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Who owns your vote? Delegates?

The Roll Call

142 Responses

  1. I don’t watch TV — so I’m counting on a you all to do the dirty work — watch and report this on going fiasco.

  2. The say, “The vote is real”


  3. If “word [don’t] matter” it’s real.


  4. John McCain


  6. LOL @ Carol.

  7. Anyone who has ever seen a convention will know that this is contrived. So what will happen to the mascot of the Democrat party, the so-called unity pony?

  8. Democrats are stupid. They have let Pelosi, Dean and Donna destroy the chance of taking back the white house. I still can’t believe how they messed this up.

  9. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa

  10. I’m still hoping for a miracle and for the delegates to take a stand.

  11. Ayers and Obama as partners is being revealed. We still have hope!


  12. All right. Let me know what happens. Me and the pro-Hill roomie are about to have a Roswell marathon.

  13. I don’t believe for a seond that this is real. But I am watching just the same.

    If it was real they would not stop it until the end. Hell, Candy Crowly just said the Obama campaign wants to stop it before it becomes a floor fight. I am guessing the vote must have been very close.

  14. Thanks, BB — I had a brain lapse, I guess but, it’s fixed now.

    Also, Gary’s got a post up

  15. This is so sad, I am going to go home and eat myself happy. I can, its allowed.

  16. That’s such a beautiful picture of Hillary Clinton.

    I heard Pelosi was scared half out of her drilled brain because it was so close. I’ll try to relocate the source of that rumor.

  17. Did they do this in an empty hall in the middle of the afternoon?


  18. KB: I only see a new post by myiq

  19. they are doing this now because they want the nomination decided before Bill takes the stage.

  20. I’m not sure this actually DESERVES it’s own thread

  21. katiebird, on August 27th, 2008 at 5:18 pm Said:
    Did they do this in an empty hall in the middle of the afternoon?


    because the best time for crime, the middle of the night ,was unavailable !

  22. I can’t stand Nancy.

  23. Kim,
    It’s “Of Pantsuits and Presidents”

  24. Off topic (but I’m from the area so…) getting hurricane supplies ready


  25. Is this Hillary’s nomination speech?

  26. Obama’s doofus spokesperson is trying to defend Obama’s Temple of Doom

  27. Oh, {{Fredster}} — take care.

  28. Katie,

    I love that picture of HIllary. All I have to say about the fake vote is that I want the names of every delegate and who they voted for made public.


    Kbird – the title “roll call” is 1/2 on my end. I think the font’s too big.

  30. Fredster,

    I hope it misses you. Take care!

  31. Fredster, what part of the country you in?

    TX, LA?

  32. Katiebird, yes, this must be the nomination of Hillary. Did I just hear a “booo”?

  33. SM, is that better?

    Jules, I did. Disgusting.

  34. I crossed over for Reagan and his promise to shrink government and limit government intrusion into people’s lives (flirting with Libertarianism at the time). But other than that, I have voted Dem since 1976, usually a straight ticket.

    From now on, it’s Repubs or Indies, all the way down the ticket. Actually, I kind of like McCain. He has been a much needed thorn in Bush’s side, and he’s a straight shooter.

    As to the house faux-issue, Cindy lets relatives live in some of those fancy houses/condos. Barrack has a destitute half-brother living in a shack on $12 a year. It’s obvious which candidate has the greater social conscience.

    Actions persuade me, not speeches. PUMA.

  35. This the nomination speech??? She just said she wants Obama to be the nominee. The audience sounds extremely unenthusiastic. Obviously they have been forced to sit through this by threats or blackmail.

  36. The young man on now is cute. He’s doing a very good job.

  37. This is beyond bizarre.

  38. This is pathetic. They aren’t even pretending this is anything but a fraud.

  39. Who is that announcer? It’s making me sick.

  40. I don’t get it, there are 2 people seconding Hillary’s nomination? This woman is speaking well, too. She’s getting some cheers.

  41. Well, Candy, of course Obama doesn’t want a fight. He can’t win a fight. He has only ever “won” by cheating. Duh.

  42. WTF?! He’s being nominated by a Republican? You know I’ve seen a lot of Democratic Conventions, beginning in 1956. This is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.

  43. Pelosi announcing next nomination is of Obama –
    nominating speech by Michael Wilken of FL, air force medic who served in Iraq, a registered Republican

  44. a little better! Still cut off on the end.

  45. Why is a republican nominating Barack Obama?

  46. Did he just say he’s a lifelong REPUBLICAN?

  47. It looks fine to me, SM.

  48. Up is down Destini

  49. Oh this is a crock.

  50. I can’t watch; thank you all for the updates.

  51. (throwing up)

    The suspense is killing me. But, I have to leave to pick up Joaniebone at the airport!!!

    Please let me know how it comes out.


  52. i wish those people on the floor would get some balls and start chanting or something.

  53. OK – then it’s donkey-slow and OOooold laptop.


  54. Katiebird, you know how this will come out. The entire thing is scripted per the DNC UNleadership.

  55. We’ll do our best, Katiebird. Say “Hi” to Joaniebird, for us.

  56. I missed that Republican thing. What???

  57. Yes, so far at this convention have had a Republican speaker, a pro-life bastard Casey speaking on the anniversary of womens suffrage, some prayer meetings with anti-abortion zealots, and a Republican nominating Barack.

    I can’t believe this is the Democratic Party.

  58. Meileen,

    I think Katiebird was being sarcastic.

  59. kb, boomer and sm77…

    We are still in AL, but in the middle of preparations to move back. In touch with a lady who has an apt getting redone.

    My mother has a couple of dr. appointments up here I need to get her to before we go back. Now I hope there’ll be something to go back to. I have very little confidence in what the Corps of Engineers has done to repair levees, esp. if we get a slow-moving storm going into the nola area. Obviously everything is on hold for now.

  60. WMCB, on August 27th, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    you are right . It’s some taking a dive thing


  62. That’s why we have to take it down WMCB. With the O’s loss in November, we will be kicking Dean to the curb. Hopefully, Brazile will lose her media gig so we don’t have to see her anymore, and Nancy should lose her leadership role as she backed the wrong horse and it divided the party.

  63. ohmg this is such bs

  64. Thanks bb. Serves me right to jump in and not read all posts.

  65. Please someone UPDATE US!

    What is going on…

  66. I just HOPE losing does means they go to the curb!
    Losing never seems to get rid of them. I mean why is Donna and Dean there at all??

  67. Woman voter: they are wrapping up the nomination part of the process. “I nominate x…” etc. Roll call hasn’t started yet.

  68. Woman Voter

    hearing the roe v Wade crap now
    hold on to your uterus
    its a big Obama love-fest.
    Sorry I don’t type fast..

  69. How many people does it take to second a nomination?

  70. I think I just fell down the rabbit hole.

  71. So wtf is going on here-2 minutes of speeches for HRC and now Oblablah has the rest of the show??

  72. I hope so too, Annetoo.

  73. If I hear his name once more I will heave.

  74. It’s the O’s show, catrina.

  75. CNN is waiting for Clinton to show up a the roll call vote

  76. Good luck Fredster!

  77. roll call vote my ass. this is vile. democracy is dead

  78. Roll Call is about to begin.

  79. Roll call starting

  80. “According to the rules…” — what BS!

  81. Roll call will continue until we have a nominee

  82. http://www.hillary1000.wordpress.com is liveblogging the rollcall.

    A registered republican nominated Obama. ugh.

  83. I just got home from work, help, help, I will never catch up on the news.

  84. wait wait..what’s this now? In a message dated 8/27/2008 1:44:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, —writes:


  85. What a prick, the way he enunciated “5” votes for Clinton from Alabama.

  86. WTF??? 60 votes and HIllary only gets 5???

  87. Alabama
    48 Obama
    5 Clinton

  88. What the F*ck.

  89. okay, I’m gonna be sick now

  90. Hillary fucking won Arizona.

  91. Yay Arkansas! Oh, Rebecca Gwatney is making the declaration of votes.

  92. What is this coming from Arkansas???? All its votes went to Bo????

  93. Wait a minute, wtf just happened?????? Arkansas cast 47 votes for Barak Obama??????

  94. For every vote that Hillary gets I will be giving one dollar to my new candidate in this race; John McCain. The Democratic Party can go f**k itstelf. After 50 years as a Democrat, I will never vote for a Democrat again. When Arkansas give its votes to Obama, I know that the Democrats have left me.

  95. This is wrong, wrong , wrong.

  96. Hillary won Arizona and Arkansas as well. Are they being this blatant? California passes??

  97. California passes???

  98. I can’t watch this. This is a f8cking nightmare.

    Huh? California PASSES?????

  99. What does that mean California passes?

  100. This is the biggest fraud I have ever witnessed that calls itself democracy.

    California passes? WHY!!!!!????????

  101. They must have passed b/c their delegates wouldn’t dive for Precious.

  102. I am pissed. The voters voted and these damn delegates won’t even represent the voters.


  104. It means they’re not going to give Hillary her delegates until the one has reached the threshhold. That’s disgusting. But not unexpected.

  105. This VOTER FRAUD is bigger than Gore 2000.

  106. I think Jules is right. California is hoping that Obama makes his number without them.

  107. They don’t want her to lead at ANY point in this roll call. Fraud, fraud, fraud.

  108. Regency – so wait – they will count Obama heavy states FRIST???

    Then if the state passes, they go to the next one.


  109. Regency, JulieS, I think you are right.

  110. As Harry Truman said, “if you want a friend in politics, get a dog.”

  111. We should all donate to McCain tonight to protest this sham.

  112. C’MON DELEGATES!!!!!!!

    Them FL beeeyotches better not pass my vote up.

    I’ve yelled & screamed too long for this.

    8 years of my vote as toilet paper in this state.

  113. I’d like to know in any case, but since I voted for Hillary in CA,what’s with passing on the vote?

  114. sm77 – Florida they fucked you over.

  115. FL: out of 211 full votes, only 51 to HIllary??

  116. Ms. Marple: It means they’re not going to give Hillary her delegates until the one has reached the threshhold. That’s disgusting. But not unexpected.

  117. Im so upset, how can this happen? She won all these states?

  118. Germond is GLEEFUL someone smash her please
    and Rick Warren wants to know if evil exists???

  119. son of a bitch, FL is my state. NO DOWN-TICKET DEMS.

  120. I feel a knot in my stomach. But I have to watch this. It’s like being a witness to a crime.

  121. Oh this is gonna go down like a lead balloon.

    Yeah, there’s no unity now.

    John McCain, call me baby.

  122. So now we know why the delegate from Arkansas was murdered! The proof is in the vote switch.

    What a farce!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. I know, LJ Regine!!! WTF is going on???

  124. Wow, I feel catharsis already, don’t you?

  125. The Dem Party just televised its own suicide. Somebody YouTube it!

  126. You are so full of shit!!

  127. Germond: ” we democrats count our votes just right” Hah.

  128. SM, it’s time to start voting Republican in Florida. Hillary won Florida in a landslide.

    This is out and out voter fraud.

  129. Its really disgusting. I am not unified. They forced her to release her delegates so that they could get the number they wanted.

  130. Illinois passes?

  131. Why would IL pass? That doesn’t fit into the pattern.

    RD has a new post up and some people are over there. Should we move?

  132. I’m not angry anymore, just stunned. Fair reflection has been disregarded by everyone. Oh God the ads are going to hurt and soon.

  133. IL is passing because they want to put him over the top.

  134. Oh, thanks, Regency. My brain is too numb to function/

  135. Thanks, Regency. I’m viewing this in Florida, my new home as of last Saturday. I just heard their vote. Evidently there is a shortage of rational decision making here.

  136. so they will come back to IL at the end??

  137. Kentucky: 24 for Clinton, 36 for BO?????

  138. Somebody slap that delighted and oh so cheery enabler at the mic.

  139. this is like the china, you vote our way or you disappear

  140. I am so sick to my stomach that I can’t watch it!!!!!

  141. Well said, whileIwait! Just affirms what we already knew — the DNC does not believe in the basic tenets of democracy. How did they go so wrong, I wonder. Anyway, just shredded another few Obama pleas for money and mailed it back to them. Now THAT’s cathartic. No soup for you!

  142. Can’t watch, feel really depressed. Why have the Dems done this to Hillary and all of her voters? All 18 milion of us are being washed down the tubes. I reaffirm my Pumaness. I shall not ever vote for Obama and will always support Hillary(except in this).

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