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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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It’s a Conflucian “Caption This!”

I know my Conflucian bretheren can come up with something for this photo:

 Here’s my caption:

UPDATE: Join Matt tonight at 11PM ET, where he interviews Philadelphia lawyer Phillip Berg, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/My-Two-Cents 

H/T to Ben for suggesting this song, which sums up a lot of our feelings lately:

This is an open thread.  What did you do today other than hang out here? 

528 Responses

  1. That picture makes me too sad to play the game. Pelosi is so sure that she has personally destroyed democracy as we have come to know and love it. They are so full of themselves it makes me sick. I am not a vindictive person, but I so want them to fail in November that it hurts.

  2. Please, no Barack, OMG no Barack, Please No -Stop Barack…I saw that kiss you planted on Jill Biden.

  3. Caption:

    You don’t think I gave you all that PAC money for nothing did ya?

  4. NO FAIR, sm77!!! You took the best one!! That is so dead on that it’s scary. And bear in mind, I still think Dubya was THE Manchurian Candidate and that he and Pelosi set up Obama as The Manchurian Candidate II.

    I know, I know – I am a conspiracy theorist – out of the closet – get used to it.

  5. terrirobin – Heh. I was thinking this caption:

    Oooooh, Barack, Jill Biden me – this time with tongue!

  6. O’Reilly is going to cover the “outrageous gutter smears by the far left web site Daily Kos.” He then says there’s a warning for the content.

    Good–expose them for the animals they are.

  7. OK here’s mine:

    And we FOLLOW Dan Quayle on Dancing with the Stars??? Piece of cake!

  8. fif, thanks for the warning. I didn’t realize that it’s on NOW!!

  9. “We did it darling!… Now kiss me!”

  10. fif – OK – switched to O’Reilly – nuff of Campbell one note.

  11. Madamab- Unfortunately for Jill Biden, it looked like he slipped her his tongue.Ugh -LOL

  12. You guys can actually watch O’Reilly?!

    Wow. Are you medicated?


  13. Call me in Napa. I’ll even give you my second plastic surgeon’s phone number to pin back your ears…

  14. Nope, but if he’s really going to trash dKos — I want to hear it!

  15. Not now Barack, Puma’s are watching!

  16. madamab – We have exorcism kits.

  17. Ahhh, what a difference a day makes. Last year, I emailed, wrote & called Fox/O’Reilly over his attempted take down of Kos. This year, I’m standing in line with my ticket stamped, popcorn in hand.

  18. Still4Hill – LOL!

    “Begone, O Spirits of Bloviation…”

  19. Caption 1: “One day I’ll be able to call you “M______o” in public, my love!” (edited by sm77)
    Caption 2: “It’s pronounced PU-MA, got it?”

  20. I want to see if Bill O has the guts to actually show some of the nasty stuff being said over there.

  21. Well, at least you can’t be associated with this group (although I have no doubt they’re being celebrated at the Daily Kos):



  22. Oooooh, Barack, Jill Biden me – this time with tongue!

    madamab, you is evil, woman! LMAO

  23. Laura Ingram kicking ass on the “elitism” of the Dems

  24. Oh, Baracky Baby, may I humpy your leggy!

  25. Still4Hill: Oh, I’m right there with you and my tin foil hat. Nancy Pelosi IS Mrs. Iselin in my book. That’s why I put up that caption. Remember, she’s No.3 in the line of Presidential succession. I wouldn’t put it past her.

  26. Cal – 👿

  27. We’re going with “not her baby” get it? Can’t have another bitch trying to get above me!”

  28. Republican Woman – There are extremists in every group, aren’t there?! Yikes!!!

  29. sm77 – Then there are 2 of us! Don’t tell them. They’ll banish us.

  30. Captions:

    “Our plan is almost complete. Soon you will be the Emperor and I will be your Empress”

    “Thank you Barack, for getting rid of that b*tch once and for all!”

  31. Here is my caption-

    Am I smiling I cannot tell every muscle in my face is paralized-oh and if you dont bring this home for Momma Nancy your life…well lets not go there…just say i would hate to be in your and Joe’s Shoes!


  32. FOX

  33. “Remember, she’s No.3 in the line of Presidential succession. I wouldn’t put it past her.”

    sm77 – That’s exactly why I think she’s in it – and I do think it is a conspiracy. BUT we can help Cindy Sheehan defeat her.

  34. Caption for photo 1: Oh, honey, not too close, you’ll mess up my makeup!

  35. Caption:

    “Okay Barack, I got you the nomination. Now give me what I want.”

  36. FOX, Laura Ingraham: “I predict this [the misogyny and elitism re: Palin] is going to backfire in a MAJOR way in middle America.”

    Apparently, Sally Quinn is going to come out with another one of her unbearable condescending articles tomorrow saying that Palin is an “insult” to all women because she unqualified. As if Quinn was such a fan of the exceptionally qualified Hillary? I will ask again: WHY do these people get paid to express these idiotic and self-important opinions?

    Ingraham predicts that the attacks on Palin are going to ramp up. “We haven’t seen anything yet.”

  37. “Look into my eyes…you are getting very sleepy…when you wake up you won’t remember anything that happened…”

    I’ll let you decide who’s doing the talking.

  38. WMCB,

    I’m in awe — my head is spinning. When did I start agreeing with her? I’m still a Liberal aren’t I?

  39. michael: “Am I smiling I cannot tell every muscle in my face is paralized”


  40. myiq; in the last thread you answered my question about the media by stating the media is owned by conservatives (corporations).

    I realize that, but that is why this is so confusing. If that is true, why are they so in the tank for Obama, even at this late date?

  41. Cinie:

    That comment at 8:31 is probably inappropriate and should be deleted lest someone accuse us of . . you know

  42. Can someone live blog Fox? My two TVs are taken over by Pokemon addict watching the Poke-marathon on Cartoon Channel and Puma Grandma with her Telemundo.

  43. kb – I’ve been noticing the same thing – just lately. I’ve been agreeing with her. What changed? Us? Them?

    I’m all shook up!

  44. I talked with my mom today – she is a semi-republican semi-low-information voter.

    She thinks Palin is great. Good experience being governer. She did hear her daughter was pregnant – Oh, good god – so what!

  45. sure nancy, i’ll have your child.

  46. fif – There are only two explanations:

    1) They’re waiting till after the Republican Convention before they switch to McCain, or

    2) They perceive Obama as less of a threat to their supremacy than McCain is.

    Guess we’ll see which one it is pretty soon.

  47. myiq2xu, accuse me of what, being black? Okay, I’ll admit it, I am black.

  48. Have you seen this:


    Another connection to the “Obama Smears” Website, via Locke/Demosthenes at LGF:

    I have no idea if this means anything, but you mention that Suzanne Hendrix is the head of Obamadefense.com as well as sarahpalingayrights.com.

    The CNN blog you link to says that she is also the head of pumapac.

    Pumapac.org was registered on June 4, 2008.

    Guess what else was registered on June 4? fightthesmears.com

    Charles says Szanne Hendrix has nothing to do with the websites he linked to.

  49. ooooh, there’s a Poke-marathon on?

  50. O’Reilly about DKos:

    He slammed the Kos and then showed the clip of BO saying he would fire anyone on his campaign who was involved in anything like that.

    O’Reilly: then he should fire the Daily Kos who spoke at the Convention.

    Juan Williams: The Daily Kos has become the voice of the far left in the country, and they are despicable…they KNOW NOTHING…they have NO EVIDENCE. These people do no reporting. It’s all about personally liable and intimidation.

  51. jj: YES. And it’s been on since early this morning.

  52. She looks like a grandma at highschool graduation getting ready to pinch his cheeks after he gives the valediction:

    “Such a smart boy. Always with the fancy schamzy words.”

    She needs a hat and big handbag, though.

  53. fif:

    Nothing confusing about it.

    Pick door #1 or door #2, same result either way.

    But FOX news isn’t just conservative, it is GOP to the core.

    Think about this: Wouldn’t it look suspicious if the instand Obama became the nominee, the entire media turned on him?

    But if they do it gradually over the next couple months, it will look like they discovered he was unfit after he got the nomination.

    Also: If the GOP can’t win this election, they want a weak (and preferably corrupt) Democrat in the White House so they can set themselves up for 2010 and 2012

    But they would rather have McCain than a weak Democrat – so they can keep the last eight years covered up.

  54. Republican Woman – Pumapac.org is Darragh Murphy’s blog.

    I don’t know who Suzanne Hendrix is.

  55. Newsweek employs Markos. Stop your subscriptions.

    Time Warner Cable is advertising. I will be contacting them tomorrow to tell them my opinion. I will go to Dish Network if they continue.

  56. And the head of PUMA PAC is Murphy, not this Suzanne chick.

  57. Juan W: If Obama wants people to know that he is not part of the extreme left–this is his moment. This is it.

    Bill: Most Americans don’t go to this sleazy web site…but most Americans are beginning to realize that several prominent people have blogged at DKos (he says someone on NBC, and E. Edwards had blogged there).

    Juan: It is political. They are attacking people, making them into monsters with the simple reason of trying to defeat them, and they are willing to go to this gutter level.

  58. Arabella – That’s why I call her “Grandma” Pelosi.

    You crack me up so bad, girl!!! 🙂

  59. Ok Obama coming out against the Bots he sent out to attack Palin with its time to play “Wheel of Fortune”

    todays word is a synonym for Barak Obama

    Hypocr_te extrod_nare

    any one want to by a vowel?


  60. madamab:
    “fif – There are only two explanations:

    1) They’re waiting till after the Republican Convention before they switch to McCain, or

    2) They perceive Obama as less of a threat to their supremacy than McCain is.

    Guess we’ll see which one it is pretty soon.”

    Then there’s the Conspiracy Theory that sm77 and I hold which is that Obama is a plant to hold power in the WH since McCain refuses to come under the Bush-Cheney tent. It’s Bush-Cheney-Pelosi- and other DNC leaders putting Lawrence Harvey up there in the WH. He’s the new Dubya.

    Party is not in it.

  61. Thanks Cinie, I didn’t know that.

    I never thought you might be a bigot, I was just thinking what some PUMA hater might make of that comment.

    The only bigots around here are the trolls, but sometimes we have to be extra careful.

  62. LOL Fuzzy!

  63. Fox: These lefty sites encourage this nastiness and are torpoeding themselves, and this is Obama’s moment to renounce them.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  64. Female commentator saying that while there is some political converstaion on Kos, and they do advocate for some good causes, they encourage an environment of nastiness that has become terrible. Their goal is to intimidate.

    Says Obama needs to have a sister souljah moment, disassociate himself with them specifically.

  65. Still4Hill – That would be door #2 in my scenario. The corporations have been convinced that Obama is the candidate of the status quo.

    I absolutely agree that he is Bush III in all ways. They loved Bush too.

  66. DK DOES NOT represent the left wing of this country, let alone the far left.

    They are libertarians who invaded the Democratic party because they hate George Bush.

  67. My question is – WHY is it that Pelosi has BOTH arms around him?

  68. Still4Hill, the more the media pushes Obama, the more I am determined to vote for McCain. There is something deeply, terribly wrong with any candidate that the corporate media is that in the bag for.

  69. myiq2xu, on September 1st, 2008 at 8:50 pm Said: Edit Comment
    DK DOES NOT represent the left wing of this country, let alone the far left.

    They are libertarians who invaded the Democratic party because they hate George Bush.


  70. (sigh)


  71. MyIQ (nodding)

  72. Guys, I know the Fox folks are saying what we want to hear, but let’s not forget that they are also the nastiest people on the planet.

    We are more p*ssed at our side because they are supposed to be our friends. But let’s not forget who Fox is. They are the propaganda arm of the RNC. They are being insanely hypocritical right now with their newly-found fauxrage at the politics of personal destruction.

  73. There will always be “liberal” voices in the media that will ostensibly be on the side of the Democrats.

    Guys like Frank Rich and E.J. Dionne, women like MoDo.

    But they always seem to damn with faint praise and never fight very hard to defend Democrats

    They are tokens, put there to give the illusion of balance.

  74. Holy Cow! Is anybody watching that weather map?

  75. I think the trolls have a new talking point.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting in BO dumped Kos? I wonder how KO would handle that – since he gets most of his material there.

  76. During WWII the US allied with the USSR to defeat Germany.

    But the USSR was never our friend

  77. madamab did you see my little play on the last thread maybe you could do something with it…


  78. Oh brother, now they’re talking about storm Hanna being potentially devastating, hitting on the southeast coastline (Georgia or Carolinas). Hit on Friday as Category 3 hurricane or greater.

  79. Are the trolls even trying any more?

    please people, do not vote for a republican just because they’re a woman. Gov.Palin has NO real political experience except as being governor of Alas ka!!!!!

    Silly me, I thought being the governor of a very large state WAS having political experience.

    What state was Obama governor of?


  80. I think we are all well aware of that, madamab. They are only telling (some of) the truth right now because it is to their advantage to tell it. But I’ll take it at the moment.

  81. Why do the trolls insist on calling us stupid?

  82. Then there’s the Conspiracy Theory that sm77 and I hold which is that Obama is a plant to hold power in the WH since McCain refuses to come under the Bush-Cheney tent. It’s Bush-Cheney-Pelosi- and other DNC leaders putting Lawrence Harvey up there in the WH. He’s the new Dubya

    Except Obama’s doesn’t have to be brainwashed to be part of the act.

    Why did he capitulate SOOO quickly to FISA? To Cheney’s energy bill? And so many other things?

  83. myiq: that is one question we probably don’t REALLY want to ask…

  84. madamab – Then there are 3 of us!

    OH NO! MIchael Moore of the “chill up his spine” fame is next!

    Where’s the barf bag? Quick!

  85. madamab: i know (re: Fox), but it’s the only place that confronts BO in any way. Beggars can’t be choosers (sigh).

  86. sm77: I’m with you on that – he is not a pawn.

  87. FIF: Don Fowler wish he could undo his words about that Hurricane now…

  88. please people, do not vote for a republican just because they’re a woman. Gov.Palin has NO real political experience except as being governor of Alas ka!!!!!


    What has Obama managed again, exactly? Oh yea, the Annenberg Foundation with Ayers, and they blew about $110 million.

  89. April Baker meant to say:

    I hate anybody who doesnot hold the great Obama i highest esteeme if youdo not come over and vote for him I will hold my breath until I die…Oh I do not believe Nancy Pelosi has had any Boxot she just drinks alot of Red Bull.


  90. I watch O’Reilly sometimes.

    Dick Morris (prick) said that Sarah Palin was “worth her weight in gold” to the Republican party. What was his Hillary worth to the democrats? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    I love Angela Lansbury.

  91. Still4Hill, on September 1st, 2008 at 8:57 pm Said: Edit Comment
    sm77: I’m with you on that – he is not a pawn

    Oh he most definitely is a pawn, a willing participant pawn. He just wants to sit in the big chair in that oval-y roundy room and fly in the big blue ONE plane.

  92. Fuzzy – that play was great! I’ve already got a different one gestating though…

    Ooooh, here comes Brenda Leigh Johnson!

  93. myiq2xu, it’s no biggie. People are too sensitive about the wrong things and not sensitive enough about the right ones. If you think it’s too inflammatory, remove it, no problem. I just thought Nancy P.’s fantasy was obvious. That makes her the…you know, “r-word,” not me or you.

  94. madamab – My husband enjoyed my caption too. He made an addition to it:

    She looks like a grandma at highschool graduation getting ready to pinch his cheeks after he gives the valediction:

    Pelosi: “Such a smart boy. Always with the fancy schamzy words.”

    Obama: “Not in public where all my friends can see, mutz.”

  95. Trolls:

    Please be advised that most of us are college educated (BA or higher) and all of us are well informed.

    We have studied the issues and the candidates. We have watched this election since early last year as candidates announced they were running.

    We have been political junkies longer than many of you have been alive. One of my earliest memories was when JFK was killed (I was 3 1/2) I was too young to participate in the sixties, but I remember the second half of it.

    I went to a McGovern rally in 1972 and I was a teenager when I watched the Watergate hearing on television ever day. I have voted in every election since I turned 18.

    I hold a BA in history with a minor in poli-sci, and I have a juris doctorate.

    Please don’t come he and lecture me like I an ignorant.

    On second thought, forget the “please”

  96. The whole “qualification” brouhaha about Palin is so laughable. Since when do the “progressive” and the MSM care about qualified women?
    Moreover, haven’t we be shown poll after poll saying “fuck experience”, it’s all about new and different.

    Why are good looking women always immediately dismissed as “Barbie Doll”? I didn’t know being hideous looking was a virtue.

  97. Ok – a conscious pawn. He’s in it for the glory. They found THE guy with the the ego so big. And they’ve been building him to this since prior to 2004.

  98. michael P Varvel, on September 1st, 2008 at 8:59 pm Said:
    April Baker meant to say:

    oh fuzzy ROFLMAO love ya mean it!

  99. Cinie – I edited the word but left your comment.

    Trolls can read that and claim the r word. Sorry for the extra babysitting.

  100. myiq – I think you’re giving them a little too much credit, dear.

    Most of them can barely spell. They do seem to have managed to learn the cut-and-paste function, though.

  101. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this song before this. But if were Hillary and was looking at this photo I would be thinking about the words to this Bob Dylan song:

  102. You tell ’em FUZZYBEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t mess with the G-ville Grizzly!

  103. Ben – I’m posting it now – thank you & h/t tipping you!

  104. “It’s true! I’m pregnant!”

  105. That’s a good question, MaBlue about the Barbie Doll appellation. But I have to admit, I’ve thought/said that too. I said it about Cindy McCain and I shouldn’t have.

  106. SOD – great line! LOL!!

  107. Myiq2xu- I second that-

    I would add-

    You do not want us to vote against “The One” then I suggest you get over to Obama for Amerika and tell them to dedicate every minute to winning our vote and every dollar in their little piggy bank.

    You better stop insulting us because weexsist in numbers beyond what the MSM tells you and we can swing this election.

    You also better stop quoting Obama for Amerika Talking Points and do some real reasearch-your opposition prep sucks!

    Finally know that most of us were thinking for our selves before you daddys swimmers started their upstream journey, so respect is something we expect from our visitors and we are past the pampers changing years.


  108. I think Obama is a prawn.

  109. I love Angela Lansbury too. I know she was supposed to be the height of evil in MC, but just seeing her makes me smile. As for evil, since I’ve seen it for real all over Camp Obama, the Manchurian Candidate will just seem like a comic book now.

  110. Still4Hill – Me too. I’m ashamed to admit I called Cindy McCain the “Botox Barbie.”

    Mea culpa.

    (hangs head in shame)

  111. cinie:

    It’s okay. Women can use certain words referring to themselves and other women and not appear misogynists.

    I have to be more careful, lest someone use one statement of mine out of context.

    I recall the reaction when testimony during the Rodney King trial was that the LAPD Sgt. (Stacy Koon) made some crack discussing the incident about a “mandingo love affair”

    And we all remember what happened when Michael Roberts used a word many black comedians use frequently. ( a word that will always get deleted from this site)

    I was concerned that someone would cut and paste that comment at a PUMA-hating site as evidence we are all rac*sts.

    We are not, but some people claim we are, and would use any evidence they can find as “proof”

    Some threads here get kinda wild, but no harm is intended. But we need to consider how outsiders might see it.


  112. ben – Good one – but he’d better not *ever* let me catch him near Hillary like that! I have sharp teeth and claws. PUMA!

  113. NaziPelosi thinking back to her glory days when she was Elaine, object of Benjamin’s affection. She’s now Mrs. Robinson, the old hag/ho. Saw this scene as it was happening and almost lost my cookies at the time. Now looking at the picture and camera freeze of the moment – even clearer that she is letting this man know he has HER to thank for being where he is……………got a key to the room?

    And here’s to you Mrs. Robinson………
    Are you going to Scarborough Fair?……..How ’bout ….

    The Sounds of Silence………..

    Barf bag, anyone?

  114. Gee! I thought a Governor of a State should have more than 700,000 people to govern, as Alaska does. So does this mean Gov.Palin knows what it is really like to govern? I know i will not vote for a women just because their a woman. I look at all the issues, and I do not BOW to anyone!!! Anyway I liked all your comments!!!LOL!

  115. Of course Palin isn’t qualified. She doesn’t have a penis.

    Mountain Sage

  116. Ok, I’m done concern trolling for the day

  117. SM77: posting what?

    MA Blue: There is no virtue in being hideous. Was that too Suzanne Sugarbaker of me??

  118. Mein Gott, april, at least try to make some sense.

    On second thought, don’t strain yourself.

  119. Arabella: “I think Obama is a prawn.”


  120. Hey now, hey now.
    Are you comparing Nancy Peloser to Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson. Oh no, you didn’t! Nancy Peloser is the Bride of Frankenstein, the poster child
    for Botox, the *$#@#%$%$%@@***###. But do not defame Mrs. Robinson. Wash your mouth out, my friend.


    I have to play it again for my hubby…

  122. crap this is so sad that these trolls are lazy cant even provide a single go point of argument-

    I think Obama and Nancy are sing a chorus from Soundheims ” a little night music”

    “Send in the trolls” or is it We’ve looked at Trolls from both sides now”


  123. I learned the hard way that good intentions and a pure heart can be misinterpreted.

    Sometimes accidentally, sometimes intentionally.

    Take Fowler’s comment the other day. I’m sure he didn’t really mean what he said, he was just trying to be funny.

    But it didn’t look funny on video

  124. Fuzzy:

    “Troll me over, in the clover”

  125. I have been writing a blog (in my head) about the end of the current democratic party and playing the song “It’s all over now, baby blue”




  127. Music for the photo

    Just Be Good To Me

    People always talk about, reputation
    I don’t care what you do to them
    Just be good to me
    Friends are always tellin’ me you’re a user
    I don’t care ’bout your other girls
    Just be good to me

    Think that was the SOS band originally, but Mariah Carey did a cover of it.

  128. Yes, that would be a moment for the history books, wouldn’t it?

  129. Mountain Sage at 9:13

    Brings to mind:

    “Balls, said the Queen
    If I had two, I’d be King.
    If I had four, I’d be a pin ball machine.”

  130. SOD!!! That’s it!! He IS the Messiah. How else could that have happened? Is there more to that clip? Is there an archangel involved?

  131. “Rock and Troll Never Forgets”

    “Troll Me Away”

  132. More music for the photo:

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    I’ve been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man’s soul and faith
    And I was round when jesus christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that pilate
    Washed his hands and sealed his fate
    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game….

  133. lol madamab thats funny….I think Cindy is awesome in her good works tho….The things she has done without any benefit of publicity are incredible…including the adoption of the orphan from mother teresa…She definately puts her money where her mouth is….

  134. Ben: I put up the Bob Dylan song you linked and gave you a hat tip! it’s a great song & certainly says everything I would say.

  135. angela:

    “If she gave him one of her they’d both have two” – james Carvile

  136. Obama sprang directly from the forehead of Zeus!!!111!!!!

  137. Oops – “one of hers”

    I hate when I botch a joke

  138. SOD – What I love is the articulation and self-assuredness. This is NEWS!!

  139. athyrio – Definitely! I was incredibly impressed by the article she wrote in the WSJ about Rwanda. She is a really smart woman with a very big heart.

  140. Thank you sm. That’s my first post!! There’s a line at the end of the Dylan song when he sings, “I just wish for just one time you can stand inside my shoes than you’d know what a drag it is to see you.”

    Wow…Bob Dylan was writing for Hillary.

  141. myiq2xu, on September 1st, 2008 at 9:15 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I learned the hard way that good intentions and a pure heart can be misinterpreted.

    Sometimes accidentally, sometimes intentionally.

    Take Fowler’s comment the other day. I’m sure he didn’t really mean what he said, he was just trying to be funny.

    But it didn’t look funny on video

    And now a Cat 3 possibly 4 i heading to his state.

    Never spit looking up.

  142. Ben – YES!

    I’ll bet ol’ Bob is a PUMA. 🙂

  143. ben carlson – I love that song.

  144. April-

    Alaska is 1/6th of the total landmass of the USA it contains 1/2 of our untapped natural resoures and has a population that is more diverse than most other states. Being Governor is more executive experience than any Senator could have, Legislative experience is different than exeutive experience.

    She has More Experience than the guy on the top of our “Democratic” and he has run a cabinet before something none of the senators have done. They have small staffs and that is all the managerial experience they have.

    No go and study what the job of a govenor is and what a senator does- you are wasting my time!


  145. Angela – I agree. Nancy can’t be either Angela Lansbury or Anne Bancroft. More like the Bride of Frankenstein.

  146. Ben – I love that song! Please let me know if you have anything you want to share and if I can & there’s time, I’ll post it & give you credit for it.

  147. fif,

    I watched that Bill O’Reilly segment on DK. I actually thought it was really effective, especially when he pointed out that a certain cable anchor posts there frequently.

  148. Ben: I also love Angela Lansbury. I especially loved her in Gaslight; she’s so young there, and so tarty. Very different; think she’s an incredible talent.

    You know they cancelled the highly-popular Murder just because they were interested in tykes, not older folks? Idiots. Yeh, we have such a great lineup now.

  149. No, actually, I did not hang out here today. I made my annual pilgrimage to the state fair to renew my farm rootz. But I was struck by the difference between the llama show and the draft horse competition. Llamas were the prima donna’s…at least 30 min late and preened to an inch of their lives. The drafties were on time, tails and manes bobbed in working horse fashion. Their haunches nearly touch the ground as they spring forward when first hitched to the sled which is loaded with up to 2 and a half tons of weight. These two species remind you of any political candidates??? Anything about pulling a dead weight as well?? I thought so. Barnyard Basics 101.

  150. Here’s a song to play at PUMA gatherings:

    County Road 233 under my feet
    Nothin’ on this white rock but little ol’ me
    I got two miles till he makes bail
    And if I’m right we’re headed straight for hell

    I’m goin’ home, gonna load my shotgun
    Wait by the door and light a cigarette
    He wants a fight well now he’s got one
    He ain’t seen me crazy yet

    Slapped my face and he shook me like a rag doll
    Don’t that sound like a real man
    I’m gonna show him what a little girl’s made of
    Gun powder and lead”

    That’s from Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

    I bolded the best part

  151. ok, here’s my caption:

    Fiddle-dee-dee. War, war, war; this war talk’s spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream.

  152. SOD – There’s a Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie where at one point, Hudson pretends he’s about to give birth to a baby. Maybe Obama is so miraculous, he has finally fulfilled that promise!

  153. Fuzzy: Obama hasn’t held 1 SINGLE MEETING of his senate committee!!!!

    So he has minus ZERO experience.

  154. I can’t believe that it took me all these months of abuse and betrayal I finally remembered this song. It would have been a perfect song for the day that Joe Andrew of Indiana stabbed Hillary in the back. And I think that song should be sent to every superdelegate.

  155. Hey guys, Join Me Tonight

    Special Guest: Philadelphia Lawyer Philip J. Berg.

    The Discussion will focus on the birth certificate mystery. Where was Obama born? Explanation of the names he has used. Obama’s Illinois Bar Application will be discussed, and so much more!!!

    Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET!!!


  156. Caption #1: The rabbit died but don’t worry, blamed it all on Edwards!

    What I did today:
    Took Eddy to rehab. Delighted with the progress so far! Went to Target to pick up a few birthday gifts. Went to lunch with a friend. Watered lawn. Paid bills. One of my more boring days out of 365.

  157. Gary,

    LOL! She does resemble an aging Scarlett.

  158. poe&ben:

    She was a baby in Gaslight – only 15 I think.

    And the older actors and actresses were what I loved most about Murder – she gave her old buddies work. Very nice – and all the shows were fun.

  159. gary: Opening line to Gone With the Wind. Excellent!

  160. ohlordgawd –

    why oh why did I just wander into MSM territory …I was just looking for a weather update and they are POUNDING all over sarah palin at abc ….. why is the republican vp candidate getting so furiously vetted but The One just skated through this past year and we ARE STILL WAITING for some of his sh!t to be broadcast….
    me getting furiouser and furiouser.. 👿

  161. sorry april is an idiot!

    my comment should read: “She has More Experience than the guy on the top of our “Democratic” and she has run a cabinet before something none of the senators have done.”


    Obama has never run a cabinet-heck he probably never even opened one-thats womens work!

  162. CBS did screw over Angela Lansbury but that show made her a very wealthy woman.

  163. gary – yes! I was trying to think of one from GWTW but got distracted by SOD’s newsflash about Obama’s origins.

    Actually, I have yet to recover. Quite a shock! I need my smelling salts.

  164. Have you noticed that as the boomers are aging (but we ain’t old yet) that the average age of televison actors and actresses has increased?

    And they actually let women in their 40’s and 50’s be sexually active!

  165. salmonrising, on September 1st, 2008 at 9:26 pm Said: Edit Comment
    No, actually, I did not hang out here today. I made my annual pilgrimage to the state fair to renew my farm rootz. But I was struck by the difference between the llama show and the draft horse competition. Llamas were the prima donna’s…at least 30 min late and preened to an inch of their lives. The drafties were on time, tails and manes bobbed in working horse fashion. Their haunches nearly touch the ground as they spring forward when first hitched to the sled which is loaded with up to 2 and a half tons of weight. These two species remind you of any political candidates??? Anything about pulling a dead weight as well?? I thought so. Barnyard Basics 101.

    What state are you in? Sound very cool to watch those. Was it like a competition or just a “showing off your steed” show? (that did not sound right)

  166. I have mommy issues.

    (Edited for the enjoyment of Michael Varvel aka fuzzybear)

  167. I stil watch “Murder She Wrote” and I’m only 40! I just LOVE Angela Lansbury.

  168. Sarah Palin will be fine. She will survive this and be stronger for it. I think that woman strangled a bear with her own hands.

  169. I’ll Post it Matt!

  170. Appears as if one of the trolls from Kos got out of his cage.

  171. What the studios often do is sign people to long term option contracts, so that if the show flops they owe the actor.actress nothing but if it’s a hit they don’t have to pay them what their worth.

    If they try to renegotiate like Valerie Harper did they kill off the character and replace them

  172. ben@9:32 – LOL “strangled a bear with her own hands.” I can envision that! Looks like she’s already strangled a few donkeys, too.

  173. Oh lord, another crazy has wandered in.

    James in SC, take your lunacy elsewhere.

  174. Oh an please do not forget that Angela Landsbury was the Original “Mame” on Broadway-played opposite Bea Arthur as Vera Charles- the backers did not want her so when she auditioned the she came in to the stage in her Mink coat hit all her marks and threw the cost on a chair and belted out “light the candels….”

    the rest was history-

    Fuzzybeargville -having a gay moment

  175. oh man! garychapelhill, I am still laughing.
    Well, fiddle-de-de indeed!

  176. myiq – There’s a new “The Women” that was planned 12 or 14 years ago for Meg Ryan and she still gets to play the lead. I wonder if it’ll be as much fun as the original?

  177. What we’ve seen from the “progressives” just in the last 3 days is headed straight to the Hall Of Shame and may come to define that sad excuse of a movement forever:

    – Seldom seen level of misogyny

    – Rummaging in some woman’s womb to make sure she did have her 5th child

    – Sniffing a little 17 yr old girl’s panties to prove that she did have her mother’s child and gleefully find out she did…(gasp)… have sex

    Wow! This a really a movement led by a bunch of high flying intellectuals.

  178. “She can’t even run her own household…”

    Michelle, is that you, sweetie?

  179. I find it hard to believe that Obama trolls say some of the shit they do. It makes me wonder if they are GOP ratfuckers.

    But then I look at Cheetoville and I realize that they can’t all be Republicans, otherwise McCain would be up by 20 pts

  180. The new “The Women” will not be as good as the original. Sorry, Eva Mendes is hawt, but cannot act to save her life. And supposedly, a lot of the b*tchiness has been taken out. What fun is that?!

  181. Exactly, Myiq. Exactly.

    Later Conflucians! Happy PUMA thoughts to you all. 🙂

  182. Still4Hill,
    Can you believe they have the freakin (may I say) audacity to remake The Women? Hollywood has turned into total garbage. It seems all they do now is remake the classics into crappy pablum and serialize
    comic books. No wonder Obama has captured the
    lack of imagination of the youth. Art has turned to
    noise and flash.

  183. Please delete Joan’s comment, or edit it.

    I don’t want to go through that discussion again, and I don’t know who “Joan” is

  184. madamab: Too bad – the remakes never measure up.

  185. I haven’t gone through all of the posts but is there a video of DB on CNN saying that Gov Palin’s family is fair game?

  186. april baker,
    Obama has no real political experience either and he’s at the top of the ticket. And if Obama stood for the things you are saying, I might vote for him but he doesn’t. Obama represents Obama and the chicago machine. Need I say more?

    There’s another option: leave the presidential ballot blank.

  187. Madamab,

    Not medicated, just zombified from driving all day. I can’t stand Bill O, but honestly, I have to agree with him about the DK smears. He was saying that Obama is going to have to denounce Kos, and I think he’s right. In fact, Obama did say something about this issue today–something he never did when Hillary was being bashed. And I think the fact that Olbermann posts diaries at DK should be more widely publicized.

  188. Let’s just say I was a college student in the 60s, and had a considerable past to live down before then; I settled down/got my act together/sold out/became my true self, pick a phrase, when I got married and had the Kid. Don’t remember much of the 60s.

    The older I get, the more I appreciate a quote from Aunt Bee that applies to me:

    “Well, it’s harder for kids today to learn history; after all, there’s so much more of it.”

  189. angelasmith,

    You’re kidding! I love The Women. No remake could ever measure up.

  190. Thank you SM 77!!!

  191. Damn missed the troll wish SM77 you would edit their comment w/ou removing it!

    personal favorites from past threads”

    I have Mommie Issues


    Blah Blah Blah-and more Blah blah blah

    James I am sorry the doctor canceled your Viagra Perscription and the Enzyte did not work for you but hey with ideas like your you should not have any problems picking groovey chicks here at the confluence-


  192. Has this been done yet?

    “Frankly Nancy, I don’t give a damn. Really, I don’t.”

    Oh, and James in SC. Thanks!!!! You’ve just proven how desperate you obamorons are. I can smell your soiled shorts from here. Please change them before you make a scum sucking pig of yourself again.

  193. poe: “Don’t remember much of the 60s.”

    Neither does Grace Slick.

  194. Michael – I saw Angela Lansbury in Mama. My dad took us backstage to meet her. She was so glamorous. Very gracious, too. I still remember her dressing room.

    She is one in a million.

  195. I just found out that one of my favorite actresses is doing television now. Some Cable show

    Amanda Peet, who did Saving Silverman

    I know it’s bizarre, but I am attracted to skinny, mean types. In Silverman, she was both

    “He’s my puppet, and I’m his puppet master.”

  196. Got it MYIQ!

    MATT: Anytime I can, I will. You got Phillip Berg! Whoa.

  197. newindy: Not done yet and also good.

    michael – you didn’t miss anything. James stutters with his fingers the way Obama stammers when he speaks.

  198. I have watched some news and surfed some news sites today. Get me a barf bucket.

    I am about at the point where I am voting for EVERY DAMN WOMAN on any ticket, Dem or Repub, for about 5 years. Then maybe I will start being picky about what their policies are.

    Watching what has been happening, I honestly am beginning to think that if we don’t break that ceiling into a million pieces, and shove some vaginas down their throats, none of the rest will ever change. First things first.

    As myiq posted in the song above “you ain’t seen crazy yet”. Keep pushing me, see what I do, fuckers. I don’t even like most country music, but I like that song.

  199. As a young girl I wanted to be a nun. At 14 my libido kicked in and I discovered boys. At 18 I wanted to become a professor of history. At 21 I was married, a Mom, and “cooking” the next kid. We all change and presumably learn. In my head I am still that 18 year old idealist but the mirror confirms that those were “the good old days”.

  200. I think it was Ozzy Osbourne and Joe Walsh were together on some show, and Walsh asked “didn’t we tour together?”

    Ozzy replied “I’m pretty sure we did, I have the posters”

  201. I’d even watch Richard Melon Scaife if he was calling out that cesspool DKos. O’Really was at least respectful to Hillary when she was on his show-if he’s good enough for her, well, you know.

  202. I have to see the re-make of The Women. It stars: Bette Midler, Candice Bergen, Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Selma Blair, Debra Messing and then some? Yeah, I’m going.

  203. They say if you can remember the sixties you weren’t there.

  204. fuzzy, LMAO! I am sure he will pick up some chicks. He is so suauuuuuuuve.

  205. I know Bostonboomer. Isn’t it repulsive? Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russel, Norma Shearer, Joan Fontaine.
    Yeah, we can recast that, right? Nope, you can’t.
    And the dialogue– even when it gets a little annoying in ideology– is crisp and intelligent and nuanced and witty. That ain’t gonna happen. We’ll get “cute” instead.
    And humor aimed at eight year olds. Pisshaw!

  206. bostonboomer, on September 1st, 2008 at 9:40 pm Said: Edit Comment

    You’re kidding! I love The Women. No remake could ever measure up.

    It’s a Sex in the City version of “The Women”

  207. SM,

    I heard Philip Berg on the radio today. I have to admit, what he said was interesting.

  208. why do the male trolls have so much focus on the almighty P*nis that is between their legs they act like it is the pillar that supports all civilization!

    yawn-that kind of talk is so boring to me!


  209. Myiq: I don’t remember much, but oh, I wuz there.

  210. Bette, Candice, and Annette are SOOOO funny! I’d be disappointed if they didn’t have a chance to be funny. I love Annette in American Beauty.

  211. There was a remake of The Women with June Allyson – it was a musical – Fred MacMurray was the hubby, can’t remember who was Crystal……..was it Polly Bergen?

  212. One thing I noticed with these Babygate smear jobs is that the obots seem to think that raising the issue will turn the fundies against Palin.

    Fundies understand sin, but they also understand forgiveness.

    They don’t shun unmarried mothers or shave their heads and drive them out of the village.

    They don’t even make them wear scarlet letters anymore

  213. WMCB,

    I’m at that point too. I am soooooo tempted to vote for McCain just because he put a woman on the ticket. None of the arguments against doing it make sense to me, because no one can convince me that Obama is a liberal. I think he’s a fascist. I know I shouldn’t say that, but that’s what I think.

  214. Regency’s listed the new cast for The Women. I like Candice Bergen, but I never thought she could act.
    As for the rest… lord in heaven, I couldn’t imagine more apt Hollywood casting. You couldn’t pay me to see that. I can already see Meg Ryan with her nauseating cutesy smile substituting random facial expressions for any real feeling. All you have to tell me now is that Nora Ephron is behind it somehow and the entire film will now have everyone speaking all of the dialogue over cell phones.

  215. angela – I kknow – they were all “fast-talking women” – Bette can fast-talk, though.

  216. What’s Wrong with This Story?–WSJ: Obama Says Palin’s Family is “Off Limits”

    You know, the cynic in me is saying that Obama is being so magnanimous so that people don’t go snooping into his fuzzy family history…I keep thinking about Bill Clinton’s references to the “Constitution” before and during the Convention…


    So, after lifting nary a finger to express his concern over the misogynist references to Hillary Clinton by the media and his followers, and, indeed, GIVING her the finger, Obama is being “classy” and telling the hounds to lay off Sarah Palin’s daughter. (Funny, I don’t remember any concerns about the Schuster “pimping Chelsea” comments on MSNBC.)


    So, let’s take this WSJ story one underlined comment at a time.



  217. angela – Nora Ephron is ON MY LIST!! She turned against Hillary big-time.

  218. The best way to do a remake is don’t try to make the same movie, make a different one that suits the actors/actresses’ personalities and abilities.

    The Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds was classic. The remake, not so much

  219. Caption: We did it, baby! We don’t need the Old Democratic Party! Now, plant one on me like you did Jill.

    To RepublicanWoman: thank you for the links about the protests getting violent and out of hand. Always a shame. But, we must always remember: There are extremes on both ends of the stick – I always think of bombs going off at Planned Parenthood; harassment of young women coming out with mere birth control pills; or even murdering of doctors. Tsk-tsk.

  220. I’m starting my job hunt in earnest tomorrow. Please send me good vibrations, prayers etc.

    I took August off to recover from my being “terminated.” It was all based on back stabbing and master-minded by a Nancy Pelosi clone and Keith Olberman’s secret twin brother. Why I let my self esteem take a beating for so long is beyond me.

    Anyway, I’ll take a leaf from Hillary’s book. On to the next thing.

  221. Michael,

    I restored James’s comment with editing, as you requested.

  222. Still4Hill, YES, Nora Ephron was a major, major disappointment to me, turning on Hillary and posting about it on insipid Huffpo

  223. I loved “I Feel Bad About my Neck” but I noticed towards the end that Ephron had some issues with the Clintons. I can’t say I enjoy it as much now.

  224. Good luck Arabella!

  225. My favorite actors and actresses are the ones that look completely different in each role.

    Sir Alec Guiness, Johnny Depp, Gene Hackman, Cloris Leachman

    The become the character, rather than play the same role every time, like John Wayne.

    Wayne was great, but for a different reason

  226. Speaking of music to express the way you feel, I found something very interesting.

    I have spent the last weeks wondering how much nose holding it would take to vote for Obama since I can’t vote for McCain. I have the feeling the amount of nose-holding necessary may end up suffocating me.

    While executing my tomato sauce a la MABlue flawlessly today, I was listening to Leela James and one some captured my attention: “Mistreating me”. Check out this passage

    To do more and do more
    Don’t move on unless you can see that
    I’m all that
    It ain’t easy waking up early
    To stay up late
    I know God won’t put more
    on me on me
    than I can take

    and I know I know

    Yes I know that I
    I must take care of me
    (You better love you say you love yourself first)
    And I’ve been told that I
    I can’t put you above me
    (You better love you better love yourself first)

    No I’m not gone keep on mistreating me
    I have decided to love myself
    and no I’m not gon’ keep on mistreating me
    I’m not if you don’t love you can’t love nobody else

    I think I’ve mistreated myself enough, voting for anything with a (D) the DNC will put in front of me. I think this time I’ll love myself and not even try to hold my own nose to the point of asphyxiation.

  227. myiq, I saw tons of bot comments early this morning predicting this would hurt Palin with the religious conservatives. Um….no. I could have told them that.

    It only confirms for me that most of these fasco-fauxgressive assholes have never been around any evangelicals, have no idea of the genuine love and support of small-town church communities that occurs all across America on a daily basis. The only image they have in their minds is some weird caricature that does not match the reality.

    I think much of their theology is laughable, and some of their views boneheaded in the extreme. But I grew up around these people, and they do have real compassion, and they do take care of their own in a way that puts many of us to shame.

  228. Yeah, the Closer rocks.

    “On behalf of the LAPD let me say how sorry I am that you lied to us so much and that you beat your wife to such an extent that we considered you a suspect in her murder.”


  229. WMCB–I’ve been out there, too. I have officially lost my mind. I don’t know why I’m torturing myself. I’m now heading for the liquor cabinet. I’ve been back and forthing with a Dem friend who was a delegate for Jesse Jackson back in the day, and refused to believe that Nancy Pelosi’s PAC had bought off the delegates. Thanks to all of you here for posting the links. I’ve probably sent close to 30 at this point–and that’s just about that mess. I haven’t even BEGUN to send him anything else. And he thinks because he watches MSM, he’s informed. Hell he still thinks BO won more popular votes. Unscrewing cap on bottle now….

  230. If I was a Hollywood exec and forced to remake The Women– and what the hell is the premise for the whole thing now– still marital infidelity? That’s it?
    Man, that’s a little common place now… But okay, whatever… say by some miracle there’s a decent script floating about… I would cast the following:

    Nicole Kidman
    Helen Mirren (because she can actually be very funny)

    Well, I didn’t get very far. I can’t think of real actresses.
    I can only think of cream puffs. There’s always Meryl Streep. Oh, and I suppose Hillary Swank.

    Why do we keep breeding mediocrity? I know there are people talented out the whazzoo out there. But we keep get creampuffs.

  231. Reg – She put an editorial in the NYT back around June I guess. How she loved Hillary so much in 1992 and how now she hates her (well she didn’t say hate – maybe). So she’s on my list.

  232. well almost bed time the fuzzy is hitting the rack-

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    Tonight I put all politics asside and thank you for calming the winds and mitagating the storm Gustav that could have been so much worse-I humbly ask that make the losesonly material things and preserve all life in the storms path.

    Give shelter those who have fled their homes and food to those on the road in flight. Mostly give them safety that they may weather the storm and return home, that the rebulding may begin and that which can my be salvaged.

    Open the heart of this nation weary from so many storms that our hearts my pour forth the greatness that is the strength of this nation. I ask this in your name.



  233. Reg: I usually donate my used books to charity, but I tossed “I Feel….Neck” in the trash. I didn’t want her corrupting anyone, and I was just so ticked off that I spent my hard-earned, precious money [I’m retired now] on losers like Nora, Kerry, M Moore, Kos, etc.

  234. I am continually amazed to discover all the people who have issues with the Clintons.

    The GOP hating on them I understand, but not the left.

    Actually, the GOP’s Clinton hate is mostly gone, replaced by grudging respect.

  235. Nora Ephron is something of a queen bee. I never was a big fan of hers, but when she turned on Hillary, that was it.

  236. Amen, fuzzybear – very beautiful.

  237. thanks alot sm77-I think it pisses them off more to see we can futz with their words…


  238. Arabella – When you see the torches coming, KEEP GOING!!!

    HUGS to you & know that you will be in a much better place than where you were at before.

  239. Oh I love it when everybody here closes ranks around Hillary. We’re her guard.

  240. Best of luck Arabella, and nitey, fuzzy.

  241. Amen to fuzzy’s prayer.

  242. Greta is saying that the storm surge is not over and very dangerous.

  243. BostonBoomer, are you back home???

    Fuzzy – I’ll try. Sometimes Boston/KBird have that trigger happy finger on the Spaminator and get to it before I do. I can only edit or Spaminate on my own threads.

    Yeah- I did the “I have Mommy issues” alsthough the other ones are a RIOT!!!!! Don’t know if it’s RD, KBird or BB. Love them!

  244. sm77, I like the mommy issues one, and the “I did a squishy in my diaper” one.

  245. sm, do you want something released? what time?

  246. Fundies may have some weird ideas about science, women’s rights and homosexuality, but as a group they aren’t haters.

    Even the bigots and rac*sts believe in charity for those people they think are inferior. And the sexIst stuff isn’t intended to be harmful to women (even though it is)

    And they don’t all practice what the ministers preach either. They will pick and choose.

    My Dad was a conservative fundie, and so are my sister and brother-in-law. I was raised that way. They aren’t evil.

  247. MaBlue – wow that was really deep!!!

    AMEN fuzzy!!!

  248. (yawn)

    I should know by now not to sit on the couch. I fall right to sleep. I’m sure spending 13 solid hours staring at this blog has nothing at all to do with it!

  249. myiq2xu,
    exactly. I liked the Burt Reynolds film. It was what it was. True to itself. The remake was hideous. The remake of the Manchurian Candidate was hideous.
    And the remake of Mr Deeds? yikes. The remake of the Pink Panther? Father of the Bride? Father of the Bride 2 (okay no fan of either original either).
    Are there no writers in Hollywood anymore?

    Cloris Leachman is a good actress. Vanessa Redgrave was brilliant. Jessica Tandy (always typecast in later years) was a good actress. Seems like most of our flowers are older or have left us.

  250. SM,

    Sorry, when I saw that comment, I just reflexively got rid of it. If he comes back, you can deal with him.

    I’m about halfway home, in Ohio, near the PA border.

  251. Caption #1 —

    “And so I heard this Riverdaughter woman say…

  252. Hillary’s our girl, and I don’t mean that in any kind of sex*st way.

    She is in a class by herself. I think she would be a better President than Bill was, and he was damn good.

    She won’t be shtupping any interns either.

  253. KBird – nope – we are good. Just a request from Fuzzy to edit the troll droppings with funny captions, aka, I have mommy issues, I have bellybutton lint, etc.

  254. (WAVING)

    Bostonboomer!! Hi

  255. NEW CAPTION: ( – inspired by her suit – some of you will remember)

    “Lavender blue, dilly, dilly
    lavender green.

    Soon I’ll be king, dilly, dilly.
    You’ll be my queen”

  256. It’s said the American people get the leadership they deserve. If we don’t make sure Obumma doesn’t win, and yes, that means voting for McCain, at least in the swing states, we will have fought for naught.

    Either way the Democratic party is going down. If they lose, they’ll have to rebuild and reinvent. If they win, Obama will eventually be run out on a rail and take the party with him.

    Hey, that might be fun to watch.

  257. Hillary is the best damn candidate for president I have seen in my lifetime, and I am a political junkie.

    I hope like hell she runs in 2012.

  258. Cloris Leachman rocked in Beverly Hillbillies. She nailed the part of Granny.

    Lily Tomlin was in that one too, as Miss Hathaway.

    She’s a great one.

  259. Good luck driving BostonBoomer, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

  260. Amen, Fuzzy.

  261. Safe home, Boston Boomer.

  262. Now a remake that was pretty good was Dawn of the Dead.

    Rob Zombie is a great horror movie director.

    He used the same basic plot, updated the special effects (but didn’t just add tons more gore) and threw in a curveball.

    Instead of slow, shuffling zombies, his zombies ran FAST

  263. Jessica Lange – great actress, beautiful, smart.

    Saw Family Feud, new one I guess, on at the gym and the category was Sexy Jessica’s and Jessica Lange wasn’t even on the list. WTH?

  264. Hi Katiebird!!

    {waving and smiling}

  265. WMCB, as long as I got sass and spit, I’m going to fight like hell for Hillary in 2012!

    People, I am going to head off to bed early. I need to tend to PUMA cub matters and afterwards, I need to get to bed.

    Love you ALL & BostonBoomer please be safe!

  266. Vaness Redgrave ain’t gone to the grave yet. She’s still kicking it. Was on Nip/Tuck a few seasons back. She and her daughter Joely Richardson look just alike.

  267. Yes, BB, be safe!

  268. I’m a Cukor fan, so naturally “Women” ranks as a fave. And I don’t think ANYBODY can top Rosalind Russell. Phenomenal timing, that lady.

  269. But while we’re all talking remakes, we’re LIVING a remake:
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    Pod people all around us – that’s why it’s so important that we protect Hillary. God forbid they grow a pod of her!

  270. Good night, SM.

  271. I had fun commenting in that thread, Charles.

  272. LOLOL!

  273. LOL @ Still4Hill. Indeed.

  274. Night, sm – thanks for the great picture!

  275. Good night, SM. Thanks for another great picture. I don’t know how you find them. I will be careful.

  276. Hey BB: (waving)

    Have you been in an “undisclosed location”?

    Haven’t seen you on the interwebs for ever.

  277. Goodnight, SM.

  278. Morgan Freeman is a great actor. I was just watching Driving Miss Daisy yesterday.

    One of his best roles was one of his first. He was in a movie called ‘Street Smart” with Christopher Reeves (before he was injured.)

    Freeman played a murderous pimp, which is way different than most roles he has done.

  279. Thanks, myiq2xu. Right now I’m just relaxing in a motel room. It’s so nice that they all have wireless internet access these days.

  280. One of the things that has also decided me to vote McCain/Palin is my own musings on my responsibility as a voter.

    For me (and this is ME, not a judgement on others) it is akin to Obama voting “present” in the Illinois senate. How many times have I sneered at the cowardice of that? It’s like the AUMF vote. Or any of the other hard decisions I demand of my elected representatives.

    In the real world, choices are rarely black and white, they are almost always a compromise of some sort, and carry RISKS. I may be responsible for something really bad happening if I choose wrongly. How can I expect my politicians to make those difficult calls, to put their ass on the line and make a DECISON when neither alternative is perfect, both are awful, and both are scary, if I am unwilling to do the same?

    For me to say “I refuse to choose” is to vote “present”. It’s a cop out. I won’t do it. I won’t vote “present”. If I expect more than that of them, then I have to expect the same of myself.

  281. still4hill and madamab — still rofl!

  282. Still4Hill : oh, my, that’s what my non-political sister says all the time. When she watches cable news, she’ll say, it’s just like the pod people.

    Except she’s thinking of a different old science fiction movie, heck, can’t remember the name. At the end, the guy goes into a cave with his girlfriend & even she turns into a pod person – guy runs through the woods to the roads, yelling, trying to tell people.

  283. still ROFL!!!!

    Oh thank god for the funnies!

  284. On the subject of terorism against women-June Barret and her husband Ret Lt Col James Barret (USAF) were escorting Dr John Britton into the Womens Center in Pensocala FL- They were attacked by Paul Hill and all three were shot Junes husband John and Dr John Britton were murdered on that July 29th 1994 day. June survived after a gunshot to her arm.

    June and James were PFFLAG members and committed to the choice movement June had recently lost hes son to AIDS. They were friends of mine and we very involved in the Pensacola LGBT community. I miss them deeply…

    this was the second act of terrorismof the Womens Health Clinic in Pensacola

    We must remember always that extremism in any fight is no virtue at all- terrorism is terrorism it is as simple as that.


  285. wcmb – You make a good point.

  286. Arabella,

    Thanks for the good wishes. I know you will be successful in your job hunt. I hope you find something that is equal to your talents and your charming personality.

  287. oh, think maybe that was Invasion….

    getting tired & confused, best trot to bed

  288. madamab === I agree!!

  289. myiq2xu, on September 1st, 2008 at 10:17 pm Said:
    Morgan Freeman is a great actor. I was just watching Driving Miss Daisy yesterday.

    One of his best roles was one of his first. He was in a movie called ‘Street Smart” with Christopher Reeves (before he was injured.)

    Freeman played a murderous pimp, which is way different than most roles he has done.

    Street Smart had terrific turns by both Christopher and Morgan. And MF is one of my favorite actors. His work in Shawshank solidified his ‘greatness’ for me.

  290. S4H:

    In 1980, SNL did a skit that was a take-off off Body Snatchers.

    The people were all hippie types from the sixties that were turning into yuppie Reagan supporters.

    I remember Laraine Newman singing “The answer is Ronald Reagan” to the tune of “Blowing in the Wind”

  291. poe – …and no one will listen because they’re ALL pod people. Actually there was a remake of that one too, but the better version (of course) was the original with Kevin McCarthy I think, bother of Mary McCarthy enemy for life of Lillian Hellman.

  292. Still4Hill,

    I am a huge fan of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. I love the original and the ’70s remake really wasn’t bad at all. So last night I watched another remake called The Invasion, with Nicole Kidman. It was pretty silly and they gave it a happy ending. WTF?!! It was so bad it was funny, so it wasn’t a total loss.

  293. For me to say “I refuse to choose” is to vote “present”. It’s a cop out.


    I think most of us will be thinking like you by November — we’ve just a ways to go before we get there.

    For me I might do it just to spite Meteor Blades.

  294. myiq – LOL – I remember that skit!

  295. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? Remade several times, last one “Invasion”

  296. BB – Nicole Kidman was also in the remake of The Stepford Wives – another movie we all seem to be living.

  297. {{Arabella}} Good luck and be strong! I think taking a month off to regroup was a good idea.

  298. We have been so focused on the election that we don’t do enough social chatting. I hope this community sticks together after November (regardless of the outcome) and then we will have more time for threads on movies, food, travel, etc.

    All work and no play make PUMA a dull kitty

  299. Hi MABlue,

    I’ve been visiting my parents in Indiana. I’ve been here, but not as much as usual. In fact I even put up a couple of posts while I was there. I’m addicted to The Confluence. I can’t stay away for long.

  300. Guys – Hannah is blowing Palin off the screen – they’re saying she’ll hit Florida coast.

  301. still haven’t gone off to bed..

    One of my favorite classic SF movies is Mars Needs Women [think that’s the right title], it’s got that Gloria whatshername, and it is really good, worst title in the world, so trashy

  302. Katiebird,

    Why are people talking about Meteor Blades? Did he post some comments here? What did I miss??

  303. parentofed,

    Have you seen Earth Girls are Easy? That’s a good one.

  304. as if —
    Joe Trippi just said(paraphrased) “clearly the mccain campaign didn’t vet sarah palin very well and are extremely nervous about what the next shoe to drop is…”

    right. John McCain. Republican. a Republican who’s previous presidential bid was derailed by rumor and smears. THAT republican didn’t vet his VP choice and his whole campaign is going to be derailed by a scandal that they never anticipated. right.

  305. What was great about the original IBS is that it was one of the first that didn’t have an ending per se.

    The guy is telling the cops what happened and they think he is crazy, then another cop walks in and says there was a truck wreck, and the truck was filled with strange pods.

    Then it ends, and you don’t know what happened after that.

  306. parentofed remember mars needs women great flick going to bed-night all


  307. BB: yeah, that was funny, I like old black & white ones the best. Man, I love those old dorky ones where it looks like the alien is holding a paper towel tube covered in aluminum foil.

    That one with Arlene Francis? what a hoot…

  308. crap Hannah will hit north florida guess that means fuzzybeargville will be working alot-

    wish me luck!


  309. I think probably the best of all was The Day the Earth Stood Still. I love that movie.

  310. Some movies are so bad they are good.

    I remember in Earth Girls where one of the guys (Jeff Goldblum?) fishes an ice cube out of a tall glass with his tongue, and Geena Davis says “I get him”

  311. myiq: Speaking of great endings, why has Turner Classics edited the end of The Birds – that was the best surprise. As they drive through the flocks, the screen shows:
    The Beginning (fade) then Of the End. Genius!

  312. McCain doesn’t LOOK nervous.

  313. katiebird, I don’t mean to pressure or judge anyone at all. You own your vote. But I had to decide which of the 2 men who WILL be president are a greater danger to this country, because neither are good. That is what it boils down to for me, more than any particular issue.

    I have decided that Obama, and the forces that surround him, are a far greater danger. The thought of turning my country over to the sort of “hope and change” this man has inspired in his followers thus far makes me physically ill.

    When you cut past the crap, and the policy positions, and the rhetoric, what has each man done, what has each man drawn to himself? What is attracted to him? I see hatred and backstabbing and pathology following and surrounding BO like a cloud of flies. And I see at least some decency and fairness and sanity and grudging cooperative caution surrounding McCain.

  314. Night Michael.

  315. BB,

    He visited us in the thread I did earlier.

  316. I never realized how beautiful Cindy McCain was before. She looks fantastic in Orange, the same Orange Hillary wore. God, I’m IN luv! Laura Bush looks absolutely sadsack next to Cindy.

  317. Speaking of classics better than the remake – “A Christmas Carol” with Alistair Sim and “Miracle on 34th Street” with Natalie Wood are far, far better than any remakes

  318. No Quarter has a photo of Obama biting into a chicken wing. Go read the thread, it’s very funny.


    On a campaign stop at a restaurant Obama stopped in and crashed a birthday party. He sat down and started eating somebody else’s food.

    Biden headed straight to the bar.

  319. WMCB: I always vote, no matter how big the jerks. Somebody is going to win, even if it’s with only 2% of the vote; there is no minimum # required. I feel that if we have to make bad decisions, I can make them as well as anyone else……

    Er, if you know what I mean.

  320. Reg – Is Cindy McCain a PUMA?

  321. Arabella, I read that!

    I had to read the story 3 times because I thought I misread it. I still sort of do. It said a woman went to the rest room and when she came back, Obama was sitting in her chair eating her food.

    Could it be a fake story? It seems just crazy.

  322. myiq & Arabella – Obama crashing birthday party and stealing someone’s chicken wing.

    SNL / Bill’s first term:

    Bill jogging around DC. SS trying to keep up. Bill jogs into Mickey D’s and starts eating other people’s fries.

  323. Katiebird,

    Yes, I noticed that when I read your post and the comments. But I don’t know what he said, because his comment was gone by the time I got there. I can’t believe those dopes are still coming around here. They must be really nervous about us.

  324. And Sarah Palin, with her hair down, is a knockout. God dang it woman. Accomplished and beautiful. Mommy, I want one for Christmas (sexist, why yes it is).

  325. Hitchcock was a genius, and has never been equalled.

    He created the “Slasher” genre with Psycho, and the “North by Northwest” type movie where the hero gets involved by accident and doesn’t know what the f*ck is going on. One minute Cary Grant is on a pay phone, and then suddenly that plane starts diving at him.

  326. about vetting — the thought that at this level with millions of dollars at your beck and call and experience PLUS the real knowledge that stupid shit can stop a presidential bid in its track…. what John McCain was “too busy” or “didnt care” …I’m not buying it. I’m sure she’s a vetted as a person could be…for god’s sake at the least he and his people said “what is in your past that could stop us” and any thinking person would not set themselves up for defeat… the Obots are going crazy as if Macs about to ask for a do-over….

    the only do-over I want is the not so democratic primary …err.. but this time we listen to the voters

  327. Charles, it’s funny that she didn’t think she needed a lawyer before this. And now she does. I wonder what would happen in a war of the “associates and friends”

  328. Wolf just said that the Repubs FULLY vetted Palin and their lawyers are convinced there was no wrong doing. They say when the whole story comes out it will make her an even stronger candidate.

  329. Cindy is great looking; I’ll give her that. Natalie Wood was beautiful.

  330. I commend Sarah Palin for knowing she needs a lawyer. When people start making false accusations, you get a lawyer and fight it. Don’t just sit there and say nothing’s wrong. Besides, pretty much every politician’s got one. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain’s campaign advised her to seek legal counsel.

  331. yeah, obtaining legal advice is standard in these situations.

  332. KB:

    I think you should have taken a lawyer long time ago. That’s usually the wise thing to do.

  333. And after day three the buzz is still all about Sarah. I think it will continue. She should do great in the critical swing states of Ohio and PA, especially those benighted areas that cling to guns and religion.

  334. Oh, I know Regency. I’m not trying to imply anything by my question. I’m just wondering why she needs a lawyer this week and not last week (or month)

  335. Charles:

    Palin retained counsel to represent her office in the investigation months ago. Her office does not have in-house counsel. It’s pretty standard.

    She has a job to do as governor and so does her staff. They are too busy to be distracted with some of the nuts and bolts of producing records and stuff. Her counsel would review requests, gather the material requested, review it, and either turn it over or assert privilege

    Gore retained counsel on the Buddhist temple thing. The Clintons had private counsel working for them through most of his adminstration (long before anyone heard of Monica)

  336. troopergate is going to go nowhere — Sara Palin did what anyone of us would have done in her position…

    as for the teen pregnancy – McCain has said that he knew before he asked her to be his VP so he doesn’t seem too worried. good on him – it has nothing to do with how she governs

  337. Of course the OCNN, (Obama cable news networks) will make the most of it while they can.

  338. I think the pregnancy will just motivate the base. Think Juno.

    Obama is such an idiot. WTH is he doing? Via CNN:

    Barack Obama defended his experience in dealing with natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, and took a swipe at newly minted GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    In an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night, Obama was asked about whether his experience in the U.S. Senate dealing with weather-related situations compares to Palin’s executive experience running the state of Alaska and as the small town mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

    “My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for the month,” Obama responded.

  339. cbs is going all out right now about teen pregnancy and Bristol — just sick

  340. KB: I didn’t even see your comment until after my comment. I didn’t think you were implying anything.

  341. A couple of Ohio posters on another blog, whom I am long familiar with and trust as much as you can trust anyone online, says that the media attacks are backfiring, bigtime. Those blue-collar OH voters do NOT like a bunch of washington suits picking on that family, that girl, and their babies.

  342. All this makes me even more disgusted with the “move-on types”, as Greta’s husband calls them.

  343. It’s all Obama’s fault!

  344. sm77: thanks for the laughs. Its been a loooooong week!

    Here is my husband’s caption:

    Obama: “Mommy dearest, I’d rather do it myself!”

  345. Newindyincal: He is in fact a moron.

  346. But while we’re all talking remakes, we’re LIVING a remake:
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    The original was the best, and I recognized this primary season as a perfect example early on. My sister and I have been joking about it for months. Parent: the one when they are in the cave at the end IS the original Invasion of BS. It was a metaphor for Communism. Now, it’s a metaphor for fascism. When Ben writes about a successful attorney coming up to him in the hallway and saying, with a glazed expression, “Have you come to Obama yet?” we know we are in sci-fi territory. We have all seen many many examples. A good friend of mine was just “absorbed” by the pods this week after the Barackopolis Extravaganza. I must have some kind of mutant gene that immunizes me against the Kool Aid germ, because I will NEVER be absorbed.

    Well, another very interesting day in this strange new world. The drama is never dull, that’s for sure. G’night friends. Safety to all in the storm zones, and good luck Arabella! Someone will recognize the value of your unique intelligence and wit.

  347. masslib, I am LMAO at that. Good Gawd, the Democrats are so fucking tone deaf. Yes, Obama, tell the voters of those economically struggling swing states how much you are spending to get your sorry ass anointed king, and sound real proud of yourself while you do it. That’s real smart.

  348. charles – that inflating your tires would save as much gas as drilling offshore

  349. The Republican base loves Sarah– and after three days she’s a first name politician like Hillary. Sarah is drawing the vote, and new contributions, in droves.

    Experience/vetting stories are mostly media chatter so far. We already know that Democratic operatives are feverishly trying to discredit Sarah. Unless she commits some major gaffes, it won’t amount to much.

  350. Charles, Obama thinks managing a natural disaster is like running a campaign…clearly not true. Oh wait.

  351. Hang out! I think I have forgotten how to do that RD!
    I worked with Will Bower and others to set up a site devoted to prompting Senators to commit to making Sen. Clinton Majority leader; beat the bushes for funds for The Denver Group because Marc is creating a killer ad to just keep reminding everybody that when O’Biden fails – as it will – that the corrupt and thuggish Dean-Pelosi-Reid-Brazile gang MUST be blamed, along with the candidate himself – if he can’t win it, he can’t win it.

    I am also trying to get ready to teach this week.
    And trying to stay strong.

    I DID get to spend some quality time with husband and the amazing calicos.

  352. “My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for the month,” Obama responded.

    This is the kind of remark that pisses me off! Really it validates what Dave Barry wrote about his career having been running for president. This is the biggest thing he has ever had to operate.

  353. Charles, I think the religious fliers he put out in Kentucky and some other states back-fired on him. He had a picture of himself standing at a podium in a church and I think it just made people think of HIS church. And that he probably WAS there when his minister spoke.

    And he keeps running ads here saying that he “shares our Kansas values” and it just makes me think that he’s never actually spent much time in Kansas. Or he couldn’t say that. (Again based on his church and Ayers especially)

  354. Here is my professional advice to anyone who is being questioned by cops or other investigators:

    Tell them you do not want to speak to them and that you want a lawyer, then STFU. Do not ever consent to a search.

    I have had many clients that would have remained free if they had follwed that advice.

    BTW – If you say you don’t want to talk, that’s 5th Amendment, but under Miranda et al they can ask questions as long as they don’t coerce responses.

    If you say you want a lawyer, that’s 6th Amendment and they must stop questioning.

    If they ask to search and you say yes, THEY WILL ALWAYS SEARCH. And some people possess things they don’t realize are illegal.

    Asserting your 4th, 5th and/or 6th Amendment rights cannot be used against you.

  355. I’m an Ohioan. All I can say that republican women are fired up for Palin. This is the ONE they’ve been waiting for. I also heard that at a fair in blue collar Mahoning County McCain/Palin tee shirts were incredibly popular.

    Obama is spending a lot of time in Ohio. This is where it will all be decided yet again. Does anyone know of any Obama plans to go to Florida?

  356. Why does Obama (and his campaign) keep pretending she is not the Gov? They keep talking about the small town. Its an insult to the electorate.

  357. I’m not sure swing state voters want to hear how big the campaign budget is, or how masterful a certain candidate is as the CEO of Obama Incorporated.

  358. Not to be unduly argumentative but I wonder: do people who think it is a cop out to conscientiously abstain also think all conscientious objectors to every war are always copping out?

  359. And another thing – Obama’s VP should be throwing the punches, not him. They must be really, really, worried.

  360. charles – its a hard category to fill in since he out and out lies over and again but I think he believes it right when he’s saying it…sicko.

  361. Obama also, in that statement, continues to sneer at small-town and rural government.

    What a pompous moron. Who is advising this joker, and have they ever in their life been inside a Walmart?

  362. As a prosecutor, I would tell you that requesting a lawyer is always what you should do if questioned by the police IF you have done something wrong. In my state they can’t even hold pre-arrest silence against you in court. So if the police are coming to your house to investigate a matter and you arent under arrest you can say no thank you I want a lawyer. That’s the end of it.

  363. Obama will sink himself for the general election – as you all so rightly point out he has an incurable tin ear, and just is not ready for prime time – to put it mildly.

  364. And did Anderson Cooper just let that bat-sh¡t-crazy answer stand? Or did he remind Obama that Palin is a GOVERNOR now?

    And has been for most or all of the time Obama has run for President?

  365. I still can’t find any article pointing to Palin saying her girls don’t have sex before marriage. Why is this story such a big deal?

  366. this vetting of Palin in the MSM is PISSING me OFF…what NOW they want to vet people…a@@holes…. we wouldn’t be in this effing mess if the MSM had done their job on Obama

  367. Dee

    The campaign is taking all their clues from Bush 2000 and 2004. They are trying to start a narrative in the public that she is JUST a mayor. But you know what come debate time she will always be referred to as Governor Palin. The public doesn’t know her yet so they are trying to create that narrative.

  368. myiq: Is somebody going to arrest me?

  369. Like I said, I was raised in a fundie church, and they aren’t bad people. We had some scandals (the preacher’s daughter showed me and half the boys in the youth group the holy ghost) and a couple teen pregnancies.

    There was gossip and tut-tutting, but no condemnation.

    Them old farts were young once too.

    I quit going in my teens. That part where Jesus said that looking at a woman with lust in your heart was the same as adultery had me convinced I was gonna burn in hell.

  370. Isn’t Cooper in NOLA? Did he interview Obama from there?

  371. WHAT!

    ” That part where Jesus said that looking at a woman with lust in your heart was the same as adultery ….”

    ahhh crap.

  372. well maybe I can room with Regency

  373. Charles,

    To me one of the most jaw dropping fallacies that came out of Obama’s mouth was when he said no one predicted 9/11. He sounded just like George W. Bush. I don’t know if you can find the video, but it was shocking. It never got any coverage in the media.

  374. For the love of god, the woman is governor of a state. She’s been governor for as long or longer than he’s been running his hot shot campaign. What a tool.

  375. Charles, there’s also the “laughing at voters” thing in San Francisco. People remember that he called voters bitter and clinging to guns.

    But, Obama continues to Laugh about voters thinking he’s “different” and “has a funny name” etc. Then he and his fans laugh together. At voters.

  376. BB — I remember that!

  377. Bambi is falling right into their trap. Has anyone noticed that the Dem’s presidential candidate is reduced to standing up and defending his experience against the VICE PRESIDENTIAL pick of the Republicans?

    Expect McCain to give him enough rope to get some juicy quotes on record, then knock his ass off his pedestal.

    The presidential candidate should NEVER be arguing his experience against the opponent’s VP pick. Never.

  378. WMCB, on September 1st, 2008 at 10:34 pm Said:

    katiebird, I don’t mean to pressure or judge anyone at all. You own your vote. But I had to decide which of the 2 men who WILL be president are a greater danger to this country, because neither are good. That is what it boils down to for me, more than any particular issue.

    I have decided that Obama, and the forces that surround him, are a far greater danger. The thought of turning my country over to the sort of “hope and change” this man has inspired in his followers thus far makes me physically ill.

    When you cut past the crap, and the policy positions, and the rhetoric, what has each man done, what has each man drawn to himself? What is attracted to him? I see hatred and backstabbing and pathology following and surrounding BO like a cloud of flies. And I see at least some decency and fairness and sanity and grudging cooperative caution surrounding McCain.

    I have almost come to the same conclusion..I have been doing the mental gymnastics of not voting or voting green etc..Heidi Li also raises a valid point of view…I am still working on it…but I think the question of who is the most dangerous is the defining one. Right now that is Obama.

  379. Oh, and the Iran thing. That he thinks he can say one thing to Liberals in Oregon and another thing to conservative voters in South Dakota. All on the same day.

    I can’t remember the exact words but First Iran was small and no threat. And then it was a threat. Or something.

  380. She ran that town on her own. Basically, her neighbors elected her over and over again. I’m not deluding myself to think that’s the toughest job in the world. We all know idiots who get elected mayor and do a horrible job. The point is that Obama isn’t running his campaign on his own. The Chicago machine is running it for him. He’s stupidly making this campaign Obama vs. Palin. And if that’s the case she will probably win. McCain is loving this time out of the spotlight.

  381. charles – I guess at the end of this debacle, we’ll know why. It’s not like the MSM’s reputation can be earned back. For the time being I’m infuriated. Again.

  382. Indigogrrl, only if you bring the woman you’re lusting after. Sharing is fundamental!

    (I’ll take one order of Hillary, Teresa, and Cindy–each!)

  383. ummm..sandra bullock? wait a minute – Hillary is all mine…I don’t share like Carol and Pat

  384. KB,

    I’m glad someone else remembers it. I thought it was really shocking that he didn’t know about all the warnings that the Bush Admin received. I think Obama is really lazy. I’ll bet he got through college by bamboozling his profs. He doesn’t do the work like Hillary does.

  385. WMCB: we thought of the same thing at the same time. Why is he challenging her and demeaning her this way??? He’s looking like a coward. He’s not MAN enough to take on McCain so he’s comparing himself to the Governor of Alaska. He is increasing his wimp factor.

  386. wcmb: Has anyone noticed that the Dem’s presidential candidate is reduced to standing up and defending his experience against the VICE PRESIDENTIAL pick of the Republicans?

    He’s seeking his level – he hasn’t found it yet. This elevator is going down.

  387. Obama is running an ad here that McCain said he cannot remember how many houses he has. I didn’t think McCain said that. I thought he passed the question on to his staff. And didn’t answer it at all.

    Obama’s ad makes it sound like a quote though.

  388. Actually Ben – he is comparing himself to the Mayor of a small town.

  389. indigogrrl, on September 1st, 2008 at 11:11 pm Said:

    “ummm..sandra bullock? wait a minute – Hillary is all mine…I don’t share like Carol and Pat”

    You and Reg are very bad and can sit in the corner – Hillary is mine.

  390. BB, I wonder if it’s possible to find it on youtube.

  391. regarding TalkLeft, did someone hit Jeralyn over the head with the Unity Sledgehammer when she was in Denver?

  392. wanna wrestle over it?

  393. indigo-I claimed Hillary long ago, and her husband.

  394. Dee: “Actually Ben – he is comparing himself to the Mayor of a small town.”

    Still going down – I wouldn’t elect him dogcatcher – I love animals.

  395. Let me brush that Hillary dust off your shoulder. There, there sweet baby. Come give mama some sugar.

  396. Regency, Big Dawg is MINE! *glare*

  397. regency grrl — you weren’t old enough to compete when I first claimed Hillary!

  398. “Heidi Li, on September 1st, 2008 at 10:57 pm Said:

    Not to be unduly argumentative but I wonder: do people who think it is a cop out to conscientiously abstain also think all conscientious objectors to every war are always copping out’

    Perhaps the difference is that a conscientious war objector is likely to have immediate personal consequences. Objectors also have a history of volunteering for other duties that may even be more hazardous than war. Not voting carries no consequences for the objector. I am presently in the same mental “boat’.

  399. Charles….. Obama thinks making a speech is the equivalent of action …and solves the problem .

    nite nite all long day work early …. sweetest of dreams to you all…

  400. Oh my god. That picture alone is enough to cause the Democrats to lose this election. My eyes.

  401. Charles, this might be overreaching for your purposes, but I have been amazed at his continued reliance on tactical victories he used in primaries versus an actual strategy in the general. I guess to sum it up, tacticians don’t win the Oval Office — long-term strategy telling a compelling narrative does.

    Tacticians win media cycles, strategists win electtions.

  402. I’m an equal-opportunity political groupie. Again, for those who do not know. Mine:

    Terry Mac
    James Carville
    Ed Rendell
    Ted Strickland
    Evan Bayh


  403. Heidi Li, I’m not sure it’s the same, but I haven’t a clue. I try not to analyze others motives or moral dillemas, only my own.

  404. KB,

    I’ve looked for it, but haven’t found it. I think it might have been on one of the Sunday shows, but I’m not sure.

  405. Katiebird: are you in the Missouri market?

  406. Night swanspirit.

    Obama thinks making a speech is the equivalent of action …and solves the problem .
    He also thinks writing an email and pressing “send” is an action.

  407. The behavior of the “progressive” blogosphere and parts of the news media in regard to Sarah Palin and her daughter has reached new lows of disgust and disgrace. I am almost physically ill at the thought of their conduct.

    They are now gleefully and excitedly scouring the sexual history of a 17-year old girl. They have discovered and published the name of her boyfriend, and where he goes to school. With any luck, this puerile behavior will lead to a Lewinsky-sized backlash against its perpetrators.

    I thought my opinion of them couldn’t get any lower after the repeated outrages of the primary season. But it turns out they were only getting started.

  408. that post at NoQ is silly (I think that video is some random dude and not Biden) but this lady’s comment is priceless:

    “He’s eating our appetizers,” said Luanne Gearhart, who had stepped away from the table for a few minutes only to find Obama in her seat. “But God’s made it this way.”


  409. Reg, really – Ed Rendell?

  410. mark warner on my local tv just when asked about palin said something to the effect of “clearly its really going to be hard for senator mccain to make an experience case now against senator obama”

    ummm – have you ever noticed when they are trying to completely snow you they start with “clearly” “there is NO doubt” “actually” “I have always said”

  411. Prolix: interesting point. A good friend of mine who is a political reporter said that the thought is that Obama knew how to run that caucus strategy but doensn’t know how to run a national campaign.

  412. Ben, Yes. I’m about 2 miles from the state line. I’m sure that’s why the ads never stop.

  413. regency — ummm perhaps you might find someone your own age to play with there at college!

  414. Goodnight all. I have to get some sleep. I’ll “see” you tomorrow.

  415. Indigo: or they say, “THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS….”

    I hate that one.

  416. McCain has a sense of humor. He could pull this off. McCain should come out and start comparing himself to Biden, in a very obvious way.

    When some reporter takes the bait and tries to ask him a question about Obama, he should look startled and surprised and say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Based on Senator Obama’s statements of late, I was under the impression he was running against Gov. Palin, and I was running against Sen. Biden.”

  417. SHV: “Not voting carries no consequences for the objector. I am presently in the same mental “boat’.”
    If you remain in the country, it carries consequences.

  418. Charles,

    How about this lie: He SAYS he’s a Democrat!

  419. {{{bostonboomer}}}

    If I’m not up when you leave in the morning — drive carefully and enjoy the scenery.

  420. starting a sentence with “actually” is a big pet peeve of mine…it’s degrading to the other person in the conversation as if they have no grasp of reality

  421. Joanie, How was your first day on the job?

  422. Katie: you will need to keep us informed on how long those ads keep going. Obama has unlimited money (allegedly) but I’m thinking McCain will have Missouri locked up quite soon. His rally there yesterday was the biggest he ever had. And I assume he’s not running ads in Topeka or Wichita.

  423. Prolix – I also like your point. Is that a military differentiation?

  424. If Arabella is still here,

    I was in your shoes a month ago. Took a month off to recoup from a traumatic job drop. Focused a high beam on the job search, and got a GREAT job, which btw, I start tomorrow. I’m going to be scarce around here for awhile, mostly lurking for who knows how long.

    You are so high beam! I know you will do really well!

  425. Ben, you made my point much more succinctly than I.

    Getting a big crowd with food and a band wins a media cycle, but it reinforces the celebrity image.

    Tacticians can win state elections, but it takes a strategy to win a national one.

  426. I read about the rally here. But, they didn’t mention it on the news. Do you know where it was?

    I’ll try to track the ads more closely.

  427. (And for anyone who’s going to scream “you’re a rac ist!!!!” I’m referring to their bizarre facial expressions)

  428. Indigogrrl: No, Mine. See how easy it is when you kowtow to me. MINE.

    And I’m mostly taking Eddy to rile up Carol and Pat. He’s taking a muhc needed rest in my extra bed. It’s where Bill usually sleep y’know.

  429. Dee, on September 1st, 2008 at 10:57 pm Said:

    “Why does Obama (and his campaign) keep pretending she is not the Gov? They keep talking about the small town. Its an insult to the electorate.”

    Obama did the very same thing to Hillary: He would ignore Hillary the senator and instead keep referring to her role as First Lady which consisted of having teas with ambassadors. Obama luuuves to belittle women. It’s what he’s best at! He must be consumed with rage now that a second woman outshines him.

  430. Duh…50 state strategy…where have you all been? Obama’s campaigning in Utah and Arkansas tomorrow.

  431. I didn’t see it there. But, didn’t Joseph Cannon mention it?

  432. regency – you go ahead and keep Bill busy while I console Hill

  433. good night
    sweet dreams
    stay safe


  434. Charles, I was just joking with that obvious point. It’s just that every day is a lie for him. Claiming he’s a professor, inflating everything. I loved his foreign policy experience summary. He really is dangerous. If Washington is purple, I will certainly be voitng for McCain

  435. {{Arabella}} Sleep tight.

  436. LMAO at indigogrrl!

  437. Katie: O’Fallon, Missouri. Rush’s hometown I think.

  438. As usual, I was supposed to go to bed awhile ago, but I had to check in again…My name is FIF, and I am a Blogaholic.

    Anyway, this was posted above:

    “My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for the month,” Obama responded.

    Was it from the A. Cooper interview, and excuse me but WTF?! Does this moron realize that she is now THE GOVERNOR? I do not have the figures in front of me, but I can pretty safely say that her annual budget is more than his stupid campaign! THAT is their response to the experience argument? Wow. I hope the McCain camps runs with that, because that is truly pathetic and clearly demonstrates how little experience this guy has. He is claiming his CAMPAIGN EXPERIENCE as his only qualification to run for PRESIDENT? Please, please, make him go away.

  439. wmcb – I’m older, and wiser and I have more insurance… I mean experience.

  440. Still4Hill,

    Tactician versus strategy can be applied to any number of situations when studying leadership profiles. One of the consistent characteristics of leaders is that they are strategic in their thinking — willing to lose a battle for a greater long-term campaign victory.

    It’s like playing chess, you start with the capture and work backwards from there.

  441. When some of those red state voters see that Bambi has thrown them under the bus and won’t bother with them any more (now that he used them for the caucuses), they might not be too happy.

  442. fif — and the weird thing is that he Called her Governor as he made that comment. Why didn’t Cooper call him on that?

  443. good night all _ I must go to sleep now … this mess will still be here in the morning

    ….oh and Hill just rolled over and said to say thanks for all of the support to tell regency that Chelsea is home tonight…give her a call.

  444. Indigogrrl: Yeah, the benefit of youth is the ability to multitask or shall I say multi-“comfort”?

  445. regency – the benefit of being older is having a bigger desk on which to multitask…. oh and the pregnancy helped with that too,

  446. Prolix – Thanks – chess is a game I never got into. Never got beyond bridge.

  447. fif, he McCain campaign knows exactly what Obama’s greatest weakness is. It is his arrogance, ego and sense of entitlement.

    They will provoke him, then let him run, let him spout off in a self-righteous huff. They will be very still and very quiet, and allow him to do that.

    Then they will put out an ad laughing at his ass. The McCain campaign has figured out how to bait Obama to make a fool of his own damn self, then all they have to do is point it out.

    Watch. This cycle will continue.

  448. Goodnight indigogrrl! Goodnite Sis! Goodnight PUMA family. Another wonderful family holiday here 🙂

  449. McCain is all about strategy. He went “all in” with Palin.

    Think about it? Where would Anderson be if he hadn’t tried to humiliate Mary Landrieu during Katrina. If you think about it, he’s the one who started all of this about pundits giving their personal opinions.

  450. {{Joaniebonie}}

    Good Night!


  451. Why didn’t Cooper call him on that?

    Because Cooper is a fanboy.

  452. Indigogrrl: My friend, I’d be worried about an imposter. Hillary’s in the shower and she’s enjoying that jasmine bodywash I bought for her. Keeps her energy up even when she’s exhausted.

  453. {{{{joaniebone}}}}}} xoxox and luck for tomorrow

  454. Hey Joanie! Welcome back to Seattle. Congratulations on your new job!!

  455. Joanie – Family holiday LOL

    Good luck with your new job!

  456. regency – its definitely her … she has my initials tattooed on her cankle.

  457. Indigogrrl: Leave my Hillary alone. I do NOT share well.

  458. really really really going to sleep now tata …

    regency – to be continued.

  459. Charles, I don’t know how you people watch all of this crap. It’s not an issue to the american public. They are trying to trample down Palin’s influence on the religious right much like what happened with Bush’s DUI issue. That’s all that’s going on there.

  460. “Does this moron realize that she is now THE GOVERNOR?”

    Honestly? HE probably doesn’t but trying to pretend she’s a small town mayor is a talking point of tehhe campaign for sure. I’ve seen it repeated round the blogs by the for-hire crew. They’re also trying to act like it’s okay to attack her on the beauty contest thing because they’re claiming SHE’s using that as part of her qualifications. They’re syaing things like “I joined a sorority, but that doesn’t qualify me, seeing that used as part of her resume gives me pause.”


  461. Regency and indigo – y’all weren’t watching the earlier posts.

    Both of you have pod people. Hillary is here with me.

  462. Charles, if a DUI 22 years ago for her husband is what the fine-tooth comb in Alaska turned up…

    Husband’s DUI, pregnant teenage daughter, firing a staff member. Oh, and she might not have been a virgin when she got married…

    I’d say that would be squeeky clean by Washington DC standards.

  463. Indigogrrl: Is that why she’s always wearing pants?

    Your lady’s stepping out. She’s got my sign tatooed on her back: Scorpio, love.

  464. Good night everyone. I’m back to putting the bad guy away tomorrow.

  465. “seeing that used as part of her resume gives me pause”

    Sounds like me when I think about a “Community Organizer”

  466. Ben,

    I agree completely. McCain’s primary strategy was brilliantly played — a bankrupt campaign that went back to his roots. Virtually counted out and he won. Palin was a “Hail Mary,” but one I think that might just win it for him going away.

  467. {{Ben}} Sweet Dreams.

  468. one last song for you before I close my eyes

    just go there and click play it is

    Daughter Of Mine by Joe Andre White


    for River Daughter
    and all the daughters and sons and dads and moms

  469. Should be on Matt’s show. Berg is on.

  470. WMCB-I think it is funny too that people keep comparing Sarah to Obama and not to Biden. For someone whom the Dems think is nothing but fluff they are sure worried AND they have already elevated her to Presidential status.

    I wonder how McCain feels about the fact that people seem to have him dead and buried before he takes office?

  471. Still4Hill: She’s so not.She and I were just discussing that isha that is the current Dimocratic Party platform. Talk about angry. If I didn’t live next to a park, my neighbors would have been mortified.

    By the way, if you see her wearing a scarf tomorrow, don’t worry so much. She left her concealer in Denver so she’s going for the cheap cover-up.

  472. 48: I wonder how McCain feels about the fact that people seem to have him dead and buried before he takes office?
    He’s been written off as dead so many times he probably pays no attention and laughs it off.

  473. This is my last posting: what they don’t get is that the public has apparently ignored all those things about Obama so why would they care about it with Palin. She hasnt used cocaine or any of the myriad of other things that Obama has done. THIS is about the religious right. They are trying to drive up her negatives with that bunch. They are scared that the religious right is so excited about her. I think RD said it best earlier, that this picked just snatched the evangelicals away from obama. All that outreach to them, all that time, can now be considered wasted. In one move, McCain obliterated it. So now they are trying to get so much bad stuff out there about her that the religious right will start calling for her head. It ain’t going to happen.

  474. SheeezaPOD, Reg – I’m telling you.

    She’s right here – the REAL Hillary. And I have all the make-up she needs…and more.

  475. If Obama wants to compare himself and Sarah on money matters he she would have him for lunch.

    The spending on his campaign has been obscene. His trip to Europe, his 6 million dollar stage for ONE speech, and on and on and all for zero result.

    I guarantee you under the same set of cirucumstances Sarah would be far ahead of Obama in the polls and spent only half as much. The GOP sets the right convention tone with their very understated and all-American set. That’s the image that should be projected during these tough economic times. The excess of the Dem party is extreme and earns them the reputation for being big spenders. I hope McCain makes an issue of it.

  476. They saw 25000 people at a rally in Missouri chanting Sar-ah. And they are freaking out. They have to make her unacceptable to the republican base voters. That is what they are doing.

  477. Can you all do a “caption this” for this photo?

    I can’t put my finger on what sitcom this reminds me of. It looks like McCain is the grumpy boss, Palin is the senior manager who actually runs the place, there’s a bunch of wacky kids, Meghan is a little spoiled because her dad’s in charge.. It’s kind of endearing in a really cheesy way. Despite the fact that I don’t agree with them on politics! Can’t help it.

  478. Still4Hill: I don’t wear makeup so I’ve got nothing for her there–though silk scarves I’ve got in spades. The satin sheets seem to be to her liking however. You know her tastes aren’t uberexpensive but she does so enjoy the finer things. My bed did cost a fortune. Does wonders for aching muscles and then some.

  479. 48 – “The spending on his campaign has been obscene. His trip to Europe, his 6 million dollar stage for ONE speech, and on and on and all for zero result.”
    Another ball dropped by msm. And to give that speech on that stage – it’s a slap in the face. That line about us having a little bit left over after all our expenses – how could he say that standing on that stage?

  480. Reg – cost a fortune – where? at IKEA?

    You have a pod person there. I’ll bet the Bill person is also a pod. In the morning, they’re both going to ask you if you’ve come to Obama.

  481. dg – I don’t know the sitcom – but several theme songs ran through head.

  482. S4H:

    Sorry, I got interrupted

    To anwer your question, I hope not, but I pays to be prepared.

    If you didn’t call the cops, make sure you know why they are questioning you before you say anything. You may have been falsely accused or mistaken for someone else.

    I know a guy who figured he wasn’t braking the law and had nothing to hide, so he let the cops come in and search for a probationer on the lam.

    The cops saw a bullet-proof vest hanging in the closet and asked who it belonged to. The guy said it was his. What he didn’t know is that a new law that took effect the month before made it illegal for him to possess a bullet-proof vest.

    If he hadn’t consented to the search, and/or hadn’t admitted the vest was his, he wouldn’t be in prison right now (he had priors but was otherwise clean when arrested)

    It is Constitutional law that not talking, lawyering up or not consenting to a search cannot be used against you. A jury cannot even be told.

    Lots of people end up behind bars because they thought if they told the truth they would not get in trouble.

  483. Who cares about a 24 year-old misdemeanor arrest of a cndidate’s spouse?

    Bringing it up only makes Obama and the media look petty

  484. ben:” They have to make her unacceptable to the republican base voters. That is what they are doing.”
    Having the baby and not an abortion takes care of that . In fact Sarah having her baby took care of that. Nothing but net.

  485. Still4Hill: It is that most confident who tend to be the most wrong. Ask your person who won the popular vote. She will say Obama. I don’t have to ask mine. She’s sleeping now in a t-shirt that says, “Motherf-‘in Pop. Vote Winner.” Bill is sleeping in a tee-shirt that says, “Husband of Motherf-‘in Pop Voter Winner.” I am currently wearing his pants, but it’s not like he’s using them anyway.

  486. Charles:

    I have never had a fishing license in my life. But I have been fishing.

    Please don’t turn me in!

  487. Charles –
    OH the desperation!

  488. I am seeing it all over again. Everything that was done to diminish Hillary has started up again. I am sorry that I did not do more from the start to stop the sexism that happened to Hillary till it was to late but I will not let it happen again to Palin. I am a strong Hillary supporter but I am also a woman and this must stop now!!!!!!!!! I may not agree with most of the Republican platforms I do love and respect McCain and consider him a moderate. I love the fact that he had the courage to put Palin on the ticket knowing what would happen with all of the whacked out sexist out there on the left especially. I will fight for Palin just like I fought for Hillary only this time I am more experienced at it and much better prepared to fight back. This is no longer a party issue it has become a womens issue and I will not tollerate it. I have seen nothing but sexism come from the Democratic party and I am so saddened by this. This party is no longer my party, I have officially reregistered as an Independent and will be voting for McCain/Palin in November. So to all of you sexist out there just remember that you lost because you could not resepect the rights of a woman that make up 52% of the voting block. We are PUMA’s and we are roaring loudly.

  489. Just out of curiosity, has it occurred to any of you that our economy may very well tank into the bottom of the sewer, regardless of who wins. If JM wins, Hillary (or whoever the democrats run) sweeps in 2012. If Obama wins, Republicans will dominate in 2012. Maybe, just maybe, Hillary sees this coming and is smart enough to let someone else win. Just thinking out loud here.

    I personally don’t want to see that happen but the writing is on the wall and I feel for the next administration, along with the Senate and Congress, because they will all suffer losses as a result if this happens.

  490. S4H:

    There is a weird thing that happens among the fundies. When they tell their conversion stories, it’s like a status thing to tell how big a sinner you were before you got saved.

    All fundies have sinned more than once, and many have broken a law or two over the years.

    I keep saying, they aren’t haters, especially with one of their own.

    Attacking the Palins will make the base close ranks and defend them

    Kinda like we did with Hillary

  491. Caption: Is that Howard Dean in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  492. UH – Kim? I hope you sent that statement to your Reps and Senators. Copy the DNC leadership on it.

    Actually, I haven’t run into any sexists here.

  493. Matt @ “My Two Cents” said Obama and the DNC would be served this week in DC.

    please publish my puma website..

  494. Totally off topic – Is everyone aware that Donna Brazilnut got pepper sprayed by protestors today on her way into the convention hall?

  495. Wow, after reading some “progressive” blogs today and watching dems on TV, I have to admit I’m having a visceral hatred of the democratic party. Strange from a life long democrat. I just can’t stand them right now. Is it just me?

  496. Reg – LMAO

    But those are not really Hill and Bill.

  497. If Obama wins the Democrats will lose seats in Congress in 2010 (and might lose the Senate) and will probably lose the White House and more of Congress in 2012.

    If Obama wins, he will run for reelection in 2012 no matter how bad he is doing, and if Hillary tried to run against him in the primaries they would attack her for being disloyal.

    I don’t want to wait until 2016 to see Hillary run, and by then the economy may have turned around and the Republican in the White House will claim credit, so Hillary would be running against a popular incumbent.

    If McCain wins, Hillary will beat him easily in 2012.

  498. Caption on pix – none, just a lead in to “Shall We Dance” from The King & I.

    What I did today – went to the Goshen state fair, saw roosters and a lot of people who don’t eat arugula. I’d pay good $$ to see Bambi on a tractor. 🙂

    This seems to be popping up in a few places. Hey, he can keep a tune…. sorta.

  499. myiq: Interesting. I was raised Catholic – we tell it in secret to the priest.

  500. myiq2xu, on September 2nd, 2008 at 12:05 am Said:

    Who cares about a 24 year-old misdemeanor arrest of a cndidate’s spouse?

    Bringing it up only makes Obama and the media look petty


    Most of Obama’s supporters weren’t even born when he had that DUI.

  501. S4H

    Catholics have way more fun than fundies.

    We weren’t supposed to drink, dance, go to movies or play cards (even old maid)

  502. VA – a year ago they weren’t Democrats. They were libertarians, independents, Greens, Naderites, and general wankers. Now they are in the house and have taken over the party.

  503. I had a DUI in 1991. I was a heavy drinker back then. I quit drinking and went back to school, got my degrees, and changed my life.

    I do drink now, but in moderation and never when I am gonna be behind the wheel.

  504. myiq: I know – The nuns actually let us have dance parties at lunchtime . But one of them did confiscate my 300 baseball cards that would have financed graduate school.

  505. Dee:

    They abandoned their sinking ship of a party, climbed into our lifeboats, and started kicking us out.

    Hillary has been a Democrat longer than kos has been alive, and he declared she wasn’t a real Democrat!

  506. Many of the men I know got a MIP or DUI between 17 and 23 years of age. I’m thinking it isn’t uncommon – some were even *gasp* Christians.

  507. Catholic school?

    With Catholic school girls?

    I would have been beaten to death by nuns with rulers

  508. two states; He blew his chance to be seen filling sandbags today. All he did was email everybody.

    Even if he does get elected he won’t last. When his batteries run out he’ll be unable to govern.

  509. NEW POST!!

    NEW POST!!

    NEW POST!!

  510. Catholic school – I AM a Catholic school girl. And I was a good one – then. Except for the baseball card incident.

  511. Fundies feel all the same urges and have all the same temptations as anyone else. And they aren’t hypocrites, they admit they were wrong and ask (God) for forgiveness.

    They have a strict moral code they try to live up to, but they aren’t expected to be perfect.

    In some places, the social norms require that they publically behave one way, but they secretly misbehave.

    In the south, they will drink liquor from a different container, or sneak out back for a couple quick shots.

    But it’s not really secret, everybody know whats going on, they pretend they don’t.

    Oh, and farm kids grow up knowing where babies come from very young, because they breed animals.

    And as Jeff Foxworthy says, in the city there are lots of things to do. In the country, the girls are bored.

  512. myiq – My favorite sport for the past year and a half has been to ask Obamanoids what it means to be a “progressive”. Still don’t have an answer.

    The one consistent thing I hear from them – It means I am not a liberal. Liberals are losers. Liberals have never accomplished a single thing.

  513. I would be one of the boys with patent leather shoes

  514. (looking over my glasses at MyIQ)

    Wondering why everyone’s still on THIS thread when there are so many nice clean tables at the new one.

  515. myiq – Some of it sounds like the muslims – I work with international students. They also find ways around the teachings – not all of them, but some.

    All we had to do was not eat meat on Friday, go to Mass on Sunday and receive Communion. Now was only stay away from meat during Lent.

  516. myiq – It’s the girls who could wear paten leather.

    KB – I’m tired – up early tomorrow.


    NIte myiq.

    Nite all.

    Reg – I’ll say goodnight to Hillary for you. Sleep tight with the pod lady.

  517. That “How Many Houses Ad” is played over and over in Michigan. The Ad is not factual and misleading because it says McCain couldn’t remember when that’s not what really happened. Also we get the American Issues Project Ayers ad and Obama’s response to it ad often as well. It makes me sad when I talk to people that literally have no clue about Obama’s many “issues”. I sent some the links showing the fraud in the caucuses and people are shocked by this and ask why hasn’t the press reported on this? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  518. Still4Hill – absolutely! Beautifully put. Remember this? I originally read this in Dick Nixon’s Six Crises –

    When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters.
    One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.

    That’s exactly what I thought of while listening to the RNC press conference yesterday and McCain’s comments on Hurricane Gustav.

    As for that You Tube video, I feel for Biden. If you had to hang out with Bambi 24/7, you’d drink too.

  519. I used to be so proud to be a Democratic woman. Now I don’t even remember why.
    Re the experience issue, the job of mayor and governor both require 24/7 participation, “the buck stops here”. The Illinois Senate meets 55 days a year, and Obama has spent just 143 days in the U S Senate, the rest of the time he’s been campaigning. So besides the fact that I believe Sarah Palin has him hands done in goals achieved and issues resolved for her constituents, she also has him on hours spent on the job.

  520. Trying to wean myself off the blog world, but here I am again.

    What’s the bridge to nowhere anyway?

  521. Caption: Let’s do the time warp again………………

  522. I see my night time friends are gone, but i would like to leave you with a few thoughts. I voted for Hillary, as did my husband, but she did’nt make it, move on. Move on as she has wished, not as you wish. A quote from my 15 yr. old daughter,”Mom, it’s useless to even try to make them see, they have already made their minds up.” end quote. And she right!!!! the “night time troll”

  523. On the contrary april, it is obvious to everyone that you are a nitwit. I can see that just fine.

  524. ahh yes. the incestuous kiss. think how this would look on the big screen during the RNC convention.

  525. “My, my Barry, what a big strong boy you are! Howie and I just love it when you stutter and stammer. It’s SO cute! Don’t forget our diction class tonight at 10.”

  526. I hope you all do not mind me being on here. I am not a troll, I am clearly stating that I am a Republican.

    I have been reading your blogs for days now and I have to tell you that I am impressed with all of you Puma’s who have banded together in unity. I myself have been equally frustrated with the RNC, but will still vote Republican.

    Perhaps you are the start of a third party in this country?

    Do you know how many Puma’s in count there are?

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