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Obama’s temple to…well, who else would it be for, HIMSELF!

While we get reports from our PUMA troops and the Denver Delegate situation, here’s a laugh from Wonkette:


Obama’s Pagan Greek Temple Sets Stage For Most Presumptuous Hedonist Acceptance Speech Since Kennedy’s

Oh, this is perfect. After spending all week straining to convince voters that he is a humble, all-American God-fearing Christian regular Joe, Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech tomorrow night from a structure that ABC News says “resembles an ancient Greek temple.” Because nothing hits the trifecta of Hollywood, presumption, and alternate religion like a wine-soaked polytheist boy-f*cking Vegas pleasure dome in the middle of a massive arena. [ABC News


UPDATE: The Stonehenge of HOPE


If you hear the hounds barking, KEEP GOING!


(Long live PUMAs!

179 Responses

    So do it like that only pull my nose down a little????

  2. CAPTION 2:

    I see the orange pantsuits we are making the prisoners wear have come in….

  3. Let the Bachannal begin!

  4. the audacity of a needy ego

  5. ok what did fuzzy miss?


  6. Caption 2:

    Can I still be Hillary’s VP?

  7. HI FUZZY!!

    Obama is building a greek temple at the Invesco field.


    “Axel, write down everything she said!”

  9. Caption:

    Are you guys writing this down?

  10. HI MAWM!!!!

  11. It’s looking more and more like a Greek tragedy every day.

  12. I just heard on the TV that there’s still a chance that Hillary could become “the Vice President of Barak Obama.”


  13. Caption:

    When is it my turn to be on stage again?

  14. Hey SM. Gary is processing some of the video from last night.

  15. Caption:

    But, NO, OH NO, Michelle just couldn’t handle Hillary as VP

    Alternate Caption:

    I KNOW she could save my ass, but Michelle would kick it

  16. Caption: “Are you sure she has been fitted for her toga?”

  17. Katiebird – yikes to that link at Insight’s place.

  18. KB: That better not be true. Saving his sorry ass, covering this DNC debacle

    Besides, I want to see Obama LOSE, you can’t that away from me now

  19. Mawm: GREAT! we can’t wait to see it! Love the windmills one.

  20. Delphyne, Yikes! Indeed. Scary…

    But the weirdest thing Parentofed is that I thought they were selecting the Nominee for Vice President of the United States. But, on TV they said, Vice President of Barack Obama!

  21. Katiebird,

    I saw that! Creepy, isn’t it? I can’t believe this is really happening.

  22. Wasn’t it Caligula who rode into the Roman Senate on a horse? Saddle up!

  23. Say, maybe the Great Greek Stage revolves {wildly clapping hands}!

  24. Gotta leave for about an hour or so – be back!

  25. Caption: “Why won’t this stupid b*tch quit?! She just keeps going and going.”

  26. Please, please don’t tell me they may dismantle the pillars! I suffered through how many hours of this convention shit talk and they are now going to take away the one pleasure I have reserved for myself for 4 days! This is all Hillary’s fault!

  27. Katiebird,

    Are you sure that wasn’t VP of the Barack Obama Fan Club? Nancy Pelosi will be the Prez of course.

  28. Oh my GAWD!!!

    Wonkette got every single Republican talking point in one sentence. I don’t know whether to admire her or hate on her, but that is one effective smackdown!

  29. KB: Well, if Obama thinks Biden is the next president….and Hillary would be the new VP, where does that leave Obama? Shouldn’t he be in there somewhere, since he owns this debacle?

  30. BO’s campaign is either egotistically pretending he’s president or they are using presidential imagery to try to ease an assumed racist electorate into accepting an AA as presidential.

    Both are extremely offensive!!!

  31. hahahahahaha oh my well hopefully they also use the seal too ,,,,,,,,,,tacky, tacky tacky,

  32. Der Spiegel has great pictures from yesterday’s main event.

    Just watch.

  33. I hear Star Trek is suing for copyright infringement.

  34. Sorry I had to go to my page, login, and then come back so I would show up as TheRealKim

  35. A Dem that knows I’m PUMA called our home this morning and asked my husband if Hillary’s speech had swayed me.

    They are in deep denial and obviously clueless. But, who knows, maybe the temple will sway a few his way.

  36. When I first read about the Greek Temple, I honestly thought that it was a joke.

  37. Oh, please, don’t dismantle the Temple, because Obama supporters definitely deserve this, and so do WE! For wildly different reasons.

  38. Mom also said that Bill would not be there for Obi Wan’s speech on Thursday.

  39. Ok everybody any word on the roll call?


  40. FLVoter: As others here have noticed before, never underestimate the sheer tackiness and political tone-deafness of the Obots.

  41. OMG !! There is no end to this egomaniac’s stupidity. He really thinks he is a Messiah !! He is providing McCain with more ammo, This will definetely used in “The One Part III”

  42. should i say prepare yourselves for a GREEK TRAGEDY in November.

  43. Damn, if they are that tacky, what would the white house look like in four years?

  44. So, he’s going to walk through these Greek columns, take his position on the dias and with a flourish of pomp and circumstance “accept” the nomination? Are spectators expected to bow or is the big “O” salute enough?

    And he was miffed at the Messiah references????

    What a bunch of fools. You know how this will play to middle America, the bitter, gun-toting, bible-thumping voters?


  45. Since it looks like a Greek Temple Obama must have changed his mind about being the messiah and decided to be a god instead. But which god is he?

  46. I should be an aztec temple and they should lead the “unity pony” up to the alter and Barak Obama should scoop its heart out with a spoon….

    THen he should kill some puppies and kittens and eat a baby or two!


  47. FLVoter – Hubris!


  48. I said he must think he is Zeus earlier

  49. Madamab – Good choice!

  50. MC1-between laborday and November 4th thanks to O’biden it will be a greek comedy!

    where is our obama/biden “macaca meter” to count the gaffes theze tweo bozos will make!


  51. TheRealKim,

    I do not think he is qualified to be Zeus. I think it is that Commander in Chief problem!

  52. How about Typhon, the demon?

  53. Chaos.

  54. A Greek (Roman) Temple set is over the top, pure arrogance.

    I hope they DO use the “official” Obama seal, with all the Obots making the “O” hand sign.

    The Obama Party has NO CLASS!!!!

    O = 0

  55. In other news.. a category 3 or 4 hurricane might hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast on Sunday night. I hope the models are completely wrong.

  56. repost from thread below, ’cause it fits1

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Barak Obama’s Temple of Personal Magnificence:

  57. My daughter is in Pensacola. Better clean the house, I may have company.

  58. Insanity has reached a new high in this campaign. Anyone else would be locked away from suffering delusions of grandeur on this scale. But not us. This is the Dem choice for President of the U.S. for God sake! Too bad this event could not have been held near an oceanic coastline then he could have “parted the sea” or “walked on water” as part of the grand finale.

  59. Oh. My. God. That. Temple.

    Will someone please explain to me how this man actually expects to run an entire country, much less influence global decision-making, when he can’t even rein in his own Props Department?

    Did he learn nothing from the Possum Seal?

    Folks, this guy is nothing but a puppet in a theater. You know. I know it. The lurkers know it. Half of America knows it. The media knows it, but can’t admit it. They need a show, advertising dollars.

    Here we go. Enjoy.


  60. It looks like Arianna Huffinpuff might have had a hand in designing *the TEMPLE*
    AKA the Temple of doom for the DNC.

  61. I’m hoping the Trojan Pony pulls up, Hillary emerges and slays them all!


  62. Wolfson on Fox saying he won’t take lectures from Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews on how to be a good Democrat.

  63. Carol, ROFL

  64. dg,

    Yes, I have been tracking Hurricane Gustav myself. I think that the projected path (or the cone of error) still includes part of the Florida Keys and the western panhandle of Florida. I hope that if it must hit, that it gets reduced to a tropical storm. Unfortunately, the waters in the gulf a very warm and will cause an increase in strength. I think it was projected to be 3 by the time it makes landfall. I will pray for all those in its path and hope for the best. If you live in that area please be prepared with food and water for at least 3 days if you plan on staying. From personal experience even in the best case scenarios it will take this long for help to arrive.

  65. All your Greek god choices are just fine, but I vote for Madamab and Hubris, just so like the Precious One.

    My vote does still count here, doesn’t it?

  66. You are all cracking me up! julies – thanks for Stonehenge! I love Spinal Tap!

    Let’s all send good thoughts towards Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. 😦

    Silverlakemom – Oh, Arianna, in her traditional camisole-as-shirt? No wonder. Talk about tacky…

  67. Good for Wolfson.

  68. Tom please explain how your candidate will *change* “this country for the better”.
    And two questions; Why is Obama struggling in the polls? Does get assigned any “blame”?

  69. DG – Good for Howard Wolfson!

    The PUMA claws are coming out. The Hillary camp has decided she’s done enough for Obama. They are being strengthened by our love and support!

    PofE – Hee! Thanks for your vote! Don’t worry, I won’t give it to Obama. 😉

  70. dg: You go, Wolfson! It’s not as if there’s anything to be gained by sucking up to The Frat Boys.

  71. Good on ya, Wolfson.

    As for this “Greek Tragedy” – the jokes keep writing themselves, don’t they? Good grief.

  72. I read an interesting article in the UK Guardian last month on BO’s graphics and corporate identity.

    Obama is, of course, an unprecedented figure in American politics for a number of reasons. Not least, because he is the first presidential candidate to have been promoted in the same way as a trans-media, upmarket consumer brand. The people behind Obama’s corporate identity have crafted a meticulous visual strategy that has been seamlessly deployed across an enormous diversity of platforms – from lapel pins to social networking websites, billboards to podcasts, where Obama’s publicity has maintained an unrivalled aesthetic cohesion. It’s a feat any creative director would be proud of./

    Of course it’s all going a little sour now, but the only strategy they seem to be changing now, is that from Messiah to doing “standard old Democratic things with the economy” UK Guardian Aug27: http://tinyurl.com/6hvjt8

  73. NO CLASS!!!!!

    O = 0

  74. It’s Barack Obama’s Grand Temple of Personal Magnificence!

    Will there be a vomitorium?

  75. Caption:
    I can do that! In fact i can pay people to do that! Now, who has my lightning bolts?

  76. Tom Williams, on August 27th, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    Can I suggest something:smile: Would you please go to Chicago and check out Obama’s old neighborhoods or the cities where he worked as a community organiser? After that please talk to his constituents whom he neglected and ask them how it felt to live with out heat in winter? Then go find the family of the man that died because Michelle Obama’s hospital couldn’t treat him. You see, they send the poor people to “local health centres”.
    When you are done then ask Obama why he voted present on teaching children respects for others in school? After, ask him why he doesn’t believe in Universal health care? While you are doing that ask him what his true stances are on issues such as Nafta, public financing, abortion etc.

  77. Tom; I asked you first. You didn’t come here to insult us did you?

  78. Tom Williams – Hillary would have been elected, because she does not have terrorists as friends and America-haters as preachers.

    After that, she would have established Universal Health Care, brought the troops home from Iraq AND Afghanistan, fixed the economy, created millions of jobs, and put a bold energy independence plan into place.

    Obama would do none of these things, even if he were elected, which he won’t be.


  79. Dear Katiebird -you couldn’t post a link on how to do links-please???

  80. Lord, Tom! How much time do you have?

  81. If Hillary “lost”, why are Obama’s surrogates, in collusion with the DNC, so desperate to blunt HRC’s delegates in a fair and TRANSPARENT floor vote?

  82. More PUMA updates on No Quarter

  83. Hi everyone!

    I found a video of everyone watching Hillary’s speech together at PUMA HQ in Denver. Here’s the Youtube link: http://tinyurl.com/6r2rsk

  84. My peeps at Black Agenda Report are anticipating the upcoming fraud:

    Denver 2008: Hope Is For The Weak

    The political conventions bill themselves as glittering spectacles of participatory democracy. But those days, if they ever existed, are long gone. Today’s political conventions are week-long staged-for-TV marketing spectacles, in which the permanent party of corporations and wealthy individuals publicly crown their champions, frame the issues and present the package to voters.

    True to the core marketing principal of avoiding fact-based arguments and comparisons, striving instead to establish powerful, reason-proof emotional connections to their brands, convention planners often choose their dates to coincide with “historical” themes. Thus the 2004 Republican convention was held in New York City on the anniversary of 9-11, to facilitate the kind of fearmongering warlike campaign in which Republicans excel. And this year’s Democratic extravaganza is scheduled to conclude with the acceptance speech of Senator Obama at Mile High Stadium on the 45th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington and King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, a tenuous connection which we confidently predict will be recycled and stressed endlessly.

    No less an historical authority than Oprah Winfrey herself has declared Obama’s career to be “the fulfillment of Dr. King’s Dream”, as if the 20th century Freedom Movement was exclusively about overcoming prejudice without challenging America’s empire overseas or her inequalities at home. As usual, Oprah has the establishment message dead-on. For more than forty years, the media have taught and sold an eviscerated history of the Freedom Movement which they have branded as “Dr. King’s Dream.” According to the authorities, “Dr. King’s Dream” was about individual worth, about judging people by “the content of their character” and affording an equal opportunity for all to rise.

    Spot on.

  85. Reality strikes. Chris Bowers at Open Left is befuddled:

    I am feeling really frustrated today. I am sensing that something is wrong with this convention, and that there will be no bounce. I don’t know exactly what we need to do to get a bounce, but I do know that we haven’t done it yet.

  86. It’s Barack Obama’s Grand Temple of Personal Magnificence!

    Will there be a vomitorium?

    Kinda redundant, no?

  87. Tom,

    We aren’t here to educate you or explain ourselves to you. The purpose of this blog is to support Hillary Clinton and to oppose Barack Obama. If you want to know our reasons, read the archives. Other than that, we have nothing to offer you. Good luck electing Obama. Better get to work. He’s slipping disastrously in the polls.

  88. Jmac: LOL!

    Um, nominate Hillary?

  89. Tom;I know where you can get a new toga,cheap,in case the one you’v’e been wearing all year to your frat parties is stained.

  90. Here’s a Youtube video of everyone watching Hillary’s speech last night at PUMA HQ in Denver: http://tinyurl.com/6r2rsk

  91. Where’s John Belushi when you need him? TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

  92. If they are so sure of winning, why come here and bother us at all? Let us sit in the corner clutching our blankies and sucking our thumbs. Who cares? We are not bothering anybody yet they come crashing through the door, all pumped up with Righteous Indignation written all over their posts hoping to what….change our minds, embarrass us, get us to the light?

    Go away pests. No one here expects to be lectured on what “we should do”. We already came to that decision awhile back. And if you cannot live with that tough. Now go beat your gums elsewhere because we do not owe you or anybody else an explanation or a response. Figure it out for yourselves.

  93. hmmmmm……..



    Laurie, on August 27th, 2008 at 2:15 pm Said:

    I read an interesting article in the UK Guardian last month on BO’s graphics and corporate identity.

    Obama is, of course, an unprecedented figure in American politics for a number of reasons. Not least, because he is the first presidential candidate to have been promoted in the same way as a trans-media, upmarket consumer brand. The people behind Obama’s corporate identity have crafted a meticulous visual strategy that has been seamlessly deployed across an enormous diversity of platforms – from lapel pins to social networking websites, billboards to podcasts, where Obama’s publicity has maintained an unrivalled aesthetic cohesion. It’s a feat any creative director would be proud of./

    Of course it’s all going a little sour now, but the only strategy they seem to be changing now, is that from Messiah to doing “standard old Democratic things with the economy” UK Guardian Aug27: http://tinyurl.com/6hvjt8

  94. The Dem elites have been trying to destroy Bill and Hillary for 20 years. The first was making him read that horrible speech at the Dukakis convention. That nearly killed his national political aspirations. Twenty years of planning and the jackasses pick an un-vetted political hack from Chicago with a flaming case of NPD. This whole farce couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

    Nov 6, 2008, begins the day to re-take the Party from these petty morons.

  95. I love that video! It’s like a Purim schpiel where everyone boos to drown out the name of Haman!

  96. Oops, sorry for the double post, I didn’t think the first one went through.

    Also, here is a link to Elizabeth Joyce of Hire Heels/Just Say No Deal on Larry King:

    She must have been very effective on Larry King, because the troll attacks on my blog late last night all mentioned the Larry King interview in their rants.

  97. I sit here today full of pride for Senator Clinton I am in awe of her brave ethical speech, it was just excellent. That she did not pander and wax on that Obama had either personal or career qualities he dose not, was honorable and she has earned my gratitude and earned her my life long admiration if she runs in 12 she will have my money and support.

    Voting for Obama is a non starter however, I prefer divided governance for 4 years then 4 more years of Governance by a weak educated by slow president who would be co enable by a his political party’s majority all hailing from fringe political sects in the wings.

  98. Remember that ad during the Olympics where a young discus thrower’s toss is carried away by a much stronger wind and destroys a Greek temple?

    Smile. It’s Mount Obamalympus.

  99. This man is shameless. I’m surprised he didn’t choose to do a rally in Munich reminiscent of a megalomaniac from another era.

  100. Hillary Clinton exhibited that old saying: Never let them see you sweat. She spit in the eyes of her betrayers and walked off a winner. Those who contributed to her “defeat” can never claim that victory. We know who they are and in the end their power and quest for such will not go unrewarded. My boots are made for walking and walking I will do on election day to cast “nay” to this regime.

  101. Please, everyone call for those folks in NJ!!!!

    Call Corzine:

    (609) 777-2500

    Here is the link and phone number for the NJ Democratic Committee.


    Also call them at:

  102. The brilliant bloggers at HillBuzz have some hilarious posts on the silliness of the greek temple of Obama. If you need a laugh today- I point you in their direction.

  103. this stage setting is shockingly illustrative of the facade of this candidacy. all hillary would have needed was a podium and a mic. this is incredible.

  104. Wait, wait, I’m receiving a message from the Oracle at Delphi:

    “Take heed. The man who cannot adequately represent his own nation must boost his stature, and thus will use as a backdrop that of any other nation he can find.”

    Are you guys getting these messages too?

  105. Magdalena I’m getting:

    “Take heed–please!–that toga looks much better with boobs in it and a with a white-haired, red-faced Trojan nearby.”

    I asked about Toonses and I got,”Take heed…who?”

  106. Never thought I would ever say it, but I kind of think I am going to miss Bush. This upcoming preview of coming events has me more than a little scared.

  107. MIchelle Obama is not a good politician. If she had enthusiastically applauded Hillary, that one simple act could have probably helped to warm some Clinton supporters to her. Instead, her ego prevented her from doing it. Never once did I see her crack a smile. She came across as I have continually percieved her, as a terribly ingracious person more interested in herself than winning.

  108. LMAO at the oracles!

  109. I just emailed every California superdelegate (including the Pelosis who are stil-amazingly-listed as undecided), asking that they recognize the true leader, show courage, and vote for Hillary in the roll call.

    I can’t say I feel better, but at least I will know I fought to the last to bring some sanity to this corrupt process.

    Oh, and about that bump they’re looking for? It’s easy, nominate an individual of Presidential stature and qualification. Nominate Hillary Clinton.

  110. Ave, Obama, morituri te salutamus!

    (coz I am about to die laughing at that temple)

    Oh, I heard Bowers speaking for the PUMAs on NPR! Awesome!!!

  111. My message from the Oracle: Athena’s comin’ and boy is she pissed!

  112. Pat J: Because there are no non-bad choices left. John McCain is a good man. I truly believe that and I trust that he willl use his best judgment to do what is right for this country. That’s far more than I can say for the other guy. He not only lacks judgment, I’m not sure he can spell it.

    That said, I would sleep better at night knowing we had Hillary. I trust her more than both of them.

    On another subject, how dare the entire NJ delegation agree to vote for Obama? Hillary won that state. That is f’ed up. It’s not even that there’s a fix that bothers me. It’s that they couldn’t even condescend to let her have one historic vote as she earned. Just one. That’s all I ask, in which ever delegate she won was allowed to vote her as their pick because that’s why the voters sent them here.

  113. Thx KB!!!!!!

  114. Caption: “I’ve got a hundred problems and that b*tch Is the BIGGEST.

    Why can’t she do more for me!

  115. FOX is reporting now (3pm et) about TX delegate who has collected 500 sigs to get HIllary nominated as VP.

    NO…. NO VP!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Hey, I just noticed the “hounds” reference. What were you saying, Eddy?

  117. The poster didn’t list a source for this article (another blog), but it looks like Wolfson just WENT OFF on MSNBC!

    On Fox News just now, Howard Wolfson unleashed a broad attack on MSNBC and its top on-air personalities, slamming the network’s coverage of Bill and Hillary, hitting back at Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann for using his work for Fox to question his Democratic credentials, and blasting MSNBC as having been “taken over” by “antics.”

    The broadside from Wolfson, who has until now refrained from publicly critiquing MSNBC despite months of deep unhappiness within Hillaryland about the network’s coverage of her, is a declaration of open war against MSNBC and two of its most visible political commentators that likely will only escalate from here.

    “I’m not gonna take any lectures on how to be a good Democrat from two people who spent the last two years relentlessly attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton everyday,” Wolfson said on the air moments ago, when asked by the Fox anchor to respond to some criticism of Wolfson on MSNBC yesterday.

    Wolfson’s decision to unload on MSNBC was triggered by some particularly barbed comments about Wolfson from Olbermann and Matthews yesterday. Matthews slammed Wolfson as Fox’s “little toy soldier,” while Olbermann joked that Wolfson is Fox’s “Tokyo Rose.”

    “I think it’s unfortunate that a news organization with a great tradition like NBC has been taken over by those kind of antics,” Wolfson said.

    Shortly afterward, he added, “Nobody has spent more time over the last two years attacking Democrats than Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, and I’m just not going to get lectured on how to be a good Democrat from them.”

    In a brief interview with me, Wolfson said he decided he couldn’t let such comments go unanswered anymore.

    “I’ve let previous comments like this pass,” Wolfson said, “and I wasn’t gonna stand for it anymore. I’ve spent my entire adult life working for Democratic causes and candidates and I’m not gonna have my credentials challenged.”

    As I reported some months ago, Wolfson was one of several top Hillary advisers who privately complained to MSNBC brass about the on-air treatment of Hillary, but unlike some other top Hillary supporters didn’t make his gripes with the network publicly known. No longer.

    Fox News has been publicly feuding with MSNBC, and in a topsy-turvy twist, Wolfson, a lifelong and loyal Democrat, has now lobbed a heavy bomb — from Fox’s side, though it was on his own behalf.

  118. Hey, an Maryland Delegate’s story at Alegre’s.

  119. Caption: Why do I have to use a tela-prompter and SHE doesn’t?

  120. actually, the toga looks best on Helen Mirren.

  121. SarahF, OMG, YESssssss. How sexy is that woman? Gah!

  122. Mawm – Michelle Obama hates Hillary. Her brother also said some insulting comments about Hillary. How can these people hate her after she fundraised for her husband in 2004. Hillary raised 2 million for Obama. Poor Hillary, she helps people but they all backstab her. Obama and Axelrod shouldn’t have played the race card against her after what she did for both of them. Obama should have apologized for what his pastors said about Hillary.

  123. caption to Barry photo:

    Who hid my golf bag?

  124. I wonder what Ms Mirren thinks about all this?

  125. Downticket, on August 27th, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    They hate Hillary because Hill is better and they know it. Hate is a complement in BO land .

  126. SarahF: She is no doubt flattered.

  127. I think she’s a PUMA

  128. I was just looking around and saw this:


    Nearly fell off my chair.

    (commenting from work)

  129. Can Hillary run as an Independant?

  130. One of the commenters at NOQuarter’s “breaking news” spoof:



    Associalist Press August 26, 2008

    Obama Campaign Cancels Invesco Field
    Moving entire production to Beijing’s Bird Nest Stadium.

    15000 Chinese Performers have been called back to re-imagine the Olympic opening Ceremony as an homage to Obama’s amazing Life story. The Obama campaign is in full on marathon mode at the moment trying to get it all done.

    Tenative Schedule of set pieces:

    The Liberation of Auschwitz – complete with Bungee Jumping Paratroopers featuring Uncle Frank Parachuting in at the finale of the piece, 200,000 Goose-stepping Germans, and lots of skinny people.

    The March on Selma – The Phillipines prisoners in their now famous orange Jumpsuits have been recruited to do their Thriller performance as they march around the stadium. Stand ins for Obama’s parents will do their portion of the march around the top of the stadium along the screens just like the torch lighting

    The Birth of a messiah – A manger set being flown in from Jeruselem will be digital enhanced with hay, a goat, and donkeys. Dean Pelosi and Brazille will be playing the part of the three wise men. Rezko who is being released for this special even only will play Mary and Ayers will play Joseph as Obama’s Political Godmother and Father. I gigantic “O” will appear at center stage from which a Unity Pony with Wings will leap forth at the climax of this set piece ridden by Emil Jones who will Yell out “I Made Me a President!”

    Arrival of the One – Matrix directors the Wachowski Brothers and James Cameron will create an all new set piece using the latest digital effects to recreate the epic battle of Neo vs Agent Smith on the Titanic. Agent smith will be played by a pantsuit wearing middle aged bitter woman. Neo will be played by will smith.

    the Speech – The stadium floor will fill with water prior to the beginning of the speec. Obama will rise atop a rock in the middle of the man made sea. then, More hopey dopey change you can believe in. At the moment of the speech when he says this is the moment the seas begin to slow their rize, a massive hydroelectric set peice will recreate the Charlton Heston parting of the red sea.

    The Ascension – A massive pyro technic light show culminating in a series of seemingly suspended in thin air steps will appear as Obama climbs them to a platform high above the stadium floor where he will fit himself to a harness lowered from an unseen helicopter hovering high above. Then he will ascend into the clouds as Barbra Striesand and Donna Summer in a show of racial harmony sing “Enough is Enough”

    anonymous Obama campaign official says they have contacted Michael Phelps to see if he would let Obama wear his 8 gold medals during his speech. SO far Phelps has not responded to the request.



  131. In honor of the “Greco-Roman” temple for Obama..Someone need to post clips from “I, Claudius”..Episode Nine..When Caligula awakes from a coma and realizes that he has become a god..and Episode Ten when Caligula brings his favorite race horse, Incatatus, into the Senate as a new Senator. The more ridicule the man and this farce..the better.

  132. Mambopurr: Problem is some states prevent the primary “loser” from running as an independent in the GE.

  133. GO LOOK AT THE PIC IN LESLIE’S LINK!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! OMG, I love that pic!

    Look at the shield. “Obama for Emperor, because America just sucks” LMAO!!!!

  134. Mawm: I love the way Sugar describes her: scoop mouth

  135. During Hillary’s speech Michelle Obama looked terrified. She is so very very invested in winning the power she craves. Hillary is an impediment to that. And a big one. She is the better candidate and if the Obamas really cared about the country, THEY would support Hillary who actually has a chance of beating McCain.
    And now….A GREEK TEMPLE????? What are they thinking???? Is there a choir? Will there be sacrificial virgins? Just a Greek Temple??? How disappointing! What about a procession with goats, with shephers boys, with donkeys, with Howard with Nancy, with Chris Matthews and whatsisname Kieth, with oh yeah definitely with Bill Mahr , with virgins scattering rose petals at HIS feet followed by one of those big boy bacchanals for the DNC with the wine and the women and the boys and and and…Oh well.

  136. They’ve put up the schedule for tonight. Bill is speaking at 9 pm eastern:


  137. FL Voter – thanks! Stay safe. I am in the mid-Atlantic far away from any hurricanes, so no worries here.. that is unless the remainder of it heads up over the Appalachians and my mom’s basement gets flooded again..

  138. FOX –

    The McCain campaign has just announced that all McCain aides in Denver will be leaving tonight or early tomorrow, they said they “will be following President Clinton’s lead and leave before the acceptance speech at Invesco Field.”

  139. Did anyone hear/see anything about Bill leaving Denver after his speech tonight? Thought I heard that on Fox.

  140. The only thing that could possibly make this stage more entertaining would be if he and Michelle come out in period costumes. Give us a George Washington and Betsy Ross fashion show.

    He could march out his cabinet: Ben Franklin, John Hancock, Abe Lincoln, Christopher Columbus. They could do a barbershop quartet performance, and Obama can dance along.

    He’s got the most juvenile handlers and advisers in history.

  141. Thanks Regency, you answered about the time I posted.

  142. You’re welcome, mate.

  143. Well I know the pundits will have something to say about that. Good thing I don’t have to listen! 😆

  144. Caption:

    “That’s what I want to do; give a speech without any notes.”

    OT, I rarely watch late night tv, but I caught David Letterman’s monologue last night. He talked about the film prior to Hillary’s speech and said the title of it was ‘ The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit.’

    Knowing how up to date you Conflucians are, this is probably old news already.

  145. Caption:
    [no words, just the sound of Obama sh!tting his pants.]

  146. This is embarrassing. I used to be proud to be a democrat, now I feel like the line in the movie “Carrie” – “They’re all gonna laugh at you.”

  147. That Greek temple is just tooooo Nuremberg rally
    for me. They were all about using that sort of image . Who is really pulling the strings? Certainly the strings DO NOT stop at the Nancy level or anywhere near.

  148. caption: Do you think we should sacrifice her for real?

  149. I was told earlier that Bill will not be there tomorrow night for Obambi’s speech.

  150. Prediction:

    Tonight, Biden will not cover himself in glory.

    okay that was an easy one, I know

  151. TheReal Kim; Me too,but for now we are proud PUMAS.

  152. Bill and Chelsea are leaving tonight.

  153. Hi all..I’m one of your “Quiet” puma’s, I don’t post a lot, but I send emails to media, delegates, etc etc

    Anyway I sent the Media Matters “Hillary Clinton speaks at convention. The press concocts a story”
    by Eric Boehlert (which is right on!) to Lou Dobbs and Lou emailed me back and wants to discuss it on his radio show..I don’t get off of work until 4, if anyone wants to call in before me, feel free! His number is 1-877-553-6227. Here’s the link to the article http://mediamatters.org/columns/200808260005

    This is the email I sent to him:

    You are one of the few real journalists left, I believe. Could you please read this and
    comment on your show(s)?

    After you read it, think about “fair is fair” and whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, 18,000,000 people
    voted for her…and this is the way the mainstream media treats her? With no respect or truth at all!
    Why can’t they tell the truth, and let the people decide for themselves? Then, if they don’t like her, or don’t want
    to vote for her, that’s ok. But how can we have a democracy if the media does not report the truth?

    Thank you for your show, my husband and I enjoy it a lot.
    Lou said:
    Thanks for your email. You make a great point, and we’d like to bring it up on the air during the show. So please give us a call at 1-877-553-6227 between 3 PM and 5 PM (Eastern Time) and let’s talk about it.

    Most of all, thanks for listening, and for being part of the Independent Nation.

    All the best,

    Lou Dobbs and the staff of The Lou Dobbs Show

    I think this is really important that SOMEONE out there in the media world bring this to the world’s attention. We’ve been trying for months, we have to keep trying, because it’s not just us, not just Hillary, but Democracy itself that’s at stake.

  154. Annetoo: Prediction: he will still be talking on halloween.

  155. Last night ABC panel mentioned that President Clinton would not be attending BO’s “coronation”. The consesus, among the panel — which included Diane Sawyer, Charles Gibson and George S. — was that the ‘powers that be’ were, perhaps, concerned that his presence might upstage the Obama’s (you know, the prom king).

  156. Who is really pulling the strings?
    I think it’s Big Business.
    (Maybe including Diebold — which would explain why O’s so confident he doesn’t need our silly little girly votes.)

  157. LizfromFL

    Brava! Congratulations. You are a power of example to me.


  158. Would someone call Lou right now please. I think it’s time to talk about the Convention again.,


    I know we’re all tired, but let’s not give in. Someone needs to talk about what a crock this was.

  159. UPDATE: I put up the Spinal Tap “Stonehenge” link

    THANKS to those who provided it!

  160. so…what would have been wrong with using a regular, normal stage??

    My head hurts so bad I can’t even drink. Damn.

  161. Today’s headline in the UK’s Telegraph:

    Is Barack Obama in danger of appearing arrogant?

    Message to The Telegraph: That ship has sailed.

  162. TWO new posts.

  163. catarina: A normal stage? Surely you josh! This is The One We Have All Been Waiting For here, and you honestly expect him to appear on a normal stage? Where has your head been all these months? This is The One! Nothing normal here.

  164. Message: He is arrogant, no doubt about it.

  165. edwardian: Yes, but who gets to play the part of the Honored ASS that the Holy Family rides in on?

  166. Not worried about the petition to make Hillary VP, she’s too honorable to do that to Biden. I empathize with the poor TX delegate trying to salvage something from this Democratic Debacle, though.

  167. Pat

    please drink for me.

    Are they going to trot him out in a f-ing figleaf too?

  168. All he needs is for a few late night comedians and Jon Stewart to start trashing this event and it is definitely over with the 20 somethings. If there is one thing I am certain with that age group, and I have had four of them to practice on, they do not like to be made fun of. Irony does not usually bite them until much later after they have had a taste of life.

  169. I’m pissed. There will NOT be a nominating vote thus sets precedent and the stealing of Democracy. We worked hard and she won but is kicked out. We’ve donated tons of money and hours. We’ve endured sleepless nights only to find out this has been rigged since 2004 that Obama be the candidate. No No No.
    Our votes didn’t count! I am pissed.

    All Pumas need to follow the Clinton crowd and leave the convention Thursday morning if not sooner.
    Having Obama vote theives collect the delegate votes outside their hotel room is a set up to steal the election by Obama camp.

    Hell no. I won’t vote for a scammer. FU OBAMMA! FU DNC! OBAMMA the SCAMMA.

    The hateful MEchelle has “sense of entitlement” written all over her forehead. Yeah, what a model for AA’s….right. The Obamas and their church along with all they stand for is all about Hatred. They murder, lie, cheat and steal to get their way. STOP THEM!

  170. parentofed: The choices are infinite but my money is on my latest idiot par excellance, Jesse Jackson, Jr.

  171. catarina: Hidden under his flowing robes.

  172. Pat: A most excellent prediction. Hope he can stop crying long enough to work it.

  173. parentofed: I nominate Spike Lee to occupy the back end of the honorable ASS.Has anyone heard his latest statement about how our country’s history will be marked by BO and AO: before and after Obama?
    Quick get thee to a vomitorium.

  174. CAPTION: “Hey Michelle, come on the State of the Union address is starting.”

  175. Greek Temple??

    I assume since he thinks he is now the reincarnation of Pericles, someone will be kind enough to ensure he has an Athenian laurel-leaf crown to don upon his undeserving head.

    Where’s the hemlock when you really need it???

  176. WHERE IS EVERYBODY????!!!!!!!!

  177. The Republicans have already labeled it “Obama’s Temple of Doom”.

    John McCain’s campaign doesn’t even have to TRY to write this stuff. Obama gives it to them on a marble pedestal.

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