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McCain to Obama: You got SERVED!

Meet GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.   

This was a master-stroke by old Johnny Mac.  All that misogyny by the He-Man Woman Haters Club known as Obamanation just came back and took a big ol’ bite out of Teh Precious’ skinny butt.  Nobody is talking about that speech anymore.

For months the women supporting Hillary Clinton have been told to shut up and fall in line because they had nowhere else to go.  John McCain just sent them this message:


This was a brilliant move by McCain.  Sarah Palin is young and telegenic, and any attack on her lack of experience opens up the GOP counter-punch of attacking Uh-bama’s lack of experience.  When the He-Man Woman Haters Club launches misogynistic attacks on Palin (and they have already begun) it puts the GOP in the position of supporting and defending women.

When McCain retires in 4-8 years, Sarah Palin will be the natural front-runner to replace him, thus potentially extending GOP control of the White House even longer.  Hillary bashed her head bloody on that glass ceiling, leaving 18 million cracks.  Sarah Palin will be the one who finally breaks through.

Thanks for nothing, Howard, Donna and Nancy.  It could have been Hillary Clinton, instead it will be a Republican.

Obamanation appears to have been caught with their pants down on this pick.  It took nearly two hours for their trolls to start making cookie-cutter negative comments about the nomination of Governor Palin.  McCain had them totally faked out with rumors that he was going to select Pawlenty or Romney.  Obamanation had nothing ready on Palin, and their initial shoot-from-the-hip reaction was D-U-M-B:

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same,” said Bill Burton, Obama Campaign Spokesman.



“We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

Hillary has class.  But we knew that already.


195 Responses

  1. The DNC can spin away – At this point I don’t believe a WORD of what the Democrats say. When I cast my vote and the DEMOCRATS won’t count it because it wasn’t for their candidate of choice then they can frankly go to hell. They took 4 delegates from Hillary in Michigan and another 55 were just handed to the almighty chosen one —– My California vote — I don’t even know if my delegates voted for Hillary or not this week at the convention. You can bet i am going to try to found out.

    Here’s what I think happened — this is my theory.

    Obama / Axlerod were so determined to beat Hillary Clinton — they thought they’d win easily because George W. Bush sucks.

    Here’s where they went wrong.

    1) Their bloggers got out of hand
    2) MSM got way out of hand with their “white bitch comments” and Randi Rhodes calling her a “fucking whore” (along with Geraldine)
    3) They didn’t expect women to get pissed and stay pissed — they expected “sweetie to fall in line”
    4) Obama got a bit too cocky !!!!

    So — instead of FAKING IT — and vetting Hillary Rodham Clinton — they said “screw you” I am going to flex my “pe#!$” and do what I want. Then they picked Biden — because you see – I really am about dirty politics and more of the same. I will use ROW vs WADE to put fear into you. I will bet you are too busy taking care of your children and will only listen to sound bites. But what he forgets — those swing voters – will pay attention. Those pissed off women — like ME — will vote for John McCain – first time in my life I will vote republican.

    Obama is an idiot — I did not want Hillary on the ticket and was glad of it. She would have brought in so many states for him and I didn’t want to see her used — THE DEMOCRATS DESERVE TO LOSE BECAUSE THEY ARE STUPID AND HE’S ARROGANT. They put themselves in this spot. They had the best candidate – the smartest, most capable, experienced — we all lost on this one.

    Right now everything I have read about her — she’s impressive — SHE’S NO HILLARY — I am 100% for Hillary.

  2. BTW — I had the best time in Denver — Murphy, RD, Princess Prada, Will, Shari Tag, etc are all so gracious and wonderful. Thank you for making this happen.

    Obama will lose because all of us refused to shut up. With the brilliance of the above fore mentioned who worked tirelessly to pull in the media – keep us in the spot light — YOU ROCK.

    We need to keep growling / roaring !!

  3. Well, FL has reacted. I just got an email from Karen Thurmond, party chair, that we must fight, fight, fight, because (wait for it…) SHE”S NO HILLARY CLINTON. So send money right away, because McCain wants women’s votes. Amazing stuff, huh? That anyone would wish to court the largest single voting block. Surprise, surprise.

  4. Served? More like punk’d. But that may not be PC.

  5. I am stunned at the sexism coming from progressives!! Huffington Post is rampant with it as is MyDD…

  6. chatblu:

    Women can vote?

    Imagine that! Wonders never cease.


  7. Didn’t Donna Brazille nut say they didn’t need the women or blue collar vote?

    The news truck is here — going to go give an interview why I am voting for McCain and my girlfriend is talking why she’s on the fence but liking this Palin woman.

    Will be back !!

  8. Angry Black Guy, you obviously didn’t read the post.

  9. ABG: It would be a helluvan election. Two strong opinionated women., You up for it?

  10. Angry black guy — I disagree — how cool to watch Hillary win in 2012 !!!! Which she now will. Obama and team go down in shame.

  11. SHE’S NO HILLARY CLINTON? Well, no shit. Neither is Barack Obama. You didn’t want Hillary Clinton though so you got John McCain and Sarah Palin from Alaska.


    Talk about dropping the ball.

  12. Chatblue – OMG!

    Well, FL has reacted. I just got an email from Karen Thurmond, party chair, that we must fight, fight, fight, because (wait for it…) SHE”S NO HILLARY CLINTON


    So let me get this straight.

    The Democratic Party sh*t all over Hillary and her voters. So we should be outraged because the Republican Party isn’t doing the same? Wait, let me get my checkbook!


  13. You had me until you wrote:

    “When McCain retires in 4-8 years, Sarah Palin will be the natural front-runner to replace him, thus extending GOP control of the White House even longer. Hillary bashed her head bloody on that glass ceiling, leaving 18 million cracks. Sarah Palin will be the one who finally breaks through.”

    It will be a Palin vs. Clinton Presidential race in 2012. And my money is on Hillary!


  15. izarradar, my money’s with yours. McCain’s a one-term guy I think. 2012 is gonna be kickass.

  16. madamab: Isn’t that hilarious? You just can’t make this stuff up. Being a Democrat in FL is like living in a sitcom. Yeah, rushing to donate……..not.

  17. LOL @ Billy Burton’s attack.

    Hey Billy Burton, you are a disgrace!

    BTW, this election is not about CHANGE, it is about COURAGE!

    Vote America first!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  18. izarradar and Regency – YEAH! Hillary and Palin will run on issues. And, I’ll bet Hillary picks a FEMALE VP too!

  19. izaradar:

    I wasn’t expressing my preference, I was evaluating the GOP strategy.

    After the way she was treated by the Democrats this year, I don’t know if Hillary will run again anyway.

  20. This has nearly been an all day party for me. It doesn’t affect my non-vote, but it sure is fun. I guess it’s the fact that I haven’t had anything big to celebrate since Hillary won my state, PA. Also justice rarely seems to be served so quickly. Must be where the giddiness comes from.

    Now if the new woman on the scene has the integrity hinted at, perhaps Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Rove etc. will be next!!!

  21. Can we edit/update this post to include Hillary’s official response to McCain’s veep selection? Thanks in advance.

  22. My PERSONAL OPINION: I think if John could have picked Hillary he would have, so he found somone LIKE HER


  23. “Note, if McCain/Palin wins, Hillary’s chances of being President go down big time.”

    But if we allow our party to be taken over by raving misogynist twits with their hands on the levers, there’s a good chance that Hillary will be crowned “Queen of the Senate Coffee Maker.” That’s better than President any day.

  24. izaradar:

    I edited my post.

  25. The bitter irony of this is that the Democrats went with politically correct image instead of substance, because they thought they would win anyway. Now when it comes to the real fighting, they’ve got a novice with no credentials. The “newness” and “excitement” just went over to the other side, as such superficial things are apt to do. And our side has no “there” there to counter it.


    “We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

  27. edwardian:


  28. Oh bet your ass Hillary will run again. She’s probably already thinking strategy against Palin. Our gal is a winner, and she doesn’t hold grudges—she’ll use it to her advantage.

  29. purplefinn — I’m in the same boat. Still nonvoting. (or Nothing on Top, as pumapac would say).

    But the Obots just got served (as someone else said) bigtime.

    I just can’t say this enough times, never gets old:

    Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it boyz?

  30. Hillary vs. Sarah 2012 would be great!!

  31. Chatblue, Didn’t they hand most of Hillary’s delegates to Obama on Wed?

  32. Updated, thanks

  33. Destini – Just as I predicted. “Congratulations, even though we disagree.”


  34. Seriously, thou doth belie thy name. 🙂

    “But if we allow our party to be taken over by raving misogynist twits with their hands on the levers, there’s a good chance that Hillary will be crowned “Queen of the Senate Coffee Maker.”

  35. nycstray: Indeed they did.

  36. From Barky’s campain, via this post:

    “Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

    Technically, it will be the voters who do that. But we do see what you mean.

  37. madamab…you got it. We won’t be seeing Hillary attack Sarah, ever. She just won’t do it.

    I predicted Sarah would be the pick in June and was blown off at both MyDD and Taylor Marsh and told I was crazy.

  38. myiq2xu, on August 29th, 2008 at 4:43 pm Said:

    http://www.nysun.com/blogs/latest-politics/2008/08/clinton-congratulates-palin-says-we-shou.html .

  39. If something happens to the Presidential or Vice Presidential nominee, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) meets and selects a new nominee for that position.

    That’s what happened when Thomas Eagleton resigned in 1972, two weeks after the convention.

  40. Baa baa baaaa baa!

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  41. I like this part of the statement:

    “Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.””

    Nice nod of recognition.

  42. Ann On, I think they’re slipping. They’ve essentially said they’ve won the Presidency but look who they made veep nah nah nah. Sometimes they’re too dumb to own Blackberries.

  43. Ann On – And note to Bil Burton et al., Governor Palin is no longer the mayor of a small town. She is the Governor of Alaska.

    But thanks very much for playing. We have some lovely consolation prizes.


  44. I would bet that Hillary would be able to accomplish more, and get more respect as a Senator if Mccain/Palin wilns in Nov. She would be welcomed in the WH instead of shunned.

    This is so fantastic, I am stunned.

    McCain/Palin 2008
    Hillary/ 2012

  45. I am lovin this. Obamabots are in meltdown. Sexist slurs they had saved from their trashing of Senator Clinton are now being used on Governor Palin.

    without knowing one damn thing about her they are claiming the most outrageous lies.

    Looks like no one was really expecting this and all they know how to do is make ageism and sexism comments. Which party is the one with the good guys again?

  46. As much as I want Hillary to run again, I don’t know if she will either. I can’t imagine what it must have done to her to have old friends turn on her the way they did.

  47. Hillary’s response was EXACTLY as predicted by someone here on the previous thread (sorry, too lazy to look it up). But just as full of integrity as we have come to expect from her.

  48. angie – That was me! 🙂

    But really, didn’t we all know it was going to be like that?

  49. I’d forfeit a year’s salary to watch HRC try convincing voters, especially female voters, to support BO and say: “Eh, I got nuthin’.” LOL!

  50. MYIQ – Thanks for nothing, Howard, Donna and Nancy. It could have been Hillary Clinton, instead it will be a Republican.

    Not to mention – thanks to D “leaders” for ending the party for millions of loyal faithful honest members. We will not be part of a corrupt party – PERIOD.

    Whack a mole comes to mind with this weazley infestation we have here. The smell of their fear is heartening – finally, maybe just a little acknowledgement of the huge loss ZBero is facing. As further confirmation as to their stupidity – it is TOO late for any further words or actions on the part of this campaign to change anyone’s mind – they have no credibility whatsoever. Maybe there are some voters who have not seen this garbage yet.

    Weazle on a$$SHA!$ – lemmings – vermin.

  51. On the last thread Regency posted a link to Governor Palin’s actual statement about Hillary:


    This was not at all offensive to me. She was not insulting Hillary. She sounded thoughtful and intelligent. Don’t forget she is a Republican and would not be supporting Hillary for President.

  52. Would BO run again in 2012 if he loses, do you think?

  53. madamab — of course it was YOU!! I should have known — it is always you with the best lines, insights & saying the things better then I ever could!

  54. Love this post.

  55. Would BO run again in 2012 if he loses, do you think?

    He could. But he would not get passed go.

  56. angie: yep Our girl’s got class.

  57. “Would BO run again in 2012 if he loses, do you think?”

    He’ll be laughed out of politics.

  58. I bet Sarah Palin never made gestures like “dirt off her shoulder” or “shit off her shoe” referring to Hillary

  59. ABG, I would never vote for this woman. Some would, but nobody thinks for a minute that she represents Hillary’s positions. We are admiring the gamesmanship of McCain’s choice and timing as it relates to Obama.

  60. C.N.N. is only covering this negatively…surprise, surprise. They’re are no bounds to them slamming any woman who runs for higher office. They won’t spin positive on anything that works against precious.

    They’re making asses of themselves.

    Hillary 2012.

    Go back to Chicago Obama and take ACORN, and your misogynistic campaign workers with you.

  61. Let me get this straight, correct me if I am wrong:

    They didn’t want a woman on the ticket and the MSM bashed and criticized Hillary. Now they are bashing and criticizing Sarah Palin and the 2012 ticket looks like it may be all women.

    Sorry hate to do this but —


  62. Oh Voter, it’s like the 25th time Obots have posted that piece of disinformation in the last hour. They work fast for people with zero political sense who are constantly getting caught flat footed.

  63. By the way the #2 video is the one with Palin’s supposed insult to Hillary about whining:


    The Obamabots are in panic mode and have put their own spin on this to make it seem much worse than it truly is.

  64. angie – XOXO

    myiq2xu – Was Governor Palin wearing a pantsuit today?


  65. indigo: Michelle from Hell said this was his one and only chance. Of course, you have to take her at her word which I would not recommend but this is what she said. I took it as a threat. Like, last chance America to kiss his feet, after this all bets are off.

  66. indigo — when BO loses in Nov he is going to be lucky to be able to run for dog catcher.
    For those worried about Hillary in 2012 — don’t give it another thought. She WILL run again & she WILL be the first woman President of the USA.

  67. 2012 is going to be a riot. I can’t even wait.

  68. BHO’s 15 minutes are OVER!

    What he should have done, what he could have done are moments passed, Too late for the lame spin we are going to see from the MSM.

    Greek Temple my ass, what were mild snickers are now outright laughs.

  69. But Angry Black Guy, did you actually see the video at the URL you shared? Did you read the comments, votermom said this:

    “You know what, I just watched the video of that part of the interview,and she didn’t say HRC was whining.
    She said that there would be a perceived whine when HRC brings up that the media is harder on her, because HRC is under a microscope, and all women in politics have to work harder (than men). She strongly implied that the media is unfair to HRC but it would have been better strategy to plow through it.”

  70. I think a Palin win in ’08 makes Hill the natural front runner in ’12.

  71. I would hope McCain has his own contingent of MacCainiacs to counter the scurillous Obamabots trashing Palin. It would be nice to have somebody else bear this cross along with us.

  72. OhVoter, I tend to agree but lets see how Palin thinks about it after she’s been cutup incessantly for the next 4 years by these idiots who pass for tv and print jounalists. Its kinda easy to tell someone else to just work harder when you haven’t faced what Hillary has. BTW, I don’t think Hillary has ever really complained about the Press anyway. She has said she expects to be treated differently. So I don’t know where Palin gets the idea that Hillary has been claiming about her treatment.

  73. Does anyone else notice just how the MSM’s slamming Palin works to Hillary’s favor? The average voter who likely bought into the media’s B.S. — that “sexism” and “misogyny” were being overstated in this campagin — will begin to better understand Hillary’s position. Which will likely increase their admiration and respect of her tenancity and fortitude.

  74. Myiq – Have you gotten the email from Murphy? Looks like your idea of PUMA becoming a voting bloc is being embraced by Mama PUMA!

    Hello Puma PAC,
    Goodbye Howard Dean. Goodbye Barack Obama. Goodbye Nancy Pelosi. Goodbye Donna Brazile. You have not only lost the White House for the Democratic Party. Today you have brought the Democratic Party to the brink of irrelevancy altogether. John McCain has played you all like a piano.

    Today we say GOODBYE to the OLD Democratic Party. The OLD Democratic Party has led us to DISASTER. John McCain and Sarah Palin will win in November by a landslide.

    TODAY, August 29th 2008, Puma PAC has started a new political party:

    We have a website launching tonight. at http://www.thenewdemocraticparty.org
    and http://www.ndp.org
    We will be modeled on Alice Paul’s National Woman’s Party. We will NOT be running candidates. We WILL be endorsing candidates.
    We will be the Party for All Disaffected Democrats who are FINISHED WITH THE OLD DEMOCRATIC PARTY. We are NOT Republicans, though millions of us will vote McCain/Palin in November.

    Our Platform is the Platform of the TRUE Democratic Party
    • Healthcare for All
    • Equal Rights
    • Reproductive Rights
    • Worker Protections
    • Envmtl Protections
    • Fair Immigration Policy
    • Help for working class college students
    • Good public schools



    To Join the New Democratic Party, please send an email with your name and state today to newdemparty@pumapac.org

    Listen in tonight to the Lion’s Share on No We Won’t Radio with Sheri Tagg.
    Riverdaughter and I will join her to talk about today’s events and where we go from here.


  75. When the misogynistic attacks come against this candidate, she’ll have a political party that will FIGHT BACK and call it out for the sexist hate it is.

    Imagine that! Amazing.

    Obama could have addressed the sexism and misogyny against Hillary in his speech last night. He didn’t. He doesn’t give a hoot about our votes. And I don’t give a hoot about his presidency.

  76. I was just thinking: 2012 could be the year of our regency!!!!!!

  77. Will Obama run in 2012? Heck, he’s gonna run way before that. To a country without an extradition agreement with the United States.

  78. In the next few weeks Obama is going be like that mop on the swiffer commerical.


  79. NH: I think Palin said that because the media made such a big deal about it that she couldn’t have realized how little a deal Hillary really made about. The media made it an issue frankly, not Hillary.

  80. I posted this on the last thread so thought I would put here as most have moved on.

    Wow, this has been fun reading all the comments. I am from Alaska and have been watching Sarah (as Alaskans call her) Palin for a while now. I don’t agree with a lot of her positions but I have a great deal of respect for her. She is a pit bull. I can’t wait for Biden to be dismissive to her in a debate. She will not hold back. Palin has taken on the old republican guard and won. She had help (Wally Hickle is a big supporter), but she has shown herself to be tough, very tough to anyone – dem or repug or big money. She has a moral center that goes beyond religion. She will make women proud even if she is pro life etc. She is pragmatic. She wants to get the job done. She will work across the isle like McCain.

    Do I think she is inexperienced? Yes, but she is a listener and a fairly quick study. She has done a good job with the gas pipeline getting it going – something no one else has been able to do for 30 years. What people don’t understand about Alaska is that we are the gateway to Asia. We have huge Fedex, UPS facilities as much cargo goes through Anchorage. We have oil and gas, coal and gold and fish. Palin has to deal with international trade all the time. Russia is just a short fight away. We are not the back water everyone thinks. The military is very important because of our logistical position.

    McCain’s people are smart. People will underestimate her at their peril.

  81. Somehow I don’t think the DNC has had enough of cutting Hillary off at her knees. I agree that Hillary may not be running in 2012. In the meantime, I am so excited by the selection of Palin. I would not have believed that after what went on with the rollcall on Wednesday and feeling so dejected that I could be so happy. I feel like I was able to slap Obama,Pelosi and Braille in the face with one stroke. I could never have imagined that today I would be thanking the Republicans. McCain/Palin 2008!!!!

  82. McCain selecting Palin may be a signal that he intends to bring up corruption issues and cleaning up Washington. This would put Ayers and Rezco front and center. Look for the Rev. Wright issue to reappear as well when Obamabots start attacking Palin’s religious beliefs.

  83. edwardian, also, like you pointed out before, Clinton couldn’t fight back against this stuff without being labeled a whiner. The stupid Obots, party hacks and media hacks are opening the door to giving it back with both barrels. Nobody can say they started it, but I suspect they’ll, uh, finish it.

  84. I love Angy Black Guy because he’s SO angry.

  85. I have green teeth!

    (Edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  86. SOD at 5:06: I triple second that sentiment!

  87. There is actually a piece at the HuffPo with the Title

    “Palin: She’s no Hillary Clinton.” Now talk about the Audacity of Bullshit.

  88. johnny –

    McCain selecting Palin may be a signal that he intends to bring up corruption issues and cleaning up Washington. This would put Ayers and Rezco front and center. Look for the Rev. Wright issue to reappear as well when Obamabots start attacking Palin’s religious beliefs.

    Precisely. Precisely.

  89. Wow – she is very photogenic. Smart too!

  90. I stopped posting over at Tennessee Guerilla Woman (a blog I really like) because I could not stand Angry Black Guy and his stupid comments. He is a moron.

  91. Oops – should have put blockquote tags on johnny’s quote!

  92. Would someone please remove all of the sharp objects from the DNC conference room? They might accidentally hurt themselves.

  93. The Obama campaign is engaging in the politics of the past by coming out and attacking Sarah Palin for being a Mayor of a small town in Alaska. Seriously, Obama and his good ol’ boy network just don’t get it!


    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  94. I remember very well the day PUMA was born.

    Everybody here was pissed about the RBC meeting, and the attitude was “I don’t care, I’m still not voting for him!”

    Then SM said “Party Unity My Ass”

  95. Get ready for a full week of Sarah Palin! Obama is lucky to find himself on Page 12. This sure took the wind out his sails.

  96. I had my heart set on casting a vote to put a woman in the White House, but little did I suspect that woman might be a Republican. Well, after all the attacks on Hillary by the so-called progressives, electing McCain will be a perfect comeuppance for them. Well done, Senator McCain, and thank you.

    McCain-Palin ’08

  97. Riverdaughter, Oh well.

    Isn’t that what we just spent the last six months doing?

  98. SimoFish, on August 29th, 2008 at 4:36 pm Said:

    Angry black guy — I disagree — how cool to watch Hillary win in 2012 !!!! Which she now will. Obama and team go down in shame.

    YEA SIMO….
    Hillary is Simply the best even in complementing her opponent…its called DIPLOMACY!
    myiq2xu, on August 29th, 2008 at 4:59 pm Said:

    I best Sarah Palin never made gestures like “dirt off her shoulder” or “shit off her shoe” referring to Hillary
    ] — Darn Right…Hillary is gracious and a CHAMPION TO THE WORKING MEN AND WOMEN OF AMERICA and the voice of the CHILDREN! FOR YEARS!

  99. myiq: Yes, another day that will go down in Confluence memory. A little play on words and voila, a star was born!

  100. Obama’s next press release “43 years ago, Palin couldn’t walk or talk or use the potty by herself.”

  101. Carl must not have told Donna about this part of the strategy.

  102. Please do not engage Angry Black Guy in a mistaken intelligent conversation. It’s like trying to fashion a silk from a pig’s ear.

  103. RD – LOL!

    Huffpo is trying to pretend they like Hillary now?


    The desperate attempts of the Obamans to try to erase their own disgusting behavior towards Hillary are just too funny. Suck it, Bots!

  104. […] Comments madamab on McCain to Obama: You got …Seriously on Obama/Biden Palin Compari…Pat Johnson on McCain to Obama: You […]

  105. Johnny, I thought the same thing earlier. Palin has a reputation for tackling corruption. It’s going to be very interesting in America for the next 2 months. Do it right, Mr. McCain, this is now your ballgame to lose.

  106. Hillary is the new Roe v. Wade. As in: how-can-you-do-this-as-a-woman. Apparently bullying and emotional blackmail are the only tactics that women respond to. It makes me crazy.

  107. LOL! Tweety was talking to Pat Buchanan and told Pat that it was incorrect to refer to Palin, 44, as a “girl”, she is a “woman”. Oooo, boy, Kathleen must have ripped him a new one. I did notice while we were protesting at the MSNBC kiosk that Chris Matthews came out and looked contrite when we called him a sexist pig. Maybe it wasn’t polite on our part but I do think that maybe he can be taught.
    Keith Olbermann really is a sexist pig though. No doubt about it.

  108. Pat Buchanan is spitting nails at MSNBC. He has done everything but shoot them the finger.

    My Hero – Pat Buchanan – who knew???????/

    PUMA Happy!

    God Bless America!

  109. New post “palin = puma vote”

  110. Obama and his ties to convicted felon Tony Rezko and terrorist Bill Ayres just got pushed up front and center on the campiagn trail!


  111. The long primary season and aftermath reminds me of this bit of a skit:

    “Not the Whip! Not the Whip! Anything but the Whip!”



    “The Whip! The Whip! The Whip!!”

  112. Intelligent, on August 29th, 2008 at 5:10 pm Said:
    I have green teeth!

    Yes you do! Gross!

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  113. Chris on Hardball is going nuts about Palin. It appears that Andrea Mitchell was making a case for Palin and Chris cut her off….She said let me finish and so she continued on the plus for McCain….I think this ticket is going to give Obama a run for his money! I am sure they are begging Hillary for help right now!!!!

  114. Pat said she is a Libertarian. Kearns says she is a very well read historian.

    She is going to kick their booty.

    Puma Happy

  115. Yeah, sexism won’t work twice. I love this stategy. I never thought McCain would pick a woman.

  116. “But if we allow our party to be taken over by raving misogynist twits with their hands on the levers, there’s a good chance that Hillary will be crowned “Queen of the Senate Coffee Maker.”

    It’s worse than that. We may not win another election for a long, long time.

  117. RD: Sorry, Matthews is still a pig. KO may be the hog, but that does not change the fact that Matthews is still a pig. And Palin is good looking so if Chris was trying to make a point with Pat B it is more than likely because of that. And keep in mind, Chris may be trying to rehabilitate himself for the PA primary for the senate and needs those women to vote for him. (Fat chance, Chris.) From where I sit, leopards never change their spots. He is what he is, a classic male chauvinist P.I.G.

  118. destardi:

    Please don’t feed the trolls

  119. Well Jack Cafferty was spitting nails and anything that upsets Jack makes this Jill happy.
    Phew, what a twenty four hour sleigh ride this has been!

  120. In the last 2 years these Dems in Congress have given Bush/Cheney everything they’ve wanted. They have no business now trying to claim they are Democrats. Emocrate leadership is without credibility on anything. they should be happy they have jobs.

  121. I lift my glass of Lipton Green Tea with Citrus to riverdaughter.


  122. Didn’t Ford have buttons that said “I’m voting for Betty’s husband”? McCain should makes ones that say “I’m voting for Sarah’s running mate.” Although my sister says she will not be seen with me if I wear one. LOL

  123. and my glass of raspberry seltzer. slainte!

  124. I am a liberal Democrat and I wish Hillary was our nominee.

    She’s not.

    I do not support or intend to vote for John McCain.

    But my objective political judgment is he just put a big smackdown on Obama and the Democratic party.

    It wouldn’t have worked if Hillary was the nominee, or even the VP nominee.

    Somewhere, Karl Rove is laughing his ass off and not answering his “good friend” Donna Brazile’s frantic phone calls

  125. clinton had buttons that said “I’m Voting for Hillary’s husband”.

  126. I feel like a manic depressive lately. Yesterday I was locking up all the sharp utensils, today I am ready to partaaaaay! Loving the fact the DNC is going to get creamed in November.
    Whatever else Sarah Palin represents, she is definitely small town America at heart. This will go a long way against an opponent whose pastor screams, “goddamn America” on a continual loop.

    Hillary, somehow you will be vindicated for having to live with this.

  127. Ha, the reminds me of the tribute video where Bill was just labeled as “Hillary’s husband.”

    Who remembers that sign: “I’ll vote for anyone smart enough to marry Hillary.”

  128. Historically, most men vote GOP and most women vote Democratic.

    McCain doesn’t need to win the votes of most women, he just has to narrow the margin

  129. Those “undecideds” may have just found a home.

  130. Pat:


  131. Arabella – LOL!

    Obama’s next press release “43 years ago, Palin couldn’t walk or talk or use the potty by herself.”

    Brava, my dear.

    Hey everyone – new post by SM77, with more satire on a budget moments!

  132. “We don’t need them”

    Just wanted to see those words again.

  133. Would someone please remove all of the sharp objects from the DNC conference room? They might accidentally hurt themselves.

    LOL! On second thought, leave them.

  134. Hillary bashed her head bloody on that glass ceiling, leaving 18 million cracks. Sarah Palin will be the one who finally breaks through.


  135. Ain’t nobody talking about the Greatestest Speech EVAH anymore, are they?

    And that convention bounce just went “SPLAT”

  136. fif:

    Yes it is

  137. Gov Palin has more experience than Obama. She has been in elected office since 1992, Obama since 1997. She has 5 more years of experience and 2 of that was in executive, Obama has zero executive experience.

  138. “McCain doesn’t need to win the votes of most women, he just has to narrow the margin”

    Yeah, but picking off Democratic women will be a chore and a half. Good thing Obama has done such a great job courting those votes.

  139. What is this thing about Biden and Anita Hill?

  140. It’s great that he picked a woman.

    (the rest of this comment was deleted)

  141. This is an inspired and inspiring choice by Sen McCain. You can tell it will have a wonderful effect because all the sexist screwjobs on the lefty blogs seem to be going quite insane with Palin hate.

  142. Mccain picked Palin because she stands up for the people like he does. She has the track record to prove it. She is a maverick. There aren’t many people that will stand up to their own party on coruption.

  143. Blah blah blah send Obama back to Illinois blah blah blah

    (Edited for clarity)

  144. MyIQ, check out comment at 5:59

  145. The Supreme Court will never repeal Roe v Wade. It adds money to both parties coffers. Besides there would be a firestorm if it happened.

  146. The Supreme Court has a conservative majority now and nothing has happened.

  147. hb – the ONLY thing that happens if Roe-v-Wade happens is that it goes back to the states. Did you know that? If that happens, many state have already passed (Nevada is one of them) laws that will automatically kick-in to protect choice, should Roe-v-Wade be struck down. But, let me ask you: the SCOTUS already has the votes to overturn it. Why hasn’t it?

    And that 100 years statement has been blown all out of proportion by the fauxgressives. McCain meant it the same way we still have a military presence in Germany, Japan, etc. Don’t be an arse.

  148. Edit: hb – the ONLY thing that happens if Roe-v-Wade is struck down is that it goes back to the states.

  149. From the comments at Balloon Juice:

    “It’s been said elsewhere McCain/Vagina ‘08 or McGina ‘08”


  150. I agree- a brilliant pick by McCain.
    Watched her speak and she seems very genuine and honest.

    Obama made a huge mistake by not courting Hillary to be his VP pick. The first woman POTUS or VP- one would think the Dems would have had that down for the history books.

    I think Sarah is a breath of fresh air with lots of charisma and a calmness about her that is very appealing.

    Also, I hate the way the Dems use the Roe versus Wade issue to keep Dem women “in line”. I don’t think Roe versus Wade will be overturned and I will not hang this on Sarah as an automatic vote from me against her.

    I was not going to vote or write Hillary in.
    Now with Sarah- I am seriously re-visiting McCain because of Sarah. I think many women will.
    We’re tired. Tired of always having to do so much work and yet have to sit and wait “our turn” which has taken forever.
    Now is the time. The Time is now. And if the Dems didn’t see that and McCain did–well–maybe he is a true visionary Maverick after all…

  151. exactly, and if we had elected more dems — o, that would be a GOTV effort perhaps — more states would have abortion access laws already in place. or maybe if more dems thought access laws were a priority, we’d have more of them. maybe if we had more elected women. shoot, i could go on.

    wonder if these know-it-all critics have ever read roe v. wade. how about reading the dissenting opinion too.

    here’s an interesting link too, a little dated but…

    i am insulted that critics continue to think that women are nothing more than “o we must, at all costs, protect roe v. wade.”

    we have other things on our minds too

  152. Jack Cadavery is spitting and fuming. He thought he got rid of all the wimmins already!

  153. RIVERDAUGHTER — you are a GAMECHANGER. I raise my glass and say ‘here here’

    Now lifting my peach smoothie and echoing, “Here Here!”

  154. the spin i am hearing in my little world and i am sure some of you have already written about this is that mccain has insulted women but putting just any old woman on the ticket to get women’s votes. apparently 2 years as guv plus other experience is not enough for the number two job, cuz guess what, a president could die. women can’t even qualify for the number 2 spot. give me a break.


    i swear, as long as you have a penis, seems like your qualified to do whatever you want.

  155. HILLARY WE LOVE YOU. If you are reading, we love you. Say the word in 2012, and we are there. I know this must be bittersweet for you, as well as for us.

    I have never seen such grace and such strength as you exhibited this past year. You remain my highest sheroe. I know you asked us if we were in it for you, or in it for the ideals you espouse. It was both, because you embody my ideals better than any person on this planet, and I cannot separate the two. I cannot ignore either your beliefs or your woman-ness, because both are part of me.

    Is Sarah Palin the embodiement of my ideals? Not by a million miles. But she may be the only means by which I and other women say, loud and clear – NEVER AGAIN. Never again will what happened to you happen to another woman in this country.


    I fight to make sure that the next time you or any other woman runs, that lesson will have been learned by my party, and by my country.

  156. hb, on August 29th, 2008 at 5:59 pm Said:
    May be funny to “send Obama back to Illinois”, but many women will NOT be “Laughing their A** Off” in 4 years when the Supreme Ct has new pro-life justices and cannot get a safe abortion!!

    Supreme Court Justices only interpret the law (judicial branch). Congress writes and makes the laws (legislative branch).
    It irks me to no end how many support Obama but did not support the only candidate who put women’s and children’s issues on the forefront of her entire adult life.

    Not to talk of all the dead sons and husbands AND MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS fighting for their country overseas under an incompetent McCain who will “stay 100 years!” No thanks. I’ll stick with the Dems.

    Obama has flipped on this issue (and all important issues) a number of times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVy5REoiDJo

  157. If Obama supporters were sincere about Roe v Wade, they would be pushing for the downticket as Dem. Instead, they resort to the old Bush tactic of trying to *scare* people into voting for their candidate via the uterus.

  158. i swear, as long as you have a penis, seems like your qualified to do whatever you want.

    I have one. Can I be an astronaut?


  159. The reaction from the “left” is only proving that it wasn’t just Hillary hate during the primary. These folks are unabashed misogynists.

  160. Melissa McEwan is pissed because McCain took the attention away from Teh Precious

    WTF did you expect Lissa?

    They’re pros, and they’re in it to win it.

    Blame the people that handed the GOP a golden opportunity.

  161. gxm:

    They need to be bashed.

    Over and over and over until they finally get it

  162. Palin has some guts even though I don’t agree with her views. She refused to endorse the good old boy Alaskan republicans because of corruption and endorsed an outsider. It is going to be a campaign about ending corruption in washington getting rid of earmarks so on and so forth. Rezko and Ayers will be the lead for McCain ads to cast doubts on the “change that Obama will bring”.

    Yep Dems are pretty stupid..this is going to get ugly

  163. Just a short legal note on the Roe v Wade boogie man. Please note that legally speaking if R/W was overturned the immediate result would be to make this a state issue just as “gay marriage” and “civil unions” currently are. With the history in place on R/W it would take very little time for states to adopt women’s choice rights. You can bet all the blue states would do so. Also note that already in states with strong conservative religious blocs, such blocs have effectively limited or eliminated real pro-choice options for women. My point is that, worst case, I think the choice picture would change little or not from the true reality of what is now. There is no turning back the clock on such a social item. It will not, can not happen.

  164. excellent play by mccain. i don’t agree with palin’s anti-choice stance, but i’m all for getting rid of the corruption in WDC.

    this so takes the wind out of barky’s sails and makes him look stupid and petty for not choosing HRC as VP. the only VP pick who could have helped him win and he brushed her off. if he had chosen HRC, it would have preempted this move by mccain.

    palin’s conservative credentials will shore up mccain’s support with the base. i think she’ll also be attractive to hillary’s blue collar, middle class voters….you know, the ones who cling to god and religion???…and that will help him in the swing states.

    mccain is playing chess and the clueless dems are playing checkers. for the life of me, i don’t know how howard, nancy and bambi himself could not have prepared for this at all. palin has been under the radar, but it’s not like her name was never mentioned. the dems appear caught flat footed.

    i, however, am LMAO!

  165. I keep seeing this picture at the Republican convention: McCain and family and Palin and family—a great generational photo op. Good looking women. Palin’s family of 5 children more than matching the Obama tribe. Palin sticking by a downs syndrome child will certainly not hurt her. I understand that Palin was Miss Mo. and she is shown on the cover of Vogue. I think this puts MO in the win column for McCain. Palin will be good in the Republican western states where the maverick image is admired. That she loves to hunt, fish and play ice hockey is going to be a huge photo op balance to all the males and will resonate with young women. She and her husband, union members—–now that should go well in the rust belt states.

    Now look at the process and the choices/judgment we have in front of us. Pushed to the edge of decision, Obama went for the pundit pick, white guy/the party old timer. Pushed to the edge of decision, McCain apparently out thought just about all the pundits and picked a maverick, female, fresh face. Which choice shows courage? Which choice breathes change? challenge to the status quo? My only regret? I once heard Ann Coulter say that the first woman president would never be a Democrat but a Republican. At the time it was a big slap at Hillary but I never thought it might happen.

  166. With this choice, McCain has opened the door to reframing, restructuring the Republican party and distancing himself once again from the dark shadows of Bush. I think this choice is going to ensure Repub unity, real unity, and it is going to appeal to independents. Although I am a 50 year solid Dem, I do not see the Repubs as an evil; I even admire some of their history—thinking of Lincoln, TRoosevelt—I just don’t think they live up to that history very often but they do have that history. I know a lot of Repubs who hunger for a massive clean up of their party just as we hunger for a massive clean up of our party. We are not going to get a clean up of our party with Obama but the Repubs just might luck out in their party and if they do, good for them and good for our country.

  167. Many months ago when all the Republican VP maybes were in the news, I read a lot about Sarah Palin, and from that moment on, she was my heart’s choice. But never in a million years did I think McCain would have the savvy to pick this awesome woman. She is a true reformer, sold the Governor’s private jet as soon as she got into office, and cancelled the Governor’s limousine service as well. Remember the “bridge to nowhere” earmark of the Alaskan Senator (whose name I can’t recall) that got so much attention? She fought against that tooth and nail, said something like “No, thanks, keep your money, if we want a bridge, we’ll build it ourselves”.

    Add to that the fact that John McCain has never taken taxpayer money for one single earmark as long as he has been in the Senate, and we might just be looking at true reform of the egregious spending that our elected officials seem to feel is their birthright.

    I am delighted with this choice. I will always and forever have an ache in my heart for Hillary Clinton, and will support her wholeheartly if she runs in 2012. But right now, in this time and place, Sarah Palin is just fine with me.

  168. “After the way she was treated by the Democrats this year, I don’t know if Hillary will run again anyway.”

    That is my feeling too. I am not sure if it is because she was treated badly or not but I have this strong feeling that Hill won’t run again. Only time will tell.

    But the one thing I am sure of is that Hillary and people like her serve and leave their mark regardless of where they are or what office they hold. America would have benefited with Hill as president. But for sure Hillary’s life will not be any poorer nor her contribution any less for never being president.

  169. Happy, happy, happy. Like you Pat J., the mood swing has been fierce. Now I don’t know if this happy feeling translates into a Repo vote, but I am delighted with this turn of events. And did you hear her use the “C” word? C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N. I love it when they talk dirty. It could be a game changer and it could wind up making this election about the good of our country, again. My only regret is that Hillary may have lost this place in history when she so deserved it. But I’m seeing this has a victory of sorts for her and PUMA.

  170. Governor Palin has real-life experience as a woman that the other three do not have which bodes well for her qualification in solving a raft of economic issues.

    And, hey, Jack Cafferty, as a mother Palin has answered more important 3:00 a.m. calls than you can imagine so stifle that tired old line about being ready. Ready is a mother’s first name.

    The misogynists thought their problem was solved when they viciously shot down Senator Clinton but she is laughing last and laughing best.

    Poor, pitiful Nancy. She now has some competition she never dreamed of both in the (smart, savvy, pretty) female and (80% approval rating) political departments.

    Senator Clinton will always be my first choice but nothing says Governor Palin can’t be my second.


    “We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

    A perfect example of the strategy Hillary and Bill would have used in the GE – we’re all for free speech, but some speech you shouldn’t act on, and that speech comes from the Republicans – but Obama et al doesn’t use and doesn’t realized they have to use (instead opting for the failing “McCain is like Bush” strategy).

  172. Damn! I don’t get to see the AngryBG comment. Maybe these things should be held a bit longer, so we, late comers, can fully appreciate the rebuttals. I guess an argument can be made for ‘> /dev/null’ to reduce bandwidth.

    But, I’ve just come back from the puppet-left-blogosphere where I enjoyed watching them try to throw shit at McCain-Palin and to trivialize PUMA. But, they haven’t realized it was just bouncing back on them. I also took some time to watch Jack Cafferty squirming like his donut cushion went flat, and trying his best to say something pundit-ilicious for zerObama.

    Well, at least you’ve left a few tamer ones for my amusement. Thanks.

    Burn down the DNC — Make (expected Dem majority) Congress do their job without Obummer — They won’t do it with him — Hillary 2012, if she passes muster anywhere near as well as she did this past charade — my vote is worth two of their votes!

    many outrages, but the clincher was the FISA vote — Fourth Amendment — lest you think me a Republican

  173. As a Republican Woman activist, I’m stunned about Sarah Palin and I’m now excited. Secretly, I so hoped Hillary would win the Dem nomination. I could accept Hillary as President. Not only because she is a woman, but because she has the balls to defend our country, she knows every power player in the world personally, she honestly, unabashedly believes in the United States of America. I may not agree with everything she believes in, but I believe Hillary Clinton was the strongest Democrat running.

    Anonymously, I can honestly say that I was devastated that BO did not choose Hillary as his VP. I honestly believed that it would be at least another 12 years before a woman would be put on the WH ticket.

    [quote]We’re tired. Tired of always having to do so much work and yet have to sit and wait “our turn” which has taken forever.[/quote]

    Have you seen Iron Jawed Angels?

  174. Hey moderators, will you leave this up? Apparently, no one is in favor of a dialogue,

    My question is, what does everyone thing of Palin’s and McCain’s stance on abortion (anti-choice), esp. in light of the supreme court vacancies approaching?

    If you’re cool with it, then how do you reconcile this with your former support of Hillary?

  175. Stinky:

    Use the current thread if you have serious questions you want answered.

    This one is no longer active

  176. LADIES –

    This is it. I’ve had it with this F-U DNC who STOLE this election from our girl.

    I’m voting for Palin *via McCain.

    I am tired of being pandered to – only to be let down by this party.

    We may not agree with her policies – but we have a helluva LOT MORE to identify with her than with Oblah.

    Voting for Palin/McCain is my way to tell the DNC

  177. Blah blah blah

    (edited for clarity)

  178. I love Hilliary and will respect her because she is to be respected.

    (edited for brevity)

  179. Wow! I hurt someone with so much truth, they felt they had to scrub my original post. Well, here is the original reposted.

    McCain thinks women are stupid. He picked a woman only because he thinks you guys aren’t smart enough to know a ploy when you see one. I can see his thought process now “Uhh…If I choose a woman for VP, I’ll get all of the women who would’ve voted for Hillary to vote for me”.

    C’mon, when has the GOP ever cared about womens issues. You all should be insulted. McCain is playing Hillary supporters like a violin and the tune aint up beat.

    Beware, you’re being bamboozelled…

    You guys have a great holiday weekend and take care…

  180. I think Mc Cain is a very clever strategist but he may have put himself and the party in a lot of trouble. Brilliant move but wrong pick, I think there are plenty of woman candidates he could have chosen from the Republican Party, that are already known to the public and had a broader range of experience. I also believe that a man with Palin’s same qualifications and credentials would be laughed at. Republicans especially women republicans are focusing too much on her being a WOMAN making history than they are thinking about this country! I think this is an attempt to marginalize Obama and to gain the Democrats defectors that were lost when Clinton did not get picked for VP. I also think groups like PUMA are strongly misguided and take Clinton’s lose too personal. This is not about you this is about what is best for the nation! I am strongly insulted about Mc Cain’s blind pick to choose a woman to gain Clinton’s supports, other than having the same body parts they are nothing alike! I feel that Obama supporters and Clinton’s supporters have a whole different vibe. Obama supporters pick him for the country while Clinton supporters pick her for her gender, and if you are a Clinton supporter that is jumping on the Republican band-wagon over this stunt shame on you! I feel that Obama supporters and Clinton’s supporters have a whole different vibe. Obama supporters pick him for the country while Clinton supporters pick her for her gender, and if you are a Clinton supporter that is jumping on the Republican band-wagon over this stunt shame on you! The Democrat party has to come together to win this if not we will have another poor Republican president for another 4 more years or longer.


  182. LaToya Renee: Glad to see you’re not drinking the new batch of kool aid the GOP and McCain are offering. YOU GET IT!

    Take care…

  183. Yep Klown del fab — what a coup on McC’s part!


    At least the two of the are going to put WASHINGTON through REFORM SCHOOL!


    or to mimic RD


  184. TL & LaToya,

    You Obamanuts are basically telling the Hillary supporters they are too stupid to see that this is all a John McCain ruse to fool them. Yet you fail miserably and your implications only make it worse for your candidate.

    Yes, McCain needs the women’s vote to help him win, but that is only part of the story. McCain also needed something to energize the conservative base which he needed just as badly as the women’s vote in order to win in November.

    Yes he had other choices for VP, but let’s break this down so we can see what the outcome would have been for McCain.

    1. – Tom Ridge or Joe Liberman – Either of those 2 picks would have been the final nail in the coffin for McCain. The base was dead set against either of those picks and McCain would get crushed.

    2. – Tim Pawlenty – So so pick. Would have gotten as much excitement as Nobama picking Biden. Might have helped carry Minnesota, but nothing that would help McCain win.

    3. – Romney – Probably the best choice, but then Obama and his MSM accomplises label them as the “2 rich white guys” ticket and make it stick. Would have gotten more base to vote for McCain, but in the end this would be a losing ticket.

    4. – Mike Huckabee – Only appealed to the Evangelical base and would not help McCain win.

    5. – Meg Whitman – Ex CEO of Ebay. Would get ripped for having ZERO political experience and would not excite the conservative base for being an unknown.

    6. – Condoleeza Rice – while I think she would be an excellent VP, Nobama and MSM would bombard this ticket as another 4 years of Bush and make it stick.

    Who then should McCain have picked since you two have the answers? Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Christine Whitman? Elizabeth Dole? Hutchinson and Dole maybe, but they are party insiders and would get labeled as “status quo” and Whitman was a failure as head of EPA.

    Palin on the other hand, offered a lot more than any other woman (or man for that matter) on the Republican side.

    This was not a “risky ploy” as a lot of the Obamanuts are crying. On paper with the field at hand, she was the best overall pick for McCain. I am a male, but I was thrilled to no end to see Palin picked to be the running mate. She is the type of conservative to help fix the mess the Republicans have made of the party over the past 8 years. That is why she was picked to be VP, not because John McCain wanted to pull the wool over the eyes of Hillary supporters.

  185. Gutsy choice and now the DNC has to figure out how to counteract it without continuing their sexists insults.

    Palin choice maybe a poke in the eye to Obama, well good. The DNC needs it.

    However, Palin will also appeal to the RNC based, but is moderate enough. She belongs to Feminists For Life. She overcame the republican good ole boy network to win Alaska. She is admired by her constituents. She vetoed a ban of same gendered benefits for state employees. Even though she maybe conservative, not entirely your typical conservative despite her Creationist view points.

    Obama is asking the entire nation to take a risk on him as POTUS, then condemns McCain for making a “risky” choice for VP? C’mon I may have been born at night, but not last night. I am still popping popcorn and enjoying every minute of it.

  186. There’s lint in my belly-button. See?

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  187. I’ve spent the last two days going through every major political blog to check the articles and subsequent threads–none have been this one-sided. The sequence of comments doesn’t add up! Even on the most left or the most right blogs you have significant reaction from the opposing side. That’s absent here–and the opposing comments have been (edited for brevity)? PUMA or riverdaughter or whatever this sham is clearly just that. Some kind of sham-machine.

    And to test the legitimacy of this blog, let me post this question and hope to strike up a legitimate discourse as its pertinent to the yesterday’s announcement: Can a woman be both feminist and pro-Life?

  188. It is a joke!

    My post went from asking if this was real to “There’s lint in my belly-button. See?” as (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator).

  189. Can a woman be both feminist and pro-Life?

    You think that feminists are Anti-Life? How Odd. I thought it was all about choice. And choices.

  190. isthisajoke,

    If you don’t interest or amuse us — we amuse ourselves. It’s a risk you take when you post here.

  191. I drink from the toilet.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  192. ” Plus, my boobs don’t sag so I will fit right in with all of the other Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture that Obama has in his plus column.”–From you invitation to Democrats in Exile.

    I also have a PhD in architecture–where did you go to school?

  193. I do drink from the toilet! Time’s are hard in New Jersey and it’s either fixing the pipes, indoor plumbing or bottled water–I chose indoor plumbing. Toilet water’s as close to potable as I can get. Sorry, I’ll be wealthier next time I post.

  194. Let me answer the joker’s question please.

    Yes. Yes. One can be a feminist and be pro-life.

    Who wrote the rules that said those two must be mutually exclusive? Although I am pro-choice (with life being my choice) I do know several feminist christians who are pro-lifers. Or is being a feminist christian yet another thing that must be mutually exclusive?

    I really need to read that rule book. Maybe the joker has a copy to share and can point to the passages that cover these issues in ways that bring clarity to this debate….

    But, without that rule book I’m going to have to stick to my original answer.

    Oh, and if you have any notes on that whole feminist being Anti-Life… well I’d love to see those too.


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