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NO WE WON’T: Don’t hold back

Sheri left Denver this morning and can’t host NO WE WON’T tonight so I’m subbing for her.  We will be talking to Brad Mays and what he’s caught on video and we’ll try to touch base with John West and Michelle Thomas about what went on behind the scenes with the delegates.  Call in and tell us what you’re thinking about Nancy Pelosi, faithless delegates, Superdelegates who were derelict in their duty and whether you intend to jump on the Obama Love Train. That’s NO WE WON’T at 9:00PM EST, 7:00PM MT.

53 Responses

  1. I’ll have to listen to the archive of this. Bill Clinton is giving his speech at the same time. Here’s hoping that the Big Dog “slips up.”

    I know I’d be tempted to…

  2. From “Hail to the Chief” to “Hail to the (Caucus) Thief.”

  3. I will try to call in, RD! I’m excited that you’ll be hosting. I know you will have a lot to say.


  4. So what happened today? I couldn’t bear to watch the roll call. CNN says Obama has the nomination, but I couldn’t read the story.

  5. I don’t want the Big Dawg to “slip up”. Let the DNC and Obama go down and leave the Clintons out of it.

    Some very astute person observed that Hillary Clinton suspended the roll call before she voted with her delegation from NY. Hillary Clinton therefore did not vote for Barack Obama. Small justice where we can get it.

  6. Time for dinner – see you all later!

  7. florence, it was a travesty. Delegates voted the way Pelosi told them to, NOT as representatives of their voters back home.

  8. I just watched Hillary move to nominate Obama. She was smiling, and it was genuine. She has moved on.

    I don’t know how to feel anymore. Maybe she’s right.

  9. Linda C.–

    Yeah, I know if Bill Clinton said what was really on his mind, they’d finish off the crucifixion of him and his wife. I just wish that someone would – or could – give the DNC the very public tongue-lashing it so richly deserves right now.

  10. from cnbc: Sources tell me that the two finalists for Mac’s veep are Tim Pawlenty and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Obviously, with the Hillary women’s revolt on the floor of the DNC and outside, McCain has a great opportunity if he nominates a woman.

  11. Kali – did you know that goddess castrates men and wears a necklace of their testicles?

  12. what does move on mean?

    of course it’s time to move on, it’s time to get a good nights sleep, regroup, and move on to the next phase of this movement.

  13. RD: Bill Clinton will be speaking at that time – hopefully he’ll come on time and then I’ll listen in on the show.

  14. I’ve watched too many election betrayals this decade to just move on as if they never happened. If we don’t challenge the status quo, whatever it may be, then it will remain. These undemocratic elections must stop. This is becoming the government we were warned about when “good men do nothing”.

    At the beginning of the 2008 primaries who thought we would be choosing between the Republican party that gave us George W. Bush and the Democratic party who gave us a Bush clone.

  15. mesofree, you are absolutely right. We’ve got a lot to do.

  16. As Harry Truman said: “If you want a friend in politics, get a dog!”

  17. From BTD over at Talkleft –

    Last night Rachel Maddow said that Obama is a rejection of Clintonism. And I wondered, if that is so, then isn’t that an argument for Clinton supporters to NOT vote for Obama? To not get over it? After all, if that were true, then the PUMAs would have a point, wouldn’t they?

    That about covers it. Thanks for making is so easy not to vote for Obama Rachel.

  18. I’ve met a lot of core people with PUMA. I can tell you NONE of them are republicans.

    You still get your info from MSNBC? You haven’t heard?

  19. vae–Are you 12? There are no Republican PUMAs. Never have been. You can now go back under the rock you just crawled out from under.

  20. I’m in the core of PUMA and the closest I’ve ever been to “Republicanism” is the state I live in (FL) and my obnoxious brother.

    I can’t vote for a Republican – but I DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT VOTE for Obama. EVER.

  21. Obama is a rejection of Clintonism

    Yeah, thanks for making it easy, Rachel.

    I am loyal to the Clintons because I know that they — of all politicians — are loyal to people like me.

  22. lisa,

    I’ve also met a lot of Obama people on the streets of Denver this week and I can tell you not even the Republicans ever treated me so badly.

    They told us to our faces they don’t need us, called us bitter bitches, told us to shut up and drop dead, get lost, you name it. One said “Hillary supporters should be raped with jackhammers”

    They want the Clintons and Clinton supporters out of the party. I do not feel welcome in the party my family and I have been in for over 70 years.

    At the moment it’s either fight for the party, form a new one, or join the Republicans.

    We will remember in November.

  23. It’s really funny these trolls keep calling us republicans after the guy who nominated Obama today proudly did so as a LIFE-LONG REPUBLICAN. It’s a good thing, cause he’s gonna need all the republicans he can get.

  24. mcclaud, Thank you, you offer yet another reason to ignore the smarter, more enlightened grown up folks.

  25. If they actually read the threads, it would be clear to them that NOBODY here is lead around by the nose or anything else. That’s why we don’t fall into line and goose step with the Omites.

    Really, some of these BO people are nuts and it portends what sort of administration he would have that the BO campaign doesn’t reign them in. Anybody who makes these sorts of threatening remarks will never get a security clearance. But then BO doesn’t actually qualify for a security clearance either. How stupid IS the DNC?

  26. mccloud
    eat sh** and bark at the moon!!!!!

  27. vae: I can assure you that the vast majority of PUMAs are Democrats. Some of us are unaffiliated (now) and there are very few Republicans. There is nothing PUMAs want more than a Democrat in the WH but not if the price is this high.
    Now, it is absolutely true that some PUMAs will be working with Republicans after this convention. I will not be one of them. But I have seen the plans that the Democrats who are involved have made and if I were Barack Obama, I would start exercising because he is going to be run ragged when they’re through with him.

  28. They can call us anything they want. They can insult us all that they want. Little McGovernites, but they are too young and too stupid to understand the implications. The more they become the “sore winners”..The more pathetic they look.

    Obama needs to get out there and get the votes. Obama needs to be the man he imagines himself to be. Seen little proof of it.

    Biden needs to cover the manchild saying the”more he has gotten to know Obama”..the more he realizes that he has a “spine of steel”. If Obama has a spine of steel he would have debated Senator Clinton again. He would have talked to the voters of KY and WV. Instead he ran away to contrived adoring Europeans. This is when Obama became lost to me.

    What the Obama pods fail to realize is that the problem is not Senator Clinton. The problem is Obama. Obama has not demonstrated that he has the spine necessary to become POTUS. The DNC, Pelosi, Biden and Clinton can tell me anything they want about Obama. I need to see it from Obama and I haven’t.

  29. mccloud: In you whole life, what have you accomplished. We’re here because this is our community. You’re here because, well,, because… I don’t know. Why the heck are you here? No life? And we should take your advice, why?

  30. I think mcclaud mistakenly believes the stereotype that Hillary supporters are all alike. I am a centrist, though I have supported the Dems in almost every election for over 30 years. There are a lot of things that I like about McCain. Apparently, Kerry and the 2004 DNC liked him too since there was plenty of talk in 2004 about a Kerry/McCain ticket. Gee, mcclaud, sounds like you’re bitter or something.

  31. November 5th Headline:

    Clinton Loyalists Deny Obama the White House

  32. I will never sleep again knowing that 1/2 the internet makes fun of me, (sniff!)

  33. GAgal, on August 27th, 2008 at 8:15 pm Said:
    It’s really funny these trolls keep calling us republicans after the guy who nominated Obama today proudly did so as a LIFE-LONG REPUBLICAN. It’s a good thing, cause he’s gonna need all the republicans he can get.

    The irony is obviously lost on them. Not the sharpest tools in the shed – much like their “dear leader”.

  34. If I called in they would have to bleep out every other word. I’m too angry to be civil.

    Mountain Sage

  35. mcclaud you idiot,

    The caucus were corrupted by busloads of thugs from out of state, who intimidated our elderly relatives and commited voter fraud.

    The RBC of the DNC broke not one, but two of the party rules to allocate delegates to someone who took their name off the ballot.

    The delegates who were to represent the will of millions of voters at the convention were strongarmed and threatened to change their votes today.
    Hillary did what she did so she could leave this whole sham behind.

    If you or anyone else thinks we’re are going to pretend it didn’t happen and vote for this Chicago criminal, you don’t know the meaning of the word democracy.

  36. mcclaud what you are really saying is you are a big fat liar and obama troll through these threads we have listed our greivances sometimes with the same eloquence as the writers of the great document!

    So be honest you were the guy who invented date rape right? get back to Yes to Democracy or Obama for america….

    I am about to have a nother cathartic moment…her it comes….


    FEEL SOmuch better…fuzzybeargville

  37. mcclaud – Thanks for stopping by and sharing your worldly wisdom with us. We must not have our political view of what is happening to our democracy because dignified grown-ups like yourself will call us names like “stubborn” and “childish.” Thank you for your concern that we “will sink so low” to “another level of insincerity and dubious behavior” if we “don’t get our way.” Judas’s is a nice touch, but “Comedians make fun of you”? Oh, damn and blast, not the comedians, too? Even, “More than half the Internet makes fun of you.” Good lord, more than half of the internet is porn. But you self-appointed guardians of our thoughts have to keep stopping by to either tell us that a) we don’t matter, or b) we’re responsible for the dismal state of the Democratic Party. You are very paternal, entitled and condescending to a small group who refuse to march in step. On this day, at this time, you would hope that people would not need to come here and piss in the cornflakes, but alas.

  38. I join fuzzy in his moment of catharsis.

  39. attention obama-bots the action is at JohnMcCain.com! Repeat the action is at JohnMcCain.com! millions of Clintonistas have overwelmed the site that there is realdanger that their server may go down…New data shows 50% or more of Hillary’s supporters are not going to support Obama!

    All Obama supporters must report to where action is at JohnMcCain.com-you must engage the republican ther on their home turf before they steal 18 million misguided Clintonistas!


  40. Ok guys, thanks everyone’s it’s been fun lurking on here for a little while.

    I truly sincerely hope all of you follow through will vote for McCain. Honestly.

    I want each of you to taste the vomit in your mouths as you press that button in November.

    Mmmm, delicious.

    And Obama will win anyway.

  41. Funny you should say that, fuzzybear. I’ve clicked on McCain’s site a few times this evening just to bump up their number of hits. Can’t quite bring myself to donate or sign up, but there’s time for that.

  42. yeah Alan—we already know about the overseas registrations and the Chicago machine. Obama’s gonna get more votes than there are American citizens!

  43. Fuzzy, you’re evil! Love it!

  44. Clintonism, let’s see, that would be named after Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton, the only Democrat to win the presidency in 28 years.

    And he will still be the only one after November…

    Mustn’t have any of that winning elections stuff. What were we thinking.

  45. Alan — you’re funny — you think vomit tastes delish? Yeah, vomit in the mouths of those “Dems” who vote Obama in November.

    So, has he bought out Diebold already?

    I may not even be a downticket Dem after this. Spineless, 95% of them.

  46. Check out:
    Philip Berg, Esq,the Attorney that filed the Lawsuit about Obama’s NON-citizenship….

    This guy Philip is serious…he wants to nail Obombination!!

    NoBAMA!!! Ever!!!

  47. Please-no Kay Bailey Hutchinson for McCain’s VP. She is not very intelligent, no personality. He needs a younger man with plenty of saavy. I will be voting for McCain in Nov, but am a avid, disappointed Hillary fan.

  48. as a lifelong democrat I am sickened at my party. it has left me. Count me as another disappointed Hillary fan who will be voting against the Democrat party for once ever and for John McCane a real American heroe.

  49. The Democratic Party has returned to its origins-big city entrenched machine politics.
    How I was fooled for so long, I don’t know.

  50. Goodbye to your abortion rights then.

  51. That dog don’t hunt, Vae. We’ve been scared by that for so long it’s not scary anymore. And after all, all us old, bitter, dried up, husks of post-menopausal women have NO USE for abortion rights.

    Of course we could look at it rationally, let’s see, an anti-abortion sermon to open the Democratic Convention, several anti-abortion speakers, a candidate who thinks women should consult 5 or 6 different entities before deciding what to do with her body, and believes that abortions are a decision made under mental duress… Tell me again how my abortion rights are safe with Oblahma as president?

    I think they are less safe, because with a Democratic President as devious and evil as he is, and a Democratic congress, who knows what shit they’ll get up to. Maybe FISA is just the beginning. At least with McCain the Dems will have to fight, just to pretend they are the opposition party.

  52. “And after all, all us old, bitter, dried up, husks of post-menopausal women have NO USE for abortion rights.”

    You’re also not a child, so you don’t have any use for policies on school reforms, using the same logic.

    I’ll not go into whether Obama is ‘devious’ or ‘evil’ enough to touch abortion rights, since that’s a personal estimate of another human being. But you’d rationally know that the abortion rights would stay in place based solely on the candidates’ need to keep their support base. You can argue some decent points against Obama, but the idea that abortion right should be less safe or even unsafe under him – like you say, that dog don’t hunt.

  53. You will remember in November? We will remember long after that.

    Vote for who you want but you better hope McCain wins because if Obama wins you traitors are so f*****d! “Raped with Jackhammers” is a good metaphor for what you are going to get if your horse loses this race.

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