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Welcome to Denver!

Denver cop greets Code Pink

326 Responses

  1. The police state is here…OMG we got to take back our government before it’s too late…If OBAMA wins it will only get worse…
    Our we in China???

  2. myiq2xu
    Thank you for sharing that video…those cops are crazed….FREEDOM OF SPEACH!!!
    Code Pink is no threat to the City Of Denver!!!
    Thank God for your courage in being there to show what is going on!!! Thank you

  3. Report from Hillary’s Delegate Meeting (Carol)
    I just came from a meeting with Hillary and all her delegates.
    The room was electric when Hillary arrived. She was introduced by the Mayor of Philadelphia and Congresswone Rosendberg from Texas. They put themselves on the line by doing that.

    Hillary thnaked her delegates. And said that as of today she has 1920 delegates! “My name will be placed in nomination this afternoon.” She said that she has heard from so many delegates and some wanted a roll call vote in order to vote the way their districts voted, some wanted to vote their hearts, others want to vote for Obama to demonstrate their commitment to the party and to winning the White House.

    She said, “I will not tell you what to do.” “According to the schedule I have from the press room. The nominating process will take place from 3-5 Montain time–2-5 Pacific.

    There will be at least 2 nominating speeches for Hillary.

    Delegates received their ballots this morning and were told they must turn them in by 4PM. Challenges to each delegations votes are allowed. I don’t expect that she will win and if she did she would be in a position where she would have to refuse the nomination.

    It was almost heartwrenching to hear the “love” pouring out in that room for such a dynamic and viable woman! I’m heading to a watch party to watch this process unfold.

    PS–Umma and HIllary looked great

  4. I have experience and training at crowd control. Pushing people back is sometimes necessary.

    That was police brutality.

  5. I guess this is what an Obama inspired America is going to look like…I hate it with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow that really burnishes Obama’s fabulous anti-war creds. Well, Code Pink is an org composed mostly of older ladies, I guess Donna and Howard took care to identify that demo to the authorities as Public Enemy Number One.


  8. Props to the TN delegation!


    Tennessee Clinton backers rebel over Obama

    August 27, 2008

    DENVER — Hillary Clinton delegates from Tennessee broke into open rebellion Wednesday in one of the only bursts of public anger to surface in a convention devoted to embracing Democratic Party unity after a contentious primary campaign.

    I guess Obama is not winning TN, huh? Mark my words, the blowback from all of this is going to be HUGE in November.

  9. Lots of troll cleanup needed in the previous three threads.

  10. I feel worse than I did after the Supreme Court gave the Presidency to Bush–at least that I expected from Republicans. I can’t believe he had the nerve to campaign against cynicism. Like Jane Wagner/Lily Tomlin said, “I’m afraid that no matter how cynical I become, it won’t be enough.”

  11. plural:

    They can’t even be gracious in victory, can they?

  12. No, “gracious” isn’t in their comprehension.

    They have a funny way to try to reconcile us to their Messiah.

  13. If You, you site or group supporting McCain please drop us a line in our comments section….Thank You

  14. It’s his supporters as much as Obama himself that are going to lose this election for him. Middle America does not really like rude nasty little boys.

  15. fred, when you get a list up of Democrats for McCain blogs, I would like to check it out.

  16. Trolls on downstairs thread.

  17. Ah…a relief to be here. There are nasty trolls in the other threads that came here tonight just to be nasty and rude. I can’t imagine doing that. I never go to pro-Obama sites just to fight with other people. What’s the point? They must have empty lives.

  18. You said It Charles….do you know if the woman hit or the woman arrested (taken off by the police) was Jodie or Medea?

    If Obama gets in a whole lot more of that will be going on…

    I do believe though that the DNC and the Obama Campaign helped set up the facist control preventing any real protests…I know they have to do some crowd control but just like in China for the Oympics; the DNC wanted picture perfect…People exercising Freedom of Speech are messy you know and so sometimes is DEMOCRACY!!! But that’s what makes us FREE!!! (some messyness sometimes).

    What the DNC created bordered on psychotic….control freaks,
    We want real Democracy; not a totalitarian State…!

  19. fif–maybe we should go out “on the prowl.” I’m in a mood tonight and if one of you all posted a diary at the big cheetoh, I might just have to comment and rec it up!

  20. well I hate this it is so wrong anti war protesters and all… we are the anti war party and this is the anti war convention!


    thunderous applause indeed

  21. What time is Big Dawg speaking?

  22. Spike Lee should STFU.

  23. If the cop hitting her with his baton wasn’t bad enough, brutally yanking her away for *speaking* to someone might be worse. How did you find this, myiq? Is it on the local Denver stations?

  24. Big Dawg for 9 pm est, 8 pm ct, 7 pm mt, etc.

  25. Charles, it’s kind of Obama’s fault, though. Have the Democrats objected to the cages, and the other plans? They wanted to keep protests “under control” and incidents like this are a pretty easily forseeable consequnce of that mentality. Once again, they’re taking their cues from the Bushies. The fact that they wanted to crack down on selected groups and some of tehir buddies git caught instead doesn’t mitiagte much for me.

  26. Code Pink were huge Obama people. They had to know of the super hawk advisors Barry has had for months. But they gave him hundreds of thousands anyway . Plus in April, they staged protests during a Hill speech some months back , making it seem like Hill was Dick Cheney, I use to respect them , but not more .

  27. Charles
    Who cares? I hope McCain & friends use this footage in their ads on the Dem convention

  28. This was so non-good. It was just such a miscalculation on their part. I’d like to see the actual vote tallies myself. I’d also like to sue someone but I’m a lowly college student so that’s out.

    I’m now trying to determine whether I can pull of being an Independent or an liberal Republican.

    Way to go, DNC, you’ve officially made 2000 null and void. Al Gore, shut the fuck up FOREVER.

  29. So is just johnmccain.com the best way to do this? I’m sure it will be easier after the first drink, and I am now totally, totally committed to defeating not only Obama, but the jerks who pushed for him.

    I might have mercy on some little lemmings, but then again, why should I?

  30. August 26 1920 a democratic president after a lot of presuasion helped pass a constitutional amendment to give women the right to vote.

    August 27 2008 a democratic party disenfranchised 1800 million voters to select an inferior candidate over a qualified woman.



  31. The police brutality above is intolerable, but I have ZERO respect for Code PInk now. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a single “progressive” group that I will support.

    And, yeah, Al and Tipper could have done something, something to help Hillary. I don’t care about their petty personal grudges, what went on this year, culminating in this farce today, outweighs any of that.

  32. (Just to clarify, I didn’t mean that Code Pink deserved to be attacked, I meant that just because it’s Obama supporters being attacked doesn’t mean he’s not responsible, I hope that’s clear).

  33. Code Pink’s candidate has now chosen Joe Biden for VP.

    What a waste of time and money.

  34. “Fair reflection” thou hast been sacrificed on the altar of the great Baby Bop.

    It was a worthy, so says the Boy King, and you know Baby Bop is an honourable man.

  35. What about Carter? He runs around the world ensuring “free and fair elections” and has nothing to say about this except my grandson really likes Obama. If he takes money for his “services,” then he needs to start handing out refunds. Every election that he’s observed needs to be redone with competent ethical monitors.

  36. This is all so insane. i just donated money to Cindy Sheehans campaign. It felt really good. I hope she uses it to really bedevil Nancy Pelosi.

  37. parentofed, on August 27th, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    Gore installed Dean and Donna to stop Hill.. He’s more than okay with all this and it has nothing to do with big dawg distaste IMO

  38. And ironically, Al Gore is now doing a commercial for Kerry.

  39. attention obama-bots the action is at JohnMcCain.com! Repeat the action is at JohnMcCain.com! millions of Clintonistas have overwelmed the site that there is realdanger that their server may go down…New data shows 50% or more of Hillary’s supporters are not going to support Obama!

    All Obama supporters must report to where action is at JohnMcCain.com-you must engage the republican ther on their home turf before they steal 18 million misguided Clintonistas!


  40. Annetoo, that’s true….

  41. Calm down everybody……What happen on the convention floor was great ruse to cover up …….diss….unity. What better way, then to show, a phoney, staged show of unity. The Democratic party is split.

  42. Fuzzy: ROFLMAO!!!

  43. Fuzzy! Bless you. I didn’t think I could laugh tonight.


  44. {{{Fuzzybear}}}

  45. Kendrick Meek introducing Bill now.

  46. I don’t understand why a cop rushed up to a unarmed small woman and hit her with his club in the back. I also don’t understand why a cop rush up and grabbed a small unarmed woman –she appeared to be speaking to the media.

    Strange — but then it was easy for the cops to beat up women — many of these guys do it to the families. (Sorry folks but this is the truth — some of the cops are deranged sexists pigs.)

    And I don’t really like Code Pink — because of their blind support for Soetoro.

    I need more information — perhaps that woman was a black belt and known terrorist?

    That cops that whacked that pink lady needs some re-education. He has an anger management problem — he is just the sort of jerk that SHOULD NOT be a cop.

  47. Big Dawg is in the house!

  48. Go Big Dawg!!!

  49. Hill looks so cute cheering on her man!

  50. parentof ed: Go to Citizens for McCain. That’s the website for Dems and Indys.

  51. Great standing ovation! Did you see Michelle’s snear?

  52. They just showed Michelle, and she had an incredibly sour look on her face again. Just a little while ago she was yucking it up with John Kerry’s wife.

  53. Huge welcome for Bill!

  54. Why do I have a feeling that his speech will piss me off!

  55. Thank God! The world still loves this man!

  56. The crowd at the convention is goind wild for Bill, and MO has another one of her standard frowns on her (two)face!


  57. Just a few short months ago, Obama was calling him a racist

    What hypocrites

  58. Doesn’t Michelle have a problem with all of Theresa Heinz’s houses?

  59. They need to STFU up at Denver. Don’t they know Bill only has 10 mins?

  60. Oh my god, he is so much better than Obama just saying “think you,” and laughing. He’s so genuine.

  61. bostonboomer, on August 27th, 2008 at 9:04 pm Said:

    They just showed Michelle, and she had an incredibly sour look on her face again. Just a little while ago she was yucking it up with John Kerry’s wife.

    That’s the kind of “change” we can’t believe in!


    NOBAMA and NO MO!

  62. I just love him.

  63. Actually, Joe Biden doesn’t deserve any support from Big Dawg

  64. Me too plural.

  65. I love Bill. I know he is doing what he needs to do, but damn I LOVE THIS MAN!

  66. chatbu: thanks, I already went to johnmccain.com

  67. Anyone need a barf bag?

  68. Ineresting note from elsewhere:

    I’ve tried hard but has anyone actually seen an american flag anywhere throughout this entire convention?

  69. Michelle has learned to clap in front of her face so that we can’t see what a pickle-puss she is.

  70. That’s my baby.

  71. Sorry Bill … I preferred your equation yesterday.

  72. Nobody does “inclusive” like he does.

  73. Not 18 million Bill, not by a lot.

  74. No Bill, 18 million of us are not going to support BO. Not going to happen. Not going to happen. I hate to disagree with the Big Dawg, but this is all so nauseating. THEY SMEARED YOU AS A RACIST BILL!

  75. You’re wrong on the 18 mio Bill.

  76. eh,eh. Poor Teresa, she has to put up with the insufferable husband, AND the tacky nasty Michelle.

  77. My Dem friends are telling me to put away my toys and stop this PUMA nonsense now. This was after forwarding them the Washington Post article on Michelle’s hospital shenanigans this morning –

    “Now Liz, this appears to be yet another smear of Obama and his motives. As for the ‘connections’ aspect. Let’s get real. I’m sure McCain has tons of connections and dirty deals throughout his political lifetime, as does Bush and his family/cronies. And speaking of elitists — well, you get the picture.
    I love Clinton as much as you do and I’m disappointed that it’s not her. But I want a Democrat. So please, let’s start spreading some anti-McCain along with the Obama!!!”

    And another:
    ” Hi Liz, I have to chime in too. I CANNOT vote for McCain and I don’t think you can either, so let’s cross our fingers, end the war, and vote for Obama. (I do like Biden, so that’s something.) I miss Hilary too, but we have to move on.”

    My response – I won’t back down. “It’s been an interesting trip so far in PUMA-land. I’ll probably end up like one of the crazy-eyed, white-haired ex-confederate soldiers sitting with a rifle in my lap. Hey, I’m almost there now.”

    Fuzzy, I’m already on McCain’s e-mail list.

    Teach them to mess with a redhead. PUMAs 4ever!

    Love you guys! 🙂

  78. pickle-puss–lol!

  79. Now he is on a roll – he got the unity shmunity out of the way.

  80. I hope he says something like, I will never forget Obama’s graciousness to my wife.

  81. Bill is just reminding us what a real president looks like again…sorry BO, you pale by comparison. Oops, someone is going to say that’s racist.

  82. Wow…landslide of 18 million rebuttals at 9:08!!!

  83. Bill Clinton from the outset, making it clear that his candidate is Hillary Clinton!

    “My candidate”… (Hillary)

    Excellent, Big Dawg!

    McCain ’08
    Hillary ’12

  84. WMCB: Our flag went upside down in distress mode all on its own.

  85. Clapping in front of her face again.

  86. Seriously: I doubt he will, but if there were a bubble over his head….

  87. Bill reminded everyone she got 18 million votes. America is watching, and Bill is not stupid.

  88. Pass the barf bag now

  89. Bill Clinton=Motzart

  90. Oh, Bill! They slipped him some koolaid!

  91. 18 million minus one, that I’m friggin sure of.

  92. Bill does not think that 18 mill of us are getting on the Titanic with that guy. That’s just “post-rational”.

  93. The barf bag is in the seat pocket in front of you!

  94. Is he kidding?

  95. We know Bill Clinton. We know Hillary. We know what they had to do this week.

    We know what we have to do now!

    McCain in 2008 = Hillary in 2012

    Let’s keep going and make it happen!

  96. Of course his policies are superior to the Republicans–he stole them from Hillary.

    Clear grasp of foreign policy? Bill, c’mon.

    I don’t know if I can listen to this.

  97. hmmm…wonder about that.

  98. LOL! I love Bill. He knows. He knows this loser is going down no matter what he does, so he may as well be rah rah.

    LOL! I think Bill just said “Thank God he didn’t pick Hill!”

  99. Understanding, instincts and insight??????

    This is gross.

  100. It’s hard seeing Bill praise this nothing Barry,
    Hard people !

  101. Did someone just fart in the room…something stinks in here.

  102. Big Dawg always did use sarcasm as a weapon, now that I think of it.

  103. NO, Bill said 0 was ready to lead! Help me!

  104. TROLL clean up 9:12 pm

  105. I’m going to cut Bill some slack. I think he’s helping out Hillary here b/c he knows if he says anything else, she’ll get blamed for it.

  106. He keeps saying Obama is ready to be president of the US.

  107. Joe Biden

    Americans love him.

    He got 9,000 votes in Iowa.

    Sure, that’s better than a woman who got 18 million votes.

    But, oh yeah, Joe Biden has one thing Hillary doesn’t.

    a ,,,

  108. SOD!!!!! Yes. Just words.

  109. He hit it out of the park alright— but it was a FOUL BALL!

    Biden is no Hillary, and neiother is NoBama!

    The Office of POTUS is above Barry’s paygrade!

    And we are ready to say NO DEAL to BO and MO show!

  110. Remember now that everyone was jumping on Hillary for not saying it. Now Bill is doing what Hillary did not. That’s a fix.

  111. This all depends on the meaning of “is”.

  112. He’s a great man.

    He knows what to do and how to do it.

    I love his cadences, miss them so much.

  113. Well, we saw Big Dawg at the visitation last night, and tonight he went to the Democratic Party funeral, so when he leaves, he’s done his family duty, hasn’t he?

  114. Ugh, did Bill drink the Koolaid?

    This is painful.

  115. It was so over the top I had to stop listening….but maybe that was the point.

  116. It’s a comedy routine!! !!

    LOL!! Barry is none of this . Bill is killing Barry with this over the top stuff! I just crack up after every sentence!!

  117. Good one, janicen!

  118. “When he (Barry) can’t convert his adversary, he stand up to them.”

    Read between the lines folks.

    Obama is NOT qualified and is a pushover.

  119. Is he doing like Hillary did….giving 0 his marching orders?

  120. Folks, I am not bothered by it, because Bill is setting her up for 2012. He is giving it his all, KNOWING that the clown is going to get creamed.

    No one can say he didn’t give a full-throated endorsement for the party’s sake.

    This is what you need to understand – the people whom Obama needs to win now, in the general election, do not care if Bill called him a gift from heaven itself. Bill knows that.

  121. Bill is being way too complimentary to BO. I like Hillary’s approach much better–straight Dem principles.

  122. His hand is shaking…what’s up with that?

  123. I think Bill was actually inhaling before he gave this speech.

  124. Okay, cue the music. Aren’t they going to bundle him off of the stage soon. His 10 mins are up!

    I hope he has a helicopter waiting to whisk him far far away from this “Hate Week” in Denver.

  125. I had to stop watching.

  126. Guys, the more I listen, the more I think that Bill is going SO over the top that he’s making it obvious.

    This is getting amusing.

  127. Here he goes now.

  128. WigWag: ROFL!!!

  129. This is the Bill I love.

  130. Do NOT start picking on Bill because he’s doing exactly what he has to. You wanna go back and talk about Monica after the way he looked at Hillary last night during that speech? You right ahead then but you’d better be prepared to make an enemy out of every non-vile elected dem out there because they’ve just made the Boy King KING and he wants a whole lot of ass kissing.

  131. SOD: hilarious.

    Big Dawg: I for sure won’t forget this week, I promise you.

  132. *sighs* How about Obama comes out, and Bill goes to shake his hand and trips and accidentally punches him in the jaw?

  133. America can do better than Barack Obama!

  134. He knows the fool is going to lose, so he is saying, Oh, yeah he walks on water and cured cancer!”

    It’s almost funny. Deniable mockery. He is calling attention to the VERY areas where everyone knows Obama is weak.

  135. Asshole crowd. Just leave now, Big Dawg. You can stay in Africa until November, and no one can blame you.

  136. Bill and Hillary have said what they were supposed to say. Can they be released unharmed now?

  137. After every time Bill praises Barry to the skies , the crowd hesitates and can’t tell if he’s joking or not….because they know Barry is none of this. Funny!!

  138. History lesson about the Republicans….I love the way Bill explains things to crowds.

    Still No Deal.

  139. Hillary and the Big Dawg are royalty, and nothing anyone else can do will take that away.

    And they can put whatever crown they like on Uh-bama, he’ll still only be a pretender, never a contender.

  140. You have to admit it; he is greaaat!

  141. Hey Barry, it’s your show now.

    Don’t expect WE THE PEOPLE and Bill and Hill to carry your baggage and elect you to ANYTHING!

    America first!

    McCain ’08
    Hillary ’12

  142. He’s just blowing air up Oblah’s butt, hoping that he’ll float up to the sky tomorrow night.

  143. this is a sad, dark day.

  144. LOL. Bill is Bill!

    Go Big Dawg!!

  145. No Bill, don’t say it.

  146. Too young & too inexperienced to be commander in chief – oh, so he’s talking about Oblah again.

  147. That’s the worst: he is using the same accusation that he was called “too young and inexperienced to be CIC.”

    C’mon Bill that is ridiculous. You just spent the past x months saying the same damn thing. That really lost me.

  148. Annetoo

    I noticed that. He praises BO and the crowd is like “is he serious?”

  149. Speaking of inhaling, if he keeps praising Obama, I will need to start inhaling myself!

    How else can I listen to this?

  150. I think even Michelle asked “who the hell is he talking about?”

    ROTFLMAO! I am loving it. People, Bill Clinton is smarter than the rest put together. And very, very sly.

    It’s like setting up a blind date for a friend and enthusing that the person is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, OMG! when they are ugly as hell. He is setting expectations for Obama that he in no way meets. This is rich.

  151. eh,eh, bet the Oblahmas are scared shitless.

  152. This is depressing, I have to stop. Unity and hope.

    Have I officially lost my mind?

  153. Somebody musta told MO to smile tonight.

    A few seconds ago, it looked like someone nudged her to remind her to clap

  154. Michelle, see how it’s done? Now go to your room and think about it, sweety.

  155. I didn’t think Bill was really enthusiastic about what he is saying. He usually brings tears to my eyes with his speeches.

    Ah well, he did his part.

  156. NPR swears Big Dawg is serious.

  157. You know, I love that Bill loves Hillary enough to do this sham with the asshat who smeared his entire family, but, um, I still want him to throwdown and beat the hell out of him on TV.

    Is that wrong?

  158. “Barack Obama wil lead us away fomr the division and fear of the last 8 years back to unity and hope.”

    Um, no he won’t and NO WE WON’T!

    Again, well done, Bill!

    That was entertaining


  159. eew he was quick with pelosi

  160. That comparison actually highlights an essential difference between Bill and BO. Bill had executive experience, BO does not.

    WMCB: love the blind date simile!!

  161. Seriously, I’m with you. Not wrong.

  162. No one comes close.

  163. wow, is that Chevy Chase?

  164. Alice: I agree, this is not inspired Bill, but this damn bunch of idiots didn’t deserve even a FU, so they got a hell of a lot more than they deserve.

  165. That video just made me insane!

  166. Karl Rove said that wasn’t an endorsement by Bill.

    Hannity says Bill didn’t make the case for Barry.

  167. Choke on it, Blitzer.

  168. Seriously
    no, it’s not.

  169. But he is the Chosen One (or so he thinks); right down to having his own temple:


  170. So after listening to Hillary, to Bill and to the news media, is anyone here ready to vote for Obama?

    I know I’m not.

  171. I deeply respect and admire Bill Clinton. I would do almost anything for him or Hillary.

    But I won’t vote for Barack Obama.

  172. Alice, why did Rove say that?

  173. Seriously – I’m with you! I’d love to see Bill knock 0 out!

  174. Suddenly Bill isn’t angry and just as quickly Barack has a resume.



  175. Alright folks.

    My convention is done. There is nothing left for me in this charade.

    Now back to baseball, 4-2 btw. Au revoir, yankees.

  176. Not me, WigWag.

  177. Rove on Fox: Bill was smart to throw all his instructions out. He talked for about 30 minutes, instead of 10. He didn’t speak much on foreign policy. The most important thing he said is that he gave the best sale of BO in the Convention, and set the theme.

    That’s what turned me off.

    Hannity: thinks it’s all platitudes and bumper stickers and slogans.

    Hannity quotes other press stories:
    BO doesn’t like Clinton.
    Clinton said BO has the instincts of a Chicago thug.

    Hannity: Biography doesn’t fit the experience theme–his resume is too thin.
    Rove: I think he made A case for BO, not THE case.

  178. screw em all …. disillusioned doesn’t even begin to express how I fucking feel…. I want this debacle over now.

    November 5th baby.

  179. WTH? NPR is already putting this speech to the test, expecting more. Says we have to wait & see how much he campaigns for The Helpless One, and whether it brings Hillary’s people out to vote for The Whiny One.

    What in God’s name do we and the Clintons have to do for this jerk? Is there no end?

  180. WigWag: when hell freezes over.

  181. Colmes is too full of KoolAid.

    I guess we will start really hearing about Backtrack’s problems from the Republicans soon ?

    Disappointing day for this Yank Down Under.

  182. There are areas where Bill COULD have scrounged up legitimate good points about Obama. He didn’t.

    It was all HE CAN CURE CANCER! HE IS A TOWER OF EXPERIENCE! Every damn word of praise from Bill was in areas where it is OBVIOUS the man doesn’t measure up.

    Folks, Bill Clinton is a fucking political genius.

  183. “I noticed that. He praises BO and the crowd is like “is he serious?”

    I’m so glad I am not the only one to notice. lol.

  184. Hey, as far as i’m concerned, they’re on their own now.

  185. They seem to want the Clintons to win it for Obama.

    I suppose his supporters realise that Obama can’t pull it off on his own.

  186. A big difference between the Clintons and Uh-bama is that they don’t just give speeches, they listen to people.

    They have empathy.

    That’s why people forgave Bill for his sins, because they knew he really cared about them.

  187. Big Dawg will vote for McCain ha ha ha ha

    And so will WE THE PEOPLE!

    McCain ’08
    hillary ’12

  188. parentofed: are you serious?? He spent the whole damn speech inflating this weak, shadow candidate, and IT’S NOT ENOUGH?!


    What is the matter with these people–it’s such a sickness.

    Oh God, Kerry is on–I’m out.

  189. Yeah, this convention is over for me.

    Especially now that the silver-throated Kerry is sucking it up for The One. Careful, John, did you ask the god Hubris if it was okay for you to breathe his air?

  190. Sophie, it was just a throw in line by Karl before they spoke about him not really making the case for Barry.

    I do believe Karl Rove saw the truth.

  191. Whoever said “he knows the clown is going to get creamed” thank you…

    Nobody does it better than Bill…

  192. SOD – right on. I feel the same.

  193. Chuckkie said Bill Clinton characterized O as his disciple.

    Duh. He is. If he’s lucky.

  194. I am grinning a mile wide, here. Do you realize that Big Dawg just highlighted EVERY SINGLE FLAW of Obama’s, and he did it right under their noses?

    God, I love that man.

  195. I turned to my son and told him to listen and substitute “American” for “Obama” in the speech. IMHO, Clinton was telling us what we can accomplish without B0 as president

  196. Me neither, WigWag. But I knew that months ago when I did the research and discovered what a complete fraud BO is. And a mean-spirited and self-absorbed fraud at that.

  197. Jeez I was on a little while ago and the place was overrun with trolls.

  198. Charles:

    I think many Obots were so enchanted with “winning” they didn’t stop to think about what they were winning, or why.

    And many of them are too young to realize that how you win is important too.

    You can’t take pride in winning if you cheat.

  199. fif: they didn’t even say he’s no longer racist scum.

    It wasn’t the Best Big Dawg [which is awesome], but it was really good, and said a lot of lying compliments. But when you offend a god, retribution is indeed heavy. There can be no attonement; Bill is lucky he’s alive, I guess.

    Oh, you know, they just blabber. Jeez, we contributed to NPR for years, and they’re just crap now.

  200. Hey Charles, you explain things just as good as the Big Dawg!

    I believe that the American public is tuning in to the whole “Messiah” thing and I don’t think the set-up for Barry’s speech tomorrow (the stadium, the Greek God set) is helping his favoribility ratings in any way whatsoever.

  201. I hear they are building Barry a mini-temple to strut out from tomorrow night.

    Hmmm…a false facade…perfect for Ofraudy!

    WE THE PEOPLE are happy to tear down Ofraudy’s temple come November!

    McCain ’08
    Hillary ’12

  202. Waht did Kerry just say?

  203. I think Bill said what they wanted to hear, knowing full well that we will not give up our vote for an empty suit.
    Larry Sinclair did all he could to try to save us from an unworthy person.
    I find it strange that the country is so involved in overlooking the company he has kept and the shallow hull that he presents, Hey, I liked West Wing but I do not think it should be the pattern for our country.
    I have to check my checking account and get a check off to McCain that I wanted to give to Hillary for the election.
    I am still going to wear her jackets and shirts but with McCain buttons. The only new piece of apparel other than my black tshirts for Hillary will be that democrat for McCain shirt that is on order now.
    Now to get all the email addresses typed in and sent to McCain’s group and see where the phone trees go.
    I need to do this for myself and my dear husband that passed away July 25th, he encouraged me to keep calling for Hillary and he knew what our next step was I just need to stay strong and carry out his wishes. McCain 08

  204. I think a bunch of that speech was written for him, and he added his own touches.

    He’s like a master musician.

  205. RealKim:

    I’m disappointed, because I was going to turn the trolls into Hillary supporters.

    (Edit is way more fun than delete.)

  206. WMCB: I did notice that, and was just hoping it was sly irony.

  207. Hannity is giving BO endorsers (Schweitzer and Dukakis) a tough time, asking them for BO’s specific accomplishments. Hmm, haven’t we seen this before?

  208. John Kerry … LMAO!!!

  209. myiq,

    I’m so sorry. Do you want me to put them back?

  210. SOD – You all have kept me half-way sane during these last several months! Nothing short of a miracle would have made me happy today! Thank you all for everything! I so hope we don’t lose this. I hope people continue to come to this site. I don’t post much but read every word everyday and feel part of the family!

  211. Fox has Dukakis on instead of listening to John Kerry’s speech. Jeez, how low can poor John sink? He still doesn’t get any respect.

    Anyone watching Michelle’s face during Kerry’s speech? Any true smiles yet?

  212. The camera cuts to MO are so creepy! Yikes!

  213. Sophie: who ever knows what Kerry says?

    I just kept thinking of the money I sent to him & Edwards, and how I took their bumper sticker off my car only 2 months ago.

  214. And Dukakis is an idiot. According to him Obama has the broadest string of accomplishments and history of any Democratic candidate EVER.

  215. Marian – I’m so sorry about your husband!

  216. Kerry said, I’m a ginormous tool, and because I’m sincere about this thing enough’s enough, change begins at home, I’m stepping down and handing off to ed O’Reilly. And I’d like to apologize to America for existing.

  217. fif, ditto!

  218. Thank you, Bill, for setting the bar so high he will never reach.

  219. Have you notice that today when Michelle claps her hands she puts them in front of her face. So we can’t see her expression. They must have worked with her all day and finally they came up with that.

  220. katiebird,


  221. Maybe MO is worried about her credit rating. She did have those oh-so-burdensome student loans. Imagine how she must have suffered.

    Any other redheads out there? We don’t get mad, we get even, y’know.

  222. Hannity to Tom Vilsack: “obviously that is what the talking point has now become.”

    In other words, everyone is being all lovey-dovey loyal today.

  223. I wish I could get close enough to throw water on MO

    I want to watch her melt.

  224. People,
    can anyone point me to a video of bil’s speech tonight?

  225. Kerry is trying to drag out all Obama’s white relatives and talk about them.

    (I think he knows them better than Obama does.)

  226. That piece by Chris Bowers was a riot. He and his “creative class” ilk pretending to be puzzled, ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Very amusing.

  227. KB:

    Save me a couple

  228. Marian, you sound like a great, brave women to me!

  229. Has anyone else noticed that after last night, the blogosphere seems to have gotten a bit quieter. Many people were basically through with the convention the moment Hillary walked off stage. This entire year, this entire election was about Hillary whether you love her or hate her and people were caught up in the process because of her. Without the media CDS, Obama would have been exposed a long time ago as a fraud and not that many people would have placed him on a pedestal only to beat Clinton.

    Expect that after Bill Clinton, the excitement and curiosity of this election year will be extinguished. The media and the blogosphere will have to continue to make up stories bashing the Clintons because they have also realized that this is the only way they can have high ratings and hits.

    If the Clintons want Obama to lose, the best thing they can do is take two month long vacation in a foreign country because Obama and the general elections popularity and interest is based on the continued smearing of the Clintons. Obama alone will not be able to capture the media’s attention for long.

  230. Oh don’t worry, Biden can fix a credit rating and just jack up the rates even more on everyone else to compensate. Change!

  231. Thank you to myiq2xu and Charles for the links. Good reads!

  232. Marian, my deepest, heartfelt condolences. I will be working alongside you and others to get our democracy back in memory of your husband and my parents and for the future of my children and (hopefully) grandchildren.

  233. Good points, Disenfranchised.

  234. And Dukakis is an idiot. According to him Obama has the broadest string of accomplishments and history of any Democratic candidate EVER.

    WTF??? Did Hannity follow up on that? It’s bad enough to listen to BO’s crap, but when these seemingly intelligent people just LIE to us, it’s disorienting.

    Marian: so sorry about your husband.

  235. I am still insane here from looking at that video!

    What are we going to do about it?




  236. That Greek facade is such a mistake. It plays right into McCain’s portrayal of Obama as a celebrity and cult leader.

    Charles, after “The One” ads got such a strong response, isn’t that incredibly obvious? Who is making these decisions? He is going to look ridiculous in that huge stadium with the hordes chanting “YES WE CAN!” and the faux Greek set behind him. It’s like an SNL skit, it’s such a parody.

  237. I really wonder what Obamanation will do now that Hillary is “officially” eliminated.

    I don’t think they can gin up the same intense hatred for McCain.

    And hatred has been their main driving force. It damn sure isn’t love.

  238. The stage is perfect. It’s a tragedy alright. Does he have a chorus?

  239. The good news is that Hillary and Bill stuck BO and MO so far up the idiot’s ass tonight they won’t be able to swallow for 4 years!


  240. Oh Gergen, you’re pathetic.

  241. My O’s are creaming the ChiSox, whom I hate.

    A good night all round 🙂

  242. Lady on Fox: “The Clintons have gone above and beyond the call of duty. It is now up to Barack Obama.”

    It has always been up to Barack to win us over and he has failed miserably.

  243. myiq2xu, on August 27th, 2008 at 9:46 pm Said:

    LOL!! “I’m meeeeeeeeeelting!”

  244. The GOP had to hold back until after Uh-bama was officially the nominee.

    If they struck too soon, they would have to face Hillary.

    They spent a lot of money to avoid that.

  245. Bernstein, why the heck should the Clintons deliver middle America?! It’s not his job.

  246. Is it true that Obama is going to have generals standing behind him on his Grecian temple stage set?

  247. Welcome to China!

  248. Marian, do you mind sharing what state you live in?

  249. I don’t remember Bradley campaigning his heart out for Gore, or Dean for Kerry.

  250. The lady on FOX is absolutely right.

    The Clintons are a class act, which is really the origin of CDS. Envy envy envy. That’s what it’s about.

  251. I think they’ll try to the milk dissatisfaction with Bush. But I don’t think they’ll be very successful transferring hatred from Bush to McCain. People knew McCain long before Bush entered politics. Only the very young, who don’t know McCain’s history, will be susceptible.

  252. myiq, they didn’t hold back all that long. Don’t know if you saw the video of an attack ad that Sugar had on her site the other day that was produced by the Texas Republican Party (not even a 527!) that showed O’s Kenyan relatives living in a shanty. Intended to show that O doesn’t even care about his own family. It was brutal.

  253. Maybe they can give him a white glove and he can moon walk onto the stage!

  254. Charles, are you serious about the lift? My word! Deus ex machina updated for the 21st century.

  255. My sister just told me the music
    they played when Bill left the stage
    was , “Addicted to Love ”

    they are bastards

  256. plural:

    The Clintons were never part of the kewl kidz klub.

    They took everything that was thrown at them, beat the kool kidz over and over and came out smelling like roses.

    What bothers the kidz so much is a combination of guilt and envy

  257. I’m addicted to Big Dawg.

  258. Are you kidding? This is sounding like a superbowl halftime show. Is he going to wear some kind of space age metallic silver suit?

  259. I made a poopie in my pants!

    (Edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  260. Look at the size of the Pepsi Center. It’s huuuuge

    And that’s not big enough for Barack’s ego?

  261. Hey really? hurry back you might be missing another really boring speech praising an empty suit!

  262. La die da. Troolll on a roll. Who can’t spell which is SO different from what we usually see.

  263. really, I’ll remind you of those sentiments on Election Night.

  264. Seriously:

    If MO flashes one of her zucchinis I’ll puke

  265. Bill.. I LOVE YOU!!!

  266. Maria Garcia, on August 27th, 2008 at 9:57 pm Said:
    Is it true that Obama is going to have generals standing behind him on his Grecian temple stage set?

    And footmen. Don’t forget the footman.

  267. McGovern = Kennedy = Dukakis = Kerry = Obama

  268. “they played when Bill left the stage
    was , “Addicted to Love ”


  269. We had a troll? Where?

    I hope it hasn’t been deleted already!

  270. One of the Green Party’s ten key values

    We have inherited a social system based on male domination of politics and
    economics. We call for the replacement of the cultural ethics of domination and
    control with more cooperative ways of interacting that respect differences of opinion
    and gender. Human values such as equity between the sexes, interpersonal
    responsibility, and honesty must be developed with moral conscience.
    We should remember that the process that determines our decisions and actions
    is just as important as achieving the outcome we want.

    Consider green.

  271. MyIQ — slap my fingers! I can’t stop myself.

    Do you want me to dig through the trash and grab a few for you?

  272. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

  273. peter, I believe that several of our regular posters here are planning to vote Green. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  274. just one or two

    Edited: Done!

  275. The stage and lift (seriously?!) just invite derision:

  276. I just can’t believe what I’m watching.

    Although a ‘law and order’ kind of guy, I’m convinced there are too many ne’er do wells hiding in law enforcement.

  277. Glad to see that few think Bill was kidding (hope he was).

    On my part the one thing I can say is that I couldn’t watch the entire thing and left the living room many times, and the few snippets I caught when I decided to check if the speech was getting a bit more realistic turned my stomach. I guess that someone in Bill’s position must do what he must do, but seeing him pile the praise (sh*t) so high has been truly disturbing. My only hope is that he’s doing this knowing that by 2012 the party needs to be unified in order to elect a candidate (Hillary!) that will unseat whomever runs for the presidency after McCain leaves office.

    Since I don’t plan to watch this convention from this point on, besides coming to the Confluence every time I can to take a breath of fresh air I’m also going to check the McCain blog.

  278. Considering the welcome Bill got, dissing him with the music was a really dumb move.

  279. It’s so sad what they’ve done to Hillary.

  280. I am considering Green. I never cared for Ralph Nader because I thought he didn’t really care about human rights, but I like the Green Party just fine.

  281. Hillary-zila, on August 27th, 2008 at 10:06 pm Said:
    McGovern = Kennedy = Dukakis = Kerry = Obama

    yup, but You forgot Gore . They guy who put Dean in as DNC chair

  282. DisenfranchisedVoter, on August 27th, 2008 at 9:48 pm Said:
    Has anyone else noticed that after last night, the blogosphere seems to have gotten a bit quieter. Many people were basically through with the convention the moment Hillary walked off stage. . . . .

    Good post! The bubble has burst. Now they have to go after a little old man who was a prisoner of war and has a great sense of humor – and who’s NOT Bush. There’s no mean old b….. to attack. Maybe Obama can try his hip/hop finger routine on McCain. I’d like to see that repeated. Hopefully, he won’t be stupid enough to keep playing the race card because that really needs to be put to rest.

  283. oh, c’mon! 👿

  284. Bill knows at 20 he was ten times more qualified for POTUS than “Little Boy King” is at forty-whatever.

  285. Howard Dean on FOX says they are reaching out for the evengelical vote. What about the women’s vote, Howie? What about all the disinfranchised caucus voters, Howie? FU Howie.

    McCain 08

  286. FDR(!)=Truman=Kennedy=Johnson=Carter=Clinton(!)

  287. WMCB

    I know. Thanks. Just thought I’d post that principle as it seems to encompass much of what people have been talking about here over the months.

    I particularly (after gender equity) like the last sentence.

  288. Bill knows…this is the least enthusiastic and charismatic I’ve ever seen him. He shined when he talked about Hill. He’s as dull as a butter knife now.

  289. Screw this lift thing, he needs to swing in on a wire suspended from a helicopter.

  290. JUST WORDS!!!!

  291. Right on, waiting!

  292. Well too bad for Howard Dean that evangelicals are going to freak out over the pagan temple.

  293. You go BIll. We know it’s pearls before swine but go ahead. We are your loyal and dedicated supporters. We understand.

  294. Seriously@10:12, no, he needs to have rocket packs strapped on his back! And sharks around the temple! Sharks with frickin’ lasers…..

  295. “He hit it out of the park”

  296. Having goons in law enforcement undermines the rule of law.

  297. “Now they have to go after a little old man who was a prisoner of war”

    You say that like it’s an obstacle. Mocking someone’s physical disability is the kind of vileness that gets their hearts pumping. Hmmm, maybe they won’t miss the misogynny as much as I’d feared…

  298. Forget the temple, evangelicals are going to freak over the live-birth thing.

  299. jules: you’d think after all this time, they could BS something.

    After being a full-time mother for a few years, I remember trying to pad my resume. You know, pulling together a Girl Scout troop became “community organizer” kind of thing, working in the school computer lab became technical adviser. Okay, I didn’t pad it like that, but you have spend a little time on it.

    I thought Oblah’s supporters were all members of the creative class; how come they can’t make up a good candidate?

  300. See…this is why I love Bill and Hillary. Both mentioned the problem of autism. I have an autistic daughter. They care about ME.

  301. KB:

    Please re-delete the two that weren’t from this thread, I can’t edit those.

    Then look at “really” @ 10:03

  302. What’s the live birth thing?

  303. Oh no Nancy Pelosi again. I’ve already given one donation to Cindy Sheehan tonight in her honor. I may have to dig deeper if they don’t get her off my TV soon.

  304. I think Addicted to Love might have been an ironic commentary on the fact that the American people seem to loathe most Democrats and adore the Clintons.

  305. I think even Michelle asked “who the hell is he talking about?”

  306. RD has a new post up

  307. Bill — I have to say “Thanks but no thanks”

  308. Yes but Bill YOU DID HAVE EXPERIENCE.

  309. Watching this faux “unity” routine play out on the convention floor, on cue, reminds me of the ’96 GOP convention. I remember watching in befuddlement (what I could stand) and then just laughing, thinking: “Do they honestly believe anyone’s buyin’ this?”

  310. Someone should juxtapose Hillary and Bill speaking.

  311. look at Hillary…She’s so beautiful and gratious and loved.

  312. 👿

  313. edwardian, exactly! I was just thinking the same thing. These delegates tonight do not seem “real”, they look like they are miserable. No one is having any fun. That’s it – Obama brought in Repubs as his delegates!

  314. Brokaw said it was a “Bill Clinton paint by numbers.”

  315. Guys….I want to get serious for a moment and thank each and every one of you for providing support, comfort and friendship in what has been a difficult time for so many of us. I think I would have gone crazy if it weren’t for the ability to commiserate with such wonderful people who see what I see, feel what I feel and know what I know.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  316. Guys.. I mean

  317. hahahah…they went to a commercial during Kerry’s speech!!

  318. He’s going do his wizard cape, pull the sword from the stone, cast a spell over all the animals….

  319. Y’know.. this is unbelievable.

  320. next up…debates

  321. Here’s what John said:

    blah blah blah blah blah hope blah blah blah

  322. ________________________________________
    I received this explosive youtube video of Obama making fun of the Bible.
    Check it out!

  323. I don’t mean this to be nasty (even though I cannot stand MO), but it occurred to me that Theresa Heinz (who is very cultured) was put with MO to let her know the proper way to be acting, responding, etc.

  324. That officier should be bought up on charges. That was not called for. Guys and girls, are you hearing yourselves, seriously. I’m a black woman who supported Hillary and I’m sorry I cannot sit here and allow you to attack Michelle Obama in this way. She is a mother, a loving wife who supports her husband 100%. She has done nothing wrong. You are calling her tacky which is far from the truth. That woman can dress!!! There was nothing wrong with her facial expressions. She’s an educated black woman. Yes, they called Bill a racist, and our supporters called BO an extremist Muslim, both are lies. I love you PUMAS but 4 of my black PUMAS friends have emailed me already extremely upset how some of you are attacking MO for no reason. She is a woman, just like most of us. We may not have liked the outcome of the election but lets keep our class. She is a good role model for young girls everywhere. She is articulate, smart, attractive, a great parent, and educated. You want to attack BO, fine go at it, but leave the women alone. I love Bill, but I’m STILL furious at him for cheating on Hillary and you wouldnt want someone making a mockery of her, dont make a mockery of MO. And your insults make some of us very concerned on how you look at black women. You want to keep PUMAS viable, then watch what you say. Because some of your comments are becoming boarderline offensive to some of your cohorts.

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