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The Lion’s Share on NO WE WON’T- NOW!

Join us for a special edition of NO WE WON’T- The Lion’s Share with Sheri, Darragh, me and YOU!

On Now:

171 Responses

  1. Hey guys, Join me Tonight!

    Preview: Tonight’s Show will continue to highlight the DEATH of Democracy!

    Reaction to McCain VP pick, DNC convention, Obama’s modest bounce, and Republican Convention! Topics: Polls, Electoral Map, ETC!!!

    Special Guest: Feminist Abigail Adams [ responds to McCain’s VP pick], The Super Genius brothers John Villarreal[McCain supporter] and Paul F. Villarreal[Hillary supporter]

    Join me[Matt] Live on AIR “My Two Cents Radio” at 11PM ET!!! Call-in 347-202-0443.


  2. Lots of listeners tonight 🙂 Everyone hasn’t been this excited about the election since Hillary suspended her campaign.

  3. what about designing black t-shirts signifying the death of the democratic party, with the nobama logo on the front and on the back in ORANGE to protest BO’s “selection”:

    google obama +
    william ayers
    tony rezko
    Ayham Alsammarae
    Rashid Khalidi
    Khalid Mansour

  4. I’ve been dancing all day. Today, after 18 months of Obama rhetoric, I truly have ‘hope’ for ‘change’.

    My values remain exactly the same as they always have been – feminism, liberalism, non-violence, etc. I will support whichever party espouses those values.

    Today McCain moved forward and asked for my support – something the DNC has never done. Maybe, just maybe, we’re really at the beginning of another party-reversal, like the one that happened between the civil war and the civil rights movement.

    Today, I have renewed hope that my voice is being heard.

  5. Pat Buchanan’s article is spot on. Good Lord what is happening to our country and our media when we are looking to Pat Buchanan and FOX News for some sort of sane criticism of Obama? When will the liberals hold Obama responsible and stop calling anyone who criticizes him a r_a_c_i_s_t?

  6. This is a very good conversation.

  7. That’s ok….my vote for McCain-Palin will balance it all out.

  8. Kali: who are you talking about? That certainly doesn’t fit Palin. She is not a “party-line Republican.” She has taken on the Republican establishment in Alaska, and won. And who said she is a Creationist? Do you have evidence for these criticisms?

    And the qualified line is tired. She has more experience than Obama–look it up.

  9. From that Pat Buchanan article:

    Here at the convention, the media watched Hillary and Bill’s speeches with a commissar’s care — to ensure they not only embraced Barack but “validated” his credentials to be president. Should they not go all out for Obama, we are told, the Clintons are dead in the party.

    When did the media become judges and enforcers?

  10. I wouldn’t take any offers for ground floor investments in companies manufacturing Greek temple props.

  11. Chevalier, on August 29th, 2008 at 9:53 pm Said

    yes I agree..

  12. Someone is deleting my post. Rude. Just because you don’t agree is no reason to delete a post that someone else thought about and put effort into.

    Palin is a joke. Deleting my posts won’t make her believe in evolution.

    It won’t make her any less of a party-line Republican.

    It won’t make her any less anti-choice.

    McCain should have picked a real woman candidate, not a shill he can show off for the cameras.

  13. Join Me[Matt] Tonight in 30 minutes at 11PM ET!


  14. What’s with the censorship? An established commenter can’t criticize McCain on this website anymore?

  15. Lakshmi,

    I’m not concerned about your feelings. Your conversational technique displeases me and IS NOT amusing.

    You want to lecture on your feelings about McCain’s ticket (a ticket I haven’t endorsed)? Feel free to open your own WordPress blog. It’s free to anyone.

    Meanwhile? I’ll delete any post I feel like deleting.

  16. Hi Folks…I’ve been away all day and am now weighing in on Palin. I am thrilled! I could actually maybe vote for this ticket!

    To be clear, there probably isn’t a freakin’ issue I agree with either of them on, but I like their principles. I like that they have principles.

    I take this VP selection as a signal from John McCain of “I’m listening to you and I want your vote.” I have never heard such a signal from Obama.

  17. wow

  18. Lakshmi: Who the heck are you to decide who real women are? Do you also get to decide who real Democrats are? Hey, are you The Decider?

  19. KB:

    You are some tough Sheriff. Is that the teacher gene?

  20. Charles, I give her props for running against corrupt politicians in Alaska. They needed a change of house up there. But she’s wrong on every issue that matters. Maybe he couldn’t pick Hillary, but why not pick Olympia Snowe? Why not someone who’s actually got experience, and who isn’t a right-wing ideologue?

    This has been a hugely disappointing election. Now that Hillary is out, nobody is stepping up to the plate.

  21. SophieL, I’m an American and a voter. That’s the beauty of this place–we’re all deciders.

  22. Charles, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the news this morning was Poetic Justice.

  23. Hi Charles, I think she’s a very interesting candidate in many ways.

    I think it’s really weird that we’re getting hammered by so many people that think we’re supporting that ticket though. I think the majority of authors here aren’t planning to vote for either major party this year.

  24. Lakshmi, I wish you were a reader, because that’s not what I asked.

  25. Charles,

    Mick Arran of Fact-esque laso has a pretty good post about what a good pick for McCain Palin is:

    McCain Picks Anti-Corruption Whistleblower

    Palin fought her own party and took down a sitting GOP Governor in a successful insurgent campaign – one of the very few you’ll ever see in the tightly-controlled, highly-scripted Republican machine. She broke all the rules and got away with it in a party that lives for rules.

    Yes, she thinks creationism should be taught side-by-side in schools and she’s a committed anti-abortionist crusader and an evangelical theocrat. She’s far more complicated and apparently a helluva lot tougher than your standard GOP clone. She has a kid with Downs, her husband’s a union guy, and – we might as well say it, this is a visually-oriented electorate (ask Karl Rove) – she’s beautiful.

    She looks good standing next to the silver-haired lizard. Far more important, he looks better standing next to her. Hell, he almost looks human.

    But don’t get side-tracked by her gorgeous face and cute little “I’m a beauty contest winner and an intellectual, honest!” glasses. You don’t take down a sitting governor because your teeth are capped and your cheekbones stick out like Angelina Jolie’s. I’ve already seen speculation that Joe Biden is going to make mincemeat of the little soccer mom in the debates. Don’t bet on it. Murkowski was a rough customer and she took his seat away from him. Joey is going to have a much harder time than people think, maybe than he thinks.

    Do not underestimate this chickie. She’s no cream puff. She’s tough, she’s smart, and she isn’t afraid of anybody. This may be the smartest move McC has made in months.

  26. The fact that so many Obots are here reinforces the idea that this was an excellent choice for McCain. They are nervous.

    I could not have supported Kaye Hutchinson or Condi Rice – even though they might be for a woman’s right to choose. I support McCain/Palin for a number of reasons that are as complicated as the reasons I don’t support Obama. It’s not simple. But it’s a fact that I will vote down-ticket Dems and McCain at the top. And that was not a fact yesterday.

  27. *raises hand* I believe in evolution, because I am not an idiot. I also believe that there is an intelligent being who set it in motion, for reasons of his/her own that I will likely never comprehend. Does that make me a weird freakazoid right-winger like (ew!) Dobson? I don’t fucking think so.

  28. WMCB, I think God was smart enough to invent evolution.

  29. Unless I read incorrectly, Palin believes in teaching creationism along with evolution in schools.

  30. Regency, you know I love you…but that’s been the sneaky way of creationists from day one (back since scopes).

    creationism, aka ID deserves NO place in the public school system.

    I understand the point you’re trying to make, and even though I’ll vote for McCain-Palin, I detest the idea of ID theory ANYwhere.

  31. Greta-wire – 96% said Palin would be a huge draw for Democratic Women

    DNC – You’ve got a problem!

    It still is not too late for you to give up the dirt on BO and let Hillary lead the ticket!

    Hillary 2009 or McCain 2009

    PUMA Happy

  32. “I wouldn’t take any offers for ground floor investments in companies manufacturing Greek temple props.”

    LOL Too bad he didn’t take the opportunity to smite everyone when he was in his temple. Missed your chance!

  33. Seems to me that the VP’s only real job is to be ready in case the President can’t serve. And that’s the problem with Palin. Her stances on the issues aren’t really much worse than McCain’s, but she lacks the one decent quality he has–experience.

    Apparently he only met Palin once and talked with her on the phone once before he picked her. He doesn’t even know her…he just thinks those of us who supported Hillary and saw BO for what he is will vote McCain if he picks a woman.

    Well, it’s not that easy for me. I wasn’t voting for Hillary because of her gender. I was voting for her because she was the best person for the job. And Sarah Palin can’t hold a candle to Hillary.

  34. They are so scared on the Big Cheetoh. (I peeked in.) The criticisms they are leveling are beyond logical fallacies. Sustitute a name here and a word there, and they could be making a good case against Obama! Hypocrisy at its finest.

  35. I’m Jewish. We tell people that the concept is not to be taken literally.

    I have yet to have anyone answer how incest is not involved if we were all of the same parents Adam and Eve.

    They usually walk away looking shocked.

  36. This is subliminal but I picked this up myself before I also caught it on another site. On McCain’s page he and Palin appear side by side as equals. On their buttons, their names are the same font and height. But at Obama, Biden is in the background in pictures and in smaller print on the buttons. This is soo Oprah alpha dog crap. McCain is saying he is willing to be an equal partner with a woman.

  37. ben carlson, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:09 pm Said:

    It’s small things like this, that say so much.

    From experience, I KNOW the tone is set from up high, and filters down to the peons.

  38. I don’t care what she believes or not. Like I said, I don’t agree with either of them on any of the issues. I partially agree with Obama on most of the issues, but I detest being manipulated and snowed. For me, Palin is a symbol that PUMAs were heard.

  39. Very good point Sophie. We were heard and maybe we are being used but this woman is such an outsider. She took on the Murkowskis and WON!

  40. Listen to Hillary and Bill – keep moving and choose Y, the person that you agree 50% with and can get it done.

    I have already notified the moving company to be prepared to move the property of the DNC back to Washington. We will determine the date of the “bonfire”!


  41. Whoa, what has she done to add creationism to the Alaskan curriculum? That’s right. Nothing. Her Dad was a freakin science teacher. I’m going to wait to hear from her before I assume her take on the issues.

  42. Can somebody tell me why McCain’s choice of Palin is an “insult to women” as many “progressive” bloggers are screaming today?

    Weren’t the gender-based insult thrown at Hillary by same “progressives” actual “insults to women”?

    In that vein, what was Obama’s choice of Biden? An insult to old white men?

  43. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon. Every theory should be studied on a subject that one is interested in. Let people make up their own mind. I have one born again sister and a few friends that enjoy those theories. It doesn’t hurt me, I don’t hurt it.

    It should be a matter for parents outside of the school system.

  44. Palin is a HIT into OUTSPACE…this is going to TRUMP the ‘black’ angle and bring Hillicrats (at least enough of them to matter) to McCain’s side…

    I am thrilled and sad today, because if the Democrazed party hadn’t been MISOGYNISTS to the core the Democrat Party would be at about 60-63% in the polls with HILLARY CLINTON as the nominee…

    Instead, we get to vote McCain/Palin and pray for 2012!


  45. Obama ran on changing the tone and being a different kind of politician – no red state/blue state. Yet his campaign release after Palin was picked this morning was not gracious, diplomatic, or smart:

    Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies. That’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.

    He’s losing it and this had to shake them up a little.

  46. No one is trying to replace Hillary with Palin. We are attempting to move forward with the best choice we have so far.


  47. Oh, and I didn’t mean to imply that I think either ID or creationism should be taught in schools. But I also think we should wait to see what all these guys have to say about education.

    Obama was running ads in Kansas that he wants to reform education. And considering his education associates, I’d like to know what he has in mind.

  48. From listening to her on CNBC, I think she is more interested in business, energy, and corruption issues than she is on social issues. I just get the feeling with her and McCain those matters just aren’t priorities.

  49. Agreed, Ben.

  50. Andrea Mitchell was beeming about her. She said she was extremely well read and more of a Libertarian on social issues. She even had to tell Chuck Todd to “hold on, I want to finish”.

    Their evil plan has been thwarted!


  51. Are we going to have a friend with them on choice and gay issues? absolutely not. But at least we know that going in. It’s much better than getting f’cked later by a Democrat.

  52. Carol: seriously? Andrea Mitchell likes her?

  53. So weird to watch this Palin interview. She has no idea she’s going to be the pick for VP several months later.

  54. Wonder how Pelosi is feeling tonight? If O loses, I hope she’s gone on day one.

  55. The bots are idiots. They are now ridiculing the college she attended, because, yah know, it wasn’t Columbia or Harvard. Some hick college, they say.

    Keep it up, bots. Ridicule the small-town roots of this woman. That is going to REALLY win those pissed-off bitter middle America voters.

  56. Masslib: I disagree with you a bit. I think this was an audition tape for McCain. Didn’t CNBC break the story on her first?

  57. Ben, in 2000 McCain was considered the most pro-gay repub candidate since Goldwater. This Palin’s first veto was on leg barring gays from same-sex benefits. I think these two are probably not real concerned with halting gay rights.

  58. They had to review this tape over and over again. This woman is smart. The way she describes ANWR is very eye-opening.

  59. Charlie Rose is on CNBC?

  60. Poor bots. Really feeling sorry for them. Not. What they did to Hillary was inexcusable.

  61. Ben could you send me the link? I’m working on a post….


  62. I’ve been following Palin in the news for a while now because of the scandals in Alaska, and have found things to admire about her. And of course have been watching McCain for years. I don’t agree with many of this ticket’s positions but I believe they are decent people and they are a far better choice than Obama, who I do not trust one bit. I can actually listen to McCain talk, whereas I have to mute Obama. I appreciate that McCain chose a woman. And I appreciate that Palin gave props to Hillary and Ferraro. I am considering voting McCain/Palin for president and for Democrats down ticket as long as they were not anti-Hillary.

  63. masslib: well, i think she said she had to do it because of the state supreme court. HOWEVER, Romney would have done it anyway. This isn’t her issue. Let the Christian right think it is. They are more concerned about abortion anyway.

  64. http://dwb.adn.com/news/politics/elections/story/8347904p-8243554c.html

    “I won’t have religion as a litmus test, or anybody’s personal opinion on evolution or creationism,” Palin said.

    Just sayin’.

    I’m already having fun. I’m investing in popcorn. They’re scared! Teehee. Couldn’t happen to a nice bunch o’ folks.

  65. Katie: link to what?

  66. WMCB, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:30 pm Said:

    The bots are idiots. They are now ridiculing the college she attended, because, yah know, it wasn’t Columbia or Harvard. Some hick college, they say.

    Keep it up, bots. Ridicule the small-town roots of this woman. That is going to REALLY win those pissed-off bitter middle America voters.


    Dear god, they are STUPID. So very, very stupid.

    Teehee. Bring it on.

  67. ON CNBC, they just showed an hour long interview with Palin. Coincidence it was ready to go tonight???? I think not. I want to hear more about Andrea Mitchell’s “Come to Alaska” moment.

  68. Neither she, McCain, or Cindy McCain are Ivy League. Drives them nuts!

  69. I know it sounds trite, but I went back to college and happened to take a biology course where we discussed intelligent design.

    My take-away from this was that intelligent design is actually science proving creation. Both philosophies are true and not mutually contradictory.

    But that I don’t believe religon should be in politics. This is another red flag about Obama; quite radical stuff. And do we really want a Prez who has no church to go to because it is so radical?

  70. Charles, are you still here? I read your Palin post with the Alaskan articles, and I don’t know if this has been discussed today, but what’s the status of this:

    More recently, she has come under the scrutiny of an investigation by the Republican-controlled legislature into the possibility that she ordered the dismissal of Alaska’s public safety commissioner because he would not fire her former brother-in-law as a state trooper.

    Surely, McCain & Co. made sure that would not be a problem. Right?

  71. I have dared venture into the fetid tank of MSNBC. They’re trying to say that Hillary supporters are insulted by the Palin choice.

    Not this one. I’m excited. Would I like to see Hillary defeat Palin in 2012? Yes. But for now, I’m enthusiastically on the McCain/Palin train.

  72. Fif: thats a well-known problem. I don’t think the story has legs. Bu undoubtedly the Obama is interviewing that ex husband as we type.

  73. Alice – yes, they’ve stooped to ridiculing her college. This from a blogger at Left Coaster:

    At least she didn’t graduate from cosmetology school.

  74. every Hillary supporter I saw today was escstatic. One cried.

  75. fif, I saw them ask Rove about that today, and he laughed. Said there is no there there, and that Palin had welcomed and encouraged them to investigate all they want.

    Her husband had given info to the commissioner because he thought the sister’s ex was a loose cannon – very abusive, had tasered his own 11-year old son. Palin never asked for him to be fired, nor did her husband. They just wanted his boss to know, since this idiot was walking around with a gun.

    Did they cross a line? Maybe. But nothing illegal, and if he had tasered my nephew, I might want his boss to be aware that the guy might not be stable as a cop myself.

  76. ben – yes. Chuck Todd could only come up with “no experience, ………….. , and she will bring 3 Electoral Votes.” Gregory gave drilling questions to all of his guests tonight. He didn’t let them get away with any of their bs. He made them answer why a woman with 13 years of ……………………….. was less qualified with Obama who has none. They kept trying to answer another question but he kept after them to prove their hypocrisy.

  77. WMCB: thanks for the follow up on that. I’m anxious to hear Sally Quinn’s take on her.

  78. Ripley, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:38 pm Said:
    I know it sounds trite, but I went back to college and happened to take a biology course where we discussed intelligent design.

    My take-away from this was that intelligent design is actually science proving creation. Both philosophies are true and not mutually contradictory.

    But that I don’t believe religon should be in politics. This is another red flag about Obama; quite radical stuff. And do we really want a Prez who has no church to go to because it is so radical?

    I completely, utterly disagree with the impression you’ve walked away with from that class.

    ID asks questions it believes traps Evolution into contradicting itself, when in fact, the basis for ID’s “questions” are false from the beginning, with base assumptions.

    Seriously….do more research.

    Now I”m getting scared that fellow progressives are being taken in by this ID stuff.

  79. I don’t have any belief in ID, I just don’t see anywhere that Palin tried to implement it in Alaska.

    I just read somewhere that the wingers in AK were furious with her in the legislative session because she refused to take up any anti-abortion bills. Interesting.

  80. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligent_design

    “The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has stated that “creationism, intelligent design, and other claims of supernatural intervention in the origin of life or of species are not science because they are not testable by the methods of science.”[17] The American Association for the Advancement of Science says “intelligent design has not been demonstrated to be a scientific theory.”[18] The US National Science Teachers Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science have termed it pseudoscience.[19] Others have concurred, and some have called it junk science.”

  81. I just caught the end of it, but the brother-in-law was a cop. He tasered his son, drank and was drunk while in a police car, and several other things.

    She was attempting to have him removed based on his illegal activity. In my family, we like to have hands on contact with anyone who would dare to harm our children.

    Good for her. Gretta asked the new Mayor about it tonight. She said Palin was an extremely honest person. She reported and was fully cooperative in the investigation. The person she fired failed after repeated warnings to fill positions within his department.


  82. Haka everywhere. They are posting the most incendiary stories on Wiki to scare democrats from her. They must be freaked.

  83. From one of Sugar’s posters:

    Obama lied again. This man is a pathological liar.

    In a 2002 anti-war speech, Obama told the audience, “My grandfather signed up for a war the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, fought in Patton’s army. He saw the dead and dying across the fields of Europe; he heard the stories of fellow troops who first entered Auschwitz and Treblinka. He fought in the name of a larger freedom, part of that arsenal of democracy that triumphed over evil, and he did not fight in vain.”

    But in his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father,” Obama states his grandfather never engaged in combat.

    “Gramps returned from the war never having seen real combat, and the family moved to California, where he enrolled at Berkeley under the GI bill,” he writes. “But the classroom couldn’t contain his ambitions, his restlessness, and so the family moved again.”

  84. masslib, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:51 pm Said:

    Nooo, I know..and I most definitely was not implying that Gov. Palin had; I just want to be clear from an earlier poster that creationism is no different from ID junk science.

    I believe in God, but that’s a separate matter from creating a hypothesis and “testing” God.

    ID is junk science, clearly.

  85. John McCain’s son is also serving in Iraq. There’s nothing about that ticket that says irresponsibility in Iraq.

  86. masslib, thanks for the Charlie Rose link. This woman is not my cup of tea, but acceptable as a VP.

  87. on CNBC, she called her husband “The First Dude.”

  88. Carol, on August 29th, 2008 at 11:53 pm Said:


    The moment I heard the news today, I was immediately happy, but also nervous…I really want to like and support Gov Palin; so I literally prayed that she has done nothing, or will do nothing to stop my support of her.

  89. WMCB – I know. That broke right after Hillary was in trouble about the sniper thing. The media completely ignored it.

    He doesn’t know the truth.

  90. Andrea Mitchell was beeming about her. She said she was extremely well read and more of a Libertarian on social issues.

    Can anyone offer more information on A’s description of Palin’s position on social issues as “more libertarian?” I like the sound of that if it’s true.

  91. Kearn’s was also interviewed about Sarah today. She said she had an extensive knowledge of History – very well read. Gave her a big thumbs up.

  92. Fif: I wouldn’t go as far as Andrea on this. There were a few gay issues in Alaska that were on the ballots and so forth. The gay marriage one was before she was governor. There was apparently a question about benefits to state employees and the legislature tried to deny them. she vetoed it based on an Alaska Supreme Court decision. then she said if Alaskans wanted to vote on it they could. Not a profile in courage on the issue. But i think Romney would have signed it and fought it in court. She is not a progressive on social issues. But let the Christian right have their red meat.

  93. If this takes down the DNC I am happy.

  94. Someone hug me. I just had a huge fight with Obamabot husband.

    We ate dinner in silence. Finally the topic of McCain’s VP pick came up. “Were you as insulted as I was by McCain’s obvious pander?”

    “As a matter of fact, I wasn’t. For one day, it’s nice to be asked for my vote instead of having it beaten out of me.”

    “What, but he picked the least qualified …”

    At that point I lost it. I was swearing in the restaurant about how the Democrats invited me to take my dried up c*nt and leave the party, and that furthermore, John McCain saw an electorate and made a play for it, it’s what politicians DO, it’s not pandering.

    Mr. Obot did the manly thing of stalking out and leaving me with the bill. 🙂

    Instead of ASKING me why I felt the way I felt, he felt the need to immediately argue me down. He has always asked me to substitute his perceptions for mine, then everything will be wonderful.

    There is something seriously wrong with this generation of middle-class men. They have the most horrendous entitlement issues–give me everything my mommy did and a $100,000 paycheck too. My husband and I are separate, but we ordinarily get along well and do some family life for the sake of our son. I have a boyfriend whom I’m breaking up with because his entitlement issues are creeping out too. What a bunch of spoiled punks. And they wonder why women are PISSED.

  95. This is going to be so very, very interesting. For the first time in a long time during this oxygen-less, slick crowning of Jr, I’m enjoying myself.

    Oh yeah, please do, please DO mock those of us who went to some state school, worked our behinds off to go to some lowly school, worked day jobs and waited for years to put our hands on a diploma, who aren’t Ivy Leaguers, and while you do so, allow me to hand you a shovel. Please. Do. Do!

    Froth at the mouth about intelligent design.

    “Palin has occasionally discussed her lifelong Christian faith during the governor’s race but said teaching creationism is nothing she has campaigned about or even given much thought to.

    “We’re talking about the gas line and PERS/TERS,” she said Thursday, referring to the proposed natural gas pipeline and public employee and teacher retirement systems.”


    You’ll dig deeper as you usher in a chance for some talk of issues that the Precious has coasted away from, slippery and slithery, at every turn. Please. Do. DO!

    I’ll laugh harder.

    And don’t lecture me on my ovaries. BO’s behavior on Roberts closed that door for me forever. He only opposed Roberts for his political career and was so proud of it he posted it on his website.

    Haka, haka, everywhere and the #@$& begins to stink.


  96. I heard or read somewhere that the abortion issue is the BIG thing with the republican evangelicals. Frankly, I often thought that gay rights and choice issues can be easily separated and shouldn’t be linked.

  97. I wouldn’t call her a social libertarian. But from what I’ve seen, despite her very conservative personal views, she doesn’t have any “fire-in-the-belly” over shoving them on anyone else or legislating them. She seems impatient with wedge issues, more concerned with good government.

  98. Pat – did Eddy get back? Now, didn’t i return him in perfect condition?

  99. ugsome,

    Sorry for the ugly dinner.

    Here’s a hug from Indiana to yo.

  100. They’re trying to say that Hillary supporters are insulted by the Palin choice.

    God, these fools just make stuff up all day long. I was listening to NPR for the first time in months on the way to work, because they were going to cover the Palin announcement. Linda Weurtheimer was ridiculous: “I just don’t understand this pick. What can she possibly bring to his ticket.” Someone had to ask her about women voters, and she was surprised. “Oh no, Hillary’s speech brought them all on board.” Wha?????

    Thanks for the responses to my questions fellow wise Conflucians.

  101. I do not feel insulted by a Palin pick. I feel validated and vindicated.

  102. Peggy Noonan was hysterical this morning on Joe. Someone post?????????

    She didn’t like BO’s speech and made really hysterical jokes about it.


  103. He is here! So cute and being deloused as we speak. So happy to be here and is cursing the DNC. Where did he pick up this language? I have my work cut out for me.

  104. Ugsome…hold your ground. I was confronted by a glazed over Obamabot today who literally asked me if I had “come to Obama” yet. And then asked if I minded if he worked on me about it for the next two months. I honestly thought he was joking. He was totally glazed over. I’m getting a reputation as a PUMA. I told him this was like invasion of the body snatchers and to just get away from me. Then we went back to work 🙂

  105. Hey Linda,

    Thanks a lot.

    What an incredibly baiting way to ask the question. Like the privileged twit he is, he doesn’t give a shit about this bitch’s opinion.

    At least I had the last word. ‘Have fun assuaging your racial conscience on the cheap.” And it is on the cheap. Slap on a bumper stucker and pull a lever and lo! you’re righteous. I cannot get theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s notion of cheap grace out of my mind. He had contempt for people who say simply, I’m saved so I’m good to go! No. The grace of God is hard work. More than a bumper sticker and pulling a lever.

  106. deloused? That was ugly!

  107. I rattled off Obama’s brushing his shoulders and giving the finger and you’re likeable enough and I’ll get her voters but she won’t get mine, and Obots reporting blogs as spam and comment spam and hate mail and people being chased off blogs.

    ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he said.

    Well if you would put down the kool-aid and turn off Olberman and *listen* to a Vagina-American, you might learn why!

  108. Carol: So was the sore on his back.

  109. I really can’t stand Andrea Mitchell. I can’t stand to hear her talk (along with Tweety and all the other jerks at MSNBC).

  110. It’s perfectly OK to be in search of yourself, God knows I am, being a woman adrift in a woman-hating world, but I don’t fucking lie about it.

  111. The conservatives are rallying around the R ticket. As for the Ds rallying….not so much.

  112. ugsome,

    I hear you.

    But, you are not alone. I bet this is happening in many homes. I have some relatives I can’t even talk to about anything regarding the election. They literally don’t want to hear anything. The need to be right is stronger than love even. It hurts, I know.

  113. Instead of ASKING me why I felt the way I felt, he felt the need to immediately argue me down. He has always asked me to substitute his perceptions for mine, then everything will be wonderful.

    ugsome, (((((((((hugs))))))

    I was thinking about this yesterday. When my nephew was little he would use the word “sharing” as a plaintive plea when he wanted something to himself. That’s what they mean by “unity.” It’s only unity if they get exactly what THEY want. As soon as we express our own needs or concerns, the bullying and insults begin.

    Too bad. I was the one to walk out on a yelling fight with my brother in a restaurant when he insisted that not voting for Obama would make me responsible for a war with Iran. What’s even more irritating is that their arguments aren’t even original. It sounds like your husband was watching CNN & MSNBC for the new talking points today. That they do not see the absurd irony of complaining about her lack of experience is more evidence of some kind of mass hypnosis and denial.

    Be strong, you are entitled to your own experience.

  114. That whole group MSNBC are headcases. Tonight I turned on Bill Mahar and after after 20 minutes I had to turn it off. The panel was falling all over itself praising Obama and making fun of Palin. It was sickening.

  115. Carol: Casey is back in jail. Was arrested live on tv.

  116. Ugsome, hang in there. My partner is riding the Unity Pony, trying to scare me with Roe, health care, and world destruction. She tells me I have to support Obama out of respect for Hillary’s wishes. She did support Clinton right up until Clinton suspended, but is a Democrat first. After His Speech, we had some serious words. Loud ones. Tonight, I came home walking on an air cloud because of the Palin announcement. She is horrified that I might actually vote for that ticket. So far, my plan is down-ticket-only, but we’ll see what happens next and what I can do to make sure the DNC hears us loud and clear.

  117. The dust just needs to settle on all of this. McCain and Palin went to Columbus, Ohio, today (SWING VOTER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD) and shopped at the Ohio State store. Pretty smart. Cindy’s dress was adorable.

  118. Pat, that’s exactly why they always lose. They live in their elitist ivory towers, and think they are oh-so-clever and special. They constantly patronize and ridicule everyone who does not belong to their exclusive club, and then wonder why half the country has better things to do. I stopped watching Maher long ago too. He’s a prehistoric when it comes to women.

  119. She is “ordinary” with an ordinary background. This does not fit the latte drinkers conception of a winner.

  120. @ugsome I cannot get theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s notion of cheap grace out of my mind.

    Wow. I need to think about that one. I have often wondered why so many of these fauxgressives seem so susceptible to the race card. Maybe they have just as much racism deep down as they do sexism, otherwise why this burning need to expiate it?

    I laughed in the face once of some ube-educated asshole from Minne-feakin-sota who tried to lecture me on race relations. I told him I grew up dirt-poor in the south, with a 30% AA population, living hand to mouth and working and scraping by right alongside each other. If you are that poor in SC, you live in the “black” neighborhoods. Whatever ingrained privilege or subconscious ideas I might retain HAD to be faced and worked out on a DAILY BASIS. With real living breathing black people. We figured it out, and built our bridges the hard way, in the real world.

    But some loafered asshole from MINNESOTA wanted to lecture me on theory. On his “cheap grace”.


  121. Good for you Sophie. And from another precinct: my partner is a life long republican from a republican political family. For the first time we will be voting for the same president.

  122. Charles: Craig Ferguson, Michel Martin from NPR, Jon Corzine. I had to turn it off. All they were talking about is how presidential, how they wept, blah blah blah. But Mahar had his first segment with Tim Kaine and the monologue was a real putdown of Palin.

  123. ugsome, hugs.

  124. If we could just keep religion out of politics it would be so refreshing for once.

  125. In the words of Monty Python, let me state the bleeding obvious and note that GWB was completely educated by the finest Ivy League schools in the US.

  126. paretofed,

    You just made me laugh! So true, so true.

  127. WMCB, on August 30th, 2008 at 12:18 am Said:

    I love your writing; and you “get” it.

  128. Pat – you had him 2 weeks ago. I’ve never had carnal or carnival knowledge of him.

    But if you insist, I will summon him back to Texas.

  129. Listen very closely to Newt Gingrich. He is a master strategist. He loves Palin. She reinvigorates the republican party. That may not be a good thing in the long run…but for now, I’ll take it. She may have also locked up Montana and Colorado for McCain.

  130. WHAT are people seeing in this phony, hollow, plagiarizing, preacher-hero-mimicking panderer? I JUST DO NOT GET IT!

    “presidential?” Yea, that’s because he copied Bill Clinton’s speech this week.

    And the weeping and “come to Obama” stuff is so bizarre. We need an anthropologist to explain this to us. It’s all become increasingly disturbing, seriously. It really is “group think” as Buchanan said in his recent column.

  131. fif – it was Hillary’s speech.

    I think we should keep his children. I don’t want them to grow up with their hate filled militant mother.

  132. Carol: He just said he is not going. He kept repeating the word “insatiable”. Would you know why?

  133. Pat, I watched Mahar as well. Michel hammered Mahar with one line — Palin has the same gubernatorial length of service as Kaine when he was on BZero’s short list. Not once was Kaine’s “inexperience” a poison pill for BZero’s consideration of him because he came with a factory installed danglie.

    The D’s and their talking point conduits are digging a hole for themselves so deep they are going to come out in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.

  134. As for Palin foreign policy experience, let’s see where she went during college summer vacations. Isn’t that where Precious got his vast foreign that he bragged actually exceeded the experience of both Hillary & McCain?

    Maybe Palin went to France, and could say she can now restore the textile industry in this country; it wouldn’t any more ludicrous than Obama’s claims.

  135. Nite Nite. I am exhausted. I worked and partied all day! I intend to actually thoroughly clean my entire house this weekend now that Eddy is gone and I don’t need to worry about Political Justice anymore.

    It still ain’t over till it’s over. I still say the

    President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009 will happen.

  136. Fif: I kid you not. I was in the courthouse today and this defense attorney walks up to me and starts asking me if I watched the speech. His eyes were glazed over. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and a friend of my cousin’s asked me if I had accepted JC as my lord and savior.

  137. New Thread

  138. Good point on Kaine, Prolix.

  139. I just watched James Carville on Larry King. I love James, but even he was desparate tonight. Went on and on about her lack of experience, McCain only meeting her once, how could he select someone so inexperienced when he is a 72 yr old man. All of the Dems and the pundits are putting McCain in the grave tonight.

    Earlier, David Gergen said she HAD to come on CNN and answer a whole list of questions. (you know, like BO did………..).

    Oops, there is Paul Begala saying he is 72 yrs old and has cancer.

  140. But Kaine went to Harvard with Barry. If you go to and Ivy league school you are immediately qualified for antying.

  141. WMCB,

    It is a cheap way to prove your street cred, shed your suburban dorkiness, and do it without any sacrifice whatsoever, without wrangling with a human being who lives in your home and shares your bed.

  142. prolix: I just was unable to take anymore. All this crap being slung out there and no serious concerns about who this guy is and where he came from or where he is going for that matter. But Palin, they’ve got that covered. Beauty queen, hockey mom, mayor of Podunk, 5 kids at age 43, house hubby, the whole schtick. Then giggle, giggle,giggle. I have no real interest in the woman aside from bringing down the DNC but give it a rest. They make it sound like she got the call while sorting through a clothes bin at Target. Ridiculous.

  143. The cancer thing is now a left wing talking point. Vicious.

  144. Prolix – that’s okay. BO wanted to have a rally there anyway. Free eggrolls, sushi and rice for everyone. I’m sorry I don’t have the band line-up, but I bet it is an incredible array of muscians.


  145. Carol, from your mouth to God’s ears!!
    President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009 will happen.

  146. Need to tuck Eddy in for the night. Insists on sleeping with a night light. Can’t think why.

  147. fif,

    “t’s only unity if they get exactly what THEY want. As soon as we express our own needs or concerns, the bullying and insults begin.” Oh ain’t that the truth.

    As far as Iraq goes, there is a huge difference between Obama and McCain. Obama will need to prove he has a big hard military dick, since he’s from the soft girly-man party that’s all concerned about health care and education and other pink issues, whereas McCain doesn’t have to prove shit to anyone. Arguably McCain is better positioned politically to end the war if he wants to. Yes, it’s the Nixon in China argument, and yes, that bucket holds water. And the war? Vietnam–brought to you by Democrats.

  148. Funny that they’re worried that she’s so inexperienced because she might be president, but not that he’s so inexperienced and he would be president.

  149. I think that McCain has BRILLIANTLY found a way to eek out an avenue whereby he comes out APPEALING AND NEW (amazing for this old guy) and WAY ahead of the Democrats (first the funny-cool ads on Obamamessiah, now Palin). One of the lovely payoffs of Palin is that as the guys diss her (I just heard Carville do so), her female and male defenders calmly point out the unbased presumptions of their doing so!!!! Carville was actually shut up!

  150. WMCB, I too believe in evolution as part of one very intelligent designer whose scope is far beyond our human understanding. If a single fertilized egg could evolve into a human being, I don’t know why it is so difficult for some to accept evolution.

    John McCain made a courageous and maverick decision. Now I can vote for him instead of giving him my vote against Obama. Obama and the DNC sowed the seeds of their loss.

  151. SophieL, wonderful point!

  152. What Bush and the republican party did to McCain in 2000, the democrats did to Hillary in 2008. Like McCain, Hillary will be back to fight another day.

  153. Me too, SophieL.

  154. I think the American Cancer Society or some cancer activist group should issue a statement to the stations airing those negative comments. People are managing cancer today and are entitled to lead productive lives, as they so wish and are able.

  155. SophieL, exactemente. I couldn’t believe that the booster of the barely-Senator would go off on Palin’s inexperience. People in glass houses….!

  156. Go for it…everything I type here belongs to the cause!

  157. Obama had Kaine on his short list for VP for MONTHS. Kaine has been a governor for exactly as long as Palin.

    But, see, Kaine had a penis. Evidently they think a penis adds YEARS to your length of experience. Men can’t measure length accurately for shit, we all know that.

  158. What Palin displays is an attribute so much more likely t be seen in women as men in whatever their jobs are: an earnest and genuine commitment to doing the job well and being accountable to the relevant parties, in this case Americans. So that would mean, for example, making sure that you don’t bring in people to do jobs based on religious or political beliefs the way the Bush administration did (think Monica Gooding). I suspect thatObama wouod similarly bring in members of the black liberation movement in various faith-based initiatives—whereas McCain/Palin would NOT practice such irresponsible flouting of the public trust. This very SIMPLE and straightforward commitment becomes NOVEL, UNUSUAL, AND EXCITING and Palin is a superb conveyer of that philosophy. It’s amazing!!! No one else seems to have thought of it!.

  159. If you haven’t yet read Pat Buchanan’s article at Yahoo news [thank you, Disenfranchised Voter for the link, see top of thread], I urge you to do so. It is sobering and thought-provoking. Of all the horrible lies, smears, and hate this primary season, I think the Donna Brazile threat of race riots in the street if Obama doesn’t get the nomination is the absolute worse, morally if not legally criminal. She should have been fired immediately from the DNC & CNN.

    I don’t know whether the media lacks the self-awareness to realize the cumulative expectations they are fomenting, or whether they cynically think the ratings would be worthwhile. Where is the leadership in the AA community, the voice of reason? Where is the accountability of white culture that feeds these expectations in order to appease liberal philosophies? How much longer can we allow extreme media opinion and bias to shape our society in such destructive ways?

  160. For months the Obamabots have been spouting off that Hillary was a liar, a racist, and a b*tch. Now they are saying that Palin is no Hillary. Um, so what are they telling us exactly?

  161. Sorry for my typos, I was typing quickly to jump into this conversation, as I spent some time studying Palin this afternoon, and I recommend it to others: she has not been properly appreciated in the least by most of the commentators on her today (on tv and blogs). It’s rather startling that with all the disingenuity we become used to that we tend to overlok the real POWER of plain honesty.
    Sarah Plain/Palin, when she describes a cause or person, e.g.,McCain, TRANSFORMS it or him, so we see its authenticity and/or his apealing heroism. Palin on the stump could have generated as much of a movement as did Obama at first (before his inauthenticity was revealed).

  162. I never thought I would be a Buchanan fan but I am. He’s the reason I can tolerate MSNBC once in a while. He is the only person on that network who takes his job as an objective analyst seriously – he’s able to go beyond his own personal beliefs.

    Side note: I guess Sarah Palin endorsed him in 2000 and that is supposed to be a negative. Not for me.

  163. WMCB, not that I’m a Palin fanatic, but I abhor stupidity evidenced by double standards.

    Palin has more executive experience than McCain, BZero and Bombastic. Their signatures’ have never been the signature that enacted a single law, regulation or act, — her signature has. Their legislative decisions have always been tempered by those of others, her’s have not.

    Will our discounting of over half of humankind ever end?

  164. Charles; Right here in Salem, MA. Elizabeth has canceled her appearance with him.

  165. These media people are so stupid today because it’s all about money. If the Democrats are in power, there are more jobs for Democrats.

    If Obama is elected, CNN/MSNBO think it is the chance to finally knock off Fox. These 2 cable networks have staked their whole futures on Obama; the Clintons were never media whores, so they liked the fresh Obamas, and now careers hinge on that. Some of these people will flat out lose jobs, others will just be back in the ratings cellars.

  166. The Obamabots are saying they are desperate, have no principles, and the hypocrisy page is missing in all their dictionaries.

  167. (cough, rolling eyes)

    There IS a new thread, you know (Tapping Foot)

    Are you going to join us?

  168. I was a former supporter too, Charles. And I know EXACTLY how you feel.

  169. I really like Elizabeth – never liked her husband much though. It was only reinforced when I heard he told Obama to start being tougher on Hillary. I think he made a concerted effort to gang up on her.

  170. What I find ridiculous about Sarah P’s “lack of experience” issues is – if McCain/Palin win and McCain dies the day after taking office, why would her on-the-job-training be any different than Obama’s on-the-job-training? It insinuates she’s not capable of that, but for some reason Obama is.

    OK, KB heading upstairs now!

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