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Labor Day: There is Power in a Union

Money speaks for Money, The Devil for his own
Who comes to speak for the skin and the bone?
The comfort for the widow, the light to the child,
There is power in a union.

Message to the DNC,

We, the voters of the United States who voted in good faith for Hillary Clinton, demand that you give Senator Clinton the day off.  She’s worked tirelessly for your slacker nominee since the day when you stole her delegates from her.

We demand that you compensate her with vacation time and overtime pay.  She has gone above and beyond the call of duty, giving up her own right to promotion in order to sing the praises of the man who hasn’t met a opponent he couldn’t derail or voter he couldn’t brutally suppress.  We estimate that the amount of time that Senator Clinton has put in so far entitles her to take off the rest of the year.

As to the matter of monetary compensation, it goes without saying that we support equal pay for equal work.  You record in this department is sorely lacking.  Hillary Clinton has clearly outworked her opponent and yet you awarded the nomination to him.  We will be filing a complaint with the EEOC accordingly.  We also intend to make sure that you aren’t just paying lipservice to the concept of equal pay in the rest of your organization and will expose you when we find evidence of any discrepancy.  Considering that Senator Clinton is a giant discrepancy, we advise you to remedy the situation immediately.

We demand a benefits package including a guaranteed benefit pension plan, a dollar for dollar 401K retirement savings account, life insurance at group rates and accidental death and dismemberment at 2.5 times Senator Clinton’s salary.  We demand that Senator Clinton be afforded access to a universal health insurance plan for life with a drug benefit, mental health benefit and access to reproductive health services.  This plan should be made available to all people on a sliding scale according to income (not to exceed 10% of total gross income) with tax credits and automatic enrollment.

We also condemn the use of women to do uncompensated work with no definite endpoint and have determined that is reminiscent of human bondage.  We are particularly concerned that Senator Clinton’s statement regarding Governor Palin’s incipient breaking of the Glass Ceiling was met with “will do, for now” from Barack Obama.  This indicates to us that Mr. Obama will continue to insist that Senator Clinton save his bacon in the 2008 election and no reward will be forthcomeing for her.  We believe this is a violation of Senator Clinton’s human rights and an affront to her personal dignity.  We therefore demand that you release Senator Clinton from any further campaigning on Barack Obama’s behalf.  Any further uncompensated work forced upon Senator Clinton in this regard will be referred to Amnesty International for a formal investigation.

We have no expectation that you will bargain in good faith since your recent record is deficient in the extreme.  However, you should note that the true and loyal Democrats have found that there is indeed Power in a Union and we look forward to making the powers that be in the DNC, the powers that were in November.

Enjoy your Labor Day while it lasts.



(People United Mean Action)

269 Responses

  1. riverdaughter, you’re the best.
    Good labor day to you.

  2. We have to be fair, though. Two weeks ago a reporter insisted Hillary’s only role should be to bring a casserole to the convention, but now the media say she better not be bringing any welcome-to-the-Washington-neighborhood coffee cake to Sarah Palin. Hey, that cuts back on a hour of labor.

  3. Hillary does deserve time off from campaigning for B****k O***a.

    You know, I actually read a post by an Obama supporter who said that Hillary needs to go and “handle” Palin? It’s not Hillary’s job to keep campaigning for that man. She has done enough. It’s time for that clown to stand on his own two feet. And now we hear comments from his camp that Hillary’s response to Palin “will do, for now” ??

    I am an African-American woman, and never in a million years did I think that I would for for John McCain, but these infiltrators in the Dem party need to be kicked out.

    I cannot and will not vote for Obama. To do so means that I am letting them get away with voter fraud, voter intimidation, delegate/superdelegate intimidation.

    Thank you for having sites like this one. You all have witnessed the Obama campaign thugs. You can imagine what it’s like being a Black person who doesn’t support him. Your mental state is called into question, people think something is wrong with you,etc.

    No, I see very clearly. Obama is a con artist and he needs to be sent back to Chicago. Pelosi, Brazile and Dean need to be kicked out of the Dem party as well, and the only way to do this is to elect McCain.

  4. What about demanding that some of the other Seven Dwarfs that were on the Debate Stage with Hillary do some heavy lifting? What hole has Dodd crawled into? I do not see him singing Obama’s praises and washing Obama’s socks?

  5. IKnowWhatYouDidLastPrimary, love your screen name and comment!

    I’m white and my white friends (most of whom were for Hillary) are very concerned that I am uncommitted (nothing on top) at this point. They are being respectful – we listen to each other – but they show desperation at the thought of McCain and they want to denigrate Palin – believe all the MSM talking points.

    I like that Hillary is using her stumping for Obama to advance her agenda. She is saying that she is voting for Obama because he will do _______________. Always an item of her agenda that he has co-opted or agrees with. She’s calling him out.

    I will try to remember to write O***a. Very clever.

  6. just popping in for a sec — great post RD as usual ….this place keeps me sane!

    I can’t believe how deftly the McCain campaign has swooped in and taken the change meme right out from under BO….of course “change” was just laying there waiting for a home as soon as BO put the ultimate ole boys club washington insider on the ticket.

    and for the record what a bunch of stupid idiots to waste upwards of 70 million on a sham convention and god knows how much on a stadium and fake parthenon…. yeah this reckless spending is change we can believe in.

    I was watching interviews with McCain just now which prompted me to post. and I found myself saying this man I CAN listen for four years…I can’t watch BO without spewing bile. yay – dems ya got your own W! Good on ya.

  7. Happy Labor Day, everyone. Don’t mourn, organize. Stoke the flames of discontent!

    And remember, the Palin household is a union household.

  8. Over on Hullabaloo–where I post only rarely now, as “Monster from the Id”–a regular named “Tanbark” has been losing his composure so badly, ranting that Hillary must deal with Palin posthaste, that even the other Oborg are telling him to calm down. [on the “Erratic Prisoner of the Right Wing” thread]

    IKWYDLP, were you referring to him, too?

    Hullabaloo used to be a great blog, and Digby held out for a good long time, but she finally succumbed to the Kool-Aid. Tristero and Dday were guzzling it well before then. That blog is just the Little Orange Cheetopia now. 😦

  9. I confess that I didn’t finish watching the Diddy Combs video posted on a thread last night; I found him rambling and snotty in the part I saw. However, I did see a newspaper article with AP feed that says Diddy is upset with the high price of fuel.

    Seems it now costs $200K for a trip on his personal plane, and that’s too much for him to use very often. He gave an interview, saying, “Look at me, I’m flying commercial..” while he sat in a first-class seat. Says we better be electing a new POTUS that will bring down the price of fuel. He luvs him some Precious to accomplish that.

    How’s that for Labor Day blues? I know I can relate to Diddy…….

  10. We live in hard times, politically, right now. As stated so many times, it’s opposite day and it just won’t end. I certainly do hope that the selection of Sarah Palin as GOP VP will cause enough of a problem in the polls and elsewhere (which it already is) to push Dean & Co to tweek the Dem ticket. I guess I would be foolish not to ask for Hillary at the top of the ticket because that’s what I want. A girl can dream, can’t she?

  11. What a great post, RD. I love that song. Do you think the implosion of Teh Village and the blogosphere over Sarah Palin will change our ticket in November?

  12. What do they want Hillary to do about Sarah? The big story now is that at one point she may have thought the bridge to nowhere was a big idea before she put a stop to it. What that shows me is that she is an astute politician.

  13. Have a great day off, Riverdaughter. I’m so impressed with your ability to keep your energy level up. And the quality of your writing is better than ever! You keep me hopeful. I’ve been really in a daze with all that has happened in the past week, and now the hurricane.

    I leave for Boston today and will be back home tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again and getting back into a regular routine. I’ll try to check in tonight if I can get internet access. The Confluence and all the wonderful Confucians are my lifeline.

  14. “The big story now is that at one point she may have thought the bridge to nowhere was a big idea before she put a stop to it.” ben carlson

    What that shows me is that there is no “big story.”

  15. I meant “good idea” not “big idea.” But purplefinn you are right.

  16. riverdaughter, you are hilarious. You could take your comedic skills on the road and do standup or a recurring role on SNL as the Puma who has an unmistakable propensity for putting a stick in the eye of the DNC..

    I Love it! 🙂


  17. I was looking at the pictures from McCain’s rally in Missouri. I’m not afraid to say that Mitt Romney is very handsome but, geez, Sarah Palin is gorgeous. McCain must be in heaven.

  18. Honora: suspect ObamaCo doesn’t want Dwarf Dodd anywhere around. People now associate Dodd with the mortgage scandal, which reminds people of Obama’s association with Johnson, and of the mortgage funny business with Rezko. Mortgage is a dead word over at Obamanation.

    They’d prefer to pillage Palin, that’s all in a day’s work for the little Obots.

  19. BTW, Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd is easy on the eyes too.

  20. Thanks for the love purplefinn. I’m not surprised that your friends believe MSM talking points. Anyone who has done their own research on O***a will know that the MSM is not doing their job. So many of us had to become journalists because they aren’t telling us the truth.

    Ivory, I haven’t head about this Tanbark poster.

    I found a home on the No Deal sites and I stick with those. Sometimes other sites are neutral, but I will notice that it slowly turns into a Kool-aid fest, I will stay and debate for a while, but then it’s 5 or 6 posters against me and I leave. I was thinking, we know about the 400 paid bloggers, but how do we know that he didn’ t hire more?

  21. I think the McCain campaign thought, hmmm, the country wants a rock star, a celebrity, I’ll give them one better. McCain went “all in” with Palin. I rather like that in a person.

  22. Holy guacamole!

    Jeralyn is pimping a story from Huff&Puff that claims McCain never checked her hometown newspaper archives in the vetting process.

    Which proves ???

    She is still going on about Troopergate too, and now she even has a post up where she appears shocked to discover that Sarah Palin’s pastor preaches that only Christians will go to Heaven!

    Jeralyn: “Only Christians go to Heaven” has been in the rule book for “TWO THOUSAND YEARS!

  23. Ben:

    They want Hillary to knee-cap Palin, then give her the Vince Foster treatment.

    Cuz you know them Clintons do stuff like that to their enemies.

  24. myiq2xu: Jeralyn has apparently lost her mind or someone spiked her coffee with the bot kool-aid.

    It’s a coordinated blog attack on Palin. This shit is already backfiring…big time. I know they’ve pushed me over the edge and I will now NOT be sitting out this election.

  25. MyIq: With each of these comments Jeralyn (whoever she is) are bringing out more and more Evangelicals to vote for Sarah Palin and McCain. They are so stupid!

  26. elixir, on September 1st, 2008 at 8:41 am Said:

    Do you think the implosion of Teh Village and the blogosphere over Sarah Palin will change our ticket in November?

    I don’t know the rules well. Is it possible for our ticket to change voluntarily before November?

  27. She fired an “at will” employee. Hillary fired the whole travel office. So what?

  28. Our ticket isn’t changing no matter what. But that CNN poll from yesterday tells the tale. Palin deflated Obama’s bounce. Ok, I’m off to a Labor Day parade. Enjoy the day everyone. Good news is that we don’t have to listen to Bush at the convention tonight. McCain threw him under the bus!

  29. “McCain threw him under the bus!” Now that’s a bus I’ll gladly get on.

  30. Off topic, but I want to get this info out….

    Update to my original post:

    I found the mailing envelope from Louisiana SPCA which has the “hurricane-safe” address for donating:

    Ana Zorilla, Chief Executive Officer

    Louisiana SPCA

    P.O. Box 96495

    Washington, DC 20090-6495

    By the way, the Lousiana SPCA has been give a “4-Star – Exceptional” rating by Charity Navigator, the largest evaluator of charities. Over 93% of the SPCA’s funds go directly to programs and services!


  31. haha – Mac threw W under the bus! haha

  32. One of the biggest issues that independent artists and internet radio stations have been dealing with for years is corporate control of the music industry . This affects eveyone especially the great listening public . Independent artists have made great strides in the recent years but this battle is far from over . On myspace one of my friends is

    That page has been created to tell you exactly how URGENT that the Bill H.R. 2060 is to MUSIC FANS OF ALL GENRES – INTERNET RADIO – INDEPENDANT RECORDING ARTISTS – AND THE DIVERSITY AND EXPOSURE OF MUSIC IN GENRAL. The CRB (Copy Rights Royalty Board) , has been persuaded to hand down royalty rates to Internet Radio Webcasters that would totally bankrupt them the first day they went into effect. The RIAA which is made up of the top executives of the 4 Major Labels is the organization which convinced the CRB to make this decision. Sound Exchange, which is the organization that collects these so called royalties for the RIAA claims to have a concern for the recording artists, though this ruling would completely whip out the entire Internet Radio culture and the exposure Artists gain, and the diversity it brings.

    Sounds rather unethical doesn’t it? Well it is. The actual motivation here for the RIAA/Sound Exchange is to “Kill their competition” You see, Internet Radio Webcasters bring to it’s listeners music that you would never hear on terrestrial radio (AM/FM). Also, A great majority of this music is from Independent Recording Labels. The RIAA/Sound Exchange isn’t doing this to get more money for the recording artists or even themselves. They are doing this for control and Power which they have over the majority of AM/FM stations.

    H.R. 2060 is a bill brought to Congress by Representative Jay Inslee in the name of continuing the Webcasting industry, small as it may be. It keeps the ridiculous royalty rates of up to 300% that NO business model could survive with, from being brought before all Webcasters.

    We are outmatched by the lobbying power and money of the RIAA, but we are NOT outmatched by facts, passion and the power of the number of our voices. Please urge your State Senators and Congressional Representatives to Sponsor this bill. We are very short on time and need this brought to the House Floor ASAP. Every single voice counts.

    MY friend who has donated so much of his time and effort to this cause has posted a blog about JOE BIDEN titled JOE BIDEN : RIAA Stooge :
    Joe Biden, huh? Talk about strike three.

    2000: Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Lieberman “loses” election. Flash forward to 2008 and this stuffy jerk – who spent part of his career going after Marilyn Manson – is plowing in fried tilapia at Olive Garden with John McCain.

    2004: Democratic vice-presidential nominee John Edwards loses election. Flash forward to 2008 and Edwards is admitting to having an affair (possibly a love child too!) while his wife was recovering from the cancer.

    2008: Now we get Joe Biden? Please.

    Biden’s tech voting record has gotten a bit of attention over the last few days, primarily because it exposes him as a close ally of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), two industry groups that spent decades bilking their customers before Napster showed up and set things right. Let’s not forget the Payola scandals. This industry has long been about telling you what to like and selling it to you at an exorbitant price.

    Paidcontent.org reported on Sunday that Biden last year proposed a $1 billion program to monitor p2p networks. That’s right: $1 billion of your tax money to ensure nobody steals the new Metallica album.

    Biden also “sponsored an RIAA bill” that would “restrict recording and playback of individual songs from satellite and Internet radio stations,” according to paidcontent.org. Again, that’s all about the RIAA deciding what you listen to – and what you buy – as well as helping maintain a grip on radio advertising.

    I know what some of you are thinking: “It’s only $1 billion. The Iraq War alone costs about $2 billion every week.” You’re also thinking: “But file sharing is illegal.” Yes, it is. But I still remember the nearly $20 list price on Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001. Napster broke soon after, ultimately helping to drive costs to $9.99 an album on iTunes. The RIAA’s thievery, legal as it was, was shameful. That Biden would play along with an industry that profited so disgustingly from its near-monopoly on popular music says a lot about where his priorities lie.

    It also says a lot about his grasp of technology issues, especially when you also consider the fact that he once “sounded skeptical” about the need for net neutrality legislation, according to paidcontent.org.

    Biden apparently missed the talking point that the proliferation of the Internet has changed the game for media distribution. He apparently doesn’t understand that it offers a once-in-a-century chance to provide something approaching equality of opportunity in this country. Don’t look for any post-Baby Boomer forward thinking from this guy.

    Oh, and don’t even bother stealing the new Metallica album. It will be horrible. This band hasn’t put out a decent album since 1991 and show no signs of understanding why they were worthwhile in the 1980s. Their last four albums were so bad that it might even be possible to mathematically prove that Metallica has been terrible for more than a decade now.

  33. bush under the mac bus . …another reason to vote for mac!

  34. rd: You put the likes of Dowd, Collins, Eagan to shame with your posts! These women just “don’t get it”. Wonderful essay and a great way to start the Labor Day weekend. Women speaking out, going forward, refusing to sit down and shut up. I won’t “get over it” anytime soon and I am pretty confident I speak for most posters here at the Confluence.

    We can make a difference. We will make a difference. We have the power to make the “change” so readily promised to us since this campaign began.

    No Hillary? Then no Obama. Simple as that.

  35. “I was thinking, we know about the 400 paid bloggers, but how do we know that he didn’ t hire more?” IKnowWhatYouDidLastPrimary, on September 1st, 2008 at 9:02 am


    Isn’t it great that Hillary doesn’t need any paid supporters even after she suspended her campaign!

  36. Hillary deserves a long rest. Let Judas, baby daddy Edwards, Countrywide Dodd, and the rest of the “men” in the obamacrat party carry precious. I’ve had it with expecting Hillary to keep propping up this sack of pus. Enough! She has done more than ANY other candidate. Campaigning for him while he’s surfing in Hawaii, the debasement of having to stop the roll call, on and on, the subjugation and abuse won’t stop. I just don’t know what else can be expected

  37. But, but ..she still isn’t doing enough to help!
    Some recent back and forth with NYT having…Kerry speak for us!

  38. Alan Colmes (sp) had a hideous posting on his web site with some slander against Palin blaming her for her youngest childs down syndrome. It was pretty foul. Our brothers and sisters against sexism began an email war against the site and caused Colmes to remove the offending post. He did so ungraciously and leaves in place some pretty pathetic crap against Palin.

    We need to fight sexism against our female elected officials no matter what party. We need to do this to remove this tactic from our political landscape. I hope you all will join me in writing to Fox News to send your complaint.

  39. SophieL
    That article provided me with the quote of the day and a new signature

  40. we need to declare WAR on all media that is enabling anti-female behavior . . .this means letter-writing, emailing, phone calss, and BOYCOTTING. letters to newspaper editors are also useful; hillary supporters need to channel their energy into supporting mccain/palin this year; the dnc/obama thugs must be taught a hard and well-earned lesson.

  41. edgeofforever:
    hillary supporters should make sure that obama loses . . ..the democratic party may then ‘get it’.

  42. we need to declare WAR on all media that is enabling anti-female behavior . . .this means letter-writing, emailing, phone calls, and BOYCOTTING. letters to newspaper editors are also useful; hillary supporters need to channel their energy into supporting mccain/palin this year; the dnc/obama thugs must be taught a hard and well-earned lesson.

  43. Riverdaughtrer, that letter definitely speaks for me!

    But you know – LET THEM have Hillary campaign and make speeches on behalf of Obambi.

    It’ll remind people “WHY DIDN’T I VOTE FOR HER?”

    This is all setting her up for 2012.

    Remember – Hillary came out smelling like a ROSE from the convention.

    And Hillary would never shed her “classy” and “handle” Palin. Who the hell they think Hillary is? Some attack dog that’ll bark upon command???

    Let her make her case. Underneath it all, the narrative will be: Hillary 2012.

  44. “And Hillary would never shed her “classy” and “handle” Palin. Who the hell they think Hillary is? Some attack dog that’ll bark upon command???” sm77

    Right! Going for Palin is the VP’s job. Did O***a make a mistake?????????????

  45. myiq2xu, on September 1st, 2008 at 9:08 am Said:
    Holy guacamole!

    Jeralyn is pimping a story from Huff&Puff that claims McCain never checked her hometown newspaper archives in the vetting process.

    Which proves ???

    She is still going on about Troopergate too, and now she even has a post up where she appears shocked to discover that Sarah Palin’s pastor preaches that only Christians will go to Heaven!

    Jeralyn: “Only Christians go to Heaven” has been in the rule book for “TWO THOUSAND YEARS!

    LOLOLOLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Get a doctor, the Kool-Aid Krew’s brains are MEEEELTING!!

    When they wake from the McCain SuperDuper Smackdown on Nov. 5th, and after they are tired of blaming us for it, they’ll have a sobering analysis of what went wrong and hopefully feel remorse.

  46. NH, I think you are right. Even if you would never vote for a Republican, sexism should be called out when it is used on them too. I completely reject “the ends justify the means” rationale that the Obama supporters have taken on. Their support of women’s rights has been shown to be nothing more than a weapon that they use to keep women from voting Republican. They have no shame in being sexist against Republican women.
    I hope the women that supported Obama are watching how they are now treating Palin. It should show them that their protection from sexist attacks is contingent upon them toeing the line. If they step away from the it, they are fair game.

  47. As the misogyny in the press and democratic campaign continues, Dar Williams’ lyrics keep going through my head:

    “I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.
    You tried to make me doubt, to make me guess, tried to make me feel like a little less,
    Oh, I liked you when your soul was bared, I thought you knew how to be scared,
    And now it’s amazing what you did to make me stay,
    But truth is just like time, it catches up and it just keeps going,
    And so I’m leaving, you can find out how much better things can get,
    And if it helps, Id say I feel a little worse than I did when we met,
    So when you find someone else, you can try again, it might work next time,
    You look out of the kitchen window and you shake your head and say low,
    If I could believe that stuff, Id say that woman has a halo,
    And I look out and say, Yeah, shes really blond,
    And then I go outside and join the others, I am the others,
    Oh — and that’s not easy, I don’t know what you saw, I want somebody who sees me,
    I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.”

    It amazes me that this society is still so afraid of women, is still so threatened by a woman’s competence. In both Senator Clinton’s case and Governor Palin’s case, society (at least as is represented by the MSM) is so threatened that the automatic reaction is to defend against Clinton and Palin by trying to trash them. It is simultaneously pathetic and infuriating.

    I hope this campaign business initiates a revival of the overt women’s movement. I’m going to strive to worry less about being polite and to concern myself with dealing directly and immediately with sexism in all its forms when it presents itself to me.

  48. Gotta hand it to the Repugs—they are fricken’ shrewd. The “liberal” pundits are so stupid. They took the rope and they’re hanging themselves with it. The so-called party of gender equality is falling all over themselves to spew misogynistic hate of the lowest form, and the Repugs are collecting links and clips–Ads that write themselves, courtesy of the hypocrites.

  49. I remember when “truthiness” and “spin” were considered to be major character flaws of the GOP

    Now they seem to be the official policy of the Democratic party.

  50. purplefinn, on September 1st, 2008 at 10:16 am Said:
    “And Hillary would never shed her “classy” and “handle” Palin. Who the hell they think Hillary is? Some attack dog that’ll bark upon command???” sm77

    Right! Going for Palin is the VP’s job. Did O***a make a mistake?????????????

    THose bloviating MFers are such wimps, they see a tough as grits high-heeled Palin and the “shriveling” begins. Only one that can “man-handle” Palin is Hillary?

    OH PAH-LEEZE! Fight your own battles, SWEETIES!!! Wanted Hillary out? You had to cheat and steal votes to get it, but Hillary’s out! Now you want her to come fight Palin? That’s Joe Biden’s job!

  51. SophieL:

    Check out memeorandum and you’ll see that the righty blogs are unusually quiet.

    It’s like they are following the political adage:

    When your opponents are self-destructing, stay out of the way.”

  52. Riverdaughter, you are incredible! So funny and brilliant!

    What amazing asses to expect anything from Hillary at this point. Helpless imbeciles. Apparently, they don’t think Barack can handle anything.

    God I have developed an allergy to smug “liberals”. I love my mother, but she starting launching into attacks on Palin immediately. Her points? Her voice, her style, her inexperience. She’s 84 years old, and I had to stop myself from shouting back. My PUMA dad has the story straight. My mom is from the classic “liberal” snog school.

    It’s been a painful election cycle. But something is coming out od this.

    Hi indigogrrl!

  53. Hello conflucians, how are you all. Back from Denva all refreshed now and ready to get back to work! How bout you all. I know it’s labor day and all, but my mind is still thinking, I’m still po’d and ready to go!!!

  54. I was watching CMT Insider this morning and they mentioned that the song they played at the end of Teh Precious latest Greatest Speech EVAH was “Only in America” by Brooks and Dunn.

    That was the song the GOP played four years ago when G-Dub gave his acceptance speech

    For some reason I’m not surprised

  55. Myiq: I noticed that (the quiet on the other front)…they’re gonna bomb the cr@p out of the left, using their own words. Because the left is stupid. I feel pretty stupid for not having noticed this before now. If Sarah Palin is on the wrong side of every issue Democrats hold dear (and I pretty much think she is), then use those issues to beat her up. When they go after her ability to do the job because she is a mother, was a beauty queen (wasn’t Steinem?), has a Downs syndrome baby, or make up sh!t about the baby’s origins, they are disgustingly sexist and I will always speak out against that kind of hypocrisy. The end does not justify the means.

  56. I do understand that Kos and Huff Po are Obama supporters but perhaps not under Obama control but this attack on Palin’s daughter, even if the story were true, is so beyond the swift boating of Kerry that I just can not believe it. We must put a stop to the Obama cancer. He may not control these people (actually doubt that!) but he could certainly denounce them. The Democratic official response to Palin appears to be to paint her as a right wing whacko, yet everything I am reading about her seems to show her in a far more moderate light. Even her position on abortion does not seem to me to be whacko—maybe not my position but her actions are those of someone who believes in valid legal process. I am ashamed of my political party, the old Democratic Party and as I look at the rhetoric coming from that source, I am wondering if maybe I was blind to their excesses. Their ageist and sexist remarks are just flat out stereotyping equal or worse than racism. The only way I can think of to interrupt all this blatant prejudice is to vote against the Obama ticket and the only way to do this effectively is to vote McCain Palin.

  57. Happy Labor Day Conflucians.

    What’s the latest on Gustav? I don’t watch MSM anymore–has it hit yet and where? I’m worried about the folks down there.

  58. Jangles:

    I think the nutroots spent the last eight years fuming over how the GOP steamrollers and swiftboated the Democrats.

    They decided to fight fire with fire and adopted the same tactics. So now the GOP switches tactics and runs a relatively clean campaign.

    The GOP still has enormous media influence (cuz they basically own it) so they will get their message out. And that message will be:

    The Democrats are divisive, partisan hypocrites who play dirty.

  59. I’m being moderated again? I haven’t even had my coffee yet!

  60. Jangles, on September 1st, 2008 at 10:38 am

    Very well put. All this political cycle’s sexism started with Hillary of course and we were told the lie she was savaged because she was Hillary….. Now just when primary wounds were slightly scabbing over, what the new Dem party is doing to Palin is causing the fury over Hillary’s treatment to explode to new heights . The ONC is never satisfied. They see any obedience, or arm twisted agreement as merely a ticket to press for more . Of course Dem and GOP positions are vastly different….traditionally, yes. But the current crop of DC Dems do not fight for those positions….they wring their hands and cave in , every time.

    So let’s review: according the the DNC , I HAVE to vote for those who look down on me and I have to vote for those who do exactly the opposite of what I want, and I have to vote for those do not fight for me. Why? Because they are supposedly Dems?? That’s no longer enough of an answer.

  61. Jeralyn is pimping a story from Huff&Puff that claims McCain never checked her hometown newspaper archives in the vetting process.

    Yea, like they checked anything before lashing their misogyny on the minor child of Palin with vicious attacks. They are going for the trash and burn only they are trashing ‘children’ and then surprised by people’s reaction.

    Were are the party values?

  62. Just how do you guys get moderated anyway? I’ve never been moderated. (little sister voice) I want to be moderated too!

  63. Morning all! Finally catching up with all the posts and comments. Hilarious take, RD!

    Happy Labor Day. I keep thinking about how Obama slammed unions as “special interest groups” when Edwards was getting their endorsements, but was fine once they started endorsing him.


  64. Joanie,

    We have certain trigger words that send comments to moderation. But, I can’t see what sent MyIQ’s last comment there. Maybe the word “dirty” — I’ll have to double check the list.

  65. Joaniebone,

    Hiya — you in moderation is like adding the nitro to glycerin.

  66. Just realized where my real family holiday gatherings have been: here!

    Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day….

    Thank you PUMA family. I love you all.

  67. Prolix, that bad????

  68. Katie, I miss you soooo much. What a wonderful sister you are. (sniff).

  69. good questions joanieb: i’ve never understood that either. I would also like definitions for:

    yellow dog
    blue dog

  70. Did someone just call me dirty?

  71. Joaniebone — not bad at all, that’s why we get such a “bang” outta you.

  72. KB:

    I’m back in moderation again. I feel so d-i-r-t-y

  73. katieb: but how does the poster know they’re in moderation? Do they get a signal or do their comments just not show up?

  74. oh, but myiq, we love you that way!

  75. Yep, that’s the trigger.


    If you wanna get moderated, you gotta be d-i-r-t-y

  76. Yep, already the cries are mounting on the Dem side for Hillary to go “do something” about the scary Palin. I am laughing me ass off.

    I agree with the poster upthread. IF they send Hill out there to aggressively campaign, all they are doing is making it painfully obvious to the entire world that Obama and the DNC treated her like shit, and now want to run hide behind her pantsuit.

    Hey DNC, if you wanted Hillary to be your public champion and STANDARD-BEARER, you should have put her on the ticket. You remind me of some petulant and ill-mannered teenager who struts out of the house demanding “I don’t need you! I can take care of myself! I’m getting my own apartment!”

    The DNC poobahs insisting Hillary go “handle” Palin is the equivalent of “Um….mom,,,,the electric bill is late. Um…..mom……I’m out of groceries and broke.”

    So keep it up, Bambi, Kerry, and the rest. Keep telling the world that JUNIOR IS OUT OF GROCERIES AND NEEDS MOMMY TO BAIL HIM OUT.

  77. Hillary will never sell out another woman. She will emphasize the difference in their policy positions, but she will NEVER attack her family, her looks, etc. She knows about that b.s. in her bones.

  78. Hillary should run as far away from this as possible.

  79. Don’t you just love that John Kerry is suddenly an authority on Dem women? I can’t believe I voted for that guy. I want a refund.

  80. fif, The only way to tell is that your comment doesn’t appear.

    Dirty is now clean.

  81. I thought I WAS dirty! I am AMAZED at some of the things I have said here that didn’t get moderated.

  82. Yellow Dog

    blue dog

    freepers. No link for this one. People who hang out at Free Republic.

  83. Hillary should not only take the day off, but a prolonged furlough from the dems. So should the rest of us. During this primary, the dem leaders have resorted to McCarthyism, racial and gender bias, propaganda and group-think to support their sawdust-in-a-suit candidate. They still pay lip service to liberal values but have perverted liberal values in every way imaginable. I will vote for whoever is the opposite of this group of hijackers and political terrorists.

  84. I think Hillary should lose her cell phone until November 5th.

    She is not O’Biden’s Mommy.

  85. BTD did a post about Obama and McCain playing poker.

    I commented that the Democrats had a royal flush but they threw away the queen

  86. Hi! Just did some number crunching, and the results at present are not encouraging. The states that are still too close to call are : CO, NM, VA, OH If Obama gets either OH or VA or a combo CO-NM its game over. I hope that Pumas have some influence in those states.

    BTW- EEOC? Amnesty? That’s a joke, right? (nervous laughter here….

  87. BTD did a post about Obama and McCain playing poker.

    Why would they do that? Putting the metro against the maverick in a stereotypical manly-man’s game?

  88. Good Morning.

    I guess God is not so much on the side of the Democrats as the results of the Hurricane so far would indicate.

    I guess he likes Sarah also!

    That Biden is continuing to say McCain doesn’t believe in equal pay for women while BO is the one not paying as much is again the media letting them just slide on by with BS.

    If you get a chance watch the focus group on CSPAN with Frank Luntz. This is what we are up against. They all had a mostly negative opinion of Sarah and most had not seen her speech or knew anything about her. It was gender based opinion. Even when it was pointed out the differences in level of experience, they could not make the leap into reality that she was much more qualified and experienced.

    It’s time for treatment:


  89. I don’t believe that VA will go to Obama or Ohio, for that matter.

  90. KB:

    In that blue dog page you linked to, the guy in the far left front row is my congressman, Dennis Cardoza.

    When I say “my congressman” I mean he represents my district.

    He replaced Gary Condit, one of the original blue dogs. He endorsed Hillary, then flip-flopped and endorsed Teh Precious right before the last primaries.

    I met one of my ex-wives (the one who was the youngest of 8) at the nightclub he used to own.

  91. RB – McCain hasn’t even begun to attack Obama yet. And no one pays attention till after Labor Day anyway.

    Don’t worry. The Republicans have got this.

  92. I saw that post, MyIQ I was going to comment when I got dragged back here to rescue your post (and the subsequent conversation)

    But, I was going to say that the entire premise of the story is Bullshit.

    My father is a statistician. And he originally became interested in statistics when he played craps as a kid in Chicago. He taught most of us kids craps and poker by explaining the odds involved.

    You can’t get away from statistics with either game.

  93. WTF?

    I guess I should have typed (the one who was the youngest of eight) cus what I typed turned into 8)

  94. MyIQ, “mine” is the one at the microphone holding the picture. He’s Dennis Moore and he thinks a $500 tax credit will make health care affordable for everyone.

  95. fif-
    I’m so fed up with Kerry too. I can’t wait to vote for his challenger Ed O’Reilly. It’s time for a change in MA. Lifetime senator Kerry needs to go.

  96. She probably can’t do this, but I’d love to see Hillary Clinton stick up for Sarah Palin and say, “Stop the sexist comments. Focus on the issues” and then, as MadamaB said upthread, she should lose her cell phone until November.

  97. The only role for a woman on the Democratic ticket is wife.

    Been there, done that.

    Read this on another blog re Palin and this baby issue:

    The Smear Heard Round the World.

    PUMAs: we have never been more needed than in this modern political age when women cannot compete in the political sphere without vicious sexism. Nothing has been achieved yet, even in this 21st century.

  98. madamb: you have a point, and I hope youre right, but the last two elections have been nail biters.

    Perhaps I worry too much, but Obama would be a disaster for everyone, liberal and conservative alike.

  99. O’Biden whines that McCain doesn’t believe in equal pay for women. Boo hoo. The UnDemocratic Party does not believe in equal rights for women. Which is worse?

  100. I don’t know if Gloria Steinem was a beauty queen. I do know that she was a Playboy Bunny for a short stint and she would defend Palin from personal, gender based attacks.
    Gloria was for Hillary, too.

  101. KB:

    I would rather be drugged than dragged.

    On that TL post I almost said “The Democrats had a royal flush but they threw away the queen and now Obama is a busted flush” but I didn’t want to get deleted.

  102. Gloria was a bunny, not a queen

  103. Thanks for the clarifications KB!

  104. Great Katie (snark)–

    lets see… Conflucians know that our Dad and Mom drink on the way to the hospital, teach the young-uns to gamble, and what else?? Please don’t mention the crack-pipe!

  105. Robert: We know people who are working on the swing state problem. But OH and VA are the least of Obama’s worries. He is very much in danger of losing PA and NJ. PA especially. I’ve got relatives in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, both blue collars and conservatives and Obama is tanking big time. BIG time. If he wins PA, I will be shocked. And NJ is starting to lighten up as well. McCain could very, very, easily win this state if he tailors his message carefully. Sarah Palin makes it even more possible. If the DNC ignores NJ this year, it will be at its peril. My spidey sense is of the opinion that Obama is going to be playing whack-a-mole all election season. Those Democrats who dislike him and the DNC dislike him so intensely that nothing will ever make us vote for him. And now that McCain has solidified his evangelical base, there is not much out there for Obama to poach anymore. He’s got independents who pay attention to the last thing they hear before they step into that voting booth and with the GOP 527’s just poised to cream Obama, well, it’s not going to be pretty.

  106. At NOQ, Larry has a slam bang rant toward Andrew (yick) Sullivan. Apparently, he is involved in the Palin Down’s Syndrome smear. Wow. These people have lost all sense of proportion and decency. Remember the McCarthy era: “Sir, have you no sense of decency?!”

    They are going to destroy themselves with this repulsive behavior. Best to just get out of the way and watch them self-destruct.

  107. Lots of girls who enter beauty pageants are pushed into it by their mothers.

    And back in the day, girls were supposed to take home economics and cheer for the boys when they played sports.

    Sarah Palin was a player, not a cheerleader.

    George W. Bush was a cheerleader at Yale.

  108. #
    robert bezold, on September 1st, 2008 at 11:32 am Said:

    Gloria was a bunny, not a queen


    She was a Playboy Bunny long enough to get a story. She was a reporter.

  109. fif, andrew sullivan never had any sense of proportion or decency..he’s always been a humongous asshole

  110. Why do trolls keep coming here and telling us who we are?

    We already know.

  111. It was a story for Esquire, I think. A kind of Nellie Bly stunt by Gloria.

  112. DEE, you need to learn to use your inside voice sweetie.

  113. The reason they are pushing the beauty pageant thing is that Obama is still pissed he wasn’t elected prom queen

  114. purplefinn is right re Steinem.

    Her expose didn’t focus on any expected sleaze, but on how these women were Bunnies for the pay. Some were single mothers. She also discussed the work environment, e.g., hours, overtime. Steinem was the first person to see Playboy for a business, not some fantasy playground.

  115. gary:

    The voices inside “her” head?

  116. (hanging my head)

    No more family stories from me….

  117. I think Hillary COULD stick up for Palin & continue to support “what’s his name”.
    Today I’m troubled, because some union friends of mine are
    “BLAMING” me/us for KILLING THEIR union job by NOT JUMPING on the UNITY train. I don’t agree!
    Right now I’m NOT ON ANY TRAIN!! If the election was today I’d NOT VOTE / or vote McCain. I know I’ll vote “DOWN-TICKET DEM.”, and with Sarah a pro-union being the Senate’s “tie-breaking vote” I believe the union’s are secure.


    I am one of the co-founders of the PUMA movement. I have been a lifelong Democrat and voted Democratic all my life until this year when I registered “unaffiliated” after the DNC’s disgusting RBC hearing. I did it as a preventative measure so I wouldn’t be affected by the psychological warfare that you are now succumbing to. In NJ, “unaffiliated” is nearly meaningless as you can declare your party affiliation at the polls on Primary day. But between primary day and election day, the DNC might as well be speaking to a brick wall when it comes to me.

    PUMAs are DEMOCRATS. We support downticket Dems. But if the MSM and DNC wants to call us Republicans, so what? It makes it even *harder* for Obama to get our votes.

    Now, I don’t know what kind of “proof” they have dug up on PUMAs being Republican but I guarantee you that it is untrue. While there may be a few Republican PUMAs and while many PUMAs have decided to vote for McCain/Palin, the vast majority of us are Democrats.

  119. When I say stunt, I do no mean to belittle the work of Nellie Bly at the New York Sun. She was responsible for a lot of reform in factories and hospitals for the indigent. Kind of a forerunner of Jacob Riis.

  120. Good morning Riverdaughter. I am finally home from Denver. I want to tell everyone that Riverdaughter is just as eloquent, concise and to the point when replying “off the cuff” to the questions of a bystander along the protest route as she is when writing this column. And she treats everyone with respect.

    Now I want to say how much I like Sarah Palin. There is one thing I noticed in Sarah’s introductory speech: she said she was gong to work tirelessly, go any where and speak to anyone to ask their vote. She is saying she intends to do just what Hillary did.

    Remember when she, Bill and Chelsea (probably tired to the bone) went to Mississippi to explain Hillary’s policies to the people and ask for their vote even though the odds were so much against her? And all Obama had to do was to go down there and say “hoodwinked, okey-dokey, and bamboozle” in no specific order and he won Mississippi?

    Has the torch been passed?

  121. SOD: Union heads in KY keep saying they need to “educate” voters here against their biases; notice they’re not saying prejudice, they all say bias, guess that is the kindlier, gentler word for racist.

    Have no idea what that means, or how effective it is.

  122. “In 1963, working on an article for Huntington Hartford’s Show magazine, she was employed as a Playboy Bunny at the New York Playboy Club. The article featured a photo of Steinem in Bunny uniform and exposed how women were treated at the clubs. The article was a sensation, making Steinem an in-demand writer in the process.” Wikipedia

    Here’s an irony: “In 1998, she was inducted into the American Society of Magazine Editors Hall of Fame along with Hugh Hefner of Playboy and Byron Dobell, former editor of American Heritage, Esquire, Life, and New York. ”

    http://www.gale.cengage.com/free_resources/whm/bio/steinem_g.htm – 43k –

  123. tpt/ny: Try not to get upset. When it comes to this election, your vote wouldn’t have helped Obama much anyway. Obama and the DNC abandoned the base and went chasing after moderate Republicans and evangelicals. Now that McCain won those people back, there is nothing more for Obama to gain. He has to start turning back to his base now. If your union friends want to blame anyone, tell them to look no further than Obama, who has never shown any core Democratic principles that would have saved their jobs or anyone elses jobs, for that matter. There was never any guarantee with Obama. He is a Democrat in name only.

  124. In the last two presidential elections where ever there was a Dem governor, I could trust the election results ….I can’t say that now. Only because I have seen what Barry’s forces will do to get a vote to go their way. I am not accusing any Dem governor of anything. I’m saying the 100 % trust is not there ….but the trust Barry will try to cook the vote? oh yeah that’s at 100%

  125. kb, teasing, I promise. I think it is funny. We did come from an unusual family, but I like who we are.

  126. Gary & RD – I just want you to know that DEE is not me.

    Gary & Mawm – glad you are back safe. I would love to get together for a drink or coffee. I introduced myself to Mawm on the street at the RBC. We have a couple of PUMA members here in Durham who would love to join in. Chapel Hill or Durham – you decide.

  127. It looks like the purge at Corrente will continue.

    Paul Lukasiak is about to get 86’d like I was.


  128. This is why we have a secret ballot(more or less).
    No one has to know how you intend to vote. You don’t have to tell them and it’s none of their business.

  129. Hey … did you ever consider voting for a third party. I’ll be voting Libertarian this year and hope others will as well … wouldn’t it be interesting if neither a Democrat nor a Republican won the white house this year? Spread the word … vote for Libertarian Bob Barr instead and let’s really shake Washington up!

    And a more immediate concern would be to submit comments on HHS Secretary Leavitt’s regulation that he’s getting ready to implement … and litterally screw up women’s health and reproductive freedoms for years to come. Read more here.

  130. Rockblot:

    We’re Democrats, which means we believe in government.

    We just don’t want Obama running it.

  131. SweetieSue!, on September 1st, 2008 at 11:54 am Said:

    Exactly. It’s none of their business!

  132. Good luck to the media trying to prove me a Republican.

    My dad is die-hard Republican, though. My fundamentalist parents did not believe in drinking, dancing, smoking, movies, cursing, you name it. I never heard my mother raise a voice in anger, but my dad is hot-headed, opinionated, and authoritarian. He had to rule the roost, and, although I love him dearly, he and I have always clashed.

    In 1973, we were arguing over Agnew. After some time, I flat-out said he was a crook. My father yelled, “You! You! What the shit do you know!” It was the one and ony time anyone ever heard him curse, and I am a legend in my very large family to this day.

  133. leah at corrente said:

    I guess this is as good a time as any to make the announcement, and speaking only for myself, I am not, I repeat, NOT, PUMA-friendly. My attitude is the result of having read what they are actually saying on their websites. And before anyone demands examples and links, don’t worry, they are coming. During the course of the week, I intend to do a series of posts analyzing what I’ve found at places like The Confluence.

    hey leah, bite me!! How about having that conversation with that horrible excuse of a writer Chicago Dyke who was pushing the Palin wasn’t pregnant nonsense? Progressive Blogospehre 2.0 my ass!! what a bunch of tools they turned out to be.

  134. Good work, parentofed. You’ve been mixing it up for a long time! We all need to speak truth to Power.
    I see that someone over at Corrente is upset at comments made about BO at Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ funeral.
    Well, they were not friends, didn’t like each other and he acted like he was getting a tooth pulled the entire time. For a great orator, the speech was decidedly perfunctory at best.

  135. This shit is getting out of hand.

    Now Leah at Corrente is ranting at one of ours.


  136. gary:

    You beat me to it.

    Today is the first time since I was banned from corrente that I miss not being able to comment

  137. How many independents are people who left the democratic party this year in protest?
    I am not so sure backtrack can count of independents to win in any state.
    Happy Labor Day.



  138. RD, MyIQ, Gary — Please check your email

  139. i’m sorry but chicago dyke writes like a teenage alcoholic and pushes trashy rovian bullshit, and then leah accuses RD of racism??

  140. I’m perplexed by women who want to stamp out racism-we all do-but don’t recognize toxic sexism when it’s grinding a heel in their faces.
    I’m thinking of that writer at Corrente; I hope I don’t have to strike another favorite off my list but nothing would surprise me during this Primary season.

    Happy Labor Day, Annetwo!

  141. SweetieSue: This spring, my dad did admit that Hillary Clinton was smart and tough. He said, ” I guess I really never listened before to what she was saying.” If the Dems only knew the significance of that concession, they would have known that she could take KY.

  142. I’m so sorry for all the Corrente fans who have been disillusioned and disappointed by all the Kool-Aid drinking over there.

    I went through the same thing with Eschaton. It’s been very painful to see how people who claimed to be principled liberals jumped so quickly on the Obama train and became ravening Hillary haters.

    Hatred is not a liberal value.

  143. (whispering)

    Let’s post no more links to The Corrente. They don’t deserve the attention. Or the traffic.

  144. instead of pb 2.0 they’ve turned into Kool Aid 2.0

  145. Well, in a couple of weeks I’ve gone from Obama to McCain to blank. I don’t know what this says about my integrity…. At first I was blinded by the change crap, until I started to actually take the time to read up on Obo’s road to power and the methods used. That made me want to vote McCain out of spite, but now with the emerging stuff about Palin’s opposition to sex-ed and abortion in all cases – no candidate for me.

  146. Madamab, Please check your emal.

  147. I’m non-affiliated and not-defending-anyone at this point. However, I will say that I have more respect for a woman won a beauty pageant back in the day and took the money and went to school than for the sons of privilege who were ushered into the Ivy Leagues and now run Washington.

    Also, Team Obama has to learn to get something done without crying to HRC for help. Damn. Have these people never, ever done anything for themselves?

  148. ok, i’m done….

  149. We can talk about it — just don’t give them “linky love” as Lambert might have said.

  150. KB – check yours. 😉

  151. Lenas – I feel you. I don’t think either candidate will make a good President.

    Talk about the understatement of the year. 😉

  152. SweetieSue!, on September 1st, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    I was amazed Barry showed up! And I was disgusted to see him swill from a water bottle as people praised him to the skies. If Obama wasn’t guaranteed an audience of thousands of OH’s AA movers and shakers , he would not have been there. He was no friend of STJ…and frankly the shit she went though because she supported Hillary could not have been good for her blood pressure.

  153. madamab:

    What pisses me off is that my views haven’t changed. I believe in the same values and principles that I have believed in for years.

    I was a regular at corrente and a frequent poster, and then suddenly the same positions I had when I first arrived there were unacceptable.

    IOW – I didn’t change, they did

  154. Yes, parentofed, it’s a terrible lost opportunity and it didn’t have to be this way.
    As a mirror image of your Dad, my very liberal eighty something aunt recently told me how surprised she was to find out that Bill Clinton was a racist! When I challenged her to repeat some of his racist remarks, her reply was “Oh, I can’t remember now.”
    She calls a beloved leader the worst thing you can call someone based on an erroneous impression fostered by surrogates of Obama’s campaign.
    I wonder how many friendships will be lost because of the toxic words spoken by Jesse Jackson Jr. and James Clyburn and so many others.

  155. No more linking to koolente?

    I’m down with that.

  156. koolente..I like that!!!

  157. Let me add, I hope they get more Obamalove than Taylor Mush got when she drank the sugary beverage

  158. MyIQ, did you see my email? I shouldn’t be surprised, but I hate this.

  159. Annetwo, I forgot about the waterbottle! I’m sure that it was hot as heck but he did swill. His body language was similar to Bush’s at the funeral of Coretta Scott King!

  160. Meh, Corrente jumped the shark a long time ago when they confused pretension for content. N’est-ce pas? The dressing down of unworthy new posters a couple of months ago by an old-timey member who has no grasp of grammar, spelling or issues was my signal to leave the station. The increasingly juvenile scolding of commenters publicly in the middle of threads was embarrassing to witness. I think there were those who wished to be influential and talked of PB 2.0, but the whole thing was too cringe-worthy to watch. There’s no one at Corrente who is Important Enough to give a lecture, for heaven’s sake.

  161. myiq – I understand, and I’m sorry they are such freaking jerks.If you weren’t an Aries, I’d virtually hug ya, but you folks aren’t much on that kind of thing. 😉

    Eschaton didn’t ban me, they drove me away with their swarming and nastiness every time I tried to say something supportive about HRC. I just don’t need to be in a place where perceived political “kewlness” is substituted for reality.

    Thank Gawd for RD. What a haven her site is for me. (breathes sigh of relief)

  162. Hatred is not a liberal value.

    I think too many “Liberals” didn’t get that page in the handbook.

  163. myiq: They and Anglachel seem to want to distance themselves from us. I’m not sure what’s up with Anglachel. She made a definite point of saying she is not a PUMA, she is a Clinton Democrat. Like we’re not Clinton Democrats?? I find this very puzzling.

  164. “state-of-disbelief”
    I like Arlen Spector TOooooo.
    I’ve been communicating on & off ALL summer with his :
    Senate Judiciary staff in regards to primary/caucus irregularities in the Democratic nominating process.
    The more calls the better. One of them gave me their e-mail
    ( I’m not comfortable posting it) & I sent the “silenced” video & other references as well.
    The # is 202-224-5225 I had spoken with Andrew & Sarah in the past.
    I’d love to know your response!

  165. I wonder if the real problem at koolente isn’t ego.

  166. katiebird – Indeed.

    Apparently, it was replaced with a page called “Fear Teh Vagina!!!1111!!!”

  167. What madamab said — I used to hang out at eschaton, until they turned into rabid Hillary haters and started bashing Bill for doing charity:

  168. http://carpetride.wordpress.com/

    Great new video in response to Greta wire…

  169. If you want a friend in politics, get a dog! –Harry Truman

    I’d add to that if you want loyalty in politics get a dog, as well.

  170. myiq2xu, on September 1st, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Taylor didn’t understand…you are not thanked for drinking the kool-aide, you are punished for taking so damn long. When you have something Barry wants, there is a hope for OK treatment . When you give him what he wants, there is the bus’s underbelly pressed against you face . If Barry gets in , I can see even Hill leave the New Dem Party and having to go Independent within two years. They can’t stop shitting on her.

  171. Funny how states are differently viewed, too. In 2004, Ky was a state seen as patriotic, hard-working, and salt-of-the-earth. Today, we’re dumb, hick, and racists. We haven’t changed in 4 years.

    All that’s changed is a perception that aids a specific politician, and a media that buys that agenda as factual.

    I hate the friggin media more than anything.

  172. RD – It seems they want to have their cake and eat it too. It takes courage to take a stance and support it with action, especially when you fear you may lose readership by doing so.

  173. Puzzling, indeed.

    Maybe it’s jealousy? RD, the success of The Confluence has been astonishing, even for us. Maybe some of these bloggers envy it.

  174. last post was reference to Myiq2xu

  175. Fox just confirmed that Bristol Palin is pregnant.

  176. RD:

    I commented on the “Clinton Democrat” post by Anglachel that I am both, and they are in no way mutually exclusive.

    She never posted the comment, which is the only time she hasn’t posted one of mine.

  177. I wonder if the real problem at koolente isn’t ego.

    ya think??? geez if ever there was a bastion of pretension that was it. I think they are getting scared because they really do want to be kool kidz, and by holding out on the Oblasphemy they were the outsiders, now they want to jump back on board with the rest of them because they can’t take the heat. Who else went there anyway besides conflucians? their already tiny readership just got cut in half.

  178. What is hilarious is that this threat of “exposure” by corrente and others is a pointless circle jerk which, even if they are “successful” with whatever trumped up “evidence” they find, misses one key point.

    What, exactly, are they trying to achieve? What effect will this have on getting their guy elected? Answer: zero. The only thing it would do is allow them to sit around in a little myopic circle and reinforce their own views. SO?

    The Obamabots are running around thinking that they are being so Rovian in their tactics, that they are using his strategies effectively, and neener neener they are just as clever and devious as he! In the cause of good! We are the shiznit, man, we have figured out how to do this!


    In all their fervent strategizing, they have missed the entire point of Rovian technique. They have completely ignored the cardinal rule:

    Never, ever insult people whose votes you are trying to win.

    Once again, the morons will “prove” their point, sit back, pat themselves on the back all around for how they have vindicated their own truthiness, and wait for the votes to roll in. And the votes won’t. And they will be just as bewildered as every time before, because, dammit, didn’t they just PROVE to those stupid voters that they are WRONG?

    Once again, the Left is entirely focused on winning an argument, not winning the votes. I have seen this dog and pony show too many times before.

  179. Dee:

    Did they follow her into the restroom and make her pee on the test stick?

  180. Annetoo – EXACTLY. The only way to guarantee good treatment by the Obama/DNC Conglomerate is to have something they want.

    They didn’t want our votes, and look how we were treated!

  181. cnn is now reporting it too about Palin’s daughter. this is gonna get ugly

  182. This has been another edition of:

    What WMCB Said.

    Excellent, excellent comment. Thank you.

  183. Oh goody — thorough gynecology checkups will now be required for all female relatives of aspirants to high office.

  184. They claimed they revealed the daughter’s pregnancy to counter rumors that Sarah faked her last pregnancy to cover up for her daughter, but it’s all very weird……is the presidential campaign going to be focused on Palin pregnancies?

  185. myiq – Apparently McCain has known about it all along. McCain (and Sarah) consider it a private family matter.

    gary – you are right. This is going to get ugly. On the other hand, it is an opportunity.

  186. When I told my husband that the “left” (obots, blogs etc) was saying that Palin should stay home and raise her five kids, he just about blew a gasket. He said “that’s it, now I’m mad” and without prompting said he’d vote for McCain if Virginia is close. Heck we may even vote for McCain if it’s not! So, yeah, the attacks on Palin are really working… if the obots keep it up then McCain/Palin might just win in a landslide!

  187. Looks like I’m gonna start drinking early today

  188. I suspect that the lefty blogs are getting all the same posters/lurkers to each other, round and round in a big old circle of frothy anger. In contrast, RD and PUMAPAC are among blogs getting lots of new viewers.

  189. Thanks, lyn5.

    Here’s the key point:

    McCain officials said the news of the daughter’s pregnancy was being released to rebut what one aide called “mud-slinging and lies” circulating on liberal blog sites.

    According to these rumors, Sarah Palin had faked a pregnancy and pretended to have given birth in May to her fifth child, a son named Trig who has Down syndrome. The rumor was that Trig was actually Bristol Palin’s child and that Sarah Palin was the grandmother.

    A senior McCain campaign official said the McCain camp was appalled that these rumors had not only been spread around liberal blog sites and partisan Democrats, but also were the subject of heightened interest from mainstream news media.

    “The despicable rumors that have been spread by liberal blogs, some even with Barack Obama’s name in them, is a real anchor around the Democratic ticket, pulling them down in the mud in a way that certainly juxtaposes themselves against their ‘campaign of change,'” a senior aide said.

    Um, YEAH.

  190. I love how the story hits in the United Kingdom and how it takes the liberal blogs to task.

  191. Hm, this really is going to get… weird. My guess is that based on the deranged behavior of the O-Boy Blogz thus far, “progressives” are about to become the sexual police.

    Like I said, every day that passes, I’m less sure of whose side I’m on and where to go. (Except here!)

  192. If the media lapdogs are beginning to push this smear for Obama, the election is over.

    Dead, finis, finished. Americans are going to be utterly revolted.

  193. I see that Bristol plans to marry her boyfriend. May I respectfully suggest she do so sooner rather than later?
    This situation reminds me of the movie titled-funnily enough-Juno.

  194. How many times is the word “love” used in the story? Love is what life is all about.

  195. myiq: I think you are getting close to the problem. But it’s not specifically ego. It’s more like, we’re amateurs. We don’t have degrees in poli sci or sociology or philosophy. We’re scientists, librarians, teachers, lawyers, freelance morticians, opera singers, software developers. What we have in common is the inability to succumb to bullshit. I wish I knew where we get that but it seems like we don’t care for trends and conformity. We aren’t loners, we are just separated by geographical distance. It’s weird but every PUMA I’ve met seems to shine with some inner intensity. They look at the world with a clear eye and are able to extrapolate. There’s a solidity at the core that is unshakeable. Every one of us is a rarity. It is the resistance to peer pressure that sets us apart. That’s why Corrente has evolved.

  196. Of course I can’t stand Obama, mostly for the dirty campaign he ran. And I can’t bear to listen to his shallow cliches and canned rhetoric.
    But he also stole the Clintons’ policy agenda: middle class tax cuts, fiscal responsibility, bipartisanship, healthcare, strategic investment, green energy, etc… That’s what he’ll use to govern, and that’s all that matters to me. I love this country and want what’s best for it.
    I would never be like Nader’s Trators who destroyed the party from the inside. Though I’ll vote for Obama in a N.Y. minute, given the alternative, I still can’t listen to him.

  197. I’m waiting for MO to make a comment about the way Palin manages her family…

  198. Her daughters pregnancy will give Palin the chance to walk the walk. Just more real America….so many maybe marry after their 2nd kid . But they are going to say it happened because Mom was not home .

  199. Shay…

    Especially since Obama made the statement that he wouldn’t want his daughters to be “punished” by getting pregnant and having a child…….

    Infanticide vs. Family

  200. This democratic Hillary supporter is highly up set with the whole Democrat Party .The crooked,Biased,Illegal,and Sexist campaign will go down in History as one of the Most awful examples of DEMOCRACY THIS COUNTRY has ever faced. This Democrat will indeed vote for McCain/Palin in NOVEMBER.

  201. This is the craziest election. The republicans are now looking like the progressives. This is all just too odd.

    (Corrected by katiebird)

  202. Shay: bet the lefties will now say Palin Isn’t a good mother. Let’s wait for the Obama retraction of that.

  203. sorry….are NOW looking like the progressives.

  204. RD:

    I do have a degree in Political Science, although it was only my minor (I majored in History, but came up a few units short of a double major)

  205. madamab

    I went through the same thing with Eschaton. It’s been very painful to see how people who claimed to be principled liberals jumped so quickly on the Obama train and became ravening Hillary haters.

    Me too. My break with Eschaton was very painful.

    I am so thankful that you clued me in to this place.

  206. I just cannot wait for the general election, wherein Obama is trounced and sent back to Thug Ville where he lives in Chicago.

    I cannot wait for President Bill Clinton’s next book which I hope he is working on, regarding the corruption of the Democratic National Committee.

    I cannot wait to see most disgruntled Pumas striking out and casting their protest vote for McCain in honor of Hillary Clinton.

    I cannot wait to see the Democratic Party reinvent itself, get rid of non-democratic caucuses and dumb super delegates or disintegrate.

    I cannot wait for a third viable political party called the Independent (something) Party. So citizens have another option other than the two political parties.

    And last but not least, I just cannot wait until Hillary Rodham Clinton tells the DNC, WTF, enough is enough get your own selected nominee elected that is not my job…..

  207. Terry: Wow! Where you been hiding? Great post.

  208. willbefair:

    You mean Obama quoted the Clintons’ policies in his speech.

    But we have no evidence that he will actually do anything about them.

  209. I have 19 and 16 year old daughters and my heart bleeds for Bristol. I am actually tearing up thinking about what she must be going through.

  210. riverdaughter, on September 1st, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    wonderful as always

  211. I feel sorry for Bristol Palin to have such ugliness in the media about her pregnancy, and I hope she and her mother are made of the same tough stuff. Has the MSM lost all ability to think critically yet with compassion?

  212. So the daughter is pregnant. How is this anyone’s business?

    I’m telling you, Americans are going to sympathize with this family. My sister’s daughter got pregnant at 16, and chose to keep the child. My entire family was very supportive – we all pretty much helped raise my great-nephew while she finished school, got her life together. (She remained living at home.)

    Now the little boy is 10, and a joy, and his mom older and wiser, and they just moved into their own home.

    Attacking Palin on this is going to backfire, big time. All mothers are very aware that it could be them, their daughter. No one is immune.

  213. Riverdaughter, your comment at 12:41 made me tear up.

  214. At this moment Hillary is probably writing a supportive letter to the Palin family.

    It may, or may not, be made public but you know she is there.

    What family hasn’t dealt with this issue? My family certainly has – more the once.

  215. Seetie Sue:

    Great pun – Juno or Jeaneau? Whatever, this doesn’t have anything to do with changing Washington D. C. and getting the corruption out.

    All you female Virgins out there- did you get pregnant before you married? Many of you did, married and life went on…just fine, as a matter of fact…For 95% of you, if you DIDN’T get pregnant, it’s only because you got very lucky…for those of you that aborted…that was your right and your choice…POINT BEING…PERFECT PEOPLE PLEASE STAND UP…okay, that’s 5%. You get a standing ovation. Now everybody take a deep breath and GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Liberals are not judgmental about premarital and non-marital sex.

    Apparently progressives are

  217. plural, on September 1st, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Exactly….even that motivation to get in line is gone. Rather than thinking he will do any of it, I can better believe he will drop kick Hillary’s policies over the Rose Garden . He will be busy helping Wall St steal Social Security and frankly he doesn’t care about those with less than 50 million.

  218. (hanging head and shaking it)

    Thank you for your most recent comment, RD.

    Ben, I fixed your comment because it was too important to stand with that typo.

  219. Arabella – {{{hugs}}}

    I agree that the media’s obsession with Palin and her daughter’s pregnancy is shameful and revolting. I challenge anyone here to say they don’t know anyone who hasn’t gone through the very same thing.

  220. If Sarah wanted to scotch the rumors, why not give direct evidence (doctors?) of some sort rather than point up her daughter’s pregnancy?

    I’m going to be focused on work now that labor day is here, …..so beat me up if you like, but I’ll just leave off with a scary feeling which I hope to hell is wrong–the probability of McCain having to do an Eagleton may have just gone up. NOT because of Bristol’s pregnancy,but only if it turns out the earlier rumor was true. (I certainly hope not, McCain needs to go back to bashing B.O.!)

  221. Denise w@ 9:45 – you rock, woman!

  222. #
    myiq2xu, on September 1st, 2008 at 12:56 pm Said:

    Liberals are not judgmental about premarital and non-marital sex.

    Apparently progressives are


    Exactly. Prominent “progressives” better be out in front condemning any crap that goes down on this or they will assume the mantle of sexual police. I do believe that the few excremental sprays I’ve seen on this subject so far are solidifying my break with the Democratic party.

    I am coming to the conclusion that the Democratic party is not worth saving. I understand that some disagree with me, and maybe things will happen to change my mind. Actually, I doubt that things will happen to change my mind.

  223. Message to Left Blogistan: Leave Brsitol alone!

    I wish happiness for her, her baby and her husband to be.

  224. Hatshepsut1988: In this way, they could comment on the hateful stories from Democrats. I think that was a smart strategy to break this news.

  225. Hmmm, poor Bill. Hillary supposedly “snubbed” him at the funeral. I want to give both of them a hug. They didn’t deserve this debacle.

  226. Hatshepsut1988,

    Look, how often do we have to say that we’re not interested in that rumor here. We’ve left your comments on this topic stand up ’till now. But, I’m done. Please don’t mention it here again.

  227. myiq: Never took a poli sci course in my life. The closest I ever came was History of American Democracy or something like that and I don’t think the prof liked me.
    I was a history and philosophy of science minor. It seems to have been more helpful than I thought.

  228. The pregnancy story hit The New York Times, and the comments make me sick.

  229. You know what? My respect for McCain just went up a notch as well. He evidently knew this, and picked Palin anyway.

    Now, tell me again which side is obsessed with my lady parts, and thinks what I do and don’t do with them is politically relevant?

  230. Arabella – Once again, Sarah Palin is walking the walk. No abortion for Bristol. Why should she abort a child she wants? She will have all the love and support she needs to be a mother to her baby.

    This is the very stance promoted by the group Governor Palin belongs to, Feminists for Life, with which I am very impressed, by the way.

  231. Every time the media or leftblogistan attacks Palin, more women decide to vote for McCain/Palin.

  232. All of the rumors, and sexism, and attacks on Palin’s family makes me sick. It just reminds us of what Hillary had to take from her own party. If McCain steps up and defends Palin, he will win the election. I’m almost sure of that.

  233. How European countries must be astonished at the hypocrisy of the Obamabots.

    INALLY, the campaign of Change and Reform will be EXPOSED for the narrow-minded bigots they really are with their HIDDEN AGENDAS.

    They have to shut up or be exposed for the woman-haters they REALLY are.

    Do you know how NOT big of a deal this is in progressive European countries, ESPECIALLY Scandinavia? Keep it up Communist/Marxist BoyzFromBrazile/NaziPelosi/CowardMean/Axlegrease/NObama – Abort them all if they’re not Nazi clones from a Hitler baby farm, right?

  234. I hope this breaks open to expose the Democrats as hypocrites. If you were a liberal, wouldn’t you be responding the same way as Sarah Palin who is a very loving mother?

  235. madamab – Exactly.

    Well, now I guess we’ll hear a lot of grandma slurs for the Obots.

    Nice, really nice. Women, pregnant women, beauty pagent winners, mothers, young women, and now TADA grandmothers.

  236. Oh, the bloggerboyz are going to blow this one big time. Watch for comments that “if she were responsible, she would have aborted.” “I’ll bet she wanted to, and her harpy mother wouldn’t let her.”

    Wait for it. They cannot resist an opportunity to obsess over our lady parts, and what we should and should not be doing with them. They are scum.

  237. Why don’t we all heed RD’s advice and not give any further credence to the pregnancy smear or discuss this young woman’s pregnancy.

  238. Hillary should take the next 2 months off.

  239. “Every time the media or leftblogistan attacks Palin, more women decide to vote for McCain/Palin.” They seem to be awfully thick in that realization. I guess feeding frenzy mode does tend to fog one’s brain.

  240. She should get paid overtime for unity pony duty – that’s not in her job description.

  241. I agree, Americans are going to sympathize with Sarah Palin and her husband. Many, many people have faced this situation with a daughter who has gotten pregnant. I thought that press release was beautiful. The love they expressed for their children was genuine.

    I like this family more and more everyday. I do not think that she is the type to impose her religious views on anyone. I know this is just a feeling I have but I have it just the same.

  242. “Why don’t we all heed RD’s advice and not give any further credence to the pregnancy smear or discuss this young woman’s pregnancy”


  243. Can we have a new thread to get a fresh start?

    We might discuss the weather, or the conditions of the roads.


  244. pfish’s link is a great jumping off place for new discussion.

  245. That defector is Greta on FOX’s husband.

  246. I caution anyone who thinks that Obama, who took Clinton’s policy agenda, will use it from which to govern. No he won’t or he would have come up with that policy agenda on his own. If you want to know what someone will do, watch what they have done. Obama will govern as he has lived his life. The Clinton agenda may be a handy tool to try and be elected, it will not drive his administration, he will drop it as soon as he can. If you want to see how Obama will govern, just examine his very thin voting record and measure it against his rhetoric. As the President of the Board of the Annenberg Project in Chicago (which was written up by William Ayers who recruited him for the post), Obama sat as the final oversight while millions of dollars were spent on political “solutions” to educational failure that resulted in exactly no improvement in student learning. He sat as an Ill Sen. securing housing improvement funds for Rezko in the multi-millions that resulted in absolutely no improvement in the housing conditions in his own district and in fact resulted in freezing tenants in one of the worst Chicago winters. His support of nuclear truth telling for his constituents as Il Sen. faded into legislation virtually written by the very industry businesses he set out to regulate. Add to this his total failure to hold any oversight hearings on Afghanistan, his swinging position on FISA. He talks about the bankruptcy law reform and he chooses as his VP the very guy who helped write the regulations that undermined consumer rights. I ask you to please reconsider your vote if you think you are going to get a Clinton style agenda if Obama is elected. Think about Kerry’s statement—universal health care Clinton style is dead on arrival. This Democratic party is as broken as the Republican party and we have no reformer of the party on the horizon that compares to McCain Palin.

  247. Congratulations Palin family!

  248. NEW POST!!! Show Must Go On: 2008-2012

  249. top Clinton supporter defects to McCain:

    I think that says it all.

  250. Hey all – SM has a new post up about Hillary’s future within the Democratic Party. Go check it out!

  251. LOL Carol! I say we throw a national baby shower for Bristol, just to show we are entirely supportive. Send gifts and cards.

    We need a big headline saying CONGRATULATIONS PALIN FAMILY!!!

    Celebrate it! Since when is being pregnant , within a family that will love and welcome that child, cause for SHAME? Change the narrative!

  252. Went to that post on “top Hillary supporter”. It sounds to me like Hillary’s brother may be heading toward supporting McCain also.

  253. #
    Carol, on September 1st, 2008 at 1:33 pm Said:

    “Congratulations Palin family!”

    Carol, I adore you!

  254. NEW POST !!!

    NEW POST!!

    NEW POST!!!

  255. I feel an ache in my heart right now for Bristol Palin. It brings back so many memories for me. I too, was pregnant at 17. I didn’t get the support of my family. My mother was furious, called me an “embarrassment” and refused to attend my high school graduation even though I had had my daughter months before. I will never forget that when I needed my mom the most she hated me in return. It still cuts me to the heart after almost 35 years.

    This is a very hard time for both Bristol and Sarah Palin. That Sarah Palin publicly expresses love and support for her daughter brings me to tears. Please pray nothing but the best for them.

  256. I have been trying to get in a several comments in on some of the CNN articles. This slimy otfit is breaking stories on Palin’s daughter and her husband DWI 24 years ago. Its tabloid reporting, put the story out there, let the Obama troll’s get their “cookies off “and then shut it down.It took them a year before they would say anything about the Wright scandal, have really never seen anything on the Rezko matter, Obama’s $ 19.500,000 dollar home (that’s millions). his close relationship with Ayers over the years, on whether or not he got a bj from Sinclair), the women he lived with for one year, his drug and drinking at one point in his life (this was in his book). I don’t think that some of his personal conduct has any place in the election process, my point is the MSM plays it all up on Obama’s opposition and gives him a pass. The Ayers , Wright and his home purchase should have vetted and reported.

  257. Awesome video and post, RD. I had my own Labor Day celebration. We walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf for a Long Shoreman’s labor celebration and walked right into a march for the hotel workers. Apparently the Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf is the only Hyatt in the City not unionized. It was hard to keep my yapper shut since they are endorsing Barky but WTF?

    Life happens and if your 17 year old daughter gets preggers you deal with it. You carry on and I have nothing but admiration for Sarah Palin and her family.

  258. It is doubtful Bristol Palin’s pregnancy could be considered a danger to the country. On the other hand, and Obama presidency very well could be.

  259. Rock Riverdaughter! I think McCain’s choice shrewd. I would never have fathomed considering a vote for him, but now, I worry that if I vote third party or simply omit my vote, Obama will slide into place by a hair. Another corruption nightmare on the heels of GW.
    I have read way too much to believe him liberal or a conservative. Neither shoe fits this man and his ever evasive talk and strange cloistering of his family and background. I read his books at the behest of my Obama friends and it was more deleterious than helpful. I had serious misgivings about his character after each book. Big surprise he has resorted to cheating. And I agree….Jeezzz what the hell does Hillary owe him at all?! Has he threatened her with some kind of demise? It is all very odd.
    I am very anti the war, but with Russia’s recent aggressions, Barracks war stance may be a mute point. I would rather have a seasoned and experienced American in place. Just a thought. I am so furious with the corruption and extravagance of the Dem convention. What was up with all that crazy Roman coliseum crap?

  260. It is inconceivable that anyone would be so audacious to attack Bristol Palin. She has my respect for being courageous and her mother and father have my support for standing by their daughter. Period.

  261. This is so bad.This is so convoluted, there’s no way I can vote for O., he’s too dirty, and I disagree with his “temporary” drilling and “safe” nuclear power! I guess he’s too young to remember Karen Silkwood. As for 10 years to wait for solar, wind, and possibly hydrogen instead of gasoline — how stupid is he? WE DON’T HAVE TEN YEARS, AND THE TECHNOLOGY WE NEED IS CHEAP & SIMPLE!!

    On the other hand, oil man McCain makes me sick, privatizing social security, anti-women’s choice, a neanderthal who will destroy the working class, and forget wildlife. There’s no one to vote for, and this country has become no place to live. In the 60’s we dropped out. We literally left it all behind and took off for wherever we could find to survive by self-sufficiency, and that’s what I see happening again.

    It was so sad to listen to Hillary and Bill spell out an agenda for O., and then listen to him botch it up anyway, because he doesn’t understand it, and it was never his. The DNC just blew a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Where do we go from here? I’m thinking of selling my house and buying a farm for cash, where I can just plain live.

  262. Happy Labor Day, everyone

    When the Union’s inspiration through the workers’ blood shall run,
    There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun.
    Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one?
    But the Union makes us strong.

    Solidarity forever!
    Solidarity forever!
    Solidarity forever!
    For the Union makes us strong.

    Is there aught we hold in common with the greedy parasite
    Who would lash us into serfdom and would crush us with his might?
    Is there anything left to us but to organize and fight?
    For the Union makes us strong.

    It is we who plowed the prairies; built the cities where they trade;
    Dug the mines and built the workshops; endless miles of railroad laid.
    Now we stand outcast and starving, ‘midst the wonders we have made;
    But the Union makes us strong.

    All the world that’s owned by idle drones is ours and ours alone.
    We have laid the wide foundations; built it skyward stone by stone.
    It is ours, not to slave in, but to master and to own,
    While the Union makes us strong.

    They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn,
    But without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn.
    We can break their haughty power; gain our freedom when we learn
    That the Union makes us strong.

    In our hands is placed a power greater than their hoarded gold;
    Greater than the might of armies, magnified a thousand-fold.
    We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old.
    For the Union makes us strong.

    Solidarity forever!
    Solidarity forever!
    Solidarity forever!
    For the Union makes us strong.

  263. Geeze, You people are pathetic! Genderists, sexists of the highest order. I am a proud union guy and wish you a Happy Labor Day despite your angry genderist bitterness. Get a life, folks. My daughters and granddaughtrers will have much more positive influence than you bitter folks will ever hope to have—and that is a very good thing.

  264. hey man Jim, why do you come to this site? You are pathetic. You are traitor to union thought and you know it. You , man, needs to watch out for what haunts you. Not pumas…..back off dude you havent done your homework. Majorly embarrassing…………….. in my book. Get out out of our site….god speed with what you have.
    Why are here???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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