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Friday: Post-electable incoherence

Before I get started, I admit that I haven’t listened to Barack Obama’s speech.  He has now achieved the unenviable position in my mind of having a voice even more irritating than George Bush’s.  At least with Bush, his mannerisms are so well known and predictable that they were  “almost” endearing in their mindless stupidity.  With Obama, the wounds are still too raw.  The mannerisms that make him quite possibly more mockable than Bush are currently surrounded by ideas that make me want to smack him.

Both Heidi Li and Anglachel have commentary on Obama’s speech.  I will listen or read Obama’s speech later but from what these two have deconstructed, it isn’t difficult for me to piece together what Obama was trying to convey.  The bottom line is that the Democrats are in deep, deep trouble not merely because they have selected a man who is supremely unready for the job but because they find themselves trying to hold their own base together without a clue of how they got to a divided party in the first place.

Heidi Li reports that Obama lifted whole sections of Hillary’s speeches without attribution.  This is not really a surprise.  We have seen the content of Obama’s character.  Schmoozers are experts at taking other people’s ideas and passing them off as their own.  It’s how they keep climbing the rungs of success.  The difference here is that half of his Democratic base is watching and we still have the votes to truncate his rise to the top.  I think this is what drives the Obamaphiles insane, as we have witnessed in the past couple of days as the trolls descend on us and pull the “If you don’t give us what we want, it will be YOUR fault if we lose” routine.  They just can’t believe they have to stoop down to us and ask nicely for our vote.  If we were as smart as *they* are, we would just give it to them to do for us what they know is best for us.  Can’t we see they desperately want Obama to win?  Why are we making their lives so difficult?

So, Obama sighs in resignation and incorporates parts of Clinton’s agenda in his speech.  “There!”, he seems to say, “I’m a Democrat.  Are you happy now?  Now, shut up and hand the votes over.”  But then, according to Anglachel, he reveals the reason why he will fail to win the White House in November.

For 40 years, since 1968, the American political landscape has been dominated by the most compact, fanatical, ideologically radical party in the West today. They have brutalized their opponents and despoiled the nation. The crises of our nation (vs. some rather pedestrian political screw ups) have been caused by this group that simply does not agree that we should be a democratic nation. This is not “gridlock” – this is political survival. They have over-reached and now is the time to seize a political opportunity.

From the langauge I have heard through the campaign season and particularly in the last few days, this group is quite cheerfully positioning itself in a weaker position than the Clintons took in 1992, when it seemed impossible that anything could stop the Reagan Revolution juggernaut. They have eagerly taken on the superficial trappings of the Right – pandering to religious kooks, backing down on civil rights, abandoning even the pretense of social and economic equity, flatly saying they will not entertain an ambitious health care reform plan – and have no sense of the depth of change they could accomplish if they would trust to their own party’s philosophy.

The speech was all surface and ended by denying its own opening claims, cutting off its deepest, strongest roots.

He seems intent on negotiating Clinton’s agenda away in the name of post-partisanship.  He embraces high-Broderism, that media construct that says that Americans really want the parties to get along and if only the Democrats would stop being so stubborn about their core principles and learned to work with Republicans, then we would all sing in perfect harmony.

The problem is that if Democrats abandon their core principles and Republicans don’t abandon theirs, any attempts at negotiation and compromise ends up pulling us more to the right.  The DC Village is perfectly happy pulling the Democrats to the right because it doesn’t rock their little boat and what is good for them, MUST be good for the rest of the country.

What we in the neglected half of the party can’t understand is why we are buying into the Villager narrative.  This was supposed to be our year.  After 8 years of unfettered movement conservatism and radical Republicanism when there was absolutely nothing standing in the way of Republicans enacting every Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society initiative in their arsenal, the country finally woke up and rejected what the Republicans were selling.  This year was supposed to be a cakewalk for Democrats.  The country is dying for a strong Democratic push-back and what Obama is proposing is about has bold as tapioca.

So, we have the strength of the Clinton agenda blunted by the call for bi-partisanship.  This is the Change! that we’ve been waiting for?  No, this is what the Villagers want.  They want a Democratic party without any teeth.  And the Democrats are going along with it because they have learned helplessness in the face of the Republican juggernaut.  Recently, I got a clue about what is going on in the heads of the liberal elite Obamaphile when I heard an interview Terry Gross did with a pension and retirement specialist who recommended that the government start a pension account for every American.  Terry whined about how the Republicans are never going to let that happen.  So why bother?  This is Obamatics.  Give up before you even start because vigorous resistence against Republicans has been unsuccessful in the past 8 years.

Grover Norquist and Karl Rove must be ecstatic.  They had always hoped to defang the opposition and now they are successful beyond their wildest dreams.  The Democrats have spent so much time banging their heads against an immovable object that they have completely forgotten what it was they were fighting for in the first place.  To them, politics is one endless series of compromises.  With Obama elected, the Democrats continue down the path of making the party irrelevent. And they Obama faction, for the most part, is too young and affluent to realize that what is required of it is struggle.  They are willing to surrender before a single bill is proposed.

What Clinton offered was the coherence of core Democratic principles with which we would strengthen our bargaining abilities.  She understood the American electorate and how it had been hurt economically and socially by movement conservatism.  She wanted to restore the social safety net of the New Deal and rally the public to fight for themselves.  That is bold.  That is change from what we have had from Democrats in the past eight years.  That is scary.  That’s not what we’re getting with Obama.

Obama does not have a core.  That is why his speech is incoherent.  It doesn’t stick together because he doesn’t believe in core Democratic principles.  He is merely mouthing the words because he knows he needs us onboard. But he will never get us onboard because we understand the hollowness of his policies and as a result, he is not only post-partisan, he is post-electable.  He is a failure before he has even started, along with the rest of the current Democratic party leadership.  They threw away their champion for a schmoozer and will be handed their asses in November.

The sooner the better.

298 Responses

  1. I didn’t watch either.

    But he’s been plaigiarizing from both Clintons for the whole campaign, so it’s no surprise that he did it again.

  2. With GWB, the Neo-Cons saw their opportunity to try out all their theories, even though those theories were not shared by the majority of Republicans. With Obama, the Neo-Libertarians are attempting the same hijacking of the party, only this time it’s the Democratic Party they’re trying to reform with their Mountain States strategy. Until we elect representatives who are more interested in governing than in ruling, this is what we can continue to expect.

  3. Wow, RD. You really can close a post. That last paragraph says it. Bingo!

  4. The fact that the Clintons stick to their core beliefs and elicit such viscious opposition from the right is the essence of “Clinton fatigue”. Many Democrats seem to prefer appeasement so we don’t have to endure the intensity of the reaction from the right wing. The Vichy Democrats control the party now.

  5. Sure, he’ll get a bounce in the polls, and sure, the media will be all Barack, all the time, again, but after this latest lovefest/extravaganza is but a memory, the Republicans will do what they do far better than the Dems…they’ll report who Obama really is, day after day, until it finally sinks in, and they’ll pull no punches. The Obama media will be powerless to stop this machine.

  6. The next time that someone implies to me that it will be my fault if BO loses, I will take great pleasure.

    Yesterday, an extended family member (BO supporter) told me that HRC is racist. I have had it.

  7. Until we elect representatives who are more interested in governing than in ruling, this is what we can continue to expect.

    Bingo, grayslady. I have no confidence that Obama or his supporters are interested in governing, only ruling. Only gleefully climbing to the top of the pile, by any means, and screaming “we won! mwah hahahaha!”

    There is no core of genuine desire to govern in Obama, any more than there was in Bush. Bush rose to power on the EXACT same kind of appeals to “we are all the same, there is no read state blue state” appeal, but I watched him and saw a boy who would be King – despite what was coming out of his mouth.

    I see the same dynamic, the same attitudes in the Obama phenomenon, and I want none of it. All of the mouthed “platforms and policies” in the world will not change my mind on that, because the president is a PERSON, and I do not want this person who is frighteningly like Bush in his psyche, and whose followers are frighteningly like the worst of the radical right, anywhere near the Whitehouse.

  8. Good Morning! Great Post RD, I couldn’t watch either.

    Heard this morning on Morning Joe that Sarah Palin was flown in and may be McCain’s choice. I doubt it but it would show he has a hell of alot more sense than Obama. Still don’t know if I can vote for McCain, but it won’t be Obama.

  9. I heard you all come up with “post-electable” last night. Love it!

    This is a wonderfully analytical piece. I have felt for many months that Clinton is the true Change candidate, where Obama represents the status quo. Your points about compromise and about O’s lack of a core ideology are so well argued.

    When the trolls come, do you think they actually *read” the posts? If they did, they would know precisely what we find so objectionable about Obama and why we cannot vote for him.

  10. Great Post, riverdaughter. You get up every morning and write what I and so many others wish we could, so thank you.
    I’m afraid that the “I might vote for Obama if…”window is closing.
    Anglachel highlighted the part of Obama’s speech where he stated that “change doesn’t come from Washington, it comes to Washington.” Yeah, right, try telling that to FDR.
    It was at that point that I turned to my husband and said, “Obama sounds just like Reagan.” And, believe me, that’s no compliment.
    More and more, I think that Obama is Reagan. Certain moneyed factions have set him up to slap a happy face on greed, privatization and the rape of the American worker. They can call him a Democrat but I’m not buying what he’s selling.

  11. re McCain’s VP pick: I heard yesterday that a bunch of the people on the short list are flying in, just to f* with the media a bit. Nothing wrong with that!

  12. Fox News is reading tea leaves and has predicted that McCain has chosen Sarah Palin as his VP. She’s not everything we have hoped for – most notably she’s anti-abortion. However, on that count she has put her own mouth where the money and has a credible story. The odds that McCain would chose a running mate who meets the criteria for a group of real Democrats are slim to none. Although many of us do not want to take the leap and vote for McCain, the reality is that if we reach our goal of Nobama 08, McCain will be the next president. If Fox is correct, supporting her would stick a head through the glass ceiling. The only negative I can see is that it might pitch her against Hillary in 2012, but I think Hillary could take her. I’m hoping Fox is correct.

  13. Great post RD.

    Could McCains VP be Sarah Palin?

    Fox thinks so.


    Speculation about who John McCain would name as his running mate focused on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin after reports circulated early Friday that two short-listers — Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty — were out out of the running.

    Adding fuel to the Palin possibility was a report that a charter aircraft from Anchorage had arrived in Dayton, Ohio, where McCain has scheduled a noon ET rally to announce his choice.

  14. The act of governing has become obsolete since Bush took office. We have witnessed a takeover regime mimicing government but acting as “rulers”. The constitution, our rule of law, has been trashed and tampered almost to the point of irrelevancy. An acquiescent congress, comprised of both parties, acted in concert and allowed this to happen. We have no one on either side of the aisle to look to who expresses our outrage. The voice of Daniel Patrick Moynihan or of a Paul Wellstone are silent and I can think of no one who has stepped forward of any substance to take up the mantle of reform.

    This represents one reason why the electorate is so willing to champion the likes of Barack Obama. They have long abandoned the very ideal of governing and are looking for that leader to “rule” in place of governance. This is why we are without accountability of these officials or dare to question or criticize since the role of governing has been lifted from our officials and replaced with the need to be ruled. It requires much less involvement

    As we have so clearly seen this past year alone when the DNC made the choice on our behalf, it is no longer the will of the people but rather our need to be ruled. We are slowly but surely handing off our most basic of rights which is to govern ourselves. No problem, it is being done for us and we seem to be just fine with it! Hence, Barack Obama.

  15. Krauthammer writes on something that I have LONG had a deep uneasiness about regarding Obama: where are his long-time friends and colleagues?

    Is there anybody out there who can say, “I have known this man for years, I knew him at Occidental, I knew him in Chicago, here is what we did together. I have worked with him for years, I can vouch for him.” I don’t see those people speaking up, or campaigning for him, or on the stage with him.

    I would not go on a DATE with a man who has no real friends and associates that anyone can find. I certainly won’t elect him president. Who the hell IS he?

    So where are the colleagues? The buddies? The political or spiritual soul mates? His most important spiritual adviser and mentor was Jeremiah Wright. But he’s out. Then there’s William Ayers, with whom he served on a board. He’s out. Where are the others?

    The oddity of this convention is that its central figure is the ultimate self-made man, a dazzling mysterious Gatsby. The palpable apprehension is that the anointed is a stranger — a deeply engaging, elegant, brilliant stranger with whom the Democrats had a torrid affair. Having slowly woken up, they see the ring and wonder who exactly they married last night.


  16. OT, but can anyone tell me how to comment on Heidi Li and Anglachel’s blogs? That Google gatekeeper is a killer-apparently, it hates me. Never had a problem here or at sites powered by haloscan.
    I guess I am a used up, low information voter!

  17. McCain is screwing with the Media so that they are talking about his VP instead of last night’s spectacle.

    McCain you have my vote.

    Hillary or McCain 2009

  18. I did watch the Speech, here is my Thursday night story!

    I turned on the television on Thursday evening with trepidation. I wondered, would I ever see in Barack what his accolytes did?

    But the more I watched, the more optimistic I became. Sheryl Crow set the tone and Stevie Wonder energized the stadium. I said to myself, “if Sheryl and Stevie can come to Barack, I can too.” Al Gore was riveting. When he compared Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln, I knew that the Senator would not only be a great President, I knew that he would be the greatest President.

    I felt myself getting closer and closer. You know what I mean! I broke into a sweat. My heart began to pound. I became flushed. And a short time later, Barack Obama appeared. By then, it didn’t matter what he said. I tried to listen carefully, but frankly, I can’t remember a word. My head was spinning too much. I remember thinking, “thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord…” I’m not sure, but I think Wolf Blitzer and Keith Olbermann were chanting the same thing with me in unison. I went to my window, I opened it up, I tore up my PUMA membership card. I looked around and lo and behold, thousands of women were at their windows, doing the same thing.

    And then it happened. Sweet surrender!

    A nation healed, a world repaired!
    I saw a light shine down. It lit upon me. And I said to myself, I have to vote for Barack.

    Senator Obama had transcended transcendence. And so had I.

  19. Janicen : Vichy democrats. I love that.

    GOP Vep might be Palin. I dont’ know much about her, but she seems to be a fine woman. That would be change I’d like. At least a woman on a ticket!

  20. BO has a lot of good friends. They are either in prison, on the way to prison, or under the bus with us but on the way to prison. If you turn out the lights in Chicago, they will find them scurrying around when the lights come back on.

    Hillary or McCain 2009


  21. Beautiful analysis, RD. Spot, spot on.

    Palin, eh? Well I think that’s a smart choice. She is extremely popular in Alaska. And it’s another shout-out to disaffected HRC women.

  22. So now what for PUMA? A mass march of what, 50 people in Denver (I’m being generous). Through denunciation by the very person you formed this movement around? (Unless you have gotten some secret message from her eyeshadow today) How are you going to look in the mirror and see a democratic movement and not a group of people that may have been left behind, not because they were the best and a threat







    Woo-hoo! Seven bucks for me!


  23. Did Gore really compare him to Lincoln?

  24. I didn’t/couldn’t watch the “SPEECH” last night. I like you R.D. & so many others have put the man on “MUTE or OFF”!
    I did however get the final viewing of him, his family(those girls are TOooo cute), Biden and what hit me was “THIS IS MORE OF THE SAME”!!
    From the back angle it’s “just 2 guys & their lovely wives by their sides”!

  25. Wig Wag, you are hilarious. I loved your post!!!

  26. I think McCain is about to make a bold move. I believe we will have a Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin
    Excellent choice if that’s McCain pick. Rumor a McCain staffers took a jet to Alaska to get Palin. If true BRAVO to John McCain

  27. “The best man for the job is Hillary” (direct quote from my mom this a.m.)

  28. Did Gore really compare him to Lincoln?


  29. If it’s Palin, the election is over. McCain wins. Yeah, I know she’s anti-abortion. But we have a possibility of strengthening our hand in Congress. Let’s focus our attention there and join PUMAPac’s “Nothing On Top” campaign.

  30. Good morning Conflucians!

    I saw the speech.

    If the speech of speeches was supposed to “inspire” me, it inspired me to NOT VOTE for him even more.

    “America’s Promise” is a promise Obama cannot deliver. Especially the “promise” of counting my vote.

  31. Why would Obama supporters like Paradox Assemby waste their time posting here if they were not VERY worried about us??

  32. Man-o-man, is the DNC stoopid or what?

  33. What possible connection does he have with Lincoln?

  34. WigWag: Bullseye!

  35. My friend from work called to tell me that he and his mother, life long republicans from Mississippi, watched Hillary and are soooooooooo pissed because they want her for President. I told him to stay tuned.

    I still say it ain’t over.

    Hillary or McCain 2009


  36. I can suport Sarah Palin. She has leadership credentials Obama will envy. But I doubt McCain has the cajones to pick her.

    That said, Hillary would wipe the floor with her in a head-to contest. How I would love to see that.

    However, I doubt I will live to see two women running against each other in a presidential race. This country is far too sexist.

    Yet I will continue to do everything in my power to work toward such a possibility. And I won’t back down, give up, or cede authority–a la Obama.

    Thanks, RD.

  37. I gotup out of bed, went into the living room and watched only his speech.There is no doubt that he gave Hillary’s speech and stump policies. It was the first time I’d heard him use many of the positions he took. it was gratuitious and lifted whole parts from Hillary’s positions. I guess they did it to get us on board or they really thoughther position was better. It just nailed the fact that the wrong person was up there. My thoughts: “He doesn’t believe what he is saying and doesn’t know how to achieve it”.

  38. plural: Lincoln too was raised by a single Mom and they lived on food stamps. Oh, and both lived in Illinois.

  39. ” I doubt I will live to see two women running against each other in a presidential race. This country is far too sexist.”

    I agree with this, and think it even more strongly than I did a couple of years ago.

  40. plural – didn’t you know? Lincoln freed him in Springfield last weekend.


  41. Because it’s fun, in much the same way as drinking beer on the patio with a bug zapper on is fun.

    Schadenfreude is the purest form of happiness.


  42. RD – Boy, you just keep getting better and better.

    Learned helplessness. That is a really great way of looking at the attitude of the Democrats and why they refuse to fight the Republicans – and to me, it explains so much about why the Party Leaders backed Obama.

    They want someone to tell them it’s all right that they have continually failed the American people ever since they first allowed Bush to steal the Presidency from Al Gore in 2000. Heck, ever since they first allowed the Republicans to impeach Clinton and obscure the accomplishments of the most successful Democratic President since FDR.

    They want to be affirmed, patted on the head, and told that their surrender is, in fact, wisdom and valor.

    It is not. It is dereliction of duty and cowardice. And the PUMAs (and the Clintons) know it.

    That is why they hate us. We know them for who they are, and we will not be silenced until the Fighting Dems regain control of the Party!


  43. Lincoln went to Harvard and was editor of the law review.

    Yes, I get it.

  44. I don’t know much about Sarah Palin either. But what I do know is she is very pro-life, but she puts her money where her mouth is, she recently had a child with Downs and refused any testing. She also passed legislation on same-sex benefits, she is against same-sex marriage, but did grant the benefits.

  45. Magdalena, are you kidding? My mother will be back to the Republicans so fast it will give the Democrats whiplash. It’s fucking brilliant and Obama just lost the evangelical vote completely.

  46. The DNC and the Obamabots= stupid (or stoopid).

  47. He never once last night stuttered with the ummms, aahhhsss, or uuuhhhhhsssssss. They must have put him back on his medicine.

    He did literally use Hillary’s speech among others.

    I did see Hillary under the lecturn pulling the strings. Occassionally, I could her orange pantsuit leg showing.

    Hillary or McCain 2008


  48. Paradox: You really are clueless. If Palin is McCain’s VP, we’ll be the ones enjoying the schadenfreude. None of us want to vote for McCain but it will be hard to resist just to stick it to the DNC.

  49. To SCSBbug:

    You asked if I could prove that 100% of the 18 million Hillary supporters were going to become PUMAs. You also asked (a little sarcasticly I thought) if an independant who voted for McCain was a defacto PUMA. I have an answer for you:

    It doesnt matter.

    My point was that only an utter, utter fool would repeatedly dis, harrass, defame, and attack an entire demographic. Would my point be invalidated if it turned out to be only 17 million instead of 18? I don’t think so. And your implication that if I cant prove the numbers are there than they aren’t? Here’s your proof:
    Obama should have got a poll bounce from the convention. He didn’t. That only happens if a whole lot of people don’t like what they see. Care to guess who that ‘whole lot of people’ might be? Your disingeniousness (sp?) does not disguise your need to stop the PUMAs, otherwise why would you be making your numerous long posts here.

    Let’s be honest here. If this were just a small circle of crabby girls, you would never have heard of them. They are a movement, one that McCain himself recognizes or he wouldnt have taken the time to throw them a party in Denver. You want to say why Obama is right for the country, go ahead. But challenging me to ‘prove’ anything to you? Spare me. That kind of semantic trickery won’t do anything except make you look good in your own eyes.

  50. Yes you do. Don’t even kid me with that “Well we don’t want to do this” You sound like an abusive husband, swinging a belt around drunkenly saying, “Sorry honey, but you made me do this”.

  51. RD my thoughts wandered in the same direction today after the Obama speech. Sorry for the length just trying to give honest thought to my position regarding Obama and the Dems.

    I have been pondering what many Obama supporters have been asking which is why not support the Democratic Nominee? If I remove all the primary and caucus actions, the sexist and racists comments could I support Obama the Democrat?

    At this time we are in desperate need of a Democratic President. One that will fight for the middle class, the working poor, the poor, the elderly, and all those that society has forgotten or chosen to ignore. One that will take a risk and fight for universal health care, one that will only get the United States involved in a war as a last resort, one that will dare to be a just world leader by voicing sanity in an often insane world, one that will stand up for the oppressed and voiceless in this country, one that will put this country in order first because we too have hungry, homeless and sick that need attention, one that recognizes giving people assistance is not creating a welfare state but allows people to rise up and help themselves, one that dares to stand up for our Constitutional Rights, one with enough strength of character to do the right thing even if it is the unpopular thing to do. So, does Barrack Obama fulfill these requirements? To me, no. He is not in favor of Universal Health Care, he has so wavered on his Iraq War stance that I truly do not know where he stands and if his current stance will change depending on what’s popular at the time. His economic advisers scare me and the wall street love shown him is too Republican for my taste. His failure to strongly support abortion rights is also frightening even though he has been given multiple opportunities to express unequivocal support. I need a President who respects separation of church and state. I don’t want to know my President’s religion. It is irrelevant if he or she is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, or whatever. All I want is an individual that will act in the best interests of the American People, which means protecting and defending our Constitution and all of our rights. Barrack Obama has already demonstrated his willingness to compromise my Constitutional Rights and that is unforgivable. This is not a time for a post partisan Democrat, this is a time for a partisan fighting Democrat. I cannot compromise any longer. Past compromises have brought us to this destructive present. Continued compromises will surely destroy any and all hope for a future.

    My question to Obama supporters is if you truly want out of this war, a strong economy, help for the middle class, working poor, poor, elderly etc… why did you doom our future by supporting a candidate that is willing to compromise?

  52. FLASHBACK: Democratic Messages–Does Obama Cut It? (With an Aside about Obama’s Organizing & Connection to One of the ‘04 Candidates)


    I incorporate a piece I wrote in 2003 focusing on the 1992 Clinton campaign, then what was going on during the lead-up to 2003. One candidate seemed to really pick up on James Carville’s advice back then about “generational promise.” You might be surprised who it was…and along the way, I find a 1995 piece about Obama who was just entering politics…

  53. Paradox: More like a parent grounding you. But, hey, thanks for playing. Why don’t you hang out in the spam filter for awhile?

  54. Don’t engage the troll – Axelrod gives them a doggie biscuit and a dollar for every Conflucian they engage.

    If we’re just “50 people” – they wouldn’t be coming to this blog.

  55. Folks, ignore the trolls. They are immune to reason.

    I’m sure their insults and ravings will either be deleted or edited shortly for our amusement. 🙂

  56. When I was young and living at home (a long time ago) my dad loved to play poker and often he and my mom would play poker with us kids (with chips). He had so much fun with us. At the end of a hand when he was holding an unbeatable hand, he would get a devil grin on his face and say to all of us, “feel yourselves slipping?”

    Right now, if McCain has chosen Palin as his VP, he has that grin and is asking all the Obamabots, like Pardox, “Feel yourselves slipping?”

  57. OhVoter, on August 29th, 2008 at 9:14 am Said:

    Wig Wag, you are hilarious. I loved your post!!!

    Thank you.

  58. We want to vote for the best candidate. We want our vote to count. We are against caucus fraud, voter manipulation and desire elections to represent the candidate chosen by the people, not by the party.

  59. Demands, demands, demands. Answer my questions, explain to me, how can you, SC, 4 more years. Is it too much to ask for a little creativity once in awhile? Can you all be this dumb?

    You’ve got your vaunted candidate. He accepted. The posters are being printed as we speak. Hillary has made an exit and Bill did not go ballistic. What the hell more do you people want? Like a bunch of kids who just aren’t satisfied with a more than their share they won’t rest until they have the whole lot.

    Don’t worry my choice. I could care less about yours.

  60. My question to Obama supporters is if you truly want out of this war, a strong economy, help for the middle class, working poor, poor, elderly etc… why did you doom our future by supporting a candidate that is willing to compromise?

    Because FLVoter, they don’t care about any of that. Concern for the working class, elderly and poor is so old school. Obamanation wants free Wii and arugula in every pot.
    Good comment, btw.

  61. SM looks like he gives them seven dollars. That really says alot for the trolls, they sit around and engage people that “don’t matter” anyway for seven dollars. If there aren’t many of us, as they like to say, maybe they need McDonalds money. Seven bucks will buy two happy meals.

  62. Wig Wag – LOL! While Obama spoke, his hand reached out from the TV and placed them on my head and POOF! I was SAVED from bitter clinginess, SAVED from wanting my vote to ever count!

    Yes, LORD! I’M SAVED!

  63. This is where I just can’t agree with most of my co-PUMA rabid omg fanatics. More and more here seem to be tempted to vote for McCain instead of voting blank, putting in Hillary (which I’ll be doing myself), or even vote independant. Why do I keep hearing more and more McCain talk (among *SOME* people here) and sense more gravitation towards McCain every day? This is not a bipartisan issue, believe me, if it was, I’d still rather vote Obama than pro-life McCain. The reason I’m here at all is that I have the option of NOT voting Obama without actively supporting McCain. That some PUMAs might actually be led to actively vote for McCain gives me the creeps frankly, and I feel that’s a pitfall we need to avoid at all costs to sustain our common purpose. Yes, even if Palin is VP.

  64. SweetieSue

    Thanks. I am heartsick about the state of things. I see no way out at least for the four years, no matter who is elected.


    TheRealKim: And they get a toy too!

  66. WigWag, LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    I’ve said I won’t vote for McCain (planning to vote McKinney) but If Palin is his VP, and considering McCain’s health, she might actually be president … wow, a female president. Granted, a pro-life conservative, but doesn’t seem to be a neo-con, and actually stood up for the constitution by vetoing an anti-gay law in her state. Palin would be a brilliant choice for Mccain. Let’s see if he has the guts to do it.

  67. Ooh, we have a troll!

    *pokes troll with stick*


    It always cracks me up when trolls have to justify their horribly cool reasons for trolling. How much fun it is, the burst of schadenfreude, their membership in the popular circles enjoying a toe-dip in the wading pool of amusement. I always wonder what kind of person trolls then insists it makes them cool ‘n’ credible. Maybe a hobby? I recommend knitting.

    PS. My fave part was The Precious “caring” about bankruptcy laws with his VP Joe Biden. Be the change, baby!

  68. FL Voter: Don’t be sad – KNOW that you are defending your vote, my vote – the people’s vote.

  69. Kimmie, I don’t think you are agreeing with any of us by calling us “co-PUMA rabid omg fanatics”, I have to ask what you’re motivations are? I don’t think there is a damn one of us that really OMG wants to vote McCain. I don’t have to, I am not in a swing state, but if I were, I would consider it.

  70. Alice – The sad fact is, they can’t quit us.

    Arugula doesn’t buy itself!

  71. He can’t pick Palin as much as I would love to see a woman on McCains’t ticket. He would open himself up to charnges about her lack of experience. She has only been a gov since 2006.

    Obama lack of experience is the best argument and he can’t give it away.

  72. Kimmie, we all have to do what we have to do. Some are voting McCain, some are voting independent, some aren’t voting at all. All have been welcomed here.

    If you are going to write in Hillary though, please PLEASE check out your states laws on write in votes. Some of them will actually negate your entire ballot or give your vote to Obama anyway.

  73. sm77,

    It is like seeing a train wreck in slow motion knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it.

  74. Kimmie – do the names Nader and Gore and Buchanan and Bush have any meaning to you?

  75. NH, is experience that big a deal for McCain? He’s uber-experienced already … and Palin’s already got more accomplishments than Obama.

  76. River Daughter, thank you for all you do, this wonderful site and being here to help heal, and lead the way to the next phase. I’m checking in while taking the day off to catch up with chores.

    Re: McCain picking Palin as Veep – I’m excited, because it means women have made a difference, and at least one party thinks they need us. I’ve been more inclined to write in Hillary than vote for anyone else, or Cynthia McKinney (thinking of how votes are counted towards the electoral college in my state – Hillary would not go to the Dem ticket), but will give the Repugs a chance to appeal to me for my vote.

    Do you think Obama-Biden will ask for my vote, or are they still following the “memo” from Donna Brazille that says, “We don’t need them!”

    Look forward to seeing the announcement, and as they say, “take my measure of the man (or woman)”.

    Otherwise, I credit McCain with a bold, brilliant move. We’re one of the few demographics left for him to tap.

  77. Paradox assembly–Axelrod wasted his seven bucks. Go away.

  78. If we have to beat McCain, why did the Obama nation
    stand in the way of the one person who could do so? If you want the White House back…… don’t tell us, tell the DNC,. They didn’t get the memo and shredded the party to stop the person who could do all you are saying. Barry doesn”t care about anything that comes out his mouth….except the applause afterwards. It’s not enough to say the right things, you have to actually care about them. He doesn’t care about anything but Barry….and really IMO most of his suppoters only care about Barry as well. Barry for Barry’s sake is not enough to vote Barry .

  79. “Senator Obama had transcended transcendence. And so had I.” WigWag on August 29th, 2008 at 9:09 am

    🙂 Thanks. I guess I’m too jaded and overweight to reach those heights any more. Sigh. No wonder the youth vote is so there for the Chosen One.

  80. Governed vs. ruled. Yep, that’s exactly what it is. And that’s why contrary to Carter’s opinion Mccains’ past is so relevant.

    Mccain proved it takes more than 4 years to rule him. Pilosi, Brazile, Dean? Pilosi folded within months. Brazile is under Rove’s influence for years and Dean? God knows under the influence of what this man his.

    In light of the Security factor. People want a man who is his own at the wheel more ruling than governing.

    In other respects, they mostly want to be governed and not ruled. And instinctilvely, they favor somebody sharing that same view.

    And Obama is SO ruled, you can see the strings!

  81. I have heard so many of you talk about voting for McKinney. I have read some things about her that I don’t really like. Sounds like she is a big believer in conspiracy theories. What is it about her that a lot of you like?

    Just trying to make an informed decision and I, do, value your judgments here a great deal.

  82. My vote for McKinney is a vote for the Green Party platform. I know she won’t be president, so I am not that concerned about her particularly. But it’s my way of telling the Dems that I want them to move left and to support women.

  83. The buzz over Palin is taking over the media drowning out Obama speech, and all other news
    Wow rumors of this Lady has started a FIRESTORM

  84. You have to hand it to the McCain campaign. This upcoming VP announcement has totally shut down the Obama bash. If this keeps up by next Friday we will be asking: Obama who?

  85. Project Openletter,

    Niether choices, the Dems or the Repubs is appealing. To me it comes down to the evil that you know or the evil that you don’t know.

  86. Kimmie, I will not vote for McCain. I will probably vote third party, unless I am able to write-in Hillary. In TX, a write-in vote does not get the whole ballot thrown out, nor is a vote for another Democrat counted for Obama. It is simply not counted, but that’s the message I want to send. Neither Obama nor McCain is acceptable to me. I wish they had a “None of the above” choice.

  87. I dare Obama to call Palin “sweetie”

  88. Project Openletter: As opposed to a man who flicked Hillary off his shoulder, gave her the bird in front of an audience, told her she was likable enough, refers to women as “sweetie”, feels a woman making an abortion choice with her future in mind is merely feeling “blue”? I guess you might say little difference between the two don’t you think? Neither one is a champion of women’s rights so don’t try the old comparison game on us.

  89. RD, I’m not sure how to read your response to my post, or if mine came across correctly?

    I was saying that unlike Obama, I do not cede authority on issues that are important to me, including gender-equity issues.

    I agree, if it’s Palin, all my relatives will vote for her, too.

    I just don’t think McCain has the cajones. If he does, I will be blown away. Imagine actually doing what is sumultaneously best for your own party, what is politically savvy, and what in the end supports the aspirations of the majority of human beings (women) in this country.

    The very things Obama couldn’t bring himself to do.

    Again, it would be mind-blowing to me.

  90. I admit, I like Palin. No, I don’t agree with her on every issue, but she’s pretty rockin for a repub.

  91. Project Openletter:

    You don’t understand because you are filtering everything through your own experience.

    Hey Obama newsflash

    Copying is NOT creativity. It is NOT innovation. This will NOT put America out front as a great county. Do we have the best healthcare system in the world anymore? NO. Do we have a Woman as President? NO! Do we have the best light rail systems? NO.

    Copying = a fad
    Copying = imitation, counterfit, rip-off
    Copying = marketing facade
    Copying = mass production = 20th century!
    Copying = more of the same!!!!

  92. RD, I was never that good a student so perhaps that explains why I never “learned helplessness”.

    That said, I think it’s time to move on and get into punishing the crooks in the party mode. I voted for Hillary and supported her. But my rage was at the miscreants in the party and their corrupt behavior. She is no longer a candidate and the crooks that made sure of that are riding high, wide and handsome as we used to say.

    I want Dean, Pelosi, Brazile to go down. I want Obama to lose this election as a message to the Democratic Party that you don’t defeat the enemy by becoming them.

    I want divided government. I want the Democrats to have to stand up and fight every wrong thing that a McCain administration tries to do. If they don’t, or won’t, then why should we reward them with our vote?

    Fighting a Republican President on issues shouldn’t be that hard a job unless your name is Pelosi. Or any of the other gutless pieces of crap we have rewards with our vote for far too long.

  93. Whenever I encounter the ‘how can you possibly vote McCain if you support Hillary question’ I answer this: I value experience. It’s quick, easy and effective.

  94. oceancitygirl, I agree. We’ve just had eight years of inexperience and pupptery. And we all saw where that got us.

  95. puppetry

  96. OMG, do you think the old coot really choose Palin? Holy crap, that would be great for the country, win or lose. My God, Howard Dean would have to take back his comments about Repubs being the white man Party. Oh, also, she is good on gay rights. her first veto was on a bill that would bar gay couples from receiving benefits.

  97. My vote will be based on who Paris Hilton endorses.

  98. I’m ‘moving on’ by working towards the total political destruction of John Kerry. Electing Ed O’Reilly is my new personal mission.

  99. It’s with sadness I see what traditionally has been progressive organizations, run by smart people , at this late date ,still chucking the kool aide. Seemingly many like Move-on were bought up in ’04 to help Barry now. Also exactly what does Code Pink stand for now? Zbigniew Brzezinski and Sam Nunn have been Barry “advisers ” for months now. How does an anti war outfit give support to such people while acting like Hillary Clinton is Dick Cheney? I couldn’t believe how in the Barry tank , both Democracy Now and the Nation were and may still be. After FISA, even they were forced to finger wag at the One. Like that would straighten him right out! lol! ….Evenything they say we need to do , Hillary was going to do. But they could not savage her enough….during the primary they became the right wing machine . When the Nation and MSNBC want the same person and use the same points to take down another , something ain’t right.

  100. This is Obamatics. Give up before you even start because vigorous resistence against Republicans has been unsuccessful in the past 8 years.

    Pelosi: “Impeachment is off the table.”
    Kerry: “Universal Health Care is a non-starter in the Senate.”

    Maybe that’s why they hate Hillary: because she would actually make them get off their butts and work for a change. I am so proud of the PUMAs–we’re just like a chip off the ole’ block. We will not quit, we will not be bullied, we will not give up. Like Hillary, we are fighting on principle and that comes from core conviction. Name calling and threats will not shut us up. “If you hear the dogs barking, keep going.”

  101. The choice of Biden made it obvious that the Iraq war issue was nothing but opportunism on Obama’s part.

  102. kMarge, we will always have divided government. The question is: How is it divided? By my count, we currently have about 16-18 true Democrats in the Senate, in spite of the number that have (D) behind their names. Even Lyndon Johnson had to armtwist a Democrat-controlled Congress to pass his great society initiatives.

    As you say, it’s about finding and keeping the fighters while banishing the “rulers”.

  103. If Palin is the choice, let’s see how Biden treats her in the debates. Will it be another Alberto Gonzales moment of:”I like you, I really do. You are the real thing”? Or perhaps remain silent as he did during the Anita Hill testimony? Either way, if she is nominated the media turns it attention on that campaign and Obama may become a mere footnote.

  104. It isn’t a “compromise” if you give the other side everything they want.

    That’s “capitulation”

  105. Y’all know that Palin actually has a ton of governing experience even if not at the Gubernatorial level. Check out her bio, she’s been in politics quite some time for someone her age. And doing things.

  106. Pat, lol!

    I think McCain should make a new ad. Remember the Natalie Cole videos where they superimposed her dad in so it looked like they were doing a duet? They should do that with Britney Spears at the Barackopolis. She can come out with some nasty little outfit on, singing her heart out, and then the Little Emperor can emerge, and they can duet. Maybe even create a montage of Paris, Michael Jackson, a few American Idol kids etc.

  107. Nancy “capitulation” Pelosi accompanied by a hard finger wag.

  108. I disagree that Palin’s age or experience would be a problem for McCain. How could Obama possibly reference either, or Biden? All it would do is remind people that Obama, though three years older, has even less leadership experience than she does.

    Come on, McCain, do it. Pick Palin. Take this election to a whole new level of discussion and debate. Do what no one in this country has done for almost forty years. Say to the world, “I am not afraid of women or of having a woman on my ticket. I know that women can lead.”

  109. Any Obot that doesn’t understand how we feel need only reverse the campaign. Imagine if Obama had taken Pa, Ohio, Mass, Florida, Texas, California.. Hillary was gaming the system by winning red caucus states. The media and party leadership was in the tank for Hillary anyway and saying Obama was pimping his kids.

    Just reverse the names and imagine how pissed you’d be at the party, at the media. At Hillary who had a sick health care plan and attacked Obama for “ohh, he’s going to mandate your health care.” If she umed and ahed answering any question that didn’t have a teleprompter in front of her and he could reel off facts and figures like he actually knew what was going on.

    You’d be LIVID.

  110. Pat Johnson, you are cracking me up! Riverdaughter, I am continually amazed at how you write down the thoughts shared by so many of us. I am incredibly grateful for your editorials and heartily agree with your observations. I too am past the point of simply not preferring Obama, but have moved into the “I can’t stand to look at him or hear his voice” phase. Never did I think that I could cringe upon hearing a politician speak more than I did for George, but hear I am, disgusted. We must not let BO get elected, if for no other reason than if he does, and he’s a crap President, HRC will not have the opportunity. I’m scared that BO will ruin the future chances of any other Dem candidate. Anyway – forge ahead PUMAs!!

  111. PJ:

    If it is Palin, and Biden goes after her in a debate, I predict the media will scream about his sexism and misogyny,

    After all. it’s not like he would be beating up on Hillary.

  112. If Biden has to debate Palin, it will backfire the way it did when Rick Lazio (right name?) bullied Hillary during a Senate debate for NY. He was aggressive and hostile, and it really hurt his image. Biden has that same old jock vibe, and it would make him look bad.

  113. Admittedly I know little about Sara Palin. But at least it would show that McCain means business since the Dems surely don’t.

  114. What Jmac said.

  115. Does anyone really believe PUMAs were ever anything other than opportunistic Republican mischief makers? I mean, really. All true Hillary supporters now support Obama. This PUMA “movement” is obviously the new incarnation of Rush Limbaugh’s “operation chaos.” The nine or ten of you who haven’t figured this out need to muster up a clue.

  116. Jmac, well said.

  117. riverdaughter, on August 29th, 2008 at 9:23 am Said:

    Paradox: You really are clueless. If Palin is McCain’s VP, we’ll be the ones enjoying the schadenfreude. None of us want to vote for McCain but it will be hard to resist just to stick it to the DNC.
    Count on the founder of this site, who’s always been cogent and honest about things, to sum up what it’s about. If that’s your thing, whom am I or anyone else to say don’t do it? It’s in the same category as wealthy people saying they’ll vote for McCain because their taxes will be much lower than under Obama–instead of financial gain, it’s gain of a non-material sort, and I guess that’s important too. But if we call someone selfish in the first case, for privileging some extra individual wealth that they don’t need over the well-being of the many, what should we call someone in the second case?

  118. I don’t know how they will treat her in the debates, if she is his choice. But I have to say something, the lady is beautiful and I mean drop dead gorgeous. I know it does not matter in any way, but she is. There, give me hell for saying that.

  119. Pat J: Sarah Palin has more experience and more accomplishments than Barky. Google her. She’s a Repub but she’s a good woman.

    I think we’ll like her.

  120. Rich, I don’t understand your point.

  121. Jmac:

    The Obots like to scream about democracy and winning.

    But in a democracy, whoever gets the most votes wins.

  122. Regency: I will take you at your word since you are one of the most artful and articulate speakers on this blog. (Don’t let that to to your head. I also have your number as well.)

  123. Because he doesn’t have one, Mass. Can’t understand gibberish.

  124. Kim, she’s a beauty contest winner.

  125. Kim: Today is Friday. What does this mean for me?

  126. Sorry if i duplicate anothers comments. I just read RD’s post, and have to post quickly–the kids are nipping at my heels.

    I can’t stand to hear Obama directly either. I am so grateful for having them pre-digested for me here.That shameless, hollow fraud will be kicked to the curb with my help.

    On McCain’s ads: Brilliant again. Would Obama be capable of producing an ad with that kind of graciousness from last night? Never. It sums it up. He’s too petty and small and hollow and creepy and dishonest and lightweight to qualify for manager of my local Starbucks.

    I’m just not that worried about the pro-life VP aspect of McCain’s VP pick. Is he really such a great campaign strategist, or do he and his campaign just look really really good in comparison to this bottom-feeder Obama? If McCain continues with this incredible ad campaign and impeccable timing, he will dominate everywhere.

  127. If McCain chooses Palin that “bump” he expects may become the size of a 10 lb baby.

  128. Come on, McCain, do it. Pick Palin. Take this election to a whole new level of discussion and debate. Do what no one in this country has done for almost forty years. Say to the world, “I am not afraid of women or of having a woman on my ticket. I know that women can lead.”

    I think it would be genius. It will steal the narrative of “Obama is fresh” from him, especially because the bloom is long off the rose on that, and Biden is so old school. It would also clearly signal that McCain is really the maverick he was, lying dormant under the “please the GOP base” facade. He would be LISTENING to the women of this country. Go for it Mac! Finally, a courageous and innovative move by a politician. Now, if he picks anyone else, it will be boooring.

  129. I have had a few women tell me that they might have mixed feelings about Palin, because it wouldn’t be fair that “Hillary didn’t break that ceiling first.”

    Let me say this to those people:

    No one wants it to be Hillary more than I do. But may I respectfully ask that you think about the fact that just such feelings are a big reason why Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and other powerful women did not strongly back Hillary? Yeah, they wanted equality, but they wanted it to be THEIR woman power, not just any woman’s. Her power threatened THEIR spot as queen bee. I will not be so petty as those women.

    I for one will jump for joy if McCain picks Palin, for all my sisters everywhere, whether Dem or Republican.

  130. Well McCain wil have to change his tactics because this lady has two years experience total.

  131. You are cleaning, is Ed coming over?:wink:

    My son is coming home before he deploys next week!!!

  132. Rich:

    If I understand your analogy, it’s flawed.

    In your “first case” you talk about someone who is rich (no pun intended) voting to get richer.

    But in your “second case” your refer to a vague non-material gain, and don’t describe the status of the voter.

    If a woman votes against sexism and misogyny, that isn’t selfishness.

    If any American votes against fraud and corruption, it isn’t greed.

  133. Kim: You must be so excited! Excellent news. Yes, I am about to start my weekly ritual. I am so predictable at times. And you never know with Ed, best to be prepared.

  134. No, carl, she has two years experience as Governor, which is exactly what the TOP of the Dem ticket has in the senate. Her roles as mayor, etc before she was governor COUNTS, just as much as Bambi’s “community organizing” does.

    Her resume at least comes close to his, and she would not be PRESIDENT, only VP.

    Bambi’s ticket is upside down.

  135. Check out Palin’s wikipedia entry, if you have time. Brave, competent woman who has bucked her own party to serve her constituents and stick to her beliefs. Found this quote telling:

    “Despite the lack of support from party leaders and being outspent by her Democratic opponent, she went on to win the general election in November 2006, defeating former Governor Tony Knowles.”

    She knows where Hillary has been.

  136. I’m getting so sick of this stuff. Somebody do a post about Palin. She has MORE than 2 years experience in politics. Do your research. Jesus, it isn’t even hard. Google is not calculus.

    She has been gov. of alaska for 2 years but she’s been in politics on a more local level (as if there’s a difference in Alaska) for much longer.

  137. FOX CONFIRMS IT’S PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Woooohoooo! You GO, sister!

  138. Palin is the pick. they are pretty sure about that.
    Palin may be a deal breaker for me. I was very ready to vote McCain, but Palin is very pro life. She has no foreign policy experience. She is a hunter….very conservative.

    This changes things for me.

  139. I thought McCain was seriously courting Hillary supporters, but not with a choice like this. This is really telling us to go to hell.

  140. IT’s PALIN!!!!! FOX JUST CONFIRMED!!!!!

    Woooohooooo! You GO, sister!

  141. Oh for the love of God, we knew he was gonna pick a Republican. Who on earth did we think he was gonna pick: Lieberman?

    Didn’t we say that we don’t vote for the bottom of a ticket that’s why Hillary as veep was a no-go? Now the philosophy is different with John McCain.

  142. Another reason this is brilliant – remember the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, when Biden said Anita Hill was fantasizing those things she claimed Clarence did and said, something like, “Women are like that”? (may not have verbatim)*

    I can see the McCain commercial now…video/audio straight from the Thomas confirmation hearings. Joe is a gold mine of damaging material that just keeps giving to the Repugs. In fact, he may be the Mother Lode. (Reserve judgement on that title until I see the MO “Whitey” and BHO praying in a Mosque videos).

    Imagine Palin’s rebuttals to Biden in their one scheduled debate.

    *(see one of Garychapelhill’s recent post for details, where I last read it – bless you Gary! I remember telling you that it was painful for me to watch the hearing with Anita Hill because of my own experiences).

  143. I watched some of it RD, cocktail in hand.

    He not only lifts from Hillary, but he took from McCain as well,
    He doesn’t have any ideas. His ideas are going to come from the corporations that have paid for this whole spectacle and, there are corrupt Repubs and Dems in on it!

    So now, all the backstory is over at NQ! A bunch is at my place, deeply linked back to press articles, and Savage Politics has the HARD facts, about what he has done. He has lied, in that speech. Months ago I was reading Savage — they have everything.

    In my book he is indecent. For what he did to Hillary, for lying, for all of it. I’m leaving the Dems — miq2xu had written about the interior corruption in the Party and he is right.

    The bad part of this deal is that Repubs and Dems are going to try and crush McCain like they did with Hillary. McCain is honest — he doesn’t go along for the ride.

    Here is a good article:

    the way O was talking about “service” — I’m reading that like a Draft!
    and guess who profits? The biggies behind the scenes. The Yalies, skull & bones — Kerry, Kennedy, Bush et al!

    If you search for McCain and Geronimo and skull you can see—
    If the economy keeps tanking, my guess is we will see a Rev here —
    like the French Rev.

    McC is against the corruption. Remember when all of this was going down and I think I said after he gave Hillary the finger that was it? I told you I was going to research McC. I have been. This is the first election I have ever been SO involved in because of the last 8 years, Riverdaughter.

    It was going to be our year.
    Those same forces are behind O.
    The whole thing is corrupt and rigged and WE SAW IT!
    Thanks to YOU and NO QUARTER!

    It’s a sad morning, but, I’m never going to vote for LIARS RD.

  144. WCMB, I want to repeat your comment in full:

    “I have had a few women tell me that they might have mixed feelings about Palin, because it wouldn’t be fair that “Hillary didn’t break that ceiling first.”

    Let me say this to those people:

    No one wants it to be Hillary more than I do. But may I respectfully ask that you think about the fact that just such feelings are a big reason why Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and other powerful women did not strongly back Hillary? Yeah, they wanted equality, but they wanted it to be THEIR woman power, not just any woman’s. Her power threatened THEIR spot as queen bee. I will not be so petty as those women.

    I for one will jump for joy if McCain picks Palin, for all my sisters everywhere, whether Dem or Republican.”

  145. She has executive experience. She cleaned up Alaska politics in her short time as Gov. Mccain said during the primaries that she would be a good VP. That is why she is on the Democrats hitlist website of VP canidates for Republicans when it first came out.

  146. She was the mayor of a very small town.

  147. It look likes McCain VP is Sarah Palin…good news for women…this would be wonderful.


    “Sen. John McCain’s campaign has told Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty he will [NOT] be the GOP vice presidential nominee in November, sources told CNN today.

    Meanwhile, the arrival of a private jet from Alaska at the Middleton, Ohio, airport Thursday night raised speculation that Alaska Gov.

    Sarah Palin would be McCain’s pick. Middleton is near Dayton, where McCain is expected to name his running mate at a rally today.

  148. She looks to be a very attractive woman judging by her picture. Not that this means anything but she can’t be called an old biddie by the talking heads. At least by some. Tweetie will need to keep a box of Depends handy since he becomes positively incoherent when faced with a pretty woman.

  149. Wait, I may have jumped the gun. Now saying still NOT confirmed.


  150. Alaska is a very small state. being the mayor of a town is just about being the governor of the state.

  151. Carlvjack: Palin has more executive experience than Obama.
    This former, 28-year Democrat would love voting for a McCain/Palin ticket. The Obots just don’t understand that The Messiah and his followers give us the creeps. I want a president, not a rock star. I want a president, not a messiah. I want a true Democrat, not a Republican Lite. I wanted Hillary Clinton, but I will choose McCain over Obama any day. What Obots do not understand is that we PUMAs do not take orders from Hillary. Hillary is not the Democratic nominee; we accept that, and we will vote accordingly.

  152. Obama has no EXEUTIVE EXPERIENCE. She has it as mayor and Gov.

  153. Dang! I’m looking at a picture of the Palin family, and they’re all so good-looking they look like one of those television families.

  154. Fox is confirming it is Palin. Wow!

  155. The fact that she is a woman is NOT enough. McCain ussed to be a moderate Republican. Palin is anything but that. She does not share democratic values.

  156. Would never vote for an outspoken pro-lifer. Ever.

  157. Oh, please angry, if you think that the argument can be that the Repubs VICE presidential choice has a little less experience than the Dems choice for FREAKING POTUS, then the electorate is going to rightly laugh in your face.

  158. I don’t think you can say Obama has Senate experience either.

    What’s he done since he took office in 2005? (besides run for President)

  159. Angry: You don’t want to vote for the ticket. We got it.

    And she’s not a Democrat so why should she share dem values?

  160. Pat, can we trust it? My heart is beating so fast.

    A woman? On an American presidential ticket? Can it be?

  161. I for one will jump for joy if McCain picks Palin, for all my sisters everywhere, whether Dem or Republican.

    Absolutely, and it’s a tribute to HiIlary. He wouldn’t even be considering her if Hillary hadn’t blazed the trail.

  162. angry artist: Even we do not know what constitutes “democratic values” anymore since this campaign started. It sure ain’t one person, one vote which was the cornerstone of this party at one time.

  163. McCain just confirmed to Fox – it’s Palin! Love it!

    If Obama bombs, because of her popularity, and, is scandalized before November, so he has to resign, perhaps the DNCorruptC will beg Hillary to take his place. Then we’d really have a race! Nothing is impossible…

    We can always dream.

  164. Right now the Democrat Party has no democratic values.

  165. RD – sigh, you are consistently right on message for me. I value that. My reasons for having been a Dem all these years has not changed. The D changed. People I thought represented me no longer do. I will have no, NO problem voting against this grotesque fraudulent group that we have now.

    Hillary said it best – xerox indeed. The fraud can use her words but has no credibility – zero, nadda. Last night was a nightmare – each speaker digging deeper into the phony facade.

    I plan on being around a long time – I want to watch us pick off each and everyone who fostered this phony onto what used to be my party.

    McCain picks Sarah Palin!

  166. If we really believe that experience is important, then it cuts both ways. Can’t have a double standard.

  167. This election is over. It’s been fun. *waves* See ya’ll for Hillary’s inauguration in 2013

  168. Magdalena: Carl Cameron just reinforced it. Saying, confirmed, it is Palin. Pushes BO right off the front page.

  169. I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY for women everywhere!!!!!!

  170. I wouldn’t vote for McCain if he had Sonny Jesus as his running mate.

    But lots of people will, and picking Palin means lots more will

  171. Who’s on troll duty this morning? These nits are interfering with our substantive discussion. Where’s myiq to “edit” for them?

  172. McCain should have picked Kay Bailey Hutchinson…

    Gov Palin is too inexperienced in terms of foreign policy…

    However it is certainly better to have the bottom of the ticket be inexperienced than the top…

  173. McCain did it!!!!! Go McCain/Palin!!!!

  174. Angry: this is the last time I’m saying this. Palin has more experience DOING things that Obama and he’s at the top of his ticket. If she hadn’t done shit they wouldn’t have picked her. No double standard.

  175. I am not voting McCain unless I absolutely have to in my state but this right now makes it a little easier to swallow if it comes t that.

  176. I need a post name and time, please

  177. WOW! I am extremely impressed. Great day for the country!

  178. I really want to vote against BO and the undemocratic party. I really want a woman in the presidency.
    But if a woman doesn’t believe that women have the right to choose and self determine…then what???

    I hate hunting.

  179. I used to say that if someone pointed a gun to my head, I still wouldn’t vote Republican. The DNC and Obama changed that. I plan to vote straight ticket GOP until the Democrats become democratic again.

  180. Kay Bailey Hutchinson wants to be Gov. of Texas which will NEVER happen as long as I frakking live here. She cannot touch anything else in this country. That is a dealbreaker!

  181. Angry:

    Picking a less-experience VP candidate is what you’re supposed to do. That way they gain experience while playing second banana

    Putting the second banana in charge while the one with experience (like Biden) sits on the bench is D-U-M-B

  182. I love Hillary but I am excited for women on the Palin pick….Great job McCain!!!!

    I have never even considered the Republican Party until this moment!


    This should have been Hillary’s moment…you said it Magdalina; the DEMS really messed up.

    and “I for one will jump for joy if McCain picks Palin, for all my sisters everywhere, whether Dem or Republican.” Right on Magdalina….but some bitter sweet joy!!!

    This still feels like the Twilight Zone though!!

    Wow, well now McCain/Palin will really kicka**!!

  184. Thank you, RD, for yet another thoughtful post. This has been such a hard week. I remain grateful to you all. I don’t comment that much but reading every word here has given me such support and comfort.

    I am also hoping for Palin. What I’ve read so far is positive. Her husband is a Native Yup’ik Eskimo, which, for me, adds to the diversity of this possible Republican ticket.

    Hillary 2012

  185. I’d say that this nomination is the exact opposite of what I’ve gotten used to from Obama. With Obama it’s always a finger in my eye. This? A cup of lukewarm tea. Not too shabby, considering.

  186. Experience is important. But at the top of the ticket! Obama has no more business running for president than I do. Oh wait, I worked for over 30 years which gives me a leg up on that requirement.

  187. Gov Palin is against pork-barrel spending, like Mccain. She has a history of bipartisanship. Check her out.

  188. I am a woman who supports women.

    I did not call the AA community stupid for lining up behind Obama. They are supporting the aspirations of a specific community, and their own advancement as individuals; they are pushing against their own marginalization.

    I, too, push against my own marginalization.

    Yes, it matters that she is a woman.

    It matters.

    It matters.

    I hope it is Palin. This will become a very American, inclusive election.

    And I will support her.

  189. CNN says that McCain’s VP pick is Palin.

  190. Fox reporter just pointed out that Palin has more executive experience than Obama AND Biden, who have only legislative experience.

  191. I love Hilllary but I am happy for McCain on this pick with Palin!

  192. Just heard the news! Woohoo Gov. Palin, make sure to wear your baby in a baby carrier when you make public appearances. There’s your political theater. Hee hee glee! Glee! And her oldest is in Iraq too.

    Oh yyyyeah! What was that about suburban moms being the decisive voting bloc this year?

  193. If McCain is really smart enough to pick a woman as VP, maybe he’s also smart enough to reach across the aisle as President. I know for sure that lots of women who would have voted for Hillary are going to vote for McCain if he picks Palin. I’m pretty excited to see what happens. She only 44 too.

  194. McCain/Palin…it’s official!!!
    Palin is going to speak soon!!!!!

  195. Regency….I believe that most Clonton supporters strongly believe in a woman’s right to choose. I do not believe this choice will help McCain get clinton voters. I think it will hurt. A very conservative choice sends a message to me that he did not really want or need my vote.

  196. Today you gotta love America. We now have a choice!

  197. Artist: Okay.

  198. McCain just sent a message to all women who have been told they aren’t appreciated by Obamanation

    That message is :


  199. Choosing Palin, McCain just stuck a big fat finger into Obama’s eye! This pick proves that Obama is just a wimp factor by overlooking Hillary. Don’t much like McCain but you gotta love this!

  200. CBS has confirmed that Palin will be the VP pick!!


  201. Right on, Pat!

  202. On the Palin question of VP debates. She is camera candy and her VP nomination will be the most HISTORIC EVER!

    If Biden goes after her, Anita Hill tapes will be put back on TV for those who missed it. The press will LOVE her and McCain will be more maverick than ever!! MSNBC will claim it is a pander to the non-existant PUMAs who are voting against their self interest… but really aren’t very many, so nothing to see here!

  203. I agree, Pat. This is going to get really interesting. It’s kind of fun when you don’t have a horse in the race.

  204. I don’t see anything confirming Palin yet. If you read the story, it says she is at the top of the list now.

  205. aa translation: SCARY SCOTUS!!!!! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

    Pfffffffffffffffft! The Dems have held women hostage over choice JUST as much as the Repubs have tried to deny it.

    That dog ain’t hunting anymore – put him down.

    We are NOT AFRAID.

  206. Well. well .. well … I will make my first donation to a republican candidate today in my life ever … ever ..

    It just feels sooooooooo weird ..

  207. This makes me sad.

    The Dems had such an opportunity.

  208. Palin also took the girls basketball team to a CHAMPIONSHIP…..Go McCin EXCELLENT CHOICE and thanks for showing respect to WOMEN.

  209. bb: Maybe you and I will never have to face that decision in MA. I would really hate to have to go to my grave having voted Repub. But Palin may just help lower those points here in MA even more so. Let’s hope McCain wins without us.

  210. Fox got official confirmation from MC campaign. It’s Palin.

  211. angry artist

    She is Pro-Life Feminist like Susan B Anthony who was against abortion. She is a Feminist. She is about women issues, just not pro-choice.

  212. As a woman I love the choice. But then what? Clinton vs.Palin in 2012? Ouch!

  213. I have to hand it to McCain…he has guts. I have thought this was the plan since June.

  214. Obamanation spent over a week hyping the VP nomination, and when they announced Biden the public was underwhelmed.

    McCain let the actual pick create the excitement.

  215. Yeah, yeah. Press is all over the story. No more about BO’s speech.

    Before this year, I never thought I would ever vote Republican. But I would be able to vote for McCain. After all, Hillary said McCain could be President. They are good friends, she knows his moral character, his core.

  216. Drudge Report is running the AP story

  217. Destini: Iwas think of that last night. Truth is Hillary has the backbone we want and the plans. Palin just has the Hillary backbone from the right side. We’ll just have to be ready. Hillary can stay visible.

    Oh, those debates are gonna rock the casbah.

  218. OH MY GOD!

    So, lets see –

    McCain: I see your ripped off speech and I’ll raise you one very young, attractive woman VP pick!

    obama: call.

  219. That’s a SURE convention bounce!

  220. The Dems lost out big time by letting Hillary go. Serves them right. What little payback we get from this will only go down sweeter in November if McCain pulls this off. I cannot believe that the DNC has left me rooting for the opposition but this is well deserve. We should have had Hillary Clinton!

  221. This is a great post RD and as I finished reading it the news is breaking that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a woman, has been selected by J. McCain as his running mate. So the first woman to be a veep will be a Republican.

    The problem is not gridlock in Congress. Our system was set up as a series of checks and balances. For an interesting book about the founders read “How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe’s Poorest Nation Created Our World & Everything in It,” by Andrew Herman. The chapter on how Scottish thinkers influenced Madison is very interesting and revealing.

  222. Oh god the Democrats are so stupid.

  223. I’m having a very visceral reaction to McCain’s choice of Palin. I’m crying, happy and sad at the same time.

    With this choice, McCain shows that he really IS a maverick and a leader. Talk about having the courage of your convictions! At the same time, he acknowledges the horrifying sexism that the Democratic Party has put its women through in the past 18 months, and tells us “It won’t be that way with me. I can see the worth and value of women.”

    A bittersweet victory indeed, my PUMA friends.

  224. The highest, hardest glass ceiling just came crashing down.

    Thank you, Hillary!

  225. I’ve been googling Governor Palin to find out a little more about her. Here is a very nice article about the birth of her down syndrome son in April. While I am certainly pro-choice, I have a great deal of respect for this woman.


    I have no fear that in this country we will never go back to back-alley abortion. I respect both the pro-choice arguments and the pro-life arguments and I believe it is a personal choice that the government cannot be involved in. I am not afraid to have a pro-life president and vice-president because I believe that no matter who is on the Supreme Court, women will never lose their right to make the decision themselves. No man can ever take that away from us. We would revolt before we would let that happen and they know it.

  226. This is making me cry.

  227. I turn on CNN to see what they were saying, and they are interviewing an old white guy Democrat who just drones on about “Bush’s 3rd term” when asked about Palin

    If Obama was captain of the Titanic, he would have aimed for the icebergs.

  228. Palin looks like my sweet little sister.

    I will be voting McCain/Palin unless the Dems immediately let BO gets his and overturns for Hillary!

    Hillary or McCain 2009

  229. McCain just sent a message to all women who have been told they aren’t appreciated by Obamanation

    That message is :


    Myiq: exactly

  230. The Republicans always know how to stick it to the Democrats.

  231. It would be sooo incredibly ironic if the first woman VP was a Republican. What does that say? And I agree with an earlier poster, this would not have happened but for Hillary.

  232. That’s change you can SEE!!!!

    Stupid, Horrible, deceiptfull DNC. Why could it not be US nominating a winning ticket?

    It was our year to loose. AND yes, you’ve marched us right to the cliff. As%^$*les!!!!

  233. A “pro-life feminist” PERFECT. An oxymoron to me, but who cares what I think.

    She also approved some sort of domestic partnership deal for gay couples.

    BTW, I have health insurance because of Giuliani

  234. Who would have thought that when they counted McCain out last summer he would have the brilliance to do this today? Had Hillary been our candidate, it would not have mattered. But no, the DNC has to get cute by half and push this non entity at us so look where we are. McCain more or less tightened his hold on the Oval today. Unbelievable strategy!

  235. And you know what, madamab? When the misogny starts (and it will) it will make me both happy and sad to see this woman’s OWN party STAND UP AND FUCKING DEFEND HER.

    This would not be possible without Hillary. God I love that woman, and her bravery. She has ALREADY done more for us than we will ever know.

  236. Plural – please pass the Kleenex. I’m just lost for words right now. Really.


    I am stunned.

    I am blown away.

    Way to go, McCain.

  238. New Thread for McCain’s VP Pick

  239. You can bet Palin vs. Clinton in 2012 will be one very exciting race!!

    You can also bet you will hear alot more about the bitter people clinging to guns. Sarah Palin is a lifetime member of the NRA. She is one of those who cling to their gun. She also lead her high school basketball team to a state championship, maybe she will challeng Barack to a game of one-on-one!!

  240. Fox is saying they have confirmed it, Madamab. They also said early this morning that Romney, Pawlenty, and Huckabee have been eliminated. I’m just glad it’s not Romney. I don’t want him anywhere near the WH.

  241. My mother just screamed with joy. A female attorney I know started to cry. THIS IS BIG!!!!

  242. WMCB, well said!

  243. WOW you guys and gals are truly pathetic… I’ve never in my life seen so many spiteful people… If BO would chose HRC (whom I respect deeply) you’d all be hoping for an assassination so she could ascend to the Presidency. So sad and shameful are you all.

  244. Palin is also an “outsider” in Washington

    Old white guy “insider” vs. Hottie “outsider”

    The American Idol campaign just got pwned

  245. Plural, I feel the same way.

    The Dems screwed the pooch on this one.

  246. The woman has 5 kids. She will know how to lead the country!

  247. I’ll tell you this — if Palin is the pick there will not be a pair of “Sarah Palin Nutcrackers” for sale at airports that all the GOPers will be snickering about.

  248. madamab: I am right there with you except the caveat is “payback is a bitch”. I wonder if Nancy is smiling now.

  249. Guiliani Time: Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Want some CHEESE with the WHINE?

  250. Obama’s speech-media-spin-a-thon has now been completely bumped by the McCain VP story. I can now resume my previous television watching without Obama interruption. Hooray!

  251. Palin is PRO LIFE!!!! YAY! A woman with 5 kids that believes you cannot make you own decisions… I can’t wait to vote!

  252. WMCB – Yes, they will. Poor, poor Hillary, stuck in a Party that does not deserve her. Sarah Palin should send her a bouquet of flowers every day until she is inaugurated as Vice President.

    The Obama/DNC Conglomerate will be comfily located under OUR bus in November, wondering why the words “Don’t F*ck With PUMA” are stamped on their foreheads.

  253. Guiliani Time:

    See you at the voting booth! Ha, Ha, Ha!

  254. LOL! Looks at the trolls coming here and panicking! They’re freaking out!

  255. WMCB: Damn right, her party will defend her. Unlike Hillary’s party.

  256. Eddy likes it. He thinks the DNC will turn on BO like a rabid dog, serve him up to the skewer, and beg our Hillary to:

    Hillary or McCain 2009

  257. FOX: “A maverick picking a maverick.”

    That’s the new campaign theme.

  258. McCain camp in HONOR of John McCain’s friend Hillary Clinton we pick Sarah Palin now the glass ceiling can be broken

    Thank You John McCain

  259. Wow. One of the candidates thought outside the box.


  260. HI Haters 🙂

  261. Cynthia McKinney
    Presidential nominee
    Green Party

    That party actually has the guts to put forward a woman for president.

  262. strategically, what a great move for Johnny Mac.
    I see the stampede of neglected Hillary voters running to his
    site to donate.
    Personally, I’m not running.
    It just pisses me off even more that it’s not Hillary in the Big House.

    It’s pure strategy and has nothing to do with vision or cracks in the ceiling in my opinion.

    And Palin’s anti-privacy, anti-choice stance made it palatable for the right.
    I’d have felt better with a crusty old guy as Mac’s Veep.
    Feels like I’m being with toyed with and I’m pissed!
    Must change avatar immediately!

  263. I just felt a swell of sadness: this should have been Hillary, as the breakthrough woman…

    I’m glad a woman is being recognized, but Hillary earned this. Bastards.

  264. addition to above rant.


  265. FOX: “McCain is putting Washington on notice: he has spent years bucking the system, and he is saying,”I’m not kidding. I am going to bring real change to Washington.”

    As opposed to O-blah blah, just words.

  266. <a href=”http://rossdouthat.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/08/obamas_night.php”Ross Douthat has a pretty good review of the speech.

    The speech had good lines and good sections, but for the most part it felt surprisingly banal and jury-rigged, and it suffered throughout from a failure to cohere around any single theme or rhetorical style. There was a lot of liberal boilerplate (recruit an army of teachers, tax the rich, etc.) that could have fit easily into any Democratic acceptance speech of the last twenty years; there was a series of swings at John McCain that, while often effective, seemed more appropriate to a veep’s speech than to an address by a Presidential nominee; and then there was a half-hearted attempt to return, in the speech’s final third, to the themes of post-partisanship and national unity that defined his ’04 convention speech. The whole thing felt schizophrenic – part Clintonian laundry-list, part McCain-bashing polemic, part “beyond red and blue” peroration – and watching it I was left with the impression that Obama would have been better off just sticking with the high-flown inspirational style that got him here, and waiting for the debates to recast himself as the meat-and-potatoes guy who can throw a punch and get down into the policy weeds. Hindsight is 20/20, of course, and you can see what Obama and his speechwriters were trying to do – namely, have the best of both worlds, by being soaring and substance-oriented, combative and post-partisan. But the substance was predictable, thin, and rife with pandering, the combativeness felt faintly inappropriate, and the speech didn’t soar nearly as much as it should have. It was a historic evening, for Obama and for America, and there were moments that gave me shivers just watching on TV – but if you didn’t go in sold on the Democratic nominee, I think it was ultimately something of a letdown.

  267. My Goodness…

    I have never seen so many comments so pop up so fast….

    Just imagine : Palin has a down syndrome child compared to Obama basically arguing for infanticide on behalf of doctors trying to avoid law suits…

    and I am pro-choice, but Obama’s argument in that case was very close to malicous and malevolent (sic)…

    I don’t know much about Palin… we will see how this works out…

  268. WOW!!
    I guess McCain will get Gerri Ferraro’s support??
    I can look my “UNITY” husband in the face since;
    how can I go against having a WOMAN in the TOP 2nd SPOT!! He NEVER says ANYTHING against “AA” that vote for Obama 90+% of the time??!

  269. Guiliani Time:

    No haters here but YOU! Stop the hate!

  270. Pat, Nancy is smiling, she can’t help herself, too much face work.

  271. Can someone block Guiliani–he is only here to be obnoxious?

    You’re the only “hater” coming here dude.

  272. Hillary will have her chance (again), I truly believe that…

    becuse she has earned it; plain and simple…

  273. Don’t worry about our Hillary. She has shown the entire world her brilliance and strength. She will do great things–as a Senator, and in any future role, president or otherwise. She has been revolutionary.

  274. I see Palin and Clinton bringing HEATLH CARE

  275. So you guys are buying this hook, line and sinker huh??? McCain picks a woman to bait you into voting for him and you jump??? WOW

  276. BTW I believe that Obama will choose HRC as the next Supreme Court Justice or Atty General… I know it is not the Presidency that you all want but I believe that she’d be exceptional at either position.

    I’m not a HRC hater, I am a BO supporter! And I, unlike the rest of you truly would have supported HRC if she had won.

  277. I love the choice of Sarah Palin.

    That said, for those voters for whom gender is not an issue or not as much an issue as EXPERIENCE (so often stated here too) Palin is risky.

    20 months as Gov. of Alaska after being a two term mayor of … Anchorage? NO.
    Fairbanks? No. Juneau? No. But the megalopolis that is the great city of Wasilla, AK.

  278. Is it really Palin?

    I am can’t believe I’m crying. Oh happy day!

    Pelosi is now trying to convince Cheney and Bush to go into the hospital for elective surgery that requires anesthesia.

    Then she’ll be president for a day!

  279. Game Changer.

  280. It was a hideous speech by Obama. Now that McCain has picked Sarah Palin, nobody will even remember Obama’s mess of a speech from last night.

    Palin means Clinton WILL be the Democratic nominee in 2012.

    Fantasy scenario: Obama is forced to step down before the election, Biden steps in and in turn nominates Clinton to be HIS running mate.

  281. I feel a rant coming on…bear with me:

    The pro-life republican threat of overturning Roe v is the equivalent of well orchestrated urban myth.

    The republicans leaders do not want to overturn Roe v. Wade. They need to keep the abortion issue alive. It motivates their conservative base. It’s the stick they use to prod their legions to the polls on election days.

    Also, if Bush couldn’t overturn it, no one can. Bush owed more to the conservative right than McCain will ever owe them.

    However, let’s consider it for a second- to put the matter to rest. If Roe v Wade overturned, countless challenges would be filed on both the federal and state levels. It would take years (some say decades) to completely shut down lawful access to abortion services nationwide.

    Let’s not forget, the dems use the abortion issue to prod us too. In this election the dem leaders are using it to push us towards Obama. We hear:‘You don’t like Obama? Too bad, he’s the only one who will protect your reproductive rights!’

    I don’t buy it. The downticket dems are capable of protecting our reproductive rights- if we can keep enough of them in the House and Senate.

    Phew! Feel much better now.

  282. Here’s the thing, the black people who support obama are right. Getting the glass ceilings broken are the most important work.

    Women need to wake up and support their own. I don’t care if it does ‘seem’ irrational to the men who can’t understand my sour grapes because I should just get over it – and do what *they* want me to – or else.

    We can thank Hillary (and Geraldine ) for creating this opportunity.

  283. Guliani Time…

    Of course you would have supported Hillary… assuming you are rationale and sane , not the most common attribute in O-supporters…

    becuase Hillary is qualified unlike Barry…

  284. Wow this has really excited my daughters. Thank John McCain. You have given them HOPE again

  285. I agree, the Republicans will never tolerate sexism against Palin from the media or its own party.

    As for those us either clinging to the Democratic Party, or just leaving it, well, thank goodness we have that symbolic gender-equity delegate guideline that’s just proven so darn valuable to women everywhere.

    I ask you, what’s more important, symbolism of equity from the DNC, or a real life women?

  286. In the end, for Obama to lose Mccain has to win. It is that simple. For those motivated to see Obama defeated, Voting third party or not voting is just a way to try to avoid personal responsbility for that choice, but there it is: one of those two men will be President, and if you don’t want Obama in the White House for four years then you are-whether you face it or not-choosing McCain the White House for four years (if he lives that long).

    A bitter choice and a bitter price to pay. But personally I’m willing to pay it to prevent the only viable alternative to the GOP, the Democratic Party, from being gutted of its remaining liberal impulses. So it is McCain for me.

  287. I really cannot believe this. I always tear up when Bill or Hillary speak, so impressed with their knowledge and compassion. Today is the very first time I teared up over a Repugs speech but Sarah Palin impressed me. I hope she lives up to what I think I saw……….her giving credit to Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary was right and seemed sincere. Maybe it was a political move on McCains part but methinks it may be the right move.

  288. She’s a COMPLETE package. What an EXCELLENT Choice,
    John McCain you did GOOD sir.

  289. just on yahoo! no bounce for obama! skip along, yea! dance in circles! too bad, so sad

  290. I see Heidi Li’s assertion that Obama lifted passages, but I don’t see any passages to compare. Where can I find that?

  291. The first thing I thought when I heard McCain was picking Palin: Why couldn’t the Democrats be smart like this, and put the experienced person at the top of the ticket, with the apprentice in the VP spot?

    I am so angry at the Dems all over again! It should have been Hillary/Obama. The Dems would have kept the White House for 16 years. But no, now it will be McCain/Palin in 08, and if McCain is only a one term president, Hillary vs. Palin in 2012.

  292. it’s unbelievable! this has got to be posts by fox and friends. do you really believe that bush has been good for women? palin will have roe v wade erased in a heartbeat. equal pay for women? that’s a republican value? environment, economy? please!
    if you really believe the neocons have your interests at heart, then by all means vote for mcbush. every program of obama’s is as close to hillary as you can be. by all means vote your own interests, but don’t tell me a vote for mccain when you endorsed hillary is voting your interests. you must be retarded!

  293. McCain thinks women are stupid. He picked a woman only because he thinks you guys aren’t smart enough to know a ploy when you see one. I can see his thought process now “Uhh…If I choose a woman for VP, I’ll get all of the women who would’ve voted for Hillary to vote for me”.

    C’mon, when has the GOP ever cared about womens issues. You all should be insulted. McCain is playing Hillary supporters like a violin and the tune aint up beat.

    Beware, you’re being bamboozelled…

    You guys have a great holiday weekend and take care…

  294. vote ron paul

  295. I think people should be forced to listen to Barack Obama from the time they wake up until they go to sleep at night. And in between listen to tapes of his speeches.

    (Edited to clarify the intent of the comment – katiebird)

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