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Saturday: I own my vote and you own yours

This is the year I learned that a lot of people think they can control my vote. It seems the country will completely fall apart if I don’t promise – today, yesterday – to vote for Barack Obama!  And the whole world is at risk if I even flirt with the idea of voting for McCain. Now I’m always interested in talking about it but, these people (people?) have the strangest way of engaging in these conversations that I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve never been insulted so often for a vote I don’t intend to cast. You see, as of today I don’t intend to vote for John McCain.  I happen to believe that Barack Obama is unelectable making it a complete waste of a bloody nose for me to vote for him.

Although at the rate this campaign is evolving, I could change my mind about that….

280 Responses

  1. Cancer is the new talking point. Vicious and hateful and totally Chicago.

  2. That should push you over Katiebird.

  3. Cancer? How?

  4. You will hear over and over again about McCain’s “cancer.” And think “A Woman” will be so close to being president. you need to vote for these macho democrats.

  5. REading the threads and also listening to Mort Kondracke tonight, it appears McCain’s former skin cancer is being raised as a reason he shouldn’t have picked Palin.

  6. Basically, how dare a 72 year old man who has battled skin cancer twice pick this inexperienced woman. It’s getting so low.

  7. This is their latest scare tactic. That McCain could go any day now and if so, oh my God, Sarah Palin, with little or no experience steps into the role. It is pretty disgusting even for the Obama campaign. Get ready for a new onslaught utilizing that theme. The SC appointments will be put on the back burner while they try this one on for size.

  8. Interesting note from Prolix in the last thread. Obama had Kaine on his short list for VP for MONTHS. Kaine has been a governor for exactly as long as Palin.

    But, see, Kaine had a penis. Evidently they think a penis adds YEARS to your length of experience. Men can’t measure length accurately for shit, we all know that.

  9. It’s totally insidious.

  10. KB- You write great posts. I have been hounded by many of my Democratic friends about how I should vote for the party despite my ill feelings of how this election was a selection. I decided some time back that I could not vote for BO due to the tactics and sexism that happened during this primary. The way Hillary was treated felt like a slap in my face, not to mention the whole Florida vote issue. I was going to stay home but then I wasn’t. I had not decided until the roll call sham. That is when I knew I would vote, just not for Obama. After today McCain/Palin look interesting and if I continue to hear sexist remarks about Palin from the insane MSM they may just push me to pull the R lever. But the point is it’s my vote and I plan to vote for who I trust the most with my country.

  11. Oh, THAT is a war I want to fight! Bring it on.

    Do they seriously think that argument will make Obama electable?

  12. On the cancer issue, I posted this on the downstairs thread:

    I think the American Cancer Society or some cancer activist group should issue a statement to the stations airing those negative comments. People are managing cancer today and are entitled to lead productive lives, as they so wish and are able.

  13. I’ll be talking more about the weaknesses that make Obama unelectable. But it starts with the fact that P.U.M.A. is just the tip of Obama’s troubles. We’re the ones who’ve always voted for Democrats.

    And we can’t make ourselves do it this year — we can’t vote for Obama.

  14. Katie: we are all experts on this now. You know the talking heads conspire to put out the meme of the night or week. But the problem they have is that the conservative movement has coalesced. James Dobson endorsed the ticket tonight. The wagons are circling. What does RD say, when you hear it two or three times it means something?

  15. Thanks 1/2 Voter. You’re Florida situation was one of the first indications (to me) that something was seriously wrong about the Obama campaign.

  16. politico.com is running a poll with the following question:

    “Do you think Democrats who supported Hillary Rodham Clinton will be more inclined to vote Republican with Sarah Palin on the ticket. ”

    Results at the moment – 66% No, 34%Yes.
    Its at the bottom on the right.

    I wonder what the results would be if just Hillary supporters answered the question?

  17. Ted Kennedy has cancer. He should drop out of the Senate right now!

  18. People should vote for the candidate – and his/her running mate – that they overall think will do the better job for our country.

    Not easy to weigh; so many factors. And we’ll never have a ticket that is ideal for us. Surely some factors about the candidate will be opposite of what we believe – or, occasionally, even repugnant. But – we may judge that the “other side” would be worse.

    There are things that I admire about each of the four people running – and aspects of each of them that I dislike.

    I am quite tired, however, of slurs about someone’s skin cancer and age (McCain), childhood Muslim schools (Obama), hair plugs! (Biden), and too many children to raise (Palin).

    Focus on the issues. Focus on their character. Judge how open they are about what they believe, their past, their accomplishments and their associations.

    Then take your best guess and vote. It’s not easy – but – that is what I am going to try to do.

  19. So we get inexperienced Sarah Palin if John McCain dies, but we get inexperienced Barack Obama if Barack Obama lives?

    Not a tough choice for me.

    On another issue, that loser Taylor Marsh just jumped the shark. She photo shopped Sarah Palin’s head onto a young model’s body for a fake Vogue cover. Then mentions that Palin is a former beauty queen, but that’s OK I guess because so is Taylor, according to information Taylor offers.

    This is Taylor ( I changed my name and tell people I’m only 46) Marsh, mocking a woman for her looks.

    Never mind that it’s Michelle Obama who was featured in Vogue recently…and on every other magazine she can get her mug onto.

  20. Peeked at Kos. He’s still on about McCain’s houses. And this is an example of the inane, insipid, juvenile bloggers he has:

    I just want Biden (4+ / 0-)
    to laugh at her. I suspect she’d throw a hissy fit. A real ‘I am so serious, I went to college and everything, and I’m gov so you have to treat me with respect’ bimbo meltdown.

    Whine, whine, whine.

  21. So we get inexperienced Sarah Palin if John McCain dies, but we get inexperienced Barack Obama if Barack Obama lives?

    LMAO! That is a great response!

  22. Back to basics. If you want someone’s vote, ask politely for it. Note to the Obama campaign: calling your rival’s supporters c*nts is not the way to do it.

    McCain asked me politely for my vote today, which is more than the Democratic Party has done for this lifelong Democrat. And I do mean LIFELONG–I was stuffing and addressing envelopes for McGovern when I was 9 years old.

    I probably won’t take him up on his invitation–you know, issues and positions and all–but it feels so good to not be beaten with the unity stick for once.

  23. Listening to the MSM today, I had to laugh. It’s amazing how many male commentators felt competent to assure their viewers that Hillary voters won’t vote for Palin because she’s not pro-choice. Here is one Hillary voter who will now smile when I pull the lever (actually, fill in the oval) for the McCain ticket because Sarah Palin is on that ticket. Wow. She’s tough, smart, dynamic, has good executive, business and family experience, and cast her first veto to quash an ugly bill that sought to strip benefits from the partners of gay public employees. You go, Sarah Barracuda — I look forward to Clinton vs. Palin in 2012.

  24. “So we get inexperienced Sarah Palin if John McCain dies, but we get inexperienced Barack Obama if Barack Obama lives?”

    wry, too funny!

  25. Jmac, I wonder if they realize how coalescing such language is.

  26. So many Hillary supporters read the Politico after they get off their shift at the Diner.

  27. wry- LMAO!!! Hope you don’t mind but I plan on using this one.

  28. This cancer meme is despicable.

    Perhaps they don’t realize how many people have cancer right now and/or have friends and other loved ones who do. For example, my best friend died of cancer two years ago. I took care of her for the last year, and I can tell you, I do NOT look charitably on anyone who would even think of twisting her suffering and death into an opportunity for personal political gain.

    People, these race-obsessed, misogynistic, power-hungry operators are a mob of brownshirts. We cannot let up. We need to keep pushing back and slapping them down, hard. They are a disgrace to everything that is best about our country and our people.

    The convention is over, but this is SO not about Hillary anymore. For me, this has become about whatever I can do to inflict a humiliating electoral loss on Obama and his backers and clean them out of Democratic politics, just as they’ve been trying to purge the Clintons and lifelong Dems.

    In case they haven’t noticed, let me say it. This is war.

    Payback is a PUMA.

  29. They’re making a big deal out of McCain’s skin cancer? Half the white people in Arizona have probably had skin cancer. Probably more. My entire family in SoCal has had it at one time or another. If you’re fair skinned and you live in the southwest, skin cancer is extremely common.

    Talk about desperation.

  30. I have honestly come to the conclusion that misogyny is RAMPANT in the entire Democratic party, MUCH more so than the Republicans.

    Even the freepers were never this bad, and they were fringe, not most of the party, as this seems to be. I have heard more disgusting stuff from the Dems than I have EVER heard from the most raging conservatives in all my years of politics.

  31. Thank you guys, use away. We’re friends here.

  32. Even Jeralyn at TL has fallen into the McCain’s old and gonna die so Palin can’t be VP bullsh!t.

    I don’t know what they served in Denver but she should have spit it out, cause it contained mucho kool-aide.

  33. Here’s another thought: the pick of Biden was a hat tip to the DC establishment that he would play the game with them. They now officially embrace him. McCain just gave the middle finger to DC establishment.

  34. wry: add my kudos to the list.

  35. The cancer meme is so disgusting — first of all, the man had melanoma — not to diminish that, but that isn’t exactly brain or lung cancer — we are in the 21st century here. Second — tomorrow is promised to NO ONE. anyone can die suddenly in an accident, etc. I would rather a VP who gets “on the job training” then a President who does.

  36. Ben, This is the most interesting election ever. Isn’t it?

  37. Bo Is still among the lowest of the low … still talking out of both sides of his mouth . he says we wont have those kinds of politics and then dishes out exactly those kind of filthy politics and more so and dirtier that ethical people can tolerate .

    Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh clean Alaskan air . Her husband is a native Alaskan and as a native he is also a guardian of the environment , as is Sarah . She made some wonderful points about holding the oil companies( and those exploring alternative energy which she is already doing in Alaska ) to extremely strict environmental standards , when they explore and drill , and that other countries do not hold to those environmental standards. Neither do other countries care for or pay their workers as she ensured they do in Alaska , as well as have strict safety standards for workers This Lady knows her stuff.

  38. “So we get inexperienced Sarah Palin if John McCain dies, but we get inexperienced Barack Obama if Barack Obama lives?”

    I don’t think you’re grasping the concept of The Magic Penis.

    I wonder, if Palin could get Obama to bless a dildo without his knowledge could it become The Holy Dildo and successfully substitute?

  39. @ Ben Carlson:

    Here’s another thought: the pick of Biden was a hat tip to the DC establishment that he would play the game with them. They now officially embrace him. McCain just gave the middle finger to DC establishment.

    I’ve come to view the Biden pick as something the grownups imposed on Obama after taking a gander at what must be just CRUMBLING polling numbers. Obama wanted Tim Kaine. Nancy and Howard told ‘Bama he didn’t have to have that mean old Hillary but he does have to bunk with 65-year-old Uncle Joe, whom they talked into taking one for the team. Nobody else who might actually have been willing to run with BO–Kaine, Chet Edwards, Evan Bayh–could afford the fallout to their political career if/when Obama loses. My two cents.

  40. For just a little while, I could raise my head from under the bus; I was in pretty bad shape after being run over by the Love Train the other night. I welcomed the sunshine today.

    Alas, it’s starting to get very packed, what with all the cancer survivors coming down here. How many should I expect? 2 million? 5 million?

  41. I think the DNC/Obama for America protest to much they are just pissed they didnt think of putting a “woman” on the ticket first.

    Geraldine Ferarro is a PUMA….


  42. Oh, David Gergen now, saying 72 yr old man with bouts of cancer. Dems who believe that choosing someone inexperienced is reckless. saying blogs full of women who are insulted by his choice.

    Begala: this is reckless, this is irresponsible.

    Un-f$cking believable.

  43. ” the magic penis ”

    remember Nasty Pukelosi said Joe “comes with the full package”

  44. Katie: Well Ross Perot made 92 interesting for sure. Point taken Palomino. But rather proves my point, no?

  45. 1/2 FlVoter:
    You said it…..
    “[But the point is it’s my vote and I plan to vote for who I trust the most with my country].”

    and it’s my right to make MY OWN choice.
    Voter intimidation is not a good thing no matter where it comes from or for what the purpose.


  46. angie: you’d think with the unexpected health situations of Elizabeth Edwards & Ted Kennedy, ObamaCo might have realized none of us know what the future holds.


  48. Did I tell you this would be the talking point through the convention? CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. @ fuzzybear:

    they are just pissed they didnt think of putting a “woman” on the ticket first.

    Oh, they thought of it. But they just couldn’t make themselves choose THAT woman. Personally, I’m glad, because she was the only chance they had. Oh how the mighty are about to fall–but with their heads up their @$$e$, they don’t even know it, because they can’t tell which way is up. I hope their heads explode up there.

  50. PofE, LMAO

  51. I have found men can measure length fine they just like to lie about it!


  52. The talking heads are so scared and terrified they are scraping the very bottoms of the barrels in their heads …Cancer victims but dont dare suggest that something could happen to bo you might be a “racist”

    I mean bo could step off a curb and ( yes i am going to say it ) get hit by a bus !

  53. parentofed: Yeah, as usual, they don’t take the clue to Not Go There.

    Off topic: the classy folks at DU called Murphy a ‘deranged tramp’:

    I am an original member at DU (all the way back to January 2001) but I am going to have to go. They’ve been infected.

  54. Palomino — if Georgia & Russia hadn’t gotten into it, Obama would have picked Kaine & these Dem’s wouldn’t be complaining about his only 2 years as Gov.

  55. Great Show Tonight Michael
    at My2Cents!!
    Lifted the Spirits!!!


  56. The cancer meme is despicable. Elizabeth Edwards was on Olbermann during the primaries, and he said something to the effect of ‘we’re all day to day’ in reference to her cancer meaning that each of us could go at any time.

    If he joins in on this meme, we’ll know that he’s a hypocrite on the issue.

  57. @ Ben:

    Point taken Palomino. But rather proves my point, no?

    Oh yes indeed. Just wanted to riff and get your thoughts.

  58. This is just a tiny observation, but isn’t it just lovely that Cindy McCain seemed to welcome Sarah Palin with open arms, with no shadow of threat. It was widely acknowledged that Michelle wouldn’t tolerate Hillary on the ticket, and that’s a mark of insecurity. Cindy McCain seems far too self-assured for any little insecurity like that.

  59. Ben I totally forgot that election. That was strange. I wonder if something similar could happen this year?

  60. parentofed — Obama doesn’t have a clue about anyone outside of “his” universe

  61. Gail Collins (NY Times) writes that Joe Biden may already be practicing his drop-dead line for the VP debate:

    “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

    What a hoot! Like Obama can hold a candle to Hillary Clinton. Gail thinks this pick is “baked alaska” and is insulting to women.

  62. i just want to say how STRONG riverdaughter, sheri, and darragh sounded tonight on NO WE WON’T.

    for a movement which didn’t exist three months ago, we sure have coalesced into an effective, well-coordinated force. they sound like people who have been working together forever, and know and anticipate each other’s moves.

    and PUMAs are sure making a media splash for such a small insignificant bunch iof paranoid holdouts. mrs campskunk, a skeptic, usually has the cable shows on in the next room as i’m blogging, and when i hear “PUMA” on the tv audio i yell it back to her, which happens a LOT. she’s getting the idea… this is a movement.

  63. The ever-classy folks at DU called Murphy a ‘deranged tramp”
    I am an original member, all the way back to January 2001, but I do not recognize the place any more.

  64. Jmac: good grief, like 10K politicians haven’t used that line. I think Palin could give a pretty nasty comeback to that one. Well, Sen Biden, if you’re such good friends……

  65. Yes, Charles, that shocked me. But then, we don’t have journalism anymore. Just the media doing whatever it takes to get Obama elected.

  66. campskunk — they were great, weren’t they?

    Charles! I’m so glad you found us. I was getting dizzy following to threads.

  67. Please…there’s a story at the Cheeto that the DS child is actually her eldest daughter’s!

  68. CarlyinNJ- I”m with you – It’s my vote and I will decide.


  69. Charles, taw46: just what they told Elizabeth Edwards about staying home with her kids if she’s dying.

  70. Charles,

    I emailed CNN and complained.

    I may not be a political dynamo or have the fortitude to take public scrutiny, but I can write letters! I have renewed energy to write letters of complaint against sexism.

  71. Let’s see Obama’s mom sadly passed from cancer at the age of 53. Obama smoked for years(I assume he’s quit but he is awfully thin).Is this where we are going in thug land? Such a positive campaign he’s running according to Gergen.On the payroll you think?

    Inexperience in a woman- catastrophic. Disqualifying to Hillary if she showed Obama’s thin resume and sought the presidency but to the media no big deal because of the transcendent inspiration Obama provides the masses with.

    Women and fair-minded men have a whole lot of clout in this election.Make no mistake women have a high bar to get over in politics but this is no time to stop our

  72. Charles, don’t they think she’s worked out the details of that by now? And I’m guessing a VP could bring a child to work if she wanted. She’d be the boss of her department, wouldn’t she?

  73. Oh jeez, I’m repeating myself. Sorry. I had a big fight with the Obot husband tonight and am not quite myself.

  74. Oh god, now they’re making fun of the school she went to.

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t remember ever thinking that America would be improved if only we tried to reenact Lord of the Flies.

  75. Ben- your kidding right?? I never go to the cheeto, are they that disgusting?

  76. {{ugsome}} I’m so sorry.

  77. Old guy about to be voted out… when a basketball star suddenly jumps in to save him.

    Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah– the movie Hoosiers.

  78. Charles – she might even beat him at basketball. I think she was captain of her team in high school. And who knows, maybe even bowling.

  79. I think McCain, Gingerich, Rove and the gang probably anticipated ALL of this. There are NO republicans complaining. That served McCain’s goal. If he picks up women and some hillary supporters that is gravy. Be prepared for more Obama bounce. I think we can sustain it.

  80. Oh, wait. One on one probably is basketball. Okay, Im going to bed.

  81. Hmm. Watching the first ten minutes of Gov. Palin on the Charlie Rose show, linked in the last thread. It’s pretty stunning that she sounds like she is reading straight from current McCain campaign talking points on energy policy and national security.. all the way back in October of last year.

  82. For those who know the movie, I really think Sarah Palin is the Jimmy of this campaign.

  83. That story on Cheeto is true. There’s a link to it at Red State.

  84. Jimmy Chitwood. Love HOOSIERS. One of my favorite movies.

  85. My sister really just hates political talk & thinks I’m way too involved with it [!] right now, but she & I watched Hillary’s speech together, at least until she jumped up crying, to clean house. She kept remarking about Michelle, how she frowned, kept her legs apart, didn’t clap unless if was about Barack, etc.

    I said to her,”There’s the proof of his inexperience. Any political spouse learns in time to smile, lie & say nice things, look gracious to your opponent, and don’t sit in ways that embarrass. We know he hasn’t done much just by watching her.”

    This does more traditionally apply to wives, but it’s also true of husbands. I’ve seen husbands who had to do the smiling wife bit, Pelosi’s is one.

  86. “the magic penis?”

    it does sound as good as”

    “Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit”

    but I think I saw “the magic Penis” performed way off broadway one night!


  87. How low will they go?? Do they have no shame?

  88. “Gail Collins (NY Times) writes that Joe Biden may already be practicing his drop-dead line for the VP debate:

    “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

    But in addition to highlighting Biden’s problems with lifting other people’s words and in general beng assy, they can’t possibly train the Bots to stop the pavlovian booing at the sound of her name in time.

  89. Reckless? F*ck Begala. Nominating a less qualified man for fricken President was off the rails reckless.

  90. Seems like McCain has shaken things up with this pick of Sarah Palin. Dems are weirded out, one way or another.

    People who know how committed I was to Hillary are all on me today about the election, with comments about Hillary’s “disgruntled supporters” and how “manipulative” McCain is with this pick. Even close friends whom I respect greatly, greeted me at the door sneering about Palin being a beauty queen and her husband being a dog racer. The sexism is daunting.

    Suddenly, I am lightening rod for their disdain/anxiety. A good friend is getting married Sunday, and I barely want to go at this point. And I live in a blue state!

    I spent more time following the primary than any of my friends, and I worked on Hillary’s campaign. I had a personal experience that revealed county convention fraud in Texas, and I viewed the DNC RBC hearings. There are reasons I think the way I do about this election and Mr. Obama. Yet my friends all feel justified in shaking their heads at me as if I’m a recalcitrant child.

    I hear you, katiebird, and thank-you for letting me vent.

  91. I think it’s genius that in one day, John McCain picked up the votes of evangelicals, many Hillary supporters, and Republican women. That is strategy, that is brains, and that is bold.

    Best of all, it’s not a smelly choice for any of those groups.

  92. Ben- That is unbelievable.

  93. ben, please tell me the DK story; I just cannot traffic that place anymore.

  94. I can see Sarah saying Mr Biden if Obama was a senator from Alaska He would be indicted right now and you know I know hillary clinton too and Obama is NO hillary Clinton!


  95. Sick. It’s a whisper campaign. Having a baby in your 40’s carries far more rick of Downs.

  96. I have been lurking here for a very long time, and thought I would just drop in to say hello to my fellow PUMAs. I am a proud black PUMA who was very saddened at what the DNC and the Obamanation did to my Bill and Hillary. God does not like ugliness and Backtrackbarack will have to pay dearly for allowing Bill and Hill to be denigrated in so many ways. He could have put a stop to what was happening to them during the South Carolina Primary. But he didn’t, so now he will pay.

    From the previous thread regarding the New Democratic Party, I would like to say that it would be a good idea, if we can pull it off, to have a NATIONWIDE memorial service or mock funeral for the DEATH OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. This is something I just thought of, and if we could pull it off, I believe the DNC and Obamation would surely get the message that PUMA is real.

    God bless PUMAs

    NO HOW
    NO WAY
    NOBAMA……McCain/Paln 08

    I plan to vote for either Bar, Nader or McKinney for president, but my plan all along was vote democratic down ticket.

  97. What I find ridiculous about Sarah P’s “lack of experience” issue is – if McCain/Palin win and McCain dies the day after taking office, why would her on-the-job-training be any different than Obama’s on-the-job-training? It insinuates she’s not capable of that, but for some reason Obama is.

  98. I’m trying to figure out the bizarre behavior of the Obama campaign, and so far this is what I came up with.

    OLD STRATEGY. Pick Biden: alienate several million women but secure support from the powerful plagiarism lobby.

    NEW STRATEGY. Blame the collapse of the Greek temple furniture industry on the Bush economy.

  99. McCain doesn’t need a big wave of Hill supporters, just some. And from talking to relatives, the Republican women are PSYCHED, already organizing their ases off to GOTV. They have friends calling who have not voted at all, in years, who are pumped to go vote for Sarah. One of the reasons that Kerry came so close in 2004 is that Republican women vote was a little depressed.

    Expect Republican women to vote in higher numbers than any election in history.

    The Democrats are stone cold stupid. They poisoned their own well.

  100. The Daily Kos is a bunch of ruthless thugs pure and simple.

  101. Many radical feminists I know are voting for Palin..and McCain! This is a major realignment of parties.
    However, many of my liberal friends are calling me a turncoat. Their heads are spinning.
    I feel, for my gender, this is the most radical thing I can do. Remember, Rwanda – 49%

  102. Hey ruthy.

  103. From another blog, another pertinent point. Catholic women and others who now have an option.

    The idiot Dems still have no clue who the Hillary voters are. Yes, there are liberal Dems who won’t vote for McCain. But, there are also a helluva lot of Reagan dems who appreciated Hillary’s strength on national security and fiscal responsibiity. Many are Catholic, who supported Hillary in spite of her pro-choice positions.

    The idiot Dems don’t even know their own party.

  104. parentofed, the kos things sys that palin faked her pregnancy to cover for her teenage daughter.

    We’ve come full circle in 12 hours, because earlier people were complaing that she’s a horrible person because she got pregnant at an age when there’s a higher risk for down’s syndrome.

    It doesn’t need to make sense as long as it’s insanely intrusive, irrelevant, untrue, and vile.

  105. Misogyny, thy name is Obot

  106. Seriously: You can’t be serious!

  107. Ben only read the first paragraph what a pile of shit! Markos sinks lower than the world weekly news!

    He is a piss ant and a jackass-I want to vomit all over his nasty blog. I believe Markos is a Tool a small and insignificant tool.

    I hope he is visited with boils and crabs and lice and gapping wounds ….this just isnt journalism.

    I jave had 2 great aunts and 2 grandparent s die of cancer after long heroic fights-this Obama for America has gone beyond hypocricy now they ar just mean!


  108. The worst part about the Dems’ reaction to the Palin pick, is that they should have seen it coming. Anybody who has been paying the slightest attention to the actions of the DeaNC and Camp “O” knew that the smart, bold, risky move would be to pick a woman. To pick the Clarence Thomas of VP choices just puts the “g” in the genius of the pick. That Obie and Co. got caught completely flat-footed just shows that they’re so deep in the dark that without their MSM crutch to lean on, they can’t help but fall down.

  109. How can Hillary campaign for BO, after listening to all of this today?

  110. ben, the DK crowd are really scum. There’s not much else to say about it.

  111. well dear hearts and gentle Pumas.. I am fading here so……………Nite nite
    Many blessings and love and hugs and Proud Puma Growls ” see you” in the morning

  112. I just went to NQ, and on the newest post by American Girl in Italy, a commenter notes that Obama has the same position of teaching ID along side evolution. I had completely forgotten that! I remember being generally disgused with his earlier pandering of evangelicals, but that’s right.

  113. The Cheetos are just sick, sick people. Vile. And my party wants to cater to THEM, and throw me under the bus?

    Fine. I’ll crawl out from under that bus, hitch a temporary ride on the Straight Talk Express, just to run their asses off the road and watch them roll 26 times and burst into flames.

    That’s my plan.

  114. Hey ruthy


    welcome and love to you



  115. I’m sure this will be a non-PC question, but why is it just fine to speculate about John McCain dying in office, but somehow horribly wrong to even make a comment that might be seen to raise the same question about Obama? (Yes, I mean the RFK comment that the Obamabots and MSM went so b@tsh#t crazy on).

    I have been astounded watching the MSM lose it’s mind over the Palin pick. Wow, the misogyny is breathtaking. Deja vu all over again. How can Obama be qualified for Prez., but Palin is not qualified for VP? The MSM is tying itself in knots over this simple question. It will be fun to watch Olberman, et al., self-destruct again. This is going to be a fascinating two months.

  116. May I add, Hillary will be along with a taxi for us after the explosion.

  117. It is certainly enlightening to hear the women Obama supporters today. So many claim they’re feminists, yet two strong women have run for either POTUS or VP, and they trash both of them.

  118. “It insinuates she’s not capable of that, but for some reason Obama is.”

    He’s a man, so even if he’s never even tried to accomplish anything in his life, he is capable of great things just by virtue of existing.

    She’s a woman, so she’s a dimwitted bimbo who is incapable of accomplishing anything, and if it looks like she has, it’s because she’s sleeping with all the guys around her, especially the boss, to get a job she’s not qualified for and to do it for her while she eats bon bons and titters.

    (And yup, Bots have been saying that Mccain picked Palin because they’re %^&*()_).

  119. FemB4Dem, you are right, I did not think about that. All of the MSM were Horrified! by the RFK comment. Oh right, but his is different, they can say it.

  120. Charles:
    well, if you keep getting kicked out of the so-called liberal sites, you’re going to reach out somewhere….heh, heh

  121. The Daily cheater and the Orange KOS is anasty bunch I hope their computers get a bad virus and lock up…..

    I thought that a new waste treatement plant had been opened in the blogsphere but it was just the Cheeto and KO’s spewing out their regular load on manure


  122. Since when did they start inserting the uhs and you knows into Obama transcripts? Just saw this from Politico:

    Obama says staff too critical of Palin

    “I think that, uh, you know, campaigns start getting these, uh, hair triggers,” Obama said…

  123. BTW, these idiots don’t seem to be aware that often thin, fit women do not show much until very late in pregnancy, and then not much.

    I gained EXACTLY 19 pounds with each of my pregnancies. 15 pounds the first 8 months, then a pound a week for the last 4 weeks, then delivered, like clockwork.

    Unless you snapped a photo of me at the right angle in the last 4 weeks, I could easily have passed for not preggers.

    Fucking morons.

  124. Masslib and Michael, thanks for the welcome. It has been very encouraging over the last several months to come here to get my daily dose of sanity.

    Off to bed now. Nite all.

    McCain/Palin 08

  125. “The worst part about the Dems’ reaction to the Palin pick, is that they should have seen it coming.”

    I know! I honestly thought McCain would wuss out and not have the guts to actually go through with it, but it’s like, isn’t a bad sign that they’re the only people in the entire country who seemed to have never even entertained the possibility? They don’t come up with contingency plans?

  126. good night all please dont drink any koolaid tonight and creator father mother god/des protect you all and all our candidates tonight even those that may not deserve such protection Amen


  127. Night ruthy.

  128. I think the bigger story here is why Sara was (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:buckhorn okie, alkalinesky, bottles
    doing Fetal Genetic Testing at 4 months. Was she considering an abortion potentially?
    Usually this is a matter of privacy, but since she seems so ready to take away a women’s right to privacy, this is something that might need discussing.
    Are there other reasons to do 4th month fetal genetic testing besides considerations of abortion?

    by immigradvocate on Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 02:47:20 PM PDT

    These people are beyond disgusting.

  129. johninca, that is Obama’s excuse anytime he is caught. Those crazy staffers – they do get overzealous.

    Can this man take responsibility for ANYTHING??? EVER??

    If he got caught getting a BJ in a public restroom, he’d swear it was really some unnamed staffer’s dick.

  130. Yeah, right…too critical. That’s why he sent all the dem’s out to scare people that a waitress will be President when McCain dies. Sexist pigs.

  131. The misogyny is making me physically ill. The local liberal watering hole in my ‘burg was all abuzz about Palin this eve, and all these creatures could do was bag on her. Seriously wretched hideous bashing. I just couldn’t hold on any longer, and told the person next to me to shut the f*ck up, that I’d heard enough misogyny to last me the rest of my life. And this FEMALE had the nerve to look at me and tell me she was allowed to bash her all she wanted to “because it was in the best interests of the Democratic Party” to do so. I can’t make this shit up. I called her an Archie Bunker bigot and told her to go back to Queens. Everybody sat there with their mouths open. It was priceless. The sad thing is…they weren’t getting it. For all the progress we women think we’ve made in the last couple of decades, it doesn’t mean squat if we’re still tearing each other up over a couple of MEN. Apparently I am in another universe entirely. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for? I’m just sick at heart. 😦

  132. #
    ugsome, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:17 am Said:

    The ever-classy folks at DU called Murphy a ‘deranged tramp”
    I am an original member, all the way back to January 2001, but I do not recognize the place any more.


    My dear Ugsome, I was a member back to the end of 2001, and honestly, I’m just embarrassed to admit that I was a refugee from *Democratic Underground*. I mean, jeez, at least Kos refugees have some level of dignity. LOL. Or not LOL, as the case may be.

    I do confess that after a long break — when the CDS infested the DU cut-rate sewer like vermin — I do check in every now and again from pure schadenfreude. I did enjoy watching the heads a-popping today. Some highlights:

    Sarah Palin had her child through incest:


    If she can’t take her hits like a man, she has no business playing with the bog boyz:


    She named her kids after witches and wears a pentagram:


    The cancer card is just one more instance of playing. They play with misogyny. They play with race. They are all just playthings to them, and this woman is a pentagram wearing witch, even with a similar resume as some of Jr’s VP hopefuls. They drone self-righteously and don’t even realize that they ARE the freepers they hate. Get out of there. Most of the good people are long gone, anyway. They’re don’t even rise to the level of mental illness. It’s nicer elsewhere and the drinks are better.

  133. Irlandese, me too. I will not vote Dem again until this evil is rooted out of my party.

    I feel very much, for me, like it’s the watershed moment when the AA community abandoned the Republican party and went Democratic.

    It is THAT big to me. I cannot live with a party that has that much hate for women.

  134. I can see why the Obanauts are disgruntled and we hear the gnashing of their keyboards about the decision of Palin.

    Fighter pilots are trained to make decisions in fractions of seconds while a community organizer has 312 pre-pre-meetings to talk about the way things should be, 156 pre-meetings to talk about what might be standing in the way of things as they should be and then one meeting to say to one another, “We lost, but we were right. The next meeting of talking about the way things should be will be held on….”

  135. I am looking forward for the first time to watch the Republican Convention.

    The media will be engrossed with Palin and Barry Soetoro will be last year’s news until he is outed as not being a legitimate candidate for POTUS under the Constitution.

    The Demagogue Party must be tossing and turning as they see the loss of their original Democratic Base: Blue collar workers, middle class, pensioners and the disadvantaged.


  136. Obama’s running mate to bow off ticket-Ms Ethel Schwartz is now back in as running mate!

    As you recall Democratic Block Warden precint 96 Ms. Ethel Miriam Schwartz from brooklynn NY housewife and mother of 2 girls whos husband Yellow Cab Driver Eddie Schwartz was once a contender for the fly wieght boxing championship 1960. olympic, is once again the nominee for VP!

    Afgain stunned MS Schwartz said “thanks for the honor but I am not serving you guys dinner eddie will be home soom mr Obama come back later.”

    She then retreated into her house and made a phonecall


  137. “Usually this is a matter of privacy, but since she seems so ready to take away a women’s right to privacy, this is something that might need discussing.”

    Well great! Then let’s pry through the personal medical records of everyone who’s anti-choice, and we’ll start with the idiot kos was browbeating reluctant women into supporting at the last election, bobby casey. Fair’s fair and I’m sure nobody will have a problem with that–ater all, he asked for it.

  138. Journalists are constantly asking Hillary supporters if they are going to vote for McCain and be responsible for Obama’s loss. I wish those being interviewed corrected those journalists.

    Here is how it works:

    The candidate must win the support of citizens.

    The citizen has the RIGHT to vote or not vote.

    A voter is never responsible for a candidate losing an election.

    The candidate is the one who is 100 percent responsible for the results of the election. We need to make Obama responsible for his lack of support.

  139. WMCB–seriously. It will always be a gender issue for me. When I’m hearing women tear down another woman who’s out there doing what would have been exclusively a man’s job 30 years ago just because she’s running against “their” man, I want to tear my hair out. Pointing this out is an exercise in futility. The Kool-Aid runs too deep. In the future, I hope we can be recognized as the ones who fought against this insanity. It’s just too eerily reminiscent of early 30’s Germany. And we’re wearing the yellow stars that have an X in the middle.

  140. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t remember ever thinking that America would be improved if only we tried to reenact Lord of the Flies.

    OMG, I about bust a gut laughing at this. Thank you, Seriously.

  141. Looks like we’re in for another round of demeaning a woman candidate…

    “Putting Clinton, PUMAs and Palin in Their Place-The Pundits Don’t Skip a Beat”


    I mean, the crew I saw bashing Puma, Clinton, and Palin today are so full of it!!!

    “If befriend donkey, expect to be kicked”–Charlie Chan

  142. #
    Seriously, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:21 am Said:

    Oh god, now they’re making fun of the school she went to.

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t remember ever thinking that America would be improved if only we tried to reenact Lord of the Flies.


    Heh. Line of the day. And there have been a lot of good lines here today.

    Honestly, I am sitting here stunned yet amused. They really, really are this stupid, aren’t they? Do they not realize that with every venomous, slavering post they are only reminding me of what happened to Hillary Clinton? The memories were getting hazy and her own show-stopping speech this week blurred the outlines, but today… all came back, it did. Sharp. Painful.

    I wrote a post that I believe disappeared in the posting, but I visited my awful old haunt and some highlights were that Palin’s baby was the product of incest (I am not joking) and that she names her kids after witches and wears a pentagram. (Nope, not joking there either.)

    I think some powerful karma is about to crank into full gear. I give karma a standing ovation.

  143. Irlandese–I am totally surrounded by the kool-aid drinkers, too, and they absolutely cannot get it. That Palin got money for college by winning a beauty contest is a sign of HER stupidity — and their superiority? So glad you sane folks are here to connect with.

  144. People are actually saying with a straight face that Obama has more experience governing then Palin because he’s been running for President for the last year & a half — this is what the Dems are reduced to in defending that empty suit. Lord almighty — that rationale right there is enough to get me to vote for McCain/Palin.

  145. alice — worse then the reminder of what they did to Hillary for me is the fact that now these same people who bashed Hillary are going around praising her & expecting her to step in and bash Palin — even though she wasn’t “good enough” to even be on the Dem. ticket. That moron who said “Sarah Palin, you’re no Hillary Clinton” on huff today conveniently leaves out that Joe Biden is no Hillary Clinton either.

  146. I had a bit of a tiff with some colleagues today when they were all “aww, she’s so purty” in this condescending way and I gave them what for – say she is wrong on the issues if that’s what this is about, but enough with the sexism. If she fought the GOP machine in Alaska and won, I sure wouldn’t misunderestimate her.

  147. Little alice said: “I think some powerful karma is about to crank into full gear. I give karma a standing ovation.”

    Big Alice says: karma already is cranked into full gear. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

  148. If that try that line on Sarah, “You are no Hillary Clinton”, THAT is how she should respond. “Neither, Senator Biden, are you.”

  149. My mother would be having fits right now were she still alive. My mother cried the night Geraldine Ferraro was introduced at the ’84 Dem convention and told me that it was the highlight of her life to finally see a woman considered for something more than a cook, a cleaner, or a concubine in the White House. She made a prediction–that a woman would never attain the presidency because that would mean that all women would have to support her, and there’s always going to be women who don’t want other women to succeed. How did she know that? Read Pelosi, Brazile, Michelle, and other back-stabbing non-sisters who think power is standing BEHIND the man and not in front of him.

  150. I’m sure she’ll say something like, “More importantly, Senator Obama is no Hillary Clinton, and no John McCain.”

    I can’t get over the fact that they just flat out have no impulse control. McCain springs a trap, and they’re actually fighting with each other to see who can fall into it faster and harder. Party of Id.

  151. Hey Gary, was that on the great orange? They clearly don’t understand pregnancy, let alone pregnancy when you are ‘older’.

    The “test” is something offered to “older” women. They probably don’t know, but they are talking about amniocentesis and the test alone carries a small risk of induced miscarriage. I turned it down too since the outcome of the test wasn’t going to change anything I would do and the risk wasn’t worth it.

    They need to stop. NOW. This isn’t helping.

    I love you, Gary, I hope this doesn’t seem like you are getting the focus of my comment – it just floors me that they are so ignorant!

  152. #
    Alice, on August 30th, 2008 at 2:39 am Said:

    Little alice said: “I think some powerful karma is about to crank into full gear. I give karma a standing ovation.”

    Big Alice says: karma already is cranked into full gear. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


    Little alice bows to the wisdom of Big Alice!

    I’m buckled in and my seat is in the full freaking upright position. Let’s see what this journey will bring.

  153. ganked from reclusive leftist: “I’d like to retract some of the thoughts of her qualifications that are stirring in my head. Sarah Palin is, likely, qualified to wash my dishes, even moreso to fetch a Big Wheel from my driveway. I was thinking she wasn’t, but those are just exaggerated thoughts.

    What a bimbo!”

  154. Just for kicks and giggles, just replace Palin with Obama in every headline about experience.

    Caveat, this little exercise holds well unless the headline is also about executive experience, a record, defeating corruption, being popular across a wide cross-section of people, having a record of accomplishment, knowing who you are, having a record of principle-driven decisions, commanding a National Guard, balancing a budget, understanding energy policy, balancing commerical interests, having a real history, being authentic or most importantly, being able to speak in coherent sentences without the aid of a teleprompter.

  155. WMCB — you are so right — that is the perfect response for Palin if they try to use that so 20 years ago line on her.

  156. Jmac, on August 30th, 2008 at 1:15 am Said:
    Gail Collins (NY Times) writes that Joe Biden may already be practicing his drop-dead line for the VP debate:

    “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

    That’s totally in keeping with Biden…stealing another’s lines. One of the reasons he and Barry get on so well…that and their deep belief in sexism. I know it seemed like they didn’t believe in anything…but they do believe in that .

    She should say “and Senator you are no Lloyd Benson”

  157. Oh! WMCB! That line is better!

    ” Neither, Senator Biden, are you.”


  158. Hey folks, was on a weather blog for SE LA I belong too & have been watching news from NOLA also on gustav.

    Some of the latest model runs put it coming in right over Port Fourchon LA. You might want to get some 55 gal. barrels and start filling them with gas. If Gus comes in there it’s gonna wipe out a lot of the oil infrastructure. It will be uggggly.


  159. Oh Lordy, excuse typos. Have been reading/watching all the stuff on Gus and fingers gettin’ tired.

  160. She should say “and Senator you are no Lloyd Benson”


  161. Well, it seems the latest meme is that once again, Hillary needs to carry Barack’s water and iron his fucking shirts.

    Josh Marshall, Russell Berman and others are demanding that Hillary needs to get out there and take this Palin woman down for him.

    No ball for Cinderella, but get busy mending my ballgown, bitch!

  162. Good article, myiq

    I swear, if this crap keeps up, I am about ready to just make myself one rule:

    Got a vagina? Don’t attack other women? You’ve got my vote. Period. I don’t give a fuck what your policies are.

    That approach to politics seems to have worked well enough to give the 12% AA community a hell of a lot of clout. I may just try it.

  163. OLD PROPAGANDA (08/28, early afternoon): Palin is laughable. A female Dan Quayle.

    NEW PROPAGANDA (08/28, evening): Palin is a threat. Don’t just stand there– make Hillary Clinton get off her butt and do something!

  164. Honest to effing god, where do human beings acquire a sense of entitlement as prodigious as the Obots’? Is it some kind of freaking genetic mutation?

  165. The Obots are running scared! They are worried that a WOMAN may burst their bubble.

    I think that Palin is everything BO wishes he was. She is bipartisan, she stands by her beliefs, and she has executive experience.

    I am very offended about the questions about how can Palin be VP and take care of a disabled baby. Obots are such sexists!!!

    This is enough to make me vote republican for the first time in my life.

  166. prabhata,
    If some journalist asked me if I, as a Hillary supporter, voting for McCain would feel responsible for Obama’s loss, I would be delighted to answer: “YES! And proud of it!”

  167. Wonderful and timely post! Thank you!
    My take on all the arguments I have been in yesterday

  168. This race sure got interesting. And I am so happy about it. The hate was pouring out of the dweebs on the cable news networks. Bugala was the worst. They’re pretending like it was a bad VP choice, but they’re all red in the face and spewing hate and yelling. Priceless. What idiots.

  169. I am really disappointed in Jeralyn’s posts at TL regarding Palin. That she has chosen to attack Palin on experience is just plain sexist. During the primary she was such a diligent supporter of Clinton’s and criticized the sexist treatment. So Jeralyn why allow sexism to contaminate your thoughts. Sexism is sexism even if it is a Republican woman that is attacked. I guess a week of sipping Kool Aid and hanging with the kewl kids has “infected” her judgement. I suppose sexist is now a requirement to be part of the New Democratic Party.

  170. I agree and am also disappointed. She even repeated the lie that Palin is for teaching creationism is schools. A new low. And what about being happy and praising the fact that a woman was picked as a VP on either ticket. Sad indeed.

  171. VAcardinal: Did she conveniently forget that Obama’s ok with creationism?

  172. It is sad to think that the first woman president will probably be a Republican. The Dems are quickly becoming a safe haven for misogynists. Never thought I would see this happen.

  173. ” Neither, Senator Biden, are you, you got 9239 votes, she got 18 Million”

  174. Good point chatblu. And not only that, Obama still hasn’t decided when life begins. You know, above his pay grade. Which means he may indeed be pro life after all, he just hasn’t decided. When you have a candidate like that, it seems like it would be hard with a straight face to put down a women who may not be that different in those policies. And from what I can gather, I like her experience better that Obama’s already. But I want to learn more. The fact that she hunts moose at 3am cracks me up. Time to serve moose burgers to the DNC. 🙂

  175. You know, when you think about it, dems ran things for nearly 40 years. And though only occasionally having presidents at the same time, they’ve been in power often enough. So why no ERA. Why havent they forced pro choice legislation that would make that right bullet proof. Why was it the Bush administration that got us the first women SofS? I’m not sure the dem party is really as much for womens rights as I think they’d like to think. I think they’re mostly a bunch men who like to think they’re progressive. But I’m just not sure any more. After seeing the so called progressives on TV bashing Palin like they did Hillary I’m not so sure.

    We did learn one thing. During the primaries we heard a number of people say, it’s not that I’m against a woman for president, just not that woman. Now we find out it is indeed any woman. The core of the democratic party is bigoted against women. There, I said it.

  176. Can’t wait to see if they call Sarah Palin, lifetime member of the NRA “sweetie”,

  177. Both times it was basal cell carcinoma. I know a lot about basal cell carcinoma, since my kid is in the process of being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma nevus syndrome. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the slowest and least invasive of all cancers and with early detection is 99% curable. Lifetime treatement for BCCNS is primarily fequent skin examinations and the removal of an suspicious looking lesions. For the most part, only if a mole is left unatteneded for an extended period of time, even chemotherapy is unneeded.

  178. This is so true. After I was cheering McCain’s brilliant strategy of picking Sarah Palin, a colleague called me at home and ranted into my voice mail about how disappointed he was in me. How could I vote for McCain just because he picked a woman? I never said I was voting for McCain. I am not–unless the election proves to be close, but I think Johnny just got the jump…

    Suddenly I go from equal colleague whom he respected (I thought) to someone he can scream at about how stupid I am being. Oh, well.

  179. Chimera: Intimidation is an early form of abuse.

  180. Democrats just can’t help themselves:

    “The selection of Governor Palin is an insult to women. She has obviously been chosen to appeal to female voters, but she lacks both the experience and policy positions to serve as Vice-President of the United States.” – Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette

    Is it just me, or does Ms. DeGette sound bitter?

  181. myiq2xu she is right!
    i always feel insulted when another woman succeeds! Hi! My name is Nancy Pelosi

  182. Ruthy,

    I love your idea of a nationwide funeral for the Democratic Party!!

  183. prabhata
    Yeah, whatever happened to candidates trying to earn votes? When it comes to Obama, there is a presumption that he is owed our votes and admiration. failure to comply is billed as sinister: racism, bitterness, or even worse: act of Clintons

  184. Ladies?

    When did trolls start calling us ladies?

    Just last week it was “b*tches” “hags” and “c*nts”

    All of which I find amusing since I am a 48 year old grandfather

  185. The blogger boiz want to go after Palin hammer and tongs looking for dirt. WKJM is going postal

    Um, guys?

    Aren’t you the ones that said digging into Obama’s background was “Swiftboating?”

    Do you guys even listen to yourselves?

  186. bostonboomer, on August 30th, 2008 at 7:50 am Said:


    I love your idea of a nationwide funeral for the Democratic Party!!

    We’d better hurry up, the corpse is starting to smell.

  187. Interesting note from Prolix in the last thread. Obama had Kaine on his short list for VP for MONTHS. Kaine has been a governor for exactly as long as Palin.

    But, see, Kaine had a penis. Evidently they think a penis adds YEARS to your length of experience. Men can’t measure length accurately for shit, we all know that.

    Spot on, WMCB.

  188. purplefinn:

    That’s just the trolls. They always smell like that

  189. From what I have read about Sarah Palin, and her speech yesterday given without teleprompters, I think the Democrats are going to eat their words by the time November rolls around.

    She took on the REPUBLICAN machine in Alaska and won. She got through a natural gas pipeline deal that is one of the largest business deals ever in North America, and had been languishing in Alaskan governmental gridlock for 25 years. She got a $1200 energy rebate for every citizen in Alaska this year.

    Why on earth do we measure “experience” in terms of years? Why don’t we measure it in terms of goals reached, promises kept, actual results achieved? Sarah Palin has been walking the walk, has Obama?

  190. Correct me if I am wrong, but we (the public) do not even have Obama’s full medical reports. How would we know whether or not something isn’t lurking here?

  191. Brtl2

    Excellent point. I remember the press hounding McCain for his medical records, Obama hands in a one page note from his doctor saying he’s healthy, and the press never pursue it any further. I personally think Obama looks unhealthy most of the time. It’s clear he was wearing a lot of make-up for his “magnificent” speech the other night, as his skin color and tone looked horrible when I saw him on TV yesterday. But Barack tells us he is healthy, and we had better take him at his word because you know he has never lied to us.

  192. myiq2xu, 🙂 though I do get a chuckle out of the trolls and their feeble attempts to “persuade.” Darn if some of them don’t succeed in disrupting sometimes.

    Good morning!

  193. Insult to women? Ms. Degette, did you watch Palin’s interview on CNBC?

  194. I am amazed at the way certain “feminist” bloggers just can’t say two nice words about Palin.

    But we’re supposed to get all squishy over Uh-bama because his candidacy is “historic.”

    Maybe that’s it.

    He’s HIS-toric

  195. Until today my plan was to leave the top of the ticket blank on November 4th. Living in MA it probably wouldn’t have mattered. I predicted that Sarah Palin would be McCain’s choice if Hillary wasn’t on the ticket in late June. I collected $100 from my son-in-law today, but I had no plans to support her. However, the misogyny and sexism and vile language that have been released against Sarah today by the Obama campaign, the MSM, and the blogs have convinced me that a smile and a “good for you, girl” is not enough from me. The first thing I did was to donate the $100 to her campaign. Although I disagree with Palin on some important issues, we are both women. I have a broken a glass ceiling or two myself, and I’m committing myself to helping her through this one. My time, my telephone, my money, and my vote. If women don’t band together and say it stops here, it stops now, and it stops with this woman, nothing is going to change. None of the platitudes that it will easier for the next woman will satisfy me anymore. What has it been 72 hours since Hillary was humiliated last? The Dems wouldn’t step forward and defend and protect Hillary, but I suspect that McCain and the Republicans will speak out for Sarah. If they don’t, then women themselves (and a few good men) are truly the only support we have.
    Go, Sarah 08, and it’s OK to bring John with you!

  196. sagesgram “Why on earth do we measure “experience” in terms of years?”

    There are years and there are accomplishments. Obama can make a great speech, so I’m told. Palin can get the job done.

    I’ll be watching carefully to see where she might take us.

    I grudgingly give Reagan credit for being effective. I surely didn’t like the direction he took us. Palin appears to be very effective.

  197. i think I’m going to make myself a campaign button that says “I’m voting for Sarah’s friend John”.

  198. sagesgram @ 8:11

    Exactly. Obama released 1 page. Here is what McCain released:

    “1,100 pages of medical records released by John McCain’s campaign today span the last eight years and indicate the three-time melanoma survivor is cancer-free and appears to be in good health.”


    I agree with you about Obama’s not always looking that healthy.

  199. it’s amazing to me that people have to harp on a man’s age and health when criticizing his VP choice — anyone can drop dead at any point: shoot a prez 50 year sold could choke on a chicken bone and croke.

    i know something about melanoma from my own experience. a vigilant person with good doctors can monitor and get a lesion long before it becomes a cancer. john mccain is vigilant.

    hey, skin cancer is increasingly the cancer that is going to get us, especially this next generation of kids. there’s an organization in Arizona >>>> http://www.shadefoundation.org/ that provides lots if information.

    perhaps john will put a face on the seriousness of skin cancer – we need to take it more seriously and to protect ourselves.

    john mccain knows this organization Shade, and the woman who started it is married to a baseball player that John has appeared with — maybe a Redsox player — can’t remember. Maybe some of you Boston folks can help me here.

    Anyway, i hope skin cancer gets the attention it really deserves, but not in the way our critics here are going about it.

    Sorry for getting on my box…..

  200. Gary Kamiya in Salon:

    Ironically, McCain may have credulously swallowed the media’s over-hyped story about how angry, hysterical PUMAS were so irrationally bitter at Obama that they were prepared to vote for McCain.


    Gee Gary, you forgot the part about us clinging to guns and religion

  201. There’s deep joy in my heart today as I wake up and see, afresh, how this move by McCain is sending terror into O-bot hearts. They’re scattered, they’re talking s***, they know not what to say/do anymore.

    I got emails and messages all day yesterday from confirmed O-bots wondering what my reaction was as a Hillary supporter to this move, and when they heard what I had to say (before I finished) they were spewing panicky disdain and hatred all over me
    “Well, thank god the other 18 million sensible people who voted for Hillary are not gender-based – I heard this on CNN that she’s not swaying any Hillary supporters”…
    Yeah, now we’re ‘sensible people’??? After 18 months of being called ‘bitter deadenders’? I’m ‘gender-based’ for choosing to applaud someone who’s not sexist? You heard on C.N.F***ing.N about how all Hillary supporters think??? I don’t even know what to say to that.

    Fantastic. If nothing else, I’m grateful to McCain for making me, a 27-year old, ‘dead-ender’, ‘bitter holdout’ PUMA, important to our own party again.

  202. “People are actually saying with a straight face that Obama has more experience governing then Palin because he’s been running for President for the last year & a half “.

    I was amused to learn that it is now ok to pad your resume with job interviews. We should all go out and interview for a few CEO positions so we can claim experience at BEING a CEO.

    And for those who observe body language, watch languid Obama and compare him to the vitality of Pulin; I saw her give an interview while shopping for kids’ clothes without one “uhhh” so she can obviously multi-task.

    I know men think holding down a full time job, raising a family and running a household isn’t in the same league as ordering a big campaign staff around but from her accomplishments as governor for two years versus Obama’s inability to control what his campaign staff says and does, she’s clearly the winner. (He never showed up for work in the Senate so that job doesn’t count.)

    Maybe he can “ditto” her like he did Hillary Clinton even though she’s only a VP because Obama told us he prefers Ronald Reagan’s ideology .

  203. The OFB media gushed over Biden because he supposedly compensates for Obama’s lack of experience.

    But Biden would be the VP, Obama would be in charge.

    If McCain wins then Palin will have the #2 job, where she can gain experience.

    That’s where Obama should have set his sights: #2 to Hillary, so he could learn the job from her.

  204. This is so Bush 2000 and 2004. And frankly, the biggest compliment you can give the Obamabots is to say that!

  205. indi:

    My brother is a melanoma survivor – 25 years now, and you are correct that it is a serious threat that many people pay little attention to until it’s too late. Because of my brother, I had all the moles on my legs removed because of the constant irritation of shaving, and he and I both go to the doctor once a year for a check-up just for skin cancer. I am sure that John McCain is most vigilant regarding his condition, and to all the cancer survivors out there, I am sure that this latest attack on McCain by these stupid Obama fans is just another measure of their desperation and total lack of class and human dignity.

  206. If you have a strong stomach (and don’t get easily riled) you can check out Cannonfire to get a glimpse of how those fauxgressives at cheetopia are reacting to Sarah Palin:


  207. She was plucked from obscurity. So was Sandra Day O’Connor.

  208. right on sagesgram, and keep checking those moles. i go twice a year. and another part of this is john mccain has to know that this is also an enviromental issue.

  209. the thing is out of anyone running this year Mccain has the best credentials to reach across the aisle. He has been as maverick and reformist as anyone. Not that this says alot, but something. With Palin and her takin on corruption and the Alaskan old boys club while O picked a life long Washingtonian it seems like an easy choice as to who might actually accomplish something.. Between lame duck Bush and do nothing congress, i just want something accomplkished. At least what inexperience there is is in #2 spot and not #1 like kingO

  210. I keep hearing the threats about McCain’s skin cancer returning. C’mon DNC, you’ve got the biggest threat of cancer with Obama. He is cancerous and afflicted right now. Let’s cut him off and stop the this cancer from spreading. Nobama. McCain just made is so easy for me to vote for him. Never thought I’d say that.

  211. I, too, am a melanoma survivor since 1991. One never knows if it will return or not – I am vigilant about being out in the sun and covering up. I’m sure McCain is, too.

    No one knows when someone else is going to die. Look at Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She was my age. Look at Tim Russert – he was younger than I. Look at the teenager who dropped dead on a football field.

    To me, the entire “concern” about McCain’s health is really about a woman taking over as CIC in the event he cannot govern for health reasons or because he’s dead. I’m not buying their “concern.”

  212. To me there’s something uncomplicated about McCain/Pain. NO DRAMA!! They all have nothing to hide. These are fair, tough-minded people. Fox had a clip of Sarah Palin saying that Hillary Clinton was whining about the bad press coverage. Actually, that’s not what Palin said. She said that you just have to forge through things and any hint of a whine does a disservice. She also showed a lot of respect to Hillary when she answered the question.

  213. angie: “you’d think with the unexpected health situations of Elizabeth Edwards & Ted Kennedy, ObamaCo might have realized none of us know what the future holds.”

    Isn’t BO a heavy smoker?

    Also, I am not recalling discussion of McMcain’s cancer as he was examining VP picks. I guess it’s only an issue if he picked a woman–a beautiful one at that.

    As for Taylor Marsh, more confrimation that you are not allowed to be beautiful and smart at the same time without ridicule. TOOOOOO threatening! Sick. The whole thing is sick.

    Yup. They’re working toward my McCain/Palin vote for sure.

  214. They really have no response to the Palin choice, do they?

  215. Just heard that McCain raised $4 mil since yesterday.

  216. I’m waiting for feminists to start calling Palin and any women who vote for McCain “gender traitors”

    They can’t even be gracious and say something nice about her

    Melissa McEwan has her panties in a twist because MCain spoiled Teh Precious’ big moment (even though the big moment was on Thursday and McCain waited until Friday)

    Hel Lissa! Get over it!

  217. Has Melissa forgotten the number of times that Obama broke into Hillary’s victory speeches with some rather silly news flash? Karma is a b1tch.

  218. I really hope Hillary shoots down the misogynistic msm coverage of Palin, being silent for Party is the wrong thing.

    I did not send moneies yet becuase the Primary cut off is the 31st the GE starts on the 1st.

  219. plural:

    Nothing nice.

    McCain figured out that if he picked a woman for VP Obamanation would be unable to stop themselves from spewing the same stuff they threw at Hillary and her supporters (us)

  220. Poor poor Obama. Doesn’t have the Clintons to blame any more. Poor poor Obama. He’ll have to go back to “They’ll tell you I’m black.” Poor poor Obama.

    Gosh, can you imagine Hillary or Palin saying, “they’ll tell you I’m a woman”?

  221. It’s been quite a day with the “trolls”, I don’t know I I can even show up to vote this year, I’m so angered, disillusioned and dismayed about Hillary (grieving is coming to an end)

    I will take the time to write a letter thanking her, for all she PUT UP WITH during this time, and if she didn’t run again, I wouldn’t BLAME her——–why continue to disgrace yourself with YOUR loyalty and their BLANTEN “ugly”—it’s like ABUSE, I don’t know If I could GO BACK—-WOULD YOU??????

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  223. Jmac Said:
    Gail Collins (NY Times) writes that Joe Biden may already be practicing his drop-dead line for the VP debate:

    “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

    And I hope she answers:
    And neither are you and neither is the man who would be your boss and that’s probably why the both of us are here tonight.

  224. I think Melissa likes Obama and just wishes he didn’t let the sex*st dogs out after Hillary.

    She can’t seem to grasp that the misogyny wasn’t confined to his supporters.

    He’s the alpha male of that mangy pack.

    All these feminists that are supporting Obama are in denial about what his campaign did to Hillary

  225. McCain’s going to run as the reformer Obama pretends to be.

    Any supposed damage done to McCain’s “experience” theme is far outweighed by the damage done to Obama’s “change” theme by the choice of Biden.

    And Palin brings executive experience, which none of the others have. I don’t care what size city she was mayor of, executive experience is invaluable, and way different from legislating.

  226. In my own home, I’m being hounded because I could –single handed, I guess– be the downfall of B. H. Obama.

    Seriously, I had no idea how powerful I was… as a minor blogger (Click my name) who believes that the DNC has been taken over by a handful of power-hungry… pod people.

    Wow! Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

  227. “All these feminists that are supporting Obama are in denial about what his campaign did to Hillary” myiq2xu

    Well, maybe not all. My friends who are saying they will vote for Obama readily admit that the Dem process was unfair. They are afraid of a McCain presidency. They are voting against McCain more than for Obama.

  228. Here’s what Sarah should say if Biden brings up her experience:

    “If experience is so important, why aren’t you the nominee for President? You’ve been in Washington since I was in junior high school”

  229. Dee, I thought the same thing. But the results of these polls only prove what we’ve already learned. The Obama supporters and the DNC are not listening to us and they really think we’ll snap out of it and vote for their ticket once we’ve had a good cry. Boy, are they in for a surprise!

  230. And yes, these same friends voting against McCain, want me to do the same. Although they are respectful, and do listen to me.

  231. purplefinn:

    I said “supporting” not “voting for”

    And lots of them were supporting him during the primaries when all the nastiness started.

  232. Delilah: I know, it’s shocking to learn that you’re so mighty isn’t it? I was informed by my brother that I would be responsible if we attacked Iran. Me! I better be careful I don’t have an extra glass of wine any time soon or we might inadvertently end up in a World War!

  233. myiq2xu – “If experience is so important, why aren’t you the nominee for President? You’ve been in Washington since I was in junior high school”


    🙂 I sure hope McCain’s team is taking notes here!

  234. myiq2xu, thanks for the clarification.

  235. Lea says:

    Blah blah blabbity blah

    Tell us something we haven’t already heard a million times

  236. Biden has been in the Senate since Obama was nine years old.

  237. I donated last night to McCain. I’m thinking they can spend that $4 million quite easily before the end of tomorrow.

    With matching funds he gets $85 million and then can raise the same amount??? Im impressed by how the McCain campaign handles money.

  238. I keep thinking of all the possible opposition there could be to Palin on the ticket and how the Obama camp has made it so easy to refute each issue. Palin was indeed an incredibly shrewd pick on the part of McCain. (And yet, that doesn’t stop them from making ridiculous criticisms, see big cheetoh.) Funny how the hopey-changey people aren’t for hope and change after all.

  239. I own my vote, and I’ve decided I’m voting for McCain/Palin. It doesn’t pain me a bit to say it. I’ve always been an independent thinker and have changed parties from Republican to Democrat.

    Now, the Democrats have lost my loyalty just as the Republicans did when they disenfranchised Democrats in 2000. I just won’t put up with either party manipulating the right to cast a vote.

    Now, I’ve got no political party, and I’m free to vote for whomever I please. It pleases me that John McCain picked Sarah Palin for VP. I like McCain’s record of working with Democrats like Russ Feingold, and Ted Kennedy to implement bi-partisan legislation. And, I like Sarah Palin’s reformist record of challenging her own party in Alaska.

    McCain/Palin’s “Country First” resonates a great deal with my independent political values. And, if the Democrats expand their majorities in the House and Senate, it will be a good chance to have some much needed bi-partisanship back into Congress and the Executive branch.

  240. I don’t see how any feminist could support a man who ran a misogynist campaign against a more qualified woman.

    That’s like MLK voting for George Wallace

  241. Lea, we’re not talking about who we will vote for. We are having a discussion about politics. It is still ok to talk generally about politics, without bowing to the Messiah, isn’t it?

    I realize Bill Clinton had to edit himself the other day because the media was on his case — will we have to do the same?

  242. Yes, just because people fought and died for your rights as an American to have the vote doesn’t mean you have to have to use that vote.
    Thank you for not casting your vote.

  243. You know I don’t think this choice is all about Hillary supporters. This is about republican women and suburban women and independent women and pro life women activists. There are deeper demographics here than one would think.

  244. If none of the candidates is acceptable, why should you vote for any of them?

  245. BMC: well said!

  246. Ok, some people are. I’m not. The secret ballot is really important to me.

  247. “Funny how the hopey-changey people aren’t for hope and change after all.” SophieL

    Well, they never have defined that change have they? The implicit meaning of change is having a man of African heritage as our president. I’m for that (well, man or woman), but not at the expense of having the best candidate. : (

  248. I’m a feminist and I firmly believe that if you can’t respect the rights of women who don’t agree with you then you don’t respect the rights of any women. My daughter knew that I would like the Palin pick before I told her. She said: I know that you’re a feminist before you’re a Democrat.

    And this BS that Palin should stay home and raise her kids just shows that the “left” is living in the Stone Age. What a bunch of freakin’ Neanderthals.

  249. Ben:

    McCain picked Sarah Palin to appeal to female “swing” voters.

    He also picked her because they knew the He-Man Woman haters Club known as Obamanation would be unable to resist spewing misogyny

    Look at them, they are already behaving like they did during the worst moments of the primary

  250. Doesn’t the VP pretty much work at home?

  251. Ladies and gentlemen, Obama tells you he will bring you CHANGE. The truth is, that in his whole political career, he has NO RECORD of accomplishing any CHANGE at anytime, just more empty promises.

  252. Ben, good point. There are many demographics on the Republican side that are now interested in this race because of the Palin pick. There’s quite a bit to her. McCain hit this one out of the park. And as a side effect, he gets the Obots to contradict themselves with every post and comment! I love it. Obviously, she and I depart frequently on the issues but I couldn’t be more thrilled at my personal little piece of symbolism and poetic justice here.

  253. Gloria Allred and the Gag Order

    DNC Allred


    I think we need to tell all the states that if they don’t start PARTY REFORM and LEGISLATE A NEW VOTING RIGHTS ACT that action will be:

    1. Those states that ‘PASSED’…down ticket folks…we too will pass on election day!
    2. Those states that threw over ‘all’ the votes, throwing voters votes away…well we will give the other person your vote, but know in my heart I supported ‘you’!
    3. For those elected to congress to REFORM and you sat on your tukkus…well…the NADER PARTY may need the vote more, to motivate you!
    4. Florida folks…we will give you 1/2 a vote because you supported the DNC and Donna Brazile (playing poker with votes…they showed their hand…blah, blah)
    5. Oh, and we will give the NADER group four congress seats, and votes that they could have gotten and those potentially cast by dead people too, just like you did for BO!

    Anyone…think of more? Please chime in…

    I agree, lets hold a wake for our votes, that were dead on arrival at the convention…

    ‘DeMOCKracy’ …at work…by Dean, Donna Brazile, Pelosi and Axelrod (mastermind of the misogyny campaign).

  254. bmc, I truly respect your commitment to democracy. I haven’t run into that many Republicans (former or current) who have stood up for voting rights because of 2000. Also you’ve given a persuasive argument for McCain/Palin. I’m still uncommitted (perhaps, Nothing on Top), but I’m paying attention.

  255. I don’t believe that McCain is the radical conservative that the blogger boiz say he is.

    My brother in law is a conservative fundie, and he thinks McCain is a liberal.

    I’ve been watching McCain for years, and I think he is center-right in his politics.

    I don’t think there is that much difference between Obama and mcCain on the issues.

  256. I have heard that Palin is called “Sarah barracuda.” I hope that is true, because she is now being thrust into the full glare of this vicious misogyny and the most scurrilous tactics to take her down. They will stop at nothing–going after her kids, her husband, her looks, etc. That’s exactly why I refuse to support the current Dem Party–they have BECOME the Republicans at their worst. We’re going to see what this whistleblower is really made of, just like Hillary rose to the occasion. But we all know Hillary has a titanium pantsuit, so she’s exceptional 🙂

    For anyone who’s interested, someone said yesterday that CSPAN is covering Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ funeral today at 11 a.m. Hillary will surely be there too.

  257. Hey all – new post up. 🙂

  258. A lot of Congressional Dems are so entrenched you can’t beat them in the primaries.

    But if you help a Republican knock them out you can find a progressive Dem to run 2 years later.

  259. Palin appears to be bright, attractive and have a pleasant temperament. Apparently, McCain picked her to shore up some of his flaws. Instead, he managed to prove Obama’s point. This pick shows that McCain does not have the judgment required of the leader of the free world.

    McCain himself told us experience was the most critical thing. Now that polling tells him that the experience argument isn’t going to be enough to put him over the top (surprise it didn’t work for Hillary either) it appears that McCain is willing to sacrifice his experience argument and our nation’s security in an attempt to win an election.

    Obama is right, McCain doesn’t get it. Women aren’t interchangeable. Palin is not a credible substitute for Hillary Clinton. We know Hillary Clinton. We fought along side Hillary Clinton. More importantly, we share Hillary Clinton’s position on the issues. Palin, an ultra conservative, anti-abortion, power abusing republican is no Hillary Clinton. In fact, she sounds more like George Bush than John McCain.

    We wanted a change in policy, not just a change of gender! Palin offers more of the same republican ideology that got us into this economic mess and foreign policy quagmire. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Identity politics is not the answer. Obama isn’t successful because he’s black. He’s successful because he has a great message (if we work together we can make the changes we need) and he’s right on the issues we say we care about.

    I’m with Hillary. If you want the change Hillary promised, then Barack Obama is the change we need.

    Obama is only “unelectable” if you don’t vote!


  260. Speak for yourself, Karen. I wanted not only a change of policy, but a return to character and decency. Obama exhibits neither. Palin has both.

    You’ve lost the GE. Get over it.

  261. KarenK, I’m going to call your comment the “Swiss Cheese Post” because of all the holes in it. Your hypocrisy betrays you. First of all, at the top of the ticket, McCain has the experience hands down. And at the bottom of the ticket, his VP beats Obama as well. is Identity politics only valid if you’re voting for Obama? The only thing you’re right on is that Palin is not a credible substitute for Hillary. But you know what—she isn’t being sold as the Hillary substitute. She’s rounding out the GOP ticket and she was, in my opinion, an incredibly inspired pick on the part of John McCain.

  262. I think the thing that is driving Obamacrats and the Democratic Leadership and the DNC nuts is that with one smart choice yesterday McCain pretty much pulled his party together. The Democrats in spite of all the blather about unity, not so much.

    All this hysteria about it being an insult to women is just hyperbole. McCain made a choice that he thought would help him win the election. IMHO he got that right. He’s a politician, what hell did anyone think he was gonna do, roll over and die before the wonder of the “One”?

    Many, most liberal Democratic Women voters were not going to vote McCain before and won’t vote for him now. But Republican women and conservative Democratic woman and some Catholic women will.

  263. Well Sophie, your post is the “black hole” of responses one huge gaping hole from which not light or logic can be seen.

    I am not for identity politics racial or gender and that’s the point. While John McCain’s pick is fine for republican’s it isn’t fine for democrats who truly care about the issues Hillary championed. The issues are the POINT!

  264. KarenK: If issues were the point, Hillary would be the nominee.

    P.S. If you pull your head out of you a$$, you’ll be able to see the light and the logic.

  265. No substance yet. I see you remove anything of substance. You give a new meaning to meaningless.

  266. Mccain and Palin can and will clean house…both parties!!!!
    ???? I heard Joe talkin how he takes the train to work everyday, and also it is a $94 ticket 1 way…. is this true????

  267. Can the national election be fixed in any way? I always wondered when Kerry didn’t win in Ohio. If the election is still close, will Obama be able to cheat in that election also?

  268. I fail to understand how any woman could be insulted by McCain picking Sarah Palin.

    Just imagine she is a man, and read her resume. It is better than Obama’s and has more accomplishments. Sarah Palin has done all the things Obama talks about. And has more foreign policy experience. She has actually gone to Germany and Iraq more times than Obama.

  269. KarenK is so obviously a concern troll, an Obama shill with her ‘he won becaue of his awesome message’….please ignore her until someone comesby and cleans up.

  270. It’s about time women figured out that, although it would be great to nominate women candidates that we can agree with whole-heartedly, in the final assessment the standards for the job change to allow a male to take over – so, it honestly doesn’t matter even if we did have 100% perfect candidate in a woman! If it doesn’t matter to the good old boys network, it should not matter to the women voting. Her qualification is that she is a WOMAN, first and foremost, and that should not have to be apologized for if the same has been true for men for millenia. So, no apologies and no justifications. No one apologizes for voting black for Obama with little experience, right? What’s good for the goose is good for gander and she has more experience than he does, not that it matters for misogynists. And, Obama had the option to select a woman too and he refused. Why?

  271. Jennie, this whole “woman should feel insulted” is a little patronizing. What? We can’t make up our own minds about who to vote for based on our own values and desires? We need to be told to be insulted and fall in line? Get real!! Sounds like a bunch of democrats scared silly to me, and grasping at straws. As a woman, I would sure like it if people would stop telling me how to feel. I am perfectly capable of figuring that out myself and I AM PROUD and DELIGHTED.

  272. Actually, I do not in any way think of Obama as a successful man

  273. Chevalier you are incredible. Because I won’t bash Obama I must not be able to think for myself. Beacause I’m willing to acknowledge his accomplishments, I must be a shill for Obama.

    But worst, you feel a need to call me names and call for my comments to be removed or ignored.

    Is this about women or only women who think like you. I don’t agree with you. I will vote for Obama. Hillary is no longer an option in this election. Is Obama 100% perfect, of course not, (neither was HIllary) but he best represents my views of the issues and the world I want for this country. One where we work together to acheive our goals, one where we can disagree without being too disagreeable. And one where we all have a voice!

  274. Parentofed: WHAT A REDICULOUS STATEMENT. After a single parent upbringing, he’s a Harvard grad top of his class, U.S. Senator, family man and Democratic nominee for President of the United States… I’m tempted to ask what you consider a successful man, but no thanks. I wouldn’t want to pressure you in to making a more silly statement than your previous one.

  275. This is a repost of a response to Sophie’s call for me to get my head out of my ass..

    LOL Sophie…when logic prevails, profanity is always a classy response.

    It is about the issues. I had wanted to see Hillary in the White House since Bill was president. I wanted her because I thought she shared my positions on the issues that were important to me – health care, education, alternative energy. But Hillary is not the nominee this time. Maybe next time. Hillary is not in this election, but issues I care about, the issues that matter to me will be decided in this election.

    Obama more closely matches my positions on the issues Hillary and I care about. McCain does not.

    So Sophie, if its not about the issues what is it about?

    This post was removed no profanity no insults. Just a position that doesn’t fit your world view?

  276. If Obama shared my values, and believed in my issues, he would have treated HIllary with more respect. And she would be on his ticket right now.

    The fact that she isn’t speaks volumes about Obama on the issues of womens rights.

    Roe vs wade is not an issue in this race. It is never going to be overturned because the powers that be don’t want it overturned. If they did, it would have been overturned during 8 years of neo con rule.

  277. There is “rhetoric of change”, and then there is “change”. Sarah Palin’s life story is a living, breathing, endorsement of womens rights and issues. She has created change in every job she has held. Obama has talked about change in every position he has been elected to. Obama hasn’t changed anything in all his years in politics.

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