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Dean Democrat Bloggers: the new prudes

I’ve been hearing a lot about how diarists at the Big Orange Cheeto and Americablog are digging into Palin’s past.  Like, was her first child conceived out of wedlock?  Was her 5th child really hers or was it her daughter’s?  Is she just covering up for her wayward teen?  Well, it wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened but teenagers rarely have children with Down’s Syndrome. That is usually the effect of aging ovum, typical of someone getting pregnant in their 40’s.

Gawd, these morons can’t even parse logically anymore before they concoct new conspiracy theories.

I thought Dean Democrats were all progressive and enlightened.  There are a lot of people, including yours truly, whose parents didn’t quite wait for the wedding.  (The whole Catholic wedding shebang was in the works.  I just happened to be in attendance surreptitiously)  But isn’t this Okay with the Dean Democrats?  Is there more Peyton Place in Progressive Blogosphere 1.0 than there is in the conservative Christian community?  If the rumors are all true, Palin did the right thing according to her community’s standards.  She eloped and had a child as a married woman. Her community has gotten over it and forgiven.

But this is hardly the point.  Barack Obama is surely a product of a similar situation.  (It’s the Math! The MATH!!)  Not only that but his father was a bigamist.  Or trigamist, I forget how many wives he ended up with.

No, the point is, it’s none of our damned business.  We aren’t electing Jesus Christ, who would have been stripped of his delegates to be handed over to Barack Obama.  The Obamacans would have just treated his whole retinue of “Love Your Enemies” disciples as a bunch of patsies to be harassed and badgered until they were thrown to the lions.

We are electing people, human beings, with feelings and flaws and children who can get hurt in the crossfire.  Let’s not go there people.  Your hypocrisy is showing.  It is bad enough that the mysogyny that was buried deep in the Democratic party is displaying itself and spinning out of control for all the world to see.  But to use human sexuality, which progressives celebrate, as a weapon against one’s opponents reveals a “win at all costs” attitude that will come back to bite all Democrats in the end.

If we could just single out Dean Democrats and not Clinton Democrats…

167 Responses

  1. Molly Ivins said that sometimes you listen to somebody and you just can’t help thinking “They didn’t really just say that, did they?”

  2. Dean (Obama) Democrats are exactly the same as the guys that we have hated in that Other Party for decades.

    I have no party, I have no home. Except here.

  3. So what’s next. Will they be purging the unmarried non-virgins from Americablog and Daily Kos?

  4. (blinking)

    Who knew that THE MATH might come back to haunt them?

    Or Things Losers say when they talk politics.

  5. Attack of the 50-foot Woman (trailer)


    A 1958 film, but with these personal attacks from the Obamabots it would appear they are back in 1958 and in a panic over Palin…a normal size woman. RUN…RUN…for your lives…she can fly a plane and has her own guns…and she will be a ‘female’ in a powerful office!

    No one said anything about attack of the 36 years in the SENATE GUY…who grew into his ‘senate’ chair…and still we have NO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE AFTER HAVING HIS MALENESS THERE FOR 36 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, RUN, RUN…and ‘attack’ and ‘attack’.

    Misogyny/sexism is raising its ugly head again…the shame, the shame…

  6. Maybe todays political operatives have too much time on their hands.
    If they were out looking for things to improve the country instead of prying into the peoples bedrooms, look how much could be accomplished.
    I really do not not care about other people’s sex lives past or present.
    None my business, I had one of my own to keep my busy.
    Work on getting energy prices down. Winter is coming people will need help with there heating bills.
    Work on how we can keep our country safe.
    Work on creating jobs in this country.
    Work on letting people keep their homes.
    Work on improving journlism and getting the truth to the people.
    Work on health care for all people.
    Work on keeping America the best place to live.



  7. I think the blogger boiz have vaginaphobia

    Somebody probably told them that those things have teeth

  8. I believe that Barack the father was a quadrigamist.

  9. Moderation?

    I don’t want to be moderated!

  10. You can count me in that group (the ones with the little dividend in waiting), as well as my parents, RD. There are millions of us, so how is that supposed to hurt? I never knew there were so many democrat-morons. I’m learning an awful lot this campaign season.

  11. Didn’t Obama live with a woman…whom he wasn’t married to, but that’s OK, cuz he’s a bro/male… and that is even seen as cool….

    Mean while ‘attack’ the 50 Foot WOMAN! Question any sex she could have ever had or thought of…that counts too!

  12. Every time I feel like I’ve underestimated their stupidity, they shame me. Oh, by all means, PB 1.0, do go there. Do. Do!

    With every ugly step into the mire, they strip that false sheen off of the “progressive” label. Do rake a woman over the coals for not being a virgin when she married. How about a “virgin rating” system? Uh oh, I’m not sure I’d get many stars there.

    They are surely making their own beds, and now we’re not even allowed to lie down and have sex in ’em.

  13. Wasn’t separating the Dean Democrats from the Clinton Democrats the whole point of running Obama in the first place? Dr. Deanenstein created his monster specifically to get revenge on the villagers who mocked him. “He can’t win” takes on a whole new meaning when you track Democracy For America and Howard’s machinations in the DeaNC since ’04.

  14. Three Thoughts:



    Why are we responding to this Juvenile Behavior?

  15. Perhaps something good will come from this. Perhaps all those thousands of young women who currently support Obama will now see the sexism that has poisened the party. Perhaps if not openly, then secretly, they will be PUMA.

  16. At least they got married.

    Barack was conceived out of wedlock before his parents married, making Barack’s father a husband to 2 wives at the same time.

  17. Facts for Pundits and Obamabots:

    Alaska is a State
    Alaska has a Governor
    Alaska Governors are elected
    Alaska politics is retail
    Alaska Governors are good politicians
    Obama is no Alaska Governor

  18. Let’s not forget, moralizing about out-of-wedlock sex tosses the LGBT community under the bus too.

    Oh, wait, they’re already there.

  19. Thanks for saying this. I haven’t seen very many people wonder what affect these ignorant, irrelevant comments will have on Palin’s children. In the end, it’s just as much an attack on them and they certainly didn’t ask for it. It appears that there are no depths to which some people will stoop.

  20. NH, I doubt it. If they’ve come this far with him there’s probably not much that could knock them off.

  21. By the way, Pat is living in sin with Eddy as we speak!

  22. Blatant sexism and media bias rampant in USA

    Its the Ole double standard…

  23. Let’s be aboslutely clear here:


    Okay, back to our regularly scheduled snarking

  24. Just another trollish comment. Nothing new.

    (Edited for the amusement of the site administrator and she’s not laughing much anymore)

  25. Jasper:

    He did

  26. Jasper, Camp O is not trying to stop it, he is known for “implausable deniability” and he and his surrogates do treat the dirt thrown at him as if it comes directly from Hillary. You be reasonable.

  27. Everyone likes chocolate.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  28. Andre @ 2:37 seems to find Sarah Palin bringing her baby to the announcement that she was chosen to be VP on the Republican Party makes her a slimeball.

    I know we’ve had some misunderstandings recently about what is and is not trollishness.

    I find Andre’s remark unacceptable from any point of view. I suppose if she hadn’t brought the baby the remark could have been that she was ashamed and was trying to hide the child. Yuck, Andre. Just yuck.

  29. If Obama were smart (ha-ha) he would have put out a statement right away that Babygate I and Babygate II were disgusting and irrelevant topics, and that he didn’t want any of his supporters even discussing them.

    But since when has he ever tried to rein in the OFB?

  30. Did jasper just say he was the missing link?

  31. Jasper needs to get out more.

  32. I think we should be far more concerned about John McCain’s dick.

  33. I guess Andre thinks children with Downs Syndrome should be kept locked away and hidden from view.

    These Obots have a very enlightened way of thinking, don’t they?

  34. Jasper needs to stay in more

  35. Heresay? is that the opposite of “theresay?”

  36. I give Jasper a troll rating of two out of ten billy goats. It’s unfortunate he couldn’t achieve a higher rating — his use of the “be reasonable!” gambit was classic but cliched and alas, he lost ground by incorrectly quoting Beatles lyrics.

  37. Jasper doesn’t realize that if he wants answers from us, he needs to get a subpoena first.

  38. Hey Obots do you get paid time and a half on Sunday?

  39. Exactly. They’ve been trotting out a family picture with a less-than-model-thin Bristol Palin as “evidence” she’s pregnant. Omg, a teenage girl is not a skinny pornstar! She must be PG! It’s the only explanation!

    Frankly, that pouch isn’t baby shaped to me. That’s a normal female body. It’s been a long time since the internet-porn wankers have seen one, evidently.

  40. Alice:

    Give him a break on the Beatles lyrics. His grandparents LP’s are scratched and worn out

  41. Actually, he tried to put his parents’ eight-track tapes into the VCR when he was three years old.

  42. Do you think that BO is actually signing up Inmates in Prison as his trolls also while he is there with his voter’s registration drive? Kind of a 2 for 1 goal plan?

  43. This story tells us three things about Dean/Obama Democrats.

    1. They’re bone-deep vicious little psychopaths.

    2. They’re really, really, really, REALLY stupid.

    3. They all failed sex education.

    Sure, it might be possible for a woman to fake a pregnancy to save her unmarried teenaged daughter’s reputation. Not easy, but possible.

    Palin is breast-feeding the child, though. There’s no way to fake that. No way, either, to get around the fact that lactation doesn’t normally occur except after pregnancy. Ergo, Palin has recently had a baby.

    Game, set, match.

  44. Carol:

    More like a home for juvenile delinquents

  45. “Exactly. They’ve been trotting out a family picture with a less-than-model-thin Bristol Palin as “evidence” she’s pregnant. Omg, a teenage girl is not a skinny pornstar! She must be PG! It’s the only explanation!

    Frankly, that pouch isn’t baby shaped to me. That’s a normal female body. It’s been a long time since the internet-porn wankers have seen one, evidently.”

    Gov Palin is lactating and breast feeding….man are these tolls ignorant.

  46. I hope the BO compound in New Orleans where all of those millions went to is safe and secure. I would hate for that Paper Trail to blow up here to Dallas for my inspection.

  47. okasha:

    The OFB will never understand your argument.

    As soon as the see the term “breast-feeding” they will start giggling live Beavis and Butthead and say “She said “breast” Hee hee!”

  48. I’m leaving for lunch and a nap.

    Hopefully, before I get back someone will have produced both Trak’s and BO’s birth certificates for inspection.

  49. Looks like those “boiz” are still afraid of ovaries. Some are saying that it is only PDS (it seems to have replaced CDS although not completely). But let’s just call it what it really is …misogyny. The dems have stopped being the “equality” party unless you’re a man.

  50. Forgot to add:

    4. The bots also failed math.

    The picture of Palin’s “pregnant” daughter was taken in 2006.

    The baby was born in April, 2008.

    Okay, blogger boyz, you can use your fingers AND toes on this one: what is the minimum number of months between the photograph of the daughter and the birth of the baby?

  51. Cheetoville is the headquarters of the Dean/Obama Democrats

    This isn’t one lone nut spouting off.

    This is a bunch of ’em

  52. By the way, has someone checked the flight logs for her trip back to Alaska after her “alledged water broke”? Maybe they stopped somewhere else outside the US so that the daughter could deliver in a foreign country and there would be no record of it!

  53. Notes from Face the Nation, 8/31/08:

    Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with Democrats but supports McCain, told Schieffer that McCain’s decision to add Palin to the ticket “is a little bit like opening a door and letting some fresh Alaska air into Washington.

    “I think here he wanted to send the message, get somebody fresh, somebody really who represents the other America outside of Washington where people don’t care whether you have an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ after your name, they just want you to get something done to help them deal with the problems they have,” Lieberman said. “And Sarah Palin comes from that other America.”

    Carly Fiorina, a senior McCain advisor, called Palin “a person of great accomplishment” and suggested she excites women because she is “a woman trying to balance her work life and her family life, not to mention her incredible track record of reform and taking on, as she said, the good old boy network.”

    Fiorina said Palin’s anti-abortion rights position would not keep former Hillary Clinton supporters from backing a McCain-Palin ticket.

    “I think, frankly, the Democratic Party has done a disservice to women by trying to hold women hostage to the issue of Roe v. Wade,” she said. “The truth is the most important issue to women, all the polls say this, is the economy. Women are not single issue voters. Yes, there are some women for whom the issue of reproductive rights trumps everything else. But the truth is most women are not that way.”

    “I mean, he’s never run a city, he’s never run a state, he’s never run a business, he’s never administered a payroll, he’s never led people in crisis,” Giuliani said.

    He also said Obama “is the least experienced candidate for president in the last 100 years.

    Indeed! Barack Obama-not qualified and not fit for the Office of POTUS!

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  54. Sorry, Jasper, you lose one of those two goats.

    I know they’re Dean’s and Obama’s boyz because they inhabit Dean/Obama web sites and have a history of promoting Dean and Obama. They leave, shall we say, an odor in the air. Kinda like how you know that cute little fuzzy black and white critter is a skunk and not a kittycat.

    I guess you must have failed zoology, too.

  55. Even more frightening is that the Obamabots will someday marry and procreate (just saying that makes me ill) and some poor woman will be saddled with these morons as a partner. This is of course assuming that there are any virgins over the age of 12 left to be married off to these dimwits.

    Wasn’t this the reasoning behind those lunatics and 9/11? They were promised 70 virgins as a reward? Seems like we may have struck a chord in that these same frustrated men are clambering on about an area of life to which they know nothing.

  56. Tim 2:44 pm


    Laugh out loud funny.

    Umm, you didn’t happen to post on Taylor Marsh a long time go did you?

  57. SInce when did the corrupt DNC become sanctimonious concerning violation of (their definition of)sacred honor? Oh, puleeze.

    Again, they are all honed in on her body parts…more specifically, her reproductive female parts. Where’s the same insults for John Edwards, a scoundrel who most likely impregnated his mistress while married (to a terminally-ill wife)?

    Prudes all of a sudden. Tsk. Tsk. May as well be Maybelle Merriwether…Gladys Kravitz…the gossiping nosy neighbor with so much time on her hands that they get their kicks by passing judgment on others rather than focusing on their own shortcomings.

    Hey you holier-than-thou open-minded free spirits – GET A LIFE. Try working for a change. Be productive instead of a drain on society.

    Like Madeleine lbright said, “Hell has a special place for women who don’t support women.”

  58. here’s a shoutout to kenoshamarge as we pass through Kenosha, WI!!! Chicago here we come!

  59. John McCain ans Sarah Palin in Mississippi erlier today:

    The convention should be a “call to action” and instead of thinking like Republicans, they will now act like Americans.

    “…there’s very little doubt that we have to go from a party event to a call to the nation for action, action to help or fellow citizens in this time of tragedy and disaster, action in the form of volunteering, donations, reaching out our hands and our hearts and our wallets to the people who are under such great threat from this great natural disaster…..to act as Americans not Republicans, because America needs us now no matter whether we are Republican or Democrat”

    Well said!

    Wonder if Obama and the DNC elites wish they hadn’t spent millions of dollars on “The Show” last week? Nah, Obama nd the DNC elites really don’t really give a damn about America. They only care about their own self-interest.

    That is the difference in this election.

    Obama is running to help himself!

    McCain is running to help America!

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  60. If you thought the sexism regarding Hillary Clinton was bad, it is going to PALIN comparison to what we will see in the next 2 months.

    I challenge EVERY WOMAN, throw out your botox, get rid of your breast implants, toss your makeup, sell your $4000 purse and FIGHT for the right to hold your head up in public. FIGHT for the respect you know deserve. FIGHT damn it, please fight.

    I am ashamed to have been a democrat, and I am tired of being told I should be ashamed to be a woman. BUT WE NEED WOMEN to joing the fight too!! Stop swallowing, esp. the KOOL AID, and wake up. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE than shallow aestethics and Chanel….

    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT……and to all good men everywhere please join us because true nirvana will be achieved through real equality…..


  61. Oh lordy, teh stoopid is contagious!

    From the comments at Balloon Juice* regarding Palin taking a plane flight late in her pregnancy with Trig:

    “John, you may not think that this is a valid issue to decide an election over, but clearly other people do. This isn’t about smearing her or attacking her over something that shouldn’t matter, but pointing out an issue that you know her supporters would base their vote on and making sure that they are aware of it. It looks like a shitty thing to bring up to us, because we really don’t give a shit about that kind of thing – but a good 20% or so of the GOP base pretty much ONLY care about that kind of thing.

    You don’t frame your opposition message around things that your supporters care about, you frame it around things that his supporters care about. This whole thing about the baby matters because it matters to them. And to them they see it as a sign not just that Palin isn’t one of them, but also that McCain isn’t one of them. The whole prairie muffin community that they had expected to gain can easily be pushed off here. This is their GOTV crowd and if they can get be turned off of McCain, that’ll never happen.”

    Is it just me, or does “prairie muffin community” sound elitist?

    Sarah Palin happens to be really popular with the rural fundies.

  62. Pat (3:17)

    That’s why we should promote vasectomy to o-bots every time they bring up Roe vs Wade. I really don’t want these guys reproducing.

  63. Obama’s loss in November will adversely impact the black community for a long, long time. Obama’s loss will also mean the political demise of Dean’s and others like him; at the very least, their influence in the democratic party. Only they could have brought about this McGovernesque defeat when everyone thought at the beginning of the campaign thought “any dog will win against the republicans.” I guess they bought into the notion.

  64. The double standard from the Obama campaign and the good ol’ boys of the DNC reveals their true colors. Pathetic!

    They just can’t stand seeing a strong woman get things done. They attacked Hillary Clinton and now they are attacking Governor Palin.

    As far as this man is concerned, Obama and the good ol’ boys and girls (Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, etc.) of the DNC can kiss my support goodbye!

    No turning back now! Our voices will not be silenced anymore! We will keep going! On to Novemeber and victory for America!

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  65. Why are the folks at americablog, of all places, concerned about Palin’s sex life? Haven’t they been subjected to crap like this themselves when fighting for gay rights? Surely they’ve been hit with the line from evangelicals (like Donnie McClurkin) that all gay sex is sinful because it occurs out of wedlock (in the pre-gay marriage days). The whole thing is just bizarre and disgusting. I only hope the 0bots keep hammering their misogynistic talking points loudly enough that the general public hears the vicious crap they’ve been saying.

  66. Just viewing the trailer for the 50-foot woman is great!

    And there’s always Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) in which:

    “Tthe government hires a feminist at the local university to track down the Piranha Women living in the uncharted Avocado Jungle (westernmost outpost is San Bernardino)
    The U.S. government, eager to protect the nation’s avocado supplies, recruits feminist professor Margo Hunt to make contact with the Piranha Women, an all-female tribe who believe men are only good as a source of food.” [IMDB]


    and for the advanced hardcore, there’s the comic book Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist, by Diana DiMassa.


    She has a 50-foot lesbian comic book cover and t-shirt (I have one)–I always wondered where she got that notion. Thanks to Obama, I now know! Although it’s not shown in the t-shirt section of her web site.

  67. felizarte, on August 31st, 2008 at 3:30 pm Said:

    Obama’s loss in November will adversely impact the black community for a long, long time.


    I’m hoping it will simply be a wake-up call to put up a qualified candidate and not try to rush a neophyte. Of course, it hasn’t been the African American community alone that’s been doing the rushing.

  68. myiq2xu, it’s not just you! “Prairie muffin communities” ranks right up there with clingers to guns, religion . .”

    People who say that almost mean that no one else ought to be Americans except them. It’s good to be able to identify all those who are responsible for democratic failures in past elections.

  69. jennifer, on August 31st, 2008 at 3:25 pm Said:


    Keep the faith, Jennifer! Never Give Up! You and the millions of women in America like you are making a difference!

    Don’t let Obama silence your voice! Fight back and let your voices be heard with your vote!

    We will keep going!
    We will remember in November!

    It is time to kick Obama nd the DNC elites to the curb!

    Fair is Fair!


    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12


  70. O urges his donors to help Gustav’s victims….so stop it.

    JJJr. would be so proud.

  71. Actually I think, the Obama camp is in panic-mode after Palin’s selection. They can’t even keep their talking points together. Kerry was totally pathetic on George Stephanopoulous this morning. He was practically ranting about about Palin’s inexperience as V.P. He totally ignored the fact she is more experienced than their candidate for POTUS.

  72. I challenge ANY virgin – male or female, straight or gay to denegrate any other person who may have engaged in sex outside of marriage.

    I further challenge any loving parent to not protect your children – in whatever way.

    Lay off Palin – or look out you bunch of damn corrupt DNC hypocrits!

  73. Xeno: I only hope the 0bots keep hammering their misogynistic talking points loudly enough that the general public hears the vicious crap they’ve been saying.” They’re getting DAMN close to pushing me over the edge to “sympathy-vote” status. I’ve had it with candidates being beat up because they possess a vagina.

  74. Can we please get over the idea that McCain’s Palin selection was all about either the Obama campaign or us. McCain , I think, selected Palin for some very good and solid reasons that have nothing to do with Obama or Pumas. McCain knows that he has to recapture his maverick reputation to move beyond the Republican convention—he has to get separated from Bush. Palin’s real record as a reformer and particularly a reformer of her own Republican party absolutely solidify this. McCain needed to cement and energize the conservative Republican base behind him—Palin answers this. McCain knows that he had to balance his age and Washington insider image—again Palin does this very well. All of these are solid reasons based upon his needs as a Republican candidate having nothing to do with Pumas or Obama. If Palin helps McCain with independent women and Hillary supporters that is icing on the cake. If Palin throws the Obama camp into a spin, great. Obama’s obsessive belief that everything is about him is really wearing thin. Let’s not buy into it as PUMAs even as I am delighted as a PUMA that he chose to meet his own political needs with a woman candidate.

  75. VSNorFSTFU…..I like your nome de plume.

  76. Democrats get up on stage and piously talk about “heartland values” and claim they care about rural and small-town America.

    John McCain nominates Sarah Palin and the knee-jerk reaction of the Democratic party is to say she’s unqualified because she’s a hick from the sticks.

  77. Dean Democrats – I like that. Puts together my experiences from 2004 to present day. It was a very predictable evolution.
    I blogged the first concoction of one of those stories – because it contained in its very text the proof they were determined to make it up
    Because , as they put it in the poll on whether to make this up

    Yes, the future of the world is at stake, nothing’s off the table

  78. aka nom de plume, heh.

  79. I have always bought babies everywhere. My four were regular subway riders before they were a week old. Hell, babies are easy. By the time I had my second, I felt like I was on vacation when I just had the baby. They are not going to grab the microphone and embarrass you. Babies love being in the thick of things. I love it that her husband is going to be the primary parent, that her kids obviously know how to take care of a baby. She is providing lots of great visuals of how a women can take care of young children and still aim for the stars.

    My grandson went to a Mets game when he was 3 weeks old. He was about as impressed as Trig was by the McCain rally.

    One alternative to staying home with a baby is bringing a baby with you.

  80. Jangles:

    I read Anglachel too. We all do, it’s required.

  81. Jangles, you make excellent points. Which makes the hysteria from Obamabots even more hilarious. It’s always all about them, the self-important jerks.

  82. you bought babies everywhere? Where do you live? Adoption haven?

  83. Jennifer, I am with you. I have a tankful of high octane fuel in my feminist engine and am fighting back all over–from telling Obots to get over Palin’s uterus now, to telling my dentist I’m not coming back because he called me “honey,” to thanking my assemblywoman for supporting Hillary and informing her of PUMA sentiment, to refusing to accept disses from my husband. After he tried to shout me down over Palin, I told him flat-out that he has no respect for me at all and never did, to informing my mother of what went on in Denver, in real life and on line.

  84. UpstateNY: I got mine at Rubens Baby Factory. http://holamun2.com/files/images/attachments/2008/01/baby-factory.jpg

  85. Prairie muffin community…elitist and sexist. Stupid brood-mare c*nts is what they mean by that.

  86. For even the Obama own background ? story is reason enough for them NOT TO TAKE THIS TACTIC. Not to mention aren’t the Dems supposed to be above this?
    Personally I ve mentioned on other blogs I hope they keep it up. There was how many Hillary Dems who went to backing the party nominee after the Primaries? Well this might just open a few more eyes up .

    If they keep this up and I have no doubt the NEW UNDEMOCRATIC PARTY will fail .
    So you OBOTS continue down this road at your own peril. 🙂

  87. Ugsome, thanks….

    and RSGrandma, I am with you 100%. I am a stay-home father and used a sling till son was three….he looked like a growth but did not miss a thing….

  88. Pat Johnson 3:17: I did marry one and procreate, but we don’t live under roof. I can only take so much of that privilege twit.

  89. Glad you like the name…

    Know what? I really don’t care who had the special needs baby…still shows a lot of guts and resolve to deal with whatever situation life throws at you and prevail whatever the circumstances…women (and men) should support other women, children, and families in general.

    While Obama supports infanticide…like Hitler’s genocide…we support women’s right to choose…and if that means Trig is part of the equation…fine by me.

  90. UpstateNY, I’m a proud working mom who pumped milk, used the sling, took my son out to a restaurant at the age of 9 days (he was a champ).

    Parenting practices vary wildly, but the proof is in the pudding. As long as the kids are mostly OK, you did something right. (Kids ARE their own people and make their own lousy decisions sometimes despite our best efforts.)

  91. myiq, @ 3:41, WELL SAID.

    As for the horrible “unmotherliness” of Palin draggig her baby all over the campaign trail with her, what a bunch of morons.

    Rant ensues:

    When my oldest was born, she went everywhere with me. I spent 2 days hiking up a damn mountain with her strapped to my chest at 6 weeks old.

    When my next child was born, I learned to snow ski 6 weeks later – my sister was preggers at the time, so hung out in the slope condo sipping hot chocolate by the fire, and minding my baby, watching the view of the lift and me falling all over the place through the big plate glass, So I’d go ski for 2 hours, tramp back into the condo to nurse and cuddle, then go back out.

    My infants went EVERYWHERE with me – from rock concerts, to canoeing, to camping, to picking bushels of strawberries at the “pick-it-yourself” field, to festivals, to meetings, to errands.

    Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick, these men are clueless.

    My husband was once trying to paint the house trim while my 3 and 2 year old were playing in the yard. After about 15 minutes, he came into the house very frustrated and whining, “The kids need to come inside! I cant do what I need to do and watch them at the same time!”

    Hooooo, boy. I looked him dead in the eyes and said, “I do EVERYTHING I DO and watch them at the same time. All of it. All day long. I do every last fucking task, every chore, every job, every task, AND WATCH THEM AT THE SAME TIME.”

    Get a clue, you brainless strutting gasbags. There is no one on this PLANET who knows how to manage time efficiently and multi-task better than a mom of 5. We have been carting our babies around with us while doing 17 things simultaneously for several thousand years now.


  93. HRC got screwed by the media, at the debates (the SNL skits wee right on), she got passed over for VP and even the soley symbolic act of an accurate roll cal vote was denied…

    FL had 211 floor delegates; she smashed Obama in the FL primary but received only 38 of 211 FL delegate votes in Denver. Was the idea of unity for Obama’ coronation so important that HRC supporters are even denied a simple accurate role call vote as credit to her campaign?

    Why even bother to ever vote in an FL primary if this is what they do at the convention? Is theri no loyality, orhonor or even fair play and have the balls to say “Every Vote Counts”

    Party Unity My ASS! Go PALIN!!!!

  94. ” WMCB”

    Unless it’s the oldest of 8 kids. I learned to do everything with a baby on my hip (we didn’t have those slings) and always watching, “the kids” — from the age of 5 (when I was the oldest of five kids) on….

  95. I tell you, I’ll really think twice next time around before donating to a presidential campaign.

    I want my vote counted!


  97. Waving back at Gary and Mawn as they pass through Kenosha, WI. {{{waving madly}}}

    Did you like Wisconsin Dells? I love it up there. It’s so beautiful.

    Please be careful in Chicago riding in your proud PUMAmobile. There are lots of nice folks like anywhere else but there are also a whole lot of thugs.

  98. You know. If they want to go there, it doesn’t look like Obama’s parents were legitimately married, since he was already married in Africa. Really! Don’t these guys have anything better to do? They sound like my grandmother and I’m 64!

  99. Hi everybody! Check out my new blog!
    KenoshaMarge-you are totally right about the thugs in Chicago. The place is crawling with them.

  100. It was this article and the comments, from months ago, that seemed a bit puzzling—I certainly am NOT endorsing any rumors, I would like to find a way to clearly scotch them.


    It’s IRRELEVANT whose kid it is, only relevant thing would be an attempt to deceive…. And yet, if she were trying to deceive back then she would have made more of an effort to “show”…

    perhaps people here think it isn’t that big a deal either way, even if she misrepresented the situation?…we should instead be focused on things like Rezco-Ayers-Wright Watch.

  101. “Prairie muffin?” Well that’s a new one for me. I’ve been called a “prairie n*****r,” but never a muffin.

    Well, well. Trust the Obots to find new and better insults every day.

  102. Gees, this is such a horrible thing to do to Palin’s teen age daughter. Can you imagine how hurt and traumatized that girl would be if she bumped into Dkos analying pictures of her and implying that she looks pregnant? Don’t our young girls have enough trouble with body image?

    I am one pissed off mother right now.

  103. WMCB, on August 31st, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    Your rant that ensued is a classic. I’m saving it!


    ugsome, on August 31st, 2008 at 3:49 pm Said:

    Jennifer, I am with you. I have a tankful of high octane fuel in my feminist engine………..


    Wow!, High octane all right!

    You all give me hope. Reagan brought the liberals out of the closet years ago and now Obamabots with CDR are bringing out the feminism in all who have a clue. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  104. WMCB, yup.

    Wife was the one pumping (obviously)…. We lived quite close to campus so I/son could visit, for a couple of feedings but still.

    Boy did she hate the bpump….

    to you working mothers…my respect.

  105. staggering that the left now has grown men sitting around discussing whether the Rep VP candidate actually gave birth to her fourth child or whether it is the offspring of her oldest daughter.


  106. UpstateNY, I don’t mean to imply all men are like those gasbags. Many (like my current husband and yourself) are obviously gems who “get it”.

    And even at those times when you don’t quite get it on a visceral level, you have respect and sense enough to not go flapping your superior jaws at us.

  107. Please blogger boiz! Everyone knows the first baby doesn’t always take the full 40 weeks because the mother is young and fresh! This has been know for centuries. What is wrong with these ignorant folks?

  108. Hail Mary:

    “What is wrong” is a question that requires a doctoral thesis to answer completely.

    Short answer: A lot

  109. OK I read this over on PUMA pac blog. It seems the DNC mantra for this year is “it’s Roe v Wade stupid women”. Well here is the deal. The DNC has been fostering ignorance regarding Roe v Wade so they can use it to brow beat women into submission. After 35 years Roe v Wade is established law and isn’t going anywhere. If by some fluke it did get reversed all that would happen is abortion law would go back into the realm of the states not the federal government. Many states such as Washington already have strong abortion rights law that have been voted on by The People several times. So in most cases nothing would change.

    It is crap to base you whole appeal to women on fear like the DNC is doing. Lets get the MSM or at least Greta at FOX to do a special on the relevancy of Roe v Wade in 2008.

  110. Jeralyn is at it again. Does that woman even have a vagina?

    I’m a guy, and I’m more of a feminist than her.

  111. Aw shit! I got moderated again.

  112. #
    katiebird, on August 31st, 2008 at 4:06 pm Said:

    ” WMCB”

    Unless it’s the oldest of 8 kids. I learned to do everything with a baby on my hip (we didn’t have those slings) and always watching, “the kids” — from the age of 5 (when I was the oldest of five kids) on….

    Katiebird!! You, too, the oldest of 8??? Moi aussi. And I don’t have kids, opting for canine and bird babies instead!

  113. ugsome, on August 31st, 2008 at 3:53 pm Said:
    “Prairie muffin community…elitist and sexist. Stupid brood-mare c*nts is what they mean by that.”

    I raise horses. What the bots are too stoopid to realize is that good broodmares are the BEST horses of the breed. They have the BEST pedigrees, the BEST performance records, the BEST mothering capabilities and produce the BEST offspring. In many breeds good broodmares are recognized in their own Hall of Fame.

    In any breed of livestock “obot types” would all be gelded.

  114. Palin raising five kids should definitely count as experience. Who needs to make more of those urgent on-the-go decisions of extreme importance than a mother? Who carries the more of the world’s weight on her shoulders than a mother? Who has to handle more of those 3 am emergencies than a mother? Who has to balance more of the sometimes conflicting and urgent needs people who matter than a mother of several children. Raising five kids and having a career to boot – that makes Palin a superwoman.

    Plus, this is my shout out to ALL of the mothers out there – stay home or working, republican or democrat. Regardless of how you judge yourself or allow the world to judge you, regardless of how your children turned out. If you have been a mother, you rock!

  115. Oh …. and regardless of when you got pregnant 🙂
    If you have been a mother, you must be way more competent than average.

    It’s time society recognized this.

  116. I love it Geld evil Obots! Of course they are already sort of gelding themselves since most of them never get close to a real woman and sitting in front of their computer with one hand down their pants is generally their most memorable sexual experience.

  117. I hope the campaign is protecting the Palin children from all this garbage. It’s hard enough being a teenage girl. Fortunately, the Cindy and her daughters are probably very savvy to this type of thing. Remember what Bush did to them in SC. That’s what the Obama campaign is. Bush 2000 REDUX.

  118. it’s amazing to watch some of the posters at AmericaBlog — who are no strangers to backroom sex — all of a sudden getting all Taliban with Palin.

    Why on earth is whether Sarah Palin had sex or not before marriage any of those nauseating hypocrites’ business?

    And why is it ok to be slobbering for cock in a dark room if you’ve got a “magic penis”, but it’s wrong to have sex before marriage if you are a woman?

    Do they have any idea how absolutely petty, mean-spirited and hypocritical they look?

  119. I am sorry to say that it seems wierd to me that Americablog and Kos are run by gay men.I am gay too, but they obviously have a BIG problem with women. They sure were able to overlook the past of Obama. But to actually make up stuff about a candidate’s personal life is going too far. I care about issues only and how they plan toresolve the problems we face. In Obama’s speech, I heard alot of promises, but no specifics. Where is Hillary?

  120. You know, there should be a way for candidates to file for defamation.

    If the morons on Moderate Voice, Kos, and the rest of the idiosphere had bother to do the research, they would have found this:

    Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth Friday to her fifth child, a boy, about a month before her due date.

    Trig Paxson Van Palin weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces. A news release from Palin’s office says the 44-year-old governor and the baby are doing well and resting comfortably.

    “Trig is beautiful and already adored by us,” said the Palin family in a written statement. “We knew through early testing he would face special challenges, and we feel privileged that God would entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy as he entered our lives.”


    Palin went into labor Thursday while attending an energy conference for governors in Texas, where she gave a keynote address. Her contractions let up enough for her to fly home on Alaska Airlines to deliver her baby in Alaska, Leighow said.


    This would have been very easy to check out. But no, let’s do anything to help Obama.

    Say if the rumor were true, does anybody honestly think Palin would have accepted the nomination?

  121. I’ve been doing research on Arabian horses for a novel I’m planning, and even in traditional, patriarchal Middle Eastern cultures, it’s the mares who are most valued and who are most important in both the dam’s and sire’s bloodlines. They were also the most prized battle horses; the “war mares” and the best broodmares were often the same because of their intelligence and even temperament.

    Yeppers, rubber rings all around for the bots.

  122. Palin went into labor with her fifth child at a Governor’s meeting in Dallas last April, with lots and lots of people around. It is well documented. But maybe she was faking it –because she is obviously yet another evil woman and an enemy of The Precious.

    Like I said on TL earlier today: the Obamacrats are moving from CDS to PDS. The can’t just disagree with her on the issues, they must destroy her. They must split her off and make her bad bad bad evil evil.

    Your new Democratic party in action.

  123. I say, bring it on about Palin and sex before marriage.

    Then Larry Sinclair can bring out his story, which frankly is more believable than the rot the nutroots are putting out.

  124. The greatest thing about being a former Dem is laughing at their hypocrisy.

    So, Alaska isn’t a real state? But Hyde Park is?

    Al Gore could be veep with 4 kids but Palin can’t with 5? (care of John Roberts on CNN implying she can’t be effective with an infant)

    Obama picked Biden because he can be president on day one. But Hillary couldn’t? And Palin can’t but Obama can?

    And, my favorite, it takes TWO MEN to protect my uterus from a woman who insists on using hers. Because a Dem Congress and Dem Senate can’t protect my womb from a Repub President and his fecund veep?

    The Dems are out of step on choice. Roe is safe. They need a better scare tactic.

    It may just be me but I think a lot of working moms are going to see themselves in Palin and not Michelle “I have a fulltime housekeeper and a personal trainer” Obama. I do.

  125. John Aravosis is an embarrassment to gays, in addition to being an embarrassment to the human race. Usually it’s lesbians who are accused of being man-haters, which is such a load of b.s., although one can always find stereotypes in every group.

    But Aravosis is a terrible example of a true woman-hater. Actually I think it is more fear and envy than hate, but he is still a sick person. His psychosis is just hanging out there for all the world to see.

  126. Delphyne,

    I think the experience shriveled my ovaries.

  127. I can’t read any more of the crap about Palin anymore.

    TalkLeft keeps putting up post after post, WKJM has been kidnapped by someone even stupider, and even some of the “feminist” bloggers are piling on.

    I need a beer

  128. glennmcgahee,

    Why are you saying Markos is gay? That’s news to me and probably will be to his wife and kids. We should probably stick to the truth–there is plenty there to attack him with.

  129. This is the only blog I read. So I have read none of these stupid rumors except highlights posted here.

  130. #
    myiq2xu, on August 31st, 2008 at 5:55 pm Said:

    I can’t read any more of the crap about Palin anymore.

    TalkLeft keeps putting up post after post, WKJM has been kidnapped by someone even stupider, and even some of the “feminist” bloggers are piling on.

    I need a beer

    I just opened a Kendall Jackson Chardonnay – will that suffice rather than a beer??

    I used to love FDL, glued while Fitz was investigating Scooter. I have no idea what the heck happened to that crew.

  131. What happened to my earlier comment? Did something “trigger?”

  132. How pathetic that Obama’s minions don’t see that by using this kind of gossip against Palin it brings Obama’s own lies into sharper focus.

    How can a secretive candidate believe he is so special that it won’t be noticed that it is HIS kettle of fish that is rotten. It also puts the lie to that old propaganda line used so often by Obama democrats that it isn’t women, it’s “that woman”. Obviously it is ANY woman who dares to get in Obama’s way…wonder where he learned to have such a low opinion of women – Indonesia maybe?

    This isn’t the America I was raised in, this isn’t the Democratic party I knew. I can’t believe that we’re all looking to the party of Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush for salvation!

  133. #
    katiebird, on August 31st, 2008 at 5:49 pm Said:


    I think the experience shriveled my ovaries.

    Mine went on strike – they’ve been that way since 1960. Felt like I did everything except give birth and breast feed babies. 17 year spread from me to the youngest – who, by the way, was born when my mother was 44. And one of my sisters had her first at 41 and the last at almost 45. No physical problems with my sister’s kids – my youngest sister has some “issues” – but hey, she has lived most of her life in higher academia.

  134. I had 4 kids all under the age of 5; it was standing room only in the playpen! Talk of multitasking. Try feeding one when another needs a diaper change, another has a fistful of crayolas, and the 4th kid had the croup. Try staying up all night with sick and croupy kids when all you want is a hot shower and a nap. Try getting supper on the table, baths every night, laundy and ironing piling up while squeezing in volunteer work for one group or another. Try having the tv on all day just to hear the comfort of an adult voice. Try doing this with little or no emotional support or someone just saying, thanks for keeping it all together. Try being both mother and father when the second half of the unit decides he needs his space.

    It can be done and everybody survives. You somehow get that one kid to practice, another to a Cub meeting, the third to a piano lesson, and the 4th needs help with the homework. Multitasking? Just a way of life.

  135. Delphayne, same with me. We were all born within 10 years. And my mom didn’t get started until she was 30.

    I agree – I feel the same way.

    It’s funny how the abilty to ignore chaos has stuck with me. I think I’d have made a horrible mother. I don’t even notice temper tantrums or bickering. Which could be dangerous.

    On the other hand you can hand me a screaming baby and we’ll both be asleep in minutes. So who knows.

  136. McCain is having a great rally in Missouri. He’s telling funny jokes about Arizona. Sarah looks great.

  137. (nodding) It’s the parents who get six kids all at once who are in for the shock.

    And I think the younger kids have it rough in a way the oldest can’t understand. I’m an introvert and I always wonder what it would have been like to have been the last one born into our family. All those faces staring at me from the second I was born (shudder) horrible.

  138. katiebird:

    Vodka or Benadryl?

  139. I married the youngest of eight.

    Big mistake


  140. {{myIQ}} Poor thing. The spouses in our family are either very patient or gone.

    And the other? Neither. We put each other to sleep.

  141. Said katiebird:

    “On the other hand you can hand me a screaming baby and we’ll both be asleep in minutes. So who knows.”

    Where were you when I had my youngest???!!!???

    You need to find a way to bottle that.

  142. Imv, I think the trick is that you have to meditate on the screams. Sink into them so they calm you instead of cause panic. Then put the baby with his head on your heart. And dream about walking in a park. Calmly.

  143. Scary Smart Anglachel is tearing it up today.

    She just put up a new post re: Zuzu re: Palin

  144. Why is my 6:24p.m. comment awaiting moderation? Is it that I cut off the 1988 from my name (tto long)? This is a test….


    McCain/Palin ought commit themselves and as many resources from the convention as possible to go down and actively help with GUSTAV. A few genuinely heroic acts, coupled with Palin’s athletic skills and aptitude for interviewing—everything on tape– will immediately wipe all this other silliness away (about her effectiveness).
    MESSAGE: McCain/Palin are people prepared to toss away the pre-planned script and get their hands dirty, —Gustav will later be seen as the greatest blessing possible—what other way could they have cut out the dreariness of a Republican convention? Guliani goes along and/or comments on Palin’s astute handling of a specific problem due to the hurricane—one which the FEMA folks completely overlooked and might have had catastrophic results:

    John and Sarah are THERE, NOW and are HEROES.

    NUMBER TWO (return to legitimate, unfinished attacks): Get ready, and have others begin to air, one of those concerns based on the recent revelations stemming from the U of Chicago opening up the files on AYERS and Obama. Trigger a build up into some of the other pent-up issues of B.O.’s pathological friendships and questionable judgment—all while McCain/Palin are seen rescuing people (while B.O. says he won’t go to the hurricane areas in order to save New Orleans money!).

    Get the picture?

  146. I married the youngest of eight.

    Big mistake.

    You married the baby of the family who will always maintain that status.

  147. myiq2xu, Don’t you ever call me a Obamabot. And no, I don’t think her baby should be kept hidden, but I also don’t think the baby should be used as a prop, as they used the baby. Get a clue! and for you and also for kenoshaMarge, didn’t we see Bush for the last several years use the troops as props, and didn’t we see the Repugs use Terry Shiavo as a prop, etc, etc, etc! And yuck to you, kenoshaMarge. Clueless also. The problem is that this place is getting just like that site that begins with k and ends with S: same people posting all the time and thinking that their way of seeing things just has to be right! How dare you say that my post was unacceptable?????

  148. Andre:

    Show me where I called you an “Obamabot”

    Show me where I called anyone that

    (Hint: I don’t use that term)

    Sarah Palin had her whole family (minus the oldest) on stage when her nomination was announced. WTF is wrong with that?

    Her son may have Down’s Syndrome but I bet she thinks he is beautiful and perfect, just like any proud momma would.

    You, on the other hand, are the weakest link.


  149. Speaking of Palin, there’s an editorial in the NYT today written by Maureen Dowd entitled, “Vice in Go-Go Boots”. You don’t need to read beyond the title to get the message, I assure you. And I expect such things from her, as we all do. But I never see editorials in the NYT with titles such as “The Nappy-headed Nominee” . Why is that? Why is it OK for a major newspaper to spew hatred, disrespect, and ridicule towards women?

  150. Dear Andre:

    Chill out. Your post just screams off the page. Haven’t you noticed that everyone is using everyone else as a prop? Obama and his single mother and the food stamps. His references to his father that he never knew. Biden with his claims of being a “straight arrow” when we know he has problems with plagiarizing and his ties to the credit card industry. McCain with his war hero status and maverick title. Even Hillary with her sometime exaggerated claims as First Lady.

    Give it a rest. We know all the ins and outs. This site was set up for likeminded people who share the same philosphy if you haven’t noticed by now. We are fed up with what we have seen and experienced. No one here is preventing you from voting however you wish or how you differ in opinion. Please feel free to visit sites that accommodate your point of view and don’t worry your head over the “same people” posting here. This is our site and we don’t appreciate being yelled at or minimized because you feel the right to intrude.

    Please think of this site as our living room and crashing your way in is not the way to be received. Politeness is the call of the day. Screaming for attention just won’t cut it.

  151. katiebird, mine was actually pretty good when I did that. Puting them over your heart actually works, thank the god of your choice.

    She was one of those babies who screamed every time I put her down. Could be why she was the last 😉

    Funny thing, though, I’m pretty immune to screaming babies now.

  152. Pat:

    If Palin kept her baby out of sight, the Obots would say she was ashamed of him.

    She brings him out along with her husband and daughters, they say she is using him as a prop.

  153. The only screaming babies around here are the Obot trolls

  154. Hi Delphyne – my pointing out that a lot of AmericaBlog posters are gay was not an attack. It would be a mistake to think that if someone polints out that people who post at Kos are, then it would mean they were “attacking” them either.

    I am a gay man to it would be odd if I thought that stating that someone is gay is an insult or an attack.

    But what really bothers me is the sheer hypocrisy of gay men who think it’s ok to mimic puritan bluenoses when it suits the purpose of attacking women in politics. And the gang at AmericaBlog really make me sick with their weird woman-hating mentality. It’s the shrieking like theyrve never heard of sex before that’s so incredibly annoying.

    No wonder that the more the Obots go on, the less people like them and their candidate.

    Hillary picked up after being subjected to all sorts of dirtry attacks by the Oborgl; now all the slime being hurled at Palin and McCain is also turning people away from Obama.

    Those poor Obots just can’t help themseves.

  155. woops! i meant t address my last post to bostonboomer. sorry.

  156. We have strayed so far from the issues at hand yet time is being spent slandering and denigrating a woman simply because of her gender. Sexism is alive and well in 2008 as we tell our daughters and granddaughters that the sky is the limit, you can achieve whatever you want, opportunities abound.

    Who are we kidding! The last six months at least have shown us how insipid those comments are if a woman attempts to make her mark. We need to instruct them instead on the ways of warfare. What the male species, along with compliant and acquiescent females who should know better, have taught us is that it is not a good idea to get “bigger than your boots”. As the rest of the world rests easy with female leadership, we are not content unless we drag them through the mud a few hundred times to show them a lesson.

    The fabric of this society is rotten from the core out. Stopping it in its tracks will take more than one generation.

  157. MyIQ, I’m not putting their heads on my heart! Yuck!

  158. on props—recall Obama having Michelle bring his daughters on stage (though he surely didn’t realize how absurd he looked surrounded by a funhouse mirror non-parallel frame…..
    note too that if Palin wanted to keep the 5th baby issue under wraps it seems she wouldn’t have had him on stage at all, so that’s good….

  159. Obots and some left-wing blogs aren’t too bright by continuing to trash Palin. It only serves to make her a more sympathetic character and remind us of how Hillary was treated and how Palin is the now the only hope in this election to actually break that executive office “no women allowed” barrier.

    Stand up for the mistreatment of all women candidates or stand down. WTF is so complicated about that concept?

  160. Dear Pat, I hear what your saying, but maybe I could just interject that I simply stated an opinion about what I saw at the Palin announcement, for which I was resoundingly denounced, and indeed, the post, as simply thought out and stated as it was, was pulled. I would think that in the hopes of diminishing that all consuming colloquialism that often consumes some sites that I have read over the last six years, you might also address the two people who replied to my post, one of who said is was unacceptable. Just Saying? And for the record, I’m an erstwhile Clinton supported (both of them) since ’92 and have committed to NOT voting for the O man. My problem is seeing things for what they are, which causes me to be fed up (as you say) with what I see.


  161. uh, make that “stand up against the mistreatment…” Not “for” it. lol

  162. myiq2xu:

    “These Obots have a very enlightened way of thinking, don’t they?” at 2:55.

    Gawd, you got a lot of posts here!

  163. (Looking fiercely over my glasses)


    MyIQ is a contributing author at this site and is an important part of our identity.

    And If you’d had to deal with as many trollish comments as he and I have this past week, you’d be a little testy about it too.

  164. I didn’t read the whole thread – late arrival, but chatblu could well be right about quadrigamist. Muslim men may have up to 4 wives provided they can support them. Now that provision might have been taken very loosely, but he could have had 4 wives w/o any divorces.

  165. My friends, you have given me great joy reading this support of Gov. Palin, a woman I regard as a TRUE feminist! 🙂

    While I confess to being a long-time Republican, let me assure you that I AM a feminist, and was a member of NOW back in the ’60s. I left them at about the time they stopped concentrating on work-related issues and started getting into flakey side-issues such as eliminating the masculine pronoun from being used for people of non-specific sex (“his or her book” instead of “his book ” for both sexes, etc). I never saw much sense to that given that their reasoning behind it was that it gave a psychological push in a masculine-oriented language. But on the other hand, Spanish and other Latin-based languages are distinctly feminine in character (objects of non-specific sex are always “she”, such as “la biblioteca”, etc) and those same cultures are the very epitome of macho mysoginism. The fact that their entire languages are feminine based made no difference at all. The whole point of giving English an “egalitarian” push smacked of pseudo-intellectual claptrap to me. When the NOW started getting involved in this kind of nonsense (and the language thing was just the last straw), I left them behind.

    Imv is 100% correct about Roe. It’s BEEN safe for a long time. Overturning it in the USSC will do nothing but return the issue to the states, where your voice is 50 times louder than it is in Washington. I’ve been saying that for decades.

    One thing I would like to comment on, though, is that the horrors that the news media put Hillary through have been dumped upon Republicans since Watergate. All along I’ve been watching and shrugging, “Hmmm… look at that… they’re treating her like a Republican.”

    A case in point was when Sen. Ben Nighthorse-Campbell, D-Ok, switched to the Republican party. Overnight, the man went from being a fascinating character who had a great history and knew interesting lore to being a corporate sleeze. The good senator didn’t change at all, but the news media reaction to him definitely did. His side of the story was that he saw the “elitist” drift in the Democrats coming and bailed out of the party before he could get trapped into party decisions he wanted nothing to do with.

    It’s too early for you to take another look at W– I know that “person” raises hackles among Democrats. But in another 20 years or so, you might take a look back and discover that he wasn’t so bad– the news media were just treating him the way they treated Hillary and have been treating Republicans for decades.

    Anyway, it delights me to see so much understanding and support of Gov. Palin. She is definitely the best candidate in this entire race! 🙂

  166. How enlightened for the kossaks to frame the election thus: would you rather have a VP whose daughter is (sic) a teenage mom, or a prez whose mother was a teenage mom. Wow. And I thought it was all about the economy!

  167. Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant


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