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Saturday: Truth and Consequences

The Obamaphiles continue their charm offensive to woo and cajol us to vote for Obama.  How sweetly they shower us with attention and affection.  Soon, they will have us eating out of their hands, our tiny little bird brains filled with brilliant Barackian light and music.

F$&* that $*%^!

Can we please get a better brand of troll here?  The ones we have been assigned are insulting our intelligence.  Let’s knock these myths down one at a time:

  1. McCain has skin cancer.  He could *die* in office.  DIE, I say!  Then, Sarah Palin would be President.  OMG!  She’s only been a governor for 2 years!  Woe is me!  What shall become of us??? Truth: Tim Kaine has been governor of VA for exactly as long as Palin.  He was on Obama’s short list for VP. So, if Kaine was experienced for Obama, Palin is experienced enough for McCain.  Plus, the Republicans have maintained a more natural order in their ticket.  John McCain is “mentoring” Palin.  It looks logical and good spirited.  As to the health issue, skin cancer, like melanoma which McCain has had, is curable if caught early.  People with John’s skin type, which happens to be mine also, have to be extremely vigilant about noticing changes in the skin but it *is* possible for us to lead healthy, productive lives with sun protection and immediate treatment of lesions.   He’s more likely to die of heart disease.
  2. But she’s so inexperienced.  How would she handle the presidency if she had to step in? Truth: Barack Obama has been running for president for as long as Sarah Palin has been running Alaska.  In fact, she is likely to step into the top spot with more ease than Obama because her experience as an executive is more relevant than his as a legislator.
  3. She’s a former beauty queen. Truth: Former beauty queens get scholarships to college.  She got one.  She seems to be very smart.  Very tenacious.  We liked those qualities in Hillary.  Plus, she’s easy on the eyes.  So, she shows that women can be attractive and smart and powerful.  And the people screaming “former beauty queen” are showing their bigotry towards women.  I’m so glad we’re getting this all out in the open this year, aren’t you?  Otherwise, we would have spent the next 40 years co-existing with you troglodytes and sleeping with you and stuff, never knowing what you were really thinking.  Now, we can feel confident that if you don’t measure up in bed, it’s not our problem.
  4. She’s anti-choice. Truth: We know what she is but if Obamaphiles insist on calling us post-menopausal, dried up pussies, you shouldn’t be surprised if we are suddenly unsympathetic towards young female Obamaphiles who find themselves unintentionally pregnant.  Some of us fought those battles in the 60’s.  Some of us took advantage of the battles won in the 70’s and 80’s.  Some of us continue to fight in the 90’s and 00’s.  But we’re not your parents who are responsible for getting you out of every scrape.  YOU are responsible for your own fate.  If you don’t like the anti-choice leanings of your next president and vice president, work your ass off for downticket Dems so Republicans can’t ram through any more anti-choice legislation.  You’re old enough.  Do it yourself.  Besides, you female Obamaphiles had a choice in Hillary Clinton who was committed to prtecting your reproductive freedom.  Instead, you picked a man who is actively courting evangelical voters and watering down the pro-choice section of the Democratic platform.  And you have the nerve to call US dumb?
  5. She thinks creationism should be taught alongside evolution. Truth: So do I.  And I’m a scientist that eats evolution for breakfast.  Hear me out.  Creationism is one of many theories about the origin of life.  Yep.  Betcha you guys forgot about spontaneous generation and the garbage theory (sort of like scientology).  In fact, in my 10th grade biology class, all theories were presented.  It took about 2 days to go through spontaneous generation, the garbage theory and creationism (taught by way of a Navajo myth.  What can I say?  My High School was progressive.)  Once that was over, we spent the rest of the quarter talking about natural selection.  You may be surprised to know that some Christian colleges like Messiah College where Monica Goodling was an undergrad are very natural selection friendly.  They have to be if they are teaching biology in an accredited program.  That’s the way life and biology work and they acknowledge it.  Students are presented with many theories and they are left to sort it out for themselves in an atmosphere that respects evidence based science.  That’s the way it *should* be.  Besides, you can beleive in natural selection and also that your creator caused it to be the way life originated.  Ain’t nobody’s business if you do.  And it keeps the crackpots out of the science class.
  6. She’s no Hillary ClintonTruth: And neither is Barack Obama.  If the Democrats wanted Hillary Clinton to save Obama’s bacon, really the DNC’s bacon, they should have put her in the top spot and made Obama VP.  That would have been an unbeatable ticket.  Palin seems to have a lot of qualities that Hillary supporters admire.  No, she’s no Hillary Clinton but we didn’t get Hillary despite all of our efforts and the warnings we gave.  It seems like the Democrats are completely blindsided by Sarah Palin.  Heck, we knew she was coming.  She or Christie Todd Whitman were going to kill the Democratic ticket.  But did th DNC listen?  Nooooo. Tough noogies.
  7. McCain is only pandering to you wimmin. Truth: Yup.  And???  You think we’re too stupid  to realize this?  Of course he’s pandering to us.  He’s a f%*(ing politician.  That’s what successful politicians do.  They reach out to voting blocs and offer them something.  I know that the Democratic party has abandoned this approach this year because they are above all of that and we’re just supposed to fall in line and hand over our votes like good little girls.  Obama is transcendent and Hillary was just too down to earth and common.  That’s why she needed to be purged.  Or maybe the Democratic party really is just that Good Old Boys club and they only used women’s rights as a come on.  We’re not too stupid to see that.
  8. You’re all going to vote for McCain because he picked Palin and it’s all identity politics. Truth: Not necessarily.  Some of us will never be able to cross that ideological divide.  But Palin was the deciding factor for a good many people here.  McCain did something that the DNC refused to do- honor women voters.  As Chicago Dyke said:

    More than anything else, she is a clear warning: someone in the McCain campaing has a brain. Bigger than Rove’s, bigger than McCain’s. Fear that, if you long for Democratic victory this fall.

    More than anything else, we want to punish the DNC for turning its back on voters who went to the primary polls in good faith to vote for Hillary Clinton, expecting that our votes would be recognized.  We voted for her in overwhelming numbers in some major D and swing states and our votes were taken from us in the interest of “unity”.  Our delegates were harrassed and intimidated, our persons and characters insulted and derided, our candidate of choice, a brilliant, energetic, dedicated public servant, reduced to a figurehead of “your time has come and gone”.  We were told in no uncertain terms that OUR chance to lead the country had slipped through our fingers in favor of a bunch of amateurish, idealistic, young thugs.  I gotta tell you in advance of the November purge that that attitude went over like a lead balloon.  We will not let you get away with it.  Some of us will stay home.  Some of us will vote N.O.T. (nothing on top).  Some of us will write in or vote third party.  And, now, because of Sarah Palin, some of us feel we have some place to go.

  9. The Democrats have no one but themselves to blameOh, absolutely true.

354 Responses

  1. I’m now laughing over the transparent “Boo! Boo!” bullshit. It used to bother me. Great post, RD!!!
    Hey guess who’s with me???

    (Waving!) katiebird here!! Joanie and I are playing this morning.

  2. GREAt post!

    thank you riverdaughter for puncturing so many of the nonsensical talking points that have cropped up over the past day, and even on boards like talkleft that used to be relatively free of that kind of crap.

  3. If there’s one thing this campaign has shown me it’s that Democrats only pay lip-service to being the party that values women and values their votes. Who else besides Hillary and Patty Murray recently stood up to Bush on the recent HHS memo about classifying certain contraceptives as abortifacients? When has another Senator running for the presidency ever been asked by fellow Senators to step aside for her opponent? Beyond this, what have Dems done to address the economic issues of women? Our health care? Our jobs? Bankruptcy and credit card issues?
    IMO, we face the same party re-building issues that the Repubs faced 40 years ago.

  4. grayslady – Yes, we do. And we won’t make the same mistakes they did – allowing a lunatic fringe to take control of their Party!

    Great post, RD!

  5. Obama claims he is going to bring change, while McCain and Palin have been fighting for change and achieveing it for years.

    Barack Obama is a coward, and so are the DNC elites that support him.

    Obama and his campaign were NOT ready on Day 1 of the General Election, and rest assured, they are NOT ready to lead America. It was total amateur hour over at The One’s camp yesterday.

    Obama is the jack of all trades and master of none candidate for POTUS!

    John McCain and Sarah Palin are good team and it shows. They will fight corruption and will not be afraid to do what it takes, challenge their own party, work with Democrats, etc., to bring real change to Washington. They are both mavericks and they have a record of thinknig outside the box to get things done.
    We may not agree with everything they believe, but remember what Big Dawg said at the convention.

    And unlike Obama, McCain and Palin are authentic and I trust them and fell confident that they have America’s best interest at heart. I do not trust Obama at all.

    Obama and the DNC stabbed Hillary Clinton and women in back. It is time for Hillary Clinton supporters to stand up with one lud voice and tell Obama and the DNC elites that we will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish, without a fight! We are going to keep going and we will not rest until Obama and the DNC elites that hoodwinked him into the nomination are sent packing! Enough is enough!

    And the “response” from the Obama campaign should have been printed on paper with the following heading:

    “From the Desk of the Good ‘Ol Boys Club”

    because that is exactly what it was, pathetic misogyny!

    America and the McCain-Palin team is what I will be fighting for in 2008!

    I can’t wait to cast a vote in November to kick Obama and the DNC elites to the curb!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ‘12


  6. Live streaming for STJ’s memorial service. It has started. HRC will be one of the speakers.


  7. Perfect post, RD. Now I can go easily to the golf course knowing we have lots of fresh meat to chew on here.

    McCain/Palin are breathtakingly uncomplicated.

  8. RD – Obama is post-voter!

  9. Watching STJ’s memorial service on CSPAN.


  10. Pamdpering thank you…….Look Palin is new but she is a executive of a State with a 6.6B budget, border issues, environment and BIG OIL good ole boy corruption and a dying industry some day to be the grease belt…..go check her record stop name calling and assuming Dem rabid hate code we are better than that.

    Me I’m done with Dems I’m not sitting on the sideline while I was not a proponent Biden’s choice a good ole boy was a kick in the face to women and the failed women movement………..

    I’m not joining any New Dem anything but I will join a NEW Women’s movement that is not aligned to either Party.

    Rep Tubbs Jones you are greatly missed

  11. I thought it was a horrible, evil thing to mention the possible death of a candidate or President. I thought that Obama’s campaign and their media hacks were simply outraged and appalled that Hillary Clinton mentioned RFK being assassinated, simply as a remembrance of a campaign going into June. I thought that this betrayed her secret wish that Obama would be killed. I thought that Obama himself said, “There is no place for any of that in the campaign.” But I guess that directly suggesting that McCain might die sometime in the next four years is perfectly okay.

    The truth is that Obama’s campaign is as mean-spirited, as gut-fighting, as they come. They have several times implied that McCain is senile; “confused” is their favorite adjective for him. Hillary was menopausal, hormonal, “claws coming out.” The biggest myth of this campaign is that Obama is somehow noble and above politics. The campaign is a cult of worship, and anyone who dares to oppose it or refuses to join it, is a non-person. No one in the McCain camp has attacked the personality or background of Biden, and there are easy targets there. McCain is foolish enough to think that he can win on the issues against an opponent who has co-opted Rove’s tactics. You would think that McCain would have learned that from 2000 and the South Carolina primary.

  12. Thank you. As a republican woman, I did not support Hillary Clinton. However, I gained a huge amount of respect for how she stood up for herself through the campaign. I was proud as a woman. The disgusting things that are being said about Palin are over the top. It is nice to see you discuss the actual arguements about her regardless of who you are supporting. Thank you.

  13. Well said sister. The DNC’s argument on Palin’s experience is a double standard. This woman is doing what women have been doing for centuries and men are just discovering a little more than a decade ago, MULTI-TASKING and doing it well. So her experience if you ask me is how shall I put it, “off the charts!” Yes, Obama is pro choice, but Obama is also pro infanticide and pro healthcare rationing. He is allegedly against guns but turned his back on Chicago high crime neighborhoods full of people whose loved ones are senselessly murdered everyday by guns. It’s bad enough the DNC insults me as a woman by thinking I’m too stupid to think for myself, but they compound their mistake by thinking the color of my skin has blinded me to the shortcomings of Barack Obama really.

  14. I want to get this out on as many PUMA blogs as possible…..

    I believe our mission is clear and our statement should be as well…

    The Democratic Party is SEXIST. THEY chose the inexperienced, unqualified male candidate to represent them. HE chose a white male as his running mate INSTEAD of the ONE person, a Woman, who would guarantee him/dems the whitehouse.

    WHY is it that the Republicans can bring in a WOMAN VP, but the Democrats sat back and let all the sexism against Hillary Clinton proceed, have a sham of a roll call AND by-pass her for VP?


    I will happily vote for McCain/Palin and WOMEN especially need to get behind this ticket and say to Obama “NO YOU CAN’T”.

    It will be the fastest way for Hillary Clinton to run again in 2012 (vs Sarah Palin).

  15. If one party is willing to pander to us, and the other is not, which one does it make more sense to vote for?

  16. William – Don’t you worry about McCain and Palin. They can and will win by attacking Obama’s experience and character, both of which are not up to Presidential standards. They’ve already laid the groundwork.

    Easy peasy.

  17. Wow, this gospel choir is pretty amazing at STJ’s funeral…

  18. Great post RD, and expect traffic zoomsville because yesterday?
    nothing but the pumas, plus, searches for the American Flag!—-that has been going on for a long time behind the scenes — but the last few days off the charts.

    Daum off LAT gets her bit*hy little MoDo style whine in:


    quelle suprise!

    When they will be really surprised is NOVEMBER.

    McC? — he isn’t a liar! And his choice paves the way for the NEXT WOMAN, possibly Hillary herself, once our old party cleans up its act — so no biggie.

    Ideologically, she’s a bit different than us…
    So what. This year, the Repubs seem HONEST, after what was pulled —

    Both of them are REFORMERS! how totally fab! That place needs it!

  19. this is a great post.

    RD: is it possible perhaps with the help of Heidi that you could rustle up a guest to post about the sitch re Roe v. Wade and consequences of it being overturned, etc., and perhaps something about the history of how it has been used as a “get in line” tool?

    just a thought…

  20. Huge applause for Hillary at STJ’s funeral…

  21. Oh yuck, huge applause for Obama. Standing ovation.

    Oh Gawd. If only they knew how little he cares for the black community…

  22. What kind of Memorial service claps ??????????

  23. indi: I am open to suggestions. Who did you have in mind? Heidi herself?

  24. Carol – Baptist churches are very participatory. 🙂

  25. We Jews would never clap at a memorial service, of course. Oy!

  26. Jeebus!

    I’ve been skimming the saner lefty blogs, and other than the PUMA sites they just can’t say a kind word about Sarah Palin.

    Yeah, she’s no Hillary Clinton, but she’s not as bad as she’s being portrayed.

    Here’s a clue guys and gals: Other than Hillary, how many women are in top-shelf positions in the Democratic party?

    How many woman are positioned so that they can be considered a “serious” candidate for President in 4 years? How many women did Obama “vet” as potential VP picks?

    How many Democratic Senators and Governors are there?

    How many of those are women?

    For that matter, how many are black?

    The Democratic party is supposed to be the party of civil rights, feminism and equality. But the GOP, with far fewer minorites in their party, has done nearly as well at putting women and minorites into top positions.

  27. Why are they clapping for Obama. STJ was a Hillary supporter to the last minute of the last day. This isn’t honoring her wishes.

  28. “She’s no Hillary Clinton.” So? The Democrats didn’t nominate her. That’s their fault.

  29. And Obama is no JFK, RFK, MLK, or Hillary Clinton!

  30. I don’t believe in Hillary/Palin 2012. Palin can’t hold a candle to Hillary.

  31. SophieL – Actually, she switched her support to Obama at the end, iirc.

    But most of the attendees are AA. As we know, Obama has a stranglehold on that community.

  32. Did Clyburn “conveniently” forget to mention President Clinton’s presence?

  33. I’m looking forward to Palin v. Hillary in 2012. I’m imagining what a different kind of race that will be. I’m looking forward to the issues that will come to the fore in such a contest. Women’s rights are human rights.

  34. madamab: I thought she waited until Hillary suspended to switch her support.

  35. Pelosi sent CLYBURN to represent her at STJ’s funeral?

    No, they can’t even give STJ the diginity she deserves at her memorial service without trying to dig a knife in the Clintons.

  36. cbn – Who is saying Hillary/Palin? Hillary is a Democrat. And Palin will be running for President just as Hillary will.

    People are strange. 🙂

  37. thank you, Riverdaughter, you have put it in, as usual, a very succinct manner. I know a lot of people haven’t made up their minds. I made mine up early in the contest, it was either Hillary, or it was McCain. If you have actually watched him he isn’t that scary. If you watched BO he is scary plus. McCain is candiate Y, you may not agree with everything, but he will deliver on the things you do care about, and there is a judgement there that you can look at without fear. BO can say all the proper things,but he says what he needs when he needs, then sneaks and has someone else convey what he really means, or he just changes the whole thing, and pretends we were wrong. You think he is in support of women’s rights? He pays and promotes females less than men, sweetie. You think he is for workers rights, then he sneaks and sends an aide to Canada, then throws him away whenhe gets caught. You think he wants to unite? The video clips of Rev.Wright were for sale on-line from Trinity Baptist Church’s gift shop, as ” the very best of Rev. Jeremiah Wright”.. Now, do you really believe he never hears the comments? I say that in his house there is a boxed set of those DVDs with an autographed cover.

    So, do what you want, but I try not to follow lyers, they only get you in trouble, then when you turn around, there you are by yourself, you were expendable.

  38. I’m starting to think McCain made a hell of a (strategic) pick, especially seing the unhinged reaction of the Left.

    The same “progressive” women who complained that a woman with a mockery of a resume like Obama’s would be laughed out of the presidential stage, after deciding to go with Obama, are now bellyaching because McCain put a woman with a thin resume to be his VP.

    I though for Dems, it was not about experience. It’s all about being different, new, not of Washngton DC and the other yada yadas. Now there is outrage among Dems because Palin lacks experience? Oh nooooo!

  39. Cindy – Yes, and Clyburn’s speech is all about him. Quelle surprise.

    He did acknowledge the Clintons, though.

  40. This post is brilliantly informative to any Obomoboil that just doesn’t get how we can “even think about voting for Republicans”.

    We’re thinking about it and we’re feeling pretty good about it [see above article]. Barack is finished. Get over it.

  41. Here’s Hillary – She looks devastated. Loud standing ovation.

  42. Hillary is speaking now

  43. She’s crying. OMG.

  44. I think you forgot one (which I’ve heard coming out of Democratic mouths, for heaven’s sakes):

    “WIth ________ (fill in the blank with either ‘raising 5 children’ or ‘raising a child with disabilities’) she has no business being in such an important office – she won’t be able to devote the required time and/or energy”.

    This is probably the most pathetic claim of all, not to mention horrifically sexist.

  45. Our Hillary is crying! That Bitch – she must be faking it!

  46. I answered a few e-mails last night.
    to michelle obama on her e-amil what i saw last night. How wonderful backtrack’s speech was.
    Since he copied it almost word for word from Hillary, I guess it was a good speech.
    The dnc said “base stay home”. I decided not to and will vote republican for the first time in 48 years.

    My reply to Barbara Boxer about Sarah Palin
    I feel much safer with her than I do with the raciist anti-american know nothing that the dnc selected.
    I ended both with my signoff.



  47. cbn – Who is saying Hillary/Palin? Hillary is a Democrat. And Palin will be running for President just as Hillary will.

    Madamab: I meant Hillary vs. Palin. Palin maybe good for VP but not for president in 2012.

  48. sorry for spelling mistakes. too early in am
    should be on her e-mail


  49. This is a beautiful speech. Thank you HRC for showing us the human side of STJ…

  50. HRC is speaking at the funeral of Stephanie Tubbs Jones.


  51. cbn – Oh! Sorry for the misunderstanding! 🙂

    No one holds a candle to our Hillary.

  52. She’s pro-torture?


    We’ll give her your name, I’m sure she’ll want to talk to you after she takes office

  53. RD please stop channeling Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and Ann Richards-It is scarry and it could get you a primary bid for the US Senate the next time a New Jersey Senator seat comes up.

    So much intellegence wasted on us here at the confluence we really need to share you with the nation.

    If not a PUMA than what?

    If not now when?

    If not Riverdaughter then who?

    I have Credit Card in hand-Draft RD for US Senate!


  54. madamab, on August 30th, 2008 at 11:54 am Said:
    “She’s no Hillary Clinton.” So? The Democrats didn’t nominate her. That’s their fault.

    The Democrats are going to feel 18 million shards of glass up their (*^(*&%*&$^&%$.

  55. And question-why aremt most of the senators women in the Democratic Party?

    You guys are to smart to as Obama bots say”stay home and bake cookies”?

    We truely have a movement that could put real change in office -we have an abundance of riches with these women!


  56. Word, sistah SM!!!

    And double word, Fuzzy!

    Here’s Oba-Moi. Yuuuuuuck.

  57. Jim – We are laughing.

    At you.

  58. Keep it up Jim – you’re really wooing us.

  59. Absolutely Fuzzy!

    But noooooo, we’re only good enought to phone bank, canvass, pass out flyers, stand on street corners to waving our candidate signs with a wiggle and jiggle for decades and STILL get sh*t on when our votes weren’t even given the common decency to be counted at the roll call.

    A woman named Nacy Pelosi made that decision because she wants to be the top woiman of the DNC.

  60. ok, I am trying to listen to BO talk at STJ’s memorial. I haven’t listened to him in months–his rhythms and gestures really irritate me, but it’s a memorial, and since STJ was a loyal and committed HRC supporter, I’m curious about what he has to say.

  61. I am new to this, but wanted to make a comment on #3 up there. As a mother with two gorgeous daughters, age 18 and 19, I like the idea of a role model (finally!) of “Venus, PhD”. If being unattractive is a qualification for having a brilliant mind, then I may as well tell my oldest daughter to give up her dream of being in forensics, even though she’s spent the last 5 years of her young life delving into this in addition to her regular school work, and I may as well tell my cute 18 year old (big Hillary fan!) that even though she scored in the top 3% in the country on assessment tests, she should just model or something. I guess if I’m going to keep my 3.8 gpa myself, I should start eating twinkies. I do hope the voters at large can see past the stereotype and recognize the possibility of a brillian mind in a pretty face. We can’t all look like Einstein.

  62. Jim:

    Yes we’re bitter, but we also have guns.

    You had better keep a civil tongue

  63. fif – Obama only showed up because Hillary would be there.

  64. If the Democrats wanted Hillary Clinton to save Obama’s bacon, really the DNC’s bacon, they should have put her in the top spot and made Obama VP. That would have been an unbeatable ticket.

    RD, that’s for sure. Can’t say it often enough.

  65. BO just said that “they started off on different sides in the campaign and when I saw her, she would just say, ‘This is what it means for me to be a friend.” Oh, so it wasn’t because Hillary was A SUPERIOR CANDIDATE, it was because she was just being a good friend. He always bugs me…

    The rest of his tribute is more generalities. I always have trouble focusing on what he is saying, it’s just platitudes and abstractions, but since he does it with his self-important intonations, people think it actually means something.

  66. RD: Once again, Bull’s Eye!
    Madamab: Thanks for the update on the service – switched over to cspan.

    You must be very young. I am Hillary Clinton’s age, and I can tell you that the older you get, the more you file and catalog information according to events that impress themselves into the mental cement.

    That comment by Hillary was only her expressing the mental tab she was using to validate the information she was imparting – nothing more.

    Unfortunate that she said it aloud? Probably. A wish? Certainly not.

    That was a very bad year. Both Hillary and I worked for Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s Presidential Campaign. It wrecked my marriage, and introduced Hillary to Bill.

    That was the first time I got to vote for president, and when I entered the booth, my candidate was not on the ballot. It broke my heart, seared itself into my memory, and, yes, scarred me for life. That was our experience then much as 9/11 and Katrina are the experiences of this decade.

    So when I tell you that I remember exactly when I lost my Aunt Carmen – it was 3 years ago yesterday, the same day that Katrina struck, I am not wishing death or a hurricane on anybody. I am simply using my mental flash drive. That’s all that Hillary was doing. Stop making it more than it was.

  67. The comments I read over at The Left Coaster this morning regarding Palin are almost unspeakably vile. One said that in the debates Joe Biden will beat her like a baby seal on an ice floe, and could she be naked while we watched that?

    You know, I read stuff like this on Democrat blogs and I am beyond disgusted. At this point, I do not care if Sarah Palin thinks third graders should be taught that the baby Jesus was hatched from a rainbow colored dinosaur egg, I want the sexism purged from my party of 30 years and I think that Obama’s defeat is the only way to get them to look at this cancer that has spread through half our party.

    Even though I am a pro-choice gay woman, by biggest objection to Palin is her approval of aerial wolf shoots in Alaska. Perhaps getting her of the state and into D.C. is not a bad thing, I don’t know.

    But Obama’s hateful, sexist supporters will not be rewarded for their behavior this year. Whatever it takes.

  68. Bastard. I can’t stand listening to him. “FORMER President Clinton, and ESPECIALLY Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton.”

    Obama, take your condescending, opportunistic, insincere, lying, self, back to the pit in hell that you came from. How dare you use this funeral as a showcase for your faux-magnificence. You will lose, buddy.

  69. Looks to me like McCain and Palin won’t have to storm the White House. They can just walk in the front door while self-styled progressive bloggers are out on another quadrennial Quayle hunt.

  70. It will be interesting to hear how much McCain has raised in the last 24 hours. I sent him my first ever contribution to a Republican candidate.

  71. I remember when the Big Dawg was in office, he made a point of elevating as many women and minorities as he could.

    If you don’t move women and minorities into lower and mid-level positions now, there won’t be very many who are qualified for higher positions 5-10 years from now

  72. cc –

    You know, I read stuff like this on Democrat blogs and I am beyond disgusted. At this point, I do not care if Sarah Palin thinks third graders should be taught that the baby Jesus was hatched from a rainbow colored dinosaur egg, I want the sexism purged from my party of 30 years and I think that Obama’s defeat is the only way to get them to look at this cancer that has spread through half our party.


    Carolyn Kilpatrick is a f&cking disgrace. How dare you turn this into a campaign opportunity for Obama!!!!

  73. Rep. Carolyn Kirkpatrick (MI), a good friend of STJ, is now giving a campaign speech, asking everyone in the congregation to get involved for the next 65 days and make it happen. She is actually telling people in the church to “elect Senator Barack Obama and Joe Biden.” The response was mixed.

  74. Thanks Jim.

    I am personally pro-abortion – we hold parties after each abortion with balloons, party hats and cake. (By the way, Roe vs. Wade has nothing to do with abortion.)

    Pro-capital punishment – me too. I was very happy the day Timothy McVey was put to death. I was glad that the perpetrators of 9/11 that we were able to identify saved us the trouble and money of putting them to death.

    You got me on the religion thing. I definately see that no one should respect or be informed of anyone else’s belief system. Knowlege is scary and dangerous. I do agree though it should be a private choice taken outside of the school system and the responsibility of parents.

    Pro-torture – does this refer to the part where she is going to be on the ticket that beats the pathetic candidate installed by the DNC?

    Pro-Bush – where is your support of this accusation?


  75. OMG, tackiest thing I have EVER SEEN, Representative Carolyn Kilpatrick.

    BTW – MacBama and his Lady were late to the memorial service. Tacky AGAIN. HRC and Bill were early.

  76. RD: I am not sure what Heidi’s research area is, but she would certainly be great (if she had the time). If not, I think she could suggest someone.

  77. The sexism in the Democrat party is unbelievable, and shocking.

  78. madamab: wasn’t that completely inappropriate?? Even BO didn’t do that, and that’s quite a feat for him, to not make it about himself.

  79. Welcome Pamela … I love your post about beauty too ..my daughter is far more beautiful than I ever was and has more opportunities and has made more of them already .. and I am so grateful that she knows why that is for women.
    The only reason that stereotype exists is because womenare still categorised in this society by mena and women ( evidently more so among democrats than anywhere else ) . Part of breaking the glass ceiling is blurring those boundaries and breaking the boxes as well .

  80. BO always has other people do his dirty work for him.

  81. fif – Yes, the congregants were much more excited about HRC’s speech and Obama’s (which, you were right, was not bad I guess – I tuned it out as usual).

  82. It seems to me that African Americans got shafted by the party way back when.

    There are certain congressional seats that are carved out so that the district has a high number of AA voters.

    Those “safe” seats are the ones that the same people have held for 20-30 years.

    But that’s it No growth, no “upward mobility” and no turnover.

    That’s tokenism

  83. Toby, I read somewhere that McCain raised $3 million after his VP announcement.

  84. After HRC spoke only some people stood and applauded. HRC and STJ were FRIENDS. Obama gets a standing ovation for what? This all makes me sick.

    Thanks Obama and Clyburn racism is more prevalent today because of your sorry ass actions.

    I’m so mad and upset by what’s happened in this country.

  85. I recall reading that Obama paid female assistants less than the male ones.

    Anyone else remember seeing that?

  86. RD — number 4 is cracking me up !!!!

  87. So, Nancy didn’t have time to be at the Memorial?

  88. myiq – yes, they were paid less than the males.

  89. Thanks Lynn.

  90. I turned off the funeral the first time Obama got a standing ovation, and Hillary polite applause.

    That’s what you get when you work your whole lives for people?

  91. It was $4 million he raised.

    Mayor Kilpatrick’s mother’s speech was highly political for a funeral. She said that America would become a third world country. Audacious.

  92. they were paid on the average $7000 less than their male counterparts he is a total hypocrite

  93. Thank you Madamb. I just listened to her for a moment and said, “I can’t believe this.” Third world country?

  94. Ok – this is out of control.

    Sarah Palin has 10 years experience as a Wasilla councillor and then mayor, a state energy commissioner for 2 years and Governor for almost 2 years. A supporter of Pat Buchanan. Pro-life. Pro-gun rights. Supports teaching intelligent design & creationism in public schools. Anti-same sex marriages. Doesn’t believe in human causes to global warming. Believes in drilling for oil as part of energy policy. Has no stated opinion on foreign policy.

    BO has 7 years as an Illinois state legislator and almost 3 years as an Senator from Illinois. Pro-choice. Pro gun control. Believes in promoting science in education. Pro gay rights. Environmentalist. Opposes drilling. Documented anti-war/pro-diplomacy opinions.

    If you really think that Palin is more experienced, smarter and closer to HRC’s issues than Obama and you’re going to vote for McCain/Palin, you need to really search your soul about your motives. This is going to be another tough, tough election and a vote for McCain/Palin by enough PUMAs might just push the swing states into the red. Just imagine what four more years of an even more conservative white house will look like!!! We CANNOT allow this to happen!!! C’mon – wake up and stop this nonsense!!!!

  95. Wow!

    I’m reading palins bio at wiki.

    She was a whistleblower who ran against and incumbent in the primary, beat him, then ran against a former governor in the general and beat him too, despite being outspent.

    I hope the Obots underestimate her, she’s a fighter

  96. It’s become depressingly clear to me this year that Fauxgressive Americans have an even greater addiction to misogyny than they do to foreign oil.

  97. She did not tell us to shut up and get with the program. Hillary is a real democrat and believes people should make their own choices.

  98. STJ is going rise out of that casket and kick some booty. This is her memorial – not BO’s rally.

    They are disgusting using this time for that.

  99. Oh PumaHunter, thanks for pointing that out. You have really changed my heart.

  100. Oh no!

    These guys are starting to turn the funeral into a campaign event and that’s starting to turn my stomach.

  101. Now Louis Stokes (former rep. 83 yrs.old) emotionally thanked Obama for becoming the nominee, something we never thought we would see in our lifetimes.

    That’s what is so sad about this. Electing an AA would be a great thing for this nation. But this guy is the wrong guy. He cheated, lied, bullied and manipulated his way into this position with many enablers on call. It is sad that millions of people do not know the truth about how he got to this point. I think finding a way to disseminate this information beyond the internet is essential. The Republicans will probably take care of that.

  102. Someone comes here claiming to hunt us, and wants to lecture us too?

    Okay sonny boy, give us your resume, then we’ll decide if you are worth listening to.

    Education, experience, personal achievements, we want it all and in detail

  103. Anyone remember Paul Wellstone’s funeral?

  104. Amen Carol! My God you’d think this was an Obama rally. After all she endured during the campaign by his attack dogs and they are glorifying him at her funeral.

    It’s okay HRC to vomit in protest. Geesh this is embarrassing.

  105. WOW, did you nail it RD! Three things I want to add.

    1. Second-wave feminism fought for reproductive rights and won. And now it is up to us to fight against this outrageous wave of sexism that liberals and progressives are shoving in women’s faces. I cannot believe the trash that is being shoveled out on the DK, Huffington, and TP blogs. If this is what 3rd wave feminism stands for, I am glad I am not part of that generation.

    2. Now is the time to punish the DNC for its treatment of women voters. If we roll over and vote for BO this year, we will set women’s rights back for decades. We must seize the moment. BO will be another Bush. McCain has shown that he is willing to make real changes, not the BS of BO.

    3. Palin has negotiated with Canada as Governor, BO has held a rock concert in Germany. I would trust her much more that BO to be President.

    NObama, NOvember

  106. Pumahumter, get ready for 4 more years of an even more conservative White House. It is unavoidable, thank you very much DNC and Obama. Imagine 4 years of out-of-control thug in the White House.

  107. Mervin sat with Bill Clinton at the Convention.

  108. MABlue: it just shows that so much of it is about race. He is a symbol–it is not about this particular man and his character or qualifications. It can’t be just any African American. Just like it can’t be just any woman. I didn’t support Hillary just because she is a woman. She was by far the strongest candidate. The president actually needs to GET SOMETHING DONE.

  109. ben, I’ve been thinking about that.

  110. And if all this crap is over sexism. JOHN McCAIN SELECTS HIS WIVES AND RUNNING MATES ON THEIR PAST AS BEAUTY QUEENS!!! How is that not freaking sexist??? How can you rail against the DNC and the media for being sexist and not call out McCain for the obvious pandering??? Jeez, gimme a break already.

  111. Trecy:

    In BO’s defense, he did serve beer at that concert.

    I thought it was a nice touch

  112. fif: That’s the thing—there was no integrity to the way Obama got the nomination instead of Hillary. The DNC has been stringing AAs and women along for years. They should not have decided for us which minority “got to go first.” They should have let the primaries play out fair-n-square, with November’s victory being their sole motive. They coerced the process and ignored the people. Idgits.

  113. Palin is not HRC – nowaynohow – for a comparison go to Liddy Dole or Kay Bailey Hutchison.

  114. Pumahunter:

    Not another word out of you until you submit your resume for our approval

    Didn’t you read the site rules?

  115. If you watched Sarah Palin’s introduction, you can see Rep. “Mean” Jean Schmidt of Ohio come up to her and get in real close. Palin retracts herself from the situation as quickly as possible. She’s no dummy.

  116. PumaHunter: You didn’t read what I posted. We KNOW what she is and what she stands for. But your arguments against her are bogus. Not only that but the one thing we can definitely say about Obama and the DNC is that they had absolutely no respect for voters this year. And if they don’t listen to us before the election, we would be stupid to think they will listen after the election. Frankly, Obama is not enough of a Democrat for me to trust him. He has no core Democratic principles or at least he styles himself as post-partisan. Is he post-partisan enough to hold the line with Republicans on pro-choice, anti-war, pro-environmentalism, etc, etc? I have no fricking idea. And as long as I am looking at the trail of destruction in the party that he has left after wresting control of it from the voters and Clinton supporters, I will NOT be voting for the bastard.
    If you don’t want a disaster in November, start working for downticket Dems because Barry and Biden are going to lose. Wake up and smell the Starbucks.

  117. See… Puma Hunter is a perfect example of why the Dems will lose .. they just dont get it and keep going down the same beat you up to get your vote path …
    Puma Hunter I give the honorary moosehat …now head on out to the Alaskan wilderness …mmk?

  118. Hey PumaHunter, how come no one can think of a single piece of significant legislation written by Obama–and I’m not talking about some random bandwagon he jumped on as a co-sponsor. Obama has spent 143 days in the Senate. Other than that, he started running for president almost from the day he was sworn in. As for his position on drilling, well what is it today? I think you are wrong–he’s for it now.

    As for being pro-diplomacy, I would describe him more as pro-surrender. He can’t even admit that the surge worked once we finally got a competent general in Iraq. Obama is a joke!

  119. When Palin hands these people their asses, I want to be in the front row.

  120. I’m not watching the STJ service – but how DISRESPECTFUL and PATHETIC to turn a memorial service into a campaign rally event.

    DISGUSTING. I hope the ghost of STJ haunts them forever.

  121. Is McCain and Palin at the “rally”?

  122. PumaHunter: Are you suggesting that beautiful women aren’t smart or capable of leading? And you’re calling McCain sexist?
    Pot meet kettle.

  123. Pumabait:

    McCain picked his current wife based on her enormous fortune.

    Actually, she picked him, she was looking for some arm candy to escort her around town.

    He’s her boy toy, and she’s his sugar mama

    She even made him sign a prenup

  124. ”Were you in this campaign just for me?” she asked.

    That seems to be a very appropriate question to be asked of cultist Obots who faint and cry at the sight of him. Are they that excited about Democratic principles? I think not.

  125. PumaHunter, you’re wasting your talents here…for we are just a small but vocal minority…a handful, if you will.

  126. indieyogini – I wrote this to her:

    What a terrible piece of pseudo-journalism. It wouldn’t be that difficult to find out exactly how many PUMAs there are – it’s called research – but you are more interested in advancing your agenda. Do you think you’re fooling anyone except your fellow Villagers?

    I ask you, why are you even writing anything about us if we’re all so non-existent? And you credit us with successes, but then call us irrelevant. How stupid are you? Or have you just overdosed on hair dye and Paxil, like your hero, Maureen Dowd?

    Obama will never be President. Enjoy your irrelevance in November.


  127. Big Dawg is going to speak! He wasn’t even on the program, but they invited him up. Go Bill, show ’em how it’s done!

  128. It’s like dancing on STJ’s grave. It’s pathetic!

  129. Bill has been crying…

  130. Pumas are carnivores and predators.

    We stalk, hunt and kill our prey

    We are also older, smarter and better educated than you.

    Better looking too

  131. I ask you, why are you even writing anything about us if we’re all so non-existent? And you credit us with successes, but then call us irrelevant. How stupid are you? Or have you just overdosed on hair dye and Paxil, like your hero, Maureen Dowd?

    Obama will never be President. Enjoy your irrelevance in November


  132. Bill is such a natural. No phoniness, funny, tender, profound.

  133. MYIQ: And we have more sex.

  134. Bill is cracking them up! 🙂

  135. and I do graphics 🙂 too this afternoon i am gonna have some fun !!!

  136. I keep hearing how “thin” Palin’s resume is, but that is hardly the case. especially compared to Obama. Sounds like she worked her ass off, got a scholarship to college, has been a businesswoman, a mother and a politician. She successfully ran for city council, then mayor, then knocked off an incumbent governor in the primary(you know, the old fashioned way, by gaining more votes than him–not litigating him off the ballot), and has been chief executive of Alaska fro 2 years.

    Makes “community organizer” sound a little lame. .

  137. Why shouldn’t we vote for McCain/Palin?

    They want our votes, they treat us with respect.

    What has Obama ever done for us?

    What promises has he kept so that we know we can trust him to keep ones in the future?

  138. sm77:

    Shhhh! Not in front of the children

  139. Gary:

    And the Obots can’t claim she got where she is because of her husband or father.

    She earned every bit of it

  140. It’s become depressingly clear to me this year that Fauxgressive Americans have an even greater addiction to misogyny than they do to foreign oil.

    Yes, they do. Scorched earth. Thanks to everyone here at The Confluence for fighting this stuff. I think Palin is wrong on a lot of issues I care about. But as ever most of the “progressive” blogs don’t know what else to do except petty insults and character assassination. Hey, does she cackle? Anyone know? Maybe we could talk about that?

  141. Bill: “Our friendship ended in this long and difficult year.”

    STJ never quit on a friend. Bill is bringing down the house!

    He told a story about buying a piece of jewelry for her that she admired in Puerto Rico. STJ said to him: “It’s not often that a man buys a piece of jewelry for a woman without expecting something in return.” Huge laugh from the audience. I said to her: “You have given me and your family, and the country more than you will ever know.” I’m glad we had that moment…Let’s take what Stephanie gave to all of us, and give it to someone else.


  142. One of the most disgusting things I heard Obots say about Hillary was:

    “If sleeping with the President counts as experience then Monica Lewinsky is qualified to be President”

  143. Bill is the best.

  144. Once again, Bill shows BO how it’s done.

  145. sm77 – use Protection!

  146. dg – Or her cleavage or her “cankles” or her psycho-ex-girlfriend similarities or her thighs or…..


  147. IMO Liddy Dole or Kay Bailey Hutchison are GOP hacks,and frankly boring ones. McCain was smart to pick Palin.

  148. This is going to be another tough, tough election and a vote for McCain/Palin by enough PUMAs might just push the swing states into the red.

    OLD TALKING POINTS. She’s just like Quayle; Biden will crush her with a “you’re no Hillary Clinton” one liner.

    NEW TALKING POINTS. She’s a dangerous threat due to her appeal to Clinton supporters, exactly as we anticipated all along.

    2009 TALKING POINTS. Revert to old talking points, part 1, while blaming Clinton supporters for their stupidity in putting McCain and “Quayle” in the White House.

  149. Beautiful Choirs!

  150. I disagree with McCain and Palin on many issues, but they are both impressive people and they deserve respect.

  151. Annetoo: I think you’re spot on. Dole and Hutchinson would not have accentuated his maverick streak like the Palin pick is.

  152. Watching President Clinton, I can only think, what, on Earth, has the DNC done? He and Senator Clinton will not be able to campaign for Obiden because their mere presence illuminates the grave injustice this party did to the Clintons, the voters and to the country.

  153. WJC speaking at STJ funeral was SO moving. I’m crying like a big baby. What a beautiful tribute.

  154. That was a great story about the jewelry.

    I swear Bill is hated because of his generosity.

    There is a line in the Gospels: “Are you envious because I am generous?”

  155. About Palin being anti-choice, I think Sugar n’ Spice says it best:

    If you are so concerned about a “woman’s right to choose” you should have thought about that during the primaries. Now, just keep your damned legs closed or make him put a sleeve on that dick. A baby doesn’t have to happen. It’s up to you. Besides, with all of this damned HIV and Super AIDS we are dealing with, why in the hell aren’t you making these guys wear condoms anyway? How about “choose” to use some common sense and use protection!? Shut up all of this shit talking about Roe v. Wade being “rolled back”. Nobody’s rolling anything back. If it were going to happen, it would have already happened under the Nimrod in Chief we’ve got now. You made your bed, lay in it!


  156. johninca:

    To which she responds:

    “Yeah, but you’re a Joe Biden”

  157. I never have headaches, but now I have been having an extreme sinus headache from all of my constant bouts of crying.

    Help us GOD! Bring to light all of the evil that is associated with Obama and let us have our Hillary back!



  158. Excuse me, but the Dems TO NOT deserve the Clintons!! What they had to say , honoring STJ at her own funeral , in contrast with the other speakers….just makes me mad as hell all over again. Without the Clintons, the party would collapse , that’s just the truth

  159. I love this song…

    You guys are so right. That jewelry story was wonderful.

    The Clintons just showed the emotional, intellectual and experiential paucity of Obama. Extraordinary versus mediocre.

  160. “her psycho-ex-girlfriend similarities” ?????

    Reference? What did I miss?

  161. PumaHunter: Damn right this is about sexism!

    Moreover, BO has shown you and all of your Obot friends that he picks and chooses which of his policies he is willing to throw under the bus to get into the White House. I am not willing to reward this behavior. I was not going to vote for McCain and of course not for BO. But if “progressives” continue with their sexist insults aimed at Palin, I will be willing to have 4 years of McCain as President. He might just be the medicine that so-called progressives need.

  162. The obots are real assholes. They are suggesting that we are voting for her “genitalia” and how wrong that is, but of course if you suggest that 90% of African Americans support Obama only because he is black, you are a racist….and if you question his experience that make you racist too, but if you question hers, that’s just the way things are…women are supposed to live up to a higher standard….Ug…this election is giving me an ulcer…

  163. Bebe Wynans is fabulous.

    What do you do when you’ve done all you can?
    What do you do when your heart has been broken and filled with pain?
    What do you give when you’ve given your all and it seems like you can’t make it through.
    Well, you JUST STAND when there’s nothing left to do.
    After you’ve done all you can, you just stand!


  164. Jim,

    Newsflash: Obama is pro-capital punishment even when the crime is not murder (see his statement on recent SCOTUS decision).

    He also voted in favor of domestic spying and protecting those who do it. I find that even more disturbing.

    He has not been supportive of the voting rights of African Americans (see his refusal to support Barbara Boxer and Stephanie Tubbs Jones) when they tried to get the Senate to condemn voter suppression in AA districted in Ohio in 2004.

    Give up. Obama is no better than McCain. They both s*ck. He even voted for Cheney’s energy bill.

  165. Mary Palliser, on August 30th, 2008 at 12:51 pm Said:
    Now you’re trying to convince yourself and others that Palin is acceptable to Clinton supporters on policy issues? Laughable.

    It’s obvious you didn’t read the post.


    Of course we know where she stands on the issues.

    Like Riverdaughter said: AND??????

    The Republicans have the BALLS to push and support a strong qualified woman for VP, while the Democrats had the better qualified, socially responsible, tough as stee, popular vote winning Hillary….but their balls shrank in her presence.

    Go deal with your mommy issues somewhere else.

    No spine, No Balls, No votes counted = 2008 DNC.

  166. Oh give me a break.

    What the hell does Obama know about foreign policy or running any kind of budget. Are you even aware what the budget of Alaska is? Of the international concerns they deal with every damn day there? Read a map!

    Not every woman in pro-choice nor would I expect every woman to vote as a block. What I do expect is every woman to treat eachother with respect. I am not seeing it.

  167. “Help us GOD! Bring to light all of the evil that is associated with Obama and let us have our Hillary back!”

    Carol – you know what I think? I think the GOP has a nuclear weapon that they are waiting to use after the convention. They just wanted Hillary out of the picture before using it. They knew McCain would not beat Hillary, so they would not release it until Obama secured the nomination.

    There was discussion on an earlier thread about what happens if the nominee can’t serve. The GOP might have something to bring the evil to light.

    What do the DEMs do? Stay on the Titanic, or abandon the sinking ticket – like rats?

  168. Cindy: WTF does Obama know about foreign policy? Get a clue, why don’t you?

  169. Cindy: Nobody wants to read your crap. So go!

  170. This song by Bebe Winans is more appropriate for President and Senator Clinton as it tells the story of strength despite betrayal. He did call the Clintons his friends and BO only the (in his opinion) future president.

  171. At least Sarah actually LED something Cindy. Unlike Obama, who no one so far has been able to list even one accomplishment EVEN AT THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION!!


  172. I was just skimming memeorandum, and it seems like all the non-PUMA lefties are bashing Palin with cookie-cutter talking points, but the righty blogs are strangely silent.

    I wonder if they are following the old political dictum:

    “When your opponents are self-destructing, stay out of their way”

  173. That’s not me up there at 1:06. I’ve made my views known about the McCain Palin ticket in many posts.

  174. cindy, can’t you make it more interesting than cutting an pasting the talking points?

  175. Psycho ex-girlfriend references vis-a-vis Hillary:

    Google listing

    61,300 results.

  176. Jim,

    Get lost. We are not stupid and we don’t appreciate your patronizing attitude. Again, go away.

  177. The Heads Explode, Day 2!

    Really, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. Expect many trolls. They know that Palin was the play of a mischievous wild card, and the are reacting accordingly — in the only way they know how, it seems. The first tool in the toolbox is, evidently, misogyny.

    1) They seem to forget that that Jr. is a narcissistic liar and I, for one, don’t believe a word he says. His position on Roberts, changed for political expediency. He “cares” about bankruptcy laws and picks Biden as VP. HRC was a demon for her AUMF vote but Biden and Kerry are just ducky. FISA. Cheney Energy bill. Courting the evangelicals. Please.

    2) I think it will be very, very interesting when Palin (and Jr) are pushed to clarify their stances. The creationism issue, for example, is lifted from websites that trace back to a Palin debate that was later clarified in interesting terms. Ditto on choice. I am very, very curious to hear all sides come down on the question: what is the role of the executive branch in these issues? I have a hunch they will end up being rather similar. I have a hunch Palin’s position will be “I believe X but don’t believe the government should legislate Y.”

    Happily, I am not a Republican and very happily, I am officially no longer a Democrat either. I am a citizen, and I look forward to seeing how the candidates (including third parties) ask for my vote. The economy sucks, Washington is corrupt, I need health care, and I loathe bread and circuses. I will see how this all plays out, with great curiosity.

  178. Cindy, if it’s so ridiculous, then leave. We are tired of being lectured to. We are intelligent, well-informed, analytical, and principled people. If you don’t agree with us, too bad. It’s called democracy. If you claim to be a Democrat, then you believe in free speech right? So stop telling us how to think, speak, and vote.

  179. Pandering to women?

    For the duration of this primary, Obama has pandered to low-information AA’s although privately I’m sure he’s thrown them under the bus as well. How many donations did he get from elderly AA men and women with the false bill of ‘hope’ goods. Does it get more despicable?

  180. Any trolls claiming to be female must submit their uterus for inspection.

    Too many of those “girls” have deep voices and prominent adam’s apples.

  181. Cindy, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:06 pm Said:
    This is absolutely ridiculous – there are HUGE ideological divides between Clinton and Palin. Hillary DESERVED to be at the top of the ticket on the Dem side because shes worked hard for it – Palin ran a town of 8,000 people, and then led a state that’s 1/10 the size of Obama’s old Congressional District. What the hell does she know about foreign policy? Or running a multi-trillion dollar budget? Not to mention the fact that the woman is an ultra-conservative that would help undermine all of Hillary’s hard work. I dont WANT future generations to have to have to re-do all the work we’ve done to protect every woman’s reproductive rights. Come on now, ladies. We’re better than this. A vote for McCain/Palin is irresponsible and SELFISH. I want out first female president (i.e. Hillary) to fulfill that role with honor and respect.


    Why do you support the voter fraud that happened during the primaries, at the RBC and at the Roll Call to undermine her???

    If you supported Obama, you supported Misogyny. End of sotry. Don’t come with that hyporcritcal crap now. WE HAD HILLARY, and because the DNC stole votes to coddle an inexperienced egotistical empty suit FOOL – here we are with a female Republican VP.

  182. When someone says to me “your psycho-ex-girlfriend” I say “which one?”

    I have a list of them

  183. Jim: I’m usually social but not today. Hit the road Jim and please let the door hit cha where the good lord split ya.

  184. Gee Jim. So nice of you to tell women what women should think, feel, and do. Who are these people who think they have a right to tell us what OUR EXPERIENCE as women should be? STFU.

  185. The whole Obama sham makes me sad for AAs.

  186. madamab- Thanks – I did miss that somehow.

  187. Just for the record: I would vote for Sarah Palin if she had a third eye protruding from her forehead if it meant that Obama and the rest of those lying bastards were brought down hard.

    She could run and promise to unfreeze Walt Disney to be named as a cabinet member. I don’t care.

    What is being said about her on the blogs and out of the mouths of the pukey talking heads is a mortal sin.

    Down with the DNC for missing yet another golden opportunity because their heads were seeking guidance from their ass.

  188. myiq – The problem may be not in your girlfriends, but yourself.


    I keed because I love!

  189. Fox is reporting a new daily tracking poll. Obama is now leading McCain by only 4 points!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

  190. I disagree with McCain and Palin on many issues, but the DC Dems who say they agree with me, do not fight for those issues ….so what’s the difference? As long as they can wring their hands , pee in their pants and swiftly cave to the GOP and still have my vote, their behavior will not change. So untill they start fighting (lol) my vote is off the table . And I would much rather have a mother of five in charge of things than Barry or Biden !

  191. The poll was done after the latest “speech for the ages”

  192. Pat Johnson – Word, Sistah!

    Democrats – You wanted identity politics, and now you’ve got it. Enjoy!

  193. Hillary DESERVED to be at the top of the ticket on the Dem side because shes worked hard for it

    But look at who IS on top of the ticket instead! Think about that any maybe your pea brain will finallly figure it out.

  194. Also, because of the garbage flowing out of other blogs, I am now reduced to this one, maybe one or to others, perezhilton.com. Is this pathetic or what?

  195. Outrageous………Obama can be inexperienced and unqualified to be president……an it’s OK. But, it’s dangerous for Palin to be VP, because McCain might die. And the media is promoting and defending this.

  196. Pat,

    I would a trust a woman who has borne 5 children to as least be compassionate and caring towards women and children. I already know that Obama and Biden are woman haters from way back. Why would I trust either of them to stand up for me. I’ll take Palin over them any day.

  197. Cindy you couldn’t be more on the money.

    The options for moral voting are closing down ever more depressingly with a superconservative Palin in the mix. She is to the right of McCain (but not by all that much) and may have swerved those of us with any progressive leanings left closer (gasp!) to the Obama camp. Yet we cannot reward the outrageous Dem vote fixing scheme, making FL in 2000 look like a five finger exercise.
    Hillary was our only hope.

    Now all that’s left is to vote NEITHER Dem or Repub …. in write-ins, or in staying home. Staying home is never the best option in a democracy, obviously. But a vote for this new Republican ticket is no longer a moral option. And if you vote on gender alone you are no better than those who vote on melanin content alone (you know who you are). There are issues here people. The future on so many levels literally does hang in the balance in this election. The alternatives put out so far are all unplatable and a compromise none of us good folks should ever again have to make. Hillary was IT. Realistically, We are all in big trouble now.

  198. HIllary-zila,

    But Obama has a penis. That makes all the difference in the world! He doesn’t need experience. He has a penis. It doesn’t matter that he’s a dick.

  199. May I please be released from moderation? It is creepy in here with the “Jims”.

  200. I heard this morning that 40 million people watched The Speech, “more than watched the finale of American Idol,” according to CBS.

    I’ve been wondering what effect it had.

  201. Some fairytale Pumahunter. No sale.

  202. Puma whatever: STFU!

  203. Jim,

    You’re not wanted here. Your questions will never be answered, because we simply can’t be bothered with your sophomoric arguments. Now stop posting or I’ll report you to your ISP for harrassment.

  204. Don’t you find it annoying when idiots come here demanding explanations on posts where their questions are already answered?

    Here’s an idea. READ THE F*CKING POST, @SSH@LE.

    Buh-bye now.

  205. PUMAHunter – Obama never spoke to our needs as voters – AND NEVER WILL.

    Hillary didn’t screw up – THE DNC STOLE VOTES TO ACCOMODATE OBAMA, at the caucuses, at the RBC and at the Fake Roll Call. The hotel vote had Hillary going over the top!

    Why is it that you hate Democracy so much?

  206. “When your opponents are self-destructing, stay out of their way”

    Exactly. Watching the Obamaniacs rip Palin and piss off every female voter in America–yet again–is high entertainment. And watching them talk about Palin’s “inexperience” highlights Obama’s non-existent resume every time they say it. Fun stuff!

    By the way, can anyone remember anything that Obama said on Thursday night? Anyone? No?

    I loved that line, “Yeah, but you’re Joe Biden!” Somehow I think Sarah Palin can handle herself just fine, thanks.

    Enjoy this next week.

  207. Ok, since someone is coming on here as “Cindy” I’ll change my name to CindyTX to try to avoid any confusion.

    All these Obama people want to do is scare us with the big bad image of John McCain. Oh, he’s another four years of Bush…oh, he’s going to roll back Roe V Wade….scare stactics. Why? Because they’re shitting a brick that we stood up and said NO.

    McCain isn’t nearly as scary as Donna Brazile threatening rioting in the streets. McCain isn’t nearly as scary as Obama’s friends for the past 20 years. McCain isn’t as scary as some of the glazed eyed bots who chant Hope and Change with cultish single-mindedness. McCain isn’t as scary as watching Bill and Hillary Clinton…OF ALL PEOPLE!!…being called racists and actually having people believe it. And McCain isn’t as nearly as scary as having a media just roll over and not only play dead but beg for more.

    So go away, little trolls. Your scare tactics don’t get the same bang for their buck as they might have once upon a time.

  208. JIm ….I am so sorry you are late to the PUMA PARTY and that we have answered that question so many times in so many ways . it isnt JUST about Hillary. go back and read some of the earlier posts instead of showing up late uninformed and expecting people to answer your question and do your damned work for YOU … you want fries with that??

  209. JIm, refer to Alice’s post at 1:13. “narcissistic liar” sums up the Obama persona. He has no policy other than self-worship.

  210. Why is it that it is an accepted given that African Americans will vote for Obama because he is black, but it is somehow disgraceful for women to vote for a woman because of her gender?

    And even though I have no intention of voting for McCain, it’s rather refreshing that he would bother to pander to women.

    Mountain Sage

  211. Dearest PumaHunter,

    Awww, I know, it’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault.

    Unfortunately, I feel I should tell you — as a friend, mind you — that you sound rather… bitter.

    Perhaps you should consider taking up knitting?

  212. Democrats continue to belittle and insult women first Hillary now Palin video here

  213. Palin hires baby sitters she doesn’t need one like Obama! Nuf said. Take it up with Big Daddy Biden if you’ve got a problem.

  214. No one who actually believes in the values that Hillary campaigned for could be taken in by McCain’s cynical and insulting pick of Palin. Hillary supporters should be deeply offended that McCain would imagine them as shallow as this. Hillary made history not because she was a woman selected to the ticket by some white male trying to ingratiate himself to women, but because of her own substance as a leader who everyone, male and female alike, supporter and opposer, recognized as a credible candidate for President. McCain supposes that Hillary’s supporter’s were impressed merely with her anatomy. Anyone, presumably, with similar anatomy will do–no matter what she believes.

    How insulting is that?

  215. Mountain Sage, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:27 pm Said:
    Why is it that it is an accepted given that African Americans will vote for Obama because he is black, but it is somehow disgraceful for women to vote for a woman because of her gender?

    Mountain Sage, AMEN!!!!

  216. BB: Come up for air, girl. You’re going to bust a rib laughing like that.

  217. i don’t expect this post to last long, since dissenting opinions don’t last long here. but in my mind, obama and the dems honor women a lot more with biden – who championed the violence against women act, supports raising the minimum wage and healthcare for all and yes – not that it’s the only issue in this election – but has ALWAYS been a staunch supporter of the right to chose. i think you do feminism a major disservice by choosing to support palin above all the issues dear to hillary, and frankly issues you have championed on this site over and over again. this is the equivalent of bush sr. bringing on dan quayle hoping ladies would think he’s hot. it is the height of cynicism in every way.

  218. RR – We are more insulted by the Democrats refusing to nominate Hillary Clinton, than by the Republicans nominating Sarah Palin.

    But thanks for playing. Laters.

  219. Obama and “honoring women” in the same sentence is laughable.

    We were told we weren’t needed. That’s honoring us, all right.

  220. To Obama supporters who come here to present Biden’s “feminist” creds, I have one thing to say: Anita Hill

  221. julia, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    to that I say ….Anita Hill.

  222. We’re supposed to be insulted by the Republicans’ choosing a woman but not insulted by the Democrats’ refusing to choose a woman.

    Ok, I got it now.

  223. My second favorite thing that trolls do — my very favorite being claiming that they are *cool trolls*, not pathetic trolls — is whining how oppressed and censored they are.

  224. RR: Which is more deeply offending? That we PUMAs could be thought vulnerable to vote against our own interests and go with McCain/Palin or that we are thought to be vulnerable enough to vote against our own interests and go with Obama/Biden?
    Make no mistake about it: when a party cancels out your vote, cast in good faith for the person you think is most eminently qualified and substitutes its own judgement for yours, it is not acting in your best interest.
    Take it from me, a NJ CLINTON voter, whose governor handed over my CLINTON vote to Obama without even a “by your leave”.
    Now, go talk to someone who cares.

  225. I hope those on the coast have evacuated safely. Our prayers are with you. Stay safe above all.

  226. Robin, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    lol! you were reading my mind!

  227. julia, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:31 pm Said:
    i don’t expect this post to last long, since dissenting opinions don’t last long here. but in my mind, obama and the dems honor women a lot more with biden

    By cheating and stealing votes from woman who won the popular vote, more than any condidate in history.

    If that’s honoring women, then I don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with the Democratic Party.

  228. Robin and Annetoo, no other words besides Anita Hill need to be said in reference to Biden. Thank you both for being so concise because it saved an unnecessary rant from me.

  229. riverdaughter, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    So very well said!!!

  230. madamab:

    Who said it was a problem?

    Nothing says “love” like a restraining order

  231. Annetoo, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:35 pm Said:
    Robin, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:34 pm
    lol! you were reading my mind!

    That’s what I said! You were reading my mind! LOL

  232. The trolls never ever have a comeback for the vote stealing.

  233. Democracy is a HELL OF A LOT MORE important than my uterus.

  234. Best reason to vote for McCain – he is not Obama!

    nuf sed!


  235. CindyTX:

    Trolls don’t have a comeback for anything that isn’t in their troll manual

  236. The Democratic Party, the so-called party of women, did everything possible to undermine the most accomplished, qualified candidate in favor of the new “Shiny”. I am 55, and fought the battles of the 1970’s, only to see our daughters swoon in a dazed haze for the sweet-talkin’ guy.
    I’ve always admired McCain, and Sarah Palin…doggone it…I just LIKE her!

  237. Pat – how to make the Heart?

  238. I will go to the mat for any female unfairly portrayed the way this woman is getting hit by the ignoramus crowd.

    Sarah Palin appears to be somebody who I could call if my car broke down, needed someone to watch my kids in a crisis, bring me soup when I was under the weather, drive me to the doctor. Why? Because I think she lives a similar life. She knows what it is like to make ends meet. Unless I am mistaken, Sarah is one of us but with a different point of view on some issues.

    They could not do enough damage to Hillary but we should not sit back and allow another bright woman to suffer the same fate. Enough of the blowhard mentality. I am so over it.

  239. RR,

    If McCain picked Palin solely because of her anatomy, then why are we supposedly mysogynistic white male Republican conservatives so absolutely ecstatic about the choice? I haven’t been this proud to be a Republican since Reagan gave his speech at the Brandenburg gate.

    There is absolutely nothing cynical about this. It’s hardball politics, baby. You want hope and change? Well here it is. Let’s see if your narcissistic candidate–the Messiah–can deal with it. As far as Palin’s anatomy goes, you guys in the Obama camp are just afraid that her balls are bigger than yours–which they are! A woman who has five kids is tough by definition–putting aside the fact that she is governer of Alaska and almost single-handedly buried the “good ol’ boy” network of corrupt politicians (Republicans, by the way) in her state.

    Biden must be quaking in his boots about now…

  240. I’m starting to get annoyed at all the trolls that assume I must have a uterus.

  241. myiq – HAHAHAHAHAHA

    A vote for Obama is a vote for election fraud.

    No way, no how, No Obama

  242. CindyTX – When you support a party that subverts Democracy in order to push their candidate ahead, they will have NO MORAL GROUND to fight.

    The vote stealing DNC gave an aresnal of ammo to the Republicans. Sarah Palin is just the first sign of what’s to come.

    AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  243. Is this for real? This can’t be for real. Hahaha good one guys.

  244. Carol: Just type ♥

  245. Bravo! Well said, and funny as hell!

    Funny thing, we Clinton supporters have discussed for months the strategic and emotional value a vote for McCain, among other choices, might acheive.

    A few “concern trolls” here and there complained occasionally but now that he’s made an utterly brilliant political move in choosing Palin, the little critters are out in full (panic) force.

    And, as you so perfectly stated, the arguments are stale, cliched and, surprise, surprise, sexist.

    I wonder how the GOP will respond if he tries the “brush off” on her, hmmm. 🙂

  246. Dave – Good for you! McCain made you happy with this pick too.

    A truly amazing coup de grace for ObamaNation.

  247. Carol sorry just type in ” & hearts ; leave no spaces btwn.

  248. This is similar to the Big Dawg’s question the other day:

    Party A promises the sun, moon and stars but doesn’t deliver anything

    Party B doesn’t offer much, but delivers on their promises.

    Which party should you vote for?

  249. The irony here is that had Hillary been the Dem nominee many would be making comments about a pandering barbie pick and would take her to task for calling Hillary a whiner back in March.

    Never mind her stances on the issues

    Strange days indeed.

    Consider Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente for 2008.

    Two times the amount of Woman’s Wisdom as the Repub ticket. And no pander either.

    And the Dem ticket…? Well…

  250. No, we’re not for real.

    You are having a cheeto-fueled hallucination

  251. My sole purpose is the overthrow and demise of the entire board sitting on the DNC. If that means a McCain win, won’t bother me in the least.

  252. “Make no mistake about it: when a party cancels out your vote, cast in good faith for the person you think is most eminently qualified and substitutes its own judgement for yours, it is not acting in your best interest.
    Take it from me, a NJ CLINTON voter, whose governor handed over my CLINTON vote to Obama without even a ‘by your leave.’ ”

    RD: Yes – and I sent letters to him, AG Milgram, The Record, and the Star Ledger about the disgraceful waste of funding a primary when the results were not honored. I feel like NJ is a banana republic.

  253. What state was Dean governor of?

    Wasn’t it kinda small?

  254. i’m not here to debate. honestly and respectfully, i understand that it’s totally obnoxious for me and other obama supporters to offer opinions where they’re not asked for. seriously i get it. but final point about palin: this notion that she a “reformer” is total bs. despite her claims yesterday, she did ask for house funds for the bridge to nowhere and is every bit as corrupt as the rest of the rethugs in alaska. i agree with many of you here who say it’s ridiculous for the dems to try and use the experience argument on her. but i do think it says a lot of mccain that he would so impulsively pick someone like this, especially when there are numerous other repub women more qualified for the gug.

  255. Still4Hill: Speaking to you from the banana republic of MA!

  256. Dean was the governor of VT.

  257. *&hearts

  258. julia: Please review the comments. Most of us don’t care. We are more interested in the future of the DNC. It needs to be cleansed. If it means McCain, then oh well.

  259. I was told to ‘fuck off’ and “go back into my hole” from an Obama supporter on another blog today.

    That’ll bring me over! Very impressive.

  260. I clicked on TalkLeft and thought I had landed in cheetoville by mistake

    They are getting some serious Palin-hate going over there

  261. I’ll say it again: dear god, they are so STUPID.

    With every snide insult to Palin’s lack of Ivy League pedigree, they remind me how I was called a lunch bucket, Archie Bunker r*cist because I refused to embrace teh shiny.

    With every nasty, venomous slur against Palin as a woman or mother, they remind me that the primary made me aware of a level of acceptable societal misogyny I didn’t realize existed — and an anger in my heart I didn’t know existed either. The primary changed me and made me aware of things I hadn’t even registered before.

    The “creative classes” will never get it. They will not accept responsibility — much like their celebrity leader — for how deeply hurtful the primary season was. How many good Democrats, longtime Democrats, were alienated, told they were too poor and stupid, and pinned with a scarlet letter for r*acism.

    Their best bet was to run like hell from that, to erase those memories. They are doing the exact opposite. Stupid, so very very stupid.

  262. Okay, I figured it out now…

  263. Jmac: Truly nutjobs are abounding out there. The scary part is they probably appear ordinary and normal outside the web.

  264. Julia:

    Sarah Palin is an evil witch who clubs baby harp seals just for thrills

    So what?

  265. i understand that it’s totally obnoxious for me and other obama supporters to offer opinions where they’re not asked for.

    So WTF are you still doing here?

    Demnocracy is much more important than my uterus.

  266. Pat:

    Do they really exist outside the web?

    I thought they were just evil spirits of the intertoobs

  267. PJ – Oh, I doubt it. I think they’re wearing pocket protectors and covered with orange Cheeto dust.

    Even the girls.


  268. not baby seals, just baby polar bears.
    ok ok ok. i’m out. sorry

  269. Juilia: Palin refused the bridge to nowhere, Alaskan state senators were the ones who wanted.

    Stop spreading lies – if you’re going to fight, fight with the truth in your hands.

  270. The argument that Palin is corrupt (bridge to nowhere) isn’t going to fly when we have Obama with his history in Chicago. Clinton hit him with it in the debate in South Carolina when he hit her first on sitting on the board of Wal Mart and Clinton was booed by the AA audience.

    Well, let’s see Biden try to hit Palin on corruption. She can hit back with Chicago and there’s not going to be any booing. It’ll be all over the paper the next day. Obama is in deep trouble.

  271. It’s a mixture of cheeto dust and Aqua Lube

  272. julia, You make me laugh!

    Biden is the one who let the good-old-boys club attack Anita Hill. Maybe you need to study women’s history to learn what your sisters in earlier generations faced.

  273. I read someone talking about wolf kills.

    I live in Ohio. We have deer and raccoon kills all the time controlled by my state. What is the difference? Most states have animal kills promoted by government. You won’t here much about them. They control the deer population and keep rabies down.

  274. Corrente has been quiet since yesterday.

    I think the Palin selection messed up Lambert’s plan to announce that they were officially a kool-aid site now that Uh-bama is the nominee

  275. Wow, talk about strange bedfellows. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  276. All these trolls asking these idiotic questions I have one for all of them ..
    How can anyone observe while the candidate who supposedly won the nomination DOES NOT EVEN CONSIDER and VIRTUALLY IGNORES the candiate who got more votes than he did which comprises at least HALF of the people who cared and voted in the Democratic party , and still somehow be thought to have
    “good judgement” ???

  277. Again, I don’t care if she thinks that David Cassidy was the greatest politician to walk the earth, or that she and her family prefer to live in a manger, if getting her elected increases the chances of ridding ourselves of the current DNC, I will offer to clean the stables.

  278. Strange bedfellows:

    A guy who said experience didn’t count, being an insider was bad and that voting for the AUMF was an unforgiveable sin paired up with an old white guy insider who voted for the AUMF

  279. this one is for sm77 and this is me fighting “with the truth in my hands.” in 2006 she told the anchorage daily news that she did want funds for the bridge. chk it out:


  280. God forbid we criticize or question Obama. But no problem when it comes to Hillary or Sarah. Only welcome to the site if the purpose is to worship Obama or demean women. All other comments not accepted. These people are insane.

  281. I do enjoy seeing the Obamacrats so discombobulated; they can’t even keep their talking points coordinated! By mistreating Hillary, they dishonored all who voted/supported her. Others might be able to forgive and still vote for Obama. But I am not one of them. By going after Palin, they are again showing what their attitude is towards women. Enough is enough. I am for McCain. Only Hillary at the top of the ticket can bring me back.

  282. swan:

    The only thing these trolls ever promise me is that Obama won’t take away my right to have an abortion

    Two problems with that:

    1. They are promising I won’t lose anything, not that I will gain something.

    2. I don’t have a uterus, ovaries or a vagina, so I doubt I’ll be needing an abortion either.

  283. Thanks, RD-Great post. Thanks for exposing the lies and showing us the truth.

    The more the so called progressives trash Palin because of a lack of experience when Barack is unqualified, or degenerate into obscenity and sexism the more I feel pushed into voting for MCain/Palin. After the sexism towards Hillary, the shameful and fradulent caucuses and the sham of a convention the Democratic party as I knew it is dead. There is no way I will cast a vote for Obama and I didn’t even care for him as a candidate before the caucuses. The more I know about Obama the less I care for him as a candidate. I don’t believe a thing he says.

  284. If Hill was the nominee, and McCain picked Palin,
    I’d say exactly what I’m saying now. Smart move.

    But post Hill, we see it wasn’t “Clinton fatigue” that caused Hill to be savaged of course, it was and is hated for woman . And therefore it is a sadistic and sick twist to club us with women issues when trying to get our guilt mojo working. Anyone who has had an abusive relationship understands what’s going on very well . We have been there and done that…no deal.

  285. Feliz:

    Isn’t it weird to see them piously lecturing us on how we should do what Hillary wants?

    Since when did they care what she thought?

  286. julia: It is a lovely day. Go outside and play, get some fresh air, clear your head of the cobwebs. Read the diary one more time and note: We don’t care! Take your “arguments” to a more welcoming site. You will be a guaranteed hit, I promise you. Here you are just another uninformed drag.

  287. Exactly AnneToo … any PUMA who wants to email me at swannieATcygnusradio.com feel free 🙂

  288. This thread is approaching 300 comments, I have a new one ready if no one else does

  289. Alice, well said!

  290. Well said. Thank you.

    And I’m sharing hubby’s latest brilliant designation and name. The DNC, the Democratic Party, should now be referred to as the Demogogic Party.

  291. Besides, you female Obamaphiles had a choice in Hillary Clinton who was committed to prtecting your reproductive freedom. Instead, you picked a man who is actively courting evangelical voters and watering down the pro-choice section of the Democratic platform. And you have the nerve to call US dumb?

    Thank you! And, oh, so true…

  292. little confused by Obamanation:
    if Palin is not Hillary…….then why don’t they love Palin?

    Hillary was too old, Palin is too young
    Hillary was too ugly, Palin is too pretty

    However can we please the Goldilocks Obamanation?

  293. Pat — You’re more interested in the future of the DNC than the future of the country?

    Isn’t the question whether you actually believe that McCain will lead the country in a better direction than Obama will (whose policy positions are virtually identical to those of Hillary’s)?

    If you believe in McCain’s postions, well then, how could you have been a Hillary supporter in the first place?

    If you don’t, then how can you be so irresponsible as to cast your vote for him, in these times of national and world crisis?

  294. PofE:

    Strong women cause “shrinkage”

  295. Just experimenting:


  296. RR:

    We are sooooo bitter about Hillary being robbed of the nomination we are going to vote for McCain in hopes he will start a nuclear war and destroy all life on Earth.

    Any more questions?

  297. “heart

  298. Julia, thanks for the interesting read. Did YOU read the l;ink? I am not talking about TNR for god’s sake but the original stories? Everything backs up what Palin said yesterday. Open your eyes, sheep not wanted here.


    Read this a bit more carefully. The unwanted attention she was dealing with was the damn coruption in her own party that embarrassed her.

    If this is the best you got then this election is over.

  299. myiq2xu, on August 30th, 2008 at 2:24 pm Said:

    We are sooooo bitter about Hillary being robbed of the nomination we are going to vote for McCain in hopes he will start a nuclear war and destroy all life on Earth.

    Any more questions?


  300. New thread up by RD – with roll call! Stand up and be counted, PUMAs!

    (Myiq – your turn will come soon, I’m sure…♥)

  301. RR – Another Unity ambassador weighs in. Nothing like insults to make people come to your side.

    God, you are slow.

  302. If McCain gets in and you guys see that things can indeed go further south for this country than it already has, at least you guys will be perfect candidates for positions at Fox News. Maybe you all can even seek employment with Rush or Hannity. Only thing is they wont want you at that point. They’ve already used you guys to further their agendas.

  303. Pulpit politicking violates federal tax law. Somebody ought to tell Carolyn Kilpatrick that she is putting STJ’s church’s tax exempt status in jeopardy.

  304. I’ve read that this is Palin’s position on choice — which actually sounds modestly pro-choice: “I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.”

    Can anyone verify that this is what she’s said?

  305. (snoring)

    Huh? What? The trolls are still yammering at us?

    (going back to sleep)

  306. RR – Another Unity ambassador weighs in. Nothing like insults to make people come to your side.

    God, you are slow.

    Oh, yes, I am slow. I’m happy to own it. I’m trying to figure out how any rational person who believes in what Hillary campaigned for could vote for McCain. I am assuming you are rational–is that an insult?

    But, yes, it is taking me a looong time to understand this. Just chalk it up to how slow I am.

  307. EMJ, that was someone here making a comment. Somehow it has been attributed to Palin. Palin is a member of Feminists for Life.

    RR and TL, apparently you didn’t get Brazile’s memo that we were no longer needed to vote for your candidate. If you have any questions about that, I suggest you ask her.

  308. You are correct Annetoo.

    Obots are acting like typical abusers by their sexism and then blaming women for the abuse.

  309. Riverdaughter, beautifully said.

    For me, my biggest hope is that when BO loses, the DNC can be cleaned up and returned to the people of the party. If we get a fantastic woman role model while this is happening, and if having this woman helps this happen, all the better.

    The DNC should not be functioning like a dictatorship.

  310. Dear RR,

    It is simple: BO is a very bad choice for President. We will not support him nor put up with the sexist diatribe of his followers. All you are doing is pushing women towards McCain by your sexist ranting.

    BO has a golden opportunity, to stand up against this sexism from his own followers. Let’s see if he is man enough to do it.

  311. Palin on Abortion – 2006 Gov Race

    6. If Roe v. Wade were overturned and states could once again prohibit abortion, in your view, to what extent should abortion be prohibited in Alaska?

    Under this hypothetical scenario, it would not be up to the governor to unilaterally ban anything. It would be up to the people of Alaska to discuss and decide how we would like our society to reflect our values.

  312. Trecy–

    MY sexist ranting? Where in anything I’ve posted do you find ‘sexist ranting’?

  313. Excuse me RR. I was not referring to you specifically but other Obama supporters.

  314. Trecy–

    Oh, one more thing–

    Do you really believe Hillary Clinton would have stood up before the entire nation and implored her followers to vote for Obama if she thought he was a sexist?

  315. RR, I never said that Obama was sexist.

  316. Found this on another blog and have to post it!

    Re: Governor Sarah Palin


    This was brilliant choice on McCain’s part!! A young governor with executive experience; a Mom with five kids — one enlisted in the US Army, and another with Downs Syndrome — ; a husband who is a member of the union, and a TRUE WORKING PERSON; a true Washington outsider; a woman who is intelligent and TOUGH, and PROVEN that she can oust ‘good old boys’ when they break ethical standards; a reformer; a woman who has worked and succeeded in real jobs, and been responsible for a payroll; a conservationist; and wants this country to become energy independent!!

    She is also young enough that she will be a FORCE for years to come. To BOOT she would not accept the “BRIDGE TO NO WHERE” porkbarrel project and advised the Congress if Alaska needed a bridge, Alaska would build it!!

    From the initial reaction of the Democratic elite spin monkeys, she has them VERY concerned, if not SCARED! Their initial demeaning of her serving as a mayor of a small town was a far cry from the top of their ticket being a community organizer! At least SHE WAS ELECTED! Think they now regret their tasteless comments ? demeaning at best ? sexist at worst!

    Sarah Palin does not “talk about change”, SHE MAKES CHANGES HAPPEN!!

    Rather than talking the talk as many have done in this campaign, Palin has (past tense) WALKED THE WALK!

    Sure that there are many Democrats who heard her speak in Dayton were asking themselves, “WHY DID WE NOT HAVE HILLARY ON THE TICKET?”

    Think that the Democrats have — once again — outsmarted themselves. Her speaking ability will challenge that of Obama. SHE IS STRONG!! Think that Sen Biden best brush up on his debating skills — HE WILL NEED THEM!!

    (Someone also needs to tutor the man with experience? on US Army organizations ? specifically the difference between a ? battalion? and a ?brigade?. Sure would not want this “experienced’ guy giving the commander-in-chief military advice!

    I believe that McCain came a step closer on winning the presidency on August 29, 2008!


    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  317. RR: So, how are the Humanities in Massachusetts these days? I can’t figure out how Obama roped you liberal academics into serving him. You’re like liberal NIMBY’s. It’s all cool and groovy as long as real people don’t show up asking the government for something. They must remain theoretical and ethereal, like your candidate. As soon as they materialize, they completely harsh your mellow.

    Go away or I’ll expose you completely.

  318. You can call McCain’s vp choice pandering OR you might call it putting his faith in a good woman and the judgment of many good women.

  319. I can’t believe Team Obama is stupid enough to push the “inexperience” meme. The Repubs are just salivating to remind him of his lack of accomplishment.

    During the last election, I saw Gov. Palin debating the Dem nominee for Gov. It was on C-span. I didn’t know who she was, but when I saw her I was struck by how attractive, attentive and prepared she was. I think she will give Biden a run for his money.

  320. Sarah Palin is what we’ve been waiting for. The kind of woman we can believe in!

    We need to vote for McCain now, because he had the faith to trust a woman who has little to no experience. More men should be putting trust in us like that. I could be as good a president as Obama, or Palin, or McCain. Good for McCain for making that point.

    And as for Palin, thank goodness she stands where she does. She wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, and she may very get the power to appoint justices to do just that. She said that if her 16 year-old daughter were raped, she would force her to carry to term. Good for her! Why should a woman have the right to choose to murder her child? She doesn’t believe in the right to abort even if it means the death of the mother. And I think we should applaud that. I would die for my child, and so would any of you. We should not have the right to choose how to live our lives if it interferes with the morals of this righteous nation.

    She also knows that global warming is not man-made. She doesn’t rely on the lies of science, she relies on her faith. Scientists are self-serving liars. We should be voting for her because she puts her faith where it belongs – in God, not science.

    And she wants to teach Creationism. Why not?! We should! Like I said, science is nothing compared to God. Every child in this nation, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or other should be forced to hear the word of the Christian God. There are more Christians here than anything else. This is a Christian nation!

    God forbid McCain should pass to a better world — he is a good man. But if he does, Sarah Palin can step right in, and maybe even make this a better nation.

    I know Hillary doesn’t believe any of these particulars, but she’s such a strong woman, which is why I voted for her. Sarah Palin is a strong wonderful woman, too. She and McCain will make a great team. At least I can vote for a woman now. We all should! It shouldn’t matter what you believe in. What matters is that the Democratic Party is morally bankrupt and McCain picked a woman. That’s reason enough! Make the Democrats pay!

  321. Oh, one more thing. People criticize the fact that she was a beauty queen. That doesn’t make her vapid! In fact, it’s a great role model for our daughters. It will teach them that a woman can be powerful and successful, but at the same time should always remember that being beautiful and thin is just as important! Go Sarah!

  322. Mommy bought me ice cream.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  323. I’ve got a frog in my pocket.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  324. I look funny in shorts.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  325. I’ve got lint in my bellybutton.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)




    there are a lot of reasons why we might vote McCain-Palin, Anger, Distrust, even Identity politics (remember voting by identity is not discriminatory, it is pride), but the bottom line is that the top of the Dem ticket is arrogant, unqualified, and lies more than a little.

    We do not really pick VPs on the premise that the Pres. will die tomorrow. In either case, the number twos will have to learn fast, Biden was so trusted by his party to be Pres, that he won nothing this spring. Nothing. IF he didn’t have what it takes to be Pres. when he was running, what do you think changed between then and now?

  329. Beautiful beautiful post.

    As to the beauty queen “issue”, I’m glad someone is finally unafraid of these credentials, so to speak.

    I wish Hillary had shone more of her beauty by doing Vogue. The male candidates didn’t have a problem appearing on the covers of men’s magazines showing their prowess or whatever.

    Great thoughts on intelligent design. I saw the interview on Charlie Rose where the scientist who created the human gnome project became a Christian after being an atheist because he saw how creation and science are proveable.

    I wish Gov. Palin didn’t kill moose, they are such huge elegant animals; but men hunt, so there. .

  330. good article as always river daughter
    i saw your pics from denver you are a beautiful lady
    as to the surprise big mac attack
    he is just playing politicks poker
    he said hey dean palosi and the rest of you
    i will see your two senators and raise you a


    I know Darragh Murphy personally and she is not angry any more. She just doesn’t like the way her teeth look when she smiles (true story). I think she needs to develop a mona lisa smile for the camera. We’re working on it. She is incredibly well spoken. We couldn’t hope for a better spokesperson.

  332. I love riverdaughter – very honest and well put.

    I personally will be voting for McCain/Palin 08. I cannot give Obama a vote – by not voting – he wins, by voting for a 3rd choice – he wins.

    I do not believe it is in the countries best interest for Obama to win.

    Think about it, before you say you will not vote for her because she is pro-life – Roe vs Wade is safely in place – it is not going any place.

  333. Awesome. Hit it on the nail. I’m tired of the same old lines from the O-bots.

  334. This is so good RD. I posted it at http://www.hillaryclintonforum.net And we love it.

    We have been bombarded with Obots as well since the announcement of Palin.

  335. I drink from the toilet

    (Edited for the amusement of katiebird)

  336. Great post. For the first time I will be voting for a Republican.

  337. RD – thank you well said.

    Alice: “With every nasty, venomous slur against Palin as a woman or mother, they remind me that the primary made me aware of a level of acceptable societal misogyny I didn’t realize existed — and an anger in my heart I didn’t know existed either. The primary changed me and made me aware of things I hadn’t even registered before.

    The “creative classes” will never get it. They will not accept responsibility — much like their celebrity leader — for how deeply hurtful the primary season was.”
    My sentiments exactly. I’m feeling such unexpected rage and have had memories of being the kid with the best batting average but not being picked because I was a girl as I watched what they did to Hill.
    The media is in la la land on this, just plain stupid or been bought off big time. – or both.
    I’m not so sure I can vote for McCain – the Palin pick was brilliant – but I sure can’t vote for Obama – or support the DNC at all.

  338. Great post! Even if I trusted Obama as far as I could throw him (which I don’t), I could never vote for a party and candidate who stole the nomination.

  339. ADMINISTRATOR – Why do you keep deleting this post?! I am on your side! I love Hillary and I am voting for McCain and Palin. And as I have grown older, I have become firmly pro-life. Sarah Palin is pro-life as well. You may as well get used to it. She and McCain are likely to overturn Roe v. Wade, and that is one of the many good things they will do.

    JPILLINOIS – Roe V. Wade is NOT firmly in place. Almost every analyst says that it will take just one more appointee to the Supreme Court to overturn it. And that is just fine! Those current judges are legislating from the bench. But a few of the liberal ones are too old and will leave soon. They’re a few years older than McCain!

    We have to take the Supreme Court back and overturn Roe v. Wade! Men and women should not have the right to decide what happens with a living child in the womb! The womb belongs to God, not the woman.

    Go McCain! Go Palin!

  340. […] Riverdaughter muses on truth and consequences and in answering the Obamabots’ talking points about Palin, says, “yes, we know.” She’s [Palin] anti-choice. Truth: We know what she is but if Obamaphiles insist on calling us post-menopausal, dried up pussies, you shouldn’t be surprised if we are suddenly unsympathetic towards young female Obamaphiles who find themselves unintentionally pregnant.  Some of us fought those battles in the 60’s.  Some of us took advantage of the battles won in the 70’s and 80’s.  Some of us continue to fight in the 90’s and 00’s.  But we’re not your parents who are responsible for getting you out of every scrape.  YOU are responsible for your own fate.  If you don’t like the anti-choice leanings of your next president and vice president, work your ass off for downticket Dems so Republicans can’t ram through any more anti-choice legislation.  You’re old enough.  Do it yourself.  Besides, you female Obamaphiles had a choice in Hillary Clinton who was committed to prtecting your reproductive freedom.  Instead, you picked a man who is actively courting evangelical voters and watering down the pro-choice section of the Democratic platform.  And you have the nerve to call US dumb? […]

  341. Truth? Okay hows this, no matter what is between her legs, we elect these two and still get a continuation of war, we will still be paying out billions each month to Iraq, we women will probably lose our reproductive rights, and we have two war mongerers and one women that the environmentalists do not have any respect for… we have had 8 years of facism, why continue the trend? AND if Mccain get so excited after his inaugration that he strokes out, who is going to advise her, Rove? OY! Just because she’s a woman that makes it okay to you? No wonder people want change…

  342. BRILLIANT. I’ve given you the hightest compliment I can give a blogger: copied the link and sent it to some friends and relatives! More more! Bravo!
    I attached the note:
    “Great refutations of the usually liberal diatribe,
    memorize them to get swing voters over to the “right” side.”
    Another reason not to vote for Obama (II)

  343. I’m an idiot. I don’t have anything to say that a thousand trolls didn’t say just yesterday.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  344. Great Post!
    As a Dem – I will NOT vote for obama – he is NOT qualified to lead our country.
    McCain/Palin are a much better/safer choice.

    The DNC had their chance to win with Hillary Clinton – but they picked the WRONG, Arrogant, Radical FRAUD who will never be elected – and Millions of Americans feel the same way.

  345. OMG! RD, I love you. Thank you. I’ve been in a bit of a dust up at Alegre’s Corner with other old “Hillary supporters” that used all of these talking points and basically called me and other like-minded folks stupid (the ol’ my IQ is too high for that crap) for saying anything positive about Palin. These people were as rapid as Obots.

  346. Hey, who’s using my name?

  347. Who told this joke in 1998?

    “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
    Because her father is Janet Reno.”

    This joke was told by Sen. John McCain. As reported in the Washington Post, the LA Times, the NY Times, and here: http://www.salon.com/news/1998/06/25newsb.html

    Oh yeah, he’s a real feminist supporter.

  348. Are you all completely insane? Probably, however, here goes…

    Something WAY bigger is going on here. However grounded your gripes with the hysterical barack carnival may be, he is hugely popular outside the US and this is massively important.


    America’s foreign reputation is basically destroyed, even in developed western nations (due to Bush’s super-aggressive actions). Millions of people protested against Bush’s re-election around the world. I visited Mumbai in India and there were hundreds of sponsored flags hanging in the streets portraying Bush with devils horns (to protest his visit to Mumbai). Not one or two. But mass produced hundreds. I’m anti-Bush too, but that kind of hate was scary to see. China, India and EU are emerging as superpowers to easily rival United States resource and military domination. China, Russia and the Middle East are also emerging as dangerous and increasingly powerful POTENTIAL enemies. America desperately needs a leader who will re-think foreign policy. Obviously this is not McCain.

    Didn’t you guys see how many people showed up to support Obama in Berlin? This is way more important, relatively speaking, than your dislike of Obama.

  349. Interesting how you claim to support democratic values but delete any dissenting opinions.

    You also complain about how people say you only supported Clinton because she’s a woman, then accuse everyone who votes for Obama of only doing so because he’s a man. Has it ever occurred to you that some people actually like his policies?

    Having one, count her, ONE woman in power in America will not shatter the glass ceiling, even if it’d look nice. I hate to break it to you, but not all women are interested in helping out their fellow sisters. Look them up. Condoleezza Rice. Margaret Thatcher. Ruth Richardson. Jenny Shipley. Helen Clark. Even those who weren’t actively working to make women’s lives miserable sure weren’t working to help them out.

  350. I am disturbed by the narrowness of vision hereabouts.

    You may be prepared to put your country through 4 more years of right-wing madness, in some sort of “anyone but Obama” sulk, but PLEASE think of the legacy – and those of us in the rest of the world!

    Think too of the appointments to your Supreme Court likely in the next term: you don’t think that could have some pretty far-reaching consequences for feminist and general legal/constitutional progress?

    Don’t let Palin’s gender be the only criteria you examine critically and politically. Don’t let disappointment over Hillary draw you to be part of some national self-sabotage! Some of us are hoping for the US to become a functional (as opposed to dys-), progressive, positive force in the world. To be at peace with itself even.

    As with any circumstance that’s not what you would have wished for, viz. the Democrats, you have a choice: to respond in a way that is ultimately healthy and potentially transformative, or to turn it into something (self-)destructive.

    Your call. But it affects us all.

  351. Is that right? He’s “hugely popular outside the U.S.” That’s funny because I’m a democrat abroad living in Canada and even here in my smaller city there are four other people just like me who saw what happened and cannot vote for Obama.

    You are missing the point here. PLEASE read Dr. Lynette Long’s caucus fraud papers. See the videos of our votes being STOLEN. You might not fully appreciate this but, in the U.S. vote STEALING is NOT taken lightly at all. Especially not given the way it was done. Yes, it’s a damned shame that the DNC won’t get it’s dem this time but, they should have given the voters the one person with the MOST votes and investigated those caucus frauds.

    Now I’ve been holding my nose voting for democrats and the losers they hold up there for years now. But this time they utterly crossed the line when they let vote stealing, caucus fraud and misogyny rule the day. It’s NOT up to US anymore. Complain to the DNC and the Obama campaign for these protests.

    No more going along to be discounted. Would you ask a person of color to vote for someone who stole, cheated and used racism to “win” ?? Would you turn around and beg them to go along for the good of everyone else in those circumstances. This is outrageous alright. It’s one more time that women are being asked to subjagate themselves for the “good” of everybody else and with vote stealing on top of it all. I cannot go along with that. I do not understand how you can ask me to.

    If we do, then the D.N.C. will continue to do this. They have done to their own party members what the republicans were doing as their own cut throat way to stage a take over.

    Much has been done here that cannot be ignored at all. I would have voted for him if he had not cheated, IF he had even ONE damned time out of hundreds said one word about the misogyny that was used to try and RUIN a woman who was voted the most admired woman in America four years on a row. He sought not just to win in a political contest but, to totally destroy her life’s work. This a woman we admired greatly for very, very good reason.

    Stop saying we are not voting for him out of some sort of “hurt feelings” for fucks sakes and listen to what we are saying. READ the EVIDENCE of the damned cheating in state after state after state. WITNESS the sham roll call vote and the behind closed doors decisions that are utterly undemocratic. She did NOT lose, this was stolen not just from her but, from all of us millions who in good faith voted for her. You don’t steal votes in the United States and then just have people shrug it off as nothing. The republicans got away with it and our only hope at all of any fairness was the democrats. THAT Is NO LONGER TRUE. They party has been taken over by thugs! I will not vote for that, we want our party back.

    Palin’s gender is certainly not the “only reason” for heaven’s sakes. I’ve never voted republican in my life. But I will tell you this, after the sexist campaign Obama ran, after the way he projected every single hateful thing he was doing onto Hillary Clinton THEN said SHE was the one doing the dirty slinging?? I don’t trust that sexist to have the best interest of ANY woman at ALL at heart.

    It’s a non choice this time around. We were shut out with under handed tactics by our own party. We DO have a choice and some of us won’t chose Palin at all. Some will vote third party. I for one cannot in good conscience EVER vote for Barack Obama. And I resent being asked to after what he and the D.N.C. and our media pulled on Hillary Clinton and every single last one of her supporters. If they get away with this then NO ONES vote will count in the future. Not even those voting for Obama now.

    Someone has to stand up to this and PUMA is a force to make sure it is answered for. Palin? She’s a choice for some…not all. But Obama is NOT a choice at all anymore unless you want to vote for caucus fraud and misogyny! We have NO faith in him.

  352. I hope everyone who wrote a post on this website is silently kicking themselves after the craziness that has ensued with Palin. The interviews that she has given truly shows that all that glitters isnt gold. If there is one Democratic bone in any one of your bodies, you cant really believe that its good for the country to let these (McCain/Palin) idiots run our country into the ground. We have had enough dumbness for one decade. You may not like Obama but he is a hell of a lot better and more in line with your views than the alternative.

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