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Wednesday: America, call your Superdelegates

Delegate Ann Price Mills sums it all up:

And she still managed to get the same dim witted questions from the press. “Are you still going to vote for Obama in the general election?”

We at the Den get these types of questions all day long from the media. It seems like they are on automatic. We throw a wrench into their mechanism whenever they ask whether Hillary is standing in Obama’s way. Here’s the answer: NO, *Obama* is standing in HILLARY’S way.

We have no idea why the Superdelegates and the DNC are promoting Obama over the most talented woman politician of our lifetime.  Our country is suffering from 8 years of criminal Republican rule.  The Bush administration never believed in government and it set out to dismantle it, discredit it, destroy it.  When the new occupant of the White House arrives next January, we do not know what we will find.  The task ahead is going to be formidable.  So, why are we putting a novice in charge?  Why is it that in a year when everyone is calling for Change! we are given a choice between another Republican or a completely inexperienced establishment candidate with middle aged white guy establishment VP?  Why are we passing up the best person in the room to be our champion?

It is unfathomable to believe that this is all about gender and yet I can arrive at no other conclusion.  Hillary Clinton *earned* the title of Democratic Nominee.  Beginning last fall, we saw her become a political force of nature.  She is brilliant, knowledgeable, energetic, courageous and committed.  She has even earned the grudging respect of Republican voters around the country.  With Hillary as the nominee and Obama as her VP, we could unite the two factions of the party and  have an unbeatable ticket this fall.

The pledged delegate count between Obama and Clinton is so close that the Obama campaign and the DNC have felt it necessary to bully and intimidate delegates to make sure that Obama gets the number he needs.  The DNC has awarded Obama unearned delegates from Michigan.  It has give Obama delegates that the voters gave to Clinton in Michigan, Texas, Nevada and elsewhere.  There was widespread intimidation of voters in caucus states by operatives of the Obama campaign.  We have the testimonials of many, many people who witnessed it.  The DNC and the Obama campaign have behaved disgracefully and all to deprive voters of their right to be heard.  They have played with every rule and pulled out every stop in order to give Obama every advantage and he is still only barely getting enough pledged delegates to “win”.  This is the truth that the DNC has been trying to obscure fot the past several months:  Neither candidate has sufficient pledged delegates to win the nomination.  The superdelegates will have to decide.  At this point in time, the Democrats do not have a nominee, presumptive or otherwise.  Obama was not entitled to call himself presumptive nominee. Media, do you hear us now?  That’s why it is Obama stepping on Hillary’s toes, not the other way around.

And so, dear readers, the task is now appointed to you.  You must find a way to reach out to the superdelegates who will decide this election to make the right decision.  Call your senators and congressmen, your governors and state party chairmen, the DNC, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi.  Tell them you have had enough of Republican rule.  Tell them you do not want 4 years of John McCain.  Tell them you want a ticket you can be proud to support.  Tell them to put Hillary Clinton at the top of that ticket.

What is not impossible is possible.


164 Responses

  1. Hillary is magnificent!!!

    News Alert: Fox starting at 7:00 a.m. focused on, Did Hillary succeed in getting us in line….? Basic attitude it was her job.

    Question by Commentator: Why didn’t she squash the Roll Call Vote if she really wanted unity…????
    I wanted to punch them.

    They wanted comments on the Fox Website..so I went on the blog and gave them a peice of my mind.

    Wonder if my comments about how it is Obamas job to get himself elected, not Hillary’s responsibilty will make it onto the site.

    Anyway, still the same old saw…Hillary has to win this for him…This is ridiculous. Obama can’t even do this himself, if he wants to be President…unable to get it done. The DNC leadership probably planned this all along…Hillary would carry him on her back all the way to the Whitehouse. They can’t touch her though; Hillary so transcends them all.

    Next was Channel 3-CBS-Early Morning Show.
    Interesting and Sad. They interviewed 5 Hillary Delegates.

    Question posed to the Delagates, Had Hillary done her job ( talking heads are amazing) and won them
    (the Delegates) over to Obama?

    First Delagate was really good, a woman pharmacist, said Hillary’s speech was absolutely beautiful and she was so proud to be a Hillary delegate.

    Then the question, well did Hillary do her job and win you over? The delegate said she had to see, what Obama’s position was on Health Care. So the Commentator says, you mean Hillary didn’t get you in line for Obama? Get you all excited and riled up for him?

    MSM is so pathetic…the Delegate responded that she was sent there to vote for Hilliary and that’s is what she was going to do!!!

    The other 4 Delegates had drunk the Kool-Aid and/or were intimidated.

    I say major intimidation since they didn’t seem real happy saying what they were saying. Except for one guy who was doing the Party Rah…Rah Unity Blah Blah Blah.

    Overall, I think the Delegates are being put in chains.
    Lots of emphsis on how it was Hillary’s job to make the Unity happen. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    They will pay…they may be able to force the Delegates
    to bow down to “The Precious”
    but My Vote Belongs To Me…NoNoNoNoNoBama08

    Maybe a Miracle Will Still Happen….an uprising of the SuperDelegates…Pray for that and call!!!

  2. PUMA’s IN DENVER!!!
    Protect her from the MEDIA (& who ever else) !!
    Anderson Cooper’s going to find her AFTER OBAMA’s SPEECH & SEE IF SHE HEARD ENOUGH FOR HER
    VOTE!! They will pressure he / I’m SURE OF IT!!
    ** These “FOOLS” (yes, I said it) STILL DON’T GET IT!!
    I’ll say it one more time…SLOWLY…so they can UNDERSTAND!!!
    “We” supporters of Hillary (& for MOST of us, Bill):

  3. pertamax

  4. sorry..her

  5. Thank you {{Riverdaughter}} for another great post.

    Do you know of a link to the email addresses of the SuperDs or the hotels the various delegations are staying in?

    Maybe we could leave telephone messages for them at the Hotel Desk?

  6. Is there going to be a public roll call vote?

  7. @ Plural,

    that’s the million dollar question…digging for info….

  8. The fix is in. The throttle is notched out to run-8 and the Obama express is careening down the tracks. Noting we can do but watch.

  9. Start the suicide watch for the democratic party.

  10. The recent news still reports that there were floor petitions last night but no update as to whether they reached the magic number – “800” – in time. It still sounds like they’re doing the “phone call from your room” routine. Pretty sad, huh?

  11. Speeches are what brought out the masses of Obamabots. Hillary gave a great speech, but words are not enough to induce me to vote for one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on the American people.


    PUMA 👿

  12. Ann Price Mills spoke for all of us.

    I am energized to “KEEP GOING” – I’m looking beyond tomorrow, and the next.

    And Hillary’s speech only made the DNC VOTE FRAUD even more apparent. That speech made me love & want her as OUR PRESIDENT more.

    PUMAtize the DNC!

  13. Ann Price Mills was brilliant. Where is she from?

  14. The great irony is that Clinton was supposedly the great divider. She was divisive and polarizing. Obama the Great Uniter. He’s someone who can get mortal enemies to compromise, yet, he can’t even unite his OWN party. It’s Clinton’s job to do that according to all the pundits. Why don’t we talk about how the Great Uniter is free of this responsibility?

    Interesting how they “pundits” now say because of her speech we are all united. I’m so tired of this bull.

    My family is not voting for OBush 08. BO is all flash and NO SUBSTANCE.

  15. “With Hillary as the nominee and Obama as her VP, we could unite the two factions of the party and have an unbeatable ticket this fall.”

    You can’t be serious. Who would vote for that ticket?

    Not Obama supporters who would scream about The One having had the nomination stolen from him.

    Not the folks who constantly harp on Obama’s inexperience, his overblown ego, his association with terrorists, his sleazy Chicago background, his fundamental lack of principles, etc.

    And let’s forget about the fact that there’s no national Hillary organization to run the GE campaign (it’s all in Chicago, remember?).

    Maybe it’s time to let go of the dream of a Hillary presidency, at least for the next four years.

  16. One thing I have noticed the past few days is that many Hillary supporters are being badgered on TV by the interviewer for not supporting Obama.

    1) The interviewer keeps asking why, why, why won’t you vote Obama (even after the person has given a valid reason)

    2) They then keep asking (over and over and over) what does Obama have to do to win your vote (even after the person clearly states they will NOT vote Obama)

    These supporters should just state to the interviewer (when they are being badgered) that they have the right to vote for whomever they want. People are not required to vote for Obama or to advise Obama on how to win their votes.

  17. For whatever it is worth, regardless of the stunning disappointments we have shared together, the highs, the lows, the expectations we saw repeatedly dashed, this site brought us together. We formed an alliance through the months that gave rise to an idea that has yet to reach its conclusion.

    The lady in the pantsuit is the rightful winner. We will never forget.

  18. My favorite show of all time was Babylon 5 by J. Michael Straczynski. Even though the show ended over 10 years ago I feel like he was writing about today.

    Fighting the sytem one vote, one action at a time. This is how I feel about being a Dem and a Hillary supporter. In my mind PUMA is Sheridan and the DNC is the interrogator.

    The bigger enemy – The Press (I have an open airlock policy). Personally, I wish we had an open airlock policy for MSNBO.

    The DNC making Hillary say “I’m sorry” for running against Obama. This is her practicing her speech.

  19. The vote that comes out of the hotel rooms WILL NOT be the same vote that walks into the convention.

    Even if every single delegate casts a vote for Hillary, it’s rigged from the start. WE HAVE TO have proof & cameras tabulating everything.

    I called the offices of Kathy Castor & Bill Nelson, Kathy Thurman, Pam Iorio, and I left a stern message to please do Florida right.

    That 800 delegate petition? ANY REPORTS?

    There’s supposed to be a luncheon today with Hillary and her delegates. If she releases them, we can’t do anything except hope that her delegates protest. Only an act of God and a brave group of delegates can make Hillary president.

    Regardless, I feel emporwered and SURE that we have to burn down this inept and corrupt DNC DOWN, and rebuild our party from scratch.

    Hey Jesse Jackson Jr., I’m a P.U.S. and proud!

    P arty
    U nity
    S ubversive

  20. No roll call of the states? I thought that was what conventions were for.

  21. and some want to finish the race…it’s not over till it’s over; and after this there is more to do…
    like Hillary said..keep going!!!

    A movement has been born;
    nothing will ever be the same…
    much good will come of this….and Just Gotta Keep
    The Faith!!!

  22. Plural – NOPE. Official vote now happening in hotel rooms for “security” reasons – because of course thieves must make sure that they don’t get caught.

  23. Now, at 7 am?

  24. Pat, are you saying good bye? please tell me it is not so….

  25. MoDo is being her usual nasty self, but at least she caught the vibe at the convention, even if she had to sneak in the word hate:

    (((But this Democratic convention has a vibe so weird and jittery, so at odds with the early thrilling, fairy dust feel of the Obama revolution, that I had to consult Mike Murphy, the peppery Republican strategist and former McCain guru.

    “What is that feeling in the air?” I asked him.

    “Submerged hate,” he promptly replied.)))))

  26. OMG, the idiots at huffpo…one is saying we have turned “muslim” into “monster”. That’s a laugh riot. We never even talk about crap like that. PUMA’s have no roblem with muslims. I think some of us are muslims. These people are out of there freakin minds.

  27. This hotel vote is chickensh!t. If that lightweight ever wanted my vote, he needs to have the b@lls to ask for it and then trust the process. No rewards for bad behavior.

  28. From Real Clear Politics:

    Mike “Richelieu” Murphy analyzes the landscape in Denver and concludes the PUMAs are insignificant in and of themselves, but:

    What is true – and very important – is that there are a ton of Democrat leaning voters who didn’t vote in the primaries, but look demographically a lot like the Hillary primary voters we’ve been paying all this attention to. They’re older, white, often blue-collar. And many have big doubts about Barack Obama. Hillary can really hurt Obama among this crowd if she shows hostility, maybe even enough to throw the election. That’s why the Obama campaign is acting like a bunch of nervous yes-men at one of Stalin’s birthday parties. But Hillary is a good, tough party soldier. Her speech tonight will be very good. So will her endorsement deliver the vote Obama really needs? Nope. Obama has to earn it on his own; many are more anti-Barack than pro-Clinton. Hillary will help a little tonight with her speech and scepter wave. Then later, in the privacy of the voting booth, she will do what the smart money already knows: cast her vote for her pal John S. McCain.
    Yes, the PUMA’s are a small but vocal contingent, but as Murphy knows the polls show a substantial number of Hillary primary supporters unwilling to back Obama with roughly one in five or one in four saying they will back McCain. Those are not all PUMA’s. They are, in fact, exactly the kind of people Murphy describes.

    I agree that these folks are unlikely to be swayed by a few nice words from Hillary. Obama has to earn their vote.The question is, will he?

    So are we a small contingent?

  29. ‘If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If they’re shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop, keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.’

    There’s our message–Keep Going! We’ve had a taste of freedom. Don’t Ever Stop! The DNC peopel are the torches in the woods. The MSM is the shouthing after us. The “whips” at the convention are the dogs we hear.

    Keep Going PUMAs!

  30. plural: Where have you been? This was never a supposed to be a “convention”, this was a coronation from the beginning! Sheesh! Haven’t you figured out that votes mean squat at this late date? Floor vote? Who needs it? The DNC has made the arrangements and obviously you did not get the message. They did all the heavy lifting on your behalf and you are still expecting a roll call vote?

    Sit back and relax and watch him enter the stage through a portal of Greek columns where he will just bowl you over with another magnificent speech! Rollcall vote! That is so “democratic” and old school. The future has already been decided and you are urged to keep up. Come on, still room for you on the “unity” express. We just picked ourselves a winner and we didn’t “votes” in the end. Silly you!

  31. What time is the fraudulent roll call vote?

  32. PJ, yes, silly me.

    The roll call of the states has always been my favorite part of conventions. It’s as all-American as it gets.

    Something is seriously wrong with a candidate who is afraid to have a public roll call vote.

    If he wants to alleviate people’s doubts about him, this is not the way to do it.

  33. And how do we insure that the votes coming out of the hotel rooms are delegate votes? That’s just ripe for cheating.

  34. some info on roll call here:


  35. I guess voting is too old politics, and elections will have to be by acclamation from now on.

  36. Wait a minute, that Time piece says there will be a roll call.

  37. Oh, 2012 is going to be by acclimation then. If Mark Warner so much as breathes funny during Hillary’s convention there will be hell to pay.

  38. It’s just so divisive, plural — unless the candidate has managed to kick everyone else off the ballot.

  39. this will not be the first time that the lady is the true “leader” but wthout the title and top position.

    we may have 18 million cracks, and in many ways I am thankful for that, but to me these cracks also exposed a harsh reality that progress of women became horribly stalled; we are not where I though we were. add to this the apparent corruption of “our party” and the MSM showing its fanny….and here we are.

    we will tell our daughters and sons that there is indeed much work to be done. Hillary’s experience is our experience.

  40. What I don’t get is delegates who overturned the will of the people who voted for them just because Hillary said so. Some states have laws precluding their ability to do that. Others simply had a duty to perform. There really needs to be rules about that sort of thing.

  41. FOX reporting that something happening today around 5pm……?????

  42. upstateNY: I love this site. I love the people who write the diaries, create the playlets, provide the links, post the comments. I love the feel of the message, the shared stories, the best wishes, the good times. I love the passion and commitment that emanates daily from the minds and hearts of ordinary people like you and me, the space it provides to think, question, laugh, cry, compare, reflect, agonize, praise. I love being a very tiny part of a community who places love of country above all else. I love the varied voices of those who share my beliefs. I love the fact that we are so different yet unique in our presentations and life experiences. I love who we are.

  43. Given what they did in the Primary Caucuses; this is just more of the same….they have no respect for the rules..”rule of law,” ethics, principles or common moral decency.

    We are getting glimmers of what the Federal Government would be like if Obama gets elected and any of the State and local government puppets that OBOMANATION would control would behave likewise
    (we know Obama has already bought off a lot of government office holders and officials).

    Imagine what influence, NoBAMA would have on the rest of the world. We might even become the new “Soviet Union/” Fascist Totalitarian State – Obamanation style. That’s not an exageration.

    I see that in OBama…I feel that in him and I am not a paroniod person. I tend to see the good in people until they show me otherwise. I saw a corrupted spirit in Obama from the beginning…phoney… manipulating…con-man.

    Obama and his Minions are evil….what they are doing at the Convention is small potatoes compared with NOBama as POTUS…

    And That Must Not Come To Pass….
    Praying For His Defeat In 08

  44. McCain is now up in Rasmussen as well as Gallup. Way to go, Precious.

  45. Why can’t they just say what flipping time the roll call of states is gonna be?

    It’s like it’s the one part of the extravaganza they don’t want anyone too see.

  46. Ann Price Mills for VP!

    Dammit, she made me cry.

    BTW, I went into job 1 early this morning (am at job 2 now) and someone had left me something in the break room. So I pick it up, look under the post-it note with my name on it, and it’s a FUNDRAISING BROCHURE FOR BARAK OBAMA!!! Now, anyone who knows me knows how I feel about that man, so I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t want to be paranoid, but it almost felt like a threat to me.

  47. Rass:

    47 McCain
    46 Obama

    Gallup as of yesterday:

    46 McCain
    44 Obama

    Something like I told you so.

  48. If my country were suffering from eight years of “criminal rule” and I had the option of voting to continue it, or voting for someone I didn’t like and who did my candidate wrong, but who wouldn’t continue it, i would probably do the latter.

  49. soupcity: They will let you know when all votes are “counted” that fits their outcome. Right now we are all on Obamatime.

  50. JulieS9164: It was someone being an asshole. Ignore it but be mindful of your surroundings. Some of those people really have no home training.

  51. Rich: Good for you. Thank you for sharing.

  52. Good morning PUMAS. I’m still sleepy after staying up WAY too late because I was so energized after the Glorious Hillary. She just keeps getting better, doesn’t she? She made the whole Convention look like a bunch of rank amateurs. As Anne Price Mills said: “You just saw a Presidential speech…you know you saw it.”

    We’ve all seen it for months, and many Americans who are not bloggers have also seen it and know corruption when they see it.

    I’m with SM: this only makes me more excited about Hillary and has absolutely nothing to do with how I feel about BO. That shipped sailed a long time ago with the race card etc. etc.

    I am so incredibly proud of her.

  53. RD – I disagree that it is about gender. I think it is about race. Geraldine Ferraro in May said the superdelegates were spineless and she was right. They are afraid of what the black community will do. The media has built this myth that the black community will riot blah blah bla
    Obama is the affirmative action candidate. You should have listened to Jimmy Carter say how electing Obama will heal racism in the world. People like Carter and Kerry want to show the world how they were able to elect an African Amerian. Too bad they don’t know that actually electing Hillary would have been better. She is a woman. Having a woman as the president would have made a bigger impact. I am sure it would kill Obama to know that Hillary’s book sold more than his in Saudi Arabia. Women made that possible. Women are treated like second class citizens in most countries in this world. Women come in all races. Obama is just a man like all the other presidents before him.

  54. Pat, lol. I forgot to set my super duper barky clock this am, I am all goofed up.

  55. Yes, the PUMA’s are a small but vocal contingent, but as Murphy knows the polls show a substantial number of Hillary primary supporters unwilling to back Obama with roughly one in five or one in four saying they will back McCain. Those are not all PUMA’s. They are, in fact, exactly the kind of people Murphy describes.

    But isn’t THAT a PUMA????

    One who won’t be swayed by an empty vote stealing inexperienced HACK???

    Millions are STEALTH Pumas, we are the more loud/vocal contingent.

    Hillary’s speech converted a lot of Yellow Dogs into PUMAs without a doubt. She can beg & try to convince me to vote for Obama – but she does not own our vote.

  56. Rich: I will be doing the latter. I’ll be voting for McCain.

    Thanks, Regency. I normally wouldn’t be that sensitive, but 2 days ago I realized my car had been keyed, not on my Hillary bumper sticker, but on the sticker for my children’s school, which I found strange.

  57. HARP: Fox has been hinting all morning that McCain may name his veep in the next day or so. That may be the 5 pm surprise. It would be fair enough, too, with the number of times that Obama cut into Hillary’s speeches,

  58. JulieS: Does it have the prepaid envelope? If so, mark that baby up and send it back in–it will cost them postage. Someone is digging you, but turn it around on them and stick it right back at the DNC/BO.

  59. Rich in PA: Put a sock in it. What makes you think for one minute this fraud is going to do any different or change anything? If he can hold back delegate votes from being heard does this not strike fear into your heart that once in power he would continue along the same path? What will it take for your eyes to actually open enough to see this for what it really is? A total takeover of the Dem Party in favor of an empty suit who just happens to be black.

    He has nothing more to offer this country than George W. Bush did 8 years ago yet you and those supporters are more than willing to continue along in a dreamworld of hope and change. Good luck with that. Ain’t going to happen.

  60. Julie, be very careful. you know the general safety rules. Never leave the building without your keys in your hand. Close your car door as soon as you get in. Have your keys in hand before you get out of the car. Look around before you get out, etc.

  61. McCain is supposed to name his VP on Friday, the day after the Convention–cut into BO’s hype.

  62. Here is the warning I’M giving the delegates…it is a rundown of how a similar situation played out in Gore Vidal’s play/film
    “The Best Man”…..a fight for delegates with a surprise twist (although we don’t need the surprise ending, just the RIGHT ending….)

    “Democratic Delegates Should See Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man” (1964) Before They Make Their HUGE MISTAKE Tonight…” There sure are some great lines in this flick that I quote…





  63. Pat,

    They are playing into our hands, and they don’t even realize it. If the “roll call” vote is fixed it will be evident to anyone who is watching with an open mind. It will just demonstrate to the whole country what we have been saying during the primaries. The DNC and the media have been in the tank for Obama all along.

    Hillary never had a chance, no matter how many votes she won. They were going to make sure she didn’t get the nomination. I think that is why she is following the strategy she is. If Obama can’t win her supporters after that speech last night, he’s pathetic. We already know he’s pathetic. Now the whole country will see it.

    It’s tragic that we will be stuck with another Republican for the next four years, but at least we will having Hillary fighting for us in the Senate. I hope Obama will take down Dean, Pelosi and Reid with him when he is crushed in November. We are going to need some real fighting Democrats now–no more of these spineless cowards who roll over for the Republicans every chance they get.

  64. fif: I had to put a stamp on it, otherwise I would have sent it right on back to them with PUMA written all over it in big, black Sharpie.

  65. I don’t think BO’s getting any hype on this one. Hillary’s getting plenty and Bubba will get a bit of it tonight.

  66. Thank you Pat…that was so beautifully said and ditto for me.

    Although I am new to posting. I did read (lurk-) since late June when I found The Confluence after Hillary suspended.

    I googled…something…like “people who will not vote for Obama…” and like magic the site showed up.

    I had never really blogged or posted….new expereince.
    But one day recently the dam broke and now (heh-heh) you can’t stop me. Thank’s to you guys; there was hope and knowing like you said there are others who see.

    We will make a difference together….
    Hillary said…keep going.
    She spoke to RD – with the “Traveling Pant Suit” message.


  67. Boo Radley, please send me an email : katiebird@gmail.com

  68. regency: We all know you will be watching!

  69. Yeah, Regency, I know the rules. It’s just sad that I have to bee hyper-vigilant these days.

  70. hillary’s greatness vs. michelle’s frown speaks volumes about this convention. the O’s are such lightweights and they know it. when you rise too fast, the fall’s gunna hurt. an empty suit ain’t much of a parachute.

  71. Delegate Ann Price Mills,
    thank you for speaking my thoughts. I too was the one pushing everyone to vote, volunteering, driving people to the polls. I will go to the polls and write in present.

  72. Pat J: Who me? *innocent* I know after the way he looked last night that he loves his Hillary. I’m so glad he does and so much. You could see it on his face. Good. She deserves that.

  73. bb: You are one of the reasons why I love this site.

  74. Ras:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 44% of the vote for the second straight day. When “leaners” are included, though, McCain picked up another point since yesterday and now has a statistically insignificant one-point advantage over Obama, 47% to 46%

  75. Senator Clinton played the role she was given and did it well. She will do everything that she is asked to do as long as she gets concessions for her platform. Senator Clinton can do no more for Obama. Obama has to take it from here and somehow become the man he imagines himself to be.

    Like the delegate says…Obama has 2 months and he better use it wisely. For each Ann Price Mills, there are tens of thousands like her, not on the internet, not PUMA’s, but American citizens waiting.

  76. Let me ask a technical question – did Obama relinquish his senate seat just in case he loses?

    Hillary didn’t lose hers, neither did McCain when he ran in previous elections.

  77. Well Pat, now that Reg has given up Bill, I guess she thinks she will be able to take over Eddy.

    I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!


  78. Hillary went to the people and looked at them. Obama went to the people for them to look at him. Big difference

  79. Carol: No, Eddy’s safe. I still love Bill but I’m thinking of the Greater Good. He can’t satisfy me AND Hillary all the time. I can’t scale it back. I just ship him and Hillary like whoa. Bestest luv evah!!!11!!!

  80. Carol: Another day of *&((*^^%%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Pat: yes, yes! that is so true. and think of how Hillary has been cast as the selfish one — “it’s all about her,” etc.

  82. Like the delegate says…Obama has 2 months and he better use it wisely. For each Ann Price Mills, there are tens of thousands like her, not on the internet, not PUMA’s, but American citizens waiting.

    Linda: he could turn into Mother Theresa and I wouldn’t vote for him. I’m not waiting for anything–except his definitive defeat.

  83. For those of you who have watched the video of Ann, above, as I pointed out last night, the man standing next to her is an Obama thug. At the “end” of the interview ,when Ann tries to begin talking about Obama’s “resume” (or lack thereof), he immediately silences her with a “Let’s go,” and the reporter backs off as well. It’s frightening.

    These delegates are under tremendous pressure and surveillance. It really scares me. Is this America? Is this what the Democratic Party has become? Is this what I’ll be voting for if I vote for Obama?

    The answer is yes.

    Suppression never works, however. It stregthens the will of those suppressed. It confirms, for all to see, the destructive nature of the suppressors. It creates reaction; it galvanizes action.

    This is still America, and not the Obamanation. If you try to silence an American, her voice will get louder.


  84. JWR: I have a mother and even she doesn’t tell me what to do. Blind following leads off the very cliff you speak of. I don’t believe in.

    And we’ve built a coalition, we’re just not building it with you.

  85. Katiebird: lobbydelegates.com is still running. I just sent an email thru them.

  86. Focus – can anyone stand to have to hear SUSAN RICE or MO for 4 years?


  87. “Hillary went to the people and looked at them. Obama went to the people for them to look at him. Big difference.”

    Pat: Spot-on.

  88. Saddens me to say that many will walk away from that convention with a heavy dose of “buyer’s remorse” after viewing this magnificent lady who exudes leadership out of every pour and syllable. They have him poised to make this nomination speech in front of an edifice resembling Greek columns in order to sell us more of his majesty.

    Play time is over guys; time to put away the toys and the make believe. The faux seals, the plane, the “presidential” chair, the dumb oversea trips, the stadium crapola. The real world awaits and you just don’t have what it takes.

  89. Anyone using the c word in anyway is not for women! So shut your stupid mouth!


  90. jwr — you should not assume that mccain has all our votes, nor should you assume that nadar had our votes. pay attention to your own driving.

  91. KIM: Make your own decision, for whatever your reasons are. Don’t attempt to make others’. Do what you have to.

  92. Magdalena – This is why I believe Obama and his followers are Stalinists. They will brook no dissent. They will use Orwellian techniques to keep the masses in check. Once they are in power, will they refrain from simply “purging” all those who defy their regime?

    I don’t know, but Obama scares the living sh*t out of me, and so do his cultists, who threatened Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia with death because he wouldn’t support The One. What kind of whackos do that?

  93. Is the Greek column thing for real, or is it a joke?

  94. jwr: Whatever man!

  95. Hey that is not me!! I would never vote for Obama.

  96. Magdalena: I had the same impression as you. Like those Russian and Chinese “handlers” we have heard so much about. Very, very scary indeed. And watching the rabid and totally ignorant comments coming out of people like Jesse Jackson Jr who will surely assume a role in his administration, my blood runs cold.

  97. Kim, you’ve got an impersonator, my friend,

  98. This is the second time someone has posted with my name and that is not me.

  99. plural: For real. It is somewhere on the net and Fox News was falling all over itself this morning laughing about it. They are preparing it now for tomorrow night. Oh it is real all right!

  100. Real Kim – We know. Don’t worry about it.

  101. Who the fuck is this Kim? I asked Gary about her a month or so ago. She was posting extremely late and I was out of town.

  102. Thank goodness, RealKim! For a second I thought you’d drunk the Kool-Aid!

  103. Yeah but she used her kids as ammo and we all know where my son is, don’t come here and do that shit and use my name.

  104. PUMA HAKA!

    If it ain’t Hillary, they’re on their own. I’m so serious about that.

  105. madamab: And you were one of the first on this blog to point out the similarities a few months ago. Who would have ever thought we would be witnessing it firsthand? Having people lurking in the hallways at the convention to assure delegates did not change their minds is frightening. And they are counting on those Obama delegates to keep the others in line.

  106. Here’s the money quote from Anglachel’s Journal piece (at least for me):

    They wanted suffering, shame, penance, begging for forgiveness and Hillary just handed them a steaming super-sized mug of shut the fuck up. As she was never a media darling, they cannot touch her – she is impervious. She walked off that stage the most powerful person in the Deomcratic Party, owning nothing to any of the power brokers because she has given it all to the Party. That is her duty, there lie her obligations, and that is what she is here to defend.

  107. OMG. Is he going to wear a toga and be crowned with laurel leaves?

  108. Real Kim:

    Phew! Glad that wasn’t you. We’re seeing vote/voice stealing in front of our eyes.

  109. Buchanan is right, she started a movement. Of woman, of gays, of blue-collar workersers, of the ignored, of all the INVISIBLE people that are the backbone of the party of FDR.

    Hillary woke the giantess, and she will not be put back to sleep. When we hear the dogs barking (That mean you, Dean and Pelosi and Olbermann, and Matthews, you mangy cur) we will KEEP going. Make no mistake, this is a fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. We will take our party back. They will hear us. There will be consequences to ignoring us. We will keep going. We will not stop.

    We have spent the last year walking through fire with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and we have come through shining like gold and tempered like steel.

    WE ARE NOT AFRAID ANYMORE. Hillary gave us that. Hillary gave us that. We will never be afraid again.

    PUMA HAKA! 👿

  110. Kim – THE FAKE ONE – I am fighting for my daughter and my future grandchildren’s promise of a DEMOCRACY.



    We will not support voter FRAUD.

  111. Susan, actually, I’m galvanized this morning. I had my Rosa Park moment yesterday.

    I will not be moved.


  112. I am male and have always been an independent, and wanted badly to be able to vote for Hillary Clinton this year…now, one thing is clear, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!

    I am totally frustated with and angry at the the Demacratic powers that be and feel that they have done more internal damage to this country than Bush could have ever hoped to do!

    You guys are the only saving grace in America these days and I so hope that you do not bend and give in to Obama…please say you won’t!

    D L Ennis

  113. Rosa Parks.

  114. DL Ennis:


  115. Site monitor please.

  116. Well said WMCB!!!

  117. SM – Don’t engage her, she is a fake, a fraud and a phoney, and she supports a fake, a fraud and a selected candidate.

  118. One thing I noticed that was different about Hillary’s speech last night was her closing. She closed every one of her speeches with, “God bless you all, and God bless America.”

    Last night she said, “God bless you, and Godspeed”.

    To me, the “Godspeed” sounded like, “Okay, I did what I had to do and I did the best I could, now it’s up to you Obots to get the job done. Don’t ask me to carry you anymore.”



    NO WAY
    No how
    No Obama

    November!! (and that’s my birthday month too!)

  120. Welcome, DL Enniss, to the club.

  121. Janicen – EXACTLY – Godspeed, meaning – “My job is done, GOODBYE.”

  122. A song for the PUMAS!!!! I OWN MY VOTE!!


  123. Pat please give me a time and a post-name (if different)

  124. REAL KIM: Yep, broke my rule of troll engagement.

    Axelrod gives them a dollar and doggie biscuit each time they get a response.

  125. Perhaps now that Hillary has exited stage left, the media can then begin to concentrate more on the deficiencies of their favorite candidate, Prince Stumblebum. The stage is all his and the spotlight can be cruel.

  126. katiebird: I think you got her….Susan

  127. The Greek temple is perfect.

    “Hubris” will be the Greek word laughed out loud, far and wide.


  128. I want the shirt.

    NO Way
    NO How

  129. You guys are magnificent and making me cry with PUMA pride!

    New post up. 🙂

  130. Obama is going to have a GREEK TEMPLE!!!

    OMG…. the jokes write themselves with the O-Borg.

    Is he going to dress up as Zeus?

  131. I have already examined McCain’s platform.


    American women, Rise.

    Don’t feel you have to line up behind either one of these insufficient men. There is another line forming, stage left:

    Hillary 2012

  132. SM: You gotta love him!

  133. Okay this is me, TheRealKim

  134. When is BO’s term up? 2010? I wonder who’ll run against him, hopefully someone who will make him work for his seat.

  135. Kim (the one who wants to vote for Obama):

    I know you sound sincere in your struggle of what to do; but you do have a choice…you do.
    A Democrat Congress will keep McCain in check at least for four years. So we DO have to have a big win for down ticket DEMS.

    Please do more research on Obama…there is plenty well written and well documented stuff out there.

    Obama is a Chicago Thug with a Harvard Degree. He will not be good for our children or grandchildren…AND
    for the sake of my GrandKids, I don’t want him as POTUS.

    Here are some websites, if you are willing some things about Obama that you need to know:





    Check these sites out…you may still make the same
    choice but at least you will know more about Obama;
    many of these facts about him are truths that the Main Stream Media has not reported.

    Remember you do have a CHOICE….you ALWAYS
    have a CHOICE and at least in my opinion Obama is a very bad choice….not one I will make.

  136. “Elixir, on August 27th, 2008 at 10:21 am Said:

    Here’s the money quote from Anglachel’s Journal piece (at least for me):”

    For me also…She is the best writer on the net these days..

  137. MABlue; Since I hardly watch cable news much, thanks for providing the clip. So much fun watching these blowhards go after one another for a change. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of creeps.

  138. RD, I have no idea how Hillary Clinton managed to be so STRONG & MAGNIFICENT doing that speech. They kept cutting back to Bill, and he was beaming at her.

    By contrast, the look on MO’s face?

    Hillary is a very great Lady.


    In the meantime, we can have classless non diplomats post Bush 2008. McC isn’t liked by Repub machine — he’s too honest! He is all about REFORMING all the corruption!

    Check it out:


    you cannot believe what Repub Arnold has pulled here, & the Terminator? He likes O. It’s all corrupt RD.

    Hillary and McC. they know that — they could fix it.

  139. O-Borg as Zues…he thinks he’s a God!!

  140. Since Obama will be trounced in the general election and won’t be our president, he will remain in the Senate for two more years. Judging from history, he will be unable to run for president again, leaving the field open from Senator Clinton and others.

  141. RD — I don’t know how Hillary did it. God she is GRACIOUS, UNBELIEVEABLE!

    What is the hugest joke?

    They don’t get that our feelings DO NOT TRANSFER over.

    Nope. Not after the media, the flip off, the B*tch, the whole smelly rotten stinky deal they pulled on the Clintons.

    They can’t understand WHY getting Hillary in was imp.

  142. Don’t give up.
    Don’t surrender delegates.
    It appears something big is about to happen.
    Best wishes .
    Citizen Wells

  143. From Shakesville, votermom has gotten an advance copy of Senator Obama’s speech…..

    “What she said”

  144. “MaBlue”
    Thanks for the MSNBC “clip”!
    I’m going to e-mail him a Thank You!
    join me:

  145. “A lot of people are leaving here thinking it should be Hillary”!


    People are getting the message albeit a bit late in the day, but they can make it right and cast their vote for THE BEST CANDIDATE THAT JUST HAPPENS TO BE A WOMAN!

  146. Chris,

    WTF are you talking about?

    “Being the only people outside the GOP who do not respect her, do not suport her and are working against her?”

    You’re suggesting that Barack, Michelle, Howard, Nancy, and Donna *respect* and *support* Hillary? Then why the resisitance to doing what has been routine in the past: placing her name in nomination and having a real roll call vote? You’re living in Koolaid land.

    I’ll give you some time to respond with substantive facts and evidence. Otherwise, I’ll delete your comment. You are not allowed to insult the members of this blog here.

  147. Guess that means all the columns have been erected and set in place. No palms left to be flown in for BO’s coronation?

  148. I live in Chicago, and the local news coverage here is SOOO pro-Obama it’s nauseating! Obama is part of the Chicago political “machine” and he’s been bought off from the beginning. He’s nothing more than a mouthpiece. Living in Chicago, I feel like the only person who just can’t bring herself to vote for him. Putting aside, for the moment, the raw deal Hillary got, look at who this bozo associates with: Rezco (crook), William Ayres (terrorist, who once plotted to blow up government buildings and even years later said his group didn’t regret setting bombs and “hadn’t done enough.” ), Jim Johnson (former CEO of mortgage financing giant Fannie Mae, found out for a $10 billion accounting scandal where Johnson was the leader), and Jeremiah Wright (who has a penchant for delivering racially and politically charged sermons, such as one where he said, “God Damn America!”

    You judge someone by the company they keep, and Obama hangs out with crooks and cronies. He does NOT have the judgment, maturity, or common sense to be the leader of the free world.

    How sad that the nation still is so gender-biased that many of it’s citizens would rather elect an immature, wet-behind-the-ears man with questionable connections than a well-qualified woman with poise, clout and, heaven forbid, experience!

  149. lisadawn82, on August 27th, 2008 at 11:01 am Said:
    From Shakesville, votermom has gotten an advance copy of Senator Obama’s speech…..

    “What she said”

    LOL! Pretty much.

  150. “Who is disrespecting Sen. Clinton again?”

    The same thugs we’ve been discussing here for some time now. You really should start paying attention.

  151. #
    Regency, on August 27th, 2008 at 9:42 am Said:

    Oh, 2012 is going to be by acclimation then. If Mark Warner so much as breathes funny during Hillary’s convention there will be hell to pay.

    Best comment I have seen so far!

  152. http://www.clintonfoundation.org/newsletter-signup/




  153. http://www.clintonfoundation.org/newsletter-signup/



  154. sorry i only watched part of the hillary speech. i just couldn’t stand to watch her endorse obama when i wanted her to oppose it and kick his tush! can’t do it! over at tl, btd is saying hillary gave him the push over the finish line. i don’t buy that. it is obama’s to lose! and he is doing exactly that. his and michelle’s mindset isn’t going to change just because hillary gave an excellent speech. not going ot happen! did you get a good look at her face while hillary spoke. i thought she was going to have a fit right there because of the crowd reponse to hillary. barely submerged hate is right and it is on the obama’s teams part for the most part. though i might add that they are getting back the dislike they sent out into the world now.

  155. Are you actually deleting comments from anyone who disagrees?

  156. Dave, Yes.

  157. Hillary’s presidential speech leaves no doubt who should be nominated and there should be a call for delegates to ask Obama to step down and let a true leader rise.

    Only she can win in November and save the DNC from ruin. We still have a few hours to do this.

    Go Hillary!

  158. I am an Independent woman who is happy to see the PUMAS standing together. Don’t know McCains stand on women but did read he pays his women staff very well while none of OB’s women make the top pay – high pay in his office only goes to men. McCain’s women staff are at the top of his pay scale.

  159. I am watching the convention and it sickens me.
    Once they actually stop the vote and name Obama the nominee I am going to go directly to the online registration and change my party affiliation.
    I can no longer feel proud to be a democrat.
    I will register as an independent.

    I think that everyone who believes this nomination was a sham should do the same. A flood of people leaving the party should be the message the DNC recieves.

  160. Great answer to Dave, Katiebird!!
    Great moderators make this blog my home place.
    FYI: My friends of all political stripes like hearing
    my PUMA updates. They know I find facts based
    on research, so they listen!

  161. steadycat: I ask you as a woman to a woman to remember that Floridians have not been allowed to vote in the last three elections. We want to vote for your candidate, but he has pushed us aside for personal gain over and over. We could have all gone together. Ann Mills Price represents me, I will never vote for McCain or any other fundamentalist man. That includes your Barack. I very much care that you get represented. I hope you feel that way for me.

  162. I will be 49 this year and when watching Hillary speak last night, I cried for all that could have and should have been. Watching Ann Price Mills (the delagate from Texas?) speaking afterwards broke my heart. Ann – I am right there with you – how could this party that I have unconditionally supported for 30 years be so stupid.

    I didn’t vote for Hillary because she is a women. It’s not a “women’s” thing. I voted for her because her vision and her ability to get meaningful things done make her a far superior choice!

    Now, after looking Riverdaughter’s U-tube video – I am sick to my stomach about it. I wondered why delegates were going for Obama when in their states/districts the people in some cases overwhelming voted for Hillary (who could forget West Virginia?). Well now I know. Yes it is about the money.

    The question I have is why didn’t the media expose this? Is there no TV that provides facts anymore?


  163. […] What makes this misunderstanding of Liberty even more confusing is the existance of other posts on the blog where the author advocates encouraging the Democratic super-delegates to deal a finishing blow […]

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