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Actually? I’m glad I don’t have to explain this

Bumped: Everyone should view these videos.

Because some things are just beyond reason. The title of this video is Foul Don Fowler Amused by New Orleans Hurricane.

And Michael Moore thinks it’s funny too.

295 Responses

  1. Karma is a good thing Donnie boy!


  2. What a thing to say! Wait, what a thing to think.

  3. The moral equivalency stuff kills me: seriously that sicko Dr. Dobson praying for rain for Obama’s speech is not quite the same thing as Moore and Fowler wishing for a CAT 5 to wipe out the Gulf Coast so the Republicans can’t have their convention.

  4. NH, It took me a while to get this posted because it’s just so horrible — words failed me.

  5. Teh Stoopid! It burns!

  6. If people watch this video, it will hurt the Dem brand for a long time just like someone said in the last post.

  7. Maybe I should have saved it for a daytime thread. But, it came up in the comments and it seems timely.

  8. What these talking heads avoid addressing is that Obama wants to only move the troops from Iraq over to Afghanistan to shore up that front. How is this supposed to help? We are there, we will be there for years to come, we need the oil, we are not going anywhere. True our presence only increases the hate they have for us but we are not going anywhere soon.

    Bush got us into this, granted. But exonerating the Dems who we expected to act after the 2006 election in the way we wanted them to is not to be overlooked. There is blame to spread all around in both parties so let’s not paint the Dems as any less guilty than the Repugs. This was a collaboration, stitched together for whatever reasons, and the mess that was initiated by invasion is not going away.

    There are no easy solutions. But the Dems are in no position to point at their own “clean hands”.

  9. It’s all a big f’ing joke to them isn’t it. They don’t give a shit about people — just using them. Yeah, let another hurricane come through and destroy houses and lives just so the RNC can push back their convention.

  10. You need to also post the interview with Bo and Biden tomorrow night on 60 minutes with the smirking Kroft and “good Mother………………” comments from BO.

    They are all such shitheads!

  11. They should all burn in hell. I’ve got the matches.

  12. What was Fowler’s role in high-jacking the primary? Who will escort hin under the bus? I assume it will be Dean, and Obama will wipe his hand clean and move on.

    Why would anyone work for this sociopath who just uses people and then throws them away like trash. Most of them are trash but even so…

  13. Iraq just sold $3 Billion dollars of oil to China today. I wonder what our part of that was?

  14. Obama and associates: Water seeks its own level. When you can take delight in a disaster you are no longer a member of the human race.

  15. Was he on a domestic flight having a conversation across the aisle?

    I wonder how this was filmed – wierd – but stupid to say horrible things in a public place.

    Yes, of course it would be horrible to say even privately, but publicly and getting recorded doing it…

  16. Katie: This is such an important video that you may want to post it again during the next couple days. Seriously, this truly shows what the democratic party has become. Maybe juxtapose it with photos of John and Sarah visiting Mississippi tomorrow.

  17. MIchael Moore gets on my nerves. Oh Crap! Obama sent a chill up his spine? Just like Matthews.

  18. After what happened at the Dem convention, I have a strong suspicion that if any higher forces are working on the DNC’s side, they are demonic and voodoo rather than angelic and pure.

    SO, I doubt God would be mingling in the DNC’s energy, but some nasty voodoo was probably sent out to New Orleans and the Repubs. Since the DNC is fearful of the Palin factor, they might have ordered extra blood rituals to insure trouble in Repub land.

    Me too: PUMA HAKA 👿

  19. Re-airing Stephanie Tubbs Jones service on c-span now.

  20. Wait, wait…what the fuck did Obama say about “good mother”?

  21. SHV: Remember, he’s one of the turncoats from RBC. He voted against the voters and for Obama for the MI solution in the name of “Unity”

  22. Michael Moore wasn’t trying to hide his insensitivity. The frat boy audience must have been rolling on the floor watching one of their great unwashed expound stupidity.

  23. Moore really knows about women – he’s such a hunky dude women – can you imagine being his GF?

  24. I own a digital camera that also records home movies. Fits right in the palm of my hand.

  25. Still4Hill: He is married man believe it or not.

  26. The best thing that can happen to McCain is not having the RNC. Why you ask? Let’s see:

    1. No George Bush speech.
    2. No Dick and Lynne Cheney
    3. No jesus freaks waving “pro family” “pro life” signs.
    4. No Laura Bush or Bush twins (that one’s for me)

    5. John and Sarah can each have a night, give their speeches and get back to work.

  27. “#
    Regency, on August 31st, 2008 at 12:53 am Said:

    SHV: Remember, he’s one of the turncoats from RBC. He voted against the voters and for Obama for the MI solution in the name of “Unity””

    Ah!! Ha!! seems like bad shit eventually come to people who backed stabbed Hill.

  28. Pat! He is????? The mental image – I need a brain rinse.

  29. I hope that that RBC crowd gets a very nice message when JohnnyMac and Sarahcuda blow him out in MI:

    I got yer “Michigan solution”, right here.

  30. “Sarahcuda” That’s good!!!

  31. Still4Hill: And he has at least one child to my knowledge.

  32. SHV, I keep hearing the Heart song in my head. LOL! Oooo, Sarahcuda!

  33. John and Sarah ’08. I mean it. There should be signs.

    Just like Hillary and Ted 2012.

  34. Off to bed. Been a long day.

  35. SHV, I wonder if history will show that some politicians in MI got thrown some $$ or promises in return for selling out the voters. I ‘ve always thought so because it just seemed the compromise was sooo bogus.

  36. nite Pat. I think I will go off to bed myself.

    Good night all.

  37. Get a load of this from Politico. Like we didn’t know.


  38. Regency, who’s Ted? Strickland?

  39. Now his staff is under the Bus. I hope all those mega churches and jesus freaks are praying for John and Sarah.

  40. Seriously: Yeah, Ted Strickland. Apparently, he was at the top of the Veep list for Hill and he was the first one to say no go to BO.

  41. If Obama has such a hard time managing his staff, I’d hate to see him into a position of on the job training with leading America. This is actually his first experience with being the boss of something, isn’t it?

  42. I have a friend who knows some of Bayh’s relatives, and I got the impression from her they all thought it was a given that it was gonna be Hillary and Evan. Personally I’d prefer Strickland.

  43. Seriously—

    Hillary and Evan … as in Nobama?

  44. I read that Drudge has posted this now. I don’t go there myself but, if it’s true this story DOES have legs.

  45. WMBC – to msnbc and see the interview with BO and Biden for 60 minutes Sunday nite. Kroft smirks as he asks Bo about his opinion of Palin and then with a twitchie right up cheek face, he describes her as “a good Mother and an up and coming political figure”. I said, “That’s Vice President Sarah Parlin to you ass holes.”

  46. I decided to do one last check before I have to log off for God-only-knows how long, and I get hit with this – a Democratic “leader” laughing about a hurricane that they suspect might actually destroy this town once and for all – for good.

    Hey Don – thanks, motherf*cker! Your parents must be real proud of the scumbag you turned out to be.

    I bet Hillary & Bill aren’t laughing. But, of course, that’s because they are “true” Democrats – kind, decent & caring people.

    Keep up the good fight while I’m gone, Conflucians.

  47. he describes her as “a good Mother and an up and coming political figure”

    *groans* Are they kidding with this?

    She should make a similar comments except I’m not sure there’s anything he’s good at. “Good with the teleprompter”?

  48. Hang in there, NewOrleans. I’m maxed out to Hillary’s campaign, so I sent the $200 I would have ordinarily sent the Dems this week to the Louisiana Humane Society (www.humanela.org). Also dropped a bit of coin to the Common Ground Collective (www.commongroundrelief.org).

    I’m not a particularly religious sort, but I’m prayin’ for all I’m worth for you guys tonight.

  49. Hang in there, New Orleans (both the poster above and the city that was my home ’til Katrina hit). Fowler is a complete raving ass – as is Michael Moore. The Fowler video needs WIDE exposure and here’s hoping someone here can help make that happen. My husband just got back from evacuating his 86-year old mom to his sister’s house in Houston. My husband’s other sister refused to leave since she had her last round of chemo Thursday and felt she couldn’t take the trip. Now that Gustav has strengthened so quickly and turned east, we’re getting very worried about her safety. Fowler can rot in hell for laughing at the prospect of New Orleans’s destruction becoming a political chit. The ‘new’ Democratic party – brimming with Cheney’s evil twins.

  50. A couple of points —

    South Carolina has suffered significant damage in the past, and its especially inappropriate for Fowler to be joking about hurricanes.

    Fowler was one half of the “STFU” letter from DNC hotshots (Alice Germond was the other half)

    Considering that people are more interested in hurricane coverage than political conventions, its well within reason that “God” is on the GOP’s side this year, because hurricanes are good for cable news ratings — and people who tune in for Hurricane coverage are likely to get a healthy dose of GOP talking points between hurricane segments.

    As to Obama’s comments about Palin — what an amateurish thing to say.

  51. Paul, amateurish pretty much defines the sum totality of Obama’s political skill set. It’s amazing, you would think someone so lacking in substance would at least have political skills, but he’s the worst of all possible worlds.

    Kat5, someone on teh other thread says Drudge has picked it up.

  52. What a despicable thing to even think let alone say out loud! Good grief what has happened to the Democratic Party that cretins like this sit on the DNC’s RBC. Just disgusting.

    And I agree with someone who said upthread that in the long run, if the Republicans have to cancel several days of their convention that means they can skip having Bush and Cheney front and center. Where’s the down side to that? Karma is indeed a female dog!

    As for Michael Moore, he, along with many other “progressives” seem to be less than what they were reported to be. Progressive ideology goes all the way through. His doesn’t. Fauxgressvie alert.

  53. I have learned quite a bit this year.

    I have found, to my astonishment and dismay, that many alleged progressives apparently yearn to ape the worst behaviors of reactionaries.

    For maybe the first time in my adult life, I wasn’t cynical enough.

  54. This video is posted all over the right wing blogs. It was a winger who recorded it from the seat behind them. Fowler is the guy who supposedly supported Hillary but then went along with the backroom dealings on May 31. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it, Don?

  55. Ivory Bill Woodpecker,

    I wasn’t cynical enough either, and I’m pretty cynical. A year ago, I never would have believed that all this could happen.

  56. Katie,

    Ben has a good point. I wonder if there is any video available of Fowler at the RBC meeting? And then there is the snotty letter that Fowler wrote to chide us Hillary supporters for not getting on board the unity bus that Paul L. mentioned.

  57. BB, I’ll bump this up mid-morningish to keep it going.

  58. KB,

    That’s a great idea. Fowler shouldn’t get away with this. He should go down. If Gustav affects SC, his constituents need to know exactly how little he cares about them and the other people in the hurricane’s path.

  59. Fowler is one of the first people I wrote to with the DNC back in Feb. – darn I wish I had a copy of that letter. Anyway, thinking back and reading Myiq earlier post regarding the blog swarms – the rat’s nest at DK – I did consider most of the new nasty posters as Rethugs. They could never be Dem’s – right? Wrong. The thuggishness came from the CORE of what is supposed to be Dems.

    That my dears is why, if I see my state may go to BO, I will vote Rethug for the first time in my life. Also, I don’t have any downticket Dem’s to vote for because, they participated in this charade. Their stated reason was “judgement” – nothing frys me more than to apply that label to BZero. What the party stands for in reality- besotted on gawd knows what? What this campaign started as is really the true picture. I won’t be able to rally around a party whose core is now everything I abhor.

    Dem no more – Clinton Dem forever.

  60. My small town is expecting 10 to 12 thousand evacuees today. Mandatory evacuations of the old, sick, and handicapped and as well as people without transportation from the coast of Texas and Louisiana and inland where wind will cause power outages for weeks. Then there is the flooding which I will probably get because the area I live in is crisscrossed by creeks. I am going at noon to help set up the rest area for law enforcement and rescue. The planning and implementation for this has been superb. It was initiated and implemented by a Republican governor. I hope Mr Fowler and Cong Spratt have a nice day.

  61. Both Michael Moore and Don Fowler should be entered into Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Persons in the World” segment. Oh wait, bet they won’t since they support Sen. “It’s Always Somebody Else’s Fault” Obama! Maybe a “Special Comments’ segment? Nope, can’t go there because they support Sen. “Didn’t Know Him As Well As I Thought”.

    The continual hypocrisy and sheer hatefulness of our once great Dem party and leaders has evaporated in the likes of morons like these who make me ashamed.

    As with Anglachel and others, I remain a Clinton Democrat and hope that sanity someday returns to my party. With shills like these, I am only to happy to remain under the bus.

  62. Is this what Donna B. meant when she said she would destroy the party in order to rebuild it?

    Rebuild as what? Rovian Republicans?

  63. I don’t know what it takes to “go viral” but this video had been viewed just over 10,000 times when I went to bed last night and it’s over 75,000 this morning.

  64. Ak, but Bo prays to God for NO. Is it the same God?
    meanwhile, their sexist hypocrisy is being exposed

  65. “Oh wait, bet they won’t since they support Sen. “It’s Always Somebody Else’s Fault” Obama! ” Pat J

    Pat, are you referring to Oblamless?

    We do have to work awfully hard to get at the truth when our bottom line driven media no longer cares. Thank goodness we have networks of allies who ferret out information so quickly and well.

  66. We are expected to fall over into a dead faint because Michelle Obama gave up a job in the private sector to accept another job as a public hospital administrator while TRIPLING HER SALARY ALONG THE WAY!

    Yet we are also expected to roar with laughter because Sarah Palin faced down her own Repug Party in Alaska but shoots moose for sport!

    Given a choice, I admire anyone speaking truth to power without expecting to get rich quick as a result. The two women I see who have actually come forward and challenged their respective party leadership are Gerry Ferraro and Sarah Palin. This speaks volumes about who they are.

  67. Meanwhile, it seems the GOP is making plans to possibly do a big Red Cross Drive at their convention….


    McCain has consistently bashed Bush over Katrina, by the way…
    Fowler and Moore are nauseating. But the whole party has become one big stinkhole….Steny Hoyer recap…below…

    In the meantime, please consider donating to the Louisiana SPCA…I’m a regular donor now…until recently, they didn’t even have running water in their shelter…And now this hurricane is coming…I can’t find it now, but they do have a Washington, D.C. address to make sure they get their mail.
    You can probably search and find it…they are going to need a massive amount of help…

    THE PAST WEEK: Recaps & Rambling Thoughts-August 24-30 (Steny Hoyer Parties on Behalf of CHANGE; The ORANGE Site Spreads Unfounded Rumors re: A Palin Pregnancy; Obama & The New Black Panther Party; My Interview with The Pakistani Spectator; “Holy Smoke”; Animator vs. Animation)


    I’m exhausted, are you?

    “If befriend donkey, expect to be kicked”–Charlie Chan

  68. The Democrats and their mouthpieces are disgusting. Alan Colmes posted an article saying Palin’s baby has Downs because she did not take proper prenatal care, all that flying around on jets caused birth stress.

    These people are fucking REVOLTING.

  69. WMCB:

    Well, one of the first indications that Obama couldn’t win is that his “fans” can’t stop themselves. And neither can he.

  70. If “having a beer” with Bush was the critical criteria for selecting a president, then Sarah Palin looks like someone I could easily envision having a cup of coffee with and she gets my vote. She is one of us in the sense that she appears as an “every day” type who does the laundry and checks homework assignments. Unless something deep and dark emerges, I
    like her for who she is.

    Hoping to not be faced with making the decision to vote Repug in November, her place on the ticket leaves me less angst as a result. If push comes to shove, I can live with it.

  71. Oh, now the fucker has taken it down. I hope someone got a screen shot.


  72. These people are revolting. Have we no sense of decency left in this nation?

  73. Rasmassen report is out.

    O leads by the same number going into the Convention 3% which is statistically insignificant.


  74. It’s time to break the glass ceiling in Washington. We need to send more Hockey mom, Soccer mom and Security mom to teach these politician the proper way of serving the tax payers.

  75. Interesting that the Big Speech didn’t persuade people.

  76. I think that Michael Moore’s humanity disappeared with his insignificance — apparently fame can make even the sincerely concerned, ultimately mean spirited and opportunistic.

    If I had seen this video of Fowler a year ago, and I didn’t know which party he belonged to, I would have guessed that he was a die-hard Republican. At this point, my image of Democrats as “heros” is pretty tarnished, so I’m not terribly surprised or painfully disappointed. What a joke these small-minded, hypocrites present.

    We ALL FLOOD the following media people to GIVE “US” their show to ADDRESS THESE PEOPLE & THEIR “HATE FILLED
    WORDS”, either by e-mail’s or if anyone has tape recordings??
    ***Add in the findings from Dr. Long’s site
    ****The “Law-Suit” that hasn’t been addressed
    And so on….
    “1st come / 1st granted only”!!
    “WE” the PUMA movement can no longer be “SILENCED”!
    The following Oreilly/Hannity/?gretawire @FOXNEWS.com

  78. Alaska is the closest part of the USA to Russia . Russia is right across the Bering Straight The Bering Straight is the Alaskan West Coast and the Russian East Coast

    and has a Russian heritage

    Governor Sarah Palin may be more well versed in Russian relations than the Dems may have anticipated . Then again , I have given up on the dems anticipating anything and now trust them to be so short sighted that they cannot see the Alaskan Forest for the Trees. The question really is If a tree fell in a forest of Democrats currently running that party would anyone hear it ??

  79. sorry “dobbs”

  80. Let’s not forget our HILLARY, she put up with so much CRAP

    We don’t live in her world, or understand why SHE’S doing the BO “he’s the ONE” thing,

    They’re RUTHLESS (the DNCE) as anyone we all know.

    GIVE OUR LOVE and THANKS to MRS. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON for her sacrifes TOO—she also has a life and child to be concerned with.

    I like SARAH, I don’t know her, and I”ll be fighting for her too, but DO NO TAKE HRC ourt of the picture.

    SHE HAD NO CHOICE, if you were HER, what would you have done?????

  81. Never Michelina …. does Hillary leave my consiousness in this endeavor ….

  82. Not only is Fowler an asshole, he’s a stupid asshole, at that. The inmates are running the asylum, folks.

  83. McCain is kicking *ss on Chris Wallace.

  84. I agree michelina! Let’s not take Hillary out of the picture. She has done a lot for this country and she fought longer and harder against the corrupt Obama and DNC than anyone else could or would have. It is because of her that all the corruptions was exposed. We are here because of her courage.

  85. Hillary is a hero.

    I’m not blaming her for anything.

  86. Good morning Conflucians –

    We are almost at a milestone

    almost 2,500,000 hits!!!!

  87. Had a hard time hearing what was said on that clip of Fowler – so much background noise. What I heard was that Gustav would hit on Monday and that god was on “our” side. WTF does that mean? Again, had a hard time with that background noise, so perhaps I am missing something?

  88. No matter what Happens, LET’S KEEP her ALIVE—

    She has been my heart and soul in this ELECTION, and for that, I will always keep her with us-

    I’ve lost so many (friends, I thought….ETC…..)—over this election, I don’t want to lose the Reason for it—


  89. Is this the Alan on Hannity?

    He needs to be fired. Flight Attendents are allowed to fly through their 6th month. I know. They changed the rule one month after I was pregnant in 1979. I chose not too, but many still do. I had to have a letter from a physician stating I couldn’t to be able to take off.

    These people need to be replaced.

  90. Delphyne—it means that he is an @ss*ole and he thinks of the two-party system as a sports event with people’s lives as gamepoints.

  91. I just hope that rumor about Palin is false—or perhaps I just dreamt it (just woke up). I must admit that when I looked into some older articles about her that I found it curious that she would give a speech and board an 8 hour plane if her water had broken (with Trig)—-never mind how the woman doesn’t look as if she recently had a baby, nor did she look pregnant when she was at 7 motnhs….
    WHAT DO OTHERS THINK? Excuse me if this has already been discredited, haven’t fully awaken yet…..

  92. Making a joke about something serious is a form of stress relief. That ‘s a given. However, when you are a public figure you need to have self control from these kind of idiotic statements.

    The fact that he did not allow a clean RBC is the critical issue.


    Hillary or McCain 2009 – You decide.

  93. DELPHYNE: Yes, he was saying GOD was on his SIDE because GUSTAVE was moving in, with a GREAT force of Mother NATURE behind it.

    In other words, the PUBS, won’t handle it, the people will die, and MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD !!!

    YOHOOO, for the ASSHOLES who don’t give a damn who lives or dies, just as long as they look good and are SAFE,

    KARMA is a funny THING, they don’t know or understand.

  94. Don Fowler is the one that sold out Hillary at the RBC meeting. He defintiely got his 30 pieces of silver during the three hours they took to come up with their back-room deal.

    Ickes called him out personally.

    I am so glad he will be raked over the coals for this hateful remark.

  95. Cindy on ABC.

  96. Hatshepsut1988,

    What rumor?

  97. People who say GUSTAV’s movements reflect GOD’s will hold to the same kind of “divine conspiracy theories” as REV. WRIGHT!

  98. Katiebird—didn’t see your question before my last post: The rumor (or maybe it was my dream) is that Trig is not Sarah’s baby but rather her daughter’s……

  99. KATIEBIRD: that her Fifth Child is Her “DAUGHTERS” child

    Give it a break hatsheput1988, where did you come from.

    I’ve worked for the last 30 hours since FRIDAY morning and KNOW, what’s up with the STUPID QUESTION>


  100. Karolina NYC, on August 31st, 2008 at 10:30 am Said:

    Delphyne—it means that he is an @ss*ole and he thinks of the two-party system as a sports event with people’s lives as gamepoints.



  101. Well, Hatshepsut1988 — she’s known to be nursing. How do you fake that?

  102. Maybe God sent Gustav to get Fowler to make an idiot of himself and therefore hurt the Dem brand.

    Maybe God doesn’t do partisan politics.

  103. Don Fowler is a DISGRACE. His state is very prone to deadly hurricanes as well.

    WE NEED TO GET ALL OF THIS BASTIDS out of office!!

  104. I don’t know. Fowler didn’t look like he was trying to relieve stress. He seemed pretty dellghted. Carol may be right, though.

  105. I am sure the residents of LA and MS who are again fleeing for their very lives appreciate that they have become “supporting players” for the Obama campaign. Just hope when the time comes in November they remember just how cavalierly their situation was treated by members of the Dem Party who could give a sh$t about them.

    And as an added touch: isn’t wonderful that “God” has chosen this particular time to reinforce his/her support of Obama! Can they get any more twisted than uttering these foolish observations?

  106. Cindy is kicking BO’s booty. She is a tough woman.

  107. that rumor is so stupid. There is no way that is true.

  108. Mawm that’s great!

  109. Mawm!!!

    How are you!?????

    What part of the world are you guys at?

  110. The video is up 10,000 views in less than an hour.

  111. Kearns is on Meet the Press – she is in love with Palin.

  112. Gregory is in love with her. Andrea looks like she likes her also.

  113. When Hagee made his slanderous statements about Katrina we did not overreact since he is certifiably crazy!

    But Fowler is a leading member of the DNC and as far as I am concerned, this is worse. Moore also sees himself as another Messiah, bringing “the word” to the masses. Both idiots.

  114. My guess is that God is enjoying the show. S/he knows that the truth will out.

  115. We’re good. We are in Winsconsin Dells getting ready to head to Chicago to do a video in front of Obama’s house. If we can get close enough.

  116. Katiebird: Thank GOD if she’s nursing, that’s what I was hoping …The rumor however is over at Daily Kos, and admittedly there seem to be no pictures of Sarah looking pregnant, and the 8 hour plane trip wa something I read about in an article from MONTHS AGO (in short, NOT post McCain selection). I have no verification of the daughter being out of school for like 8 months…well I better go have coffee.

  117. Mawm – I LOVE IT!!!

    Please keep safe, take photos if you can with the house in the background!!

  118. I kind of like Cindy McCain. This morning she reiterated that her humanitarian missions have been going on for years. Makes sense since she brought that Bangladesh baby home over 18 years ago for adoption. Again, strong and commited women who do much of the heavy lifting.

  119. Bumper Stickers for Palin:

    Coldest State, Hottest Governor

    Vegetarian, word for “Bad Hunter”

    The news media is in love.

  120. I couldn’t get through that Michael Moore clip after he said that Gustav proved that there was a god in heaven. All of this because of the RNC starting next week? I assume that’s why Fowler said god was on “our” side.

    Disgusting doesn’t even cover my feeling of it – you’re right, Karolina – our political system is a sporting event with people’s lives as game points.

  121. MAWM: If you’re doing video in front of Obama’s house, why not put a large FOR SALE sing in the front yard (just for the picture)?

  122. If Sarah Palin is nursing – it’s because she recently had a baby. DUH!! When are these blogger boiz going to stop discussing our ladyparts ? WHO GIVES A SH*T???

    I want to know whether she is going to be a good leader, not whether or not she friggin nursing or not.

  123. Alan Colmes posted an article saying Palin’s baby has Downs because she did not take proper prenatal care, all that flying around on jets caused birth stress.

    WMCB: that is one of the most despicable things I have seen so far, and that’s saying something after this election cycle. Alan Colmes always nauseates me with his whining, “but…but…but…” defense of anything anti-Obama. So, to all the women out there who have disabled children: IT THEIR FAULT?! I hope he DOESN’T take it down and it gets spread far and wide. Women will be justifiably outraged. They are going to drive every decent woman screaming to support Palin. That makes me ill.

    Re: the Rasmussen report: when does it cover? Does it include the post-Palin announcement time frame?

  124. The news media is in love.

    Hope it lasts. Their love affair with Obama has yet to drop off. The man can do no wrong. Tonight’s interview on 60 Minutes includes Obama referring to her as a “good mother”. Can you get anymore patronizing than that? No different than if one referred to Michelle as “tall”.

  125. Hatshepsut1988: he can’t sell it–he’s going to be needing it again November 5th.



    The older you get, the higher the chances of having a Down’s syndrome baby. PRENATAL CARE has nothing to do with that!

  127. I don’t think hatshepsut is a troll.

  128. I don’t think hatshepsut is a troll either.

    Hi, mawm!

  129. Kerry is an idiot on ABC

  130. michelina: Please calm down. Hatshepsut was merely responding to rumors she has heard that have suggested the baby belonged to the oldest daughter because Palin carried small during her pregnancy. No way was Hat disparaging Sarah but merely seeking validation that these rumors, which are rife, have zero validity.

    Hat is a frequent and solid member of the Confluence and is not introducing this as fact, merely looking to dampen speculation which is what the Obats want.

    I am sure if you reread her comment she is phrasing it in the form of a question. Thanks.

  131. michelina, I think the rumor is totally ridiculous, but it isn’t stopping the kos guys from touting it.

  132. Obama will announce that there is only one form of proper prenatal care. Women must be barefoot and on a farm as soon as their periods are five days late.

  133. Hi arabella. We didn’t have time to put “Strong yet gracefule in repose” on the PUMA mobile, but it will be going up on it when we get back home.

  134. Pat – ya’s mission is to get rid of Kerry, Kennedy and the other assholes in that state.

    What happened to our support of the candidate running against Kerry?

    He was very condescending of Palin.

  135. What show was Cindy on ?
    I live in S.C. this needs to go national. Andrea Mitchell & Doris Kerns may like Gov.Palin ( as I do) but their dislike of Hillary came thru,

  136. Way to go, nothing like a good misogynist rumor to keep the bots happy.

  137. If this is the same Hatshepsut. She was at the PUMA conference in DC, definitely not a troll.

  138. For what it’s worth, I just found this in my e-mail:

    An Open Letter to God, from Michael Moore

    Sunday, August 31st, 2008

    Dear God,

    The other night, the Rev. James Dobson’s ministry asked all believers to pray for a storm on Thursday night so that the Obama acceptance speech outdoors in Denver would have to be cancelled.

    I see that You have answered Rev. Dobson’s prayers — except the storm You have sent to earth is not over Denver, but on its way to New Orleans! In fact, You have scheduled it to hit Louisiana at exactly the moment that George W. Bush is to deliver his speech at the Republican National Convention.

    Now, heavenly Father, we all know You have a great sense of humor and impeccable timing. To send a hurricane on the third anniversary of the Katrina disaster AND right at the beginning of the Republican Convention was, at first blush, a stroke of divine irony. I don’t blame You, I know You’re angry that the Republicans tried to blame YOU for Katrina by calling it an “Act of God” — when the truth was that the hurricane itself caused few casualties in New Orleans. Over a thousand people died because of the mistakes and neglect caused by humans, not You.

    Some of us tried to help after Katrina hit, while Bush ate cake with McCain and twiddled his thumbs. I closed my office in New York and sent my entire staff down to New Orleans to help. I asked people on my website to contribute to the relief effort I organized — and I ended up sending over two million dollars in donations, food, water, and supplies (collected from thousands of fans) to New Orleans while Bush’s FEMA ice trucks were still driving around Maine three weeks later.

    But this past Thursday night, the Washington Post reported that the Republicans had begun making plans to possibly postpone the convention. The AP had reported that there were no shelters set up in New Orleans for this storm, and that the levee repairs have not been adequate. In other words, as the great Ronald Reagan would say, “There you go again!”

    So the last thing John McCain and the Republicans needed was to have a split-screen on TVs across America: one side with Bush and McCain partying in St. Paul, and on the other side of the screen, live footage of their Republican administration screwing up once again while New Orleans drowns.

    So, yes, You have scared the Jesus, Mary and Joseph out of them, and more than a few million of your followers tip their hats to You.

    But now it appears that You haven’t been having just a little fun with Bush & Co. It appears that Hurricane Gustav is truly heading to New Orleans and the Gulf coast. We hear You, O Lord, loud and clear, just as we did when Rev. Falwell said You made 9/11 happen because of all those gays and abortions. We beseech You, O Merciful One, not to punish us again as Pat Robertson said You did by giving us Katrina because of America’s “wholesale slaughter of unborn children.” His sentiments were echoed by other Republicans in 2005.

    So this is my plea to you: Don’t do this to Louisiana again. The Republicans got your message. They are scrambling and doing the best they can to get planes, trains and buses to New Orleans so that everyone can get out. They haven’t sent the entire Louisiana National Guard to Iraq this time — they are already patrolling the city streets. And, in a nod to I don’t know what, Bush’s head of FEMA has named a man to help manage the federal government’s response. His name is W. Michael Moore. I kid you not, heavenly Father. They have sent a man with both my name AND W’s to help save the Gulf Coast.

    So please God, let the storm die out at sea. It’s done enough damage already. If you do this one favor for me, I promise not to invoke your name again. I’ll leave that to the followers of Rev. Dobson and to those gathering this week in St. Paul.

    Your faithful servant and former seminarian,

    Michael Moore

    P.S. To all of God’s fellow children who are reading this, the city New Orleans has not yet recovered from Katrina. Please click here for a list of things you can do to help our brothers and sisters on the Gulf Coast. And, if you do live along the Gulf Coast, please take all necessary safety precautions immediately.

  139. McCain summed it up.

    Palin leading the charge against the corruption in her party while Bo was voting present and running for President.

    Enough Said.

    Puma Happy

    Hillary or McCain 2009 – you choose.

  140. HATSHESPUT1988 is A SHE????

  141. I’m catching up upthread:

    Michelina, Hillary is not going ANYWHERE. She has forged a permanent place of respect and passion in the country and world. Don’t worry about her–she is going to do great things.

    Carol: can you give us anymore detail about the Morning Shows. I can’t stomach them. How did McCain answer the “Palin is ‘Not Ready to Lead’ accusation?” I saw a bit of Lindsay Graham trying to answer it, and he kept saying BO was not as qualified as she is, but it sounded weak when it came to her lack of foreign policy experience. They have to be able to nail that response.

  142. I like to spread nasty gossip.


  143. michelina: You are absolutely wrong about this. Hat has been a contributor and has written both songs and poems on past blogs in support of Hillary and to show her disdain for the DNC.

    We have enough troll infestation to begin labeling our own as such. I appreciate your outrage regarding the slanderous coverage of Palin, but the commentator was merely seeking validation that the information was bogus.

  144. The boyz thought they were home free with Clinton off the ticket. Seems like we will endure the “locker room revealed” for the rest of the campaign!

  145. hat has been here a long time. has participated in every fund raiser.


  146. I deleted michelina’s comment. Just because.

  147. MICHELINA: You’re the IGNORANT ONE, go to Palin’s house? What in the world are you talking about? Thanks for the defense friends….

  148. Hey everyone! This Don Fowler thing is good for PUMAs. People are starting to realize why we hate the DNC.

  149. Obama cares about the health and happiness of American women. Periodically when women feel blue they need extra government protection.

    To protect their health, and the health of their babies, pregnant women should not talk on telephones or have access to the intenet. They should not watch television of listen to radio.

    They may however change diapers, nurse babies, amuse toddlers,scrub floors, do laundry, cook, bake, clean, iron, and wash windows.

  150. Mawm, gary: Now I am really worried. Driving the Pumamobile into the heart of Chicago, which we all know is a hotbed of Obama fever, leave me very unsettled.

  151. On Liberal Rapture it was predicted that it would be an outside event that would swing the election – he wasn’t saying which side it would favor or what kind of event it would be, but I think Gustav might be it.

  152. The very last thing we need is to turn on one another. This will only play into the hands of “the enemy”.

  153. Arabella Trefoil – LOL!

    You forgot “talk to their pastors and husbands” so they can gain further instruction into how they should think and behave.

  154. McCain summed it up.

    Palin leading the charge against the corruption in her party while Bo was voting present and running for President.

    She’s spent time in Kuwait with her National Guard troops that she is in charge of.

    Runs the state with the largest footprint – a huge economy.

    20% of our energy comes from there.

    Been on the Energy Commission board – turned in the corruption.

    Fought with the Senators and sitting Governor over the bridge to nowhere – she won.

    Got rid of the Governor’s jet and other wasteful spending.

    Negotiated energy with Canada.

  155. Pat, we are going into the belly of the beast.

  156. Arabella—I can’t stop laughing!

  157. Hatshepsut1988 has been a commenter here for months.

    For heaven’s sake — The Site Administrators are taking care of trolls. Starting unnecessary fights will not be tolerated any more than trollish behavior.

  158. Karolina NYC, on August 31st, 2008 at 10:56 am Said:

    Thanks for the full text re Michael Moore’s comments.

  159. The guys are taking the Pumamobilie into the belly of the beast?

    The Chicago cops work for Mayor Daley

    So does Teh Precious

    So does most of the state of Illinois

  160. I know this is slightly off topic and might offend some people …please believe me when I say this is in no way meant to offend anyone, but i have to get this off my chest regarding Michael Moore and I am throwing Oprah in as a bonus .

    When is someone going to ask Michael Moore how he takes any responsibilty for HIS OWN health care issues, instead of being a sickening display of his own gross neglect ? He is hardly a shining example of health care . Instead I suppose he wants to ensure HE will be taken care of . I think his motives are selfish ,and he does not really care about other people .

    I am aware that people have issues regarding weight and I have been one of them .
    I was recently channel surfing and happened upon an Oprah show with Michael Moore once again expounding about health care . Obesity is one of the greatest health care problems we are dealing with in this country , and trust me when i tell you dealing with the health care of an over 300 lb person whether in the hospital or at home is more than daunting , and costly in terms of equipment and personnel.
    But there they both sat, Oprah and Michael; in all their grotesque glory, telling the rest of the world what to do about health care , and taking not a whit of responsibility for their own .
    So, for Michael Moore to be laughing about a hurricane hitting New Orleans on another show , with Keith Olberman ; is just another perfect example of his insensitivity and lack of personal responsibilty and also extreme bias on both their parts , no matter how many gratuitous ” I hope no one gets hurt ” statements he throws in as disclaimers . He disgusted me before and even more so now.

  161. Mawm,

    when you and GCH head down 1-94 towards Chicago and pass the turn off for Kenosha, south of Milwaukee,
    {{{wave}}} at me, I’m one of your fans.

  162. please delete zbk at 10:58. The Sunday morning troll snuck in to spread the Chelsea joke AGAIN. I just can’t get over how juvenile and STUPID these “people” are! Never a reason to vote FOR their candidate, only nasty, toxic comments about anyone and everyone else. Ick.

  163. This video is stomach turning. I still consider myself to be a Democrat but I don’t believe that the Democratic Party exists anymore. It has been kidnapped and replaced by the Post-Partisan Party where the leadership behaves exactly like the worst of the Republican Party.

    As for Michael Moore, what on earth happened to him? First, he wanted Caroline Kennedy to be BO’s running mate, then he stated that McCain was not a war hero (regardless of how you feel about the Vietnam War, this is not a winning strategy), and now he comments that Gustav may be a good thing. He has jumped several sharks all in a very short time.

  164. Hey folks, no pie fights or flame wars until after I get caffeinated.

    I don’t want to miss anything

  165. michelina: drop it. We’re all jumpy these days with the rampant trolls and sometimes we make a mistake and slam someone because we don’t recognize the name. It’s not a competition about who’s been here longer. It’s over, let it go.

  166. Morning miiq! (((waves)))

  167. oops mYiq. I need java 2.

  168. Misunderstanding. Stay focused we need everyone to fight the real enemy.

  169. Hi arabella. We didn’t have time to put “Strong yet gracefule in repose” on the PUMA mobile, but it will be going up on it when we get back home.

    Ahh, mawm. That is so sweet.

    Hatepsut is one of my homies. I vouch for her. She is NOT a troll, nor does she play one on TV.

  170. “A Long Time Coming
    This Is for all Women of the World

    We’d like to ask LADIES ONLY to leave comments in our comment section on this video….thank you so much.

  171. michelina,

    You are a long time friend and I don’t want to offend you. But, let’s argue without name-calling.

  172. Do you want us to stop, kenoshaMarge? Are you free today?

  173. If I was McCain and I was asked if Palin was ready to lead, I would say:

    “She won’t be leading, I will”

  174. Michael Moore, like so many blog sites we had once visited, thinks of himself in terms of “kingmaker” to this campaign. When he dissed Hillary’s UHC plan in favor of Obama’s watered down version after his movie “Sicko”, I knew he had jumped the shark so to speak

    These pundits and talking heads prefer to look the other way while Obama pillages the party and the principles it once stood for. Therefore, going forward, we must refuse to take them or any of their mission statements, seriously.

  175. Michelina: I don’t have a clue what you’re saying in your garbled post….”tell lme what you know about them?” My thanks went to my defenders.

  176. 2.5 MILLION HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  177. Thanks for the summary Carol!

  178. 2.5 million hits! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! I’d call on Rico, but he gave me too many whiskeys last night!

    Congrats and many thanks to all the Conflucians who work so hard to make this such a fantabulous site!

  179. OK FIF, I’ll DROP IT,

    I did go back and re read what you told me,

    Take The same ADVICE, it’s all there.

    Say what you will, I still say, IT IS WHAT IT IS !!

  180. myiq: I am still turning over your comments last night regarding your past, you little devil you!


  182. Busted Moore! SHould have quit while you were ahead. Backpeddling now trying to seem concerned for all the people of New Orleans, Gulf Coast region.

    Boycott all future Michael Moore movies. Period.

  183. If you see a comment you disagree with, attack the comment, not the commenter.

  184. myiq – He did this morning on Chris Wallace. And then said she has demonstrated she has the judgment to lead and has proved it.

    Everyone does not have to be an expert. They will be surrounded by experts. Then presented with the choices they make the decision.

    My manager doesn’t asked for the details just the choices – he trusts me with everything before if there is a question I need to take to him.

    Leadership is chosing the course, managing is working the details.

  185. Pat:

    I have no recollection of that

  186. Congratulations on the 2.5 million, RD!

  187. Who wants a mimosa?

  188. CNN Breaking News:

    President Bush, Vice President Cheney to skip Republican convention because of Hurricane Gustav, White House says.

  189. Michael Moore might have a little more credibility if he took a bath and shaved every so often. I have never had a weight problem but I can certainly empathize with people who struggle with this every day. However, as a spokesman for health care issues, he might heed the warnings that obesity is on the rise and contributes heavily to the cost of healthcare. But it seems he would rather preach then act so taking him seriously is moot.

  190. myiq: Clever! As usual.

  191. I am in moderation with Cheney and Bush!

  192. President Bush has discovered, eight years too late, that FEMA is not “an entitlement program.”

  193. Mawm—I sent an e-mail to you and Gary.

  194. You are? I don’t see anything?

  195. Karolina – well at least that’s good. It doesn’t make up for Katrina though.

  196. katiebird: I received the message when I submitted. No big deal.

  197. The gives President Cheney and his ventriloquist dummy and excuse to stay out of sight during the convention

  198. State: I agree. You should email that to the McCain camp on their “contact us” link. Most people do not know that as State Senator BO only served 55 days/year! I was shocked when I learned that. And what did he accomplish during that time?It was only in the last year that he got a few things done, and evidence shows that he (as usual) stole the work done by others via Emil Jones, Chicago Godfather, and his name was slapped on it, because they were preparing for his run in the Senate.

  199. Arabella – I DO, I do!!!

    2.5 million of them! (kidding)

  200. Staying away from the convention is the best thing that could happen to McCain. This way it looks like he and Palin alone which only serves their interests. Bush is so totally irrelevant as of now and Cheney…… well who brings the devil to the dance anyway?

  201. State: I agree. You should email that to the McCain camp on their “contact us” link. Most people do not know that as State Senator BO only served 55 days/year! I was shocked when I learned that. And what did he accomplish during that time?It was only in the last year that he got a few things done, and evidence shows that he (as usual) stole the work done by others via Emil Jones, Chicago Godfather, and his name was slapped on it, because they were preparing for his run in the Senate.

    And if you do, please mention the part about NO fulltime jobs. I think someone on the McCain campaign is listening and they might actually pay attention.

  202. I can’t imagine how they would handle Convention if they HAVE to include Bush/Cheney. McCain does not need to be linked to them in any way. No one wants to see them again anyway. Head back to Crawford and drive around in your pickup Georgie, you’re done.

  203. fif: Correct. But who in the MSM, other than attack dog Hannity, has ever brought that up as an issue? Think hard. Exactly. NO ONE!

  204. Oh, I had to go back and see that it was Breaking News. That’s confirmed. Perfect for McCain. What a downer to see them at the Convention as if to say: “Remember how we sucked for 8 years?!”

  205. Obama’s economic plan:
    I believe in affirmative action and reparations for white males. What is the number one cause of unemployment? The cause is women taking all the good jobs away from men. Everybody has to sacrifice for the good of the United States of America.

    The Obama administration will call upon women to stay home and raise families. Or they can take the highly desirable jobs that illegal immigrants risk their lives to find here in the United States of America.
    Instead of Rosie the Riveter, I’m talking about Louise the Leaf Blower, and Dora the Dishwasher.

    Remember, ladies, Mexicans walk through deserts and risk their lives to attain these jobs.

  206. If the GOP has any “bombshells” in preparation, they will not drop them until after this hurricane subsides and McCain makes his acceptance speech. Please GOP, say you have the goods to kick the pedestal out from under the Obama sham!

  207. I know, why hasn’t FOX been more diligent as they have in the past. Many have said they are just waiting for the Convention to be over. Well, it’s over now, so let’s see if they were just on hold or if they have lost the ability to actually investigate too.

  208. Good morning, all.

    Katiebird, would you be willing to update your post with a transcript of the video? The audio is a little hard to make out.


  209. I heard that Bush will speak to the convention on video link now. He was actually supposed to be there in person.

    It may seem stupid, but the Republicans know that loyalty to your presidents is essential. I wish the Dems were that smart.

  210. Let’s remember to forgive when people are truly repentent. It should be met with more than just words if they are a public figure. Michael now needs to work off his “ignorant statement” by bringing something of value to the table. He can get down there after the hurricane and put in hard labor.

    Fowler can admit he is a lying dirty birdy and committed fraud. Then work to give us our Hillary.

    Everyone makes mistakes as evidenced by the last post.

  211. Pat Johnson, on August 31st, 2008 at 11:23 am Said:

    Staying away from the convention is the best thing that could happen to McCain. This way it looks like he and Palin alone which only serves their interests. Bush is so totally irrelevant as of now and Cheney…… well who brings the devil to the dance anyway?


    That should wipe the smile off Fowler’s face.

  212. Phoenix, Do you know if anyone else has posted a transcript? If not I’ll try to do it.

  213. Why am I in moderation?

  214. Plural, they must also know that Bush has so damaged the Republican brand that the less of Bush/Cheney the public sees, the better.

  215. Katiebird, I’ll look for a transcript and report back, thanks again.

  216. Both of the big parties are divided between leadership and the rank & file members.

    Both parties have been taken over by corrupt oligarchies that do not truly share or reflect the values of the bulk of their members.

    McCain had to kiss ass and play the party unity game to get the nomination. Now he can take it to the members.

    Koresh willing, Hillary will be bringing it to us in four years.

  217. President Bush, Vice President Cheney to skip Republican convention because of Hurricane Gustav, White House says.

    This can only be good news for the republicans.

  218. Democrats and smart do not belong in the same sentence. They just blew their chances by pushing Hillary off to the side and banking on The One to carry them over. Eight years of Hillary, followed by 8 years of Obama, would have made a huge difference to the electorate. Instead, they dissed their base and continue to believe that the empty suit can win. We’ll see.

  219. MAWM: Hokiebird land is essentially on the way from Chicago to NC—please consider stopping by–possibly, if you have time, get out of your bus for a day and occupy a large guest house of mine floating above the mountains…writing this here in case you don’t get e-mails…..Let me know.

  220. excellent news for McCain on Bush Cheney

  221. The GOP are much more proficient at messaging and media management

    They won’t drop bombs this week, because they want the focus to be on McCain/Palin.

    I’m guessing that the bombing starts next week.

  222. Thank you sm77! The greatest risk factor for Down’s syndrome is the mother being over the age of 40. I gave birth to a child a few months after my 40th birthday and I still remember how frightened I was when my OB/GYN discussed all the increased risk factors due to my age. Thank God, my youngest didn’t have Down’s syndrome, although it was a rough birth and we spent the first two years of his life seeing an array of pediatric specialists. You’d never know it to see him now, but he was so sick as a baby. By the way, Alan Colmes, you @ss, Down’s syndrome is caused by an extra 21st chromosome–a defect that exists AT CONCEPTION. Nothing can change it; not good pre-natal care, not avoiding travel, NOTHING. Sheesh.

  223. I posted this late last night, but I’m going to repeat it this morning.

    I make a prediction: how long do you think it will take BO to COPY McCain’s trip to Mississippi and be on the ground to “help” in the hurricane effort. He will then receive tons of fawning coverage for pretending to be presidential. Fortunately, Palin has now created media buzz, so they won’t ignore McCain altogether. I still can’t believe people are serious about making this amateur president???

  224. Must take Eddy out for his morning constitution. So much “rehab” is required since he left TX. He is just beginning to speak complete sentences and no longer needs a nite light. What really happened down there?????

  225. fif – The very thing the Mississipians need is an imitation Greek temple.

  226. All the angry chihuahuas of Obamanation are doing by yapping about Troopergate and stoopid stuff like that is they are drawing attention to Palin.

    So next week, a bunch of people who weren’t gonna watch the convention will tune in to see what the ruckus is about.

    And they will see a candidate who is smart, attactive and very personable (she won Miss Congeniality) and who isn’t “ooga booga” scary.

  227. Arabella lol! Obambi is so effete, I can’t picture him getting his hands dirty, lifting sandbags and tromping through the mud.

  228. Isn’t “Troopergate” almost the exact opposite of Dukasis and his answer to the “What if someone raped your wife” question?

    We’re not talking about rape here. But we have a pretty good idea that she wouldn’t just sit back if she thought someone in her family was attacked.

    And I’m still not sure what she did that was so wrong.

  229. Wow!

    I just checked my dashboard, and yesterday I had 1000 hits at Klownhaus.

    That’s a personal best

  230. To clarify the issue about Down’s Syndrome: The incidence is higher in older women. It is due to an CHROMOSOMAL ABNORMALITY, not due to flying around in an airplane at 8mos pregnant or stress. It happens very early in the division of cells. Any high school student, who has taken biology should know this. The bots are kooks and idiots. Jeez.

  231. 🙂 That’s wonderful, MyIQ!

  232. Katiebird, the following partial transcript is being reported on several sites:

    “The hurricane’s going to hit New Orleans about the time they start. [Chuckle] The timing is — at least it appears now that it’ll be there Monday. That just demonstrates that God’s on our side. [Laughter] Everything’s cool.”

  233. Phoenix, could you give me a link to one of them? I really appreciate your help.

  234. Bob somerby at Daily Howler talks about the power of narratives.

    For decades the narrative has been that Democrats are elitists, unamerican and weak.

    Republicans are “regular people” who are patriotic and will protect you.

    Troopergate reinforces the “will protect you” narrative.

  235. On Discovery Channel, Bear Grills (Hotel using wuss) is tracking pumas in Patagonia. (“Man vs. Wild”)

    Get him, pumas!

  236. This link includes the transcript, the video clip, and a response by the South Carolina GOP:


  237. Tough man wannabe Bear Grilles hides behind a rock and builds a fire so that he can spend the night in the wilds of Patagonia in puma territory.

    “OK, fellahs. Cut. That’s a wrap for the day. time to go back to the hotel. Who’s buying the drinks tonight?”

  238. Who is posting stuff today?

    I’m gonna do a post about narratives, but it will take me a couple cups of coffee first

  239. Don Fowler must have hooves and a tail.

    Sarah Palin pregnancy pics for KOS lurkers, neener neener:


  240. Pat J. – Did you catch this comment from your Senator?

    “It’s almost insulting to the Hillary supporters,” Kerry said, calling Palin a “Cheneyesque social conservative …”

    I’m not insulted by Palin – but i am insulted by all of the old men in the Senate who could not wait to trash Hillary.

  241. Phoenix, I just can’t make myself link to redstate. I never go there myself and I don’t want to give anyone the idea that it’s affiliated with us in any way. That’s why I got the video directly from YouTube.

    With your link here in the comments, people can follow it on their own if they want more information.

    That guy at Redstate is the one who took the video. Fowler was sitting in front of him on the plane.

  242. sm77, on August 31st, 2008 at 11:11 am Said:
    2.5 MILLION HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Amazing. First time I read RD’s writing, I knew there was something special here.

  243. Oh, I forgot one part of the narratives:

    Republicans are “people of faith” while Democrats are atheists or Devil worshippers.

    So they tried to sell Obama as a person of faith. But his connection to religion is Rev. Wright, who reinforces the “unamerican/unpatriotic” narrative.

    Then they tired to attack McCain on religion with the “cross in the dirt” wankfest. But that story just reinforces the “patriotic” and “will keep you safe” narratives because it hightlights that he was a war hero and a POW

  244. MyIQ, Madamab has something but, I asked her to wait for RD’s morning post.

  245. Sorry I misspelled your name Bear. It’s Bear Grylls.


    He reminds me of Obama because he is a big fake. On the other hand, I have a weak spot for Brits, so Bear Grylls gets a pass.

    We are back from commercial now. Bear Grylls is watching the sun rise in Patagonia. Wow, he looks clean for a guy who spent the night sleeping under a rock.
    He is out to find the wild Patagonian puma.

  246. Cross posted from HireHeels and GretaWire

    thanks for the link to greta. here’s my post:

    this is one proud puma who joined because of election corruption and the mccarthy-like tactics used by obama in his campaign. they’ve denounced 18 million voters as racist, a lying allegation that only fuels divisiveness in this country all for the sake of nominating a clueless, incompetent and very damaging candidate. however small or large the puma movement, what is important is i now know there are other american citizens out there who deplore and have the courage to speak out against the hate-mongering and election “engineering” of democrat ‘leadership’.

    the misogynistic hatred speaks for itself, has been recorded for posterity (what a legacy), and continues. sarah palin has been criticized for having given birth to a special needs child by liberals? this is beyond reprehensible. since colmes of fox news has joined in on that very despicable meme, please inform him that palin makes her own biological choices. it is not his business, hence the term “pro-choice”. how old was rose kennedy when she gave birth to teddy? answer: doesn’t matter, because that isn’t any of colmes’s business either.

    obama has created a democratic party that is unrecognizable to many of us, a party that is rigid, dictatorial and vindictive. it is a party that now exploits racism, sexism, religion and even downs’ syndrome for the sake of its very weak candidate and his very insecure followers.

    no, i won’t support that and i want to thank the founders of puma for taking the high road and providing leadership out of the waste land.

  247. Actually, the hurricane could be seen as God helping the Republicans if they decide to have a SINGLE night where McCain and Palin are nominated and they declare that all of the unused funds will go to hurricane relief! IF the Republicans ant to encourage a vision of change, they scarcely need people to see McCain juxtaposed with Bush associates!
    Just imagine Palin and McCain taking off to help with hurricane reflief right after they accept the nomination! Her husband could help out with one of his fishing boats.
    But SERIOUSLY I think it would be a BRILLLIANT show of commitment to serve people (and do things differently than Bush) rather than twitter money away on balloons and the gaudy show the DNC put on. Sarah, a one-time sports reporter, could be seen interviewing various people escaping the hurricane and Cindy and John seen bring in supplies, help with shelters, etc. THAT would be GODSEND for the Republicans!

  248. I can do a caption this in the meantime MYIQ

  249. Don’t you love how people who have been dissing us for months now think they can speak for us?

    I haven’t seen any PUMAs who say they feel insulted by the selection of Palin.

    Even the ones who disagree with her politics and think McCain was just pandering are happy to see SOMEONE pandering to us.

  250. Having lunch with in-laws….using their connection….

    so babygate and troopergate, eh?

    ex-Rs and Reagan Ds….ummhh.

  251. Understood, Katiebird. Feel free to delete my comment with the link, if you want to.

  252. “Democrats are atheists or Devil worshippers”

    yup, and yup….

  253. The Rise and Hall of Mahagony is on PBS in NY.

    “Show Me the Way to the Next Whiskey Bar” is in this one, I think.

    Oh, Patty Lupone is in this.

  254. Another huge storm coming up the east side of Florida. I guess Fowler will be getting a 2 for 1.

  255. Carol – is it going to hit Jacksonville?

  256. “Just imagine Palin and McCain taking off to help with hurricane reflief right after they accept the nomination! ”

    What I cannot wait for is for O and Biden to be shown in hunting gear in the most transcendental gun-loving-photo-op ever (preferably in the Ozarks)…. you know it is coming, right?

  257. Obama will ask his supporters to text mail the people in Mississippi and ask them if they are all OK>

  258. RD is coming up with a post any minute!

  259. yes i was thinking the very same thing Hatshepsut,!!! about the RNC convention and would it not be a stark contrast to theDemographic Party Hollywood spare no expense 6 million dollar extravaganza to coronate the “one”

  260. So EITHER Palin covered up for her daughter’s pregnancy …
    OR she gave a speech and then took an 8 hour flight after her water broke (at 44 with her 5th child)?

    Either way a disqualifying bizarre display of lack of judgement?

  261. Arabella I don’t know. It just looks like it will hit on the east side of Florida. Of course it could cross and wind up in the Gulf.

  262. Jeralyn has jumped the shark and landed in the koolaid tank.

    In her 99th post on Troopergate, someone asked “didn’t he taser an 11 year old?

    Jeralyn’s response was “The issue is ethics and Palin’s involvement, not whether the trooper deserved to be fired. The GOP is parading her as a reformer and ethics champion.”

    But any questions about Obama’s ethics vis-a-vis Ayers and Rezko are “swiftboating.”

    BTW – don’t disagree with Comrade Jeralyn unless you want to be deleted.

  263. Jimmy – Fuck Off.

  264. I don’t know, Jimmy. I’ve never had a child so I couldn’t presume to say. Sarah Palin had 4 previous pregnancies. And I’m guessing she had some expectations for how that last one might go. And thus probably based her “judgement” on that experience.

    How about you? How many pregnancies have you had?

  265. Carol – interesting, but would you care to answer the question? NO? Agree then?

  266. Palin lead her HS b-ball team to a state championship with a broken bone in her foot.

    That’s one tough lady

  267. We don’t answer questions unless you have a subpoena

  268. No Jimmy. We are not interested in your pathetic childish game.

    Cleanup on Jimmy please.

  269. Is dimmy jimmy an OB/Gyn?

  270. Riverdaughter’s Sunday post is up

  271. You may think you answered my question. But, I’m wound up now and not going to let this go. I demand that you continue to respond to my inane comments.

    (Edited to more accurately reflect the intent of the comment)

  272. myiq2xu said: “Don’t you love how people who have been dissing us for months now think they can speak for us?

    I haven’t seen any PUMAs who say they feel insulted by the selection of Palin.”

    LOL, this is so true. I turned on This Week for about 2 minutes. Just in time to hear all declare that Clinton’s supporters would not vote for Palin.

  273. I’m just here to bug people. I’ve got nothing of value to add to your conversation.

    (Edited to more accurately reflect the intent of the comment)

  274. Swanspirit—glad you agree
    Not only would it be a way to avoid positioning McCain with the bad-old boys, it would create a buoyant feeling of admiration and esprit de corps to see what would amount to a degree of heroism! Even just to demonstrate a willingness to THROW AWAY THE SCRIPT (much as mcCain did with Palin) when the times call for it, or when it would benefit others! Think of the PICTURES—maybe even Guliani, in lieu of his keynote address, could do a mini-replay of his “command center” from 9/11, coordinating rescue operations, providing generators, etc.

    While some of what I wrote is jokey, I really and truly think it would be the most effective illustration of the potential to have a government that TAKES ACTION, and is ready to toss away the prepared routine to help people….And Sarah is an absolute natural at this sort of thing!

  275. Agree about Jeralyn, myiq. Fortunately, the line, “whoever kidnapped JM,” can now be applied to both Josh Marshall and Jeralyn. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad. The only posts I read now are BTD’s.

  276. I found it curious that she would give a speech and board an 8 hour plane if her water had broken

    Well, if the whole thing was fake who would bother to make up such a story? Good lord, this is embarrassing. I should have known from experience that there’s no low the blogs won’t stoop to, but here I am being surprised again.

  277. Pat Johnson your posts are great! I enjoy all of them.

    I have believed that BO’s lame Universal Health Care plan reflects the fact that Michelle Obama is a hospital administrator. As a nurse, I believe that both non-profit and for-profit hospitals are all about making money not to mention health insurance companies and BO’s plan seems to favor them.

  278. My 2 Cents about some of the comments here:

    First off, I was stunned to read that Downs Syndrome comment; that Palin (not that I’m sticking up for a Repub) did not take care of herself and all that crap. I had my FIRST child when I was 40 (she’s 21 now). Palin had her last baby when she was 44!! I can vouch that it is common procedure to have an amneosyntesis (sp?) solely for the purpose of checking to see if you have a Down’s Syndrome baby; you have to watch a movie as well beforehand about Down’s Syndrome. Why? Because you have what is known as a high risk preg. when you are older than 40 due to age; your chances of having a Down’s Syndrome baby go up DRAMATICALLY. It is a very scary thing and unfortunately, Sarah’s pregnancy didn’t turn out as she had hoped. But I can guarantee that she loves that baby and blaming her for the syndrome is ridiculous.

    Michael Moore: I used to be a fan – I have his movies and some books. I just have one question – he used to love Hillary; but changed his mind when she voted for the war; how can he support this ticket while Biden voted for the war? (Becuz he has been so outspoken about Hill’s vote.) ALSO – how can he support BO when BO voted for the FISA bill? I am going to write Michael and hope that he answers.

  279. Jimmy, on August 31st, 2008 at 12:21 pm Said:
    I’m just here to bug people. I’ve got nothing of value to add to your conversation.

    OMG…that’s the most honest thing I have ever heard a
    Barry troll say.

  280. Annetoo, you do realize that the “Barry troll” didn’t actually say that.

    (Edited to more accurately reflect the intent of the comment)

  281. I can’t wait for that Don Folwer video to hit the air-waves.
    I’d love to be the fly-on-the-wall; to witness the “temper-tantrum”
    Obama must be having to watch McCain “take-charge” of the

  282. I am embarrassed to admit that I bought one of Michael Moore’s books. I will never buy anything written or produced by him again. You can tell from the video that Moore knew what he said was wrong the second after he said it and even Olbermann gave an incredulous look. Moore only hurts the Left. What he needs to do is get a shave, take off his ridiculous caps, buy a clean shirt, and start thinking before he speaks.

  283. Looks like maybe Don Fowler miscalculated whose side God is actually on. I read that Cheney and Bush will be skipping the pug convention to “oversee” the expected catastrophe of Gustav. That is a HUGE plus for McCain/Palin; they just shed their heaviest burden, having Preznit Dimbulb hanging around to spoil their party.

  284. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again –

    The “leaders: of this Democratic Party HAVE NO CLASS! As in tasteless, arrogant and selfish fat assed bastards.

    I live in Alabama and anyone who wishes for a hurricane should be boned up the ass!

  285. Oh – and BTW – Micheal Moore is a self serving greedy moron who has started his own “Feed the Pig” foundation to subsidise his snack food budget.

  286. I feel better now……… sry about the tirade

  287. This is awful. Truly shocking, disgusting, and sickening.

    Fowler needs to go. Now.

    And why he’d ever think this was OK to say is horrifying. Really, really, really bad.


  288. This kind of silliness happens all the time It is called Republicans and Democrats
    Stopping the divison would be the smartest thing we ever did for our One Nation….United we stand divided we fall

  289. I watched this about 10 times and I don’t see it as anything more than a tit for tat comment…that stupid preacher praying for a rain out…or just a flat statement of fact that the hurricane is going to hit at exactly the right time to disrupt the republican convention. Out of context (as these snippets always are) it appears like a heartless statement of fact, the slight chuckle does not mean he is hoping for New Orleans to suffer, rather that the convention is disrupted…after that preacher PRAYED for God to intervene against the DEMS…this seems a bit less than shocking.

  290. What do you expect from people who attacked Palin because she has a child with down syndrome. I love it when they start saying she caused it (thanks for that one Alan Colmes), or when they think it is awful for her to love that child.

    Stay classy Democrats…

  291. Why are those bandages on Fowler’s hand? Has he been receiving an IV drip of Kool-Aid?

  292. “after that preacher PRAYED for God to intervene against the DEMS”

    Um, Phelps is nuts, but he didn’t pray for God to kill the Dems or anything, just for a little rain to fall on them. If you really don’t understand how there’s no real moral equivalence between that and sitting there chuckling at the prospect of a storm that could kill hundreds of people because it might also shut down the RNC, then you probably also don’t understand why no one wants Don Fowler’s party in charge of the country. It’s kind of a vile thought thinking of people gathered in the White House cheering because a devestating human tragedy is going to happen in a Republican district.

  293. Praying for rain vs hoping a hurricane hits do not equal each other………..it’s like comparing throwing a snowball to being hit with a ton of ice.

    Again, more CLASSLESS rhetoric trying to defend the undefendable.

  294. Tit for tat? The person who prayed for rain at Obama’s spectacle was not a Republican party leader or politician representing American government. The person who thought Katrina was the lords vengeance on New Orleans was not a Republican leader or politician.

    Don Fowler is a Democratic political leader who is supposed to be thinking of the welfare of all Americans. Not just Democrats. He is not supposed to be laughing about Americans livelihoods and lives being blown away because if might make it possible for Democrats to win in November.

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