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    • The Left Wing “Shit Sandwich” Dilemma
      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Live from the Barackopolis

Puma’s Let’s ROAR!

P.U.M.A. Roar of Approval by our own Madamab!

343 Responses

  1. A day later, and we are still here. And soon this speech will be over.

  2. they look bored!

  3. KB – check the HTML – the graphics are coming out strangely…

  4. Hey guys,

    Tune in for Tonight’s show. A Special broadcast, and reaction to the DEATH of democracy.

    Reaction: To President Clinton’s speech, and Obama’s speech. Also discussion of the un-democratic “roll-call vote”!!!

    Special Guests: The Honorable Rev. David James Manning, and Co-Founder of The Denver Group Heidi Li Feldman.

    Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET/ call-in 347-202-0443


  5. Were the brats and beer along with the free hair cuts?

  6. Is that better, Madamab?

  7. It’s Grandma’s night too – she can remember all the times she got passed over for promotion in order for a barely qualified man to get the job.

    Did he really say this? I am speechless.

  8. He said that? After picking Biden!?!?! Good thing I have it on mute — I’m a debtor’s bk attorney — I know exactly what havoc Biden’s “bk” reform law did to the middle class. What a moron!

  9. Where is all this money coming from — with tax cuts!

  10. seriously, people look bored. the venue is too large. look at Biden’s face

  11. Obama: “As President, i will tap our natural gas reserves.”

    Why do that, Barry?

    You got enough gas blowin’ out of your sorry a$$ to heat the world 5 x’s over.

    Sorry, Barry, I don’t dance to your music!

    No specifics. No details. No record. No character.


    McCain ’08
    Hillary ’12

  12. my comment was to Charles re: bk laws

  13. After picking himself!

  14. No, KB – the graphics are still cut off and we can’t see the links to the previous threads…

  15. lots of promises!

  16. Did you know that if you are late on one credit card payment all your credit cards can put you into default interest rate — even the ones you were never late on? Thank Biden for that one too.

  17. Biden voted Nay on 25 consumer protection amendments associated to that bill all for his banker neighbors,

  18. Charles — don’t forget, he doesn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby.”

  19. Really? Because I can…

  20. What’s that smell coming from Denver tonight?

    BS, that’s what!


  21. SarahF — Biden is known in the Bankruptcy law world as Biden (D-MBNA)

  22. Charles — ha,ha — great minds!

  23. oh, didn’t know that!

  24. it’s not just MBNA though, right? many are headquartered in Wilmingtion, DE

    Maybe MBNA is the largest?

  25. God — just clicked on the sound on my tv to hear O-wuss trying to sound tough on Osama — blech.

  26. Madamab? how now?

  27. SarahF — you are right, it isn’t just MBNA in DE — there are many, but MBNA just stuck for some reason.

  28. Obama’s attacks on McCain are pretty desperate.

    What happened to OPbama’s politics of hope?

    He threw that under the bus long, long ago.

    We are NOT the Party of Obama!

    We are Americans FIRST!!



  29. angie – The sad thing is, he’s weak AND selfish. He doesn’t even feel anyone’s pain, like Bill did! Jeeez!

  30. Charles — I remember the Thomas hearings — I was in college & my outrage at the treatment of Anita Hill was what got me involved in politics in the first place. If Biden cured cancer tomorrow I would still not forgive him for what he allowed to happen to Antia Hill.

  31. Tackie O needs to close her damn legs.

  32. madamab — right as always.

  33. I always get bored listening to Obama. I can’t focus on anything. There’s no meat.

    I know most people hear agree but it’s odd for me to not be able to pay attention.

    He’s too tedious.

  34. KB – Something’s still off…now the poor PUMA logo is cut off just below its cute fuzzy ears…

  35. Oh no — he is giving his “I love this country don’t question my patriotism, ilets be non-partisan” lecture now.

  36. Madamab, I took out all the formatting. Does this work better?

  37. WMCB – The Obamagasm, occurring right on National TV.

    EwwwwEEEEEWWWW! Sorry, sorry.

    (hangs head in shame)

  38. Has a candidate for President EVER had to make that statement in his acceptance speech? Bizarre!

  39. i meant “here” instead of “hear” but i could write a thesis on my slip

  40. Obama did not connect with the people tonight – he lectured them.

  41. KB – MUCH better! 🙂

  42. I just saw his Times Square big screen — shoot me now.

  43. Sarah, I agree. My eyes glaze over as he speaks.

  44. Obama wants to change our bankruptcy laws, like Cheney wanted to change our energy laws.

    Both Obama-Biden voted against a 30% cap. He put in a bill capping it at 36%, so he can say he’s getting tough with them.

  45. LOL @ Barry O’s jab…””So, I’ve got news for you, John McCain.”

    Hey Barry.



    No Way!
    No How!

    McCain ’08
    Hillary ’12

  46. LMAO!!! If you have to angrily defend your patriotism, you are sunk, Bambi.

  47. “Don’t tell me” I hate when he says that.

  48. All day I’ve been thinking that if the outcome had been reversed, if Clinton had won by a razor thin margin by gaming the caucus system, by the disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan voters, with the complicit help of the party leadership as well as a racist, rather than sexist, media; if Obama had then been strong-armed to halt the roll call vote and move to declare Clinton the winner by acclamation; if he had given the speech of his life in support of her for the sake of party unity, does anyone honestly believe his supporters would simply “get over it” and hop on the love train?

    If Hillary were the nominee, right now giving her acceptance speech before a crowd of 80,000 adoring fans in a football stadium, there’d be looting and rioting in the streets the likes of which we haven’t seen since Watts.

    So please, don’t tell us we don’t know how to lose gracefully. Women were in the vanguard of the abolitionist movement, but when it came time to expand the franchise, only black men were granted the right to vote. It was another fifty years before women of any race saw the inside of a voting booth. I expect it will be another fifty before a woman sits behind the desk in the Oval Office.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  49. “Don’t tell me to vote for Obama”

  50. When will this senior lecturer’s lecture be over?


  51. I know I’m bored. Been spending most the time at the computer with it on in the background. I’ve even turned down the sound a bunch of times. When Hillary spoke I was on the edge of my seat and could not take my eyes off of her.

  52. Sorry, but I am really bored watching this speech. I just don’t get how people can call him inspiring and sh*t on Hillary Clinton. The Clintons’ speeches are so much more filled with energy, policy, and inspiration. If I didn’t have to watch this speech for class, I’d be watching a movie on my laptop right now.

  53. Now that was funny — he just said “If you don’t have a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from” He meant that as a put down to McCain, but he has just described what he did to Hillary & what he is doing to McCain. Irony proof convention indeed.

  54. angie – He’s attacking people who aren’t there to respond. Always cowardly, he never faces his accusers head-on.

  55. Did he just mention teh gays?

  56. Charles, more on Biden and Anita Hill hearings with echoes of this election:


  57. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he’s one of the least inspirational “successful” speakers I’ve ever heard.

  58. angie — I totally agree about Biden re Clarence Thomas. I’ll never forget or forgive his cowardice and the way Anita Hill was treated. In fact, the one silver lining to this debacle is that I will finally get to do something I have dreamed of ever since those hearings — cast a meaningful vote against Joe Biden.

  59. It’s a good speech. I simply don’t believe him.

  60. katiebird, David Gergen mentioned his lack of emotional connectiveness? if that is a word. I think it has something to do with his detachment. for me , at least

  61. madamab — exactly — just like he says “I’m happy to debate McCain anytime anywhere” and then refuses to, you know, actually agree to debate McCain.

  62. Yep. Bored here too. I bailed and knew I would find more interesting company in RD et al.

  63. Are they keeping so close to his head so we won’t see the stage setting?

  64. If Hillary’s plan were so much better, why didn’t they pick her?

  65. Why aren’t you people texting your number to The One!


  66. KB – He is like the anti-Adderrall. My attention just starts drifting every time he starts to talk. 🙂

  67. His delivery sucks. It’s like a cartoon of a speech.

  68. WMCB — yeah, he mentioned one sentence about the gays — he said “We may not agree on gay marriage, but we can agree that our Gay & Lesbian brothers and sisters should be allowed to visit their loved ones in the hospital.” Way to take a stand, Barry.

  69. Yes, katie. His advisors panicked at the reaction to the Temple of Doom, so asked the media to play nice.

    So of course they went down on him with gusto. (What??? I’m talking camera angles!)

  70. God — now he is raping the memory of MLK

  71. Where are Bill and Hill?

  72. IronMan – Believe me, he doesn’t want to take my call.


  73. His soaring speeches are coming down in November when we take back the Democratic Party and send Barry O and the DNC elites packing!

    No More Dean!

    No More Brazile!


    I can’t wait to NOT vote for Obama in November!

  74. he denies conviction because that would embrace emotional attachment
    he is academic, so he “can’t” emote. it’s an ideology,.

    read the first paragraph of the NYT frontpage story. it may make you vomit but it captures it.

  75. IronMan — from your lips to God’s ears.

  76. angie, I am sure the GLBT community are grateful for that strong defense of their worth as human beings. “We will let you visit your sick and dying. Now STFU.”

    I think enemy soldiers on a battlefield get more than that.

  77. MLK would NOT be happy about this. It’s like nobody listened to him at all when he was living. There are tapes! Rent them!!! “content of character” not “color of skin.”

  78. So now they’re going to pray?

  79. PHEW — its over — he ended with scripture. Song is “Sun coming up”

  80. LMAO WMCB — you didn’t hear it, but you got the sentiment exactly!

  81. Are they blowing fireworks ON the crowd?

  82. So bored. Also, I agree with Maria Grace that the speech itself is the best speech he has delivered so far because it actually touched on the issues and not hopey changey. The problem is that he has already made himself into the enemy for many Clinton supporters. I’m sure millions of Clinton supporters have chosen not to watch his speech tonight because it won’t change their minds anymore. I watched it and it didn’t change my mind though I will admit that it is still better than his other speeches. I was still bored though.

    His kids are really cute though. They are the only thing I like about Obama. His older daughter will grow up to be a beauty.

  83. Bill and Chelsea are gone. Hillary SHOULD still be there but no promises.

  84. I DO NOT like that crowd. It is gross.

  85. this is bad cowboy/bush music. the stage is also similar to the stage used for bush’s 2004 nomination.

  86. angie – Is he trying to take credit for the sun coming up too?

    Par for the course!

  87. And the silly-string! What a quaint idea….

  88. Let me tell you one thing — those girls are adorable, but I think they are too young to have their hair straightened like that.

  89. Now we get to see the set in all its “glory.” Will the stage rise?

  90. He didn’t say that about gays and lesbians? Hospital visits?

  91. The Clintons’ speeches were so much better. I don’t like Obama but I will give credit where credit is due. If he had given an outstanding speech tonight, I would have said so. However, it was not as good as Hillary’s at all.

  92. People in the crowd have tears streaming down their faces — good God in heaven, what kind of morons are these?

  93. Yes, ben — that is what he said, and all he said, about the gays & lesbians.

  94. All right magnificent PUMAs, time for bed. Stay strong, for tomorrow is another day, and as Gawd is our witness, we’ll never go O’Biden!


  95. I had the honor of sitting in a residence hall snacking while this was on. I couldn’t leave! I just kept my mp3 player loud and my book in front of my face.

  96. The thing with Obama is that the media and everyone gushed like horny teenagers over EVERY speech of his early on, but that is all he has.

    So unless he can deliver some great new thing in the speech department. nothing ever matches their early infatuation.

    People are getting bored with this.

  97. Is that biodegradable confetti? Who’s going to clean up that mess?

  98. This spectacle now may have ruined the whole impact of the speech. I am watching CNN and the pundits are quiet. Probably because they are all sobbing….especially Donna.

  99. This is gay americans and black americans and all americans should learn to pick themselves up and inspire themselves. With success comes independence. We all shouldn’t look to a political party for anything. That is the problem with the democrats. Everyone wants a handout.

  100. btw, I hate MO’s dress.

  101. Madamab, I FINALLY gave you credit for the P.U.M.A. Roar of approval. I’m so sorry I left it off the post originally.

  102. Katiebird- you took the words right out of my mouth-
    “Where is all this money coming from — with tax cuts!”

  103. hospital visitation rights is not a handout

  104. The music is scary.

    Oh — and they’ve got SPECIAL fireworks now.

  105. I understand the African Americans in the crowd crying because they can tie this historical moment with MLK and African-American history. But I can’t explain the tears among the white folks. That speech was not inspirational enough for anyone else to cry over.

  106. Angie, Michelle needs fashion help. That’s not a joke. She does herself a huge disservice by the way she dresses. And her posture. After she’s been campaigning so long it’s almost worthy of comment.

  107. I’m listening to Olbermann/Matthews, I just finished a great painting of those two, can’t wait to post it. it’s drying.

  108. DisenfranchisedVoter, maybe it’s fear of crowds. I’d be hysterical if I was in that arena.

  109. Gah, we’re going to see replays on top of replays of this days. Somebody get John McCain’s crack team on this one.

  110. I love you Regency. If you are ever in NYC let me know and I’ll need to take you out to lunch.

  111. Disenfranchised Voter: Why weren’t there more African Americans delivering keynote speeches?

  112. Sarah you missed my point. I didn’t express it correctly. What I was saying is that people should not expect parties to get any of this stuff right. People need to inspired themselves to succeed so they don’t need to depend on govt or have to wait and listen for some lame ass barack obama to offer us pittance.

  113. They are crying because they feel important. I think he does that to people who have a need to feel important and can’t seem to find meaning in their own lives. So they feel that lifting him on their shoulders and helping him to be president is the most important thing they will ever do in their lives. It would be nice if it were true.

  114. Excellent Maria Garcia. You’ve put into words what I haven’t been able to express.

  115. You guys WATCHED it?

    I’ve been watching “The Gong Show” on Comedy Central and “Country Fried Videos” on CMT

  116. ok, as long as we agree that there are plenty of innocent people dealing with really bad circumstances in their lives, which have nothing to do with personal responsibility.

  117. MyIQ — I’ve never listened to him all the way through a speech. I just wanted to prove that absolutely, he does NOT impress me as a speaker.

    So. Now I know for sure. He really sucks at the only thing he’s supposed to be good at.

  118. I’m giving this spectacle a miss because I figured it would be a cross between MTV Teen Choice Awards and Life of Brian. Someone fill me in, is it?

  119. myiq — I only listened to the end — I say him with his “mean face” and had to click the mute off — he was all mad about his patriotism — it was worth it.

  120. I just made a post which I see is awaiting moderation. In it I said, among other things, that if the outcome had been reversed, there’d be rioting in the streets. On reflection, that comment has racist overtones which I did not intend. My apologies.

  121. Bruce, quick! They still don;t think I’m a real American like them! Play the song! Play the soooooong!

  122. DisenfranchisedVoter: Will do. Maybe we can tip-toe into Chappaqua to see if we might catch sight of Hillary being fabulous. I would love that.

  123. His speech to night was the equivalent of his “absent votes” in the IL senate — unwilling to take any REAL stands on anything.

  124. Just read this at Politico.com. It’s McCain’s response to Obama’s speech:

    “Tonight, Americans witnessed a misleading speech that was so fundamentally at odds with the meager record of Barack Obama. When the temple comes down, the fireworks end, and the words are over, the facts remain: Senator Obama still has no record of bipartisanship, still opposes offshore drilling, still voted to raise taxes on those making just $42,000 per year, and still voted against funds for American troops in harm’s way. The fact remains: Barack Obama is still not ready to be President.”

  125. Serious question — how can a man with no morals (see caucus intimidation, voter fraud, etc) re-establish this country’s moral authority?

  126. Juan Williams on Fox: No specifics in this speech. You cannot get by on just what he said tonight.

    Way to go Juan!

  127. Regency — another good response by McCain — will the msm report it?

  128. ugsome: No, Life of Brian was funny!

  129. I love how the black Republican analysts on CNN “criticize” Obama.

  130. Pat — I love Juan Williams & have since the whole Wright debacle — he was one of the few AA to stand up and say “this is bs — this is not a typical black church”

  131. I just turned the TV back on, hoping it was over. I really can’t stomach this crap.

  132. BTD is blowing smoke up his own a**. There was no meat in that speech. Platitudes, yes. Specifics, no.

  133. Barack closed his eyes and pretended to be Hillary. That has never worked.

  134. “Tepid no more.”

    Charles, If I was ever going to get down on the floor and laugh myself silly, this would be one of those times!

  135. BTD with his whole “Obama is more electable then Clinton” bs throughout the primary proved to me he is a sexist because he now says “any Dem will win” now that Obama is not where he should be in the polls. So, his whole rationale that BO was more “electable” is because he is a man.

  136. I hear you Maria Garcia – I remember Tweety saying how disgusting it was for women to be voting for Hillary just because she was a woman – obviously, that wasn’t true – Hillary never carried the female vote at 90% plus, but I’ve never heard him call out black Americans for voting on skin color.

  137. Pat – I was upset watching Hillary’s acclamation moment. She seemed really happy and we can pen many reasons for that but, bottom line, it pissed me off.

  138. I agree with the comment about Juan Williams. He’s a PUMA I think.

  139. No one is going to care if McCain’s speech is better or not. Because no one EXPECTS McCain to move them to orgasms with his speeches.

    Obama set that expectation on himself, when he chose to base his whole campaign on his orations.

  140. Exactly, angie.

  141. Regency: I’m a woman of color and you are someone I would love to mentor and keep in touch with after this election. I will email you at the address you listed on your website. We definitely need to talk one on one when you come to NYC and I’ll give you a tour of Columbia too (it’s a great place to go to grad school).

  142. I don’t know what speech you guy watched. This from another blog (LOL):

    Holy SHIT! That speach was FANTASTIC (4.00 / 1)
    As Kos blogged: “I’m living in mortal fear this speech will end. I want it to go on and on and on…”

  143. Who is watching MSNBC? I refuse to but I was wondering how the Obamabots over there were reacting. Peeing down their legs I bet.

  144. katiebird—Yes! I’m so glad you are criticizing Michelle Obama’s appearance! Way to go!

  145. Wow… John McCain just ran the most gracious ad I have ever seen!

  146. McCain is doing what he should do. Clear, concise message.

  147. Well it sounds like it’s official: Bill & Hillary were the stars of this convention. BO just trying to copy their example, as usual.

  148. I did not see Michelle but my friend called me and said she was wearing “a print.”

  149. WigWag, on August 28th, 2008 at 10:26 pm Said:
    It’s time for the Democrats to own their failure!

    They(D party) seem to have taken up the Rethugs programs/methods. Childishly playing money see monkey do – except their path is even lower. I would neer have beleived what has happened could happen in a million years. But, we have all seen it in living color, most of us have written to our “representatives”, either been ignored, lied to or rebuffed. If the Rethugs have not been “brought to trial”(even by the Dems in Congress) – I don’t believe the Dems are planning on owning up or be held accountable. Look at the theft they just did to their own people.

    I can’t believe what I heard from someone on MSNBC –
    they stated BO was not given a thing, he was not appointed like hm, Rice or Powell – he EARNED the Dem nomination. Now, that is a bold faced lie that screams to be dealt with. CNN is doing a lot of the same – it’s like black people have been held down up til this very date – and the D party is the only party that will give them their due. I have to depend on Closed Captioning so some of this may be off – but it was the same on both channels. I imagine it was KO on MSNBC telling that really scabious lie about him being a true “winner” – the hard fought fight in the primary -jeesh KO is fool and a tool.

    Until we the people – the voters actually rise up and scream no to the corruption and to the lying media, we are at peril.

    Does anyone else find his choice of words, sometimes really weird? He was talking about his family values and he wanted his girls to “transmit” the proper values? Not quite as glaring as his “numerations” (57 states) ha haha. I should not talk being Mrs. Malaprop. He is a Harvard grad, first black president of the Harvard Law Review and the only one to never publish. Weird. I watched very little because I do not care for him or his phony words.

    Can I be frank? What is there in this man to make anyone want to follow him? He has always come off as a semi jerk to me.

  150. Well, Jmac, you can’t go by Kos. Kos gets a boner and feels tingly when Obama orders a cheeseburger.

  151. Whoever is handling the ad campaign for McCain should end up with huge bonuses since they are quick, interesting, and right on topic. And tonight he must be over the moon with the material thrown his/her way.

  152. HillaryClassmate@Wellesley, I’m pleased.

  153. As Kos blogged: “I’m living in mortal fear this speech will end. I want it to go on and on and on…”

    They are so pathetic, and this quote shows how disconnected they are from reality. “Please, don’t ever let my fantasy end!!”

  154. Maria Garcia, on August 28th, 2008 at 11:18 pm Said:

    I love how the black Republican analysts on CNN “criticize” Obama.

    NO ONE ever criticizes Obama on CNN…please…I can’t even see what you are watching….hint please.

  155. I get frustrated that Hillary constantly has to speak first whether in debates, speeches, etc. and then Obama just copies what she says.

    Hillary is the brilliant one that Obama constantly copies.

  156. I won’t watch MSNBC but even FOX was somewhat disgusting in their fawning.

  157. For the record, I have no problem voting for women because they are women and because I am a woman. I nurture the aspirations and the successes of my gender. I do not and will never apologize for this. The playing field is not level; I therefore actively work to level it, even for other women who do not, who have “crushes” on male cnadidates, like Obama, and can’t vote for Hillary “because she reminds too much of my mother.” I do not hate or undercut women. I do not hate or undercut myself. I work for women. Period.

  158. PJ: Yeah, it’s pretty disgusting when you can’t even get comfortable at Fox!

  159. FOX was fawning?? What are these people watching?

  160. Instead of watching ‘teh speech’, I just watched my beloved Phillies blow a three-run lead in the eighth inning by loading the bases and then giving up a home run .

    I think I got the better deal.

  161. The speech tanked. Even MSNBC couldn’t help but focus on a handful of close ups of terribly bored and tired people. The length of exposure to Obama does backfire. That’s why he doesn’t want many debates.

  162. ABG is back, which means that the speech worries him. 🙂

    Thank you, ABG! That was all the confirmation I needed that the messiah underperformed.

  163. Hey guys, I had an idea for an anti-BO ad campaign. It’s a twist on “Are you smarter than a fifth grader” called “Are you more qualified than Barack Obama?”

    There would be a new “contestant” every day. BO’s resume (education & experience) would be compared with another prominent political/ gov figure through voice-overs and powerpoint bulletpoints. First up, Robert Mueller (FBI chief). Next, Chuck Schumer. And so on. Obviously, BO will flunk.

    I’d like to avoid using candidates (Hillary, McCain). Instead, I’d like to use public servants. BO would be their commander in chief. And quite a few of us have had to work for incompetents, so this hits home.

    Your collective thoughts?

  164. Rove ripping into the speech on FOX

  165. Okay, his time in the spotlight is over. The Repubs are following on Monday and the follow up should be strong. If not, they have no one to blame but themselves since this 4 day snoozefest, designed as nothing more than an Obamalovefest,is enough fodder to feast on for the next 4 months. And with Hillary no longer the topic of discussion, they should be able to aim their vicious blows with accuracy.

  166. What a yawn. Obama should have just put up a big pic of Hillary – pointed at it and said “What she said but lighter. Thanks for coming. ”

    As for hospital visits – I have been able to visit my partner in the hospital all my life. I don’t need a hall pass. What an idiot.

  167. Even my Obama leaning husband called it a “miss.” It never took fire, The venue, the set, the dirge like music and those lame fireworks-all misfires.
    Not one gracious word for the popular vote getter? Bastard.

  168. I hope everyone notices the change to this post: The P.U.M.A. Roar of Approval was designed by our own Madamab

    I neglected to give her credit originally but I hope everyone goes back up to the top to take a second look. It’s really great!

  169. two states –

    Make it “Are you more qualified than the man who would be your boss?”

  170. Obama’s speech in a nut shell.

    da dum, da dum, da dum, bark
    da dum, da dum, da dum, bark
    da dum, da dum, da dum, bark
    da dum, da dum, da dum, bark.

    The ringing is still in my ears. I hope the media’s cuddling afterwards will not last long and both will just roll over and fall asleep.

  171. Woman Voter: Lou Dobbs at CNN criticizes Obama. He has also criticized both Clintons and McCain. He really doesn’t seem in the tank for anyone. Everyone else at CNN is either an Obama whore or a coward follower.

  172. Two states: Use Michael Nutter!!!!

  173. Does ABG have a job? He manages to post 24/7 and usually with the same old “you are ra*cist rants. Tiring.

  174. Magdalena – good point. Which is why I would be so excited if McCain picked a woman as VP… Not holding my breath but it would be great.

  175. Well, after all these speeches am I convinced that he is the one? Nah, still doesn’t do it for me. I just want a leader with substance. Is that too much to ask?

  176. Ha! Our Hill is more popular than even Big Dawg!

    DENVER – Bill Clinton, the former president, drew 24 million television viewers in his address at the Democratic National Convention.

    Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and erstwhile candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, outdrew him – with 26 million viewers


  177. I couldn’t- as in didn’t want to- watch. Can someone tell me if Hillary was there to get on stage and do the Unity Pony thing?

  178. I never saw a single hint that Hillary was there.

  179. Not just copies from Hill, but also from Bill. The bits on TL that were quoted were straight from Bill’s speech, nearly word for word, and everyone was all loopy about how brilliant they were.

  180. What a dud of a speech. I expected it to at least come close to the Clintons’
    speeches. It sounded like he had been watching a lot of Bill’s State of
    the Union speeches and copied those (when he wasn’t channeling Hilary) and thought this would make him sound more

    Of course, at the start he had to mention the Clintons. After trashing
    their reputations to get 90% of the black vote and to “appall” the pseudo-liberal ignoramuses, he realized he “desperately” needs them.

    The huge staging made him look puny. Big mistake. He is truly a gift to the

  181. madamab and katiebird: Great seal! Should be used going forward. “I am PUMA, hear me roar!”

  182. WMCB: Whooo Hoo!!!

  183. I didn’t see Hillary.

  184. Oh sh*t – I just got a message down in the right hand corner of my monitor that I have received an email message from Barack Obama (Democratic Party).

    I hope they aren’t planning to put me in a detention camp tonight. I have an appointment to get my roots done tomorrow and don’t want to be locked up looking like this.

  185. I’m watching one of those educational shows: “The History of Lint”

    Seems much more fascinating than Uh-bama speechifying.

  186. higflying bird, NO, and I am so glad.

  187. WMCB: What did Rove say?

  188. SweetieSue! I think the size of the venue had a lot to do of it. The “intimacy” of the Pepsi Center (is that what it’s called?) is key. It’s closed, so sound bounces around, and enclosure is experienced differently than open air. It would have been a much better speech if delivered in the Pepsi Center. Again, we must ask ourselves, does Obama have good judgement? NO.

  189. katiebird; None of the Clinton’s were there. They hightailed it out of Denver on the first flight out last night. Their jobs are done. Let The One go forward on his own from now on. No Clinton’s. No us.

  190. That it was all promises that he has no RECORD of doing anything about, basically.

  191. Charles, watch for him and his campaign begin to lower expectations for the debates, just like Bush did, and come up with excuses, just like Bush did.
    I’m ready to hear versions of:

    He stammers because he’s folksy and one of us


    He doesn’t provide clear answers because the universe is in flux and he is responding in a highly intelligent way to minute shifts within the empyrean membrane (sticking with the Greek theme).

  192. myIQ, I just turned to mister to ask him if he was secretly you! He’s always talking about “The History of Lint” it’s a joke he works into many random situations.

    He SWEARS he’s not you. But, I’m going to watch his monitor more closely from now on….

  193. Angie – I don’t like her straightening – and curling with a hot curling iron-her little girls hair either.

    And Michelle’s had lip reduction and such a strong shot of botox she could barely move her face the other night, and they go on and on about Senator Clinton’s thighs and ankles and wrinkles…hypocrites.

    She said Hillary gave her advice on keeping her daughters out of the limelight. How hard is that? KEEP THEM OFF THE COVER OF EVERY MAGAZINE FROM COSMOPOLITAN TO FIELD AND STREAM!! There, they’re out of the limelight.

  194. And how is he going to change washington with a vp that’s been there for 32yrs.? Joe has a long history same old politics.

  195. Charles: hell, he can’t even repair Chicago politics!

  196. Did you know there are several major types of lint?

    Pocket, dryer and belly-button, just to name a few.

  197. Thanks for the answer. And thank God Hillary stayed away. I hope she and Bill are already on their way to a nice vacation- for the next four months. Let Obummer sink on his own. Alright Repubs, he’s all yours now. Do that thing you do so well.

  198. “He can’t even repair the Democratic Party.”

    snort Charles, He BROKE the Democratic Party!

  199. McCain campaign response:

    “Tonight, Americans witnessed a misleading speech that was so fundamentally at odds with the meager record of Barack Obama. When the temple comes down, the fireworks end, and the words are over, the facts remain: Senator Obama still has no record of bipartisanship, still opposes offshore drilling, still voted to raise taxes on those making just $42,000 per year, and still voted against funds for American troops in harm’s way. The fact remains: Barack Obama is still not ready to be president.”

  200. da dum, da dum, da dum, bark.


  201. Pat Johnson, I just heard Olbermann/Matthews claim that Hillary was there, but “unfortunately” there was no shot of her!

  202. Magdalena: “He was having a blue day”. “His breakfast wasn’t up to standards”. “Michelle made him pick up his underwear”. “He gets offstride if he cannot follow Hillary in the debate”.
    “He was overbooked picking out swatches for the Oval”.

    They will invent every excuse in the book because it is never his fault.

  203. She said Hillary gave her advice on keeping her daughters out of the limelight.

    Well, that won’t be a problem when they move back to Chicago in November.

  204. SarahF, that’s exactly what my husband thought. He used to do “tech” for a theatrical touring company. He said if it’d been at the Pepsi Center, the sound would have raised the roof. Invesco Field-not so much. Tinny sound and he had to shout.
    When either Clinton talks, you think he or she is talking right to you.

  205. Pat — thank god the Clintons got out of town. I was worried bc I couldn’t get any hard info on that, some said it was just Bill and Chelsea who left and Hillary had to face Opolis all on her own.

    I’m just praying they let themselves off the hook from now on. I will miss seeing Hillary but better to not see her than painfully watch her shilling for this excuse for a…candidate/human/your choice of organisms.

  206. Pat: LOL!

  207. The commenters at TL seem to be ignoring Jeralyn

  208. SweetieSue! They really are that bad at “designing” events. It’s bizarre.

  209. Magdalena: the word I’ve heard them use is “thoughtful.”

    I guess when you’re thoughtful, you uh uh uh your way through.

  210. How so, myiq?

  211. My take away line for the night:
    “If you don’t have a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from”

    Throughout the primaries, Obama has consistently projected the criticism. I hope this one finally bites him in the butt.

  212. myiq — not when I was just there. they’re waxing rhapsodic about The Best Speech Evah. Everyone on the fence is now convinced.


  213. 1/2 FlVoter – he did a George W. on his pick – no doubt. What a coward. I’m hoping to see John McCain do a maverick choice.

  214. MyIQ – I can’t decide if I should get myself banned there like I did at dKos…. Or just fade away

  215. As long as that choice is not Lieberman.

  216. Oh, yeah, fif and Magdalena, I have heard them praise his stuttering and hemming and hawing as proof positive of his ascendant genius.

  217. SophieL–I hope that quote gets played ad nauseum.

  218. Come on folks:

    The speech did exactly what it was supposed to do. You all have been complaining that BO’s theme of “change”, is verbose, idealistic, and flowery, yet an empty suit–the moment the man lays out exactly what he is going to do as president, you all bash it.

    The damned if you do, damned if you don’t theme is pretty big around these parts.

    The speech wasn’t meant to be inspirational. He had many a months during the primaries to do that…after all isn’t that what you all were complaining about? That BO lacks substance.

    And for those of you hung up on his sentence about gays, he clearly elucidated that they are our “american brothers and sisters……and deserve to live free of discrimination”–but I guess that part doesn’t resonate with a larger agenda here. Lets see McCain ever say something like that……that’s right he won’t.


  219. Oops!

    That should be “Jeralyn’s new rules”

    All you have to do is wait until they move on to a new thread, but before they close comments.

    And make sure your header isn’t obviously anti-Precious

  220. katiebird: Think of it as a badge of courage.

  221. Charles, and we’re ALL great minds here. Did you see how MyIQ even tells the same jokes as mister?

  222. SophieL, on August 28th, 2008 at 11:49 pm Said:

    My take away line for the night:
    “If you don’t have a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from”

    Throughout the primaries, Obama has consistently projected the criticism. I hope this one finally bites him in the butt.

    Someone should make a projection list, because Obama does it all the time. He will accuse his opponent of exactly what he is doing or is.

  223. DisenfranchisedVoter: I’m all for it. One can never have too many mentors.

  224. Some of us are saying Hillary, Bill & Chelsea left town, but the MSNBO clowns are saying she was there, but no pictures. Gee, I guess she’s no longer relevant to any of these guys.

  225. I commented on Jeralyn earlier this week or last week and said that I would be waiting for her to backtrack on her decision not to vote for Obama if he picked Biden. I knew that she didn’t have the courage then and she doesn’t have the courage now to stand up to the Democratic Party. These people are zombies who will vote for anyone with a (D) after their name regardless of the crimes that they commit. People like BTD and Jeralyn are the reason why the Democratic Party continues to screw all of us over and expect us to still bow down to their “leadership” and follow their command to vote for any piece of scum they choose for us.

  226. fif, and you and I know what’s thoughtful:

    Hillary giving her speech the other night with nary a glance away from the crowd and without ever once flubbing a single word. It was extraordinary.

    Hillary in the debates: same thing.

    Kind of thing that happens when you believe in what you say.

  227. David — we don’t complain of any such things. Are you sure you’re at the right site?

  228. The Obama campaign had volunteers right on hand. This
    was the first call I’ve gotten from someone who didn’t appear
    to be paid. I was called by someone because I am “a committed
    Democrat in my State and we need to do everything we can
    to elect Obama.”

    This is while I was still in shock about the dull speech. And
    the reason he is running is because he gave a speech as a state
    senator from Illinois that
    was not recorded in any way (at an anti-war rally in the equivalent
    of Berkeley (Hyde Park) and Axelrod recorded it later when it
    was a favorable stance). At least he is boasting about taking
    McCain on in a “debate.”

    I said no thanks, I’m an independent now. Goodbye!

  229. Hey David Green? I’m not voting for him. Ever. So what you need to do is………………wait for it……………………………….
    wait for it…………..


  230. This just in: Huckabee will not be chosen.

  231. Charles: actually, I think all Obama roads lead to Chicago, and the stench there is the way to beat him. He may be lying about childhood stuff, which is curious, but I don’t think it matters to most of us. We can only hope the Repubs got a ton of info before the Chicago Machine started scrubbing everything.

    It’s funny, no one in Chicago wants to go to jail, and Obama is the person to keep them out. That’s what I think.

  232. Nobody here is hung up about gays.

    But if you’re interested, a few of our gays are hung

  233. myiq2xu: LOL

  234. Magdalena, the only time I’ve EVER seen Hillary rely on notes was when she gave Obama New Yorks vote and moved for unanimous acclamation. She looked at her notes at least 3 times as she made that statement.

  235. parentofed, I concur completely.

  236. I’m so glad it won’t be Huckabee, but I didn’t think JM would choose him anyway. The Creationism is non-negotiable for me.

  237. “The speech wasn’t meant to be inspirational?”

    Wow, you’re right. Then it sure suceeded.

    I guess tha stadium wasn’t supposed to be inspirational, either.

    Or the Greek columns.

    Or the references to MLK.

    I just love watching bots tie themselves up into pretzels. It’s better than Cirque du Soleil.

  238. I think he’ll pick Romney, unfortunately.

  239. David Green, what WMCB said, and also……..

    MOVE ON.

  240. I though he repackaged Hillary’s speech and added a few of his thoughts on how we all need to work harder or something…

    If I believed he could deliver ANY of the items in the laundry list…

  241. Wow, katie, I didn’t see that. I couldn’t watch.

  242. Candidate X and Candidate Y all over again.

    Thank you, Big Dawg, whether you meant it or not I have my out. I never needed one, but just in case.

  243. Charles, I like your blog.

  244. David Green: Actually we don’t much care for McCain. We know who he is. But your guy, not so much. We are Dems and we would prefer a candidate who champions gay rights, not patronizes or offers a passing remark meant to what, smooth over by just the mention?

    And what change are you referring to? His VP who has been there for 35 years and is in the hip pocket of every lobbyist and corporate sponsor who cares to contribute to his coffer? And tell me, when that change comes, what is it supposed to look like? I never did get a clear picture since he was mostly straying in and out of hyperbole that any high school debater would rely on.

    Inspirational? Please elucidate yourself. I may have missed something but I heard very little that I have not heard before and from far more qualified and experienced candidates. What you saw was an endrun of sentences designed to hide the fact that he has yet to accomplish one thing of record that he could point to aside of having run for office in one capacity or another for the past 10 years.

    Correct me if I am wrong. But this is what I came away with. And please, no lectures. They seldom do the trick.

  245. David:

    You sound so BITTER!

  246. Anyone else recall McGovern packing stadiums filled with the left-wing youth demo., during the ‘72 primaries? Only to have that demographic become disillusioned watching their candidate make his “centrist” shift during the GE?

  247. fif:

    Oh, that’s right. Remember after his dismal performance at the Saddleback Forum, the media and his supporters [whoops, being redundant there] all talked about how ‘thoughtful’ he was when he hemmed and hawed and looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

  248. Magdalena, I didn’t see it live. It was replayed sometime later and I saw it then. I wouldn’t have seen it if I wasn’t taken by surprise.

  249. I am in moderation and I am supposed to sweep up the confetti.

  250. I was bored and bitter watching that speech. But perhaps I am just a bitter, deranged PUMA.

    I hope John McCain chooses a woman. I hope he chooses Sarah Palin.

  251. So he’s ready to debate JM “anytime anywhere” again?

    That was his claim before he refused to do the 11+ Town Halls McCain proposed, and again now that he is forced to do at least a few debates before Nov. 4th.

    He’s so brave.

  252. edwardian, I saw McGovern at Union Station in Kansas City in the Fall of ’72. It was packed and exciting. And he lost on both sides of the state line a couple of weeks later.

    Crowds aren’t indicators of elections.

  253. edwardian, but that crowd was much more savvy than today’s young bunch of zombies raised on ads and video games.

  254. Pat lol! But it’s ROYAL confetti.

  255. Pat Johnson,

    I was thinking of Meg Whitman.

  256. Re McCain VP: I cannot go Huckabee, no matter what. Although I don’t think Huckabee could do any damage with a Dem Congress, I can’t pull that lever for Huckabee.

  257. David is periodically feeling blue.

    Did anyone notice Barky’s not dressing as a cross between the Fruits of Islam and The Matrix any more?

    He’s wearing red rep ties and even an occasional light colored suit.

    Just saying.

    I’d be interested to know how many didn’t watch him tonight. I didn’t. Anyone else?

  258. My last comment and I promise you won’t hear from me.

    Magadalena, that’s what’s wrong with this whole process……people like you that attempt to invalidate my remarkably reasonable statements through name calling. No I’m not a bot–I am an independent voter who has always tended to lean towards the left.

    The Clintonite, McSain, obamabot stuff is trite and silly, but I’m certain you can’t see that.


  259. David: Promises – Promises just like someone else we know. Please keep this one and go!

  260. angie, Gee I hate doing this but I’m gonna defend BTD a bit. I do not believe he’s sexist at all. He just believes in the power of the media, which has been true in the past. This time I think he’s backward about it though.

    Obama may be a media darling but Hillary was media krytonite. Just look at the primaries, bad media hurt her very little, if at all. This time being the media darling is going to bite Obama in the butt.

  261. Only to have that demographic become disillusioned watching their candidate make his “centrist” shift during the GE?

    The only difference here edwardian is that NOTHING seems to dispel the Kool Aid fog.

    No experience? No problem–he has superior judgment [and he’s God]
    Rev. Wright? Crazy old uncle [or: he wasn’t IN the church that day!]
    FISA reversal? He HAS to do that to win the GE.
    Public financing? He will clean up Washington AFTER he gets in.

    You get the point. He could be into child porn and they would say he “cares about the children of the world.”

  262. This will definitely pep you up: Hillary is Wonder Woman

  263. I did not. See upthread.

    After being on the ground in Denver yesterday and witnessing the sham of a roll call, I couldn’t bear to watch. I’ll read the transcript tomorrow.

    I’ve been listening to him for 18 months now. There was nothing that he could have said tonight that would cause me to support him.

  264. Magdalena:

    I muted the Spectacle, but mostly I saw people taking camera shots of themselves and other people. See how cool I am? You’re cool, too, since we’re both here.

    Reminds me of the Kid when she went to her High School Homecoming dance as a freshman, and went all over town dressed up, then got pics made, then went out to eat, then….went to the dance, which was very cool and everybody was there.

    But, then she grew up.

  265. I’ll have to remember that line, David: every time I need to defend myself against illogic and inconsistency, I will simply say laud myself for making “remarkably reasonable statements.”

    You might want to pass that on to Obama. He’ll need it.

  266. I have green teeth.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  267. Oh you are so dishonest! Independent, left leaning voters don’t “happen” across this blog immediately following the Democratic convention. Only hard core Obot bloggers are blogging at midnight on a weeknight.
    And the resistance….PUMA

  268. Honestly, I’d give Obama’s speech a B minus. A Presidential Nominee must give a Grade A speech. Even Kerry was a B+.

  269. Regency: It did!

  270. The problem with the media darling or power of the media is that the vote rewards the media’s behavior. We allow the media to choose our leaders and our wars if we vote in step with the wishes they push.

  271. Have you ever noticed that Obot trolls that use mens names always seem to emphasize how manly and macho they are?

    TheRealKim was arguing with one earlier that claimed to be Rambo or something.

    I don’t recall any of them claiming to be gay, but I won’t say there aren’t any.

    But the ones using female names act pretty butch too, like they are guys posing as women.

    They all ooze the same attitude – like a boys high school locker room

    Rude, obnoxious, and with an over-inflated sense of importance. Even when they’re “nice” they are smarmy, like Eddie Haskell

    I’m guessing your average troll is a 20-something male semi-virgin with bad personal hygiene.

  272. wry:

    sometimes I think ObamaCo spies on us. Remember how we kept criticizing the dismal-looking Obama’s? Some of us called them gangsta, some of us called them goth, all of us called them boring and cheerless.

  273. Leeza, I hate to terrify you, but many of us watched and listened.

    Sorry to scare you like that, but it’s true.

    Standing up in front of unearned scenery and making empty statements backed up by no real record is not historic by any measure.

    It happens all the time.

    Remember “Mission Accomplished”?

  274. Leeza: Please follow Davids lead and find the exit. Otherwise, I can supply you with some cheese to go with that whine of yours if you decide to stay.

  275. Just now listening to Juan Williams on Fox. He really is great – and honest!

  276. Leeza – we were lying. He is unqualified. He is not interesting to listen to. You are not in the right place – please find another blog and be happy!

  277. Thanks Regency! That’s the perfect imagery before I go to bed.

    G’night PUMAs. You’re the best.

  278. Charles:

    Obama will send up Keith to face John McCain any day of the week, eh?

  279. leeza, on August 29th, 2008 at 12:06 am Said:

    I have green teeth.

    Now that there is funny!


  280. Pat J: Glad to see it. Did the same thing for me. I watched it like four times. So cute and funny.

  281. I’ve always liked Jaun Williams. I don’t know if he does anything on NPR anymore.

  282. myiq2xu: And haven’t had a real date since junior high. Their libido is on display here for all the world to see. A happy libido does not need to stoop to calling us out for not seeing the beauty of their homely date.

  283. G’night, Fif!

  284. nite fif

  285. and the hetero male trolls are jealous of their girlfriends vibrators.

  286. Didn’t listen to the speech, as I have already made up my mind not to vote for BO.

    Too bad HRC apparently had to stick around for it. She has certainly done her part and shouldn’t have to do any more heavy lifting for this fellow. I know she wants to be a good party player but I’ve been thinking all day maybe she should consider “spraining” her ankle or having a little “necessary” elective surgery so she can have an excuse to be out of commission for the next two months.

  287. Pat:

    Are you referring to Leeza with the green teeth?

    She’s not homely.

    Not if you’re drunk, and it’s dark

  288. Pat & myiq: I don’t think THOSE boys are the ones trolling. I have one resident and several part-time residents and they wouldn’t bother. Too busy playing War of Imperium (I think).

  289. Okay, then, David , if you are truly not one of the bots who regularly come in here shouting unity and get over it at us, I will answer your question.

    No, Obama did not give me what I wanted tonight, despite having cribbed some good ideas from Hillary at long last.

    See, you are operating under the mistaken assumption that he could say something I wanted to hear, and I would be all, like, “OMG that’s it!”

    He can’t. Because what I want is for him to have done things, not to say things. Tacking a little policy detail onto the hopey-changiness will not change anything, because I am not looking at what he says, I am asking what has he ever DONE.

    So if you are asking “What words could he find to convince you?” the answer is: none. Because I am not looking for words. I am a boring old fart who has made many hiring decisions in my life, and I want the fucking RESUME before I even BEGIN to consider whether the person has passion, or personality, or anything else.

  290. SarahF:

    They have girlfriends?

  291. WMCB: boring old farts who care about things like resumes will save this country, I hope.

  292. um? maybe. I don’t know…LOL

  293. Corrente (sorry, myiq ) had a post up today that obama got his bounce from Hillary and Bill.

    He might have a hard time holding on to those ones though. He’d have to play Hillary’s speech over and over to hold on to them.

  294. myiq2xu, on August 29th, 2008 at 12:16 am Said:
    Are you referring to Leeza with the green teeth?

    She’s not homely.

    Not if you’re drunk, and it’s dark


  295. myiq2xu: When you lowered your standards you became a nicer guy even if you were drunk as a skunk and it was 2am and desperate! And Leeza did have a great personality and the cabfare intact.

  296. Amen Magdalena – he’s just like Mr. Mission Accomplished!

  297. jjm:

    If you hang around Balloon Juice you will find it is CDS central and they get semi-orgasmic over WoW and similar games.

    The stuff they say in comment threads is the same stuff the Obots say.

    And they brag about lurking here and elsewhere, so they are probably trolling too.

  298. “LIVE VOTE NOW”!
    Obama’s WAY ahead

  299. I hope so too Magdalena.

  300. I am sure that Obama camp comes here to ask us questions about what they can say to us to change our minds. I wonder if that why we get all the ‘please explain’ questions.

  301. Leeza is the kinda girl that when you break out a bottle of booze she says “You don’t need to get me drunk”

    To which I reply “I need to get ME drunk”

  302. Charles: the question is did Hillary’s speech persuade people to vote for Obama? We hope not, but that is what the media will attribute to any bounce no matter how small. She’s gone for good now.

    All the KY newspapers were full of relieved Dem officials who boarded the Love Train, and are sure all us Dems here did, too. Only 2 negative notes anywhere. Steelworker official for Ashland Armco workers said they will have to work to educate us against our racial bias [thanks, jerk!] and the young Ky delegate I mentioned here yesterday. He gave a highly intelligent voice of hesitation to the whole convention.

  303. Wait! I just realized that I haven’t done the Up All Night thread.

    Suggestions for links welcome…

  304. Time for me to hit the hay, too. I would say, “It’s been real, ya’ll,” but, given what we saw on the tv tonight, um, uh, er, it wasn’t.

  305. You can link to my post about purging dissent

  306. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun?

  307. myiq: WoW is SO yesterday for the LAN-party set. Those must be the slow kids who thought the geeky kids might actually be having fun.

  308. Is Rezko Working With the Feds?

    Now, sources tell the Chicago Sun-Times that Rezko has been seen at the federal courthouse as many as a dozen times since his June conviction. He’s been held since then at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago.

  309. I could be wrong about which ones they play now, I haven’t played video games since Super Mario I

  310. Actually, I don’t think I’ve played them in years either. I just know college age boys who fit your profile and I don’t think “they” are the ones. They do hang out in my basement and eat all the food…

    Maybe it is the more ‘moved by religious experiences’ crowd? I really don’t know why ANYONE would troll…

  311. my god, this is crazy. The news channels.. this is like watching them all drool over Bush circa “Mission Accomplished” and wondering if I was crazy because I just. did. not. get. it.

  312. I’m thinking post college, working entry-level drudge jobs, no social life now that they are off campus

  313. The Clintonistas are leaving TalkLeft and the Obamabots are moving in. The comments on Obama’s speech there are absolutely ridiculous. Here are a few nuggets I’ll share with you. People are really getting drunk off the kool-aid tonight. I’ll say it again: I agree that it was Obama’s best speech but it was copied from everything we’ve heard Clinton say all throughout the primaries. So it didn’t matter when she said it but Obama reads a few plagiarized lines and he’s the Messiah? Heidi Li sums Obama’s speech up fairly nicely: http://heidilipotpourri.blogspot.com/2008/08/well-senator-obamas-speech-certainly-is.html
    I am so through with the Democrats this puntil there is new leadership running party.

    Okay, here are the nuggets of insanity found on TalkLeft:

    His speech was absolutely (none / 0) (#225)
    by ajn44 on Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 11:21:07 PM EST
    Amazing! If there are any Hillary supporters that still don’t want to support Barack, please help me understand why!!!!!

    A reincarnation of our founding fathers. (none / 0) (#198)
    by gentlyweepingguitar on Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 10:58:00 PM EST
    Obama instills the embodiment of our Declaration of Independence! A true revolutionary.

  314. maybe… I am thinking it is roughly the same as the kids way back when who would leave a flaming bag of dog shit on a neighbor’s door step.

    I have looked at Balloon Juice and seen commenters lamenting our lack of interest in answering in the super great questions they come here with…

  315. I’m picking my nose. See?

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  316. You know, I didn’t watch it. Had an appointment with the Rockies instead…drove up so high I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fight the lightheadedness and get down.

    Hey! Maybe *that’s* what went on at Invesco tonight…;)

    Good to see TL’ers here. I’ll probably be spending more time here myself, until BTD comes out against Obama again anyway.

  317. I was doing laundry for the first five or so minutes of Obama’s speech. I guess he did mention and thank the Clintons-is that right?-but not when I was watching. And calling the Democratic Party the Party of Roosevelt and Kennedy and not including the name of our last President ticked me off.
    I thought he got lost in the weeds, blew some of the better lines and petered out at the end. Was there any line as good as America is great because of the power of example, not the example of power?

  318. The trolls are still worried, since they are still coming. Yay! Great sign that Obama did not get the job done with yet more words.

  319. katiebird – an idea for a thread – the sad death of TL – what a disappointment – or maybe Meg Whitman for VP. I only get to have that hope for tonight. Tomorrow, McCain will pick Pawlentey (sp).

  320. The tone in Denver this week has been “worried,” I think. I’m at one of the delegate hotels and I’ve been festooned with Hillary gear all week; nobody’s said boo to me about any of it.

    Think they’re too afraid we won’t get on board the Precious Connection.

  321. Wry – I didn’t watch it either.

    I turned it on, late, heard the comment about letting gays and lesbians visit their loved ones in hospitals, and had to turn it off. This must have been his way of trying to tie back to Hillary, during the primaries, talking about her parents’ neighbor who wasn’t allowed to visit partner in the hospital. But taken without the background story, and personal attachment, it sounded crazy!!!!

  322. There would be no Democratic Party today without Bill Clinton. Some of us are smart enough to know that and we are deeply grateful for all that he accomplished. Bill and Hillary Clinton are true public servants and patriots.

  323. I have a hamster in my pocket.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  324. Felizarte – I know a bunch of people who won’t vote for obama who wanted to vote for Hillary. They aren’t typical democrats but they really hoped Hillary would be the nom.

  325. It’s amazing how “Democrats” still beat up on the only two term Democratic president in my lifetime at least.

    Oh, and Jsmog, we know you’re an Obamabot. You say are a loyal Democrat yet you say you’re not an Obama supporter nor would you vote for the Clintons? STFU and go away. You’re just an idiot who can’t even get your story straight.

  326. Up all Night is posted! And a troll made the first comment. Has THAT ever happened before?

  327. From tonight’s speech –

    “Its not that John McCain doesn’t care, its that he doesn’t get it.”

    If I remember correctly the movie An American President – “It isn’t that he doesn’t get it – its that he just can sell it.”

    Is Aaron Sorkin writing Obama’s speeches? Or is Obama just a word thief?

  328. My husband fell asleep half way through the speech. For me, I was reminded of Kerry. Obama’s speech had about the same effect as Kerry.

    I don’t listen to Obama much, but I had heard him say most of it before. I am so tired of newsweek running articles about his background.

    Is there such a thing as reverse effect brainwashing? Where you just get so sick of hearing the same thing over and over and over again, that you start being totally repulsed.

    Although, I have to say that the length, variety, and confusion of his family attachments is not something I am either interested in or can ever figure out.

  329. catsin – Obama made the same stupid reference to hospital visits at the Saddleback thingie.

    I guess he thinks hospitals have gaydar at the entrances that automatically lock the doors when us gay folk approach.

  330. When you read the polls, you can get a lot of extra information that is interesting.

    The rasmussen poll states that the lack of a bump for the choice of Biden as VP is all because of HIllary supporters bailing on Obama. But the Gallup poll states it is because of his vote on abortion. Gallup says he is losing conservative democrats, and liberal republicans.

    The other odd thing in the polls is that a high percentage of people think Obama is going to win, but the daily presidential poll numbers don’t support it. That means the Media is hyping him to the point that people think he is going to win, but people really aren’t voting for him.

    I guess if he wins, we will know that the media can elect whoever they want to. Isn’t that like communism? or a dictatorship?

  331. Katiebird
    You asked about an all night thread.
    There was an old movie titile What did you do during the war daddy?
    why not what did you do during the convention pumas?
    Whats plans do you have for winning the war against the faux new democratic party?



  332. Man the bitterness here is so…tacky. You talk about how pathetic Obama’s speech was, yet most of you say you had it muted. Face it, this was probably top 2-3 convention speeches of the last 50 years and you missed it. Well I think you watched it, listened to it and are speechless…pride is a mutha!

    Do yourself a favor, drink some of your cheap boxed wine, pet your cats, read a romance novel, and use your right to not vote.

  333. “Face it, this was probably top 2-3 convention speeches of the last 50 years and you missed it. ”

    You are crazy. Obama can’t give a speech worth a shit. He doesn’t belong in the same league as a Mario Cuomo.

  334. A real bite: your candidate speaks with no passion, and has a cardboard heart. That is why people like you connect with him.

    He will lose in November.

  335. this was probably top 2-3 convention speeches of the last 50 years and you missed it.

    oh my gosh – how pathetic that anyone thinks this. well, I’ll give BO this – this was probably the most gaudy set design of any convention ever.

  336. Mrs. Polly – why didn’t Reagan, Bush and Bush tear down Roe v. Wade then?

    Mrs. Polly – you probably don’t know what it’s like to work your ass for democracy and get out every vote and watch thousands of people – many elderly, others disabled – make every effort to vote only to see the UnDemocratic party sabotage their voices.

    You’re right. Those who supported Obama tore down and snarked at and ridiculed us–we, the people who watched Democracy go down the drain and voiced our sadness. It is one of the main reasons why I will now not support this party.

  337. Beam me up Scotty–no intelligent life around these parts!

  338. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I am not voting for any Democrat, where ordinarily I would. They made a mockery of Democracy.

  339. […] to fif over at the Confluence for relaying the view from the Orange Cheeto (formerly member of the reality […]


    The Elephascists raise big fat horse-choking wads of money from anti-abortion obsessives.

    If the Elephascists [aka GOP] actually scrap Roe v. Wade, that money will dry up.

    Only a fool kills a goose that is laying golden eggs. 😉

  341. And while the Oborg rejoice in the platitudes of their false messiah, Karl Rove has fallen to his knees to thank his dark master Beelzebub for giving him such an easy target.

  342. Obama used coruption chicago style by history to eliminate Hiliary and Polosi had Hiliary step aside. Now CNN Host screeching that a Legislator, Mayor /Governor is not qualified to be McCain vice president this lady was shrilling you know where her allegiance lies. The God Obama and Biden was speechless the good old boys club is at it again. Hope we give them what they deserve. Gov of Alaska History destroyed the good old boys. I am voting Puma for Mccain. Roe vs Wade is law . The gov said that this was a private matter and the law I am not scared of her maybe Poliski think again. I admire Hiliary strength but I will not help Obama campaign. She needs to hold her head high and I will see you in 4 yrs. Take care of yourself

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