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Misogyny: It’s Not Just For Hillary Anymore.

Why Do Those Stupid Bitches Hate Me?

Why Do Those Stupid Bitches Hate Me?

Remember when we began, PUMAs? Remember when we used to frequent the blogs like The Cheeto, The Big Blue, HuffPo and AmericaBlog? Remember how we used to think Air America was actually liberal, instead of a bought-and-paid-for 24-hour orgy of Hillary Hatred?

I know it’s painful to think about now, but remember when you tried to fight back against the raging misogyny at these so-called “progressive” media outlets? What was their excuse again?

“I’m ready to vote for a woman President. Just not THAT woman. This hatred is brought on by Hillary herself. If she were a man she would have gotten the same reaction from me.”

Well, fellow PUMAs, looks like that excuse has gone bye-bye.

Over at the Cheeto (Daily Kos), they are in meltdown mode. (Won’t link to that place.) From “real moms” disputing Governor Palin’s tale of her pregnancy to a “reasoned” analysis of how Alaska is OMG like really small and so that means she OMG like has no experience at all despite her years of being Governor and OMG she is not qualified to be President despite the fact that she is not running for President and OMG McCain is going to die like tomorrow and that means this woman will be President OMG OMG!!!111!!!

When did McCain suddenly become near-death? FYI, Joe Biden is only about 6 years younger than John McCain. So just remember, Obamans, if Joe Biden dies, Barack Obama will be President! A person with his lack of experience is surely not qualified to hold the highest office in the land!

AmericaBlog, a screaming, hysterical hotbed of Hillary Hatred, has now become the All About Palin show. (Won’t link there either.) Here’s today’s exercise in misogyny:

Cindy McCain is making a couple of appearances. There are so many questions to ask her. Start with this one: In February, you were quite sure that your husband wouldn’t have an affair. Yet, you started dating McCain while he was married. So, how can you be so sure? Yes, it’s a fair question. Oh, and see if she knows how many homes she owns.

Also, be good if any of the hosts could get any Republican on the record about the McCain/Palin position on birth control. Try that one on Carly, she brought it up herself already.

Make Rudy and Lieberman defend Palin. They both talk sooooo tough on national security. Make them defend her national security credentials.

The barely concealed subtext of all of this is that Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin are bimbos. Cindy McCain is (negatively) defined by her husband and what he’s done. It’s also assumed that she’s too dumb to know how many houses she owns. Never mind that she used her wealth to form the American Voluntary Medical Team, which helped bring doctors to war-torn countries for 11 years. Mrs. McCain recently went to Georgia to help the victims of the recent conflict, and she has been visiting Rwanda since 1994.

As for Governor Palin, her supposed views on abortion and lack of national security credentials are supposed to make her unsuited for the office of the Vice Presidency, yet Barack Obama’s actual views on abortion and lack of national security credentials are supposed to make him perfectly suited for the Presidency.

The Invasion of the Sweeties across the PUMAsphere has been amped to a crazy degree. Murphy over at PUMAPac has posted some of their comments.

And as for the corporate media? Well, they are in fine, fine form. Just read Megan Daum at the L.A. Times, or Frank Rich at the New York Times, or watch any talking head cable show. The screams of outrage are legion, and the threats against the PUMAs are not even thinly veiled. Here’s the jist of their comments:

“How Dare You Vote For A Vagina!!!!!! It is your responsibility to care about the issues and not play identity politics. Obama and Biden are better on the issues, so put a paper bag over O’Biden’s head and think of America.”

But-but-but, no one said this to Barack Obama’s voters, did they?

“How Dare You Vote For A Black Man!!!!! It is your responsibility to care about the issues and not play identity politics. Hillary is better on the issues, so just put a paper bag over her head and think of America.”

I’d say the media, both fauxgressive and corporate, have made their agenda very clear, and the Obamans have as well. No woman, no how, shall ever get close to the corridors of American power.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro and John McCain, that agenda may be finally be foiled for good. And while I don’t plan to vote for this ticket, I would not be much of a woman if I didn’t rejoice that the highest, hardest glass ceiling is finally going to be shattered in November.

365 Responses

  1. I’m voting for that ticket. What women have to realize is that it has nothing to do with specific issues. The mere fadt of a woman being president or vice president will elevate the status of all women. The AA’s have figured that out; it’s about time the white woman figures it out.

  2. Oh madamab, you are sageful indeed!

    Why, it was just today that Jeralyn proclaimed that no misogyny or sexism on blogs had been aimed at Palin. I mean, WTF is going on? That damn kool-aid is STRONG, I tells ya.

  3. Brava MadamaB!!!

    It will be bittersweet seeing Sarah Palin sworn in as vice president. I wonder what Hillary will be thinking. Sarah is where she is today because of Hillary Clinton. Hillary will always be a historical figure no matter what her future holds. Hopefully, generations from now, this will all be studied and hopefully Sarah Palin knows what Hillary has done for her.

  4. Carolina North – I can respect that.

    I’m done with condemning people for the way they vote. I leave that to the Obamans.

  5. well said, madamab!

    the fall is shaping to be a repeat of the spring and the vilest personal slanders and insults are flying from the “progressive” media and blogs.

    this time, i am going to vote republican for the first time in my life. the latest speculations about whether sarah palin’s first-born was “out of wedlock” and the ugly rumour-mongering about her son trig have made me realise that the obama movement (its not democratic) is an ugly political cult that absolutely must be stopped.

  6. “What women have to realize is that it has nothing to do with specific issues. The mere fact of a woman being president or vice president will elevate the status of all women. The AA’s have figured that out; it’s about time the white woman figures it out.”

    I think I might be heading in that direction myself, Carolina North. And no one could me more surprised about it than me!

  7. SOD – Heh. Heh. Heh.

    Palin POWER!!!

    Not bad for a “mayor of a small town,” huh, Obama, you P.O.S.???

  8. Kossack – “What do you mean misogynist? I got nothing against some b*tch being President.”

  9. I am mulling things over. A lifelong democrat, I had reached the point where I was ready to vote for McCain. I was hoping for a moderate Repub vp.
    Brilliant as I think the repub choice for VP is, I don’t know if I can now pull the lever or if I will just not vote the top of the ticket.

    I admire Palin and think she is very likable. I would love to see a woman elected to high office to punish these misogyists jerks.

    However, my daughter raised a significant issue I hadn’t really thought thru. We may have a filibuster proof majority in congress to protect court appointments for the first TWO years. but what happens after that? If the dem lose their majority, we could have an evangelical Christian as president.
    The question I have about Palin is does she believe in the separation of church and State?

    To what degreee does she respect other people’s moral and religious beliefs as relates to some of these issues important to Democrats?

  10. “if Joe Biden dies, Barack Obama will be President!” LOL

    Just like right now – If Dick Cheney dies, George W will be President.

    BTW – a little while ago a commentator on Fox mentioned Palin’s college not being Ivy League – what is this? The 1820 election?

  11. madamab – terrific editorial!

    Btw – ROTF @ your “OMG”s.

  12. Myiq – LOL!

  13. all of this brings the painful point home that by not succeeding in having hillary as our nominee, it will be a long time before another women is sufficiently well positioned to run for prez. women must superqualify. i suppose this is not news, but it is completely disturbing to have this somewhat unexpected wake up call that we are not out of the dark ages. the most disturbing aspect of this wake up call is that it came from the dem party and the obama campaign now it’s our turn to answer that call.

  14. great post! really great!

  15. angry artist – There are not enough Senators up for re-election in 2010 to make that an issue, AFAIK.

  16. i just got an email from a friend entitled, Palin has two things going for her …

    yeah, and guess what those two things were?

  17. I hope y’all don’t mind my intrusions, however, I learned of PUMA through a co-worker who supported Hillary and her and I agree about 80% of the time on issues. I guess she’s a conservative Dem and I’m a moderate Rep.

    The Dems in our County had a disastrous convention and had to shut it down and come back another day (according to her so everyone had the “message”). We had a great convention and all was well, until our State Convention, which supposedly got “hijacked” by the Ron Paul supporters and it got shut down. I say supposedly because the fact of the matter is they outwitted and outsmarted the administration every step of the way and our state would have been Ron Paul. Our party leaders tried to shut their delegates out, but the RNC stepped in and gave them 4 seats to the National Convention (which was the equivalent of the percentage of votes he received) and neither faction is happy about it.

    I digress, our Unions supported Obama. They took pictures of everyone supporting Hillary at Caucuses, and if they were Union employed, the rumors spread they were being harassed. That was the extent of what I knew, didn’t realize this was going on nationally.

    Since I’m late to all this, my question to all of you is do you believe George Soros a.k.a. MoveOn is behind the “Obama love fest”? I honestly do.

    He makes huge donations to all candidates he deems worthy, refuse to give your super delegate vote to Obama and that money will be stripped away.

    Hillary can’t and won’t be controlled by George Soros; Barack Obama is in his pocket.

    I could be wrong here, but that was my initial thoughts when things started getting ugly – that Hillary wasn’t playing by the MoveOn playbook and they were coming out in full attack mode.

    BTW, MoveOn moved her in 2004 and our politics went from contentious to downright very ugly since they arrived.

  18. I believe the fauxgressives are determined that everyone know how bigoted they are. The vitriol directed toward Hillary could always be explained by good old CDS, but now everyone, even the biggest Hillary haters, are going to see what sexist pigs they have always been.

    Oh and I am going to enjoy voting for the first woman VP.

    Go McCain, Palin!

  19. I will proudly vote McCain/Palin!!!!!

    yes I can!
    yes I will!

    And I will thank hillary as I vote for showing me my own judgement!!!!!

  20. indi – And apparently, any man can underqualify. We’ve had Bush for 8 years and now they want us to elect Obama, whose resume is even thinner than Dubya’s.

    Cause ya know, Obama’s got 99 problems but a b*tch ain’t one. That’s good enough for me!

  21. myiq2xu: I got a gd chain e-mail about Palin today from former so-called Hillary supporters-cum-obots who called Palin a “b*tch” in the e-mail. It made me sick and had the exact opposite intended effect.

    Oy, I replied to the whole “to” list (about 100 recipients)and blasted them to hell and back. It felt good. 🙂

  22. madamab How can that be? can you explain?

  23. I will vote for McCain/Palin, don’t blame me, blame Pelosi, Kerry, Dean, Brazile, and Kennedy.

  24. “The convention — and particularly Obama’s speech — seems to be well-received. And the selection of Sarah Palin as the GOP running mate, also seems to be well-received. So why is the race still a virtual tie? Probably because the two events created equal and opposite bounces — assuming that either one created a bounce at all,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

    It was just a CNN poll.

    People really are mislead if they think Palin was for Hillary supporters. She was for the base of the party. McCain’s enthusiasm gap is shrinking and he is raising money like he never has before.

  25. angry artist – 6-year terms in the Senate.

    Only the Senate confirms the SCOTUS judges.

  26. (Cheering)

    MadamaB — this is your finest post.

    There’s a conflict among some. Are we what we do? Or are we what we say? And where does “what we think” fit in?

    And who the Həll am I going to vote for?

  27. i wanna vote for Hillary Clinton/ Retired General Honore

  28. During the first half of the 20th Century, African Americans in the South belonged to the Republican Party. This was during the time that Southern Democrats were the party of Jim Crow.

    When Nixon’s “Southern strategy” took hold, white rac*sts switched to the GOP and AA’s switched to the party of civil rights.

    In recent decades, the GOP hasn’t been friendly to feminists but the Democrats were.

    Are we on the verge of another major switch?

    If massive numbers of feminist women (and truly progressive men) suddenly joined the GOP, would the bigots in that party then join their soulmates in the donkey party?

  29. mada, that is so true. i posted a day or so ago that Palin’s selection (luck) is no different than so many men who have simply been in the right place at the right time.

    why didn’t anyone freak out that Pelosi was 2 heartbeats from the presidency. we know of cheney’s health issues, and bush is so goofy he could get run over by a bus (<<<not obama’s, of course 😉

  30. Angry Artist: try not to think that far ahead. We’ve had a conservative christian president for 8 years and we are all still here. Palin is a good, solid person. She isn’t out to convert us all to her religious beliefs.

  31. Sarah has not officially spoken to the American public as yet . I have a hunch that when she does she will greatly increase McCain’s ooll number by at least 6 points over What’s His Name. Good on you DNC!

    I hope not to have to make a choice of voting McCain but it will depend upon my state polling come November. However, I will not be angst ridden when and if that day comes. The DNC created this mess. Let them live with the consequences.

  32. SCOTUS another male bastion despite SDO and RBG

  33. Ben – I think it was a double whammy.

    Absolutely, Palin was for the pro-life evangelical base. But Palin thanked Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro during her speech. You can bet that wasn’t directed at Republicans. Plus, he’s been courting Hillary supporters for the past few weeks.

  34. I agree. McCain’s choice was to solidify his base, but it also signals the kind of change he would like to bring…i.e. fiscal responsibility, etc. Sadly, his plans for healthcare and the economy just aren’t what we need.

    I was surprised that McCain didn’t reach toward the middle more. He had me and now I am not sure.

    But I am energized on the concept of a woman and Palin is interesting even if I disagree with her on so many fundamental issues.

  35. Republican Woman,

    I believe in what you are saying. I saw a video recently that showed how everytime Hillary gave some money to the super delegates, obama gave three times the amount, and many times it was Soros/MoveOn that gave the money. I am thinking of Byrd in WV. He recieved $80000 from MoveOn, and he supported Obama even though Hillary won WV in a landslide.

    Our primary system is so messed up. They spent millions of tax payer money to have states put on these elections and then they don’t even use the results. Hillary won MA during the primary, but at the convention the state votes 52 to 65 for Obama.

    I mean, why do we even bother?

  36. I am voting for McCain/Palin because:

    1.) Obama and the DNC need to lose.
    2.) Yes! I going to vote for a woman because I am a woman and I say, cracks-smacks time to bust that ceiling and if the stupid dems aren’t going to do it I’m voting Republican for the first time in my life.

  37. Thanks, KB! (blushing)

    Ahhhhh, it’s early days yet. Who knows what will happen? Sarah Palin has put the excitement back into this campaign, that’s for sure!

  38. Join Me Tonight guys,

    Tonights show will be the continue reaction to the DEATH of democracy!!!

    The discussion will be focus on sexism and racism in America!!

    Topics: Polls, McCain’s VP pick, Obama’s lack of Media attention, Hurricane Gustav, smears against Gov.Sarah Palin, and the RNC Convention!!!

    Special Guest to drop by!

    Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET!!!


  39. imustprotest:

    Obama and the DNC need to lose

    My one and only reason. Payback is a bitch in pantsuits!

  40. indi? “why didn’t anyone freak out that Pelosi was 2 heartbeats from the presidency”

    Because there’s some kind of deal – every time I think through the way this went down, Pelosi is somewhere at the bottom of it, and I can’t help but feel – especially after today’s announcement that Bush-Cheney won’t attend the convention, that Obama is somehow the heir to the Bush corruption. I see a line somehow from the Bushes to Pelosi and DNC leadership to gangsta causcus fraud to this nomination.

  41. I have always been pro choice. I marched in DC in 1992. I’ve written editorials. I’ve fought that fight, as a man, for many personal reasons. But this year I will have no problem voting for Sarah Palin. I admire her for the decisions she made. Now, that being said, something may happen that could send me back to a third party or a write in but that will be hard considering how i detest Obama. I also think what NARAL did was despicable. I went to a speech given by Sarah Weddington (who argued roe v wade to the supreme court) and after her speech I asked her if a man could ever lead the pro choice cause. She pointedly said it needed to be a woman. Kate Michelman and NARAL betrayed women by what they did. Now they shall deal with Sarah Palin.

  42. Republican Woman – I don’t know about Soros, but I used to be a member of Moveon.org, and they endorsed Obama in a very suspicious manner. They claimed they took an inclusive poll of their members, but they did it late on a Friday and closed the poll very quickly.

    When they endorsed Obama, I quit. Oddly enough, they did it before a lot of the red-state caucuses that were so “well organized” by Obama. I figured he had just taken all the Moveon people and told them to do all his work for him. Didn’t even have to pay anyone!

  43. That “poll” in Taylor’s bedroom must be out of order. Wasn’t she once a “sex therapist”? And this is the same asswipe who is speaking about another woman in this manner. Quick, let’s all head down the rabbit hole!

  44. Obama and the DNC need to lose

    My one and only reason. Payback is a bitch in pantsuits!

    I love that !

  45. A Guy – I guess r*cial affirmative action is just fine with Taylor Marsh.

    What a pathetic woman she is.

  46. Oh, I have many reasons for voting for the McCain/Palin ticket, but a big one is :

    I AM VOTING FOR A VAGINA. Yep, I am. I make no bones about it. I have decided that the AA community has had it right all along, and the only way to break the stranglehold of men on national politics is to get a vagina in there.

    See, the AA community these days IS picky, to some degree. They have come far enough that they have AA candidates to choose from, and so can afford to reject those whose policies they disagree with.

    But I am an older person, so I remember when this was not the case. In the beginning, it was “If they are black, I’m voting for them”. Are they corrupt? A cokehead? In bed with every shady business man in town? Doesn’t matter, they have my vote. And they did that long enough and with enough solidarity to break that stranglehold, at least partially, and achieve enough clout to be HEARD – if not from true respect, at least from politicians fear of losing that voting block.

    So yeah, after what I have seen this year, I am highly inclined to just start ticking off the vaginas on my ballot, like clockwork. I intend to break that ceiling in a million pieces. And if the fucking Democrats want a Democratic woman in power instead of “just any old woman”, then THEY HAD FUCKING BETTER LISTEN UP AND START OFFERING ME ONE TO VOTE FOR.

    If they refuse to do that, that is their problem, not mine.

    Done. End of discussion. Get over it.

  47. I believe Obama had previsouly raised 1 mil for Bryd when Bryd was in trouble, so the old buggar had to come around and support him. i buy the Moveon theory too tho.

  48. angry artist: we are all still learning about Palin, and I’m sure these issues will all be clarified in the next two months. From what I’ve gathered so far, she leans libertarian, despite her personal evangelical beliefs. She vetoed a ban on same sex partner benefits when first in office, and was asked about her views on abortion, and said she would leave it up to the people of Alaska to decide.

    McCain has also had to appeal to the base to win, but I have listened carefully to him when asked about gay rights and women’s choice. He has to walk a fine line, because the extreme right is watching him carefully too. Twice, I heard him emphasize that he is a Federalist, and he will leave these matters up to the states. I clearly got the impression that it was code for: I am not going to touch it, it’s settled law and the states can decide the people can decide these issues for themselves. If approx. 75% of the American people support a woman’s right to choose, they are not going to touch it.

    Besides, ultimately it is up to us to fight for what we want. If, after two years there is a threat to a Dem majority, then it is up to us to make sure it remains by supporting representative down ticket Dems.

  49. madamab said:

    how Alaska is OMG like really small and so that means she OMG like has no experience at all

    umm last I checked Delaware is also quite small…the pop. of Alaska is 643,000, Delaware, 860,000 not that much of a difference.

    Plus Alaska has huge oil reserves, international borders and is probably one of the most strategically located states in the union.

  50. Palin’s mother in law is leaning toward Obama and her husband and son are registered as unaffiliated. This family does not appear to walk in lockstep. Good enough reason for me!

  51. I will give Wasserman Shultz a pass for the time being because she was the ONLY democrat to stand up for Terry Schivo’s right to die. She was the only one who stood up against that total abuse of federal power.

    Why do they keep pushing this unqualified thing about Palin. If the American public likes her they will resent this….AHHHHH…it’s the narrative. They want to nail down that perception as fast and hard as possible. It won’t work.

  52. fif
    good points

  53. SOD – That’s disappointing about Wasserman Schultz – I had to stop watching MSNBC where she commented a lot during the primaries (it was that or go back on blood pressure meds). I expected her to give lip service, not to attack.

  54. And let us not forget that Palin went against her own party up there who were proud enough of their corruption that wore shirts with a logo proclaiming as much. Going up against Stevens and Young took a lot of guts since they are the same party, deeply entrenched in graft and corruption, and hateful s.o.b.’s to boot. That alone sends a “tingle up my leg”!

  55. garychapelhill – Do not confuse the Cheetos with the facts!!111!!!!!

    Part of that article I “summarized” was saying that if Obama gave a speech to 7 or 8 Invesco Fields, he could talk to every person in Alaska. Somehow, this hypothetical scenario is supposed to equate Obama’s “experience” to hers. Because, you know, speechmaking is EXACTLY like governing!!!

    They are hilarious!

  56. myiq, I think you’re on target, we may be on the verge of a fundamental political party shift. exciting. frightening. wonderful.

  57. SOD – Wow. That was really beautiful. Thank you!

  58. imustprotest, I have to agree, esp with your first point.

    I like Palin more and more, and McCain showed great judgment in choosing her. I haven’t seen good judgment all year, so it really stands out.

    McCain listened, and chose a veep who is a uniter.


  59. Yesterday I was so gung ho over the McCain/Palin ticket, today is is yeah, so. Her extreme views on abortion in case of rape and incest bother me, so I will either sit home, or write in Hillary. She has until election day to moderate her views on this, if she does, I will vote for McCain. I won’t vote for Obama under any circumstances, but Palin is going to have to do some convincing for me to vote FOR her and McCain. There is a difference there.

  60. I don’ t care if McCain chose shit on a stick I’m voting for him because of the two men running for president he is the only one elected.

    DEMS need to lose BIG TIME THIS YEAR…and for the record Palin kicks butt and I LOVE HER!!

    McCain Palin 2008, Hillary thereafter

  61. Palin’s mother-in-law isn’t going to vote for her? That’s just mean.

  62. Hi, delurking for a few minutes (I have a hard time keeping up with threads). please, everybody, don’t completely rule out choosing mccain— remember what Brazile said, “stay home”? She knows that the only way the obamacrats can hold onto the party is if we give up control to them.

    i don’t like voting Republican, even in an emergency, and even though they seem a little more moderate than recent repubs. but if mccain does win, it won’t be such a danger… if we VOTE DOWN TICKET FOR HRC DEMS!

    Only Democrats who stood by Hillary, from local level up to congress. Then the Obamacrats won’t have even a toehold left. They would love nothing more for us than to refuse to vote at all on a presidential spot. And we know how Ovomit loves to cheat, so we can’t count on mccain and palin winning if we sit it out.

    Thanks and bless you from this bitter old gun-clinging, low-information racist pagan! We can take our party back, if we just hold on!

  63. SOD – That whole post is where I live. See, some say Hillary is narcissistic, but she had to be told to use the 1st person more when she spoke to us.

    Obama had that moment when he said he had become a symbol of something or other.

    But Hillary never saw that she wasn’t just a public servant running for an office – I knew – I’ve said this before – that she was the smartest girl in the class. The one we all voted for who always got things done. I don’t see anyone who can wear that mantle except Hillary.

  64. The more I think about it, maybe trying to reclaim the Democratic party isn’t the way to go.

    I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like the Democraitc party has been the target of a hostile takeover, as former Libertarians like k*s and Republicans like Zsa Zsa Huff&Puff abandoned the sinking ship that is G-Dub’s GOP and invaded our party and took it over.

    Like Donna Brazile-wax said, they don’t want us anymore.

    Maybe we should reciprocate by invading and taking over the GOP while they are in a weakened condition.

  65. What does it say about the Dems that the Rethugs could get past their misogyny to nominate a dynamic woman veep candidate, but the Dems not only couldn’t put their extremely qualified woman at the top, they wouldn’t even put her on the ticket as an overqualified second?

  66. masslib: She did not say that. Apparently when advised that Sarah had been chosen as vp she stated that she had been leaning toward Obama. I took this to mean that up until that moment she had no idea that her daughter in law was the vp selection for the GOP. However, it does show that the whole family is not so far over to the right that we need to be overly concerned.

  67. i’m more scare about pelosi being third in line that about gustav … and I live in the ninth ward in new orleans and i’m still sitting here in my home, just to put it into perspective

  68. Help the Animals in New Orleans and Mississippi ….Info Here



    I’ve also included a link to a beautiful piece that probably wil make you cry…it sure made me start….

    “If befriend donkey, expect to be kicked”–Charlie Chan

  69. I meant 1st person SINGULAR

  70. Did anyone else notice that McCain threw George Bush under the bus today??
    Fowler and Michael Moore are so stupid. Because of the hurricane, McCain was able to cancel Bush’s speech!!! To allow Bush to save face, he told him first and Bush said that he would be in Texas observing hurricane preparations. McCain is getting quite bold!!

  71. myiq2xu: I am sure there are many Repugs out there who must loathe the Religious Right takeover of there party. Even Richard Viguerie, a staunch Repug, spoke of it.

  72. How do you know that Palin’s mother might not vote for her?

  73. Madamab,


    So many things have me creeping toward the McCain/Palin ticket. Gov. Palin is not easily classified. She reminds me of the rare genuine Christians I have known–one Republican woman in particular –a very dear friend.

    The Obot idiots are pushing people like me closer to that ticket all the time. But true confessions–I have been failing to supress not just glee, but pride (!) at McCain’s campaign. I like saying “John and Sarah”, and when McCain beams Palin, I understand. I want to beam at her too.

    And then there’s the fact that Tina Fey do a guest appearance to play her in SNL skits.

  74. dakini – re: Pelosi – I HEAR YA! She’s devious.

  75. sister:

    The Democrats (as a party) also couldn’t say two nice words about only the second woman to be nominated as VP by a major party.

    Hillary did the right thing, but she has class

  76. Tina Fey CAN do….

  77. myiq, I think that if they lose in a humiliating defeat this year we CAN take the party back.

  78. I spent about three minutes at the Democratic Underground – here is what I learned.

    McCain will soon drop Palin. Reason: He forgot to vet her.

    The baby belongs to Sarah’s oldest daughter. This is confirmed by a neighbor (on a blog) who says the daughter did not come out of the house for 11 months. The same daughter may have secretly married some kid in Idaho. Also, that same daughter is now pregnant again – about 6 months along.

    Palin was chosen by big oil – McCain did not make the decision.

    Cindy is faking her wrist injury.

    Couldn’t stay any longer – it was making me ill.

    The younger men (and some women) of this country are in deep deep trouble.

  79. well, i’d say that a lot of Rs would likely rip Palin to pieces if she were not on their ticket. a lot of them are probably sitting back and saying, holy shlt, this is interesting. i am not quite willing to hand the Rs the feminist of the year award.

  80. angry artist: The mother in law never said she wasn’t, only that when she was notified she admitted she had been leaning toward Obama up until then. She never indicated who she would eventually vote for.

  81. gary & myiq: We can, but there’s a moment, and we’d better not miss it.

  82. So, Drudge has the link to Kos report about Palin faking her pregnancy. And apparently Alan Colmes has accused her of taking improper Prenatal care on his blog? I’m trying to pull it up right now at alan.com, but so is everyone else I guess

  83. i am amazed by all this baby –who dun it – theorizing. shoot, next it will be john edwards’ baby!

  84. Dee: “Cindy is faking her wrist injury.”

    Not hardly – she got that injury the day she was here in NJ – we shake hands hard here.

  85. Dee: These were lunatic ravings from the deeply disturbed right? Not facts?

  86. OMG…they are going to get every fundamentalist christian in the country to go out and vote for her after these slanders. These people are so stupid. The last thing they want is this woman becoming a cause celebe for the religious right.

  87. Gary – me too.

    I think the Republican Party is too far gone. They are totally infiltrated by the wacko extremists.

    The Democrats have also experienced a hostile takeover, but the Clinton wing is still very strong, and will be even stronger after Obama’s humiliating defeat in November.

  88. Pat: I think it was satire by Dee.

  89. indi – Bill Maher already said that about the baby and Edwards. Didn’t take long.

  90. I happened to be related to some Republicans.

    They are conservatives, yes, but they are not rac*sts, and they are angry and upset by many of the things that the Bush (mal) administration has done.

    They truly believe in low taxes and small government, as well as a strong military.

    They are not evil, and treating them like they are is counterproductive. They see the same problems we do, but they disagree on the solutions.

  91. shay, alan pulled his post, little coward, but he’s still defending it. I left a comment about how these so called “progressive” assholes have no idea what “Pro-choice” means. it means being able to choose not only if you DON”T want to be pregnant, women also get to choose when they DO want to be pregnant. What’s next, forced sterilizations for women over 40? They have lost their minds.

  92. ben: I hope so. I would hate to think that we are being used to this extent. She had to have been vetted. Probably more that Whosis received with Rev. Wright falling out of the closet.

  93. good grief, leave it to bill maher.

    i am not very smart about UK politics, but don’t they have three strong or at least serious parties?

  94. Here are pictures of Palin while pregnant with her youngest. This trim, athletic woman had clearly put on at least 30 lbs.

    Plus, she is now breastfeeding.

    Misogyny is a terrible sickness.

  95. Trust me as we speak/type there are email flying around the underground network of conservative christians telling of these smears against Sarah Palin, her daughter, and her special needs son. These people will see vengeance for what they are doing to Sarah Palin. Don’t mess with the christian right.

  96. My point is we shouldn’t be locked onto one party.

    Our values and principles are what matter, not the name of the party we belong to.

  97. angry artist (& others): I read a report today that said McCain was leaning heavily toward choosing Lieberman for the last few weeks, but the backlash from the conservative base became impossible to ignore. Again, what that said to me is that McCain’s real intentions, once in office, are to be the moderate Mac of yore.

  98. I used to find Bill Mahar amusing, particularly when he went after the Bushies. I doubt after Friday night’s return that I will bother with him again. Obama is a disaster and they see no faults in him. You have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to consistently overlook these issues surrounding him. Or just a plain liar.

  99. myiq, my R relatives are the same. they also believe that shlt happens and you take care of yourself.

  100. I don’t think either my current or former mother-in-law would vote for me, and I’m fine with that.

  101. Just for the record. I am not the Carol commenting over at TM. I wouldn’t bother to waste my time. She is in it for the advertising.

  102. @jennifer


  103. I trust McCain over Obama on separation of church and state. Obama wants to expand Bush’s faith-based initiatives.

    Roe is not a problem. Now that we have DNA testing, men are involved. The y have to support the child for 18 years. If Roe is sent to the states under McCain it will be the end of the Republican party. Hello, Madam President.

  104. Pat, Bill Maher has always been the biggest sexist of all. He seems to enjoy treating women like a second class species. He really is disgusting.

  105. Myiq – What about the New Democratic Party? Site’s not up yet, but Murphy wants to set it up like a voting bloc. I believe you suggested that a while ago?

  106. Palin is a runner, as the Anchorage Daily News noted back in March when Palin announced the pregnancy. In the “urban hike” video, it is clear she is pregnant and is wearing a maternity jacket.

    Markos needs to delete that lying, libelous thread if he cares about either his reputation or staying out of court.

  107. madamab: This won’t stop them. They will now claim she was wearing padding. They won’t quit.

  108. I firmly believe that the leadership of both parties is corrupt, but that the rank & file are all good people at heart.

    I will not accept that approximately half of the people in this nation are evil

  109. gary; Yes, and he only dates black women he meets at the Playboy Mansion. Whoop dee doo! An excellent champion of women’s rights!

  110. Pat – Actually, Maher was very critical of Obama – He had my Gov. Jon Corzine (who shredded my vote) on and was pressing for what Obama has done – nobody can ever answer that question.

    I was surprised because he had been pretty nasty about Hillary and I was furious. But he didn’t give Obama a pass.

  111. Let’s watch Hurricane Gustav. Republican Haley Barbour of Mississippi did a great job during Katrina. Yes, Bush and Fema were pathetic, but it was the Louisiana Democratic State and Local response that was the true travesty. Looks like GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal will be a star in this great challenge.
    I’m telling you, after this year, the Dems disgust me so much. Maybe it’s Fox and Talk Radio, but I’m feeling a pull to the right. I will happily pull the lever for McCain/Palin.

  112. myiq – No one said they were. However, the extremist wackos have totally infiltrated the Republican Party at all the state and local levels. They did it systematically and with that purpose in mind.

    It would take a massive amount of time and money to undo that structure, which has taken decades to build.

    That’s what I’m saying.

  113. madamab:

    I am throwing out ideas for thought.

    We could:

    1. Reclaim the Democratic Party

    2. Take over the GOP

    3. Form a third party

    Even though we might have a preference, all three are options we should consider.

  114. Where is Claire McCaskill on this one???

    Frankly, though, the public isn’t going to believe that story. If i hadn’t read it on here I would never have known about it.

  115. Still4Hill: I shut it off after the first 20 minutes when the 3 panelists were over the moon about the Greatest Speech Evah on Thursday night. He lost me at that point. His opening monologue including Edwards as the father of Palin’s baby was pushing me toward the edge.

  116. Ben – Agreed.

    PJ – Let the Cheetos crumble where they may. They’ve lost this round, just as they lost the “darkening” round and the “Muslim garb” round.

  117. 2. Take over the GOP

    that’s my favorite! how do we begin?

  118. madamab:

    No argument, but realignments can happen fast.

    The south went from Democrat to GOP in less than 2 decades

  119. All right, good night everyone. Don’t let the b*stards get ya down. Happy Labor Day!

    PUMA POWER!!!!

  120. “Where is Claire McCaskill on this one???”

    Ben? Claire McCaskill doesn’t know yet – she has to ask her kids.

  121. Hey up-threaders – I was just repeating some of the nonsense at the D.U. It was not a joke. Those folks have lost their heads.

    The so-called progressives at D.U. are having a giant circle jerk . The few remaining adults no longer try to stop them.

    They have mirrored Free Republic since January.

  122. Oh Goody! To the rescue BO. He is going to activate 2 million cell phone numbers to tell them to donate for the Hurricane. Those crazy kids will be cutting into their lunch money over the labor day weekend back to school dorm move in.

    I wonder if he will personally active the email.

    Hillary or McCain 2009 – you choose.


  123. Also, someone said Palin stood up against corruption and Republicans in Alaska. That is a complete lie. She was in support of this “Bridge to Nowhere” until she got in office. Most of the “reform” she brought was already in progress – she just finished it off.

    I don’t think we should glorify her record. She is in Big Oil’s pocket just like John McCain.

  124. What excuse to they have for Obama’s lack of experience? They are so deeply infused with kool-aid that they forget that Obama has less experience than she does.

  125. Pat – That’s a vote with the remote – He does get on my nerves. But I still don’t know how I watch him out of curiousity and can’r make myself go to Obama’s website and see what’s there. Strong resistance – and I think I should be spying!

  126. Oh, and on the 3 options – I like the 3rd party – New dems, real dems, new Women Party – whatever – which doesn’t front candidates, but keeps the other two players honest. We really need to become a major player.
    Look how they include Nader in all polls but ignore McKinney.
    We need to be the ones pollsters always come to: who do YOU think should win this one?

  127. I finally figured out Keith Olbermann. I had read that he was a very bright, but very supercilious student in school. Always parading his intellect around. You know how that just endears you to the jocks!

    He is now in his second youth, idolized by the Kossacks for taking on Bush when he did and is now their “frat buddy”, reclaiming his overriding need to be accepted by the Kewl Kids. Now dating a 25 year old recent college grad, and himself nearing 50, Keith is reliving those school days when he was the most disliked in the class.

    This is a man with a superior brain, acting out for the 20 somethings, enjoying that elusive flame of celebrity, and behaving like “one of the guys”. He has always been an asshole but this primary season bought him new “friends”. He also posts at Kos.

  128. :p

  129. Hmmm….nice convention bump. (heh)

  130. Pat- Bingo!

  131. Gary:

    Register and vote in GOP primaries.

    If there are enough of us, we win.

    The real question is: how many of us are there?

    We don’t even know right now, because we aren’t organized.

    We need PUMA to figure out who we are, how many of us are there, and what is our goal?

    That will have a lot to do with what our strategy should be.

    We know there are a lot more PUMAs than our opponents claim. But how many PUMAs are there for real?

    Hundreds? – certainly

    Thousands? – probably

    Millions? – maybe

  132. thanks charles — i find that very interesting. i like that labor title … and i used to be fond of the liberal title too. i will admit i am not sure what liberal means anymore in the states.

  133. Still4Hill, on August 31st, 2008 at 10:20 pm Said:

    “if Joe Biden dies, Barack Obama will be President!” LOL

    Just like right now – If Dick Cheney dies, George W will be President.

    RD, I propose a comedy hour along with the cocktails…these bloggers have me in stitches laughing today and I have been pretty bummed out over the ‘NO ROLL CALL’ vote, and having a ‘WAKE for MY VOTE’ that didn’t count. But these guys just bring my spirits up! 😉

  134. Donna Brazile-wax. Oh myiq–you continue to outdo yourself!

    Ben: how do you know it was McCain’s decision to dis-invite “W”?

  135. nite madamab

  136. edge – great article. That photo is priceless!

  137. Bill Maher was a big pusher of the “get over it” meme in 2000. Yeah, occasionally he says things I agree with, but “stopped clocks” and all.

    Essentially he’s one of the “I’ve got mine, f*ck you” libertarian school.

  138. Dakinikat: Why are you staying?? Isn’t it mandatory evacuation?

  139. This is so hysterical. The group outraged over the birth certificate thing is now smearing Palin as not her child’s mother. Pathetic.

  140. It will be interesting to see where BO asks his minions to donate for Hurricane Gustav. Laundered through the DNC perhaps?

  141. o gosh, do you know how hard it is to be an R in North Carolina? the Ds here are conservative enough. If I lived in NY again I could bear an R on my ballot.

  142. Pat

    That’s a syndrome that often affects gay men, too. They were bullied in school and then they grow up to be buff and hot and turn into the biggest jerks because they were slighted back in high school. Fortunately for me I’ve always been fabulous.

  143. KO is dating a 25 year old?

  144. I wonder if Sarah will receive a make over before hitting the convention stage?

  145. I went to the McCain/Palin rally in O’Fallon Missouri today. There were about 20,000 people there. It was the first political rally I have ever attended.

    They were shouting “sar-ah”, “sar-ah” over and over again when she came on the stage. McCain let her speak longer than he did. The local news station interviewed people at the rally, and they all said they were very excited about his choice.

    She is a very good speaker, and gave one heck of a speech.

  146. dennymajor, McCain voted AGAINST Cheney’s big oil giveaway. Obama voted FOR it.

    Obama not in the pocket of big oil? ROTFLMAO! He has he big oil interests nailed down, as well as the nuclear power industry and then he chose a running mate who has been in bed with the financial industry for years. They are the economic overlords DREAM TEAM, and all the pissy fauxgressives fell all over themselves for a bunch of hope-flavored hookah smoke blown up their asses, simply because they were desperate for an alternative to the big scary vagina.

  147. Pat – great insight on KO.

    I just got an email from Clinton Dems recruiting poll workers to monitor activities with cameras etc. I

  148. As I was saying to Ed, or he was saying to me, it so hard to differentiate since we have a habit of finishing each other’s sentences, the DNC fu*ked up this one!

    I don’t care if Sarah padded her record. She probably took a page out of the Obama Book. If he can pad his, why not her? This is an equal opportunity area for padding. Good enough for him, likewise for her.

  149. Jennie, I watched it on cspan. I think McCain is happy with her doing the heavy lifting for now. He has a gold mine with her. She truly admires John McCain. I heard a lot of USAs and Sarahs being chanted.

  150. Here is something to always remember:

    This struggle will never end. Even if we “win” we must keep defending our victory.

    Life goes on. All work and no play makes Jack Puma a dull boy.

    We must pick and choose our battles, and allocate our resources.

    Eternal viligance is the price of freedom And equality.

  151. Fortunately for me I’ve always been fabulous.

    Like there was any doubt??

  152. 20K in O’Fallon – no free beer, no free food, no rock bands.

    DNC are ya looking?

    Hillary or McCain 2009 – you decide


  153. Pat -rotflol – “the DNC fu*ked up this one!

  154. The ever expanding vitriol of sexism pouring out of the mouths of Democrats should tell all of us that there is no single issue in this election that is more important than equal rights for women. The post-feminist era we are supposedly living in bears a great deal of resemblance to the pre-feminist era. It is clear that AA’s, nearly across the board, are ready to stand up for their civil rights. They are proud to be handing their votes off to the first AA nominee. But women, who have vastly more voting power than any single minority group, believe they can only stand up for their civil rights if a female candidate comes along that all 150 million of them can agree is the “right one”! Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m not a woman that I fail to understand this reasoning. How many more decades must pass before women understand, as most minority groups in this country do, that they must stop the misogyny with their votes – en masse?

  155. 48-
    Does she need a makeover?

  156. Please Obama step down so Hillary can take your place.

  157. I didn’t see Sarah. I was trying to catch up with my sleep after I sent Eddy packing.

  158. “This struggle will never end. Even if we “win” we must keep defending our victory.”


  159. Are we on the verge of another major switch

    Switches can occur over one incident if it’s important enough. In the fifties many blacks still voted Republican. But in 1960, when Dr. King Jr. was arrested, his father, a Republican, asked Richard Nixon to make a gesture of support for MLK Jr. Nixon did not, but JFK (who had not been on board for the 1957 civil rights act) made a phone call to MLK’s father. This gesture caused many African Americans to swing their support towards Democrats.

  160. Ben,
    I was very surprised to find out that Republicans aren’t that excited about their down ticket candidates. It was pretty hot, and we had to stand out there for 3 hours before McCain arrived. But they just don’t get jazzed up very much. It wasn’t until McCain and Sarah arrived that they showed any passion.

    I was more excited than they were, and I am a Democrat!

  161. john – good point.

  162. Sarah Palin doesn’t need a makeover.

    As a sex*st pig, let me say that she is a definite “hottie”

    Katiebird will probably appreciate that my favorite picture of Sarah Palin is completely demur, but screams “naughty librarian”

  163. dennymajor: you are wrong. Do more research before you make such declarative statements. She put her career totally on the line to challenge the Governor and Attorney General. It’s documented fact. Credit where credit is due. She’s brave and had convictions, which is more than can be said for the Dem nominee for president.

  164. On several of the last few threads there have been new posters who indicate that they were delegates.

  165. I really feel dumb about women’s issues. I had no idea that NOW does not support women in politics if they are Pro-life. There mission statement doesn’t say that women have to be pro-choice before they will support them in politics.

    I am pro-choice, but I didn’t know that women’s organizations excluded women based on political issues.

    Some days I feel like I am just waking up to the real world.

  166. I have convictions too

    But they are currently on appeal

  167. justsaynotobo: Personally I look for the most qualified candidate. Black, white, green, brown, male, female, gay, whatever. This year I put my money on Hillary Clinton because she had her issues down cold. The woman was brilliant and would have brought an enormous amount of talent into the WH and if that included Bill, even better.

    But instead they gave me the third string player with little or no experience and to my knowledge has never held a full time job and got to where he is based on patronage and favoritism.

    And in a larger sense, women who could have stood up and made their anger and distress known stood by. The whole concept of feminism failed to live up to what was promised.
    Thus the birth of PUMA.

  168. shay-

    I don’t know if she *needs* a makeover. I thought that since people were refering to her as Gidget that maybe they would make her look a bit more conservative and a little less hockey mom.

    But then again, they may want to keep her natural. We’ll see.

  169. Obama is going to have to be really careful how he goes after Palin. Maybe Palin should say:

    He’s gunna make you afraid of me; he’s gunna say, I have a lot of kids, that I eat mooseburgers and that I sometimes cling to my gun and my bible; and that I am too pretty and that have a (whisper) VagiNA; but hey, I love all these things about me, it is who I am…..so if these things scare you, I am not your woman.

  170. SOD: She sent him back. To where he belongs I might add. A little worse for wear, and the nightmares are slowly subsiding, but I can guarantee that he will be fit to resume duties one of these days.

  171. jennie:

    NARAL endorsed a man with a wishy-washy history on the issue of choice over a solidly pro-choice woman

    2008 – The Year of WTF?

  172. {{sigh}}

  173. 48:

    How does anyone confuse a 44 year-old woman with Gidget, who was a teenager?

  174. myiq2xu,

    I wondered when I hear it about NARAL. It made me mad at the time because I was rooting for Hillary.

    NOW is saying they won’t support Palin over the Obama ticket even though she is a woman. I read something on the standard weekly calling NOW to task for not supporting a woman on a national ticket just because she is Pro-life.

    I think this election is really going to make people think about their prejudices.

  175. I virtually always agree with the brilliant Pat Johnson, but today she predicts Obama will scoot down to NOLA, rowing a boat to steal some McCain thunder.

    No, Obama would not do that. Obama will insist that Hillary do the rowing, or else she’s disloyal, while he stands in Columbia gear on the shore with reporters, discussing his natural rapport with the NOLA AA community. Cause, well, he won’t talk about it, but, he’s black.

  176. LOL, I’m just the messenger.

  177. Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET!!!


    Matt, thanks I almost forgot…listening now… 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning the ‘death threats’ and intimidation (posting peoples addresses and phone numbers…saying they are coming to their house). The first caller was straight on…going that far is a bit ‘culty’.

  178. It sickens me that former HRC supporters are sending out mass emails calling Palin a b*tch. WTF?! Have they learned NOTHING? That gives me a physical reaction of shock and disgust.

  179. jennie: This is the year that if you were a black man with a questionable resume, weird friends, a crazy nutjob for a pastor, no core principles or beliefs, a habit of dodging important votes, whose birth is murky, who lied like a rug, was promoted and marketed over a more capable candidate who beat him in the popular vote. So I guess this year will go down in the history books for out and out hijacking and the rejection voting rigths. Welcome back to the year 2000!

  180. Did anyone else notice that McCain threw George Bush under the bus today??
    Fowler and Michael Moore are so stupid. Because of the hurricane, McCain was able to cancel Bush’s speech!!! To allow Bush to save face, he told him first and Bush said that he would be in Texas observing hurricane preparations. McCain is getting quite bold!!

    This will go over fabulously well with the public. McCain is ingeniously tapping into a plurality of voters across party lines, which I am calling:

    NoBush/NoCheney/NoBiden/NoBama ’08

  181. Pat Johnson – Why do women stand by when they are abused by their own party? Is it because they don’t recognize abuse? Certainly AA’s have reacted with energy to the barest hint of racism that occurred or they thought occurred during the primaries. What do you think?

  182. parentofed: I very much like your scenario better! lol

  183. There is a People article that interviews Sarah and McCain.

    Sarahs family eat Caribou and Moose hot dogs. The family is incredibly exotic and appealing.

    Todd is going to quit his job and be a full time Dad.

    I can’t stop myself from really, really liking Sarah.

  184. fif: I highly doubt they were former HRC supporters, more likely Obama supporters.

  185. No worries 48 re: a make over
    I don’t think she needs a makeover but then- I was born and raised in Alaska and think she is the image of Alaskan (nearly) perfection!
    I wasn’t sure if the rest of the country would see that though.

  186. NARAL is still in the dog house…they sure got everyone all upset.

  187. Wonderful post, Madamab! I’m really exhausted by the hate I’ve seen and read over the past few days. I really feel almost speechless. Thank you for putting it all into reasonable words.

  188. Jennie:

    If NARAL endorsed a pro-choice man over a anti-abortion woman I would understand because they are a single-issue organization.

    But how does the National Organization of Women endorse a man who ran misogynistic campaigns against TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN?

  189. I like Palin’s look.

  190. I also feel the need to express this. Yes, for me it certainly was about Hillary.

  191. He is going to activate 2 million cell phone numbers to tell them to donate for the Hurricane.

    That is so typical of Obama. He doesn’t actually have to DO anything. It’s so antiseptic and clinical. He really doesn’t feel or serve. It’s all mechanical, a gimmick to him. It reminds me of the comment Eddy leaked to the press: “We don’t need the people, just their checks.”

  192. POE – Bingo on the NOLA scenario with Hillary doing the rowing – and probably filling and lifting sandbags also.

  193. fif – Right on target – that’s why nobody can ever name anything he actually …like … DID!

  194. myiq2xu,

    I don’t know, but they are. I found this article last night:


    There are some very good reads at real clear politics. Sarah is a celebrity now. I want to hear about her, and Obama is old news.

  195. Wow!

    Progressive Blogosphere 1.0, be proud of yourself:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    I thought “Progressives” wanted people to stay away from women’s wombs and vaginas.

    Boy we wrong!

  196. BB: I am still so raw from the misogyny re: Hillary that it caught me off-guard when Palin was chosen. I can’t believe we have to witness and experience this all over again. And if Democratic women do not stand up and protest, even if it’s a Republican candidate, then they lose all credibility and moral ground after being so enraged by the HRC abuse.

  197. The thing that is so refreshing about Sarah is that she is not part of the corrupt political machine. For a country that is sick to death of the old style politician she offers something very different.

    Obama is of the cookie cutter variety. Nothing new, nothing different.

  198. justsaynotobo: Blacks were raised to perceive that they have been victims and in many respects they had reason to believe this. They see slight in every word and gesture since it casts them back into the role of victim.

    Women, on the other hand, were never given a voice or an identity. They were Moms or wives and their jobs outside the home gave back the same message. You are here to serve since this is the highest calling. So take what you get and be happy.

    Just the wedding vows alone with the word “obey” defined our role and we accepted. I certainly am not a sociologist nor do I claim to have all the answers but when women of today allow themselves to be degraded through advertising, are willing to strip down to nothing to sell a movie bordering on soft porn, allow Madonna and Brit Brit to define women as such, then men will always put them down as the exhibition clearly is not about respect.

    If you cannot respect yourself then do not expect anyone else to confer it on your behalf.

  199. I have been meaning to ask – Did anyone notice that Eleanor Smeal was seated right behind Michelle the night of Hillary’s speech.

    Seems like all the “leaders” of the various organizations that are supposed to be doing somethin’ about women’s issues have just worked their way into being proud members of The Village.

  200. myiq – Stole his wind – reminds me of the regatta in “Summer rental”

  201. When I heard Obama say he would put his two million cult followers to work it made me absolutely sick. He really does think he is king of the world.

  202. Still: it’s true. What has he actually DONE besides give speech and run for higher office(s)? It’s really bizarre. I mean, he didn’t hold A SINGLE HEARING for his sub-committee. And they are attacking HER for inexperience? Just when you think it can’t get any more surreal, it takes a new turn.

    At least we’re not bored…

  203. Two million workers? Which one of them is going to tear themselves away from the computer or leave class at his beck and call? What an overbearing jerk!

  204. speechS

    I’m getting sleepy. Time to sign off.

    G’night all. And all those people near Gustav, please be careful! Dakinikat, I am particularly worried about you in the Ninth Ward. Check in and let us know you are ok.

  205. Pat – Your comment is spot on – we are socialized to serve and stay quiet. We also are taught to control ourselves and not take out our “hormonal fluxes” on innocent people around us.

    Which makes me wonder two things:

    Why are men with anger issues so much worse than any woman with the worst pms?

    And why did Hillary get a reputation for being a shrew or whatever?

  206. The level of sheer hypocrisy this primary season has exceeded any novel ever written to date. Only Shakespeare could make something of this and create another hit in so doing. Unbelievable!

  207. myiq2xu, on August 31st, 2008 at 11:42 pm Said:
    But how does the National Organization of Women endorse a man who ran misogynistic campaigns against TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN?
    NOW missed seeing this video among others:
    Hillary : We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! (Read “More Info”)

  208. BZero might have something on the 2 million Obanauts at his beck and text — they do have experience bailing out their basements when the sump pump goes on the fritz.

    Isn’t there a video game called, “Grand Theft Bucket Brigade?”

  209. 48 – OHHHHH. At the risk of being repetitious and redundant:
    OMIGOD! Did he actually say 2 million? OMIGOD!

    He’s delusional. This guy is dangerously sick. He’s beginning to remind me in some ways of Clark Rockefeller.

  210. I’ll add one more thing to Pat’s post re: women. Women have been valued only as extensions or reflections of men. They have not existed independently. As a result, they internalize the patriarchal system and do not have their own separate self worth. Exhibit A: Maureen Dowd. She is willing to subjugate herself and hate other women if they threaten her role as “daddy’s special girl.” Many women are afraid to “speak with their own voice” as Hillary said, because it is threatening, and could divorce them from that comfortable, if limited, dependency.

    ok, NOW bed! Speaking of “independent”: are my fingers living a life of their own and glued to this keyboard as often as possible without against my will?

  211. Hillary was labeled a shrew because she thinks and acts more like a man. She has learned to blend both her feminine and male sides. Men are deathly afraid that be admitting to a feminine side they will be perceived as “gay”. It is something they do. The fear of the unknown is far riskier for a male then a female. That is why you see women better able to have girlfriends but men never have the same relationships with their buddies. Women relate, men have difficulty buying into that. Not macho enough.

  212. This has me laughing my ass off. The bots are really confirming one thing to me with their obsession with the faux baby-gate. There is now no doubt in my mind that they are largely a bunch of cheeto-eating adolescents. How do I know?

    Their complete and total ignorance on anything relating to pregnancy or womens bodies. First they seemed unaware that Down’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder that cannot in any way shape or form be caused by anything the mother did or did not do during pregnancy.

    Oh, but it gets better. This is the latest icky-vagina, wimmins are suspicious with all that childbirthiness stuff, conspiracy theory being bandied about now:

    And if you look closely enough at the story you will find that her travels were as strange as the claim of BHO’s US citizenship.

    (Hint: After she gave her keynote address, after her water broke, she got on a plain to Alaska, by-passed a state of the art hospital, drove for 45 min to a secondary hospital in a smaller town and gave birth. I’d call that tale as strange as BHO’s birth)

    And my reply:

    I drove to the next city over when I had my last child (I have four), because that is where my Ob/Gyn whom I adored, did deliveries.

    Get a clue, moron. Women don’t rush off in a panic to the nearest hospital when they go into labor, except in sitcoms. And after four babies, they usually know their own bodies well enough to be able to gauge very accurately how far along in labor they are, and how much time they have.

    Jesus, the ignorance, it burns.

  213. prolix: Too funny!

  214. Republican woman – McCain/ Palin are pro-life. About two weeks ago, there was a video up here about Obama on the issue of live births during abortions – he was not pro-life on that issue in a very disturbing way.

    Then somewhere somebody had posted a picture of Hillary holding a baby.

    I can’t “get over it.”

  215. “Hillary was labeled a shrew because she thinks and acts more like a man.”

    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Is that the best adjective they could come up with for that characteristic?

    This was all so engineered!

  216. I’m late to this conversation & site but wanted to drop a line and say I’M SO GLAD that you are here saying what needs to be said! I thought I was losing my mind on the blogosphere. FYI Obama’s website has a whole new page on women’s issues (absent until now!) and welcoming Clinton voters. OMG what a radical idea! D’ya think it went up in the last 2 days?

  217. Was she supposedly driving around Alaska while in the throws of labor looking for a McDonald’s before she gave birth? Most women want the attending to be someone who has been present for all the pre natal visits. Whatever her reasoning, the extra chromosone was present from the moment of conception and nothing she did or did not do could change that.

    Obviously the Obamabots are not students of Ob/Gyn or biology for that matter. Yet they sit there typing back and forth in all their stupidity. What a waste of electricity.

  218. Charles: Good work!!!

  219. In my simple way of looking at things, my party allowed the primaries to be stolen from the most qualified candidate to ever run for office. In her place, they awarded the nod to a community organizer and 35 year senator, neither of which have ever held a real job where they had their own skin in the game.

    If there was a return line on this election and we could get the receipt from Soros, I bet I’d be joined by at least 18 million others.

    Since I doubt Soros will fork over his receipt since it is buried in a coffee can on the Rezko property that is BZero’s side yard, I’m not having too difficult a time in looking at a war hero and a woman who can kill a moose, mother 5 children, coach hockey, have an excellent marriage, run a state in her spare time and be the most popular governor in the nation.

  220. Sarah Palin is a member of Feminists For Life


    They probably have the most liberal stance on abortion of any pro-life group I’ve ever heard of.

  221. Obama writes about himself and Sarah Palin has others writing about her…hemmmm.

    Books are sold out and 2 are going for $142.00 a piece?
    Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment on Its Ear

  222. Republican Woman:

    It is time that Republicans and Democrats realized they are not enemies, and come together. It bothers me deeply when people try to scare me about 4 more years of republican government. I see the Democratic ticket as the scary evel choice this election.

    My entire extended family is Republican, and the Bush years have made family get togethers very difficult. I am a moderate Democrat. I didn’t know that until I starting reading at this blog. My family is always angry with me about my political beliefs.

    It is time that we all realized we are Americans, and stop the corruption we saw at the DNC convention.

  223. hi ladyprof – I haven’t looked at his website, but word is that there’s a lot of misogyny hiding behind that welcome unless he had those pages taken down.

    And what a johnny-come-lately.


    3 deaths on NOLA so far and it’s only bands right now. People waiting to be airlifted.

  224. jennie: Right on sister!!!

  225. “hi ladyprof – I haven’t looked at his website, but word is that there’s a lot of misogyny hiding behind that welcome unless he had those pages taken down.
    And what a johnny-come-lately.”

    There is, and of course most of it is about how many female supporters he has, and how to join them.

  226. OK – so I just tried to go to his website and they want an email address & zip code – he already hacked an email address on me from somebody – Moveon maybe – or the DNC, but I am not going to “join.”

  227. myiq2xu, on August 31st, 2008 at 11:04 pm Said:
    I firmly believe that the leadership of both parties is corrupt, but that the rank & file are all good people at heart.
    I will not accept that approximately half of the people in this nation are evil


    If there is a positive to this election nightmare, it is that it has shaken up some of our preconceived notions about other people, and to focus on qualities and ideas rather than labels.

  228. WMCB: I loved this part from your rant upthread:

    “So yeah, after what I have seen this year, I am highly inclined to just start ticking off the vaginas on my ballot, like clockwork. I intend to break that ceiling in a million pieces. ”

    Ticking off the vaginas – I did that one year when I voted in South Carolina. I knew my vote didn’t mean much as a Dem in that state so I voted for all the vaginas. Made me feel good.

  229. Republican Woman, I think that the loonies on both extremes have made a blood sport of demonizing the other side. And I think a lot of us in the middle. whether Liberal or Conservative, have gone along with it.

    I know I have in the past, and today I am not proud of it. We need to stop getting our talking points from the leaders and talking heads of EITHER party, and start talking to and listening to EACH OTHER. We. Just us. The lowly voters. Then we can take our consensus and compromise to our leaders and tell them to STFU and do what WE want.

    It is not a perfect solution, and there will always be sharp disagreements. But it is better than assuming that any and every person on “the other side” is always operating in bad faith, which is the way we have been approaching it for years now. And it is simply not true.

  230. Mac struck gold with this one.

  231. Pat and Carol — if Eddy is who I think it is, please ensure he retains enough stamina for needed governing.

  232. wcmb & Repub: One of my favorites:

    “I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.”
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

  233. They must be in a panic to be making up stuff, here is a photo of her pregnant. Last I looked being pregnant wasn’t a crime…they must be in a real hard panic mode to go there…(slipping in the mud…looking for dirt).

  234. a ‘Sarah the celebrity’ ad?

  235. Pat – “If you cannot respect yourself then do not expect anyone else to confer it on your behalf.”

    Makes sense.

  236. WMCB,

    My parents used to stop at a neighborhood bar for a drink on the way to the hospital for my siblings births. I guess nowadays that would get them arrested.

  237. “Cindy is faking her wrist injury”

    I know I’m going to regret asking this, but what possible reason do they think anyone would heve for faking a wrist injury?

  238. I like doing my homework (Girls are better about doing their school homework, and the habit sticks even as we get older.) about candidates. So I found the issues that all of a sudden, according to the Obamabots, made Palin unacceptable. Here are her responses to questions and the links.

    Q. If Roe v. Wade were overturned and states could once again prohibit abortion, in your view, to what extent should abortion be prohibited in Alaska?

    A. Under this hypothetical scenario, it would not be up to the governor to unilaterally ban anything. It would be up to the people of Alaska to discuss and decide how we would like our society to reflect our values.

    Q. Do you support or oppose the use of public funds for abortion (e.g., paying for abortion, promoting abortion, subsidizing organizations that provide or refer for abortion)?

    A. I oppose the use of public funds for elective abortions.

    Q. Would you introduce – or, if introduced by a legislator, would you support – a bill to adopt the death penalty in Alaska? If yes, which crimes should it apply to?

    A. If the Legislature were to pass a bill that established a death penalty on adults who murder children, I would sign it.

    Q. This year saw the biggest wartime call-up of Alaska National Guard troops ever. Combined with deployments of active-duty forces, thousands of Alaskans are now serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere overseas. What’s your view of the Iraq war, and do you support President Bush’s “war on terror”?

    A. I support President Bush’s efforts to stop terrorism by taking the fight to the terrorists. In the Iraq war, I would like to see the president develop an exit strategy to get our troops home.

    Q. The state has seen big growth of minority and immigrant populations, specifically Latinos, Southeast Asians, Asians and Pacific Islanders. What sort of outreach has your campaign done in these communities, and what have you learned about what these communities’ specific needs?

    A. I have reached out to all these communities and asked them to identify their needs. Their response has been for more vocational training, senior assistance, ending gang violence, and more state outreach and communication with their communities. One of the key components of my internal campaign is a diversity task force. I turn to them often.



    • PALIN: “Teach both. You know, don’t be afraid of information. “Healthy debate is so important and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both. And you know, I say this too as the daughter of a science teacher. Growing up with being so privileged and blessed to be given a lot of information on, on both sides of the subject — creationism and evolution. It’s been a healthy foundation for me. But don’t be afraid of information and let kids debate both sides.”

    My true choice, Hillary, for president is not available, and Obama not acceptable. I will support the McCain/Palin ticket.

  239. katiebird – did you say you were Irish?

  240. Thatnk you RD for this wonderful post.

  241. Nope, 1/2 Portuguese.

  242. Katiebird, LOL

  243. Cindy injured her wrist in a NJ handshake – we’re a rough crowd.

  244. (blinking)

    What did I say?

  245. katiebird – Well that wouldn’t explain it then.

  246. Maybe we could gather all the bigots who hate women from the democratic party together with the bigots who hate blacks from the republican party on a boat, and send it out to sea. Then we could have one hell of a party!

  247. ok, they have clearly lost their minds at dkos:

    Who’s Taking Care of Palin’s Baby
    by Annabella
    Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 09:30:14 PM PDT
    It’s all good and well to be a working Mom in this day and age, particularly because so many families can’t do without that second paycheck…but who is taking care of Palin’s Down’s Sundrome Baby who apparently is not yet even 4 months old?

    Annabella’s diary :: ::
    Is it the older daughter who we saw in pictures holding the baby while Mom was out there doing her own thing? Is this fair either to the baby or to the older child?

    So the new Democratic line is that women should stay home and take care of their babies. I guess it never crossed this dumbasses mind that her HUSBAND might be taking care of the baby…cuz you know only the womenfolk do that sort of thing….jesus christ how did I never notice this shit before???

  248. Katiebird, I was laughing about your mother’s pre-birth routine.

  249. she’s an equal opportunity frowner.

  250. Gary,

    Was the PumaMobile at any BZero places of interest today?

  251. Palin’s 4 month old baby will go down in history as having destroyed the Democratic Party

  252. Oh! The BAR! (slaps face)

  253. prolix, check the newest post…there’s video and stills…let me know what you think.

  254. VA – I don’t think the problems are in the electorate as much as in the leadership.

    Really, the DNC leadership is so arrogant and corrupt, and I never saw that until recently. They are bought and paid for. How can anybody have faith in or trust them?

    It scares me that Pelosi is only 2 heartbeats away. She’s scarier in some ways than Dubya and Cheney put together. She’s a cold woman.

  255. Isn’t Obama also in favor of teaching creationism in school? God, i would go nuts if I walked into science class and got handed a copy of the Bible. I complained that our chorus teacher made us sing religious songs at Christmas time.

  256. that dkos diary reminds me of the old “what about the Children??? won’t somebody PLEASE think about the children???”

  257. gary: “So the new Democratic line is that women should stay home and take care of their babies.”

    What’s new about that?

  258. “Jennie: My entire extended family is Republican.”

    My entire extended family is democrat. My grandmother refused to speak with me, or allow me in her house, because I voted for Reagan. I kid you not. LOL. Boy that was so long ago. I have a half-brother who is a City Councilman, Democrat, in Ohio. My mother, a Hillary supporter, actually registered republican on July 2nd, but I’m not allowed to tell LOL. She came to me, I didn’t encourage her, and she is shocked that she feels she has no choice but to vote Republican. But I have to say I have voted Democrat when my party was wrong (I voted for Gore, I didn’t like Bush, still don’t).

    I think the average American is in agreement, with the difference being the extreme 10% of both parties. I don’t believe taxes are the answer, I don’t believe the religious right is the answer, I also don’t believe the extreme left is the answer.

  259. Uh oh, I think the Lieutenant Governor of MA has a new baby as well. Step down now Tim, or we’re going to assume you’re using your 2 year old as child labor.

  260. Still4Hill, I agree that it’s the electorate more than the people. And I agree with several others who wondered how they never noticed this before. I’m perplexed about the dem party. Such hate. Such hate of women. Women should be at home taking care of their babies now? The world is indeed upside down.

    And good point, Seriously, about Obama and religion. He wants to expand faith based stuff, he doesn’t know when life begins, he is a fundy after all. Really, they’re complaining about Palin when I’m not sure there’s that much difference.

    McCain/Palin 08, Hillary 12

  261. Oops, I meant it’s the party bosses… not the electorate

  262. If Obama/Biden win this election, they’ll likely be the ticket for a re-election run in 2012.

    That means at least 8 years before another female candidate could have a shot at VP or President from the democratic party. 8 years!

    It’s no wonder so many women who long to break through the glass ceiling are considering a vote for Palin.

    It should have been Hillary on the dem ticket this year. My hope is a quick, pain free 4 years with McCain/Palin and then another shot with Hillary in 2012.

  263. Repub: You’re in good company here – we’re moderates.

    The funny thing is that we’re angry moderates so some people think we’re extremists. But we’re not.

  264. still4hill, touche!

  265. More Palin stuff (sorry, I just can’t stop myself)…Alaskan radio interview with her immediatly following the big announcement

  266. oceancity:” If Obama/Biden win this election, they’ll likely be the ticket for a re-election run in 2012″

    Don’t bet the farm on it. If Jimmy Carter (a former Gov. of Georgia) couldn’t get a 2nd term, don’t count on Obama to get one by running the country from his Blackberry. And Biden would not step into the top spot – He knows it should have v=been Hillary.

  267. wow. just wow.

    When you find yourself at the bottom of a hole, the first step is to stop digging.

  268. Repub: You’re in good company here – we’re moderates.

    I don’t think of myself as a moderate at all. I’m a Liberal. And proud of it.

  269. http://guerillawomentn.blogspot.com/2008/08/misogyny-watch-progressive-menz-count.html

    A woman enters the presidential race and suddenly the progressive mission is to shame and mortify Sarah Palin, her children, her husband, and every woman who has ever found herself in a similar situation. And then no one will ever vote for Sarah Palin again because she’s a slut!?!?

    Misogyny watch…where we keep on eye on the ‘progressives’ that say they are ‘pro-women’. Wow wee…times are a changing.

  270. Thanks, Gary, but touche for what?

  271. katiebird – OK – I stand corrected. Some of us are moderates. Some of us are Liberals. As far as I know, there are no former Weather Underground here – I could be wrong.

  272. I cried as the impeachment hearings proceeded.”

    This was the beginning of stupid for the Republicans, I won’t deny that. To attack anyone because they lied about having an affair – well, if you went back through all those divorce records and prosecuted every cheater who lied, there’d be no room for violent criminals. It was a huge waste of taxpayer dollars and IMO just a grasping at straws move.

    Pat Johnson: This Repug despises the extreme right takeover of my party. Unfortunately, because the numbers are so close, the pols have no choice but to pander to them. This is a moral issue, not a political issue.

    To those worried about Roe v. Wade: If by chance the SCOTUS did overturn it, and I really doubt they would, it goes to the states. Many, many states have tried to ban, or make tougher, abortion laws and they simply do not pass. The people don’t accept it. Not in a single state since I’ve been an adult (1982).

    Health care reform: The first step is insurance reform. I don’t know about you, but where I live you can’t see a dr. if you don’t have insurance. They won’t see you. Young healthy people are paying $1,000’s in health insurance for coverage they don’t need (why does a single man need to pay for pregnancy coverage?). This forces them to go to an emergency room and pay $300 for the flu, when they could have gone to a dr. for $50. Even in my not so great health, I pay $300/month (and my employer pays $300/m), but … I visit the dr. 3 x year and if he would see me without insurance, and I could have “emergency”, I’d probably pay less than half that what I’m forced to pay to have the privilege to see a dr., and that would include the prescriptions I take. This is a generalization, but I honestly believe if we were smarter about health care, it wouldn’t be so expensive. But we allow the “industry” to control the price through lobbying. There is no reason why the government should pay “x” amount of $$ (even it it’s only $10/m) for a senior citizen to be covered for prenatal care. I could never accept socialized healthcare because I don’t believe our government is capable of running anything efficiently, regardless of the party in control.

    OK, yes, I’m ready for that 3rd party, have been for a long time. I believe John McCain/Sarah Palin is pro-life, but I don’t believe either would shove life down everyone’s throats. I think they’re more of “education, birth control” and avoid having to make the decision of abortion in the first place. I could be wrong.

    I have no problem with the individual who chooses life, but I have a huge problem with those who put their children in front of abortion clinics (to avoid arrest themselves) to pray and daring the police to arrest the kids. I think those parents should be arrested for child abuse. I’ve walked that gauntlet in support of a friend of mine who thought long and hard before deciding on abortion and it was quite traumatizing to me and I wasn’t the one terminating a pregnancy. It broke my heart to see my friend sobbing but feeling she had no right to have a child that she couldn’t support and couldn’t trust the father because he was an abusive sob.

    Sorry, I’m ranting, but you may think all Repugs are evil, but most of us honestly believe in lower taxes and less government. We don’t believe that raising taxes are the answer to all of societies ills. We want responsible solutions and we aren’t getting them from either party as well.

  273. VA – You bet your boots he doesn’t WANT to know when life begins.

  274. Woman Voter, the way things have been going, I’m amazed it took two days for the word “slut” to enter in. I guess they were so happy with “bimbo,” they forgot.

  275. WCMB: Agreed.

    Still4Hill: So how do we get rid of the radicals who hijack and don’t support anything but their own agenda?

  276. Is anyone watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon? Jerry looks healthy for the first time in years. It’s astonishing.

  277. Repub – I don’t know. All I know is that hijacking is their main weapon. And I’m not sure they’re all radicals. But they have their hidden agendas. There seems to be a lot that is covert.
    First thing, I guess is to agitate to change party leadership. For Dems – that means Dean, Brazile, Pelosi.

  278. Not watching Jerry – watching the hurricane watch.

  279. Still4Hill, I have to pace myself with that. It’s too stressful waiting.

  280. Biden told a crowd in Toledo the difference between him and Palin is “she’s good looking.”

    Perhaps the new campaign slogan should be:
    Obama/Biden misogyny we can believe in!

  281. OFF TOPIC (but I think I’ll bring it up): Did anybody see the “suit selection” process last Tuesday when the guys were holding 4 pantsuits up onstage for Hillary to choose one?

    rd said Hillary knew that orange was the PUMA color (I didn’t – but I was getting into Hillary’s color code and hit all three colors last week). Anyhow, it was clear that the aqua and powder blue had to be out – they faded into the background. And the red was – well, RED. As in red state, as in angry – I didn’t think she’d pick that. It left the orange – but it was like the whole thing was set up to make it look like that orange was coincidentally the one that looked good on the stage. I wonder if she used that little performance to make it look like an accident. Maybe it wasn’t.

  282. Katiebird, what exactly is a liberal, because I’ve been reading for several weeks now and I don’t see anything you’ve written that I disagree with and I consider myself a moderate Republican. I ask this in sincerity because there is a lot I’ve seen you write that I agree with. I’ve only decided to post in the last few days because there’s not a lot I disagree with on these threads.

  283. Oh, Herman’s Hermits from England! (sob)

  284. Okay, how hard must it be to be HRC? It’s like the 1950’s on Capitol Hill. After his performance from his unfortunately intelligent wife to now, I’d really like to know what kinds of whack ass comments and gestures she has to put up with behind closed doors. “Biden: Too damn embarassing to be allowed out of the country on diplomatic missions, an international incident waiting to happen. You wnat to be there when he refers to teh Prime Minister of some country as ‘a smokin’ babe’?”

  285. Still4Hill: OK, I’m certainly not a Pelosi or Dean fan, and I’m not a Bush fan either. I think they’re both trying to shove agendas I disagree with down my throat, in different formats of course.

    I guess time will tell if the next president will represent the people, or expect the people to represent them.

  286. (switching gears)

    RW, I’d like to see Medicare for Everyone — HR 676 so that everyone could have access to health care. It’s my dearest dream.

    There’s actually more to it than that. And more worthy of a post than a rambling comment after too much time in front of the TV.

    So, please let me think it over and say more about it later?

  287. katiebird – I don’t know – I think I’m a moderate because I don’t usually agree with extreme measures (anymore – in my past life I leaned very left). Liberals get tagged with being bleeding hearts – and actually on some issues I probably swing that way. But then on other issues maybe I’m a little more conservative.

    Universal Health Care is a good example of an issue where I lean toward the left – every single person should be covered. I can’t think of an example of where i’m more conservative right now – but I never really go off the charts on anything – so I think of that as moderate.

  288. You know, whatever you can say about Bill Clinton’s personal life, I don’t remember him referring to women’s looks in public on a regular basis.

  289. Republican – If Obama is president, he’ll be king. Beware. Remember (maybe you don’t) Nixon wanting those uniforms for the White House guard after he visited Buckingham Palace?

    Obama is WAAAAAYYYY above all of us and he’ll never let us forget that. BTW that attitude infects the entire administration when it is present. The lowliest American Consul will be a snob in that kind of state department.

  290. Still4Hill,

    The labels we give ourselves aren’t necessarily the best way to communicate. Even among my siblings our views of what it is to be a Liberal are very different.

    So, I tend to talk about what I’d like to see or what I think should happen. Or Why I support this person or plan or goal instead of another.

    I spoke up a few minutes ago because, after years hiding from the word (and after being kicked out of the “Progressive Caucus” in Kansas) I feel like claiming the Liberal Label again. I know it’s a meaningless effort. But, maybe I’m a little drunk….

  291. Well, Republican Woman, I think most liberals have a problem with pelosi (apart from the primary shenanigans) because she’s useless in standing up to Bush. We don’t think she’s trying to shove an agenda down our throats, we wish she were is a guess the difference. She’ll go to war against another Dem like Clinton, but she grovels to Bush.

  292. Hillary has experienced being the target of the hard core conscious and subconsious misogyny that prevented her from breaking that last glass ceiling this time in this country .. and all the men and women that have perpetrated it might be able to breathe that collective sigh of relief at maintaining the status quo . by voting for a man .. even tho he is not qualified in any way . He lacks the necessary experience , and has been proven to be a liar , dissimulator ,back peddlar ,panderer ,and he is overly secretive , pretentious and narcissistic .

    I will never vote for him and I have a degree in hard science , where proof anf facts are required .

    While the 55- 65 year old flabby jowly media mongrel /personalities sit and opine and whine to their 25 – 35 year old female yea sayers and those pretty young things respond by saying these kinds of complicit statements “I just dont see the sexism” I could go into the entire feminist issue of borrowing power from a powerfula male , but then i would have to discuss Nancy “smarmy” Pelosi , and I just dont want to 😉
    Look again ladies, before you are relegated to the sexually irrelevant and invisible segment of the population , when you reach 50 years of age .

    So much would fundamentally change if a woman were to be president, or even Vice President . She would elevate the level of all women to ” importance ” on a new scale that would interfere with so many men from seeing women as objects .
    This is only a small part of the obstacle Hillary has been fighting and she knows it full well , when she says there is sexism / misogyny .
    The charge of misogyny isnt even worthy of the ire outrage and reaction that the accusation of racism carries , because it simply isnt as” important ” that the female half of the population are treated as less than in this culture.. In many ways women wear a very real form of cultural burkha , even here in this presidential race. Now
    Sarah Palin is now the target of the patriarchal panicwhich is the result of upsetting that status quo , that so many “progressives” do not seem able to live with comfortably .

    It is absolutely stunning to me , how anyone can toss the term misogyny around with such cavalier disregard for the consequences of such destructive discrimination toward more than half of the population and not understand the massive unparalled aftermath to the entire culture ; while at the same time in momentous and portentous tones relate the horrific outcomes of racism.
    Bandying the term about ; as if misogyny were of no more consequence than simply an episode of hair coloring which could be rinsed out at the next shampoo; while acknowledging racism was a pervasive and horrific societal sickness, and behaving as if one did not have the weight or epochal significance of the other, is an error of unparalleled and historic ignorance . We are witnessing this upheaval in this election . This alone is worth fighting for .

    Thank you for this great post !!

    Part of this post I wrote some time ago and updated for this thread Sadly , most of it is still relevant .

  293. Poor katiebird: I had a huge argument on the phone today with my sister when she insisted that Hillary should have left Bill over Monica AND that Elizabeth Edwards should kick John out.

    I kept saying it’s their marriage, and she kept saying it’s a terrible example for young women. Redundancy again OMG!!

    Not our business, I said. Unforgiveable, she said!
    No labels – anyway I hate labels.

  294. sawspirit: “While the 55- 65 year old flabby jowly media mongrel /personalities sit and opine and whine to their 25 – 35 year old female yea sayers and those pretty young things respond by saying these kinds of complicit statements “I just dont see the sexism”

    And you know, one of the things I love about Hillary is that she looks so hot at 60 – she my makes my “class” look good. If she can run again in 2012, what makes me think I should retire? ^0 is the new 38.

  295. She looks so Presidential it breaks my heart, Still4Hill.

    Obama reminds me so much of Bush it’s crazy. I want an adult.

  296. Seriously! Seriously?? I thought I was the only one who keeps seeing Dubya in Obama!

  297. OK: I’l admit I was a ‘Chaos’ supporter of Hillary’s in Texas. But the treatment of Hillary’s supporters at the precinct convention appalled me. (I wasn’t hypocritical enough to allow myself to be sent to County, though they wanted to, since I actually tried to bring some order to the craziness that was going on). That’s when I started to visit sites like this one and have gained a lot of empathy for what you’ve been put through.

    I personally barely avoided the same shabby in the early 80’s at the hands of the ‘Moral Majority’ types (I was preached against in two churches I know about). I know how political arrogance and ignorance tend to go hand in hand.

    The question basically comes down to this: why is Obama afraid to partner with women of drive, but McCain is not? It really comes to how comfortable they are with themselves more than anything else. And that should be troubling to Democrats.

  298. I have this recurring nightmare of them sharing the same stage. Buffoons everywhere you look.

  299. Mike – that should be troubling to everybody. I don’t actually think Obama is particularly comfortable with his running mate either. And I have to wonder what he’s hiding. Maybe there’s no there there.

  300. I think Mccain is really savvy, Mike O. He knew if he chose Palin, the Democrats would act like disgusting cretins once again, sending fed up women running away screaming.

    Well played, Johnny Mac. Well played.

  301. Seriously, if Obama wins, you dream will come true – at the inauguration – that will be a sad day.

  302. Still4Hill: She’s shown that getting older doesn’t mean slowing down. (or being less hot. I wanna be Huma so bad so maybe some of that hot will rub off on me.)

  303. Still4Hill, do you remember when they were campaigning in PA and Obama made fun of her for doing some photos ops (as an aside has anyone ever attacked any member of his own party for doing the same photo ops everybody does? What an asshat!), and he made some idiotic joke about milking the cow that somehow referred to the cow’s anatomy? i think it was at that point while cringing I admitted to myself how much he reminds me of Bush.

  304. Angry artist – although I sometimes do vote for Republicans because I believe in less government regulation and free markets – my guess is that I share your social views. I am pro-choice and strongly in favor of gay rights, among other so-called “liberal” social issues.

    Had McCain selected someone like Huckabee, he would not have gotten my vote.

    From what I have read about Palin, although she has strong beliefs about abortion and her religion, she does NOT seem to be the sort of person who “forces” her beliefs on others. She states that she is pro-contraception. She also said that she thinks abortion law should reflect the views of the community.

    I happen to believe that there are too many strong women in our society today to ever allow us to return to a day when abortion is illegal.

    Thus, given that Palin seems more of a “live and let live” woman with plenty of ability and a no-nonsense executive style, I will feel quite comfortable voting for her ticket.

    I do hope others will continue to listen to Palin. She does not at all seem to be the buffoon-religious extremist that some on the Left are attempting to make her out to be.

  305. Of course, there’s also the God complex, unbearable arrogance, inability to admit he’s wrong or take responsibility for anything…

  306. Reg – Right – that’s what made me so angry about all the coverage on msm and the talk shows. Here she was so AWESOME! I could get where the negativity was coming from. I still don’t really get it.

  307. Seriously – And God typed into his Blackberry “Let there be light”….and there WAS light.

  308. LOL

  309. Seriously – I don’t remember the cow incident verbatim -only having heard something about a remark – but, there you go! Probably the msnbc crowd stifled that story from getting too much attention.
    What a jerk!

  310. I have been screaming this all weekend. Women need to get off their butts and just vote for a woman no matter what the beliefs to break the ceiling to make it possible for ithers to come. We have to band together and join forces. We we vote 90% for the woman like that blacks vote 90% for Obama we can do anything we want to. We have to become a united party of women and unite behind the woman. I just wish we could have done this for Hillary. We now have a mission in life No Obama/Hillary2012 and get a woman in there NOW. I will be donating, supporting and knocking on doors for the McCain/Palin ticket. He surrounds himself with great women and pay them more than Obama. Look at his main staff of Meg Whitman and Carly Fierona two very powerful women and I am sure they made a push for Palin. Go Sarah-baracuda
    Kim | 09.01.08 – 1:55 am | #

  311. Kim – Stop screaming. You have to make sure it’s the right one. Obama is not the right one – Colin Powell would have been and even (though she’s Republican and I disagree with her a LOT) Condi Rice would have been more credible. Hillary was the right one, but if you put the wrong one in it sets everything back 50 years.

  312. madamab-How will she break the glass ceiling if you don’t vote for her? RD says she’s not voting for her either. I suppose if all the Repubs and Indys vote for her and they come out in large numbers she could win. Why even talk about it if it’s left to others to accomplish? It’s like being asked to do something icky by someone who won’t do it themselves. It has all become very confusing to me.

  313. “It’s like being asked to do something icky by someone who won’t do it themselves.”

    That’s not fair, madamab and RD aren’t asking anyone to vote for McCain.

  314. Joan, I have never sat out a presidential election, and I don’t intend to start now.

    Joan, for me (and this is ME, not a judgement on others) it is akin to Obama voting “present” in the Illinois senate. How many times have I sneered at the cowardice of that? It’s like the AUMF vote. Or any of the other hard decisions I demand of my elected representatives. In the real world, choices are rarely black and white, they are almost always a compromise of some sort, and carry RISKS. I may be responsible for something really bad happening if I choose wrongly. How can I expect my politicians to make those difficult calls, to put their ass on the line and make a DECISON when neither alternative is perfect, and both are scary, if I am unwilling to do the same?

    For me to say “I refuse to choose” is to vote “present”. It’s a cop out. I won’t do it. I won’t vote “present”. If I expect more than that of them, then I have to expect the same of myself.

  315. WMCB, I’m right there with ya.

  316. I’m voting for this ticket for two reasons:

    1. I believe McCain is better able to handle the pressures and responsibilities of the office. He has a long resume, including time in the military and the private sector, and he has extensive foreign policy experience. And, yeah, I think anyone who survived 5 1/2 yrs in the Hanoi Hilton is one brave man who loves his country.

    2. I want to see the second highest glass ceiling shattered. I want to tell my daughters we have a woman in the Executive Branch. Sure, I still want Hillary. And, in 2012, I’ll do what I can to get her elected.

    This isn’t just symbolic. It will have wide-reaching ramifications. Women in politics will no longer have to answer the idiotic questions they get now. We may finally get rid of that stupid cookie contest. And, our daughters and our sons will grow up thinking nothing of having a female VP and a female speaker.

    You need a tough person to go first. (RIP, Congresswoman Tubbs Jones) It’s a sacrifice and an honor. I don’t doubt Sarah is up to it and I know Hillary will be in 2012.

  317. madamab,
    what a fine piece you wrote here. You expressed for me, too, it feels like. And I thank you.

    I always appreciated your comments. And now I hope to visit here more often. I wish I had more time.

    Brilliantly put and nothing but the truth:
    “How Dare You Vote For A Black Man!!!!! It is your responsibility to care about the issues and not play identity politics. Hillary is better on the issues, so just put a paper bag over her head and think of America.”

    Glad I am able to speak my mind here re Air America btw. I don’t like talk radio but was so committed to support liberal radio. I even used to believe certain talk show hosts over there had real integrity. Who would have known so much hatred and pure nastiness was ready to come out … Makes you want to cry. Never again. Fool me once.

    I made a print-out of your post 🙂 thanks

  318. My mommy lets me wear big-boy underwear sometimes.

    [edited for the Administrator’s amusement]

  319. I know I’m late but I wanted to quickly add this:

    Gov. Sarah Palin’s interview with Anchorage Daily News regarding the last days of her pregnancy with baby #5.


    You will note that she says she was examined during her layover in Seattle by an Ob/Gyn there. I’m not making any judgments (one way or the other), but if the Obots have a question or two about the truth of the pregnancy, this should be pretty easy to verify. I mean, my guess is that an Ob/Gyn might have a clue as to whether the bump under her dress was a basketball, a huge ass fibroid, or a freakin baby.

    Just saying…

  320. Women have been lulled into a false sense of security — they see women anchors on the MSM and think; “Oh boy, we’ve made it.” They threw us a bone 30 years ago and expect us to keep on gnawing on it for the rest of our lives. Well it seems we are awakening from a long slumber. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

  321. Notice how all of the elitist “feminists” — Gloria Steinem, et al — are soooooo quiet as the continue to support the dem party. It’s like someone glued them to it and they can’t separate. it’s hysterical LOL

  322. Identity Politics and the Case for Sarah Palin


    Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama supporter makes the case to vote for Obama/Biden, not McCain/Palin


  323. The pregnancy issue is a scream! A score of medical personnel would have to have been in on the conspiracy:


  324. I am a coward who posts bullsh*t on old threads hoping to slip it past the monitors.

    [edited for truth and brevity]

  325. I’m very exciited, and couldn’t be happier that McCain chose Palin!


  326. I am a s*xist coward who posts bullsh*t on old threads hoping to slip past the site monitors.

    [also edited for truth and brevity]

  327. LOL – I actually like those edited versions as they are now much better! Now where’s that link to some faux medication swindle site I wanted to peddle here…

    Anyhoo. It’s crazy, crazy, crazy that there apparently still are people left (heh – he said “left”) who appear to be under some illusion that they’re doing society a favor, by peddling a boatload of epic caucus fraud as “change you perhaps might believe in, maybe” – all served with complimentary heaps of caveman grade bigotry, while screaming “racist!” if not “G*d’s real name is Gustav the Democrat!” or “Palin my shirt!” or some other… Yeah. Looks like the really need another term with a GOPer in the WH, see if they can finish that tough study material this time around.

  328. I am thrilled we have another opportunity to get a woman in office. Makes no difference what side of the aisle the ticket is, the sexism is still so blatant.


  329. I’m on the wrong site. I’m going to Kos to lecture them now.

    [edited for correctness]

  330. I’m amazed that the OFB has fallen into the “experience” trap.

    I wonder if they figure they can turn it to their advantage, just as they did the trap Republicans laid for them in Florida and Michigan. They managed to take two powerhouse states and render them powerless. While that effectively destroyed their chances in both for the general election, wiping out all those Clinton delegates allowed Obama to steal the nomination.

    I think they’ve over-reached on the experience argument where Palin’s concerned and it’s going to come back and bit them in the @ss…if it hasn’t already.

  331. Hmmm. Yeah, I’m going to vote for either McCain/Palin or McKinney (probably McKinney).

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Bristol Palin’s pregnancy affects the dynamics of the election.

    On several of the last few threads there have been new posters who indicate that they were delegates to the Dem convention and witness to the chicanery and outright misconduct.

    I know a few delegates quite well and have heard several stories about folks’ jobs being threatened and whatnot if they didn’t switch to O. I’m encouraging them all to come here and say what happened to them.

  332. This has been the most interesting and fair blog I have seen all day. Some are very hateful and venomous. I would be thrilled for Palin to be vice president. Her daughter got knocked up. Lots of daughters do. It doesn’t make Sarah a bad mom or Bristol a bad girl. People need to get over it. Personally, I like Hillary but I disagree with her on politics to the point where I could not vote for her. That being said, what the Obama camp did to her was selfish and mysogyonistic, no doubt. She was cheated. He is arrogant.

    I can vote for McCain/Palin. So I am happy. All the liberal hypocrites who are denouncing her should think about what they are doing. They are supposed to be compassionate and believe in relative morals. This is a time they can show that. But instead they are spewing judgmental hate. Ironic.

  333. So we agree. Liberals and conservatives can agree on some things. I respect that there are women who won’t vote for the Republican ticket because they disagree with her politics. I, of course want her to have lots of votes and want the Republicans to win, but I would never ask anyone to go against their convictions. I wouldn’t go against mine.

  334. It’s fine for African-Americans to vote based on skin color, but not for women to vote based on gender.

    [edited for truth and brevity]

  335. There is a risk, of course. No one really knows if she is ready to be president. No one really knows if Obama is ready. This is a very interesting election. I don’t think she is being used. But I have to concede that there were probably some qualified men and he chose a woman. I think there may be some cunningness there. But I think he has confidence in her so I do. This election is like every other for me. I vote for the lesser of two evils.

  336. Outstanding post. It’s very refreshing to see some common sense in the Democratic side of the blogosphere these days, especially in the last 3-4 days.

    The duplicity coming out of the Democratic establishment, especially the “net-roots”, regarding Palin and Clinton is just astonishing. How anybody could observe how such people think and behave and then think that this represents “change we can believe in” is beyond my ability to understand.

  337. Assorted repetitive Obamabot talking points deleted to protect the innocent.

  338. Great post! I liked the end where you pointed out how ridiculous the media’s assertions are concerning Palin, Obama and identity politics.

    I also hope you reconsider and vote for McCain/Palin in the fall! 🙂

  339. Whoa! Did Barack put acid in my Kool-Aid again?

    [edited for truth and brevity]

  340. Voting for McCain/Palin (in spite of Mrs. Polly’s rant above). Just convinced a group of my college buddies to do the same.

  341. Barack Obama of Ayers, Wright and Rezko was FULLY VETTED!!111!!!

    [edited for truth and brevity]

  342. I don’t put it behind McCain’s campaign to have some more savvy than they’re credit with. The changed angle to a “vetting issue” does very little harm to the key constituency that Mrs. Palin was picked for. Like egg white, the more the “vetting issue” is beaten up, the more that religious / socially conservative electorate will solidify its support for a candidate whose choice for running mate was greeted with far more enthusiasm by them than is being reported.

    Pursuit of the “vetting issue” (as a proxy for “job qualifications” of McCain himself) won’t make any substantial dent or difference; in my view it’s a red meat issue, and won’t shift predetermined votes any bit to any direction. And I don’t think the so-called “undecideds” see enough there to be swayed into either camp, either.

  343. okay going to call you on that one and your “editing.” i don’t want you to vote for a man who picked a woman, because he picked a woman. it’s about as stupid as voting for an african american because he’s half black. or voting for for him because he’s the child of a single parent. you want the truth about where my vote’s going? it’s getting tossed getting tossed to the one guy besides nader whose running as an independent. i see our two party system as the root of a lot of really stupid problems in our society. why i’ve been posting on this blog has not been to sway people to vote for obama. i want you to vote for who you think has the best plan, who will actually help this country out of the hideous mess it’s in. what i’m annoyed about are the people who are completely violating their principles to get a woman in a place of pseudo-power. Palin’s politics are almost the complete opposite of Hillary’s. and finally moderator, i wanted Hillary to win, i prefer her to Obama and find him a dangerous choice. if you’re not going to post these in their entirety, and basically turn me into a puppet for whatever you want to hear, i ask that you please delete all of my posts from this list.

  344. After what Obama and his Obots have done and continue to do to Hillary and women in general, I am indeed voting McCain/Palin.
    I am considering it a vote for Hillary, a vote against misogyny, a vote against Obama, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and the MoveOn sexist bullies. No self-respecting woman should reward that team of misogynist sexists, and the best way to do that is to vote for the direct opposition. Write-ins don’t count, votes for Nader don’t count, but a vote for McCAin will count.
    And, having Sarah Palin sworn in as VP will finally shatter that glass ceiling.
    We just have to cross our fingers that McCain lives as long as his still-healthy mother.

  345. waywardvoice – Honestly, you are being an idiot. You do not have to “school” us in how Hillary and Sarah are completely different. If you’ve ever read ANYTHING on this blog you would know that. So please don’t try to take me to task for your condescension.

    We are sick and tired of the abuse perpetrated on women throughout this election cycle. Some of us are going to voice our protest by voting McCain/Palin. Others are voting McKinney/Clemente. Whatever we decide to do, you coming here and preaching at us about things we already know will not change our minds one iota.

    There, I answered you. Happy now? Or did you prefer the editing?

  346. i’m quite happy and thank you for posting that.. because that’s not how it’s come across. i’m rather irate at the democratic party but i have to object to the reaction here. not yours in the last post, but i mean the reaction to the vp choice.
    I apologize for my temper there, that was uncalled for on my part.
    I have been hearing quite a bit of the Hillary lost so I’m going for Palin. and what bother’s me is that this is what the election seems to have come down to. i apologize for the rant but i am extremely frustrated with people who are changing deeply held beliefs for this election, because a man decided to pick a woman as VP.
    i want like to see a female candidate take office, i do not want to see a female proxy set up.
    (side note, didn’t see that McKinney was a choice in my state, our green party isn’t the greatest here, glad to see she is now)

  347. waywardvoice – You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. We have many different ones on the site, as you can see.

    I just don’t think it’s appropriate to rail at people for how they are voting. If you are going to continue to do that, I will have to delete you. We own our votes and we don’t appreciate being yelled at because we are expressing our Constitutional rights as Americans.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  348. […] at Convergence, in a  Misogyny: It’s Not Just For Hillary Anymore, they make a credible argument that the same anti-woman sentiment that kept Hillary Clinton from […]

  349. i am sorry for that, i was expressing a frustration that has come up.
    i don’t necessarily want to sway votes. i’ve simply seen what looked like two zombie elections, with generic “tow the party line” votes being caste (and i mean from both sides, not just the usually bashed republicans). and really don’t want this one to boil down to something similar.
    i have been aggravated by the way this mess is coming out now.
    i am sorry to anyone who has been offended by my posts, and a thank you moderator for posting what i have to say instead of simply editing them out. i mean that sincerely, please take no sarcasm from that, there is none intended.

  350. Mellie, It’s BO who couldn’t care less about women’s issues. And, it’s women who keep holding their noses to vote the Democratic ticket that are being fooled. Fortunately, some of us are finally waking up to that fact.

  351. waywardvoice,

    You shouldn’t make assumptions. I will only vote McCain/Palin if Virginia is close, otherwise I’m voting McKinney/Clemente. I truly believe BO is a terrible candidate, add in his thug buddies, zombie followers and misogynistic attacks and there is no way I can vote the Democratic ticket this year. And, if necessary, I will vote Republican for the first time in my life.

    I think Palin was a great, gutsy choice and it showed me that McCain has true leadership ability. But that’s not the reason for my vote, it just makes it a whole lot easier if that’s vote I have to cast.

  352. Well, since all my co-workers assume I’m voting the Democratic ticket, I’ve gotten two emails today attacking Palin. One was a doctored shot of Palin in a bikini with a gun. And the other was a National Review “piece,” a satiric list for an RNC drinking game which included, get this, a PUMA mention. So they know we’re out here they just don’t take us (or the rest of HRC’s 18 million voters) seriously. It’s sad to know how sexist so-called “liberal” folks really are.

  353. i agree i am making assumptions, though would argue its something most of us do. i don’t believe obama will be a good candidate, and that he is a dangerous option.
    i disagree with you on the point about McCain, but that will settle as it will (i certainly don’t know how this will sort out).
    i am sorry for the antagonism i have caused, certainly not my intent (though definitely the affect i have had).
    i do apologize, and will bow out here. i am sorry to have insulted.
    also i am glad to hear you will vote McKinney, though that is complete and total personal bias on my part.

  354. as i sent that i realize a statement earlier needs clarification. when i said i am irate at the democratic party i did not mean the democratic registered voters. i meant the people running it, those who from the power in the party, not the voters. i do not think the dem’s should hold party lines. sorry about the poorly worded phrase there. and now, i do bow out

  355. I took a couple of days off–away from TV and the Internet–and returned to the barrage of sexist hatred aimed at Sarah Palin and, to a lesser extent, Cindy McCain–by (surprise!) the Obamacrats! What are these people thinking? Every time they criticize Palin’s experience, she is compared to Obama. Every time they call her a “Barbie” or criticize her hair or whatever, they piss off every female voter. Now they are going to try to attack a 17 year-old girl? It is laughable to watch if it were not so pathetic. I have never seen such a display of pure hypocrisy in all my life.

    As a dues-paying “member” of the RNC (which entitles me to receive daily requests for money) I hereby invite all of you PUMAs to join the GOP. Despite the name-calling diatribes of Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Olbermann, etc. etc. etc., we are an inclusive bunch. I promise you not one of us will ask you who is taking care of your kids when you come to the meetings.

    I am perfectly serious. Your party has been taken over by lunatics. It needs to be purged. And our party could use the new blood. Think about it.

    McCain/Palin ’08!

  356. Dave, It just keeps getting worse. But using a 17-year old for political attack fodder is about as low as it goes. I can only imagine that a huge percent of the voting public is thoroughly disgusted with this latest assault.

  357. I have a theory on the origin of the “new misogynism.” I believe it is a product of the hip-hop culture. Obama isn’t Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton. He is the Dr. Dre of Politics. Pound kids with hate speech for years and years and this is what you get. Racism is evil, but it’s okay to hate bitches and hos, right? I see so many kids–especially young boys–deluded into glorifying pimps and “gangstas” that it is hard to believe that this is not having a devastating effect.

  358. Sorry, I totally spaced out! It’s New Republic that ran the RNC drinking game satire. PUMA made it to #15 on the list. I won’t repeat it because it was, of course, condescending and dismissive.

  359. gxm,

    I am relieved to hear that. I would be surprised if National Review would do such a thing. Even though Buckley is gone now, they are generally still a class act.

  360. I get soooo irritated with people belittling Palin’s foreign policy experience. Palin is the commander-in-chief of Alaska’s Coast Guard and during the months she’s been commander-in-chief last I checked the aggressive bordering country of Russia has not attacked to get it’s territory back. I don’t think this is just a coincidence.

  361. […] Uh-huh… Yeah. This is sure gonna help him with those 18 million already-miffed Hillary supporters. […]

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