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We’re here, we’re likeable enough, and dog-gone-it, we’re crossing party lines.

Hi everyone. We finally made it to Denver late last night and met up with Betty Jean and others.  It was a long drive and I discovered that there is warp in the fabric of space time that makes time in an RV go slower than regular time.  But now we’re here and we are about to head over to the 18 million voices march and then to the celebration of Hillary’s candidacy in Chessman park.

I wanted to show you this clip of Indigo Girl, our newly commissioned colonel in the PUMArmy.  She is an amazing person, and we should all feel lucky to have her in our corner.  You all saw the wonderful job she did on the PUMAmobile.  Here she is talking about something that I have heard over and over again from women.  Maybe it is just because I am a man that I didn’t hear this particular dog whistle.  I mean, I heard it, and I thought, “What a jerk”, but I didn’t know how much it would strike a chord in women.

Also, I thought I would share this with you.  How many times have we been accused of being nasty Republicans?  I’ve never voted for a Republican, but I also never dreamed of demonizing someone for just being one, but that has been standard fare for the Obamans for some time now.  Whenever they grow tired of calling us racist, it seems they pull out “Republican” as if that word carried as many negative connotations.

However, aren’t they supposed to be behind Obama and his post-partisan world?  Wasn’t Obama supposed to  be able to get Republicans to crossover and vote for him?  Oh and I mean in the general election, not just as a way to scuttle Clinton. 

Lately, Obama has been taking the positions of Republicans.  This does not seem to upset his supporters.  I would guess because they want to work with Republicans.  Although,  I would think that if you really wanted to get Republican support for your positions, and work across party-lines, demonizing people for being Republican would be counter-productive.

So while Obama supporters are talking out of both sides of their mouth, PUMA is actually building bridges.  It was morning, and I was just coming from the campground office, and a man was standing next tp the PUMAmobile and looking at its banners.  He turned to me and put out his hand as if to shake mine.  As I went to shake his, I noticed he was handing me a $20 bill.

“I want to thank you so much for what you are doing”. he said, “Neither the Republican nor Democrat party are listening to the voters”.  He said he saw what the party did to Clinton, and was wondering how many Democrats would get really pissed off.  Here he is in his own words expressing his PUMAness.

Thanks John.  We’ll put your $20 to good use.  PUMA is fighting for Democracy in America and that includes Republicans.

132 Responses

  1. Help! When I click on the video it says “No Longer Available”. Am dying to see these as I’m sure they are excellent–as are the two of you!

  2. sorry, I had them set to private, but now they’re public, you should be able to view now.

  3. Yep, the vid with Indigogirl sez no longer avail.

    Glad you guys made it safely there. Keep us posted on the goings on!

  4. What you said, John.

  5. are they working now?

  6. Yup. The clips are great.

  7. Wow! John is a great guy. I knew you would meet people like him. Bless him!

    And bless you too, Gary and Mawm. Stay safe in Denver and thanks for all you do.

  8. Try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgHXbPDGOgE&eurl=https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/08/26/were-here-were-likeable-enough-and-dog-gone-it-were-crossing-party-lines/ (Indigogrrl works on PUMAmobile).

    My experience is often, when I get “No Longer Available,” if I reload the page and double-click, a new window opens at YouTube *and* the embedded video starts playing, too.

    Question: Why is a video added today “No Longer Available”?

  9. “Lately, Obama has been taking the positions of Republicans. This does not seem to upset his supporters. I would guess because they want to work with Republicans. Although, I would think that if you really wanted to get Republican support for your positions, and work across party-lines, demonizing people for being Republican would be counter-productive.”

    IMO, his behavior is that of a very disturbed mind. His is like a teen-age boy who will get pleasure by being oppositional. His flip on FISA and his support of John Barrow in the Ga Dem primary against a AA woman are just two recent examples. Trashing Hillary and having Leach speak, to shit on Bill, is another example. He is worse than Bush and that really scares the sh*t out of me.

  10. gman, I had the videos set to “private” while I was writing the post. I forgot to set them to “pulbic” when I did post, but I fixed it, so everyone should be able to view now.

  11. And God bless you too, John!


  12. Wow! John gets it! And though he’s a conservative (repub?) he’s speaking for those who are disillusioned with both parties. *They* aren’t listening to us on either side.

    Oh well, I’m over the DNC crap now. They have put the knife to their own throats. With that in mind I’ll have to vote accordingly in November and hope there are enough of us to stop Obie.

  13. SHV @ 2:29 “His is like a teen-age boy who will get pleasure by being oppositional.”

    Perhaps that explains the cultish following of young voters who have yet to grow beyond their own oppositional youth-ish behavior. It doesn’t explain the rest of voters who are bedazzled by Him, though.

  14. kjmontana, on August 26th, 2008 at 2:26 pm Said:
    Wow! John is a great guy. I knew you would meet people like him. Bless him!

    And bless you too, Gary and Mawm. Stay safe in Denver and thanks for all you do.

    Ditto. That was so uplifting. Knowing that people out there really do care about justice and equality strengthens our resolve. Thank you, John. God bless you and yours. Mawm, Gary and Indigo Girl – may you prosper with every step of this journey.

  15. I can see it but there’s too much background noise to hear what she is saying.

  16. SHV: Adolescents with oppositional disorder tend to become sociopathic in adulthood.

  17. yay! Infantry Co-Commanders and PUMA Colonel Indigogirl!

    WOW – this is not about Hillary/Obama – Democracts/Republicans.

    It’s about Democracy and COUNTING VOTES. ONE PERSON = ONE VOTE. It’s most definitely a civil rights movement.

    I love how you’re collecting short moments with everyone you meet.

    Keep safe & love you guys!!!!

    PUMAmobile HAKA (h/t Carol Diamonds)

  18. Hi Mawm!

    I’m glad you guys made it there safely and got a little sleep.

    I couldn’t make out what Indigo girl was saying because of all the traffic noise. My hearing isn’t all that great. Could someone who heard it please tell me what she said?

  19. Mawm, these are wonderful. When the press and the pundits think that issues such as FISA or voter fraud aren’t “sexy” enough for media coverage, they need only listen to people like John. John is Everyman/woman.

    We care deeply about our Constitutional rights and values, regardless of party. We, the voters, have been cut out of participation in our own institutions, and I think people increasingly feel a need to be involved in taking back our country, whether it’s a $20 donation or a caring woman working to ensure that an RV is designed to perfection.

    Thank you gary, mawm, indigo girl and John. You make us proud.

  20. Hiya guys_ glad to see you’re safe & SOMEWHATsound

    (I have met you after all!) xoxoxox

  21. “#
    Wakonda-Ikwe, on August 26th, 2008 at 2:33 pm Said:

    SHV @ 2:29 “His is like a teen-age boy who will get pleasure by being oppositional.”

    Perhaps that explains the cultish following of young voters who have yet to grow beyond their own oppositional youth-ish behavior. It doesn’t explain the rest of voters who are bedazzled by Him, though.”

    I don’t think Obama’s behavior can be explained with in the frame work of what would be considered within the spectrum of would be considered a “normal” mind or personality.

    Of his supporters, I think the majority are Dems who want to see a Dem president no matter what. The second largest group would be people who are voting for the “idea” (an AA president) and the third group are the oppositionals. The Obamas and the people who follow them are not uncommon in human history.

  22. Great work guys! Loved the IndigoGirl video. And you’re right mawm. I, too, went to the Hillary side after that “You’re likable enough, Hillary” comment. It sent me over the edge, and I think it did the same for a lot of women in NH.

    Enjoy your stay there in Denver. I so wish I was there with you all.

  23. plural, the sound clears up some further in.

    One of the things that has sometimes set me apart from other Democrats is that I have lived my whole life in Red states. Are there absolutely crazy extreme right nutjobs there? Yep. But there are also a lot of very sensible, decent, caring, thinking people with whom I disagree. I’ve had many civil and lovely conversations with them. Sometimes I’ve found that if we could get past the reactions to buzzwords and hear each other, we agreed on a surprising lot of things. I have always been uncomfortable with the demonizing of all Republicans, but sometimes joined in as it was the “thing to do” on the Left. I was wrong. I’m not proud of that, now.

    Thank you John, and God bless you for speaking up in support of what we are trying to do.


  24. BB–Indigo Girl said that the turning point for her was when Obama said to Hillary in one of the debates, “You’re likeable enough.” After that, she started looking into who Obama was and what he stood for and decided that “he isn’t a nice person.”

    She speaks for many of us I think.

  25. Gary and Mawm, Wow, great stuff. What wonderful experiences you are having.

    Your encounter with John, the self described conservative, touched me. So nice to see that we share small “d’ democratic values.

    Today my hairdresser’s mad because I’m not voting Democratic (sic). She was for Hillary. I told her about my concerns that the Democrats need to apply the principles of democracy in the primary. She got that. We’ll have one more hair cut before the election. We’ll see where we go from here.

    My 94 year old former neighbor, who never voted for President ill will, says she’s just disgusted with politics this year. My 94 year old republican mother who did vote for President ill will, was deeply disappointed that Hillary didn’t win the primary. She so wanted to vote for her.

    This is way bigger than any of us know.

  26. His saying “you’re likeable enough” was a signal to his base among the media and the Clinton haters that he was one of them.

    Is that what a “dog whistle” is? I had never heard that phrase.

  27. SHV, you are correct. I keep forgetting that none of this is new in political campaigns!

  28. plural, a “dog whistle” is exactly that. Something that will fly under the radar of most listeners, but is a “wink wink, nudge nudge” to another group.

  29. plural – I think mawm was saying that that little phrase “you’re likeable enough” caught the ears of many women who were offended by it, but it flew right over his head because he’s a man.

  30. Do you think Hillary will stop the roll call and ask remaining delegates to vote for BHO?

  31. “#
    chatblu, on August 26th, 2008 at 2:35 pm Said:

    SHV: Adolescents with oppositional disorder tend to become sociopathic in adulthood.”

    From my limited reading on the subject, the term sociopath is a large basket of various psycho-pathologies. Personally, I think Obama and Bush fall into that broad category.

  32. There is a lot of bkgd noise on the first video but I clearly get two things she says: first is that when Obama said to Hillary at th edebate that “You’re likable enough” she turned to her partner and said “I’m never voting for that guy. He’s not a nice person.”
    The second is that she thinks that the Dem Party doesn’t want to win this election, they have showed no signs of wanting to win this election.
    Gotta agree with her on both counts.
    With the second video I am struck how the basic issue of fairness resonates across party lines.

  33. Indigo Girl is right.
    I had already been set to support Hillary as the media started “tearsgate” at the time – but this was a memorable, poignant moment . I was also on a forum – still mixed a the time – where people posted how during that particular debate women started calling each other – “did you catch that???” Even Karl Rove who has an eye for perception wrote at the time that this moment will decide the NH elections.
    And within a day or two, it was confirmed as real by “the snub”.
    I knew ten Bo was like Bush – and every day I see more signs of that.

  34. This is way bigger than any of us know.

    People are discovering that 2000 wasn’t the fluke we thought it was.

  35. If Hillary stops the roll call, we’ll just need to start on plan B that very moment.

  36. From the SF Gate, Oh, those California women delegates are getting FEISTY!!!

    Clinton delegate and Los Angeles women’s lawyer Gloria Allred grabbed a napkin from the tables at the California delegation breakfast this morning and wore it as a gag to protest not being allowed to speak at the breakfast.

    “I was not elected to be a potted plant,” Allred said through her gag, holding up DNC rules that say delegates must vote as they are elected. Californnia has 204 delegates pledged to Hillary Clinton, versus 166 for Obama.



  37. @plural
    And in spite of Kerry’s criminal collusion (by silence), some day, they’ll even figure out 2004

  38. Thanks, my plan B is to vote for JMac

  39. For any MINNESOTA PUMAs…
    Saturday, I attended the Mn State Fair. I wore my PUMA shirt and bracelet. I stopped by the Al Franken booth and was warmly greeted by a busy campaigner who handed me some literature. Then he stopped abruptly, looked at the shirt and gave me a churlish look. “Go Al. But I am Nobama” I said with a smile on my face. He nearly spat in my face as he uttered something indecipherable and turned away.

    Later, I was warmly greeted at the Independent and Republican booths. At the latter, a “Hillary Democrat for McCain” t-shirt was being raffled off. There was a crowd there, waiting to enter their names.

    So, MINNESOTANs, if y’all have the time, GO TO THE FAIR, and wear your PUMA gear.

  40. Thanks, all, for the transcriptions.

    When he said “you’re likeable enough,” I didn’t take it as gender related. I thought it showed what an obnoxious snob he was.

  41. My moment came one day (probably November or December) when I saw a live-streamed Clinton town hall meeting and later that evening it was covered by KO. Some obscure comment of hers was blown out of proportion and KO claimed she was saying mean things about obama during her whole town hall meeting.

    Anyway, I started to wonder what was really going on and did my homework.

    That’s when I discovered Ayers, Wright, etc… I couldn’t believe the media was not covering those things when I was able to find them so easily.

  42. Dammit get that nasty troll out of “Safe Refuge” he is making very nasty statements.

  43. SHV: True enough. While I’m not a psychiatrist, but rather an ER nurse, the ones that I have encountered can be charming, manipulative, without capabilities of either empathy or rfemorse. If they do something awful, you either made them do it or deserved it.

  44. Thanks, grayslady.

    That was a turning point for me, too, Indigo girl. I was still supporting John Edwards during the NH debate, but when I saw how they ganged up on Hillary and how well she handled it, I starting rooting for her to win the primary. I had already been impressed with her knowledge of issues and her debate performances, but when I started to see the raw sexism coming out in the media, I really started to pay attention to her and finally decided she was the best candidate. That remark by Obama was disgusting. I also got angry when he said in Iowa that all she had done was have tea with the wives of foreign leaders, but the “likeable enough” one really got to me.

  45. The troll is gone, Kim. Thanks.

  46. My moment came when Obama paused, tilted his head back, looked down his nose, and with the faintest of smug smiles said something like:

    Oh, I think I will get her voters, but I don’t think she will get mine.

    My immediate thought was, “Oh, we’ll just fucking see about that, you arrogant prick.” I knew then that I’d never vote for him. Ever.

  47. WMCB, yes.

    Any chance he might have had went out with that one.

  48. plural, on August 26th, 2008 at 2:53 pm Said:

    This is way bigger than any of us know.

    People are discovering that 2000 wasn’t the fluke we thought it was.


    Yes, more of a pattern that some people were already aware of. It was my wake up call.

    Now that I’m awake, I’m really really glad for the great company here and at a few other sites.

    To share another story briefly: I stopped at a Goodwill store in suburban Ohio wearing my Hillary sweatshirt. The clerk told me that everyone in the store was for Hillary and wanted to know were I got the sweatshirt. When I returned three months later, I saw the same clerk. I said “too bad about Hillary.” She said “yes”, and repeated that everyone in the store was for her. She added that it didn’t seem right. I told her that there were people on-line that felt the way she did and were doing something about it. She seemed encouraged. She said, “I get chills just thinking about it.”

    She gives me hope.

  49. Gary & Mawm, John’s from Indianapolis? Wow, even the ultra-conservatives from the working class are starting to get a clue. I am overjoyed to see/hear that!

    So happy that you guys made it okay. Be safe in Denver. There was some police brutality, apparently, late last night…

  50. Gitchi megwitch, Wakonda-Ikwe.

    I plan to wear my PUMA gear to the MN State Fair, too. Thanks for the preview!

  51. I guess I am the only one here who converted from Obama to Hillary.

  52. BB: He was a nasty one.

  53. Hi Wakonda-lkwe – I got an email from Franken from Denver and he made a point of the big party for precious and also wanted a donation. Sent back a reply to him saying I won’t be voting for precious – that I had been a member of the Democratic Party for 40+ years and since I was kicked out by Dean, Pelosi, Brazile & other DNC leaders that I was now an independent and that my vote belonged to me. Said I didn’t know who I would be voting for in November but that I definitely would not be voting for precious or any of his supporters – doubt if I will get any more begging emails from him………………….. 😉

  54. RE: PurpleFinn’s story—
    More than just a few folks are figuring out that The One is just a one-note song. And I think the PUMA paraphenalia is starting to get noticed.

  55. McCain leads by Gallup! 44% to 46%. Biden was a mistakkkkke.

  56. Phoenix: If you have a small child, put a t-shirt on him.her as well. The little kids look adorable in them! I just wish I’d had the time/funds to get a PUMA booth presence at the Fair. Well, maybe next year. . .PUMA is not going away after the election.

  57. I thought the Obots were odd, but didn’t connect to ODD. It does make sense.


    Symptoms of ODD may include:

    * frequent temper tantrums
    * excessive arguing with adults
    * active defiance and refusal to comply with adult requests and rules
    * deliberate attempts to annoy or upset people
    * blaming others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
    * often being touchy or easily annoyed by others
    * frequent anger and resentment
    * mean and hateful talking when upset
    * seeking revenge

  58. What I have come to learn firsthand through this site and a few others, is that out there across the nation, there are so many good, kind, wise people who understand the tenets of democracy, the folly of our current leaders, the overall need to express what they feel, and the urge to fight back.

    What we feel has become a message and an immediate call to challenge truth to power. This invisible thread is weaving itself across the nation and binds us like no other. We will not let this stand.

  59. I am inspired by that video of John. He’s a Republican and a conservative, and he agrees with us that every persons vote should count equally!

    Very moving.

  60. This is fun: My Big Dawg speaks!


    He said: “Suppose you’re a voter, and you’ve got candidate X and candidate Y. Candidate X agrees with you on everything, but you don’t think that candidate can deliver on anything at all. Candidate Y you agree with on about half the issues, but he can deliver. Which candidate are you going to vote for?”

  61. Kim, there are a few. I myself, when I first saw him speak in 2004, was very moved. I read his books. He was, in the beginning months of this primary, my VERY strong second choice if Hill dropped out.

    Then he began revealing what kind of person he is, what a fairytale his books were, his proclamations of “new politics” were, and I became more and more disgusted. He started sounding more and more like the early Bush for me. People forget now, but Bush ran on a very hopeful, positive, “we are all Americans”, “heal the divides” message in the beginning. Some of Bush’s speeches in 2000 sound eerily similar to Obama’s.

  62. PJ, you are one smooth talker. I would have used “articulate” but Biden’s past usage of that word has caused it to be removed from the lexicon. Thank you for the excellent summary.

  63. Obama and his Bots will come to rue the day they tried to take down Big Dawg. Wait and see.

  64. Regency, I LOVE BIG DAWG! WOOOOF! Go get ’em, Bill!

  65. I agree!!
    They got NH WRONG!!!
    It was the “LIKE-ABLE”, swip + the way she “Flicked-off” the “Iron-my-shirts” guys & then the “tear”; but MOSTLY SHE’S JUST BETTER!!!
    Someone sent me something about John McCain
    considering Michael Steele,I sais YES…YES…YES…!
    I hope it’s true that Hillary’s not feeling that it’s OBAMA’s RESPONSIBLITY TO UNITE THE PARTY!!
    It takes TOO MANY PEOPLE to hold this FRAUD UP!!
    Poor Edwards had to LEAVE HIS SICK BED ,to take the “Spot-Light” away from the “Big-Bad-Clintons”!!

  66. Come on now, Bill, you know this is exactly about now,otherwise you never would have had to clarify. Bill is such a frakking PUMA.

  67. On that quote from Bill, it seems to me the advice to Obama supporters would be: If the shoe fits, wear it.

    If they want to take offense, that tells us something about their candidate, doesn’t it?

  68. Kim, there are a number of people who were for Edwards before they settled on Hillary. I was open to Obama when the process began-feels like a lifetime ago.
    If he had the political sense and confidence to choose Hillary as Veep, I would have taken a reluctant second look, although that’s a minority position.
    Now, I’m free.

  69. Big Dawg’s pitchin’ woo at PUMAs. Yes!

  70. Advice to regency’s new roommates: Keep a bucket or two of water handy tomorrow night. She may easily need it and you guys have been warned!

  71. I want to kiss that man. God bless Bill.

  72. Have ya’ll seen this billboard at Hillbuzz? Republicans can be so funny–especially the black ones. Did you know that MLK was a Republican?

  73. Pat Johnson, well said, again!

    Regency, your great “friend” expresses my dilemma in a nut shell. Umm, yes, it is about what’s happening now.

  74. Pat: One of my roommates is a PUMA and she doesn’t even know it yet! She loves Hillary and hates McCain and Obama. When we first met, she went to friend me at my blog and she squeed over my Hillary header. She loves her and just sighed after she got done screaming about how inexperienced Obama is, saying, “Can we have Hillary back please!?”

    It’s fate!

  75. Regency,

    That does sound like fate. You should bring her over to the Confluence.

  76. You need to add a number six to your list. May I suggest:

    6. Take your medicine

  77. No, as most of the old timers here now and from my own blog, I was a District Team Leader for the Obama for America campaign. Met him, met Michelle, and one morning said to myself Nah, don’t think so, a few weeks later I went to an Edwards fundraiser and met him. I liked the thought of a Hillary presidency, but I just thought the powers that be were not yet ready for a woman. I did all this and then the South Carolina primary day came around, I went in to vote and an epiphany – KIM WTF ARE YOU DOING?

  78. regency: I want them prepared! How many times have I had to throw icecubes, pour water, and hose you down over Big Dawg.? Knowing your propensities, I am offering them fair warning.

  79. Carville and Big Dawg are making my day!


  80. This has earned Bill some personal time with me. I’m gonna need him to bring his personal plane on down to Texas so that he can be rewarded for shaking his stately mane and letting out a hell of a roar. Yeah, baby, that’s how it’s done. I don’t have a roommate so there’s room for him in the spare bed.

    What moron is letting him in front of a mic without a five-second delay? I’ll say a moron I like.

  81. janicen, on August 26th, 2008 at 3:15 pm Said:
    I am inspired by that video of John. He’s a Republican and a conservative, and he agrees with us that every persons vote should count equally!

    It just occured to me that before, the 2 major political parties had people from all economic strata. With what has been happening, the real division now is not so much between Democrats and Republicans, but between the “working class” (lower class) who’s civil rights are being usurped, and the wealthy class, who just want to hold onto their money and power. Working class conservative “Republicans” have to be aware that their civil rights are being slowly lessened just exactlycivil rights of working class liberal Democrats.

  82. Regency, if Big Dawg is coming to Texas, he is stopping here in San Antonio first.

  83. Where X = Obama and Y = McCain. And X is really X- Z
    where Z = flipflops.

    Comes across to me as a code for “fu*k you, DNC and the horse you rode in on!”

  84. That’s:

    Working class conservative “Republicans” have to be aware that their civil rights are being slowly lessened just exactly as are civil rights of working class liberal Democrats.

  85. WMCB: She will fight you to the death first.

  86. Just as we loathe the Obamabots it is just as likely that the Repubs feel as strongly about the Religious Right.

  87. Actually it’s correct that MLK Sr. was a Republican who supported Nixon until 1960. The change occurred when MLK Jr. was arrested and Kennedy made a telephone call to support King, while Nixon failed to do so. This is described in Dr. King Jr’s autobiography.

    To this day Alveda King is a pro-life Republican.

  88. My mom met the Big Dawg this summer. SHe says she may never get over it.

  89. I have to admit that when I saw the “you’re likeable enough” moment I didn’t think it was sexist.
    The moment for me was with his race baiting. That is when something clicked. Edwards and him were playing goog cop bad cop. They seemed to be working together.
    Who can forget Michelle’s comment about Hillary not being able to run her house. I disliked her the moment I saw that.

  90. WMCB: What Pat said.

    Whoa, Tension Boil Over at MSNBC. First it was Pat Buchanan and Rachel Maddow, now it’s Joe Scarborough and David Shuster, as well as he and Keith O. What is going on there?

  91. Kim: A friend met him on one of those receiving lines in Washington in the mid 90’s and almost passed out. She said he was one gorgeous hunk of man and one of the secrets to his success was he made eye contact with each person he passed in the line.

  92. My moment was at my caucus in Texas. After witnessing that fiasco and hearing similar stories about it from so many others across the state, I knew that I would never ever vote for him.

  93. I was born in Springfield, Illinois and my earliest memories out side of the house), are of looking at the inside of Linclon’s log cabin from my perch in my one of my parent’s arms.

    I was shocked when I found out that Lincoln was a Republican (many years later). I guess parties change according to who is controlling them.

  94. Bill has more balls than the rest of this party all put together, save Hillary. THAT, my friends is the thing that some other Democrats have never forgiven him for. For making them all look like the dweebish little whiny elitist dipshits that they are.

    Their animosity has nothing to do with having bailed him out of Monica-gate. They just can’t stand the fact that he can pee further than they can.

  95. Regency – the dark grey pantsuit is the best. It is so shiny. I would like to have one like that. I never saw the pink one. It looks pretty.

  96. My mom said he took her hand and looked into her eyes and said thanks for coming or something like that. Being a southerner, through and through, I think her response was “Oh my word” or something to that effect. She thought she was going to swoon. I wonder if she has washed that hand. Her description of his eyes was the deepest blue she had ever seen and taht he was absolutely gorgeous.

    I have never met Bill, but John Edwards is a cutie, he is just really short.

    Obama did not do a thing for me and he has huge ears.

  97. “#
    Kim, on August 26th, 2008 at 3:38 pm Said:

    My mom met the Big Dawg this summer. SHe says she may never get over it.”

    She won’t get over it. I met him a couple of times 25+ years ago and it was then and still is a unique experience. He has an ability to immediately connect with a total stranger that I have never experienced, before or since.

  98. Who gave this woman a job?

    Nancy Pelosi asks protesters, Can we drill your brains?

    So dumb.

  99. Thanks John for your donation. What a great testimony to what Democracy really IS in this Country.

    When the story get’s out about how Obama stole the Primary…..which the TRUTH is getting out…..thanks to all you wonderful PUMAs then
    Obama is history!!!

    Go PUMAs….Blessings2U

  100. I just sent Joe Scarborough a supportive email. You guys need to watch the video in the link that Regency posted. Joe is absolutely right. He is at least up front about his political bias with the audience. The insistence of the Schusters and Olbermanns that they are “independent” is a sick joke.


  101. Nancy and Bidie’s are a little bit in trouble with their church:



  102. Hillary looks great in red

  103. Thanks, Kim, for the account of your Mom’s experience. I’ll be smiling for a few minutes…

  104. Big Dawg, heh, heh heh.

    He said during that interview a few weeks back that after January he’d sit down and talk with that ABC reporter.

    I can’t wait until he does that interview!!

  105. As someone suggested, Joe better start polishing up that resume because KO is going to come after him. He has a habit of making people disappear: Dana Milbank and Dan Abrams for starters. Bet he would even go after the guy with the coffee cart if it were not served hot enough. Bastard!

  106. I would like to read a book or two about Hillary and Bill. Does anyone have a favorite that they think is the most accurate and informative.

    i almost forgot how much I admired Bill until this election. I sure do miss him on the national stage. Just think how much he accomplished even at a time when the hypocritical right was at its worst. Remember Newt? Anyway, imagine what he could have done if he’d had dem leaders in congress that weren’t these petty jerks. These people are the same ones we have now at least many of them. Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi (I think). These jerks need to be voted out of office.

  107. Hah! Bill’s certainly telling the truth. He can see what a trainwreck Nov is gonna be for the Dems.

  108. Rendell Compares Obama to Adlai Stevenson


    From the article
    “For a politician cut from a rougher cloth, Rendell may have offered a back-handed compliment when he compared Obama to Adlai Stevenson, the failed Democratic candidate from the 1950s who captured the imagination of American intellectuals but not the electorate at large.

    “He is a little like Adlai Stevenson,” Rendell mused. “You ask him a question, and he gives you a six-minute answer. And the six-minute answer is smart as all get out. It’s intellectual. It’s well framed. It takes care of all the contingencies. But it’s a lousy soundbite.”

  109. I bet we could Bill to speak at a Puma rally. We could all contribute his fee and get him to come. I would go to that. Cool huh. How about florida? Great weather here right now!

  110. Nancy and Bidie’s are a little bit in trouble with their church

    Precisely the reason we must have separation of church and state. When prelates insist on intruding into the lives of politicians with this threat or that, the line has been crossed. However, for those politicians who wish to run around with their religion stitched onto their sleeves as a way of gaining votes, so be it.

    Nancy, Joe, you live by the sword……well, you know the rest.

  111. Geez, rendell said:”And the six-minute answer is smart as all get out. It’s intellectual. It’s well framed. It takes care of all the contingencies”

    Rendell can’t possiblly have actually listened to anything Obama has said.

  112. And the six-minute answer is smart as all get out.

    Come on, Ed. The reason for the six minute answers are based more on his inability to know what he is supposed to say along with the “heeing” and “hawing” between words. This could be cut down to a no more than a 30 second response if he knew what the hell he was talking about! Let’s not reduce yourself to overselling this idiot by describing him as some kind of a genius when he is not.

  113. Ed means that it takes 6 minutes of um, ers, for Precious to say, ‘Um,,,smart ..as..all..get…out..er’ and he’s meant like Adlai, he’s a loser.

  114. Hey guys! New thread by BB above!

  115. What does anybody know about the black guy who took Russert’s place? Does this have anything to do with all the fun there.

    Me, I’m waiting for KO to call Joe a fascist, and Joe to punch him. Ah, back to the oldies….

  116. Rendell is trying to get a message across. But Obama stops listening when someone is telling him what he needs to do. Barry doesn’t like doing. People are suppose to “come to Obama”. He’s not supposed to do anything about it, but just be. If they require something of him, they don’t “get it.


  117. Josh, no I don’t know what it is like but then again I am not running to be the Commander and Chief of the US. Had I done so I would have prepared myself better than to claim my 300 days or so experience as a US senator as enough reason to take on the problems of the world. I would also hope that my “reaching” and “hesitating” was not due in large part because I wanted to please every constituency out there. I would prefer to run on a set of principles which would allow me to make my case in as a concise and perfunctory manner as possible and to hell with those who may not agree.

    So I guess my spouting political ideology is based on the fact that I heartily disagree with your candidate’s weak stance on positions. Reading nicely from teleprompter only assures me that he can read. Answering objectively tells me that he has rationalized, not politicized, his answers. Big difference.

  118. Pat; Josh is right,and I know now that you see the light, you will support the”ONE”.
    Me,I’m personally impressed by the masters in poli-sci.

  119. thanks josh – me vote Obama now? how about now? now?

  120. Pat: YUP.

  121. please,can anyone tell me when hillary speaks tonight? Eastern time.ilnow there’s atribute to her before that.thanks much–driving and want to stop to hear her live.

  122. Regency 4:02pm

    He is a little like Adlai Stevenson,” Rendell mused. “You ask him a question, and he gives you a six-minute answer. And the six-minute answer is smart as all get out. It’s intellectual. It’s well framed. It takes care of all the contingencies. But it’s a lousy soundbite”

    um, ah, um, ah, no Ed, actually Obama isn’t at all like Adlai Stevenson. “The six minute answer is smart as all get out. it’s intellectual. it’s well framed”? Jeez Ed, before you insult one of my supposed distant relatives by comparing him to the walking idiot, please think hard. Obama is not intellectual. Intellectual does not equal stupid. Obama doesn’t even know what state he’s in half the time. And um, um, um is not framing. Jeez Ed.

  123. I’m sorry, that was a bad vid; I could hardly understand a word she was saying even with the sound up; perhaps a transcript is appropriate. There was just too much noise in the background.

  124. Cute videos!

  125. Downticket,

    The dark gray and the pink are the best suits…the yellow and olive green the next.

    All you others praising Joe Scar, just stop. The man is sheer rightwing evil who only preens himself as more modern.

    His rise to power included taking over school boards and going to white supremacist churches. He dumped his wife and kids because his mistress was preggers, but I’m not even sure if they had the kid. He reran for office knowing that he was going to quit just so that he could hand over the seat to another rethuglican. His “reason?” To “spend more time with his kids” because of the divorce. Of course he DUMPED his KIDS also and moved to NYC with his slut because he KNEW he was going into the news biz.

    In fact, he gave SEMINARS in how rightwingers need to start with school board, move into politics, then journalism…the last stop? They are going to take over the arts, too. In fact, they’ve already started. The Xtian right is opening new mega movie studios, including one near me, in Plymouth MA.

    Worst of all, one of Joe’s young, vibrant aides dropped dead in one of his offices in Florida. He himself called up all the media sources and LIED that she had “pre-existing medical conditions” which was a lie. I myself sourced this.

    We are all Rove’s pawns this year, and the very last thing we should do is forget that.

  126. I forgot to mention….Lori Klausutis was the name of the murdered aide. And her “health problem?”

    Severe hemorrhaging due to multiple fractures to the skull.

  127. Mawm….so good to hear from you, and I wish I were there!!!!!

    re the dog whistle, don’t feel bad. My son was home from college and watching that debate with me. I gasped and exclaimed over that “likable enough” comment and he said, “what? it was nothing….obama was smiling…”

    When they showed the rerun I was freshly appalled, but my son again thought it was nothing and pointed out the small smile as if that made it better instead of worse!

  128. ABG, aka “Angry Black Goon” — GO SHOVE THINGS IN WOMEN’S FACES as you’re always threatening to do. Or go stalk another woman across the net as you did one of the TN Guerilla Women.


  129. Josh, I-I-I-I-I-I uh, hold on now, um, uh-uh-uh agree with you.

    It takes a LOT to be prepared. Candidates should be prepared. Obama is not.

  130. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing. I am a (gasp) Republican and I am so tired of childish behavior, name-calling, etc. that has taken over between political parties. Campaigns have become masters of perception. They only show us what they “want” us to see. I want to pull back the curtain and really know what is going on. I am sick of everything being choreographed by a team of strategists! Why can’t we know what a candidate REALLY believes without being scripted based on polling results. Not every person thinks in red OR blue!! Why do we have to have issues that solely belong to Dems or Repubs? Grrrr…. I am so frustrated. I really empathize with the Hillary supporters because when you really believe in a candidate and believe she is the better choice…. along with 18 million others…. why was she treated with such disregard? It doesn’t seem fair. Good luck to all you PUMAs and way to go for standing up for your true feelings!! We may not agree on some issues, but I definitely respect those who stand up for themselves! Fight the good fight and give ’em Hell!

  131. Thank you, Suzanne.

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