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The Art of VP Selection

There is a delicate art to selecting a Vice President. It is a big decision, because it says a lot about you as a candidate, and telegraphs your weaknesses to the other side.

The Republicans scheduled their convention later than the Democrats, and so were almost guaranteed to get a look at Barack Obama’s pick before making theirs. In a sense, they had a big advantage there. But what else is new? As we all know, they are very, very good at this game.

Let’s see what each Presidential hopeful’s choice says about him, eh?

Joe Biden

Senator Joseph Biden

Barack Obama picked Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), a guy who’s known for his gaffe-tastic tendencies, but who is a Washington Insider with years of foreign policy experience. He did not pick Hillary, despite the obvious fact that doing so might be the only thing that would help him win in November (and myriad polls backed that assertion up at the time).

This pick tells me:

  1. Obama can’t put his own feelings aside in order to do the right thing for himself and his Party.
  2. Obama doesn’t have enough experience to be President, and is especially weak in foreign policy.

After taking a gander at Obama and his continued humiliation of Hillary Clinton and her voters, and seeing how un-democratic and unfair the fake roll call vote that nominated Barack Obama was, John McCain picked national unknown Sarah Palin for his Vice President.

Sarah Palin

Governor Sarah Palin

Ms. Palin is the 43-year old Republican Governor of Alaska, who fluctuates between a 70% and 90% approval rating among her constituents. She is a conservative Christian who has a reputation for fighting corruption and eschewing the traditional perks of her job (like selling the Governor’s jet to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year). She was a member of Feminists For Life, an organization which supports reducing abortions by offering women better financial resources and educational opportunities. Showing her commitment to this issue, she refused to abort her fifth child, even though she knew he had Downs Syndrome. She supports the teaching of creationism in schools, but only if it is alongside evolution. Her first veto helped gays and lesbians gain civil rights in her state. She also has a son going to Iraq. In her acceptance speech yesterday, she thanked Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton for making it possible for her to be there, next to Senator McCain.

Here’s what this pick is telling me:

  1. McCain is experienced enough to be President.
  2. McCain is still maverick enough to do something completely unexpected, and moderate enough to pick a person who is liked by Democrats as well as Republicans.
  3. McCain’s weakest point is his support in the GOP base, which is heavily anti-abortion and evangelical Christian.
  4. McCain acknowledges the nauseating sexism unleashed on Democratic women this year, and shows that the GOP does not feel the same way about teh Scary Vagina. This is what I’m now calling The PUMA Effect.

Personally, I think this was a coup of incredible brilliance on McCain’s part. Oh, sure, the media won’t be saying so now, but that’s because they have hysterical blindness when it comes to women. They absolutely cannot imagine that we would ever vote for a Republican.

Unfortunately for them, they underestimate our commitment to kicking these corrupt Chicago thugs out of our Party. We are wide awake now, and understand the hatred these so-called Democrats have towards women. We will do whatever it takes, even voting for McCain, to give these evil bastards the heave-ho, and in the meantime, will work very hard to take our Party back for 2012.

Well-played, Senator McCain. Well-played indeed. If nothing changes between now and November (such as Obama dropping out of the race, a very unlikely scenario), you will be the next President of the United States.

112 Responses

  1. Obama’s pick for VP also signals his campaign slogan “a new kind of politics” is an utter sham. But, we knew that months ago.

  2. I love you madam..great post ..but can we look at Sarah instead ?? Purty please?? She is so NEW AND FRESH !! Joe always was and still is boring and she is anything but ! I think McCain showed, by choosing her ; that he is worth consideration .

  3. LOL! All that’s missing from that picture is the glistening point of light at the corner of Joe Biden’s smile.

  4. Yup, I think that one died with the FISA Vote. 🙂

  5. swanspirit – Should I have picked a larger picture?


    RD – I know, that pic of Biden is hilarious. You can barely see the hairplugs!

  6. LOL No I just dont weant to look at Joe Bidens mug LOLOLOL thanks darlin HEY GODDESS RADIO IS ON the EVA SET is on now 🙂 come on over to the chat and say hi 🙂

    listen here

    chat here
    and click chat and come on in 🙂

  7. Sarah Palin is exactly what Washington needs. out of obama’s on lips during his acceptance speech

    “Change doesnt come from Washington, change comes to Washington”

  8. swanspirit – Holy moly, is that Eva Cassidy?! Wow! I love her voice. And I’m a snotty opera singer! 🙂

    Your show is now playing on my PC!

  9. If Obama had picked Hillary (or if the DNC had done the right thing and made her the nominee) then MCain would have picked someone who wouldn’t mind losing in November.

    If Obama had picked Kaine or some inexperienced VP candidate, McCain would have gone with someone like Romney so they could hammer Obama on the experience issue.

    Obama picked “old white guy insider” so McCain went all-in with Palin.

    The last few weeks McCain has probably been watching the Democrats and praying “Please don’t pick Hillary, please don’t pick Hillary, please don’t pick Hillary”

  10. The day after, what stands out for me is the electricity McCain has generated for this presidential race. Now we are assured that whoever wins this race in 08 it is going to be a huge historical breakthrough. The other thing that stands out for me is the political fumbling on this by the Obama campaign. The first day out of the gate and they look like inexperienced and rather incompetent wanna be politicians. What you did not mention in your comparison is the contrast of choices was the contrast in process. We saw a staged hype build-up for Obama but media stakeouts at all the likely spots most focused on the Biden compound. No real surprise and the 3:00 am text message a rather crass play on Clinton’s challenge to experience. In contrast the McCain pick seemed rather low key and clearly a complete bolt out of the blue for pundits and media in addition to the Obama campaign. McCain engineered a total media focus on his pick without seeming to have planned it. The sexist and ageist commentary on all the airwaves seems to me to be just what the Obama campaign does not need now.

  11. Redstar – You still think Obama for America is the Party of the Clintons?


  12. This is a testimony to the craftiness and smarts of McCain. Will wisdom trump hubris?

  13. I agree swanspirit. I’ve always liked McCain, he was “okay” in my book. But this move was so bold, and so smart, that he showed he has what it takes. He didn’t need a million dollar stage to steal BO’s thunder. Nope. All it took was a savvy VP pick. Game on.

  14. Myiq –

    The last few weeks McCain has probably been watching the Democrats and praying “Please don’t pick Hillary, please don’t pick Hillary, please don’t pick Hillary”

    If the Obama/DNC Conglomerate had deliberately tried to hand the GOP the Presidency, they couldn’t have done any better.

    Jangles – Agreed! 🙂

  15. Look at Obama’s whole political career and he has no accomplishments of any note, least of all CHANGE…ZERO…………Obama’s record is an embarrassment, compared to ……Sarah Palin. WHY ??? Because has no record.

  16. It was a brilliant coup, and it’s such fun to see the spokespeople stuttering, stammering and gasping, scrunching up their faces, unable to hide their sexist presumption that “she knows as little as my wife/daughter about foreign policy”—a remark from Carville. I’m bothered that they didn’t show the best parts of her speech yesterday: her thoughtful authenticity (e.g., in her admiring remarks on McCain), her simple plea at the end to join them if we want true change in Washington (after describing how she had actually taken on the big boys in the name of reform) gave an entirely new and vibrant perspective to the mcCain campaign. (and I’ve never, ever voted or had any patience for a Republican).

  17. Madamab, you analyzed both VP picks perfectly. Gov. Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Teh Precious, but Palin is being criticized for her lack of national security and foreign policy experience. She took on the good old boys’ club and won. That proves she is a tough cookie. Her selection (and smile) certainly brighten up what was a cloudy week.

  18. Madam thank you SO MUCH I am so happy to introduce EVA CASSIDY to you she is amazing !!!Iwill give you a shout out and all the PUMAS of course in a few minutes 🙂 I have SARAH SET coming up !! a tribute to her as a woman 🙂

  19. One of my first thoughts when I heard that McCain picked Palin was how the Big Dawg said they accused him of being inexperienced too.

    Young governor of a small state, and an outsider to Washington.

    Yes, the Big Dawg was more experienced than Palin, but he was way more experienced than obama is too.

    But Palin is running for the #2 spot, Obama is running for the top job

  20. My husband and I have been Dems for 40 years, that is until May 31 when the DNC gave the nomination to the community organizer. Yesterday he cheered and I cried when we saw Gov. Palin. We’re thrilled and ready to vote for John McCain. My former party is already disgustingly demonizing her, which is what they do to strong women. I am so ashamed of CNN whose anchor suggested because she has a special needs child, she couldn’t be VP. Next to Sarah, BO looks like a GQ wimp.

  21. madamab, this is an excellent post…you summed it up perfectly and succinctly.

  22. […] at The Confluence Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Obama declares nation at a ’defining […]

  23. “she knows as little as my wife/daughter about foreign policy”—a remark from Carville.

    Didn’t Carville’s wife work in the White House?

  24. Perhaps this is the year when character is going to count for more than party affiliation. Since the Democratic leadership changed the party into something so completely un-democratic, I had no problem with changing my registration to Independent from Democrat. And since not only the party leadership but many rank and file members, pundits and bloggers, newsreaders and generally people who should know better think it’s open season on a woman who doesn’t know her place ,again, I’m going to have no problem voting for McCain/Palin. I’m going with character over issues and actually in solidarity with a tough working mother who knows herself and who is making the huge commitment to serve. I think McCain made exactly the right choice politically, and for the Obama campaign to be caught flat-footed without any better plan than to give us another round of warmed-over crapola against it, seeming once again to amount to “a woman’s place is in the stove”, only shows that an inability to think several moves ahead against an opponent is a terrible liability.

  25. katiebird: Carville’s wife is Mary Matalin, who held the same job for Bush as Carville held for Clinton. I think she has the command of the issues. Maybe Carville was speaking in code!

  26. McCain’s choice of VP (Sarah Palin) has a record of CHANGE, and accomplishments. Obama’s record shows nothing. ZERO…………Hey, Obama show us your record.

  27. Well, the disgusting behavior of the media towards Governor Palin proves one thing: They didn’t hate Hillary because she’s Hillary, they hated her because she’s a woman.

    So much for that talking point, eh?

  28. Katiebird–the remark was referring to an expression commonly heard in general: something like: ‘you hear people saying so and so knows as little foreign policy as my x or y…and in this case it’s TRUE.”

  29. hatshepsut: Considering who James Carville’s wife is, that comment was a left-handed compliment.

  30. I was most shocked by Jeralyn’s knee-jerk reaction over at TL

    She declared that McCain had just lost the election, and had nothing nice to say about Palin.

    The Obama campaign’s immediate reaction was about as bad, and they had to WORM it later. Obama blamed his staff, as usual.

    I think Hillary called them and told them to be polite and show some class.

    She of course, was very gracious.

  31. I think the Clintonistas are absolutely THRILLED with this pick by McCain. They have been doing everything but jumping up and down and screaming “Hallelujah!” It will make Hillary’s run in 2012 an absolute no-brainer.

  32. BTW – I have a post ready whenever.

  33. madamab, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:27 am Said:
    Well, the disgusting behavior of the media towards Governor Palin proves one thing: They didn’t hate Hillary because she’s Hillary, they hated her because she’s a woman.
    So much for that talking point, eh?

    Excellent post and great point!

  34. Carville said Palin knew as much about foreign policy as his wife? I don’t agree with Mary Matalin’s politics, but “unaware” she’s not.

  35. chatblu—see my remark to Katiebird—-it was an allusion to a remark “we often hear” that he claimed was actually true in this case—he wasn’t referring to his wife

  36. Exactly myiq2xu !! I saw that .. it was sooo painfully obvious they ” knee jerked nasty “and then came back with something more “acceptable” it was totally transparent !

  37. The issue in this race is leadership – not experience. I challenge the Dems to find enywhere where BO took a risk or exhibited political courage. It’s hard to find a more compliant politician.

    McCain did scramble this race, and no doubt many PUMAs will be enticed to this ticket. RD, I agree that our first goal is to rid the party of its takeover by Chicago crooks and a smirking boys club – McCain just handed us one more reason.

  38. Gov Palin has struck a nerve in the Obama campaign and it’s blog surrogates. Obviously, it wasn’t as bad a pick as they pretend!

  39. Carville: Yet another sexist pig. How bout saying she has as little foreign policy experience as Kaine?

  40. myiq – Don’t you mean, the person who kidnapped Jeralyn?


    By the way, that organization “Feminists for Life” seems very interesting. Seems to me they are in the right ballpark. If you want to reduce abortion, you have to reduce the NEED for abortion by taking the financial aspect out of it.

    I mean, despite the caricature presented by both Obama AND the right-wing wackos, most women do not lightly choose to abort pregnancies, and financial reasons do figure highly in those decisions.

  41. One of the bloviating bobble-heads at CNN claimed she was getting emails from Democratic AND Republican women who felt insulted by McCain picking Palin.

    After everything that the Democratic party did to Hillary, how could a Democratic woman feel insulted by McCain nominating a woman?

    I can see “not impressed” but “insulted?”

    And why would GOP women feel that way?

    The only women I’ve seen that are unhappy about the pick are the ones with a “kool-aid smile”

  42. madamab: It makes me feel satisfied that those talking points are now being refuted, but very frustrated that the DNC did not support what should have been the first female president – Hillary Clinton.

  43. Carville really could not have said that. His wife is Mary Matlin, and she was the reason Bush won the WH. I saw him late last night, and he couldn’t come up with anything.

    Maybe some of the 300 foreign policy experts that are advising BO could be stripped off to work with Sarah if they are so worried about it.

    Ha Ha !!!!

    The woman is great on every level. I think they better stop the problem with her brother-in-law. He tased his son, was drinking and drunk in his police vehicle, etc.
    It looks to me like she was going the channels any person would to get a criminal off of the Police Force.


  44. It’s very likely that Carville is criticizing Palin with a view toward the 2012 election.

    Governor Palin’s state is geographically much closer to Russia than Illinois is. I’m sure she is much more astute about current tensions than Obama is. At this point, I’m not even sure that Obama can locate Alaska on a map.

  45. madamab, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:27 am Said:
    Well, the disgusting behavior of the media towards Governor Palin proves one thing: They didn’t hate Hillary because she’s Hillary, they hated her because she’s a woman.

    Exactly!! They tried to say they weren’t being misogynist—that it was just anti-Hillary. They said, we want a woman, just not this woman. McCain called them on their crap. This pick wasn’t for we PUMAs. This was for the rest of them. By giving the Obots and media frat boys another shot at sexism, McCain figured out how to get the woman who went “with Hillary” on the unity pony.

  46. cbn – I know. It’s very bittersweet. But maybe this was the only way to prove to Americans that misogyny is an all-purpose hatred.

  47. You could know it was a great pick by McCain and confirm that all the BS camp has is misogynism by reading NQ. The trolls have burst out like locusts and it’s like a bunch of 8-yr olds with the insults. Redux of the early Hate Clinton lines, really obvious cut and paste, whine whine snark snark. Sigh. All the good taunts have been used up. Seem to be fishing for new hot-button words to get the goats of the troll-spankers, but so far not being successful with “fundy” and “islamaphobe.” Maybe the religion card is about to be played. Hahahahahaha, that will really work!

  48. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Matalin

    James Carville’s Wife

    She was an assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney until 2003

  49. So now the Republicans can’t have a woman because she isn’t Hillary?

    It looks to me like they should be directing those emails and complaints to the DNC!

  50. “We will do whatever it takes, even voting for McCain, to give these evil bastards the heave-ho…”

    Why don’t you vote for Cynthia McKinney instead? It’s a better way of registering a protest vote with the Dems, as it will be noticed. A vote for McCain will simply be perceived (or at least spun by the Repugs) as a vote FOR McCain, not AGAINST Obama. Further, the Dems will simply say, “Gee, I guess we need to swing EVEN FURTHER to the right, since we lost to McCain.”

    Voting for the Green Party is the best way to get the Dems to come back to the left. Hell, we might even turn the Green Party into a powerful-enough force to REPLACE the Democratic Party.

  51. The word I keep seeing that pisses me off is “token”

    Vice President of the United States of America is not a “token” position.

    One commenter said if McCain won and then dropped dead next February, Palin should nominate an experienced person (read: man) as her VP and then resign.


  52. Carol – This is the most ludicrous thing they could ever say, and yet, they’re still saying it.

    Hillary should have been picked by the Democrats, not the Republicans.


  53. “She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president?”
    – Alaska State Senate President Lyda Green (Rep.)

    We Dems are really thankful for this pick. Now McCain has taken away his strongest argument. Thanks, John.

  54. semidi – Those in swing states may have to vote for McCain.

    I’m with you – right now, I’m voting McKinney, and for those exact reasons.

    But then, I live in New York. And if I see those polls swinging red, you bet your behind I’m voting McCain, although I’ll hate it!

  55. Governor Palin sold that jet on EBAY

    ..watch out Bo she will sell that 6 million waste of money Brittney Spears set that every one has already forgotten on ebay too !! HA !

    PUMA HAKA *evil*

  56. I find it hysterical that the frat boys are using Hillary as the standard for a candidate! Of course Palin isn’t Hillary. And neither is Obama. If you wanted Hillary, you should have nominated her!

  57. The shocking thing is Hillary would have alot more pull in a McCain Presidency than a in a Obama one. !
    They would never stop shitting on her . The Biden pick is another indication of the depth of the
    DNC misogyny ….and there is no bottom to their misogyny .

  58. madamab: “They have been doing everything but jumping up and down and screaming “Hallelujah!”

    Actually, I think they’ve been doing that too. I know I have. It’s the first time I’ve smiled about this election since Hillary won South Dakota.

    I am a life-long Democrat, who wanted my parents to vote for McGovern in 1972 (I was 7, one year younger than Sarah Palin). For the first time in my life, I am voting Republican. The Democrats just don’t get it. They think they can demonize Hillary and all women and then have us come crawling back. Like someone else once said on this blog, (or at least I think it was here) it’s like a rapist coming back the next day with candy and flowers.

    To the DNC – it’s not because Sarah Palin is a woman that we’re voting Republican. It’s because you’ve treated women like crap and did everything in your power to keep the most well-qualified person out. Although finally the Republicans have shown enough guts and respect to honor a woman, that’s not the story. We’re voting that way en masse because they’ve shown that they actually care about our votes.

    Hope you’ve learned your lesson and you’ll learn how to earn our votes back in 2012.

  59. If anyone who any sense of politics and culture, Obama has made several bad moves. Removing any race and gender considerations, the 1960 democratic primary was contentious between LBJ and JFK. The best way to unite the party was to have JFK “suck it up” and have LBJ as VP. That effectively united the party. Fast forward to the RNC 1980 primary. There was a contentious primary between Reagan and Bush. Reagan “sucked it up” and put Bush on the ticket, effectively uniting the party. The DNC ads trying to keep the divide going..regarding Bush’s comments on Reagan’s voodoo economics failed because Reagan Bush team united the republicans.

    Looking at history we can see what happens when divided parties fail to unite. The DNC, 1968 convention that led to an independent run of George Wallace. The dems lost. The 1912 RNC convention, complete with delegate stealing and rules manipulation led to the Bull Moose party and the defeat of the RNC giving the election to Woodrow Wilson. The RNC ads regarding Hillary Clinton’s comments of Obama might work because the party did not unite with a Obama/Clinton ticket. Now add the passions of gender and race to this year’s primaries and we end up with a potential volatile situation that Obama failed to consider by calling for a united ticket. In other words, Obama failed “to suck it up” for the true unity of the party and was short sighted in the long term implications.

    Women never expected the degree of sexism and misogyny from the media and from the party in this year’s primary. The DNC’s failure to act hurt many long time women dems. Women never expected the RNC to be in their corner, so the expectations from the DNC were higher. When the DNC failed to deliver and Obama indeed used sexism to dismiss Clinton’s accomplishments (Having Tea with Bhutto)..This was an act of Betrayal..that will not be easily dismissed. In other words, one expects more from one’s friends than one’s enemies. Many woman are tired of having a supreme court decision over 30 years ago as the only accomplishment that the dems hold over their heads. There is nothing more aggravating than to have one’s uterus held hostage while the ERA is no longer on the platform and we still do not have equal pay legislation, child care reform, health care reform and so on.

    Enter McCain’s choice of Palin as his VP pick. This will be interesting on many levels. Palin is noted for fighting corruption within her own party in Alaska. She is not a product of unsavory alliances and seems to have the judgement to stay away from them as possible. She is a social conservative which appeals to the RNC base. She does have executive experience more so than Obama. When the sexists and misogynist media, and indeed those within the DNC party, start again it will become apparent; The excuse that the sexists attacks against Hillary because she was Hillary Clinton and not because she was a woman will fail to hold water. The RNC and McCain, who never did a damn thing for woman, will not tolerate these attacks and “effectively stand up against sexism”. It is a sad irony indeed.
    I would have a VP candidate without foreign policy experience, that a candidate for POTUS. The DNC argument will not work and will only show weakness in their own candidate. Palin’s job will be to help McCain clean up Washington from corruption and lobbyist. Palin will be the expert on assisting McCain as much as Gore was involved in reducing paperwork of the government and environmental concerns. Brilliant

  60. myiq – So, we were right. If Hillary were the VP pick, it would have been a “token” appointment?

    These people are hanging themselves with every word.

  61. Isn’t it funny that the same people on the spent the entire primary season (up until minutes before her convention speech) savaging Hillary suddenly want us to get bent out of shape, because Sarah Palin said she didn’t like Hillary’s “whining”?

    Do we have to remember what the Obama campaign and their most prominent supporters said daily against Hillary? Because it ain’t pretty and it’s certainly not gonna get us to rally behind Obama.

  62. Hi swanspirit!!! 🙂

  63. When the VP of the republican ticket (Sarah Palin) has a better record of accomplishments and change. Then the top of the democratic ticket (Obama). There is something very very wrong. Where is the MEDIA. ???,

  64. The fact is Democrats who vote for the GOP ticket aren’t doing it because they are pro-GOP; they are doing it because they are voting AGAINST Obama.

    I don’t intend to vote for any candidate for the top slot. I am voting for “none of these candidates” in Nevada, should it be on the ballot. Otherwise, I am leaving the top part of the ticket blank.

    It’s too bad “none of the above” can’t be the law of the land and have teeth. This was the year for it.

  65. outragedinmd: They haven’t learned sh!t. The sexist rants are in full tilt on the “netroots” blogs. If this keeps up and the GOP talking heads impress me with an anti-sexist defense, they may just get my vote!

  66. susannunes – I agree. That was what I was going to do!

  67. Here’s another stupid meme:

    Because Sarah Palin only has about as much experience as Obama that means the GOP can use the experience issue on him.

    Except Palin is running for the #2 job, Obama is running for the top spot.

    VP is a good spot for OJT

    BTW – Palin has 2 years executive experience, Obama has none

    Obama has 11-12 years of experience running for office.

  68. I HOPE in a debate, someone hits her with the “you’re not Hillary” line.

    And I hope she retorts: “If you wanted Hillary, you should have nominated her.”

  69. Rut-roh–the shallowness of their arguments is being exposed.

  70. MABlue:

    That’s actually not quite what she said

  71. Thank you for listening MADAM AB 🙂 I cant live without music 🙂

  72. susannunes: It’s too bad “none of the above” can’t be the law of the land and have teeth.

    lol. How pathetic is that it would probably garner the most votes.

  73. They “care deeply” about “women’s issues”, yet they hate actual women.

  74. Obama Talking Point #23.

    [edited for the Administrator’s amusement]

  75. …..any way you slice it, Sarah Palin is an American success story. So Every time the Odumba camp dump on Sarah Palin, they are telling Americans they aren’t worth much either, because .I’m not any where near accomplished as ths lady, and she’s not good enough? That’s not going to make me vote for you idjit .

  76. Here’s an “experience” meme from the Obots:

    Lincoln was just a state legislator before becoming President

    That makes Palin more qualified than Lincoln, according to the Obots

  77. WMCB – Me too.

    What is becoming more and more clear to me is the incredible condescension that informs almost every statement about women in the media and the Oblogosphere.

    Their arguments wouldn’t convince a twelve-year-old, yet they think we dumb, hysterical, emotional, periodically down women will be swayed by them.

    I am starting to get really, really pissed off again. Which, of course, was planned by McCain as well, because you know he foresaw these sexist, misogynistic arguments and the effect he’d have on American women of all political persuasions.

    D*mn that brilliant man!!!

  78. Experience off the table………My ASS.

    Accomplishments off the table………My ASS.

    CHANGE off the table……….etc.

  79. Never minding whether Matalin has foreign policy experience (merely because she worked on various campaigns), the Carville remark, to clarify again (unfortunately I can’t find a quote from the news show) was something like this: “You hear people say that so and so has about as much foreign policy experience as my wife has or my daughter has…but in THIS case, it’s going to be true!!!!!”.

  80. The brilliance of the McCain pick for VP is less that Palin is a woman and more that she is part of his attempt to re-establish the Republican brand. That Palin is a woman is merely gravy.

    I’ve never been a Republican because I’ve always felt (still do) that their views on being self-supportive are too extreme. Most other western societies, except ours, acknowledge that government exists to help all the people. Here in this country we are still enamored of the mythical free-spirited, independent “Marlboro Man”. We idolize a fantasy of everyone being able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I don’t know if that fantasy ever touched reality, but from the point in time that medical costs started to skyrocket back in the 1980s, it certainly doesn’t exist anymore.

    In recent years, the Repubs have simply been associated with being corrupt, being anti-science, and wasting our financial resources. McCain seems to be trying to move the R’s back to what he considers the basics of the party before Rove started hyping the “values” issues. An interesting play, IMO, to attempt to regain the Repubs in exile.

  81. I’m seriously considering voting for McCain, just because of Palin

  82. RE: semidi and the Green Party

    No, I not voting against Obama any longer. I’m voting FOR Sarah Palin and her buddy John. It feels really good. It’s no longer just a protest vote.

  83. Myiq has a new post up! 🙂

  84. sam’s mom:

    It’s still a protest vote, but it won’t be a symbolic one.

  85. Oh poop. I meant Garychapelhill!

  86. I do?

  87. I really love how the Boy King comes out with these unilateral regal pronouncements of what is now “off the table” all the time.

    I’m sure the Republicans are so chastened when he says that. LOL!!!

  88. Max: Actually, Palin doesn’t think government should legislate abortion. She’s against it for sure, but doesn’t think govt should have a role. I don’t agree with Palin on much at all, but I’m liking the symbolism. I like being heard. And I’m liking how the hypocrisy of the Obots and frat boys is being exposed right now.

  89. Remember the 50 state strategy??? Where are the campaigns? Pennsylvania and Ohio. Watch where the Obama campaign goes, and you’ll see how scared they are. Also, let’s see how Palin is at the McCain rally in PA tonight. This has to be overwhelming for her and her family on so many levels. But this is the type of woman who goes in full steam ahead.

  90. myiq2xu, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:50 am Said:
    That’s actually not quite what she said

    Myiq, even if it is, my point is that it pales in comparison.

  91. Hey Obama, what was that about Annie Oakley!

  92. I’ve been doing more reading on Palin’s pro-life stance. She belongs to a group called Feminists for Life, which looks like it addresses the reasons women have abortions and tries to do something to decrease the need for an abortion in the first place.

    As a believer of the Clintons’ view that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare, this organization seems to want to do something besides just shout “Baby killer!!” at pro-choice people. What good does all the shouting do? Shouldn’t we try to find some answers?

    Personally I don’t think abortion should be used as birth control. That group advocates education and contraceptives. Not exactly right wing fundie there. I also don’t think women should be forced to choose between having a baby and making a living. That group advocates giving women the support to do both. Just when we think we’ve come so far as women in the workforce, we see the crap thrown out yesterday like “OMG How can Palin do her job as VP if she has a bayybeee???” I think Palin’s response will be something like “watch and learn”.

    I still believe that women should be able to terminate a pregnancy due to rape or if their health is at risk. I think it’s a very smart thing for women to look at the reasons behind abortion and try to find solutions. It says hey, we’re not just concerned about you only when you’re pregnant.

  93. Myiq –

    The last few weeks McCain has probably been watching the Democrats and praying “Please don’t pick Hillary, please don’t pick Hillary, please don’t pick Hillary”

    Whodda thunk McCain and I would share the same prayers?

  94. That’s right, Cindy. I really like that group because of its non-judgmental, solutions-based approach.

    And, they are anti-violence in general.

    Not too shabby. 🙂

  95. Great post, Madamab! Boy, Mccain is not leaving many on the fence with this pick. What a lopsided race!

  96. I am a r*cist.

    [edited for truth by the Administrator]

  97. lol joaniebone….the dems fell for the repub trap hook, line and sinker! And obamaphile’s sphincters must be shut tight, they are so scared!!

    Palin was definitely an interesting choice, and a good one. Funny that it took McCain to respond to the female voters in the dem party to show he understands. ALTHOUGH, Palin has shown many reasons why she should get our votes….she gets it!

    As for obama/biden I don’t think they will have the time or wherewithall to fight this what with all that being full of themselves and gaffeing all over the place.

    Madamab…..thanks for another thought-provoking piece…

  98. PsstCmere – Heh. “Obama America!” LOL

  99. Obama’s choice of Biden is much more a reflection of (1) someone who can be an effective member of his cabinet and (2) someone who will be team player during the election process. Hillary no doubt would have enhanced his chances for the election but would have been a bear in the White House.

    McCain has thrown the dice in a high risk roll. He wants everyone to think of a woman and not of the failed 8 years of the Bush Presidency. The failures of the Bush years are not about “Washington is broken”, they are about a mean spirited, divisive biased, and ends justify the means Administration. If McCain disowns that, he may have a chance.

  100. zukunft – Obama’s choice means “I need a babysitter.”
    McCain’s means “I am a Maverick and I am not Bush.”

    Game over.

  101. I will vote for McCain/Palin in November.
    I know Governor Palin is no Hillary, but she respects Hillary
    and acknowledges her accomplishments.
    Governor Palin during her speech yesterday acknowledged
    our beloved Hillary’s grit and fearlessness during the primary campaign and thanked her for her contributions in forging the path for all women in America.
    Governor Palin is no Hillary?.She does not want to be.She
    wants and needs to be herself, that’s where her success
    comes from. And I also think that if ever Gov. Palin needed
    to look for inspiration and political fortitude she will
    remember and think of Hillary, of Gerry, of Stephanie. of
    Elizabeth and Condi, of Eleanor and Susan B.
    So, we want somebody “like Hillary”? Let’s nominate Hillary
    for 2012. Better yet, let’s form a new party with Hilary at the
    top, to run for 2012. I don’t want to wait forty years to clean
    up the corruption of the Democratic Party. We’ll see.
    For now I have McCain/Palin to vote for.
    Will wait for Hillary in 2012.

  102. “I can see “not impressed” but “insulted?”
    And why would GOP women feel that way?”

    Unfortunately, there are some women in the GOP that feel very strongly that women who have children should not work.

    I am very actively involved in the Republican Party and reject this mindset as much as I disagree with rabbid pro-life advocates. Most of the Republican women I know are strong, self-sufficient, and support choice with no hesitation.

    Young and middle-aged Republicans have no problem with social issues like gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose, etc.

    We’re working hard to get to core issues such a lower taxes and less government spending, less government intrusion on our lives, less dictating.

    I’ve read your stories and I’m not surprised. There was some of that in the Republican Party, but it wasn’t personal. As a woman, I’ve supported you. As a woman I cried that Hillary was not chosen. As a woman, I watched the one Democrat I could have accepted (based on her knowledge of foreign policy), as a woman on Wednesday I was extremely sad because I believed it would be at least another 8 years before a woman could get on the ticket, and as a woman I cried yesterday morning when John McCain actually had the guts to nominate a very strong willed, charismatic woman – a move I never thought he would make. Initially I thought he was pandering, but then I researched her. I’m still stunned.

    To watch the WaPo reader comments already, the attack is on. McGina? Seriously … Thankfully, I have tougher skin than that.

    PUMA’s thank you, as a woman I now feel the GOP has finally chosen to move forward, I don’t think it would have happened if it weren’t for you.

  103. It looks like pissed off women will decide this election.
    Front page WaPo today: “An All-Out Battle for Women’s Votes Begins”


    Is this not absolutely crazy – wonderful? It is looking like there may be fundamental shifts in both major political parties.

    “First they ignore you… Then they laugh at you… Then they fight you… Then you win.” — . Gandhi

  104. WMCB, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:57 am Said:
    “I really love how the Boy King comes out with these unilateral regal pronouncements of what is now “off the table” all the time.”

    Yeah, me too. MO is campaigning but she is “off the table”. We’re not supposed to criticize or comment about her, but it’s okay to make nasty comments about Sarah Palin’s BABY?????

    As far as Palin’s “foreign policy” experience is concerned, many states have trade deals with other countries. The Governors of those states are the ones who negotiate those agreements. I’m fairly certain that there must have been some negotiations going on between Alaska and Canada regarding that new oil pipline…. unless Governor Palin was planning to just go into Canada without its permission, much like Obama would go into Pakistan….

    Republican Woman: I’m glad you’re here. You and other conservative republicans like Rober Bezold actually “get it” and understand why the PUMA movement came about. You bring good insight and intelligent comments to this site and I thank for for that.

  105. zukunftsaugen, on at 11:47 am Obama’s choice of Biden is much more a reflection of…

    No, it’s much more a reflection of hypocrisy:

    Sen. Joe Biden , a politician who, as champion loudmouth and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was calling for an invasion of Iraq in 1998, two years before there was a President George W. Bush. In 2002, when Bush demanded Congress give him powers to wage war against Iraq, Chairman Biden was Bush’s biggest Democratic ally. Biden depicted Bush as a man of peace, declaring, “at each pivotal moment, he has chosen a course of moderation and deliberation.” That course led to a war that is now deep into its fifth year – but that should not worry Joe Biden, who said, back in 2002, that the U.S. was “committing to Iraq for the long haul; not just the day after, but the decade after….” ]

    The selection of Biden was doubly offensive, applauded as it is by ObamaFanBoyz, who during the primary castigated all who voted for the war….well, not everyone……not Kerry and obviously not Biden. No, the only one to be so smeared by Obama’s minions was Clinton. Strange, that. [Not really]

  106. Numbers to think about: 36,000,000 viewers tuned in for HRC’s speech at the Democratic convention. 34,000,000 tuned in the following night for Bill Clinton and J. Biden. 38,000,000 turned in for the much hyped Obama extravaganza. It will be interesting to watch what the numbers are for the Republican VP and top gun this week.

    I think the Democratic Party has some deep thinking to do: they have led Republicans among women voters . Their current public performance might change that. Obama has solidified the AA vote for Dems but that has always been a reliable bloc vote. Even if that AA voting bloc expands, it is no match for the female voting bloc. It is really sad to me to see women in the Democratic party who have struggled for a fair place at the party table be shoved aside and to see what could have/should have been a shining moment for them handed off to the eager, open arms of Republicans. It is so true that pioneers and those on the bleeding edge often do the hard painful work of opening opportunities and building foundations only to have others come from behind and reap the rewards. Although this is sad, the up side for me is that I see we really could get in this election an amazing break through for women in public life—it is more important to me to have that break through than to have it be won by a Democrat.

    Please somebody tell me why no man ever gets tagged with staying home because he has 4 or 5 kids? Isn’t Palin’s husband now a stay at home dad?
    Please tell me on Carville’s comment as refined above—isn’t the bottom line that regardless of whether it is Carville’s wife or daughter or a generic wife and daughter the message is that females don’t know the international world? Unless what? One of Palin’s accomplishments is finalizing the agreement with Alaska for the natural gas pipeline and as governor has dealings with Japan and Russia over fishing, ice breaking and other operational issues.

  107. i love it when people ask mac if he is too old to run for president and he answers
    why dont you ask my MOM
    mccain 08 hillary 12/16
    obama 20 to life

  108. Jangles, our local news is going around to the Republican women here asking “What about the fact that she has 5 children, how can she campaign, run a country, and have all these kids”? Almost unanimously, and without coordination because it happened too fast, the response has been I’m pretty certain most of our Vice Presidents throughout history had children and they managed.

    KJMontana: I remember after having woodshop for a year at 13, we moved to the midwest, I was excited to find out my new school had woodshop. When I was told that I wasn’t allowed to be in that class because I was a girl, and was forced to take sewing, well I became a “girl” on a mission. Fortunately, my parents decided the Midwest wasn’t for us and we went back a month later, but I never forgot that woman counselor sanctimoniously tell me how I “was just a girl, learn to act like one.”

  109. madamab:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the veep picks. Bobo in search of daddy and Daddy Mac maverick ushering in true change, acknowledging Hillary (and us), and championing a young reformer who’s already shown her mettle (and who has a resume thicker than rice paper).

    I’m the sole caretaker of my adult brother with Down syndrome, and I was driving us home from Tucson back to Lalalalas Vegas when I heard the live proceedings over the radio. Cried all the way from Phoenix to Wikieup (pretty far) and felt a renewed sense of hope (and high-profile exposure for the plight of Down syndrome adults and their loving, but stressed-out sibling caretakers!!!!!).

    What thrills me is not the mere fact of Palin’s gender but rather the kind of woman that she is. We have our integrity, our love of democracy, and disdain for corruption in common with her. We PUMAs have reason to be joyous.

    I’m happy, too, that Republicans of good conscience and like hearts on these matters are reaching out. Together, we are the change Obama touts but could never deliver.

    McCain/Palin 2008
    Hillary in the cabinet 2009
    Hillary 2012

  110. Madamab! You probably won’t be checking this, as it’s a bit of a long time since you posted, but I loved this post! You hit everything right —great job. Terrific shot of Gov. Palin too—pearls and parka!

  111. Annie Em, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:37 am Said:
    …” At this point, I’m not even sure that Obama can locate Alaska on a map.”

    Wise Golden says:
    Give the guy a break, he’s been to 57 states already in the last nine months.

    But seriously folks, what a great decision for McCain — very energizing.

  112. If Obama picked Joe Biden, I don’t think it would be good for his presidency (and by extension, the country). They stand for much of the same policies, but are significantly different in the way to get there. For one thing, Hillary Clinton is a very polarizing figure – one of the most “hated” by conservatives. He’s running on a platform for reaching across the divide.

    Anyways, moving on to the Sarah Palin pick – you neglected to mention the very severe deficiencies (some would say “risks”) associated with Sarah Palin. Much of the change and stands that she is credited with was in the context of a small town or a small state. Nothing wrong with small states, but it should be kept in perspective that the population of Alaska is less than 700,000. As a Canadian, I’m used to small populations and small cities, but that is smaller than the INDIVIDUAL population of at least 3 of our metro area cities. I believe Sarah Palin is untested at best, but glaringly inexperienced at worst. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that she’s unprepared to become president if anything were to happen to John McCain. I think she’s significantly underqualified to serve as Vice President of the United States of America even if McCain is fine and healthy for the whole term – have people considered things from that angle?

    And that’s assuming you agree with (or will agree with) her policy decisions.

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