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Palin = PUMA vote?

Post- electable Obama lovers, welcome to the General Election!  Like it so far?  Awwww…I know, I know.  Grown-ups can be soooo unfair!  Riffing from MYIQ2XU post, this is what I found on Palin’s VP announcement by especially Salon.com’s poor imitation of Maureen Dowd, Rebecca Traister, who is verklempt. :

Should Obama have picked Hillary?

For the true Hillary holdouts, the handful of so-called PUMAs who spent this week jawing about how they were going to vote for John McCain, these antiwoman stances aren’t likely to make a dent. These agitators will not consider that picking Palin, a politician with only a few years of experience, is a pandering and condescending sop toward them, one that suggests that by dint of her gender alone, Palin could stand in for Clinton, who spent years being fire-forged for her place in history.

Now Hillary is fire-forging her place in history, but before she released her delegates she was just gettting in the way of Obama.  RIiight.  Note to Obama-lovers, DON’T try to diss Sarah Palin’s “experience.”  Palin was mayor of her hometown and now governor of Alaska for 20+ months.  Obama can count on one hand and still have fingers left over the times he actually sat down in his senator’s seat.  But go ahead, humor me: 

Then again, after a week in which Clinton did everything short of standing on her head and humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic to get women fired up and ready to go for Obama, and in which Obama and Joe Biden did their part to provide some thrilling political theater for both sexes, nothing was going to shake these stalwarts, whom Rachel Maddow recently called “post-rational,” from their self-immolating mission.

Now they recognize Hillary’s call to serve the Unity Pony.  Wow.  I’m impressed.  Look at how Impressed I am.  (crickets) .  And hellz no we weren’t going to be “shaken” – why would we?  I love Hillary but she doesn’t own my vote.  I own my vote!  As Mawm said in one of his TV interviews, “I can think for myself.”  Because we believe that one person equals one vote, like, you know that thingy called “Democracy,” and not the “post-rational” thought of stealing votes to favor one candidates over another.  By doing that, and we saw it live on national TV, the DNC coddling & vote stealing not one, but TWO DNC events makes Obama beyond “post-electable” since the majority of the votes were not cast as they were intended at the Democratic Convention, nor at the RBC on May 31st 2008.  But that’s sooo post-newsworthy.

But even among more reasonable Democrats, the Palin pick does create worries for the still-tender party, not the least of which is that it will reopen a debate about whether Barack Obama should have picked a female vice president, or more specifically, Hillary Clinton.

During her speech, Palin gave a shout-out to Geraldine Ferraro and cited Clinton’s rallying cry about the 18 million voters who cracked the White House glass ceiling, chillingly promising to break it for her. It was hard not to consider that if elected, Palin will be one health emergency away from becoming our first female president, and to feel frustration at Democrats not only for letting this particular piece of history slip through their fingers but for allowing the work that Clinton and her supporters did to get co-opted by their Republican opponents. If the Palin selection brings female voters to the McCain camp, there is likely to be a round of second-guessing about whether Obama read the tea leaves wrong and missed an opportunity to shore up his divided party more effectively by going with, or at least seriously considering, Clinton.

YA THINK???  Well in reality, Hillary as VP wouldn’t have sat well with me at all, but to your non-news junkie, the “Hillary as VP” buzz inspired many Democrats to sigh relief if Obama were the nominee, given Hillary won 18 million votes and has 35 years of experience and will be right there holding Obama’s hand, babysitting his post-electability and cleaning up mess after mess.

But if we were a handful, Obama wouldn’t be tied at 48% with McCain.  If we were a handful, Republicans would have never played this brilliant and masterful move.  If we were a handful, the O-borg wouldn’t be this scared.  Now the Republicans have a woman VP, governor to Alaska with a 70-90% favorable rating in the country that appeals to moderate conservatives and is a moderate Republican herself.   Not the ideal situation for a Latina liberal feminist PUMA like me, but it sure makes me feel good that somebody is asking for my vote and could meet me halfway on some of the issues.  Let’s see what happens in the next few days.

Hillary, if I were you, tell Huma to not take any calls from the DNC from here to November.

225 Responses

  1. W00t! Hellified post my friend. We are cracking this glass ceiling but good a little sooner than expected. Hillary will be the first female president but we can wait a little longer.

    Well played, Mac, well played.

  2. Fox about the real reason ABC reporter arrested in Denver. What he got?


  3. Wonderful post. You go girl!!

  4. Heh. Heh. Heh.

    But if we were a handful, Obama wouldn’t be tied at 48% with McCain. If we were a handful, Republicans would have never played this brilliant and masterful move. If we were a handful, the O-borg wouldn’t be this scared.

    Bingo, Sistah SM! Way to go!!!

  5. Hillary – we are not dissing you. We are willing to wait for you in 2012 if we have to.

    We love you.

    I still say it ain’t over. BO is going down and we will get our Hillary!

    Hillary or McCain 2009

  6. Obama would still be unqualified to be POTUS even with Hillary on the ticket. I was resigned not to vote for him, regardless. I can only vote for the best ticket in ’08. that’s McCain/Palin. I hope Hillary runs again, but with the present state of the DNC, I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.

  7. Right there with you, Carol. Believe me I can’t wait to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton again. I can’t wait!

    2012 is gonna be CrAzY FuN!!1!!

  8. I wonder what a body language person would say about me.

    I can’t stop smiling while tears are running down my face nonstop!

    Thank you McCain for the August Surprise!

    PUMA Happy


  10. Hillary has already congratulated her what is taking obama bin biden so long?? Idiots ..
    When I heard this this morning I was listening to my radio on NPR in the car ..and i cried I just cried …. My respect for Johhny Mac has gone up a thousand points
    he has already simply by virtue ( and I DO MEAN VIRTUE ) of choosing her…restored some of the respect for women in the world that the Demographic Party abused so horribly . The Dems are now known as the party that passes by qualified women, a repuation well deserved

  11. I’ve been out with Joaniebone all day. So, I’m still catching up with all the comments (Oh, my there are 1000 since I left!)

    Still, I wanted to wave!

    What a day. Wow!

  12. There is no way in hell that McCain would have done this if we were “a handful of post-rationals”. It is proof of our power.

    And it disgusts me that the likes of Huffpo is now telling us that Hillary is the greatest thing since Jesus, and how we do her a disservice if we accept second-best as women.

    FUCK. THEM. Here’s my “Don’t tell me” speech for Bambi and the DNC

    DON’T TELL me what my interests are as a woman.

    DON’T TELL ME that you alone will protect my right to choice, then spit on me in every other area of life.

    DON’T TELL ME that the woman you used as your fucking punching bag is now the reason I should refrain from making you pay for punching her.

    DON’T TELL ME what is important to me.

    DON’T TELL ME my vote doesn’t count in August, then get fucking morally outraged at me when you can’t have it in November.

    DON’T TELL ME that identity politics are bad and harmful while you sit on your 90% AA vote.

    DON’T TELL ME that I am too stupid to play strategically for long term gains, and am getting played by the Republicans. I know exactly who and what they are, and can use them for my ends just as well as they can use me.

    DON’T TELL ME what to think, how to vote, or what my motivations are for doing it.

    DON’T TELL ME that the just and righteous rage I feel in my very soul is a hormonal hissy fit that I need to “get over”.

  13. Isn’t it amazing that the Dems can rant about Palin’s lack of experience as veep and not be a smudge concverned about Obama’s as prez??

  14. BO and MO can you say: Judgement!

  15. WMCB – WOW!!! Amazing, amazing rant. You go, sistah!

    Hi KB! (wave)

  16. AWESOME POST WCMB absolutely awesome …

  17. WMCB: I have no idea who you are but I really love you!!!! Great comment!

  18. SM: You know I don’t have to tell you everytime how often you hit a homerun. Awesome post!

  19. I heard she sold the Alaskan Gubernatorial JET ..what next??? will she make the House and Senate Jet-Pool?? My sides hurt from laughing , my eyes hurt from crying

  20. WMCB–Amen, sister.

  21. Obama vs. Palin

    “Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” said Obama spox Bill Burton.

    Palin was a Council Woman. Where was Obama a Councilman?

    Palin was a mayor of a small town. How many citizens lived in the city where Obama was mayor?

    Palin is the Governor of Alaska. Which state has Obama governed?

    Palin is responsible for her state’s budget. Which state’s budget has Obama been responsible for?

    Palin is the Commander in Chief over Alaska’s National Guard. Which state’s national guard has Obama commanded?

  22. Pat – what about me?????????

  23. All right, must fly – see you all in The Lion’s Den tonight!

  24. “Well played, Mac, well played.”

    I wish I were in ohio, I’d love to tell him that if I didn’t hate him, I would love him! LOL Oh sweet karmic smackdown of life, I think I’ve fooooound you…..

  25. I just spoke to my 82 year old mother. As far as politics go, my mom is a cynical/pragmatic person. But she kept saying “I can’t believe it. I don’t believe they did that.”

    She is proud that she, her daughters, and her grand daughters have the opportunity to vote for a woman on a presidential ticket.

    My mom is a Democrat, but she won’t vote for Obama because she thinks “They’re pushing him on us.”

  26. At once I know the meaning of it allllll….

  27. I know the Obots (since they are okay with promoting age-ism and sexism) are trying to portray McCain as some clueless old man, but he just kicked O’s ass. Palin comes across as a woman of integrity, guts and intelligence. I’m sure she can more than handle even those mongrel men on cable news. This is great and very, very, very amusing.

  28. For my mother, grandmothers, and sister: Thank you Senator McCain.

  29. No offense.. and I will add that I think the VP pick was a brilliant move… but Mayor of a town of 9,000 is not really the same as a Senate seat. Still it does make for a fun campaign. It will be interesting to see how the Hillary stragglers vote.

  30. swanspirit; At last a candidate who is really just like us. Bet she cuts coupons and shops Target, her kids wear hand me downs and they are told to shut off lights in the rooms that are unoccupied. I bet they bulk up in the winter to cut down on heatings costs, shovel their own walkways, and take bag lunches to school. This is how she strikes me.

  31. Alaska is the largest state in the country , Delaware of course is not …. however … Biden isnt even the Governor there he is just one of the Senators

    Population Ranked 47th in the US
    – Total 683,478 (2007 est.) [1]
    – Density 1.2/sq mi
    0.46/km² (Ranked 50th in the US)
    – Median income US$54,627 (6th)

    Population Ranked 45th in the US
    – Total 864,764 (2007 est.) [2]
    – Density 442.6/sq mi
    170.87/km² (Ranked 6th in the US)
    – Median income $50,152 (12th)

  32. Obamanation is a two-trick pony

    They already tried the race card, and it backfired.

    Let’s see how misogyny works now that Hillary isn’t the target

  33. Pat, I was SaneSoutherner on the Cheeto. My new handle stands for “WantMyCountryBack.” , which I used on Wes Clark’s board a lot.

  34. Hilarious photoshop. A lot of people are going to find out that it’s just as reasonable for women of all colors to long to see one of their own in the top position as it is for African-Americans. People like Chris Matthews and Jack Cafferty just don’t get that.

  35. Carol: Sorry, saving it all for Ed who is due in any time now.

  36. “Mayor of a town of 9,000”

    I thought she was about to enter her third year as a Governor? did I misread that?

  37. KB: Mayor is her old job.

  38. Barky called her the Mayor of a small town – then blamed it on his staff…again.
    Give Palin credit for her shout out to Hillary Clinton AND Geraldine Ferraro. You know that was for us…and damn it, we deserve it.
    Screw Maddow for her “post rational” remark. She probably considers us “periodically blue” like Barky does.
    Of course she is not Hillary’s equal, we women know the difference, but she’s more broadly qualified than Barky.

  39. So a guy who’s never held a full time job is trashing this woman’s former job?

    What a prick.

  40. bglewandowski, you’re a little behind the times. Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska.

  41. Hillary, I will always be with you. But we are doing this for you and for all of us who have been kicked around by the democratic party. We’ve been knocked down, teased, mocked, treated like garbage. We are rising up. Take this Kate Michelman! You betrayed the cause. Live with yourself.

  42. Meg Kelley is whooping up on the commentaters that say she is unqualified!

  43. OMG, some idiot Democrat apparently called Palin an “affirmative action” pick. How bloody ironic.

  44. Did you support Hillary because she is a woman or because of the issues she was fighting for?

  45. ben: And please add “payback is a bitch”.

  46. How many was in the town Obama was Mayor over?

  47. Pat .. She drives her Jetta to work every day ….I am so grateful she was chosen by J MAC … he is no ones fool
    This country is NOT lacking in strong intelligent women who are willing and able to accomplish great things … some “people” just pass over them …

  48. Remember when RD gave me so much shit for advocating a third party response? I undestand she will be on the radio tonight talking about it with PUMA. Do you want to apologise or continue being arrogant to people like me? Sometimes people you initially resent turn out to have just seen where everything was heading. Sorry for the snakiness but I am continually treated like dirt by people who should know better but only think they ARE better. Well I will be listening tonight and I hope you read the post on my blog titled “Write In the Hill” before the radio show.

    August 29, 2008
    TO: Puma PAC Members
    FROM: Murphy
    Subject: Announcement

    Hello Puma PAC,
    Goodbye Howard Dean.
    Goodbye Barack Obama.
    Goodbye Nancy Pelosi.
    Goodbye Donna Brazile.
    You have not only lost the White House for the Democratic Party. Today you have brought the Democratic Party to the brink of irrelevancy altogether. John McCain has played you all like a piano.

    Today we say GOODBYE to the OLD Democratic Party. The OLD Democratic Party has led us to DISASTER. John McCain and Sarah Palin will win in November by a landslide.

    TODAY, August 29th 2008, Puma PAC has started a new political party:


    We have a website launching tonight. at http://www.thenewdemocraticparty.org
    and http://www.ndp.org

    We will be modeled on Alice Paul’s National Woman’s Party. We will NOT be running candidates. We WILL be endorsing candidates.

    We will be the Party for All Disaffected Democrats who are FINISHED WITH THE OLD DEMOCRATIC PARTY. We are NOT Republicans, though millions of us will vote McCain/Palin in November.

    Our Platform is the Platform of the TRUE Democratic Party
    . Healthcare for All
    . Equal Rights
    . Reproductive Rights
    . Worker Protections
    . Envmtl Protections
    . Fair Immigration Policy
    . Help for working class college students
    . Good public schools



    To Join the New Democratic Party, please send an email with your name and state today to newdemparty@pumapac.org

    Listen in tonight to the Lion’s Share on No We Won’t Radio with Sheri Tagg. Riverdaughter and I will join her to talk about today’s events and where we go from here.


    Thank you and Good Luck,
    PumaPac.org http://www.pumapac.org

  49. masslib: Please tell me this is not true! Can they get any dumber than this?

  50. WMCB, absolutely brilliant!

  51. How many does it take to seat a Supreme Crt Judge?

  52. HOLT SH*T!

    I had to run home -Obama got served-and it was revenge a dish best served cold! Holy sh*t!

    I am speechless! what is the Obama bounce now?

    Holy Sh*t!


  53. #
    John, on August 29th, 2008 at 5:46 pm Said:

    Did you support Hillary because she is a woman or because of the issues she was fighting for?

    After the primary we just witnessed, you really don’t want to go there.

  54. In regards to Palin……YOU GO GIRL!!!
    And all the arrogant Oborgs can do is diss her!
    typical and expected.

  55. I think I’ve become a ‘PUMA for Palin’.

    McCain/Palin ’08
    Hillary 2012!

  56. McPalin 2008!

  57. PUMA coming up on Hardball.

  58. Matthews just said someone from Puma was going to be on coming up!

  59. John why dont you ask people if they voted against her because she was a woman that would be a better question , and if you dont understand that .. then OH WELL

  60. fuzzy! Pull up a chair. What an amazing day this has been.

  61. oh and John …

    I meant people on other blogs LOL

  62. “but Mayor of a town of 9,000 is not really the same as a Senate seat”

    She’s the Governor of Alaska.

  63. I see I am in the minority, but I really think it’s a hideous insulting choice.


  64. Congratulations Governor Sarah Palin!

    Adios, Barry!

    The ol’ boys on the netwroks are freaking out! LOL!

    I love it!

    Go Johnny Mac!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  65. I’m not gonna vote for McCain (although today he made me stop and think about it) but I gotta say:

    Schadefreude, baby!

    What is Rico’s special gonna be tonight?

  66. whats does WMCB stand for??????? inquiring minds want to know!

  67. WOW, wmcb, brilliant!

  68. HAHAH HAIRBALL I LOVE YOU all so much !!laughing and crying again yep the GUVNER and i hear she hunts moose and likes mooseburgers Can we put moosehats on Dean Pelosi and Brazile and set them loose in the Alaska wilderness? j/k i just like the imagery …………

  69. Are you watching Darragh?

  70. Hillary Clinton was the closest person in the WH who fought for social issues during Bill’s 8 year term. Unfortunately she was denied the opportunity to continue that struggle in the Oval.

    Perhaps Sarah Palin does not have every one of our issues in her radar, but she may be the much needed voice to advocate for “the common good” as she uttered today. This is as much as we can hope for right now.

  71. When Kate Michelman dissed Hillary she sealed their fate!

  72. indigogrrl, it stands for Want My Country Back.

  73. NBFH, the Democrats dropped the ball, smahed it into the ground, and set it on fire. The Republicans picked it up and ran with it. I can’t fault them for not being politically stupid-beyond-reason.

  74. indigogrrl: I think she said it was Want My Country Back.

  75. Over at TL they don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

  76. John McCain became the Eli Manning of the Super Bowl today. Even though he outscored my beloved Pats, McCain scored big points as well against the dreaded DNC.

    Ladies, please take your seats in the front of the bus! Sarah is driving.

  77. Ladies, please take your seats in the front of the bus! Sarah is driving.


  78. Over at TL they don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

    I think they should do both at the same time.

  79. WMCB – I think I have a girl-crush.

    BTW, I notice that McCain’s podium sign said “Country First”… tell me he hasn’t been listening to us!

  80. I’ll still be voting third party because I don’t share McCain and Palin’s conservative view but I do think that McCain showed his respect for women by picking Palin. This was an incredibly smart move.

    I never understood why the Obama campaign did nothing to rein in the abusive behavior of its supporters. All it would have taken was a few words from Obama to make it known that the truly offensive comments and intimidation from his rabid followers were not wanted and I think that most of it would have stopped. Now, his support of this aggression through his silence is coming back to bite him. I hope this puts an end to that nonsense about how he ran a “smart” campaign.

  81. katiebird, on August 29th, 2008 at 5:45 pm Said:
    So a guy who’s never held a full time job is trashing this woman’s former job?

    What a prick.

    Maybe Sarah and Barack were rivals back in the pageant days. lol.

  82. I love payback!!!!! I love being back on the bus. It’s nice to know that someone is working for my vote.

  83. I have mommy issues.

    (edited by Conflucian hall monitor)

  84. Ok for the last 2 years Palin has been in executive authority over a land mass thait is 1/6 the size of the entire US. A state that conservatively has 1/2 of the nations natural resourses. She has over 1 million people who live in her state….and she enjoys 70%+ approval rating?

    She also was Mayor of her home town (more executive experience) for years?

    I am sorry I am missing something-I see experience here that is directly coorilated to being an outstanding POTUS.

    Did the Democrats just pass by Qualified Woman as nominee for POTUS and now they are pissed that the first woman occupying the Oval could ber a Republican?

    Well tuff Cookies!


  85. Obama said that change comes to Washington, not from Washington.

    Hey Obama, just resign now. You are UNELECTABLE!

    I applaud the Maverick, John McCain, for having the courage and smarts to select a strong woman as his VP choice.

    Well done!

    The choice of Governor Palin is a gamechanger and shows that McCain has confidence. It highlights McCain’s independence. Love the fact that Governor Palin is a reformer and has fought against corruption!

    Win-Win all the way!

  86. The REAL Inconvenient Truth

    Currently, the U.S. Debt is estimated at: $9,394,354,380,955.73

    Your share of today’s public debt is: $30,891.15

    And Choice ain’t it grand…..PUMA = a wake up call to women of the power they hold in this electorate and the awareness that aligned they are SECOND to no other

    I’m looking forward to 12 …when Clinton and Palin compete but regardless the ceiling was just SHATTERED TODAY …..and will never be put back together again

    this PUMA votes for the historic choice of PALIN

  87. Can i share with my fellow PUMAs a rant I engaged in just this morning?
    I’ve been enduring for months, on my family’s politics thread, the snide remarks of my nephew and his Obot friends. Since early June I’ve just been deleting, but today a thread addressed to my brother was sent to me also. In it, this 26 year old dumbass tells my brother not to worry about November because “we’ve(the DNC) finally got some smart people running the show this year”.
    Well, not a good day for me to read that. I went off.
    I will delete his name but I want to share my smackdown.

    Here goes: R—, when you say “we’ve finally got some smart people running the show this year” you have no idea how incredibly ignorant and naively arrogant you sound. I can assure you that President Bill Clinton had smart people running the show when we enjoyed 8 years of the greatest peace and prosperity we’ve ever known.
    It is the continued gloating and smug remarks of Obama’s followers, who are relatively inexperienced in life, yet so certain they’ve discovered something new and different – when the reality is Obama is a typical dirty Chicago THUG politician, that is causing a large percentage of democratic women to reserve their support.
    Remember that I have experienced EVERY day of history that you have, but you have not experienced everything I have. The only history that you’ll experience that I won’t will be tacked on at the end of your life, when I swear some young punk will be treating you like an irrelevant loser who time has passed by.
    Disdain and hubris were always the hallmarks of young Reagan GOP punks in their khakis. To see the same from supposed “progressives” is disheartening.
    All the false concern and respect for President and Mrs. Clinton now is a mile wide and an inch deep. Spare me.

    Damn, that felt good.

  88. I thought it was:

    Want My Clinton Back!

    Puma Happy!

  89. I finally have a reason to vote FOR someone this Novembner, rather than AGAINST someone! I spent the day reading everything I could about Palin and I am totally impressed. I may not agree with everything she supports, but it appears the she is not for the status quo and will take on the “good ole boys.”

  90. The Party of Hate and Sexism

    What is, however, most interesting and disturbing about the pick has been the response from some on the left. I spent the day on and off perusing some of the leftie websites seeing how they’d react. The fair criticisms (like experience) are drowned out by the overt rage and misogyny of so-called progressives. Here, you have the party of “tolerance” and “diversity” saying she got the job because of sexual favors for McCain. And that is the most benevolent of some of the comments from known hate sites like the DailyKos (also known for anti-semitism). Go there and read the comments if you don’t believe me.

    Here we get a shocking moment of honesty and transparency from the left. See, they don’t believe a woman can make it on their own without sexual favors. They’ve already put up websites commemorating the “VPILF” (figure it out). Here is what this should tell you about the left and why this election matters:

  91. I hope the freepers and Obats begin to get the message that our pleasure is mostly reserved for the DNC and those who abandoned integrity in favor of pander. Obama may sometime along the years to come be viewed for what he has become: a sacrificial lamb on the altar of excessive power and hubris.

  92. Many of us happen to be true-blue Dems. Which is why we’re saying NO to Obama. Country before Party.

  93. You do know what McCain has just handed us with his pick? Not only a CRUSHING defeat of the DNC and Obama, but a defeat at the hands of the WOMEN of this country.

    He has just handed us the opportunity to have CLOUT, and that clout in the future can be put to good use in VERY Democratic ways. If women swing this election in a BIG way this time, I doubt very seriously that EITHER party will be throwing us under the bus again.

    Maybe, in the future, we will be listened to. Maybe, in the future, Hillary or one like her can run, and we will not be escorted to the back of the bus.

  94. Why is all of the talk about reaching out to the disaffected Democratic women?

    When did we get soooooooooo important?

  95. I am officially post Rachel Maddow….is there such a thing!


  96. WMCB- I with you!!!!

  97. How many to vote for the Supreme Crt appointee?

  98. Mop and broom needed.

  99. “If you are a true democrats, you will do what you need to do”

    Well said. And what we need to do is purge our party of misogynists and disenfrachisers. And to send a signal that no candidate will ever have war declared on her by her own party for no reason ever, ever, ever again.

  100. seriouslybitches: sadly for you, for once we may not be under it.

  101. new post up

  102. checkmate: mccain’s masterly move.

    the dnc may not want 18 million voters, but obviously mccain does..


  103. We have an idiot asking why women are not taken more seriously. Some poor woman out there in his world must have forgotten to pop the tab on his beer.

  104. “He has just handed us the opportunity to have CLOUT, and that clout in the future can be put to good use in VERY Democratic ways. If women swing this election in a BIG way this time, I doubt very seriously that EITHER party will be throwing us under the bus again.”

    It’s 2008 and they’re still chasing the Reagan Democrats. 🙂

  105. Carol 50%+1 if I recall correctly. So we JUST have enough.

  106. Uh oh, seriouslybitches? just really made me want to vote for Obama.

  107. Who’s crying? All I hear is celebrating! Dancing in the streets, my friends, positively dancing.

  108. Carol Pat I think we just show the PUMA Power that our obat friends claimed we did not have!

    Preparir for Obat troll attack now they must tear us down and get us back on board the back of the Obama bus where we belong….

    Obama was speechless-actually teleprompterless-


  109. Can we get the blog scrubbed please?

  110. Roe vs. Wade is off the table as we will have 60 Democrats!

    End of story!

    Now what Barky?

    What’s that? I can’t hear you!

  111. Greenconsciousness – I vaguely remember that exchange. I am no body – rarely comment here but read almost 24/7. I can’t speak for RD – but I know most posters/comments here work as well as do their darnested for Hillary. I hate it that you feel “everybody” blows you off. I had just signed up for the new party right before I read your post. I am just saying, everyone of Hillary’s supporters seem to have a high emotional investment in this election and all are needed and all want the best for our country. I am sorry your feelings were hurt – just hoping you will continue with your support for Hillary knowing that RD is also a hard worker and maybe it was not quite what it seemed to you at the time and certainly not personal.

    WMCB – want my country back – I remember you from Cheeto – you are on a roll today – read another great comment by you in the other thread.

    KB – if you need help with moderation – I am available this whole weekend – let me know. I loves me some troll zapping.

  112. PAt – I’m doing the best I can with the worldest slowest laptop! But I’m getting ’em. Sorry for the delay!

  113. Clarence Thomas just slid in with a 51/49 vote.

  114. Debbie – Traitor is getting her butt kicked by MSNBC!

  115. SM: Sorry to push but some of them are way over the line and the vulgarity is unbelievable.

  116. McCain pays his female staff more than BO!

  117. They started to show file footage of Palin on FOX. She ‘s wears a T-shirt well. (And I say that as a down to earth t-shirt lovin’ gal.) She’s very much at home outdoors, with the guard and handling a gun. If she becomes VP, she will be another woman that won’t be questioned on her toughness. They’ve described her as a pit bull and other strength statements regarding her work. Also showed basketball images and told the stress factor story. She’s going to be very engaging on a personal level for many I believe that don’t know who she is. She rolls out well, if ya know what I mean!

  118. PAT: I know – it’s bad, I’m kicking them to the Spaminator.

  119. They are tripping all over themselves with the question of experience. It is laughable.

  120. In other news, the Anti-Catholic League is holding a symposium, “We don’t see to be able to win the Catholic vote. The Hell? What Gives?!”

  121. What’s so nuts about this pick is that it makes me feel GREAT! I doubt I’m alone in saying that the circus in Denver was very depressing. Now along comes McCain and I feel fabulous again! He really hit it out of the park.

    Somebody lube up Rebounding Hoes.

  122. sm77 can we have a cocktail party and a fundraiser for Hillary in the name of Palin tonght?

    Puma Happy!

  123. Charles, could you imagine what would happen to a poster who made that “Eagleton” comparison to a Democrat? Jeralyn’s true colors are revealed.

  124. Wasserman Shultz for the win! Sadly, you were supposed to say something about holding teas, why don’t you just get the transcript from Obama and read it verbetim to save time? Epic fail.

  125. I think questioning her *experience* with the OMG McCain is SO OLD is utterly sexist. SEXIST!

    She is VP candidate AND has a better resume than obama – I mean really, how hard would it be to find a better resume than obama. PLEASE.

    This crap is the REASON we don’t have a qualified woman nominee for the democrats right now. They aren’t ready? So be it.

  126. Carol, I thought that Hillary’s Senate campaign could pay off her bills and that the only reason we got involved was to keep her campaign more or less alive before the convention.

  127. Wasserman Shultz was disgusting. Can’t believe I liked her at one time.

  128. Female Obama supporters, they like you, they really really like you!

  129. Carol Diamonds: Hi! Sorry, been cleaning up troll droppings. I’ll check with RD & crew, I know she has a post coming for the radio show so I’m not sure if we can do it tonight, but maybe tomorrow?

  130. What’s the difference in the meaning of “bitchslap” and “slap”?

  131. SM, get your little friend.

  132. Boo

    Thank You

    Of Course I will continue to support the Hill. I am writing her in. I just found out Palin is trying to gut the endangered species act and wipe out the Polar bears. See The blog “The Green Mile :. I also posted it on my blog. Combine that with anti choice and support for the nuclear industry and I just cannot vote for her. BUT I THINK IT WAS GREAT THAT MCCAIN DID IT – BO is SERVED!!!

  133. Wasserman-Schultz said that?? I might expect that from a Clyburn, but that is absolutely unacceptable coming from a woman. I heard Barbara Boxer also made a comment to the effect that Palin has no experience. Contrast those 2 comments with Hillary’s gracious statement.

  134. @Salt, 6:04 PM

    “I’m looking forward to 12 …when Clinton and Palin compete.”

    If not, I kind of like the sound of “Justice Clinton.”

  135. On one of the local newscasts here in Houston, there was a poll conducted that had 69 percent believing the Democrats made the wrong “Veep” selection. Well, DUH! And that’s only the half of it. Try making the wrong choice all around, from top to bottom.

  136. All I know is I’ve been walking around with a big smile since I heard the news. I remember reading up on her way back in February when she was first floated as a pick, but I had no idea that McCain would do something this ballsy. It’s a brilliant move. Way to go McCain/Palin!

  137. Pat (or is it Carol) I get you two confused because you’re my rivals for Ed (although I know who he really wants). I’m not seeing any of the trolls you’re seeing.
    I look back and realized I called an Obot a dumbass in my post. If that is the vulgarity you are referring to, I am sorry.
    I am married to a retired detective, and I am not real good at watching my mouth.

  138. Justice Clinton is a nonstarter. That’s not the job she ever wanted to do and it takes her out of commission for doing those things. She can only decide on cases that are handed up to her. She can’t shape policy.

    Supreme Court was an throwaway offer people made because they wanted her to go away. It has no chance.

  139. “bitchslap” usually happens between two women. “Slap”is usually between a woman and a man.

  140. wry: I think SM was vacuuming up the dirt. But look, can we get one thing straight here, Ed is mine and has been since I “called” it several months ago. However, he somehow got hijacked to Texas while enroute. Be that as it may, for some reason Carol gave him back today. My feeling is that it was not a totally sincere gesture and I may have to call on your retired detective to locate him. But in the meantime, HANDS OFF!

  141. I am a lifetime democrat who was told by Donna Brazille that I wasn’t needed or welcome in my party any longer. What more can I say? As long as the leadership of the DNC chooses to treat me this way, I have no choice about my vote this year.
    I am looking for representation. I am looking for an administration that listens to me, not one that chooses to lecture me. They don’t know my life or circumstances and obviously, they don’t care. I look forward to Hillary’s work in the Senate. I can’t say that an Obama Presidency will work with her after listening to his calls for bi-partisanship. I also believe that were he to win, he will be impeached sooner or later (I hear Rezko is squawking). Do I want Joe Biden as President. NO.
    When the leadership of the Democratic Party changes, I will probably return. But, like I am telling my local candidates, you can’t take my vote or my money for granted any longer. I will now take a look at your rival candidates (Republicans) with an open mind. I used to wonder where the accusations of voter fraud by Republicans came from. Learning about ACORN and the Chicago machine, I’m beginning to understand. In Florida, The League of Women Voters can nolonger register voters. Thats the result of these acts and we are all suffering as a result. Imagine the damage Obama will do if they try the fraud through this November.

  142. You mean women aren’t able to just slap each other. It needs another name?

  143. McCain isn’t going to nominate her, no one from the He-menz Wimmin Haterz Club would nominate her, and if by some miracle someone did our guys would torpedo her. Also, the Republicans WOULD vote against her as well. You can talk about how they’ve “gained respect” for her, but Republicans fight tooth and nail on everything, it’s why they’re so successful.

    Senatorial courtesy with girl cooties attached need not even try to apply.

  144. purplefinn: women have pretty much claimed the title at this point. Ex. “I will bitchslap you back to Queens.” Like that.

  145. I read just the opposite about the polar bears – rats, I need to google and get this straight. She is supposedly fighting the oil companies in Alaska – has been able to pass a bill charging them extra taxes and holding them accountable for damages and breaking the protection act for them.

  146. Thanks, Regency, for trying to help me understand. What it appears is that these “women” are adopting language which demeans them.

  147. Did you see Darragh Murphy on Hardball!? She blew me away. She so nailed it. She said all those Clinton supporters who were looking for a reason to vote for McCain to punish the Democrats will see Sarah Palin as their invitation to do just that. That is me in a nutshell.

    The Democrats are so GOBSMACKED by this move by McCain. It just shows how stupid and naive Obama really is. What did he think? The GOP were just going to lay down and roll over in the face of his CHARM?

    Gimme a break. Sarah Palin will be the BEST weapon John McCain has. My ONLY regret is that the Democratic Party is so fucking STUPID that they didn’t FORCE Obama to pick Hillary as his running mate.

    McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin reminds everyone how fucking stupid the Democrats have been, and it will continue to remind people every day for the next 67 days.

    Barack Obama is a fraud. Sarah Palin is the real deal. Joe Biden is in the pocket of big finance. Sarah Palin is the real deal.

    I love it.

  148. Right on!
    trolls are out in force – on blogs and forums: oh, noes! i was going to vote McCain, but Tweety sez Palin is anti-choice! Deal breaker!”
    The Roe stick is waved as Chick Todd promised it would


  149. bmc
    thanks for the rundown!

  150. fred, i realized months ago that the supposed “left” had been taken over by haters.

  151. WCMB..

    whooot hoot!!

  152. OB’s confidence is shaken. With Gov. Palin on McCain’s ticket he’s got to be thinking, ” WHY didn’t I
    suck it up and choose Hillary”?
    Now, his votes on the abortion question will be FRONT
    and center more than ever. Pelosi gave the issue
    even more heat with her Meet the Press statements.
    Why else would the initial campaign statement be one
    attacking her pick. NOT CLASSY for getting beyond old
    politics. By contrast…Hillary is class personified.

  153. Clyburn being very charming here:

    “Being thrust on a national stage like that could be very tough,” Clyburn said. “Now, Mondale tried to shake things up by going with Geraldine Ferraro. She proved to be a disaster as a running mate. And as a campaigner, she was absolutely awful. And so I just think that it is very risky for McCain to do this, but it may be all he has left.”

    Wow! Way to just savage Geraldine Ferraro.

  154. Tweety’s on “Hairball” now– Hardball no more.

  155. ha! someone must have called it Hairball.

  156. go Darrah!!

  157. Clyburn you are a piece of crap for trashing Ferraro like that…….But, remember, that he said, Bill was taking in CODE. Clyburn is are just as phoney as Obama.

  158. Clyburn, still crazy after all these years.

  159. MABlue – I think that is just about the most sexist public official comment I’ve seen today! What an incredible jerk – not that I didn’t already have that opinion before.

  160. to feel frustration at Democrats not only for letting this particular piece of history slip through their fingers but for allowing the work that Clinton and her supporters did to get co-opted by their Republican opponents…

    These jokers are un-friggin-believable! Suddenly, it’s all about how fantabulous Hillary is! Well, welcome to our world. Too bad it is post-gullible.

    I am absolutely lovin’ this day. I have been doin’ a jig every since the news broke. Regardless of whether PUMAs want to vote McCain or not, watching BO & the DNC get their comeuppance is a beau-tiful thing!

  161. Clyburn is clearly both sexist AND racist–what a renaissance man.

  162. And so I just think that it is very risky for McCain to do this, but it may be all he has left.”

    LOL. Yea, McCain has really been struggling in the polls huh? What planet do these people live on?

  163. Hey all – new thread up!

  164. Palin has turned the Obama/Biden ticket into a JOKE, and ass backward.

  165. Wasserman Shultz just said: “I’m sure Sarah Palin has managed her home and 5 children well, but she’s not qualified to be president.

  166. Wasserman-Shultz: 👿

  167. my mom, an 80 yr old lifetime republican in Florida was crying on the phone that HRC did not get her fair roll call vote, and that “they didn’t even let Florida vote for her.”
    she was so happy and excited about Palin today, she’s very conservative, she didn’t even like McCain before but now she’s going to vote for him.

  168. purplefinn – it’s in slo-mo. 🙂

  169. Good observation on Traister – Dowd in the rough. Sad little girls too scared to be women…

  170. didn’t really answer my question.

  171. I’m so enjoying the MSM meltdown. Cafferty’s having a sh*t fit, Matthew’s learned what a tingle up the leg is really all about, and imagine KO’s head exploded. It’s soooo funny to watch. How’s that moose burger tasting now. Jerks.

  172. Great rant. I love this place. Happy, happy, happy. PUMA!

  173. WMCB ((((((HUGS)))))).

  174. Erase, let’s see in November. There is no Hillary to vote for in November. I agree, we shouldn’t vote for the second best; that’s why I can’t vote for Obama. And Palin is more experienced than OBAMA. She is a lifelong achiever not only for herself, but for others and her community. She is tough (giving birth to 5 children and raising them; married to her high school sweetheart; intelligent; speaks well and I think prettier than Obama. So there, take that!


  175. Clean up needed at 7:59 and 8:03. Bring Febreze.

  176. I love how McCain TRICKED Obama by implying that “inexperience’ was the big weakness he had to get over, only to switch games when it’s too late for B.O.: I guarantee after the Republican convention the name of the game is going to be: Wright-Ayers controversies–commitment to America, Trustworthy judgment, truthfullness (e.g., as regards his alleging the right lied about his vote for treating babies of botched abortions), holding firm principles (not flip-flopping), evidence of effectiveness and standing up, rather than buckling, to pragmatic concessions……..

    My suspicion is that Hillary discovered (and was asked her opinion on) the Palin choice just before the DNC convention or soon after it began (recall her brother’s meeting with mcCain people). Everything starts to make more sense now e.g., Bill’s speech)!

  177. Hey Tweety, Just 4 years ago Obama’s running mate endorsed a ticket with McCain on it. Guess JMc can’t be as bad as you desperate obots are trying to make him out to be. If he’s good enough for Biden, he’s good enough for me!

  178. Brilliant move by McCain:
    – Rank-and-file Republicans love strong women (as long as they’re Republican, more so if they’re attractive, which she is);
    – She has a history of cleaning up corruption and cutting waste from goverment which appeals to people from both parties as well as Independents;
    – It shows he’s actually doing *something* to get the votes of women (as opposed to Obama, who alternatly ignores and condescends to them but expects they will kneel and kiss his feet anyway);
    – It makes the Republican Party look as if it’s the party which elevates qualified women, and the Democratic Party as if it’s the one which passes them up;
    – If she’s attacked on anything , they can charge misogyny, that all women are being attacked (just as they charge denigration of McCain’s military service even for unrelated attacks);

  179. My hubby woke me up this morning with the news that Palin “might” be McCain’s choice for VP. When I saw her take the stage w/her family, I realized that the Rs deliver while the Ds just talk a bunch of bull crap. I cried like a baby. She’s a smart, strong women fully capable of handling the job. I may not agree with her on every issue, but I have no doubt she will be working as an American, not a Republican, to do what’s best for this country. She’s a true unifier.

    One reason older women don’t like Obama is because we’ve heard bull crap from men all our lives and we can spot it a mile away. That’s OUR experience.

  180. When Sarah Palin announced that Hillary’s voters made 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling and she was about to make the effort with the rallying call that “the WOMEN OF THIS COUNTRY ARE NOT FINISHED: We will shatter that glass ceiling once and for all,” she had my vote. To the men who went so far as to tout his “leadership” then pad Obama’s resume rationalizing their collusion against HRC,…. To the younger women who apparently need to relive their history in order to appreciate the sacrifices and purpose with which their mothers and grandmothers contributed to their present opportunities: They all DESERVE to experience the wave that will sweep McCaine into office with one CHOICE. Handing the magic wand to Palin is no less responsible than the choice by “Super Delegates” who ignored the will of their constituents and indulged the sexism of the primary campaign, trashed Bill Clinton’s legacy, dismissed the worth of those whose candidate was likewise history making. African Americans once again DEMANDING, Moreover, Forcing Affirmative Action in selecting a Presidential Candidate while shutting down the legal process and looking the other way, Mob style, arrogantly pointing out that we have no place else to go….can now go piss up a rope. McCaine made this very easy for me. If the younger women want freedom of choice, let them go out and demand it for themselves. They were perfectly content to cop advantages earned by the women’s movement while doing nothing to advance them, then turncoat for a hot young male. The infidelity of those Senators who sustained the demands for Hillary to step aside and hand their affirmative action poster boy the nomination was by far more traitorous than Bill’s. They’ve pedaled so much B.S. to prop up this air puppet that I no longer trust anything they say. I know leadership when I see it, and if they thought they could sell the ‘leadership’ credentials of Barack Hussein Obama, of zero experience, then they’ve earned this ass kicking. Again, those substantial ears on the head of their boy are indeed only to give cartoonists a ready feature to exploit. Those closed ears open only to the adoring chants of his brainwashed minions, don’t afford the wanna be commander-in-chief the respect for old white women, “low Information (lord, I love that euphemism) Voter, Blue collar, gun clinging, family oriented voters of Appalachia and other swing states! This will be fun again.

  181. Gracie-
    That’s right our bs detector is quite well honed.

    Notice how all the talk about the ” woman” is not enough experience today. I mean Palin today was clearly articulate, strong and very much comfortable as a leader.It was the blowhards who were uncomfortable with her comfort level. They’ve sat there for almost two years where Obama “the guy always running for his next gig” has not really been asked are you ready to be president.Only when McCain ran a few ads poking holes in Obama play acting leadership and experience(and very effectively) did Obama take the bait and out of fear stick Biden(the only guy in the Senate longer than McCain, practically, )on his ticket.

  182. Classy of Hillary, to congratulate McCains pick for VP, but would expect no less of her. Hillary is a class act.

    Governor Palin is no Hillary Clinton, but sure could be her kid sister. She is a strong woman like Hillary and a go getter.

    Unless that October surprise or miracle happens, I may have to join and support McCain.

    I am not worried about Roe vs Wade. I have a down syndrome child myself. I value the right of others to choose but it was never an option for me personally and felt God chose me to raise this angel from heaven.

    It has been a tough road. She is now 42 and in her downward slide of life but she gave me 42 glorious happy years and I was so proud of her being the 1st DS to attend Montesorri pre-school, 1st Down syndrome to read well enough to address the local school board and speak on saving the special ed center and the first down syndrome to be mainstreamed learning to type, and they wanted me to put her in an institution when first born. Those were fighting words then and fighting words now. But sadness is approaching but I have NO REGRETS. She has had a good life and sadnness can come to anyone’s child regardless if down syndrome or not.
    I am a proud mother.
    (I do hope her siblings don’t suffer to much lack of mothering when she serves but glad she was chosen and it can be like a 4 yr vacation for the family.

    Good Luck Governor with the media sexists remarks. Like Hillary though I think you can handle it.

    I wasn’t sure what I was going to do since the DNC rigged the whole primary election about who to vote for but McCain today answered that question.

    Sorry Hillary, can’t fall in line, must go with McCain.

  183. Pro-life or pro-choice isn’t an issue for me, one way or another. I have several friends who have daughters with Downes Syndrome (one is 30 years old and other is about 16 years old) and both mothers agree they have added dimension to their lives and can’t imagine life without them. In both cases, siblings have proven to be very protective and loving of their sisters making for a tight family unit.

    Having said this, I have to say that I have utmost respect for Palin’s decision to give birth and love her new son. What a testimony to a mother’s love. And while talking about children, what about Cindy McCain finding 2 babies in an orphanage with deformities and bringing them back to the states? She told hubby, John, to meet his new daughter (other baby was adopted by friends of the McCains). I think these 2 women epitomize strong, compassionate women. I wouldn’t have the courage to do what either one of them did.

  184. Palin is already getting the CNN sexist treatment :

    CNN’s John Roberts, on Friday’s “Newsroom” program, asked correspondent Dana Bash about how the Alaska governor’s newborn son with Down’s syndrome might be affected if she were elected:

    “There’s also this issue that on April 18th, she gave birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome…. Children with Down’s syndrome require an awful lot of attention. The role of Vice President, it seems to me, would take up an awful lot of her time, and it raises the issue of how much time will she have to dedicate to her newborn child?”

    Bash answered by saying:

    “That’s a very good question, and I guess — my guess is that, perhaps, the line inside the McCain campaign would be, if it were a man being picked who also had a baby, but — you know, four months ago with Down’s Syndrome, would you ask the same question?”

    As a proud PUMA, I support McCain-Palin without reservation. We need to make sure we stand strong and don’t reward the DNC and Obama–they didn’t even consider Hillary for VP…what an insult. They are scared to death of McCain’s VP pick. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be so vitriolic and harsh when Palin comes up.

  185. Riverdaughter, Indeed.

    You may be interested in my thoughts on the matter: http://sagechick.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/to-celebrate-or-mourn-that-is-the-question/

    After eight years of steadily increasing misery, it’s come to this. I couldn’t be more disillusioned.

  186. McCain thinks women are stupid. He picked a woman only because he thinks you guys aren’t smart enough to know a ploy when you see one. I can see his thought process now “Uhh…If I choose a woman for VP, I’ll get all of the women who would’ve voted for Hillary to vote for me”.

    C’mon, when has the GOP ever cared about womens issues. You all should be insulted. McCain is playing Hillary supporters like a violin and the tune aint up beat.

    Beware, you’re being bamboozelled…

    You guys have a great holiday weekend and take care…

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  188. TL right now the biggest women’s issue is total gender equality. Brilliant women being elected to be POTUS will help on that. DNC—failed on that front. Obama —failed on that front. McCain—BINGO! WE know what’s going on, and McCain gave us what we need!

  189. As a woman, I am insulted that McCain thinks that by just picking “a woman” he will win me over. I supported Hillary, I shared her views, and I thought she was qualified.

    I don’t share Gov Palin’s views and I will not vote for her simply because McCain is using her as a token to get into the white house. PALIN IS STILL A DANG REPUBLICAN!!!

    Hillary’s campaign meant more than that, and I will not let her efforts be minimized by just “picking a woman.” Sarah is not an equivalent substitution for Hillary. Give me a break. We are smarter than that!!!!

  190. Tina: Now you’re the real kind of Hillary supporter that makes the GOP and McCain wake up in a cold sweat. YOU GET IT!!!

    Some of the rest of you: Wow! I can’t believe how desperate some of you sound. McCain and the GOP made a new batch of coolaid yesterday and you guys are chugging like it’s a hot day. Oh well, hopefully most of you will come to your sinces by Nov. 4th.

    Take care…

  191. With rare exeption, it seems you folks are just about identity politics. But is it the female identity?

    Many of you say you want to take our country back. Take it back from who? Do you want to take it back men who have run it for two hunded years? Your fathers, husbands, brothers, sons? You can’t take back something we never had. So it can’t be men.

    Who is it you want to take our country back from? The media that fans the flames of division (gender, racial, ethnic, generational) and cultivates a lack of civility? That would be a great idea but is that it? is that who we need to get the country back from?

    Who is it that you want to take it back from? Do you want to take it back from the conservative right? If so, then you wouldn’t be advocating a vote for McCain/Palin. So it can’t be the republicans.

    So I’m asking, from whom do you want to take back this country?

    (From sm77: We want Democracy back in the Democratic Party – we USED to be the moral arbriters of respecting the people’s vote and one person = one vote. After this primary, after the caucus fraud in favor of Obama, aftert the RBC and Roll Call fiasco, Democrats are no longer on the morally upstanding side of holding the people’s choice. Democrats are just as scuzzy and thuggish as Republicans because the DNC aided and abetted vote stealing for a candidate over another. Without Democracy being respected, our other Democratic tenets will go out the window as well. Democracy is much more important than my ladyparts. If we allow this grave error against Democracy to slide under the bridge, then every vote cast from here on out will be in vain. Fascism will be the new leader of the Democratic party and I will work my hardest to stop it from happening.)

  192. I’m so jazzed about this! WOW! Palin looks like a wonderful leader. I’ve read lots where women are “insulted” by McCain’s pick, I’m not, I feel like I’ve been heard! Palin is someone who can get a job done and straighten out this mess our country is in.

  193. Dont want to mislead in my post. I am repub and found PUMA’s sight by seeing Darraugh (my wifes name is dara) on tv last night. I would like to ask you Hillary fans a question. If Biden were to remove himself from VP and Obama named Hillary for VP would all be forgiven? Just interested in response.

  194. Or would Hillary even Accept it now?

  195. Lets have that conversation about being ready to lead. Are you kidding? What does this say about McSame judgment?

    This man is possessed about winning an election and not serving our nation.

    We do not need a President that makes reckless leadership. Wake up America, this man (McCain) is dangerous.

    This sounds like a sore loser’s party! Elections are about the direction of our country and not a personal frenzy! Hillary is an intelligent woman and will not oppose President Obama and will be too old in 2016 to consider a bid for the best interest of the nation.

    She raised the bar that women can and should participate as well as be successful. Would the same folks hollowing 18 million cracks be hollowing 17.65 million crack has Hillary won, answer NO.

    We’re making a mockery of our election process. Gore won more popular votes than Bush and was even ambushed for votes in Ohio and Florida.

    We as a nation need to end celebrity and people worship! Hillary and Obama included neither will your bill nor mines.

  196. I trim my toenails with my teeth.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  197. My Teeth are Green. See?

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  198. I’ve got a frog in my pocket.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  199. Antq, read the numbers on who voted more for who. Obama swung in with the Democrats for roughly 90% of his votes, while McCain only 74%. You criticize him for being a “maverick” then you criticize him for being “more of the same”. You can’t have it both ways, pick one and stick to it or leave.

    Palin is what Obama wishes he was, a real reformer. Her record in office, both as a mayor and as a governor prove this. Get your facts straight and can the talk about picking a person on image, especially since Obama IS the race card.

  200. Ok, don’t let it stand in the way of anything, but I have lived in Wasilla for nearly two decades.
    I have attended more city meetings than I care to remember and saw Sarah in the early days often. I am not republican but I was impressed even then. Bright, logical, thinking……would listen to all sides of the issues and even went against party more than once.
    I watched her run for mayor in a dirty, vicious election. I watched her run for Governor.
    Hope the media breaks out some reading material on Alaska. HUGE state, diverse, complex.
    Yes, OIL, you know, the stuff the lower 48 states wants and on that topic thirty years and men from both sides of the aisle never got that gas pipeline through but the hockey Mom did. Canada isn’t a US state. A very complex bit of arbitration went into that on an international scale.
    We are a major oil and gas reserve, we have a major commerical fishing industry which means we have international waters and foreign ships making ports of call and foreign trawlers, etc. We have an international airport that deals with air traffic back and forth to Korea, Japan, etc.
    We have an unbelievable tourist influx, a great many from foreign countries.
    Wasilla is a shopping hub for the Matanuska Susitna Borough which in itself happens to be bigger than a state or two. We have Walmart, Target, Sears, IHOP, Chilis, Starbucks. Many residents commute to Anchorage daily to work, and it is a four lane divided highway not a snow trail.
    I have moose walk through my yard, but then don’t a great many states have deer walk through their yards?
    I have lived nearly border to border, and even abroad. This isn’t my first rodeo.
    Sarah is a republican. She has the usual belief system that one would expect from her party.
    Hillary is a democrat and likewise with her.
    What they have in common? That they are held to a different set of values, criticizm and scrutiny.
    I am proud of Sarah, I have always been impressed with her, and I would caution people to stop jumping to conclusions and never underestimate her. She is a very decent, honest woman.
    If you don’t want a republican, don’t vote for one.
    If you don’t want a democrat, don’t vote for one.
    We have the choice in this country to do that.
    But don’t attack the woman. Either one of them.

  201. You mean this Palin you might want to look at the facts.

    Palin on the Bridge “Ketchikan desires a better way to reach the airport” said Governor Palin. “Despite the work of our congressional delegation, we are about $329 million short of full funding for the bridge project, and it’s clear that Congress has little interest in spending any more money on a bridge between Ketchikan and Gravina Island,” Governor Palin added. “Much of the public’s attitude toward Alaska bridges is based on inaccurate portrayals of the projects here. But we need to focus on what we can do, rather than fight over what has happened.”
    “Yes. I would like to see Alaska’s infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now–while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.”

    Wait she was against earmarks too right? Oh thats wrong again. Palin’s special counsel, John Katz, wrote in March of this year for the Juneau Empire, assuring the Alaskan public that Palin was still very much in favor of earmarks, but sadly needed to scale back her requests somewhat (to “only” 31 earmarks this year—down from 54 last year) in response to “unwanted attention” from Congress and the press.

    Another Fact Palin is the Only one on any Presidential ticket currently under investigation for an ethics violation.

  202. Yes, that Palin.

    See how well good old boy dirty politics work? Ok, now, did you include the pro side?

    Notice she said infrastructure projectS. There are many that are critical, the jet and the bridge to nowhere were not.

    Every governor knows what they need to do for their state’s essentials and they all do it when they have the strongest delegation in DC. You don’t think Senator’s Biden and Obama have ever signed on to earmarks? As the federal gov does less for states it is obvious states go after earmarks. Let me think, which state didn’t? Oh, that’s right they all do.

    Yes, that investigation, which is obviously still underway. Nobody with a brain wants a kid tasering cop, but I will wait for the outcome of the investigation and that will be when I pass judgment on her involvment in it.

    Did you ‘vet’ Senator Biden this well? Don’t get me wrong, I like Senator Biden as a Senator, but did you?

    Just asking.

  203. This VP pick is a huge insult to women everywhere. As if we don’t have the ability to intelligently believe in issues and vote accordingly, or do any sort of research and stick to our – *reads above comments* Oh wait, nevermind. Looks like McCain has women pegged just right.

  204. […] the other hand, you know, it’ll probably work. Sigh. […]

  205. HEY SARAH PALIN! The bridge to nowhere can become a bridge to somewhere! We don’t need Hurricane Katrina emergency funds for Louisiana anymore! Oh wait, there’s another hurricane coming … oh dear.

  206. McCainomics = Bushonomics. McBush is still McBush, and Palin would also be if she were President. OBAMA/BIDEN ’08

  207. HILLARY/SARAH ’08

  208. I’m seriously disturbed.

    (Edited by the Site Administrator)

  209. I have lint in my belly button. LOOK!

    (Edited for the amusement of katiebird)

  210. Ha! Alright, Fair enough, we’re agreeing to disagree now 🙂 Ugh, politics.

  211. I’m sorry I don’t understand this:

    “She raised the bar that women can and should participate as well as be successful. Would the same folks hollowing 18 million cracks be hollowing 17.65 million crack has Hillary won, answer NO”

    Or this:

    “We as a nation need to end celebrity and people worship! Hillary and Obama included neither will your bill nor mines.”

    I’m sorry; I do not understand the point being made here. Can someone translate? No matter how I read it, it’s nonsensical.

    But as far as rejecting the worship of personalities, I’d guess that’s exactly what every PUMA is doing: rejecting the Obama cult of personality.

    Is Obama the most qualified African-American to run for President? No. Clearly not.
    (Duval Patrick, Governor of Mass, comes to mind.)

    Was Hillary Clinton the most qualified woman to run? Definitely one of an all-too-small group.

    But the Democratic leadership gave into the Chicago Clique, choosing image over substance.

    The idea that McCain made some sort of dangerous decision by not playing along with the status quo is nonsense. Do Americans have spongecake for brains?

    It’s the VP job that for which Palin’s been chosen, not the Presidency. Traditionally, the experience is at the TOP OF THE TICKET, with the bottom given to a) the runner-up in the Primary (think LBJ or GHW Bush); b) someone who can add a constituency or region of the country (again LBJ for the South, same for Gore); or c) for their visual appeal (Dan Quayle).

    Of course, Palin may have been chosen for the same reasons as a young Teddy Roosevelt–to get him off the backs of corrupt republicans back home. This would make Palin a Teddy to McCain’s McKinley. Of course, big-business McKinley was shot by a terrorist and died. Republican Teddy Roosevelt, who also enjoyed Moose Stew, went on to create the Progressive Movement–establishing our National Parks, anti-trust laws, the FDA, and even fire escapes.

    The only sore losers I can see here are the Obama supporters who fail to grasp this simple concept: no one owes you their vote. The ONUS is on you to “sell” yourselves, your ideas, and your candidate to your fellow Americans.

    The chances of bringing home the PUMAs by insulting, belittling and berating them is less than nil.

    Finally, accusing women of playing identity politics is absurd. Women are the most under-served constituency in this country.

  212. August 30, 2008
    Palin booed for mentioning Hillary Clinton
    Posted: 07:35 PM ET

    From CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby

    Palin is praising Clinton on the trail as the GOP woos the New York senator’s supporters.
    WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania (CNN) – This might not be the best way to reach out to those disillusioned Hillary Clinton supporters.

    In just her second appearance on the campaign trail with John McCain, newly-minted GOP running mate Sarah Palin was showered with boos on Saturday for attempting to praise Clinton’s trail-blazing bid to become the first female president.

    As she did at in her debut speech in Ohio yesterday, Palin appealed to the women in the crowd here in Pennsylvania with a political shout-out to Geraldine Ferraro, who preceded Palin as the first women to be tapped as a vice presidential candidate. The reference was met with polite applause.

    But in contrast with the mild reception that greeted the comment at the Ohio event, when Palin praised Clinton here for showing “determination and grace in her presidential campaign,” the Alaska governor was met with a noisy mix of boos, groans and grumbles around the minor league ballpark where the “Road to the Convention Rally” was held.

    Palin quickly recovered, promising the audience that female candidates weren’t yet finished, and that she and McCain were on their way to victory in November.

    Filed under: Hillary Clinton • Sarah Palin

  213. I agree with all the posts that say no one is “owed” your vote. But that includes Palin.

    If you elect McCain just to get a woman VP, you will also get an ultra conservative Supreme Court for the next 40 years that doesn’t care about ANY of your concerns. I went to the oral argument of Gonzales v. Carhart……..Alito was asleep…….seriously.

    Read some of the writings of the brilliant professor Elizabeth Warren from Harvard Law and you’ll see that eight years of republican economic policy has left over 50% of the nation on the verge of bankruptcy.

    I’m a bankruptcy attorney….I’ll do fine! But as you see your friends and neighbors losing their homes and unable to afford healthcare……well, you comfort yourself that a women is VP.

  214. Ryan?

    Have you actually read any of the posts here? Most of this site’s authors have NOT endorsed McCain/Palin. Are you saying that we shouldn’t even TALK about the ticket?

    I own my vote and I’m not voting for either major party ticket.

  215. I have mommy issues.

    (edited by Confliciuan hall monitor)

  216. Here come the wave of O-trolls.

    Jeesuz you people are so obvious it’s a joke. You’re like the redcoats – even Stevie Wonder can see you guys are coordinated paid spammers. Hope Axelrod gives you a doggie biscuit at the end of the day.

  217. Ryan – how many votes does it take to get a SC justice put into place?

    Enough said.

  218. Ryan – I disagree. I think an inactive Democratic Congress for the last 2 years did nothing with Hillary sounding “the bankruptcy’s are coming, the bankruptcy’s are coming!”

  219. Trolls like me are a dime a dozen.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Adminstrator)

  220. Someone clean up Justin’s nasty mouth.

  221. Speaking in all caps is a big fat headache.

    (edited by the Site Administrator)

  222. Please don’t use all CAPS. Thank You.

    (Edited by the Site Administrator)

  223. I hope that you all read Newsweek interview where Palin called Hiliary a whiner and said she would never vote for her because she was so flawed. A vote for Palin is a vote against Hiliary. She will overturn Roe v. Wade as well as outlaw evolution being taught in schools. She is against equal pay for equal work –

  224. My mother gave me a dollar.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Moderator)

  225. PUMAS eat Barracudas for breakfast!!!
    Palin currently has pretty messy family issues. She recently gave birth to a son with Downs Syndrome and has a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant. Ironically she has fought sex education in the schools and availability of contraception for minors.

    She believes that for 9 months a woman has no right to control what is happening to her own body and is basically nothing more than a baby container. She does not believe in a women’s right to choose to end a pregnancy, even if she has been raped.

    She does not believe human pollution has anything to do with global warming (even Bush has had to back down on this one). Is so in bed with big oil she is willing to watch as the polar bear and beluga whales become extinct, rather than slow the possibility of drilling. She would open up one of the last great wilderness on earth to exploitation by oil interests.

    She laughed when hearing a fellow Republican woman being called a bitch in public (she and the woman had disagreed on several issues) I guess this does make her on par with McCain who thinks it is alright to call your wife a cunt in public. She has been repeatedly described as stubborn with a vicious streak – even by family and friends. (nick name Sarah Barracuda)

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