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Blame the Superdelegates for the impending disaster

If I hear one more person try to guilt me into voting for this lightweight in order to save the nation, I’m going to dope slap him/her.

There are people who are responsible for the impending disaster.  They are the Superdelegates.  They have a choice.  They can go with the competent, dedicated, brilliant, knowledgeable DEMOCRAT, or they can choose the post partisan, unscrupulous, unethical, schmoozer whose party loyalty is in doubt.

To US, the choice is simple.  It’s not our fault that we refuse to swallow the poison.

When Obama loses in November, and he will, look to the people who had the obligation to rescue the country from three consecutive terms of Republican rule.  The Superdelegates.

363 Responses

  1. Somehow Barack received the majority of Arizona delegates. I will be donating to Senator McCain tonight.

    This is the end.

  2. Arkansas cast 47 votes for Obama?

  3. why did California pass?

  4. California passes?

  5. After 50 years, I am a Democrat no more. I will max out on contributions to McCain. I will go door to door for him. I will do anything to insure that Obama loses.

    Democrats FU*K YOU!

  6. We should all donate to McCain tonight in protest of this sham.

  7. This is the biggest SHAM! Arkansas, just cast all 47 votes for Obama. And CA just passed. THIS IS NOT HOW THE VOTERS VOTED. THIS IS NOT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!!

  8. Will the SD’s votes be made public? I want to know how the ones from Texas voted so that I can contribute to any and all opponents they have in the future.

  9. Polo, she told the delegates to vote how they felt they needed to vote. Not her fault they are caving.

  10. Check out the new video post – police brutality against Code Pink

  11. CA passed so that they would not put Hillary in the lead!


  12. polo – you’re fooling no one here. Hillary, unlike your “Precious”, has maintained loyalty, tenacity and dignity throughout.

  13. This is why democrats lose elections. They are cowards. Just like that sniveling Hillary supporter last night, Alice Mills. Would you ever see a republican act that way? This is a party of wimps who have been bullied by frat boys.

  14. Why even vote if the delegates are representing the will of the people. This is just BarackTheatre.

  15. Florida? Clinton won Florida in a landslide. Obama gets more delegates.

    This is voter fraud on a massive scale.

    This makes anything Bush ever did pale in comparison.

  16. Cindhy: I am with you on the Texas deal. I want to know how the vote goes so that I will work my ass of to contribute to opponents.

  17. I thought Alice Mills was amazing.

  18. grlpatriot, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:04 pm Said:

    Why even vote if the delegates are representing the will of the people. This is just BarackTheatre.

    Correction: the delegates are NOT representing


    SO all the Obama heavy states go first – wait till he reaches his threshold, if he doesn’t, then they go v\back tot he states that didn’t go first.


    WE NEED A LIVE BLOGGER! I can’t comment & see tv at the same time (other side of the house)

  20. ben carlson

    I have my credit card ready

  21. No one who’s been paying attention to this entire charade could, in sound mind, lay this at HRC’s feet. The DNC and much of the media made sure her hands were tied.

  22. WigWag – what happened with FLORIDA??

    Our delegate beeyotches better friggin vote – we’ve fought long and hard for them to be heard!

  23. What bullsh!t — did you hear that about Guam — “we Democrats count our votes”

  24. It’s a like watching the stolen Barry state caucus, but super sized ….it’s how Barry rolls.

  25. myiq, when I click on your “‘welcome to Denver” I get “Sorry you’re looking for something that isn’t here.”

  26. Correction: Ann Mills

  27. Yea, Florida really went for Barack, WTF?????
    What the heck is going on in this country. I never thought I could do it but I’m with you wigwag- time to throw my support to Mccain.

  28. “#
    polo, on August 27th, 2008 at 5:57 pm Said:

    California passes?”

    I think because CA. is one of 13 states that have laws requiring delegated to vote they way they were selected. They will pass until obama goes over the “number” and then vote 100% for “O”. The fix has been in place for a long time,IMO.

  29. SM- they caved, the Florida delegates gave the majority to BO. As if!!!!!

  30. I am so sick right now

  31. LOSERS!

  32. Didn’t Hillary WIN Guam?

    There will be payback.

  33. sm77, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:07 pm Said:
    WigWag – what happened with FLORIDA??

    Our delegate beeyotches better friggin vote – we’ve fought long and hard for them to be heard!

    Well. after 50 years as a Democrat I reregistered as an Independent. Looks like I will have to reregister tomorrow as a Republican.

    This is like living in the former Soviet Union.

  34. ben carlson, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:03 pm Said:
    This is why democrats lose elections. They are cowards. Just like that sniveling Hillary supporter last night, Alice Mills. Would you ever see a republican act that way? This is a party of wimps who have been bullied by frat boys.

    A lot easier to say, Ben. The narrative would’ve played out much more negatively against folks like Alice Mills. Let’s not pretend it would’ve been granted equal perceptions/interpretations. Hardly.

  35. Is Illinois one of those states with the laws in place requiring delegates to vote as they were elected?

  36. wow illinois passed

  37. What’s up with Indiana!

  38. If those Texas delegates don’t vote the way they were sent there to vote after all the sh*t we went through in those sham caucuses, I’m going to lose it.

  39. She won Indiana and they just gave it to BO.

    I hope someone is keeping score!

    I want the score settled!


    This is even more payback for us attempting to have a fair and honorable election.

    We will see you LOSERS in November. Start practicing the words “President McCain”!

  40. I can’t take this. I literally feel like my head is going to explode.

    This is what they do in Stalinist states.

    The voters vote and the Party decides who wins.

    Sick, sick, sick!

  41. How about donating to McKinney/Clemente instead of McCain?

  42. Wig wag -I’m RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

    We went through allll of that so they can get a bonus ticket to Invesco Field and a pat on the head???

  43. Binding states: Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia.

    AZ, GA, and IN have already broken the law.

  44. FRAUD!

  45. I’m not gonna punish myself anymore. I will watch the big dawg tonight , I love him, and that will be it for me!

    Must say that my 79 y/o father, who has never voted democrat, called me this morning and said-“After watching Hillary last night I do believe I would have voted for her! What is wrong with your party?” I told him it wasn’t my party anymore!!!!!!!


  46. Cindy – FL Delegates went for Obama when she had the MAJORITY of delegates & popular votes here in our states

  47. SOD, but what sort of a deal is that? This roll call is a complete f*cking sham and even my chihuahua could see that.

    I hope Bill gets up there and tells them all where to shove it.

  48. votermom
    Obama needs to be stopped. Not screwing around.

  49. Didn’t Hillary win Kentucky?

  50. WTF Kentucky!

  51. Wig Wag – DITTO. This is totalinarianism

    Even an election in friggin CUBA is more fair than this.

  52. Voting for Mccain cause Hillary lost is just so astronomically dumb it makes me cringe. Why the hell does voting for someone that shares even fewer of her values and even less of a DEMOCRAT make things better? I ain’t trying to guilt anyone, I’m just bleeding cognitive dissonance from the ears here.

  53. Yes, Hillary won KY BIG.

  54. This is payback for forcing a roll call!

  55. Just as I demonstrated in our primary here in Florida yesterday.I will not vote for the Democrats this year in any way.I will vote for a Republican opponenant if worthy or not vote at all. I repeat this to every one of the candidates I come in contact with. I tell them to look to the party leaders for answers.The local politicians can put their feet to the fire if they hear this throughout the nation.

  56. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night.

  57. Rupa – shut the fuck up and go back to Obamastan.

  58. A lot easier to say, Ben. The narrative would’ve played out much more negatively against folks like Alice Mills. Let’s not pretend it would’ve been granted equal perceptions/interpretations. Hardly.

    And lest this be misunderstood, I’m referring to those “HIlary” delegate reps., like Alice, getting the shaft from the Obamedia. They’d be branded as law-breaking criminals — terrorist even! SMH.

  59. Where are you guys watching this on the web? I’m scared to look but feel like I have to.

    Maybe I should just go watch Max & Ruby with my kids.

  60. FRAUD and those delegates never go back.

    They collected money under false pretenses.

  61. KY will pass

  62. http://goesdownbitter.wordpress.com/2008/08/27/this-is-who-the-democratic-national-poo-bahs-rejected/

    Watched Hillary’s speech last night. The DNC thinks they can elect Obama without Clinton’s backing and voters.


    President McCain wins in a landslide in November.

  63. rupa GO AWAY!!!

    It is because BARACK OBAMA is a fraud!

  64. KY already voted, parentofed

  65. I feel sick. I can’t believe this. They are trying to rewrite History. After all Hillary has done to support BO, this is how she gets repaid? I am livid.

  66. “How about donating to McKinney/Clemente instead of McCain?”

    No way. We need to make sure Obama loses, McKinney doesn’t accomplish that for us. McCain is a moron, but he didn’t steal my vote.

    As bad as McCain is, it was Obama and the Democrats who treated me like a citizen of a Soviet Gulug.

  67. Keep score — the Dem party is DEAD.

    Soetoro will go down in the biggest defeat in history — and anyone STUPID enough to vote for this UN-democratic monster deserves to be called a traitor to America.

    McCain is looking better and better every day.

  68. This is the biggest bunch of f**king cheaters. I’m seriously sick. This is not a Democracy!

  69. Julie: WHAT? I just went to the bathroom. KY is one of the 13 states….

  70. I BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY and what I am seeinbg on TV is the beginning of a Totalinariaist (sp?) state.

    I fought hard and long for my vote to be represented so my delegates of my FRIGGIN state can sell out like that???????????

    Where is the representation???

    WHY even hold an election????

    Is THIS why my parents came to this country 40+ years ago?

    This is not freedom.

    This is not DEMOCRACY.

  71. I hope the GOP unleases a war against BO.

  72. Yeah, everyone better bundle up on November 4 because hell will be freezing over as I cast my vote for a Republican for the first time ever.

  73. McCain 2008

    Hillary 2012

    Go Home Senator Clinton and President Clinton, Do not go to this sham!

    PUMA HAKA :evil

  74. Wig Wag – DITTO. This is totalinarianism

    Even an election in friggin CUBA is more fair than this.

    SM, you’re right, Fidel could learn something from the Democrats

  75. This is beyond unbelievable. It’s quite tragic. How do they (BO and DNC) NOT consider the ramifications of this overt sham, going into November?

  76. I don’t think it’s “payback.” I think it’s the only way Barack and the DNC would agree to a vote – it had to be guaranteed to come out in Barack’s favor.

  77. WigWag, 1/2FL and sm: FL delegates were told to change to Obama or be replaced in the meeting held at the Jefferson/Jackson meeting in Hollywood after Hillary suspended. The sun-sentinel had a huge article on it. We have been had since June., Now our assignment, if we choose to accept it, is to ascertain that he loses FL in November. Citizens for McCain has been recruiting hot and heavy. They want Democrats and Independents who are willing to come forward..

  78. Like Stalin said.

    Doesn’t matter who’s voting, it’s who counts the votes.

  79. Massachusetts: 52 for HC, 65 for BO

  80. WigWag: McKinney is also into whole Black Liberation Theology big time; we’d end up with a bunch of Obama thugs anyway.

    Besides, I now want McCain to just wipe the whole floor with this fraud of a Democratic Party.

  81. SOE – if we vote for Obama, we are participant to Treason in the highest order.

    DEMOCRACY is soooo hard to obtain – yet so easy to lose because of shams on TV right now.

  82. MA just gave it to BO

    Fuck them all!

    Thieves and Thugs!

  83. State of Disbelief: Why cut off at New York. What is gained? Why did Hillary agree to this?

    Grlpatriot: What happens if 13 states break their law and vote otherwise?

  84. This is just unbelievable; Clinton crushed Obama in Massachusetts.

    I can’t believe this isn’t illegal,

  85. Keep thinking of the line from Star Wars when the Senate votes for Palpatine:

    “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.”

  86. I got my evening laid out:

    Baseball and then regularly check The Confluence to see when Bill Clinton comes on.

    I admire all of you watching this puke-inducing horror show. I don’t have the nerves.

  87. Cindy: Me,too. I had been a registered Democrat for 42 years. I changed to independent 05/31 when our morally bankrupt RBC again denigrated my FL vote.

  88. Who gives a shit about Deval Patrick. Hillary won MA. She gets 52 and Barry gets 65.

    This is an outrage!

  89. Carol
    MA had more holdouts than I expected- at least a few with some guts

  90. Most to gain? Like taking his name off the ballot. This is DISGUSTING.

  91. This reeks.

  92. MI can eat dirt for the next 4 years.

  93. #
    birdgal, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:20 pm Said:

    I hope the GOP unleases a war against BO.

    It is up to the GOP — what an irony that the fate of America is in the hands of the GOP political fighting machine.

  94. these f-ing people are yelling like drunks for chrissake

  95. What is going on? Am I disgruntled or is this all so wrong? UNdemocratic? Please factually explain how this could happen! No really/ot just that it is thuggery, I believe that, but, how can this be? How can they legally change the votes already reported as Hillary’s? What laws are being broken? Can The Denver Group file a lawsuit? I am SOOO scared that if he can steal this he’ll steal it ALL.

  96. Besides Arkansas, the worst part of this for me was when she said, “Democrats count the votes.” Sorry if that caused anyone to gag (it did me).

  97. chatblu- I accept and will do my duty to make sure BO does not win Florida. Now where is that Mccain office in my district?

  98. Know what, guys? I think there is a method to their madness. They are majorly, MAJORLY pissing off the public. There will be a giant backlash tonight.

  99. chatblu – THIS ROYALLY SUCKS!!

    We fought HARD to get them to represent US. ME. YOU. WIG WAG, all of us here.

    Where is my vote? Used as toilet paper. AGAIN!

  100. MABlue
    its awful dying to pull the plug on it bu have to see if HRC is coming on with NY.
    But its making me physically ill.

  101. I don’t understand this! How cfan they do this? Are they really thinking that they are going to get away with this?

  102. rupa, FUCK OFF. I will not have my vote stolen by arm-twisting of convention delegates any more than I will have it stolen by Rove.

    What the DNC has done this year is as evil as anything Rove every cooked up, and they WILL NOT be rewarded for it by me.

    If you can’t comprehend that, then too bad. I do not have time to explain it, I will be too busy bringing these fuckers down by any means possible, and expelling them from the party I HAVE LOVED for 45 years.

    FUCK. OFF.

  103. riverdaughter-yep

  104. RD: I’ve been saying that since the start.

    Chaos and lots of ugliness. I’m not defending anybody at all. Baby Bop is on his own.

  105. WHY even hold this Roll Call I say? The media and the convention for that matter acting as though this is all going on legitimately. I had to turn it off. I will NOT be voting for the Messiah on November 4th.

  106. Rozanna,

    13 Binding Vote states where the elected/pledged delegates are bound to vote for HRC on the first ballot: Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia.

    We have to call state Attorney Generals. Check out this post. But stay tuned. I’m certain PUMAs will have actions coming out after this horrendous fraud!


  107. The states are passing so Barack Obama wouldn’t be “embarrassed” if the numbers jumped in HRC’s direction at any point, even for a second.

    We’re watching the destruction of the Democratic Party. It’s self-destructing right before our eyes.

    It’s a sad, sad day. Only solidifies my resolve to support John McCain.

    Frigging unbelievable!

  108. Baseball it is.

    I won’t dignify this charade by watching it, and I’ve always loved the roll call of the states. These aren’t states, they’re conquered territories.

  109. chatblu, if you have any information on how to contact them, please post it. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is my congresswomen. I will follow her from event to ask her to explain this travesty!

  110. I am now blogging on the McCain website. I think we need a lot of traffic over there tonight to counter what has just happened. You need to register but my comment was posted immediately unlike on Hillary’s site.

  111. You know, maybe this is why Hillary fought to have a roll call. She knew the fix was in and that it couldn’t be corrected, so at least they have to stand up in front of people and announce the fraud. I see that percentage of Hillary supporters who won’t vote for Obama rising in the next round of polls.

    These chickens will come home to roost.

  112. This is the scariest cult I have witnessed for quite a while.

  113. it will always be the clintons fault…now come on! they expect it every turn and they are still winners

    i look forward to the show…..let the 527’s begin…pass the popcorn please….

  114. @birdgal, 6:20 PM

    “I hope the GOP unleases a war against BO.”

    They will. They got him nominated in order to defeat him, and that’s exactly what they’ll do.

    Heckuva job, Howie.

  115. Kudos to all the Hillary delegates who voted for her despite the DNC fix and the Obama intimidation. You are the heroes today.

  116. RD: Pray tell, because I AM LOSING MY FRIGGIN MIND HERE.

    We are seeing the end of Star Wars Episode 3 – except with uglier clothes

  117. The DNC “leadership” already selected Obama. This is
    just a show of legitimacy that he needs so that he doesn’t crown himself.

    The decision was made a long time ago, as soon as Hillary was first asked
    to drop out. There was no chance for Hillary so most delegates knew that
    they needed to get behind the Chosen One.

    The next time I see a registration desk (manned by old white women for Obama, typically), I’ll switch to Independent. Other than watching Bill tonight,
    it is their party!

  118. This once proud Democrat,
    The progeny of Democrats,
    A donor to Democrats,
    A canvasser for Democrats

    Proudly Casts One Vote for John McCain!

  119. RD

    As much as I respect you and your hope that things will work out, I have to disagree with you. These are partisans who are the delegates. They are not real people. They are devoted to the party, not to Hillary, or to this country. I think there has been a gross misunderstanding of what cowards these people are.

  120. I have known for months I would not vote for BO. Today, I decided to vote for McCain.

  121. Does anyone know if any of the CA delegates got replaced after Terminator told CA congress they shouldn’t go to Convention until the budget was fixed?

  122. @ Grlpatriot,

    What do you mean binding?

  123. Nation and Country First

    It’s either Hillary or McCain.

    Hillary is out.

    McCain is in.

    Project runway anyone?

  124. JimC, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:29 pm needs to be escorted out.

  125. HILLARY is a ruthless campaigner who has brought out the worst in the political system but no matter how far she has come, she is a failure. She has failed to live up to core Democratic principles, She has failed to respect the voters. She has failed to disguise her contempt for average, hard working American men and women. And because she has failed in so many ways to appeal to the electorate at large, she will fail the ultimate contest. She will be a failed presidential candidate. We do not wish to be associated with failure while there is still time and an opportunity to avoid it.

    There, now it works both ways. And this way is alot closer to truth than the dribble being espoused here as serious dialogue.

  126. RD: Cancel that –

    Here is the answer!

    Cindy, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:28 pm Said:
    You know, maybe this is why Hillary fought to have a roll call. She knew the fix was in and that it couldn’t be corrected, so at least they have to stand up in front of people and announce the fraud. I see that percentage of Hillary supporters who won’t vote for Obama rising in the next round of polls.

    These chickens will come home to roost.

    Thank you for explaining that.

    OK – so she went through this for TV to see the biggest defecation on Democracy since Fidel Castro.

  127. I’m not mad just really stunned. It’s like they’re not even trying to be fair or just. What’s worse is that Hillary’s real delegate count won’t be recorded for posterity as it should be. That hurts because it isn’t right.

    She came unbearably close and it won’t even be on record.


    Well, where there’s duplicity, there’s karma.

  128. SOD, please pass the tinfoil.

  129. I am probably slow on the uptake here, but why did IL and CA say “pass” and how are they tallying the delegate numbers?

  130. WigWag,sm and 1/2 FL: I live in Broward Co, but have been speaking with the Tally office. Because of all of the troll traffic, I am afraid to put their info here. I signed up through Citizens For McCain and they contacted me. If there is anyone in admin there who can give you me email, contact me directly and I’ll tell all. (WigWag, if you’re in Debbie’s area, you live close to me, and FLVoter does too. We now have a local chapter!)

  131. This is so sad. That’s why I haven’t been watching. But thanks everyone for the reports. Even secondhand it’s depressing. Not that Hillary has lost the nomination but that the Democratic Party has stolen votes from their own voter base. I’m done with them. What a bunch of frauds.

  132. As well as angry, I am terrified. How could a small cabal of DNC officials, party leaders, and Chicago crooks tear apart the Democratic Party & install this fraud.

    I’ve been leaning McCain for a few weeks, If the DNC turned into a nighmare. Now, I’m looking forward to voting for him. Hell, just toss out all the Democrats. What is the point if they can’t stand up for us in this simple, basic act of representing the votes of their constituents.

    Grab a-holt of me, Kid, I might even vote for McConnell. I know he’s a crook, but at least he’s a crook out in the open, and we’re going to need Republicans to knock some sense into the Democratic Party. Oh, god, I can’t believe I’m saying this.

  133. I will put my nation first and vote for McCain. Never in a million years would I betray this country by putting Barack Obama in office.

  134. “I hope the GOP unleases a war against BO.

    “It is up to the GOP — what an irony that the fate of America is in the hands of the GOP political fighting machine.”


    The GOP is waiting until the convention locks in Obama as the nominee, which his party is foolishly doing as we write…

  135. Stateofdisbelief

    I’m HAPPY to vote for McCain 2008 and Hillary 2012. In fact, if I could get my hands on an absentee ballot, I’d vote NOW.

    Here are the Top 10 reasons for McCain (from Hillbuzz)

    1. A new kind of politics = voting for the best candidate, regardless of party
    2. McCain won’t raise taxes
    3. Experience and accomplishments matter
    4. Bipartisan record of working with Democrats
    5. In 35 years, no Republican president has threatened Roe v. Wade
    6. The president can only nominate judges, while a Democrat-controlled Congress will appoint them
    7. Energy independence for the United States, using all means available
    8. 100% open government and unfettered press access
    9. Risked political career to do what he thought was best for the country
    10. Never earmarked a single pork barrel project

  136. By the way, there are plenty of anti Obama 527 organizations to contribute to. Their ads will be dishonest, disgusting and vile. But will contributing to them be any more vile than what we are witnessing now?

  137. PUMAs?? Ok….. Read this Blog. http://baldwin2008supporter.blogspot.com
    After that, think about the fact that you could be rid of Obama and McCain both by voting for a viable third party candidate ( And no, I am not speaking of Ralph Nader) and showing the country what Minnesotans did when the elected Jesse Ventura governor a few years back. It seems no one gets the message. Every 4 years it has to be Democrat or Republican. Those of us who stand up for a party we believe in and their platform outside of those two are always told we are just wasting our vote and helping out the opponent of the one they are voting for. That we are to blame. We aren’t to blame for “sticking to our guns” and voting for the party nominee whoever it may be. Be well 🙂

  138. Please tell me why this roll call is SO EARLY….I mean, it’s like 6:30 pm ET and they’re at MONTANA!! Prime commuting time…

    Why not PRIME TIME????


    Chris Wallace says the ratings last night were WAY UP over 2004’s second night….because of the Clinton drama…may be “good box office” but what have people really been seeing other than the magnificent Hillary???

  139. We knew florida would fold after 6 delegates were replaced, we knew KY would fold after delegates were replaced.

  140. IXLNXS, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:32 pm Said:

    HILLARY is a ruthless campaigner who has brought out the worst in the political system but no matter how far she has come, she is a failure. She has failed to live up to core Democratic principles, She has failed to respect the voters. She has failed to disguise her contempt for average, hard working American men and women. And because she has failed in so many ways to appeal to the electorate at large, she will fail the ultimate contest. She will be a failed presidential candidate. We do not wish to be associated with failure while there is still time and an opportunity to avoid it.”

    Ya know what – I rarely comment and rarely use the F word, but right now FUCK YOU and get the hell out of here.

  141. I have been a democrat since I was 18 years old. I am now 44 years old.and Ihave never voted for a republican before. In November this year I will vote straight republican, period. The democratic party can kiss my a##!

  142. @ elixir – the 13 states I listed have binding laws that bind the delegates to vote for the candidates they are pledged to.

    Alegre has a post about it.

  143. WHY is she losing most of her delegate in EVERY state?????

    That conman, thief and liar can go straight to he|| and stay there for all eternity. Hillary almost had me convinced until Obama reminded me why I would not vote for him for all the money, all the love or eternal life.

  144. Florida had to fold after 6 delegates were replaced, KY had to fold after delegates were replaced.

  145. Delphyne: I second that.

  146. I am guessing IL passed so they could be the state that puts Barky over the top. No clue about California, unless their vote would have giving HRC a brief lead.

  147. We need to keep in mind the Hillary was forced by the DNC to release her delegates. It was part of the “deal” that was cut in order for Obama to “allow” a floor vote. That means there’s no one at the helm steering the HRC votes. It’s impossible to manage the votes of 2,000 people without an organization in back of them to coordinate.

    Obviously, our work isn’t done.


  148. just sent hillary a response to her appeal for $$ for barak! here it is:


    I know no one will read this but Hillary in case someone does I would like you to know that my support of you is as Pat Buchanan said “NON-TRANSFERABLE” and NON-NEGOTIABLE. Senator Obama will not get my vote in November. I am ready to suffer 4 more years of stupidity to PUNISH the party for what it did to 18 million voices!

    NO WAY NOvember NOBAMA!

    I respect you always and ask you to respect my “fair reflection” of Senator Obama.

    very respectfully

    Michael Varvel

  149. I’ll check out mccain’s web.
    I will remember in November

  150. “I am probably slow on the uptake here, but why did IL and CA say “pass” and how are they tallying the delegate numbers?”

    My guess is they didn’t want CA to put Hillary ahead in the count, and are waiting for Il. to put BO over the top.

  151. There’s some troll feces in need of immediate attention. Thanks in advance. @ 6:32

  152. Who feels unified! Me and all the PUMAs! Against this fraud.

    That is just non good.

  153. New hampshire: all 30 for Obama

  154. New Hampshire:

    Clinton wins the Primary in a huge upset.

    Obama gets: 30 votes
    Clinton gets: 0 votes

    It’s time for WAR!

  155. Guys, I really think that the ones behind all of this are not planning to keep Obama. They knew all along about all of his scandals and all. He will be shamed out and Biden or someone who will continue Bush-Chaney work (bringing fascism into the government) will be put in his place.

    Just not Hillary, because she would have turned all of that around.

  156. BaldwinSupporter, different PuMAs are expressing their disgust with the DNC in different ways – we are not all voting for McCain, not at all. It is merely one option some have chosen.

    So thanks for the info. 🙂

  157. NH is one of the states with the damn law

  158. Ah gee — I remember how I felt after the mauling at the WA state caucus in February. The FIX was in before the damn caucus started —

    At that point I knew that I was wasting my time and I turned down a request that I be a delegate.

    Now you all who didn’t go through the HELL caucus mess — understand what we went through.

    Obama held another caucus — he bussed in delegate WHORES who went against the will of the voters.

    I will enjoy watching the arrogant narcissistic fool Soetoro/Obama go down to defeat in November.

  159. In the immortal words of the conservative RedstateUpdate [don’t know their names]:

    Fu*k it. McCain

  160. Polo is a visicious Obama bot from Yes to Democracy he likes to intimidate us PUMA’s He is a gutless coward-I hope he dies from disappointment when Obama Loses.

    Ye shall reap whet ye have sown-and ye have sown the wind prepare to reap the whirlwind!


  161. Okay, well, not mad, a little stunned.

    They’re literally too stupid to live. They didn’t even make it look fair. That’s actually nauseating.

  162. this is no catharsis — sorry for stating the obvious

  163. They are interviewing delegates on ABC and some putz is talking about Obama’s “change” and it “would just be sour grapes to not get on board with that.” The other three all said they were now supporting him 100%, “mostly because of what Hillary said last night.”


  164. OMG, New Jersey just sold out all 127 votes to Obama!!!

  165. There are some Democrats who are not getting their jobs back. It’s stunning actually.

  166. Well you have to hand it to Obama and his band of thugs they worked tirelessly to change, under the radar, as many delegates as possible to BO delegates. So they gamed the system at the beginning, middle and end of this campaign. Are we surprised they orchestrated this coupe.

  167. NH just gave all 30 votes to Barry. That’s Hillary’s state. NJ just gave all votes to Barry, too. THAT’S IT! I’ve had it.

    I have been a Democratic for 20 years, since I was 18. This party has gone insane.

    Not only will I cast my vote in November for John McCain. I am buying a “Democrats for McCain” bumpsticker for my car today. And, tomorrow, I’m going to my local McCain office to get yard signs. I’m might even let them talk me into doing volunteer work. That’s how f**king outraged I am.

  168. IXLNXS, did you stop taking your meds or something? Because your grip on reality seems to be significantly tenuous.

  169. Well it looks like all our efforts have been a waste of time.

    But there’s still November!

    Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!

  170. New Mexico yielding to Illinois now?

  171. This is a total sham…brought to you by Obomination…!!!!

  172. If we checked the ethnicity of the delegates who are there it would probably tip in favor of the minority. MA was won fair and square yet they gave the highest number to him. This is stomach turning. Why, why, why?

  173. 1/2 FL: Citizens for McCain, not McCain for Pres. There’s a contact area. I filled that out and got calls and emails. They are looking for Dems and Indies to come forward. I have signed up 7 people since yesterday and 5 more are thinking strongly about it,

  174. Indi – You’re right – it’s not a catharsis – it’s cold blooded murder of Democracy

  175. I want my tax dollars back from our publically funded primary. My vote wasn’t represented, and that is total BULLSHIT!

  176. So — on record, Hillary’s amazing history run comes down to a 5:1 defeat. What’s the point of anything.

  177. What, pray tell, can President William Jefferson Clinton possibly say to the convention and the country after this atrocious display??

  178. They are doing this so that SD’s don’t have to decide!

    We are all really stupid don’t you know?


    Here comes our captive!

  179. If NY fucks over Hillary… I don’t know what I’ll do but…

  180. Here she is!!

  181. They are probably letting Illinois have the honor…

  182. Wig Wag: Hardly a waste of tme. View this as a 4 year punt. Then there’s 2012.

  183. I can’t believe it. They’re making her do it. She’s doing it. What a sad day.

  184. Let’s see what New York does!

  185. I am crying my eyes out!

  186. They are on New York right now. HRC is in the house!!

    Schumer is with her. Cuomo kisses her.

  187. my comment is in moderation – why – I didn’t say anything nasty

  188. Oh man.

  189. It is so aggravating that everyone is happy. Don’t they know that they have all been manipulated and this is not going to be for anybody’s benefit?

  190. Not a waste of time…the word is out…despite this sham there is NO UNITY!!!
    These folks don’t represent the real people who sent them there to be represented…they sold out the Voters!!

  191. Hillary can’t even look up.

  192. Why did we even bother to vote in the primaries – New Jersey gave all of its votes to Obama, a state Hillary WON! What a farce. I am thoroughly disgusted.

  193. here ya go it’s worth a look now

    Please join John McCain and Cindy McCain at a Road to the Convention Rally on August 29th in Dayton, OH or August 30th in Washington, PA. As the Senator and Mrs. McCain make their way across the country, they would be delighted to have you join them at the rallies leading up to accepting the Republican Nomination in Minnesota on September 4th.

    Please come and show your support for John McCain. Please pick up a free ticket to join us. You can reserve a ticket to pick up at one of our ticket distribution centers by following this link or email us at ohio@johnmccain.com or Pennsylvania@JohnMcCain.com.

    Also, don’t forget to hold a convention watching party to see John McCain accept the nomination. Follow this link to register your party with the campaign so you can receive an official Convention Party Packet.

  194. Delphyne, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:35 pm Said:

    Ya know what – I rarely comment and rarely use the F word, but right now FUCK YOU and get the hell out of here.

    Why? Because I took the bloggers own words, and replaced all the HEs with SHEs? Because I clearly illustrated that the knife should cut both ways when describing *spit* politicians?

    And what is even funnier about all of this, this whole mess thats probably part of a Republithig plan, is combined with all the red necks who wouldn’t have voted for a black OR a woman we now have women who will vote for the worst pick because their CHOSEN ONE wasn’t picked.

    Hypocrits and shrill losers. Damnded the country “WE’RE” voting for the other guy because he isn’t the guy who beat our girl.

    And all because your pick was a woman. You cannot get much more sexist than that.

  195. Why is she looking down?!! How sad.

  196. Help ,I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and I can’t get out!

  197. fif: “sour grapes” ???

    WTH is this, a vital convention to determine the Presidential candidate for one of two main parties, or a friggin Tea Party? Ungracious? Unity? Problematic?

    I’ve seen more competitive spirit at a grade school soccer match.

    The Republicans are right about THESE Democrats, they are not fit to guide this country.

  198. Regency, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:39 pm Said:
    Okay, well, not mad, a little stunned.
    They’re literally too stupid to live. They didn’t even make it look fair. That’s actually nauseating.

    Yep. A woman MADE HISTORY, and not only did they shove her out, they had to game it so that it did not even look like she did as well as she did, SO AS NOT TO EMBARRASS THE MAN.

    Be clear about this. Denying Hillary her accurate delegate vote had nothing to do with “unity”, and everything to do with throwing the achievement of the woman under the bus to salve the man’s ego.

  199. Pat – I don’t think it has to do with that – all the states she won, all the mi-west states went that went for her, are now his delegates.

    IT’s vote fraud.

  200. They are going to force her to vote against herself.

  201. Chatblu- Thank you. Thanks to all at this site.
    Sharing the pain and anger and turning it into action.

  202. fuzzy,

    If that was the e mail I got earlier, the link went to a form to donate for her debt, not to him.

  203. This has got to be killing HRC

  204. God, what if the delegates force a vote for Hillary as VP? I just want this to be over.

  205. “When Obama loses in November, and he will, look to the people who had the obligation to rescue the country from three consecutive terms of Republican rule.”

    If Obama were to lose it would probably have something to do with all the supposedly long-time Democrats here who refuse to vote for him. So in that sense, you have something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    “Not only will I cast my vote in November for John McCain. I am buying a “Democrats for McCain” bumpsticker for my car today. And, tomorrow, I’m going to my local McCain office to get yard signs. I’m might even let them talk me into doing volunteer work. That’s how f**king outraged I am.”

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. We won’t miss you.

  206. Hillary calls for acclamation.

  207. what a circus

  208. Shame on them. Shame.

  209. Good – they trotted her out to rape her in front of all of us!

  210. SusiePuma, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:40 pm Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I’m done with the Democratic Party – I will do everything in my power to defeat that empty suit in November – Bill’s not watching the chariot race at the football stadiium – neither am I.

    I knew politics was dirty (witness Chicago) but this surpasses just about everything I ever thought I knew – the hell with them all – I’m done with Hillary too – she could’ve stopped this and I’m tired of hearing the party, the party – she bragged all through the primaries that she was fighting for us – stand up – refuse to be knocked down – well she sure failed at that didn’t she.

    Guess the lady in the pantsuit has sung and is just a tad off-key………………………………..

    Please take me out of moderation – I’ve posted her before

  211. Acclamation

  212. It’s astounding that all of the mainstream media is kissing Obama’ ass and not all over these travesties! Is there any sanity left in this country at all?

  213. What an amazing woman.

  214. OK, this is not the catharsis that Hillary described

  215. I argue with my sister almost daily. She cannot understand why I won’t support this fraud of a Democratic nominee – she believes in party first. I’ve tried and tried and tried to explain to her that there IS NO DEMOCRATIC PARTY any more, but she’s bought into the whole fear issue – if McCain is elected, Roe v Wade will go out the window and we’ll be in Iraq for 100 years. She says that Hillary has asked her supporters to vote for Obama, so why won’t I? I love my sister with all my heart, but she just doesn’t get it.

    This PUMA will never ever ever vote for Obama. This PUMA will vote for McCain. Obama needs to lose by a landslide, and take Pelosi, Reid, Brazile, and Dean with him. We can survive 4 years of McCain, but not 8 years of Obama.

    And I guarantee you, if Obama somehow steals the election, Hillary won’t be running again. The Dems will have their puppet in the White House and they’ll do anything to keep him there. Hillary is too much a party loyalist, and will never run against a Democratic incumbent, no matter who it is.

    So, I figure my vote for McCain in 2008 will be my vote for Hillary in 2012.

    I may be a sad PUMA at the moment, but my sadness will pass and my anger will rise! Beware an angry PUMA! Beware 3 million angry PUMAs!

  216. Stick a fork in me, because I’m done.

    Until today I would have left the box for President on my ballot unchecked. Not now. John McCain, here I come.

  217. I learned something today: Unity means that elections don’t matter.

  218. Did Schumer just say “that was fun”???

  219. 1/2FL” My pleasure. Where are you located?

  220. Agree with Carol’s comment above.

  221. ohmygod got to turn this trash off

  222. Man, I can’t believe how stupid the DNC is proving to be.

  223. This is revolting.

  224. That took backbone.

    Thank you, Hillary, for this amazing ride.

    I’m so done with this party.

    McCain 2008
    Hillary 2012

  225. I love Hillary…she’s our angel!!!
    These folks are dancing on the Titanic!!!
    It;s going down…Obama looses in November!!

  226. i bet anne mills from washington is pissed

  227. I just talked to my dad on the phone and told him I was going to vote McCain and he was literally speechless.

  228. Man, I hope the post-convention bounce is a lead balloon.

  229. I think we all need to take a deep breath and regroup. We need to put our anger into action.

  230. love train, lol, lol

  231. I will never forget. Look at that Bitch Pilosi. Enjoy your moment Bitch, You will be crying in November. I will never forget

  232. IT”S OVER.


  233. Ain’t no love train here!

  234. motherfuckers
    how on earth does Hillary hold it together

  235. Notice how Nancy didn’t wait to hear the response to “All those opposed say Nay”…

  236. i am so pissed…… i can not believe what i just experienced. please someone tell me this is a nightmare

  237. “SELECTED BY THIS CONVENTION”… oh Hillary how sly! Love her!

  238. @ riverdaughter: They are not going to force HIllary Clinton to vote against herself.

    HIllary Clinton is a warrior. She has never been forced to do anything. And I doubt she ever will.

  239. They are so f*cked.

    Everyone, I need to go feed my kids. Glad at least that I have you all to vent to. Will check back in later.

  240. troll at 6:46

  241. This outcome was expect — and yet it sickens me.

    Thanks for the watching this mess so I don’t have to.

    I’ve been pissed since the Caucus in February — damned I was disgusted then with the dem WHORES who sold out to Obama.

    And back in February I didn’t know the HALF of what I know today about the lying creep Soetoro/Obama.

  242. As a lifelong, diehard Republican I just want you guys to know how sorry I am that your candidate was screwed so bad by the DNC. I have immense respect for her and she should have been treated better

  243. I kind of love how its still all about Hillary.

  244. I wish Bill would come out and give a short speech:

    Fuck you, you are going to lose.

  245. Now for my response to Howard DeaNC

    Mr Howard Dean

    PARTY UNITY MY ASS(PUMA) I cannot wait till Obama loses in November I will work against Obama day and night I will never let him near the Oval Office-unles it is to serve President Hillary Clinton cookies in 2013!

    This Party is Divided until President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Re-unites it on 1November 2011!
    You, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Alexfraud, and all your minion I hope you die from disapointment when we hand the keys to the white house to the opposition!

    You are corrupt and greedy and a bunch of frauds. We refuse to cooperate with your Obama plan try to make me cooperate and you will be sorry! You are a bunch of Guttless Cowards and Liars.

    I hope all your plans turn to dust you S–K!


    Michael P Varvel

  246. On May 31st, 2008 a major blow was delivered to the Democratic Party. Never having fully recovered it was finally put to rest after a long an illustrious career on August 27th 2008. R.I.P.

  247. Regency, I’m with you.

    McCain 2008
    Hillary 2012

  248. I just shot John Mac a hundred bucks. On his contribution form, it asks if you were referred by anyone?

    I put down Nancy Pelosi/Howard Dean

    I immediately felt much better!

    No How.
    No Way.

    Hill 2012

  249. catarina: Hillary is a fellow Scorpio, and we do not get mad. We get even.

  250. I know how a rabid dog feels-or a rabid PUMA!


  251. Love train.

  252. The “Love Train” is headed for a big crash…derailed by the those who didn’t drink Koolaid!!

  253. That fucking bitch Donna is on.

  254. All’s I see Riverdaughter is a Democratic Party affirming the nomination
    of Barack Obama, (D).

  255. Thanks, Helicat

  256. Xanthippas, um, actually you’re in OUR house. So, hey, watch out for that door knob and all.

  257. CAble News: All cameras on Hillary while music plays “Love Train.” I am no longer a Democrat.

  258. chatblu

    scorpio rising here
    see my avatar above

    mccain 2008
    hillary 2012

  259. ginainkc – Good for you!

  260. You lose.

  261. No, douglas, we all lose.

  262. Well, well, well. The Dems just sliced their throats in public on national tv.

    C’mon Johnny Mac. Get to work. 😡

  263. hey ginainkc, thanks for giving me a good laugh. i love the “referral”!

  264. sm77: have to admit that your remark re Star Wars but the clothes was funny.

    ben: I will regroup, but I have to go vomit first. I wonder if this is how moderate Republicans felt when the neocons took over their party?

  265. Scorpios get mad alone and get even publicly. At least I do.

    This was a mistake. Not mine however.

  266. This nomination was over long ago. It was preordained since before Iowa.

    Hillary has been performing a Kabuki dance since June so that no one can point the finger of blame at her when Obama goes down in flames.

    Hillary 2012

  267. 69 days from now, OBAMA is proclaimed the looser that he is!!!

  268. I’ll remember for the rest of my life how my vote ws shat on today. And so will my daughter.

  269. and now, “my friends”-I ‘m off to Johnny Mac’s website, credit card in hand…

  270. Do we feel like a minority faction? We have beaten our brains out listening to the MSM, expected the Rules Committee to act in a fair and equitable manner, thought the delegates would act as our surrogates, and we were never heard. We knocked and yelled and nobody listened. Is this our future?

  271. Just as I stated….. The DNC or someone has sold things up the river. Now I see some stating they are going to “punish” the party by voting for McCain. As I stated, it’s always about the “republicrats”. We could write in Ron Paul if Chuck won’t do.
    Oh, and Democracy? America is a Constitutional Republic. 221 years ago, We made it official.
    Be well!

  272. There was a catharsis, this Party has now come together…some woman pundit announces, blah blah blah.

  273. Carol: Well, of course that bitch Donna is on; she’s the one that carries the 100 gallon box of salt for the Hillary wound.

    Obama can’t just lose in November, he has to lose HUGE. Otherwise, he’ll remain the presumptive candidate for several years.

  274. ben carlson, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:49 pm Said:
    I think we all need to take a deep breath and regroup. We need to put our anger into action.

    I wish we knew how!

  275. Wow, it’s over. I just never thought I’d see the day that American politics would become this corrupt. I feel exactly the same way I did the day Kennedy was shot and the Challenger blew up. What a tragedy for our country.

    Barky, you arrogant fraud, you’re going to end up the biggest loser in election history.

    Go, McCain!

  276. ALL Pumas in Denver, get out of there!!!! We need you home. Let’s organized another conference to organize for the GE.. Follow Bill lead. Leave. Just leave. It’s time to regroup. No need to stay for that farce anymore.

  277. Pat: Only if we choose to accept it.

  278. Just wait, when BO loses in November the DNC will blame the Clintons. I feel such a sense of pride in Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is a class act all the way. Today will certainly go down in history as one of the bleakest in the history of the Democratic Party. I’ll watch Bill speak, but for me it’s time to turn the TV off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. This is FOX! “This is a very stirring touching moment…catharsis yada yada yada.”

    Reality check someone!

  280. Chatblu- I’m in central Fl. just east of Tampa.

    Pat- As usual you are right!!!!!

  281. Hellcat, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    Thank you.

  282. stateofdisbelief – same with mine in NY

  283. So this is how liberty dies

  284. It is a scary future, Pat. A free and fair press is what protects us from tyranny in our government. We do not have that. No one in mainstream media spoke truth to the people.

  285. WigWag: We start by electing McCain. That should go a long way to unseating some Democratic Party officials, starting with our own Karen Thurman.

  286. Grapes are sometimes sour.

  287. parentofed, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:56 pm Said:

    Carol: Well, of course that bitch Donna is on; she’s the one that carries the 100 gallon box of salt for the Hillary wound.


    😀 Thanks, I needed that.

  288. #
    Ms. Marple, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:44 pm Said:

    What, pray tell, can President William Jefferson Clinton possibly say to the convention and the country after this atrocious display??

    He can do what Barack did when giving the finger to Hillary – no, wait. Bill has too much class to do anything as crass as that.

  289. Hellcat, THANK YOU!

  290. 1/2 – I’m in Tampa

    Catarina: And I’m a Scorpio too!

  291. Why don’t they drag her out the the town square and burn her now? They have already done everything else in their power to murder her politically. I am sick, absolutely sick.

  292. IndyBoomer: Yes, but the difference is that now some of the Kennedys [Ted, Caroline & Maria] played a big role in the killing of democracy.

    I really like & respect RFK Jr and his sister Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, but I say screw the Kennedy legend! No frigging legend is worth this, and a bunch of the legend was a lie anyway!

  293. purplefinn, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:57 pm Said:

    You’re welcome. My dearest friend is a Hillary supporter and it has been so difficult to see her shattered by this sham.

  294. new post up

  295. I was still interested in this sham until it was a done deal – I already knew where my worthless votes and support were going next 😉

    I can’t even express how I feel about what has been done by the DNC. I am amazed at the audacity of demonstrating the fix on TV!

  296. Chatblu-Karen Thurman needs to go!!!!!

  297. As I said before, this was not a good move. This was not free. It was not open. We are not unified.

    Somebody find me Bill.

  298. Well, to that Baldwin2008 fellow– I’d like nothing better than to go off on control of both parties by NWO fronts like the Bilderberger group. I don’t know that the folks here are ready for that.

    They *might* be ready for a little discussion of the apparent takeover of their party by the Soros/MoveOn faction, though.

  299. Awwwww, John McCain just sent me a lovely email thanking me for my donation. What a gentleman.

  300. Bill is a pro, and a class act.

  301. That roll call was a farce. A big joke. What I find most offensive is the DNC and MSM commentators telling viewers it was legitimate, cathartic, and democratic. Stop beating the unity pony. It died a long time ago.

  302. Clean up aisle 3.

  303. It may be as of the moment when I see our hopes and aspirations about to end and from the vote today I cannot see him losing in November. Someway, somehow “they” know how to bend the system to make it happen. I have lost the confidence that he will be defeated. The triggering of recent events makes me less confident that the correct thing will be done and I feel a sense of doom that they will carry it off. Again, chalk it up to what just happened, but my spirits cannot get any lower.

    I will pass on Bill’s speech. It will be another night of blowing smoke up Obama’s ass and this is all too much to take in one sitting.

  304. i hope the puma sites keep going , even though i have never posted before. i read all the posts and it kept me going strong that i was not alone. i am still going over in mind, have i totally missed the boat this year, or did this really happen. i am not a low educated voter, i am just so f******* confused.

  305. Linda C., on August 27th, 2008 at 6:59 pm Said:
    Grapes are sometimes sour.

    They make the greatest chardonnay!

    Let’s have a drink for PUMAs and march to

    Nobama November!!!


    Someone you folks claim to respect said that.

    But since we can’t have our way lets throw a hissy.

    Good job Carl Rove.

  307. abycat: It has been suggested several times by several Oblah supportes that Hillary deserves to be ‘tarred and feathered.’

    Perhaps they’re hauling in the equipment now; I wouldn’t put it past them.

  308. #
    IXLNXS, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:45 pm Said:

    You cannot get much more sexist than that.

    Yeah, you can – and did.

  309. I pray Ayers buries him.

  310. I take order from no one. I’m not a lemming IXLNXS.

  311. QUESTION: When, and in what manner, do the superdelegates vote? Is there vote private?

    Parentofed: M.O. insisted that it’s this time or never—i.e., he won’t run again, or so she’s proclaimed. Let’s hold her to it!

    M.O. did not deserve to hear Hillary—against whom she is a nonmeasure—praise her unqualified, egotistical, inept husband.

    I can see everyone wanting to get out of there—One little positive note: OBAMA IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE THE UNCLOTHED EMPEROR THAT HE IS AS HE EMERGES FROM GREEK COLUMNS IN A FOOTBALL FIELD TOMORROW NIGHT! What a fool he will have proved to be—-just like when he spoke to his family boxed by a crooked fun-house looking frame on Monday night!

    and you’d think they’d know that lacking the balloon drop is an immediate curse upon a candidate for POTUS!

  312. I’m shocked again. First order of business is to rid the party of Nancy Pelosi. This is urgent.,/bold> Hillary was stong-armed by NP and threatened to give up the roll call to give Fraudbama the “nomination by acclimation!” which is agreeing to throw out all rules of the DNC and coronate Barack Huseein Obama. If they had counted all the delegate votes today as democracy requires, he would have lost. This is a sham! We have turned into a communistic country with the annoiting of a person for president regardless of not winning the most votes or delegate count, and who he cannot lead us through these perilous times due to his inadequacy of qualifications.

  313. I just sent McCain $25 and when it asked who sent me I put DNC.

    F**k Y** Dean, Brazille, Pelosie, Reid, and Obama and his gang of thugs. This dem can play hardball too.

    Hillary had to do what she had to do, now I have to do what I have to do.

    Country before party – always


  315. How in the world can anyone who knows what just took place in front of our eyes ever vote Democratic again. Can we possibly form another party? They all make me sick just to look at them and all I hear emanating from their lips are lies, lies, lies. Did you hear Alice Gerund thanking Illinois and Mayor Daley? This has to be the dirtiest political machine ever! But there must have been a Daley political machine before, because it seems that I have heard about the Daley machine forever. Gerund and Pelosi were just so overjoyed that I wanted to wipe those smiles off their faces. What has caused them to do this; they must hate the U.S. to have done this. I really hope we can get McCain elected, because this must be stopped!

  316. Democrats 4 McCain

    Start a Love Train!

    McCain 2008 = Hillary 2012

    We OWN our vote and we are not selling it out to Barack “Loser” Obama.

    No Way
    No How
    NO BAMA!

  317. GUYS and GALS –

    For now, let’s continue to pay Hillary’s Debt! We need this paid. She should not have to be raped in public and then listen to how poorly she ran her campaign because of the debt!

    We have time to take care of McCain later. He has a ton of money that has to be spent by the end of next week!


  318. IDAHO ??

  319. JulieS9164, on August 27th, 2008 at 7:05 pm Said:
    I take order from no one. I’m not a lemming IXLNXS.

    While personally I feel none of the candidates offers any real change, or truth, I must say that the whole follow the leader and vote for Republithug War Chickens because OUR WOMAN didn’t win very lemming like.

    Now hurry along. The cliff is just up ahead.

  320. hatshepsut1988: Obama has to lose big in November, or Hillary will never stand a chance with this bunch of cowards. These people have to go down in ashes, so that we can rebuilt without their corrupt stench destroying the party again.

  321. We need clean up on multiple aisles.

  322. grrrr….

  323. Tonight in Confluence Park in Denver The Unity Pony was Hung, De-capitated, its heart dug out of its chest and was capped at all four of its knees.

    Then the Unity Pony was burned and it lit up the sky like the comming revolution…..


    IXLNXS to quote Weezier-EAT SHIT and DIE! oh and FUCK OFF TOO-some one remove this troll!


  324. Indiana better give Hillary her votes

  325. Carol: Yes, indeed. Can we do it big tomorrow or Friday? I feel kinda sick right now.

  326. We will need to burn down the barn to kill these rats!

    Anyone got a match?


  327. Site administrators there are some nasty trollie shits scattered about. Please dispose of when you get time. They have a very unpleasant odor and haven’t the manners to behave themselves when they come to some one else’s house. Thank You!


  329. Yes!

  330. I am NOT voting for OBAMA. DO NOT WANT.

  331. I have never voted anything but Democratic my whole life. Today, I’m ashamed of my Party. I cannot in good conscience continue to be a member of a party that has turned with such hatred and ingratitude on so many of us. I will never forget this day, August 27, 2008. For me and for millions of others, it is a day that will be remembered with sadness and anger.

  332. Wow, this was so bad. This was never a level playing field. Civil rights? What just happened to our primary votes? All I know is that eventually the truth will come out. John Edwards hogged the populist votes in the primary and robbed Hillary, then folded (after endorsing Obama). Now Obama has hogged the nomination, and gosh only knows what kind a vetting he’s in for, finally! …spoiling our big chance for the most prepared, deserving candidate to win the White House for the Democrats. What a waste.

  333. You can beleive this one. A landslide defeat for the Dems in November. What we Pumas know about O and his thugs is not YET known by the general public. They have a gut feeling that something is off, but they have not looked into it yet. It is still too soon. But wait till the Rep get their convention bounce and then keep it by ad blitz. And look for the Birth certificate/adoption issue. If it comes out in September, Hillary will be back, if it comes out later Mcain is a shoe in.

  334. Yes, You are right.

  335. Just made my first donation to a Republican Presidental Candidate ever….John McCain
    and I said this one’s for you Barry baby!!!

  336. McCain is just Bush light and Bush was a disaster of epic proportions. Y’all are smart. But you are not acting that way. You are willing to drag out this ill-concieved nation building excercise in Iraq? You are willing to let McCain pack the Supreme Court with probably two neo-con activist judges that might hang around for 30 years? Do you like Scalia? Goodbye choice. Goodbye civil liberties. Gut the Endangered Species Act? check. Run up the deficit? check. Privatize Social Security? check. Hillary was an amazing candidate but she would be embarassed by this. This is not what she was about.

  337. I just emailed Senators Feinstein and Boxer and Representative Harman with the following message:

    California passes?! I just donated money to McCain.

    If my vote is worthless to the Democratic Party, bye-bye Democratic Party.

    “pagerd” (I used my full name)
    Torrance, CA

  338. okay, folks, I don’t know if any of you live in Bob and Sheri markets, but Nancy Pelosi is going to be on the show on Monday hawking her book. I think we should deluge their email boxes with questions for them to ask, like “Will the states who broke the law by not voting the will of the voters from their states be punished?” You know, stuff like that.




    Spread the word.

  339. Wow!

    You guys would be absolutely scary if there were more than like 50 of you.

    How could all those delegates change their votes?

    Didn’t you spend the last months explaining that the delegates could change their votes at any time?

    Talk about political neophytes!

  340. As part of the acclaimation, HRC all votes will be voted as cast so although the roll call was not completed, all state delegates votes will be counted, ratified & recorded.

  341. I’m proudly re-donning my tinfoil hat.

  342. It would be crazy for Democrats to vote for Obama now as doing so would endorse cheating and give everybody the green light to behave the way he and his supporters have to win elections from now until eternity. There’s a bigger picture here than just one election.

    Four years of McCain will be bad, but probably not a lot worse than four years of Obama.

  343. Express your displeasure with certain superdelegates (if you’ve maxed out to Hillary)

    To donate to Pelosi’s opponent (Independent) Cindy Sheehan:


    To donate to Kerry’s opponent (primary/Democrat) Ed O’Reilly:


  344. I think we should work on retiring Hillary’s debt before donating to McCain.

    After all, she’s our champion and we can’t just leave her high and dry.

    She did what was best; we trusted her. Now it’s time to do our duty guys and gals.

    I’m donating $180 in response to her pleas.

    What say ye?

  345. To JulieS9164

    Please call your dad and tell him I’m going to vote for McCain, too!

  346. I feel so much better after reading through everyone’s post.s…except the 2 jerks….It takes a ot to get a life long democrat like me…I am 58…to vote Republican for the first time, but they have done it.

    I am leaving the un democrat party. They no longer share my moral views. I TRULY HATE THEM. i will pray for an Obama loss.

    I figured out how McCain wins for sure. He makes an announcement that if he is elected, he will ask Hillary Clinton to serve in his cabinet . He can say that he wants to honor the 18 million people who voted for her and recognize that for the nation to progress there must be bipartisan initiatives. Even if Hillary says no before the election…no matter….she can change her mind later. It is a win win for McCain


  348. Someone please wake me from this Technicolor nightmare…….say, by 9:00 when Bill is set to speak.

  349. They will not give Hillary any peace.

  350. Tweety is saying that “everyone’s vote was respected with this rollcall.” HuH???

  351. 👿

  352. I sense a Mac commercial coming on.

  353. Tactical voting is all that will save the day, not just voting for McCain it is better to vote third than stay home if You can’t cast a vote for McCain.

  354. I am so incredibly sad I cannot even express it

  355. I am just stunned. I am speechless. I would love to put my anger to work, but I think that it is going to take a while to get out of shock. I am glad that I wasn’t able to go to Denver, because I would surely be vulnerable tonight, and probably join up with protests that could get out of control.

  356. Carol, on August 27th, 2008 at 6:47 pm Said:
    Good – they trotted her out to rape her in front of all of us!

    Carol: This is an insult to Senator Clinton.

  357. Bawling my eyes out. If that really happens, at least I won’t have to see Obambi again. Feeling mean, frustrated, angry, let down and absolutely shat upon. Never, never will I vote for Obambi. This disgraceful sham of a convention is disgusting. Oh, god Donna Brazile is talking now. Can’t take it. Later. PUMA

  358. Democracy Obama style. What a farce!

    And they think that this frace will bring unity. All it shows is that they are running scared.

    NObama, NOvember, Never

  359. Hillary did what she had to do if she is going to have a future in politics. Don’t blame her, don’t blame Bill. They both knew the fix was in and they did what they could to get in all on record. The important thing now is to make sure that the corrupt DNC does not get away with this travesty of destroying the proud Democratic Party. This is the real chance for “Change”. Both parties are totally broken …… speak out.

  360. Try to work with the Democratic Party or infiltrate and try to change the Republican Party …. do which ever you think will work best but make sure that Obama does not take over this country.

    Party above Country should be the battle cry. American mattrs and that’s what is really important. Rules matter and that is what is really important. Speak out and be smart about it.

  361. I would have to believe what Obama says to vote for him. I don’t know how anyone can believe anything he says. How do you believe someone who says one thing one day, and does the exact opposite the next? And he is flip flopping on the Democratic voting process.

    Bush got elected by saying he was a compassionate conservative, but he was an extreme conservative from the moment he made it into office. I think Obama is out to remake the world into something we would never want it to be.

    Remember that Bush is leaving office with a executive branch that has virtually no checks and balances left. If he could do this to the voting process, what is he going to do the country?

    He is dangerous.

  362. […] Liberty. What makes this misunderstanding of Liberty even more confusing is the existance of other posts on the blog where the author advocates encouraging the Democratic super-delegates to deal a […]

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