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“Write-in” laws per state

We don’t want to tell anyone how to vote.  But if you still want to vote for Hillary for president, you can do it in some states.  The site mfoster.com, has a list of write in rules per state.  Check it carefully to make sure your state qualifies.  There are three rules that may present an obstacle:

Rule 1 – Write-in votes will not be counted if the candidate does not file as a write-in candidate.

Rule 2 – Write-in candidates are not allowed in presidential elections.

Rule 3 – A candidate losing the primary cannot file as a write-in candidate in the general election.

My state, New Jersey, does not follow any of these rules, so I will be able to write in Hillary’s name this fall.  Just to make absolutely sure, I will follow up with my local board of elections.  Clip and save.

Matt has another edition of his radio show on tonight at 11:00PM EST.  Tune into blogtalkradio for My Two Cents. Preview: Tonight’s show will respond to the DEATH of Democracy! Reactions: To President Clinton’s speech, and Barack Obama’s speech. Also, a discussion on the un-democratic “roll-call vote”!!!

Special Guests: The Honorable David James Manning, and Denver Group founders Heidi Li Feldman and Marc Rubin!!! Whoa!  Way to go Matt.  Those are good “gets”.

And now for something beautiful.  We’ve all been a little shell shocked in the past couple of days and sometimes we forget that there truly are moments of transcendence.  Here is a lovely example.  Enjoy!

This is an open thread.

55 Responses

  1. As I understand it, in some states, writing in Hillary may result in the vote being counted for Obama because they are in the same party.

  2. I actually called the elections office in Harrisburg a while back to clarify how write-in votes worked in Pennsylvania. While the state does not follow any of the three rules mentioned, no electors are assigned to write-in candidates, effectively making a write-in vote carry as much weight as an abstention. The woman on the phone told me that the most write-in votes do in the state is make the elections officials have to tally the names written-in and they find it really annoying having to count “Mickey Mouse” as a vote.

  3. Hello Riverdaughter,

    Thank you for everything. I am reeling still from this emotional week, and have a wait and see as to my plan. I guess at this point, it consists of “I’ll do what it takes”. This is my first post in days because of the mad rush of coming home to family. I have to say, that it has been lovely to bond with my PUMA dad and to see Katiebird!

  4. joanie, check your email!

  5. Hi Honies, I’m home.

  6. Katiebird,

    The link in the post doesn’t work, at least for me. Is it working? Also, I can’t read the first three lines because the puma logo is covering them – what do they say? Aren’t I a pain in the ass?!!!

  7. Write in is not an option.

    Mccain. Anything to defeat obamination.

  8. I guess I’ll have to vote for McCain. My state follows Rule 1 and I don’t want my vote to go to waste.

  9. Oh my gawd, Obama keeps going on and on. He is like an annoying barking dog. Shut up already. I can hear it through the walls. The woman next door is listening to it. Shut up already, shut up shut up shut up.

    Listen to it, it has this high pitch, da dum da dum da dum, bark. da dum da dum da dum, bark, da dum da dum da dum bark.


  10. Only Idgits will vote for Obama

  11. I have ZERO problem playing hardball and sticking up for what’s right even if it doesn’t flatter me at first appearance.

    That’s why I will say mccain mccain mccain all damn day long, and not feel the slightest bit of remorse.

    I have a grudge; I’m going to nurture it, love it, rock it to sleep each night until November 4th.

    obama is going down.

  12. ekittyglendower, on August 28th, 2008 at 10:51 pm Said:

    lol, your post reminds me of a Poe’ish, or Franz Kafka kind of nightmare (hearing obama thru the walls).

  13. Link doesn’t work for me! waaa.

    I’m just not voting for prez, i think. Downticket only. I can’t find it in myself to vote for McCain, not even as a protest. But my state isn’t a swing state, so it matters less.

    I’m just trying to hold onto my sanity until after the bounce from the convention (assuming they get one) settles. After Jeralyn’s no-criticism policy was enacted today over at TL, the posts are all about how super BO’s speech is, and it’s depressing. But I guess that’s what she wanted.

  14. Riverdaughter – Remember your phrase about “it’s not over until the balloons fall in Denver?”


    I saw Showtime at the O-bollo and I was not impressed. The music was awful in the end. It sounded like a cheap movie soundtrack – not stately at all. The “wanna-be Birdnest effect” with the fireworks failed. The “SPEECH” America’s Promise? A promise he can’t deliver.

  15. Oh! Then I guess it’s not over.

  16. here is the correct link for write-in info:


  17. I want to remind people NOT to write in the word “PUMA.” Imagine how easily it could be “read” as a poorly-scribed Obama, especially with the fraud that is bound to take place.

  18. riverdaughter Said:
    Oh! Then I guess it’s not over.

    You bet your sweet a– it’s not!!

  19. They stole my vote for Hillary in New Jersey…127 delegates unanamously and with much joy according to Gov. Corzine voted for OBAMA…giving the great State of NJ UNANAMOUSLY to Obama for the
    Democratic Presidential Nomination.

    and I read and saw the research on how the votes were stolen in the Caucuses….

    The information in this post on How To Do A Write IN, I know is being given in the spirit of helpfullness…and thankyou Riverdaughter for this information….and thankyou for “The Confluence” and for all of the wonderful courageous things that you do. You are awesome!!

    But I don’t want to fall into another state of helplessness and THROW MY VOTE AWAY and let OBAMA win the POTUS.

    My statements are not meant to offend anyone…I was told we could come on this site and share our feelings and thoughts about what was happening and if that was sharing ideas and proposals for action or sharing anger, tears, joy and laughter then that was okay. That is one of the reasons I love this site.

    Between now and November, I am not going to remain SILENT…I respect everyones right to vote their conscious…but I also want to be able to speak my mind…too!!!

    If in the course of the discussions it sounds like I am trying to sway someone else then know that I honor your right to make your own choice.

    I will not write in Hillary’s name…not because I support her less but because I SUPPORT HILLARY EVEN MORE!!!

    I have stated this before, I have never voted Republican in a Presidental Election but I will in November…vote for McCain. I knew they were going to do dirty tricks at the Convention (I shared that in my comments on this site days before the Convention)….but we had to try andrun the race until the finish, however it turned out. Again, thank you RD and thankyou to all the brave PUMAs who went to Denver; we are very proud of you and you gave it your all!!

    I plan to make packets up about Obama and all of his deceit…explaining logically and respectfully why Obama should not be POTUS and go door to door in South Jersey by next week…talking to folks about what was done…to DEMOCRACY!!

    I will NOT go as a representative from the McCain Campaign…I will go as a fellow citizen…I will walk the streets of my community for DEMOCRACY…because I love this Country. I will also write letters to the Editor to our South Jersey newspapers. These are just two actions (that I am going to start immediately), there will be more. I am anxiously awaiting D Murphy’s Plans.

    In the jobs that I have held throghout my working life (including 15 years in government, Directing Environmental Programs, and 5 years as a Director of a Women’s Center); I worked for equality for all people.
    So noone can guilt trip me about…voting for Obama and noone else should vote for him (in my opinion) because of the guilt trip/manipulation tactic that is used by the Obama organization.

    I will not again be duped…by the system into throwing my vote away (quite frankly I don’t trust them). They will not steal my vote. ..and I will talk with as many people as I can (respectfully) but with the willingness to speak the truth!!

    Lincoln said…”To remain silent when one should protest makes cowards of men [and women].”

    Time To Speak…Time to Protest…
    Time To Take Action…

  20. We need someone to post that on a web page and place a link on the side.

  21. Was it me or did OBOMB?

  22. SweetieSue – I didn’t watch, but I read the speech and it didn’t seem that spectacular. He was supposed to show up the Big Dawg and Hillary. Not sure he did that.

  23. We got through the Obama speech tonight on Capital Hill by getting drunk and/or high and live blogging.

    I thought he was going to talk forever….God it was boring.

    Mountain Sage

  24. Well, now we know why he only does Hopey – Changey stuff.

  25. btw, I don’t trust doing a Hillary write in either. I will have to vote for McCain in Florida. Am going to send the link for write in info to friends. The DNC needs to be taught a lesson and I am starting to believe that the O man is dangerous.

  26. FYI – I saw a self-possesed young woman at Sam’s Club wearing a PUMA T-shirt. I wanted to ask her wear she got it, but didn’t interfere. Wish I had – could have shown her my PUMA bracelet. Would swear she was wearing it to make a statement.

    I think the movement is spreading…

  27. Is anyone else just glad that ostentatous embarassing debacle is over ??? Cheeesh All that for one mans ego ….What happend to substance over show? There is none …

  28. kc: Contact florida@johnmccain.com .

  29. I want to write in Hillary so badly I can taste it ..i just want to write her name or push a button with her name onit it makes me weep , but I cant even find out if Maryland allows that , and I am terified that if i do it without checking that my vote would go to “no way nohow nobama “

  30. When he said “We are all our brother’s keeper, all I could see was the picture of his half-brother George standing in front of his hovel.

  31. ahhh i found it .thank you for posting that link to the site with the rules for all staies .. guess I cant write her in after all.. I will just have to wear my Hillary shirt to the polls 😉

  32. Nevada — no write in allowed, but “none of the above” is an option.

    Dad will be voting none of the above — 81 years old and has never NOT voted for president. I will be voting McKinney (Green), or Nader.

  33. CA falls under rule 1. I’m pretty much leaning toward McKinney (Green). Even though CA has the most electoral votes, in reality it hasn’t helped play a determining role in the presidential election since 1968.

  34. No prez/vp write in allowed for me in South Carolina, but I intend to write her name down the rest of the ballot.

    If you hear some loon in SC voted for HRC for county ag commissioner or the local school board, that would be me.

  35. No speech is worth a damn if the speaker can’t prove he has something, anything, in his/her history that supports the belief. This man has absolutely nothing in his resume that shows he put others above himself. Every move he has made has been for his own benefit.

    I thought this speech was so canned and superficial.

    If you had just been given the nomination for POTUS, and were featured in a stadium filled with some 70,000 people cheering, wouldn’t you look happy, really happy? This guy is so arrogant, he almost looked annoyed.

    He must lose.

  36. Here comes the good part. At least someone besides Hillary voters who knows what’s up.

    Coronation over, it’s time for the little people
    Commentary: Ten weeks to talk economy, not celebrity

    DENVER (MarketWatch) — They don’t call them limousine liberals for nothing.
    Forget pomp and circumstance, for the Democrats these days it’s pop and circumstance, and Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field here Thursday night put even the Chinese Olympic planners to shame with its glittering self-importance.
    But now that the party is over; now that Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner and Chevy Chase and Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder have roared through the VIP police barricades into the night; now that the pitch-black SUVs with tinted windows and machinegun-toting Secret Service agents riding the bumpers have fled, it’s time for the Democrats to turn to their real constituents for the next 10 weeks.
    Obama’s major challenge is to connect with the people beyond the barricades; those who weren’t whooping and singing and dancing in Denver. Those who still live the lives he so eloquently reminds us that he came from.
    As he and running mate Joe Biden begin their bus tour across America, their major opportunity to defeat John McCain lies not in sounding tough on foreign policy or in Obama appearing regal and presidential, but in convincing Democrats and Republicans on the fence that his economic policies will indeed help them rebuild from the Bush years.
    The political intrigue that dominated this week in Denver, surrounding what the Clintons would do and whether each side paid enough homage to the other to unite the party, will fade fast in the coming week. Many Hillary supporters will bite the bullet and vote for the party. Some just won’t. But it’s not those people Obama needs to worry about anymore. He needs to reach the people who want to know exactly how he — not McCain — will help them out of their economic holes.
    Obama needs to convince people he has answers to their economic woes beyond the standard Democratic fallback of raising taxes. His plans for alternative energy, health care for everybody, increased funding for local infrastructure improvements, economic stimulus, and financial markets and regulation need to be spelled out as eloquently and with as much attention to detail and context as his reasons for wanting to be a politician and a leader. He was off to a great start in his speech, hitting at least seven key promises, from reducing dependence on foreign oil to spending $150 billion on renewable sources of energy.
    In particular, Obama has a real chance to convince folks his policies would help turn around the weak dollar, after six years of declines, and return to a “strong dollar” policy of the Clinton years, which had immeasurable benefits for the economy and the markets.
    Obama needs to go beyond the usual boilerplate arguments and demonstrate that his ideas are not just reworked Democratic ideals, but really his ideas on how the nation can change for the better. If he succeeds and wins the election in November, it’s very likely he’ll be ushered in with one of the biggest Democratic majorities in Congress since Bill Clinton’s first administration. He needs to show us that he won’t squander it, like Clinton did — as did George W. Bush his Republican majority in his first term — by adopting a high and mighty attitude to the people who brought them in.
    Obama is fortunate that his opponent is McCain, someone who is much stronger on foreign policy than the economy. But McCain knows how to seize an opportunity, and how to pick and win a fight. He won’t let his inexperience in business lessen his attacks on Obama’s also-weak economic credentials.
    McCain is going to attack on the economy in coming weeks and Obama’s team needs to be ready. The fall term in Congress will see several divisive issues come up, such as offshore oil drilling, bailouts for Fannie and Freddie, and what to do about the collapsing U.S. auto industry. These play into McCain’s hands, but Obama can diffuse them with straight talk and real demonstrations on how he would work with Congress by taking a lead on these issues.
    Standing aloof as these battles rage will only cement the unpopular perception in the working class’s eyes that Obama isn’t ready to tackle what means most to them.
    When Americans go to the polls on Nov. 4, celebrities, parties, Greek-columned speaking stands, and rock stadium events aren’t going to be what they’re voting for. The festivities Thursday night were a reward for a primaries battle well fought, and a well-earned recognition of the Obama’s history-making achievement to be the first African-American nominated for president by a major party.
    A lot of people said Thursday night was history in the making. But political history isn’t made in scripted media events, no matter how grand. Political history is made on the ground every day, and counted by real achievements, one by one, in helping people improve their lives and countries improve their societies and legacies.
    For Obama, the clock of history didn’t strike at Invesco Field, it merely started ticking. And for now it only has 10 weeks left on it.

    David Callaway is editor-in-chief of MarketWatch.

  37. Chatblu–thanks. Your comment just made me picture a repub. commercial–voice over, “we are all our brothers keeper”–followed by a picture of his half-brothers house in Kenya.

  38. I have made my peace with voting republican for the first time in 48 years.
    Tonight I read a book and listened to doo wop music on public television.
    I will do all I can to take down the faux new democratic party and not vote for any democrat on the ballot.
    I have worn my puma braclet and explained the puma ideals to several people and will continue to do so.



  39. RD – THANK YOU!!! I live in NJ. Thank you for letting me know that I can write in Hillary. I don’t want to play any games with my vote. I just want to vote for the best candidate. YAY!!

  40. Thanks for posting the info on “write-in” laws per state, again. Many people are unaware that this type of activity is tantamount to casting a non-vote.

    My initial reaction to the obvious Obama fix was to write in Hillary’s name until I found out that it wouldn’t count in my state.

    I’m voting for McCain and proud of it. Country before party . . .
    ALWAYS! That’s how “grown-ups” behave.

  41. Are you happy? I am.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  42. Has anybody here seen/signed the Draft Hillary petition?


  43. Riverdaughter,
    I can’t believe you’d stoop to editing my text to make it appear I support you.
    I’m surprised and disappointed.

  44. How I’m going to vote: ‘McCain Biden 08’
    Sharp stick in the eye!

  45. TO: Dan (Fitness)

    These are some of the reasons why I cannot support or vote for Obama for POTUS:

    (1). Hillary had to say what she said and she did it with great sincerity…she kept her promise to support whomever was selected as the Nominee. However, I own my vote and I believe that Obama will not carry out the Policies Hillary stands for…(just one example he voted for FISA, she voted against it).

    (2). Obama won the Nomination by means of voter fraud. Here are some websites that meticulously document the fraud, voter intimidation and stealing of votes in the Caucuses. The Caucuses were what allowed Obama to garner enough delegates to win (acts of flagerant voter fraud were committed). Please check out these sites:




    and if you want to get real indepth documentation, please checkout Dr. Lynette Long’s site at:


    (3). Tonight in his acceptance speech; Obama said “we are our brothers keepers.” Yet, his actual brother in Kenya lives in a hoval and makes about the equivilent of $10.00 a month. Obama’s own brother lives in abject poverty.

    Obama has totally ignored his brothers plight which shows me that he has no real compassion for others. Therefore, if he has such disregard for the suffering of his brother then how much more will he care for the people of this Country. Words are easy…ACTIONS are what shows the true measure of the man.

    Also, Obama demonstrated the same incredible lack of concern for others when he ignored the plight of the women and children in his Chicago District who were forced to live in Chicago highrise slums that had no heat in the bitter cold Chicago winter.

    This is a man who was raised by a single Mother who had to “accept food stamps for a period of time.” Obama has said over and over that he understands the suffering of poor people because he saw first hand the suffering of his own Mother.

    Then, how in good conscious could he tuck his two daughters in their beds, climb into his warm bed in his 1.9 million dollar mansion and not think about the little children shivering in the night not that far from his own warm and comfortable home.

    Mind you, Obama had assisted his friend and supporter, REZKO in obtaining tens of millions of tax payer dollars to buy and renovate these properties.

    Rezko pocketed the money and Obama knew he was a thief. Rezko was recently convicted for these crimes. Obama can not claim ignorance because it was well documented at the time in the Chicago Press that Rezko was suspected of criminal activity.

    Again, he can NOT claim ignorance, a very intelligent man like Obama who graduated from Harvard Law School knows well who he was associating with and he knew waht Rezko was doing. Obama knew about the people suffering as a result of con-man Rezko having access to the highest levels of local and State government. Obama helped Rezko make and solidify those relationships.

    Rezko was a means to an end for Obama; Obama needed Rezko’s money and political contacts and Rezko needed access and influence through Obama.

    Obama had no concern for those single-mothers and children that he was to represent and care for…instead Obama allowed these most vulnerable of his constituients to suffer at the hands of a con-man and theif. Obama (in my mind) is just as (if not even more) responsible for this great travesty.

    (4). In my opinion, Obama does not have the experience to be POTUS. Our Country is facing very challenging times. I don’t need to list the issues we are facing, we know them all to well.

    Obama graduated from Ivy League Schools, he is obviously very intelligent. However, that alone does not qualify him to be POTUS.

    Obama was a Community Organizer, he worked part-time for a top Chicago law firm, he was head of the Law Review at Harvard, he wrote two “best selling” books, he served in his Sate Senate (without great accomplishments-in my opinion) and he has two years as a US Senator. Obama worked as a part-time Law Instructor for Chicago University. Obama gave a number of very good speeches. A few weeks ago he traveled abroad to Iraq and other Countries to learn about foreign affairs. Please excuse, if there are some things I missed in Obama’s list of qualifications. I tried to touch on the most important ones.

    This is not to say that Obama does not have some impressive accomplishments. He certainly does. I could see Obama as Dean or Provost of a Law School not President of the US. I believe he is over-reaching.
    Obama himself said in an Interview (I believe) upon entering the US Senate that he would not run for POTUS because he “was not [yet] qualified.” I agree with him.

    These are some of the reasons I have reached my conclusions. The DNC has made Obama the choice for the Democrat Party for POTUS and I do not concur.
    I will not cast my vote for Obama.

  46. Obama’s campaign, his supporters, and the DNC have all told me repeatedly to “get over it”.

    I have not gotten, nor will I ever get ,over the injustice, vileness, cheating, and other machinations of this primary election. What I have done is become more resolute in my opposition to all of the aformentioned entities.

    What I have “gotten over”, is a life-long relationship with the Democratic party, any sense of loyalty to said party, and any illusion that the party or any of its current leaders represent me, or speak for me.

    I am at peace with my continued support for the Clintons, and totally relieved that I am no longer a part of a Democratic party that I see as having become a malignancy on the face of this nation.

    I am freed of any association with the insanity, and inanity of this vile party. Gone is any anxiety regarding the fate, or attempts at “salvation”, of what had been my party.

    No more cringing at blatant misogyny, inordinate Clinton hatred, manufactured racism, lies , manipulation, and vapid apologists.

    Life as a PUMA is good, as I wait to cast my personally owned vote for John McCain in November.

    No Unity, No Obama, No Deal!

  47. OK, I have to ask.

    The media talking heads on both republican and democratic sides say that Hillary’s supporters are going to just cave and vote for Obama.

    Was I watching the same convention? There wasn’t any unity from Hillary’s supporters. They paraded a bunch of mind zombie women past the cameras after Hillary’s speech, but I talk to many women all day who are not going to vote for Obama. They got a VP down tic because they didn’t pick her.

    I know that it doesn’t matter much what I think in Illinois. My vote won’t count much. But I can voluteer to get the message out in Missouri. It is just across the river, and a swing state.

  48. Here is the link to the talking head who said women would vote for Obama no matter what. She also gives a good analysis of Obama’s speech.


  49. US Presidential Election Sit Out: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=15155528613. It’s a small group but in line with PUMA and the Confluence. Among my friends, the talk is to vote for Cynthia McKinney, as we are in a blue state. But with Lieberman so pro-McCain, he may have an effect. Let’s hope McCain announces a stunning VP candidate and not some other old white guy in a suit. Although I don’t want to vote for McCain, I want him to be president.

  50. Hot dog! Iowa has no prohibitions on write-in votes. Now all I have to do is decide whether it’s worth the risk of not throwing my vote to McCain.

    Dilemma: If I vote for McCain and not Obama it’s a two-point difference…one less and one more.

    If I follow my heart and write in Clinton it’s only a one-vote loss for Obama, since she can’t possibly win it.

    Of course, there’s always “none of the above”.


  51. Sorry that’s not enough for me, but I was an Independent before I was for Hillary who happened to be a Democratic Party member. I will not surrender my Right my Obligation to participate in the electorate to a corrupt Political Sect, that Won’t EVER happen. I can no more vote for Obama than I could have voted for Bush both men fail to meet my minimal requirements to hold such an office and a write in or not participating is a vote for Obama IMHO. MY thinking, the possibility of another weak leader propped up by a co enabling fringe Congress that all hail from the same politcal Party is a non starter.. For me that would be the danger of a third Bush term and what I will fight to prevent that form occurring. The very silliness the absurdity of the preaching to vote Obama just because he belongs to the Democratic Party and is also a historic candidate while to some an attractive marketed product fulfills a minor need for our Country and no tangible need for all on climate, war, government intrusion, political corruption, oppressive tax policy, poverty, infrastructure, WATER, coastal cites and on and on. The benefit to elect Obama is pure Party with NO care for the consequence to our country. Ask your selves if some amount of republicans voted for Country instead of Party power how many more Soldiers and Iraq’s would be alive today, how much work could have been done of Climate and Water infrastructure, how much money would be in Soc Sec Trust, how many bridges would not be in disrepair or falling, how fewer communities would have water and safe water, I’m sorry IMHO the chore is two important to sit out.

    Why I can hold my nose for McCain, I value divided governance, he rejects his fringe base, and while I knew the Iran invasion was a sham I understood the dishonorable con game begin played by the US a Country addicted and the act of a former addict Bush to grab an assured source of supply and cash for the US, Pelosi failure to end the occupation was obvious, but McCain supported worked for and got the Surge not something I support but it was better than the Pelosi’s nothing for it ended the killings of 3-5 US soldiers and many Iraqi’s that were happening daily. (and please don’t tell me the dems didn’t have the margins, check the number of votes by Party and the frequency legislation was stop from coming to the floor, re watch committee meetings where Dems were begging for their payola of low gas payback for their inaction)

    ……and MOST of all and number one for me he vows to end what is to me the root of all evil that which has corrupted our Government our Political systems and is destroying our Countries prosperity, McCain’s call to end earmarks and end discretionary spending the grease for the permanent campaign the systematic redistribution of our tax revenues our country’s wealth away from we the people, money desperately needed for water infrastructure, highways, regulatory entities, crime, Soc Sec obligations, Poverty, Security, Military, foreign aid, energy research development, tax relief, education, heath care and into their supporters pockets or spent on follies like Iraq, bad legislation that restricts science sells our assets .. BUT make no mistake it is the life blood of today’s political system the invisible corrupting power the threat that we are up against and why a weak executive is desired.

  52. There is no way I will surrender to the DNC and vote for Obama. THe last and final straw came as a result of the so called “roll call” vote. Clinton supporters were mugged that day and Democratic Democracy died. This is now a numbers game and staying home and not voting is not an option, voting for Nader, Barr of McKinley is not an option, as these votes don’t add to the McCain vote. We need to bite the bullet and make our vote count for something.

  53. Hi CarylinNJ,

    1) Obama’s FISA vote was bull. I agree with you there.

    2) The sites do not impress, or persuade. They look more like conspiracy theories than fact.

    3) I don’t expect any politician to be perfect, especially on poverty. On economic issues Obama, Like Clinton, is a model centrist. Most “electable” Democrats are, and I’d like to see that change.

    4) He has the same number of years as an elected official as Hillary Clinton. He also has great judgment, and surrounds himself with smart people. I think he’s quite prepared. Experience matters only if its the right experience, which leads me to the overriding point:

    On all of these issues, McCain will push us back aggressively. Whether its privacy and civil liberties, poverty and the economy, or making wise decisions at home and abroad. Obama beats McCain on each and every point.

    There’s also the Supreme Court.

    We need to pull together now if we are going to make it through the next 4 years.

  54. Thankfully, I’m also in NJ and can write in Clinton if I so choose. Though I assumed I’d vote McKinney, I have genuinely considered the possibility of writing in McCain.

  55. *voting McCain

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