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Welcome New Readers!

We’ve been checking our site statistics an have noticed a huge spike in the number of people who have caught onto PUMA Power.  We are Democrats and our mission and purpose is to wrest the Democratic party back from the young, ideological thugs who have temporarily taken up space with teh DNC.

Our message to you is simple:  You own your own vote.  You can cast it for whomever you like.  As a Democrat, you are under no obligation to support the ticket if you do not think it was won fairly.  As a Democratic primary voter, you went to the polls in your state and cast your vote in good faith that your intentions would be recognized and honored.  We now know this was not the case.  Your state spent millions of taxpayer dollars to run the primary for the Democratic party but the party felt no obligation to follow its own processes.  Your state extended the courtesy to the party but if you feel that the party did not act in good faith, you may want to contact your State Attorney General to lodge a complaint.  The way the primaries and convention were conducted stronlgy suggests a pre-determined outcome and it that is true, the primaries were nothing but a sham and a fraud perpetrated on voters by the members of the DNC.

Going forward, we will be forming a New Democratic Party for those of us who consider ourselves true Democrats.  We will be supporting and endorsing downtciket Democrats to ensure divided government in the wake of the McCain/Palin victory in November.  Please see PUMAPac for details.

And if you are so inclined, help us pay off Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt.  As little as $10 combined with all of the other contributions will go a long way to settling the obligations to small vendors.  The Obama fundraisers were supposed to help us do it but they reneged on their promises to do so.

Thanks for checking in.  We know it can’t have been easy for you during the convention last week.  We saw a brilliant, energetic, dedicated public servant get a pretty raw deal from her party.  But we are not wallowing in our beer.  We are motivated to take our party back.   So, find a buddy, hold hands, stick together and, united, we will make the powers that be the powers that *were*. You are not alone.

Roll Call!  Tell us where you’re from.

237 Responses

  1. Beautiful video. “If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”


    Geeklove – Goddess of the Audio Visualness.

    RD – is the orange bow for the orange pantsuit?

  3. Gustav swells to dangerous Cat 4 storm off Cuba

    HAVANA – Gustav swelled into a fearsome Category 4 hurricane with winds of 145 mph (235 kph) on Saturday as Cuba raced to evacuate more than 240,000 people and Americans to the north clogged highways fleeing New Orleans. Dangerous And Deadly Hurricane approaching. Please make the neccessary step to insure your safey.

    Visit http://victimshelpingvictims.com and donate to their efforts to help save lives.

    The group at victims helpimg victims are a good group of people they need your HELP folks.

  4. sm77: the orange riibbon is for the N.O.T. campaign (nothing on top). Orange has been the PUMAPac colors and we wore orange T-shirts and carried Orange balloons in Denver. I think Hillary was recognizing us when she wore orange at her speech.

  5. Have the founders of the New Democratic Party taken into account the possibility of legal action by Democrats? Given what Ralph Nader experienced, I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. This movement could become a real threat to their powermongering, hegemonic behavior and fascistic tactics.

  6. I thought Gustav was a Cat 2! Oh Boy.

    It’s raining cat’s & dogs here in Tam,pa – If it’s Gustav’s break off bands, then this storm is HUGE.

  7. I love the orange. Just like Bush stole “No Child Left Behind” from Hillary, we can take a little poke at Cheetoville.

  8. Riverdaughter – so it was the other way around?????


    I’ll go TOPLESS for N.O.T.!!

  9. Beautiful tribute,keep going PUMAS!

  10. Senator McCain has just released news he may cancel the convention due to Gustav,

    “It would be inappropriate to have a celebration while fellow Americans are in harms way”.

    Current evacuations underway by bus, then on to Memphis.
    We had a call out to churches over the last two days getting ready, gathering what is needed and trucking items into Memphis.

  11. Roll call!
    Riverdaughter: Central New Jersey
    Profession: Computational chemist

  12. Samanthasmom: Boston area
    Profession: Educator

  13. Madamab: New York City
    Profession: Singer, Web Designer, IT Consultant

  14. SwanSpirit :OceanCity Maryland (aka Swannie)
    Profession : Registered Nurse
    Avocation : Internet Radio Station Owner
    & Creatorand Hostess of Goddess Radio

  15. CindyTX: Northeast Texas
    Professtion: Medical office manager

  16. profession, too 🙂

  17. temporarypassenger : nyc
    profession: artist, filmmaker

  18. TeresaA: Sammamish, WA
    Profession: Energy Conservation Technical Analyst.

    BTW: Anybody read Jim Vandenhei’s article on the 6 reasons McCain chose Palin. The first reason: He’s desperate! Would Vandenhei have said the same thing had McCain chosen a man with the same credentials?

    Hard to believe these MEN can write articles while holding onto their balls. They’re apparently very coordinated.

    Here’s a link:


  19. SM/sm77: Tampa, FL
    Profession: Marketing/advertising freelancer

  20. alegre’s corner traffic is going crazy, too. the only downside are the influx of trolls.


    location: north florida

    profession: psychologist

  21. i posted this last nite on another blog—if i remember correctly, mr bo stated in his speech that he would work towards equal pay for women—well, wasn’t it said that women on his payroll were paid less than the men??

    that would be a good ad for mccain.

  22. T – LOL!

    He wrote that with one hand!

  23. Hard to believe these MEN can write articles while holding onto their balls. They’re apparently very coordinated.

    I heard this AWFUL comment about Palin being “dan Qualyle in a Dress” So can Icall Obama “Dan Quayle with a tan”? Dan Qualye, as dumb as rocks as he was, is still more qualified than Obama!

  24. KenoshaMarge
    Profession: Secretary/retired

  25. They think McCain is desperate? Please. They haven’t seen desperate until they get a load of Lady MacBama’s face on Election Eve!

  26. catarina
    Boston, MA
    tax professional

  27. NO( hehehe ) You cant call him that because Dan Quayle actualy made it into office Maybe Walter Mondale with a tan the more biased comments like these these men make.. the more votes they send McCain and Palin …they are running at the mouth and havent a clue

  28. I heard this AWFUL comment about Palin being “dan Quayle in a Dress”

    In my mind’s eye I already see them closing their eyes, tapping their little red slippers and repeating, mantra-like, “she really is Quayle, she really is Quayle…”

  29. tucsonlynn
    Former old Democratic Party activist

  30. swanspirit – LOL! Let them run their mouths – it just shows their fear more.

    I love it when they ball hold and type. They think their manhood is more important than Democracy.

  31. eaj central minnesota
    Social Worker

  32. Huh. I can’t believe none of us are sino-Peruvian Republican lesbians.

    I thought I read that on the Cheeto. Was Markos wrong? oh noooooooo!

  33. Propertius
    Boulder, CO
    High Performance Computing Consultant and incorrigible troublemaker

  34. Los Angeles ‘burbs
    Novelist: 3 published, one in production

  35. Desperate? Ha. I can just picture Rove’s crocodile smile from the time the McCain camp called Obama to congratulate him Thurs night right through this whole loooong weekend.

    Boston area
    project director, former lawyer

  36. DisenfranchisedVoter
    living in New York, NY
    graduate student
    Oh, and to the Obamaphiles: I’m female, young, hot, smart, ivy league educated, and I will NOT under any circumstances vote for Barack Obama.

  37. Profession: Computational chemist

    I wish I had the… molecules for that.

  38. Suziq: Union County New Jersey
    Executive Associate with the same company for 35 years – a dying breed.

  39. madazhel: San Francisco north bay
    professional musician, composer, web master, graphic designer

  40. McCain says they may have to cancel their convention due to Gustav?

    Probably just doesn’t think they need it now


  41. Yeah, um, Johninca – I was pretty intimidated by that myself! LOL

    You go, DV!

  42. Central Florida
    Tour Director

  43. AP Headline Shill of the Hour:

    Obama expresses hope that lessons of Katrina were learned

    Gosh, and here I was thinking that hopey was just a vague platitude.

  44. Indigogrrl
    SW Virgina
    Occupation: graphic artist

  45. Ormond By The Sea, FL. Musician

  46. Per the above AP shill, isn’t it nice that Obama has become the moral arbiter of the AA community. Not that he would ever mention he’s, well, black.

  47. Yeah, That’ll learn’em! Those hurricanes will think twice before they come knockin’ at OUR shores, by golly!

  48. central california

    Freelance mortician

  49. Rollcall: Eastern TN
    Student-Paralegal Degree

  50. Dear Senator Obama,

    Hope is not a plan.


    The citizens of the Gulf Coast and Florida

  51. Roll call:

    Born and raised: midwest
    Adult life: northeast
    Profession: law professor, lawyer

  52. Laura
    Salisbury, CT
    Learnign Specialist

  53. LOLOLOLOL! Freelance mortician?! It’s going to take awhile for me to catch my breath.

  54. WoHH! Can’t compare but this is Me:

    Aunt: Half mother to Nephew, neice and Grand neice (lasted may years)

    Business Owner for 13 years: Till we got divorced, another lovely story

    Work for GOV: Accounts Payable (almost wish they would fire me, so I could move on, but at 50 and the way things are—I can’t but want too.)—-retire in 10 years

  55. Learning Specialist that spells wrong! I am trying to hurry because the libray is closing.

  56. Hi! Conservative White Guy here again. I know I said goodbye once, but this is too funny not to share. I’ve got to warn you though, I can’t confirm any of what you”re about to read, so let’s just say this is all fiction and let it go at that:

    A small group of republican operatives were assigned to lurk on the Confluence. It’s standard Rovian strategy; sow dissent among the enemy. PUMA was not taken seriously at first (Pussies Under Mine All) but after the increasing attacks of the ‘obots’ the question was asked whether the Obama camp knew something they didnt. Then for some bizzare reason there was a scramble to find out if Dobson of Focus On The Family was supporting PUMA. The answer that came back was ‘No, but we will vote third party before we vote pro-choice.’ A study was done that presumed that the Pumas and the fundamentalists would sit this one out. Result: too close to call but leaning McCain. Then they factored in the Ron Paul crowd. Result: still to close to call but leaning Obama. They decided to send an operative to comment in the confluence while pretending to be an ‘obot’. The question to be asked: are you only about Hillary, or would any woman do? The impression they got was that you were mostly about Hillary, but another woman wouldn’t exactly break your heart either. They were freaked. Nobody wanted a repeat of Geraldine Ferraro on the one hand, but on the other hand doing nothing might equal failure too. They needed someone who would be acceptable to Dobson and Puma without underming the arguement that Obama lacked experience. Palin was an inspired choice. Pro-life, mom of five,and a gun nut which plays very well with the NRA and the Ron Paul crowd.

    Go Puma! Certain people in the GOP are staking their careers on you. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, don’t it? 🙂

    BTW, Riverdaughter? You may have more influence than you know. You are being called a potential Patty Murray or Ann Richardson in certain circles. Watch yourself.

  57. Trecy: Phoenix AZ
    Profession: Professor of Nursing

  58. athyrio

    southeastern Montana….

    disabled retiree

    No way, No how, No bama, November!!!!

  59. myiq: don’t the licensing people get after you for that?

  60. roll call:
    Los Angeles area

    The Bamacrats are furious because McCain showed them up in the smarts department. Now they know how much they lost in Hillary! Tough. But it is a lesson they had to learn and which will be completed on November 4.

  61. Got any bodies you need buried?

    We’re having a 2 for 1 special this weekend

  62. RB – That would be funny if Obots were the ones who clued the GOP in that we were a force to be reckoned with!

    LOL, they truly, TRULY are their own worst enemies.

  63. Location: Moved from San Francisco to Seattle.
    Occupation: unemployed, recently finished grad student; wannabe writer

  64. myiq – LOLOLOLOL

  65. Campskunk:


  66. as far as “pandering” to women goes, when did respect become pandering? are we so used to being called names that Mac choosing a female VP must be a “trick”….
    Thank you Johnny Mac for pandering to me. F*ck you DNC for spitting on me and endorsing with your silence the abuse of women

  67. jjmtacoma: Tacoma, WA
    Profession: “retired” System Architect/Data Analyst

  68. Location: Eastern Tennessee
    Occupation: Chemist and Systems Engineer

  69. Hi gqm! I’ve haven’t “seen” you for a while.

  70. Roll call:



    legal secretary

    I’ve posted here a couple of times, but mostly I’m a devoted lurker.

    This weekend, while getting ready to take my daughter up to college, I’m enjoying watching Obamabots’ heads expose over McCain’s excellent choice and perfect timing.

  71. I feel like a Mouseketeer.

    Laken4: Columbus, Georgia
    Occupation: Store Manager

  72. madamab, on August 30th, 2008 at 2:59 pm Said:
    Dear Senator Obama,

    Hope is not a plan.


    The citizens of the Gulf Coast and Florida

    From a Gulf Coaster, THANK YOU!

    OBlahma – get your azz down here and start handing out sandbags & help the elderly get to a safe sanctuary!

  73. We’ve always known we had lurkers from both sides

    We have never been shy about our opinions either.

    No one needed to pose as anything to get answers, and they are consistent no matter who asks (unless we get annoyed, then the answers are snark)

  74. myiq2xu, on August 30th, 2008 at 3:05 pm Said:
    Got any bodies you need buried?

    We’re having a 2 for 1 special this weekend

    If a guy named Gustav calls, hang up the phone!

  75. LAMusing:

    It’s only “pandering” if you don’t approve.

    If you approve, it’s “voter outreach”

  76. You stab ’em, we slab ’em

  77. Jjm, I normally can’t keep up with the threads so don’t comment. You know how to find me beyond the tubes :o)

  78. Robert: That’s hillarious. It sounds all too true. Of course there are operatives on The Confluence. Clever politicians wouldn’t get to be successful if they didn’t know what buttons to push. But I guarantee you, we are sincere, honest Democrats who are progressives and thought that Hillary Clinton was the Democrat’s surest ticket into the White House. She was a true Democrat. And we are not turning our back on her or what she represents.
    Everything that has happened so far has been due to the stupid behavior of the DNC and Axlerod. They are amateurs when it comes to creating lockstep behavior. They don’t know their party at all and they sure as Hell don’t know Hillary Clinton.
    As for running for office, I’ve done that on a small scale. I know I have what it takes to do it and do it well. Some of us were born with canny political instincts but choose not to use them.
    My academic advisor told me I’d have made a great lawyer but I followed my heart and became a scientist. i’ve never regretted it.

  79. Roberta
    Columbus, Ohio
    Education Consultant

  80. Yeah LAMusing,

    doesn’t the pandering crack beat all? As if ALL politicians didn’t pander to get votes.

    Fact is they’re all wetting themselves because McCain, the old fart that supposed to be too senile to know what day it is just made the whole Democratic Party look like a bunch of pinheads.

    And now the Democratic Party is hurrying out to slime Sarah Palin as fast as it can. When did we stop being the good guys?


    I just added my last bit to her campaign debt and then I am maxed out. Then I will work on Hillpac and WomenCountpac when I see who they are endorsing. I was looking forward to going to the event for Stephanie Tubbs Jones, but instead found myself spending time watching her service on C-SPAN.

    SHERO, a woman of her word that wouldn’t leave a friend, that was busy cracking the highest and hardest ceiling.

    OK, here for Stephanie…lets all sing, because she was a woman that could always SMILE… 🙂 The Women United…will always remember Stephanie (modern day Suffragette)…

    International Women’s Day

  82. Rima, Charleston SC and terrified of Hurricanes since Hugo. Retired lawyer, been ehre a while but don’t post much, but that may change since Camille at Bitterpoliticz didn’t agree with my belief taht creationism shoudl not be taught in public schools, told me to go vote for BO, and gagged me..:).

    So hello. I am a life long Dem, age 62, never voted for a Republican before at the top of the ticket but have said all along I will vote McCain over BO. That said, I woudl have preferred Plympia Snow and cannot overlook that Palin is very far to the right, as some wish to do because she’s a woman. I’;ll still vote for Mccain, but…I cannot pretend I”m happy with his VP choice.

  83. The “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits” is growing! Thank you Riverdaughter for being our voice and for keeping together and moving to action the thousands of soul sisters who have supported Hillary.

  84. Just so you all know…there are trolls infesting the earlier threads (Truth and Consequences especially).

    What a bunch of cowards.

  85. Roll call
    NYC, NY

  86. Hi Rima!

    EOF and other NYC-ers – do you want to do a PUMA cocktail party on a Saturday night in September?

    email me at: madamab at gmail dot com

  87. Ohio PUMA for Palin

  88. indi: raleigh, nc
    occ: lawyer

  89. What is with all the lawyers here anyway?


  90. RD:

    If anyone wanted to know how we think and feel all they have to do is read the posts.

    From the beginning the progression has been:


    We supported Hillary from the beginning (or very near) but had nothing against Obama (or even liked him a little) but then we became opposed to Obama as the campaign went on.

    Our support for Hillary has never waivered, but she is no longer an option this year.

    So, PUMA is pro-Hillary, anti-Obama

    If no Hillary, all that is left is anti-Obama

    You may notice there is no mention of any other candidates. That is because we neither support nor oppose any other candidates.

    Does that about sum it up?

  91. we’re known to be cranky 🙂

  92. gqm: I thought about checking in with you, but I think we were commenting in the same places at different times. Glad you are here now!

  93. Rima:

    Did you know that New Jersey has more toxic waste dumps than any other state?

    Did you know that California has more lawyers?

    Do you know why that is?

    New Jersey had first choice

  94. @Robert- If true – Good for the RNC! shows they were smarter, and listening to us, unlike our idiotic DNC- As a protest vote, I had decided on McCain in June, but Palin makes me jump for joy! I think she’s great! And I am not alone- many Hillary supporters I know are loving this. Some who were unenthusiastic and sitting out this election once Hillary exited are now voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. I think McCain scored a home run with this one, and has found respect among many of us. We may not agree with some of his views, but can live and work with a McCain Presidency

    Roll Call:

    New York

  95. Now that I think of it, there is one troll meme I haven’t seen in the last two days

    “Where else are you gonna go?”

  96. Myiq – Works for me!

  97. Roll Call:

    Retired Educator, Active Mom

    RD, orange also calls to mind Yulia Tymoshenko. Coincidence?

  98. You folks are awesome! It was just looking impossible to get McCain elected this year, but we didn’t count on the power of spite! This is great, 100 more years in Iraq, good conservatives on the Supreme Court, maybe we’ll head into Iran! If we bring back the draft, of course women can join in now that we’ve shattered the glass ceilings!

  99. myig2xu

    yes it’s all that’s left. We’d probably go for Georgia Bush to see Obama lose. lol

  100. Western Mass
    Would like to someday retire but for now…..
    slogging away as an RN

    BTW I love when the mods “edit” the troll comments
    “for administrator’s amusement”

  101. roll call

    Cape May, NJ
    Adult Educator (when funding exists!)

  102. “Rima:

    Did you know that New Jersey has more toxic waste dumps than any other state?

    Did you know that California has more lawyers?

    Do you know why that is?

    New Jersey had first choice”

    So this might bea bad time to mention I’m a retired lawyer who grew up in NJ?


    Thats okay, I’ve got a sense of humor (which i read rightn now, I”ve got a crazy blogowner who disagreed with my saying I didn’ like creationism in the science classroon, who then told me to go vote for VO, gagged me, and is now emailing me nonstop..WHAT is with some people anyway? “Bitterpoliticz” indeed, more like “Crazystalkerpoliticz” it seems.)

  103. imustprotest
    Los Angeles area
    Profession: Elementary School Teacher

  104. roll call
    S.E. Ct
    Education, mother of six with one special needs/high functioning autistic child
    never Obama, very happy with McCain and Palin, great v.p.choice

  105. Fliedermaus: Atlanta GA
    Occupation: attorney

  106. Rima – seriously? How utterly bizarre!

    When I first started blogging, I was found by someone calling herself “Mistress Regina.” She desperately wanted me to write online porn for her site. LOLOLOLOL

    I agree with you. If you want to teach creationism, put it in Religious Studies.

  107. katiebird

    Overland Park, Kansas
    Retired Librarian, Web Developer, Photographer,

  108. Can someone please get rid of J*ck*ss Jim? He’s had quite enough time on this blog IMHO.

  109. I almost feel compelled to vote for McCain/Palin. If they lose, what will the narrative be?

    “See, little ladies, America just isn’t ready to have a woman at the executive level….(pat-pat-pat on the head). Now just sit down and shut up while we ‘elder statemen’ control you and your uterus”….

    I’m out to prove something here.

  110. From hillaryclinton.com:
    “We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

  111. katiebird, the naughty librarian

    (joaniebone snitched you out)

  112. Cincinnati, Oh


  113. I”m simply voting…to my amazement..for John McCain because he competency line up for me as shown in the many debates was first, Clinton, then..of those left standing anyway…Mccain, then a huge gap and then somewhere near the bottom of the heap, Obama.

    I’m not voting on age, gender, or race, just competency and I fear McCain less a then Obama, especially with a strong Dem Congress being inevitable.

    I”m not celebrating Palin though, too inexperienced, too far right, and hrr gender doesn’t change that for me. But it won’t change my vote. She “might’ become President in eh next four years if “somethign happened”…Obama WILL be the president if we don’t’ MAKE somethign happen.

  114. “I agree with you. If you want to teach creationism, put it in Religious Studies.”

    Yes, that’s fine with me as well, if you also include religions outside of Christianity’s beliefs (We here DID I leave my syntax today) as well.

    But those who push creationism don’t seem to want that to happen.

  115. DimJim:

    Didn’t anyone tell you? We’re all Republicans

    All five of us, and all of our sockpuppets.

    Why are you wasting your time? We don’t really exist

  116. Remember, folks, if Biden dies, Obama will be President!

    We can’t let that happen because he is too inexperienced and just a ‘token.’


  117. I was always anti-Obama (from back in 2004-I hated his convention speech which was post-partisan bs even then) more than I was pro-Hillary, but I have come to admire her over the course of this campaign and would support her if she runs again.

  118. MyIQ (giggle)

  119. jennie: across the river from St Louis in Illinois.

    Profession: Dod Environmental Engineer Civil Servant
    Current Occupation: Retail Store Owner

  120. Judith – Absolutely we should teach all the major religions. Might make us all a little more tolerant of others’ beliefs. 🙂

  121. Sheri

    Location: Sacramento, CA
    Retired Para-legal; then Stay-at-Home Mom
    Now: Empty Nester

  122. Jim: You had a choice. At any time during the last 8 months you could have told Dean to ix-nay with the exism-say. You could have told him to honor the process and protect it. It may have meant a loss for Obama or a compromise ticket. But the DNC is composed of idiots who do everything by committee and haven’t the slightest clue as to who actually in is their party.
    So, you ended up with a LOOOOOSSSERRRR!!!
    Don’t blame us, we voted for Hillary.
    BTW, enjoy the spam filter. You’ve got lots of company down there including a newly arrived professor of humanities from Boston U. They just have no standards at BU anymore.

  123. jmac

    north Texas
    retired domestic goddess

  124. madama and myiq: You guys are killing me today. Seriously, I haven’t eaten a thing since I got up this morning.

  125. Denver, CO
    Web editor and honorary Sino-Peruvian lesbian
    Clinton Democrat

    I am so relieved that all the Obama supporters are so very concerned with how INSULTING to Hillary supporters it is that McCain chose Palin.


  126. RD – On my little blog today, someone came and lectured me on the global gag rule. Apparently if I voted for Palin it would punish millions of women because the rule would not be lifted.

    I asked if she had voted for Hillary. She said no because it was a closed primary.

    I replied, “So, your ‘principles’ prevented you from voting for Hillary then?” and put her in the spam filter.

    Honestly, these people have no idea how moronic they sound. She is entitled to vote for whomever she wants because of her principles, but I’m not because millions of women will diiiiieeeeeee.

    Lord, give me strength.

  127. Yeah, really, Riverdaughter. It’s ridiculous to blame the voters because Obama ran such a nasty primary that we can’t support him in the general.

    Don’t blame us, blame O B A M A!!! We weren’t forcing him to be a jackass.

  128. Roll Call
    Attorney and Law Librarian
    Philadelphia, PA

  129. I am tired of the Democratic party telling me that I have to vote for the candidate they selected for me or those scary Republicans are gonna be waaaaay worse.

    They don’t let true liberals get anywhere in the party, and force us to support center-left and center-right candidates instead.

    Even worse, they don’t even try to deliver a few scraps once in a while. They break their promises without even making an effort to keep them first.

    If I was supporting the GOP it would be thesame outcome, but at least they deliver on most of their promises.

    Candidate A promises he’ll treat me nice, then fucks me in the ass

    Candidate B promises to fuck me in the ass, and does.

    At least candidate B is honest.

  130. fif
    tristate area: eastern ny/western ma/northwest ct

    professional troll masher

  131. Oy, RD, I’m Jewish. Please don’t tell me I’m contributing to your malnutrition.

    Eat, eat! You’re skin and bones!

  132. ok Conflucians, I know we’ve said it a thousand times, but I just have to say it again: these trolls have serious reading comprehension problems. They ask a question. We unequivocally answer it over and over and over again.

    Why vote McCain if Hillary says not to?

    The DNC/O campaign rigged the nomination and violated the most fundamental principles of the Democratic Party.

    Yea, but why won’t you vote for BO if Hillary asked you to?

  133. MTdob4Hill – North central Montana

    (waves to fellow Montanan athyrio)

    Profession: Mathematics Educator

    I also find it funny the Obots tend to think I will be offended by McCain picking Palin as a VP…Silly Bots, I Own My Vote…and it goes to McCain/Palin this year, Hillary in 2012.

  134. myiq: I’ll take zug-zug.

  135. I am so relieved that all the Obama supporters are so very concerned with how INSULTING to Hillary supporters it is that McCain chose Palin.

    Isn’t the irony just unfathomable? They have been insulting us 24/7 for months, and now they are wondering how we could ever ever tolerate such a slap in the face from McCain?

    Also, the sexist idea that she is “just” a woman, when she obviously has intelligence, strength, moxy, and compassion is dare I say, insulting. Even if we disagree with her positions, she deserves respect.

  136. My husband (has to support the party) is so upset today with the Palin news that he just called Riverdaughter – Riverbottom!

    It’s a good day.

  137. In reality, there were a lot of McCain picks that would have freaked me out. A neocon like Lieberman might have made me vote for Obama. (I know, I know!)

    But luckily, he went with a fellow maverick who is known for bucking her own party and going her own way. Now I am not as scared that he is a neocon warmonger any more. Plus, if the Dems REALLY don’t want him to start a war, they can always refuse to fund it, with their much larger majority in the Senate and House.

  138. Roll call

    southwest Louisiana

    retired–but have more to do than ever

    waiting and watching for Gustav

  139. Roll Call (Sorry I’m late. Have been watching the ball game, wanted to see the new dog)
    Hollywood, FL

  140. Locations: Between Berkeley, CA and BC, Mexico

    health and fitness educator

  141. “Oh No! Vote for the Democrat because the GOP wants to __________________”

    So I vote for the Democrat, and he (and it is usually a he) rolls over with the slightest push and lets the GOP do whatever it was they wanted to do.

    Even worse, sometimes they enthusiastically cooperate, like Obama on FISA

  142. Jmac: LOL! I’ll take that as a compliment. But I am not planning to vote for McCain/Palin. I’m just trying to do my part to make sure that real Democrats are informed of their options.

  143. San Diego, California
    Small business owner: Environmental Engineering

  144. Usually, when people demand I do something, I get suspicious. That is something learned through experience.

    You know, the thing that Obama has the least of in the current presidential race.

  145. myiq –

    Even worse, sometimes they enthusiastically cooperate, like Obama on FISA

    But-but-but, without AT&T, how was he going to pay for the $6 million Devo hat/Temple of Doom?

  146. Talk about caving – didn’t Obama actually say he was now for some drilling because Republicans were pushing it??

    And Pelosi caved. She’s the one. She’s the one that has to go. First thing. Not this speaker of the house – give me a male, give me ET – anybody but Pelosi.

  147. Gulf Coasters and Floridians – my thoughts are with you today….be safe!

  148. I haven’t done a formal tally but, I think that most of the authors here at The Confluence are not planning to vote for McCain.

  149. I said this earlier, but the Democrats are supposed to be the party for feminists and minorites, right?

    How many Dem Congressmen are women? Minorities?

    Senators? Governors?

    Now look at the GOP. They are supposed to be rac*sts and sex*sts.

    Compare the number of women and minorities they have in top spots.

    It’s like the Democrats give away some lower level spots to women and minorities, but as you look higher up in the party it’s not much different than the GOP

    I’m not praising the GOP, I’m criticizing the Democratic party

    This country has one of the lowest percentages of women in positions of power of all the industrialized nations.

    Pakistan and India have had women leading their countries.

  150. katiebird:

    I might, just to see Sarah Palin break the glass ceiling

    Fuck the DNC

  151. Hi all! I’m a long time lurker from Leesburg, Virginia. Just read that McCain raised 7 million dollars since announcing Gov. Palin as his V.P. choice. Woo Hoo! Love to see the look on Michelle’s face now!

  152. I will vote for McCain, so that at least ONE vote I cast in 2008 will count. The other one sure as hell didn’t.

  153. (nodding) But, MyIQ — that isn’t exactly a plan.

    I’m thinking that by the time the election rolls around and we all learn things about Obama that we’ve not dreamt of that very few of us will actually fill in the dot next to his name.

    But, that’s not a plan either.

  154. KB – I’m still voting McKinney.

    See you all later – have a great weekend!

  155. JulieS9164 – Charlotte, NC by way of Queens, NY
    Sino-Peruvian Republican lesbian
    Retail Accounting and HOA Management Customer Service Rep.

  156. The trooper deal is being made out to be a big deal. The inside scoop from my Alaska is that the trooper in question, while he was Palin’’s former brother in law, was reprimanded for a number of things in the past, including using a taser on his 10 year old stepson, drinking in his partol car while on duty, shooting game without a license, and threatening to put a bullet in the head of Palins father. Set aside the family relationship here – that trooper is still on the job. In any State other than Alaska I think he would have been fired for any one of those issues long ago

  157. There is one person I will NOT be voting for. Other than that, I haven’t decided.

  158. San Antonio, TX. Retired nurse, mom of 4, grandmother of 1.

  159. I will vote for McCain. It will be the first vote for a republican that I have cast in 42 years of voting reliably democratic. There may be a mushroom cloud appearing over my polling place. FL right now could go either way. Now, if McC ain is 20 points ahead on election day, then I go back to NOT.

  160. MyIQ, check your email 🙂

  161. From Riverside, Ca. – domestic engineer who was abandoned by the Dean Party. Hillary forever but it is McCain/Palin for me come Nov.

  162. fred:

    Another dumb move by Obamanation.

    I think it’s another trap set for them They go after her hammer and tongs and get?

    That she may have acted improperly trying to get her abusive ex-brother-in-law fired. WOOT

    The voters opinion of her will go up, bet the rent on it.

    And they open the door to dredging through Obama’s past. No more whining about how Ayers is irrelevant.

  163. myiq2xu, on August 30th, 2008 at 4:10 pm Said:
    Pakistan and India have had women leading their countries.


    and sri lanka and bangladesh, germany, argentina, england, etc..
    if you go back centuries that list could get bigger.

  164. I have always believed Washington state would be in play, I will vote McCain as I promised in the WWTSBQ days.

    It is so nice that the crap continued so I didn’t forget my promise.

  165. Minnesota.
    Information Specialist for an International Non-Profit.
    Former Democrat.

  166. Regency

    State: Texas
    Profession: Student/Future Biologist/Politician

  167. Rima, Judith: I totally agree that religion in the schools shoud be in Religious Studies. It seems that Obama’s stance on ID in the schools compares to Palin’s; I say appears because his stance is a little vague.

    Palin, like McCain, is a conservative who has passed up many chances to force their personal beliefs upon constituents. I trust these adults a lot more than I do the pandering, say-anything Obama.

  168. roll call
    location: Santa Fe, NM
    profession: out of work/ travel industry

  169. New Albany, IN. RD, I’m pretty sure the orange pantsuit was for the WomenCount group, not PUMAs. The WC logo is orange, and all their media stuff too. And she did speak to them on that very day.

  170. “madamab”
    I’m in for a Sept. NYC get-together.
    *Reg. Nurse/wife/mother& “community organizer”.
    Not ready to vote for McCain/Palin; but I have aready stared mking sure the Dem e-lite & their “enablers”
    the MSM don’t do to her what was done to Hillary!!
    “Dismissing her /won’t win me”!

  171. profession too, eh? English teacher, secondary and post-secondary English.

  172. New post up

  173. Georgia

    Industrial Hygiene Project Manager

  174. indigo
    Boston area
    Grad Student (English)

  175. NH:

    South Florida
    Software Engineer

  176. If we’ve learned anything in this election year it is the following: “post-feminism” is exactly the same thing as “pre-feminism”.

  177. California East Bay
    Volunteer on Hillary’s campaign
    Life long democrat fed up with Dem party’s lack of leadership, and silence while Hillary was denigrated by racist and sexist smears.

    Not to mention the corruption of party values and foisting of an unqualified candidate. Time to clean house!

  178. Question: In light of the central tenet of feminism: Equal Opportunity for All Women”, what is the answer to the following question:

    Question: Is Sarah Palin a substitute for Hillary Clinton?

    Answer: YES

  179. Location: Austin, TX
    Prodession: engineer

  180. Roll call
    Eureka, CA originally Fairfield, CT
    Receiver/Vendor relations, my daughter’s chauffeur

    Writing in Hillary or voting McKinney unless Obama goes down

  181. Roll Call:


    Independent professional writer for 23+ years.

    Currently of Wyoming’s wide open spaces via a long, winding, rather interesting road.

    Lifelong feminist activist and liberal Democrat whose defense of the principles of democracy and loyalty to country before party resulted in my being accused recently by the Obots of being a Republican ‘plant’ and/or public relations person. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Republican Party. Shades of McCarthyism in reverse!!! Since when did democracy’s founding principles and love of country become antithetical values to the Democratic Party? Since the ‘American Idol’ style demagogue and his Obots took it over! The Obot Chicago machine thugs may have stolen my Party but I’ll never allow them to steal my country or my freedoms. My vote is my own and I will use it to show the corrupt DNC and other so-called leaders of the now-defunct Democratic Party the exit sign. P.S. I think the new PUMA Party should be called that — the PUMA Party — rather than the ‘New Democratic Party,’ a name that might be too easily confused with the Party of the DNC, their demagogue and his thugs. Yes, we must work tirelessly for the progressive PUMApac social agenda, but especially in terms of nomenclature, I see a need to distance PUMA as much as possible from the Democrats, who — with their fascist strong-arm tactics, fraud, vote-buying, sexism and misogyny — have shown themselves to be old school politicos of the worst possible order. The PUMA Party is exciting, new, powerful, progressive and vibrant. The Democratic Party is corrupt, lackluster, status quo, stifling and weak. Sen. Clinton certainly acknowledges the power of PUMA Party support and endorsement. And, she’s already added orange to her speech wardrobe in honor of riverdaughter’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits!

  182. Lifetime Democratic Party voter, dyke, former technical editor, retired feminist bookstore owner, Oakland Ca.

    I’m repeating this statement by Palin cuz I don’t want it to get lost:

    “I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.”

  183. Okasha Skat’si: South Texas
    Profession: Writer, Photographer

    John McCain has just shown that he understands something that Obama doesn’t get at all. Politics is an exchange. Obama thinks it’s give and take: we give, he takes. McCain knows it’s do ut des: one gives and the other gives in return. He’s just offered respect to women and confidence in our abilities. He’s going to get votes in return.

    Obama’s offered nothing. And now he’s shocked–SHOCKED, I TELL YOU–when he gets nothing either.

    Karma is a b*tch. But the puppies are cute.

  184. RollCall:
    Western NY
    Special needs child educator
    Hillary supporter and now
    Voting for McCain/Palin

  185. AM, could we have a link for that exceedingly useful quote?

  186. roll call:
    Live in the 6th congressional district of Ga (northwest of Atlanta)

    Occupation: homemaker

  187. Black Woman
    Big Supporter of Clinton
    Will be voting for McCain and I am excited.

  188. Boston Boomer
    Greater Boston Area
    Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology

  189. susiepuma
    Greater Minneapolis area, MN

  190. AM, that quote was from someone here commenting on Sarah Palin yesterday, and was not said by Sarah Palin herself.

  191. Lauraks
    Overland Park,KS
    lawyer and mom of PU student in NJ(who’ll be voting for the congresswoman in central Jersey)

  192. Roll call

    Barbara A
    San Antonio, TX

    I voted for Hillary in the Texas Two-Step nightmare
    volunteered & donated

    My heart has been broken for the last few months, and if I wouldn’t have had this site to come to I would have gone crazy..
    So Thanks to all of you, I love reading all the posts and comments… Its the only thing that keeps me from going insane.
    I obviously live in red state, but will be proudly voting for McCain/Palin

  193. Gotta go to work but, for the roll call:

    Live in Australia.
    Vote in California.

    And voted Dem for the past 20 years or so.

  194. Belmont MA
    Ivy League Analyst person

    Still a Registered Dem, though I did “unenroll” and was party-less from early June until Late July. Reregistered Dem so I can vote against John Kerry by punching the ticket for Ed O’reilly in the Primary in September. I also am going to work with the New Dems and take back our Party and kick those corrupt DNC leaders to the curb. Also, I am actively supporting Cindy Sheehan because Nancy Pelosi is a traitor to all women, not just democrat women.

    Punching the ticket for McCain/Palin 08 and Hillary Clinton in 12.

  195. AM, not to be a pain, but I didn’t see that quote at worldnetdaily.

  196. Central Virginia
    Game Developer
    Voted for Hillary in the Primary
    Voting for McCain/Palin in the GE
    out to save the democratic party, one slap in the face at a time

  197. Shtuey; NC. RD, one of your best posts ever.

  198. Fairfield, IA
    lifelong feminist
    40 year true blue Democrat
    voting for McCain/Palin ’08

  199. I had a little trouble myself when I went back ust now to both regency’s and my link to wndj to verify. Since I couldn’t remember which of ‘our’ blogger commenters picked it up I did a search and came up with the site Cosmic Variance, in a piece called McCain/Palin, which linked to wnd.


    The quote is at comment 48, by Kurt.

  200. Los Angeles, CA (surrounded by BO yard signs and tee-shirts)
    School occupational therapist for the Los Angeles Unified School District(2nd largest school district in the U.S.).
    Progressive feminist and devout DEM fort 31 yrs.
    voting McCain/Palin

  201. Retired corporate manager
    Harvard AB
    Counseling Psychology MS
    Lifetime Dem
    Overland Park, KS

    Shout out to Katiebird and Lauraks — the Overland Park crew

    Such a great blog Riverdaughter

  202. Osterizer
    Pasadena, CA
    Bachelorette Party Planner/ grad student

    Riverdaughter it was great hearing you speak in Denver.

  203. Tucson Transplant

    Tucson, AZ
    Art Exhibits Coordinator

  204. Long Beach, MS
    Disabled retiree

    Everything I know about politics I’ve learned at the feet of riverdaughter and all the wonderful men and women who post and comment here. I lurk and support you with all my heart. I just have no words (or real knowledge) to add, except for my gratitude for your being here and making this refuge possible. You saved my sanity through the last few months after early March, when I saw what was coming down with O after having lived through Castro. None of us in my family can believe it.

    Thank you for your loving wishes and concern for all of us on the Gulf Coast. I’m 90 miles east of NO, 1 mile from the beach. We’re as ready as we can get.

  205. RollCall:

    Dallas, TX
    Medical Social Worker

    Hillary supporter and now
    Voting for McCain/Palin

  206. Roll Call:

    Live in the North West tip of Washington State, in beautiful Bellingham.
    Big supporter of Hillary, WILL NOT vote for OB, under any circumstances…


  207. gxm
    northern virginia (just outside the beltway)
    graphic artist

    I just found this site about a week ago and it was such a relief to find people who share my sentiments. I’d been driven off my old haunts by the obots and had been tuning politics out. This site has renewed my enthusiasm. I’m ready to shake things up and will vote McCain/Palin if Virginia is close. (Otherwise I’ll vote McKinney/Clemente.)

    Thank you RD and all the other contributors for creating this wonderful, informative and entertaining haven.

  208. Rollcall–

    Northern Illinois

    Kitchen & Bath Designer

    Great niece of a (deceased) Democratic governor (that’s for all you Obots that think we’re Republicans).

  209. I am a Hillary supporter and a long-time feminist but I cannot support McCain and am entirely insulted by his tokenism in selecting a nobody like Palin. We have Hillary who is an icon for all women who want to achieve greatness. McCain’s choice is cynical and a poke in the eye.

  210. Hey folks, I discovered your site back in early August maybe and have mostly lurked and won’t be doing much commenting besides this anyway. I believe on the main topic of the site the majority of you disagree with me, and I regret responding in anger so I’ll try not to and just enjoy contrary views from my own. Just wanted y’all to know that there are some of us who read this because we disagree and at least in my place I like disagreement the way some people like cross words – keeps the mind sharp. Anyway, I’m taking up space so I’ll just close by saying I’m from Boston by way of North Carolina and am moving to Oregon or Montana within the year. Pleased to meet y’all.

  211. Northwest of Indianapolis
    Marketing Director

  212. Watertown, MA
    Independent Researcher; small scale real estate investor

    My research topic has to do with globalization and changing values (social, political, religious). I think we are currently living in a fascinating period of cultural transformation, and I follow politics mostly from that perspective. Have long been an Independent voter who generally votes Dem. I feel very fortunate to have been lurking on this site when PUMA began. When the meme went viral so quickly I knew it was a symbol of more than simply discontent with the Democratic party. Deeper collective feelings are being activated and I will enjoy watching where it goes from here.

    Thanks Robert for your “story.” I had surmised something like that was afoot and I much appreciate you’re input here. Ah yes, memetic warfare is the name of the game these days. The enemey of my enemy is my friend, eh? At least for the “day.” Gotta admire McCain’s chutzpah and strategic vision here. Sent my first every donation to a Republican and told them I was referred by “Pelosi, Dean and the DNC”… LOL…

    PUMA is a fabulous memetic virus. Congratulations!

  213. Reader since May 31. Roll call: Northern BC Canada.Retired Bank Manager,Mode of dress Navy Blue Pantsuit.

  214. Karen, Georgia

    Profession: Undergrad

  215. My mommy buys my underpants.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  216. Eleanor A
    Nashville, TN
    Reader since spring ’08

    Mad as hell and totally disaffected, at this point. I have no clue what I’ll do in November…probably write in Hillary, whether the vote will count or not.

  217. Roll Call:
    Live in the 6th congressional district – Illinois
    Trade Show Transportation Manager for 3rd Party Logistics Company
    Townhome association vice president
    Professional lurker – very happy to have found all of you!

    Sad cat mom – got my Buddy’s ashes back today

    I wish we here in Illinois could file a complaint about the primary process with our Attorney General – but as she is the adult adopted daughter of the Speaker of the IL House of Representatives – who got her the job and is pushing for her to be our next governer – I just don’t think that would get us anywhere.

    Everybody on the Gulf Coast be safe! My thoughts are with you.

  218. Mpls, MN suburb

  219. Honora
    Baltimore, MD
    Mother of 3 (sent oldest to college today 🙂 and 😥 at the same time)
    Lawyer and ex-campaigner extraordinaire for the DNC

  220. Winston-Salem, NC
    Data analyst
    30 year Democrat voting for McCain/Palin

  221. Lurker from the start.
    Toronto, On, Canada
    Retired project manager (International Telecom projects)

    Love your site and read every day.

  222. Love those edits.

  223. For the record:

    Passaic County, NJ

    Open letter to Governor Jon Corzine here: http://glow4hillary.blogspot.com/

    Copied to Attorney General Anne Milgram.

    Mood: Sad (Having watched Hillary at her friend’s memorial service today while some used the occasion as a long promotional spot for Obama).

  224. Breeze

    Tampa Bay, Florida

    70-yr-old retired schoolteacher

    Full-time proud great-gramma of two beautiful
    5 & 7-yr-old little girls!!!

  225. FrenchNail

    NJ, Philadelphia Burbs
    Former attorney, Real Estate Investor

  226. I just contributed again. I wonder if we are putting a dent in her debt.

  227. North Hollywood, Ca
    Construction Supervisor-Retired

    I will be voting for John McCain/Sarah Palin

    Country before party!!

  228. roll call

    Western MA
    retired/office coordinator

    Huge Hillary supporter!

  229. Middle Tennessee

    Heartsick delegate to Denver.
    Saw the travesty of justice up close while there.
    Saw Hillary at the WomenCount.Org event on Wednesday. She spoke eloquently as usual. Asked us all to support WomenCount.Org

  230. {{{naoko}}} thank you for being there.

    roll call

    Charlotte, NC
    Financial Services

    40 years straight Dem ticket, can’t do it this year. I’ll be staying home on election day. Will support worthy dems outside NC.

  231. Grangatita



    Flight Attendant (as do many others, right nor facing furlough)

    Hillary supporter and mad as hell with the Dem Party

    Unless things change a lot–Hillary!–plan to vote McCain/Palin

  232. Ooh, ooh!
    I missed this yesterday.
    Roll Call!

    Lexington, KY
    Librarian ***waving to my fellow keepers-of-knowledge***

  233. Addcitions Counselor
    College Student

    Independent Voter-Anti obama
    Lincoln, Ne
    Observer of the insidious obots and the lengths they will go to, now slandering a woman with more experience than obama, Mac vs. Hillary-tough choice
    Mac vs. Obama-Only one choice
    To Jim who said the PUMA were supporting right wing and conservative agenda your wrong. Palin has said that Roe v. Wade is a personal choice and that she would never want women to have to rely on backalley abortions. But i am glad Obama supporters are so blindsided by his brilliant speech giving that they refuse to look at the sepratist bullshit he subscribed to for 20 plus years, not to mention his total lack of substance. WOW dude go back to the obama site and gush over possibly the biggest political mistake next to supporting the KKK in 1919 that the democratic party has made to date. i am independent but i am strongly sympathetic to the Hillary supporters and feel their indignation is justified.

  234. Central Texas
    Preservationist, restorer of old buildings

  235. I’ve been reading River Daughter, Puma Pac, & other Confluence blogs. This is the first time I’ve blogged. I’m interested in the New Democratic Party; but I’m put off by the support and defense of McCain and Palin by some. I am a lifelong Democrat, and want to reform and change the Party. Can’t do that by voting for Republicans, in my view. I cannot vote for Obama, and will likely vote third party, or no one for President; it is not all about Hillary as many of you have noted; it is about the thugs working for Obama, and their enablers: the DNC. The video at the top is absolutely outstanding, and made me choke up and weep for what might have been. I voted for Hillary, for her intelligence, her charm, her ideas, her toughness, her graciousness, her idealism, her compassion. The fact that she is a woman is just icing on the cake. I would never vote for a woman simply because of her gender. The same with race. The qualities, not the color of the skin are the important things. I’m sure you all agree with this premise. But I do not understand why we cannot, according to some of the blogs I have read, criticize Sarah Palin. That is just as sexist is criticizing her feminine qualities, or lack of.

  236. We faster and better communication. It took me hours to find this site and now I want to help. First, we need to get a write-in for Hillary. I have sign up 11, 000 voting individuals who are united to not vote for either OBOMA OR McCAIN BUT FOR HILLARY. nOW IT MUST GROW QUICKLY. AFTER SHE IS ELECTED PRESIDENT WE NEED TO RID the Democrats of Howard Dean. P.U.M.A. take the lead TURN THE TIDE.

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