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Hillary’s Convention Speech: Keep Going!

What a speech! Many tears were shed, as we were again touched by the most Presidential, brilliant candidate of our lifetime. For us, “it’s been a privilege.” Here at Puma Headquarters for hours afterward: lots of happy partying — is there another kind? The mood was extremely upbeat and festive, and we are so proud of our true Democratic candidate.

Your determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles . . . you taught me so much.

To my supporters, to my champions, to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, because you never gave in, and you never gave up. Together we made history. . . .

And even in the darkest moments, that is what Americans have done: we have found the faith to keep going. . . .

My mother was born before women could vote, my daughter got to vote for her mother for President. This is the story of America, of women and men who defy the odds and never give up.

So how do we give this country back to them? By following the example of a brave New Yorker, a woman who risked her lives to bring slaves to freedom along the underground railroad.

On that path to freedom, Harriet Tubman had one piece of advice:

‘If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If they’re shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop, keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.’

And even in the darkest moments. That is what Americans have done. We have found the faith to keep going.

We do not yet know the results of the floor vote petition. Word is that the ballots went out to the delegations on Tuesday night. In the face of enormous odds, from our hearts, we can do no less. We keep going.

Keep Going (click to play)

[by Pearl Harbor and The Explosions]

[cross-posted from Lady Boomer NYC]

73 Responses

  1. It was a great speech. She showed what she is made of.

    I, however, will still vote NObama in NOvember.

    Hillary in 2012!

  2. I am committed to see this through-Hillary you won my heart you engage my mind but my vote you do not own.


  3. I shall keep going…my own way.Every time she said “B0” it became a little easier for me to vote McCain. But it was a great speech.
    meanwhile, Michelle came up with an idea to kick out the unwashed from HER emergency room:

  4. So it was all a lie about having a roll call vote. Obama lied. he changed everything at the last minute

  5. I couldn’t watch it after seeing Michelle gloating at the beginning. So thanks for posting – I can fast-forward through the icky parts.

    Meanwhile, did you see this?


    NOBama 08
    Biden can’t fix stupid

  6. The speech was phenomenal. Anne Price Mills (I think), the delegate interviewed on CNN afterward, was the voice for Hillary’s supporters and she said it best “That speech was presidential. You saw it!”

    When Hillary thanked the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit, it felt like she was talking to us, and I was shocked, but not surprised, to get here later and find that this was the title to one of RD’s posts.

    We have to stay in a positive frame of mind today.

    If you feel like you are “fighting Hillary’s defeat” more than you are “pulling for Hillary to win”—stop the fighting by allowing yourself to face your biggest internal fears, immersing yourself in the feeling they give you and then letting go.

    You will find that your mind gets bored there very quickly and it just “keeps going” to something more interesting and more fun—namely embracing the celebration of a Hillary Clinton victory and the beauty and prosperity of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

  7. Hillary said .. ” we cant afford four more years of failure ” That is what i see happening if bo is elected. Therefore i will happily take her advice and vote my conscience , and that will never be bo.
    It was obvious to Anne Price Mills and millions of viewers who should have been the candidate. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON !!

  8. Swanspirit—it’s not over yet. Don’t put an “X” on it yet. We’ve got a few more hours. I suggest spending that time enjoying what it would feel like to have Hillary win the roll call vote and be declared the Democratic Candidate.

    You’ll have plenty of time to assess or reassess what to do once this day is over….

  9. Hillary, I love you. – But —–


  10. Excellent speech and what I am left with is what a bad choice by the Democratic Party and as an organization they have lost any creditable standing in my eyes for robbing me of the opportunity to vote for a candidate of Clinton’s quality. I will not vote for Obama. McCain I want to see his VP pick again, I’m moving on.

  11. what edge downticket swanspirit – said morning all! and I still cannot watch the speech-

    We have work to do -and remember the pheonix builds itself a pyre and burst into flames then from its own ashes rises anew – reborn and takes to flight!

    Today I see 18,000,000 reborn and renewed taking flight-into the unknown but with a clear idea of what needs top be done!

    there shall be no Obama in November and “those people” will only have themselves to blame.

    I am done with being the victim and being the blamed.


  12. Stateofdisbelief—I know!

    She is brilliant and has the kind of family that everyone wants and so few are able to enjoy, and yet she can understand and connect with everybody, if they are open to her. She is brilliant and fundamentally kind.

  13. It was a great speech and every time she mentioned BO I cringed. The speech was even persuasive if you didn’t know that much about Obama. But, I am not pursuaded. In this case just being Democrat is not enough. Sorry Hillary, but I can’t support him.

    Further, I believe women all over this country and facing more sexism on the job because of Obama. I am seeing it and I’ve heard others speak of it. I wonder if Hillary is aware that by electing him we condone the blatant sexist behavior of the last 8 months. We must defeat Obama.

  14. Sorry trolls out there the Obama’s nor their legions from hell will never be the new face of the democratic party.

    We number in the millions and all we have to do is refuse to cooperate and your candidate goes down!

    We will refuse to cooperate-

    Remember we must be like the mahatma-who I will again paraphrase-

    “there is no way a few hundred members of the DNC can gain control of millions of Hillacrats who refuse to cooperate.-passive resistance alone will bering the house of cards the DNC and Obama for America down!

    I must go to work now-love to you all-Peace


  15. Of course——-MSNBC———Morning JOE——– —-speech…..Just so, so.

  16. Well, I will think and talk about what to do, once the Democratic candidate is declared in the legal and final way.

    Until that time, I am off to meditate and pray and send positive energy to the delegates, as that is all that I can do to help Hillary get elected, since I did not go to Denver.

  17. Fantastic speech, Fantastic candidate, fantastic woman, Fantastic human being, but I still will not vote for an inferior candidate just because she asks me to do so.


  18. Joe S. and Pat B. say Hillary has started a movement, her people love her.

  19. If Hillary does not get a real roll call vote, the Hillary delegation needs to walk out of the convention in mass as protest at the time of the ‘acclamation’. Simple as that and certainly more respectful (and obvious) than booing. That act would not be able to be ignored by the media

  20. Pat Buchanan: “She endorsed him wholeheartedly, she did not embrace him. She is the leader of that movement.”

  21. Hillary’s speech was about America, and I’m glad I watched it. (Did anyone else read Bill’s lips during the speech? To me it looked like he was telling Hillary that he loved her forever and ever.) I woke up this morning with the hope that today is a new day for America and that Democrats will do the right thing and nominate Hillary.

  22. Mika = Dowd = Noonan

    Sour, Bitter, Jealous, Loser


  23. My vote is going to McCain……I can take 4 years, and get our party back. Thats our real goal now, so this never happens again.

  24. Yes, sod, you are right. She has and always will have my respect and admiration. But I will never vote for him.

  25. I think I just heard CNN POLL : now 37% will not vote Obama.

    Not sure, Pretty Sure

  26. A Presidential speech by Senator Clinton. Such an intelligent
    leader in every way.
    She is 100 light years ahead of Obama….What are the Super
    delegates thinking about to confine Hillary to the waste bin.

    Voters should now get rid of Obama as quickly as possible in November, by making use of the Republicans.The result will justify
    the means–for the sake of your country and the future of America

    Good fortune, Senex, Ireland

  27. Pretty clear who should be the President after that speech. I believe the delegates all know this. Imagine the feelings of those who have demonized her throughout this campaign. Humble pie.

  28. Obama is planning to give his acceptance speech from a mockup of a Greek temple? And what were those temples used for?

  29. Hillary’s brilliant speech last night just re-enforced my respect and admiration of her.Every time I see this woman I am totally awed by her. To deprive us and her of this election is the worst crime other than the Iraq War,that the misogynist media along with the DNC has ever perpetrated on this country.Shame on them.

    Any one that watched that speech last night saw who the President should be. But even in the debates with all the candidates Hillary out shined them all and it has always been evident who the best person for the job was.Save for Bill Clinton I have never seen any person more qualified and more able to lead this country than Hillary.

    So even though Hillary has to say that she wants us to support the Fraud, I own my own vote and I cannot do it.Sorry, Hillary ,as much as I love you and your wonderful husband,I am even more determined than ever to do every thing that I can to keep Barky from winning by voting John McCain.For a life long Democrat this will be painful but I see no other choice to stop this charade.

    Hillary should be giving that acceptance speech tomorrow night, not the woefully inadequate and inexperienced empty suit. We know it, the DNC and the Bots and the media know it.This primary was rigged before it even started and we all know who the true winner is.

    This man is not fit to be President and this Primary and convention is a joke.The media is in the tank for him and don’t even try to appear the slightest bit impartial.Barky is bought and paid for. The deal is done. But I am having no part of this sham.

  30. Again, got my directives for the battle-cry:

    If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches, keep going…

    We will keep going HRC and regardless of the spineless delegates and SD, who we will actively work to defeat…

    We will carry your banner and you will ultimately prevail…for our Underground Railroad will pave the way for you to become the POTUS. Sooner or later.
    That’s a promise from PUMAS.

    Pantsuit-wearer and PROUD of it

  31. MSNBC November 5th lead story-

    Obama triumphantly returns to Congress in January 2009 as the victorious junior senator from Illinois…Its nopt the white house its not the oval its not “the job all his supporters were waiting for…”

    His historic campaign was stopped by a 18 million deficit in the popular vote….we believe that number is purely co-incedental!

    We have tingles in our legs about 2012!

    On the lighter side Howard Dean resigns from the DNC Chairmanship.

    Nancy Pelosi not to stand up for a second “historic run” for speaker of the house

    Donna Brazile resigns form the DNC the Democratic Party…Has joined a new PR firm Rove Axelrod and Brazile.


  32. Michael, if only we could wish it so. I truly love the idea.You made me smile.

  33. I have not seen a leader of her caliber in a very long-time, if ever.


  34. Someone left some dog excrement on Katie’s post below – about 7:22 this morning.

  35. Can someone post Hillary’s Video??!!
    I could’nt watch the speech LIVE so I missed that part.
    One benefit of re-play is the MUTE BUTTON when BO’s name is mentioned!!

  36. When is the Roll Call vote going to happen.

  37. I actually cried after that video. I cried because the Democratic party is so corrupt to give the nomination to Nobama and think they can shove him down our throats. They really have treated women like dirt. We could have had Hillary as a nominee if they didn’t cheat. I will never get over it.

  38. Do the superdelegates know about new information being released about Ayers and Obama. yesterday Hannity asked Terry M. about Obama’s relationship with Ayers. Terry said many things but when Hannity asked him why Obama was friends with an unrepentant terrorist, Terry was speechless. Terry was just speechless. It was as though he didn’t know that fact. Don’t they realize that this is damaging. Obama is already seen as a radical. The kitchen sink has been thrown and everything is starting to stick. Wake up SD!

  39. Obama is going to lose…….BIG TIME.

  40. How funny is this? There’s nothing sporadic and genuine in the US today. Nothing big anyway. Instead we are packaged reality in the form of reality television. Everything supposedly spontaneous is packaged up in advance and sold to us. But then came Hillary. Obama was supposed to be the “movement” candidate. But that was just Axelrod packaging. You know you don’t have a genuine movement when the campaign apparatus is telling you he’s a movement. Buchanon said today Hillary has started a movement. This is completely opposite of movement marketing. No one sold Hillary that way. It just happened. Obama was supposed to be the great speech maker. That’s how he was sold to us. But last night no one questioned whether Hillary was going to blow it out at the convention. It was assumed. This after months and months of Hillary would be overshadowed by a BO VP because he such a great speech maker. Remember that from the early days? Now BO will struggle to upstage her at his own coronation. Hillary, not Obama, is the real deal.

  41. A great big THANK YOU to Katiebird for so diligently cleaning up all the trolls last night. I really appreciated having a safe haven here. I don’t know why they bother … it’s not like we’re sitting on the fence about this. And it’s not like “STFU” is a persuasive argument.

  42. do NOT watch obama’s speech on thursday. . .. BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT!
    HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT! IT’S AN INSULT (ESPECIALLY if hillary doesn’t get a roll call vote).

  43. Thank you Lady Boomer for posting this video!!!

    It will stay with me FOREVER. On the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage – thiis graceful, powerful, intelligent, majority vote winning stateswoman knocked the world off their feet with her eloquence and humanity that can only be channeled through Hillary – and still got shafted because the DNC stole votes to accomodate an inexperienced blubbering FOOL.

    I also cried because she left with her head high and gave the Democrats a SLAP in the face at what they lost.

    Lot of buyer’s remorse today – and AGAIN Hillary proves that she is INDESTRUCTABLE and the best candidate to lead our country.

    “Don’t f__k with me fellas, this ain’t my first time in the rodeo!”

  44. Good morning Conflucians & HUGS to Fuzzybear, our Conflucian Moses “LET MY PEOPLE VOTE!!!”

  45. Gallup say Obama’s Party losses are primarily evident among the relatively small group that describes its political views as conservative. The 63% of conservative Democrats supporting Obama over McCain in Aug. 18-24 polling is the lowest Obama has earned since he clinched the Democratic nomination in June…………..
    …………….Conservative Dems were 15 percent of the Party electorate in 04 but a Hugh chunk of lean Dem Independents are conservative……………

  46. Great speech. No, I was not in this to idolize you Hillary. I would never have voted for a Chicago Daley machine politician who started his campaign with a lie about being above the fray. I still will not vote for the O.

  47. curiosityhasme, on August 27th, 2008 at 7:35 am Said:
    Again, got my directives for the battle-cry:

    If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches, keep going…

    We will keep going HRC and regardless of the spineless delegates and SD, who we will actively work to defeat…

    We will carry your banner and you will ultimately prevail…for our Underground Railroad will pave the way for you to become the POTUS. Sooner or later.
    That’s a promise from PUMAS.

    Pantsuit-wearer and PROUD of it

    WE MUST have a PUMA Pant-suit Parade Protest!

  48. How do Democrats expect to get those catholic voters when bishops and priests are coming out against Biden

    TriciaNC // August 27, 2008 at 8:15 am

    MSM blackout continues.

    So many Catholic priests, etc have come out against Pelosi and Biden but we hear nothing.

    Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops have all come out and spoken but nothing.

    There was a rally on Monday night of over 3,000 people against the abortion remarks of Pelosi yet we heard nothing.

    Here’s another:

    Cardinal Egan of New York Blasts Pelosi Deception. MSM Blackout Continues


    Do Hillary’s delegates know this?

  49. Can someone puhleeeeze post a pic of Michelle’s sourpuss face last night, so we can all caption it?

  50. Good morning, everyone.

    Karolina — Thank you for your optimism. I am going to stay positive today and follow your lead.

    NH — You are right. The speech was probably persuasive to those who do not know about the real BO and who are not informed about the corruption of the DNC. To those who do know and who are informed, most of us (I believe) still say “No Deal.”

  51. Britgirls – You read my mind! When I do my next post – I’ll have a picture of “Scoop Mouth” (h/t Sugar)

  52. I got the Hillary e-mail this morning (Standing on that Stage). I replied:

    Dear Hillary,

    You were absolutely awesome! You hit it out of the park! I cheered. I cried. I watched it wearing my Hillary T-shirt.

    The folks there had to see they were nominating the wrong guy—you’re the Presidential material by several orders of magnitude.But still, he’s the one that needs to sell me on his candidacy.

    -He needs to convince me that he didn’t game the caucuses and intimidate Hillary voters.

    -He needs to convince me that he didn’t buy Super Delegates.

    -He needs to convince me that he didn’t harrass Super Delegates or call them names.

    -He needs to convince me that he’s likable enough.

    -He needs to convince America that he “can get her voters” by working for them. Don’t send surrogates–talk to me yourself.

    – He needs to acknowledge and admonish and actively work to disprove Donna Brazile’s words, that “he doesn’t need those votes [blue collar, small town, older women]”

    -He needs to convince us that he didn’t lie about being the Change Candidate, because his VP pick voted for AUMF, has been a Washington insider for 35 years, and has enough baggage of his own. (I like Joe Biden by the way. I just think that OBAMA LIED about what he was all about.)

    -He needs to convince me that he cares about this country and is not just using it for his Narrative.

    -He needs to apologize to Bill for portraying him as a racist and he needs to retract that in a very public way.

    -He needs to convince me that he really can unite people because so far, he’s been the most divisive figure I’ve EVER seen in politics. He has pitted young against old, black against white, men against women, gay against straight, and Democrats against each other. Before he sets out to change the world, he needs to clean his own room.

    -He needs to convince me that he is a better choice than no one at all.

    And if he so much as intimates that I should get in line one more time, game over.

    You see, it was about you, Hillary, AND the issues. It was about choosing someone we thought could accomplish the goals we supported. I don’t think Senator Obama has the ability to do the job. I do not think he puts people first. I think he will make some serious mistakes, which is to be expected from anyone, except there will be no oversight and no criticism. I see how his and your peers treat him now–like he can do no wrong. I think that’s more dangerous for our country than slogging through another four miserable years with the other guy. (He forgot that the people he “doesn’t need” are the patient, tenacious ones in the party.)

    Additionally, it’s about the DNC. They really blew it this time. I don’t know exactly what went on behind the scenes, but it sure looked foul from where I sit. To vote for this Democrat would be rewarding bad behavior. If someone robs you, you don’t say, “Here, look, you missed a pocket.”

    I think you gave a terrific speech. I think you gave him way more than he deserved. I think you did more than your duty. I still see nothing in the guy that makes him worthy of being my President. You, on the other hand, were most Presidential.

    Good luck to you and blessings to your family,

  53. it was bad but Biden was worse their body language together screamed, well LOSERS I was embarrassed for them, I though where are the Aids do they not know the country is watching…..

    ….and please tell me that Dems are not wrong headed enough to believe that Biden would bring any women voters to the Obama fold and add that his FIRST of many gaff’s was last evening when he looked at Hillary like she were an uppity btch who obviously did not know her place according to his view…

  54. Well one CNN headline claimed that “Clinton delegates vow to heed unity call” so I closed the window and headed here.

    Jules, you’re right. There are way too many uninformed people among the Obama supporters. One of them told me not to believe everything I read. I told her that I didn’t read it, I heard the words come out of his mouth. She was left speechless. IMO, people are lazy and they just want to buy the prepackaged candidate and not have to worry about actually reading the contents label.

  55. Hillary is magnificent!!!

    News Alert: Fox starting at 7:00 a.m. focused on, Did Hillary succeed in getting us in line….? Basic attitude it was her job.

    Question by Commentator: Why didn’t she squash the Roll Call Vote if she really wanted unity…????
    I wanted to punch them.

    They wanted comments on the Fox Website..so I went on the blog and gave them a peice of my mind.

    Wonder if my comments about how it is Obamas job to get himself elected, not Hillary’s responsibilty will make it onto the site.

    Anyway, still the same old saw…Hillary has to win this for him…This is ridiculous. Obama can’t even do this himself, if he wants to be President…unable to get it done. The DNC leadership probably planned this all along…Hillary would carry him on her back all the way to the Whitehouse. They can’t touch her though; Hillary so transcends them all.

    Next was Channel 3-CBS-Early Morning Show.
    Interesting and Sad. They interviewed 5 Hillary Delegates.

    Question posed to the Delagates, Had Hillary done her job ( talking heads are amazing) and won them
    (the Delegates) over to Obama?

    First Delagate was really good, a woman pharmacist, said Hillary’s speech was absolutely beautiful and she was so proud to be a Hillary delegate.

    Then the question, well did Hillary do her job and win you over? The delegate said she had to see, what Obama’s position was on Health Care. So the Commentator says, you mean Hillary didn’t get you in line for Obama? Get you all excited and riled up for him?

    MSM is so pathetic…the Delegate responded that she was sent there to vote for Hilliary and that’s is what she was going to do!!!

    The other 4 Delegates had drunk the Kool-Aid and/or were intimidated.

    I say major intimidation since they didn’t seem real happy saying what they were saying. Except for one guy who was doing the Party Rah…Rah Unity Blah Blah Blah.

    Overall, I think the Delegates are being put in chains.
    Lots of emphsis on how it was Hillary’s job to make the Unity happen. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    They will pay…they may be able to force the Delegates
    to bow down to “The Precious”
    but My Vote Belongs To Me…NoNoNoNoNoBama08

  56. Buchanan is right, she started a movement. Of woman, of gays, of blue-collar workersers, of the ignored, of all the INVISIBLE people.

    Hillary woke the giantess, and she will not be put back to sleep. When we hear the dogs barking (That mean you, Dean and Pelosi and Olbermann, and Matthews) we will KEEP going. We will take our party back. They will hear us. There will be consequences to ignoring us. We keep going. We will not stop.

    We have spent the last year walking through fire with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and we have come through shining like gold and tempered like steel.

    WE ARE NOT AFRAID ANYMORE. Hillary gave us that.

    PMA HAKA! 👿

  57. SophieL – what you said at 8:41!!!

    He is a liar, cheat, and a fraud. And he is going down – no votes for frauds.

  58. Hey Downticket–I have to disagree with the Catholic Bishops on this one. I’m with Pilosi. The church is pro-birth, not pre-life. (Disclaimer: I am an ex-Roman Catholic.) Expect another “Communion Watch” this year.
    Hillary can be prochoice AND get Catholic votes because many Catholics are secretly pro-choice (or at least pro birth control). The Catholic hierarchy doesn’t go after Hillary because she’s not Catholic, but Pilosi and Biden have to “answer to a higher authority.”

    Don’t confuse the Catholic hierarchy with the Catholic voters.

  59. NH, you make a great point. Actions speak louder than words. And all the hollering that only the Dems can save women’s rights can’t camouflage the blatant misogyny displayed by Obama, his supporters and the DNC. It’s been both appalling and enlightening. I’ll never again vote for a candidate just because there’s a D next to his or her name.

    So is any talking head ever going to mention that Obama needs to earn his own votes and that’s NOT Hillary’s job? If Hillary is the vote-getter then why isn’t she the nominee? This election is historic alright.… Historic in the level of absurdity.

  60. New Thread by Riverdaughter!

  61. Keep Going! or A Woman’s Work is Never Done

    Watching Hillary, I saw her gathering up all the women to herself, black and white. She was saying (to me at least), “We’re gonna be watching your ass, Obama. And more, we have the power to enact our agenda for women’s rights, workers rights and healthcare. We’re unstoppable now, even if you’re the president.”

    She was very hard to resist, but it doesn’t matter, her coalition will stay together whoever wins in November. I’m not voting for Obama. I’m hoping for 2012.

    What a woman. What a leader.

  62. Call to Action on new Thread…FROM RD CALL Superdelagtes, DNC Leadership, et al.


  63. gxm, on August 27th, 2008 at 8:42 am Said:
    “IMO, people are lazy and they just want to buy the prepackaged candidate and not have to worry about actually reading the contents label.”

    Yes, I do think that is true. Yesterday at the gym, I was working out next to 2 women. Their knowledge of the candidates was superficial at best, including comments like “She’s pretty and she went to Harvard” regarding MO. One said that she doesn’t follow anything until the candidates are chosen. (What???) The worst was when the other said to BO on the TV screen, “Whatever you do, just fix the country.” I almost fell off the crosstrainer. I made a few polite retorts, but mostly held back, feeling that it would be a waste of mental and physical energy to get into things too deeply with them.

  64. SophieL, on August 27th, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Hillary got both the pro-choice and anti-abortion folks.

    This will be a problem for obama/Biden because everyone was saying how Biden would bring catholics to Obama. Having that many religious people against you won’t be good. It is worse if your runningmate believes in partial-birth abortion

  65. SophieL, on August 27th, 2008 at 8:41 — Great post. You said it all!

    I don’t get Hillary’s e-mails anymore. I haven’t gotten any since I told the DNC to take me off all of their address lists in early June. I didn’t realize that the DNC had access to Hillary’s e-mail list, too. I have even gone back to her site and tried to resign up, letting them know that I contributed to her campaign, went to her local rally and made calls, but I still don’t get her e-mails. So, I just go back to her sight on my own to see what she has recently said. Thanks for letting me know that there is a new message out there from her!!

  66. Hillary was great as usual. She is the only person that I feel is worthy of my vote ion November.

    As much as I respect and admire Hillary, it is Obama who has to convince me that he is POTUS material. I just see Bush III with Obama. All the signs are there, his NPD is a big red flag.

  67. I feel sorry for Barack Obama. After this brilliant speech, detailing all that needs fixing in our country, excoriating the GOP, and inspiring us to go forward with enthusiasm and hope, what can he say is his speech, except “Yeah, what she said!”. Of course, he’ll take a couple of hours of “breathtaking oratory” (otherwise known as BS) to say it, but that will be about the size of it.

    Did anyone else lip-read Bill Clinton at the beginning when Hillary was saying her initial thanks? It made me tear up.

    I will still not vote for Obama/Biden. I won’t vote for McCain, but I definitely will not vote for Obama, should the script proceed as written by Dean/Brazile/Pelosi. I have come to greatly admire and respect Hillary Clinton, but this is beyond being about her. Unwillingly or not, she has really become a symbol for the disenfranchisement of the American voter by both major parties. Several of the points she made about McCain are true of Obama as well, so on that score, her speech failed to convince me, at least, that there will be any advantage to voting for Obama/Biden.

  68. what can he say is his speech, except “Yeah, what she said!”.

    Hey, Hillary was wearing orange — sorta puma-ish, no?

  69. How very poignant that her mother was born when women couldn’t vote and her party would block her to become the Democratic Nominee. Yup, we have to push forward, this could have been so good but their is a ‘Committee’ that decides…not the voters.

    We have to change that, because Hillary is the REAL DEAL. She is the Champion of those that don’t have and work hard for every opportunity. She saw the the people that most miss, she has been working for them her entire life. She was THE BEST CANDIDATE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE A WOMAN!

    For me Hillary Clinton is my NOMINEE…and no one can change my mind. She is simply the BEST!

  70. MIchelle Obama is not a good politician. If she had enthusiastically applauded Hillary, that one simple act could have probably helped to warm some Clinton supporters to her. Instead, her ego prevented her from doing it. Never once did I see her crack a smile. She came across as I have continually percieved her, as a terribly ingracious person more interested in herself than winning.

  71. Did you think HOUND when Hillary said this:

    ‘If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If they’re shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop, keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.’

  72. […] the comment sections of a blog or two to see how much some of them are willing to twist their previous logic. (The latter of […]

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