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The McCain VP Thread: Palindromes anyone?

The word is that McCain has picked Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska — a woman who has spent nearly her entire life as far away as you can from Washington, D.C. and still live in the United States! FOX News is all about CHANGE!

I don’t know if this is enough for McCain to get my vote but, as I said in a comment THIS nominations is the opposite of Obama’s traditional finger-in-my-eye. And the experience is refreshing. Also, as a librarian, I have to say that I like the way she looks.

I’m sure we’ll have more about Sarah Palin as the day and weeks go on but, for now — THIS is a thread for discussing McCain’s Vice Presidential pick.

Or Palindromes.

Dammit, I’m mad

Rise to vote, sir

574 Responses

  1. Game over, Barky. It’s McCain Time.

  2. I just told my mother and she screamed with joy. I told a female attorney this morning that it might be a woman and she started to tear up. THIS IS BIG!

  3. This may do it for me. I have come to the stark realization that this election, for me at least, IS about identity politics.

    Barack Obama can thank himself for that.

  4. Katiebird,

    I admit, I’m excited. I also think this choice, along with the way McCain has been countering Obama with his ads, shows that McCain is smart.

  5. Old white guy “insider” vs. Hottie “outsider”

    The American Idol campaign just got pwned

  6. I am stunned.

    Way to go, McCain.

  7. I think this is an exciting turn of events…I like her but need to know more about her….

  8. 2012 is going to raise the roof on Partisan Politics.

    Clinton v. Palin!

  9. What will people be discussing today? Barry’s acceptance speech is so yesterday!

  10. Athyrio, if you’re worried about her views being Pro-choice, this should soothe your mind.


    I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.

  11. I’m still thinking, just, “wow”.

  12. Thank god it wasn’t Tim Pawlenty. The prospect of Carol Molnau as governor of Minnesota was too much to take.

  13. All I can say it, this is gonna be fun to watch! Obama will probably assume that a woman on the ticket won’t make a difference. I can’t wait to see his face when the realization hits him that he could have won if he’d picked Hillary.

  14. Gerry’s on Fox and she sounds emotional. My heart!

  15. Regency, IMO the Republicans have set it up, expecting that.

  16. When the misogny starts (and it will) it will make me both happy and sad to see this woman’s OWN party STAND UP AND FUCKING DEFEND HER.

    This would not be possible without Hillary. God I love that woman, and her bravery. She has ALREADY done more for us than we will ever know.

  17. She is a strong woman who puts her actions where her mouth is.

    She is pro-life and accepted to carry her late-in-age pregnancy without testing and welcome to the world her 5th child who happened to be down syndrome.

    I respect that.

    She is pro-environment and believe in global warming. She is a former athlete and coach. Down to earth, applepie as America can be. Another maverick.

  18. I read her bio she is really a great pic. Fought coruption in Alaska. I think we’ll all feel comfortable with her.

  19. You can bet Palin vs. Clinton in 2012 will be one very exciting race!!

    You can also bet you will hear alot more about the bitter people clinging to guns. Sarah Palin is a lifetime member of the NRA. She is one of those who cling to their gun. She also lead her high school basketball team to a state championship, maybe she will challeng Barack to a game of one-on-one!!

  20. http://dwb.adn.com/news/politics/elections/story/8337406p-8233470c.html

    Interesting stuff…Obama better be worried.

  21. When the misogyny starts, and it will:


  22. Game is on. Now I’m excited.

  23. WMCB,

    I just hope that Hillary writes a book about what she went through this year. And I hope some of her delegates will speak out too.

  24. Gerry paved the way for Hillary. That took 24 years. Hillary paved the way for Sarah. That took two days!

  25. McCain won. It’s over.

  26. WMCB – Yes, they will. Poor, poor Hillary, stuck in a Party that does not deserve her. Sarah Palin should send her a bouquet of flowers every day until she is inaugurated as Vice President.

    The Obama/DNC Conglomerate will be comfily located under OUR bus in November, wondering why the words “Don’t F*ck With PUMA” are stamped on their foreheads.

  27. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

    I”m praying I don’t come to dislike Gov Palin!!!

  28. Donna once asked “Where else are they gonna go?” and McCain just answered her.

  29. Gerry>Hillary>Sarah.

    That’s what my daughters will learn growing up.

  30. I am shocked that Palin and this pick is being blown off so readily by Taylor Marsh and some of the other ‘progressive’ sites. Do they not see the danger?

    they obviously don’t read. The investigation in Alaska is nothing…NOTHING…

  31. For decades the Democratic party has talked about equal rights and pointed to the GOP as the old white guy party.

    But over and over, with one stroke, the GOP steals the issue away.

    Reagan: First woman on SCOTUS, Libby Dole in his Cabinent

    G-Dub: Condi Rice

    McCain: Sarah Palin

  32. I’ve been loooking at different sites all over the web and have found a lot of different reactions to the Palin choice. The dominant one, though, is bewilderment, and the dominant metaphor is “Hail Mary pass.” I’ll be interested to keep reading here as the story develops.

  33. The New Theme Song of the DNC:

    Carol, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:02 am Said:
    Eddy likes it. He thinks the DNC will turn on BO like a rabid dog, serve him up to the skewer, and beg our Hillary to Baby Come Back!

    Hillary or McCain 2009


  34. Destardi:


    I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.

  35. Let’s see how much of an attack plan can be mustered up against a mother of 5 toting a baby around on her person. The sexist comments will surely be muted as much as any criticism of Obama because of his color. No way will they be able to do to her what they did to Hillary Clinton! This lady will be off limits in that category.

    And should they make the mistake of going after her that way you can be damned sure her party will take it to the streets unlike the assholes in ours who just stood there with their thumbs up their butts.

  36. I’m still not clear where she stands on the issue of women’s reproductive freedom.

  37. I am repeating this from the earlier thread:

    “I have had a few women tell me that they might have mixed feelings about Palin, because it wouldn’t be fair that “Hillary didn’t break that ceiling first.”

    Let me say this to those people:
    No one wants it to be Hillary more than I do. But may I respectfully ask that you think about the fact that just such feelings are a big reason why Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and other powerful women did not strongly back Hillary? Yeah, they wanted equality, but they wanted it to be THEIR woman power, not just any woman’s. Her power threatened THEIR spot as queen bee. I will not be so petty as those women.

    I for one will jump for joy if McCain picks Palin, for all my sisters everywhere, whether Dem or Republican.”

    So now he has. And whether you like her or not, can vote Repub or not, this is a GOOD DAY for women, and I WILL REJOICE.

  38. Destini – They think there are only 24 of us.

    Seriously. They are that clueless.

    I ask you, if we are so powerless, why did McCain just pick Palin?

  39. Carol: Another opportunity! &&*^&&^%%$#!!!!! (*(&^^%!!!!!

  40. Although I would much prefer to be voting for Hillary Clinton for President, I can comfortably vote for Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP. She’s not Little Miss Milquetoast. She will set the standard for women as VP as feisty, competent, and her own person. No VP choice on McCain’s ticket was going to be pro-choice. At least we have a mom who gave birth to a downs syndrome baby herself telling us that she isn’t pro-choice. Obama wants us to look at choice from the opposition’s viewpoint. Well, she is the opposition and she will have an opportunity to share that viewpoint with us. And I have no idea what church she goes to, which is a good thing.

  41. madamab: Wow, you just said it aloud! I guess we are at that. XX00

  42. I have a video of her being interviews/debating Janet Napolitano on Charlie Rose. I need to find it.

  43. It should have been Hillary, damn it! The Democratic Party leaders have gone insane and put the party in major jeopardy with mass defections of women to McCain. It’s not our fault, it’s the party’s.

    I will support a McCain/Palin ticket.

  44. All the misogyny in the primaries just took a big ol’ bite out of Obamanation’s ass.

    If they go after Palin (and the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club at MSNBO sure will) the GOP becomes the party that supports and defends women

  45. Markos is comparing Palin to Dan Quayle and saying that Obama’s experience problem is now off the table. Huh? Palin has more executive experience as Obama, who is on the top of the ticket.

  46. Biden as a Roman Catholic can’t defend abortion rights very loudly.

    And I would virtually guarantee that he will say something incredibly condescending to Palin.

  47. I have no intention for voting McCain so it is kind of nice to be able to sit back and watch the fun. Thanks McCain campaign!

  48. Phoenix – Personally, I don’t care. Both Obama and McCain suck on that issue. A “pro-life” addition to the ticket isn’t going to change anything on McCain’s side of the equation.

    But, we’ve already got a 5-4 conservative majority in the Supreme Court. They would have overturned Roe v. Wade by now if they were going to do it. And now, McCain’s base is excited about him because Palin is fiscally conservative AND pro-life.

    My question with McCain was, would he go TheoCon, NeoCon or Moderate for his pick. He went the TheoCon/Moderate way. He appeased both his base AND the PUMAs in one single stroke. And, she’s YOUNGER than Obama. OMG!

    McCain has some massive cojones, I’ll tell you that. He just went up several steps in my estimation.

  49. Destini:

    Even if the investigation took Palin down, it won’t be before the election.

  50. I really want to believe this is a good thing. God knows we need a lift after last night’s Triumph of the Shill show.

    However, I dread the moment that the Dems drag out Hillary to campaign against Palin. And you know they will.

  51. Not that McCain would talk this way, but I believe this is the big:



  52. myiq, exactly.

  53. I think Obama just lost the general election.

    He wouldn’t have a problem if he had put his arrogance aside and picked the BEST woman for the job, Hillary Clinton.

    Obama will lose the white women vote. Game ender.

  54. “I’m still not clear where she stands on the issue of women’s reproductive freedom.”

    She’s against it. She’s a woman, like Hillary, yes, and yes, they’re both blond, but that’s about all they have in common. Seriously.

  55. alert to everyone!!

    I just called Pelosi’s office and i said to the guy who answered the phone..that i was a lifelong dem and i had one message for Pelosi…checkmate..

    he put me through to her answering device..and i said i was a lifelong dem, a former delegate in 2004..and that she and the dems didn’t just open the door for McCain..they stood there and said welcome to your white house McCain..and i said i was happy and that her new world order was over..and that i won’t be happy until i see the dem party torn apart..

    i was very careful how i phrazed what i was saying..

    Then after i hung up..my phone rang..with no name no number..there was no one on the line..Pelosi’s office is tracing calls..of that i have no doubt!!

    Please be careful when calling her office!!
    Be careful of the words you use!!

  56. I don’t think Hillary will do it this time. I think she’ll finally JUST SAY NO

  57. Madamab,

    Get this. On Fox news a little while ago, a young woman was on who said that this pick would be attractive to a lot of women who wanted to vote for Hillary. Then she said, “and there are a lot of them.” She said she had worked in women’s outreach for many years and what she had heard from women is that they feel politicians are ignoring them and not listening to them. I think Obama’s fate has been sealed.

  58. Big time happy about this!

  59. Thanks, madamab.

  60. DNC you better start distributing the Birth Control!


    I can hardly wait for him to really go after BO on the Infanticide!

  61. Magdalena, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:03 am Said:
    When the misogyny starts, and it will:

    AMEN! And I would hope that even those who Dems cannot vote an R ticket will do the same.

  62. Carol:

    I agree with you. There are buyer remorses all over Dems country. Look for the Birth Certificate issue. That’s the joker card.

  63. I just got online and got the news!!!! SLAM DUNK!! Take that, DNC!!! Finally we know who is brave enough to give us what we want. Brilliant tactical move. I’m still trying to digest this!!! Going back in…….

  64. McCain just handed Obama a gift wrapped box of sh*t by way of “congratulations”. Best of luck, DNC. Now you know how it feels. No Hillary, definitely no Obama this time around. Boo hoo.

  65. She may look like a librarian now but she is an ex beauty queen. Palin is very interesting. She has taken on corruption in her own party and supposedly the oil companies, too. There has been an attempt to slime her with a nepotism scandal, but there doesn’t seem to be much there.
    Palin has five kids and the last one, just a few months old! has Down’s syndrome which they found out before he was born. She is pro life so did not abort this child. At least she walks the walk.

    The Democrats will point to her lack of experience but she is the only one who has executive experience and is not on the top of the ticket. She can get as much experience as Obama in just a few short months in office.

    As for the abortion issue, I think the left may just have to battle it out in state legislatures since overturning Roe V Wade will leave it up to the states. Part of me thinks that this may be what pro choice people need to wake them up. They have allowed the right to dominate the discussion by framing abortion as murder. The left answers with “It’s a woman’s choice” which is ludicrous. They never make the case that life does not begin at conception – life is an unbroken continuum from generation to generation. The sperm and egg are living cells. An embryo is the biological equivalent of a walnut. No on claims that eating a walnut is destroying a tree. It is really stupid.
    The real question is when does a human person come into existence, not when does life begin. The right assumes this is at conception but this is a strickly religious formulation based on the proclamation by the Catholic Church that God breathes a soul into the embryo at the moment of conception, hence it is a full person and killing it is destroying a soul.
    This is an excellent article discussing these issues by Garry Wills. Wills’ books on religion have gotten a lot of attention in the mainstream media, except for this one. Very strange.

    It is time scientists and liberals start making this case. That is the only way to keep abortion legal. AND I am sick of the media swooning over Obama’s saying that we can agree that abortion should be rare as if this were a daring new idea. He is just copying Hillary – again. The media knows darn well that she famously said abortion should be safe, legal and rare.

  66. Lady Penelope: You don’t know completely what you’re talking about so I’d suggest talking about it less.


    I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.

  67. wait a minute. I’m a PUMA and not appeased. Feeling rather used by Johnny Mac and those strategic repubs at the moment.

    And actually, as someone here will occasionally put it-I AM cringing and holding my uterus.

  68. Stick it to ’em, Regency.

  69. Reg if you have something to make me feel better give it up please!

  70. It’s so nice to see some joy in “Mudville.” Too bad it had to be the Democratic Party that struck out.

    I will give the Democrats, Ferraro and Clinton credit for forcing the Republicans to be inclusive.

    I’m with Pat J, this doesn’t change my non-vote, but it sure is energizing!

  71. Chuckle. I guess this story will definitely steal the spotlight from Obama’s speech last night. McCain truly knows how to play the game. He is running a magnificent campaign in a year when Republicans were expected to have zero chance of winning. Amazing.

  72. Michael57,

    Obama is the one who needed a Hail Mary pass. McCain would have won anyway, just with all the dirt that will come out on Obama and his Chicago connections. Now McCain is really in the catbird seat.

  73. If little lord cheeto and the rest of the OFB were smart they would say a couple nice things about Palin and then STFU

    But when have they ever been smart?

  74. I’m THRILLED that McCain picked Sarah Palin! She was my top pick a few months ago when I first heard about her. Talk about shaking things up! Wow! This is exciting!

    What does BO stand for? 😉

  75. Take that DNC. McCain has made a bold choice and I love it. It will make voting for him in Florida much less difficult.

  76. Oh my God…I’m soooo happy, I just donated $20 to McCain.

    When it asked who referred me, I typed Hillary Clinton.

    Maybe that’s wrong in some people’s eyes, but I want it clear who I supported before the obamination.

  77. The stench of sexism is already strong: “beauty queen” and “trophyism” have already come up. One person on CNN said that having 5 kids is irresponsible from the point of view of the environment.

  78. If you have doubts about her feelings on CHOICE: Read this


    I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.

  79. Regency — exactly right about the abortion issue — we need to stop allowing ourselves to be threatened with the loss of rights we already have. Furthermore, the President & VP do not draft the legislation — the Congress does — the important place to have pro-choicers is in Congress, and imo, the Dems we have in Congress now (with a few exceptions) have been falling asleep on the job.

  80. Text message from MCain to Obama:

    “You got SERVED!”

  81. Hillary for Senate Majority Leader!!!!

    Pelosi – ha ha ha ha ha She must be chocking on her botox.

  82. myiq, yep! But they have never been smart.

  83. Damn.
    I’m sorry to be the party poop but the story about the Downes baby doesn’t comfort me.

    I’ve fought for choice or as someone here so eloquently puts it-
    PRIVACY, for women, my entire adult life.

    I just don’t GET a woman who thinks reproduction should be legislated. It’s bizarre to me!


    They should have been the ones to make this historic move.

    They should have been the ones to believe in the aspirations and abilities of women.

    They didn’t.

    PALIN 2008

    HILLARY 2012

  85. She actually took on big oil and raised the amount of taxes they pay in Alaska against great grumbling in her own party. She has actually DONE what Obama only talks about.

    Look up the story about the plane she sold and the campaign promise she kept in order to do it!

  86. Wow! McCain’s judgement in choosing VP certainly shows up Obama. Bye bye Bama! Har! Har! Har! Now I would really vote McCain/Palin with gusto!

  87. When the GOP meets next week, expect to see lots of women giving speeches and being honored.

  88. indigo: As a mother of 4 I take that “irresponsible” claim personally. I hope that whoever said such a dumb thing chokes on their words in November. If this is the best that we can expect they are running very low on credibility from many women. Someone needs to carefully evaluate how they should temper these remarks going forward. Not a wise move.

  89. Guys, turn on MSNBC. They are in PANIC MODE!!!!

  90. Another interesting thing about this choice is that now we have both Hawaii and Alaska in this election. Let’s break out some more firsts!!

  91. Unbelievable….The Republicans puting a women on their ticket………Don’t they know……Women don’t count.

  92. Catarina, did I not just post something that said she didn’t think Choice should be legislated?

    I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in.

  93. Magdalena, what about Geraldine Ferraro?

  94. Something tells me the MSM won’t be able to cover Gustav fast enough. ROTFLMBO!

  95. GO SARAH GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. he gave it away. hillary coulda kicked palin’s ass in debates.

    another four years of republican control over the executive branch. congratulations, david axelrod. you’re about to get the bob schrum trophy for electoral malfeasance.

  97. If CNN is so concerned about folks having too many children, then she should check out the breeding record of the Kennedy Family.

  98. Well-the reaction here on Palin certainly suggests that it was a great strategy move.
    Which is great, because Obama must be stopped.

    But I feel used.

    It was not a decision made to honor and respect women.
    Not at all.
    It was a decision made to win.
    And I will probably vote for the bastard (McCain) but I will bear in mind that mine is a revenge, not a “respect” vote.

    Johnny Mac and VP Palin need to keep their hands and minds off my reproductive system, period.

  99. “Lady Penelope: You don’t know completely what you’re talking about so I’d suggest talking about it less.”

    Where in your link does it disprove what I said? Can’t find it. I can talk as much as i like. And I know I’m right so there. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na. God, it must be so horrible being so bitter, Regency. Like I said, there are pills for that.

    Ask Sarah Palin if she opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest. I dare you.

  100. I wonder how Maureen Dowd will render Pallin.

  101. My astrology sister keep telling me “2”points:
    *Women will make a HUGE difference in this race
    **And there is a HUGH Female presence in WASHINGTON DC around Jan. 20th 2009!
    I hoped it was Hillary; but I guess it was about Sarah!
    It would be GREAT if someone quoted Hillary & how SHE MADE THIS MOMENT IN TIME:
    I’m still SOoooo SAD it’s not going to be HILLARY’s
    moment to ENJOY!!

  102. WMCB- they are in a panic alright!!! HA, HA, HA!!!!

  103. I don’t care how craven or exploiting McCain is in making this choice. I am loving it! A fat poke in the eye for Howard, Nancy, and Donna is just what I needed to become energized once more. No Hillary, DNC? Fu*k you! Oh how the mighty have fallen! Perked up my dissolute mood by a few hundred points.

  104. According to Markos, Palin is a creationist.

  105. “Sarah Barracuda” a tough Beauty Queen!
    She is a sports woman…and then some….

  106. Obamanation will try to make a big deal about abortion (Ooga booga Roe v. Wade) and the GOP will pull a Reagan (There you go again) and downplay the issue

  107. Whoa, there, Penelope, aren’t you mature?

  108. Regency, I can’t find that quote in your link.

  109. Yes! and it’s sort of complimentary right?!

  110. I been feelin’ “used” for months and Sundays now. That didn’t stop the democrats.

  111. I wonder how Maureen Dowd will render Pallin.

    MoDo will find some way of using it to slam Hillary.

  112. Reg, re-reading.

    When I saw the CWA link my brain just shut down. I’ve been fighting those loons forever and they are just too stupid to live.

  113. well, the blogger boyz can go right on being misogynist now that palin has replaced hillary as the object of their affections.

  114. Purplefinn, I’ll have to try to find it later. I am so late for class. I’m sorry!

  115. Republican women…stand up and be counted!!

    Democrat women…sit down and shut up?

    Looks like the world has taken a bizarre turn.

  116. Here’s my theme song for the DNC and Obama:

  117. If Roe is sent back to the states, Hillary wins in 2012.

    Go ahead, send it back. It will end the Republican party. They won’t do it. And if they, we win.

  118. tpt/ny,

    I have a funny feeling that Hillary still has some interesting times ahead. And I’d never count her out if she wants to run for President again.

  119. BernieO:

    It is time scientists and liberals start making this case. That is the only way to keep abortion legal. AND I am sick of the media swooning over Obama’s saying that we can agree that abortion should be rare as if this were a daring new idea. He is just copying Hillary – again. The media knows darn well that she famously said abortion should be safe, legal and rare.

    THANK YOU! I am so sick of us conceding points like this to the right-wing wackos. It’s one of the reasons we’re in this mess!

  120. I do, however, take great comfort in Palin’s NRA MEMBERSHIP!
    Will try to hold on to that for a bit, along with my gun and bible.

  121. catarina:

    “Tokens” often are used to shatter glass ceilings

  122. Regency,

    I am not sure that I agree that the country can not return to back alley abortions. I atteded college during those years and I now the pain that women suffered during that time.

    I respect everyon’e feelings on abortion as I do their feelings regarding religion. I also beleive that no one should force their beliefs on others.

  123. Regency, OK. Later.

  124. purplefin, apparently what the Dems, and Obama, learned from Ferraro is DON’T GO THERE.

    Fuck the Democrats. Go Hillary. Go Palin.

  125. Catarina, I’ll find the direct quote for you, promise. Just google it in the meantime,

  126. My husband and I have tears of joy running down our faces. It was going to be so difficult to vote for a republican for the first time in our lives. Now we are thrilled to cast our votes for McCain and Palin. Thank you John McCain for honoring women.

  127. For the guys out there: Sarah Palin is a dead ringer for Angie Dickinson. That ought to hold a lot of appeal!

  128. What I respect about Sarah is that she’s strong on ethics reform. That bs state probe she’s facing? Nothing more than political payback for exposing corruption. Slap the “little lady with a conscience” down.

  129. Hooray hooray!!! Happy day! Finally! I cant believe it, McCain has picked a woman as his VP!!!! I dont even care if she is the polar opposite of Hillary Clinton!! She has a vagina and thats good enough for me!!!!

  130. Ladies, take a bow. McCain would never have made a choice this bold were it not for the PUMAs and the electoral goldmine you represent. No wonder you’ve been savaged by trolls. Someone in Obama’s camp must have got the skinny this was going to happen and was desperate to stop you. But like an irate pimp, their only solution was to ‘bitch slap dos hos upside de haid till dey gos back to work’. Obama is not only going to lose, he is going to be a political laughingstock on a par with Al Sharpton. And I wouldn’t count on the likes of Howard Dean et al keeping their jobs much longer either. Your loud roar of defiance may have saved both parties from their extremist elements and for that I sincerely thank you.

    Im going home now. For me, the election is over. If any of you want a volunteer to help South Dakota turn blue, drop me a line. Otherwise, it was nice meeting you.

  131. How long before the BO camp try to trot Hillary out for more heavy lifting? Disgusted – totally.

  132. This family is almost too good looking


  133. O.M.F.G.

    McCain is a SMARTYPANTS.

    * bowing in deep reverence to the white haired dude *

    this is a Brilliant move.

  134. Edwardian – I suspect Hill and Bill have turned off their cell phones.


  135. robert bezold: Please don’t go. Your voice has been welcomed by many of us here.

  136. “Republican women…stand up and be counted!!

    Democrat women…sit down and shut up?”

    Exactly Catherine or this:

    Democratic women . . . where you gonna go?

    Republican women . . . make yourselves at home.

  137. I’ve gotta go to work, dangit. Just when the fun starts!! I’m stunned……McCain had it from Bill and Hillary’s mouth right to his ear what was going on with all of us PUMA’s, I’m convinced. Way to go, John!! SOMEBODY’s listening !

  138. As a Mainer I always thought, through all of the media and Democratic misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton, that the Republicans would never treat Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins with such disrespect. Now the Democrats will perhaps understand our anger as McCain makes a strong statement about the value of women. PUMA!!

  139. somerset, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:29 am Said:
    My husband and I have tears of joy running down our faces. It was going to be so difficult to vote for a republican for the first time in our lives. Now we are thrilled to cast our votes for McCain and Palin. Thank you John McCain for honoring women

    I’m dancing at my cubicle!!!

  140. “And should they make the mistake of going after her that way you can be damned sure her party will take it to the streets unlike the assholes in ours who just stood there with their thumbs up their butts.”


    My Republican friend told me that women are calling in to talk radio shows crying tears of joy.

    Dang. If I ever run for office I am hiring whoever is advising McCain. Between the brilliant ads and this…sheesh…

  141. I love the choice of Sarah Palin.

    That said, for those voters for whom gender is not an issue or not as much an issue as EXPERIENCE (so often stated here too) Palin is risky.

    20 months as Gov. of Alaska after being a two term mayor of … Anchorage? NO.
    Fairbanks? No. Juneau? No. But the megalopolis that is the great city of Wasilla, AK.

  142. If Palin believes that government should not legislate this issue, then she IS pro-choice.

    What she decides about her own family is her business.

    That’s the point, after all.

  143. When RD started this site, she said she wanted toe be pandered to, to count, to be recognized.

    Obama had his chance.

    Go Sarah. Go Hillary. Go The White House Project. Go all the girls who will go to school today and hear for the first time in their lives:

    You are worthy.

  144. I fucking hope Palin stands up and LOUDLY THANKS HILLARY for making her run possible. I hope the GOP twists the knife, but good, into those fucking DNC spineless woman-haters.

    And no, I do not care if it is being done for political gain. If the Democratic Party wanted to throw women under the bus, then they DESERVE to have it thrown back in their face.

    What McCain has shown here, even if you want to argue that he really doesn’t care about equal rights, is that he RECOGNIZES that women are a force that must be heard and heeded. And that, my friends, is a start.

  145. Kos knows nothing. Sarah Palin doesn’t talk about her religious affiliation. I can’t find anything. And who cares? Look at Obama with the faith crap.

    The blogger boys are scared.

  146. Hers is one beautiful family set against the backdrop of a beautiful Alaskan site. Yep, will make a very interesting narrative going forward.

  147. Peter — 20 months executive experience is 20 more months then Obama has.

  148. WMCB, is MSNBO really having a meltdown?! I wish I could see it!!

  149. This is what the Obama campaign has to look forward to.

  150. Markos has no credibility — I seriously doubt Palin is a “creationist” — her father was a science teacher.

  151. This is truly a sad sad day for the Democratic Party. McCain just exhibited the guts that Obama and Dem Party lack.

  152. Regency misunderstood my post from the previous thread. His quote is mine, not from the article he has been linking to. I wrote this:

    OhVoter, on August 29th, 2008 at 10:54 am Said:
    I’ve been googling Governor Palin to find out a little more about her. Here is a very nice article about the birth of her down syndrome son in April. While I am certainly pro-choice, I have a great deal of respect for this woman.


    I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.

  153. Pelosi is now trying to convince Cheney and Bush to go into the hospital for minor elective surgery that requires anesthesia.

    Then she’ll be the first woman president for a day!

  154. My God, you all are right.

    We did this.

    PUMA did this.


  155. She was also born in Idaho and went to university there. She brings two states and Alaska was looking purple for a minute there…not now.

  156. This will be deleted of course, but I have to say I’m stunned that people are willing to trade abortion rights for a woman VP. Your daughters and granddaughters (and sons and grandsons) will suffer the consequences of this – the loss of women’s reproductive freedom is a big deal. And please don’t give me this line about “it just goes back to the states”. Young, poor women in isolated rural areas don’t have the luxury of travelling to Chicago or Minneapolis or New York City to get reproductive health care.

    As “identity politics”, this is staggeringly unwise – trading symbolism for actual, concrete interest. Congratulations.

  157. this was a masterful political move by John Mc C
    what are the dems gonna say?

    They cannot bring up experience because the One has none
    They dare not try sexist attacks because look what that has got them
    They tried ageism and now McCains VP is the youngest on both tickets 🙂
    wanna bet that on which card they will pull?

    I am so sad that its HRC who went through all the crap and Palin and others after her are going to reap the benefits

  158. madamab, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:31 am Said:
    Edwardian – I suspect Hill and Bill have turned off their cell phones.

    And hopefully thrown them into the deepest part of the ocean, near the private island resort where they’re luxuriating. 😉

  159. err… that should read “Wanna bet which card they will pull now?”

  160. It does not matter to me in the least how base this choice is by McCain. Anything that will help bring down the current DNC leaders is fine by me. If this helps to get my old party back, I say go for it. Howard, Nancy, Donna and all those super sellouts who backed the empty suit need to be permanently retired.

    Thank you John McCain for in a twisted way you may have aided our cry to restore our beloved Democratic Party and help sieze it out of the hands of these spiteful a**holes. Don’t need us Donna? Think again.

  161. I think the label “pro-life feminist” is a conundrum for both parties. It may be impossible to use abortion as a wedge issue in this election. I don’t believe McCain is ideologically driven to overturn Roe V Wade. I also don’t think Obama is ideologically driven to preserve it.

  162. Angie- no doubt it’s more executive experience. But when some people consider McCain possibly having an aneurism or whatnot- for them (not me as I will vote McKinney) the combo of young woman with lessthan 2 years executive may be scary.

  163. Sarah Palin!!!! Love it, love it ,love it!! And she actually has MORE EXPERIENCE than OBAMA. She is tough and smart AND a woman. Makes Obama look like teh inexperienced mysoginist he is and Joe Who is now a side line. Well done McCain. I can now vote for you.

  164. How long did Palin serve as Mayor?

  165. I’m ecstatic!! I hope she appeals to Hillary’s voters. As a disenfranchised democrat, the last 8 years has taught me that the DNC has mastered the art of botching elections. And they have Obama to thank for this year’s doozy.

    McCain ’08

    Hillary ’12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Can you hear us NOW, muthafuckas?????

  167. Now I really get why the orange cheeto was fearing the moment the “speech” would end.
    Make believe is over, kids, reality is starting today!

  168. Katiebird, I’m a librarian too (but don’t work in one) and I was so excited to see her bunning!

  169. This announcement really accentuates the double entendre of McCain’s ad yesterday (“Congratulations”).

  170. I hear great things about this Sarah Palin. I may not agree with her on choice but I certainly can respect that at least she has had to make that difficult decision. I can’t believe I am considering voting for McCain but da** this was a great pick. I was all set up to be disappointed by Pawlenty and he goes and pulls off one of the best picks I could imagine.


    Ignore women at your peril.

  172. I’m chuckling at the folks who’re attempting to suggest this would render HRC irrelevant, on the political landscape. Are you kidding me? She’s just getting revved up – believe it.

  173. This is going to be fun! 🙂

    I just saw video of Palin aiming an MK-37 (or whatever the number is) and peering through the site hole. She’s a huntress, got rid of the state jet, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and drove herself around Alaska in her black suburban.
    Her nick in the town where she was mayor was BARRACUDA SARAH!!!!
    Her husband is a commercial fisherman and is currently a stay-at-home dad raising the 5 kids.

    OMG!!!!!! I’m dnacing and crying and laughing all at the same time.

  174. It took forever to get to the bottom and this is a new thread. I am excited that it is a woman, but dammit, it should have been Hillary.

  175. You right, I just picked at MSNBC they cannot even find their words anymore, They are completly speechless. Litterally…. I love it.

  176. Pat Johnson, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:39 am Said:
    It does not matter to me in the least how base this choice is by McCain. Anything that will help bring down the current DNC leaders is fine by me. If this helps to get my old party back, I say go for it.

    I agree. The DNC refused to listen to us and our votes. McCain has shown that at least he is not totally tone deaf should he be the next president.

  177. OhVoter, sorry! My bad. Everyone feel free to ignore lil old me. I can get so jazzed about things that I get it wrong.

    Do some googling and let meknow how it goes.

    I’ll be back at 1:00

  178. Arabella, you’re killing me!
    Pelosi is now trying to convince Cheney and Bush to go into the hospital for minor elective surgery that requires anesthesia.

    Then she’ll be the first woman president for a day!
    I never even considering the effect on Pelosi! This gets sweeter by the minute!

  179. You bet it should have been Hillary. Hillary paved the way for Palin.

  180. it should have been Hillary.


  181. this is brilliant. Obambi just lost.

  182. Gerry on FOX on the phone.

  183. Now we’ve got something “historical” because McCain/Palin will be the winner of the election unless it is done the Democratic caucus way and I doubt Republicans will allow that to happen.

  184. As an Alaskan resident and a mostly-Libertarian, I love the choice of Palin! She is an Alaskan Republican, but she is so far removed from the Good Old Boys club of Stevens/Young/Murkowski.

  185. That coming hurricaine is not Gustave, it’s Sarah!

    There is no ill wind that blows no good…and that good is Palin!

  186. This is an inspired choice by McCain!

    I’m telling you, John McCain is working for my vote.

  187. Geraldine Ferraro talking about PUMAs on FOX right now!

  188. Puma for Palin right here baby

  189. Boomer, thanks for the reply. A question: why Palin? There are other Republican women with better name recognition and more experience, like Collins in Maine and Hutchinson in Texas. There might be a few reasons I am not seeing to pick Palin, but her gender seems to be the main one. So why Palin?

    I am really curious about this. A lot of people here seem to see this as a game-changer, and maybe it is, but I don’t understand it myself.

  190. Mccain didn’t pick Gov Palin to get the Clinton vote, he was talking about her as a VP in February or March. She is against the old boy network of politics, like Mccain. Check out how she compares to Mccain against her own party.

  191. In one stroke, McCain erased 4 days of Obama hype

    They aren’t talking about his speech anymore

  192. Glad I’m off from work today, but this news is distracting me from chores big-time – I love it! Too many comments on too many of my favorite blogs to keep up with, but appreciate the comments from WMCB and Boston Boomer re: Hillary especially.

    Scenario Testing Time: What if this causes Obama bin Biden to sink like the Titanic in the polls? Would the RNC need to bring out the MO “Whitey” and BHO praying videos, or would they hold back? Here’s my theory: If they piled it on too much, someone (DNC or RNC?) might finally pull out the real BHO scandals, and force him to resign. Who would the DNC put in his place? (Note: Understand it is up to the DNC…) Instead of Biden (can’t be elected on his own), why not Hillary? If the DNC had any sense, or sense of fairness, they’d beg Hillary to be at the top of the ticket. Even if the DNC has no sense, or sense of fairness, they would be desperate enough. RNC still don’t want Hillary, because we’d go to her.

    Geraldine on Fox now: just said first group of 3 is the PUMA and said we had a long list – we will not vote BO under any circumstance – go listen.

  193. I signed up at McCain’s website.

    Thank you for the $18 million cracks, Hillary! We’ll be back with you in 2012 when two women will be running for President.

    And I still plan to help pulverize the DNC.

  194. If Obama wanted to criticize Palin for not being pro-choice, he shouldn’t have been kissing up to the evangelicals and making statements about how women get abortions because they’re blue, how they can’t understand how serious abortion is so they have to consult their husbands and (male?) pastors, how we have to be considerate of the opinions of the “pro-lifers,” and on and on.

    Clinton was constrained by party loyalty from giving Obama the smackdown he needed for his misogyny. Palin has no such constraints. I hope he talks at her about claws coming out and tea parties. Should be fun.

    We told ya once
    We told yA twice
    We told yA LOUD
    And we told yA NICE
    With Hillary’s fall
    You dissed us all
    18 Millionn cracks???

  196. It was a brilliant political move by McCain. BO just fell to page 6.
    PUMAs Rule.

  197. How must Hillary be feeling? All that work — a lifetime of work, not to mention the marathon primary — and not to be able to reap the reward…

  198. I am very excited about Palin and McCain just proved to me he is still the old maverick he is famous for being….which is terrific…

  199. A former beauty pageant contestant and TV announcer with experience overseeing a town of 8,000 souls. Hmmm, I am reminded of a Woody Allen flick somehow. Decrepit oldster casting himself alongside youth and beauty. Well, at least she can take his arm and keeping him from tripping off the stairs of his jet, or pick up the thread of his meandering discourse when his mind starts wandering. Excellent!

  200. reposted from downstairs

    I feel a rant coming on…bear with me:

    The pro-life republican threat of overturning Roe v Wade is the equivalent of well orchestrated urban myth.

    The republicans leaders do not want to overturn Roe v. Wade. They need to keep the abortion issue alive. It motivates their conservative base. It’s the stick they use to prod their legions to the polls on election days.

    Also, if Bush couldn’t overturn it, no one can. Bush owed more to the conservative right than McCain will ever owe them.

    However, let’s consider it for a second- to put the matter to rest. If Roe v Wade overturned, countless challenges would be filed on both the federal and state levels. It would take years (some say decades) to completely shut down lawful access to abortion services nationwide.

    Let’s not forget, the dems use the abortion issue to prod us too. In this election the dem leaders are using it to push us towards Obama. We hear:‘You don’t like Obama? Too bad, he’s the only one who will protect your reproductive rights!’

    I don’t buy it. The downticket dems are capable of protecting our reproductive rights- if we can keep enough of them in the House and Senate.

    Phew! Feel much better now.

  201. rapp:

    Sure he did. Palin was picked to win votes. That’s what smart politicians do.

    The GOP planned this long ago. They sat back and let Obama knock Hillary out of the race, with his supporters spewing misogyny and CDS.

    Meanwhile the GOP sat back, saying nothing but nice things about Hillary.

    Game, set, match

  202. “If CNN is so concerned about folks having too many children, then she should check out the breeding record of the Kennedy Family.”

    Yes so true! What are we turning into China now with the one child policy? This is America where we are free to have as many or as few children as we choose and can raise.

    Thing is there will be sexist and misoginistic remarks but repubs know to stick up for their own. They won’t just let it happen like the Dems did with Hill. They thought it was ok to do that to Hill because she is a Clinton but defended Michelle to the point of ridiculousness. They will be the same jerks attacking Palin you can bet on it.

    The real problem with these people is they don’t give a damn about principals or right and wrong only getting The One elected. I heard a quote from a lady at the caucuses that nowdays “Party is trumping Democracy.”

    So true and we must put a stop to it. If we let these people push party lines ahead of what’s best for the people we will only see more of the same and probably much worse next time around.


  203. indigo, just because Hillary’s name isn’t on the ticket doesn’t mean she isn’t reaping the reward. As she asked, were you in it just for me? No, we’re in it to have our voices heard. What is happening today tells us that at least John McCain is listening, since this new faux Democratic Party won’t.

  204. Michelle is passing peach pits.

  205. I don’t wish harm to anyone ever! But if something happens to McCain we will have a woman president and I can live with that!

  206. Please let the MSM (lead by MessNBC) try defining and marginalizing Palin by her “pageant” days. That would SO backfire, in the midst of women who feel this type of sexism and misogyny has sought to undermine women’s worth this entire election cycle.

  207. OMG. The elections just got more interesting.
    Pass the popcorn.

  208. McCain picked another outsider, with a history of taking on her own party over corruption, etc.

    McCain is tacking fast back to his maverick roots.

  209. Palin also came in second in the Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant in 1984.
    She did, however, win Miss Congeniality.

    Cynthia McKinney ’08

  210. The Democratic party raped Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Obama didn’t have the spine to choose her as VP.

    Roe is safe. If Republicans send it back to the states it will end their party. Hillary would be selected president in 2012 if Roe is sent back.

    Woo Hoo and thank you McCain.

  211. This may sound blasphemous but Choice is not going to be the overriding issue for me that it has in the past. As an older feminist, I just don’t see the younger women carrying their share of this issue. They could have supported the forcefully pro-choice candidate-hHillary but instead they chose to stand and cry for the empty words of Obama. It seems that these days, it’s every woman for herself.

  212. indigo, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:18 am Said:
    The stench of sexism is already strong: “beauty queen” and “trophyism” have already come up. One person on CNN said that having 5 kids is irresponsible from the point of view of the environment

    Well, that didn’t take long. If it’s like that at CNN, MSNBO will really be riffing over this. And the contention that having 5 children is environmentally irresponsible is absolutely offensive to me. This is the kind of left field crap spewed by some dems that is as off-putting and offensive as their counterparts in the repub party.

  213. I’ve consulted my crystal ball and have received a vision from the future
    It’s 2012…VP Palin runs against Democratic nominee Senator Hillary Clinton.

  214. The Obama Campaign response was also very petty.

    Methinks Barry and MSNBC are worried…

  215. Think of this:

    In 4-8 years when McCain leaves office, who will the logical frontrunner be to replace him?

    Sarah Palin.

    Hillary banged her head on that glass ceiling, creating 18 million cracks, but it will be Palin who breaks through it.

    Sarah owes a big thank-you to Howard, Nancy and Donna.

  216. Here’s the thing, the black people who support obama are right. Getting the glass ceilings broken are the most important work.

    Women need to wake up and support their own. I don’t care if it does ’seem’ irrational to the men who can’t understand my sour grapes because I should just get over it – and do what *they* want me to – or else.

    We can thank Hillary (and Geraldine ) for creating this opportunity.

  217. edwardian, I agree it would backfire (pageant days). That said McKinney is the woman in the race with the most experience.

  218. myiq, I’ve been thinking exactly that.

    Thanks a lot, DNC.

  219. Jeralyn of TalkLeft is officially an Obamabot. She thinks the Palin pick is handing Obama the election. Are you kidding me?

    Obama wanted to play identity politics in the primary and now he got his wish and it will backfire. What makes Jeralyn and the rest of the Obamabots think that Palin won’t be a strong enough candidate to win a significant number of women in swing states like CO, OH, and PA?

    Also, has Jeralyn and the Obamabots forgotten how HORRIBLE the Democrats were to Hillary? The wounds are still raw for many women. So many women AND men wanted Obama to at least pick Hillary for VP. If he had, he would’ve won this election outright.

    Jeralyn’s reaction will be something we will see from the rest of the Obamabot blogosphere in the next several days. They are saying that she doesn’t matter because scared to sh*t. Palin DOES matter and she ONLY matters because of what Obama did to Hillary Clinton. Obama has dug his own political grave by trying to shut out the Clintons by using race baiting and sexism to win the nomination. Now he will see what it feels like when the Republicans use affirmative action to win over white men and identity politics to win over women. Obama has no one to blame for opening these can of worms but himself.

  220. Arabella:

    She always looks like that

  221. AT, LOL. Barry is gonna have to get Michelle pregnant, fast.

  222. Nancy is really working that princess phone.

    “Hi , ________. This is Nancy. Yeah, fine thanks. I want to run a scenario by you. Let’s say that the President of the United States dies peacefully in his sleep after a long happy life. The Vice-President happens to be pregnant and goes into to labor at the exact same time…..”

  223. robert bezold, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:29 am Said:

    “Ladies, take a bow.”

    Thank you from all of us. The presence here of thoughtful men has helped to validate the fact that our concerns about Obama were not motivated by sexism, but rather by his abysmal record.

    Please don’t be scarce here.

  224. I personally would be thrilled to see a Palin vs Clinton race in 2012.

    I anyone has a big problem with that, then I say WHEN ARE WOMEN GOING TO FUCKING LEARN that one woman’s success is not a slap at another’s?

    I would die and go to heaven if I saw two women vying for the presidency in this country.

  225. Weirdest election of my lifetime….lots of Republicans don’t like McCain. Lots of Democrats can’t stand Obama. The Democrat turns down a woman as VP pick (a woman with 18 million votes) and the friggin republican picks a female for VP in a stroke of genius or insanity. We shall see.

    Mountain Sage

  226. Kateliz, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:50 am Said:
    We told ya once
    We told yA twice
    We told yA LOUD
    And we told yA NICE
    With Hillary’s fall
    You dissed us all
    18 Millionn cracks???

    Liked it so much I wanted to see it posted again.

  227. Sarah Palin has five kids! She had a baby only last April at age 44 – that baby was a Down’s syndrome baby. Her husband is a “stay at home husband.” Wow!! Many women will relate to her.

  228. purplefinn, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:21 am Said:
    Another interesting thing about this choice is that now we have both Hawaii and Alaska in this election. Let’s break out some more firsts!!

    Yes, purple, and then there’s this:

    Obama from Hawaii – 50th state to enter union

    Palin from Alaska – 49th state

    McCain from Arizona – 48th state, and

    Biden from Delaware – the 1st state!


    (theme from the Twilight zone)


  229. Collins and Hutchinson lack the youth factor.

  230. […] added enjoyment here’s Arabela Trefoil’s comment at Confluence Pelosi is now trying to convince Cheney and Bush to go into the hospital for minor […]

  231. myiq2xu

    The election was close. The super delegates elected Obama because the leadership of the DNC hated the Clintons. You can blame the Republicans for him getting that far, but not for the final results. Pelosi, Reid, and Dean didn’t want Hillary for President or VP.

  232. Hillary is the real winner – she put this woman on the ticket. I can hear the DNC gasping, the media whores will be screaming for her head. Has there ever been a bigger group of stupid power lusting people? They are clueless as to what they have done.

    Hillary is going to rebuild my former party. It’s just a shame they are too stupid to know in advance how bad they are going to lose and how many “leaders” are so tarnished – they are going to run out of Washington on a rail. They have no one but themselves to blame.

    Regency – you make my heart sing. While very young you demonstrate all the goodness – intelligence that make some young people so endearing to me. It has been really difficult to read what young BO supports say – so sad they are so skewer at an age when they should be on the right side of justice.

  233. Just hope Michelle from Hell isn’t trying on her tiara just yet.

    As for Hillary, like the wife who was replaced by the “trophy”, she is having a good giggle finding out the trophy has a serious case of flatulence!

  234. This was the year for a woman is US politics. This was Hillary’s year…her moment and ours. The DNC and media stole that from her and from us.
    You can’t blame McCain for seizing the opportunity the DNC threw away.

    Obama lacked the balls to put Hillary on his ticket. He deserves to lose as does the DNC.

    That said……she is a card carrying member of the NRA and abortion rights do matter.

    anyway, I think the election is over if the reactions I see here are prevalent. Game, set, match. McCain wins.

  235. She’s a gun toter and an intelligent beautiful woman. Wow! This secures my vote.

  236. I can’t stop laughing. This is so great!!!

    In your FACE DNC!!!

  237. Also, Palin is from Alaska. I think that will resonate in the mountain states that the DNC is so sure they will win this year.

    My song to the DNC: That ain’t no way to treat a lady, but maybe it’s a way for us to end…… (Go Helen Reddy!)

  238. WMCB-Women can be their own worst enemies sometimes. They don’t always see the Big Picture.

  239. It’s too bad Obama’s Clinton hatred clouded his judgment for Hillary as his VP.

  240. I am so enthusiastic about this mcCaine ticket. Obama will never be getting all the votes his team was counting on. He’s so yesterday’s news. Yipeeee!

  241. By the way, here’s another example of elitists’ scorn for the common folks. Beauty pageants are taken very seriously in many parts of America. It takes hard work and discipline to be part of the pageant world. It takes intelligence too.

    Go ahead, call Palin a “beauty pageant queen.” You will insult a lot of people.

  242. ZOMG:

    Jeralyn at TL:

    My first reaction to John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for VP: He just gave the election to Barack Obama.

    Does that woman even have a vagina?

  243. I am sitting here still saying DAMN HE PICKED A WOMAN!

  244. Why is Obama’s Campaign dismissive of Gov. Palin’s small town experience? Dissing like that: Dumb!

    We need the John Mellancamp song, “Small Town” playing right now.

  245. Hey everyone – new play above!

  246. LOL @ Pat. Loving you so, and glad to see your spirits a bit more energized with these latest events. Btw, how did that roast turn out? Sounded scrumptous.

  247. Palin is PERFECT. Strong, pro-environment YET pro oil drilling here (w/ props to protection of environment), STRONG mother w/ GREAT leadership, PRO life BUT THINKS IT IS NOT A GOVERNMENTAL ISSUE and has said IT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE….

    And for the record I am a RADICAL FEMINIST and I feel the SAME FUCKING WAY so to all you people trying to take the wind out of my sails today…

    GO AWAY!!

    John McCain and the Republicans just nailed the LAST nail in BO’s coffin, and for this I will vote a STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET THIS YEAR!!



  248. If you got to all the main internet sites, Obama is now an afterthought, the day after his BIG SPEECH at the Parthenon. Sarah Palin and McCain just knocked all the wind out of any press Obama was going to get.

    Hate to say this, but Republicans win because Democrats are just plain dumb at times.

  249. edwardian: I am cooking it tomorrow for company. Plan on serving plenty of finger food should I mess it up!

  250. Sarah Palin’s mayor experience trumps Obama’s ‘community organizer’ experience IMO.

  251. Barry is gonna have to get Michelle pregnant, fast.

    Obama will have a press conference today announcing that Michelle is going to give birth to a Snow Flake Baby.

  252. Who really are the powers-that-be behind Obama? Or should I say, who are those powerful elements who were so dead-set against Hillary and their media surrogates? GE and their govt. contracts; oil companies and their subsidies; industrial-military complex and their no-bid contracts; Insurance companies; banks. Hillary had already served them notice with her proposed policies on healthcare, eliminating no-bid contracts, capping the interest rates, etc.

    No wonder MSNBC is in a panic. I wish it were Hillary for the democrats. But now at least I suspect that the McCain-Palin ticket will be unpredictable. Perhaps McCain knows the hidden enemies after all and has been smart in navigating the path for him to the presidency. I have confidence in his love for this country.

  253. How Bittersweet.

    HRC will be fine…even if she never becomes President she is now more popular than ever. Every time she has campaigned she has won over more people by her sheer humanity and brilliant mind.

    Depending on how the election goes, won’t it be interesting how that vapid poll for most well liked woman in America turns out this time? In the past the wife of the President was always the winner…but maybe this year …. Sarah or Hillary anyone?

    Just sayin…

  254. DV-Jeralyn at TL has had some kind of conversion experience or something. Hillary has been erased from her mind. Weird.

  255. I think you people are disturbing. How many people actually care about the economy, the future of the United States, the dollar, the deficit, foreign relations, presidents going into office for more than personal gain but for making this country a better place to live? The US is losing power and respect day by day with our current administration and McCain will only continue the trend. Obama may not be the best person for the job but he will work unlike McCain who will challenge W for the most days off during the presidency. No matter who goes in office the US is on a downward trend from world power while transitioning to a country similar to one in europe, which is not bad, but at the pace we are headed toward we will be an extremely divided (financially and mentally) country that has it’s masses no better than a third world country.

  256. They are showing some old interviews with Palin on c-span. She’s so clean and articulate! ; )

  257. She used to play basketball in high school! I bet we won’t hear her bragging about every 3-pointer she made in her whole life, though.

  258. Indigo at 11:50 a.m. – good point. How Hillary must be feeling now. Throw up the 18 million cracks, someone else brings the glass ceiling down? We don’t know yet.

    I still say if we can get Barry to resign, she has a shot in ’08 (see my scenario above).

  259. jennifer-

    Then why not McKinney for President who is more a feminist than Palin? Just curious on your take.

  260. Arabella Trefoil, on August 29th, 2008 at 12:05 pm Said:
    By the way, here’s another example of elitists’ scorn for the common folks. Beauty pageants are taken very seriously in many parts of America. It takes hard work and discipline to be part of the pageant world. It takes intelligence too.

    Go ahead, call Palin a “beauty pageant queen.” You will insult a lot of people.

    The real factor is that Palin clearly isn’t some powder puff “airhead”. So trying to define her by her pageant days — when the woman has developed and earned experience in the executive world — would displease women, across the board.

  261. And with today’s Republican VP pick completely overshadowing and cancelling out any ‘bounce’ from Obambi’s speech last night, McCain starts on his inevitable path to the Oval Office.

    I, for one, am looking forward to celebrating the historic occasion of a woman vice president of the US. What an improvement over shotgun Cheney, eh? No matter what the party…

  262. Paul, both the Republicans and Democrats are to blame for America’s current status. And Obama isn’t the best person for the job; Hillary was.

  263. the Obama statement has completely ignored the fact that Palin is the Governor of Alaska. That “former mayor of a small town” is incredibly insulting. There next statement may read something like “While Obama was out working as a community organizer and writing another book about himself, the little lady Sarah Palin was at home making babies…”

  264. The Democrat leadership is conciously fearmongering on the abortion rights issue. Don’t forget, NO ONE in the last 8 years has made a big move to restrict our reproductive rights. Why? Because MOST Americans are ambivilent on abortion preferring it to be exactly what it is. A decision to be made by the woman and her chosen physician IN PRIVATE.
    It is not as if Howard Dean, Obama and Joe et all give a damn about the issue. Hell, they don’t even give a damn when the press tears into one of our own with the most disgusting mysoginy I have ever witnessed.
    I am still astonished that they just don’t get it.. But, they don’t . And they won’t. They have missed a hugh opportunity and have instead chosen to deminish 50% of the population. Woman.
    Now lets see how the Reps behave when Chris and Kieth et all start on Sarah Palin. I don’t think they’ll get to call her a b@#%^ or a C@#*& and get away with it.

  265. I love Hillary!!!!…and Gerry!!!

    Now I’m voting Republican for the first time in my life!!!

    Best Pick Ever for McCain!!!

    GOOOO Palin!!!

    And I will also defend her against the upcoming misogyny!!!

    This just made my day after a depressing week!!!

  266. Joan,

  267. New thread up…

  268. By the way, God Bless all the men who voted to put the 18 million cracks in the Glass Ceiling.

    Not the DNC allowed our votes to be counted in Florida, Michigan, or during the Roll Call at the Convention…

    I awoke with thought of the DNC handling of the nomination, delegate voting: A Travesty of Democracy.

  269. I can’t believe it…….Again……It’s Hillary got to do this ….It’s Hillary got to do that…..Again……..When is OBAMA going to be accountable for anything.

  270. Well Paul, thank yourself for this situation and all the Barky supporters. YOU DID THIS!

  271. I didn’t see it at the first time but it’s a brilliant pick. What are Dems going to say? Pahlin doesn’t have the experience to be VP? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    This guyshas it right on:

    The McCain campaign is hoping and praying that someone will say that Palin is unready for the job. “Please,” John McCain is praying right now AS I TYPE, “Let a Democrat say that an executive with 2 years of experience and no foreign policy expertise isn’t ready for the presidency. Oh pretty please. Because you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to take that soundbite, put it in an ad, slap Obama’s mug up there, and run it over and over and over again.”

    Because Palin has exactly as much experience as Obama–arguably more, since she’s an executive. The only difference is that she isn’t running for president.

    This is an interesting pick. It’s a play for white, female Democrats–and you’re always better off aiming at a constituency than “trying to win a state,” something that never happens.

  272. The Dem rulers are going to try to send our Hillary out into the world to bring an Obiden presidency back home to them. I hope she tells them she is way too tired & injured and needs 2 months of R&R.

  273. MSNBC is putting on a serious bashing.


  274. Come on up and read madamab’s new play!

  275. OMG, I can’t believe it! I’m laughing my a** off! I’ve been thinking for weeks that if McCain really wanted to cream Obama, he would pick Sarah Palin. She’s an attractive pick on so many levels, and I’m not talking about her face. She may be new to those of you on the East Coast, but she’s pretty well known here on the West Coast. I’ve long admired her, and partly because she’s tough like Hillary. When she played basketball, she was known as Sarah Barracuda. She had an attack dog like Biden when she ran and won, and she tore him a new one in debates. Like Hillary, she does her homework. She may not have been in her current office long, but she’s not going to embarrass McCain.

    And I don’t feel insulted at all that McCain is pandering to us. Unlike our own party and Odumby, he realizes that we are a valuable constituency. He’s been out actively courting us ever since Hillary left the race. Why do you think Hillary keeps appearing in his ads? And why he keeps complimenting her? And don’t forget that he really is against corruption, and I doubt it escapes him how his friend Hillary lost this campaign. He may be relieved that he doesn’t have to run against her. But friends care when a friend gets screwed over. The fact that he made this pick is telling us that he knows how important we are. When was the last time a democrat said that to us? We’ve been hearing all year that we aren’t important, that we should just get over it, that we should shut our mouths. It’s too bad that it’s going to take a republican to show the country that women are important. But the message is important, and I’m glad to see it. McCain has risen in my estimation. And here’s another benefit. We kept hearing that the fauxgressives weren’t against women, just Hillary. They’ve painted themselves into a corner. If they go after Hillary, they’ve shown the world what liars they are.

  276. the dims are saying no problem and thinking “dang, we have a problem”. duh, dims yes you do and we ladies and gentlemen in the puma brigade have long memories. what a shame jeralyn feels she has to write that stuff. i won’t be back till after the election.

  277. WMCB: I’m tired of women expected to be happy because they opened a door for another woman to get credit for her work.
    I am tired of women who work and work and see nothing for it.

    I’m angry at the democrats.

  278. CNN ticker leads with a charming piece called “Palin makes history” — for being the first Alaskan on a major ticket, of course, not for being the first woman-VP: that honor, CNN smugly points out, already went to Geraldine Ferraro. Oh and one more thing: did you know that the last VP nominee “with less than two years of experience in statewide or federal office” was Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s running mate?

    Subtext: this isn’t a big deal, folks; in fact, it could be a disastrous mistake. (The word “disaster” appears in the headline of the second story on today’s ticker, also about Palin.)

  279. I am at work so I can’t see how the event is coming off. Re Jeralyn. I realized that the only way I can not be a site violator at TalkLeft is if I only post on BTD or open threads. Riverdaughter, did you use your “quota” up today? LOL.

  280. jjmtacoma, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:58 am Said:

    “…We can thank Hillary (and Geraldine ) for creating this opportunity.”

    Err, and Walter Mondale, no?


  281. I may retract my very recent declaration “McCain Biden 08” and go with “McCain Palin 08.”

    Still reading on Sarah Palin. Any ‘big dirt’ or negatives yet?
    Repro rights of concern to me, but a blue House and Senate should cancel that out (and, if they can’t, it will be further evidence that they are as worthless as their anointed sock puppet).

    Looks like a very wise move by McCain.
    ZerObama’s veep announcement bump turned into a slump.
    This move might do the same to the expected convention bump.

    I’ve noticed a slight drift in tone by some PUMA sites and enthusiasts — spent hours yesterday rechecking my intuition. I’ve noticed occasional commentary that some attacks on Obama and the DNC are now thought to be passe or of not resonating enough, even though they are based on reality. This is not the time to back off. Save the internecine war for later. The ‘Taylor Marsh model’ doesn’t work.

    I know that it is a terrible feeling to sit out a party that you’ve waited eight years for. But, we were dis-invited, so hang tough. Right now, every miscreant in the DNC is thinking that they helped ‘bitch slap’** the clintons. These are not the people I want to rub elbows with.

    [** ‘bitch slap’: two words that I have never spoken or typed consecutively, and firmly believe should not be in our jargon — here, I am referring to what I believe the creeps are thinking or saying — you’ve heard it too, haven’t you?]

    Just so no one thinks I am a Republican troll or a Progressive with hurt feelings: ‘clincher … FISA vote … Fourth Amendment’ (big and bigger lists with links will be provided upon request).

  282. I’ll vote for anyone, ANYONE, with a vagina. And I like Palin too!!

  283. PS – Yes. He was a good man who was undone by Republican/media swiftboating.

  284. Salmonrising – Yes, I agree – Hill will be just fine; she’s already planning her next move. Someone on T.V. this morning said that it looked like Hillary Clinton did not break that glass ceiling and it will be Sarah Palin that does that; NO, NO, NO. It was Hillary that broke that ceiling 100%; Sarah wouldn’t even be a blip on the screen if it weren’t for Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  285. Pelosi must be having a shit-fit.

  286. Realist LOL maybe huh?

  287. madamab,

    Agree with what you say, but, specifically, he was the one who chose Ferraro, right?


  288. I suspect McCain just painted a few blue states red.

  289. PSV – Yes! Was not disputing that. 🙂

    Come up to the new thread!

  290. Sarah and her entire family, including infant and stay at husband, on FOX now. The all American family. Wow! Those stupid Dems.

  291. please tell me that you women are joking. you should be insulted that mccain chose a token candidate who isn’t even on the political radar, solely, to appeal to idiots like yourselves, who presumably supported hillary clinton – a candidate that is on the extreme opposite end of the issues as Palin.

    Did you listen to Hillary’s convention speech??? What do you think she meant by saying were you just in it “for me”? This is the biggest insult in the history of politics and you morons just took the bait. Congrats.

  292. McCant – you must not be reading here. McCain was already looking at Palin as far back as last February!!! Learn your facts before you spew your venom.

  293. mccant: Blame the democrats.

  294. madamab, on my way up to see your latest…


  295. I love how you people can criticize Black people for voting for Obama, and criticize people for voting for him simply because he’s a Democrat, but then you turn around and vote for whoever happens to be female, or whoever happens to not be Obama. If you supported Hillary AND her policies, you could never vote for McCain. EVER. Because he is working against everything Hillary ever worked for.

    “Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.”
    Bob Dylan

  296. Smart very smart ha my eye on her but frnakly wasn’t sure if McCain was brave enough but she is the right choice and if it is her he defintely has my vote I am familar with her reocrd. And it again highlights the same reason fraud Obama was always doomed it’s EASY to fight a Movement with a Movement Obama’s historic vs the Values movement is a good example so and now she is the NEW best thing Palin is above all HISTORIC even more so now after Hillary’s treatment and that’s historic for 54 percent of the electorate not 18 percent and while she is less experienced than Hillary in her short history of governance as Gov she has a record of accomplishment that had effected real CHANGE, taking on the Hard issues and fought off ethical and corrupting establishment in Alaska and is truly not form Washington, and she is ever bit a celebrity, every bit as pretty as Obama with just as interesting as a story for cable and she doesn’t have a closet full of daily machine radical skeletons.

    And make no mistake the dormant, one issue women’s movement of elitist liberal feminist of the Democratic Party Pac’s is over discarded and a real Women’s movement is alive and has raw power now that caught napping would have needed to wait until 12 if not for Palin a former beauty queen tough as nails as VP or the NEW best thing for now old stale Obama wonder if she can use the teleprompter.

  297. Indy

    I have had 5 children(one is deceased). That’s disgusting for them to call it an environmental issue. Where do they think they are? China? Furthermore, I’d pit my environmental footprint against theirs anyday. I don’t drive at all. For the most part I walk or use public transit(My husband however DOES drive). My average electric and water needs for my family of six clock in at about $200. I use thrift stores for clothing for me and my oldest two for over 75% of our clothing needs and consignment shops for the younger two. I garden and buy local for fruits and veggies when I can. We have a water barrel for watering the garden.

  298. This was a genius move by the GOP in my opinion.

  299. Hearing her speak bio. Sarah appeals to so many different groups – wow!

  300. Well, it looks like the He-Man Woman Haters Club isn’t too pleased this morning.

  301. I’m a McKinney supporter…

    But thank you John McCain! If Virginia is close and I have to vote for you instead of McKinney, well, you just made it a WHOLE lot easier.

  302. The most important thing about Palin (other than being a woman) is that this is a giant “poke in the eye” to the Republican party. McCain has been a reformer for years and battled his own party. He has found a soul mate in Palin. In two short years, she went up against her own party and started kicking them out and putting them in jail. There will be a lot said about her lack of experience but she she is “action” not just “talk”.

    She also has the “judgment” to go after Government corruption in her own party and the toughness to win.

    I’m excited …… it’s time to shake up all these parties and make it clear that we are taking this country back. No more “business as usual”. Can you imagine a Clinton/Palin battle in 2012? All I can say is ……… it’s about damn time.

  303. She’s even got a baby!

  304. Sarah’s speaking style will be such a refreshing change from Barry’s – she’s like, “No b.s. to me bub!”

  305. Former teacher and union member, a reformer, an outsider to Washington and a woman


  306. She seems down to earth and real! Not a messiah, just a real working mom. I love her already.

    That doesn’t mean McCain automatically gets my vote. It just means I’m open to learning more about her and McCain’s policies.

  307. Kibby, I wish it was Clinton/Palin ’08!

  308. I am a product of the 60’s; you can’t bring ’em back Hypocrisy. I, personally, will never vote for a Republican. But, I also feel that I cannot vote for the selected Dem candidate. I can’t forget what they did; after going through what we did with the Republicans in 2000 and 2004, I find my party is no better. But, I am to sit back and fall in line for the Chosen One?

    During these horrible times we are having, Hillary was a shoo-in for the Democratic Party, Do you ever question why the party did this? This was a time when the Democrats had to win … yet, for money, power and greed, they “chose” this candidate FOR us. And, you spew comments about the “times they are a changin?”

  309. I can understand why Obama supporters are blowing off a little steam.

    In a year that seemed like a no-can-lose for Democrats, I think the Republicans are about to win this election.

  310. Does anyone see things differently?

    Palin is a giant poke in the eye to ALL WOMEN.

    They serve up a woman who is totally anti-choice.
    “Pro-life” is anti choice, period.

    The Republicans say, sure, you want a woman, here’s a woman.
    But it’s on their terms, and sticking her anti-choice stance
    in there tells me that the men are still in charge of reproductive rights and they are still calling the shots.

    I am, however, happy about what this choice does do Obama.
    But tap dancing-I am not.

  311. Hypocrisy scared?

    You should be. Obama couldn’t put his ego on the backburner and put Hillary on the ticket. As far as I’m concerned he doesn’t have the right to utter her name as a reason to vote for him.

    I am proud and glad that McCain chose a woman. I’m glad because Obama thought he could coast through a primary on rigging it and identity politics. McCain just owned you and I am laughing because his narrative is just THAT much more compelling than Obama’s now.

    I sure hope Donna’s “new” coalition got their rest. It’s gonna be a loooooooong 2 months and I imagine the polls are going to get preeeeeeettty ugly. Sure am glad that I won’t have to be part of the three ring circus.

  312. For months now we’ve been hearing Obamanation tell women they had to vote for Teh Precious because they had nowhere else to go.

    McCain’s message to women:


  313. I’m amazed. McCain actually did it. He picked Sarah Palin. He is running more more shrewdly than Obamaphiles care to admit. They wave him away saying lame old grandpa, but they dismiss him at their peril. And screaming Bush==McCain will not work well with independents, undecideds, or anyone with a brain. McCain and Bush may be equally unpalatable to Democrats but they are not politically equivalent.

  314. The stupidity on this board is out of control. If you supported Hillary, there is absolutely no justification for voting for McCain – that is, if you are the least concerned with THE ISSUES.

    The women talking about setting an example for their daughters would do better by dropping them on their heads. Did you hear Obama pledge that he is for equal employment last night? Do you understand that Palenta is pro life? Are you familiar with the fact that employment discrimination lawsuits would be capped if the gop had its way?


  315. Just flashed across the screen on Fox: Obama camp disses Palin for coming from a small town. Are they insane?

  316. Why so many Obama supporters heckling her pageant days? Why? Were she and Barack pageant rivals? Heh.

  317. She’s thanking Geraldine and Hillary, acknowledging the 18 million cracks – wants to shatter the glass ceiling once and for all! Biggest applause yet!

  318. OMG:

    Official Democratic talking points:

    “She’s not experienced enough”

    WTF is wrong with those people?

  319. gxm

    waving hi to you

    I’m in Va also. I can’t believe I am considering a GOP ticket. The Democratic party is full of dolts though so I guess it’s time to shake things up.

  320. ABC interrupted here speech to bloviate

    Yeah, we would rather hear pretty-boy George S. talk than her

  321. OMG, OMG, OMG!

    Sarah Palin gives a shoutout to Geraldine and Hillary.

    Sarah vs. Hillary: 2012

    I cannot wait.

    Yeah, John. Brilliant.

  322. Oops!

    “her speech”

  323. Obama Biden
    Osama bin Laden

  324. Mccan’t

    Don’t give up the day job. Hillary won’t win this for Obama. He lost using her when he walked over her during the primary and then backed the bus over her to pick Biden.

    Better work on your repetoire. It’s looking rather tired and Palin just gave McCain the bump that Obama didn’t get from Biden, I’m betting.

    Bwahahahahahahahaha. It may not be Christian but I’m loving the comeuppance that Team Obama is going to get.

  325. That is totally sexist to diss her for being in a pageant. Everyone bringing that up as a slam on her should be ashamed. It doesn’t help whatever your cause may be.

  326. Whoo-hoo! I am thrilled!

    Thank you, thank you Hillary. We will wait for you, but in the meantime your grace and fortitude have accomplished what Obama and the DNC refused to allow to happen. This would never have happened if not for you!!!!!

  327. Btw, wasn’t McCain VP pick more surprising and better kept under wraps?

  328. I’m in VA, too. Hi! It will be close here so get used to that idea.

  329. edwardian

    Why so many Obama supporters heckling her pageant days? Why? Were she and Barack pageant rivals?


  330. robert, on August 29th, 2008 at 12:48 pm Said:
    Obama Biden
    Osama bin Laden

    This is absolutely uncalled for and The Confluence is the wrong blog for such postings.

  331. Wow, hopefully robert doesn’t speak for the group.

    All of the arguments deployed against Obama’s thin resume apply to Palin ten fold, I’m a little confused by the adulation over an unknown quantity. Would someone care to elaborate the cause of this or can it be chalked up to an early enchanment with identity politics?

  332. mccant, thanks for adding to the stupidity. it’s stupid of you to think that hurling your stupid assumptions and insults will have any benefit. how about you go read something on confict management or negotiating, or something on democracy, or anything for that matter. i am really sick of jerks like you.

  333. Andrea talking about all the battleground states where she could do well, how it could change the dynamics of the election, the batttleground map. Chuck’s response? Hillary will be drafted to go after Palin. MSM makes me sick, it is always Hillary that has to do it, never BO.

  334. Issues? IMO it’s a huge issue when a candidate with no experience is running for President. That is THE issue. And that fact that he took credit for other people’s hard work is yet ANOTHER issue. Who’s he gonna crib from if he’s elected President?

    And then there’s the survey that revealed that Obama pays his female staff LESS than McCain. How can you trust that Obama is for equal employment when he doesn’t walk it like he talks it? Answer: You can’t!

    So stop believing the Obamaganda and do some actual research on the candidate before you begin throwing insults at those who don’t support him.

  335. ok charles, heading over to your blog.

    the bear will have to wait, tho.

  336. Random thoughts
    Sarah Palin just thanked Gerry and Hillary. What class.
    I am crying because it should have been Hillary and the dumbass dnc was too stupid to see it.
    Can you see meechele’s face today?
    backtrack was so dumb today to start dissing Gov Palin for being small town and inexperienced.
    They get more stupid everday.
    I will have even less problem voting republican for the first time in my life.
    I think I will see a women in the vice president’s office and maybe if I live long enough the president’s office.
    We did make a difference and this is just the start.



  337. Yes, Charles, I’d don’t like the polar bear hunting or the aerial wold shooting. Or the drilling in ANWR. So that’s tough for me.

  338. wolf

  339. Hillary would never tear down another woman. Palin made a great shout out to her. She may go after her on policy but she won’t savage her.

    it would serve the Obama ampaign right if Hillary was suddenly unavailable.

  340. This was a brilliant choice and will re-confirm McCain’s status as a Maverick whether true or not. Perception is everything. This was a risky but hugely bold pick on McCain’s part.

    If Palin is attacked as she has started to be attacked on various boards by Dems (they just cannot seem to help themselves this tone deaf idiots) unfairly as HRC was attacked by the Media and many Dems, you will see just how fast the Republican Party itself will come out fast and fierce to her defense unlike the Dem Party who stood by and watched while HRC was bloodied by the Media not only for being a Clinton but sexism has been well-documented.

    And, the Dem Party did not do a damned thing to stop it. Not until May 31st when Dumb Dean opened his mouth about it and then only in a very tepid manner.

    When this happens and the Republican Party comes out to defend Palin against sexist (or not) attacks, the contrast of the do nothing Dem Party when it came to the vicious attacks on HRC will speak very loudly. That contrast alone will be so loud, the noise will be almost deafening. I can see the outcries now: the Republicans don’t stand by while the women of their Party are viciously attacked unlike the Democratic Party which sat still and did nothing to stop the vicious sexist attacks on a good, loyal and brilliant Democratic woman, HRC. Dems don’t put their money where their big mouths are. I can see it now.

    Stoopid Dem Party for treating HRC with so much disdain and dismissiveness but expecting her to pull her considerable gravitas when it came to supporting the Precious.

    I am a Clinton (HRC) Dem until I die, but I am proud today as a woman, regardless of political philosophy because of McCain’s pick of Palin.

  341. She thanked Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton and mentioned the “Suffrage Movement” almost 88 years to the day! She also mentioned 18 Million cracks on the ceiling left by Hillary Clinton and said that ceiling can be broken!

    John McCain was serious when he met with PUMA and said he heard them and he certainly did and kept his word. DEMOCRATS ARE IN A PANIC!




  342. I’d have had to hold my nose to vote for him if he’d picked the ghastly Romney, but Palin was a brilliant choice.

    McCain ’08
    Clinton ’12

  343. I am writing an email to Hillary asking her not to be Obama’s attack dog against Sara Palin. Please join me.

  344. Joan

    Gasp and during her pagaent days I bet she showed cleavage. Sometimes I wonder if the media ought to just go ahead and admit they’d be happy as clams if we all had to don burkhas to hide our womanliness from their eyes. It’s absurd to condemn someone for their looks(and last I heard pagaents at least tried to push past looks to views and offered opportunity in the form of scholarships).



  346. taw46, Obama doesn’t seem to do anything for himself. It’s bizarre. I really hope the Clintons opt out for the rest of the election. Enough already. Don’t the Dems realize how insulting it is to expect Hillary to do BO’s job for him?

  347. Shay, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:47 am Said:
    As an Alaskan resident and a mostly-Libertarian…

    Being anti-choice and in favor of the government controlling who gets married is about as far away from libertarianism as you can get. This is, in fact, what makes the Repubs the anit-conservative party.

    To think that this no-resume woman could be some sort of subsitute for HRC and her real fighting spirit is a complete joke.

  348. Brilliant!!

    McCain is a true Maverick!

    McCain/Palin and America 2008!

    Hillary and America 2012!

    Suck it Obamabots!

  349. What’s truly telling is that the Obama camp (and his supporters) still don’t get it. The fact that McCain’s camp has shown (despite the obvious agenda to woo disaffected Hill voters) MORE respect towards the Senator from New York than Obama and his clan is quite a sad turn of affairs. And, again, what’s worse is they STILL DON’T GET IT!

    Btw – please can the whole “Blacks who support Barack” meme, ’cause clearly I never received that memo – thank the good Lord!

  350. Good article on Charles’ blog about Palin.

    (couldn’t log in to comment, sorry CL and thank you)

  351. Nathan

    Whatssa matter? Jealous? Obama coasted through the primary by rigging it and being vague. He’s the one who thought he could coast through on identity politics. Throughout the campaign I asked for issues. I got told to shut up when I told folks that I didn’t see a way the Obama health care plan led to universal care. I got told to be quiet when I said voting present wasn’t good enough. I got told to pie down when I said that he’d better not let ego stand in the way of picking the VP that 18 million people approved of.

    Your side wanted to play identity politics. Since at the end of the day that’s what your side ran on don’t whine to us that it’s not fair that the GOP owned you on it. Good luck with that “new’ coalition.

  352. myiq2xu: Nowhere else to go…oh they are gonna choke on that.

  353. Paul, on August 29th, 2008 at 12:10 pm Said:

    “Obama may not be the best person for the job…”

    You should’ve stopped there, Paul.

    “but he will work”

    Oh? Like he worked for the women and children freezing to death in Tony Rezko’s slum? Like he worked for the people of his state senate district by setting a record for voting “present”? Like he worked for all the people of Illinois, honoring his promise not to run for POTUS in 2008.
    Like he worked to heal the Democratic party he so cavalierly destroyed?

    I could go on forever. But you get my drift.

  354. After the way Sarah acknowledged Hillary’s candidacy, I really don’t see Hillary willing to do anything which would seem to demean the woman herself. I’m so sick of even talking about this sad pack of rats. I recognize NONE of ‘EM.

  355. I have to admit, I was pretty happy when I heard Palin get out there and speak. She’s a tough gal and she tipped her hat to Hillary and Gerry.
    Years ago, I heard someone say that the first woman President would be a GOP woman. I believe it.
    The Democratic Party has rejected Hillary and considers her DONE.

    How about Clinton/Palin or vice versa in 2012???

    And who wasn’t impressed by the McCain spokesperson afterwards talking about her foreign policy experience…the geo-politics of Alaska and energy…

    No experience?? 146 days in the Senate…mostly not there…Obama
    Palin…worked her way up and a gov.


  356. um watlz you didn’t really answer anything i think your post could have been “neiner neiner neiner” with a little dose of “why doesn’t anyone listen to me.” In other words “everything we said about Obama only applies to him and not others even though the rationale is identical.” I was asking a legitimate question about the justification for Palin’s support in policy terms your response, I can’t believe how losers and Obama fan boys on the internet treated me. Very mature response.

  357. Check with kos again and saw this lovely post:

    mccain picked a vagina , Cuntry First!


    post by Jimmy Crackcorn

  358. This is a swindle. A woman who isn’t ready to serve will set women back a generation, at least. I am truly sickened that you are all crowing about a Clinton/Palin contest in four years. We don’t have four years. You feel no responsibility to stand up against the ignorance that is being aimed at Obama, but are content to capitilize on it to fulfill your truly narrow agenda (which will result in this country rewarding the failure of the Bush years with ANOTHER TERM). The rational must outweigh the irrational in this election or we’re lost. You terrify me. Poke in the eye? She’s an anti-choice mommy first. She’s squarely where the backward think women belong, RIGHT WHERE MEN WANT THEM TO BE, useful pawns. So now it’s useful to run a woman for VP, “let’s go find one.” Give me a break.

  359. Obama actually dissed Palin’s experience? Pot meets kettle. LOL.

  360. Chuck Shumer for the win: “Sarah Palin is a great person.”

    Fail, Chuck, you were supposed to say, “You’re likeable enough, Sarah.”

    You also didn’t add, “It’s wrong to put such an inexperienced…woman…on the ticket. If you’re going to put someone with no experience on, they need to have the most important qualification of them all.” Using the word “peepee” would be optional.

    Dear David Axlerod, Remember that time when you tried to out Rove Rove? How’d that work out? If you’re having trouble reading the note he sent with the little horsey, I believe it says “C-H-E-C-K-M-A-T-E.”

  361. Nathan

    I’m glad the neiner neiner neiner came off because that’s exactly what the Obama campaign deserves. They’ve done nothing other than offer vague emptiness so why bother countering it with substance that they can’t or won’t understand.

    Banana Republic Barack is going to get exactly what he, Nancy and Dean deserve come Novenber and McCain pretty much just signed, sealed and delivered it.

  362. Schumer

  363. ugsome

    Isn’t it sweet?

    I am LOVING McCain for this choice.

  364. I find it hilarious that Obama camp says Palin is too inexperienced for the 2nd place position, while claiming Obama is experienced enough for the top position. It’s silly.

  365. My initial/gut reaction when I heard, yippeeeeee!!! A woman will be vice president.

  366. McCain is out of his mind. Palin is the most grossly underqualified VP candidate I have ever heard of.

    She has only two years of statewide political experience, in a state that bears little resemblance to the rest of the country. Before that, she was mayor of a town of 7,000.

    She has literally no foreign policy experience. None. Zero.

    McCain is 72 years old, and has recurrent cancer. His odds of surviving through the White House without becoming mentally crippled are less than 50%. Palin for VP means that, if McCain is elected, odds are that leadership of thefree world will be handed to someone with absolutely no qualifications.

    All because he thinks he can manipulate us into voting for him by picking a woman? Madness. Complete madness.

  367. “A woman who isn’t ready to serve will set women back a generation, at least”

    You already killed irony, really ,continuing to stab him when he’s cold on the ground and rigor has set in is a real waste of time.

  368. I hope this announcement rattles the Pelosi crowd a bit.

  369. Saw Sarah at her first rally; she’s kicking butt and taking names.

    Watch the big orange cheeto turn green with rage.

  370. Not only hilarious ocencitygirl and it certainly is that but hubristic, hypocritical, and just plain ole dumb. And, oh, the irony of such a tone deaf comment from the Obama camp. They must have removed all the mirrors in that camp.

  371. “She has only two years of statewide political experience”


  372. “signed, se–”

    “RE-TURN to sender, address unknown…..”

    Everybody sing!!!!!!!

  373. hahaha – james clyburn is pissed. poor baby. he also trashes geraldine ferraro… after trashing al gore yesterday for falsely claiming gore started the willie horton attack on dukakis. lying sack of shit.


    Speaking on a South Carolina radio station, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn likened the choice of Palin to Walter Mondale’s choice of Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and George H.W. Bush’s pick of Dan Quayle in 1988. Both picks — relatively unknown political figures at the time — generated initial excitement but were ultimately deemed poor choices by many political observers.

    “I think (her selection) would be something similar to Dan Quayle — Dan Quayle proved to be sort of an embarrassment as a campaigner, being thrust on a national stage like that could be very tough,” Clyburn said. “Now Mondale tried to shake things up by going with Geraldine Ferraro, she proved to be a disaster as a running mate. And as a campaigner, she was absolutely awful.”

  374. Charles:

    You wrote on your blog something I totally agree with: McCain managed his VP pick much much better. No txt msg hoopla, no 3 am provocation.

    Moreover, the timing was unbelievable. He just took the Dem convention out of the news, even I have the feeling Obama’s speech was weeks ago. Add the choice itself to the mix.

    This was strategically brilliant.

  375. Checkmate, McCain. Brilliant.

    Dems had their chance.

  376. HillBlazer,

    are you kidding me with this?

    Palin is the most grossly underqualified VP candidate I have ever heard of.
    She has only two years of statewide political experience, in a state that bears little resemblance to the rest of the country. Before that, she was mayor of a town of 7,000.

    Do you get your own joke?

  377. If I weren’t afraid touching you would forever contaminate me and cause my skin to peel off, I would kiss you, Karl! Keep it up Dems, just dust off teh old scripts and go Wild! (No, not Girls Gone Wild!)

    “james clyburn is pissed”

    *gasps* The great Clinton supporter? NO!

  378. Yes, Hillblazer, and who can we look to for all of this madness happening? Why, it’s the DNC of course. None of this had to be happening. Hillary, without campaigning, is still ahead of McCain in the polls. I continually ask myself every day “Why, Why, Why?” Why are we left with NO CHOICE??

  379. 25 points for the first member of Congress to use either “girl germs,” “girl cooties,” or “nasty ladyparts.”

  380. I am THRILLED! BO just lost the election. I couldn’t be happier…well, I could be happier if HILLARY would be BO’s VP (even happier if she was the Prez candidate), but we all know he’s too stupid to make that happen.


  381. Sorry – I didn’t leave a space between “See” and Uppity’s http, but here’s the link to find out more on Palin:


  382. SARAH PALIN, YOU’RE NO HILLARY CLINTON! John McCain is really pathetic — scared to lose, he got a Dan Quayle-like bimbo. Obama-Biden will mop the floor with this ticket. McCain-Palin is a pathetic cosmetic alliance devoid of structural integrity.

    Shame on you for insulting the intelligenceof the American women. Shame!

  383. McCain didn’t need to pick someone with foreign policy experience… And making the argument that selecting a VP with “no qualifications” is somehow worse than selecting a President with no qualifications is ever so slightly illogical.

  384. Mr. Palin will provide some eye candy, at the very least.

  385. Shame on you Jenna for calling a successful female politician a “bimbo.” Now THAT is an insult to the intelligence of American women.

  386. I am stunned. I got goosebumps when I heard Palin was the pick. Who ever thought that McCain’s pick would be so much more progressive than Obama’s “same old” pick.

    This is a brilliant, stunning choice. Obama’s camp has to be spinning.

    MSM is already saying this will make NO difference to Hillary’s supporters. They are clueless!!!

  387. I think it is a smart move. McCain made good on BO’s promises to bring in someone who stands for what they believe and is not a Washington insider.

    She is fresh, she has administrative experience, she fought corruption, and when faced with the hard personal decision about her newborn son, she stayed true to her beliefs. I respect that.

    It is something that BO has not done. It makes BO look like the opportunist he is. BO stands for nothing! His speech is being praised because he has echoed Hillary. He has no clue about how to lead this country.

    NObana, NOvember

  388. The obot vampires are on a rampage on the newsmedia sites. Trashing Palin all like they did Hillary!!! They are just furious!!

    Some of the folks posting comments are saying they are Hillary supporters (maybe BOTS in disguise) saying that this pick is an insult to women and an insult to Hillary.

    Amazing, the Dem. Party Leadership insulted Hillary in ways that were unbelievable but we are suppose to just vote NObama.

    Ferraro has a supportive live Telephone Interview on Fox…it was good and to the point. Ferraro talked about how sexist the media was and how badly they treated Hillary. Ferraro mentioned that she expected McCain would have probably picked a woman if Hillary had been on the ticket. Then Hillary isn’t on the ticket and McCain still goes ahead and picks a woman.

    First woman VP ever on the Republican Ticket. This is truely a HISTORIC YEAR for women.
    WOW!!!!! Hillary in 2012

    PUMAs Rule08

  389. I have no doubt that John McCain let Hillary know who his VP pick was before it went public. He and Hillary are friends and he respects her.

    Just thought you’d like to see what the Obots at DK have already started saying about Palin:

    ” I’m sure America is ready to have the person a heartbeat away from the presidency have a 4 month old Downs syndrome infant. There are also other young kids. And, no I don’t think mothers shouldn’t be veeps but c’mon anybody who knows about developmentally disabled kids knows the amount of early intervention needed.”
    by fnb on Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 05:21:36 AM PDT

    The garbage has already started and it won’t be limited to Sarah Palin’s sex, age, experience, looks, or wardrobe. No…. her kids are fodder too. Sad and sick.

  390. I really think McCain made a triple play.

    Energized his own base, reached out to Clinton fans, and showed how (Palin, Jindal) to revitalize a Republican party hitherto languishing under Bushie leadership.

  391. Right ON Trecy….you said it!!!

  392. Cyn NY,

    Yes indeed. I just heard a lady, AB Stoddard, on Fox say that Palin wouldn’t pull in any Hillary supporters. Are they REALLY this ignorant? Good grief.

  393. Hey Jana…. your ignorance is astounding!

  394. Q. Will the MSM (especially MSNBC ) savage Gov. Sarah Palin the way they savaged Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton?

    FYI – Gov. Palin has a degree in journalism with a minor in poli. sci. Wonder if she could critique them based on her Journalism training, although things have changed in the 20 years since she graduated in terms of news coverage and delivery. I hope she gives them hell.

  395. Well, CarlyinNJ, that only goes to prove, once and for all, that it wasn’t the GOP who were so conveniently blamed when the Obots trashed Hillary. Not that we didn’t already know that, but it’s nice to be proved right.

  396. kjmontana, I bet that McCain called Hillary the minute he got off the stage. lol And I bet she laughed out loud, too.

  397. Vickie, we should be used to MSM by now. Never underestimate the power of a woman. 🙂

  398. Clyburn, hm is that the same Clyburn who led the charge of cyborg racist lemmings over the cliff….the one that keeps writing the best campaign ads McCain coud ask for? Hm hm hm Clyburn just keeps gi ving and giving, Spike could take lessons from him, trained by Brazilenut? Guided into the ground.

    You just can’t makeup how really stupid my former party is and how unqualified their “selected” “One” is. Is it possible he is getting worse as time goes by?

  399. “he got a Dan Quayle-like bimbo”

    Mmmm, I love Obots!!!! Thank you, I knew I didn’t underestimate you. Please do keep it up, it’s not necessary but it makes it so much more fun!

  400. McCain’s choice of Palin is no more and no less a strategic and pandering decision than Obama’s choice of Biden. McCain wants to cash in on anger over Hillary’s treatment. Obama wants to placate folks who think he’s weak on foreign policy. Vice-Presidents are rarely chosen because they will make a great president; they are chosen because they bring something to the table that might help the pres. candidate get elected.

    In her speech this morning Palin gave a big shout out to both Ferraro and Clinton. Already the republican ticket has shown more respect to Dem. women than our own party.

    Yes, Palin is anti-choice; any Rep. candidate was going to be. She is a member of Feminist for Choice. So, she is not afraid to call herself a feminist. How refreshing.

    Right now I do not see any good way for Obama to negatively frame this choice. And god help him if he doesn’t rein in the misogyny and sexism.

  401. Palin is adamantly pro-life and pro-drilling in ANWR. I won’t vote for her. YMMV.

  402. I live in a blue state so who cares how I vote, but I have to say I am going to REALLY enjoy voting against the Dems.. The sexism has already started over at certain liberal sites.

    Even better, the Obama campaign slimed small town America again by criticizing that she comes from a small town.

  403. Pandering.

    I see the hand of Rove, picking Palin for her genitalia.

    Just makes me feel revulsion toward McCain, actually.

  404. Dang, this work-thing is really getting in the way of my blogging! I’ve been dying to get on here and discuss the VP pick. I listened to the announcement on NPR (which I have boycotted since I was insulted by the local president for objecting to their Hillary hate). Linda Weurthiemer was so stupid: “I just don’t understand this pick. I mean, what does she possibly bring to the ticket?” When someone suggested it might appeal to disaffected women, she dismissed that citing Hillary’s speech this week and that “brought them all into the fold.” WHAT are these people smoking? They get paid for this?

    Anyway, after listening to the presentation of both McCain and Palin, the framing is brilliant: “Reform, mavericks, proven fighters against special interests, public service that is FOR THE PEOPLE, Union affiliations, & historic (88th anniversary with a shout out to Gerry & Hillary).” I loved that she mentioned the “old boys network”–a clear dog whistle to women everywhere.
    They are basically stealing Obama’s message of change, and they both have actual records of bipartisan reform, instead of talk talk talk about it.

    This is going to be very interesting. The Obama campaign response was also typically very condescending re: her service as “mayor of a town of 9,000.” Yea, like Obama, the actual presidential candidate has so much to brag about.

  405. Wow, Jim Clyburn just said she would be disaster as a running mate like Ferraro was???
    After slamming Bill Clinton for suggesting Obama, like Jesse Jackson, might’ve won the S.Carolina primary but that didnt mean he would win the nomination?

    Hypocrisy much?

  406. I’m THRILLED today with McCain’s pick. Politically, it’s a fabulous choice:
    (A) he’s moved away the dialogue and the excitement from Obama’s speech last night already
    (B) panders to us: PUMAs and Hillary supporters whose primary motivation is disgust with the DNC (not because Hillary’s not the nominee, but they’re horrified at the misogyny of the Obama campaign and of the DNC)
    (C) Sarah is a great answer to all those who called themselves too ‘post-feminist’, too ‘kewl’ to vote for “the shrill, shrieking bi*** Hillary Clinton” – e.g. the women at Slate’s XX Factor and others. For all these people, Sarah’s bio is picture perfect: she’s is a basketball state champion and a former beauty queen, she’s tough as nails and also a mother of five.

  407. You said it gxm….
    The obots are “equal opportunity facists”…they spew their venom everywhere and on anyone that disagrees with them!!!
    They need serious psycotherapy and 5 years in intensive training in
    “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”

    Obots have lost this Election for NOBoma/NOBiden!!

  408. caseyOR

    The Obama TEAM can’t help it. They could avoid sexism if they could recognize it. Unfortunately, you have folks like Pelosi who insisted there was no sexism whatsoever this primary cycle. That, if anything, should prove to you they don’t even know what it is. How do you rein in misogyny and sexism when you can’t even recognize it? You can’t. Obama is gonna lose. I say good. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

  409. The criticisms that this is JUST about her being a woman are narrow-minded. They are ideologically quite similar, and are both known for taking on special interests. Being a woman is a brilliant strategic move. I think it says what kind of president McCain would be. At least he’s got guts and will make a risky choice if his instincts tell him it’s wise. Obama has no core. His pandering is empty and forced. With McCain, it feels like he is listening and reaching out. I have never felt that from BO.

  410. Adam

    Obama was for FISA before he was against it. Are you so certain that Obama won’t bomb Iran if politically convenient? I’m not.

    Hey it was Obama that made this about identity politics. Don’t blame the GOP for playing the game better.

  411. Governess

    We don’t have the option of voting for HRC, Obama made sure of that.

  412. CWaltz,

    Obama and the everyone who voted in the Democratic primaries made sure of that.

  413. Palin may have five kids and one of them needing special help. But wait, she has an actual husband. Think about it. One of those guys who steps up and takes on his full share of the duties of their familiy. And right now, he’ll be able to do most of it while SHE gets on with what she is really good at. What a concept!!!So all you pathetic obamabots who are worrying about her puttiing the baby down to go help with that 3 am call…don’t.. She is one woman who can do it all and then some. She makes Michelle Obama look like the spoiled ,over indulged, self obsessed pouty princess she is. On top of that, Palin has more experience in governance than Obama has. Lets face it If any obamabot ran for POTUS she/he would have only ONE YEAR less experience in national politics than Obama himself. Yeah, Obama had better get himself a dawg. A big DAWG cause he is going to need one.

  414. The misogynistic comments on MSNBC have already started, is that any surprise? Thank you John McCain, you have my vote!!

  415. Mr Burns

    And obviously YOU are the argument against procreation. Heh

  416. Governess

    No, only Obama chose to ignore her for VP.Furthermore, 18 million voted for her in the primaries so don’t even blame it on the primaries.

  417. Well, I’m actually not voting for Obama. I’m one of those guys who throws away my votes on third-party candidates. I’m just baffled by the logic that I see here. But…no, I don’t think that Obama would bomb Iran, the people with whom he has surrounded himself (with the notable exceptions of Madeline Albright and, ironically, Biden) are pure diplomacy minds. Any candidate invested in shoring up our relations with other major global powers is not in a position to consider pre-emptive military strikes, the only people who can afford to do that (at least on their own mental ledger) are those who ascribe to a Project for New American Century global [i]Realpolitik[/i] paradigm of what the 21st century ought to look like.

    Also, I’m having serious trouble with the whole “Obama did X,” or “McCain did X,” talk in this thread. Obama, as an existent individual, has done very little, it is the assembled machine of modern American media politics that turned these conversations in the direction of identity. And you all are feeding upon these debates, regurgitating them, and thereby feeding into them; all along ensuring that global political issues get short schrift in the lieu of arguing about who got “screwed” by “the man.”

  418. Would someone care to elaborate the cause of this or can it be chalked up to an early enchanment with identity politics?

    Ah Nathan,Nathan you wouldn’t be the same Nathan who posed the same question about HRC on together4us ,could you?

    Its ok for all of us here to celebrate a little. Its bittersweet. Bitter because the best qualified candidate is not even in the race. And yeah she happened to be a woman and so faced incredible sexism and misogyny and she did it with tenacity.

    Sweet because FINALLY maybe politicans on both sides of the fence will realize that women – you know those pesky, shrews, I mean,Nathan – are a force to be reckoned with. and acknowledged. Not patted on the head and called”sweetie” or told that we are”likeable enough”

  419. First MSNBC pundits were in shock, stumbling around. Now they have regrouped, and pulled out their Hillary playbook. Now have started with the misogynistic attacks.

  420. Adam Arola, on August 29th, 2008 at 1:51 pm Said:
    “You’d rather have a female VP and bomb the hell out of Iran than vote for Obama?”

    If Sarah Palin is qualified, which it appears she is, her gender is irrelevant to me. And she is certainly a better choice than Joe “Let’s put Clarence Thomas on the Court and help out the credit card companies” Biden. She has executive experience – and those who think governing small towns and western states is easy should think again. It appears that she has MORE experience than Obama himself. (And please don’t give me that he was a “community organizer” line. What the does a “community organizer” do anyway?)

    As far as bombing Iran, I don’t believe McCain would do that. Sorry. He was a military man and he knows what is going on. Our military is stretched to the limit now. I just don’t buy what you’re selling.

    But I DO know that Obama said in his speech last night that he would GO INTO PAKISTAN unilaterally, without permission from their government. Read again: Obama would send our troops into a nuclear-armed country with an unstable government. How stupid is that?

  421. adam,

    this thread is no place for facts or reason

    there’s the door

  422. montano:

    let’s not forget Obama also built a national campaign.

  423. Adam Arola – boy are you dense – I bet you have a lot of trouble dealing with reality. We truly can’t help yeah. Move on? Find your level elsewhere.

  424. I would post the video of McCain singing “Bomb Iran” if I could embed YouTube videos, but alas, I’m a bit of a luddite.

    Re: Pakistan. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. The political situation in Pakistan is insanely tumultuous. I have heard from specialists–meaning, friends in the foreign service working in Central Asia–on the matter that even the Musharraf government would love to have the U.S. engage in unilateral attacks in the Northwest provinces, but they can’t say so for fear of the repercussions from the Wahabi and other fundamentalist elements in their country. I’d rather that didn’t happen, but the situation is not even comparable. There is little or nothing analogous about attacking Iran and chasing Taleban fighters into the Tora Bora region, in which national divisions are lines on Western maps and little more.

    Also, what does “qualified” mean? Have you considered this at all? I think someone who has strong reasoning skills and the ability to make intelligent and well informed decisions while under pressure is significantly more qualified than someone who has had a job for 30 years but isn’t particularly good at it. And again–please read–I’m not advocating for Obama, I’m encouraging using the part of your brain that thinks things through.

  425. Thanks Boo, I am a notorious, ill-informed, out of touch, jackass. Clearly.

  426. An earlier commenter said “When the misogyny starts…”

    It has already started. I’ve put together an impressive list of quotes from Cheetoland, including…

    “Anybody for muff-diving ??? Third favorite indoor sport for Alaskans. Its winter.”

    “check off the MILF box…”

    “She probably had her lips Lipoed !”

    There’s a whole lot more on my site…

  427. on the matter that even the Musharraf government would love to have the U.S. engage in unilateral attacks in the Northwest provinces, but they can’t say so for fear of the repercussions from the Wahabi and other fundamentalist elements in their countr

    Adam whatver,

    Musharraf is no longer the President ergo there is no “Musharraf government”
    Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

  428. Seems like most of the people on this thread are sexist pigs who never had an ounce of respect for Hillary-the-person and the issues she cares about. Hillary supports Obama. If you actually respected her, so would you.

  429. I just watched MC CAIN introduce his Running Mate. PALIN was a wise choice. I am a Democrat who promised to donate twice the amount of money to MC CAIN then I donated to HILLARY, if obama was the democrat nominee. My wife tells me we now have to triple the donation.
    GO MC CAIN & PALIN. Nobama.

  430. Boy, does mccant give himself away.

    “please tell me that you women are joking.” You women. You dumb broads. You stupid little c*nts. Stop thinking you have “brains” and suck me. I’ll slap you until you do it my way.

    Keep it up. At this rate we’re never coming back.

  431. I’m supposed to be sexist because I liked Obama’s policies and positions better than Clinton’s, but somehow it’s not sexist to support Clinton’s exact opposite simply because of her gender? WTF?

  432. I liked Obama’s policies and positions better than Clinton’s,

    And what were those? Pray tell.

  433. “And what were those? Pray tell.”

    Didn’t you watch his speech last night? There were about 15 minutes in the middle where he summarized the detailed proposals on his web site. Surely you don’t expect me to cut and paste all that into this little comment box. Go read! Or watch! Or listen. Educate yourself.

  434. A lot of the women commenting on this thread seem to be just sore losers. The kind of sore loser who loses fair and square and accuses her opponent of cheating. The kind of sore loser who accuses Obama of being a ‘mysogynist’, because, … well I haven’t sorted out the reasoning on that one yet. Presumably because Hillary’s a woman and he beat her, figuratively. Perhaps there’s some sort of psycho linguistic connection being made between two different senses of the word “beat”.

    I saw some of you batshit Hillary supporters on TV this week, and it seems like a lot of you throw around the same kind of rhetoric used by rational people when they speak of the theft of 2000. There’s a big difference between Gore losing in 2000 and Hillary’s current loss, though, ladies: in the former case, votes did not determine the outcome.

    If you think McCain is an acceptable alternative in lieu of Hillary, you are either an ignorant asshole or you’re just plain stupid. Either way, you ought to have enough sense to shut the hell up.

  435. Or to put it another way, voting for a woman without regard to her positions on the issues is every bit as sexist as voting against a woman without regard to her positions on the issues.

  436. Rabo,
    You confuse me.

    If your only reference is Obama’s speech of last night: how did you decide to vote for him before he made the speech? Because that is the first time in a year that he moved away from hope -change to specifics. And of course the specifics were what Hillary was talking about all through the primary ( See Heidi Li’s post on the speech)

    Granted it may seem bizarre that once -democratic women are happy about a Republican pro-life pick for VP but who started the craziness? Not us – blame the DNC. Blame the Obama supporters who injected ad hominem attacks into every attempt to have a debate,This is a case of the lesser of 2 evils

  437. Runa –

    I see I got an answer to my previous question, at least in your case: I see that you can more or less form sentences, so extreme stupidity is probably not your problem, but rather ignorance. Lucky you! There’s a cure for that one.

  438. Runa,

    You confuse me.

    Check the Issues section of Obama’s web site. That section of the web site didn’t go up overnight. I didn’t learn anything new about Obama’s policies in last night’s speech, although it was more specific than he’s been in previous speeches. Fortunately, speeches aren’t my only source of information. Hillary was good. I agree with her on a lot of issues. I agree with Obama on more issues. Like me, Hillary now supports Obama.

    Please explain to me how exactly McCain is the lesser of the two evils. But be warned, if you reference gender and not specific issues, I may accuse you of sexism.

    Ultimately, Hillary was the one who stood up and said, “Forget the votes – let’s make Obama the nominee by acclamation.” Why did you not stand with her?

  439. Hey True Democrat – save your breath, you can’t rationalize with irrational people.

  440. I am so THRILLED! She is an amazing woman and she will get through those cracks that Hillary put into that glass ceiling. Now I can vote proudly for McCain instead of having to hold my nose!

    Nobama, No Way, No How!

    McCain/Palin 08!

  441. I too waould have liked to see a woman, but this is a bad bad choice all around for the republican party, she has 0 experience and the way our party went after Obama on the same issue, McLame just proved his nickname correct!
    OBAMA 08′!!!

  442. The Obama trolls, paid and volunteers, are out today on CNN ranting, raving and Howling. One of their main talking points is that she has no experience. Can you believe that! Obama ‘s experience includes, community organizer (bag man for Rezko), 141 present votes in the Illinios senate and a 143 days in the senate and the rest of his senate time was campaigning for President. I still remember the murder of Democracy on August 27, 2007. And how they tried to rub shi$ in the noses of us Clinton supporters at the convention. No Way…No How…NObama! Hillary gave us this play on words and we need to use them.

  443. Dave Anderson,

    You condescended for what I hope is the last time because I refuse to engage with anyone who so obviously has issues


    I’m gonna stop this back and forth because you and I can never agree. I treat the whole Obama -messiah thing with extreme suspicion and think he will fail in a big way.McCain on the other hand – whatever flavor of kool-aid is being served by the left – is a maverick who is NOT GWB2. He gets points from me for having already proved that he puts country first re his military & POW experience. Obama has said and done nothing to convince me that he has what is required to be C-in -C . I do not believe that McC can or will overturn Roe v Wade and in any case I am more than a walking womb. I think Mc will be great for national security and is far more qualified and mature to deal with the mess we have created in Iraq.Its not as simple as ” get our boys home” . What sucks is both are going to be bad for the economy and for me as a tax payer.Hence less of 2 evils

  444. I am sick of all of the sexist talk that all women care about is babies and abortion. Abortion is not the # 1 issue of all women since most of us know about birth control at this point in time – not to say we that we oppose choice.

    Women are also capable of thinking about family values, economics, energy, taxation, security, out of control spending and corruption. For those of you who don’t know it, women actually work in a variety of jobs and own small businesses and major companies throughout the USA.

    The misogynistic MSNBC is now lying to say Obama has 4 years in the US Senate – versus the 1 year he actually spent there before leaving to campaign – in an effort to try to outdo Governor Palin’s executive experience.

    What they fail to mention is that she is a reformer and breath of fresh air versus a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. A woman vice president is very exciting and energizing to all women regardless of party – especially after the sexism exhibited by the Obama supporters. .

  445. She comes across as an orator and a leader. I watched her acceptance speech on CNN this morning. He picked a winner.

    Surprisingly, when I read the Dems condemnations of her, it just made me really really mad. I had visions of the crap the Republicans said about Geraldine in the 80s.

    Palin is going to touch a lot of sore nerves, and they are going to be voting their conscience rather than the issues.

    McCain has succeeded in redefining the race.

  446. Let’s face it. Palin has created more change in her time in politics than Obama has, and she is just a Governor.

  447. Imagine what she could do as VP or President if given the chance?

  448. She doesn’t just have speeches, she has actions to back her words of change. The people at the acceptance rally were chanting “yes we will” in the background at one point.

  449. Jennie, are you a log troll? lol

  450. I’m sorry if I came across as someone pushing a republican. I don’t know what a log troll is, but I don’t think I am one. I have spent the morning finding out all I can about Palin. I just found out she existed about 3 hours ago.

    Palin is the one that stopped the corrupt Senator in Alaska from building the bridge to nowhere.

    As a Democrat, I don’t much follow Republican politicians.

  451. The changes Palin has made were to expose the corrupt politicians in her state (who just happened to be Republican) and it resulted in most of them be exposed and leaving office.

    Her husband is a union member, her son is being deployed to Iraq September 11th, she ran the oil and gas commission for Alaska. That is where she found the corruption and cleaned it up.

  452. As far as I am concerned, I was voting for McCain to make a statement to the Democrats that treating women badly is OK. And that stealing votes is acceptable.

    If McCain chooses to put a very remarkable woman on his ticket as his running mate, then that is just icing on the cake.

  453. I meant “Not OK”.

  454. Guys, we didn’t just want Hillary to be the first woman president. We wanted HER period. She will be one of the best presidents, no doubt about that— Hillary ’12

  455. Look at the Obots :
    “stupid”,”idiotic drivel” – whatever.
    I refuse to engage with anyone who cannot be civil.Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  456. To The Real Kim,
    I am so sorry about the whole back and forth I had on military service with the Obots * bangs head * I should have known better than to try and be civil to them. I know your son is in Iraq and believe me I cannot think of any finer service to the country than what he and his colleagues do.

  457. As ever, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  458. Keep trying Anita. Your desperation is obvious. You hitched your wagon to zerObama, the DNC mule (ala delivering their crack dream). Do you defend the FISA vote with its erosion of the Fourth Amendment? Do you believe that the expected Democratic Congressional majorities are insufficient to make corrections?

  459. old91A10, why has my post been deleted? Was I being disrespectful in any way? Had I used foul or insulting language? Did I show a temper?

    Yes, I’ll ask again: I would sincerely like to hear from someone here how they compare Sarah Palin to Hillary Clinton, that is how they justify her as such a grand choice for V.P. candidate.

    As far as I’m concerned, Palin’s entire body can’t fill the toe box of one of Clinton’s shoes.

  460. old91A10, as to your question regarding FISA, Obama’s vote on it pisses me off. If we can elect enough Democrats to get a true congressional majority, then we must make corrections.

  461. Runa,

    Don’t engage with Dave. Engage your brain. McCain is your enemy. You’re being played.

  462. Rabo: If Hillary is as wonderful as you say she is (and she is), how did you vote? Did you vote for Hillary in the primary in your state?

  463. Anita: The Republicans can choose anyone they like as VP. She seems to be the genuine article reformer. She’s bucked her own party. With enough Dems in Congress, we won’t have to worry too much about abortion rights. So, work hard for downticket Dems because Obama is toast after today.

  464. PattyG pointedly states that Palin will not “… advance the cause of women in society but will set us back CENTURIES!!!”

    People, open your eyes and look at history or around the world. When religious ideology become the main theme of any government, women tend to regress.

    America since its founding have kept the promise of a secular government, so any changes that undermine this concept will fail to uphold its original principles.

  465. How can you be so blind? Mccain met her one time in Feb and made her his VP. It’s such a blatant move to just get women in particular Hilary supporters to vote for him. Palin already attacked Hilary in the past and called her a “whiner”, are you really going to fall for this? Is Hilary that interchangeable to were you can grab any random woman to try and replace her?

  466. McCain/Hottie ’08

  467. Riverdaughter,

    No, I didn’t vote for Hillary. I couldn’t get past her vote on the Iraq war, among other things. Had she won the nomination of her party, I would have proudly voted for her in the general election.

    Look, if you honestly believe that McCain and Palin will be better for our country than Obama and Biden, go ahead and vote your conscience. I don’t understand your logic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just don’t pretend that you’re doing it for Hillary. You’re betraying everything she believes in.

  468. Riverdaughter,

    Why did you ask the question if you’re just going to repeatedly delete my answer? I respectfully stated my opinion. I didn’t use any swear words, nor did I call you any names. I didn’t even try to dissuade you from voting for McCain.

  469. To answer your question, Riverdaughter, I am working hard on downticket dems but I disagree that Obama is toast. While the Republicans can choose whomever they like, as did the Democrats, McCain’s choice of Palin for his running mate is laughable in my opinion. I think he’s given we Democrats a real gift on this.

    As for abortion rights, while it’s true that any Supreme Court nominee of McCain’s would have to get congressional approval, politics being what they are I’m not willing to make that gamble. The stakes are way too high.

    Beyond abortion rights, I cannot fathom living through four years of a McCain presidency. His positions on the war, on taxes, health care, on women’s rights, on just about anything that matters is diametrically opposed to all that Hillary Clinton has worked for her entire adult life. He is no longer the maverick he once was. He has voted along with Bush at least 90% of the time. THAT is not what we need.

    I am and will be loyal to my party because it’s the ISSUES that matter. It’s our lives, not just for the next four years, but given the likelihood of at least one, probably two Supreme Court justices being appointed to the bench during the next administration, the impact of who next occupies the White House will have repercussions for decades. Not even a Hillary win in 2012 (as IF that could be guaranteed) can reverse that kind of damage.

  470. My apologies, it looks like you didn’t delete my reply. Perhaps the server was just slow to update.

  471. Are there really women out there so vindictive that they would put the reproductive rights of women at risk to vote for the McCain ticket? This is the most unimaginably idiotic aspect to this entire movement! If you are pro-life, I imagine you would be more likely to vote for McCain anyway. But if you are pro-choice and are planning to vote for McCain/Palin, you should be ashamed of yourself. As a woman, I would have loved for Hillary to be the first woman president. But it is more important to me that the right to choose is not threatened by an anti-choice administration. Palin is even more zealous on the issue than McCain. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be vengeful. Consider what is more important. If revenge is more important to you than Roe V. Wade, you are FOOLS!!!

  472. testing for 5:33 pm: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    @ 18:26

  473. I’m with Rabo and Anita. There’s a lot of bitterness around here – Hillary may be a little bitter too but she’s woman enough to get over it. It’s an insult to me that Mccain thinks he can win me and other women over with some unknown tough beauty queen as his VP pick, maybe she’s qualified but no one knows that yet so I think I’ll wait before jumping on the female bandwagon. Also, you want to see a race between Palin and Clinton in 2012? Everyone’s lost it. And you’re calling Obama supporters robots.

  474. Now there’s a little more sense being posted

  475. She’s a great choice and pandering or not it’s effects go beyond women. I probably wouldn’t have bothered voting or if i did I would have voted for McCain. Now I’m sure I’ll go both.

  476. Obama/Biden ’08! I honestly cannot believe what I have read in this thread! You are all being bamboozled and are ok with it!! The gull of him to choose a woman, not a woman that shares your beliefs, but a woman none the less and believe that we are all stupid enough to fall for this slight of hand? I really thought that I would come to this site today and find every one (or at least the majority) outraged! Which would you rather have, Hillary president in 2012, by then 2-3 more Supreme Court justices will be seated, who knows what wars we will be in, and who knows what the economy will look like; or would you rather see Hillary ON THE SUPREME COURT?! Do you think Hillary is giving us a secret code that she really isn’t behind Obama? I have a teenage son that I do not want to see fighting for a war that we should not be fighting….as a mother- PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR McCAIN!!!! Our children should not be the sacrifice to get Hillary elected.

  477. I am fairly new to this website…why are those that “don’t drink the Kool-Aid” often get their posts deleted? Way to have an open discussion!!

  478. Look at all the scared democrats today. Fear.

    Since all of us PUMAs were voting for McCain before he picked his VP, why are you suddenly all back badgering us?

    In the words of Obama, “Just get over it” and move on.

    Desperation really smells.

  479. Jennie, do you not want to have a meaningful discussion? Why the need to disparage those with whom you disagree?

  480. This is a joke, if anyone gets the chance to read this before it gets deleted. Grats on the whole free speech, and “open discussion” thing you guys got going on here. By all means, vote for McCain, you obviously are big fans of his way of thinking!

  481. I can’t believe so many women are going to vote for McCain just because his VP is a woman. At least half of the comments I read here clearly stated that they don’t agree with McCain’s policy but will be voting for him because of this woman. This is a truly captivating day in politics, but you can’t cast aside your political feelings and aspirations just because you wish to see a woman in the White House….

  482. Wow. I lurked on this site earlier and it now looks like O sent in the troops.

    Today, after hearing Palin was McVain’s choice, I felt a lift that I haven’t felt since before our party screwed over Hillary. I want to see a WOMAN/HILLARY ahead of this country! My mission is to see and help Hillary become PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in 2012. Period. I’m going to help break that glass ceiling and squash the “boys club” by voting for McVain. If Obama wins then I won’t see that until at least 2016…and that’s IF she runs at that time. Why did our own party do that to Hillary? What a bunch of @ssholes! The women of this party are ignored and taken for granted. Enough! Of course, they’re going to trot out Hillary to badmouth another woman. Her hands are tied right now. She has no choice. I bet she’s smiling about Palin! She needs us to help her by defeating Obama. She dreams of the big “I TOLD YOU SO!” moment. What a sweet dream! I can’t wait for Hillary’s swearing-in in 2012!! Obama is going to have to be defeated in a big way and with no doubts. The DNC will have to acknowledge their mistake and we’ll finally be taken seriously. I’m willing to wait the next 4 years for the grandest and most historical moment of our lives——- PRESIDENT HILLARY 2012!!!!!

    I’m going to the Republican Headquarters to volunteer after Labor Day. I’ll let you all know how that turns out.

  483. Some men in the democratic party elite are making remarks today that Palin shouldn’t be running for VP BECAUSE she is a mother and should be at home with her children. I couldn’t believe my ears – is this 1950?

    This is just another version of the vile hatred spewed toward Hillary but I have had enough now. I changed my registration from democat to independent today.

    Remember, having a woman VP would be a historical moment too.

  484. I’m watching this woman representing PUMA on Chris Mathews and she said that John McCain made Howard Dean and Barack Obama out to be amateurs.

    Not only is this a stunningly vacuous comment — but I’m simply amazed, simply AMAZED by the absolute proof that people will go against their own interest and talk themselves into turn against their own better interest simply because… well, they’re childish and can’t get over the fact that sometimes — they lose.

    We all lose sometimes. But then we can win by being smart about opening our eyes to the BETTER choice.

    Okay, PUMAS — you’re mad. Now I’m mad. Now, I’m pissed off. You may singlehandedly block the election of Barack Obama. That officially makes you my enemy. We are officially at war.

    So, bring it on. I’ll debate anyone of you simpleminded children now, there, here anywhere. I’m taking the battle to you. I’m calling you out on the floor: ladies, and gentleman, you’re being idiotic…

    …and I’m sure you’re much smarter than this.

  485. Where is it written that because Hillary lost the nomination her supporters are mandated to vote for Obama. Is this another wacky rule from the DNC “rules” committee?

    I didn’t vote for BO in the primary and I won’t vote for him in the general election. I’m voting for someone else because I think Obama is a terrible candidate. So terrible that the Republican ticket is more appealing than the Democratic one!

  486. Opposite of a finger in the eye?

    It’s an eye gouging, but that’s a brutal escalation of a finger in the eye.

    The rest of us in America could sure use your votes. Wish you’d come home.

  487. NotAwomanScorned, You know what they say about ASSumptions. I’m a Hillary turned McKinney supporter. In case you’re as ignorant as you appear to be, newsflash, McKinney is a black woman.

  488. biko24601, there are SEVERAL choices better than Obama:

    1. Cynthia McKinney
    2. John McCain
    3. Ralph Nader

    You may be too young to remember but even Obama’s running mate endorsed a ticket with McCain on it in 2004. If he’s good enough for Joe Biden, he’s good enough for me!

  489. Scared, short answer: yes.

    Are you willing to put a man, not a heart beat away from the presidency, but in the number one slot who has less experience than his opponent’s running mate? Are you not aware that Obama has NO executive experience? He is, simply, unqualified. He’s also a total sham artist which makes his pilfered resume even scarier.

  490. I can’t wait till McCain Palin point out Biden’s Catholic-in-name-only pro-choice position. Good times.

  491. mchmt55116, it’s called sedition. it’s a rebellion against a party that rigs a nomination. if you want to support and reward a party that trashes voter rights, fine. if you want to support an inexperienced sham, fine. if you want to claim it’s about issues, issues that your candidate changes position on almost daily, fine. but not me. i’ll either vote for McKinney or McCain. but absolutely NObama.

  492. oh and to whoever is deleting my posts please remove my first one I wish to have no connection to this awful thread

  493. As a republican male I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all those that would not sit back and see their dream die.

    Politics is not a nice game everyone goes for the jugular.

    Had Hillary gotten the nomination for president or the nod for VP we would be on opposite sides.

    That said I once again thank you all for not allowing yourselves to be disrespected.

    We will never agree on everything but I hope we can agree that, to paraphrase Ms. Palin, Hillary put the cracks in the ceiling but a woman will still shatter it.

    Again thank you.

  494. It seems obvious, but the VP choice should also be referred to as the “Palin drone”. “Am I standing on my mark?” ” … Please Mr. Rove, what should I say now….”

  495. I cannot believe anyone with half a brain would let identity politics dictate a vote for McCain. Four more years of Bush administration damage to the Constitutoin and the country is exactly what we will get for such a vote! Maybe Hilary did get a raw deal but that’s politics. Right now we have the choice to save our country and to save our asses, because John McCain and Miss Wasilaw are sure as hell not going to do it for us.

  496. gee claerence, you really think that issues matter, it’s not aobut issues or 4 more years of the same thing. We want a woman not matter what it means.

  497. “biko24601, there are SEVERAL choices better than Obama:

    1. Cynthia McKinney
    2. John McCain
    3. Ralph Nader

    You may be too young to remember but even Obama’s running mate endorsed a ticket with McCain on it in 2004. If he’s good enough for Joe Biden, he’s good enough for me!”

    Thank you for engaging me in a debate. And I appreciate your opinion of who you feel would be a better choice.

    1) Cynthia McKinney — If you’re leaning towards the Green Party as an act of defiance against the system, then you can feel good voting for the principles of the Green, and an African-American woman would be a shock to the system of the country. Unfortunately, there’s no way that she would actually win because the Greens have a less comprehensive track record than the Libertarians on even registering as a Third Party candidate. Although, I am strongly in favor of a Third Party candidate and look forward to the day when many more political parties are welcome to the table. Thank God Ms McKinney is out there in general.

    2) I would have voted for John McCain in 2000. For the longest time, John McCain was one of my favorite politicians. Have always respected him and was one of the few Republicans I would have voted for — until he morphed into the John McCain of 2007/2008.

    3) Nader. Voted for him twice. Been there. Done that…

    (And I’m 37… but I look and feel young ;-).

    IN FACT, that’s the reason I’m BEGGING YOU PEOPLE, to stop this insane, irrational campaign you’re on.

    I’m serious… I really, really, really want a debate. I’m willing to meet with any of you. In a coffee shop. In a public park. Anywhere. For a good old fashioned town hall meeting. We could video tape it and put it on YouTube. Or your site.

    I want to debate the dour looking woman, Dara Murphy I think, (who I wish will smile next time she goes on Chris Mathews to take some of the edge off) or Riverdance — who called herself a “rational” Democrat.

    My argument is that “rational” is everything but what this site is all about. If you call yourself “rational” and you start an organization like this — it’s just fascinating to me. I’m in awe — like seeing a Puma in the wild.

    Now, I’m not trolling or trying to just insult for no reason. I really, really want to debate. As an Obama supporter and a registered Independent who considers himself a Moderate/Centrist — and, by the way, would LOVE to vote for a woman… and also, I’m not really crazy about the Democratic Party. I left it in 1996. As an Obama supporter not working directly with the campaign…. PLEASE, MURPHY AND RIVERDANCE — DEBATE ME!!! TOWN HALL MEETINGS. IN OUR BOY JOHN MCCAIN’S STYLE.

    The battle is on. The gauntlet has been thrown.

  498. You are all a disgrace for all Women….But most of ALL Hillary Clinton..It is obvious it wasn’t about Hiilary…

    Best Quote of Hillary speech….
    Are you in for me? or your selfish selves…???

    Think about your children…Think about what Really Hillary Clinton’s values are….and by voting McCan…is like stabbing here in what she is An American.. A real Democrat….Since when Feminist….disregard what Clinton worked for all these years….Shame on You alll…..

    Pathetic….and Selfish at it’s best…..

    A die hard Hillary Supporter

  499. Looks like McCain pandered to the extreme right picking somebody totally opposite to Clinton. Guess its a good choice for the conservative woman vote but I am confused as hell as to how anybody who wanted Clinton would want this lady.

  500. The fact that you are going to vote for McCain just to put a woman in office and not because of her skills proves that this country is doomed.

    Please vote on who is the better candidate, not by which party has a woman on the ticket.

  501. While visiting my many favorite Democrat forums today, there were posts telling people to go to the PUMA sites and strong- arm us back into the Obama fold. Be careful, everyone. They’re pretty vicious.

    I wish that we could delete all the posts not related to getting Hillary elected in 2012. To all Democrat lurkers: If I have to vote for McCain to get Hillary back sooner……..I WILL. …I AM….Now, get over it.

    Question to my fellow PUMAs: When I go to the Republican Headquarters, do I tell them I’m a Democrat?

    HILLARY 2012

  502. As another Republican male, I too would like to thank you women for understanding that it doesn’t matter what woman wins, but whether a woman wins. Palin has won both a beauty contest and a governorship, so she should appeal to both males and females. McCain has the experience, Palin has the demographics. Let’s keep the party rolling!

  503. McCain thinks women are stupid. He picked a woman only because he thinks you guys aren’t smart enough to know a ploy when you see one. I can see his thought process now “Uhh…If I choose a woman for VP, I’ll get all of the women who would’ve voted for Hillary to vote for me”.

    C’mon, when has the GOP ever cared about womens issues. You all should be insulted. McCain is playing Hillary supporters like a violin and the tune aint up beat.

    Beware, you’re being bamboozelled…

    You guys have a great holiday weekend and take care…

  504. McCain doesn’t think women are stupid, he just understands that their responses are emotional, and he is responding to that emotion. Of course, he also understood that he has to pick someone palatable to the gentlemen in our party: if said running mate does not have the qualifications on paper, then at least she can have the ideology and comely features that will energize us.
    McCain has a deep understanding of real gender politics. Just another plus in an already plussed out candidate.

    Lots of luck Dems! Alot of good putting up a plain-jane intellectual did you!

    Keep the party rollin, ladies!

  505. By some folks’s reasoning (praise for Palin’s ideology and looks) McCain should have picked Leann Tweeden as his VP choice. She’s been to Iraq at least once so that gives her about as much foreign policy experience as Palin. Now that’s a VP choice I could get behind. And C-Span would see a boost in ratings when she performed her duties as president of the Senate.

  506. She would have been a harder sell, but you do have me curious- how many of you PUMA ladies would affirm your vote for McCain if he chose Leann Tweeden?

  507. Excellent info for Palin:

    It gives insight into Alaska’s Governor(ness) I really appreciated the background insight into a modern female executive

  508. While I’m happy the GOP chose a woman, they were forced into it. I voted for Hilary because she was the MOST QUALIFIED of all the candidates to be our next president. Yes, I was pissed at the way she was treated, and I love that she still stands up and shows her moxie despite all of that. But No way in hell will I vote for McCain because he chose a woman as his running mate – especially one that does not support anything I stand for. If we leave it up to the Republicans to carry the flag for woman, we’ll be doing it barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen with tape over our mouths. No thanks.

  509. Pushy Woman: LOL…You better tell’em while there’s still time. Preach on!

  510. Harold Eckers:

    Mr. Republican. Funny how Republicans don’t actually vote for issues and think women are nothing but emotions. It’s awesome you guys ONLY vote for values. That’s why we had 8 years of George Bush. But of course, that’s okay with you because you think everything so far as been A-Okay! And it’s great that John McCain is a plussed out candidate. Funny he wasn’t so plussed out in 2000 (when I would have voted for him) or up until this point has been pretty much an outcast in your party by you “values” voters. And funny that you go on this PUMA site to speak to women and men who otherwise — say IF Hillary Clinton would have been nominated as the Dem candidate — would have completely disagreed with you. But now that you chose a woman who has less experience than Barack Obama (wow, 2 years of “executive” governance in a state with a population the size of Austin, Texas — AND a hockey mom — that most people haven’t even been to, or will ever go to — yeah, she’s a political powerhouse) John Biden and John McCain, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Hillary Rodham Clinton)… now that he’s chosen her, he understands all about women’s emotions (even though he’s voted against giving them equality in almost every aspect of society… and by the way, left his first wife for a younger, hotter beauty queen… yeah, he gets women’s emotions)… now that Mr. Plus, Plus, Plus McCain is your champion — put all things like “policy” and “issues” aside… because, who needs them! It’s all about emotions ladies!!! Mr. Eckerts, the Republican who “gets it” — and probably would have felt the same way if Hillary were elected… right, Mr. Eckert, you would have voted for the Democrat because you “get it!” You “get” women’s emotions. You would have been completely onboard with the Democrats because you sooooo get women now.

    PUMA people, meet Mr. Eckerts — your new best friend. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    No, I wouldn’t debate you Mr. Eckerts — because this “plain jane intellectual” 😉 knows you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about when it comes to actual political discourse… but hey, you actually do represent the American people. So yeah, give us McCain because we need some more George Bush’s policies to keep us strong, safe and prosperous!

  511. I’m with Pushy. Let’s not be stupid in our quest for justice. McCain just pushed smoke up your behind if you believe he picked Sarah Palin because he cares about women’s issues. This is Carl Rove at his best. You will get what you got for the last 8 years and more. In fact, you will be even more daunted by the way McCain will treat Palin as a VP. Don’t be fooled. You are surely drinking the kool aid and the GOP party are laughing at you!

  512. So it is alright with woman to give a job to one less qualified as long as it is a ……less qualified woman…..Sexism is exploding on the feminine side.So we are all the same.Equality will never reign.This is sexual nepotism at it’s finest …

  513. As if McCain gets in ,Hillary will have any chance in “12” By then this anger will translate to Obama supporters voting for the other side to show them Hillary Supporters a thing or two…. Hatfields and McCoy’s…it is an embaressment.I admire Hillary ,but there have always been areas of disagreement I have had…However if she had gotten the Nomination I would pull the lever for her and never for McCain…When is the big picture looked at???So sad as I am to say it…..The republican machine does have intelligiance on their side.Because the truth of how they see woman….as emotional voters,…in fact is proving to be true…

  514. She’s been governor of America’s largest state for two years, and a mayor for much much longer. She has executive experience. She has MORE experience then Barack Obama, the head of the Democratic ticket.

  515. Nate ,you are a republican get your own blog.


    Obviously, the leading theme in this election is REFORM . Change and good judgment is more important than experience and age– McCain showed that by picking “what’s a face” over Mitt Romney and other more experienced, more qualified candidates!
    EVEN McCain believes in OBAMA! he he…do you people really believe that her accomplishments can compare to Hillary’s– all women are not the same—STUPID!

  517. Please read about the issues and stance that us republicans represent before you jump on the band wagon. NEWS FLASH: if Hillary were the democratic nominee we would be criticizing her too!
    She represents everything that we are against i.e womens rights!

  518. Melissa: I agree with you 100%.

  519. OMG! I cannot believe the ignorance. We are not republicans mellisa. Nor was this site set up by them for ANY reason. Can you not see how far from the core principals the party had drifted?

    Why is it you Obama people think that we must all be repubs if we disagree with you and your fraud?

    We own our own votes and we will use them as we see fit and nothing you bots can do is going to change that fact. Get over it and go spread you venom on a blog that supports your point of view will you?


  520. Wake up folks – this is about women’s rights – and the GOP consistently, with the help of women like Governor Palin, targets for cuts and elminiation government offices and programs that protect women. Republicans do not believe in equal pay for equal work, they do not believe in choice – and they think we’re stupid!! They rolled out a pretty face who marches to their ancient rhetoric and you are all falling for it because you’re still angry over how Hilary was treated.

    See the bigger picture here – you’re like the Nader voters in 2000 who thought it didn’t matter. Didn’t the past 8 years teach you anything? How badly do you want to destroy this country in the name of women?

    You ought to re-read the first page of this blog from when you first started the PUMA movement and the blog that is quoted. What you accused the Obama campaign of now really applies to you.

    How about this – work to get more QUALIFED women in the political pipeline rather than grabbing the first person who comes along. The shame here is that there is nobody to follow Hilary (and honestly, if BO loses, who is in the pipeline after him?) Think long term folks – if you want progress, then vote for somebody who stands for progress. Governor Palin and John McCain do not.

  521. I am a hard-core Hillary supporter and I continue to support her by listening to her requests to support Obama. (She has fought too hard for 35+ years to allow 4 more years of this Fascist Dictatorship). I am insulted that McCain and the RNC would place a female on the ticket to try to entice women to vote for him. Do they think women are stupid!? She is ANTI-CHOICE, and a big part of the party who has ALWAYS pandered to the Good-ol boy network!!!! She doesn’t compare to Hillary in ANY WAY!!!! Hillary is an experienced, super intelligent, well refined, strong woman who supports policy that benefit women, families, single mothers, poor women, etc. McCain’s choice was an insult to women everywhere!!!!!!! Only a man who is out of touch with women would put an Ultra conservative woman on the ticket and think that would attract women to vote for him – BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN!!!! Talk about SEXIST thinking!!!!! I have read so many blog entries from Men stating “She’s not bad to look at, either”!!!!!! Give me a break!!! I am Insulted that McCain and the RNC thought that this would work for women and you should be too!!!!! GREAT REPUBLICAN WEBSITE YOU HAVE HERE!!! OPEN YOUR EYES (especially all of you intelligent women) AND QUIT BEING SHEEP!!!!!! The Republicans are counting on SHEEP – SHOW EM SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!!

  522. PUMA’s must the be most easily manipulated voting bloc in the nation. I’m a white male who owns his own business and retirement fund. I’ve done great in the Bush years but see how our personal rights, environment and future for our children and our standing in the world have been squandered.

    It’s not about Hillary on stage, it’s about yourself up there.

    But by all means, shoot yourself in the foot. I’ll be retiring in 5 years while you enjoy your pyrrhic victory.

  523. Oh you right wing losers.

    This site is funny.

    I rarely stray into a mental ward.

    Obama will win with well over 300 Electoral votes and we will put a stop to the Christo-fascist zio-traitor campaign you fools have been waging.

    Even the arch-zionist traitors (jews and Christo-fascist alike) cannot fix this election too through your zio-controlled electronic vote-fixing, er, counting machines.

    You are all so pathetic.

    Obama is still going to carry the War Party’s torch but we’ll fight fewer wars for the goddamn zionists and on a smaller scale than if that old fart who got his start with jewish mafia money McCain got in their and became israel’s lapdog.

    Repugs are so disgusting.

  524. I just came across this video of part of an interview with Gov. Palin. It’s good viewing. It was taped back in March, and she is asked flat out about supporting Hillary for President (were that an option) and she says no she would not.


    Issues must trump gender.

  525. In case it doesn’t go to the correct video… you want to view #8 “Palin: No Woman, No Guilt” to see what I was posting about.

  526. Hi CARL ROVE!!!! After all these years of your spin, manipulation, and lies; we have finally caught on to you!! Your tactics are now so transparent!!! And to be frank, they’re getting a bit boring!!!! I bet your fat head is starting to sweat, isn’t it!? I bet you hate the thought of being out of power, don’t you!? Your desperate attempts at adding fuel to this blog is a good try, but it won’t be enough. Maybe you could try manipulating the voting machines again!!! Good luck!

  527. Sarah went up against some really nasty, vicious, old boy politics here in Alaska. She does know the problems and unfair scrutiny that women in politics face. Because she happens to be pretty she has even been incredibly criticized and dismissed over that, in fact in the blogs here she still gets stupid, nasty comments about her looks. Good grief!

    I am not republican so obviously don’t share a lot of her beliefs. The media is doing exactly to her what they did to HRC though. Notice they are making a much bigger deal of Mayor of Wasilla than they are the fact she is Governor of a huge, diverse, difficult state. She has fought hard, gone against her own party when it was the better thing to do. She is very, very impressive.

    The danger for democrats, and what I witnessed all day yesterday is their ignorance of what Alaska is really, and what she actually has done in governing in this state. The fools will once again go way too far and if they continue with some of this, they are going to lose it is because of the Obama/HRC outrage and their ignorance over Gov Palin and actually even Alaska. The night of the Obama speech I thought we were going to have to get MSNBC guys a motel room the way they were talking about Obama. Dear God this is disgusting, slobbering, media bias.

    I am furious over their portrayal of Sarah every much as much as I was furious over what they did to Hillary, and THIS is from the democrats! I am no longer a PROUD democrat, I am a disgusted and disappointed democrat. The DNC has acted outrageously in this entire primary.

    Also, what are we hearing? Are we going to end up in a war with Pakistan? Obama and Biden scare me. Listen to them carefully these days on Pakistan, it is a worry. It all scares me, no matter which way we go now.

    So, here I am not a proud anything any longer. I can’t trade my reasons for voting for Hillary into support for the DNC, no way, no how, no Obama.

    Its not just the economy stupid, any longer. Its the stupid candidate. Its the 900 pound gorilla in the room, it is woman. Watch with Sarah. Opposite platform of Hillary and no Bill controversy, but it will be the same sewer talk, same biased politics, same unreasonable scrutiny. This apparently has come down to ovaries.

    How disappointing.

    These PUMA’s? That is even insulting, sort of like ‘you people’. We are Americans, we are voters, we have brains and free choice. Does that mean if we don’t vote for Obama we are ‘you people’?

  528. I hope that you Clintonites realize that Sarah Palin called Hiliary Clinton a whiner. This was after McCain got the nomination in March at a Newsweek Leadership Conference. A vote for her is not a vote for Hiliary. She is anti-abortion (as McCain will stack the Supreme with pro-lifer and overturn Roe v. Wade), anti-global warming, pro creationism (evolution should not be taught in school), has a teenager with a child, anti-equal pay. Is this what Clinton believes in?

  529. I am getting really pissed at the level of hatred of this woman, without us even knowing anything about her.. I am especially offended by the knee jerk reaction, and obscene slanderous accusations to her appointment as a nominee because it raises the prospect that Oboma may pay a price for his treatment of Hillary.. Just read this thread that is catching on on one of our progressive websites, Democratic Underground.. “Now Video of “pregnant” Palin walking to work mid February” http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=132×6832529#6832653

  530. Labels, Clintonites, good grief.

    Sarah didn’t call Hillary a whiner. Watch the video. The discussion was how fairly or unfairly women received more scrutiny and would be ‘perceived’ as whining if they complained about something.

    Of course a vote for her is not a vote for Hillary.

    Yes she is anti abortion, and no I am sure not republican.

    She has supported allowing discussion of the debate between creationism and evolution in public schools, if students bring it up, and not necessarily as part of the curriculum.[

    She does NOT have a teenager with a child. The child her daughter was holding was her own baby brother, the infant son of Sarah and Todd Palin.

    She IS a republican and has beliefs that are of, by and for her party.

    Here we go again, NO facts, just fear.

    If you can’t support a republican do not vote for them, but don’t attack the person she is. She is a very intelligent, hard working person.

  531. By the way, want to point out who I said I was voting for?

    I said I was scared no matter which way we turn.

    I asked for factual comments, and population or not the stupidity about the state of alaska is unbelievable.

    I do not like Obama. Deal with it, intelligently, and don’t insult AND offend me with your condescending ‘dear’.

    Don’t assume how I will cast my vote.

    Why does asking for people to be humane, civil and factual inspire so much anger and venom? THAT makes it about the ovaries. Hillary or Palin, opposites on so many issues except the criticizm, lack of facts and target for attacks. THATS what I’m talking about.

  532. Wow after reading some of these comments, I am proud to say while I am a woman, I will NOT be used by the Republican party to vote for a candidate just because they are a woman. I’m supporting the issues that will ensure my children will have a better life than I do. I’ll be damned if I stick to my selfish “Let’s hear it for the girls” mentality, and spite futures to come.

    This war must end.
    Health care must be accessible by all.
    Jobs must be brought back to this country.
    And I’m TIRED of paying for the luxurious lifestyles of the rich.

    NO MORE REPUBLICANS. Perhaps after the Dems have gotten us back on a level playing field, but I would never vote to continue Bush’s policies just because Hillary didn’t win.

    Some of you will bite your nose to spite your face. Your choice to vote Republican isn’t even logical. If you wanted a woman, then why not vote Green? Cynthia McKinney has the opportunity to be president and not a woman who can “learn at the knees of McCain” according to one of his aides.

    Learn at his knees? What type of whorish visual does that put in our children’s minds. A woman at a man’s knees.

    I too am convinced that some of the posters here aren’t real Dems nor are they real women. A woman would never settle for this foolishness. We know how to pick that battles that will benefit US the most. That’s what women do. And that’s what Hillary has done.

    I can’t wait until she obtains the opportunity correct the woes of this nation with a dedicated Democratic led presidency.

  533. First of all PattyG I take great issue with you calling us spoiled children and insisting we do wha tyou want or else

    PattyG said:
    The Democratic party “drifted from it’s core principles”??? GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BEHIND! You didn’t get what you wanted and you’re mad. Be honest with yourself. Admit it. So in a manner much like a toddler, you’re going to go and get what it is you THINK you want from someone else. That being the Republicans. That my dear is the thinking of a CHILD. A vindictive and spiteful one.

    So if you’re really a true democrat then you would agree that fair elections and fair reflection of the votes is a democratic principal yes? I suppose you think you can ignore the core principals that you choose to because the ends justify the means? Grow up without our core principals we are NOTHING.

    I will vote my concience as is my RIGHT as an American citizen and if you had ever bothered to read anything I wrote you would know that I plan on voting 3rd party unless the worst happens by which I mean people like you who think they can trample on the constitution and the basic core principals of the very party you claim to support have even a slight chance of winning them I will do what is almost unthinkable to me and vote McCain.

    I think it’s extremely telling that people who claim to be liberal progressives would stoop so low as to critisze ANY WOMAN based on her gender, looks or motherhood all of which I have seen in droves since the announcement. NOT progressive at all.

    I have even gone so far as to defend Michelle obama even though I intensley dislike her. Why because sexiam is wrong no matter who it is launched against just like racism and ageism.

    I don’t really give a damn what you think about me or my choice. Too bad. This is still the USA, land of the free and I like you have a right to support and vote for whoever I please at least I do until or unless Obama gets elected. I can tell you there are plenty of us who will make sure that never happens.


  534. In the political arena, Sarah is a breath of fresh air. I just wish it was Hillary and our party would have been the one to support a woman this election. I’m not sure if I’ll vote for McCain, I’m going to think about it which I woudn’t have if not for Sarah.

  535. Boy named Sue:

    Ms.Palin has been a city council member, a mayor, managed the oil and gas commission of Alaska, and been governor for 2 years. During that time she was instrumental in the removal of a “good old boys network” within the Oil & Gas commission. She charged higher taxes so she could give the money back to the people of Alaska. She did this after removing the corrupt politicians.

    She went on to challenge the Republican establishment as governor, and stopped the “bridge to nowhere” proposed by Ted Stevens.

    If you are going to criticize someone’s record, it should be Obama’s. I couldn’t find anything on his resume where he took on party corruption of either the Republican or Democratic variety.

  536. My guess McCain is giving all the media just enough rope on the criticizing of Ms Palin before he starts airing ads comparing her record to Obama’s. Obama will be shown as terribly unprepared compared to a VP nominee and found wanting.

    I believe he is also going to play sound bites from people stating he picked Sarah because she is a woman, and wanted to manipulate Hillary’s supporters. This is a very sexist statement.

    The choice of Sarah Palin has unified his conservative base according to the Gallup poll. The pick of Sarah Palin obscured any Bump in the polls from Obama’s speech. The pick of Sarah Palin is no different than Obama picking Biden to get more independent voters.

    Harassing the members of PUMA does not advance your candidate. It makes him look worse.

  537. Everyone, I’m not a PUMA member or anything. I’m not even a Democrat. But I felt it’s my duty to inform each and every one of you what the Obama people are trying to do to women and specifically to Sarah.

    There’s a piece of clap-trap that came out late last evening from the Daily Kos, which has been transmitted around to different far-left blogs, that were questioning whether Trig, Governor Palin’s son, was actually hers. And they went in depth into the details.

    Now, I’m not one who takes stories like this to heart. Normally, I brush them off, but the information that they have put forth is just so hateful, so misogynistic, and the fact that they’re targetting her children, it just hurt me badly.

    I normally wouldn’t be on a board like this, talking to everyone about this, but I just cannot sit by and watch these nutroots people who are so wrapped up in winning, that they’re willing to hurt anyone and anything to get their way. I mean, I have a 4 year old niece, and she means the world to me. And this clap-trap story by the Daily Kos has royally made this teddy bear of a guy become a grizzly.

    I ask of you, if you decide to even go over there and take a look (which I did and won’t go back there again), to do something about this if you can. Fighting back with what you have is the only way to get at these people.

    If y’all feel the same way that I do, enraged that the Daily Kos and others would go as far as to target children, I ask of you all to take action.

  538. I am sick of the threats and bullying by Obama supporters. If you had any good reasons why we should vote for him you wouldn’t have to resort to these tactics.

    It took 30 seconds for newscasters who didn’t know much about Palin to find a whole list of her government reform accomplishments. How about that?

    I want the Obamabots to actually list some of his accomplishments. Every time people are asked what he has done or what he will do, the only thing people seem able to come up with is that he wants change.

    what does he really believe in?? It is very elusive and seems to change every day. No clear plan is ever given so he can never be accountable – all smoke and mirrors.

    I know I wouldn’t call someone my spiritual mentor and sit in his church for 20 years if I didn’t believe in it. He shows what a stand up guy he isn’t because as soon as there was a little pressure, he threw his 20 year mentor under the bus. If he can do that to his 20 year mentor, what would he do to us ordinary people?

  539. Want a palindrome? here is a good one:

    “Boss Sarah Palin, I lap harass: sob”

  540. Can we cut through the B.S.?

    There are those that think the choice of Palin was a last minute “rush job”

    Perhaps it was, but the fact remains she had been considered in the past by the McCain camp. Whether she had initially been dismissed as V.P. and only brought back because of the DNC stabbing Hillary in the back. I don’t know for sure and neither do any of you.

    It comes down to this, you all are going to vote for whoever you want to.

    I would hope that if you are sincere about seeing that “glass ceiling” shattered you would vote for McCain.

    If you want to vote for Obama, vote for Obama.

    Whatever you do, do not base your vote on revenge. Look at the qualifications of the individual candidates.

    I for one believe, and this is a biased belief, that Ms. Palin as governor has more executive experience than Obama.

    Obama only had 140+ days in the U.S. Senate before he announced he was running for president.

    What experience did he have before that? State legislature?

    Ms. Palin was a small business owner, mayor and then governor. She has experience running things.

    You all have a choice to make, and neither I nor anyone else can make that choice for you. I can suggest voting McCain. But the ultimate decision is yours.

  541. BEWARE PUMA’S! Obama has sent his thugs to this site to strong arm and bully you into voting for the messiah. When Hillary and myself gave our little speeches at the convention, you know we were not serious about supporting Obama. We were just being good soldiers for the party. Cause when Obama loses this election, like we know he will, they can’t blame us for not supporting him. So go ahead and vote for McCain/Palin because you know they have to win, so Hillary can run again in 2012.

  542. …as a librarian, I have to say that I like the way she looks.

    What? What are you saying, either about librarians or looks?

  543. I for one believe, and this is a biased belief, that Ms. Palin as governor has more executive experience than Obama.

    Obama only had 140+ days in the U.S. Senate before he announced he was running for president.

    What experience did he have before that? State legislature?

    Ms. Palin was a small business owner, mayor and then governor. She has experience running things.

    You all have a choice to make, and neither I nor anyone else can make that choice for you. I can suggest voting McCain. But the ultimate decision is yours.

    Palin kills the “inexperienced” argument for McCain, completely. Only a fool would think a woman who has been in politics for less time than Obama has been in the U.S. Senate, has more experience.

    Obama has a lot of international experience. He’s an honor graduate from Columbia University, and from Harvard Law School, where he was chief editor of the Harvard Law Review, a publication with a budget larger than Wasilla. He organized neighborhoods in Chicago that are bigger than all of Alaska (only a slight exaggeration), and taught at the Chicago Law School — so he’s got degrees, publishing and teaching experience at three of the world’s top ten universities.

    Plus his time in the Illinois legislature, where he represented more people than live in Alaska (not much of an exaggeration).

    And then he put together a multi-hundreds of millions of dollars campaign that knocked off Hillary Clinton.

    Palin’s experience doesn’t come close.

  544. This previous comment shows the sexist attitude. Why when you are talking about experience do you say only a fool would think a WOMAN who has been in politics for less time than Obama?

    This WOMAN has actually been in politics LONGER than Obama and has worked hard to get rid of corruption and waste in government. – she has vetoed numerous earmarks, said having a private plane for the governor was a waste and sold it on ebay, got rid of the governor’s chef saying she could fix her own meals and went against her own party to be bipartisan when it was the right thing to do. Her administration was filled with independents and democrats as well as republicans and has an 80% approval rating in Alaska verus the 10% approval rating of the US congress/senate. That says something right there.

    She also served on the Interstate Oil and Gas Commission and fought corruption that she found there. She is also responsible for a natural gas pipeline being built to help bring energy independence to our country. The fact that she knows more about energy than any of the other candidates is another plus for those of us who are struggling. I am tired of the high gas prices and we must become energy independent for the safety and security of our country

    Obama was only in the US senate for 140 days – less than six months before going out to campaign for president. In the state legislature he voted PRESENT versus yes or no so he could be seen as neutral versus for/against any issue. I’d say that would make him a WIMP. Who can possibly believe he could stand up to the dangers in the world if he can’t even stand up on any issue? For all of his so called experience, nobody can point to any important legislation that he wrote or any bipartisanship.

    Do you count Obama’s time as a community organizer working with the bomber AYERS and the slumlord criminal RESCO as valuable experience? He owes a debt to Ayers who did his first campaign fundraiser and both of these criminals made contributions to his various campaigns and Resco helped him get his mansion in a shady deal. in return, Obama repaid them with earmarks.

    I am sure there is much more that will come out about his association with the corrupt Chigaco political machine, known as the most corrupt in the country. I am sure investigators have been working hard to get information and I believe people will be shocked when it all comes out in the general election. Remember the saying – you can only keep a secret if one person is dead and someone is bound to talk.

    Obama’s spiritual mentor WRIGHT is getting the church to build him a mansion with an elevator, butler’s pantry, exercise room, a master bedroom with a whirlpool and a spare room for a future theater or swimming pool in an area that is 97% white. In addition, he is getting a $10,000,000 bank account that are all compliments of his church and tax free. Shouldn’t this money be used to help the people that he says are ignored by the rich white people rather than rushing over to live next to them?

    In summary, some of his good friends for the past several years are a terrorist bomber, a crook who cheated people and an anti-american racist who blames america for 911.

    After all of that, who can possibly say he has a better record?? I challenge the Obama supporters who say he has more experience and accomplishments to post a list of them on this site. I have been watching his campaign for a long time and still don’t know what they are. I will be anxiously waiting to see the list and it can be compared to those of Sarah Palin.

  545. I’m a stranger here but, I know better than you how you should vote or what your vote would “really” mean. So I insist you answer my inane questions.

    (Edited to more accurately reflect the intent of the comment)

  546. I see this is not a legitimate sight for the exchange of ideas, I will not longer visit. Sad – very unAmerican to block and change comments when they are different from you. Very enlightened. You should move to China.

  547. Please.
    McCain and the Republicans are showing respect for women. McCain once called his wife a cunt in front of others. Where is the respect in that ? The Palin pick may have been a smart pick, but reports are that it wasn’t McCain’s pick, I think Karl Rove had his hand in that. McCain wanted Lieberman.
    This was pure politics. And is in fact, disrespecful to women, because it is a manipulation of women and their votes.
    I have no doubt that Palin is a smart and talented woman. And, she is probably just as capable of being President as McCain, Obama, or Biden.
    However, I look at the issues. They are many and grave. The future and direction of our nation is at stake. And McCain sets the platform, not Palin. Health care, security, reproductive rights, fiscal responsibility, foreign policy. I simply do not accept the Republicans platform.
    Change. Yes, either party will bring change in November. But, change can come in many forms, and again, I think the direction the Republicans will take us will damage our country even further.

    Many have said that Obama did not have the balls to choose Hillary as his running mate. However, it has been reported that she did not want the VP pick, and made that clear early on, so was not even vetted. Her choice. No doubt, she will come back in four years, and challnge, and possibly win in 4. I hope she does.

    But I also have no doubt that Hillary will campaign for Obama, against Palin. Bottom line, Hillary is a great leader, and great leaders put the greater need ahead of their own wants. Hillary will campaing for Obabma, because as much as she would like to be president, she knows four years of similar policies will be a disaster.

    Hillary Clinton came out in support of Obama. I will be following her lead.

  548. Christy: what is the inane question that you want answered? I see a diversity of comments by people who may disagree but are doing it in a civil manner. There are not any threats or wishes of death or illness to people with different opinions like those seen on the obama sites also known as the daily kos and huffington post. If you want to post and view angry and violent comments in support of OB, you will be welcome there.

    I know longer feel any loyalty to the DNC after the dirty tricks they pulled to push Hillary out of her rightful place as nominee. While Hillary believes in the democratic issues, she does not believe Obama is the right person for the job. He is a scary choice and I doubt she or Bill will vote for Obama in the privacy of the voting booth. She is being forced to support him in public under threat of losing the future support of the party. If you believe in Hillary, you should vote for McCain – I am sure that is what she wants us to do but just cannot say it. I doubt you will see much of either Clinton on the campaign trail for Obama. Obama wants all attention on himself and wants people to forget about Hillary.

    Obama with the help of Pelosi, Reid and the traitor gov RIchardson cheated Hillary out of the nomination. This is something that will not soon be forgotten. If you think Palin should not be the VP choice because of experience – EXPLAIN WHY HILLARY IS NOT THE CANDIDATE..

    Those antiquated caucas states are a big rip off. It makes it impossible for people to participate equally in selecting the candidate. Those who do shift work, are elderly, disabled, homebound, etc. are unable to go stand around for the caucas. In addition, the Hillary states of MI & FL who could have put her over the top were kept out until it was too late. The DNC needs to change their rules to have a fair election in the future if they want to stop the bleeding of their members to other parties.

    I know if the network news & MSNBC had aired the comments by Rev Wright – the guy Obama described as his spiritual mentor and advisor for 20+ years – sooner, he would have lost most of the states he had previously won – very obvious conclusion since he lost most of the states after it finally played.. The Obama stations (MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc.) protected Obama and kept if off the air until they were shamed into finally putting it on. They played a big part in Hillary’s loss and that is why I am boycotting these unethical stations.. People have lost their faith, respect and trust in journalism due to their unethical conduct and failure to be impartial. I have also decided to boycot Oprah.

    I hope the people who live in the districts of Pelosi and Reid will vote for whoever runs against them in the next election and get them out of office. I live in Pelosi’s district and she is being bombarded with letters and emails complaining about her treatment of Hillary and her decision to go on vacation rather than allowing a vote on energy policies. In response, she is sending out a form letter with a bunch of excuses. I live in her district and will not ever vote for her again.

  549. You know….I still can’t get over Bill Clinton’s warning.

    You gals must feel so honored that Mr. Clinton would actually take the time to visit your diverse, respectful forum to warn you about the oh, so threatening Obama.

    You really are a special group of women, aren’t you?

    Really….I am as always in awe of your power in the politcal arena.

  550. LILY:

    As a registered Moderate Independent Centrist who left the Democratic Party in 1996 because I fundamentally disagreed with the Clinton machine and then came back to register as a Democrat because I believed Barack Obama brought integrity back to the Democratic party…

    You’ve written VERY long blogs. I can dispute every single point you’ve made point for point (including the tired Rezko arguement and the mention to Bill Ayers — which are basically Sean Hannity talking points)…

    I’ve called for a debate with Riverdaughter (aka “Riverdance”) and the dour faced downer who represented this site on Chris Mathews. I haven’t heard from either one of them.

    Lily. Can I debate you? Publically. I’ll fly to where ever you live and we can meet in a public place and film our debate and put it on YouTube or this site. You seem to think, based on your elaborate postings, that your arguments are sound and you know what you’re talking about. You may be a worthy opponent.

    Are you a true, brave, strong woman? Do you have the courage to debate me and put it on tape????

    Will any of you PUMAS debate me in person instead of hiding behind a website?

    my email is biko24601@yahoo.com. Will SOMEONE at PUMA (woman or man), yes “you people” — will one of “you people” debate me???? Especially you “RiverDaughter” — Ms Rational Democrat.

    I throw the gauntlet again.

  551. DARRAGH MURPHY. That’s her name. Brilliant audio on YouTubes with Randi Rhodes, like a real Puma, rips her limb from limb. I WANT TO DO THE SAME! Please, let me.

    NYCBoomer… I live in New York. Meet me. Debate me. We can do it in Union Square.

    Let’s be New York about this. Let’s take it to the street!

  552. I myself was told that Obama is fighting hard to get us back to the DNC. Well his team said that 90% is coming back to the DNC. Palen belongs to Feminist for Life club in alaska. We are a group of 300+ that switched with PUMA. Now the DNC crooks are trying to demolish the 17y/o daughter of the Governor. Did you see DNC polls was up 1 point after the big DNC celebrations. So they started attacking the Governor’s child. Obama said he will fire anyone who did this. HA Ha did you see their faces their expressions when they first heard of a Female VP for McCain. McCain was told up front about these personal family matter and everything up to 25 yrs ago. He said these were private family matters. and he judged by her accomplishments, and her work performance that qualifyed her. She did what was right whether it was a Republican or Democrat. So Beware ladies Obama people are going on the attack on another new female VP.

  553. Another S….. you made the following comment:

    “McCain once called his wife a cunt in front of others”

    can you provide something to support your accusation, that is something other than these far out blogs like Huffington and a host of others, something mainstream?

  554. You know….I find it very interesting that of the three posts I’ve made here, only the one that you must have mistakely taken as a compliment has not been deleted.

    Sorry you didn’t catch the sarcasm that was intended in that one, but I’m not really surprised. I’m sure most of your devotees are not big on nuance.

    When I look at the titles of the Forum Topics on this site I feel like I’m looking at one of the really silly tabloids on line at the SuperMarket. The now defunct “Weekly World News” comes to mind. You know that one that used to print the BatBoy stories?

    Anyway, I’m thru wasting time here. It’s extremely silly and life is much too short.

  555. Hey ‘GoObama’ It’s great to see that a few posters on this site actually do get it.

    Don’t be too disheartened about the number of people here who are so willing to vote against their own self interests to get absolutely ANY woman elected.

    If you look real close you will see that there are only a few actual posters here. They are just posting the same ridulous hate-filled propoganda over & over & over, ad nauseum. Also, if a visitor here has the audacity to REALLY disagree with them or call them out on what their true agenda is, the moderators here either edit or delete their posts. I doubt that this post will be here for long.

    The few reasonable people that visit here out of curiousity and the hope for meaningful debate move on very quickly. In fact that is what I will be doing immediately after I submit this post.

    Bye Ya’ll! Can’t stay any longer on the Dark Side.

  556. Was just listening to David Shuster’s recent interview with Darragh Murphy and Will Bower on youtube.

    When Will started talking about “Different Numbers” it kind of reminded me of something Karl Rove said before the ’06 elections. Anybody remember “The Math?”

    So anyway, my theory is:

    Different Numbers = The Math

    BTW…does anybody know if Darragh was able to take a tax deduction for the $500 donation she made to McCain in 2000?

    Now if you want to see a little ‘magic’ just watch how fast this post disappears.

  557. biko24601

    If you have a counter to my opinions, why can’t you post them here? Do you find it difficult to write?. Or is your strength in smooth talking, just like the ONE?

    What is your ulterior motive in challenging people to meet with you in person? Are you trying to intimidate people into showing up to sabotage them? I have heard and seen the physical and verbal attacks and intimidation by the obamabot thugs who save up their feces and urine to throw on people.

  558. Marci,
    You have obviously Googled the subject, so you know that it was published in a book by Cliff Schecter, based on anonymous sources. Back in ’92, everything didn’t get videoed like it does today.

    I think, though, it speaks to McCains well documented anger.

    “I am a littled worried by his knee-jerk response factor…I think it is a little scare.” Maj.Gen. Paul Eaton US Army(ret).

    In Jan of this year Rep Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi said “The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.”

    This quote is from an article in The Nation magazine. Col. Larry Wilkerson (Ret.) — former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell — saying that with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “[n]o dissent, no opinion to the contrary, however reasonable, will be entertained.” Wilkerson added that McCain is “hardheaded,” “arrogant,” “hubristic,” and “too proud for his own good.” Referring to McCain’s foreign policy advisers, Wilkerson said: They “scare me.” “Scare me.”

    Did McCain call his wife a cunt? Don’t know for sure. But it would seem that a lot of people, Republicand, military men, seem to think he might be the kind of person that could.

    Bonus, a nice video of McCain flip flops.

  559. LOL! Another S is posting about McCain flip flops and sqaushing dissent? Ha ha ha as if Obama is not twice the flip flopper and we’ve all seen what happens to those who don’t worship at the feet of The One.

    Yeah people will buy that bunch of baloney. NOT!


  560. Sexism obviously continues to be the strategy of the Obama campaign. The new tactic is to use women to make the sexist comments this time around. Since the big backlash when men did it to Hillary, they think having women do it to Hillary will be okay. Well, news to them, I find this even more offensive.

    Sally Quinn, Soledad O’Brien and Campbell Brown are some of the female TV personalities sent out by Obama to ruthlessly attack Palin. I can’t believe it is 2008 when I hear comments that she is a bad mother or incapable of doing the job because she has children. These women have children themselves so maybe they should be fired for it. What about Pelosi who has 5 kids too – I never heard them trying to force her out of office because of it.

    Don’t be fooled into believing Obama’s hands are clean and that he is not involved in these attacks. Remember nothing is beyond acceptability in the corrupt chicago political machine that is supporting him.

  561. cafinequeen,

    I did not post about McCain flip flops, only one video refrence. The main point of my post was that there are some people, people who a person would think would naturally fall in to the McCain camp, military men and republicans, who have publicly expressed some serious concerns over McCains temperment. Some of these comments are really unprecedented in their gravity. Particulary the one by Sen Cochran.

    As far as Flip Flops, sometimes we could use a few from our leaders. The biggest problem with Bush is that he seems unable to admit that he was wrong, and is barely capable of changing course. Had Obama changed his view on things? Perhaps, but you don’t even bother to post any references to back up your view point.

    As far as your comment “we’ve all seen what happens to those who don’t worship at the feet of The One”, what in the world are you talking about? I have never seen or heard of Obama threatening anyone. In the primaries, did he do anything differnet than what any politician running for president would do? It is, really in the nature of politics to try and win. If you can find a specific example of something that you think was untoward, and perhaps unfair, then please post it.

    I would have to say, I truly don’t understand the hatred people some people here express towards Obama. I did not support Hillary in the primaries, though I have to say it was damn close. But I always know that if Hillary recieved the nomination, I would vote for her.

    Lilly, I disagree that sexism is the strategy of the Obama camp. It is only sexism, if you view ANY comment criticizing an opponent of the oppostite sex as sexist. I do believe that Obama is the best candidate, and of course he does too, so he is not going to just roll over and quit, and not bother to campaign. And the unfortunate reality in America today, is that people respond to attack ads.

    Many of you, really I think, are hiding behind the fact that you do not want a black president. People are throwing around many reseaons to dislike Obama. The truth is, it is racism that is alive in America today. And sexism. However, I would like to contribute to breaking down all of the barriers, and not contine the dialog of hate and anger that permeates public discussions today.

  562. yes well nobody’s buying baloney here today so go back to your Obama buddies and sell it to them.

    your accusations that this is about race are not only false they are insulting.

    Attacking a candidate because she was a former beauty queen, because she has 5 kids, because her son has downs, her daughter is pregnant, calling us “out” for voting based on a “vagina” is sexist and totally unrelated to issues or abilities and it’s again insulting.

    As to what happens we all know because we see it every day. People like you attack us, call us bitter bitches, publish personal info about us, the DNC obama delegates and campaign surrogates bullied, pressured, and threatened Clinton delegates with losing their seats if they didn’t back Obama during the primaries. It’s been documented.

    We’ve all experienced the thug tactics first hand here and as to links or examples you can do your own looking. I would be willing to bet you have seen some of the very things I’m talking about and simply chosen to ignore them or justified it as the means to your ends.



  563. I can’t believe that every time somebody chooses not to vote for Obama for any reason they are accused of racism. I guess that means everyone who doesn’t vote for Palin is a woman hater. Give up on that tired old excuse and save it for those who deserve it.

    Fortunately, I haven’t seen any blatant racism because it is unacceptable. Unfortunately, I am seeing blatant sexism – what man has been asked who is going to be taking care of his children while he worked, if he would be a good father if he worked, etc. etc. Biden was a single father 30 years ago and nobody asked him those questions even back then.

    My question is: Are feminists only for womens rights when they agree on everything? As for myself, i am for all people (including women) having the right to be treated as an equal.

  564. caffinequeen, Lilly.

    You say people like me attack you and call you bitter bitches. I would have to say in the I think three posts I have made here, I have called no one bitter ot a bitch.

    Please list what you like about the McCain/Palin platform. Are you in favor of continuing the occupation of Iraq. How do you feel about health care? Do you believe it is an individual responsibility, or should employers provide insurance.

    If you support McCains platform, great. I can’t argue with that. If you are voting against Obama, but like the Democratics platfrom, then how would you define you position?

  565. anotherS;

    Her it is in a nutshell. It’s not about their platform it’s about respect and it’s about trust. Obama has niether. We cannot trust him as he’s already proven he will do anything to win and he has not shown any respect. They say they don’t need us, don’t want us, we’re either republican plants or just irrelevant then they scream at us to get in line and vote for him. NO DICE!

    Here you go this can fill in any blanks you might have.



  566. Another S, just as I suspected, you don’t really have a credit worthy source. You don’t know that McCain called his wife a “cunt” in front of other people do you. To accuse anyone of such a demeaning remark made to of all people, his wife, without any factual evidence the event occurred in the first place doesn’t speak highly of your opinion. Wouldn’t you agree?

    The Huffington Bolg…….err, not the most credit worthy source.

  567. Dear Bewildered,

    No. I would not vote for Obama if he looked different. He’s a jerk. Plain and simple. His arrogance and sexist attitude come from the inside, not the outside.


  568. wah! wah! waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! NO FAIR!

  569. Will somebody please clean up the mess in the aisle?


    Arabella, who lost her umbrella.

  570. Not only did I lose my gravatar, I’m getting assigned the same amoeba-tantrum grav that the troll has.

    Life is so unfair.

  571. Dead thread of course. But, I guess the PUMA’s didn’t have quite the pull they had hoped.

    Bye forever

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