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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Scratching Post Saturday Night – Democracy is more important than my LadyParts


We are the ones no one was expecting, and boy are they pissed.  Our votes are PRIME REAL ESTATE – but if the O-borg, particularly Joe Conason from the New York Observer, keeps writing stuff like this, what makes you think we’re voting for “Mr. Yes He Can’t?”

To take her at her word — as those who constantly proclaim their devotion ought to do — means joining her behind the new Obama-Biden ticket. Rather than sulking over the slights and stupidities of the primary, she speaks about the disastrous implications of a Republican victory as well as the policies and values she holds in common with Sen. Obama. Do the rejectionists think that her speeches on his behalf are insincere — that when she says she wants him to win, she is being false? Such assumptions are an insult to her.

Still more confounding is the threat by some of her supporters to defect to John McCain. His campaign’s latest commercial features a grinning Clinton supporter who praises his “maverick, independent streak” as well as his “experience and judgment,” and promises that “it’s OK, really” to vote for the Republican. Is this the politics of revenge? Is it the cult of personality? Is it just stubborn idiocy?

Whatever else it may be, it is not OK. No, it is emphatically not OK to mislead Sen. Clinton’s supporters into lining up behind a candidate whose positions are the opposite of hers, whose judgment on many issues is woefully deficient, and whose maverick independence is no more than a memory.

Sen. McCain, too, deserves to be taken at his word — which makes it all the more astonishing that anyone who claims to have voted for Sen. Clinton would consider voting for him. He has declared his firm opposition to reproductive rights and promised to appoint Supreme Court judges who would restrict those rights. He would continue the U.S. occupation of Iraq and may well expand the war to Iran and beyond. He opposes universal health care and denounces Social Security as a “disgrace” that should be privatized. He dropped his principled opposition to the regressive Bush tax cuts and his support of immigration reform to pander to the Republican right.

Speaking of right-wing Republicans, their encouragement of the intransigent Clintonites is a clue for the clueless. The sudden affection lavished on Sen. Clinton by neoconservatives and other assorted wingnuts could hardly be more transparent or insincere — or predictable as soon as Sen. Obama, their erstwhile favorite, secured the Democratic nomination. Pundits who beseeched Democrats to join the Obama campaign as a crusade to destroy the Clintons now demand respect for her. But their insincerity is blatant. They merely want to exploit her most disappointed supporters, whose eagerness to cooperate in that strategy is mystifying.

Private opinions about Sen. Obama and his chances of victory notwithstanding, Sen. Clinton clearly understands that her own political future, her family’s political legacy and the causes she holds dear will all depend on the vigor of her support for the Democratic ticket this fall. And despite persistent hisses of complaint from both the Obama and Clinton camps during the convention week, she knows there is no upside in recalcitrance and no downside in enthusiasm. As a lifelong advocate of racial and gender equality, she should appreciate the historic moment that she and Sen. Obama have the privilege to share on the public stage. None of her supporters should stoop to tarnish it.

You know what Joe?  F__K You.  F__K you and your vote stealing candidate.  Had you done your job as a journalist, you would’ve discovered that Obama stole this convention through caucus fraud, SuperDelegates donations through Nancy Pelosi’s PAC, with the help from the RBC and Fake Role Call meetings.  So get your nose out of my uterus. I will support DownTicket Dems even if they were a participant in the Death Of Democracy in the Democratic Party – because they will ensure that McCain and Palin’s power do not go unchecked.  And numbers say that in 40 years and 5 Republican presidents with very conservative Supreme Court majorities haven’t turned over Roe v. Wade, so why should they now?  Obama stole a campaign and attacked with his rabid cyber-dogs and cultlike supporters in the media.  What makes you think he’s going to protect MY rights as a woman after he let misogyny be the main weapon to suppress dissent?  Democracy is much more important to me than my uterus, so go do your job instead of deciding what my ladyparts should be doing/thinking.

Rico has his Pink PUMAs and Mountian Lion Martinis – Flo has her catchers mitt, so Smiegels beware!  For entertainment tonight, nothing like a good Latin Jazz timbal duet between Tito Puente and Shiela E. 

PLUS: Join Matt from “My Two Cents”  11PM ET tonight!  Topics: DNC convention, McCain’s stunning VP pick, polls, tactics used to sway Hillary supporters/pumas to Obama through fear and doubt. Special guests will drop by to weigh in!!!  http://www.blogtalkradioshow.com/My-Two-Cents

¡Que viva los PUMAs! (Long live PUMAs!)

448 Responses

  1. Great Post:

    I took a gander at Megan McCain’s blog, and from the photos you can see that Palin is Obama’s worst nightmare. Just scroll down the front page, and you will see photos of an awesome family. These people just seem so laid back and drama free. It’s quite refreshing.


  2. Joe, there’s a big problem with taking a candidate at his or her word. If there’s no beef, no action, no deeds behind the words, there is no reason to put any stock in them.

    I have no faith whatsoever that Obama will protect Social Security, champion women’s rights, or get us out of Iraq.

  3. Great post. Joe Conasan is a moron.

  4. That hurricane stuff is just SICK. This shows you the REAL democratic party. THAT is not the party of Hillary. THAT is the party that likes keeping AA voters down and out and poor and dependent. THAT is the party that likes tragedies to hit poor area so they can exploit it.

    Just sick.

  5. It’s hilarious that they are so baffled that we just won’t do what we are told.

  6. They are acting like a bunch of boorish frat boys.

  7. Craig of the eponymous List just accused me of being racist. I have never been called that in my life, and have never done anything to have deserved it.

    The center cannot hold.

    I’m heartbroken tonight. What rough beast…

  8. Rico, quick! I need a drink (and I don’t drink).

    Wrote this down thread but am going to repeat. My husband just got home from a Democratic event (very tempting at this point to say Democrat event), and he said everyone was thrilled with McCain’s stupid choice of VP.

    I defended her and he said, “She’s just got tits.” (Lady parts, good title SM).

    I went ballistic and yelled, ‘ONE MORE COMMENT LIKE THAT AND I WON’T VOTE DOWN TICKET.”

    Who knew we’d be a house divided, except it’s not Rep vs Dem, it’s Dem vs Dem.

    I am pretty sure in November I will get the last laugh.

  9. Hillary’s doing her part. Did you see her and Obama at Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ memorial today?

    Even Bill was saying the right things. If Obama loses, it won’t be the fault of the Clintons.

    BTW, it was pretty clear that the Cleveland AA community loves the Clintons, so I guess Clyburn should have a big dose of STFU. He’s not going to have any influence when it comes to November.

  10. Sweetie is posting a zogby poll showing McCain Palin moving 5 ahead of Obama/Biden. Zogby seemed to be problematic in the primary but maybe this is at least a sign of hope. Poll was taken after the Palin debut.

  11. This election is going to be ridiculous, I mean really.

  12. It’s too bad about Joe. He’s been drinking the koolaid for awhile. Someone should write him a letter and explain.

  13. Jangles:

    I do not trust ZOGBY polling especially if it’s his online polling. I get his polls once in a while. Is he always polling the same people? Fascinating, though, would for him to study my profile and see how my views have moved over the last few years. I like the question of very favorable or very unfavorable. Bush and Obama are always VERY UNFAVORABLE. Hillary VERY FAVORABLE. McCain SOMEWHAT FAVORABLE.

  14. RIGHT ON SM!!! Fuck You Joe whoever you are!!!! you and your obama talking points. How dare he tell anyone it is not OK to vote for whoever they goddamn well choose to and for whatever goddamn reason. Fuck you again joe.

  15. But hey any good news in polling is great wherever it comes from.

  16. Hey, I’m in moderation! Help! Help!

  17. “Stubborn idiocy” – I just love the way they woo us…

  18. “slights & stupidities” is that what they are calling “vote stealing, voter intimidation and rampant sexism” these days?

  19. I saw Biden today under the big Obama banner “Change We Can Believe In” and he looked so silly under it.

    Also saw the simple set for the Rep National Convention – just a picture of a huge waving flag. Very understated. Very not Greek temple/monument/white house.

  20. why am I NOT surprised that joe c after all is said and done has the sensitivity of a white frat boy like the rest of the MSM? way to go, joe (not!)

  21. Excuse me WHAT SHARING is he delusional about ??? this ????

    “She should appreciate the historic moment that she and Sen. Obama have the privilege to share on the public stage”

    She should appreciate that he let her share the stage ..when she WON the freakin primary ???
    What is next ?? All us folks should preciate they let us vote for HIM ???

    DONT SHOULD ON ME ………..Sweetie


  22. As I said…I’ll take any good news from Zogby or anywhere. Check out Megan McCain’s blog. The behind the scenes photos are FASCINATING even if you don’t like McCain. Obama and Michi would NEVER give anyone this type of access.

  23. Did anyone catch Conason’s sexist screed in Salon today?

    McCain’s Palin pick is the epitome of tokenism

    It is hard to think of a more cynical and contemptuous political act this year than John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate. Having served as governor of Alaska for less than two years — and as mayor of a small town before that — her qualifications for national office are minimal.

    Palin is the epitome of tokenism, exactly what conservative Republicans have always claimed to scorn, until today, as the politics of quotas and political correctness. Even Rush Limbaugh is a feminazi now (at least until Election Day).

    But if Palin’s résumé is limited, to put it politely, she possesses the only two qualities that McCain now seems to consider essential: She is a right-wing religious ideologue with female gender characteristics.

    Joe baby, you wouldn’t know tokenism, cynicism, contempt (or sexism) if it bit you on the ‘nads.

  24. hi y’all — can I buy you a drink???

    can’t believe how I’ve been grinning since the Palin announcement…and I can’t believe how fast the dem talking points re: her have made it into my family’s discussions… they seem perplexed when I calmly dismantle them point by point….

    ya think O’s fake bio is going to stand a chance against this lady’s real life??!!! game, set & match big mac!

  25. This is rich: I cant even get on the Zogby website. The Cheetos must be going insane trying to get the probably ‘flawed’ numbers.

  26. Lori – I can’t find your comment – type it again and see if it’ll stick.

  27. Jangles, I got called on the zogby poll … 🙂

  28. You know what really ticks me off about these morons like Joe? The fact that they don’t seem to understand that all female Hillary supporters are not the same. Many may in fact be moderates/centrists who, now that she is out of the race, more closely align with McCain then with Obama. Why do these mean think we female Hillary supporters only voted for Hillary because she was a woman and don’t give us any credit for the fact that maybe we thought she was the best person for the job?
    And while I’m at it, Joe — it is insulting to me that you think I have to vote for Obama because Hillary says I should.

  29. Charles @ 9:55, that article makes me furious as well.

    My GOD, could Democrats be any more deaf??

    This line: That makes about as much sense as swallowing hemlock.

    For Colbert’s information, he may be historically correct. Look at the women in Afghanistan, TEN A MONTH of whom self-immolate, in order to make a POINT that no one is HEARING them. Look at all those in history who have gone on hunger strikes and died, because no one was HEARING them. Women and other oppressed groups have often resorted to extreme choices, not because they are batshit crazy hysterics, but because they have screamed and screamed and screamed, and are not being HEARD.

    Never, not ONCE do these assholes ever stop, think about it, and ask themselves or their readers one very obvious question:

    “What has gone so horribly wrong with the Democratic party that all these women (and men) feel the need to do something so drastic as to VOTE REPUBLICAN this year?”

  30. Still trying to emotionally rape us with the Clinton’s legacy!

    F*ck you very much Joe.

    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008

    Hillary or McCain 2009 – you decide.

    PUMA HAKA :evil

  31. garychapelhill, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:03 pm Said: Edit Comment
    RIGHT ON SM!!! Fuck You Joe whoever you are!!!! you and your obama talking points. How dare he tell anyone it is not OK to vote for whoever they goddamn well choose to and for whatever goddamn reason. Fuck you again joe.

    That’s right! What part of the world are you in? Please let us know!

  32. Thanks for the great Latin music. It cheered my soul!

    Isn’t it amazing just how stupid and stubborn people like Joe Shmoe can be. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what really happened during the primary.

    For one, I’m not willing to forget everything and start “from here” “for the good of the party.” No Way! We PUMAs have been through too much to stop now. And speaking of what Hillary said to us, I heard her distinctly say “keep going, never stop.”

    In my household it’s me that has vowed NEVER to vote for Barry. It’s my wife who is saying those things that Joe spouts so easily. That’s why you PUMAs have been so necessary for me. My wonderful wife still has her blinders on and I haven’t figured out how to influence her opinion. Finally, I say — “It’s her vote, but as for ME, NOBAMA.” Being from a McCain state, Kansas, it really doesn’t make any difference in the final count, but it makes a great deal of difference to me. I’ll continue to work against Obama and probably will vote for McCain. I agree that Roe vs Wade has a strong hold on America and it would be very difficult for McCain to pull off a Supreme Court shuffle that would bring it down.

  33. sm, we are in some god awful tourist trap from hell called wisconsin dells, about an hour north of madison wisconsin…gonna try to take a pic of the pumamobile in front of Obamas house tomorrow

  34. Joe Conason is another white frat boy,

  35. Carol: if you’re around, I donated $25 to Hillary just today.

  36. Gary: you are going to be in Hyde Park??? I used to live there. Track down Donna Jackson at Metropro Real Estate. She’s my old boss and the listing agent that sold the house to the Obamas and Rezko.

  37. Hmm, putting a woman with Palin’s backstory on the ticket is “tokenism” but the DNC selecting an even less experienced AA man as the Pres. nominee over the more experienced, better qualified older woman is what exactly?

  38. Actually her name is Donna Schwan.

  39. I love you Regency! How is school going? Are you ready to evacuate if necessary?

  40. Charles: $200 of that was from me!

  41. Gary, if you can’t get to the Rezko/BZero crib, a pic outside Axelrove’s office would be mighty powerful. He’s the Julie McCoy who really helped get us together.

    Just a thought.

  42. garychapelhill, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:14 pm Said: Edit Comment
    sm, we are in some god awful tourist trap from hell called wisconsin dells, about an hour north of madison wisconsin…gonna try to take a pic of the pumamobile in front of Obamas house tomorrow

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture will go global!!!!

  43. “What has gone so horribly wrong with the Democratic party that all these women (and men) feel the need to do something so drastic as to VOTE REPUBLICAN this year?”

    Exactly, WMCB.

  44. She is a right-wing religious ideologue with female gender characteristics. Suddenly that is all anyone needs to qualify as a potential commander in chief of the world’s most powerful military

    This is an easy one

    He is a left -wing “religious” ideologue with male gender characteristics. Suddenly that is all anyone needs to qualify as a potential commander in chief of the world’s most powerful military

    Too bad they arent all that easy …

  45. Rather than sulking over the slights and stupidities of the primary, she speaks about the disastrous implications of a Republican victory as well as the policies and values she holds in common with Sen. Obama. Do the rejectionists think that her speeches on his behalf are insincere — that when she says she wants him to win, she is being false? Such assumptions are an insult to her.

    Slights and stupidities? Uh…like voter suppression and fraud? Like rampant misogyny and censorship? Such pesky democratic details.

    These people are beyond ridicule. They are suddenly so concerned with the “insults” being hurled at us? My, my, such sensitivity. We are being manipulated by the Republicans and the horrible bad media (ie: FOX). But not by these new Hillary cheerleaders?

    If I didn’t have this blog, I swear to God I would be up in a tower picking people off or walking in circles and banging my head against trees.

  46. I simply must add my own “F4*# You, Joe”

    He and his ilk should have listened to us before this debacle.
    Bullies one and all.

    Rico may I have a tall Irish whiskey and soda, make it Michael Collins. I’m celebrating the corrupt jerks getting their comeuppance.

  47. Clearly, based on the increasing # of trolls here, the Bots are still flippin’ out over Mac’s Palin pick! Don’t you just love it?

    I try to picture them all as little annoying mosquitoes, flying into a big zapper. Ah, the sweet days of summer … cocktail anyone? Please pass the chips. Oh yes, and the Off! : )

  48. #
    angie, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:16 pm Said:

    Hmm, putting a woman with Palin’s backstory on the ticket is “tokenism” but the DNC selecting an even less experienced AA man as the Pres. nominee over the more experienced, better qualified older woman is what exactly?


    Irony: it’s the salt on the margarita glass of election ’08!

  49. ben, are you kidding me? do you think she would actually meet us? 🙂 we are going to be passing near you too…aren’t you in akron?

  50. Hey guys, Join me Tonight 11PM ET!

    Tonight show:”My Two Cents Radio will discuss and review what happen during the week.

    Topics: DNC convention, McCain’s stunning VP pick, polls, tactics used to sway Hillary supporters/pumas to Obama through fear and doubt. So much more to discuss!

    Special guests will drop by to weigh in!!!

    Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET!!!


  51. Carol: Glad to be to be loved by you! School’s all right. I’m bunking with a Hillary lover so that’s good. I’m not going anywhere. Nowhere left to go. I don’t have any relatives up north so I’m gonna have to hold down the fort here. Here’s hoping Gustav and Hanna don’t combine to kill us all.

  52. I hope the Republicans know how to deal with the out of control slanders being bandied about on Left Blogistan.

    It’s beyond disgusting what they are doing to Palin.

  53. Hey Matt — I’ve been listening to your show for the last two nights now — love it!

  54. Prolix, that’s a good idea. I actually read in the chicago tribune that his house has been pretty fortified, so we might not be able to get close. I also was thinking of somewhere on the U. of Chicago campus….do you know where axelrod’s offices are?

  55. revgrl, of course they are freaking out. This is anecdotal from another blog, but if stuff like this is happening all over the country, especially in swing states, Precious is knee-deep in shit:

    Friday afternoon at a small mom and pop, blue collar, working class bar outside of Pittsburgh the local people are COMPLETELY disgusted with their beloved democrat party. Usually I’m the only conservative in the place, they’re vocal, and try to bait me into an arguement.

    But this election cycle is different.

    Friday the dozen or so that were there sat in silence sobbing itno their beers when the 4 o’clock news came on. Finally one spoke up, slammed his hand on the bar and loudly proclaimed…”This isn’t my party!” “What happened?”

    The others joined in with similar comments. Lots were angry because Hillary isn’t on the ticket. Then they started talking about Palin.

    It was great! ALL of them claimed they will vote for McCain/Palin, especilly now that Palin is the VP pick. They like her hunting/fishing/outdoor aspects..they like her abortion stance…and after I showed them a picture of her as Miss Walissa 1984, they LOVE her because she’s hot.

    Seriously every one of them at the watering hole say they will never vote for Obama now, they will vote republican, some for the first time in their life.

  56. I will Charles — my mom & dad are heading up to stay with me from NOLA as we “speak.”

  57. Gary, I just looked it up and they don’t have a physical address, but a phone number, but let me do a reverse cross check and I’ll be back with you.

  58. Gary, Yes I’m in Akron. Please come on through here. I would think Donna may be willing to meet you. She definitely remembers me. And, frankly, after I learned she was involved in the sale I actually felt sorry for the Obamas. This woman is a piranha in real estate.

  59. I don’t often drink, but tonight I’ll have a little something. Someone order me something. I’ll pay.

  60. hi revgrl!

    I need something strong, this has been a wild week–gimme a whiskey Rico. Maker’s Mark, isn’t that what Hillary drinks?

  61. Read this:


    I know it’s Zogby but it will make you smile from ear to ear. Also, the Zogby site has crashed. Hmmm

  62. REGENCY … if you need to come north I have a guest room with a computer 🙂

  63. I hope everyone has noticed the coodinated Question.
    ” Is Palin the best republican you could have picked”. trying to invoke an agument

  64. thanks prolix. Good to hear that about fredster. I haven’t even been able to think about Gustav…it just gives me a panic attack…I don’t think I could stand to watch something like Katrina happen again. I think that was the first time I ever actually screamed at my TV set…..

  65. MATT: I updated the post with your show -thanks for your reminder!

  66. Whiskey for Arabella too Rico!

  67. gary – when I was a flight attendant many years ago, I used to lay over in Madison. It was the 2nd city I had ever been in where I was aware of homeless people. They used to sleep inside the glass partisans at the bus stops across from the capital on the circle if my memory serves me correctly. Also, when I swam master’s swimming, the 3 Gold and 1 Bronze Olympian Jim Montgomery from Madison, Wisconsin was our coach. We used to him “cheese parties”.

    I also was the sickest I think I have ever been there on an overnight one time.

  68. Arabella – PINK PUMA COSMO!

  69. “partisions not partisans”

  70. Hm, if you haven’t caught this story, it’s worth a read:


    Obama Should Come Clean On Ayers, Rezko
    And the Iraqi Billionaire

    Here’s a line that gave me a WTH? moment: “Separately, Mr. Obama’s lawyers have also demanded that the Justice Department prosecute an organization called the American Issues Project for running an ad about ties between their candidate and Mr. Ayers.”

  71. I still mispelled it! Ha HAA

  72. regency: too bad you’re not at LSU, I could grab you and my daughter and we could go to epcot for a few days

  73. Thanks, Swan! Me and ma will make it somehow. We survived Allison, I think we’re as ready as we can be.

  74. WMCB — another anecdotal story — I went to the salon today & the lady who I see there told me that she “used to like Obama a lot but now he just seems so arrogant” and “she can’t believe he picked Joe Biden of all people” and “I can’t believe he didn’t pick Hillary” and “So far, I really like Sarah Palin, she’s a dynamo” and “I just don’t think I can vote for Obama now.” This is just a nice, average working woman, not a political junkie, so I take this as the “gal on the street” view of Obama. After the real 527s start, I am confident she will go for not being sure that she can vote for Obama to definitely voting McCain.
    The worm has turned.

  75. gary – you have to get a picture of it in front of the New and Improved DNC!

  76. Mr. Conason, of course the goopers can afford to be gracious and show some respect to Senator Clinton. They were scared sacless of facing her in the GE, and are so relieved that the Dems reverted to type and meekly threw in their weakest possible candidate, that they are being magnanimous toward the one enemy they feared.

    I’m not voting major party this time. Of course I see the Rovian cynicism in McCain’s vp pick. But after the horrifying display of, yes, sexism, by the DNC this year, I can honestly say I love it. I resigned myself last winter to 4 years of McCain, because I could see what was coming (DNC having hand-picked their own W). This is why the pugs keep winning — the Dems, at least on the national level, are “us, too”-ers, who are always a day late and millions of dollars short. They could have locked in a Dem majority for years to come, but they were insistent on showing that they, too, could pull off a Cheney and put up a pretty-boy sockpuppet. But it’s been done and it didn’t work for us average Americans. We don’t want another four years of unseen hands pulling the strings.

    Unfortunately, the Joe Conasons don’t get it. The R v W threat keeps getting trotted out, but many of us PUMAs are past the point of being able to reproduce, and we fought for the past 30 or 40 years to keep the rights we won, and if the Obama Girls don’t care about those rights, then I for one am too tired to keep fighting for something that they don’t want. If Roe is overturned, then the younger generation can either accept it or start fighting for themselves.

    The occupation of Iraq? That issue that Obama has already started backpedaling on? Where he’d start pulling out some troops in a year or two, but leave a presence indefinitely? Yeah, that’s SOOO different from McCain’s stand.

    It is amusing, on some level, to watch the bots scurry around in panicked circles. But it gets tedious, too. Just a couple more months, and they’ll recede back into the woodwork, like cockroaches.

  77. Oh yes Alice, that’s been in the news. It seems Mr. Transparency is doing everything he can to shut that story done. Their complaint should be filed with the FCC or FEC, not the Justice Department, but Obama is using pure Chicago intimidation tactics. They have sent thousands of retraction letters out to stations across the country running the ads, but didn’t have any evidence to refute the facts. Who does this sound like, using the Justice Department to conceal information and bully people into silence?? Can I have a “W” anyone?

  78. done = down (this whiskey is going to my head already)

  79. Gary if you are interested just email me. I don’t know if you can access my email or not from the site. I can give you information on how to reach her and you can let me know how close to Akron you will get. I haven’t talked to Donna in years but using my name may be a good intro. She’s a celebrity now since she sold that house.

  80. tle: Republicans listen to their voter base. Democrats don’t.

  81. I hope everyone has noticed the coodinated Question. “Is Palin the best republican ou could have picked” tryig to invoke an argument not a anwer. The coodinated answer should be. YES, She is perfect, to show the inadequacy of the Democrats TOP of the ticket selection.

  82. ben, I’ll email you with the email you use here if thats ok..

  83. WMCB, thanks for the post!

    My mom grew up just north of Pittsburgh, near the Ohio border. Her parents were Hungarian immigrants who raised 8 kids on my grandfather’s coalminer’s salary. They and the local townspeople were salt of the earth folks – and still are, generations later. They appreciate what’s real and practical, which is why Palin is going to knock their socks off. Even if they are Dems, they’ll vote for McCain this go-round.

  84. No…MY mom grew up just north of Pittsburgh!

  85. Hola, SM. Como est?

  86. Gary

    That is fine with me.


  87. and it was 7 kids…

  88. MoDo weighs in on Palin:

    The movie ends with the former beauty queen shaking out her pinned-up hair, taking off her glasses, slipping on ruby red peep-toe platform heels that reveal a pink French-style pedicure, and facing down Vladimir Putin in an island in the Bering Strait. Putting away her breast pump, she points her rifle and informs him frostily that she has some expertise in Russia because it’s close to Alaska. “Back off, Commie dude,” she says. “I’m a much better shot than Cheney.”

  89. fif – Thanks for the whiskey. I feel like Greta Garbo tonight so it’s a perfect choice. After a couple of shots I will sing “Show me the way to the next whiskey bar” a la Lotte Lenya.

    Oh, moon of Alabama
    We now must say good bye
    We’ve lost our good old mama
    And must have whiskey
    Oh you know why

  90. Hillary-zila — the answer to that question should also be “Given that McCain has raised $7 million since he put Palin on the ticket the answer is an unqualified YES.”

  91. This is a field report from the darkest deeps of Barky country (Portland, Oregon).

    I am a new bride whose otherwise excellent beloved is inexplicably in the tank for Barky. I have taken advantage of my new bride status to prohibit conversation about the election. For reasons too boring to go into, we don’t have cable TV right now; and we don’t listen to the radio together, so the prohibition effectively is a news blackout. I even managed to keep my end of the bargain and not crow about McCain’s VP pick. In fact, I didn’t even mention it.

    Here follows a snippet of dialogue from late Friday night.

    Beloved: I have to say this. I’m sorry. It’s a political thing.
    Me [knowing what is coming]: What’s that?
    Beloved: Did you hear about McCain’s VP pick?
    Me [strategically lying}: No.
    Beloved: He picked A WOMAN!!! A CONSERVATIVE, ANTI-ABORTION —WOMAN!!! Like women are going to vote for him just because he PICKED A WOMAN!!!!
    Me: [Long silence]
    Me: Is that it?
    Beloved: Yes. I’m sorry.
    Me: Carry on.

    For my part, I’m just ignoring this because as newly-weds we have many, many, far more immediate concerns. For his part, they CAN’T FREAKING STAND what’s happened. For the first time during this election cycle, I am relieved of my sense of doom. Let them feel doomed for a change!

    Filed from the field by your intrepid reporter.

  92. Gary, you have some guts going into Hyde Park with the Puma mobile!

    Grab a meal at the Dixie Kitchen in Harper Court if you can. It’s awesome.

  93. Hi PUMA-SF!!!!!

    I haven’t had time to download your pictures, but I plan to do it when the news cycle is a bit slower. I saw this article and it made my blood boil. Hope all is well with you!

  94. NO problem Regency try emailing me again swannie@cygnusradio.com and I will send you my phone number if you need it
    ….. When katrina hit I volunteered to go but the place where I was working said I could not go because I was a supervisor and if I did I would lose my job . Myself and some other nurses had trucks all packed and ready too ! We ended up sending stuff in a tractor trailor but I wanted to GO, but if you need to come north I have room 🙂

  95. Jmac — MoDo hating on an attractive, smart, powerful female? I”m shocked! Shocked I tell you!

  96. Gary,

    Bingo — 730 N. Franklin, Suite 404, but I doubt the PumaMobile will fit in the elevator.

    The address is for both operations of Axelrove and his wife Janice.

  97. MODO is so in love with the sound of her own voice. And now it sounds like she’s threatened by Palin’s beauty. Poor MODO, she just can’t keep up with all these excellent women.

  98. Ann On,

    I had a huge fight with my Obot spouse over Palin. He asked the question in the most baiting way possible–“Are you as insulted as I am over the obvious pander?” and I replied, “As a matter of fact no. It’s nice to be pandered to instead of beaten with the unity stick.” He then rushed in to shout me down.

    These so-called liberal men who think they know better than the women they profess to love only prove our point.

  99. I’m soooo sad that Joe C has come to this. He has been a Clinton supporter (see: The Hunting of the President, written with Gene Lyons of the Arkansas Gazette) and also of Hillary during the primary. How could he NOT understand how Clinton Democrats are feeling now?

    Bad Joe, Bad.

    PUMA HAKA! 👿

  100. Ann on: LOL!!!!! Stealth PUMA reporting, please post updates!

  101. SM,

    I used to really like Joe Conason. He wrote a book about the organized attack on Bill Clinton, The Hunting of the President. He also wrote another terrific book about the Bush Administration, It Can Happen Here. It’s so sad to find out that he also a sexist pig.

    These past few days I’m starting to feel my whole world view turning upside down. I re-examining everything I ever believed in. I’m still a Democrat, but the people running the party definitely aren’t.

  102. Military forum my significant other goes on is all agog over Palin. Some are saying they’ve sent $$ to the party for the first time since Reagan. They are mentioning her inexperience but say at least the Republican inexperience is at the second spot instead of the top spot like Dems.

    A couple of the Hillary Clinton supporters on the forum have said they were for Hillary but think Palin is a good pick.

  103. David — reducing women to their sex organs — stay classy!

  104. Ann On: excellent report! Congrats on being a newlywed, but sorry about the Obotness of it. You are a worthy PUMA behind enemy lines. Keep those reports coming! 🙂

  105. May I have a Pink Puma with my Hemlock? Make that a double of both!

    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008


  106. fif — oops, yep, it was 7 kids! They get the idea.

    BTW, Ted says hello.

  107. david was a classy one…he listed his email as manmeat@yaho.com

  108. Clean up @ 10:40. Please do edit – it’s so much more fun than deleting!

  109. David — you have proven with your now deleted comment using the p word that you have no credibility and/or right to comment on women and their bodies. Now, go back to using the intertubes for porn, like you usually do.

  110. Charles — I like your comment about authenticity. Just two nights ago Heidi Li was talking about the exact same thing on Matt’s radio show and I could not agree more. That is what drew people to Bill & Hillary too.

  111. David: as someone posted earlier:

    Palin: 4 yrs. city council, 6 yrs. mayor, + 2 yrs. Governor = 12 yrs.
    Obama: 8 yrs. (is that accurate?) state senator (where he only served 55 days/yr.) + 2 yrs. Senator = 10

    You do the math.

    p.s. it doesn’t matter what you say, we will never support BO. “Get over it.”

  112. bostonboomer, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:41 pm Said: Edit Comment

    I used to really like Joe Conason. He wrote a book about the organized attack on Bill Clinton, The Hunting of the President. He also wrote another terrific book about the Bush Administration, It Can Happen Here. It’s so sad to find out that he also a sexist pig.

    I know. But I’m not disappointed anymore. I took the O-Borg advice and GOT OVER IT. And I’m even more resolute and decided to not support the Dem party. We are the majority of the party and I’m sick and tired of these morons getting away with what they are doing.

    Joe’s voting for Obama because HE IS A MAN. Not because he is qualified. So F__K U Joe, and all of your ilk.

  113. Pander to me baby …

    who else loves MAE WEST ??

    is that a Pander in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ??

    I used to be a snow white Democrat, but I drifted ….

    Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a (ring) pander …
    and finally
    When I’m good I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.
    Mae West

  114. Ann On – that was great. You handled your SO so much better than I did. After he said about Palin “All she has is tits”, I threatened to tell every Dem who calls the house, “All O has is a penis.”

  115. Is it me or does Sarah remind you of Clark Kent right before he rips off the glasses and suit, dons the Superman suit and kicks booty?

    SuperWoman ll – Sarah Palin

    Puma Haka 👿

    Hillary is still #1

  116. Charles, that’s it. The power of authenticity. That is why middle America is going to love Palin. Obama has no freaking idea who he is, and Sarah Palin, for all my disagreements with her, is absolutely certain of who she is and where she came from.

    Maybe all voters will not be able to express that, if asked – but they FEEL it. People not of the creative class (like many in my own family) are not stupid. They just don’t worship words as much as we linguaphiles do.

  117. David, one more thing: From the WSJ:


    For starters, we’d say Governor Palin’s credentials as an agent of reform exceed Barack Obama’s. Mr. Obama rose through the Chicago Democratic machine without a peep of push-back. Alaska’s politics are deeply inbred and backed by energy-industry money. Mr. Obama slid past the kind of forces that Mrs. Palin took head on. This is one reason her selection — despite its campaign risks — seems to have been so well received by Republicans yesterday. They are looking for a new generation of leaders.”

  118. @ugsome, 10:39 PM

    I always used to wonder at stories about how brother turned against brother during the Civil War. Sadly–and I am not kidding about this–I now see how it can happen.

    Unifier, my ass. Barky is a POS for dredging up this horrible stuff.

  119. WMCB – I tried but Gary got to it before I did.


    Pollster John Zogby: “Palin is not to be underestimated. Her real strength is that she is authentic, a real mom, an outdoors person, a small town mayor (hey, she has dealt with a small town city council – that alone could be preparation for staring down Vladimir Putin, right?). She is also a reformer.”

  121. Tedde!!!

    Carol: NO HEMLOCK! You are far too valuabe to the PUMA coalition.

  122. Joe Conason isn’t a “moran” or anything else like that as alluded by a poster at the top of the comments thread. He’s a guy who just doesn’t get it. Most guys are nice people who mean well. They respect their spouses but don’t find anything wrong with asking them to put off their careers and aspirations for the “sake of the kids”. Yeah, they might feel a little guilty about it, at least that’s what they tell their bowling buddies, but they’ll do it none the less.
    Joe just doesn’t see that gender based smears heaped on Hillary hurt just as much as any racial slur. He seems to think that the Democrat Party “agenda” is more important, not realizing that eliminating any bias, religious, racial, or gender is the agenda.

  123. SM,

    It was me. I’m even quicker on the trigger than Gary. I love to dispose of trolls!

  124. Governor Palin actually WON her elections ; she didnt call in her harvard buds to have the opposition AKA ALICE PALMER eliminated .

  125. Mr.Mike, Joe can kiss my Dominican Azz

  126. BTW, speaking of authenticity:

    When Palin became governor and began negotiating the Alaska pipeline with BP, her husband QUIT HIS JOB of 17 years with BP.

    When Obama became state senator, his wife immediately got a 160% raise, and her employer got a million dollar earmark.

    Methinks that part of the reason McCain picked Palin is that the Repubs have LOTS OF DIRT on the Chicago connections, and he needed a running mate who was as squeaky clean as they come in the area of ethics and kickbacks.

    I would not be at all surprised.

  127. bb and sm, me too, its like playing a video game 🙂

  128. When November dawns, I’ll look to riverdaughter and Anglachel for guidance-that’s how much I respect them both. Right now, I’m a woman without a country.
    Call me Phillipa Nolan.

  129. BB: Dirty Harry can’t hold a candle next to you!

  130. SM,

    Correction, Joe is voting for Obama because he’s a black man. It is really shocking to me, but I’ve finally accepted that the “creative classes” are voting for Obama because of his skin color. They want to rid themselves of their white guilt.

  131. From Charles’ post on his site:

    “Colbert King of the Washington Post: PUMA Attraction to McCain Is “Skin Deep”
    August 30th, 2008 6:51 pm
    In an op-ed entitled A Suicidal Choice for Clinton Supporters, Colbert King of the Washington Post insinuates that disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters in the broad PUMA coalition are nothing more than racists.

    I get the part about feeling disappointed and bitter. I can even understand their impulse to sit this one out. After all, this was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s time. What stumps me, however, is the possibility that some of her most ardent Democratic supporters, angered by her defeat, might vote for Republican Sen. John McCain.

    That makes about as much sense as swallowing hemlock.”

    Pink Puma and Hemlock – a sweet concoction.

  132. State of Disbelief — if you really want to be accurate you should only count the 150 days he actually served in the US Senate before he began running for President. I count that as 1.75 years experience.

  133. Is it me or does Sarah remind you of Clark Kent right before he rips off the glasses and suit, dons the Superman suit and kicks booty?

    LOL! She does!

  134. swanspirit–exactly!!! and not only alice palmer, but jack ryan so that he only had to beat that nutcase Alan Keyes…who anyone with a pulse could beat.

  135. SM,

    “Do you feel lucky, troll? Well do ya?”

  136. WMCB – re: Palin’s husband … how cool is that?! Their family is a role model for the modern era. How refreshing. Dare I say it? I actually am starting to “hope” for a real “change” in Washington?! Gasp …!!!

  137. Gary, did you catch the address I left above?

  138. Gary
    Sent you an email with all the information you will need.

    Ben 🙂

  139. Is it me or have we rarely seen Pat posting since I sent her Eddy back!

  140. bostonboomer — exactly right. That is why the likes of Kennedy, Daschle, Brazile, Dean & Kerry recruited Obama — only a AA man would be able to “knock” (with the DNC’s help) Hillary out of the race. That is why it burns me up that these a$$es are calling Palin a “token” now.

  141. Another thing that really gets me, if Obama couldn’t do the smart, classy thing and offer the VP to Hillary, wouldn’t it have been decent of him to give the nod to a relatively young man like Bayh so the Democratic Party-if victorious -would have a future?
    With BO, it’s all about him. The Clintons were magnificent at STJ’s funeral service. Obama looked like he was pissed that he had to be there and gave the most perfunctory speech imaginable.

  142. fif, you’re right! lol I knew she reminded me of something or someone – that’s exactly it. Clark Kent!

    I bet she could kill a moose with her bare hands.

  143. prolix, yeah, i got it. thanks we will try to get as many pics as we can with Obama’s chicago connections…anyone know where Rezko’s office is 🙂

  144. bostonboomer, on August 30th, 2008 at 10:54 pm Said: Edit Comment

    Correction, Joe is voting for Obama because he’s a black man. It is really shocking to me, but I’ve finally accepted that the “creative classes” are voting for Obama because of his skin color. They want to rid themselves of their white guilt.

    ABSOLUTELY! They will absolve all those times they crossed the street when they saw a black kid with jeans coming along. Thwy will absolve themselves from not picking the more qualified black executive because they don’t fit in the upper corporate culture, etc.

    BB, would you do a psych profile on the O-bots?

  145. Ann On –

    Your little “report from the field” had me laughing out loud!


  146. Hey Mike: here’s a riddle for ya re: this part of your post:

    They respect their spouses but don’t find anything wrong with asking them to put off their careers and aspirations for the “sake of the kids”. Yeah, they might feel a little guilty about it, at least that’s what they tell their bowling buddies, but they’ll do it none the less.

    Q: If they don’t find anything wrong with it, then why is Palin being attacked because she is not home with the kids and “asked her husband to put his career aspirations on hold for the sake of the kids?”

  147. It’s a shame Russert is around any longer to interview Palin.

    I would love to see her kick his booty around the room before she makes hash out of him!

  148. WMCB – Palin’s husband is currently a production manager with BP. I guess it was a temporary quit and a full quit.

  149. “Sarah will impress, whether you agree with her or not on the issues, because she is honest, candid and frank.”

    Charles, I’m much more likely to trust someone with those attributes than I am someone lacking them. I thought it was a natural response. I guess I was wrong.

    Rico? Do we have some of that nice boxed Merlot?

  150. Cal, I’d love to take credit for the Clark Kent similarity, but that’s all our brilliant Carol’s doing.

  151. SweetieSue! Of course Obama was pissed he had to be there: 1. The focus was not all on him and 2. STJ actually stayed loyal to Hillary and didn’t fall for his $, threats or intimidation.

  152. Carol: Pat had a big Saturday Dinner today – don’t know if Ed was there.

  153. Gary , I have a long memory , I remember reading that last year about him, and thinknig HOW IN the living hades does he claim he is so “new and fresh and above that kind of politics” Just being from chicago aroused my suspicions , i knew better … maybe a squeaky clean politician from someplace like Alaska which thankfully we now have but not from chicago .. I just couldnt see it happening

  154. SM: All is good and no worries about the photos. I’m hoping to meet up with SimoFish this weekend so she can help me format the video I took. How’s the weather?

  155. Carol, I was wondering where Pat was tonight too!

  156. , on August 30th, 2008 at 10:51 pm Said:
    Joe Conason isn’t a “moran” or anything else like that as alluded by a poster at the top of the comments thread. He’s a guy who just doesn’t get it. Most guys are nice people who mean well. They respect their spouses but don’t find anything wrong with asking them to put off their careers and aspirations for the “sake of the kids”. Yeah, they might feel a little guilty about it, at least that’s what they tell their bowling buddies, but they’ll do it none the less.

    Well, I;m the one who called Joe “a moron.” Guess I’ve done enough damage for one night,

    See you tomorrow.

  157. Great post. I went over to Heidi Li blog a little while ago and discovered that she says she is not PUMA. I was a little surpised as she and Marc Rubin are the forces behind the Denver Group ( I love Marc’s tominpaine). Since being PUMA only means that you won’t vote for Obama, I guess that means that Heidi Li intends to vote for Obama. How sad, I thougt she got it. Check out here recent posts, they are a little surprising. BTW Anglachel says she isn’t PUMA either.

  158. Palin’s approval rating would be higher, only the 20% that don’t approve are behind bars where she put them for corruption. Can’t wait for her to start on BO, Biden’s son if he is guilty of something, and Axelfraud and friends.

  159. G’night Arabella! Don’t drive after that whiskey.

  160. charles lol…isn’t rezko out on bail?

  161. Carol, didn’t Pat say she had company for dinner tonight? She said something about buying a roast?

  162. Well, angie, it sure showed. How many times do the Clintons have to show him how it’s done?

  163. so if we don’t vote for palin are we sex traitors?

  164. NH: what do these people think PUMA means? I just read Heidi Li’s post yesterday, and she stated emphatically that she will NOT vote for BO. That is the very definition of PUMA, no?

  165. SweetieSue: Yes, and the Clintons got to the funeral early, while Obama was late.

    Hey, it’s not his fault. It was that inept SS staff driver.

  166. actually, maybe we should try and find william ayers office and see if I could get a quote from him

  167. PUMA-SF – raining all day today – Gustav bands are covering 1/2 the state. But no tropical storm or hurricane winds. Thanks for asking!

  168. Boy named Sue, he quit as production supervisor in 2007, once his wife entered into negotiations, in order to avoid conflict of interest.

    He later returned in a non-supervisory role.

  169. fif, thats what PUMA has always been, just our agreement as Dems that we won’t vote for Obama. She says she is not PUMA.

  170. Arabella,

    I’m with you. I’m not giving an inch to Joe Conason or any of the rest of the Koolaid drinkers. If they can say the bullcrap they say about us, we can call them morons.

  171. so if we don’t vote for palin are we sex traitors?

    What are you talking about?

  172. Charles: authentic. That’s the word, thanks.

  173. I hope the people in the gulf get out in time. It looks like Gustav is going to be a cat 5, and that is really bad.

  174. NH, PUMA is seen as militant Che Guevaras with ADHD, so if they don’t want call themselves PUMAs but fight the good fight, cool.

  175. NH: but she specifically confirmed that she will NOT vote top of the ticket in November.

    And who cares what the WAPO writer says? We’re racists? Hey, he’s way behind on his insults, that was so a month ago.

  176. NH — It looks bad. Are they any more sure about where it will hit?

  177. Gary,

    Rezko’s corporation is Rezmar, Inc. located at 853 N. Elston Ave.

    I sorta feel like your and Mawm’s AAA agent to all things BZero.

  178. Does anyone have a good link to the radio show? I’ve tried the link and it doesn’t work. TKS.

  179. Hi Charles, just want you to know how much I learned from your site. Yours was one of the first I discovered when I started looking for information. I still visit. Well done, thank you.

  180. Pa! Pa! Where’s my ma?

    She’s gone to the White House, ha ha ha.

  181. I think you’re right SM. Heidi is a Professor at Georgetown and probably doesn’t want the “radical” PUMA moniker. I think some people are becoming confused about what PUMA actually means, because various people have been speaking out as PUMAs, and not all of them are clear and diplomatic about the mission statement.

  182. WMCB — another anecdotal story – I was in a waiting room at a hospital on the Upper East Side yesterday morning. A sixtyish woman, who was waiting for her mother, put down her copy of the NY Post and said, “I hope you won’t be offended, but I cannot vote for Obama. But did you see Hillary’s speech?” And we went from there.

  183. if we are so irrelevant , why are so many people so very concerned about little ole us ??
    and I swear jobie was trying so hard to convince his audience today that he and obie “really” liked women he would have gone on stage in drag …

  184. katiebird: every black friend I have get’s told they’re race traitors if they don’t vote for obama, so if we decide we DON’T want to vote for the ticket with Palin, does that make us sex traitors?

  185. NH, hubby’s hospital here in San Antonio has him on standby (he’s a doc). They are designated as an evacuation hospital for the Texas coast, and if Gustav shifts at all, they will be evacuating patients to here. It looks like it is going to be bad, but they learned a lot with Katrina, and Texas is gearing up to help carry the load again if need be.

  186. parentofed, on August 30th, 2008 at 11:05 pm Said:
    SweetieSue: Yes, and the Clintons got to the funeral early, while Obama was late
    Hey, it’s not his fault. It was that inept SS staff driver.

    Who was the guy running the service? I wanted to slap him when he said after Bill’s speech that he thought he was going to have to cue the music implying that Bill had run off at the mouth! Bill was-as usual-the best. Who else could have made a cathederal full of mourners laugh out loud? His story about buying Stephainie a brooch was really nervy and funny and we all loved him for it.
    Hillary was great, too. Very real and sincere.
    BO-turd in the punch bowl.

  187. WMCB, good luck to you all.

  188. Here is Gustav’s path – following Katrina’s path.

    Dakinikat – GET OUT OF THERE!


  189. Sm77, I guess there is much confusion about what is PUMA. too bad they don’t visit here more often or it would be clear.

    fif, last I heard no, it could be texas all the way to florida.

  190. NH,

    I just read Heidi Li’s last post. She very clearly stated that she will not vote for Obama or McCain. She will not vote for the top of the ticket. I didn’t see the part where she says she isn’t a puma, but that’s up to her. She’s not voting for Obama, and that’s the point.

  191. I was thinking about the hurricane and how the Ds are using it and thought that maybe it’s better for McCain and Palin not to have a big convention. They only need two nights. One night to nominate her and have her give a speech and another to nominate him and give a speech. That’s all they really need. That way they can avoid showing all the other ugliness of the Republican party.

  192. Man it looks like nothing is going to stop it from being a category 5 headed straight for New Orleans. I hope he comes a little more west and hits Texas were the one after Katrina hit. They were able to withstand it with less damage.

    Holy Mother of God, they will try to blame McCain if everything fails there.

  193. Hi Katiebird,

    I hope you and Joaniebone are having a wonderful time!

  194. My favorite quote from Heidi Li: “Who controls the clipboard?”

  195. dakinikat,

    I missed the context of that, I’m sorry.

    I really believe that the brutality of this behaviour is going to backfire horribly.

  196. SM,

    Is Gustav going to miss you? My aunt lives in Gulf Shores, AL, and she is leaving tomorrow at 5AM.

  197. sm77: if I go it will be tomorrow, the low lying parishes need to get out first … if we leave here from the east bank, we’ll block them in very dangerous places …our mandatory evac starts at noon tomorrow … right now I’m cleaning up everything and planning to not have electricity for while

  198. Jindal is McCain’s best bud. McCain will be right down there with Sarah consoling people if something horrible happens. Let Obama hang with Nagin.

  199. Hillary was totally the star of the Convention. Right after I heard the news about Palin Friday, I was dancing out of the house, and accidentally hit something on my iPhone. It inadvertantly called a friend of mine in San Francisco who I don’t speak to often. She is very progressive, and unfortunately, an Obot. Suddenly, I heard someone yelling to me: “DID YOU SEE HIS SPEECH LAST NIGHT–WASN’T HE GREAT?”

    I was confused. “Who is this?” When she explained and we figured out what happened, I said I wasn’t home to watch it. Her next question: “DID YOU SEE HILLARY?”

    “Yes, I did. She’s my girl.”

    Friend: “I know, uh…so how are you feeling about things now, I know you were a little…”

    I didn’t have time or interest in getting into an altercation so I said I was rushing to work and had to go.

    That’s the SECOND person this week who has tentatively asked me if I saw Hillary’s speech and how did I feel about it. Translation: “Will you please vote for Obama now?”

  200. Nagin needs meds… you shoulda seen his last press conference … the poor meterologists down here were trying not to ‘undercut’ him, but basically said, his sense of urgency was based on about a 5% PROBABILITY

  201. OMG! The number of comments today alone must have gone well over 1500 since this morning. I am trying to play catch up.

  202. Good night and thanks for the sanity check, all. I’m signing off but will rise bright and early tomorrow to tune into the political shows. Won’t they be drooling all over themselves to discuss the (flop) Dem Convention and exciting Palin news?!

    Gary, Mawm – good luck and be safe in the Puma Mobile tomorrow!

    For everyone else out there preparing for Gustav, please take care and be safe as well. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

  203. Hi BB, we had a great time. She’s visiting with our brother & his family tonight. But, we had a chance to spend a lot of time together.

    She’s great.

  204. NH, on August 30th, 2008 at 11:15 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Sm77, I guess there is much confusion about what is PUMA. too bad they don’t visit here more often or it would be clear.

    fif, last I heard no, it could be texas all the way to florida.

    Oh they do visit here. I’ve seen Heidi Li leave a few comments.

    But don’t fret about it. As long as we are on the same side, we are cool.

  205. katiebird, np, i’m kinda lurking because I’ve got so much stuff to do here with GUSTAV, i’m still thinking about MYIQ2xu’s post too … i think it’s an interesting, maybe rhetorical question

  206. oh, and I sit on high ground, highest in the city and between the navy and the coast guard bases … didn’t flood at all during katrina … just an fyi, little kat house was built in the 1860s so it’s a pretty sturdy little barge board house much more sturdy than Holiday inns built in the 70s

  207. Carol: Hey, now don’t be sending Gustav to Texas. I can’t withstand that. I live here and have nowhere else to go. Hope that mofo goes back where it came form. I live with a bayou behind my house. That thing will find us first. No thank you.

  208. I wanted to slap him when he said after Bill’s speech that he thought he was going to have to cue the music implying that Bill had run off at the mouth!

    SweetieSue: He was joking because Bill repeated the risque comment by Stephanie (“Usually when a man buys a woman a piece of jewelry, he expects something for it.”) It got a big laugh, and they showed Hillary laughing loudly. Classic Bill.

  209. Regency: hopefully we can put the evil eye on it and send it to a needy mexican desert or something

  210. Pat! How was the dinner?

  211. fif:
    Your phone call almost a replica of mine with a colleague who’s been acting soooo sympathetic since June.

    Coll: Did you see Hillary’s speech? What did you think?
    Me: You know I love Hillary, what do you expect me to say?
    Coll: She hit every point! It was great!
    Me: Of course she did. (bubble over my head – please go to your office and leave me alone. I don’t want to talk about it).

  212. Pat!! How was the Boliche/Pot Roast???

    Boston: No, we have the rain bands but PLEASE make sure your relative gets out ASAP.

    Dakinikat: PLEASE KEEP US POSTED HOW YOU ARE DOING!!! Damn, Southern Decadence is postponed?

  213. Regency – you have multiple offers up here in North Texas. I’m just looking for the place that can withstand the biggest hit. Who knows, that MF might make it to 6 whatever the hell that could possibly be!

    Did the last one 3 years ago hit your area?

  214. Charles, I work in MA, and I am constantly confronted with Obama signs and bumper stickers. I had to really restrain myself at first from running them over, but I thought of Hillary and she would not approve of such anti-Democratic behavior. It’s one thing if it’s public, but if it’s on private property then I will not stoop to Obot behavior and violate free speech.

  215. Our media is pathetic, and I nominate the AP as the worst this year. They have been anti-Hillary, pro-Obama all year. They damage America the most because people see them as a neutral, responsible news source. Any fool can look at Keith or Jack or Roland and figure out in 5 seconds what his bias is, and to what extraordinary degree.

    The AP feed today [writers Steve Quinn and Calvin Woodward] breaks the Palin pick story. AP doesn’t waste any time. “In two short years, Sarah Palin moved from small-town mayor…” and onto “She has more experience catching fish than dealing with foreign policy or national affairs.” “Talk about a rocketing ascent.”
    More, “three years younger than…Obama…” and “..clean hands reputation has recently come into question” on to two full paragraphs of the trooper incident, without bothering to mention all the problems that led to the firing.

    The AP clearly portrays her as a small-town nothing, and throws in some mud in case that didn’t throw you off her. I swear to you, in one day, the AP has raised more questions on Palin’s ethics than it has the whole year on their Chosen One. When the Democratic Party is reformed, the media has to be slapped back to some degree of accountability too.

  216. Pat! Holla! We were missing you tonight.

  217. dakinikat — Please don’t take any chances.

    I wonder if we should have a “Check In Post” Linked from the sidebar for Updates over the next few days?

  218. “I had to really restrain myself at first from running them over, but I thought of Hillary and she would not approve of such anti-Democratic behavior.”

    LOL – anti-Democratic behavior.

  219. “#
    ben carlson, on August 30th, 2008 at 11:15 pm Said:

    I was thinking about the hurricane and how the Ds are using it and thought that maybe it’s better for McCain and Palin not to have a big convention. They only need two nights. One night to nominate her and have her give a speech and another to nominate him and give a speech. That’s all they really need. That way they can avoid showing all the other ugliness of the Republican party.”

    There is some talk, that if it get bad, the convention will be used as a fund raiser for disaster relief.

  220. Parent: I know, the AP is absolutely horrible. Does anyone know who owns it? Where is that blatant bias coming from?

  221. Conason – another big disappointment. Thank you for this great post!

  222. The preacher could have cut out some of the BO praise, clapping, BS and oh yeah, his none substantive speech. I loved that MO was sitting there thinking, “what are we doing sitting here with all of these black folk”? She is truly an equal opportunity racist!

  223. Sm77, you are so right. I did just go read Heidi Li’s post today and she does say she will sit this Presidential election out. In fact, it is a very well written post giving her rationale.

  224. dakinikat,

    Please take care and stay safe!

  225. can’t decide what i have more of; katrina fatigue or obama fatigue

  226. ben — Nagin is a Republican — I didn’t know that he & Obama were friends.
    Carol — don’t worry about a repeat of Katrina — FEMA & Bobby Jindal (the new Republican Gov. of LA) as well as Nagin aren’t taking any chances this time — they have spent all day today moving people who are old/disabled (i.e., not able to leave by themselves) out of town on the state’s dime; have already called for a mandatory evacuation for all able bodied people in Orleans parish (county) and the mandatory evacuation for Jefferson parish starts at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. My mom & dad (who live in Jefferson parish) are already headed out right now.

  227. Ironically, the Dems think the hurricane will hurt the GOP. Quite the opposite. McCain already suggested that if the hurricane is bad, they will cancel it because they “can’t celebrate when people are hurting.” This gives him the perfect opportunity to show that he is NOT “W” and will respond to crises with sensitivity and leadership.

  228. Rico, a margarita sounds nice right about now.

  229. ty bostonboomer: gonna try!

  230. Republican Convention: I wonder if they will be nominating anyone other than McCain and have a real roll call vote.

    The kids need to see an actual authentic nomination – some of the young people have no idea that the Dem convention was a sham.

  231. Hey all!

    From Joe’s mindblowingly condescending article:

    Do the rejectionists think that her speeches on his behalf are insincere — that when she says she wants him to win, she is being false?

    Actually, yes, I do, Joe. She is a politician trying to keep her job. I think she wanted it more than she wants to breathe, and is doing a masterful job of pretending otherwise.

    But as a voter, whose franchise is the most important thing about me, why should I not be “allowed” to make up my mind? It couldn’t be because I have scary ladyparts, could it?

    Awww, poor Joe. We’re gonna deprive him of his Precious.

    And he can’t stand it.


  232. dakinikat — where are you? My mom & dad live in Metairie (I used to live there too until I decided not to go back after Katrina)

  233. Re: hurricane. I also heard that they have identification bracelets to monitor who is evacuating and to be able to pick them up on the other side when they are out of town to avoid confusion and provide support to people in new locations. It sounds like they are much more on top of it this time, including not housing anyone at that stupid Convention Center or whatever it was down there.

  234. SM: Not a scrap left!!! It came out beautful and smelled divine. I served with rice, asparagus (done in the oven) tossed green salad, homemade apple sauce, sorbet for dessert. Served 6 of us. Went through a couple of bottles of wine. Fantastic!!!

    Now I am wide awake!

  235. My boss and 3 of my collegues are in New Orleans. They are out or getting out.

  236. NH, PUMA is a LOUD and HELLACIOUS group. There are others who agree with us but don’t have a LOUD and HELLACIOUS style. They operate differently, like a “you say tomato, I say tomAHto” thing. Heidi & Anglachel are Stealth PUMAs.

  237. Listened to the Palin speech yesterday and the occassional shouts of “USA, USA USA” by McCain supporters. Contrast that with the “OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA: chants of the Obama supporters at the convention.

    What more need be said.

  238. Where’s Eddy?

  239. OK, fif, good. I’m so used to the insults thrown at my beloved Clintons, I’m in a permanent flinch.
    Goodnight all and stay safe.

  240. By the way, the recipe was from SM from last week. Eddy ate every scrap. I really feel the need to put more meat on his bones. The poor thing. He commented that he hadn’t eaten in weeks. Not sure how that happened since he looked like they had to stuff him into his suit when spoke at the convention.

  241. I tried to roughly add the number of comments per day here and it has become scary.

    Conflucians have never been as prolific as they have been the last 7 days.

  242. Obama is friends with Nagin because Obama is a Republican (or whatever) pretending to be a Democrat.

    Carol: Thanks! Rita didn’t do us any harm. Just a lot of rain. I’m NE Houston so I should be all right. Like I said I worry more about the Bayou behind my house getting too high than anything.

    I don’t wanna anybody affected by Gustav. This country has enough going on without another hurricane. The Democrats are bastards for saying some of the things they’ve been saying. Nobody, least of all their constituents, deserves to be hit with one of these. They were there last time, they know how bad this gets. Are they going to sit on their hands and wait for FEMA not to do anything this time, too? Or are they going to put their mansion where their mouths are and help people who will no doubt be in need?

  243. Does anyone here know Jeralyn at TL well enough to do an intervention? She has completely lost it. I used to have such respect for her. Is she off some meds?

  244. ST. PAUL, Minn. – Likely GOP presidential nominee John McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, are traveling to Mississippi on Sunday to check on people getting prepared for Hurricane Gustav. Their trip comes just as delegates are preparing for the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday. Aides say McCain and his wife Cindy will join Palin in traveling to Jackson, Miss., Sunday at the invi.tation of Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour because of concerns about people threatened by the storm, which was heading into the Gulf of Mexico and menacing the same area rav.aged by Hurricane Katrina three years ago. The storm could hit the United States as early as Monday afternoon. The McCains and Palin will receive a briefing at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency — a permanent operations center monitoring hurricane response.

  245. fif: everyone time I start to research AP, I run into some stuff & just get ticked. I need to do that.

    BTW, isn’t it interesting that all of a sudden the majority of Republicans and a sizable number of Democrats [Hillary supporters] and some Independents think the media is not only untrustworthy, but totally biased for Obama? It has nothing to do with liberal or conservtive, it has to do with ethics, and we’re seeing virtually none this year.

  246. What’s the deal with Jeralyn over at TL. She’s got two new Palin posts full of sexist lists and other bashing elements based on rumors. And before that a whole pile of them for the last 24 hours. Since when did she join the DKos get a democrat elected at any cost?

  247. Sm77, stealth PUMA? Umm, if true I guess they have their reasons.

  248. angie: i’m in bywater

  249. PAT: Yay!!! I’m so glad it went wonderful!

  250. Night Sue!

  251. Did not have the tv on all day but my company said that the media is doing to Sarah what they did to Hillary, only worse. They said that Hillary was painted as a scheming shrew but Sarah is being described as an airhead. Unbelievable. This has got to find some traction in the form of backlash.

  252. FIF: exaclty. And he is friends with all those republican governors, especially Jindal. He will be down there making a difference and at the same time educating Governor Palin on FEMA.

  253. NH – The Republicans are all in love with Palin. They don’t care at all that she’s a woman. In fact, they think it’s the greatest thing ever.

    They only hated Hillary because they knew she could beat them senseless, not because she was a woman.

    I’m just stunned into amazement by what is going on in my own Party.

  254. Nagin was a republican until he ran for mayor … he switched parties

  255. I like how Joe first says we need to vote for who Clinton tells us to do, then 5 seconds later speculates om whether any refusal to do so indicates a cult of personality. lol Ironic AND logical, home run Joe!

  256. From Joe’s mindblowingly condescending article:

    “Do the rejectionists think that her speeches on his behalf are insincere — that when she says she wants him to win, she is being false?”

    Actually, yes, I do, Joe. She is a politician trying to keep her job. I think she wanted it more than she wants to breathe, and is doing a masterful job of pretending otherwise.

    Madamab: I do too. She and Bill are both doing what they have to do. But I don’t know when her Senate term is up. 2010? Anybody out there know? It could get tricky for 2012.

  257. Charles: it’s huge …

  258. parent: I’ve heard many people, including Lou Dobbs, Rush, all of Clinton’s advisers, and millions of ordinary citizens saying they have never seen anything like the bias this year. I mean, you have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see it. Millions of people are not imagining it or projecting their own bias onto the media. Something has gone seriously amiss.

  259. NH, what I’m saying is – it’s a question of style. They work on their own and they do a beautiful job at it. We depend on one another. If they don’t call themselves PUMAs, but support our cause and write & are active the way they are, then AMEN!

  260. ben, I know its an election year, and I know politicians pander. But you don’t see the Dems even trying to express concern for the foks threatened by Gustav. I’m sure McCain knows how his actions will play, but I still think he is being sincere.

  261. Still4Hill – Her Senate term is up in 2012. Worrieth not. Our Girl has it covered.


  262. i’m charging up everything … camera, computers, cell phone, i’ll be bloggin come hell and high water

  263. I no longer even think of this as my party but more like a mafia syndicate that has infiltrated enough to make room for a politburo style government. Dissent has been outlawed and the press is already onboard. The only way to avoid this is for McCain to win. If we are going to be “ruled” instead of governed, I would prefer at least a greedy group of monsters to a fascist group of dictators. But that is just me.

  264. Gustav is Katrina’s brother.

    It’s just as lethal & potent. If it’s a Cat 4 before entering the Gulf – you can bet that it’ll be a Cat 5 before 11am tomorrow.

  265. Answering my own question: Her term is up in 2012.

  266. dakinkat — I didn’t know Ragin switched parties. Bywater is nice — stay safe!

  267. Oh Gawd everyone – please be safe. I can’t believe it’s happening again…


  268. Dakinikat – hell is fine but no HIGH WATER!

  269. Ben: Is it weird that I find myself saying, thank God the Republiacns are on the job?

  270. This has got to find some traction in the form of backlash.

    Pat, I think that’s exactly what will happen. It’s going to remind women–and our fair-minded brethren–all over again what was done to Hillary. It will also highlight that it is pure misogyny, because they cannot no longer use the excuse that it is “just that woman.” The question is: WHO, if anyone, will stand up and protest this time? It will be very interesting to see if the Democratic women who have formed groups to fight sexism like WomenCount PAC defend Palin as a Republican.

  271. It amazes me that anyone would think we could be herded together to vote for Obama and that it’s Hillary’s responsibility to see that it happens. But I guess the Obama cult worshippers have become so accustomed to saying “Zieg Heil” every time Obama farts that they assume we have a similar master-slave relationship with Clinton.

  272. sm77 – I just watched the news – it is cat 4 already.

  273. What is with Joe Conason? He used to be a Clinton supporter and went after Bush big time. I have both books he wrote. To be in the tank for Obama with his background and shady associations, one would think Joe would be all over it. Instead he too drank the Kool Aid. I’m sticking to wine.

  274. The P.U.M.A. non-party is just the tip of Obama’s problems. I’d like to think of this site as a haven for Hillary Supporters who don’t support Barack Obama.

    Without requiring a commitment to any particular other candidate.

    And without requiring membership in P.U.M.A.

  275. I have a bit of a different situation at home.

  276. btw — I meant Nagin — Ray Nagin — I always contract his name like that.

  277. SM: It’s a 4 already.

  278. My Conflucians, I am going to bed – I’m so glad you were here for the Scratching Post – Rico, one more round of Pink PUMAs for everyone!

    Good night all!

  279. Oh, no, I’m sure she deeply admires the guy who ran around the country attacking her husband and tried to out Bush with his buffoonlike antics. Who hasn’t dreamed of running against a dilettante with no record who used right wing talking points cribbed from the ad campaign run by Republicans against your health care plan in 1992 to criticize your current plan and whose idea of debate is to brush you off his shoulder? All she can think of when she looks at him is, that man should be President. I’m sure of it.

  280. nite SM, you little chef you!

  281. {{SM}} It was a wonderful Party — xxoo

  282. katiebird: Is joanie with you? Say hi for me.

  283. … it’s Hillary’s responsibility to see that it happens

    It bothers me that DNC thinks it’s Hillary’s responsiblity to see it happens.

  284. Gustav is slamming the entire west half of Cuba with 150 mph wind. My prayers are with them.

  285. I cannot stop thinking about this angle re: McCain’s VP pick

    In all the hoopla over OMG HE PICKED A WOMAN!!, I am beginning to wonder if the stupid Obama is missing the forest for the trees.

    Gee, McCain picked a running mate who is as far outside the political back-scratching favor circuit as one can get. He picked someone who has a squeaky clean history of being a reformer, when it comes to political favors and kickbacks.

    Why on earth would he do that, besides pandering for female and “maverick” votes? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Obama is neck-deep in the entrenched and notorious favor-trading of the Chicago Combine, and the Repubs are sitting on TONS of juicy info about that whole little sordid sewer from which this guy arose?

    So while the bots are all focused on “OMG SHE HAS TEH ICKY VAGIIIINAAAAA! IT WAS A FEMALE PANDER PICK!!!,” the Repubs are laughing their asses off at the REAL agenda behind this pick.

    I would not be in the least surprised.

    And BTW, I am finding that I LOVE me some gun-totin’, take-me-or-leave-me, Iyam-what-Iyam, get-yer stinkin-cronyism-outta-my-face woman. I like that a whole lot.

  286. wow Ben. That’s a very interesting post about McCain and Palin heading down to MS. And where is Obama?

  287. sm77, your right. We all have the same objective. To get our Democratic Party back.

    madamab, yes and I find it so ironic that it is the Republicans who are showing the courage to add a woman to the ticket.

    The Media bias: Could it be feigned to help McCain? I know this is really a stretch, but sure the MSM realizes that their fawning on Obama is having the opposite effect. People aren’t just laughing at the MSM, their laughing at Obama..

  288. KB – Me too.

    If you do an “up all night” post, can you link to my (or EOF’s) Cheeto story? I am absolutely livid that Markos is promoting a completely fake story in order to try to destroy Governor Palin.

  289. CAT 4 !!!!!!

    It’s not even past the the Keys yet and it’s a Cat 4????

    The Gulf water is warmer because it isn’t as deep as the Caribbean & Atlantic.

    Mark my words – it’ll be a CAT 5 by tomorrow just like Katrina.


  290. I can hear Hillary now: “Boy this was so much fun! To hear myself being referred to as a bi*tch and worse! And I thought my glory days were behind me!”

  291. They just showed an SNL skit from October w/ Obama in it. The Richardson character was hinting to Hillary that he wanted to be VP. Hmmmmm….

    I really think the Nancy Pelosi PAC video captures big reasons why this nomination got packaged and delivered. She was behind this.

  292. Seriously LOL!

  293. SM, good night!

    Prayers with everyone in Gustav and Hanna’s paths.

    And, yes, I do so love Sarah Palin. The Republicans have regained the moral high ground and are the shoe-in just like they’ve always been. Didn’t we say this was going to happen?

  294. fif
    Let’s not pad his resume — that’s the DNC and his job.

  295. madamab, check your email…

  296. NH – My sneaky mind thinks the same way. I cannot believe they have deserted their fave for Obama. It just makes no sense to me…I think once McCain really starts attacking Obama, they will turn on him. Now that he is the nominee for sure, they can start turning on him.

  297. sm77: Yes – cat 4 and the track shows it at cat 4 on landfall right around St. Bernard parish -150mph winds at that point.

    I think you are right though – I think it could build to 5 – plase stay safe!!

  298. Oh, boy. Here we go. On another blog I got accused of sexism for posting ‘Pa, Pa, where’s my Ma? Gone to the White House. Ha! Ha! Ha!” so I’d like to clarify.

    It’s just a little harmless satire at the thugs attacking Sarah Palin’s family; it’s based on what happened to Grover Cleveland, except in his case it wasn’t a smear.


    To counter Cleveland’s image of purity, his opponents reported that Cleveland had fathered an illegitimate child while he was a lawyer in Buffalo… The derisive phrase “Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa?” rose as an unofficial campaign slogan for those who opposed him… Following (Cleveland’s) electoral victory, the “Ma, Ma…” attack phrase gained a classic rejoinder: “Gone to the White House. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

  299. madamab: if Markos is doing that, he is going to destroy the little credibility he has left. What’s next: she had an alien baby with 3 heads?

  300. The Repugs are evil but lately the Dem surrogates have topped that in their viciousness. It is scary to think of this mindset making policy and handling the business of government.

  301. Pat, I wish was and could. She’s at our brother’s house tonight and leaves early tomorrow morning. We had a great time and I’d post a photo. But, I look like crap. Really.

  302. Is this the same Don Fowler that prevented us from voting and disallowed the best candidate to run our country:

    Warning – He thinks the insuing Hurricane is a Democratic Talking Point!


  303. God, I’d make a horrible politician. I think if I were Clinton, I’d send Obama a letter the day after he loses: “Hmmm. You got 99 problems, and it looks like a bitch is one. Kisses! Hills”

  304. isn’t the land fall in terrebonne parish or Lafouche?

  305. By the way — a double shot of tequila, pass the salt shaker and a lime wedge chaser please. I really need to go down for the count.

  306. johninca: Yeah, I personally didn’t think nothing of it but now that you’ve explained it….heheheee. I like that.

  307. touche’ angie

  308. Jeralyn has really been off her game for awhile … not sure what is going on with her … but she’s sound less coherent all the time and really sounds like a conspiracy loonie

  309. Seriously, LOL!

  310. The best thing that can happen to McCain is not having a Republican convention with Bush speaking on opening night and Laura Bush in the audience and those jesus freaks waving pro life banners. He will be in Florida with Crist, Mississippi with Barbour, Louisiana with Jindal, and Texas with Perry.

  311. dakini – I couldn’t tell with accuracy because the map had no place names. I could have it wrong – it was a jog to the west of NO – but very close.

  312. I am not familiar with all the assertions attributed to Palin and the firing of her brother in law’s boss but the facts so far indicate that the brother in law was in law enforcement and beat up her sister and tasered their 11 year old son. Someone from Sarah’s office called the boss to report the charges but he did not fire the brother in law and he lost his job as a result.

    If someone has the capacity to beat he wife and taser his 11 yr old son, he needs to be fired. If the boss refused to do so, he needs to have his ass handed to him as well. This are law enforcement people here.

  313. Joe, we’re voting against the DNC, not for McCain.
    When the DNC becomes fair and democratic, we’ll be back. Until then? You get what you deserve.

  314. ben: I agree. Having it canceled means we do not need a reminder of what this ass did to the country. Let McCain and Palin find another venue together.

  315. Seriously,

    That’s funny!

  316. Charles:

    From everything I have read, Palin may have “acted inappropriately” trying to get her abusive ex-brother-in-law fired.

    Yeah Jeralyn, hightlight a lioness protecting her cubs why don’t you?

  317. dakinikat, maybe it’s guilt or shame. But TL used to be my favorite site. I wasn’t big on BTD, but thought Jerayln was basically ok. But as soon as they started with the Party before Country attitude, the we support the Dem nominee no matter what, I knew I was going to have to leave.

  318. Fowler is to Gustav as Allen was to Macaca. I just saw this story on the Cleveland Plain Dealer site. This is huge.

  319. the conventions are just madison avenue events any more, i think they should no longer be tax payer funded … they really aren’t democratic any more … just huge gigantic pr shows

  320. Pat
    You and I always think a like

  321. Charles: The fall off on TL tells me there are many more of us out here who definitely disagree with the Obama candidacy. If they are unable to express it that leaves a few supporters of The One which is maybe a reason we have been unindated the last few days with trolls. They are just plain lonely.

  322. Just read this off the wire tonight:

    ST. LOUIS (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain and vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin will travel to Mississippi on Sunday to view preparations for Hurricane Gustav, campaign officials said.

    McCain, a senator from Arizona, has strongly criticized fellow Republican President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast three years ago.

    McCain told a rally on Saturday the region was in his thoughts and prayers and has said the Republican Party could postpone next week’s convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, if a natural disaster was taking place elsewhere in the country.

    It is comforting to know that the next POTUS and VP actually care for the American people, not by just words, but with action and results.

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  323. ben: Scary thought isn’t it?

  324. NH – you stated that you’re “sure the MSM realizes that their fawning on Obama is having the opposite effect”. I don’t think so. They really don’t see their sexism and misogyny for what it is. That’s the thing that blows me away.

  325. dakinkat:

    The GOP is suddenly excited and energized.

    Their convention should be interesting.

  326. Pat, the accusations are even thinner than that. The firing of the trooper’s boss had nothing to do with HIS refusal to fire the trooper.

    The investigation into the commissioner’s failures in office began before Palin was even elected governor. She did not start it. The investigation finished up, the report found dereliction and incompetence, and she fired him.

  327. Jeralyn is a sell out. She refuses to discuss facts. Seems she is only interested in being onboard when the time comes. Those who remain silent are the true enemy.

  328. Sorry, it wasn’t the Plain Dealer who sited the Fowler story.

  329. What is the story on Don Fowler?

  330. Carol: yes that is the same Don Fowler. Remember the famous showdown with Harold Ickes at the RBC meeting? Ickes said the night before, Fowler was waxing poetic about the bedrock principle of Fair Reflection, “and the more wine flowed, the more poetic he got,” Ickes said. He was looking right at Fowler who had just abandoned that “bedrock principle” for the sake of party schmoonity. Fowler could barely look at Ickes, he was so ashamed. Sell out.

  331. well, blessing to every one, i’m going to sleep today while I can … lottsa work tomorrow …

  332. NH, I really liked TL too. I quit going there as soon as Hillary suspended.

  333. justsaynotobo: I bet if we got some of these people aside they would privately admit to the bias. But publically you are right. There bosses want them to act this way, and they want their big salaries.

  334. It is, Pat. Because I think we are probably nothing alike. 🙂

  335. PJ, I quit in March. BTD got to me.

  336. For the last few weeks TL would put up a thread about Obama or Clinton (or both) and about 95% of the commentors would immediately disagree with whatever they said.

    I was one of those 95%ers

  337. “From everything I have read, Palin may have “acted inappropriately” trying to get her abusive ex-brother-in-law fired.”

    Too bad the convention is over, we really missed a chance to make a hero out of the abusive ex BIL. The Democrats: We hate Soccer moms, We Luuuvvve Us Some Abusers!

  338. Stay safe, dakini

  339. The story on the investigation is complete on NQ. The investigation to fire the person was started before Palin became Governor. They tried to use it against her during the election. She beat their booties.

    Ex-Brother-in-Law threatened his father-in-law, tased his step son, drinking and driving in police vehicle, misappropriately police funds – gas, illegal hunting, brawling at bars, etc.

    Sounds legitimate to me. I hope they try to use it against her.

  340. ben carlson, on August 30th, 2008 at 11:59 pm Said:
    Fowler is to Gustav as Allen was to Macaca. I just saw this story on the Cleveland Plain Dealer site. This is huge.

    Indeed. What kind of human being actually says something like that? Fowler’s comments are absolutely sickening!

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  341. Fowler said that because Gustav is hitting during the RNC that it’s “proof God is on our (democrats) side.” Some conservative blogger caught him saying it on a plane and got video.

  342. PJ – Don Fowler said “God was on our (the Democrats’) side” because Gustav was hitting during the Republican Convention. He was laughing when he said it.

    Yes, he’s the “fatigued and irritated” guy.

    Stay classy and concerned about the people, Don.

  343. Pat, Don Fowler, former DNC chair, joked about Gustav proving God was on our (the Dems) side.

  344. IronMan:

    John and Sarah ‘08
    Hillary ‘12

    I don’t know why but I really like the sound of that. John and Sarah ’08. They should make signs that say that.

  345. OMG! Several million people are again being displaced and possibly losing their homes again and this joker finds it amusing since it may cancel the Repug Convention? This is what Hillary was up against with the mindset emanating from the DNC. This guy should burn in hell.

  346. Iron man: and as I corrected it wasn’t the Plane Dealer. Fox will show it but I doubt anyone else will.

  347. I think I may have found a “first” for the Confluence.

    I just got in and was reading an earlier post and found an Obot and a (self-
    proclaimed) Repub arguing with each other! HA! Too damn funny!!

  348. Pat – I posted the video on Don Fowler above.

  349. I have to say its really nice talking to all of you without the for pay Obots. They’ve all gotten off work and we have our site back ;).

  350. The latest nationwide survey, begun Friday afternoon after the McCain announcement of Palin as running mate and completed mid-afternoon today, shows McCain/Palin at 47%, compared to 45% support for Obama/Biden.

  351. Carol, WMCB: Thanks. The level of cynicism knows no bounds. These will be the same people standing in front of a mic decrying what someone did or did not do over the next few days. I hate them all!

  352. Here’s the subtext of “troopergate”:

    “Sarah Palin will fight to protect you, rules or no rules”

    “The Democrats won’t, and will protect the abuser instead.”

  353. NH – You mean that person who was cutting and pasting “Fuck you Clinton Cunts” 800 times every three seconds didn’t have a sincere difference of opinion with us?!

    OMG I am teh shocked!

  354. NQ has some really good articles up right now.

  355. samanthasmom- I never considered Jeralyn much of a feminist – I don’t know why she isn’t. I could speculate that very successful, powerful women often are not – for the same reason that white male sports stars are often republican. They succeeded easily, therefore they figure that it must be that easy for everyone, and anyone who doesn’t make it big is just lazy.

    BTD has always been the feminist on TL. He is awesome at pointing out sexism. I don’t know where he gets that either – but he has always been the voice of reason over there. He was for Obama, but only because of the Media Darling thing. He did come to admire Hillary very much and eventually declared that she was the better candidate and politician.

  356. Please be careful everyone in the Gustav region. Post when you can and let us know you are ok.

    I’m getting blogging tunnel syndrome in my right wrist, so I’ll sign off for tonight too. These threads are moving so fast these days, it’s hard to keep up.

    Sweet dreams PUMAs.

  357. IronMan – I like that. John and Sarah. It sounds nice to me.

  358. NH – I agree about the bias collusion. Still, I think that when it comes to supporting Obama by attacking his female opponents, they engage in sexism without the slightest clue that they’re doing so.

  359. Ok here is a rant. Don Fowler just proved to us that the Democratic leadership doesn’t care about AAs. They only use them for political power. They are nothing more than a voting block to them. Their misery is the Party’s triumph. If they remain poor and uneducated the Democrats prosper. I’ve always thought this but now we know it for certain. Ladies and Gentlemen: we were right all along.

  360. Wry: Which pollster?

  361. The nation has not quite met Sarah as yet. That Friday shocker was primarily us and other sites covering it. Most people were at work when she came on. Wait until they see her up close. So pretty and a good life story along with what appears to be a steely resolve. I like her already and I have no plans to vote for her! Shows how nuts we have all become. Once again, thank you DNC.

  362. “Ex-Brother-in-Law threatened his father-in-law, tased his step son, drinking and driving in police vehicle, misappropriately police funds – gas, illegal hunting, brawling at bars, etc.”

    Well, the DNC Candidate Recruiting Committee will be giving him a call any day now, sounds like we found someone who knows how to run a caucus!

  363. yeah, madamab, thats the guy LOL tomie I think he said.

  364. Best reply yet to the “Palin wasn’t really the one pregnant” smear. It’s sort of difficult to breastfeed if you have not been pregnant.

  365. Palin firing stories will all help McCain. I’m just stunned that they keep pushing this. And Jeralyn is now even quoting articles about issues that were dismissed (that were even pointed out yesterday that they were dismissed). She’s drinking the DKos/TMP kool-aid. And funny enough, it will all help McCain.

  366. Seriously: I am screaming out loud over here! Funny!

  367. It was icky Zogby that polled it. But, hey, will take it.

  368. Troopergate is as bad as the “cross in the dirt” wankfest.

    The blogger boiz pushed a story that sent this message:


  369. LMAO, Seriously!!! Too true! He’d be great for yanking those walkers away from 80-year-old ladies.

  370. Seriously – LOL! Indeed.

    Maybe they will try to turn the GE into a caucus. Anything else would unfairly benefit the Republicans!

  371. Ben: the piece about Fowler was on ABC News tonight too–can’t get much more MSM than that. I didn’t watch, my mom told me she heard the story there.

  372. Thanks, Fif.

  373. Pat, my concern is that the MSM will continue to lie about Palin the way they did about our Hillary. They may lie, leave out facts, stretch other facts to give a false impression about Palin. They will just take the Obama talking points, they way they have been, and push them as if they were the truth.

    We shall see tomorrow on the Sunday shows if they tell the truth. I fear not.

  374. madamab: I must have missed a lot of troll comments today. Some must have been beauts!

  375. nite fif

  376. PJ – You definitely did. The stench of flop sweat was quite strong earlier…

  377. Do the rejectionists think that her speeches on his behalf are insincere — that when she says she wants him to win, she is being false? Such assumptions are an insult to her.

    Now he’s concerned with insults to Hillary …..where was he months ago?

  378. Obamanation is validating the most insidious narratives about Democrats (elitist, weak,) and the most positive about the GOP (brave, will keep you safe)

  379. All right, night all – I think KB is going to put up a Gustav-Fowler thread soon.

  380. echinopsia, my opinion of BTD is that he actually learned to be more of a feminist from us commenters. For a while on some issues, he admitted he didn’t get it. We pounded him and I’ve noticed over the months he’s gotten it more. He is great. And now that Jeralyn is drinking the Kool-aid, he’s the only voice of sanity there. Funny. Well, it couldn’t last forever.

    I think I like your theory about why Jeralyn and other women sometimes are not feminists. It is curios. But sadly sometimes if you haven’t directly experienced something, you just don’t have the imagination to get it.

  381. NH: I hope the Sunday talk shows are bumped with the weather reports out of the Gulf. Listening to one more talking head saying how much they cried over the Obama speech and then laughing about the beauty queen is too troubling to sit through.

  382. NH, I don’t think anyone is listening to the media anymore. If they were, Obama would actually have won the primary. The American people aren’t stupid, and the level of bias has been at a cartoon level.

  383. Don Fowler is about to get thrown under the bus. Count on it. Michael Moore is going under bus. Who ever else said it is going under the bus if I have to yank him under a wheel myself.

  384. Seriously – seriously!

    I’m sure the DNC are running to interview him now regarding the “good Mother and up and coming political figure” – oh, yeah Obama that would be Vice President Sarah Palin to you asshole.


  385. women will love that she protected her sister and her sister’s family. hell, what’s the point of having your sister as governor if she can’t stick it to your ex husband.

  386. regency: What about Michael Moore? I have been news deprived today.

  387. And the introduction would be: Chicago Thug meet Alaskan Thug!

  388. Pat: from your lips to gods ears.

  389. ben: And she is a good shot. Lucky she did not come looking for him herself.

  390. McCain and Palin will be in Mississippi tomorrow. Don Fowler will be under the bus.

  391. Pat – we really cannot repeat everything from the time Eddy showed up over at your house last night. Come up for air occassionally and keep up.

  392. love you Pat!!! excellent!!!!

  393. Michael Moore said the same thing Fowler did.

  394. Can anyone seriously imagine for a minute what Hillary was up against with this group? Starting with Nasty Nancy and the rest she must have been beside herself.

  395. Whoopi Goldberg’s comment in 2004 really hurt Kerry. This will damage the democrat brand. Big Time.

  396. Sarah Palin and the PUMAs will vindicate Hillary.

  397. Carol: We had a lot to “catch” up on.

  398. Seriously: “and the level of bias has been at a cartoon level.”

    LOL, too bad our TV talk shows like Letterman have been told they have to lay off Obama or we would have some funny stuff to watch. I predict November 6, the jokes will begin.

    Will the idiots on TV now be fired? Wouldn’t that be great.

  399. I think Palin is in for a hard time from the sexist media. I wonder if the Republicans will defend her. The DNC, as we all know, either remained silent or poured fuel on the fire.

  400. Ferraro told me she’s excited for another woman to be on a presidential ticket. She sees Palin as a risky choice – but also dismissed the idea that she’s unqualified.

    And she rejected the idea that all the so-called “Hillary voters” would be repelled by Palin’s staunch anti-abortion views. These voters know the Senate will have a veto-proof Democratic majority, so that lessens the potency of that issue.


  401. Palin needs to say – “So, actions taken by the VP nominee, while in office, to use that office to benefit family members, are fair game? Grand! Just peachy! I concur! Here’s my story.

    Yep, my husband (not me) tried to get my brother in law fired from being in public with a gun, because he was a drunk, and violent, and a child-abuser. Our bad. So sorry.

    Now that we’ve agreed this sort of thing is on the table, let’s start talking about Biden’s son Hunter, and how Biden’s elective office was used to benefit HIS family…..”

  402. The Republicans will defend her and will take true joy and being the party of women. Fiorina, Whitman, Snowe, Collins, Dole, Hutchinson will be out in front for her.

  403. I love Gerry Ferraro! She says it like it is. And often.

  404. heidi’s posts are always good, but today’s is great. if you have not read it, check it out.


  405. Sorry about that. Threw off the formatting!

  406. WMCB: And when she is done with Biden she can turn around to Obama, peer over her glasses, and ask, “so what’s the deal with Rezko and the house?” Can’t wait.

  407. I heard an interview with Ferraro yesterday and one of the things she said is that she personally had not decided how she was going to vote !! I love it. She said she would have to look at the whole picture. That woman has courage. It would be so easy for her to say she would support Obama.

  408. I am certain that John McCain is geered up for the attacks immediately after each and every statement. Unlike the fake racist allegations thrown at all of us, it will be real misogyny McCain will hit them with. Might I add with Hillary’s blessing.

  409. I think McCain is counting on misogyny.

    He picked “Sarah Barracuda” because she it tough enough to handle it, but drop-dead georgeous too

    Every time they attack her, her approval rating will go up.

    That will enrage the He-Man Woman Haters Club at MSNBO so they will attack even harder.

    It’s called a “vicious circle”

  410. ben – Let’s hope so because it’s excruciating to have to watch someone being publicly abused.

  411. “she is tough”

  412. Hi all, just got home from the Minnesota State Fair, a few miles away from the GOP Convention. I wore my “For everyone…” Hillary T-shirt and a Hillary button. As expected, there were plenty of other people walking around in Obama or McCain paraphernalia.

    At the Minnesota Republican Party booth, a canvasser told me that Palin was “pro-life,” and when I didn’t look particularly surprised or impressed, he suddenly noticed my button.

    “Oh,” he said. “Are you a … Pyooma?” As though I were a legendary beast.

    “Yes, I’m a PUMA,” I replied. “And I respect Palin’s personal choice with regard to her own family.”

    But wouldn’t you know, just as I started to ask about Palin’s views on government intrusion into people’s private lives…a Democratic gentleman jumped into the conversation, like a missionary intent on diverting a foolish lady from the path of iniquity…I left the two of them to debate each other, and walked on…

    A few blocks away, a middle-aged couple in Obot gear accosted me, demanding to know how I could be so foolish as to vote for McCain. “Why, even *I* have more experience than Palin,” spluttered the man. “Then perhaps YOU should run for Vice President,” I replied, and kept moving.

    Later a Clintonista, married to a moderate Republican, engaged me in a thoughtful conversation about the implications of the Palin pick. My, my, my. How refreshing not to be lectured to.

    At a different Republican booth, the ladies said they were thrilled about Palin but didn’t know much about her. Seeing from my button that I was a Democrat, they explained that a previous visitor had been very nasty, so could I please not start a debate just then–but I congratulated them instead.

    One last observation. You all are familiar with the corporate PUMA logo, with the leaping feline. Well, I saw a T-shirt obviously modeled on that logo, but the letters spelled out ALASKA and the leaping animal was a moose! Now for those PUMAs who are voting Palin ’08, wouldn’t it be fun if a PUMA graphic artist could play with that idea a little?

    I myself remain undecided, but NObama.

  413. justsaynotobo and ben: We have to agree, us PUMA, that we will use our power of emails, phone calls and other means to fight any sexism that they throw at Palin. We must fight against this and not just expect the Republicans to do it.

  414. Heidi Li crafted the perfect rebuttal and sincere description of the PUMA movement. A must read!

  415. I think Sarah can handle it. She’s killed bear and moose. Oh, crap, she just lost the Vegan and PETA vote.

  416. New Thread

    The Don Fowler video and a link to Michael Moore basically saying the same thing.

  417. What I like about Sarah is that she did not consciously start out to be a politician. It evolved from a firm desire to address the wrongs she witnessed. That to me is grassroots, not a desire to get rich on the tit of government and make it a lifelong career.

  418. One top Republican said to me: “Just wait until she is debating Joe Biden and he starts attacking or condescending to her. Hillary voters are going to say, ‘Oh yeah, I remember this.’ ”

    From the same link.

  419. ben, sure she can handle it. So could our Hillary. But it isn’t right, and we shouldn’t stand for it. If we complain loudly, maybe the world will get it and it will stop or their will be consequences. We HAVE TO DO THIS.

  420. NH: Bummer! I hadn’t even thought about that. So many weeks of Olympics and convention – (almost typed “convertion”) have not been watching talk shows. One of the best parts of elections is the humor.

    Now the comedians are gagged. No fun/ no 1st amendment. Bummer!

  421. This SNL from Oct. has Brian Williams as guest host and the skit right now has the msm in the tank for Hillary.

    Did I sleep though that part of the campaign?

  422. myiq, what do you make of the continuing media bias? I know you thought (me too) that the media was unlimately in the tank for McCain, but it’s kind of starting to look like maybe not.

  423. Charles, you had a great clip from John Stewart about Obama. The “pre-speech video” — hilarious!

  424. The odd thing about the trooper firing that didn’t happen is: why isn’t that POS in jail?

  425. (cough new thread

  426. Charles, I miss Colbert! I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch that or The Daily Show since about super Tues. And I don’t watch Letterman’s monologue, only rest of it.

    Still4Hill, Williiams and Russert probably wrote it!

  427. Still4Hill: I think we all slept through that part because it was a dream!

  428. O radio trolls called Matt’s show. Crazy stuff! Listen to it later.

  429. I’m not as worried about the sexism that is being thrown against Palin — don’t get me wrong, I’m going to defend her every step of the way — but I’m not worried because 1. Unlike the Dems, the GOP is not going to sit silently by and let it go on and 2. Fortunately for Palin, she doesn’t have the same “history” as Hillary with the public — Hillary had to already overcome unfair perceptions about her; Palin is starting “fresh” and her natural appeal will more easily overcome the mud being slung at her.

  430. I’m in moderation.

  431. I think McCain is counting on misogyny.

    Completely. That’s why this was genius, not because she’s a woman, but because he knew picking a woman was the equivalent of waving a red flag in front of them. They can’t help themselves, and he knew they’d fall right into his trap.

  432. “ben carlson, on August 30th, 2008 at 9:51 pm Said:

    Great Post:

    I took a gander at Megan McCain’s blog, and from the photos you can see that Palin is Obama’s worst nightmare. Just scroll down the front page, and you will see photos of an awesome family. These people just seem so laid back and drama free. It’s quite refreshing.


    Wow! I’ve seen JM on t.v., doesn’t come across all that well. I ‘ve seen him in person and was shocked that he is far more personable in person. Seems far more engaging and powerful up close and person. OK, I’ve shaken his hand, said a few words 3 times now and haven’t offered up a single penny, but a lot of time. I like the fact that he tells the Republicans he disagrees with them. I don’t always agree with him, but I like the fact that he says this is not something I agree with and neither do my voters.

    But I have to say these pictures, he is positively glowing, smiling, seems thrilled by his choice – – I have never seen him glow this way. I’m still stunned he chose a woman but I have to thank the person who posted these photos because he actually looks like he is thrilled that she accepted.

    Two mavericks. Who’d have thunk it?

  433. Hello Confluence crowd,
    I often “lurk” over here, and post only rarely, mostly to conserve energy – I know you all know about THAT. So here I came lurking tonight and discovered after reading the wonderfully fiery main post that here on the thread I was being discussed.

    Those who have read my blog recently will already have seen that I have reiterated what I have said before: not voting for Senator Obama. I am a conscientious abstainer from the top of the ticket of EITHER party this year – Dems because they used an entirely corrupt process to pick their nominee; Reps because I do not share McCain-Palin’s policy perspective. Am I angry that the DNC – the hapless Dr. Dean and the annoying Speaker Pelosi and the rest have made this the only tenable solution for me? You bet.

    So I personally and The Denver Group will both be advocating the ouster of both state and national party Democratic officials and making sure that when, as I predict, Senator Obama loses the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of those who used a corrupt process to install him as a nominee – not on claims that African-Americans cannot win the presidency or claims that somehow it is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s fault. I, and the The Denver Group, will be highlighting how, in concrete ways, to protect and rebuild what is best about and in the Democratic Party. In addition to getting noncorrupt party officials in place, that means electing truly progressive Democrats.

    Hang in there, RD and company. We are going to fix this mess – because somebody has to. And we each contribute in the tone and style that works for us. I love that diversity. I do not write like RD and the other posters here; they do not write like I do. I think that’s a plus – but as a Democrat a taste for real diversity (not the pretend kind that suddenly demands faux unity) – comes naturally to me.

    Oh and, yes, the MSM are just impossible – which is why I spend so much time and energy raising money so The Denver Group can run ads in the MSM. If they won’t say what needs saying, then we have to buy space to do so. The Denver Group has just announced its newest planned ad campaign: Principle Before Party. If you are interested, take a look: http://thedenvergroup.blogspot.com/

    Sorry to run on, but since you all were kind enough to be paying me (mostly) kind attention, I thought I’d put in my nickel’s worth.

    Must get some rest now.

  434. NH, on August 31st, 2008 at 12:32 am Said:

    justsaynotobo and ben: We have to agree, us PUMA, that we will use our power of emails, phone calls and other means to fight any sexism that they throw at Palin. We must fight against this and not just expect the Republicans to do it.


    NH, we will fight tooth and nail just as you did for Hillary. Enough is enough and we aren’t going to just shut up and take it, just like you didn’t. I fully expected to have a solid debate against HRC and I could have accepted the loss. But I can’t accept the loss to BO, won’t accept it.

    As a woman, I don’t like what happened to Hillary and I’ve been researching your blogs and I’m ready for the fight.

  435. Tokenism? Was LBJ’s civil rights legislation tokenism? Was T. Marshall’s appointment to the SC tokenism? Somebody has to be FIRST! I see Palin on the Repub side

  436. Heidi Li,

    Thank you for everything you have done. You have our respect and support.

  437. ..the rest of the story! …see above Palin is the FIRST with qualifications/exec experience and Obama is the FIRST without either–that is tokenism and the best arguement for those that do not support Affirmative Action.

    I am an Indy who has never voted R. I will proudly do so this time. I will never support any Dems that participated in this ugly mess. Looks like I’ll vote Repub down ticket too

  438. Thank you Heidi Li for your response!

    I felt it necessary to respond to the commenters about your post because I know who you are and what you do (even though we haven’t met in person).

    Our differences are just a matter of style, not substance. I know that we here are a LOUD and HELLACIOUS group, who took our dissent to the cybersphere and to the streets of Denver.

    You on the other hand have a different approach, where our dissent can be implemented for long term change in the Democratic party. We’re a body of dissent that has different functions, some are the brains, some are the hands & feet, some are the eyes that see beyond the horizon, some are the ears, etc.

    But our hearts are all in the same place. We want Democracy back in the Democratic Party. We want every vote to be counted and tallied the way it was intended.

    You are a respected and treasured part of this body.
    I consider your blog a must read every morning and know that The Denver Group will continue to be a watch dog for Democracy in the years to come.

    Thank you always,

  439. I don’t buy into whole using my uterus as a way to garner my vote. I know that Supreme Court Justices only interpret the law. Congress writes and passes the laws. There should be a push by BHO supporters to vote a downticket of Dems (veto override power) if they cannot convince otherwise. Instead, it is always that we must be dried up old hags with dust for uteruses. Never mind my husband or all the men like him who are also refusing to support Obama.

    I am irked that so many Obama supporters are using this as some kind of weird hostage/ negotiating tactic when speaking to Hillary hold-outs. If they were really concerned with my uterus and the uteruses of all women, they would have supported the only candidate who has put women’s and children’s issues on the forefront her entire adult life.

    The DNC did their bidding and they get what they get. They screwed us either way we vote.

  440. Excellent post. I think anybody who attacks Palin now is guilty of Mysoginy in the extreme.


  441. “He has declared his firm opposition to reproductive rights and promised to appoint Supreme Court judges who would restrict those rights.”

    A few more quotes:

    “Top McCain Flip Flops: #4. Roe vs Wade:

    In August 1999, McCain told the San Francisco Chronicle that he would “not support repeal of Roe vs Wade” because it would force women to undergo illegal operations. He has subsequently said that he was speaking about the need to change the “culture of America”, and supports the repeal of Roe vs Wade.

    Source: GovWatch on 2008 campaign: “Top Ten Flip-Flops” Feb 5, 2008″

    “The San Francisco Chronicle on August 20 reported the following statement from Sen. John McCain: “I’d love to see a point where (Roe vs. Wade) is irrelevant and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to (undergo) illegal and dangerous operations.”

    “If Roe v. Wade were repealed tomorrow, it would force thousands of young women to undergo dangerous and illegal operations. I will continue to work with both pro-life and pro-choice Americans so that we can eliminate the need for abortions to be performed in this country.”

    “And as Media Matters noted, according to CNN, when asked in January 2000 what he would do if his daughter became pregnant McCain said: “The final decision would be made by [daughter] Meghan with our advice and counsel.”

    Personally, I think McCain is pandering to the religious right with his current Roe vs. Wade platform. Much like Nobama is pandering to the black vote.

  442. Hey, Jen! Thanks for toning down the CAPS.

    We are all for freedom of speech here. That’s why we’ve got at least two (2) links to the free blogging WordPress software.

    Take a look — it’s awesome and you can say anything you want without anyone deleting or editing your comments.

    But, here? This is our blog. And if you don’t keep us amused we’ll amuse ourselves. It’s a risk you take when you comment here.

  443. Read the Newsweek interview. Palin called Hiliary a whiner. She made other derogatory comments about Hiliary. She is certainly no Hiliary fan, but a critic of her. She is against Roe v. Wade and will see that it is overturned – abortions in back alleys. She is against equal pay for equal work. She wants only creationism taught in the schools. The head of the Alaska Legislature said she was not ready even to be governor of Alaska, let along VP. She tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired using her power and is under official investigation by a Special Prosecutor appointed by the legislature.

  444. Chris: “She wants only creationism taught in the schools. ”

    “In a 2006 gubernatorial debate, the soon-to-be governor of Alaska said of evolution and creation education, “Teach both. You know, don’t be afraid of education. Healthy debate is so important, and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both.”

    Asked by the Anchorage Daily News whether she believed in evolution, Palin declined to answer, but said that “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class.”

    “I’m not going to pretend I know how all this came to be” she said.”

    Pretty open-minded view, if you ask me.

  445. PALIN is awesome. Roe v Wade isn’t going anywhere, so you can shelve that weak and tired argument. Don’t care that she’s not a Hillary fan. Palin’s popularity rate is huge. The ex bro-in-law was a wife-beating psycho and you’d want him fired, too…. wouldn’t you?

    I’m a lifelong Dem voting for MCCAIN/PALIN.

  446. Hey everyone, I’ve been reading this site occasionally for a few months and figured I’d start posting now that I have some time. 30 year-old white male here who has been frustrated for months with the DNC and the mainstream media.

    Anyway, Joe’s Conanson’s commentary shows that he is a Kool-Aid addicted idiot. He wants to talk about an insult to Hillary? How about Obama saying “Hillary would be on anyone’s short list” to imply that he would name her VP and create the dream ticket (as she had expressed she would if she won), most likely to make more people vote for him, only to completely snub her and never even consider her for VP? That’s an insult to her and her voters. How about the DNC and mainstream media savagely attacking the first female candidate for months and then, after that brilliant pioneer candidate consistently polls higher than the opposition party’s candidate for months and gets more votes than any primary candidate in history, throwing her aside and cheering as the lesser qualified “winner” says she’s not even suitable to be his running mate? That’s pretty insulting too. Oh, and people like Howard Dean and Donna Brazile spending three months insisting that the party will be unified while Obama does nothing to unify the party, and then saying Hillary’s career depends on HER unifying the party… yeah that’s a huge insult. So Joe can go “Cheney” himself.

    Insult. That’s rich. The Obama-infatuated media spends months ripping Hillary Clinton apart (unsuccessfully… she’s still alive, suckers) with nasty commentary and slanted hit piece “news” stories, and they produce endless stories about how Hillary supporters are old and uneducated, and racist, and low class, and uncultured, and racist, and “rural ” (hillbillies), and man-hating uber-feminazis, and did I mention racist? And now they talk about what’s insulting? (By the way, I’m a 30-year-old man with a graduate degree and a white collar career who lives in Boston so I guess I defy their narrative). The media has insulted us for months and continues to do so.

    And now, to get us to fall in line and drink the Kool-Aid, they are holding Hillary’s career hostage. I’m so furious every time I hear that line about Hillary’s political future depending on how hard she campaigns for Obama and how much she brings the voters together. In other words, if she can’t un ite the party (as Obama should be doing) and if her voters don’t vote for Obama, then they will end her career despite her 35 years of fighting for Americans. Talk about an insult.

    Sorry for the rant, had to vent. lol

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