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Rebuilding years

Nothing On Top

N.O.T for Democrats 2008

Three nights ago, Hillary Clinton told us to “keep going” no matter what.  The ‘what’ came today in the form of Sarah Palin for Vice President, running with John McCain.  It was a masterstroke of genius from John McCain and a checkmate to Barack Obama and the DNC.  Many of our coalition members have already written emails saying they are now supporting John McCain out of protest at the way the primaries and convention were run by the DNC.  Some were planning to do so before Palin’s announcement.  Many more Democrats are planning to defect since this morning.

That’s fine.  We won’t tell you how to vote.  Just remember that as attractive as the McCain/Palin ticket is, Republicans have a fundamentally different philosophy about government than Democrats.  Although McCain and Palin may be considered reformers of the Republican party, they are wrong about many issues that Democrats find important.  For example, both McCain and Palin are adamantly anti-choice.  They also have different attitudes towards distribution of risk in areas like health care.  We must not gloss over this.

That is why it is so important to make sure that Congress remains in the hands of Democrats.  This year, we have the opportunity to increase our numbers in both the House and Senate.  A number of these downticket Dems are true Democrats in the liberal and FDR style.  For example, Linda Stender in NJ-07 is very much a progressive like Hillary Clinton: pro-choice, against the war, for rescinding the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.  Now is the time to work for these downticket Dems to guarantee that we have divided government in the wake of what will be almost certain defeat for Barack Obama.

To that end, there are some new efforts that I would like to call your attention to:

  • PUMAPac is about to launch The New Democratic Party.  This party is in the model of Alice Paul’s National Women’s Party.  The party will have a platform and goals and will endorse candidates that meet our criteria.  We are still working on the website but we welcome your input on platform and goals tonight on a Lion’s Share edition of NO WE WON’T at 9:00PM EST tonight.
  • The Denver Group, co-founded by Heidi Li Feldman and Marc Rubin, is going to be starting an ad initiative to inform voters about how they were betrayed by the DNC.  The intent is to make the powers that be, the powers that were.  The DNC can not be rewarded for their behavior.  Now is the time to purge the party of the authorirarian elements that shut Hillary Clinton and faithful Democrats like ourselves out of the party.  Please see their page describing their initiative.

Remember, we are strong and powerful because we represent millions of votes that *both* parties want to get their sweaty little hands on.  Now is the time that we call the tunes and make them dance.  But we can only do it if we’re all using the same music.  Find your buddies, stick together, hold hands, watch out for one another and we *will* “keep going” and fighting back.

Here’s an ad for Linda Stender to remind you of the kind of Democrat we need in Congress:

103 Responses

  1. I agree that we need to support good Democratic candidates down ticket. As for voting for McCain, I just don’t know that I can do that. It has been my intention for a while to vote for Cynthia McKinney, the Green party candidate.

    I could change my mind but I don’t anticipate it.

    Mountain Sage

  2. We have to tear out the rot before we can start to rebuild

  3. Just got e-mail from Barbara Boxer soliciting support, echoing Hillary as to differences on issues. But it does not sway me. I’m voting for McCain/Palin.

  4. Your post summarizes my feelings well, RD. I do like the whole checkmate against Barack thing but also struggle with the pro-life stance of the Repub ticket. Our views are quite nuanced, though, and I think most American voters won’t consider things as thoroughly as we here do.

    I am glad the PUMA powers-that-be (including RD) have a plan. The New Democratic Party is a fantastic start and will certainly lead to true election reform in the future.

    I am proud of The Confluence and other PUMAs. True American values abound here.

  5. I just dont want to hear any talk on this blog about supporting Obama.

  6. myiq: No time like the present to make sure we don’t have to start from scratch in Congress. I truly do believe that barring some horrendous gaffe from McCain and Palin, they are an unbeatable ticket in November. So, we have to make sure that we aren’t just out for revenge. We have to elect new members of Congress and dilute the strength of the Blue Dog’s coalition.

  7. Michelle: Are you serious?!? If you hear me endorse Obama, get the shotgun and put me out of my misery. It ain’t never going to happen. I am just trying to focus our attention on the task at hand: keeping Congress in the hands of Democrats.

  8. I think we need to acknowlage that most of our good government came from two party control. So, a McCain president with a strong Democratic congress might be a good ticket.

    So McCain took out some of the Obama hot air balloon. I think Palin has more experience in running a government tha Obama.

    Lets remember that a lot of George Bushes problems were due to his lack of experience and the same can be expected of Obama if he is elected

  9. I think the democratic party has officially lost me for now. I may come back but the party will need to change. Of course, maybe I’ve changed through the course of this year. RD, I realized all along from where you were coming with this blog. I know there is a sense that we need to stay a force in the democratic party. I guess I don’t want to be in a party any more. I just want to vote my heart…not a letter D or a letter R. I looked at Sarah Palin and her (handsome) husband and beautiful family and saw the American dream. This is quite simple for me.

    I will keep coming here and blogging and commenting with the wonderful people who are on here but continuing to promote the agenda of one party or another isn’t my goal. This place has been a haven for me. Gary, RD, Mawm, Katie, you all are brilliant. Let’s still keep the freedom on here.

  10. I agree RD. I fully support the New Democratic Party.

    And so we begin.

    Mazel tov NDP!

  11. And since when did our goal become keeping Nancy Pelosi in power?

  12. ti defend RD I don’t think she means to keep the corrupt dems….we have to clean house and rebuild

  13. love the orange ribbon graphic ….

  14. I am all in favor of divided government for now. We need a strong democratic congress to counteract the policies of the McCain/Palin administration.

  15. At least the policies we don’t agree with. Our system was designed to be a divided system. I would rather have it that way than a dem congress that just rolls over for whatever “The One” wants.

  16. Unless McCain is caught playing footsie in a public restroom with Larry Craig, I see his party once again winning the presidency. The Palin choice was a brave one, and to hear the talking heads (Campbell on CNN) go off about the governor’s lack of experience is laughable.

    I hate to say it, but the Democrats have to lose this year. It’s the only way we can clean up the mess that the party is now in. Tear down the structure to put in place a better foundation. I’m glad the PUMA Nation is being proactive and starting a party that some of us can embrace. I understand the New Democratic Party will not be offering up candidates, but we will be supporting the right choices for our government. That’s a great start to a new future.

  17. Thank you so much, RD. For everything you’ve provided with the birth of The Confluence and it’s many gifted and selfless contributors.

    Although I’d already resigned to do my part for many downticket candidates (esp. in Congress), which reflect the real “change I can believe in,” it’s great seeing you put our ‘mission for action’ so succinctly.

    Perhaps I should be saying For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my [party].


  18. ben: I’m in your shoes. I’ve completely lost faith in the Democratic Party. I’m switching to Indy, and intend to only vote my conscience without prejudice. Very often, that will be Democrats.

    Truthfully, many Kentucky Democrats acted like drunken sailors in Denver, pushing for acclamation, no Hillary in nomination, secret voting. That is as far from the wishes of Kentucky Democratic voters as you can get. So, even though some Ky Dems like Ben Chandler or LtGov Mongiardo or Yarmuth sound progressive, what difference does it make? I feel just as strongly today as I did yesterday about these sexist fauxprogressives. Now, they want to teach us to stop being so rac*st here. These 3 are dead to me, I’ll support just about anybody over them. Okay, no ranting….

  19. Hey guys, Join me Tonight!

    Preview: Tonight’s Show will continue to highlight the DEATH of Democracy!

    Reaction to McCain VP pick, DNC convention, Obama’s modest bounce, and Republican Convention! Topics: Polls, Electoral Map, ETC!!!

    Special Guest: Feminist Abigail Adams [ responds to McCain’s VP pick], The Super Genius brothers John Villarreal[McCain supporter] and Paul F. Villarreal[Hillary supporter]

    Join me[Matt] Live on AIR “My Two Cents Radio” at 11PM ET!!! Call-in 347-202-0443.


  20. The PUMA Party, that is. 🙂

  21. McCain will probably win, but he will have done it by pandering to the group Donna Brazile thinks that the Democratic party doesn’t need

  22. And that is sweet, myiq2xu.

  23. I also believe the divided government is the best. Bush was inexperienced, but too many Republicans became drunk with power, and turned the government into an ATM without any checks and balances. They believed in party unity before everything, and it still haunts us. I am done with party unity.

  24. IS NANCY PELOSI ….READY TO BE PRESIDENT. She is third in line.

  25. love stenders add she seems wonderful we do nothave Dems like her here in florida-at least my part!

    Oh could not help it here is my reply to Miss O’s request for money-


    Has Obie been passing you the reefer again? I have done nothing to support your Obama-nation! I gave $ 866.00 to HillaryClinton.com fro her nomination. Since your husband being the thief and crook that he is hijacked the party I am Hanging with the PUMA’s now!

    So sorry I missed the “Coronation” and the “Love Train” didnt want to catch “crabs”! I Heard you drowned a few kittens cut out the hearts of some puppies and ate a new born baby infront of its parents. I Was especially touched by the sour face you put on during the Hillary speech I have sucked a bad lime before but I bet I didn’t look as scooped mouth as you did.

    I am dedicating myself to working for your husbands defeat in November. Then you can go back to working at a hospital that overcharges poor uninsured minority folks. Maybe Mr Obama can can go back to selling his present votes in the senate until his senate defeat in 2010. You will never serve tea in the white house!

    Hugs Kisses and a big bendover shoot you rhe moon tinkle on your parade shot-

    Michael Varvel

  26. And I will be donning my PUMA shirt to the ballot box, on Election Day. Yes indeedy. Can’t wait! 🙂

  27. 4 request in 24 hours is a little much-


  28. Divided government often works the best. We all may have competing goals, but all I want is what is best for this country. Hillary was the best for our country. Governor Palin falls quite short of Hillary but McCain acknowledged we existed and took a shot at history.

  29. I’m all for rebuilding the Democratic Party, but the “New” Democratic Party was the term Donna Brazile used. Don’t want people to confuse the two. Of course with any luck, Donna’s new party will be dead as of Nov. 5. How do we get rid of her, Dean and the others in the DNC?

  30. Awesome Mission…Love It!!!
    Suggestion for the Platform:
    Affordable Childcare

  31. I called the McCain campaign and donated to them. The lady said the phones were ringing off the hook. I told her that I don’t support their issues, but he made the right choice with Governor Palin. And I said I was just horrified by how Hillary was treated and was a huge supporter of hers.


    The GOP will now make them pay

  33. I will send a donation to Linda Stender. Absolutely support good down ticket DEMS!!!

  34. Does anyone have a link to the article where Pelosi says that she expects Democrats to have more members in the House and Senate?

    I think the Democraic leadership isn’t worried about loosing. They saw Obama’s polls were going down but still Pelosi continued to do all she could to make Obama the nominee. This might never have been about winning but increasing the number of members in the House.

  35. The irony here is that had Hillary been the dem nominee many would be making comments about a pandering barbie pick and would take her to task for calling Hillary a whiner back in March.

    Never mind her stances on the issues

    Strange days indeed.

    Vote green people. There was no pander in McKinney’s being chosen nominee.

  36. I agree about voting for good Dems — but having grown up in NOLA I am fully aware that everyone with a “D” behind their name isn’t necessarily what I consider a “good Dem” (also know as DINOs). A divided Legislative and Executive branch is not a bad thing, especially if the Legislative branch is full of “good Dems.” I am hoping that my vote for McCain, while voting Dem in the down ticket races will not only accomplish that divided Congress & WH but will also (1) send a loud and clear message to the Dems that the party cannot take my vote for granted anymore, thus they had better start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk; and (2) rid the DNC of incompetent morons like Dean, Brazile, et al. It will be easier to rebuild the party with the likes of them gone.

  37. Just think we could of had 16 years of a Democrat in the white house……But, the DNC and Obama did not want to wait………and now lost it all.

  38. peter,

    We would not insult a woman by calling her “Barbie.”

    Hillary’s statement was gracious, with no personal insults.

  39. What a difference a day makes, especially if you are in the company of like-minded, energetic people! Yesterday, I could barely form a thought, I was so stunned, and today I am planning my votes for November. This morning I got my first Hillary e-mail as my Senator in ages. That’ll be an easy vote.

    I was concerned about the pro-life position of Gov. Palin and Sen. McCaine, but frankly, economic equality and equal rights and respect for women is a more important issue than abortion rights, because it is fundamental, not situational. Once gender equality is firmly established in the American psyche, it seems inevitable that women will not be expected to turn their uteruses over for government management.

    So, IMHO as of now the McCain/Palin vote seems like the direction we need to go in, despite what Hillary said about their policies leading the country in the wrong direction. Continuing to take disrespect and minimization from our party is not putting women in the right direction.

  40. Delet this if you want…I just found it funny!

    FactChecking Obama
    He stuck to the facts, except when he stretched them


  41. OT. Watching on CSpan a 2/24/08 interview of Gov. Sarah Palin. Boy howdy, this gal certainly is confident, intelligent and very well researched! As on caller said: She brings a breath of fresh air and hoped she’d be on the ticket (and the caller is a Hillary supporter!! Haha!) remember this is February of this year.

  42. PUMAs or PUMA supporters will likely have a more difficult time voting for a third party candidate, in a swing/battleground state, if the race is tight. I could be wrong, but I feel its safe to assume the majority of us are so ready to see BO/DNC defeat come Nov. 4th. – with a passion.

  43. angie, the problem is, the Dems have no spine. I can already hear them saying about McCain’s supreme picks, “Well, the president does get to choose and we need to pick our battles. This choice (whomever it may be) is not so bad, etc.”

    I know Congress can keep rejecting nominees, but the congress we have now can’t fight it’s way out of a paper bag. Perhaps if we show them that we REAL dems don’t have to go along with them, they might just find their mojo and step up for the people they are supposed to represent.

    As for the choice thing, no one will change that reality as it would kill the goose that lays the golden (Republican) egg. If that ever happens, that party will be no longer needed.

  44. Plural-

    I have the read the b-word here numerous times to describe women that people here have a disagreement with.

    In fact, during either Bill’s or Hillary’s speech the other day, a prominent thread starter here referred to MO as “a scoop mouthed b—”

    You may not have done so, but I stand by my previous comment.

  45. I am a 50 year Dem and have never wavered in voting for Dems. But for the first time I am going to vote Republican at the top of the ticket and McCain’s choice of Palin today cemented that for me. Why? I think McCain just shot a torpedo across the bow of the good ship Republican that said it is McCain the Maverick that is going to run for the presidency. I think McCain and Palin will have a clear agenda about reframing and restructuring the Republican party. That McCain I respect. I even envy the Republicans because their party needs a huge clean up and reinvention and they actually have a chance to have that happen. The Democrats need the same medicine but with Obama beholden to the Chicago Combine and a Democratic leadership that has proved it has no courage to be the Democratic Party we are not going to get that. The only way I think Democrats may see their party survive is if this mess they have created gets them the results they deserve—a landslide loss at the polls. Then Hillary will have the opportunity to do what I think McCain will do for the Republicans. So my vote will be Republican for what I hope is the first and only time in my life and McCain’s choice today gave me some confidence that I can cast that vote with less risk than I could hope. My dream is that McCain gets a cleaner GOP going and sets the table for HRC to clean the clocks at DNC headquarters. I refuse to fall for the Roe/Wade boogie man. We are in a very different time and place on that issue and if R/W were to be overturned (which I don’t think is going to happen) it becomes a state issue. Blue states will quickly pass necessary legislation (most already have it) . States with active pro-life voting blocs probably will not but in those states choice has already been nullified by local politics. Please RD, do not taunt us with that issue—in all other ways I applaud all that you are doing and I will definitely join the New Democratic Party. I am a deep believer in the necessity of checks and balances and the best insurance is to have a divide between what party controls legislative and executive power. If we had a Dem control of congress for the last 8 years maybe things would be different (and then again, maybe not). I am profoundly disappointed in Dem leadership since 06—I think they could have been far stronger in opposing Bush so even divided, balance of power politics may not get us good government. At least Palin has a huge positive reputation in Alaska for ethics reform and taking on the special interests—-and winning. That means a lot to me.

  46. Can you all imagine where we’d be right now if Obama had chosen to either wait another 4 or 8 years OR worked out a plan to be Hillary’s VP OR had chosen to run a clean campaign, not smear the Clintons, and respectfully chosen Hillary as his VP? That’s right, the Democratic Party wouldn’t be knee deep in sh*t right now if Obama actually had some class and principles and put his party and its people before himself.

    Obama had SO many chances to prove us wrong. He would’ve won and McCain might not have chosen Palin if he had put his arrogance aside and picked Hillary as his veep. Even though I wouldn’t have supported that ticket anyway, it would have won over most Clinton supporters. Obama could have conceded the race after Clinton had won the most crucial swing states after Super Tuesday. He could’ve stopped his supporters from using sexism to attack Hillary or the r_a_c_e card to attack Bill.

    But no. He had to go and do this and now he, the DNC, and millions of Americans will have to pay for his mistake with another 4 more years of a Republican ruled White House.

    If the Obamazoids believe that after being f*cked with and sh*tted on that a good number of Clinton supporters won’t vote for McCain/Palin as revenge they are idiots. If they believe that the Reagan Democrats will overlook Obama’s experience and choose him over the war hero and maverick, they are idiots.

    And they have no one to blame but Obama, the DNC, and themselves. I am so glad Hillary is being a trooper in all of this and has graciously supported Obama. She’s doing this because she knows that he will lose and suffer the consequences of what he did to her in the primaries. Karma is a bitch.

  47. Hey guys, Join me Tonight!

    Preview: Tonight’s Show will continue to highlight the DEATH of Democracy!

    Reaction to McCain VP pick, DNC convention, Obama’s modest bounce, and Republican Convention! Topics: Polls, Electoral Map, ETC!!!

    Special Guest: Feminist Abigail Adams [ responds to McCain’s VP pick], The Super Genius brothers John Villarreal[McCain supporter] and Paul F. Villarreal[Hillary supporter]

    Join me[Matt] Live on AIR “My Two Cents Radio” at 11PM ET!!! Call-in 347-202-0443.


  48. I’m an Independent I will not affiliate with any Party Democratic or Republican, the values you speak of are a projection from a historic past. IMHO the two Party’s are corrupt beyond saving and the cause of great harm to our country they exist to perpetuate their own power through a redistribution of tax revenues to their constituents through law’s, war, foreign aid education, and regulation yes manufactured wedgies too, different recipients dependent on the Party yet the same, result the permanent campaign. Your post brushes with toooooo wide of a stroke ….if we are to take back our role our empowerment that thinking must change the reality must change and we just changed it in a big way forward, Gov Palin would not be a VP candidate on the Republican ticket had we accepted the Party.

    Republicans have a fundamentally different philosophy about government than Democrats…..TRUE but there is good and bad in both differences in individuals as well some black and white hats on each side. Palin vetoed a bill that would restrict Partner benefits in Alaska yet she is on McCains ticket, Obama voted with Bush on FISA and yeah on Cheney Energy Bill, Biden for Iraq my federal tax rate is 25-33…. 50 percent of which goes to discretionary spending under Dems and Republican’s in Congress tens of thousand of Iraqi’s are dead 4, 300 US soldiers and yet Pelosi did not force a vote every day over the last two years to bring our troops home….no not me….

    A new non affiliated Party or power founded on those old principals supporting candidates and balance I could do….

  49. I have no problem with the current repub ticket and it gives me something to feel good about. That a candidate can make an good choice in a proper venue. Not a coliseum with rockers playing. Obama thinks he’s a rock star.

  50. I agree, it remains important to work to elect deserving Democrats into Congress. While I am resolved to put McCain/Palin into the White House, I would not even consider voting for him if it weren’t for the fact the Democrats control both chambers of Congress.

  51. @ Mike J. Agreed.

  52. Palin did not call HRC a whiner back in Feb. Go back and listen to what she actually said. She said anything HRC said about the media pundits would “sound like a whine” and HRC would get hit for it as such. She went on to say that it is tougher for women in politics and they do get more stuff thrown at them some of which is sexist. I can not believe that on the media today we have a media pundit actually talking about Palin being a mom with 5 kids and one with Downs and shouldn’t she be at home? Why is it this never comes up with a male candidate who has 5 children? That alone makes me want to vote her into office. I am so sick of that sexist standard.

  53. Just checked out some left leaning blogs and the “Dan Quayle in a dress” thing is being spread. I am ashamed of some of the distasteful things coming from our supposed “side”.

    Bring on the New Dems!

  54. Shame on Paul Begala. He said shame on John McCAin, at the age of 72, for choosing a VP that has such little experience. I would rather see Gov. Palin in the WH than Biden/Obama/McCAin combined. Shame on Paul.

  55. Just a note to everyone. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Funeral is tomorrow at 11 am. It will be televised locally here in Cleveland. I am hoping that they have it up on the internet for those that want to tune in.

    The public visitation was today. It was huge. We are going to miss her.

  56. Reading her positions on gay issues doesn’t give me a warm feeling inside, but you look at her and you just don’t see an evil/hating conservative. I think when she took a lot of her positions she was thinking about higher office. Frankly, when reading through Wiki on her, she doesn’t seem as hateful to gays as Romney was. Only one candidate was perfect and she was Hilllary Clinton. Now, we must look elsewhere.

  57. We will NEVER get a woman in the White House if we continue to be held hostage by the matter of choice.
    The truth is that an overwhelming number of women, Republican or Democrat alike, consider the matter to be settled. To mess with Roe vs Wade may appear in the starry eyes of some ardent evangelical but I do not know anyone who would tolerate it. The roof would come off. Frankly, I know more women who at the age of 40ish are desperately trying to have a baby not the other way around. Yes I want my choice upheld. Yes I want the best for all women. But damn it, the likes of the DNC waving this over our heads and telling us to STFU and get on board for an underqualified arrogant man or they’ll have us all barefoot and pregnant is somehow so unacceptable and repulsive so as to make me throw up. And, I’m willing to bet that while Palin would support a pro- life position FOR HERSELF, she is no evangelical and would draw the line at pushing her views on us. She owes no one anything so some evangelical twit who trys to make her toe the line is going to have a problem. .

  58. Indeed Linda. Thanks for reminding us of tomorrow’s services. Thoughts and well wishes continue going out to her family and all who loved and supported such an amazing spirit. R.I.P., Rep. Tubbs Jones.

  59. Kate

    I don’t see her as an Evangelical hate monger. I think she is just like McCain and that’s why he picked her. Those two are more concerned about slashing spending and stopping corruption. But the fact that James Dobson is happy with her must have the McCain campaign smiling broadly. But you know women can’t be held hostage to choice. Gays can’t be held hostage to marriage.

  60. Cspan is broadcasting the STJ funeral tomorrow, on computer as well.

  61. The bots are hitting Palin’s Wiki entry hard – changing it to all sorts of nasty stuff.

  62. Thanks, plural. I hope to catch some of the coverage.

  63. Very good point, Charles.

  64. I hope they rebroadcast Tubbs-Jones funeral. I will be out most of the day tomorrow. Blessings to her family and friends.

  65. ben carlson–I was concerned with her stance on gay rights too, until I learned that she extended public employee benefits to same-sex couples within the first month of her administration:


    She’s not perfect, and she’s certainly not Hillary, but I’m warming to the ticket.

  66. For those concerned with Palin’s ties to Big Oil – yeah, she sat on Alaska’s oil board. And when she discovered the cronyism going on between the fat cat repubs on the board and the oil companies, she complained, and tried to do something.

    They tried to fire her and shut her up. She went public and blew the whistle and got THEM fired.

    Whatever else she is, the woman is no sold-out toady to oil interests.

  67. WMBC–Didn’t she also impose large taxes on the oil companies too?

  68. This was a BRILLIANT pick by John McCain, and I bow to his “reform agenda.” I can’t find a better woman on the ballot, so therefore I will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin this November.

    I’m excited about Sarah Palin. I haven’t felt so excited about a candidat since I realized I loved Hillary Clinton for President. So, FUCK YOU Howard Dean, Donna Brazile and Nancy Pelosi. You’re MORONS. And, I’m voting for Sarah Palin, the next best choice after Hillary Clinton. as even my Republican family and friends agree.


  69. Sorry–It’s WMCB.

    And she has a daughter named Piper! 😉

  70. Goal #1: Make Hillary Majority Leader in the Senate. Although I share the PUMAS’ attitude about Obama, I knew there was no hope of getting Hillary the nomination (Politics 101). But Senate Majority Leader is another kettle of fish.

    I don’t know what the Senate rules are and Hillary is a “junior” Senator, but if a “junior” senator can be President, one can be Majority Leader.

    We need an organized all-out campaign: mass petition drives in every state with a Dem. Senator, starting now. Pledge to vote for Hillary or forget my support.

  71. The obots look so silly saying that Palin, with her executive experience, shouldn’t be VP when the candidate leading their ticket has less experience than she does. They must think that since Obama has a Y chromosome no one will notice that he has the least experience of the bunch. Man, is their sexism showing!

  72. Yes, Piper, she did. Some on the left try to paint her as “in the pocket of big oil” because she is in favor of drilling. In their mind that equals slimy corporate bastard. Well, maybe not. Maybe she actually thinks it’s a good idea, and could be done responsibly. Whether you agree or not, it makes no sense to just dismiss her as “corporatist! bad bad evil!”, with her record.

  73. grrrrr….

  74. YAB, I agree!

  75. ben carlson–I was concerned with her stance on gay rights too, until I learned that she extended public employee benefits to same-sex couples within the first month of her administration:

    That idiot Colmes on Hannity (&) said that Palin supported a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and did NOT support domestic partner benefits.

  76. Hey she’s not a progressive on gay issues but who is? Obama? The difference between them and bush/cheney is that they aren’t going in there beholden to the Christian right. Their agenda is reform.

  77. It is shameful what they are doing to her wiki page. I hope they lock it soon.

  78. How is everyone tonight? Are you ready to send Obama and the DNC elites packing?

    I SURE AM!

    YES WE CAN!!

    No Way!
    No How!


    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  79. Sorry RD but with that sham roll call vote, I don’t think I can stomach voting any Dem, even downticket. The best I can do is to not vote Rep downticket. I’ll vote for McCain Palin and pass on voting for my safe Dem rep or for Mark Warner in the VA Senate race.

  80. Obama is a do nothing, milk toast, swing with the wind kind of politician. He doesn’t stand for anything and is a puppet to his handlers.

    Palin is a citizen executive. She has been a Mayor, and is the Governor of Alaska!

    She is not afraid to take on corruption and has done so in Alaska.

    The Obama campaign is running around with their pants down, tripping over their statements about Palin. They look like fools.

  81. We need to find a way to keep our PUMA voices loud enough to encourage McCain against right wing action and in favor of the populism that does exist at the core of both he and Palin. His presidency will be at least an indirect result of our actions against Obama–we need to have our voices heard.

    And yes, RD, downticket is THE ticket.

  82. PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) has set in at TalkLeft….I do believe Jeralyn’s cheese has slid off her cracker. She is breaking all her rules on nasty, negative comments on her blog…check it out.

  83. I just watched a long interview of Sarah Palin on CNBC. This woman is smart. It must have been an audition tape for her of some sort. The McCain campaign certainly reviewed it before they picked her. She knows the oil industry inside and out and speaks about it in ways everyone can understand. The interview was fascinating.

  84. It was a really great interview. Apparantly it was done when she knew she was on the very, very short list. She is amazing and though I disagree with her on some policies I respect her adherance to the constitution and her drive.

  85. I’m an independent – but I plan on voting for McCain-Palin. Although I am not happy with their conservative social views, in the long run, it seems that the mores of the people overall dictate what our laws are for social issues. And, in general, ours seem to be moving in a liberal direction.

    McCain and Palin will attempt to do what we have needed in government for a long time: more freedom overall for individuals, more ability for men AND women to pursue their dreams and not be stopped by government overregulation, graft and waste.

    In the short time she has been involved in government, Palin has already worked to turn out the fat cats of her party and slim down budgets. Let the two of them do it now for our nation!

    Let’s support the party that appreciates strong, capable and assertive women!

  86. Divided government works. Pelosi is just going to have to step up and do her damn job!

  87. I remember when McCain was treated so badly in the 2000 primaries by Bush. That was one nasty campaign. So McCain got on board his party’s unity pony and waited. And waited.

    Although I do not agree with John McCain on many issues….well, most of the issues…I respect him. Just as I respect that Hillary had to do what she did this week. I may not like it, but I understand. In order to get along sometimes you have to go along.

    Maybe I’m deluding myself that John McCain really will be that maverick I’ve always thought him to be. Perhaps thinking that makes this choice a little more palatable to me. If McCain is only going to seek one term, he could really shake things up, and a “good” Dem Congress could go a long way in making that happen.

    I’m glad that this place doesn’t make anyone feel like they have to vote one way or another, I just wanted to put my thoughts in on how I see it.

  88. Palin made a great first impression with me. I am like so many others here, right now I don’t want to vote for any Dems.

  89. Oh, now David Gergen thinks Palin has to come and sit down at CNN and answer a whole list of questions. Funny, he didn’t think BO needed to do that.

  90. Gergen needs to answer a few questions himself, like is he even qualified to be a pundit….freaking old fart.

  91. I just watched a special on Sarah Louise Palin . She is brilliant , informed and her EXPERIENCE shows . She is extremely well versed and, expertly knowledgeable on energy issues , and she can educate thepublic on many things about energy that they are hungry to learn . She will be enormously wellrecieved . I now see why John McCain is so impressed with her and I am as well .

    This is from the Times online

    “After running her gubernatorial campaign on clean government, Mrs Palin has successfully pushed through an ethics Bill as well as shelving pork-barrel projects supported by fellow Republicans. She is a spending hawk, having slashed the state’s construction budget by $237 million – the largest cuts in Alaskan history.

    After taking office, she followed through on a campaign promise to sell a Windward II jet purchased on state credit. Placing it on eBay three times, she eventually sold it to the highest bidder for $2.7 million. ”

    SHE SOLD THE JET ON EBAY … I may not agree with her on all issues but I already love this woman.

  92. Gergen described bos acceptance speech ( remember he gave a speech with a big greek looking set with columns and stuff that cost over 6 million dollars ?? It was jsut the night before Sarah was chosen …. remember???)
    as a SYMPHONY .. he went into some kind of trance on air and described that speech as a symphony with movements and …well you get the idea
    Gergen is a movement … I shall refrain from a description of what kind of movement he is .

  93. Ben, I’m sorry but I do not equate gay marriage with pro-shoice. If you do not get to marry, you still won’t end up with a couple of kids or a special needs kid to support dragging you all down to poverty level. You just get to go on with your relationship without the frill of marriage. We get to potentially ruin our lives and that of our families. I sympathize but frankly we are on different pages.

  94. Sarah Palin: pro-gay diva?
    This is not what you’d expect from a social conservative:

    Palin’s first veto was used to block legislation that would have barred the state from granting benefits to the partners of gay state employees. In effect, her veto granted State of Alaska benefits to same-sex couples. The veto occurred after Palin consulted with Alaska’s attorney general on the constitutionality of the legislation.

    Also, she acknowledges having gay friends, something Republican politicians rarely acknowledge.

    “I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.” http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=64876


  95. Clinton Congratulates Palin, Says ‘We Should All Be Proud’
    by Russell Berman

    Fri, 29 Aug 2008 at 4:31 PM

    Senator Clinton has just released a rather gracious statement on Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Palin of Alaska as his running mate. “We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain,” Mrs. Clinton said. “While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

    In tone, the statement matches the one put out by Senators Obama and Biden welcoming Ms. Palin to the race, and not the earlier statement from an Obama spokesman lambasting her lack of experience and ties to Bush administration policies. With a woman on the Republican ticket, Mr. Obama will likely need Mrs. Clinton now more than ever to take a more critical stance on Ms. Palin if he wants to keep the former first lady’s supporters from defecting to Mr. McCain.

  96. I went to the McCain site. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY SKIPPY and I saw post after post of PUMAs and other former HRC supporters.

    The repubs were polite, and WELCOMING!

    The Obots are going to get a big surprise trying to pull the crap on the Repubs that they pulled on HRC. They won’t be hamstrung by a DNC that kept sticking the shiv in our backs and their talking heads always dissing Hillary

    this is going to be a pleasure to watch

  97. Democrats that insist on doing the booga, booga, Roe dance to try and frighten all us silly little fems might want to take a step back and look at some polling on that topic.

    I saw on FOX, yes I watch the evil FOX network since I knew I wouldn’t get any fair coverage of Sarah Palin on Cafferty’s CNN or the Hysterical Obots at MSNBC, that only about 3% of women are concerned about Roe. Women it seems are concerned about the same things, the economy and the War In Iraq, as men are.

    I thought Palin was a brilliant and gutsy choice by McCain. Seeing the way the obamacrats are reacting tells me it was even better than I thought.

  98. I think naming Palin is hugely insulting to women.

    It’s game-changer for me.

  99. I do not see how one can see Palin as “insulting to women”. In many ways Palin is the poster child for the woman of the 21st century: she is involved and competent in non-traditional female athletics (ice hockey, hunting, fishing), she can be both a hockey mom and politically involved, she is about competence and accountability and willing to take on the old boys network—and she does. She can be an active involved woman and yet hold pro-life views. She is a real political reformer with an actual track record of achievement. She is clearly comfortable competing in a man’s world. She is attractive, intelligent and knows how to stand her ground and win. I am pro-choice and will always be so but I can respect a woman making a different political choice when she does so from a moral center. I do not buy that this choice by McCain is some cynical pandering to HRC supporters; I see this choice by McCain as shrewd and part of McCain’s maverick perspective that has built his long history as the Republican who challenged his party on a range of reform issues and actually accomplished some reforms not just talk about them.

  100. RD: My suggestion for the New Dem party—honor voters. Insist that our candidates support and hold that in any future convention or election votes will be counted and reported as they were voted and Super Delegates not reported until all voter pledged delegates have been logged. Also, do away with the caucus as a profoundly undemocratic process.

  101. The New Democratic Party is a great start! We need to stay united in the name of democracy.

    First, we need to take back our government from current autocratic regime (Bush) and make sure it doesn’t end up in the hands of another (Obama).

    Then, we have to take back our democratic party, whether it be ridding the Democratic Party of corruption or A New Democratic Party. We need to take back the issues and policies we hold dear.

    I agree that this year the best choice (unless something changes before November) is a divided government. I also agree the current Democratic Congress has no backbone, but hopefully the election will put some people in that will actually represent us.

    I have a great deal of respect for McCain and Palin (from what I know of her so far). I am not happy that most of their policies directly oppose what I believe.
    I do believe they would restore our government to a democracy.

    How will I cast my vote for POTUS?
    I absolutely know I will NOT vote for Obama!
    I have an idea how I will have to vote to restore democracy to the White House, but I will wait until November to make my final decision. Things have been changing so fast, who knows – Hillary may end up on the ticket. 🙂

    I absolutely support The New Democratic Party and all it stands for. We have needed this for a long time – even before this election cycle.

  102. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I think a better use of everyone’s time would be to help build the Green Party — which already has a nation-wide presence — into a viable alternative to the Democratic Party. If nothing else, just making it stronger might have an effect on the Democratic Party, pulling that party back to the left, and the Greens are FAR more in line with liberal values that the Dems have been for the last twenty years.

    Right now, the Dems have ignored the will of 18 million voters; it’s not going to listen to a few thousand blogges at this point — unless the bloggers change their registration and start voting and financially contributing to the Greens.

    A protest vote for McCain will not be perceived as such, and a McCain win would simply make the Dems run even further to the right in order to recapture those “McCain Democrats.”

  103. Maybe since McCain had already heard from so many Clinton New Democrats who are totally disgusted with the actions of their former party, he chose to honor us by choosing a smart woman with real governing and leadership skills to help him govern. I Really Want to vote for Hillary, and I am a lifelong Dem, but stupid behavior is preventing the best choice. So now when I make the next best choice, I will at least be able to vote for a woman. I voted for Mondale-Ferraro also. This year the Democratic Party is infected with The Emperor Has No Clothes Syndrome!

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