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What’s going on? Day 2


Watch the Video!

It’s been a very busy day. I rushed to the meeting place in the park for the march and passed a phalanx of riot control police cocking their rubber bullet guns at a crowd of loud and active protestors (not our group). One of them turned to me as I was trying to get to my group, his gun pointed my way. “Um, I’m looking for the peaceful protest?”, he pointed me in the right direction and I scurried away as quickly as possible.

I was just in time for the march with 18 Million Voices and Rise Hillary Rise. As I was marching through Denver in my suffragist white, someone handed me a purple sash commemorating the Vote for Women. I was so happy and stepped it up shouting for Hillary at the top of my lungs. It was a great day and there were a lot of marchers. The line of Hillary signs seemed to increase as time went on. But afterwards, I still ran into women who were just a smidge too late. Damn, they’re punctual around here. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures. But that’s OK because there were dozens of reporters and photographers along the route. Darragh took a picture of me in my “uniform”. I’ll see if I can get it from her later.

LadyBoomerNYC attended some of hte women’s caucuses today and got to sit in on the one that Donna Brazile attended. She’ll fill us in a little later.

Echinopsia is presently at the Emily’s List Luncheon where Hillary is scheduled to speak. We hope to get a post from her later as well.

We are following up on a report from a superdelegate who was replaced last minute.and couldn’t get her credentials for the convention. Reports are still coming in of delegate intimidation. We also met two Texas delegates this afternoon who confirmed that they were told to submit their votes in writing to their state delegation by 4:00pm Wednesday and they were told that they should consider their votes final at that time before they get to the floor for the roll call vote. If you haven’t contacted your state attorneys general and demand that they no longer extend couresy to the DNC if the party refuses to play by tis own rules. No more taxpayer funded primaries if they aren’t going to count.

Ok, I will update as I can. There are many events and we are covering as many as we can.

151 Responses

  1. The Denver Post did a report on the Rise Protest. Riverdaughter’s speech along with other PUMAs are included in their video piece. I have it up on my blog and here is a link to at youtube as well: http://tinyurl.com/5bfffh

  2. (WAVING)

    Hi, riverdaughter! You speak for me and all of us this week. Thank you so much for your efforts and work and energy. And your updates!

    Stay Strong

  3. I really wish I could be in Denver right now.

    You do us all proud, Riverdaughter.

  4. No pictures from The Beautiful Protest and Rise last night? I’ve checked all the blogs and can’t find a report on it.

  5. Bill is on melt-down. I say he won’t be able to hold back. The Democratic Torch was his to pass, not Ted Kennedy’s.

    You diss Bill and he is big enough to Lay Ya Flat!

    You go Bill. For better or worse, Give it to them Good.

    You want Unity, then Hillary better be the Nominee.


  6. It’s ask & ye shall receive around here. Thanks, heroesforhillary!

  7. Would love to see the PIC, Riverdaughter in your purple sash….Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul were looking down smiling and saying…GO PUMAs!!!

  8. Hey you all in Denver. Stay Strong and Stay Safe.

  9. FOX News just reported that the “agreement” to suspend the roll call vote and nominate The One by acclimation may have fell apart this afternoon.

    Excellent news if true!

  10. The Lady is in White. Let’s see how many other party ladies will be too.

  11. Ironman: I just heard it too. Do you think they finally know what PUMA stands for?

  12. IronMan, Good news for McCain….

  13. Thanks for the update Riverdaughter. I hope that ALL the ladies will be wearing white on that floor, in solidarity.

    You guys are amazing. You (and we) just refused to sit down and STFU. This is growing.

  14. The numbers must be close. They are trying by any mean to avoid to have a superdelegate vote. Those must not be that eager to line up a looser, specially in view of the polls. Rats are starting to think about jumping ship

  15. Have you all seen this video. It is fabulous. Have a hankie ready when you watch it.

  16. katiebird, on August 26th, 2008 at 5:59 pm Said:

    Hi, riverdaughter! You speak for me and all of us this week. Thank you so much for your efforts and work and energy. And your updates!

    Stay Strong

    Yeah! What KatieB said, verbatim. Take in as much of this experience as possible. You’re not just apart of history, you’re making it. 🙂

  17. Something will shut down Obama.
    It could very easily be voter fraud during the primaries and caucuses or delegate intimidation.

  18. That looks like a beautiful march!
    Gloria Alred muzzled herself and made a poster – because she wasn’t allowed to talk to Hillary’s delegates

  19. this is in moderation in the last thread but cleaned it up for this one:

    OK had it Obama had to send me a request for $$$ and to tell me how lucky he is to have Michelle My patience has been exausted-here is my reply (send the kids out of the room):

    Look my dad was an enlisted man and had 5 kids Michelle and Your Holiness’ struggles are jack sh*t compaired to my mother who lost her husband when she had 5 teenagers in the house-talk about celebrating a single mother bringing up kids,that was my mom not yours. So F**K You! Go drink a Latte and munch on some Arugula Souffle in Brie cheese.

    You and your wife make me want to spew. What your Oganization did to John Edwards reporting him to the Enquirer was dirty I hope you cannot sleep tonight. We are not even going to talk abt flipping Hillary off. I bet you had your heart removed with your conscience you creep.

    I have had enough. It is not The Clintons job to deliver her 18 million voters to you, you gutless coward! I see you going down big time in November Obama 232 electorial votes to McCain 306 votes. I dont even have to support McCain and you will go down.

    You are a sorry excuse for a human being! I would tell you so to your face JackA$$! I hope Howard Nancy and Donna will keep you and Michelle warm. You are so going to loose. I will dance and p*ss on the grave that will be Obama for America.

    Leave me alone you liar and thief. NO Unity! NObama! NOvember!

    Michael Varvel

    Will I hear the secret service comming to get me?


  20. Has anyone seen Will Bower anywhere or seen him on TV or seen him quoted?

    We haven’t seen much of him.

  21. oops in moderation I took out hte dirty words…well covered them up at least! sorry I am at witts end its like the Obats are tourturing me!

    I am beyond my ability to be respectfull-sorry RD edit it if you want I am so sorry…I had to get it out where people who no and love me could tell me its going to be alright!


  22. what is this I am in perpetual moderation!

    better say a prayer


  23. Frenchnail, my guess is that Obama and his band of crooks are really sweating it this afternoon. Surely those delegates in Denver, especially the Superdelegates, can see that Obama just does not have what it takes to win in November.

    Hillary can win in November and is by far the best candidate for the job.

    I think the word is getting out, and the quiet movement behind the scenes to have a FULL roll call vote and vote for Hillary may be gaining momentum. I pray that it is.

    I have two choices in November:

    Hillary ’08 or McCain ’08

    Barack Obama will never get my support!

    So, it’s your move, Superdelegates. Remember, WE THE PEOPLE…all 18+ million strong of us…are watching you and we will not be silenced!

  24. I wish I were there I AM in spirit Brightest Blessings and safety to all who are there !!!
    scream and shout for mee pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  25. I heard WILL BOWER ON NPR today he was GREAT !

  26. ChattyCathy, this group is not a pro-McCain group. It is about owning our votes. We do not fall in line and vote in the general as told, when our votes were not counted correctly in the nomination.

    We’ve been told to shut up and get on board, with NONE of our concerns being addressed by the Democratic Party. We will not. Some may sit out, some may vote Green, some may write-in, some may vote McCain. But we will not vote for a candidate who neither represents our votes accurately nor hears our voices.

  27. WigWam,

    I have a video of Will Bower being interviewed by Chris Matthews on FOX posted at my blog. Here’s a link to it at Youtube as well: http://tinyurl.com/67s49o


  29. Thank you for releasing my comment Carol Pat RD Katie I am sorry I blew my top in responding to BO but I had enough!

    I had a customer at work tell me if Obama was elected theen he would have my job! You see Obama is going to give away electricity for free he will do away with the power companies! I will be unemployeed.

    I had to smile and be nice through his entire tirade-then I come Home to a mail box ffull oif Obama isnt he great!

    So Sorry again!


  30. And since we were laughin about the gaudy decor

    Democratic convention stage is hip, just like Obama
    Lynn Sweet

    from the print Sunday Sun-Times….

    DENVER — Barack Obama’s Democratic convention stage was unveiled Friday at the Pepsi Center here, and like the presidential candidate, it is hip –dressed with giant plasma HDTVs — and larger than life — about 8,000 square feet of projection space.

    The bold design could be a metaphor for the Obama campaign — the stunning rise of the 47-year-old charismatic, iPoded junior senator from Illinois who defeated Hillary Clinton and others, assisted by cool applications of social networking tools, wealthy donors and a relentless message of change and hope. Need I remind everyone that just four years ago, Obama was the keynote speaker at the Democratic convention in Boston, not yet even elected to his Senate seat. Now he will be the nominee.

  31. http://www.denverpost.com/ has some good videos and stories. Just follow the links.

  32. Hey PUMAs in Denver,

    FOX has had positive coverage of Hillary today, stressing that it’s Obama’s job to unify the party. They are covering the mess with the roll call, protests, and had good interviews with Will and Harriet. Cavuto was an ass to a Hillary delegate, but other than that it’s been great coverage.

    Keep up the great work! Stay safe.

  33. I seem to be on a roll with the news reports. Any other requests? Your wish is my command. 🙂

  34. chattycathy there are only 60 puma’s in the whole wide world got to the MCCain blogs and try and turn them I really is a waste of your time here since there are AT MOST 60 PUMA VOTES ! McCain has millions of “uninformed” supporters waiting just waiting to be enlightened by the “one”!

    Have at it JohnMcCain.com!


  35. hero’s look at my obama response and give you unbiased response has the fuzzybeargville finally become unhinged?


  36. c-spam schedule has Hillary at 10:30

  37. I know you didnt ask me ..but you can borrow my hinges if you want Fuzzy, mine came loose lonmg ago

    HUGS the BEAR

  38. back to reading comments

  39. OOPs sorry chattycathy just ran head first into the confluence Spam filter! sorry bye bya chatty-go to JohnMcCain.com they are waiting for you to educate them on the glory that is Barak Obama!


  40. Fuzzy, your response was wonderful. Most of us have all felt that way at one time or another.

    When I unsubscribed from all the emails (except Hillary’s!) the only thing I put in the comment box was PUMA. Now I wish I had said more.

  41. Did Ann Richards daughter just say that what Ann worked and dreamed for is coming true this week? I can’t believe that if Ann was still with us she would have told them what was what.

  42. heroes – your blog is GREAT! All the PUMA news from around the world! It’s like one-stop shoppping! 🙂

  43. Chattycathy I will type real sloooow Fooor Youuu-

    You are wasting your time here there are only 60 PUMA’s in the whole world.

    We are not going to vote for your candidate Barak Obama.

    We do not want to answer your questions and you dont want to here what we say.

    Please go to JohnMcCain.Com there are millions of undecided independent voters there.

    There are also millions of Republicans there waiting for you to educate them about Barak Obama.

    You could get millions of converts to your cult at JohnMcCain.com.

    You could be the hero that brought 18 million republicans to “THE ONE”!

    Now run along!


  44. The Ann Richards I knew and loved would never have supported this hijacking of democracy. No way, no how. Maybe her daughter knows something about Hillary fighting back that we don’t……..

  45. I need someone to perform a seance stat! I want Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Ann Richards, Shirley Chisolm and both Kennedys, as well as Lyndon B. Johnson on the ouija board now.

  46. Everybody in the blog was I clear enough for Obamabot Chatycathy?

    Do we all agree that JohnMcCain.com is the best place for her to pick up support for chattycathy?


  47. OH voter thank you for the video. I’m bawling my eyes out. will have to restock tissues before 10;30

    RD, thank you so much for being there and representing all of us here. It is almost like being there with you. Thank you for sharing with us and soooooo wish I was there with you in person. I wore white today to be in solidarity with those marching with you.

  48. Dennis Kucinich is going nuts on the podium!

  49. I am tired of listening to the speculation about Hillary’s speech tonight, will she *really* mean it, and how she has to work harder to deliver her supporters to him. Hillary already has a full time job. It’s his job to deliver his voters. It’s he who needs to do the work.

  50. Ann would have been offending Tweety right about now with her “unladylike” language.

    God, I miss that woman. She took no prisoners.

  51. LOok chattycathy run along you would just be much more successful at JonhMcCain.com!

    We appreciate you wanting to waste you time here with all 60 PUMA’s!

    But we are a bunch of Gay Men, Lesbians, Middle aged bitter menopausal whit women, blue collar bitter folks who cling to god and guns. We are not worth your pearls of wisdom!


  52. SherryNC, {{{blushing}}} thank you.

    I’m working hard to track all the news reports featuring our brave PUMAs in Denver. I’m amazed by how many news items there are from all over the world. It’s so inspiring and awesome.

  53. Dear Mr. Obama,

    You need to convince me that you didn’t game the caucuses and intimidate Hillary voters.

    You need to convince me that you didn’t buy Super Delegates.

    You need to convince me that you didn’t harrass Super Delegates or call them names.

    You need to convince me that you’re likable enough.

    You need to convince America that you “can get her voters.”

    You need to convince us that you didn’t lie about being the Change Candidate, despite the fact that your VP pick voted for AUMF, has been a Washington insider for 35 years, and has enough baggage of his own. (I like him, by the way. I just think that YOU LIED about what you were all about.)

    You need to convince me that you care about this country and are not just using it for your Narrative.

    You need to convince me that you really can unite people because so far, you’ve been the most divisive figure I’ve EVER seen in politics. You have pitted young against old, black against white, men against women, gay against straight, and Democrats against each other. Before you set out to change the world, clean your own room.

    You need to convince me that you are a better choice than John McCain or no one at all.

    And if you so much as intimate that I should get over it…

  54. Regency email me swannie2cygnusradio.com ??? purty please ?

  55. I agree, fuzzy. And I loved your response to the money-grubbing email. I felt the same way when I got mine.

    Gee, it’s nice you love your wife, but you are running for President of the United States, not auditioning for an eharmony ad.

  56. wellits steaknight with the boys wearing my “chelsea approved” Hillary shirt!

    be back soon!


  57. Heroes, amazing job! I was stunned to see what an impact there’s been all around the world. Thank you!

  58. fuzzy — I think the original post by Chatty got deleted, so I found your responses a bit confusing.

    Chatty — if you’re just trolling, vamoose. If you have a real interest, try this link and take the time to read up.

    We don’t have the time nor the inclination to deal with trolls, although our moderators provide us with amusing playtime with them, when it suits them.

  59. CNN interviewing delegate passing petition to have a full not abbreviated vote

  60. CNN interviewing delegate for Clinton on the floor who is circulating a petition to make sure there is a full roll call vote no abreviated roll call vote with an acclimation vote later.

  61. CNN – they are doing a petition right now to make sure a full floor vote is held.

  62. YEA Aaron Paz, Texas Delagate!!! (Speaking on CNN about the petition for a real guaranteed roll call vote, regardless of what the candidates “negotiated.”)

  63. Sophie, amen!!! I have no wish for the presidency to be just another chapter in someone’s personal narrative. It is BIGGER than that. It is MORE IMPORTANT than that.

    And so far, all he has shown us is that we need to be the “extras” in the TV movie on his inner journey to FINDING HIS FUCKING SELF.

    NO DEAL!

  64. hahaha no surprise …

    Preliminary national television ratings data from Nielsen Media Research indicate that interest in the first night of the Democratic convention as covered by the three major broadcast networks was tepid, to say the least.

    The 10-11 p.m. hour of convention coverage of Michelle Obama’s big night on ABC, CBS and NBC added up to slightly less than 12.5 million viewers combined.

    it will be intresting to see tonights ratings when Hillary speaks

  65. I think that Pumas are now and will be in the future a force to be reckoned with …

  66. Donna looks like someone shit in her Easter Basket.

  67. SHUT UP DONNA. You have no clue, None whatsoever. WE are not resolved. There IS disunity.

  68. random but funny — I turned on cspan2, thinking it was regular cspan. There is a guy walking through some sort of Middle Eastern bazaar, complete with camels and interesting little food kiosks. The show description is ‘Republican Town Meetings’. Ha!

  69. Cambell Brown admitting there is disunity. Brazile is denying it. Wolf is challenging her and asking if that is true why are petitions being circulated.

  70. It is NOT a technicality. It is Democracy.

  71. Gloria Borger, “Obama has a problem if he can’t even get all the people in the convention hall together.”

  72. Did everyone go to heroesforhillary’s blog and watch The Rise video? Riverdaughter and Dr. Sahara Bledsoe speaking, and they are wonderful!

  73. Hillary/Kucinach 2009

  74. I have MSNBC streaming but no commenators, just the “dance” music when they take a break so I am spared the nonsense being thrown down and back and forth. When they dance, I do as well!

  75. 13 STATES HAVE ELECTION LAWS that say you have to vote for the candidate that you represent! Don’t forget it.

    Someone please list the states if you have them.

  76. Gloria Borger, “Obama has a problem if he can’t even get all the people in the convention hall together.”

    If he can’t unite the party, how in the heck is he going to unite the country? He can’t.

  77. CNN just introduced all the people who will be covering the convention for them tonight. PUMA James Carville was not mentioned. I guess the Obama campaign got him deep sixed,

  78. CA is one of the states that has election laws the say you have to vote for the candidate that you represent.

  79. OhVoter:
    I watched the video you posted…what a moving tribute to Hillary:

    is so beautiful….
    Thanks for sharing this…
    and Hillary is so wonderful…Blessings for Hillary tonight…Our Courageous Hillary!!!

  80. Regency – Obama Campaign is in charge of channeling dead people.


  81. UPdated with video!

  82. Alegre has a complete list of the states.

  83. I’ll be reading all this at home after work. But I just want to say now (because I cannot post from home, but I can from work), that I am so furious with DEAN and the DNC, that if I never vote for a democrat again it will be too soon. I just saw a headline on rawstory that reads:
    Dean: ‘Wait till you see Hillary’

    I am so angered by this and the rest of this shameful “convention” I hardly know what to say. I’m not watching it. Thank goodness for Sugar. But I wanted to see Hillary tonight. Now I don’t think I can stand that.

    I’m reading you at night, but can’t comment. Somehow the comments are thrown into the trash heap and katiebird has been good enough to dig through there to retireve them when I ask. Has anyone else had trouble with posting at wordpress?
    I have comcast at home. I don’t know if that’s the problem, but I don’t have it at work and I seem to be able to post from here. (at risk to my job, though)

  84. Swannie you’ve got mail and I have to go. See yall in a bit!

  85. Now, Sophie, they have history to make. Why bother about those little “technicalities” like VOTES.

  86. Carol now tell us how you really feel about donna brazile!


  87. I know how to brush my teeth. Wanna watch?

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  88. 13 STATES HAVE ELECTION LAWS that say you have to vote for the candidate that you represent!

    List here: Please add.

  89. The DNC and Obama a steadily gaming the system, force us to accept it and we’re the problem? Right.

  90. New video I posted this weekend. I try to stay on a more inspiring note in my videos. Lord knows we need them.

  91. ok show snookie the door and post her name phone number and any credit card info you can hack about.

    snookie bye bye!


    carol pat regency take over troll patrol bear gotta eat

  92. Oops…the recopied link
    for the tribute to Hillary didn’t work….if folks go to about the 15th post on this thread, check “OhVoters” post and you will find the link that works…:-)

    it is so moving…have two hankies ready!!!

  93. WigWag: Can’t you just guess Donna’s response if they press her?

    ‘No, there absolutely is no disunity; we are all unified as one for Precious, totally 110%. And if those damn PUMAs try to say otherwise, there’ll be blood & riots in the streets!’

  94. edwardian: You hit the nail on the head.

  95. Hillar wasn’t the one creating a faux “presidential” seal before officially being nominated. Obama running as “Dubya 2.0”.

  96. Wow. Barbara McKulski sound like football coach!

  97. Under no circumstances do we ever coerce delegates into voting for a particular candidate. What is this, a Nuremberg rally or a convention? We’re not going to roll over and play dead,
    The DNC can script the convention, but they shouldn’t be allowed to script our conscience,”

  98. Tsk Tsk – from Alegre’s blog:

    Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia.

  99. Wow. Barbara Boxer is stunning. She looks younger now than 10 years ago.

  100. This is so exciting! Things are boiling. My god, could something happen?

    I’ve been out all day, and came back to Bill’s comments. WOW!

    Happy Birthday Gerry!

    Thank you Gloria Allred!

    I love you Bill!

    James, my brother 4-ever!

    RD, my hero!

    18 Million Voices March-everyone-you are beautiful!

    I am a very proud PUMA today.

  101. TskTsk: Kentucky is one of those states

  102. Instead of a president with an Exxon policy we’ll have a president with an Exelon policy.

  103. Open Letter to Barack Obama

    If it’s the presidency you seek
    You’re hardly asked to be humble or meek,
    But only that in the election you won
    The voting was lawfully done.

    But if you send out a goon, or a thug
    Opposing voters to harrass and to mug
    Legitimate you will never be called
    Howbeit that your cult is enthralled.

    Increasing numbers think this was the case
    In caucuses of the quadrennial race,
    Some held the front door, others the rear,
    For your voters the access was clear.

    Opposing votes your men moved to restrict
    And the balloting box interdict.
    The wrong sort of ballots to your men were passed
    And into the dumpster were cast.

    If victory in this manner was won,
    And by your own agents all of it done,
    Triumph of this sort no man may laud
    The honest call it naught but a fraud.

    Give back, at long last, this voter implores,
    Give back what is not rightfully yours.
    Give back what was not honestly won
    And now let the misdeed be undone.

  104. Thanks Princess Jen….your video is beautiful!!!
    Getting ready to watch Hillary.
    BlessYou ALL!!!

  105. I’m listening to CNN and gettin’ really in a huff. All the Obama AAs during the primaries threatened to vote for McCain, because it would be only due to racism that Obama might not be candidate.

    But we women were expected to vote for Obama even in the face of BLATANT and TRUE SEXISM and MISOGYNY. I will not vote Democratic if Hillary releases her delegates tonight or stops the vote tommorrow or does not get elected.

  106. Say, did any news reports come out about the lost Book of Obama being found at a Dead Sea Scroll site? I worry about JJ jr crying nonstop.

    Yeh, I know i said that yesterday, but he was so OTT, I may have to say this every day until the Nov 4 fiasco.

  107. princessjen–it is finally raining here and I so enjoyed your video–thank you

  108. Hi all – Stabenow -the hardworking people of Michigan deserve TO HAVE THEIR VOTES COUNTED!!

  109. hey joaniebone –
    thanks for the “lifeline” phone call today ..I really needed it!
    and GO BIG DAWG!!!

  110. the boys just posted a new one!

  111. let the Obama AA’s vote for McCain. there are only 12%
    45% vote
    33% of those are repubs
    You are left with 5.5% no sweat. The women repubs will make up for their vote easily.

  112. parentofed, that comment of his was gobsmacking.

  113. Hey, this is supposed to be the women senators each giving a speech on the anniversary of our vote. Yet, all these talking head guys are talking over them. Shoot.

  114. Went on the CNN Webpage and found this Crap
    (I have been staying away from them-grrrrrrrrrrrr):

    “Clinton to take stage, step aside for Obama
    For a moment, the spotlight will be back on Sen. Hillary Clinton as she takes the stage for her last solo hurrah of the 2008 presidential election. Even though she’s not tonight’s keynote speaker, all the attention will be on her as she steps into a role that’s a far cry from her original convention dreams.
    It’s “Hillary night,”………

    It sure is Hillary’s night and with or without the Nomination she will make OBarry look like the Dorkless Wonder that he is…..

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease Wake Up…DNC…
    before it is TOO LATE!!!

  115. May we have a site monitor please?

  116. what time does Hillary speak?

  117. Sisters of St. Barry.

  118. Wome senators telling women dems to all vote for Obama as in “we need all women to vote for Obama”
    WTF? too little too late. Don’t need that!

  119. Admin, these trolls are bad enough that I think some very creative editing is in order.

  120. Pat, Carol !!!!!
    Eddie’s on MSNBC!!!

  121. Sophie, didn’t listen to all of them, will replay later tonight, but kept hearing B0 every time I tuned in to the Female Senators on this anniversary–am sure their remarks were vetted

    Rendell on now

  122. McCaskill slug has had her second speech now. She was on today and last night. Man it’s going to get hot in hell, that special place that women go to who refuse to support other women.
    Notice Barfy didn’t pick McCaskill because she’s a woman.

  123. Hillary 10:30 according to c-span

  124. kitty litter needs to be thrown out.

  125. Phala – all they said was that we need Obama – you can delete

  126. It’s “MessNBC”. Heh.

  127. What a fantastic site Heroes for Hillary.

    This morning on Italian tv they mentioned feminist protests at the Convention.

  128. God they are all reading the teleprompter speeches.
    The pre-written speeches are all packed with Bull and the convention has lots of empty seats. Must be the stink inside of there.

  129. New thread from gary and mawm…

  130. “He says Repubs have this info but probably will not do anything until he is nominated.”

    Of course, they’ll release all the dirt then so that McC doesn’t have to run against Hillary. I know they have stuff – wish we had a mole in the RNC to get it all out now – tonight!

  131. WMCB: I usually disagree with Kathleen Parker at the Orlando Sentinel, especially since she defended Bush so often. Last week, she had one of the most intelligent columns on religion & politics I’ve ever read. She said the whole Saddleback Forum was a disgrace & should never have happened, that the public was the loser at that forum due to the increasingly lax separation of church & state in this country. She said Warren pretended that he didn’t believe in a religion litmus test, but this was proof he did. Really fine, worth looking up

  132. Has anyone else noticed they changed the time for Hillary to “later”—are they trying to bump her out of prime time coverage???? jjust asking

  133. Phala: most likely, they are going by history and anticipating that Hillary will be late.

  134. The Updated Video is fabulous! Our very own RD (and the others) did a beautiful job! Bravo!

  135. As Site Administrator, I’m deleting references to a certain lawsuit, the COLB and citizenship questions. These topics are not for open discussion at The Confluence.

    I appreciate your cooperation.

  136. There’s a poll reagrding the roll call at the Denver Post:


    You know what to do.

    For the record, it is currently at 75% yes to a roll call Wednesday night.

  137. Here’s my tummy.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  138. Happy Women’s Equality Day, everyone. Thanks for the reports from the field. I hope Hillary hits it out of the park tonight.

  139. Do you want to see my ear?

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  140. Leslie, comcast AND cox cable have both been shown to be slowing or blocking content delivery – one more reason we need a guarantee of net neutrality. The Max Planck Institute in Germany has more data on this, also check this site:


    Who wants to get rid of Net Neutrality?

    The nation’s largest telephone and cable companies — including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner — want to be Internet gatekeepers, deciding which Web sites go fast or slow and which won’t load at all.

    They want to tax content providers to guarantee speedy delivery of their data. They want to discriminate in favor of their own search engines, Internet phone services, and streaming video — while slowing down or blocking their competitors.

    These companies have a new vision for the Internet. Instead of an even playing field, they want to reserve express lanes for their own content and services — or those from big corporations that can afford the steep tolls — and leave the rest of us on a winding dirt road.

    The big phone and cable companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to gut Net Neutrality, putting the future of the Internet at risk.

    Believe me, it’s getting nastier by the minute out there in Corptown,

  141. (((((fuzzybear))))))

    phala, omg….your news makes me sick to my stomach and I miss Ann Richards more than ever.

    You know what her daughter’s problem is? She’s enabling the YOUNG BRIDEZILLA TWITS. She’s carrying on the burden of the fight for reproductive rights and women’s choice. Guess what? We crones need to leave the silly young chits to sink or swim on their own.

  142. Pat, Kookinich and his “Breatharian” child bride don’t have far to fall to be called nuts.

    Google the third wifey and Breatharians.

  143. Carol, on August 26th, 2008 at 7:04 pm Said:
    Hillary/Kucinach 2009

    FOCK NO.

  144. If you think Obama is an arrogant narcissist do your research on short-syndrome thrice married Kookinich.

    He got HIS start with RACE-BAITING.

    Look up the Cleveland news sources.

    That’s the way with any pol….research the local contemporary papers.

  145. Without PUMAs where would democracy shine today
    Through candlelight and bright faces looking forward
    Without PUMAs how would one-person-one-vote
    Find an advocate in the midst of back room dealings

    You PUMAs who stand strong in Denver this week
    Hold in your hearts and in your hands great truths
    You PUMAs own your own clear thoughts and visions
    You shame the DNC by your elegant existence

    Your presence speaks more loudly than thunder
    Your carefully reasoned speaking tells the world
    That love of country is not found in group-think slogans
    But in the mature intuition and logic all PUMAs bring

    Perhaps, with time, others will see what is so clear
    To us this memorable day, when PUMAs witnessed
    To what we hold to be self evident, that democracy
    Is worth the struggle, worth the terrible price.

  146. Coming home (here) for a break from the sewers. So on this 88th Anniversary Day of Women’s Suffragists’ Rights, I repost here what I have posted all over the internet forums.

    Will today’s young girls ever know the bittersweet poignancy and honor of being proud to be a full citizen, a complete and whole person, a loved and respected member of society – an American Woman?

    Bread and Roses

    As we go marching, marching
    In the beauty of the day,
    A million darkened kitchens,
    A thousand mill lofts gray,
    Are touched by all the radiance
    That a sudden sun discloses,
    For the people hear us singing:
    “Bread and Roses! Bread and Roses!”

    As we go marching, marching,
    We battle too, for men,
    For they are women’s children,
    And we mother them again.
    Our lives shall not be sweated
    From birth until life closes;
    Hearts starve as well as bodies:
    Give us bread, but give us roses!

    As we go marching, marching,
    Unnumbered women dead
    Go crying through our singing,
    Their ancient cry for bread.
    Small art and love and beauty
    Their drudging spirits knew.
    Yes, it is bread we fight for,
    But we fight for roses too!

    As we go marching, marching,
    We bring the greater days.
    For the rising of the women
    Means the rising of the race.
    No more the drudge and idleness
    That toil where one reposes,
    But a sharing of life’s glories:
    Bread and Roses! Bread and Roses!

    Our lives shall not be sweated
    From birth until life closes,
    Hearts starve as well as bodies;
    Bread and Roses! Bread and Roses!

  147. Gordon, that is beautiful! You make me proud to be born a Kansas.

  148. Thanks Leela, and thanks so much for Bread and Roses

  149. OOPS – sorry, that’s a Kansan! Eyes growing bleary from all the crying.

  150. Thank the PUMAS – they made it, I just posted it all over hell and back! (smile)

  151. LEELA not a lot of people and certainly not enough know about the net neutrality battel and it is one we MUST WIN!!! Thank you so much for posting that …
    and the Bread And Roses is wonderful as well ..
    Still Rain Dancing

    Your Avian Sister

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