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Dear NJ delegates, *I* didn’t release you

There will be no love train.  I’m not onboard.  I will never be onboard.

You didn’t listen to us during the primaries.

You didn’t listen to us during the convention.

You are going to hear from us in November.

Barack Obama will NEVER get my vote.  I don’t owe the party anything.

And if you want to find someone to blame, look no further than the superdelegates.

Backlash is comin’.  We will make the powers that be the powers that were.

Let the DNC and your State Attorney General know how you feel about having your vote stolen by faithless delegates and a party who asks for your taxdollars to run a primary and then does what the hell it wants.

146 Responses

  1. And by the way, Linda Stender who was a super delegate and could have objected can go to hell too!

  2. Hillary looked like she was walking the Green Mile. I never saw her look so sick – she is always able to hide it.

    I was really hoping her delegates would walk out at that point but it looks like they were cheering with everyone else.

  3. Agreed. We all know that the only way the problem is going to be solved is by defeating all that were involved in the problem.
    The ‘fields have to be salted’, as it were. Succinctly put, any Dem who brought this mess into existence must be defeated at the polls. I think Cynthia McKenney looks pretty good as a recipient of my vote.

  4. Hey, at least SOME of the people in New Jersey had their votes included.

    I’m from PA. Nobody in my state even exists.

    And I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked as watching Nancy “Politburo’ Pelosi not even allow those who objected to the “acclamation” to be heard

  5. THANK YOU! I needed this. Same with NY delegates – I don’t care what they made Hillary do – my vote entitled me to representation. My daughter will remember this all her life.

  6. We will make the powers that be the powers that were.

    I love this line and will do everything I can to make it true.

  7. She never should have released her delegates. That made them easy pickins for Obama and his threats.

  8. What we saw today was not an expression of the will of 18 million people that voted for Hillary Clinton. What we say was corrupt party insiders giving delegates to a candidate who didn’t earn them. This was a roll call sham. Don’t even dignify it by calling it a roll call vote.

  9. They were already easy pickings. This just made it easier for her.

  10. I was thrown under the love train during the roll call.

  11. We can remember in November. We must make them all pay. I agree that that’s the new motto.. “make the powers that be the powers that were”….

    Thank you all for all you’ve done and all you’re going to continue to do. I know I don’t have to say it, but REVOLUTION!!!!

  12. Exactly! The states that went overwhelming for Hillary gave their votes to Obama. Disgusting!

    Time for the Repubs to let loose and do what they do so well.

  13. Her delegates had already defected.

    She was recognizing reality.


  15. Iam watching Iron Jawed Angel.
    I thought today would be a perfect time during this farce they call a roll call.
    Nothing has changed in the democratic party.
    They would select a racist anti american know nothing over a qualified woman.
    May this New Democratic party rot in hell and go down in the largesst defeat in history.



  16. I cannot feel sad. Hillary gave a hell of a speech last night, and Barry O will never match that. Hillary offered peace to the Democrats—a peace they do not deserve.

  17. Ok my fellow New Jersey comrades its time to take our state red!! Join me and e-mail me at

    Softballja@aol.com the grassroots operation has begun no vote no change no obama!!!

    Real democrats jump on the train with me

  18. ALL New Jersey delegates? All 127….disgusting. This Jersey girl is looking forward to November.

  19. UGH… this who process was not cathartic… I have never hated a woman but I really dislike Nancy Pelosi! I passionately dislike her and hope she gets swept out of office and the DNC for good when the house of the “Democrats” is fumigated…

    This whole process was so currupt, I can not believe my eyes. What a circus side show, unreal…

  20. What a shrill farce the Democratic party has become.
    I feel the pain of those voters in 1930’s Berlin must have felt as their party collapsed in the face of Fascism. Hate was the binding force of that period, much as it has become in this one. Obama’s defeat to McCain will be the remedy to save the life of the Democratic party. A McCain victory this November will wipe away the enablers that currently control the party who made this current monster’s ascendancy possible.

  21. Did Mass. vote? I couldn’t watch, but was trying to keep up with the posts here and elsewhere. Did anyone notice what the vote was?

    I want to be sure to remember who did what.

  22. I am devastated, but I will be strong.

    We must take a moment to rest, then come back strong to deliver a defeat to Obambi, the DNC and all the democrats even down ticket. We must now move to a ground game in our respective states, cities, and towns. We must get the word out to those not on the internet.

    And to those who are reluctant to vote for John McCain, understand that they’ve left you no other choice. It could have been worse. The Republican nominee might have been Huckabee or Guiliani. The DNC is betting that we won’t change sides; that we will either stay home or vote for BHO. PLEASE, PLEASE PUMA

  23. Democrats 4 McCain

    Start a Love Train!

    McCain 2008 = Hillary 2012

    We OWN our vote and we are not selling it out to Barack “Loser” Obama.

    No Way
    No How
    NO BAMA!

  24. SM<1/2FL,Wigwag: email me at l1al@comcast.net and I’ve got the info for you. Heck with it.

  25. I am so looking forward to November. I am licking my chops to get a piece of these assholes. Let slip the pumas of war.

  26. Hillary knows politics. She knew what she needed to to from June. She made an effort to respect her supporters while dealing with the political reality.

    I hope I will have Hillary in the Senate for a long time.

    I look forward to pushing the Democratic (sic) Party to change it’s primary process. I will do this from the outside as I will be changing to Independent.

    I look forward to fuzzybeargville’s Plan B.

    I am open to a viable third party.

  27. Wish I were a fly on the wall of the basement in GOP headquarters where you’re all posting from.

  28. Ok what’s the projection of the de bounce going to be I going for next week a 3-4 point loss, another of my sisters just flipped away from the DNC sham life long Dem ….Moderate, catholic, career mother and wife Ohio….so much for Joe’s majic

  29. Hey, I just followed gina’s lead and made a donation to McCain and at the bottom there’s a box that says “Please tell us if a friend referred you so we can thank them” so I put in Nancy Pelosi’s name.

  30. I will be voting straight GOP ticket until these stupid Democrats who selected Barry O are gone or the Democratic primary system is reformed to winner take all.

  31. Valhalla – Mass screwed you over, too, and gave the majority of their delegates to Barky.

  32. I am predicting that Obama will get a most a temporary 3% bump, then start diving again.

  33. I will and I mean never vote for obama, he is a fraud. I am still in shock. I am so upset and I just don’t get why people can not see him for what he is, look at all the people he calls friends. I really believed after 8 yrs. of a government of secrets and lies that Americans would be able to see through all the BS but I guess they can’t. I hope he loses by a landslide.

  34. Tonight in Confluence Park in Denver The Unity Pony was Hung, De-capitated, its heart dug out of its chest and was capped at all four of its knees.

    Then the Unity Pony was burned and it lit up the sky like the comming revolution…..


    IXLNXS to quote Weezier-EAT SHIT and DIE! oh and FUCK OFF TOO-some one remove this troll!


  35. JulieS9164, on August 27th, 2008 at 7:11 pm Said:
    Hey, I just followed gina’s lead and made a donation to McCain and at the bottom there’s a box that says “Please tell us if a friend referred you so we can thank them” so I put in Nancy Pelosi’s name.


  36. I called the NJ dems and gave them a piece of my mind. This is outrageous. Why did we have (costly) primaries if our votes are not counted after all. I will vote Reps this time around

  37. and take douglas, too, please

  38. Carol, on August 27th, 2008 at 7:09 pm Said:
    GUYS and GALS –

    For now, let’s continue to pay Hillary’s Debt! We need this paid. She should not have to be raped in public and then listen to how poorly she ran her campaign because of the debt!

    We have time to take care of McCain later. He has a ton of money that has to be spent by the end of next week!


  39. Fuzzybear, your way with words is astounding. Please keep it up!

  40. I am so sad and I am so happy my Mother passed away before she could see how crooked the DNC is. I will vote for McCain and work my fingers to the bone that Obama and his thugs are never in the Whitehouse. I think we are all in mourning.

  41. I am devastated. But I will be strong. We must take a moment to rest, re-energize then go to a ground game to be sure these people are defeated.

    We must get the word out about this miscarriage of democracy to those not on the internet.

    To those PUMAs who say they can’t vote for John McCain, understand that they’ve left us no choice. It could have been worse, the Republican nominee could have been Guiliani or Huckabee. The DNC & BHO are betting that we will either stay home or reluctantly vote for BHO. If we want to prevail over this cabal we can do neither. PLEASE, PLEASE PUMAs understand that voting for McCain is all we have left.

  42. REFORM the Democratic Party!

    Vote for McCain in 2008!

    Teach those Dem elites that stabbed Hillary and all of us in the back a lesson they will never forget!

    No Money and No Votes for Wrong Track Barack!

    I am going to enjoy watching the DNC elite and all the corrupt players that had a hand in this unconscionable act of betrayal LOSE in November!

    Ladies and gentlemen…it is going to be an awesome victory for America and for the future of our great country and Hillary Clinton-the REAL leader of the Democratic Party-to vote McCain in November!

    And don’t you know all those Obamabots and DNC elites will be shown what REAL POWER is in America, courtesy of WE THE PEOPLE!

    McCain 2008
    Hillary 2012

    Stand tall and stay grounded in YOUR beliefs! We will prevail and Obama and the DNC elites will be out!

  43. The delegates who broke the law by not voting the will of the voters from their states should have to answer.

    What a damned waste of money the WHOLE fuc**ng Primary season was — from now on why the hell bother with the farce?

    This convention was really the funeral for the democratic party — and holy Obamanation temple is the beginning of the Obamacrat party. Now he will try to turn the world into what it “Should be” (whatever the hell that means).

    Thing is Soetoro is a fraud — he doesn’t even meet the qualifications for the office of President as laid out in the second Amendment. Soetoro traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport — which means that his step father adopted him and gave him Indonesian citizenship — BUZZZ you lose Barry — and you think that the GOP is going to forget about this little lapse?

    Barry IS stupid — because he thinks he can get away with his lies.

    Problem is that many of us dig for information and we don’t trust the “mainstream media” — so we are way ahead on the information game. We KNOW about Obama and Rezko and Ayers and that mansion bought with questionable money. And yet we probably don’t know half of Soetoro’s nasty secrets.

    As Fox news says — by November people WILL know about Obama.

  44. Walhalla
    Mass did vote. gave Hill a handful of votes – rest to B0. Like all ithers.

  45. Carol, I would donate to Hill’s debt in a second, but the FEC won’t let me. Hubby and I both maxed out.

    We will max out for McCain as well.

  46. The Soros/MoveOn Jacobins have taken over.

  47. The DNC must be destroyed…….There only one way to do that………Obama must lose in November. The DNC and Obama can not be allowed to be rewarded for their criminal behavior, or this will be the norm and repeat every election year. This corruption must end. Obama/DNC must LOSE in November.

  48. I am more independent these days.
    You will get far more respect and appreciation from McCain.
    I have watched this play out through the primaries to this moment. The Democrat Party is a disgrace. Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been treated like hell by the Obama Brownshirts. I have been reporting on Obama as a concerned citizen. I have been watching the Obama thugs in disbelief in a movie like setting of “1984” or Nazi Germany. You must take back your party and we must take back our country.
    Citizen Wells.

  49. Since the Democratic Party fails to count my vote from the primary, I shall be from this day forward be an Independent!

    McCain 2008!

  50. okay, folks, I don’t know if any of you live in Bob and Sheri markets, but Nancy Pelosi is going to be on the show on Monday hawking her book. I think we should deluge their email boxes with questions for them to ask, like “Will the states who broke the law by not voting the will of the voters from their states be punished?” You know, stuff like that.




    Spread the word.

  51. Funny. From where I’m scrunched up, Under the Love Train looks just as ugly as Under the Bus.

  52. They didn’t want it to go to OH, PA and Texas…..would’ve been embarrassing for Obama

  53. I am in tears. This is the ONLY part of the convention I could bring myself to watch, only to have that incredibly VILE creature Nancy Pelosi get her last jab at Hillary and make the nose-rubbing complete. That’s all for me, folks. I’m done. The shift for me is complete. My affiliation with the Democratic Party is over. No political party will ever have the privilege of my affiliation unless all of the PUMA siblings want to get that long-awaited 3rd party off the ground. How about it? Right here, right now.

  54. Time to order my McCain lawn sign. Another disgusted, soon to be ex-dem from Bergen County, NJ. Who is starting the NJ Dems for McCain support group?

  55. Dean and Pelosi never wanted to win this election. It’s all been a scam from the very beginning. Why else would they be doing this? I’ve voted straight Democrat every single election since I was 18, 21 long years ago. I volunteered, donated, and trust me, it wasn’t easy being a yellow dog in Texas. Now I’m PUMA orange.

  56. […] sums up the dysfunctional logic of the thwarted PUMA crowd perfectly (emphasis […]

  57. Wow! I just saw Hillary on Fox, asking to suspend the roll call vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m really sad not only because SHE should have been the nominee but also for the P.U.M.A coalition and their efforts to get Hillary nominated. I’d like to thank all of you for all you have done! I have been with you all this time and you have given me support and encouragement to fight for Hillary but I’m angry at her for suspending the roll call!!! and nominate Obama Hussein the Democratic nominee. I’m so DISAPPOINTED at this process and about politics that I’ve decided to do two things: 1) I’ll NEVER vote for Obama and 2) I won’t be involved again in politics. I might even not vote!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. MariaFL, you may be giving up, but I’m not.

    when you hear the dogs, keep going…

  59. I’m not sure what part of PUMA’s strengthening our resolve counts as “implosion”, but whatever, dillweed.

  60. There are a couple of things I don’t understand about the roll call votes:

    (1) Many states did not seem to cast all their votes, but did not report abstentions that made up the difference. What is that?

    (2) No states gave Hillary the number of delegates she actually won — how can that happen?

  61. When I saw it..saw her doing the suspension, there seemed to be a tear on her cheek…may have been the light…but another friend of mine said he saw a tear too!!!
    She’s got so much class!!!
    More class in her little finger then NoBama has in his whole skinny body…
    She’s IS the WINNER…
    Better then them all!!!

  62. I’m in Pittsburgh for a bit and the Ayers ads are already playing. I’m really interested in seeing the polls out of PA in a couple of days.

    I’ve only been in town for 10 days and I’m already ready to tear my hair out because of the political ads. It sucks being in a contested state.

  63. The fact that they made Hillary be the one to ask for the final vote was disgusting. She looked like she wanted to cry, but she is so tough that she wouldn’t let them get to her.

    There is a price to be paid for this travesty. PUMA needs to keep going so we can figure out how to send them the bill and hold their feet to the fire.

    The DNC, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile and so many others are corrupt and need to go.

  64. I thought I was the only one crying my heart out! It was difficult explaining to my two grandchildren that this entire election was a fraud. I am absolutely sick. I will do everything I can for McCain. After all I have lots of experience knocking on doors and making calls and I will work day and night to get this man elected. Our country cannot have obie as our president. This scares me so much! I have to get away from this issue, it’s toooooooo upsetting! Hugs to all

  65. The Democratic Party has become a national embarrassment. We had a winner, and the Party Leaders threw her away like garbage, because she was a woman and a Clinton.

    We all knew this was coming. We all knew the fix was in. We did everything we could to prevent it from happening. We are magnificent and proud. Our souls are at peace.

    And now, it will be our utmost pleasure to see Obama and his corrupt bunch of Chicago thugs go down in electoral flames. I cannot wait for the Republicans to unleash their attack machine on him. He will dissolve like origami in a rainstorm.

    Beware the wrath of a PUMA scorned. Democracy is not your plaything, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean and Donna Brazile. And we will not accept your unreal, stage-managed real-ishness.

    Always keep going!

  66. AMEN RD!!

    I want the 15 million FL lost for a primary that didn’t count anyway.

  67. Kal…it was a farce…not a real role-call
    It was an act put on by the great actor himslef NOBAMA, the Evil ONE!!!

    The had to control and manipulate just like they did with the Caucuses…We need to write a book on this one….a BIG FAT EXPOSE!!!

  68. cmf – Oh, if you say so.


  69. Vote for McCain……Vote for McCain……..Is that to high a price to get rid of the DNC……..Vote for McCain …….Vote for McCain…….Is that to high a price to get your party back…….Vote for McCain.

  70. That’s the lemming train as far as I’m concerned…

    Our voices were silenced by the DNC in he way they conducted the roll call vote. I just do not understand why…

    This is a travesty to democracy.

  71. NEW POST … a small one visual one from me, but look at it & come back here!

  72. Ohio was thrown under the bus.

  73. To lighten things up a bit this should make you all chuckle just a bit: How Clinton supporters heal:


  74. Here’s the thing. I vote. When I do my civic duty, I expect that vote to be counted. I know it’s silly of me, but I’m crazy that way.

  75. I was hoping for a big miracle, some Odumbo dirt that would bring him down in time for Hillary to step in. No, now that will happen before the general and McCain will be our next president. I’m writing in Hillary’s name in November anyway. Screw the DNC, screw Dean, Pelosi, Brazile and Obama. I own my vote and Odumba ain’t gonna get it. We need a viable 3rd party and we need it NOW!


    Hillary 2012

  76. Very proud of my home state of Mass tonight…. 50 votes for Hillary! By far the most given and although Obama got somthing like 62 votes (more than he should have), it was still the best ratio she got. Which means that more MA delegates resisted the pressure to conform, something I quite like about the folks here.

  77. MariaFL, don’t give up – vote for McCain, write in Hillary, vote third party. Just don’t give up! We are now on the cusp of re-establishing honor, truth, integrity……..and, best of all, REVENGE on the fascist bastards who are responsible for this catastrophe!

  78. Why am I not surprised that the brainless O trolls are once again in here sh*tting all over the furniture again? Their greatest pleasure in life is making sure everyone else is miserable. Kinda like their leader.

  79. I did not vote for her, and I really don’t like her.

    It’s clear she ended the roll call because it was getting very lopsided and that wouldn’t have looked good. I am glad, and proud of my candidate, that the nomination and roll call was done because she did go all the way to the end and got lots of votes.

    I didn’t think her speech last night was all that moving. It was a good speech, and she’s a good orator, but I thought it was just so-so.

    I do give her a ton of credit, however, for her comments as she ended the roll call. That was tough to do, and she did a great job. She honestly threw it all to him right there at that moment. That was my catharsis, and I say thank you, Hillary. That was pretty cool.

    Now, on to November!!!!! Yes we can!!

  80. OK I hope this is the time we need to get murphy or RD or even someone to help me…ASAP we need to start a:
    fund or organization-NOW so we can start writing checks-On November 5th!

    The only way to stop a REPEAT OF THE SHAM IN 2012 is to have a warchest of $ 250-500 million!

    It would infuriate the DNC to have to run a campaign this fall if we run a parallel fundraising campaign for 2012 it would show the DNC in a material way that we PUMA/JSND Alliance members have written off Obama/Biden 2008 and have “MOVED ON” and “GOT OVER IT” just not in the way they wanted.

    We need to also run a non-violent peaceful campaign of non-cooperation with the DNC at the same time.

    We need 18 million Hillary supporters to look far ahead to 2012.

    We need to have our game plan in place so on September 1, 2011 our campaign fund with $ 250 -$ 500 million plus dollars foces us a place at the table.

    Think $ 2300/42 months is $ 54.76 per month is what it works out to. I think poor ol’me could do it!

    It may not be good to start this fund raising this fall but we should have the mechanisms in place for a start on November 5th 2012.

    I do not think a Draft Hillary Committee even needs Hillary’s cooperation. One thing I did learn form Obama was Money Talks!

    I hope I can get some help here for this….

    What does anyone think?


  81. cmf
    “Get over it. Move on”

    Many of us have moved on to … PUMA.
    Get over it.

    PS Enjoy your temporary “win”,
    Obama is going down in November.

  82. Get over it – what freepers were telling us in 2000.

  83. Add me to the p*ssed list.

  84. Fuzzybear- You are an inspiration!

    There are so many things we could do. I think we should all give ourselves a chance to take a deep breath before we decide our next move…:-)

  85. fuzzy, that’s a GREAT idea! Count me in if someone can set up the account.

  86. fuzzybear – Include me in your new campaign. I’m at leelasavage@gmail.com

  87. agree Madam

  88. Guys we need money now to defeat Obama give money to PumaPac or Real Democrats. We’re going to need money in swing states where we need to deafeat him. To defeat Obama is too take back our Party. Its no more about Hillary its about Democracy and the Democratic party

  89. Hollyhobby–you’re out of your league here. Go troll-crapping somewhere else. Preferably hell.

  90. Janet – Okay, agreed.

  91. I’m with you, RD. Pay back is a mother fucker.

  92. Natural Law, Green, Libertarian, Reform, New American Independent …

    what other “alternative” parties am I forgetting?

  93. CMF-with no due respect-FUCK OFF

    CLEAN UP IN AISLE 13 @ 730PM


  94. It was getting “lopsided” you very touch one, because Hillary’s delegates were strong-armed into making the party appear united by casting their votes for “Little Boy King”.


  95. Ok my email is fuzzybeargville@yahoo.com

    we need to start organizing tonight!

    you in SM77? please help me I am not as politically savy as I sound when it comes to thes cumputer things


  96. The nitwits are really scurred, I see. Why are they so upset by our presence? Perhaps they should follow their own advice and just “get over it”. Ha.

  97. Big cat you gutless coward-FUCK OFF to you to…

    now that is catharsis!


  98. Where’s Pat Johnson? She does troll patrol like no one else. She puts these losers in their place AND makes it hilarious.

  99. Yea Ken, we’re really taking this whole “democracy” thing too far. The only reason people are supporting Obama is because the media and the DNC have suppressed information about his continuous lies, his record, and the unethical tactics that were used to engineer his nomination.

    Taking it too far? You have no clue what you’re talking about. Do some research and then you can write a sermon.

  100. Just in from my email, help McCain choose a VP:


  101. Marsha, at least 24 KY delegates stuck with Hillary. Saw where that friggin yuppie Obama-supporting Rep Ben Chandler kept trying to get them to give ALL Ky votes to Precious.

    Guess Chandler wants to kill off all those old stories of Grandpa’s alleged racism, so he can run for something bigger. When I now think of the words Chandler…run…bigger, I think of real ugly stuff.

  102. Oh for fuck’s sake. When will the trolls EVER comprehend that their beloved precious stands for NOTHING? Zip. Nada. He’s playing them all and laughing at their sorry asses for actually believing him!

  103. KENH-you suck obamabots will disappear by november 10th after McCain wins they will join us or be left out of the fun in 2011-2012!

    oh and as weezer said-EAT SHIT AND DIE!-as fuzzybear says FUCK OFF too!


  104. Funny how all these fucking trolls are showing up now. Didn’t have the balls to speak up before, but are going with the MOB mentality of Obamabots and think they can swoop and squat. Nice try losers. Keep it up. You are adding fuel to the fire and getting us all on board for McCain.

  105. edwardian: as God is my witness, I’ll never belong to a party again that has caucuses.

  106. Big Cat: Yea, you are SO smart! OF COURSE it’s all about race. EVERYTHING is about race. Race, race, race, race, race–there do you feel better?

    What about qualifications?

    Oops–I know, that’s about race too!

    Hypocrisy and weakness of character?

    C’mon now–race again, you crazy kid!

    Everyone all together now: R-A-C-E!

  107. Ken I appreciate your feelings. In America we all have the opportunity to vote pu conscious. But may I say that did not happen in this primary year. The party was hyjacked by a very radically ideology. I will of course say the same to you if Obama is elected. i will have bumper sticked that says Its not my fault I voted for Hillary. I have held my nose and voted for John Kerry, Al Gore Mike Dukais, Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter so don’t tell me that I am not a Democrat.

  108. I wonder how much of a shock all the Bots are going to get when he “changes his message” for the GE, according to Howie yesterday on thehill dot com.

    Different audience from the primaries, don’t you know. Bots, get ready to see the underside of the bus!

  109. Hollyhock: I LOVE WAR! Who doesn’t love war?!

    Are you kidding? All those big tanks, and collateral damage and men and women in uniforms driving Humvees! Lots of money floating around free for the taking!

    Yahoo! I can hardly wait! Sign me up: IRAN HERE I COME!!

  110. Ken, sniff sniff, we will really miss you…

    you did your research–right. Name Obama’s accomplishments. Quick.

  111. Why do you people believe Obama? Because he tells you it’s his stand? Oh, like FISA? He’s telling you what you want to hear but we have no way of knowing what the truth is. That’s the consequence of being a cheat and a liar.

  112. Hollyhobby–What in the hell do you think you’re going to get with BO? War in Afghanistan, the complete GUTTING of your 4th amendment rights, caucus fraud, nasty r*cist pastors, a guy who won’t even recite the fucking Pledge of Allegiance, a lying sack of shit….the list is endless. The lesser of 2 evils? A war hero and a man who would NEVER stoop to torture. Someone with a resume over one who has no experience but will tell you you’re doing it all wrong? PULEEEZ!

  113. It’s no coinkydink they’re all showing up today. What lovely examples of what we can expect from Camp Obamabot. PLEASE will someone show up with the can of spray and send all these trolls to hell?

  114. Hollyhobby–you’re a liar. Nobody here is untintelligent enough to slur your sexual orientation. We are of all persuasions here. You are a liar. Go to where all trolls go to….quickly.

  115. Ken, you said you did your research. There is no way you could think “he’s not as bad as you guys paint him out to be” if you had really done your research. It’s all out there, and it is not opinion. It is documented fact. Don’t think you can come into OUR home, with people who are long-time Dem activists who have done years of research and lecture us without a reaction. Especially tonight.

  116. KenH, have you seen the first hand accounts from ordinary voters of caucus fraud from We Will Not Be Silenced? Do you have any idea what a slap in the face that fraud is to democracy? Can you even begin to understand the idea of country before party? My party left me, told me I was not needed, and tossed my vote in the trash.

    I’ve been a Democrat all my life. I probably have relatives spinning in their graves at the thought of me voting for a Republican. But I refuse to use the vote I own to condone this sham of a process.

    If you don’t understand that, I don’t know what else to say.

  117. Who is monitoring the site tonight? Can these trolls they are hijacking the thread.

  118. What are the penalties for those of us who live in states that require delegates to cast their votes in a way that reflects the will of our electorate?

    I mean, I know we can’t send these people to jail, but what about fines that reimburse the states for the costs of publicly funding sh@m elections, etc?

    “Like the word trollop? How about c**t? Want to be in a topless beauty contest? ”

    Shouldn’t you be preparing for your big speech tomorrow night? Please. The irony of appealing to Democratic voters on grounds that Republicans are misogynistic just kind of sucked up all the irony in the world, thanks though.

  119. Catatonic: perfect name for an Obamabot.

  120. Ken I can’t tell you how I’m getting yelled at by friends who cannot believe that I could vote for McCain. I understand where your coming from. It is one of those elections where we all are trying to understand what has happened. There is something very scary for me about Obama. I think he comes fro a idealogy that is very lefist and marxist. I am also a fiscal conservative so I ‘m concerned about our economy. I believed in the Clintons and what they have accomplished. What was done to Hillary was disgsting. No one in the DNC stood up for her. How can you respect that

  121. Sorry, I tried to rescue myself from moderation but failed. Can someone please bounce my first one, and sorry for the repetitive posting. (I’m wondering if there are any repercussions that states whose laws governing the behavior of delegates have been violated can bring to bear against the DNC).

  122. Really upset. How can we start the primaries with such great candidates, I wanted Hillary, but hell I would have settled for Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich, Biden and even cheating ass Edwards, but to wind up with this Chicago thug is un-fucking-believable.

  123. Let’s not feed the trolls any longer. They are getting fat and sassy. {turning my back to them}

  124. Oops, sorry – didn’t realize above link was to a spam site. Posted in haste. DO NOT LINK ON:


    Aaaarrrggghhh! Mea culpa!

  125. “After all, it’s true that Hillary’s and Obama’s positions are much more similar than Hillary’s and McCain’s.”

    Really? Wow. Then I guess the unprescedented level of hatred levelled at a candidate by her own party had nothing to do with her ideological deficiencies. Huh. Guess it was something else then. I wonder what? Could the foaming at the mouth misogyny of your posse have anything to do with it?

    Well, thanks for clearing that up. Not that I know they’re similar but she had to be destroyed because our party doesn’t truck with her gender, I feel much better. There’s nothing I wnat more than to see you guys in power, how could I have been so foolish.

  126. Clinton supporters are independent voters who want to understand the reasoning of speakers like Strickland and others, said Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO turned McCain adviser.

    “People will be looking to understand the rationale, besides party loyalty and party unity — what is the specific rationale behind his support of Barack Obama,” Fiorina said of Strickland.

  127. I’m a Clinton turned McKinney supporter. I will continue to send Cynthia money and I hope to vote for her in the fall… BUT if Virginia is running close I’ll take one for the team and vote McCain. It will hurt but, hey, you gotta break a few eggs… I am now an Independent. I will never call myself a Democrat again.

  128. I have to be honest and say that I am not, repeat NOT, going on O’s Ho’s forums and posting troll messages. NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL. All my posts are on neutral ground. Take that, you ignorant Bots!

    Now scrape together some of your microscopic remains of honor and go back to your little caves. Your trail of spoor should help you find your way home.

  129. Janet M, Hope you got my e-mail.

    To the O-bots: Your concern about our support is touching. You and your winner seem to be running scared on this night of “triumph”. As posted above, it is now the Obamacrat party, and most Pumas find it very, very dictatorial and corrupt. The Republicans look less noxious by comparison. I’m sure a good many decent people voted for O, but he had a lot of nasty thugs acting as his surrogates. When Hillary quoted Harriet Tubman in her speech, what “dogs” do you think she was referencing? the media, the dnc hijackers, O&Co. I suggest you defect from Camp Obama before the propaganda completely ruins your values and your ethics. As far as O being for the “little people” as opposed to big business, make me laugh.

  130. I’ve signed up with McCain. And I am ready to start a MA/CT Obama Must Lose group. I can live with McCain but the alternative is unthinkable. I think we need to re-group. PUMAs come home.

  131. Now, Janet, back to your suggestion of focusing on Obama’s defeat, I’m sending McCain an email, asking him to consider Olympia Snow, a moderate, or Michael Bloomberg, a moderate for VP. Anybody know why he shouldn’t consider them? (Besides the fact that they are Republicans, that is.)

    Might as well get started early on McCain’s campaign.



  132. I’ve e-mailed back to those who e-mailed me. Hope you all got mine

  133. Leela I love all your choices. What i want to do is get NJ democrats to vote for McCain. We need to show the DNC thugs that we are a powerful voting bloc that has power in the Democratic party. I will always be aDemocrat but this year I’m a proud PUMA

  134. NEVER elect a FRAUD.


  135. Big Cat, uh yeah, the Iraq War is all Clinton’s fault. GW and his buddies had nothing to do with it. Even Joe Biden, it doesn’t matter how he voted, he’s absolved too.

    But, hey, if you want to snap back to reality and support someone who voted against the war, you can always support my candidate: Cynthia McKinney.

  136. Same here, Janet. Except I’m seriously considering working with others toward establishing a viable major third party that could be a means of cleansing bothe the Republicans AND the Democrats of their extremists. Michael Bloomberg offered to be a part of this in the early spring – if Hillary didn’t run – sooooo…….

    I’m thinking the name of the party should be something like the American Party (Just my suggestion ;-} ) – combining the greens, progressives, libertarians, etc. into one third party platform we can all stand behind and being strong enough to win the major elections.

    Since my triumph over cancer, I’m seeing things in the distant future as more attainable than ever, now.


  137. I hope Bill Clinton tells them to go to hell tonight.
    They got their way now.
    We will get ours in November,



  138. I think another tactic to consider is working on all those Obama voters who now do not feel good about him. If they aren’t happy voting for McCain, work on getting them to vote for McKinney – I would LOVE to see her get in…..or even just help her create some noise for her platform!

    Not everyone can hold their noses and vote for McCain – It’s gonna be hard, siblings, but we can do it if it means winning back our democracy and our party. We cannot let the fascists win!

  139. Leela, I’m with ya! I truly respect, admire and LIKE McKinney. I got an e-mail today that Rosa Clemente, her VP running mate, is speaking tonight at an “Open the Debates” rally in Denver. I would love to do more to get her message/platform out to the public. And I would love to see the debates opened up to third parties.

  140. BigCat,

    If you truly are a McKinney supporter, then what in the hell are you doing shilling for Obama?! How can you even consider backing this bloodless coup of the Democratic party… especially after Bush’s regime? Good grief!

    Sometimes the only way to cleanse a process gone bad is to stop it from getting taking the reins of power and dumping the culprits immediately. That’s what I will do this November – I will hold my nose and vote for McCain. I asked Republicans to do the opposite and vote for Kerry in 2004 – how can I do anything less?

    Evil reigns when good men do nothing…Edmund Burke (?)

  141. I’m just guessing.. but if you thought your candidate had won the primary process fairly and was going to win the general election, would you be wasting time
    on the “defeated” party’s sites? Nah, don’t think so.
    Seems guilty consciences and doomed endeavors drive the nasties to come here and soil. Well, thanks for letting us know that you are aware you are pre-destined losers and morally bankrupt. Now go take your Obama lunch boxes and f-off. We have work to do here, and will be sure to post somewhere to let you know that Obama lost in the biggest landslide in history come November.

  142. does anyone know where I can see the roll call? I came home this evening and it was all over!!!!

  143. I’m not sure what part of PUMA’s strengthening our resolve counts as “implosion”, but whatever, dillweed.

    I presume you where referring to my post.

    In the wake of Clinton’s full support of Obama, the reason for PUMA’s existence is gone. In its wake you have a group of people willing to trash everything Hillary stood for because they lost the vote. I’d call that tragic at the very least.

  144. Mommy says I have to brush my teeth.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator

  145. Karma can be a b*tch…just as the DNC will find this November.

  146. Ha.

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