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People Get Ready: Hurricane Gustav

National Hurricane Center Image- Hurricane Gustav

National Hurricane Center Image- Hurricane Gustav

Conflucians, I am posting something that Katmoon wrote in the comments yesterday:

ssued by the Red Cross 45 minutes ago:

WASHINGTON, Aug 30, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ — As mandatory and voluntary evacuations force Gulf Coast residents to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Gustav, the American Red Cross encourages everyone affected by the storm to prepare before evacuating.
If you or your loved ones are in the potentially affected areas, register yourself on the Red Cross Safe and Well Website at http://www.redcross.org, or call a loved one and ask them to register you. The Red Cross provides this online tool to help families and individuals notify loved ones that they are safe during an emergency, which can help bring peace of mind in challenging times.
The Safe and Well website is easy to use:
1. Visit http://www.redcross.org, and click on the Safe and Well link
2. If you are currently being affected by these disasters, click: “List Myself as Safe and Well,” enter your pre-disaster address and phone number, and select any of the standard message options
3. If you are concerned about a loved one, click “Search” and enter the person’s name and pre-disaster phone number or address. If they have registered, you will be able to view the messages that they posted
4. If you don’t have internet access, you can call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800- 733-2767) to register yourself and your family. Follow the prompts for disaster information.
If you are evacuating, you need to bring important items with you, including but not limited to:
– Medical supplies, such as prescription medications and dentures
– Toiletries
– Clothing and bedding-a change of clothes and a sleeping bag or bedroll and pillow for each household member
– Games/comfort items for children
– Disaster supplies-flashlight, batteries, radio, first aid kit, bottled water
– Car keys and keys to the place you may be going (friend’s or relative’s home)
If you have not been advised of an evacuation, prepare these items now in case you have to leave. For more information on how to prepare for an evacuation, visit http://www.redcross.org.

I am listening to a FEMA briefing about how the Gulf Coast natural gas supply operations may be affected.  This is a troubling situation. Even my favorite NOLA foundation, Make It Right, has the following announcement on its website:

Please keep your ears alert for any way that you can help.  And remember, as Clinton Democrats, we leave no one behind. I’m sure that donations to the American Red Cross would be greatly appreciated.

85 Responses

  1. In case anyone is curious — my mom & dad left at 2 a.m. this morning hoping to “beat traffic” — it took then 6 hours to go 83 miles! Yep, I wrote that correctly — they didn’t get to the LA/MS border until 8 a.m. They are almost to Atlanta now & on their way (with all the pets — 2 dogs, 2 cats) to stay with me here in NC. But they are out & safe. Please keep all the people of my hometown in your prayers. Thank you.

  2. Oh, and a big, big F U hard in the a$$ to Don Fowler & Michael Moore. God(dess) doesn’t give a d@mn about the DNC or the RNC.

  3. John McCain and Sarah Palin in Mississippi earlier today:

    The convention should be a “call to action” and instead of thinking like Republicans, they will now act like Americans.

    “…there’s very little doubt that we have to go from a party event to a call to the nation for action, action to help or fellow citizens in this time of tragedy and disaster, action in the form of volunteering, donations, reaching out our hands and our hearts and our wallets to the people who are under such great threat from this great natural disaster…..to act as Americans not Republicans, because America needs us now no matter whether we are Republican or Democrat”

    Well said!

    Wonder if Obama and the DNC elites wish they hadn’t spent millions of dollars on “The Show” last week? Nah, Obama nd the DNC elites really don’t give a damn about America. They only care about their own self-interest.

    That is the difference in this election.

    Obama is running to help himself!

    McCain is running to help America!

    John and Sarah ‘08
    Hillary ‘12

    Thoughts and prayers for our fellow Americans in the path of Hurricane Gustav. So glad to see proactive steps being taken by the authorities to assist residents fleeing from the storm.

    Americans helping our fellow Americans in their time of need. Glad to see that. God speed to all.

  4. May people in G’s path be safe.

  5. Iron Man, it would seem O is prompting donors to help G’s victims.

  6. RD – this is completely off topic but I was just over reading the Guardian (U.K.). I clicked on the U.S. Elections 2008 tab to read a couple of articles. Down at the bottom of that page they have some video from the Dem convention. Is that you front and center?

  7. Hoping all the coastal residents of LA and southeast TX get safely out of harm’s way. I’m hoping and praying Gustav will weaken further. Angie, I pray your parents arrive safely. (It once took us five hours to get 30 miles in order to catch a back road to Austin–and that was back when there were no mandatory evacuations.)

  8. Dee, I do believe that is Riverdaughter and she speaks in the clip and it sounds like her voice.

  9. Pray that the levees hold and that there’s no backwash from Lake Ponchartrain.

    Remember the Louisiana ASPCA in your giving, too.

  10. I hope everyone gets out safely. I don’t know of any way I can help but if there is please let me know.

    Mountain Sage

  11. This is one huge storm. We are getting rain bands occasionally in SE FL.

  12. Please take good care….

  13. oh man I wish the best for the gulf coast states.

    What a horrible thing Katrina was; and all people could do was blame each other.

    Also…I LOVE the obamabushbot’s frenzied response to “You’re sexist if you don’t vote for McCain/Palin”.

  14. My prayers are with all in the path of the storm.

  15. Obama has reached a new low by suggesting that John McCain is politicizing Gustav thereby politicizing it himself.

    I wish Gustav would wash Obama away to his own little island where he could create his own empire.

  16. LOL! Check out the cartoon over at Uppity Woman. Priceless!


  17. How did the Obama people say McCain was politicizing this hurricane?

    1. He and Palin met with Mississippi officials WITHOUT cameras.
    2. as the head of the party he scaled back the convention and called his delegates and party to action.

    What’s the problem?

    Oh….maybe he’s looking like a leader.

  18. I gave $50. Hope that helps, and I’ll see how things go in the next day or so. In the mean time I’m painting today. Oh I’m so very bad at it. But I recommend it anyway.

  19. Michael Moore has linked the article claiming Palin is her son’s “grandma” .

    This is not my party anymore. It is revolting. People can say all day long that “it is only individual supporters doing it, not the Party itself” but I am not buying it.

    These thuggish crazies are the ones that Obama and Dean have been bowing to and courting and groveling to. They could call it out if they wished. They are NO BETTER than the Republicans who allowed the right-wing hateful zealots to take over their party. Not one bit better.

    So aside from policy, on the one hand I am looking at a party who is courting and wooing the very WORST hating and abusive elements of their side. On the other hand I have a party who while still paying a little lip service to their own loons, seems to be actively (though carefully) attempting to move toward sanity and take their party back from the brink.

    Which one has the moral high ground at this point? Clue: it ain’t the Dems.

  20. Looks like it’s moving more towards Texas.

  21. The Democrats will never be the party of values. They are slandering that young girl who lovingly held her baby brother during the announcement Friday. This is something Republicans would do. What’s happened to the Democratic party??

  22. “Remember the Louisiana ASPCA in your giving, too.”

    Thank you. This Republican has always voted for Democrat Congresswoman Shelley Berkley because of her tireless efforts on behalf of animals. I was very happy to see people being evacuated with their animals this morning, and now I’m off to send Berkley a thank you for sponsoring the legislation making that happen.

    Stay safe and I pray New Orleans can survive this latest storm.

  23. What they are doing with animals is wonderful!

  24. I am so glad they are evacuating the pets! I would not leave without my animals, period. They are my furbabies.

  25. From what I see, it looks like the GOP learned from their fuck-up on Katrina.

    Too bad Democrats don’t learn from their mistakes.

  26. I found a cat at the golf course a few months ago. He’s now my new best friend (at least according to him). He would be going with me.

  27. ben carlson, on August 31st, 2008 at 5:01 pm Said:
    Looks like it’s moving more towards Texas.

    So the “breaking” news updates have warned. Texan here, w/innertube at the ready. (snort)

    My thoughts and prayers to those whose lives have already been deeply affected by the events of Gustav. And wisdom, safety and humanity to the rest of us.

  28. I caught some of John McCain’s remarks and his campaign chief’s remarks about the hurricane/convention impact on Fox News today. We are all hoping that Gustav will not be the disaster that Katrina was, of course, but the timing of this could be a big plus for McCain-Palin:

    1.Bush and Cheney will NOT be at the convention on Monday night as originally scheduled. This is probably a GOOD thing for John MCain; the break has now been made with the awful Bush administration, at least visually.

    2. John said that he wants to turn this into a “service convention” and plans to hold telethons during the TV coverage to raise money for the Gulf relief agencies(and convert any private fundraising efforts going on in Minneapolis as fundraising for relief instead). He said celebrating during a natural disaster would not be appropriate and neither would rhetoric…that “we are Americans first, Republicans second.” They will only do the bare minimum tomorrow to convene the convention to meet their party’s bylaws and that’s it. What a noble thing to do! Can you ever picture Barky doing this that would take away precious time from his preening onstage? Uh no.

  29. You know, the more I think about this election cycle, the more pissed I get. I was just thinking, dems have been running things from congress for the last 50 years (minus some part way through Clinton to part way through Bush). And they have had presidents on and off (more off). But they’ve had plenty of time to make a difference. So is there equal pay for women. Legislative guarantees protecting choice (so the supreme court can’t do anything), or most any other women’s rights thing. Well, there are some, but I’m not impressed. It’s as if the dems have held women hostage for all these years, getting their votes, but not really caring a damn about their issues. I’m sick of it.

    This may be crazy, but what if a pile of people jumped over to the republican party and then shifted it towards women’s rights by voting in local, state, and primary elections. Something to think about. Either that or form another party. I think I’m done with democraps.

  30. I think all this down time is also helpful to Governor Palin. The attention is off of her for a few days.

  31. SM77, are you here, and what is the situation in Florida?
    My thoughts to all who are in the path of the storm. Keep safe, and keep our furry friends safe.

  32. okasha-Great idea!- and the Humane Society-hsus.org. They are probably already there helping move horses and livestock.

    Ben-So nice of you bring him home! My cats are my bffs.

    I don’t know why everyone’s so worried about GOP voter fraud- nobody seems lower these days than the Dems. Seems they will do or say anything no matter how scurrilous.

  33. My thoughts are with those in the path of Gustav.
    We have had rain and wind the past few days but nothing compared to what they may face. Stay safe.

  34. IndyBoomer-Barky is going to do an email. That takes sooo much effort. He should be praised to the heavens. Even if his staff sends it. And he doesn’t contribute a penny.

  35. Cone of Uncertainty
    Cone of Silence

    What is it with the cones lately?

  36. Is Barry asking his subjects for donations to help hurricane victims going to go the same way as asking them to help erase Hillary’s debt? I certainly hope people are smart enough to help on their own and not because someone had to tell them what to do.

    I’m very happy to read about the evacuation plans for pets this time. It was so heartbreaking to watch after Katrina.

    Everyone down south, please, please, please evacuate and stay safe!

  37. The New UnDemocratic Party kinda of makes you embarrassed .

    Please everyone in the Gulf States stay safe and PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO GET OUT!

  38. For another thread, but I’ll agree – I’m waiting for another party, in the meantime I will demand my local candidates represent me (they are), not special interests, and those who aren’t, I voted against and encouraged others to as well. We voted out two incumbents this primary, by a large margin.

    I have many friends who are delegates in Minneapolis today, I don’t think a single one will disagree that tomorrow should be a day of celebration. My heart is with all those in harm’s way.


    Not that I don’t FULLY BELIEVE that Hillary would have responded the same way ( well…BETTER).
    I think after this people will see Sarah in action & my instincts
    are “SHE’LL BE GREAT”!
    The democrats “UNDER” Obama are “SINKING LIKE A STONE”!
    Between Fowler NOW there’s something circulating about something Colmes said…tsk…tsk…!

  41. I just can’t believe this is happening again. After three years, BushCo has done the absolute bare minimum to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Thousands of people are still living in FEMA’s toxic trailers. What an absolute disgrace that the whole area hasn’t been rebuilt fully and fortified a thousandfold against hurricanes.

    I know the people are more prepared this time, but it just makes me so sad and angry that we now will have four more years of a do-nothing Administration, no matter which team we put into the White House. Don’t look for the Gulf Coast to be rebuilt in the next four years either.


  42. BO once again a day late and a dollar short. Now he has to COPY McCain’s aid plan for Hurricane Gustav.

    He is a follower at best not a leader.

  43. 2 videos from Denver

  44. Cuba: Gustav is worst storm to hit the island in 50 years

    In the storm Cuban authorities are saying caused the worst damage in 50 years, Los Palacios was the first that lay directly in the path of Hurricane Gustav.

    When it made landfall Saturday evening, it was a Category 4 hurricane, with wind speeds exceeding 130 miles per hour and gusts of more than 200 mph.

    “The devil came through here. It swept it completely,” said Juan Carlos Rodriguez, who works for the municipal school management office and spent the night guarding the building.

    (Reminder don’t forget to donate to the good people at http://www.victimshelpingvictims.com) Their out their working to save lives

  45. sorry, ot, but we just left BO’s house in Hyde Park. I was able to get to it with my camera (after being searched by the police). I got some good stils and some video of the house and someone telling me to “keep moving along”. Fox news just happened to be there and they interviewed Mawm, so look for that…will have a post up later when we stop for the night….tomorrow home sweet home 🙂

  46. Oh, good for you, Gary! Wow!

    Stay safe…glad you escaped the den of Obiquity!

  47. Sarah looks great on CSPAN

  48. gary: how did you like Hyde Park?

  49. ben, its very nice….

  50. i lived in one of the art deco high rises by the lake. it’s quite the enclave of liberalism.

  51. Just got into yet another argument with a friend about this election. It’s so strange this time around. I feel like I’m on the opposite side of my former “tribe” in many cases. This is my tribe now–the PUMA TRIBE.

    My old friend, who is not that politically aware, has asked me for months to tell him “what is really going on.” I shared everything I was learning about BO. Today, he called to say “they were ALL great” at the Convention. I told him that BO basically co-opted all of Hillary’s ideas and themes. Then it came: “Well you CAN’T VOTE FOR THEM–THAT’S CRAZY.” I am 100x more informed than he is, and I am crazy because I don’t buy into a fireworks show at Barackopolis and insist on transparent democratic practices for the Party? What are people actually voting for then? They believe the b.s. theatrics he stages, and his sonorous, self-important words. I ranted for awhile and we got cut off. Just as well. I’m tired of talking to brick walls.

  52. gary: This is great! You accomplished what you set out to do without a scratch. I can breathe a sigh of relief once more.

  53. I did a little film during the Katrina horror, thought it might resonate with some of you now.

    Go to:

  54. {{{Gary}}} }}

    Wow — I can’t wait to read and hear and watch all about it. You must be exhausted. But it sounds like you’ve had the trip of a lifetime.

    I’m so glad I was a part of it.


  55. me too! I loved meeting you guys …thanks for all that you have done for our HRC

  56. SimoFish, loved your videos.
    Gary and Mawm, have a safe trip home.
    Gulf Coast residents, please evacuate to safe places, and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  57. SimoFish: Thank you, thank you, thank you! These videos made me cry all the more as I would have loved to have been there. The musical choices were perfect. Women together can change the world. I am so proud of all of you guys for making this happen. XX00

  58. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=152447287

    Here is a link to Marcia Ball’s myspace … click on Louisiana 1927 it is a beautiful song
    I hope it lifts your spirits…..

    and if anyone needs anything swannie@cygnusradio.com

  59. Is the Louisiana Lard-ass (aka Donna Brazile) back home and in harm’s way? Let’s hope so.

    Okay, okay, I’m sorry. God forgive me. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. As penance, I’m sending a donation to the Red Cross right now.

  60. Moore Under Fire for Saying Gustav Proof ‘There Is a God’
    Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise is calling on liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to apologize after he said Friday that the timing of Hurricane Gustav is “proof that there is a God in heaven,” since the storm approaching the Gulf Coast could disrupt next week’s Republican National Convention.

    Moore made the remarks to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

    What did they have to drink to make them say such non-sense? First, he endorses Obama over Hillary and now he is talking mean… There are people there (their homes and lives are at stake)…wake up…Ding, Ding, Ding…wake up!

  61. Ex-girlfriend is in the Florida panhandle but the latest tracking shows mostly rain heading for them.

    Best wishes to all who are evacuating but I really hope you aren’t sitting at your computer reading this right now – I hope you are on your way OUT!

  62. SimoFish –

    Terrific job on the videos! Great work!

  63. a tale of two conventions —
    the republicans are showing the world how adults should have a political convention….. there is nothing more that can be said about the teenaged toga and unity pony show at the barackopolis.

    lord gawd – I can’t believe I’ve wasted 25 years on that party. they really sicken me these days.

  64. Words to live by:

    Never vote for people who hate you.

    Sorry, Obama, you’re out. Auf wiedersehn!

  65. Call me bitter if you’d like, but I will NEVER donate to the American Red Cross after the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

    The Dixie Chicks, wanted to donate ONE MILLION dollars to the ARC. However, their donation was RETURNED!!!! Wanna know why? Because their honorary chairman was GEORGE W BUSH.

    So if the ARC wants to play politics? Fuck them. I will donate to other agencies that will help LA citizens.

    I’m not ready to make nice
    I’m not ready to back down
    Cause I’m mad as hell and I don’t
    have time to go round and round and round!

  66. Michael Moore , Don Fowler and the Daily Kosspool are beneath contempt . They are helping lose the election ….and they are just getting started ..

  67. I watched the McCain/Palin rally in Missouri. I think it was like 100 degrees there. Sarah seems perfectly willing to handle the heavy lifting. The crowds seem to love her. Their theme is country first and reform.

  68. Simofish!

    Great vids, excellent music choice. Wish I coulda been there.

  69. Welcome on the videos — I am taking a break from trying to fix my yard — I have neglected it for months.

    I am so looking forward to McCain taking the gloves off and Barry getting his butt thumped all over the US on Nov 4th.

  70. I am sitting in moderation with Donna B. She is looking fierce!

  71. Chat and learn about Hurricane Gustav Online Volunteer efforts.


  72. New post up

  73. If I may, I’ve created a rather new website called Personal Hurricane Center.com I’ve recently added forecast tracks, computer forecast models, surface observations, radar and satellite imagery, and more. I believe this info will come in quite handy for this in the path of Gustav and Hanna (don’t forget Ike coming off the African coast!).

  74. Diddy Blog #16 – “John McCain Is Buggin The F%^k Out'”!


    P Diddy…wimmin hating..
    Not anti-women, only anti-THAT woman. Oh, and that other one too.

    We have heard this all before…


  75. My 2 cents:

    Consider also contributing to the ASPCA and Humane Society. They distribute the funds to shelters where people can go with their pets. Many people were left behind in Katrina because they could not take their pets. I understand that this is not the case this time around, but these organizations also help in times of disaster – people and pets, so don’t forget about them.


  76. madamab, on August 31st, 2008 at 7:00 pm Said:

    Words to live by:

    Never vote for people who hate you.


    What about disdain? I don’t see Obama as willing to expend enough energy to actually hate me. I don’t think he even sees me. I’m just part of a gray cloud of sputtering sore losers. I feel his disdain though.

  77. boo boo, should have read: should NOT be a day to celebrate. I was so disgusted and angry with the way Katrina was handled by everyone involved from the Mayor all the way to GWB. May that never happen again.

    “I have many friends who are delegates in Minneapolis today, I don’t think a single one will disagree that tomorrow should be a day of celebration. My heart is with all those in harm’s way.”

  78. Moore making those remarks to KeithO (on MessNBC) seems quite fitting, no?

  79. Also, please consider donating to the Salvation Army. They were the first on the scene with hot food, water and toothpaste after Andrew.

  80. I generally give to Noah’s Wish (animals) and Second Harvest.

    I’m holding the Gulf Coast environs and all who are affected in the Light.

    Has anyone seen/heard from Regency?

  81. Um…the GOP Convention isn’t in Minneapolis. It’s in St. Paul. Visiting VIPs make this mistake all the time.

  82. To the first post Angie, I hope your Mom & Dad and 4 legged family members are there safe with you now. Prayers to you and yours and all in those towns in the path of Gustav. Just take good care of yourselves, you have all that you need, each other. Things can be replaced should they be lost, and know there are many, many who care and are concerned as this hurricane approaches.

    There was an update on Senator McCain’s campaign site of
    links to the recognized national agencies, and encouraging everyone to help.

    Also a good article(link to follow) Please be aware of the over 100 new domain names purchased in the last 24 hours of “help” organizations, many may be frauds.


    More Hurricane Domains
    Published: 2008-08-31,
    Last Updated: 2008-08-31 16:23:32 UTC
    by Marcus Sachs (Version: 1)

    Yesterday we posted a list of new domains registered in anticipation of hurricane Gustav hitting the US gulf coast. In the past 24 hours even more domains were registered. Most of these sites are parked domains and many of them are for sale. They will be worth monitoring, particularly if “donate here” messages appear. Please make sure that your employees or customers verify any site that asks for donations to ensure that it is legitimate. If you have any doubts, please visit the Better Business Bureau’s web site.

  83. What happened with the shrimp boat family with 8 children in Houmas?

  84. People get ready … Gustav! People get ready … Ike! People get ready … floods in China! People get ready … what will be next? Nature is warning us, in not so subtle ways, that humanity is headed down a dangerous road.

    What is the purpose of all this suffering and do we as humans have the capacity to stop it? Is deforestation and consequent global warming really the cause of the suffering we experience today? Or is there a silent culprit lurking in the shadows?

    Is there a root cause to this suffering? If so, can we do anything about it or are we to stay at the mercy of this bleak future nature is forecasting? This link provides an insightful video which deals with this dilemma and offers an opportunity to do something real … to correct our nature!


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