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Obama Post-Transcendent Speech MadLib

As we all know, Obama has delivered the most transcendent speech of his short political career coming up this evening. Oh, I know he hasn’t given it yet, but why wait to heap praise on him? Surely, it ranks right up there in the pantheon of speeches for the ages: “I have a dream”, “St. Crispin’s Day”, “A Day that will *LIVE* in infamy”. But how will the media cover this speech of speeches, all nice and crisply displayed by teleprompter, delivered in front of Greek columns as Obama emerges from a nonsequitor section of an old Air Force One? How orgasmic can it get for Tweety and KO? Here’s an old madlib, dusted off an updated for the occasion.

Post Speech Script

_______! Was that ________ or what? Obama just _________ the _________. He was _____ and fresh. That set framed Barack _______ and the Greek columns appear to be ________ his _______. I just felt a ______________ in my __________. What a historic _________. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on _______ was __________, ________, and _________. Hillary could never ________. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on __________. Do the voters of _____ see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so ________ and _________. I think he’s finally put their fears of _____ to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her _____ and _______ supporters come to accept that he’s ________? Do you think that her ______ has ruined his ________?

Have at it, Conflucians!


220 Responses


    My Gawd, you’re a brilliant woman. :heart:

  2. I’m trying to do a heart to express my love for thee, RD! But alas, I do not know how. 🙂

  3. madamab: Just fill in the blanks. Go back and read the ones from the April debate madlib . They are rib-splitting.

  4. LMBO! RD does it again.

    Sad that this is likely the actual narrative we’ll hear, verbatim.

  5. Ozzie and Harriet! Was that hope-o-ronamous or what? Obama just transcended the transcendence! He was change-a-riffic and fresh. That set framed Barack peni-ac-ally and the Greek columns appear to be landing on his 747-wide shoulders. I just felt a chill in my transcend-o-meter! What a historic something-or-other hope-change-believe-ish! His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on himself was moving, transcendent and the shizzle. Hillary could never have done anything like it. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on our gonads! Do the voters of Germany see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so full of beer and pretzels! I think he’s finally put their fears of success to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her intelligent and perceptive supporters come to accept that he’s toast? Do you think that her inability to prevent his landslide loss has ruined his appetite for waffles?

  6. I’ll probably lurk at two different Obamablogs during the GSE just to watch the cookie cutter reactrions get posted.

  7. reactrions?


  8. LOLOLOLOL!!! I *knew* you would go to Berlin. Too funny, madamab!

  9. As for Tweety and KO, I hope the network has a hose handy.

    Either that or make them broadcast from a private room somewhere. When they get carried away (and you know they will) the network censors can cut the feed.

  10. RD. perfect. I sent a link of that to all my Obama detesting friends and family.

  11. Thanks RD! XOXO

    You know, I think we need to do a troll mad lib too! 😉

    Later kids – must go pay attention to hubby or he starts whining. 😉

  12. LMAO! I was going to attempt it, but madamab has transcended, so there’s no point. I think he/she is one of the Ancients (geeky Stargate reference for the uninformed.)

  13. myiq2xu: I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for so long, but could not figure
    out how to pronounce your name. Just now my 13 yr old son reading over
    my shoulder read it aloud to me. Haha!

    I remember the old madlibs, they were great. This will be swell to go along
    with Obama’s playacting tonite. Oops he did it again!

  14. Ophelia: You are not allowed to comment here until you can write a 2 paged essay, double spaced, describing in detail what Barack Obama has done to *EARN* your vote. Please provide examples of his accomplishments with proper citation. Come back when you’re finished. We’ll wait.
    Wow, Columbia will let just anyone in these days.

  15. KO: Andrea, you’ve been speaking with your sources in the McCain campaign. Do they have anything to counter this?

    ANDREA: Well, Keith, frankly, NO. My sources said they clearly underestimated how brilliant and transcending this speech would be. I’ve also heard from sources inside the McCain campaign that two high ranking operatives in the McCain campaign submitted resignations tonight so they can work for Obama. That’s how big this speech was, Keith.

    KO: Andrea, many thanks, again.

  16. IS HE REALLY COMING out of a made up Air Force One?????

    Didn’t this guy have toys when he was little?

  17. Ben, I’ll tak it one further.

    Andrea: Keith, I have it on good authority, that those two members of John McCain’s team have just committed suicide by throwing themselves beneath the wheels of Bam Force One because Senator Obama refused their offer. I am stunned, Keith, but not surprised. If President Obama had refused when I asked I might have done the same thing. Thank God he didn’t refuse.

  18. i hope thats a joke

  19. sm: Yup, I saw a picture of the cabin with Invesco field in the background. I don’t know if he will be entering or exiting but frankly, they are taking production values to new levels. And I don’t mean heights.

  20. I think there is a mock air force one on the site, but he won’t be coming out of it. expect to see his family standing in front of the faux white house/acropolis as the image on all front pages tomorrow.

  21. I am appalled at the trolls using university ISP’s in clear violation of their TOS and COS….I wish we could download a virus into their PC’s that would burn out their hardrives or better yet send out anti Obama spam that would leave an audit trail right back to them. then perminately lock a “Hillary for President 2012 background on there screenthat could not be changed with out burning out their hardrives!


    Obama’s speech will statr with the phrase…

    I know you are tired from everybody else talking about how great I am. So to mix things up I am going to talk at everybody about how wonderful I am…..

  22. Now, now, fuzzy. Spreading viruses is wrong. It may be justified but we don’t do that kind of thing.
    I said, RIGHT?!

  23. For Hawaii’s “Native Son”:

    Dude! Was that gnarly or what? Obama just ripped the tube. He was bitchin’ and fresh. That set framed Barack awesomely and the Greek columns appear to be like, you know, as mondo as his longboard. I just felt a rush in my boogie board. What a historic double-spinner. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on like, you know, whatever, was outrageous, awesome, and off the richter. Hillary could never catch a wave. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on body surfing. Do the voters of Bonzai Pipeline see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so rad and gnarlactious. I think he’s finally put their fears of the posers to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her honeys and hodad supporters come to accept that he’s primo? Do you think that her ‘tude has ruined his woodie?

  24. sm, LOL! No, he is working out all his childhood issues by running for Preznet Shiznit.

  25. Oh, madamb, that’s fab!

  26. ophelia – I know a river you can drown yourself in so please understand its noting personal but I have had a hard day and there are two storms in the gulf and atlantic that could tear my town to bets in the next 5 days ….

    I rally need some catharsis right now…here it comes…

    F*ck You!


  27. Geepers! Was that uninspiring or what? Obama just frightened the help. He was offensive and fresh. That set framed Barack majestically and the Greek columns appear to be symbolizing his erections. I just felt a gas pain in my gut. What a historic bore. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on the end of racism was neither clean, nor articulate and attractive. Hillary could never botch up so badly. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on what women want. Do the voters of Theta Chi see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so confident and secure. I think he’s finally put their fears of Hilary to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her haggy and faggy supporters come to accept that he’s the king? Do you think that her guffawing laugh has ruined his evening?

  28. This is all a joke, right? We are all collectively breathing some vapor originating for a Stephen King novel that is waiting for The End to be written. Because otherwise I have no clue as to what we have been experiencing for the last 6 months. Or is this banality as good as it gets?

  29. Oh, Karolina, I’m literally laughing out loud!

  30. At the stroke of Midnight, November 5, 2008, that fake mock up of Air Force One will turn into a used Chevy Mini-van that BO,MO and the Kiddies will be in driving back to their soon to be foreclosed on Mansion in Chicago. I hope he has the tires inflated at the proper levels to save gas.


  31. River daughter I was only talking about a very mild case of the computer sniffels…I would never damage private Obama for Obama property!

    I was just musing my muse!


  32. fuzzy I have bail money!

  33. “Ophelia: You are not allowed to comment here until you can write a 2 paged essay, double spaced, describing in detail what Barack Obama has done to *EARN* your vote.”

    Managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars based on his good looks.

    Created a campaign that showed the world how to steal a caucus.

    Showed us how to knock other Democrats off the ballot.

    Showed that one can advocate a trillion dollars in new spending in an already highly indebted country and get away with it.

    Seems (based on the campaign’s repackaging of MO) to know a political liability when he sees one.

    Can flip flop with the dexterity of Olympian gymnasts.

    I’d say there a two page essay in there somewhere, no?

  34. I really do adore him for being gracious, even if I wish he was sending the message to someone else: John McCain Says: Congrats to Barack Obama.

  35. No shit sherlock!

    Nancy has a diamond OBAMA 2008 broach on.

    vomit bucket please!


  36. WMCB/Riverdaughter: LOLOLLOOLOLLL!!! So this is for REAL???

    Dear Jeezus Lordy Almighty in heaven, this is REAL???

    I’m sorry, but Obama is 10x more deranged and psycho than Dubya Bush. I never thought I’d see someone worse than Dubya, but HERE HE IS, entering the stage on a FAKE AIR FORCE ONE.

    The Neo-Democrats are going to be the laughingstock of this nation. He’s going to enter the arena on a FAKE AIR FORCE ONE????

    It truly is showtime at the O-bollo.

    Did his grandma not buy him any toys at all during his childhood that he’s been playing pretend President all his life?

  37. Pelosi is a disappointment.

  38. sm77 don’t you remember he grew up on food stamps with a single mother.


  39. Thanks for linking Regency!

    Just line that one up with obama giving Hillary the finger…

  40. Hubris to Nemesis: Obama and his Temple

    Why and how did McCain catch up? Let us count the ways: the disastrous European victory lap of Obama’s; the uninspired professorial pontificating to Rick Warren; the deer-in-the-headlights serial responses to the Georgia crisis; and the McCain ads that were as cleverly effective as they were derided as childish by outraged liberals.
    Continue reading.

  41. Regency, Unfortunately, when McCain says, “Job well done…” at the end, he’s referring to Obama doing the Republicans’ bidding by knocking Hillary out of the race. I guess it’s nice of him to say thanks, though.

  42. Pat no look I have it on good authority that as our hits have gone trhough the roof…so have JohnMcCain.com they were totally unprepaired for the millions of hits their servers almost shut down.

    Their head Repugnat computer geek(I am sure he is a picture to behold) had to open all the door just to keep their systems from seizing up. In a vain attempt to keep his servers viable he had to slave the entire RNC network to their network…

    Of course this is only a temporary solution…they may have to lease servers to increase there capasity.

    Republican bloggers on the site were suprized to see how articulate and polite hillacrat bloggers were…of course the Obats showed up and that is when the fun began. Seems Republicans dont take kindly to Obats at there party.


  43. Jennifer Hudson just sang a beautiful Star Spangled Banner!

    Oh sorry, I forgot I was a r*cist, take that back!

  44. Do you know that “food stamps” didn’t come into existence until 1965, and Ann Dunham remarried in 1966 to Leo Soetoro?

    So there was a brief window where she could have received FS.

    Barry would have been 4-5 years old, so he was probably working in the sugar cane fields to supplement the family income.

  45. RD, you’re too kind. I was about to suggest to Ophelia that she get herself to a nunnery.

  46. Nell:

    Ophie probably wants nun of that

  47. Obama’s Greek columns remind of plantation homes.

  48. Are they doing the kool-aid communion ceremony before or after Teh Precious speechifies?

  49. Well Pelosi and Dean can say they have assisted in the biggest abortion in history….the DNC2008 convention-yuck and this is one abortion that was certianly NOT “PRO CHOICE” it was “NO CHOICE”


  50. River daughter; I want to thank you and all of the brilliant and insightful bloggers here at the Confluence. You all have carried me through these last 3 excruciating months.I can’t wait until the coronation is over.My nerves are shot and I’m afraid that watching this padgent will just put me over the edge(can’t watch, can’t listen).I’m going to return to my garden,and enjoy the last few days of Summer.I’ll be lurking and donating when I can.
    Proud to be a PUMA,but soooo burned out by the convention.

  51. As for the trolls using university ISP’s to harass us- I wish we could tell their mothers. They’re probably Hillary supporters too.

  52. F@#k the trolls.they are just back round noise.

  53. this is ot but I think a good song for tonight would be Prince…Thieves in the Temple ….

  54. I heard this morning on CNBC that the shots of folk would be close ups so that the greek columns didn’t show. the Media is going to try to help Obama because everyone knows that the Obama Temple is going to go over like – well you know, poopie.

    Ha, too bad we already know.

  55. Pat Johnson, on August 28th, 2008 at 5:58 pm Said:
    This is all a joke, right? We are all collectively breathing some vapor originating for a Stephen King novel that is waiting for The End to be written. Because otherwise I have no clue as to what we have been experiencing for the last 6 months. Or is this banality as good as it gets?

    I’m not sure if I understand you? Are you speaking of my mad lib?

  56. The song that ran through my head all night last night was the Bee Gee’s tragedy.

    Mountain Sage

  57. Karo: I think she’s talking about the entire situation.

  58. Reg, yeah. I think we’re all a little on edge and not ourselves today.

  59. McCain’s message to Obama is SOOOO condescending. Michelle must be pulling her hair out.

  60. Just read the “Greek Temple by Britney Spears, etc.” post.

    OK, these guys are losing it fast. One would have thought the fake presidential seal would clued them in, but no, they’re oblivious to any sense of decorum.

    The comparisons to Caligula I’ve seen are ringing more than a little true. Add Nero, Napoleon and a certain infamous fascist leader who will remain nameless, to a list of nut job, self-proclaimed-gods that met their Waterloo and brought their sordid empires down with them.

    Crap, maybe this is the end of the world as we know it, just like they say in those crazy emails I’ve been getting.

  61. I am not going to watch, I have better things to do, like anything else. I will have to rely on those courageous people here who will let us cowards know how ridiculous the whole think was.

    Gosh, why can’t everyone see how ridiculous Obama is. His campaign is run by 12 year olds.

  62. would “have” clued

  63. OK, this is a bona fide mad libs my guy did on your text:

    Golly gee!! Was that wormy or what? Obama just slipped the horseface. He was lightly and fresh. That set framed Barack slickly and the Greek columns appear to be laughing his fish. I just felt a spoon in my elephant. What a historic plate. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on boot was delicate, wet, and dry. Hillary could never fly. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on bags. Do the voters of Daffy Duck see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so fuzzy and funny. I think he’s finally put their fears of cheesecake to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her toothpaste and sour supporters come to accept that he’s lettuce? Do you think that her pancake has ruined his extravaganza?

    he was having dinner at the time, hence lots of food references

  64. Karolina NYC: No, I was musing about the entire Obama campaign and spectacle. So over the top it is indefinable. It is like we are living a nightmare and can’t make it stop.

  65. I heard that McCain was going to be airing something at the same time Obama is speaking.

  66. Is he really going to be coming out of the mock Air Force One????

  67. Fox is showing on the streamer that Obama went up to 48 with McCain showing 42.

  68. Yes, birdgal. At least he had one built – not sure if he will actually come out of it or not.

    I’ll bet Obama had presidential underoos as a boy, and masturbated to State of the Union addresses. This is some sick pathology. Talk about grandiose.

  69. Pat, that was the Gallup – always overpolls for O. He went in at 2 up, now he’s 8, so it’s a 4 point bump from Hill and Big Dawg. None of the other polls show much change.

    He’ll get a bump for sure – they always do. But it won’t be big.

  70. cbs said that mac’s vp choice is pawlenty…

  71. Delusions of grandeur. The grandiosity is very revolting, and I hope it backfires on the campaign. Maybe, he has small d*** syndrome. This is a sure way to connect with the working middle class. I read that 6 million dollars has been spent on this debacle.

  72. ooops psoted too soon …whats the word on him?

  73. SOD: Please pardon my mood today. This has really gotten to me. I have to turn the tv off for relief as I am so tired of hearing this unearned praise heaped all over him, even from Fox. In trying to read, I find it hard to concentrate and a good friend told me to “get over it” and put all doubts aside because Obama “is the only choice and it is up to us to make it happen”. This coming from someone who shared our distaste for him and all he stands for. It bothers me that if she could turn this easily more will follow.

    When I say I am worried about November it is because of the possibility that she and others will move over to that camp regardless.

  74. I’m so proud of the MA delegates. According to an article in the Boston Globe today, they ’embarrassed’ the MA menfolk (Deval Patrick, Kerry, Kennedy) by honoring the will of MA voters and casting votes for Hillary at the convention.

    Fifty-two Bay State delegates voted for her anyway, including Attorney General Martha Coakley and Senate President Therese Murray, the state’s two highest ranking female politicians.

  75. Pat, this is like GWB but somehow—So. Much. Worse. This guy and his puppetmasters, whoever they are, seem like much looser, even sneakier canons. With no knowledge of respect and boundaries.

    I feel like I have been dropped in Germany circa 1935 or Russia 1923. Everything, though it’s in the brightest possible colors and visual effects, seems black, white and gray.

  76. Pat: judging from the site records we are breaking, I’d say your friend is not typical. There are many, many people who just discovered what we’re up to and now know they are not alone.
    We are getting through to a lot more people who just need the support we have here to resist the assimilation.

  77. Martha Coakley has balls, make no mistake about it. She has her eye on governor or running for the senate. When she does, she has my full fledged support. She was a tough prosecutor from the state of MA. If and when Teddy departs Washington, watch for Martha to step forward.

  78. I’m proud of the MA delegates, too. Tonight they will be seated way in the back with an obstructed view of the field. Somehow I think they’ll get over it.

  79. Survey USA Obama negatives are twice McCain…8-26

  80. RD:

    I think a lot of non-blogging people thought they were all alone.

    The recent publicity about PUMA has changed that.

    Thank Koresh

  81. the madlibs are a riot!

    trolls too.

    and Regency has mail.

    Off to find a Republican toga-snark party in some wood-paneled bar.

  82. who said “thank Koresh”?

    Has someone been sneaking onto Bartcop 😉

    You know he’s supporting O,of course..

  83. RD: Thanks. I need bolstering today as you can probably tell. It has not been a good 24 hour period and I know I am feeling no different than millions out there who are sharing the same dispiriting emotions. I expect to bounce back. I am a PUMA. But working through this has been a little tearful.

    I will know I have turned to corner so to speak when I can work up some “snark”. Right now, the cupboard is empty.

  84. Link, Salt? I wanna see that!

  85. Delegates were much more likely to be assimilated than we are.

  86. And the trolls have been particularly loathesome today if that is at all possible. The site monitors have been experiencing a full day of Whack a Mole trying to keep up. The measure of their comments are lower than Nancy P’s ratings.

  87. I said this in response to a troll last night:

    We are not exclusive, but if you have to ask us what we’re doing and why we’re here, you don’t really belong.

    If you come here the first time and feel at home, you’re a PUMA

    There are millions of PUMAs out there. Most of them just don’t know it yet.

  88. was talking to a repub who listens to rush today …and rush was saying how awful the ratings for the dem convention has been… he is probably mostly right because I have always been glued to convention coverage and this year have watched only HRC…. I know I’m not alone… can’t find any average on the street folks that support BO…. everyone seems suspicious and rightly so…and they are low tech and not the types to go online to find out more….

    americans are smarter than the axelrovians think

  89. Bartcop is a PUMA, but he pretends he’s not for economic reasons.

    If we give him enough love ($) he’ll show his true colors again.

  90. Now Catarina has mail.

  91. This is not what they will say, but it is what they should say:

    Jesus Christ Mary & Joseph ! Was that a clusterf&ck or what? Obama just won the douchebag of the year award. He was clownish and fresh. That set framed Barack stupidly and the Greek columns appear to be almost as big as his ego. I just felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my head. What a historic asshat. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on his own non-existent civil rights record was insulting, inappropriate, and egomaniacal. Hillary could never be such a hypocrite. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on nothing. Do the voters of Germany see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so brainwashed and idiotic. I think he’s finally put their fears of actually being elected to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her intelligent and super-attractive supporters come to accept that he’s worse then they even imagined? Do you think that her obvious superiority has ruined his delusions of grandeur?

  92. ben: True. I feel like I am living in a neon world. Everywhere you turn there is a constant reminder of Barack Obama coming at you. TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, our old blog sites. Overwhelming and inescapable. I know I sound petty but I want all the stuff the GOP may be holding back to tumble out of their mean little closets. And I want it now. Pretty bad, huh?

  93. GD it! I just posted mine & then went back and read the others and of course madamb has already posted a much better one and thought of (what I thought were “my” line re: Germany) first! I bow again to the wit of madamb. I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

  94. Pat J, I wanted it last week. You’re not bad. It will be hard when it all comes out, and it will, and it’s too late.

  95. Pat Johnson – Do not worry. The Republicans could win this thing with both hands tied behind their backs, locked in a Turkish prison, with no Internet connection.

  96. zap ’em dano

  97. I still think he started all this freakish stuff when people were talking about how boring it was without Hillary back in July.

    He’s like a celebrity that does anything to keep himself in the news.

  98. shouldn’t you trolls be at the kegger? where’s your white sheet .. I mean toga?

  99. All right, time to get going…see you all later!

  100. Who is holding the “zapper” tonight. The bugs are getting a little annoying again.

  101. indigogrrl:

    They aren’t old enough to drink yet.

    Or smoke.

    Or drive.

  102. I heard that when you ingest too much kool-aid your brain cells die

  103. myiq – can you wipe up that mess?

  104. Riverdaughter..uh um…On this, a profound occasion, i have written a poem (ahem)

    Let me Not to the Counting of Some Votes special thanks to Shakespeare

    Let me not to the counting of some votes

    Admit impediments. Vote is a vote

    Yet alters when it fraudy caucus notes,

    And bends with the removers to demote:

    O yes! it is an ever-relative mark

    That looks on democracy which was easily shaken;

    It was a toy for vacant blunderful Barky,

    Whose worth’s unknown,( that’s why these votes be taken).

    Dean’s man, of Chicago thugs and creeps

    Within his zero rainbow logo comes:

    DNC alters not though his thin resume bespeaks,

    Nada! HIs Invesco shout fills a hot air balloon.

    If this be error and upon me noted,

    I never writ, and millions never voted.

  105. Ok folks its tiome for fuzzy to do the laundry and look to the future this is from my “Crystal Ball”-

    Headline from the run up to 2013-

    HILLARY EN EXCELCIOUS DEO! SWEEPS ALL 56 PRIMARIES! (Caucuses banned as of 21 Jan 2009)

    In a political comeback not seen since March 4, 2008 Hillary Clinton’s Star began its rise in the January New York, Florida, California, and Michigan Primaries!

    This was the DNC’s 1st test of the new nominating system where the new winner takes all delegate system played to her experience and strength. In each of these states, she racked up 65% of the popular vote and bested her chief rival Barak 232 Obama who came in behind former Senator Joe Biden and former Senator McCaskill and former Gov. Richardson.

    Senator Obama is best remembered for losing the 2008 election to John McCain 232 to 306 and the 232 number stuck to him since it was also the number of congressional seats the Democrats won in 2008 a 7 seat pickup from 2006.

    Hillary’s graciousness in restoring Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Washington States, Nevada, Idaho, Delegations when the when they refused to dump the caucus system because of the “Historical Significance” that form of selection has had in the states political past. “It was a healing moment” former Iowa former Governor Vilsak said.

    The famous “caucus seven” as they were known had their delegations stripped when they refused to hold primaries as required by the DNC RBC.

    In January Hillary had 1122 delegates to zero for her competitors. Hillary’s ace in the hole was and is the maligned group “PUMA” which had spent the last 42 months raising money and organizing through their “Committee to Draft Hillary 2012” campaign. The committee was renamed “Hillary for President 2012”on September 1st, 2011. Entering the Nomination phase of this election cycle with over $ 350 million banked was considered key to her success. Hillary achieved her goal of 2109 delegates on Super Tuesday with a complete sweep.

    The fun was only beginning for this scrappy granddaughter of a lace mill operator form Scranton PA. She wanted to be sure everybody’s vote mattered in the primary process she campaigned in every state and Puerto Rico.

    Hillary’s laugh was contagious and people were naturally drawn to her as she collected more than 30 million votes. Keith Oberman and Rachel Maddox called this the largest repudiation of the Dean/Pelosi/Brazile strategy that led to the disastrous defeat on November 5th 2008.

    When the last Primary was Held in New Hampshire June 6th 2008 Hillary went into the Convention with over 4229 delegates the only delegates that voted for another candidate were 213 super-delegates that supported her chief rival Barak Obama the former senator from Illinois who collected 6 million votes in the primary process. Mr. Obama also won several nonbinding caucuses that had no delegates assigned.

    Former Senator Obama chose not to withdraw his name from nomination and a complete roll call did not result in any surprises at the successful Orlando Florida Convention. Hillary has enjoyed a 15 point lead over her Republican opponent Mitt Romney the junior senator from Utah throughout the entire election cycle.

    Her Decision to choose Former Governor Ed Rendell of PA as her running mate was considered genius.

    The hi-light of the entire primary process was when Obama at the opening of the primary process, when he did not realize his MIC was live, said “I am going to drop my drawers and make this wh*tey b*tch kiss my a$$ at the convention when I kick her ass all over the map again!”

    Obama never apologized and blamed Fox News for not letting him know he was live. He never recovered from the gaff. Michelle Obama also reiterated that she would have to think about voting for the super popular Clinton because nothing has changed since 2008.
    Hillary accepted her nomination at a simple convention ceremony after her Husband Bill Clinton introduced her and Rendell.

    The Election in November was anti-climatic but exciting with President Hillary Clinton winning an astounding 393 electoral votes. What really won people over to Clinton was her love of every moment on the campaign trail from the big 4 primaries in January to the last stop in the place it all began Little Rock Hillary shined! She goes into office as the most popular President in History with a 68% approval rating!

    This has been one for the herstory books!

    sorry I couldnt resist!


  106. Pat: how’s the hair this week?

  107. Delegates are not known for being profiles in courage. They are political animals. The know if they don’t go along that they may not go to a convention again.

  108. Dunno, but don’t get too attached to any of the little cucarachas cuz they won’t be here for long.

  109. Not my thread, sorry

  110. parentofed: Pretty much back to normal with the lighter rinse I put in Saturday. The brass is less brassy. But I swear to God, I will never attempt that again. Jeesshh!

  111. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but if I had to watch this convention without this blog and the folks who comment here, my head would have exploded. Now that the convention is mercyiully coming to an end, thank you to everyone here, especially Riverdaughter for creating this fantastic sanctuary!

  112. indigogrrl:

    Kool-aid causes “shrinkage” too, which explains the trolls bad attitudes.

    I’d probably be angry all the time if all the girls called me “tiny”

  113. *applause for songster and fuzzy*

  114. hey everyone!!! we’re at a rest stop somewhere near the SD line. It is really beautiful out here. nothing but wide open spaces. I see there’s been a troll attack….its those yahoos from YTD. I actually have duplicate messages they’ve posted here and there. I was just over there and their latest conspiracy theory is that mawm and I are republican operatives and we’re really headed to Minneapolis for the Republican convention. And they call US crazy 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well. Will have some video and pics later.

  115. ben: I can promise one thing. I intend to take a more active interest and participation going forward, starting locally. We have sat by long enough, lost on our complacency, while this was being activated.

  116. Pat: been there, done that soooo many times. Hate paying for professional, but …..

  117. I hardly ever post but I wanted to thank all of you who do. I am just numb from watching this fiasco.

  118. {{Gary}}

    I’m still on a buzz from our meeting! I hope you’re having a good time!

  119. parentofed; That was my intent, to save a few pennies. Ended up spending pretty near what I thought could cut corners. Never again.

  120. has he given the one most perfect and holy speech yet?

  121. katiebird: Is joaniebone behaving out there?

  122. Give McCain credit for keeping a secret. I was leaning Romney but now I’m back towards Pawlenty.

  123. Hi katie!!! doing great. We really do live in a beautiful country. Its definitely worth fighting for.

  124. gary: 10pm EST. I have no intention of watching. How are you guys doing?

  125. I really hope it is a woman. the way they’ve been sticking it to him every chance they can get it would really make sense.

  126. Ben Smith at Politico has excerpts of Obama’s speech. It’s more of the same – change/hopey-change, the Obama life story (really sick of hearing about that!), and some of ‘McCain is Bush 3rd term’ rhetoric. Basically, the usual- just in a larger more ornate venue.

  127. I feel just like you Pat. I am so sad, disgusted with the DNC, frustrated by the thumb of the nose by them. I have been on the Heidi li site and I plan to donate to the Denver group for the ads they have ready to publish.

  128. i’ve seen it Katie. John McCain for President is now bookmarked on my Macbook just down from The Confluence.

  129. That Obama, his rockstar whent to his head

  130. hey pat. we are in Lusk, Wyoming. We are headed to Keystone, South Dakota to check out Mt Rushmore, and whatever else we run into.

  131. I think so Pat. She’s visiting another sister in Lawrence so I haven’t seen her since I dropped her and the kids off at Mom and Dad’s house last night.

    We’ll be spending tomorrow and the rest of her visit together though. So watch out for some double-barreled blogging!

  132. Post Speech Script

    Holy Obamanation! Was that transformative or what? Obama just spoke words which turned to gold as soon as they left his tongue – and did you notice that the clock stood still? He was more eloquent than anyone ever has been since the dawn of time and fresh. That set framed Barack perfectly and the Greek columns appear to be exactly right for the “alpha and omega”, the” first and the last”, the “revelation ” that is Barack Obama, in his King James import. I just felt an angel whisper in my ear, What a historic vision, more beautiful than anything to be witnessed by mankind throughout the ages. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on this day was so striking that I saw lightning in the sky, heard the voice of God, and noticed the bushes in the backyard were on fire. Hillary could never have move Heaven and Earth in this fashion. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on the problems of the world, how to solve them, and how to bring peace on Earth for now and forever. Do the voters of all persuasions and countries, and current world leaders see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so perceptive and praiseworthy. I think he’s finally put their fears of the second coming and the end of the world to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her sinners and unrepentant supporters come to accept that he’s The Messiah ? Do you think that her heathens have ruined his stone tablets?

  133. Yes, katie, and that ad is devastating.

    *waves to gary* Take care you guys. Kisses.

  134. On Fox they said Meg Whitman was a finalist. Pawlenty and his wife have ties to the evangelicals. Romney to the Mormons. Meg Whitman to the antiquers.

  135. gary: The trolls are multiplying like …..well, the trolls they are. And be sure to take measurements for an additional space on Mt. Rushmore. They will want to begin chiseling a space for You Know Who by at least June 2009. What a guy!

  136. Breakthrough;

    My husband just told me he is thinking of voting for McCain. He is thinking about it as a protest vote after last night’s “roll call.”

    I almost fell over. (I was just trying to get him not to vote at all, and had stopped talking about that a long while back.)

    I am careful about the significance I assign to anecdotal and personal evidence, but the reason I think this is important is this:

    My husband always supports Dems. Always. No matter what. No matter how bad. He has always loathed the Republicans. Actively loathed them.

    His unexpected switch came out of nowhere. I stopped pointing out the obvious days, weeks ago. I didn’t need to. What the Democratic Party was doing was so obvious.

    For someone like him to be as horrified by his own party as he is now is both stunning to me, and revealing.

    I am sure the spectacle at Mount Obamalympus tonight will drive him, and many more people, over the edge.

    Trolls reading this, come on, post, bring it on.

    Remember this line?: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

    Every time you post, every time you call us c—ts, wh—es, and bi—–es, another voter switches to McCain, another woman opens up her purse and sends money to McKinney, another one plans to stay home on November 4, and slowly smile.


  137. LOL ben! I like antiquers. And junk-shoppers.

  138. Site monitor???????????

  139. Katie,

    That McCain ad is devastating.

  140. La Lady: Awful feeling isn’t it. Not just because of Hillary but because of democracy. Sad, sad, sad.

  141. Um, how do you pronounce “myiq2xu”? I don’t have any 13 year olds handy.

  142. Magdalena: LOLOLOLOL!!

  143. My IQ 2 Times You

  144. Magdalena: Again, superb!

  145. these trolls come from that anti-semite Christina Cedeno’s site, I actually have proof. Sad thing is that people like David Shuster use that deranged woman as an actual source. she’s actually advertising soft core porn on her site now. talk about a bunch of trashy losers…..

  146. Apparently, the McCain web ad “The One” is a take off on the Evangelical book series “Left Behind’ which talks about the coming of the anti-christ.

  147. Yep sucks.

  148. Charles, yes. But the link goes to your site.

  149. gary: How is Mawm? You guys must be seeing such beautiful sights out there in Wyoming. Again, for us provincials, thanks for taking us this far. It is a pleasure.

  150. Think I will go antique shopping instead of watching the ONE walk on water tonight.

  151. gary – Let us know if they have already carved BO and MO’s face up on the rock!


  152. sarah, and all creative writers what a treat! I knew I would have much more fun here than at the TV. I predict that my TV and radio (I only listen to NPR overnight and the BBC is so in the tank too) will get much less use through Nov.

    How can Obama possibly compete with the brilliant minds here. Poor Obama. Poor Obama. Is it going to be harder to blame everything on Hillary Now? Poor Obama.

  153. We should add the “Left Behind” series to our book club list when it starts up again. It might be quite enlightening to us.

  154. Jackson Hole is where Eddy and I want to retire to!

  155. Charles: I viewed that video as the perfect synopsis of his candidacy. And now, only a scant few months after those scathing comments, we are told he is ready to lead. Wow, that 5 day trip to Europe and the mid East worked wonders! Amazing.

  156. Purple, I love how the FOX is pointing out that Hill and BC have done all they can and now it’s up to HIM to get those votes.

  157. Hello, ladies. We’re coming to you from the co.uk TLD

  158. Carol: Not a day goes by….^%^%%$##@!!!!!!!!!!! *(&&^%)!!!!!

  159. Magdalena, on August 28th, 2008 at 7:37 pm Said:


    Wow, Magadalena..love your post! 🙂

  160. Yay, magdalena! I do think there are certain people who are bellweathers, and your husband may be one.

    The DNC idiots and bots who are trying to make this out to be just the usual post-primary heartache that we sour bitches can’t get over is ridiculous.

    The people I hear saying they can’t vote for O are people who have BLED for this party, and would vote for a chicken if it had a D behind it.

    Those are the people saying NoDeal.

  161. Thanks Regency — I would have NEVER figured that out!

  162. Where are these trolls from. This is our site. Go away. Shoo. You mean old trolls.

  163. Yeah, Magdalena, it only took me an hour to read that screed.


    CNN 5,383,000
    NBC 5,361,000
    ABC 3,483,000
    CBS 3,462,000
    FOXNEWS 2,699,000
    MSNBC 2,270,000

  165. I just came back from the Grocery Store where a few people had on BO t-shirts. I barely could keep from waterworks thinking what a creep the DNC and BO are from “trotting this loser out for people to hope for ethnic pride in”. It really makes me sick.


  166. Hi guys. So many reactions to the PUMAmobile. We just had a train conductor blow their horn for us.

  167. Charles: I am over TL and Corrente after today. No dissent allowed. Next we will be required to wear color coded patches on our sleeves.

  168. Hey Mawm!!!

  169. LMAO at the AllObamaNetwork’s crappy ratings.

  170. Sorry, I don’t accommodate slow readers. Best of luck with your remediation courses.

    Excuse me while I step away and get my credit card out. I have some donations to make, folks.


  171. It’s a good thing Sheryl Crowe is not having to count on BO for Healthcare for her Breast Cancer!

    “PUMA HAKA 👿

  172. Hey, there’s a young woman I know who is high up in the Obama campaign. She’s from Chicago and i knew her when she was growing up. She just wrote this on her Facebook page:

    “Nora is suddenly completely overwhelmed by the enormity of this thing that I have been a part of for the last year.”

    I was going to respond to what she wrote. But this shows what whacked out Jim Jones followers these people are.

  173. These trolls can’t spell worth a darn.

  174. gary – Mawm – update on the success of my mantra:


  175. Did any catch today’s New York Post cover?

  176. bb – watch it. My spelling skills have evaporated recently. Also, occassionally my repetitive use injury fingers hit the wrong key.

  177. That’s OK Carol. You’re no troll. You’ve already made a good impression on me.

  178. I love this site..for blocking the damn trolls almost immediately.

    “Safe haven” for Hillary supporters is right. Thank u RD.

  179. cbn ====

    I think it’s the “gracious” commercial.

  180. Mawm, your and Gary’s trip and posts have been so inspiring! Keep it up!

  181. This was one of my fav “conspiracies” the obamabushbots came up with:


  182. Charles,

    It’s the words they’re misspelling, e.g., “old bitty.” Pretty sad even for an elementary schooler.

  183. Pretty anemic bounce Pat.

  184. They’re so stupid, they don’t even know what a haka is and don’t have the brains to look it up.

  185. Charles: But the difference is that you are brilliant. If you chose to put me down I would know and feel it. These idiots are trying so hard to be Jon Stewart they forget that the job has already been filled.

  186. Well, I commented on her comment with this:

    “Yes, it must be overwhelming to be part of one of the hugest frauds that’s been perpetrated on the American people. It must be overwhelming to think that a man with no real accomplishments in his life has just won the democratic party’s nomination for president. Wow, Nora, you really have been assimilated into a cult of personality. Good luck!”

  187. I hope everyone caught the condescending remark in McCain’s video to BO “amazing that your” feat corresponds to 45 year anniversary of MLK……

    Ya, just go straight to the perpetrators of that little accomplishment – DNC, Dean, ………


  188. Ooo, I just thought of one.

    Instead of voting for obama on November 4th, I’ll be hunt and pecker.

    Er, maybe I should keep that to myself.

  189. Seriously, folks, these people are like glazed over Evangelicals. They really think he is the second coming of something or other. This is so f’d up.

  190. Carol – I hope President McCain is the first to bring up election reform….and I also hope that those who have perpetrated some of the illegalities we’ve witness do time

  191. Pat J, are you saying you’d prefer more clever trolls?

  192. So, did 80k come out for BO’s speech or for the free food, alcohol and Bands?


    $6 million

    I hope McCain accepts at his office.

  193. bb: That would require getting their hands disengaged from the bag of Cheetohs while balancing the Mountain Dew on their lap. Too much effort. Better to sit and type nonsense then to get off their ass and do something productive. Of course I just afforded them the opportunity to come back with, “I’m this close to getting my Ph.D. You don’t know me! You don’t know me! How can you judge me! You old biddie!” Or some such.

    Hey guys, is my snark coming back??

  194. I have a new post ready whenever.

  195. you know how Hillary had many plans for everything from pre-education, health care, Native american agenda, equal pay, helping children from poor families etc. So what will happen to all that? Her plans and ideas were incredible. I just wish there was a way to use her ideas.

  196. Al Gore coming up.

    Hopefully, he will unplug the teleprompter to save energy!


  197. Carol: I thought the same thing. He knows this was fixed man.

  198. DT: You better believe lil jesus will make use of him if he can reaad it.

  199. MyIQ — Post it, Post IT!!

  200. Reg – I better not wake up in the middle of the night and find you keying away.

    We are expecting straight A’ssssss.

  201. Carol, there was a report from a mom who said her daughter received 2 tickets at work and was told she HAD to attend and had a very hard time finding someone to go with her.

  202. LOL @ Carol.

  203. bostonboomer, on August 28th, 2008 at 7:52 pm Said:
    These trolls can’t spell worth a darn.

    True, but I’m more concerned that they can’t think worth a darn.

  204. I’m watching Big Brother. I’ll watch BO but I’m not watching his lapdogs.

  205. purplefinn: You could say that. I admire good satire and wit. Will Rogers, Dave Barry, Oscar Wilde come to mind. These are just brainless children who have taken the night off from smashing car windows and mailboxes as their usual “fun things to do when your ass gets sore from sitting too long trying to think of something to say”.

  206. Phala – no kidding. They just interviewed 2 guys on the last row in the stadium. You could barely see the Temple from on High. Hopefully, it was worth the 12 hours of canvassing they were required to do.

  207. OPRAH just showed up with diamond OBAMA sunglasses.


  208. I feel at home here . I’m a PUMA!

  209. New post up

  210. I’ll be watching that cheesy Supernatural on CW instead of barackula.

  211. Regency – he won’t do them any justice since he won’t implement them like Hillary would. It is just so sad.

  212. Post Speech Script

    Holy Obamanation! Was that transformative or what? Obama just spoke words which turned to gold as soon as they left his tongue – and did you notice that the clock stood still? He was more eloquent than anyone ever has been since the dawn of time and fresh. That set framed Barack perfectly and the Greek columns appear to be exactly right for the “alpha and omega”, the” first and the last”, the “revelation ” that is Barack Obama, in his King James import. I just felt an angel whisper in my ear, What a historic vision, more beautiful than anything to be witnessed by mankind throughout the ages. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on this day was so striking that I saw lightning in the sky, heard the voice of God, and noticed the bushes in the backyard were on fire. Hillary could never have move Heaven and Earth in this fashion. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on the problems of the world, how to solve them, and how to bring peace on Earth for now and forever. Do the voters of all persuasions and countries, and current world leaders see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so perceptive and praiseworthy. I think he’s finally put their fears of the second coming and the end of the world to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her sinners and unrepentant supporters come to accept that he’s The Messiah ? Do you think that her heathens have ruined his stone tablets?

  213. destardi – why is that show still on television? I don’t get the television networks. They cancel good shows but the bad ones remain.

  214. I could swear I’m living in a Philip K. Dick novel, and my vertigo is not helping matters. I feel so sad that it has come to this: channeling Dr. King before a mock Lincoln Memorial and a sea of people looking for change.

    Yes, McCain is gracious in his congratulatory ad, but he certainly points to the fact that this date/event has been orchestrated for some time.

    Thank goodness for this place of wit and reason.

  215. Saw where ObamaCo protests that this is not the Greek Temple of Obama Worship, but the Lincoln Memorial replica.

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box, but I do know that when you have to explain PR, you’ve already failed.

  216. OMG! Was that TFA or what? Obama just blew the bit*ch. He was funka – funka – funky and fresh. That set framed Barack’s huge ego and the Greek columns appear to be accentuating his manhood. I just felt a feret in my pants. What a historic sensation. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on Barack’s fabulous smile was historic, hysterical and off the hook. Hillary could never rock a stadium like Ba-rock the House. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on stagecraft. Do the voters of the rich white/college student/AA community see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so kewl and teh suhweet. I think he’s finally put their fears of actually detailing his policies to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her minions and hag supporters come to accept that he’s God? Do you think that her bad ass attitude has ruined his buzz?

  217. Post Speech Script

    _Gad Zeus_!!!! Was that_ Stupendous_ or what? Obama just _Rocked_ the __Planet_. He was _Unbloated_ and fresh. That set framed Barack _America_ and the Greek columns appear to be __Holding Up__his _Trousers_. I just felt a _Tingle_ in my __Ballot Box__. What a historic _Bandstand_. His speech on this anniversary of MLK’s speech was_Workmanlike,_ Mundane_, _Blue Collar_, and _Pedestrian__. Hillary could never _Be So Completely Narcissistic_. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on _Olbermann’s Manhood_. Do the voters of _MSNBC__ see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so __Light__ and _Airy__. I think he’s finally put their fears of _Hillary_ to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her _Bitter_ and _Poorly Educated_supporters come to accept that he’s _The King of the World_? Do you think that her _Obvious Superiority_ has ruined his _Ability To Get It Up_?

  218. Madamab

    I salute your great creativity and panache. Fellow posters, this is my attempt because I used to adore mad libs:

    Supercalifragilisticexbealadocious! Was that awesome or what? That set framed Barack Zeus Obama and the Greek columns appear to be thrusting his godlike similarities ever higher. His speech on the anniversary of MLK”s speech “I Have a Dream” was awesome, leg chilling and even surpassing of MLK’s oratorical fame. Hillary could never duplicate such awesomeness. Do the voters of less than Olympic vison see what we have in this guy? His supporters are all
    leg tingled and blessed.I think he’s finally set their fears of mere humanity aside, Andrea, you’ve been at Clinton headquarters. Have her bitter, old supporters come to accept that he’s had an apotheosis? Do you think that her mere existence has ruined his upcoming world tour to decalre himself world Emperor and god?

  219. I just love every Mad-Lib posted thus far. RD you are brilliant an thank so much again for the site.
    It is the first place I visit every morning and a refuge from the MSM.

    You are my homegirl, so you will appreciate – I’m going back to the ‘Burgh this weekend.I will have a couple of Iron City’s for you and for Hillary. I’m going back home to two of the many PA counties that voted 70+-to 20+ for Hillary-back to the real confluence. What a treat.

  220. Even if it is a mockup of the Lincoln Memorial who the heck is Obama to comapre himself to MLK?!. Oh, right; I was forgetting he’s “Mr Audacity”. What great leader and inspirational firgure will be compare himself to next? Nelson Mandela? Desmond Tutu? Gandhi? Give me a freaking break from this man’s narcisscism!!.

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