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      A few months ago I read a couple of books by the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani. In “Has China Already Won he discusses Taiwan. The one exceptional trigger for a war involving China is Taiwan. Most of the time, the Chinese leaders have a lot of policy flexibility. There are no strong domestic lobbies to worry about. But the one issue where the Ch […]
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MacBama: A Play in One Shakespearean Act.

Victory Is Mine, Saith MacBama

Victory Is Mine, Saith MacBama

(Note: I hope Shakespeare will forgive me for appropriating his Scottish Play to describe the rise and fall of Barack Obama. It may help that he’s been dead for several hundred years.)

THE SCENE: It is 2004. Brand-new Senator BARACK MACBAMA has just given his first “unity” speech at the Democratic National Convention, and the media is drooling, as is the Democratic Party. BARACK and MICHELLE (LADY) MACBAMA are at home in bed, discussing their next move. LADY MACBAMA is dressed in a red velvet smoking jacket over pink silk pajamas and is wearing reading glasses, perusing the papers. MACBAMA is reading over her shoulder. He is wearing ivory silk pajamas with a giant OMB monogram on the shirt pocket. The bedroom itself is done in overblown bordello-tacky, like the Greek temple in which MACBAMA will eventually be coronated.

LADY (wonderingly): I never imagined so much adulation could be sent thy way, my husband.

MACBAMA: Forsooth, it gladdens my heart greatly, my lady! Let us bask in the moment together.

(Both MACBAMAS glance up at the mirror above the bed, grin happily, then look back at each other, unsmiling.)

MACBAMA: Doth this portend aught for my future, my lady? In truth, I am confounded. For I have only just ascended the mighty corridors of power. Shall I count myself greedy to want more?

LADY: Surely not, my lord. Thy excellence and superiority to all living beings, save myself, know no bounds. How canst thou stop thine own ascendance to the very highest of offices?

MACBAMA: But would it be proper to begin the climb to that height, knowing that I have duties to those who elected me? I doubt myself, wife.

LADY (silkily): Truly, thou knowest thine own worth, MacBama. But if I cannot persuade thee, thou must go to the place of the Three Witches and abide their counsel. Surely they shall guide thee truly!

MACBAMA (smiling): Ah, my lady, thou art wise as always. Indeed, it shall be done.

(MACBAMA gets up and walks to the bathroom to shower and get ready for his meeting. As soon as he closes the door, LADY MACBAMA pulls a cell phone from under her pillow and speed dials.)

LADY (stage whispering): Hello? Nancy? Michelle here. Tell Howard and Donna that Operation Walking Eagle is a go! (listens for a moment) Yes, Nancy, you still have to do the thee and thou thing. You know he won’t get the point without you dressing it up all fancy. (listens a moment) Dammit, Nancy, do you want Hillary and Bill out or not? Just tell Donna and Howard to suck it up, or Hillary is going to be our next President! And nobody wants that, do they?

MACBAMA (from the bathroom): My lady, canst thou perforce locate mine instrument of communication?

LADY (whispering into phone): Shit! I’ve gotta go – Barack wants his cell phone. You know what to do. Later! (closes phone, puts it back under pillow, and addresses MACBAMA through door) My lord, I believe thy daughter hast borrowed it. Make haste to claim it from her and proceed to thy destination, husband! The secret of thy future shall soon be told!


THE SCENE: DNC Headquarters, later that same day. MACBAMA is led, blindfolded, into a dark conference room, by two anonymous guards dressed like Secret Service men. NANCY PELOSI, HOWARD DEAN and DONNA BRAZILE (the THREE WITCHES) are seated at the conference table, awaiting The One. They are dressed in black robes and have flashlights under their chins, showing their faces, which seem to float in an eerie light.

PELOSI (imperiously to guards): Seat the petitioner, then remove his blindfold.

(The guards do so)

MACBAMA (in awe): Oh, Wise Ones, I beseech thee to guide me in my dilemma. For lo, my ambition grows large, and may o’erwhelm me. Knowest thou the future? Should I attempt the highest office in the land at this propitious moment? Or shall I first gain experience and distance from my past, and allow others to go before me?

DEAN: Behold, the prophecy of the Three Witches!

(DEAN points a remote control behind him, and a screen comes down. The projector in the ceiling turns on and projects the following message onto the screen:)

MACBAMA (reading aloud): “MACBAMA, thou shalt let nothing impede thy path to the Presidency of the United States of America. Shouldst thou give any ground to the forces arrayed against thee, thou shalt surely fail to gain the nomination of thy Party. Therefore, do not hesitate to use any tactics thou feelest necessary to win this battle. No man or woman shall stand against thy might – especially not those with the last name of Clinton.”

(As MACBAMA reads the name “Clinton,” the THREE WITCHES all hiss with hatred.)

THREE WITCHES: Clinton! Boooooga Booooooga!

(They turn off their flashlights and the room is plunged into semi-darkness.)

MACBAMA (resolved): Thank you, O Spirits. I shall obey thy commands. For it is written that none shall stand against me!


THE SCENE: Inauguration Day, 2009. MACBAMA and his Lady are watching the inauguration of President John McCain and his Vice President, Sarah Palin, from the comfort of their bedroom. They are both the worse for wear, having overindulged to bear the pain of this moment, and there are bottles of JD strewn about the room. MACBAMA is smoking a cigarette; LADY is drinking straight from the latest bottle.

MACBAMA: How did this happen? The Three Witches promised me that no man or woman could beat me!

LADY (drunk): You are so stupid, Barack. They didn’t say anything about a man AND a woman! And PUMAs either! Damnit, you gotta learn how to read the fine print!

MACBAMA: Shit. You’re right. (sighs disconsolately) Well, what do we do now?

LADY: Get ready for 2012, I guess.

MACBAMA (firmly): If it’s all the same to you, Michelle, I think I’ll trust my own judgment next time. (getting an idea) Hey! Maybe I’ll start spending more time with you and the girls. After all, family values are important to me!

LADY (wailing in anguish): Noooooooooooooo!


230 Responses

  1. I like it, makes Barky look as stupid as he is.

  2. You always nail it for me! The Shakespearean reference is dead on. Had he lived today the same wit and wisdom would evolve as much as yours have over the last few months. A truly gifted lady with the same wit and insight. Bravo!

  3. Ha ha! Another winner.

  4. TheRealKim….how hard could it be to achieve that? 🙂

    Madamab nails it once again….I especially like they part where obama is spending more time with his family back home as he has all that free time now!!
    Keep up the good work madamab!

    And, what was with that DEVO hat stage, or was it a jello mold?

  5. Thanks, PJ! Sorry your part was small in this one. 😉

    Unlike Obama, I won’t compare myself to historical figures that are far, far greater than I. But your compliments are most kind and very appreciated!


  6. 15,000 and no rock band or free beer or free food!

    Who knew?

    Hillary or McCain 2009


    You are going down Barky!

  7. McCain speaking – Palin and her hubby both UNION MEMBERS.

  8. YES!!!!!! McCain givng props to women’s suffrage!!!

  9. Kim – that’s such great news about your son’s being able to visit you before he’s deployed!

    O happy day!

    Palindrone PUMA

  10. WMCB – Unions? I thought unions were “special interest groups.” MacBama told me so!

  11. I am getting emails from all my former friends, who were Obama supporters. They are, excuse me, sh#&ting bricks right now.

    It just succeeded in making me more pissed than I was. I had to tell all of them, “Don’t you get it, we had it in the bag with Hillary, you have no one but yourself to blame. Hell, he could have asked her to be his running mate, but arrogance wouldn’t let him. Now we have four more years of Republicans and you want to whine, well you are to blame.”

  12. I feel sorry (not really) for Obama who has been upstaged by McCain, just a day after his coronation; not enough time to get a bounce. Now, the only way Obama could get back in the news is to renounce his nomination and admit that Hillary really won.

  13. LMAO!

    “She stands up for what’s right, and doesn’t let anyone tell her to SIT DOWN.”

    Crowd goes wild.

  14. Thanks Arabella I get to spend a week with him and he will be here on his birthday.

    Happy, happy, joy, joy.

  15. madamab

    the post is a pisser, love it.

  16. Oh, Kim, that’s great! If only he could stay with you…


  17. OMG that Music is incredible. I love Hillary. But, I have room in my heart for Sarah!

  18. Guys, I am crying. I know she’s a Republican, but dammit there is a WOMAN on that stage, and I am bawling.

  19. I had not seen the stage at Denver and cannot believe the freaking number of steps to the podium . Are you kidding me? Did Barry fly in and out? Could the stage kabuki be more in your face? He’s sooo high above us! lol!

  20. Holy Shit! Palin hubby is hot!

  21. I wonder if BTD still thinks Obama is a shoo-in?


  22. Forsooth, wise bard. Thou hast captured, as if in amber, the incessantly buzzing fly that still whimpers “thought we could, thought we could, thought we could.” Thou has conjured truth out of “false hope.” The big bard would be proud.

    To mix metaphors, I call upon all PUMAs to visualize the three witches sinking into a pool of ‘bama blue gook, with Donna cackling, “I’m melting, I’m melting.”

    Illegitimum non carborundum. (Don’t let the bast***s grind you down.)

  23. Oldest son in the Army going to Iraq on 9/11!

    I just envisioned BO and MO dropping dead!

  24. Gordon in Kansas –

    To mix metaphors, I call upon all PUMAs to visualize the three witches sinking into a pool of ‘bama blue gook, with Donna cackling, “I’m melting, I’m melting.”

    Perfection! 🙂 🙂

  25. McCain beemed this one down from the Heavens!

  26. So, when do you guys think Obama will drop out?

    I say, after the first debate with McCain.

  27. Re: Sarah Palin. Talk about the all American family!

  28. Guys, this woman is kicking ass in this speech. Americans are going to love this.

  29. I figure they are giving BO his walking papers now!

  30. She’s ready to take on the good ole’ boys. Amen.

  31. I predicted this a week ago. Biden will have to drop out for “personal reasons” and Obama will pick another VP.

  32. Palin is one smart woman. You go, Girl!

  33. I want her to adopt me.

  34. I can’t wait to hear the walkback from Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell and all the other media asshats about what a weak pick she is. Just a woman, they were shrieking this morning as they discounted their own scoop that a charter plane had left Anchorage for Dayton this morning. Couldn’t be her. They checked off all the possible contenders until they were left with: It had to be LIEBERMAN! What a bunch of dummies.

  35. It is very bittersweet for me as well. Hillary did this. SHE made it possible.

  36. madamab,

    Methinks thou hast done it again! (And just how fast did you write this, since the Palin announcement came just a couple of hours ago?)



  37. I bet she will direct Gustav to head out to sea!

  38. Word is her opponent for governor was an older “attack dog” guy like Biden, and she KICKED HIS ASS six ways from Sunday in their debates.

  39. Hillary made this possible, and the Democratic party kicked her out of town and stole her message.

  40. She is honoring Hillary now for paving the way.

  41. She just thanked Hillary Clinton!

    DNC just declared on OBAMA: JUST SAY NO DEAL!

  42. she is good!

  43. She’s honoring Gerry and Hillary!!!!

  44. Obama’s press conference this afternoon:

    Michelle is going to give birth to a Snowflake Baby.
    Biden has left the ticket for “personal reasons.”
    Oprah is Obama’s new VP nominee.

    Barracuda PUMA

  45. Like what she said about Hillary and the women.

  46. madamab, I love your play.

    Especially the mirror on the ceiling, and the three witches. Boooooga!

  47. The whole family is gorgeous.

  48. This is why people vote Republican. Democrats say they are for equality of opportunity, but sh*t all over women in order to promote a man. Dems talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

    Plus, they haven’t gotten the ERA passed, or gotten equal pay for equal work, or protected American women against the gradual erosion of their right to control their own bodies. Look at Bush’s latest plan to call anti-pregnancy measures “abortifacients” so that women can be refused access to them. The ONLY PEOPLE fighting it are HRC and Patty Murray. If the Leadership cared, they would have stopped it dead in its tracks.

    This is a brilliant, brilliant move by the Maverick. Good for him.

    I’m still voting McKinney, but I think McCain’s got it locked up.

  49. Oldest son is infantry, enlisted.

  50. Well if she thanked Hillary, the DNC will probably try to haul Hillary out to denounce her.

  51. madamab, you are absolutely right!

  52. Hillary will never attack her.

  53. Trolls loose in the last thread

  54. Arabella – LOL!

    PSV – I’ve been gestating this play for a few days now. I knew I was going to write it today. For relevance, I added the Palin bit at the end, but really, McCain could have won without her! Now it will be a landslide of epic proportions.

    I doubt Obama wins more than 5 states.

    PUMA POWER!!!!

  55. Sarah Palin, in a matter of 20 minutes, just waltzed John McCain into the White House! Beautiful, poised, articulate, hitting all the right note, squeezing the names of Gerry Ferraro and Hillary Clinton into her speech, she was magnificent. Sorry, Backtrack, you have just been taken down!

  56. She even has a newborn baby!

    Guess getting MO pregnant won’t help now

  57. I’m so impressed with Palin’s speech! I started thinking she was top of the ticket! Her presence is powerful. I believe she will hold Biden in check in the debate.

    But, althougth I had tears that it wasn’t Hillary as the nominee, Palin honored Hillary in her speech. Class! What have these DNC fools done??

    Hillary/Palin 2012

  58. SNL skit

    Biden calls Palin at 3:00 AM asking for help with an international crisis.

    “Joe, I have to put you on speaker. Hold on a sec.”

    Palin tells him how to handle the crisis while chopping wood for the fire with her right arm and holding her baby on her left hip.

    You go, Barracuda Barbara.

  59. Believe it or not, the Democrats are putting out talking points saying she is too inexperienced

  60. My Puma ate my Haka! And we all know how painfull THAT can be…. bada BING!

  61. madamab said:

    This is why people vote Republican. Democrats say they are for equality of opportunity, but sh*t all over women in order to promote a man. Dems talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

    Amen, sister. Amen.

  62. My mommy lets me wear big-boy panties sometimes, but I keep missing the toilet.

    [Edited for the Administrator’s amusement]

  63. Arabella, I think that skit would be funnier if Palin puts him on hold and calls Hillary! That’s what a smart woman would do!

  64. myiq — if Obama was smart, he would shut the hell up and let Palin have her day (but of course, he will not do that)>

  65. McCain just won the Whitehouse. Palin was a briiliant pick. Middle america is going to love love love this woman.

    Sorry, but that’s the truth. I know voters.

  66. 2600Hz — I can’t tell the difference between how you sound & your PUMA imitation.

  67. Who is on troll patrol?

  68. Carol – No, Hillary won’t attack her. She will say something like, “I appreciate her thanks and congratulate her on her nomination. We are, however, ideologically opposed on many major issues. I encourage you all to vote O’Biden!”

    That’s how you respect, yet disagree with, your opponent. Hillary is the master of this tactic.

  69. This is a great day.

  70. Obama attacking Palin on experience is like attacking McCain on houses


  71. Prepare for troll infestation, because the kool-aid just ran dry and the bots are going to be decompensating, BIG TIME.

  72. That last one seem more intelligent than most of them

  73. That troll tactic will surely win us over.

  74. Please don’t feed them, the janitors have been notified

  75. They’ve moved on from the “win over” tactics to the suppression tactics.

  76. The trolls are telling us: They got nothing

  77. SOmebody get him outta here.

  78. McCain cannot lose with this gutsy lady! She just sent Obama and the DNC back into the hole they dug for themselves. If not Hillary, than Sarah will pack them in. Wait and see. She will outshine McCain, Obama, and Biden. This lady is dynamite! And that family. What else could be more picturesque than this!

    When they begin to spin her narrative the place will go wild. Good on you Sarah. And good on McCain for his pick. Had she been a Dem she would have been swept under the rug along with Hillary.

  79. I read that the Obama campaign was not expecting Palin. I guess this is their Plan B.

  80. madamab: Please use the broom. This is insulting.

  81. Marvelously witty, madamab!

  82. She is a great choice

  83. That’s right, we people.

    Actually, it’s “We the People”

  84. Palin’s Podium said “Country First” on it.


  85. Ahhh, somebody flushed the turd down

  86. Please get him a happy meal so he will leave.

  87. Uh-oh, toilet trout swam back up

  88. Sarah Palin: She shoots! She Scores!
    I feel so much better now.

  89. I bet you that Biden gets tossed off the ticket. Seriously.

  90. It’s gonna be a long day

  91. madamab, brilliant play as usual!

    I can see the trolls are sh*tting their pants about the Palin pick. They just have to infest our sites when they get scared.

    I saw the last half of Palin’s speech and was very impressed at the way she acknowledged both Gerry and Hillary. Looks like all the class in this race is on the republican side now that Hillary is out.

  92. MIKA loves her. OMG!

  93. I’m done going with McCain Palin…brave gusty smart YEAH………………….a victory for Women……..and our power in the electroate……math dose not lie…..and the Democratice decison to feed on the femaleness of one of their own was and is a msiatke and the reason they will now assuredly lose……

    Also: Rep. Clyburn calls the Palin choice “very risky,” and equates the choice to Dan Quayle.

    “I just think that it is very risky for McCain to do this, but it may be all he has left.”

    hahahahahahaa HEY REP CLYBURN NO ONE~ CAREs what you think

  94. I really can’t believe the stupidity coming out of the Democratic party over Palin.

    They aren’t scoring points with voters

    Especially women voters

  95. She gave a shout out to Geraldine and Hillary! We are not done breaking that highest ceiling! The trolls are going bat shit crazy. Game Over!


  96. Do all of the Obamabots hate their mothers, or did they just train them to STFU and sit down? Their mothers must be so proud they gave birth to them.,

  97. Clyburn thinks he has to weigh in.

    I’m so interested in his opinion.

  98. CD:

    Trolls always shit their pants. The aren’t toilet trained

  99. Palin just did what NONE of the Dem leadership could bring themselves to do. She honored Hillary’s achievement in a very heartfelt way.

    Paraphrase, but she said she could not accept this honor, in this week honoring women given the right to vote, without giving credit to the women who paved the way. Geralding Ferraro and, of course, Hillary Clinton. HUGE CHEERS.

    Said that Hillary put 18 million cracks in that glass ceiling, and thanked her for that. Said she wants to break it, but had to honor those who put those cracks there for her.

    It was great.

  100. McCain looks like a kid in a candy shop and Sarah is the prize!

  101. Txindy:

    Their mothers abandoned them at the orphanage door.

    Wouldn’t you?

  102. Congrats Madamab!

    “never vanquish’d be until Great Birnam Wood to High Dunsinane Hill shall come against him”.

    Watch out for those trees Obama, for they are in da house. Your fifteen minutes is up.

    A commenter on TL has a tagline that I think is very appropo here:

    “by a pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” — MacBeth

  103. The Silence of the Lambs

    When the trolls go away, it’s a sign that Obama’s campaign is totally confident of victory.

    Oh baaaa ma

  104. Arabella:

    The louder they scream, the worse Uh-bama is doing.

    Think of this as beautiful music

  105. I can’t believe how the little Obama supporters are now trying to wipe away all the nastiness and sexism that they helped fuel during the primary and appeal to our loyalty to Hillary to try to dampen the excitement (I’m still in shock) of the choice of Palin.

    I’m loving their obvious discomfort. I hope the dem leadership is experiencing nausea and cramps. Thoise jerks have allowed themselves to be outsmarted by republicans again.

    Hard to be a democrat. Very hard. The party had better find itself and figure out what it stands for, or loss is guaranteed in November.

  106. They are so freaked out they can only cut & paste


  107. “There are plenty of people that say the landscape of Alaska is littered with the people who crossed Sarah!”

    She must be a Tauras!

  108. Gov. Sarah Palin

    Brilliant in so many ways!!!!

  109. I’m off to Obamaland to watch their heads explode

    Later PUMAs!

  110. I



    MadamaB – wowowowow~!!!!

    THANK YOU for the tremendous laugh!

  111. Hey but at least they are cutting and pasting from the Bard. Maybe they will learn something. You don’t usually study the Bard’s plays until high school so this is a good introduction for them.

  112. Dems STOLE the battle, Repubs WON the WAR!!



  113. I miss our gal, but I am so proud of her, too. I want to see the current DNC leadership go DOWN with Obama, so she can step in in 2012 and rebuild it.

    It is giving me great personal joy that it will be a WOMAN who exacts the price for what the DNC did to Hillary. Palin will win this election for McCain, no doubt in my mind.

  114. They are trying to tell us she is too inexperienced.

    Maybe Hillary and Sarah can have a few slumber parties for mentoring. I see them as BFF until 2012.


  115. I am too stupid to understand the word “irony.”

    [comment edited for brevity’s sake]

  116. I thought the Greek Temole was supposed to be the Lincoln Memorial………

    There was NO mention of MLK, NO mention of the 88th anniversary of Women’s Sufferage and NO new ideas.

    All I saw was attacks on Bush and by association attcks on McCain.

    No idea, NOTHING new, same old change, change, change. Change to what Barry, you blew your opportunity.

  117. From the Obama campaign:

    Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.

    Here’s my counter to the rude Obama comment:

    “Today, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile, Howard Dean and Teddy Kennedy put a former community organizer with zero foreign policy experience at the top of the Democratic ticket. Barack Obama is unknown to have any real commitments to Democratic policies; however, he has frequently been heard to say he believes in “hope” and “change”. Just what we need–more hope and voting to give telecoms immunity.”

  118. OOPS – *Temple

  119. I don’t think Hillary will allow herself to be used to destroy a viable woman candidate. She has done everything she could to help him and then spme! Besides, what else can she do now? Obama and the DNC have made their bed; let them lay down it. She should go and write her next best seller.

  120. Apparently, we’re supposed to be worried about foreign policy experience in the vice presidency, but not the presidency.

  121. The bots are FREAKING all over the blogs. Total meltdown. The kool-aid ran out, and they are decompensating BADLY. They are shaking and sweating and blathering nonsense like a crack-head who has been cut off by their dealer.

  122. Sarah Palin is dynamite! How energized and appealing. The old maverick McCain is back with a sensational sidekick.

    Her tribute to HIllary was real and true. Come on PUMAs, give her a chance to seal the deal.

  123. I am reminded of that scene in “The King and I” where Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner danced around the ballroom to the music of “Shall We Dance?”. Sarah Palin and John McCain will be performing this waltz right into the WH after November 4th.

    The Dems had their chance and ignored it. The Repugs took it to a whole new level. This lady is a winner. She will hold fast to Repug women, appeal to the Indies, and bring home a lot of disaffected Hillary supporters. Signs were abundant in the bleachers. She has a son serving in the Army and she appears very much like the lady next door. No anger, just a lot of conviction which separates her from the “presumptive First Lady” they forced on us. Bet there are no Rev Wright’s lurking in her closet.

    Refreshing. And watching the pundits heads blow off is welcome.

  124. Obama and his obots are so five-minutes-ago.

  125. madamab: I want to be one of the trees that lingers at the edge of the stage. I can whip up a costume in no time. Who else wants to be part of Birnham Woods creeping up on Obama.

    It’s a walk on part, but you gotta start somewhere.

  126. I’ll say one thing. This election just got a whole lot more interesting and because of the actions of the DNC, Obama’s campaign and his idiot supporters (not all supporters, obviously), the outcome is now in real doubt.

  127. Hillblazer – Biden has had 2 brain aneurisms. BTW, I have reoccuring skin cancer.

    SO WHAT?

  128. McCain to the Dems: Up yours!!

  129. Frankly I hope that Clyburn keeps flapping his yap until Obama has to throw him under the bus.

  130. It’s deeeeeeelicious watching the obamaholics twist in the wind…..They don’t know which end is up right now…..Palin inexperienced….pot calling kettle, etc.
    If they were any lamer, they would have to be put down 🙂

  131. Love the “Country First” sign on the podium under Palin who gave a kick ass, over the top, knock it out of the ballpark speech. She hit every vibe – mother, mother of downs syndrome child (this is huge), outsider, executive experience, union, risk taker, no nonsense. take charge….I could go on forever.

    Carol – Madamab,
    I’m not sure if you were kidding when mentioning BO leaving the race?!!?!! There’s no way he could do that, is there? Even better would they take out Biden and try to convince Hillary to pick up the slack???!!!!

  132. Hillary to Obama: Bill and I would be only too happy to go out and campaign for you but at the moment we are committed to stumping for Sarah Palin. I might have an hour or two somewhere on my calendar. Let me see……………..

  133. this was hysterical! thanks!

  134. Update Palin oppose gay marriage but is the first to give gay partners all the benefits as couples in Alaska

  135. any campaign that picked Biden , would not expect a
    Palin. They got nothing. Barry has a total over load of Dem geezer around him and the pass saleable date on his own his “freshness ” is due . This came just as the Barry boredom was about to blossom to the point where even the Press could not conceal it . Dems look even more pathetic and I didn’t think that was possible.

  136. Please, please, please! We need a post with pics to caption!

    Dean, Obama, Pelosi, Michelle, Axelrod, etc.

    I can’t stop laughing thinking of their faces when they heard about Palin!

  137. In my humble opinion, Palin may be good for McCain’s chances, but her selection shows contempt for women.

    I am really pissed off at both parties!

    McCain may think that women are stupid enough to vote for his ticket because it has a woman on it; but he’s wrong. Women are not stupid and women don’t want to be patronized. Anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin is Hillary Clinton is an idiot.

    So there you have it ladies. The two party system, isn’t it grand! The Democrats rejected an incredibly commpetent and experienced woman for President and Vice President in large part because she is a woman. And the Republicans selected an inexperienced woman with few accomplishments to her name in large part because she is a woman.

    Hillary Clinton voters are not stupid enough to fall for this. In fact, it’s an insult.

    This election gets bleaker and bleaker!

  138. Obama sure lost the front and center coverage he has been given. This blew him right off the front page. Wonder if he can recover as next week the Repugs put on their own circus and the spotlight is going to be Sarah Palin on a 24/7 loop.

    I just love being able to sit back and watch the DNC implode. Guys, you had your candidate but you blew it once again. How many is this now? Anyone up for the count. And this was to be “our year”. Right.

  139. Has Pelosi spoken to the media yet?

    Todd Palin is hot.

  140. Time for me to get some work done. Have to go.


    What a fabulous day.

    Finally, we have a slate of contenders that is beginning to look more like what America actually looks like.

    No matter how we PUMAs vote individually, I know this:

    No one can bully, cajole, threaten, guilt or cheat us into voting against our own priorities.

    You should have kept this in mind, Democratic Party.

    I will watch the Republicans at their convention as they hold a real roll call vote.

    I will watch as they defend a woman from slurs both within their party and without.

    I will watch as Democrats and the media attack her, as they already are and as they will cintinue to do, using sexism as their weapon.

    And I will not be silent.

    I will not be voteless.


  141. I am Punam. I am Gujarat province. I am new to country and I don’t think it is fair that Hillary is not elected, but Palin will make a good first lady

  142. WigWag: My heart was broken on Tuesday night watching Hillary make that speech. But it hardened watching the smugness that emanated from the front row occupied by those DNC bastards. The Repugs are not my choice. But having them cram this down the throats of the DNC and contributing to the downfall of the empty suit makes me glad. Whatever it takes to see the mighty fall is fine by me.

    The makeover we have been praying for has just begun.

  143. Wigwag, does it matter why some think repubs chose Palin?

    At the end of the day, she has a real chance to bethe country’s first female vice-president. Her experience and qualifications are comparable to Obama’s. I may not agree with her positions, but I think she’s capable.

    The repubs upped the ante with this one and look like winners.

    Too bad Obama couldn’t seal the deal last night. It’s the dems that don’t get it.

    Republicans, unfortunately, do.

  144. WigWag, I don’t think most women see this as contempt, at all. Political? Sure. But not contempt. When your enemy takes you seriously enough to recognize that they had damn well better court you or there will be hell to pay, that is NOT contempt.

  145. PUMA is a hugely powerful pac now! Congratulations, Riverdaughter and all Conflucians!

  146. I just made a sketch of my costume for Madamab’s play. (If she lets me be in it.) I’m one of trees in Birnahm woods.

    I used an old Christmas Tree Costume pattern I found in the pattern box. (I never throw anything away.)

    I changed the design so that the decorations on the tree consist of silver glass orbs that have “PUMA” painted on them. No star on the top of the tree, no tinsel, no lights – that would be too much,

  147. NQ has a photo of Sarah visiting the hospital in Germany. The woman’s son is going to Iraq. I’m sure she will and can get up to date regarding the world stage in high heels and backwards!

    I think she is wonderful!

  148. WigWag, I don’t think it shows contempt for women at all. To the contrary, I think it shows McCain has a pulse on what’s really been going on in this election.

    Nobody is even suggesting that Palin compares to Hillary, but she is a strong, competent woman in her own right. To me, McCain’s selection honors all strong, competent women, and I don’t consider that to be an insult.

  149. And Sarah visited the troops while in Germany!!! This WILL come back to haunt Obama.

  150. @ Carol/Arabella Trefoil,
    Don’t give me false hope – can they toss Obama and or Biden off the ticket and put HRC in there?!!!!

  151. Oh, BTW, one of the first acts of Governor Palin was to get rid of most the assload of servants in the governor’s mansion – cooks, drivers, gardeners, etc.

    She found them all other jobs. She drives herself, and hubby keeps house and cooks.

  152. If you are feelng a little dizzy right now, it’s because the gravitational axis is turning. I

    I just love all of this. For the first time in a very long time I feel joy at the prospect of voting. While my heart is and always will be with Hillary, Sarah brought tears to my eyes with her shout out ot Geraldine and Hillary. And the folks in the room cheered for it. Unlike our own party who called them whores, bitches and racists.

    Good for you, John, and good for you, Sarah.

    And did you notice that chants of USA, USA, USA were invoked versus Obama’s OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA.

    Kinds of puts it all into perspective. And it would make a pretty good GOP, youtube ad.

    I had tears in my eyes.


  153. I feel good for the first time in months.

    Either they find a reason to kick out BO and give us Hillary or I am completely happy now to wait the next 4 years for our Hillary.


  154. WigWag – Did you hear Sarah Palin’s speech? Very strong, imo. As for me, I am quite aware that Palin is not Hillary Clinton. Her pick as VP just makes the medicine of voting Republican for the first time in my adult life, go down easier. Palin seems strong and capable from the little I’ve seen.

    I’m certainly still very sad about Hillary. I was gratified that Palin honored Geraldine and Hillary in her speech. Who knows what might happen now!

    Clinton/Palin 2012

  155. I have not been this happy in months. I can now watch tv. Just saw Eugene Robinson (AA – big Obama supporter) and he is pale-faced. Todd and Andrea are hushed. Might even have to watch KO tonight.

    I am going to enthusiastically vote down=ticket Dems and McCain/Palin. The Democratic party should not have eaten it’s own.

  156. Hillary must have called Obama HQ

    They just released statements from Obama and Biden saying nice things about Palin.

    Too late you morons, your official campaign already said:

    “Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.”

  157. BO is going to be hit hard and heavy. Republicans are going to break him up, chew him up and spit him all over the place.

    I still say something can happen and they put Hillary up there.


  158. Taylor Marsh is disgusting. I went over there to see what she had to say about Palin. The sexism coming out of that place is overwhelming. She pasted Palin’s face onto a model’s body on the cover of a fashion magazine. How would she feel if someone did the same to Hillary? Palin as VP is also historical in nature so why do the Obamabots think they can make fun of this. Disgusting. They are only making things worse for Obama’s attempt in courting women voters.

  159. elixer – I give it a greater than 50% chance that Obama will dump Biden. And I have said this for at least a week. If Obama dumps Biden, he will NOT chose Hillary.

    Obama is a big baby.

    Obama needs a new pull toy, but Hillary ain’t it.

  160. WigWag, take a look around, the Obots are going crazy already. What this is is Mccain capitalizing on the Democrats’ misogyny and using it to his advantage, and good for them. This is like waving a red flag in front of the Democratic Establishment, and watch as they rush into the breech. By the time this is over, the number of pissed off Democratic and Independent women will reach the stratosphere.

  161. Look, I can’t imagine that there is anyone here who dislikes Obama more than I do. And I won’t vote for him.

    But we could have had Hillary as President and now we’re reduced to hoping we get Sarah Palin as Vice President.

    Talk about a let down!

    That makes me very sad.

  162. WIGWAG…………Your missing the point…….It’s REFORM. Change. And she fits the bill. PERFECTLY.

  163. Which is not to say the Repblicans aren’t just as misogynistic, but they’re not politically braindead, which is good enough at this point.

  164. Taylor Marsh should change her name to Taylor Farce

  165. Palin has “change” written all over her, and not just because she is a woman.

    McCain just picked up Obama’s message, which Obama had abandoned when he chose Biden.

  166. For those members of the DNC who considered a fair accounting of the votes and unnecessary process, this one is for you.

    For those members of the press who out and out eviscerated Hillary Clinton, both for your own amusement and the talking points you worked off of, this one is for you.

    For those supers who left Hillary Clinton to sit by the wayside while you rushed to throw your support for the unqualified candidate, this one is for you.

    For those who had the voice and the opportunity to quell the viciousness of the MSM via their wholesale misogyny and chose to remain silent, this one is for you.

    For the turncoats and Judas’s who betrayed a couple who gave you a start and advance your resumes, this one if for you.

    For those black members of congress who promoted and perpetuated the ra*ce charges against the Clinton’s to be able to justify your support of Obama, this one is for you.

    For the women and members of the PUMA pac who watched as their voices were muted and their votes denied, this one is for you as well.

    For the Clinton’s who found themselves the victims of scurrilous attacks and outright lies, in some small measure this one is for you.

    And for every young woman who has ever been told to “wait your turn”, this one is for you.

  167. Sounds like Gov. Palin does not like to waste money.

  168. I keep telling everyone, it ain’t over till it’s over.

  169. PJ, excellent!

  170. Wigwag – I hear you. It is a bittersweet day.

    I won’t be voting McCain either, but you have to give the man props for political acuity and backbone – both of which, at the moment, our Party Leaders lack.

  171. Seriously:

    The GOP is anti-abortion, but they are not openly misogynistic the way Obamanation has been for months.

    Actually, you could make the argument that the GOP is sex*st, while Obamanation is misogynist.

  172. Todd Palin COOKS too?

  173. WigWag: yes a letdown.

  174. Pat: I agree with your list of ‘this one is for you’

  175. McCain just turned MSNBO into a big huge liability for Uh-bama.

  176. myiq – Palin is anti-abortion, but only for herself. She does not believe government should interfere in the personal rights of women.

    Since that’s pretty much how I feel, sounds good to me.

  177. Pat – your post is excellent. I am now giving you Eddy back permanently. We were always just good friends. I am returning him unused and anxious to see you.


    Someone please put Pat’s comment up as a Blog.

  178. Madamab, like a good song parody, I suppose a good play parody should be two things (according to “PDQ Bach”, Peter Shickely):

    a) true to the original, and
    b) wicked

    I commend you on meeting the two criteria, especially wicked!

  179. BRAVO, Pat!

  180. WMCB, on August 29th, 2008 at 1:38 pm Said:

    WigWag, I don’t think most women see this as contempt, at all. Political? Sure. But not contempt. When your enemy takes you seriously enough to recognize that they had damn well better court you or there will be hell to pay, that is NOT contempt.

    Johnny Mac doesn’t take his seriously, he just wants to be POTUS!
    I’ll still vote for him. Revenge, not respect.

  181. Well, myiq, I don’t know what they say behind closed doors. but I’ll take “hiding our hate” over “flaunting our hate, loud and proud!”

    Sends a better message, I think. 😉

  182. The Palin family are all model good-looking, like the faux portrait that comes with a picture frame.

    The media is gonna love her

  183. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, I was burnt out to this whole election year farce. Now, I’m revved up to see the show play out. I wasn’t a bit interested in the VP debates, but now I can’t wait to see it.

    It’s a lot to take in. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, but happy for women regardless of political party. If it weren’t for Hillary’s amazing year (thanks to all our votes) Palin might not be there. We are so powerful. I won’t let the Obama DNC takeover obscure that fact.

  184. Liberty Belle –

    I LOVE Peter Schikele! Saw him at Carnegie Hall and was screaming with laughter.

    Thanks for mentioning him…gives me great memories.


  185. I am impressed with Palin. I like that she acknowledged Ferrero & HRC. (I think she belong to a Feminist group in Alaska)

    I also liked that she said “if you believe in change, then I am ASKING for your vote on 11/4/08”

    Let the games begin!

  186. And PJ – Amen, sister! 🙂

  187. It’s hilarious when the DNC go on about McCain’s age!! Barry is encrusted with every Dem geezer imaginable . That all they have allowed near him…. and most certainly at VP!

  188. I can have Eddy back!!!!! OMG! That and one of madamab’s plays all in one sitting (speaking of which I have not done a damn thing today but gloat!) I am overwhelmed!

    I also have a feeling that Hillary would approve of Sarah like we all do. Both of them the real deal. And did you guys catch the smirk on McCain’s face while she was speaking? Like the cat who swallowed the canary. Boy, is he back in play. Bet he moves that poll needle up to 50 with this choice.

  189. There is a lot of conflicting info flying around about Palin’s stance on abortion.
    So far I’ve heard that she is pro-life only for herself, and also that she is completely against abortion and will work to overturn Roe.
    I want to hear it from her-where is she on this issue?

    It feels like more of a betrayal to me for a woman to be anti-choice/anti-privacy than I man. Is that sexist?
    I guess I just expect them to “get it”

    But I’ll probably still vote McCain.

  190. In all seriousness, though, my friend was saying the other day who much it disturbs her that this campaign has allowed guys our age, and we’re not talking frat boys, we’re talking activists and the kinds of guys you’d never think, to come out of the closet and embrace their inner sexist without any shame.

  191. Seriously:

    A sex*st thinks men are superior to women, but doesn’t hate them.

    A misogynist does both.

    That’s the difference between condescension and contempt.

  192. Yep, madamab, very bittersweet.

    It’s funny though that this is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I feel vindicated.

    I don’t know what I’ll do in November, but if this finally gets the dems to take the voters seriously, it will be worth it. More tone-deaf they couldn’t have been. That was way more disappointing to me than Palin’s selection today.

  193. this campaign has allowed guys our age, and we’re not talking frat boys, we’re talking activists and the kinds of guys you’d never think, to come out of the closet and embrace their inner sexist without any shame.

    Absolutely. It’s disgraceful, and it came from “Democrats.”

  194. catarina, Regency posted a quote from Paulin on the issue on the last thread somewhere between 11 and noon. She did NOT say she will overturn Roe, she said if anyone tried, women would rise up and revolt.

  195. oceancitygirl – That’s exactly how I feel too. I’m overwhelmed!

    I feel the media and Oblogospher will be suffering from hysterical blindness regarding women, until McCain and Palin are elected. Then, they will simply be FORCED to acknowledge us as a powerful voting bloc.

    I can’t wait to see what happens. McCain has forever changed the political landscape by offering Hillary the acknowledgement her own party would not.

    PUMA POWER!!!!

  196. Hillary will be treated with more respect and honor from the GOP in the next couple months than she ever got from either party in the last 16 years.

  197. ‘Asking for votes?’- my goodness, how novel and refreshing! I love it.

    Palin is quite an amazing portrait of a modern day woman- a working mom and a successful politician. Regardless of how this plays out at the polls, it’s a great example of how amazing women are and how much we need to honor their contributions.

  198. Seriously: Exactly.

  199. Myiq/Madamab/Carol –

    Palin stands for a lot of what the american citizenry is looking for. I just want to take action on what Carol is saying:
    It ain’t over til it’s over. They couldn’t take Obama out of the race, could they? It’s almost like the Dems orchestrated the race to lose it – why would they set themselves up for failure? Because they don’t want to deal with the next four years which are destined to be a tragedy? I’m not sure if they are that politically savvy.

    Dean is an idiot – who the hell gave him the keys to the car? Was it Kerry?

  200. McCain and Hillary had a friendship. Both admitted to it. It probably pained him as well to see her beaten up as badly as she was. But don’t mess with Sarah Palin. A lot of people will have her back.

    I wonder what Michelle is thinking along about now? Hmmm.

  201. I will knock down anybody to vote for Hillary, but the Digging up Kennedys group wouldn’t even permit a fair floor fight. So, this is bittersweet, but there is not one ounce of self-pity fat on Hillary Clinton’s bones.

    I expect to vote for Hillary in 2012, and will do everything to make that possible, but this is what we have to work with. I can work with Palin. I’m not worried about pro-life. I think she’s too Libertarian and like McCain, won’t change the status quo. I don’t trust Obama here at all, and worry about him more than I do McCain. Palin’s not the ideal candidate for me, but I disagreed even with Big Dawg sometimes.

    I think this is thoughtful, brilliant and daring of McCain and the Republicans – what the Democrats are supposed to be, but they’re not. Democrats are the Country Club elites this time, they’re just younger.

  202. this campaign has allowed guys our age, and we’re not talking frat boys, we’re talking activists and the kinds of guys you’d never think, to come out of the closet and embrace their inner sexist without any shame.

    As a 48-year old liberal male, this campaign has made me ashamed of my gender.

    It has been disgusting, and I’m not exactly a model of political correctness.

  203. Absolutely. It’s disgraceful, and it came from “Democrats.”

    And that’s the part that hurts. Well, that and the fact that having established they hate us, they expect us to validate our second class status to help them out.

  204. New thread up, everyone!

    Elixir – I don’t know. It’s not likely, of course, but it depends on what the GOP is sitting on regarding Obama’s scandalous past. If it’s bad enough, it could take Obama down.


  205. elixir: I respectfully disagree, they do want to win. They felt they could just ram this AA candidate down our throats and since the GOP was so out of favor, this was the year to do it. They have an overriding desperate need to win. This has been in the works for at least two years. Had they not cared about a win, that impeachment issue would never have been taken off the table.

  206. What MLK did with the Civil Rights Movement was expose the true ugliness of rac*sm and “Jim Crow” to the American public.

    That’s what Hillary did with sex*sm and misogyny

  207. If the DNC has any sense, they will toss out all the Pelosis and Deans and Brazilles after their HUMILIATING loss, and start working HARD behind the scenes to SET UP 2012 as a run for Hillary. They will praise the Clinton years to high heaven evry chance they get for 4 years. The will make Hill the superstar of the party in preparation for her run.

    If they have a brain left in their heads, that is what they will do.

  208. myiq2xu: But you stuck with us and made huge contributions to this blog with your wit and wisdom. You are a PUMA.

  209. The one good thing that Hillary also accomplished by running for the presidency is that the subtle sexism that men kept telling us did not exist, had a huge light displaying it for all it’s glory.

    Thank you Hillary.

  210. I find myself wondering if the outcome of the Democratic Convention roll-call would have been different if Palin had been announced last week.

    Clinton/Palin 2012

  211. Lakota: Excellent point!

  212. Didn’t see your post first myiq2xu, I agree and well said.

  213. Regency at 11:18 said:

    “If you have doubts about her feelings on CHOICE: Read this


    I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.”

    Well, I don’t share her confidence that Roe will never be overturned, but since we confirmed Alito and Roberts, it’s too late to do anything about it now. (And please, Obots spare the spiel about kennedy, no we can’t trust him, yes they have a majority).

  214. Seriously

    the article Regency linked to didn’t say that.
    Reg is going to send me some more info later on.

    I’ve been trying learn more about Palin-I suppose lots will come out over the next few days and about half of it will be true.

  215. Seriously, on August 29th, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    oh absolutely! and everyone could pretend it was directed at just Hillary too! ….not!

    It;s just IMO , but for some activists guys, what they are really interested in is conquering the father and they use the issues to do that . Women talking about the issues for the issues sake the get in the way . It’s between us boys, you stay in the kitchen! It’s about them over coming the father…..Note, I just say some
    activists guys.

    But this VP pick will bother Barry and the DNC gang because of their overwhelming misogyny . They thought they got rid of the cootie girls! . It will mess with Barry’s head no end. Of course it was the guy who is at peace with his father that could do it…

  216. The obama camp is just worried about who was now going to iron their shirts.

  217. Cable news is going to criticize Palin as a beauty queen? eh, eh, that’s going to be good coming from all those made-over glossy women. Some of them have beauty pageant backgrounds, too

    Also not good to tick off big donors like trump who have beauty-queen wives

  218. Seriously, on August 29th, 2008 at 2:09 pm Said:

    Well, I don’t share her confidence that Roe will never be overturned, but since we confirmed Alito and Roberts, it’s too late to do anything about it now.

    Exactly. Just how supporting the party that did nothing whatsoever to fight these two is beyond me. Did they even have a full day of hearings? Barry was about to vote for Roberts himself before an aide with a brain stopped him …. If the grass root had wanted to fight
    these Bush picks , Nancy would have fought the grass root FOR Bush ! seems to me the Dems only fight the Clintons ….then the fangs come out .

  219. “oh absolutely! and everyone could pretend it was directed at just Hillary too! ….not!”

    All I have to do is fling crap at other women, and I can be part of the boys’ club, too! A full member, just as long as I’m hot, subserviant, and they dn’t just decide to turn on me for fun! I’m different!

    And my absolute favorite troll argument is “Obama and Hillary are so clsoe in terms of their positions!” You don’t say! I thought she was a cross between Medea, Lady MacBeth, and Stalin to teh extemt teh she really deserved being treated unlike any other Dem, ever. No? Wow. than I guess all the hysteria wasn’t based on ideology, so what is it that makes her the Anti-Christ and he Our Savior, again?

  220. Oh sorry, caterina. And sorry Regency, I thought that was a quote, my bad.

  221. I can’t stand it, and I have to say, this again. Hillary has to do ….this…..now. And Hillary has to do that now, for OBAMA…………When is OBAMA going to be ACCOUNTABLE.

  222. Seriously, on August 29th, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    ..so what is it that makes her the Anti-Christ and he Our Savior, again?

    LOL! You described the mommy hate very well. They insist on stabbing the breast as they suckle! lol!

  223. “Just how supporting the party that did nothing whatsoever to fight these two is beyond me.”

    Yeah, and when people say that a democratic Congress would fight McCain, they point out that the Dem Congress has always rolled over to Bush. True enough, but that isn’t exactly a great vote of confidence for the party or a great indiction that if we match a useless Democratic President with a useless Democratic Congress, somehow that will solve the uselessness problem. It reminds be of people who agree that Obama is a horrible Senator, but don’ see why that should preclude a promotion.

    “Cable news is going to criticize Palin as a beauty queen?”

    I forsee Biden dodging the debate and trying to force Palin and his drop dead gorgeous wife into a beauty pageant or wet t-shirt contest instead.

  224. Hillary-zila, I’m positive they’re threatening her with a primary and everything else they can think of, but god, please Hillary, do not join in on this. PLEASE.

  225. Seriously, on August 29th, 2008 at 2:25 pm Said:

    but that isn’t exactly a great vote of confidence for the party or a great indication that if we match a useless Democratic President with a useless Democratic Congress, somehow that will solve the uselessness problem….

    Frankly that how I see social security being stolen
    for Wall Street more quickly than with a McCain POTUS and a dem congress . The rails would be super greased with Barry and a Dem congress. Grandma would be eating dog food in a year….perhaps with JM , we will get a couple of more years with SS intact? Probably not , given how Dems never fight ….but on the financial side neither candidates are good choices. I don not see much practical differences between Barry and McCain as far as policy goes… in that the GOP super rich grab whatever they want and the Dem super rich wring their hands and cave in …..so where’s the difference between? So it’s the utterly corrupt Dem party that tips it for me. I may not vote for McCain, but I will never vote for Barry .

  226. #
    Carol, on August 29th, 2008 at 1:10 pm Said:

    “There are plenty of people that say the landscape of Alaska is littered with the people who crossed Sarah!”

    She must be a Tauras!

    No, actually she is an Aquarian like McCain – they definitely can think outside any box, but like all fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Scorpio) can dig in and refuse to budge. Great when talking about principles, like Hillary (Scorpio).

  227. “Frankly that how I see social security being stolen
    for Wall Street more quickly than with a McCain POTUS and a dem congress . The rails would be super greased with Barry and a Dem congress.”

    And as has already been demonstrated, the Obots tend to be such kool-ade drinking zombies, they’d go along with anything he said. My Obot father used to rail against the Democrats’ criminal stupidity on MI and FL until O released the talking points, then he started repeating them. I think he might have swicthed positions in the middle of a sentence. lol I haven’t heard anything about how evil Bush is on FISA since Obama got on the anti-civil liberties train. If Obama decided to invade Pakistan, I have no doubt his eyes would glaze and he’d say that pakistan deserved it, or something. there is absolutely no accountabilty in a cult of personality. Obama could probably get away with a hell of a lot more than McCain faster just because of that.

  228. RE: Palin VP Announcement

    obama….you have been served!

    (only after being punked….bwaahahahahahahaha)

  229. Just from what I’ve heard today about Sarah Palin I am impressed. CBS was saying BO’s camp was taken completely by surprise and has no idea how to deal with her. This will set them back on their heels for a few days until they do something really stupid again – Barry/Biden just can’t help themselves.

    One part of Sarah Palin’s story really moved me. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for her to be 44, pregnant, with 4 other children in the house and her oldest son heading to Iraq, working full-time as the Governor, then to find out that the baby she was carrying was affected with Down’s Syndrome. I mean how many women in that situation would have seriously considered abortion? But she had the baby anyway and she says when she looks at her new son she sees “perfection”.

    I am as pro-choice as anyone here, but that nearly moved me to tears.

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