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So this is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause

I will remain a PUMA.  No way, No how.  NO OBAMA.


66 Responses

  1. That was undoubtedly the most disgusting display of a sham I have ever seen.

    Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

    Mountain Sage

  2. Don’t forget music. There was music too…And who was that woman whith no muscles left in her face announcing the numbers? She looked like a symbol of what went on

  3. She martyred herself for these AZZHOLES.


  4. This should bring a chuckle at this horrible time: How Clinton supporters heal..


  5. Just think, they had to work THIS HARD to get him the nomination.

    Do they really think he can win the general? Half the Party is going to desert him now, especially after the Republican slime machine starts going.

    Obama’s downfall will be the most well-deserved since Nixon’s impeachment.


    What time is the Big Dawg on–9 p.m.?

  7. Thank you Ben for the Inspiration:

    I made my first donation to a Republican Presidental Candidate ever….John McCain
    and I said this one’s for you Barry baby!!!

  8. So I take it our dear RD won’t be going to Obama’s big toga party tonight?

  9. I am disappointed but not surprised. I felt this is the way it would turn out.

    I remain firm in my word, NO VOTE IN PRIMARY..MEANS NO VOTE IN THE GENERAL.

    Will PUMA remain strong, or will they buckle?

    McCain in ’08
    Hillary ’12

    We can make it happen.

  10. okay, folks, I don’t know if any of you live in Bob and Sheri markets, but Nancy Pelosi is going to be on the show on Monday hawking her book. I think we should deluge their email boxes with questions for them to ask, like “Will the states who broke the law by not voting the will of the voters from their states be punished?” You know, stuff like that.




    Spread the word.

  11. Ben – that Daily Show thing was funny! If only the pundits didn’t really see us that way…but after all, we’re only women…old, dried-up, bitter, low-information women….

  12. i know but we have to always be able to laugh at ourselves. That’s one thing we can do that the Oborg can not. Humor is helping McCain.

  13. Ben – and it’s helping us! Thank you for posting it!

  14. Not just disgusting, but horribly expensive shamfest. Could’ve skipped the whole Democratic CONvention, democracy brutally raped and murdered on live tv, to Love Train music and thunderous applause. How much grander can a show of corruption get in these United States? Should now be called People’s Republic of the Disunited States or something.

  15. I just got in—what happened with the roll call vote?

  16. Sorry Ben, I watched most of that video, but I’m in no mood to be compared to a spoiled child. My healing will come when I see John McCain take the oath of office.

  17. Sophie – IT WAS A SHAM

  18. Mountain Sage-Do you know why that photo of Carville at Huggop was not attributed to Jeralyn at TalkLeft?

  19. I’m back-reading through the comments now…a couple of observations:
    1.) I know more than half the people in that room know that Hillary would make a better President.
    2.) How the hell can Obama and the AA community feel proud of “the first black nominee” when they know he really isn’t it.
    3.) I do believe they finally got me to accept voting for John McCain.

  20. That would be Huffpo.

  21. That spectacle was even more awful than I thought it would be. That is saying something for how truly horrid it was.

  22. Carol, can you crank up a Pants suit fundraiser?

  23. SophieL,

    I thought I’d never even consider voting for McCain, but honestly if it’s close in MA, I will vote a straight Republican ticket. I’ve had it with the Dems. I can remember watching real roll call votes. This convention has been a fraud from beginning to end. I’m ashamed to be a Democrat today. If the Repubs are smart they will point out what happened today.

  24. SophieL: I was saying we should do a PUMA Pantsuit Parade Protest – fundraiser sounds good too!

    We need time to heal though. Maybe a week.

  25. Boston – except for Ed O’Reilly – challenger to John Kerry!

  26. Ben:
    Thanks for the link to The Daily Show…finally got to laugh…humor is a good healer!!!
    I watched the first part too where he made fun of MO and BAMBI looked so stupid in the Wizzard of OZ box…like a big disembodied talking head…!!!
    MO and the two girls were talking to the big BAMA HEAD; what is he thinking???

  27. kj: i always deal with stress and disappointment with humor. just wanted to share with those who might be the same. November 4…I need to consult a psychic.

  28. Party Unity My Ass. This is a circus here. The super delegates had to vote in their hotel rooms. They were told it was because there were too many of them and it would take too long. Can you believe this shit?

  29. (Edited by sm77: When Democracy returns to the Democratic Party, so will we. Until then, PUMA.)

  30. I love those 6 people in the video. It looks like an episode of Match Game.

  31. Hey PUMA-SF!!!

    What’s the mood in Denver like? PUMA HQ???

  32. This “coronation” reminds me of Britney Spears at last year’s MTV VMAs. Everyone around her, including the producers, knew the woman was unfit to perform. Yet they couldn’t, or simply refused, to stop the train wreck.

    BO is the democrat’s “Britney Spears” for 2008 cycle.

  33. fuzzy has a plan it is hidden on a previous thread go look and help me!


  34. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…country and competence are more important than Party. When will the Oborg and the DNC ever realize that.

  35. buffalo bill Kiss My Big Hairy Ass-

    oh in in case you dont get the hint on how we feel or heal-

    FUCK OFF too!


  36. thanks Sm77-

    we shall overcome
    we shall overcome
    we shall overcome some day!

    shit I cant stand this–


  37. #
    SophieL, on August 27th, 2008 at 7:56 pm Said:
    . . .

    3.) I do believe they finally got me to accept voting for John McCain.

    Back in Feb after the caucus I was either going to leave the Prez choice empty or write in Hillary’s name.

    Then the Obamabots continued their attacks, hate and name calling.

    So I decided that I might vote for McCain and hold my nose.

    But thanks to the extra hard efforts of the DNC — Pelosi, Dean & Donna — I will be GLADLY be voting McCain. I will vote for McCain as soon as my ballot arrives in the mail and I will be smiling as the landslide for McCain is reported.

  38. buffalobill you get the same freedom here that the DNC allowed hillary supporters on the floor today



  39. Edwardian – LOL! He is soooo the Britney Spears!

    Guess what? Maybe it will take the November disaster for the DNC to figure out he is unfit to govern.

    Good – let them fall. My vote did not count in the primary – but IT WILLcount in the GE.

  40. Democracy = Count the votes

  41. Joan…I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry.

    Mountain Sage

  42. Wow, they have a person on CNN (African American) saying in reference to Big Dawg, that “being called the first black president must’ve gone to his head or something”

  43. Is this going to be the first ever convention followed by a drop in the candidates poll numbers? Has that happened before, and am I wrong in my prediction? All I’ve seen is solidifying of contempt for the Democratic Party, and people moving from undecided to leaning McCain.

  44. All the talk earlier this year about the illegitimacy of a nominee if super delegates did the choosing of same. And, various spokes holes saying they would leave the party if this happened, and what do you know, that’s what happened, besides a very controlled, manufactured vote count that did not count every vote. Well I will be leaving the Democratic Party officially tomorrow, I’m so angry that it would not be healthy for me to remain in this sham organization. Hubby and I are both going to reregister Thursday as independents affilated with no party, and oh yeah, did I mention neither of us will vote for the wannabe Messiah/Greek god or whatever role pompous jackass Barry O is playing.

  45. Well that was an even bigger clusterf*ck that I could have even imagined.

    If you held a loaded gun to my head I wouldn’t vote for this prick.

    They dragged her out and made HER put this SOB over the top.

    Bend over and take it.

    Thank You sir may I have another……


  46. The mood is not good in fact it has been pretty much closed up. Darragh is gone and Momma Puma leaves at 4:00. I didn’t see RD when I left so I’m not sure where she is. I changed my ticket and am leaving tomorrow.

  47. What a sorry display in Denver, although I think we all pretty much expected it the eventual outcome, I thought we’d at least get a real count of HRC’s support at the roll call. But they couldn’t stand the idea of letting us have even a straight count.
    The Dem Party just sucks!
    I’m still fairly new here, but I implore you all to consider going to McCain’s website and joining Citizens for McCain. I gave them my support a couple days ago when they called me and even said ok when they asked if I’d consider doing a radio or tv ad in Virginia(as a Dem for McC). They completely understood when I said I was still a “downticket Dem” (although after tonight, I don’t know if I can stomach voting for any Dem). I never thought there would be a day like this in our history! My husband is also pissed off and upset and he’s only been a Dem for 8 years.

  48. Paradoxtim –

    I like your knickname for Obama, “Big Dawg”. (Maybe we should get a noose and bait it with some juicy ribs. That might finish off the mutt.) 😉

  49. RWR-

    Nope, Obama’s numbers have already risen, up 1% today even before he or Biden speaks. Still, keep on fighting the good fight! We’ll keep him from getting too uppity!

  50. Puma-SF–Did you get a feel for what specific actions might be taken by PUMA from here on?

  51. Big Cat, Big Dawg is Bill Clinton.

  52. {{{{Fuzzybear}}}} Don’t let the Obots get to you.

  53. lyn –

    I stand corrected. As a new PUMA member, I’m not hip to the lingo around here. Is Hillary Big Cougar?

  54. I didn’t think I would be this depressed. No way, no how, Nobama, November.

  55. grayslady: I’m not sure but if you look at the website we are just getting started.

  56. Just because there’s applause doesn’t mean it’s the death of liberty.

  57. Can’t wait until McCain bans abortions and invades Iran while you sit there bitching about Clinton. I am angry, but I am not stupid

  58. Sure, Wake Up, He’ll ban abortions just like Reagan, and Bush and Bush did. Been there, heard that. Hell, been there, argued that myself … back when I was naive enough not to get it. That’s just not how the game works; he won’t do a thing. Meanwhile, our very freedom to speak in our own party is gone, along with any pretense of honest media. I’ve got way bigger worries than some Republican trying to calm the religious right with more bogus pro-life platitudes.

  59. Wake Up, I disagree. You actually are stupid.

  60. […] forth over the years, would still be whining about how she lost the popular vote, I had no idea how delusional these folks really were. I recently ran across a blog called The Confluence, which has lowered my […]

  61. I can understand the anger about Clinton’s early dismissal from the nomination race, by many democrats, the Obama campaign, and the press. But I can’t understand the support for McCain. His proposed policies are just completely at odds with what Hillary proposed, on every issue from the military to social security to health care to alternative energies to funds for education. On the other hand, Obama’s policies are very similar to, if not right in step with, Clinton’s ideas.

    So the bitterness I can totally understand, but isn’t supporting another president who talks about tax cuts for the wealthy, a military-centered budget, no diplomacy with Iran, continuing NCLB–a failed education program–and on and on sort of nonsensical? I mean, if you are all more concerned with getting the candidate you support up for the presidency than with policy and the direction of the national government, maybe you should spend your energy rooting for your local minor league baseball team instead of getting involved in politics.

    RWR, on a side note: if you’re so sure presidents do nothing, why do you care so much who the Democratic party’s nominee is? Sure, a president is unlikely to ban abortions; it’s just not within the president’s realm of power. But it’s not only the big-ticket issues–like abortion–that a president deals with.

  62. Let the Clintons make the speeches for HIM all the time…..He needs them big time!Obamidiots should be kissing Bill’s boots for what he did for him tonight!!!!The clintons have been vindicated by they’re humbleness and intelligence. Mr. o=operative….is gonna fall. If you make it to the white house Mitchel ,i wouldn’t start unpacking ,you’ll need to be ready for when thye arrest your hubby. Be ready…..it’ will happen.lol PS (Roe vs. Wade)–they have pills now a days for that .This isn’t the 70’s….geez…sorry i need to VENT!..thanx….i don’t know what i’ll do with my vote yet./rbut as of right now I OWN IT…..

  63. Steve,

    I don’t think presidents do nothing, though I do think there power is limited. I have no intention for voting for any Republicans for any other positions. I have never yet in 20 years voted for a Republican and this will be my first, and hopefully only, ever Republican vote.

    For many here the issues are different. Some do feel McCain would be a better president. I don’t know that that is true, but what I am more convinced of is that the US as a whole will be better off in Obama loses.

    And this is the tricky distinction that I think a lot of people are missing. It’s not, for me at least, about Obama vs. Hillary. It’s about democracy vs. tyranny. Sound extreme? I live with someone raised under a totalitarian regime. I’ve lived in a communist country. I know the pattern when I see it. This is like nothing I’ve ever seen in all my time in the US.

    The cheating, dehumanization and media manipulation that occurred in this election are the beginning of a very typical pattern of power, which left unchecked has historically been a nightmarish disaster for the countries involved. If this pattern of deception and political authoritarianism is seen to succeed it will be repeated. And it will be developed.

    In most primaries in which I’ve voted, my candidate has lost. And I always, without fail, supported the chosen candidate. I have no emotional tie to Hillary. I’m sure she’s a nice woman, and I thought her the best candidate. But when it comes right down to it, shes just another politician, a bit better than most. I wish her well.

    And now we have the Movement? God they scare the crap out of me. The direction that’s going is way more frightening than anything McCain is going to pull. And frankly, on most of the issues I don’t see that big a difference between Obama and McCain…the party differences have been narrowing for years. Hell, my real candidate was Kucinich, but I’m not a fantasy voter. I live in the real world and vote for viable candidates. Ethically I’m pretty much a rule utilitarian…I’m afraid there’s little sentiment here.

    But I do feel compassion and I do feel fear. And yes I do feel anger when I see good person after good person slandered by the Obama camp. And fortunately, more and more I’m learning to feel humor at the ridiculousness of this situation — humor helped a bit, I admit, by Obama’s dropping poll numbers.

    So I don’t like it. I don’t want to vote McCain. I feel I have to. It’s a calculation I wish I didn’t have to make.

  64. Big Cat, the last thing I want to sound like is an O-bot campaign volunteer, but please try making your case without using obvious racist code-words like ‘uppity’ and ‘Maybe we should get a noose…[for Obama]’ etc.

    There are three zillion reasons for us not supporting Obama, and his race is not one of them. In fact, we don’t support Obama DESPITE his being black – not BECAUSE he is. Sad, but true, most of us have waited for years to see a non-white non-male US President and now we’ve been forced onto the opposite side.

  65. They should have nominated Ron Paul.

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