professional one now?


  258. I don’t know. These downticket Dems didn’t and don’t have the courage to speak out against Obama or the sexixm. Why are we to support them?

  259. CNN – Campbell Brown is sticking her foot up her own ass.

  260. Why you all watch CNN if it just infuriates you so much? I stick only to Fox. 🙂

  261. I love the loaded question-when it is turned on the folks who usually ask them.

    poor donna she is not going to be rewarded when this turkey of a ticket goes down!


  262. SOD:
    So beautiful – your letter, her picture, and so true. If it hadn’t been for Hillary, we would not have known about the people she met – she brought them to us, and your letter is dead on.

    Hillary is not a narcissist like Obama, so she would never see that in a lot of ways this WAS about her – about what we know she can do.

    Obama didn’t introduce us to anyone but his family. Hillary introduced us to Dalton Hatfield. Now there’s a little kid we all grew to know and love through her.

    Thank you for that pretty letter – I hope you sent it to Hillary.

  263. Ahh Ben I am a channel surfer……………click click click .. see you in a while i have to eat some din din

  264. SOD-also for the next 4 days the MSM and Jack Cafferty will labor under the illusion that they aer also relevant!

    PUMA is not going to be recognized untill we bring Obama down. A Senate and House pick up for Democrats will show we were serious about keeping the legislative branch in Dem control.


  265. michael – re: your Q/A question for Donna – I think it will make her head turn 360 degrees like in The Exorcist. “THE SOW IS MINE!~!!

    Then swanspirit and I will come with our exorcism weapons and 7 demons will fly out.

  266. Gosh, I can’t take 1/2 hour for dinner!

  267. SOD -Probably, you know how unpredictable exorcisms can be.

    I shouldn’t have said “weapons.” I meant out exorcism “kits.”

  268. Hey Obama take a look at this:

    “$10 Million Woman: Palin a Hit with GOP Donors
    McCain Campaign Raises Over $10 Million Since Palin Tapped as Running Mate
    Sept. 1, 2008

    The McCain campaign raised more than $10 million in the two and a half days after Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was named as the vice presidential running mate, bringing the total raised in the month of August to more than $47 million, campaign officials tell ABC News.”

    I say keep calling her and her daughter names and watch the pot grow!


  269. OK we know obambi is in trouble if he is having to spend resources and money to ensure “blue” Jersey stays in the Democrat column-

    I am beginning to think this campaign is less about winning the white house and more about not embarassing Obama wwith “to big a loss” in November.


  270. myiq2xu –I’m not sure about that

  271. Happy Labor Day. Howard Dean and his cohorts want to remake the party by ending the New Deal coalition and courting small business and high-tech workers instead of labor. The strategy is to cultivate the West and jettison those bitter white working class losers in the South and places like Ohio and Pennsylvania:

    “There is an irony in the party of the downtrodden becoming the party of America’s economic winners, but in fact Democrats are doing better among voters in places that are prospering, like Colorado and New Mexico, and losing ground among voters in regions that are experiencing hard times, such as West Virginia or parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio. A Democratic turn toward the West would accelerate this trend. A party of the Western megapolitans and resort communities would be a party less and less like the party of F.D.R., Truman, and Lyndon Johnson. It would be more oriented to the haves than to the have-nots. It would rely more on educated voters. Its approach to social issues would be more matter-of-fact, and candidates would be less fearful of alienating the most reactionary evangelicals. It would be more oriented toward small businesses and thus more skeptical of workplace regulations. It might become a party that puts more emphasis on achieving energy independence and combatting global warming than on providing universal health care and social justice. “It’s a party that becomes more Hispanic, and less African-American,” Kenneth Baer, the co-founder of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, said. “More oriented toward high-tech workers and less towards labor. It’s the end of the New Deal coalition.”

  272. KO was pulled from the Convention Coverage. Sent to discuss Gustav only.

    I guess he was too hot to put on the air with his bloviating mouth.

  273. WCMB — make that THREE elections. It was her fine advice to have Gore distance himself from Bill Clinton – the most popular president in our nation’s history leaving office with a 69% approval rating.

  274. michael – What did I miss about NJ? This is not necessarily a “blue” state, really. And we’re a tough crowd.

  275. Michael:

    Where did you read this about New Jersey?

    I have to admit my contribution is part of that $10mill.

  276. Still4Hill

  277. Tomorrow BackTrack Flippidy Floppidy Obama will say…

    ” after careful consideration what I meant to say is Donna Brazile is right that it is only fair game to insult, slander, and verbally rape our opponents families. Of Course the Obama family is off limits I will consider any attacks as wonton R*cism”


  278. while not all women know how to own their power as yet, with role models like Hillary and Sarah , we all are learning , together.

    Beautifully said Swanspirit.

  279. I believe BO is protecting himself here. Yes, this is the right thing to do, but he said ‘family’ and not just children for when the 527’s release the material agains MO. I believe there is stuff out there that is going to make MO look bad.

    Good point NH. I forgot about that.

  280. NH -upthread @7:38 said:”I believe BO is protecting himself here. Yes, this is the right thing to do, but he said ‘family’ and not just children for when the 527’s release the material agains MO. I believe there is stuff out there that is going to make MO look bad.”

    I have a colleague who says MO’s senior thesis was pulled from the stacks at Princeton as soon as he declared. Anybody know anything about that?

    Yes, I think she has skeletons in her closet – and I think they are going to be very interesting.

  281. {{{Swanspirit}}}

    Powerful woment in politics will change the world in america and everywhere I believe this (and I am a gay man)

    Hillary forever-Obama Never


  282. michael –

    If he doesn’t flippity flop on this, will he throw Donna under the bus? Or maybe one of them there hummers they have in NOLA?

  283. NEW POST


    NEW POST!!!!

  284. JJ

    I don’t think there was ever any doubt the MSM would attack anyone opposing their chosen one, especially now that they see Palin as a real threat. I don’t see them changing horses this late in the game. Even Fox has been tepid in holding Obama up to scrutiny. No. Don’t expect them to be objective; most of them have fallen in love, why? I have no idea. Don’t get it, never got it. Polls don’t matter much either. Voters will decide this regardless of media manipulation, and most people have made up their minds: You either like him or you don’t. Palin is a good thing; she is extremely likable, charismatic and gives those looking for a change an option other than Obama. She is a competent, qualified, accomplished woman that has already attracted a following AND the RNC has HER back. In a year when they were resigned to lose they see the possibility of winning within reach. This dust up with her daughter is nothing, regular people don’t care about this. We are glued to our computers and tv sets- follow every snip, analyze every comment, despair or jump for joy- regular voters-nah. Don’t count on the media to help with this one, it’s up to us to do our part and make sure what occurred in the Democratic Party isn’t rewarded. We’ve taken a 1st step with PUMA

  285. New post up people! 🙂

  286. Charles hope your labor day was good -I am sure Greta has an Idea that we are big enough to swing this election I posted there to hope we out number the obat posts!


  287. “Since you asked” — ahem…

  288. That Jack Cafferty — when will he stop embarassing himself?

  289. fuzzy — lol!! 🙂

  290. Still4Hill —

    I’m ducking!

  291. “Quayle was inexperienced AND stupid.”

    That is such a good point. She is so much more knowledgeable and better prepared than Obama. I’m sure she’d be more than happy to debate him as well as Biden and blow both off tehm off the stage. Bring it on.

    “The media obviously hates Sarah Palin and they hate that they were not in the know about her selection”

    And America hates the media. the media love fest for Obama hasn’t changed anyone’s minds. The more they prop him, the more they look like out of touch, not very bright, shallow elitists. They like him because they ARE him, and we know it. They couldn’t make people hate Hillary, they couldn’t make people stop voting for her, they couldn’t make her lose. They won’t be able to do anything more for Obama now.

  292. Parentofed,
    Look again at Kentucky for down-ballot races.

    Heather Ryan is taking on a long time incumbent (Ed Whitfield) in Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District. Also, a good candidate Bruce Lunsford, is taking on that hideous Mitch McConnell for a U.S. Senate Seat. You have two great candidates to work for in Kentucky. I intend to cross the line from Tennessee and go over to help.

  293. Hey I have a question… any plans to start a grassroots campaign to get Hillary elected Senate Majority Leader? I realize Harry Reid isn’t planning to retire and there are a couple people in line for that job, but let’s face it that job is ideal for Hillary.

    Harry is uninspiring and lacks any hint of vigor, and he’s horrible at organizing people for a cause. There has been a lot of good legislation that Nancy Pelosi has successfully passed through the House but has died in the Senate because, frankly, Harry Reid is completely ineffective. The SML has to be someone who is passionate, steadfast, strategic-minded, loud-mouthed, cunning, fierce, inspiring, a decisive leader, and can manage a large group of diverse people in day-to-day maneuvering while keeping their eye on the big picture. Hillary is all of those things. She should clearly be the SML.

    If Obama wins, she can craft and push through legislation for him that makes sense and solves the big issues of our time (which Obama clearly can’t do on his own).

    If McCain wins, she can spend the next four years working to compromise on certain things to get things done and fighting McCain on issues that can’t be compromised or on which he won’t compromise. She can arrange a vet-proof senate on several issues and push bold, historic legislation right past McCain and Palin. That would be amazing and legendary. And in four years she would be able to run for president on not only her Senate record but also her record in a leadership role taking on McCain and pushing through landmark legislation for four years. It would be hard for the DNC to justify not going with Hillary as the nominee to fight McCain when she just spent four years making him cry uncle. Oh, and the icing on the cake would be that for that four years, she would be Barry Obama’s leader. 🙂

    Anyway I think it would be a good idea for the Dems to elect Hillary SML, and maybe we could convince them to see it that way?

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